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Incest confession of women(2019-06)

Mother of Breasts

It is made to erect the cock excited every day to Breasts that Tsuriaga' of the mother is the I pervert?

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Put a hand to the daughter of the shirt including Soine  pinch the nipple so as not to cause

From seeing the son of masturbation.

Every day from seeing the son of masturbation, I pressed against the Ma while licking the son of underwear sleeping on the bed in the son of the room. The other day I have licked find a tissue paper marked with sperm in the trash, son of smell is spread body became jerky in my head. Always sperm it seems that flowed in the toilet There is a thing that remains occasionally in the trash. At that time I will be very happy. I rubbed the sperm will life the best of a happy satisfied when exposed to chestnut to Ma. I want you to put in a son. I would think such a thing every day, or entered the dressing room at the timing of the bath, or touch the lips when the cause morning, will be touching the penis. I do not know why my son are. There is a thing that I had put on several times men, but the difference is happy feeling, and it is better for Ma, you do not have will also how to.

I love the Father

yuna himekawa[34145]
The question does not answer at all.  Father 49 years old, my 24-year-old, was the previous events. My father is a small business, I now have been appointed as directors of the father of the company after college graduation, was there a time that began to be there acquaintance had been introduce the matchmaking opponent from one last year personage.  But of course that allow the body, had been also respectfully refuse the invitation of the meal.  Could One day, when you return home after going out father, and you have someone of your car, I went into the house, but what, there is the person who introduced have been men were trying to Okaso the mother forced you.  Surprised to see my father and me, hastily, but I was out of the house, of course this thing is there than was a message to the person who gave us introduce to me.  Since then, even we have no peace of mind introduce me. Since there is that thing, I am as a man that can be the most rely on the father, you will find than allowed the body. To know the 20 days position to contraceptive ring from forgiveness to the father that it is not necessary to fatten, there is was finished the insertion of the ring. Mother is casually, but it seems like I have noticed that allowed the body to his father.


I got married last year at the age of 25. Husband there was a junior high school children at 35 years of age. Bale to his wife divorced continued affair with about two years, now that pick up even children. First married had a hard time, but I was relieved to me son Drops. Husband was freaking from around became two people and son become a bachelor earlier this year. I noticed in the accident of my underwear when washing. Thank son seems have mischief in my underwear. Because the boy I know to have interested in women's underwear, but the year is also a large nearby embarrassing feelings. Recently it has become bold and or over or came into the dressing room at the timing when I went up to take a shower, the array or even licking mischief to the underwear. Since lonely from this before his son is said to want to sleep together, slept together it is impossible to refuse. Although I was nervous would sleep in peace without any particular nothing, I have touched the chest from behind me sleeping in landscape orientation and the middle of the night I woke up to, had been shifted above the bra. Very breath is not rubbing his dick while touching the rough chest, it was like was acme after a while. Son came back again out of the room without saying anything. Calm seems slept back to the original my bra and pajamas. The next day the washing machine there is a son of pants, was equipped with a Bettori sperm was like issued in the pants. Since the husband and recently not etch you can see that are excited little by little in the sexual mischief from the son. Sleeping from there together every day, while touching the breasts and buttocks we pretend not to notice you to alone. I at least think about if ... also referred to in the mouth, but in the absolute Although the son-in-law I think that should not. Since it can not be said to anyone ... I'm sorry.

I love one father

I 25 years old, his father 50-year-old, 48-year-old mother who has followed from the old generation of the grandfather. The secret ... of this house incest is so has been followed for generations. , My mother is your opponent's grandfather, 77-year-old is still alive and well It is together even sleep also enters mother and bath. I am a father and 20-year-old coming-of-age ceremony (sex people type) to the father and hotels, of course, my father first man, it is together with the also father to sleep even the bath.  When will the grandmother? I do not have a store in, but had to sleep with contains the mother to the grandfather of the room knew.  Space that could be when entering the back of the garden with nature, leisure sheet on a blue sheet under Sunny, spread a mat of long blankets lay in the back seat of the car on it, love the daytime where his father the weather was sunny I do. It's advantage is not visible even come people. I'm grandfather and mother is in the house, we love one at that location out to the father and the garden. The father is divergence in cheerfully my uterus, the way the hair is finished the permanent hair removal, the hair is my father has put the amulet bag. \"I became a delicious ○○○\" What is stick suck every night, holiday would have been a lot of take off even when wearing shorts, so does not wear is in the skirt recently. Bra is put because it is necessary to keep the shape, but my father is us smoked like as infants.

