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Incest confession of women(2008-06)

Ino Tooru mother in January

yuna himekawa[8507]
Thanks, and Sayoko.
while hoping not, could not endure the body, a housewife in Tokyo go to see my son in January.
last Saturday night that his son in the apartment.
day and finish the dinner, along with his son love hotel picture taken with Gonzo, sat down on the edge of the bed, asked to watch each other while naked body.
appearance on a TV screen, but I have crazy masturbation with vibrator into her son ascended to heaven. wraparound
son was behind me watching the video next to Gonzo, while embracing massage the breast, murmured.
"Look, I dressed like this so odious Wow look back
Yeah, I'm really full of juice floated out, Mom" < br> After a while a little pictures Buremashita. The body of his son sperm splattered my body.
"I follow. I, I was excited"
the television screen to keep the vibe dick rammed, 塗Ritakuri belly and chest with both hands and her son's sperm,
with your fingers Up in my face while sticking out his tongue licking spree or sperm.
son cried excitedly again.
"Look, this lascivious look, 堪Nnai. You're my mother I really do not make lewd"
"And it embarrassed me to be OK 狂Waseta token of another OO I "
Hanikami I answered a little while. TV screens are really
leering face even if I do say so myself and then I was Blow reflects Dasa.
morning and look at myself in the mirror looks delicious lick a penis enlargement seem Kikuno Hiroshi son with a look of ecstasy, I sucked. Raise the volume on your TV Boriyumu
obscene sound resounded in the room, lips and my son found himself neck
massage the chest and left hand, right hand was beginning to stimulate the clitoris.
"so much like my cock?"
I answered bluntly son nodded voice is rough.
"Do not stop to say it out loud,"
so I tell my son answered.
"token of love penis like OO"
"bigger! I hear the voice of the mother Nasty TV!!"
"to hear the person next to "
son I said hesitantly while 言I切Rimashita with Nia.
"I'm fine the next guy I know the relationship of our parents anymore. I'm already certified, you forget?
yesterday," Tomorrow, Thank you for coming from a mother Trout "has been greeted with it,
too man," I'll have to entertain, "I say. By now, I'll moan'll listen to your mother Ona.
I'm a fan of their parents. Now say I'm suffering with a loud voice shouting so fine, come on! ! ".
I cried.
"love!! OO-kun I love penis!" and. I was pushing my son back
, astride, disheveled hair, waved back.
"poke from the bottom! thrust up! much more! there so there! Yes!!
I had there! feels good! not live without it anymore!!" <br > Day, love hotel for 3 hours. Night, about two hours in the apartment of his son eight mats.
morning and leave for about two hours before departure time for an apartment. Ai
devour each other's body, enjoyed a taste of honey once a month while being forbidden to sweat. If you go to hell anyway Yametakunai
more addictive, and this fall seems to have fallen too far
son thought so strongly again.

Her husband

Ever since my daughter married in the only child raised by a mother who is now suddenly feel lonely Waga身.
Even that small shop in detail 切Ri盛Ri, could no longer fend off light as the ravings of the old customers, I allow the body to the three patrons of the past two years.
Even though the 50 has passed already, I would be ashamed.
Incidentally if 申Shiagere disgrace, one of three'm a husband of her daughter.
That is why it is a son-in-law 慰Mi物.

My son comes to closing time on Sunday most shops are empty.
I also savvy in, the key will drop off quickly down the sign.
抱Kisukume from behind and that will clean up.
Will be deprived of the lips while rubbing his arm wildly bold pledge from neck to chest.
Let my tongue intertwined with each other's lips hungrily rather than kiss.
State is forced then got his hands on the counter, his face filled with protruding hips.
"I'm dying mother's your big ass"
I invaded dick fingers and tongue he says.
"I'm Gutchori for today"
The bear is going to be out of a desperate voice, too.
"It's too dark to taste sticky"
I whistled while I 虐Meru indecent purpose.
"It will be with just enough? Masu Yoshi more filial piety"
I feel much more confusing.
"Please say what you want to put"
Give the array.
"The mother put her pussy hard Chinpo, right?"
As it is told her.
The array will suck from 向Ki直Tsu.
But has grown out "until more hard," I pierce my throat several times in the back while saying this.
Drools while becoming watery eyes, and serve hard.
So while I do not put me.

Yes, I am each week are you looking forward to being fucked from her husband.

Way to go Mom

I have 21 mother to his father in farming in the same year, 48 farmers are thought to come too miserable because I married my mother, who with sex partners. This is said to know his father. Siemens is also the mother 48 years old, so tired of it shall have a condom to prevent pregnancy because. Occasionally pregnancy may have wanted to Nakade. I want to settle for a mother than my mother married. Content for letting me around seven months.

Why not really

My mother is 23 years old Sai 47. My mother slept with a fever one day. Because of his father in the story of the farmers had to take care of my mother when I went to the rice field. When I asked it says small, so large or small my mother wanted to go to the bathroom, and here you can Then, with a small quantity of water into a basin where you say. I saw her. Pussy exposed, because it is so well before that, I ride on it Saddle trying to sleep away my mother I am horny and erect. I hug my neck of the mother feel better (Iku Iku ~ out they are useless in KUU ~) and so I hastily pulled out a condom 付Kenai me having to go into Mashi Sumi or. What do I want my mother again, I did come back until you are satisfied to find condoms. Relieved in the end fell like a fever.

My mother has been working

Died for various diseases complicated by diabetes is under two years ago my father.
Also gone were the only remaining mortgage by the death of my father, my father when I was young (late 20s) can not insert stored for life insurance from the state was hardly diabetes.
I heard my mother was going to quit 出来Tara children, quitting a 48-year-old still the same thing harder it'll work on the repayment of a father who bought a house so well economically now married We work in a company.

Now I have a sister 居Masu difference of the two they come back into the dormitory of his father's death is the only certain university Basin and the New Year, otherwise too busy to come home at school and bytes he says.

Now the long preamble, and came to sleep in my room with my mother, because there is one incident.
It just got to steal wallets and bank accounts and hunting for a chest of drawers in the back room, a thief came in my mother slept in December of last year.
At that time the mother first, but it seems I opened my eyes, since I know Are not afraid to move them could not make one, pretending to sleep with fresh eyes now listening 瞑Ri Teita Yes.
Come to my room to go out as soon as a thief, I have placed the police call me a thief just now trembling.
There was such a thing the next day, I got the room I sleep with my mother in fear if I sleep in it alone.
Although it was initially a separate bed, so cold, so cold in bed Once I came back at night, I slept hug while diving back to the mother's mother's bed so early 温Maritakatta.
I settle for my futon together partly 嫌Garazu mother to bed I say my mother in December and the following day and night.

A thief is a few days after I was nothing on that day and at night I always different.
Mother and the thief I forgot I was due to masturbation or the mentally excited to talk about every day.
That, when the mother's arms around my back, I suddenly remembered gone, I hit the mother ass vigorously erect things.
Apart from my mother and I panicked so sick, orientation 寝返Tsu to the other side, I was treated pants and ejaculation its Whoops.