My son is attacking

My husband was assigned to work alone, I had only two sons at home, and my husband told me that I shouldn't cheat on you, but I 'm sorry, I 'm cheating. From the night you're gone, the other person is ... the only son, Ken. I was attacked when I was sleeping at night. It's been half a year now, I've been dealing with him all the time. The day you came back during the Obon holidays, that day was also embraced. Until just before you came home. Of course, even when you were there, my son was rushing to aim for a chance, so I did it. Didn't you notice? You loved me as much as you could for the first time in a long time, but I didn't feel that much because my son is many times better ... I'm sorry, I 'm really sorry working for us It will be inconvenient at the place of assignment. But you can rest assured that I'm not having an affair, so I'm not having an affair with other people ... It's the first night my husband has been assigned. I guess I sneaked into my sleeping place, and it was still cold at night, so I woke up with a cold feeling. When I opened my eyes vaguely, my son stood. What is it for a moment? I thought, but I noticed that my clothes were open. The button in front of my pajamas was unbuttoned . I saw my son. It was dark and I couldn't see my expression, but I felt an excited atmosphere . I think I shouted to go out. Next, I was pressed down and my chest was roughly rubbed and I tried to take off the bottomI told him to stop many times, but the bottom of my pajamas was taken off to my butt and my hands extended to my crotch , my fingers hit my chest, it seemed that my movement stopped for a moment, it was lowered at once to my ankle unloaded my appearance is Hadake the chest, almost naked exposing the crotch, my son has been riding on top is sucked while being tossed in the chest, it does not work well also caught the pajamas to try to move your feet to take off them without permission I fluttered my legs. But I think it was convenient for my son. I was forced to spread my legs and finally my fingers came in. I was screaming to stop during that time. To be honest, I was exhausted because I was out of breath, but I couldn't move either. During that time, my son's body broke in and was about to be inserted. I don't think my son has any experience, I can't put it in well, I think he's tired of the interaction with each other . I felt warm in my crotch and it seemed like I couldn't insert it, I told my son. "Okay, now I'm back," my son's body was shaking. ... I was crying. I'm sorry I'm sorry ... I'm honestly sorry for the repeated words. So I just hugged him and said, "It's okay ..." and my son sucked his chest again. I didn't have the energy to resist anymore , so I tried to put it in, so I spread my legs and guided him. I was ringing, wondering if this would happen anyway , so no contraception is necessary. So even if my son comes in and ejaculates in a few secondsI didn't panic. However, it was a sense of immorality that the whole body seemed to be crushed heavily. Even though I was a man and an aunt who wanted to do it, I was proud that I was still keeping it clean, so this is somewhere. I knew, in the corner of my head, I knew the part of my son's man after I was assigned to work alone. It was suddenly from the first day, so maybe it was. Once I did it, I was asked to break it down, and eventually I started to enjoy myself . It's amazing because you're young, you just have to make an effort not to be known. I'll tell you that you can't tell anyone after doing it like a habit. If my friend inadvertently tells me it's over, and if my husband knows ... I 'm awake in my son's room. I don't like our room somehow, so by any chance, I'm young, so I'm asked every day. To be honest, it's hard to deal with. But it feels good so I can't stop

It is held to son

I went back to the house and shopping end early part of the work. The front door was also thought that anyone absent because the key was at stake. Son should not stay and open the son of the room to clean it I was a girl and sex in the nude. I was surprised I had closed the door in a hurry. No way my heart regardless also maintain that my son to the sex had been pounding in a feeling likely to rupture. I was watching TV in the living room drinking water in the kitchen in order to soothe. Son seems to girl back to about 2 to 30 minutes to come to the living room , \"I Do not - Why Mother is it so early was seen bad Toko?\" \"New I was surprised even by because work is completed early chan Do sauce thing Nante are \" \" \"is impatient when you do ze's I Datte man cause I ne man by\" Yes \" ,\" Oh, even such today'm went back to not do it because I seen her mother until the end. \" \" it's a bad thing I was, I'm sorry, \" \" responsibility taken by \" \" What responsibility? \" \" I I was was a little more in Iki likely \" \" How Ino that I do? \" I let me put in\" the mother dick \" \" are saying what a fool of \" \" I ze'm serious, \" I can not\" only that, what is the parent-child \" \" I'm in also \"ze does not matter parent-child \" I come off to people of the road \" us by far\" well in the mouth? \" \" .... . \" \" What about a \"\"I'll not be helped,\" son was out before the penis of the face by lowering the pants stood in front of me. It Sosorita' to much likely attached to fine the stomach than those of her husband. Hot very hard When I grabbed by hand. Glans also did enough to become large mouth full. I also see that over there should not hate comes wet di Wa-door. Son and licking in the mouth came touching the breast. I also have felt when or pulled by pinching the nipple. The son began to touch my dick overlies cover laid me on the sofa. You put your finger from the side of the panty. \"Mother pussy Bichobicho Jan, I'm feeling,\" \".....\" \"Raise your ass I. Remove mother pants\" I also had become to think that want to put in in this happens when the son of the penis It was. Son of Bae two scan opened the legs came in. You come out involuntarily voice. Never tasted until now with the feeling that internal organs is pulled is comfortably. I was mad agony to the feeling of Bae two vinegar reach even violently poked been uterus. The husband comes rushing is Acme, which was not able to experience. \"Ii', feels Tsu ~\" movement of the son in this voice becomes harder , \"another Dameiku' ~\" \"I also Tsu pass away\" son of semen has been unleashed in me. \"Anta I great, my first feeling of horizontal\"\"It was a wonderful pussy of my mother,\" was the first kiss here.

I'm about to reach my 60th birthday

We are about to reach the 60th birthday in August of this year. I remarried when I was 35 and my husband had a son who was 10 years old. However, after 12 years, my husband had a woman and I was divorced. And the other day, while shopping at a shopping center, I happened to meet my 35-year-old son, and I was so happy to see him grow up. When I talked to him at a coffee shop, he said he wasn't married yet and was working for a big company. We exchanged addresses with each other and broke up. Eventually, he sent me an email saying that he wouldn't go to an izakaya, so I was happy to meet him. At the izakaya, the story was so exciting that I got drunk for the first time in a while. He said he would call a taxi and send him home, and when the taxi arrived, he whispered to the driver in his ear, and when he started running, he stopped near the love hotel. Seeing the beautiful neon light made me feel like I was in a castle, and it was the first time I was born in a love hotel. After being invited by an izakaya, I had the feeling that something would happen. He eyes when they met at the shopping center had seen only my big boobs, also when in elementary school, I because I was or looking through when you are taking a bath or touch my tits  I he Looking at her nakedness, she said, "I don't look like I'm 60 years old.He licked his boobs while messing around with his big nipples, saying, "Your body, your boobs are so big." A violent kiss, I was licked so much that my body was filled with his saliva, and my dick was also messed up. He made a noise and licked me, "I dreamed of doing this to my mom. I like it, mom." And when she was inserted, she screamed like never before. I have. He did his best four times, and I was staring at the beautiful light on the ceiling, cramping my thighs, saying, "Thank you for making me feel the joy of a woman even though it's my 60th birthday." ..

I wanted to escape the life of abuse

I heard from a friend and found out about this post. I heard that you can mutter anything, so I would like to talk to you. I lost my husband at the age of 42 and lived with my eldest son and wife. The days when the bride flirted with me and the son saw me as the bride and hit me continued. When I consulted with my second son about this, he told me to live together. I had a daughter-in-law and a grandchild, but I decided to live together in spite of my words. I thought it was a fun day watching my grandchildren, but at night my son and daughter-in-law were having a fight over sex. Let's do it ... I'm tired, so my grandson got up in the loud voices of the two people, and my grandson came to me. It seems that dad and mom have sex about twice a month even if they say they are having a fight . An incident occurred while such days continued. My son works at home using a computer, but his wife works as a nurse. My son was willing to work, and he left his grandson to his daughter and his wife just because he was sick. I have taken care of my grandchildren since I started living with my son. I put my grandson in a kindergarten pick-up car and went back home to do the cooking and laundry. My son told me to rub my lower back because it hurts. I went to my son's room without thinking of my son's desire. My son is lying down on a futon with a pair of pants. When I straddled my son's knees and rubbed his hips, he suddenly turned around and laid me on a futon.Even if I said to stop, my son forcibly took off my panties. I was floating while looking at my son's face and telling him to stop. The pussy was wet contrary to the words. My son hugged me and put my knees between my groins. The cock that took off the pants came into the pussy. I'm ... aaaaaa ~~~ Sex after a long time My son moves his hips ... and my mother feels good ~~. I feel good too ... Ahhh ... I heard a voice. My son told me to get naked. My son left me and took off the clothes I was wearing. I was stripped naked and my son hugged me and put the cock in the pussy and moved my hips. The cock was hugging her son naked in the futon and hugging her son with excitement while moving in the pussy. My son was moving his hips back and forth, whispering that it felt good, and I was moving up and down while making a voice. I entwined my tongue while hugging me strongly ... Uuuuu ~~~~~ Sperm was put out in the pussy. I haven't had my period since I had sex with my son. I was wondering if I was late, but I was worried and went to the pharmacy to buy inspection paper. When I checked it in the bathroom, I got the result of pregnancy. I ...Son ... Mom I'm pregnant and giving birth to my child ... Don't say stupid things I invite me when I'm angry. Once you have a physical relationship, you will be embraced by your son, not disgusting. I started to get naked in my futon and hug each other and have sex almost every day. I was embraced by my son thinking that I had to take it down. If I stretch it beyond this, I can't take it down, so when I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department, I was told congratulations. I wanted to give it to him, but the teacher looked moody. After the surgery, I got a pill and went home. I didn't have sex with my son for about a month. It's been less than a month, but my son is still young. I said. I said it would seem strange if I didn't talk to Sachiko-san. My son embraced his wife twice. A month later my son invited me. I was contraceptive and was held by my son. My son feels good and whispers that it feels good and sperm is put out in the pussy. I feel comfortable being held by my son and I am taken advantage of by my son. These days are still going on.