I brought my boyfriend's sister the day on January 3 to 1 months after the New Year in good shape I sleep with my mother, sister and boyfriend luckily went back to 泊Marazu.
Return of the sisters, and my mother's boyfriend was able to hear me talk about my sister? I came to hear me.
Me, and say I did not hear anything until I'm my mother graduated Nannai weird things? Wait, I say crying face, I'm fine.
Even my sister, because I know it properly!
So I say Do not worry, I got to cry out aloud but suddenly, my mother gently holding on, I'll be fine 宥Meta.
The thing that night, enters the mother's bed as always, I always face shape and began to speak to my mother that I turned back to me.
Hey, R., and what she really okay? A child or not you made? ... Now, I worry.
I gave up I've been embraced so cute that my mother suddenly, and it's okay, Suka soothing to say tomorrow I'll say I'm so worried you were not so worried I I did.
Then my mother, I Hoppe me to thank me chu saying Ugh.
What did you pretend to be tuned to the lips of my mother just to return Hoppe, too.
Nde I was surprised that my mother is the lip, but I was small so I kissed Ryo speaking well.
Lukewarm breath I take time to say a word because my mother's face right in front of you just because I was full of gooey drool eyes and nose is something licking my face and lips turned 堪Ranaku I insert the tongue into the kiss.
My mother, quite anxious because it put a pretty tongue very quickly, I tried to overtake my tongue and close your mouth as you push me away like me.
I felt like I had to lag behind the rub breasts to grab the right hand while his left hand while it is caught in the mother tongue, even unconsciously.
Then it was too crazy, I do not remember well how 脱Gashita underwear, I realized I was a mother to ejaculate.
The next morning my mother yesterday to prepare breakfast and said I was sorry ne, Then my mother, feeling shy, the other from the first time in several years, I'm still sore.
So I heard you hurt by what?
Then, I finally called H Father even at the age of 32 did.
Since then, I say no 16 years.
Saying such a thing, when I see him I put the food become prone toward, away to erect as soon as I saw Gingin chira Innovation and cleavage bra, like trying to eat now but, let me go to pick up telling you to bring a new mom pants got wet, deep kiss and massage the breasts while the mother is pushing up the pants from the wardrobe to go out with the then , and take off skirt and panties and put his hands, softly still hurts to ne.
If we had many times a day from that day, said he'll put the medicine from my mother the night of the fourth day, when the first thing I do know what each day while I was unable to H with vaginitis had a 起Koshitarashiku many times, while the H is a teacher of obstetrics is to say I was not told.
M, while the mother sits character, yes, I said it 寄Koshi tube, wearing a cotton swab before it was painted here and say, right index finger and middle finger while supporting the left Kito Hiraku packages received on both sides of the crack while the pubic hair, and want to do is to show 無性Ni Majimaji dick mother and been told I'll paint up in this, because it says something about my mother going to explode Shinano is also likely to be no cod ginger, U ~ I also made me ejaculate in the mouth with me saying I take off your pants.
Then, put the swab into the vagina of the drug reached my mother and watching Majimaji outstretched.

Son ...

I have a 16-year-old son at the age of 33. One day, accidentally found that doing away with my son masturbating, while admiring the size I Amarino.
Of fat and long and my husband and we were not anywhere near comparable to black. Something inside me has expired. Before I knew it was fellatio.
受Ketometa son sperm mouth moment, Kararemashita urge to put my son where his son was born. Later, it was a mistake ....
On that day, my husband comes home before the end 愛Shi合Imashita. Since then, my son likes to say I came to ask her father to threaten the body.
Friends call my friend and my son, is played with a person outside the front door to show off, everyone was stunned.
Last year, the child was conceived 産Ma son. Of course, my husband thinks is his son.
My son was when he heard the girl child, children also said I'll make a real laugh 産Ma grin.
Also, my son comes home today ....

Takashi same chan]

I Na were good or his brother ... and I look at this confession and, in recent masturbation Bakkari I also wanted to ask you to feel better than to touch her pussy mess with it myself ...
I finally plan out of curiosity or to see first dick brother too, I also recently got a dick thing to my brother!
Now I'm 17, my brother (Yuya) ... I'm 14! (Stunned) cute cock and I was surprised to see yet, not yet even grew hair, skin and Peron becomes hard to 剥Ke Kachinkachin touched on, Yuya I have no time to get wet Unexpected Pyutsu something white! ... And there it was.
How did it recently has found that parents enjoy.

In O Brother

Ne brother and has been lying next to it with my brother slept on the couch Irutoo not care because I Ii terms. TV with pretending to be sleeping and I turn around and slip back discomfort I was looking at. The eyes have been opened suddenly kissed 近付Ketara brother who faces toward the body! [Huh] and [his voice begins to look as a woman I had seen Iwozutto, and now I love you] D Kiss. Knead gently slide the blast came the chest is wet there pants [sweet and pleasant, haa awww ...] Nyan rubbed down and click the trousers and pants impatiently brother is likened to the color of the pants split I feel alone and to feel good addition, two of the three fingers of your brother already has this going ○ Yoguchonoma Yamaguchi. Stirring was while making a noise in the pictmap Kuchakucha pictmap chestnut Two thumbs touching. Ahhh haa haa [Nyan'll useless. Awww] panted hard stops and sudden movement of a finger, insert into the side of the pants Yurutto and [Mina hey, cute. Can I move? Gently began to piston] [Oh ... nice feeling ... take Atashigauntounazukuto Iku haa awww brother had gone completely blank] stet at comfortably around the head has been moved back rather violently Mashita. Sometimes I still Scored

Dear son

I am 61 years old, 41 years old son, now her husband died of diabetes six years ago, and two sons are living alone,
Was like my son and I lived together since their husbands were alive, you say, my husband will sleep in a room like a year ago my son was hospitalized repeatedly invaded by the disease died,
Since my son was confused, I said "sleep in my room today?" My son and I asked, "Yeah," he said, like his son from that day are now sleeping in my room.

Mother lover

I will be 20 years old, my mom to feel like lovers will enjoy every day. My mother also called Nyan Asahi Crap at the age of 43 when I call. During the holidays my mother that I was taking off skirt and panties to bed 寝Korobi come in my room, I want to see in your eyes, I put a hand to genital Onani unnaturally. So my mother, I'll put a comforting hand on my mother's pussy with thin hair. Then my mother would not put it Timbo erect pussy crack and grabbed onto me. Acme voice out. Why such a horny mother, please tell someone.

My incest

Just now came back to my room. I was fulfilling a long day. Fun, yet the body, feel his body heat.
The first time in three weeks, it has been embraced by a majestic return of her son. Sitting on the couch and now finally with a change of clothes, and in front of the PC.
Majestic Now is the summer for the second year of employment. I live in a town who has been living alone in the city of one and half hours by train.
Today, Hiroshi Takeshi me to take the paid holiday. Anybody else get my rest of my work, he went to the city early in the morning. Carefully and firmly in the shower, well equipped makeup, perfume gift from him, Manyukia, lipstick, put Pierce, hop on the train but was nervous. His favorite sandals on the knee flared skirt through software, and shirts.
In front of the meeting, majestic car waiting for me. Got into the car to the parking lot behind the popularity of the park there. ... A long hot kiss. Karame each other's tongue, I had accepted his tongue. His hands, caress the breasts and turn over the shirt. We look at each other. I get laid in his arms.
"Yuriko, I wanted to see"
"Me too"
Again, passionate kiss. His hands, on Sagurimasu thigh skirt. From the hem, comes in the fingers. I stopped her hand.
"Later, I go get panties"
Hiroshi Takeshi and promise. Today, I had promised to get him to buy panties.
"I've been patient for three weeks"
So he appeals to the moment. I know. What should I rewarded him with me or what
The jeans Jipa magnificent and I'm going to slow down.
Already his, the bursting, making it hard. Nodding his eyes look smaller, I went to the lower half of his face submerged. Love his stuff, including the mouth gently and went as slow. He stroked my hair will turn.
"Yeah, go."
He put out something dark in my mouth full. I accept. Semen is pushed out many times come. Gollum, I was swallowing his. I love because she can.
"Thank you. Good?"
He will gently stroked my hair.
From the park to the city. Entered the cinema. Watching movies in a while, Majestic was fit and I've been Karame fingers.
"Did becoming tobacco 吸Itaku"
"I have become too Yuriko 吸Itaku boobs"
Eating into the store, I learned from Hiroshi Takeshi 吸Imashita menthol cigarettes.
"It was like smoke. I came in good shape.'m A woman bad"
"Who taught? ..."
To eat, to the department. Join hands with him, walked. To the underwear department upstairs. He pulled his hand, the panty line 回Rimashita corner. He is one among them, choose me a nice pink panties. I had the gift wrapping paper with ribbon.
Out of the store, to the station.
"I go to the bathroom ?···"
"Then, too"
Nishiguti less popular end, there was our toilet. I bowed out of the majestic, 連Re込Mimashita your toilet for the disabled. Lock the door, hugged.
"Well," I.
"Just bought panties, wearing them now I'll"
Says that he 回Rimashita behind me.
"If you caught the railing"
He came to put my hand inside her skirt. From there you can pat the top of the panties.
"Really, where ?···"
He was taken down in stockings. Runproof like kind and he gave me gently down my stockings. Disconnect from the left ankle, it proved 脱Gase gentle and panties. Remove from the bag I bought panties, worn from the ankle he kindly gave us.
Took off the panties, he got in your pocket.
"Now, usually I'll get you one by one, the panties, but I keep getting"
"No way, I'm embarrassed"
He accepted.
"Yuriko, You do have to pee? ..."
"Do not worry. But because I'm not"
I was pee in front of me to show him. He Shagamikomi in front of me, some of the pee out there all the time, has seen me.
"Oh, another embarrassing"
He was toilet paper, gently wipe me there for me.
His room. 2 months. They bathe in the shower, body wash and matched with each other. Hiroshi Takeshi I will carefully wash there.
"Yuriko, let shave"
"What? ..."
"The anti-cheating"
"We could not be"
He lets me sit on the edge of the bathtub. The knee was broken, gentle, carefully razor, shave me my underhair.
Like back in elementary school, there I am ashamed.
His bed. Body was tenderly loved her son's magnificent. Such mind-boggling, over time carefully caress. Stubbed toe, including the mouth, a sharp tongue in the ear. In the mouth still pink nipples, gently sucking me.
The middle fingers go deep into the cracks and plugged my hair is not. .
"Oh, no,"
Small body shaking, I was towards the top of pleasure.
He was to my lower body. Go gently broke the knee to the center. Along with his tongue in my crack, crawl turns.
"It's beautiful, Yuriko"
"Ah shame"
No hides cracks? Extended characters, inquire about the back. There caressing around the newly-shaved, his tongue is inserted deep into it.
I tremble Kiku Hiroshi
What's that moment I knew I would cum when I caught him. Mito Tsuka my hips firmly, miss. I'm still resisting, Hiroshi Takeshi tongue son was crazy.
His hard things are slowly, slowly in my
Bend it back, I take a pleasure in his life.
Was caught from behind, fell apart.
"Ah, she'll also cum"
Also, I was crazy. He was in the back of my vagina, it releases a lot of things.
In his request, I was taking the pill. Only baby, ...
But I also gave birth to him were a baby. As a woman, maybe the last chance time
Since then two, he was caught. They cuddle. In his heart, caress me hair.
"Yuriko, I love you"
"Me too"
Parting at the station. Hot kiss from him.
"Again, let me check"
Majestic, a fingertip in a skirt. I'm still barefoot, I was thinking thigh close contact them.
Also refused his hand does not stop. I note the sign of life. His fingers, from the skirt to the panties. Some panties, fondle his hair over there without my fingertips. Middle finger
"No there"
Gently, I'm going to insert.
"In a place like this"
"I'm fine."
He repeated a hold down my skirt insert.
"I, Tsu No"
In my ear,
"It is alright to cum"
"Ah, another"
I desperately try not to. Went through my whole body strength.
"Yuriko, you're tan cum"
Small nodded.
Now, I'm in front of a computer person. The reverberations are still with him.
Was busy day.
Son for the first time that happiness grandly held three weeks while you reassure me.
Now there is a reason we 暮Rasenai together, as lovers of our relationship, I'm happy. Next month and take summer vacation, they'll have to stay Hiroshi Takeshi. Tomonaku times will also be held for him.