Cousin Jun-chan

I am writing this confession post with Jun-chan. My name is Saori and I am 40 years old. My cousin Jun-chan is 38 years old. December 27, last year. It became one with Jun-chan. When I was at a yakitori restaurant at the company's year-end party, Jun-chan came to the restaurant. At first, Jun-chan didn't seem to notice, and when the year-end party was over, he seemed surprised, but with a smile, Saori-chan !! It's been a while. Would you like to drink with me? So I explained the situation to the company staff and drank with Jun-chan. We exchanged contacts and told them to compare their memories of playing and going out together in the past. As the yakitori restaurant was approaching its closing time, I changed the location and moved to Jun-chan's favorite bar, where I also had a flower in my memory. It's been a long time since I had a very fun and nostalgic story, and it's too late, so why not go home? I'll send it. I left the bar. It was a little far from my house, but Jun-chan is good when I want to talk to Jun-chan and walk home. He told me to walk to get drunk. I'm happy Jun-chan. In the old days, when I went out, I used to hold hands. Can't you hold hands? When I heard that, he held hands in a shy manner. I'm sad when I think I have to buy bye with Jun-chan as my house approaches, so why don't you talk a little more? Let's buy something at a convenience store and talk at home. I want to talk with Saori-chan in various ways. hand. I was so happy that I squeezed the hands I was holding. I bought liquor and liquor-friendly items at a convenience store, and held hands again to my house. A visitor since my mother passed away. It was a room where I lived alone and there were few things and the girls' power was low ...Sit on the sofa and toast with the sake you bought! I was happy to meet you today, I was able to walk hand in hand, and Jun-chan was so happy. Thank you for today I'm so happy to meet Jun-chan for the first time in a long time! As they stared at each other with a smile, they approached each other and kissed each other. Jun-chan licked my lips, so when I licked Jun-chan's lips again, Jun-chan entwined my tongue with my tongue and was hugged back and forth in my mouth. I hugged Jun-chan as if I was numbing my head and gave a deep kiss. Suddenly Jun-chan took her lips off and told me that she used to exchange love letters, and I remembered saying that she couldn't get married but she could be a lover. I'm so embarrassed to say that if Jun-chan is good, I can still be a lover, and hug me, then now. He told me. I was so happy that I almost cried and nodded. Jun-chan came to my house because we lived alone and lived together while hugging each other. Would you like to take a bath together after a long time? It's okay to ask. Shall we enter after a long time? So I decided to take a bath together for the first time in more than 20 years. With the momentum of being drunk, I took off my clothes like I used to. Jun-chan was certainly in the same room until the lower grades of elementary school, but he was a little pokan. Jun-chan also took off her clothes and became naked with each other. It was embarrassing, but after watching for a while to see each other's grown-up bodies, we hugged each other strongly. Jun-chan pulled my hips and pushed the grown-up Ochinchin. It also feels like my head is numb.I also put my hand around Jun-chan's waist and pressed it strongly. Jun-chan's hand is on my chest. It's been 20 years since I've been touched by men. I was so happy that I was touched by my favorite Jun-chan. Jun-chan picked up her nipples when she was patient because she was embarrassed though she was about to make a voice. Jun-chan sucked her nipples when she couldn't stand it and let out her voice. Sucking, licking and biting nipples. Jun-chan. I want to kiss you! Jun-chan raised her face. I was absorbed in pressing my lips against Jun-chan's lips and enthusiastically entwined my tongue. A deep kiss that feels longer and richer than the previous kiss. Jun-chan's hand is on my dick. When I thought I touched it, Jun-chan took her body off and looked at the dick, Saori-chan. It's been a big deal here. I'm told that I'm in love with my favorite Jun-chan. Even Jun-chan is in trouble. And showed each other's genitals. We touched each other's genitals together while showing each other. Jun-chan's Ochinchin was very hot and hard, and the liquid that flowed out from the tip made it slimy. When I squeezed it and moved it up and down, Jun-chan also traced my dick with my finger. Jun-chan crouches down and at the same time he buries his face in my dick and loves me with his mouth. Licking and sucking chestnuts with my tongue, licking and sucking my entrance. The moment I was strongly sucked at the entrance, my head was filled with Jun-chan and I got acme. Goku, the sound of drinking the liquid that overflows from me. I was embarrassed and hugged Jun-chan and kissed her.Jun-chan asked me if I could become one. I'm so happy about that word and forget that it's a dressing room, and I want to become one right now! Jun-chan took my hand and went into the bathroom and sat on the floor. Saori-chan. come. I was told that I was sitting on top of Jun-chan. Is Jun-chan really good when I sit down slowly? I heard that Jun-chan is fine. I answered. I was embarrassed because I wanted to see the place where it became one, but I spread the dick with both hands and sat down slowly while watching the place where it became one together. Jun-chan in me was hot and pulsing. The moment the tip of Jun-chan's cock hits the uterus, it felt like electricity was running all over my body, and I was shocked. When I clung to Jun-chan, Jun-chan held my waist and pressed it against me. I was so full of Jun-chan that I couldn't stop. While cramping, I pressed my lips against Jun-chan's lips and entwined my tongue. Jun-chan moves her hips while deep kissing and pushes up her uterus over and over again. Jun-chan says that he can only hug him! The moment I called my name, my uterus became extremely hot and Jun-chan's cock became bikunbikun. Jun-chan got acme in me. The uterus gets hot every time it pulsates. I was happy to be one with Jun-chan, but Jun-chan was so happy that he got acme in me and almost cried. Thank you for loving me so much. I hugged you. Jun-chan who hugs me strongly.I was hugging together for a while, took a shower and went to the bedroom naked. We lay down together and touched each other's genitals while deep kissing. Jun-chan's Ochinchin was as hard as before, and the slimy liquid was flowing out from the tip. I wanted to know more about Jun-chan, so I licked Ochinchin in my mouth as if tracing the shape. Jun-chan! Hmm !! I felt it. Jun-chan. Does it feel good? It feels good to hear that. why? hand. I've only done this twice, and I didn't like it at that time. I don't hate Jun-chan's doing at all. When I said that and put Ochinchin in my mouth again, the liquid that heated my uterus suddenly overflowed into my mouth in the bathroom. I was surprised because it was sudden, but I was happy to think that he felt it with my blowjob and ejaculated, so I drank the liquid that was put out in my mouth. It was like Jun-chan blended into my body. I'm sorry Saori-chan. I was told that I was glad I put it out, and while shaking my head sideways, I'm fine because it's Jun-chan's semen. When I say that, Jun-chan suddenly pushes me down and makes a fierce deep kiss. While hugging each other strongly, we became one. Jun-chan goes back and forth inside me and pushes up the uterus many times. I wanted him to come deeper, so I pressed him to hit my hips as Jun-chan's hips moved. I went many times. Jun-chan also got acme many times in me. He filled me with Jun-chan many times while changing his position. My liquid and Jun-chan's liquid were mixed, and the bedroom smelled naughty.It was bright outside and when I looked at the clock, I started to love each other at 2:00 pm yesterday at 3:00 pm, and even though I had been in love for 11 hours, I was surprised to see each other and laugh. There is a reply to Jun-chan's post and it seems that cousins ​​can get married. It seems that it is called cousin marriage when I look up various things on the net. I can't have children, so I don't have to worry about having children with malformations or disabilities. Thank you for telling me that I will tell Jun-chan about it. If Saori is there, that's fine. Said. The dream of more than 20 years has come true. I wanted to commemorate each other as to why I posted it here, and I wanted to support people who have similar relationships with us. Thank you for reading to the end of the long sentence.