Brother doll costume

My brother is a pervert. DVD pictures and they have many systems or sex, masturbation I was doing and only know that I'm in the room even when they're over there Iirashiku more like acquaintance with her.
Some time ago, I opened the closet and into the room to borrow his brother's cap, there was a really weird cardboard. The DVD is a naughty peek and maybe it might have contained, but full of 女物 clothes, swimwear, etc. and uniform system, it is just too naughty type. Had just left the room again without even surprised.
My brother called me at night. Entering the room, I talked to the hesitation of the closet. "I saw," I said, 開Ki直Tsu. "What, what women wear something? Her brother have done now" "It is my hobby, I own a drill for" "Sorry, the tell anyone, but show" a little too interested in I had got to see.
Something of a schoolgirl uniform, there was also wearing a blazer and sailor and four. Wearing uniforms similar to two maids or waitresses do not know, there was a nurse in tennis. There is also wearing 4 piece bikini swimsuit. These were absolutely out of the hot stuff I feel impossible. There wearing camisoles and miniskirts that are likely a few normal wear later.
"Let me try it on," said his brother, but deep down I thought I'd like to wear, "He did not" deny Ttemashita. "Come on, I'll listen to anything you say," had been sprouting in the transformation of my mind.
"Well, I'm masturbating to me?" Unadzukimashita brother thought for a while.
"Please wear this," given the high school girl's uniform was a blazer. "I wear a long time, I uniforms," said his brother while I'm facing a change of clothes back. Faces to my brother and me the finished dress, complete eye brother was swimming. "Roman: Come to me posing as someone says," My brother was the pace of knowledge.
Dari and sat down on all fours with a slouch and was forced by the Panchirapozu. My brother is on the way out to the Moro lower body, the hands were rubbing cock. And visible through the open three buttons blouse off my blazer was becoming also change my body since I was made to pose so you can see dough into Moro Spread your legs. .
Was going to be coming out much like the voice I just seen you.
Suddenly, "toward the back," he said in a voice 上Zutta his brother were forced to pause about your butt stick out his hand to the bed, pushing the panties have turned the skirt cock. Rubbed a few times I thought, my brother was on my butt ejaculation.
"Oh, I got dirty," Ha Ha is a brother saying "sorry" and had apologized.
"Now I'll pick my clothes," I said bluntly went out of the room. I was embarrassed and really fast because I wanted to masturbation.
That was not my brother from a business trip. But today I'll be back. I think I will also costume. Looked at his brother while not many clothes. Want me to show that what to wear?

Grandma and the best

I'm not 21 years old, and do I think is the best grandma. Grandma is out of (age 60) is sleeping with me, I became naked legs spread as soon as I say is let me. And the urge to hug your neck soon 入Rero. Already uses pussy erect and hips that I put Timbo WET. Kochakocha out with an obscene sound. Take that Yarimasu many times.


48 years old, I'm away to see my masturbation with panties 26 year old son. I remember the pleasure I felt ashamed of dirt at the same time great surprise.
Now I can not bear to see her son away to this enchanted dirty panties smell.
I put your hand in front of his son forget that there is a wet mother ... not to mention the rest. Sometimes love is there now. She is cute until you are mine.

Mothers are the best

I was 17 years old, my mother is 47 years old. Yesterday I was sleeping on Sunday alone in a room upstairs, this day is littered with magazines and my mother to come clean, rid your say on a daily basis, including cleaning up my comic book. I bet your mother 連Re込Mimashita annoying. I see a burr up her skirt panties arms, a mother at that time an erection. Hands touching in panties, wet and stir so I just put a finger fracture, and inserted a Sosoritatta ○ ○ my application, I give my mother feel better voice and Acme . I was told to come clean in the future.


My parents divorced when I was little, my mother is living with two people. I'm working late mother in insurance sales, making dinner is my job.
He also made for me, Will you because he was lonely Instead of coming home late mother. After three years becoming,
Looks like kissing or hugging each other at such time, at last summer after becoming an H for.
I also retired club, and then shower together in my home from school together with H.
To many times together when you go out then he is feeling the grocery store to make a meal.
But you've seen it come back a few times early on my mother ever. Abi when I shower together in the room when I'm H.
I Setta Chaa Therefore, did not scolded. I was told just come on strong as contraception. On the contrary, "Hey, his great" or "too Geshi you guys!" Just because I laughed. H have not combed my mother for a long time, the eye could have been poisoned.
Once, I saw the Lightning masturbation beside the washing machine while my mother came back from washing out on Sunday.
Unlike the usual mom and I went out quietly, pretending to come back after some time.
But Haittara a bath after a long time and when another mother to be gone already overtaken breast (I D),
"Spanish mackerel made a little?" And got his mother to say the Spanish mackerel. Rui Akira that I love my mother.


I am 37 years old. The 14 year old son. Has a relationship with his son just before. Come home from school and his son Jun-kun yesterday,
I touch the little boy I'll take off the uniform in the room while Jun-kun. During take off the uniform pants are already getting bigger,
I'll give a little boy in the mouth without kun Falcon. And give you a little boy while rubbing gently licking the tip in the mouth,
Jun-kun is "Mommy, your dick feels good," issued a white liquid in my mouth trolley likes.
I'll get you clean and gently lick your dick fresh out, slowly taking off her skirt underwear 捲Kuri,
Falcons Swallow 跨Rimashita sitting on a chair. Falcons Swallow your dick is bigger also
I went back to sink slowly and grabbed the little boy. Jun-kun is "Mom, I feel sexual intercourse ~" You can say I'm clinging to.
I'll continue to shake the hips of a falcon-kun too. And now we gave out in me.
I really have little enough it is just glad the Falcons will still go kun.
Today is the day of the institute, will give in this place until I let my little boy you tomorrow, Falcon-kun again.

And brother-in-law

yuna himekawa[8380]
My brother is 33 years old 27 years old. Now I have to go to Tokyo for a limited time at the job training from Aichi. Parted into the first monthly apartment, rent an apartment to live in the suburbs and stayed there are various translations, the rent for a while without PAYING money from my brother suddenly, and I will be freeload I live with my apartment saying. Placed it put out to dry in the laundry room out of the rain one day, and chopper are you doing with my panties, so I wore my brother, my brother asked the washing There being no pants, I wore it and there was dried in cool or say 有Rimasen face, I was surprised again. And the next night I'm doing Gosogoso his dick out of the pants to look into if I take a bath, I'm like every body in the bath when you get older sister is my brother so suddenly Anta not even know that I got a man You're a stupid son of a misunderstood what I started to hug and kiss me? ?
My brother and I are committed sex are fiercely resisted eventually stop and ask. Since then every night I come like a wild beast attacked my brother crazy. Next week I have come to look forward to him coming here, and he's still in trouble with things like this that my brother is about to have sex 上手Kunai. And then go home satisfied with just putting Nakade.逝Keru so many times in one night they even strength with age and even now I continue to People with sex every night with my boyfriend of him.

Speaking of how good

How do I call what is 輝美 to write this three months ago.
Long time, still the fifth birth, but worry about, and easier than you think, safely be born on.
My birthday.
More than 50 days since then.
Thanks, looks just like my brother.呉Remasu and praise.
It is natural. Brother from a father is.
The elder brother, father. Yes.
Father of this child is a boy I gave birth.
I, as I wrote before, I gave birth to my son children.
So this child, her brother (my father actually) looks exactly like the are natural.
Among the meantime, my problem is, they are children from birth to this child I were both
Siblings. But his brother is the parent of a child from her brother.
That is to say, you two, my children born.
But his brother, also a brother is also a child of my child.
Children's brother, to me, is the grandson.
Makes my head hurt to think.
Both, my child. Brothers of the year away.
Please comment and let the tail.


PC is the mother of 40 recently learned, has a daughter in fourth grade and sixth-grade son.
I have been interested to have sex at a young age.
I find Erotic letters on a computer every day I learned was to search the site by posting letters saw the first and incest.
In reading for one more day away, I wanted to experience this myself imperceptibly.
有Rimasen was invited to see how his son from the day somehow.
The last Sun and I tried talking to my son to take the plunge, or that girls like to kiss you, to show and then my husband bought adult.
So I finally let my son feel like it.
When the first Deshimashita ecstasy, feeling far away from her husband and, many times to continue.
Since then, I will always embrace each other and two sons.
Days off school I stole my daughter's eyes and then in the kitchen.

Son drank semen

My son is a strong sexual desire, masturbation using panties to me like every night.
Last night, Why do not you look into the room quietly opened the door of the room when his son passed, just in the middle of masturbation,
By rubbing the penis was wrapped in just my panties.
Look into the situation that for a while, I noticed that my dick is wet.
Even after I became even they can not anymore, I've opened the door into the room.
My son did not hide the surprise, I saw something close to my son without regard Ikiri立Tta son,
Included the mouth suddenly kneeling in front of his son. My crazy son Shaburimashita penis to become too sticky feeling my dick in itself.
That moment, my son is emitted semen into my mouth hard to ejaculate. I looked up at her son's throat sounded a drink while their semen.

My incest .......

There are 20-year-old brother to attend college. Is not exactly incest with each other at the last minute, I stand in.
I have six years from the time of elementary school, now masturbation. Since the beginning of middle school, and now comic books have been a naughty brother from the room.
During a three-semester, has become so concerned about his brother's actions.
First, almost every day now I take a bath after the Workshop materials.
The contents of this cartoon sex in the room of his brother, the thing that a man having sex with a woman as usual, many things have become what they are brother and sister having sex.
During the summer of two, my brother in the room, found something shocking.
It was the underwear I was wearing the day before.
Pick up and check, part of the thigh, his brother was modeling to Bettori sperm.
Against brother, half-stomach for [contempt]. The other half did not [excited].
持Chi出Sazu comic book erotica, underwear undoing, I returned to the room, but has never tasted so excited about so far, with masturbation.
Always get wet and to some extent, I was off my underwear, wearing underwear while masturbating with a 脱Gazu on. Part of the crotch of underwear, even if the leaked like Bichabicha was 脱Gimasen.
By night, spending remains wet underwear, went into the bathroom as usual.
Their brother to bring the underwear to masturbate to imagine, at night, and did not sleep with excitement.
At midnight of that day, then went to the bathroom, go check the bathroom, the room was put in there underwear the day before, I was wearing underwear that day was not.
Thinking, I went back with the sperm of her brother underwear in the room.
But hesitated for a while and, out of curiosity, dip your fingers sperm. I lick.
I feel something burst inside my head at rest, was a runaway state.
Licking sperm
Wearing dirty underwear sperm
Masturbation for many times.
After that, the other day, it is a repeat
Back from school, Masturbation Workshop materials.
Masturbation at night with attached underwear brother's sperm.
Was at least twice.

During the three and, since I now go to a cram school, parents bought me a cell phone.
By that time, was subject to his brother masturbation completely.
Then, using the phone I had bought in the toll-free telephone sex now.
Terese, I was saying in 20 years, I was a student voice can hardly Bareru.
"I have tea with us."
Copyright become the habit of saying again and again.
If you like, such as a voice of my brother, I do anything.
To him, "I have tea with us tomorrow, I want a Omorashi their pants masturbation"
When called, the spread over the trash in the room, still wearing underwear with pee.
As expected the next day we went to school to change shoes, the basket of the bathroom, put the two leave the underwear that day.
The next day, both of its two sperm got in there underwear.
Two of them, wear one, but one lick, and Terese "I have tea with us," and muttering, Ikimashita.
Even now, sometimes, and one or two to put underwear on purpose.
Since the beginning of high school, my underwear and started masturbating my brother, I started masturbating, non-notification [now] to call his brother.
In the beginning, I was speechless because it was cut off I will be able to begin to breathe in just the third time, now off to listen to the fourth, "Who ... What are you doing?" we asked.
The voice would occasionally leak.
Maybe my brother might have noticed.
Now, when my brother ordered something, I seem to get accepted.
Sex also
Terese people like the man, and all of the transformation that
I rather hope not hate it.
I start to speak by telephone, I think it's all become a reality.
... Now I barely managed to keep at the reason.

Father and

Was raped by the father.
Mom started to come on board committed on me during my father suddenly drinking with friends.
I've been in for the first time it was full of blood.
I felt very well.

Son for the weekend

Friday night, spoke with his son.
As for me, is obvious, love of mother and child is not possible, I want to find a nice woman of the same generation as soon as they will be like each other. Now there were only politely tell that to meet such a woman even though I'm sure in due time.

Tage son was any good from the start, while I was listening to talk quietly.
What was 30 minutes, began to feel around a little bit tired to continue talking, I said something Bosori and son.
The first time I did not catch. "What?", I ask again, and told him to spit out the son.
To me that his father (my husband) was that the blood is flowing.
Issued at the end of the term, put out both eyes full of tears from my son.
Then, having told me what has my son in tears while sobbing.

Last fall. Temporary return her husband has been in contact with want to eat out with my son. Even at home again, even without seeing me, but my son called out.
In childhood, his father seeing his son occasionally were pleased to come back, but from a few years ago would have noticed that different people at home, to meet his father in front of me will say, and even a call from her husband went out to the outside was about to come back in a few hours meeting. Until now, most could not tell me no matter where the conversation was.

I heard from my son is a talk from here.
The day was a holiday, there are a few days ago to come from a designated place for lunch, my son went out alone. Different from the usual, was that a woman had brought her husband. Age 30 year old woman, her husband's co-workers (men?) Seems to explain that was. After the meal and coffee, three people moved into the woman's apartment. I was saying things like that to go to work by car where the woman's husband. However, after several minutes, her husband entered the mobile contact, then told to send their sons to women, meeting in the name of steep, so my husband is gone off.
The woman I talked with my son is normal for a while.
However, the woman I started talking in the middle is cruel to his son.
Now, your father went out to be just a new lover.
Overseas branches appointed destination, the Japanese people can have someone in-house affair.
In addition, having multiple relationships and women in that country.
And the women are talking about it, there is a physical relationship with her husband several years ago, repeated that the matter at home.
While listening to his son, now even painful, I was shocked at the scene of his son or how much it was.

And I was overwhelmed by the story of the last decisive.
The woman pulled her son's hands are smaller overwhelmed, 連Re込Mi the bedroom, take off all your clothes on the bed of his son, seems to have naked. Hug my son and then himself seems denuded.
Been kissed licked, ‥ ‥ body has touched people. The women described their experience is not the son of a clear and did not do anything. While listening to stories from the end, I became unable to breathe well. Son that it was a foul, I was going to be crazy.