yuna himekawa[34013]
I'm 41 years old and I'm 61 years old because I'm remarried from my current husband. My former husband was violent and divorced because of that, but now my husband is very kind. But at night, people ask for my body as if they were different. Every day. I have a 19-year-old son, so it's a small house, but my husband doesn't care about that. I can hear my naughty voice. I dressed me in a transparent nightie, tied me up with SM, walked naked on all fours, exposed the park at night, and my son entered my room the night my husband was away from home on a business trip. He came and hugged me, saying, "Let me do the same thing as that man." I resisted at first, but somehow my son became pitiful and had sex. Tell me honestly when my husband comes back and he can have sex with my mom when I'm not on a business trip to my son I know you're peeking at us Because my mother trained a lewd woman, she said she was going to have sex with you right away. My husband says that he will take his son's mother to this exposure photo shoot.


& # 65279; housewife sixty five years old. There is a son and intercourse from two decades ago, the son of forty-four-year-old has followed the relationship still. I am living alone now widowed, my son has lived from my house in the daughter-in-law and two children and three people at a distance of thirty minutes by car. You talk about First son and physical relationship was able to opportunity. At that time went to the well drive the husband is also a business trip tend to son. I was willing to lover mood also rejuvenated their Being with his son. Way back when I went to drive outing one day it became late, but the son began to say that \"I want to break in somewhere because it is likely to cause an accident tired\". I now also be going to break become a worry. Son I was put in the car to the so-called motel. I It was not that it has made, such as motels to it, but there I noticed inkling that's where the love of men and women in Mimigakumon, you can son went up to the room with worry. Son decided to take a bath said, \"I Once a sweat mom Bathing go from rest a little.\" It came suddenly son and is taking a bath. I situation is not Nomikome, what was his son? When asked son I was trying to put over there to finger hugged me. Son because I was vigorously resistance did not do more than that. Then it became that immediately go home, but was still of each other silently in the car. Son I was sleeping in the rest the next morning, but I do have to match the son and the face and went out to the embarrassed Okitegami. The letter \"Mother is going to be in anything if for you. But things like yesterday I've written and useless \".Then had to live so that was not what both of them, but I was brought a beautiful daughter to the house to say that there are people who are dating the son too much half a year. That day was the state in which I like to have Some husband said, \"Do not you say Miss\". I did not rejoice obediently to do to be appreciated as a mother. Son is my one person six months ago because I like the'm took Anna behavior, I was thinking selfishly also I liked about me as a woman. Then my son was also surprised because the son of return had the words, such as bake a slow and jealous twit and \"was doing what\" is. That night could not sleep a wink with jealousy if there is a day that my son one day was a sleepover. That night is the son because it was his son and two people went into the bath and pretend you make a mistake when I was taking a bath. Although my son tried to get out of the bath in a hurry, I was raised by flowing back and sit down and say, \"I'll sink back in not a good once in a while\", when before the suited, son my body the was not look like turning lick. I am cock son has become large enough to surprise and wash to turn stroking slowly took the cock of the son. Son I've been breast hugged me to say that mom to grab. I am son and say, \"Here 's ear,\" \"have to wait in your room,\" she said in a voice like fawn and went out obediently bath. I have in mind \"that child is mine\" shouted. Son and go to the son of the room was sitting on the bed naked. I caress until the bag loincloth lick to elaborate the cock of the son and the Mai losing to Mr. Yoshiko I I say \"bad to Yoshiko's good a mom\" has been much hug to say that I'm like mom Did.My son has been suddenly inserted to me saying, \"After all, I have a good mother.\" I have many times in the joy that took his son from the lover I have let go of the mind. Then things I want to write to the next opportunity.

And son

I am a 42-year-old punishment 2, 19-year-old and father difference son is chair of the 15-year-old. 3 The husband of a glance, widowed in March this year, has been living in the current three people. About a month ago, I came home pretty drunk, even fleas continue at home, and when I got up in the morning and slept in a double bed of his room naked, in the bedside there are adult goods, sons next to it slept. I realized that had to have the sons and body relationship instantly. Since then, embraced by the sons on a daily basis, they have been sexually processing.