There is silence as many minutes do not know what time had passed, I returned a to me.
Before my eyes, it 泣Kitsuka had a son that spit out the story limp.
Even my father's blood flow embarrassing himself by removing the hoop, become to such a man does not fear that one day, I think that the situation had become intolerable because of purely privately.
Know something is holding my son, my son is now even more I love them anyway.
I must keep, to give a fine. I thought so.

淹Re a coffee drink with my son.
Sort of pretend to chat about, and finally answered as my son comes back, it's fine if 温Mere dove in the body, stripping and was wearing a sweat I'll shed my son back after a long time to bath追Iyarimashita. First, I was reluctant, to the bathhouse to 押Shi込Mimashita only one brief. My son went into the bathroom to check, just leave me down underwear, wrapped a towel on it, went into the bathroom and bathrobes cape.
While old memories and stories, and had become two people always being full of harmony.
With hindsight, I would have bought more calm this act may have been frivolous.

Put my son in a bathtub at the end, I'm going to take the pajamas for my son for leaving the bathroom.
The next moment, my son with the intention of mischief, has poured a shower for me.
I am a only child, avoid hot water emitted a strong, face to the wall, took a stance toward her son back. Head and back and back, while avoiding attacks ass and shower, while the two were in high spirits as a child.

Is closed and the shower, "Oh well U!" I turn around and put, stood out from the bathtub naked son there. My wet bath towels and bathrobes are already hanging in the wet, which was peeling Innovation.
The 抱Kitsuka posture from behind was pressed against the wall.
My son, wrapped in my hands a double in the next instant milk.
押Shikaesou hard for my son and myself. Delicate in stature, but has yet to really figure of a boy and do not let go I had a tremendous strength. My ass, my son around the groin, hit something hot and hard. Stood on end in my wet panties like frog meat turns around and warp.

What a shallow experience that is more than that his son was motionless.
"From today I can not."
Issued in response to my words of reflection, my son gave me relax.
"The force from the shot." So let me say the body is inverted.
Toi full breath feels like Itooshii sensitivity, I had a son in the face, lips gone through.
The feel of soft lips on my son than I thought, seemed 痺Reta center of my head violently. Who has also pressed lips of her son. Found in the groin hot 潤Tsu come.
(Oh, this is more useless ...) son of Kuni Hiraku mouth suffocation, I do not think I let my tongue slip strips on the contrary.
I have a deep kiss with one's own son was looking hot as fire came out from the face. This is what you want? . I should let you all tonight? . Welling in the corner of my mind was also a moment such a thought.
However, because this is useless or really put out his son from the bathroom.
Out of the dressing room until you see signs of his son raised to the second floor, was as jitter.

Turn on washing machine dressing room, I returned to the bathroom and quickly washed his body.
However, endure the hot flashes have remained in the lower abdomen, and 込Mimashita to the floor.
And rely on rain showers at the base of thigh, fingers along the crack Nazorimashita.
Body was shaking that is thinking of her son.
Pathetic mother.

寝静Matsu even after his son, burning body is hot, especially the groin area, was still hot as ever lit. I was aware that his son apparently lust for your body.
There was also guilty, and they glow from within the springs had only set down the truth.

The next morning, more than ever, now look to care of her son.
In everyday life my relationship with my son is back to normal.
But the next day I noticed that, "Today is no good," and my words are gone, "soon will be OK." I think we have captured and a son. What can be denied this forcibly Raretara time.
If you get hurt in Hanakere son until about an adult son, if it will be lost and to think that how much wild.

But this morning, "a holiday mood all together to heal the mother go on a trip." Suggested to me and my son.
I think a child-friendly too.

The longer I have. Please forgive me because I feel a little chill here and write.

Dear replacement soon

Just the two of you having sex with a son of Kazuya's 16 years since her husband and married eight months ago, it was the first time. Incest mother's husband, who also marry the mother of [her husband] and now my mother's Yasuko, the couple we are living under one roof in four of his son, Kazuya it. When you married her husband, of course, that the incestuous mother who they know each other, why it got married. I am a first marriage. Kazuya's son is the result of incest between brother and sister and my real brother, a child born at the time of my ninth grade. I made a happy marriage is the best husband and me, of course my husband and I'm happy to say up to me. In the house, but to have sex every day, so four people orgy, or mother and son, and me and that is common in four intertwined. From her mother and her husband yesterday, I went to the country's death anniversary memorial service of my husband's father seven, only son remained at home with me. 8 months to sit down and have sex alone, and its splendor, and I was Meri込N each other. Of course, orgy, and four people, but six of the best orgy wife and brother to join his brother is also still continue, even in a mother and son alone, or, fresh indescribable There has been. Their husbands to come back, or is doing sex 捲Kuru estimates alone with his son.

My son suffered skin

Larger hard sucking his cock told me out Yeah, he ordered me to lie on his back on the bed spreading my legs in my son's face 跨Gi wither son son will be caressed by the tongue was more tongue in your baggage, including the mouth of the uncut cock it, I traced my son's tongue pussy Wareme my shiny faces and spreading my legs, I am he I caress your nipples, and he shoots out a small Kitarou Wareme pussy mother from her son, I'll shoot the tongue licking mother 悦Bu I really, to rub and rub with your fingers I also 悦Bu, my son 弄Nda rub or pet any tampering with your fingers, my son is 8 uncut cock? grew until I ejaculate has sent his son to move back and forth Tsubome face, lip there was not 剥Kemasen skin. I licked her pussy is played with my son was soaking 淫汁 Flooding. I was begging in the pussy and insert a finger to his son, called the feel her pussy tighten finger of her son.

I came here

Because there was progress, I will write.

Friday, and finish the bath, I quickly went into his room upstairs.
My bedroom is right behind the stairs, was careful to sign the hallway.

Since I have a company work daytime, weekday evening, and finished the preparation of the next day at 9:00 pm with a bath, and then go into his bedroom, the room I spend most of toileting.
And sometimes sleeping 12 from 11 pm.
This routine, I know my son well.

To 30 minutes, I heard the door open and found the stairs down to the son.
And back to the room about 10 minutes.

Son entered the room, I was barefoot, one downstairs noiselessly entered the wash room.
As I expected, my underwear were missing from the locker basket.

Back in his room upstairs, and waited 30 minutes.
Shortly after 11 pm, his son across the room on tiptoe, while the state 窺Imasu in at the door. The sound is clear that the bed creaking.
I quietly opened the door, my son lying in bed, turned back to the inlet, exposing the lower body was used to masturbate in my underwear.

My father

I am a middle school a year and has a relationship with the father. The first time with a relationship, when the 6th grade. My heart was touched because I was sleeping in the nude hot. Into sexual intercourse with a virgin I resisted, but quickly surprised. Since then every night I come to the SEX. A person is not just a married father of my mother, my mother died. They live every night, so now I continue to Ralph and SEX.


We will post the first time. The 48-year-old housewife.
My brother is a brother and sister four seven male and three daughters.
My youngest brother is away at 11 years old daughter. But his brother,
Married in March. We have 20 years to have sex.
At first, 14 years old when my brother, I always get other family members in the house that day, only two people. When I went to my brother hailed the room to get ready for the lunch, I opened the sliding door, my brother,
On the bed wearing a blanket with my brother spotted surprised Onani turned his back to "look at me" I
Sorry. Bran tighten to tell me that the rice is made, into the kitchen, my brother came immediately, and I say okay to say so.
You say, so I had to 怒Rrimashita Onani My brother and sister in underwear. To be helped because I thought about.
Cock the size of his brother was surprised.
Making fun of a little naked and playful with each other to get out of that brother, brother, took the virgin. Then, the relationship was on the way back at the hotel or shopping when you are not a family or two.
I married at age 28. Husband is a blind date. Just two people were always impossible to child or slow travel when my husband, my brother came to me was sex.
Is still going to marry my brother. My brother, my sister I'll feel well into 50.60! Words were happy.
My husband, because they do not travel company, now comes my brother.
Three months of sex, enjoy.

Yellow bag

Yellow bag's

How is it then?
Early to know the progress.

The limit is over Nde and write a new child.

Did you copy the previous one.

I finally feel like it was like.
First, I would get the jackpot with his son. H and then Ryo is doing with you. Then, enjoy tea with friends while her son in exchange for Misa. Son, and when Ryo is raised to the condo's no sex education. Misa's, I race to see which one will get pregnant first. Anyway, the man's first experience, it is basically cum first. The young little boy, I feel good ~. Congratulations pregnant uterus feel Pyuto thumps. Which child? To come I guess Ryo good. Misa is the son of Yu. What do you think's the yellow bag? I'm waiting for your reply.

By her husband

The relatives brought an arranged marriage on the eve of graduation from junior college, I met at half-interest.
Over 180 similar stature in the face and certain personality, educational background as a bonus master's degree, and alright
I decided to get married for the first time commensurate.
My first experience with since 7th grade, and was playing from more than 10
No honeymoon wedding night, but nothing until I thought I asked for a date in the body.
But her husband was forced to leave the first night screaming from the first great technique,
I did not remember so many times reached its zenith. The cock was pretty close to 20 cm.
Sought many times every night for 10 days on their honeymoon, returning home when I was skinny 3kg.
As you'd expect, but then returned to place two days now, still awesome.
But once a month, I have my husband home for a sleepover.
Father was already retired but, I was doing was quite mysterious,
To pry asking why I was bad.
But that day six months ago, I was gone along with her husband.
Pre-dinner at the four people already in the living room when you can clean up Gotham,
I suddenly began to kiss my husband. Dense tangle the tongue kiss too! ?
The hands of her husband is starting to sway me into the vagina from the opening of panties without hesitation lifted my skirt! ?
"Stop! ~ Tsu Oh no!"
My husband took off pants pants before I knew it well.
Moreover, the example I was sucking the mother of her husband's penis engorgement! ?
Are licking their faces buried in the crotch of her mother and father! ?
Violently shaken by her husband, my vagina was a sloppy start dripping love juice.
"Father, I'm ready," said her husband's voice?
Face lift and was buried in the crotch of a father-mother,
I took the pressure her husband had been pressed down.
"No Aa ~ Daily!" I thought things were hard pressed against my crotch and shouting,
I came all the way to break in at once the father thick huge dick.
"Uuu ~'ll meet!"
I involuntarily screamed 仰Ke反Tsu huge blow to them.
Unlike her husband and father is hard but I did not,
I gave a long stroke utilizing huge cock rub it!
"Stop! Stop! Stop !····"
Before I knew it was shaking the hips turn together while holding hands with my father back.
The mother is beside her husband while being caught, "Oh! Oh! Oh! An ... Oh Yeah! U ~ Utsu die!"
Lovely Voice of listening to her mother, was raised according to the end of Lovely Voice father unawares too.
"Here we go!" According to her husband's voice saying,
"In! ~ I'll Give in!" Dotty Lovely Voice!
"Ugh!" "Uuu ~ Utsu die!"
"Akiko, I give!" When the father heard a voice say,
I have become more 判Ranaku What is what you came with as it is holding.
When I felt something warm in the vagina spread,
Don and violently thrust up and was just speechless 仰Ke反Tsu the euphoria.
When noticed, I was embraced by her husband.
In the vagina penis into her husband was.
According to the end of her husband, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! There !·········"
The night continued into the arms out to her husband and father many times.
Soon, the couple started living together we got to the husband's family moved to.
Twice a week we will begin the evening of sex is a four crazy.
And I was pregnant. Husband? The father?分Rimasen.
It is now eight months pregnant sex once a night.
It has put me out of my mouth semen instead of husband and father.

The Alumni

I had a reunion in a neighboring town that is home of the fisherman married 45 years. We drank whiskey, beer, other drinks. To 10 o'clock, for the Mashi Akira drunk so much sickness, I had to rest for three hours just to go to a nearby inn. I say past midnight and 3:00. But still a taxi to go home, everyone going to sleep away her husband and children is me. I had to go to bed in the room where his son. 23-year-old son is single, still had it in my eyes AfteR a virgin I do not know me to sleep. I lay in bed and let his son take off your coat, is the son of a stir to put a finger on my crotch and licking my breasts. Timbo in erect and put on it to get wet and I is not it?出Shimashitara voice was the voice scolded Acme large and feel better, too. You've done five times saying to stay silent. Really wanted to beat the younger son. The wake ○ ○ away too drunk drinking alcohol painful pains now.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[8271]
Incest with my sister is 52 years old. My sister's house to live alone in Tokyo, her husband passed away three years ago, when I got to sleep.
Also lead a lively talk about drinking alone with the brother and sister in a long time, 更Kemashita night.
Now the story of an old childhood in the countryside. When my high school, I have tried to rape his sister were high school students. Trip out to the parents, when alone with his sister, I just hit my sister slept there. But the resistance was being violently 果Tasemasen.
They came to be that strange to feel both of them drunken, after all, is not that it was realized after 40 years.
The 52-year-old sister, but with a lot of fat meat had still has the skin elasticity was proud of the breast.
And suck on the nipple, the larger firm, there is Wasu fingers were wet and soaked. What became of my firm, holds Shigokimasu.
Use the back to insert Modaemashita violently in response to raise your voice.
To finish, screaming cramps, I've been 絶E絶E breath.
It was an event like a dream.

Certain nurses

I thought I read that in 6514 less, why not talk seriously about the disability?
交Washimasen an honest opinion and not fiction Hiyakashi?

I do not know a non-fiction is far fiction is the extent of what is written here, their parents with disabled children are you make yourself hard your treatment of the children reached adolescence is like it seems to be a fact .
I'm now doing the work do so to help people with disabilities of the volunteers said that sex was not until recently in Japan.
But people are people Teru You have to recognize is often wrong, and volunteer assistance to sex is only sex and abuse, and to a sex partner never.
Assistance to go there but to go to love hotel from a couple with disabilities, assistance will not be done with a couple of sexual positions, and take to the shop assistants who go to sex shop, but go, masturbation assistance to allow people who can not act, it has also assisted many other diverse are just a few.
People with disabilities have received support but it is to say that reality is just a few.
The children who have mental retardation and those I know well.
The son is now the act of pushing my crotch and hug female employees of the facility to reach puberty and Tokoro Tooru.
Tamarikaneta wife and telling it to your son is an act of sacrifice, and gave it the first time to masturbate with the intention to teach.
The first is to act now embracing also seems to have been effective immediately, is likely to 見Kaneta wife had to handle a fast son of the second and third.
Then get them son thinks of his mother to handle if you act like a hug ... This is a vicious circle.
Feel sorry for the late son Then some point is likely to perform sex had become.
I'm a sad ending.
But if a pregnancy results in the flow to these, should mention before'm like a child born of a failure, I think really good birth?
Well, I think that the pregnancy is already a sin, yet parents?
I'd think well.
The general moral is not accepted notice.
Why can not I at least at the minimum about birth control?

Tatsuki Nao loves. . .

Naoki got to have a relationship of 20-year-old son this year.
Since my husband does not come home at work at all. .
I'm jumping to every day. . .
Tatsuki Tadashi other is to pass anyone. . .
I love you. . .
Today is the first time. . .
I do not want to try birth control. . .
Naoki I want a child. . .


I am 53 years old has an affair with 18-year-old son.
The kids were late, I finally was forced to allow too insistent about the cuteness.
It quickly master Kotonari know, the family has become pieces in a dispute about tipping the world family, and now my son has become involved in a will to live.
My husband is a husband, without any thing will be challenged by the firm was the one who was not complaining,
SEX tough son of my husband I feel open-hearted thing insufficient gone know.
一溜Ri also be slammed with cock 有Rimasen pressure about the waist is bent out of shape body sure did not think my son only as a delicate boy. Continue to control ejaculation attack relentlessly until I die with it. Sperm is poured into the uterus, and every time.

And twin brother

I have a twin brother. The two melons as a fraternal twin so-called because it is not, of course. Even though it is the same school as high school, so I'm not the contacts as possible, even a stranger among the brothers is pretty classmate.
Well, I hope that will not matter, even curt at home at school is very closely related.
Since such a relationship with his brother is in earnest since the beginning of junior high school. To take a bath together in the meantime, you put together but I still really, and I was there I'll touch up strainer over each other's genitals, or were just curious pleasure but without any .
May have developed as it did was because I knew masturbation. To obtain such information more quickly than my brother was born slightly earlier, my brother taught it. But even when it was only curiosity. Knowing my brother masturbating, but went further ahead rapidly. Now that I masturbate together and become comfortably together. How do you feel like a brother to me tell me where did you learn in great detail where.
During two summer and my brother came back from a trip to hot springs and forced sex with my friends. I think I had a change of heart probably something that trips to hot springs, it still does not know. A little scared because I was okay, but my brother was a true love.
First experience there was only pain. Caress me pussy was wet, but it'll Bichobicho ran about excruciating pain is almost die when you enter the penis, blood came out so I think it should stop. Too scared to bleed too much from my brother, at that time without end, nothing is over ejaculation.
Then one week, my brother did not come close to me at all. Invited to have sex again after about a week too well. So what was afraid I'd bleed inside and also is more afraid to be disliked by his brother, embraced his brother again. The pain is still as I did before. My brother has just gently rub cum several Shigoi put out on his face and then pull out my hand. Since his brother is still out of each other bad things but I must hand out because I knew, my brother really liked it when Facials, Handjob, now I like more than sex ever since.
And still every morning, I give in to remove the penis of a brother Blow Handjob and immediately broke the morning.
The Blow learned from going to high school. A habit, happy faces covered in cum in the face of fire many times, I could just Blow it up. I can not believe I felt the ingestion of that strange black shiny penis.
They have a child well-advanced in school, but the child is to say I love Blow, you know the more familiar with the child doing in fact, want to do Let's try finally to yourself a few days and then I go from doing. My brother wanted to do, but seems a long time ago, yes I know that I like 言I出Senakatta hates me. After all, I think the first feeling bad, I did put a tan excuse me for my brother, but now every day I love to Shaburitsui, better brother "to stop it, already 射Nai" I say this is about .

Recently, I secretly naughty things to school.
Sex on the roof to escape and in concert with each other in class, I took the lesson to the rest of the bread and no panties just took off. The pretty excited.
The return of school, my panties bukkake semen hiding in the shadows, wear it to go home.
My brother is becoming interested in scatology. Do not excreted in the room tub in the bathroom? Bring to let me pee and shit there is. My brother smelled a smell you happy. I though that I encounter difficulties such sympathy, I'll do do anything for his brother. Even if you eat poop pleased that his brother's brother. Will be naked in front of the station.
Signed to have sex with someone other than the brother is not so far. Nor with brother or girlfriend rather than. Tokimeita nor other brother. So is my brother.
Whether you know our relationship but I know my parents, brothers and real, yet because of a twin, I'm married is impossible. What do I do I can marry?
Or maybe I can not get married. Why not just run away with. But now I go away if you're like my brother said. It's not like real sweet, but so much.
A similar situation who someone off?

Uncle and H

Recently, it happened when we went to visit relatives out of your evening. Man entered the home being told I'm a long time I saw many Yui. Like I said, man I'm not traveling with his wife and friends ^ ^ I also drank wine with dinner with my uncle went to the nearby pubs and night ^ ^ a taxi home drunk on it, so arrived. The thing is when I was in the bath two hours Yui. The man had opened the door from behind ^ ^ found that the eyes focused on my chest and licking his uncle touched my heart ^ ^ I like to say I'm very big breasts Yui Arun will ask her Yui getting an erection is there a man out of juice love a bit of it touches come put your finger in dick in my getting excited even my uncle ended up in voice and ah away very pleasant for you Yui and I was told to me, that the man asked Feller what I was getting going but licking me, that the man in the mouth. I felt.

Seen by his son

Last time, we have entered a bath after a long time in 6th grade son. Haitsu but I suddenly I became later.
My son suddenly Kakushimashita forward.
What happened?
I thought I was a child the habit.
You know, and do not clean here too.
When the beams were hand sweeps.
What are you doing my son erection.
My son, I'm not thinking that H.
Was a problem.

Let My son and on.

I Tsukamaemashita.

My son is upset with what was believed erection look at, see.
I caught my son, arms,.

've Never shy.
To show mom.
H I'm not thinking that.
My son has an excuse.
H mom says I was thinking that I have not.
The penis has grown ashamed of ourselves?
, Right?

Have embraced the larger of Perhaps I also spent a tearful feeling subside.

Chata large body of his mother was watching?
Yeah. Said as a problem.
Among women not just me.

And son naked together without having to show it because there was little to do that now?

The larger the body of a woman begging to see the boys know the first thing for granted.

I gave my son to sex education because in this case.
To put it here.
Like the boy, in order to put a larger penis penis here.
You put your dick in here as a woman grows Yuuta. The Bears will get bigger as you.
Many talked about.
My son managed to convince.
However, if I want to. I began to do.
It will not do. This is not it? When I put the kids to create larger more Yuuta.
I want to put. My son is a little bigger than my husband's habit to beat a child like curiosity
I am a little curious
Simply put, I just put.
Ategatsu over there I tried to let his son what his son sit down.
Komimashita in my mouth as it is.
My son looked at his penis and this will Haitsu in me. At that time it ended.
What seems to be no longer resist the erection, but now wants to take a bath together since Hairita.
So let me write more and longer.

For his son

After graduating from college, he joined early in the employment of the company, which today is spoken husband, boss or his or her years away, got married the following year. Already at that time, I was the son of a belly now.
My husband got married three years later, the affair came to light in the company, was taken off the career track. And, as companies and households to escape from, where to find seats on appointment of a foreign bureau chief, went out alone. But about a dozen years have passed since then, still 1.2 times a year, just come back a few days back home that little. There is a woman rumored to be the threshold before appointment.

I am 36 years old during the day while helping a friend shop has been getting along so far with a 14 year old son.
Now, his son also was higher than I am tall, with a little integrity and honesty Unlike the husband there was a low-maintenance child friendly. Kuni Yoshi looks also somewhat tall, and are brought together, often felt to receive the gaze of the woman next door, always felt a sense of superiority but stupid parents.

In daily life with such a son, initially felt the question was last fall. Disappear from the laundry basket was temporarily taken off my underwear, the situation back under the basket with a couple of days, I realized one day. This house because he was not just two people, the culprit is found soon. But soon her son was 問Itsumemasen.傷Tsuketakunakatta easy words to him, What should I hesitated 叱Re up? (Which is about awakening to sex, there is no way ...) and watching a few weeks, we sit down and decided to talk to his son.

Frankly admitted that his son brought out that their actions are also looking at me as a woman, also told me masturbating in underwear. However, his son every night, I thought the naked, and I imagine that I have an act, I'm torn away for up strongly rebuked.
I was the doting son. To tell the truth, but now the family is the only son, fond feelings more intense than people say, I was carrying. My husband went away, the presence of his son, it is also true that the reason for living now. Deep down, I wanted to shoot a longing for his son, keeping the good looks to keep the proportions, we spend money on grooming. Was not particularly well off, if it is for my son 頑張Remashita jobs.
The first meeting in person still "mid-thirties age Whirlpool" So, I get a look of incredulity, without exception. The story is embarrassing, since I was still in elementary school my son was watching a dream that many times a woman embraced her son. Sleepless nights, and there was even a thought in bed writhing octopus grown sons. Seen through the surface in such a thing like that, I might have to Ge's voice. But when I heard that masturbating with a son in his dirty linen, but I felt embarrassed, but also of happiness has Komiage was true.
Ashamed of myself I wanted to think about doing this?
While you look around these sites on the net, going so far that has inhibited the special world.

However, like the son of the following day decline in more than imagination, I even got me at a loss.
Distressed about a week, I rang around Kukurimashita I will kiss your belly. I hope you know I also banged the test.
Tomorrow, I plan to talk to his son.

I want

Kazuya's son was the first time in February of this year. Lightning is seen when you're fucked up on vibes alone.
Mom lick first? It is said, while Kazuya Makurimashita penis licked up and down by hand.
I got excited to being ejaculated semen in my mouth now Kazuya Then, in the deluge ... I put Kazuya? If you put in your mother ... I want to ask, but yeah ... Kazuya Nde strength still a teenager ... I'm great.
Kazuya Ikutsuikutsu Aaa ... ... now ... I made it the Itchau been off a while.
I love each and every day. Write again. ↓ ... but still wanted to ...

Finally ...

Masanori I have become one with my son. Last night, I wish 叶Erubeku, and left to act ...
My husband was drinking, always way home past midnight. Today I stepped on I'm sure it would be too late, speaking Masanori'm relaxing way to finish a meal.
"Mr. Oh? Mother, right before I saw this well-kun? At the moment, not the pee, I felt like a weird smell ~. You like Why?"
A sudden my thoughtless words, I'm supposed to point Masanori eyes. "I'm talking about Mom, suddenly, to keep watch on yourself! I did not smell funny and I do (>_<)" have been denied the right direction.
I added, "I did not like that ~. I did something to it smells like dried squid ~! You wash properly? By'll get sick. Look Mom, I'll wash you?"
Masanori tired a lucky guess is red in the face, "Yo no! Yaikenaindayoo Morawanaki why mom wash! You to shut up already!"
In the meantime I 引Ki下Garimashita there. Also invited to force too much, so I did not even get me on board.
I have waited to take a bath Masanori. Been at about 20, finally went to the bathroom. I used to feel rushed.
As soon as he entered the bathroom to check Masanori have the clothes to chase after me, and went into the bathroom. Once here was a hard-line tactic out. Willy-nilly into Masanori could take a bath together.
"What is it ~! Came into whatever you descend into the'm sure at what!" Masanori Despite the surprise that can not hide the sudden, I freely Sarashimashita to my naked body. Masanori shower before, and this from the heart of the crotch, to the buttocks, the body covered with water, then covered with foam, was wiggle.
43 Nevertheless, it has from the usual ballet, I say so myself, I would have a tight body that they covered. Even a young child may lose confidence.
Masanori too long ago was saying boo-boo, what are they amazed how the mother's eccentricities, and quiet, but only follow the actions of my eyes only.
While I am attracted to wash the body to keep Masanori, Masanori I was not forgetting the check firmly.
Masanori body to react properly and I was honest. 've Seen before, a long thin, yet intensely warped the penis ...
This was before waking up on the bed, this time standing posture, 43 Moreover, the reaction of seeing her naked did not say ... better than last time warp. Masanori penis of a naked body reacts violently to his mother ...
I, was desperate to hold one's horses, body soap and wash away the foam, "Mr. Oh! I'll wash my mom come here more." Masanori promote and put hot water in shower Gently wash with plenty of foam did.
Using my hands from the middle, did not bear to wash the body. The whole body ... But the most important part is intact. It seems to be a tease Masanori, as if I actually 焦Rasu itself ...
In front of my eyes and found that the pulsing of the penis and Bikunbikun young.
The tip was a little out of his face. Also remained to look like a white custom. I will not feel a strange odor, not from Masanori actually lies were meant to appropriate the penis was apparently really Masanori unsanitary conditions.
After all, without Masanori dip into the penis to the end, 洗I流Shimashita foam. Masanori is "Why?" But face it, I silently into the bathtub, sitting on the edge of the tub Masanori, let face it here.
Yes. Unsanitary mouth penis son mother, mother's saliva is antiseptic. Glanced from face Masanori, Masanori I Shaburimashita of the penis and the rip-off.
I certainly smell. But, after a long penis, I suck my son something And it was just me happy.
Entwined with plenty of spit, where the pulp has become, and peel the skin Zururi, 回Shimashita tongue gently licking glans still thin. What is plaque that initially I felt that Jarijari turned into a pleasant feel and Tsururi in the future.
I will be crazy, but Masanori Squeeze the penis in hand, head back and forth, Masanori 貪Rimashita of the penis. I remember the sound was echoing in the bathroom whizzing indecent. Masanori will guess all this time, I was in my surrender.
"Atsutsu Oh!" Which comes first, Masanori voice that came out, spread the smell of blue Which comes first in my mouth, I will ejaculate Masanori.
I drank the semen, licking clean the penis of gave Masanori.味Waemashita indescribably fulfillment. But I still desire 治Marazu "Now give me my mother to clean the dirt of the well-kun!" He said, in my dirty part Sarashimashita Masanori replace your posture.
"This is a very delicate place. So, I hope you ... you're beautiful in a soft and slimy tongue? Yes ... even more depth ..."
"Utsuuutsu U! Mother! Mom!"
Masanori is almost like a dog walking Agari, gooey tongue moving violently, my dirty juice Sukuiage was licking turn.
Innovation Gyuu foot pinch my crowded head Masanori marked the last moments of his son by the tongue ...
After the embarrassment that I've suddenly surge, I rushed out of the bath.
However, once I crossed the line had already gone 引Ki下Gare.
Masanori went up from the bath room and took Masanori intact, I mean there ... finally ... finally ... what I have for years, however, is that for my first Masanori ...
My husband came home shortly after 2:00. Is that the husband is self-service, I Just Masanori confined room. Today has indeed skipped a baseball. Masanori now sleeping in and try it next ... ♪

Nympho mother

Four years ago I has a relationship with my mother since I was 13 years old.
Pedophile types of smaller than 10 years is 34 year-old mother looks younger,
And invited anyone to leave the body nymphomaniac mother.
At that time, four days on business when no father and uncle of the neighborhood during the day was pussy.
I, left early and come back to middle school, pussy in the nude was always like knowing.
The man, from his father in the big husky in medium build, about twice as large cock, Kiku Hiroshi diameter of about 20cm length 5cm competitive Bottle cock is the owner of a probable Kina Hiroshi much more.
Mother's little pussy gripping it firmly into, knowing that I look like a queer voice emits a scream, I feel.
To ejaculate twice, limp and unconscious state becomes a mother, my uncle went back to change clothes, leaving my mother.
My mother is still asleep sprawled naked.
At that time I was excited to Ikiri立Tta cock, my mother became unable to stand near naked, when I was put into this forsaken a virgin pussy mother 淫汁 are full.
It is not say it was downright pleasant.
Where deep in my pussy, ejaculation occurred when the mother noticed.
If you want to tell my mother that my pussy is always nice and said.
Even now by stealth since my father has pussy with my mother.
When his father had a business trip, when many may be turned pussy in the morning the 10th one.
The contents will also post any opportunity.

I can't stop it

My son urged me to have a relationship. Once you forgive it, you can't stop it. Even if I think I can't do it with my head, I can't refuse it. Even if I try to suppress it with reason, I expect my son's intense SEX and that pleasure. And it's been half a year since my son gave me a climax while my husband was away. Every time I have sex with my son, I feel like it's a matter of course. Usually, I feel heavy when I think of this relationship, but when my son touches my body, I even feel like I'm trying to put a stop to it. I can't get out of it, and I'm addicted to my son's young SEX.

My son and I will continue ...

Hello. Fumiko is.
(Sayoko's, how are you Osan Haruna sex. Waiting for reply.)

20-year-old son (in the entrance exam university) is a 43 year old mother of five year's Nasty become incestuous relationship with. And son, except when I am menstruating, I do not spend a weekday afternoon and evening my husband at work. (I still rise even after the period is 40.)

PC last year, recently learned from our first site, the address, I was writing the first post is here.

Last week, after my last address, and people are very angry, other subscriber's address is still written, in which we did, being driven by fear and rumor reaches the incident, my son I was consulted to post Yosou. My son despise's still in reverse, "I'm jealous because a virgin, unlike someone like me I'm sure. Do Hottoki. Come on take it without permission if the interference think abnormal acts of us. The tried to post. A I'm not offended by people we get the other person. "and said his son wrote.

Sayoko's feelings are the same too. Certainly my son until the two start a relationship, not the mother was seen as a woman. To share his feelings when her son was "helpless in love with another woman than my mother. I like more than a mother. Tsukuridashi the word out about new words like above the level of it feels like. "
And finally, I want to have sex with mother. ...
打Chi明Kemashita to come hit me with the true feelings.
My son, I did not want me to be here.
(With far too impassioned husband was telling me he proposed to come.)

When I was surprised that her son confessed to feelings of love ever felt a very fresh and not be drawn.
And when her husband was not even a romantic feeling about it is nowhere in the past, so too intense.

I am the mother of one and what will be said to those around us in the future (f) as a young woman that loves to find my body apart from my son soon, to live as a woman to marry the woman his son Let it decide to. One should naturally comes when you end the relationship now. By that time two (beloved son in particular) are memories I want to be the best in life. Told me my son feels the same.

Beyond the walls of the other mothers incest, even far short rest, we passed a mother does not care about Kenasou 罵Rou badly. We will devour each other intensely pleasure seeking couple.

My son and I will continue in the future.

My son suffered skin

He and I started sexual intercourse on the bed, hold me tight fit tongues entwined in a kiss before watching his son, and he is naked, too. He was still excited about the erection firm Kiku Hiroshi seen my son, I was always pro will really hard to stiff, his little boy usually larger firm, including the mouth and caressing and sucking 舐Metara Tit and Handjob the erection. Tasty tasty tasty I'm the little boy said that his erection.

Vagina toy I'm just the son ~

yuna himekawa[8148]
Midori is 35 years old, the mother who loves sex. However, my husband is also married, ran into me in sexual intercourse even once green.
Since marginal and naked on the bed, massage the breast, put wet fingers, had bought, the head of the eel at the store most fat, this portal will be until I Guriguri in your
I ran into the vagina head shot in. green. Then, the next moment! While great wild eels,
I came into intercourse in this whole green ~ s Among these eels Green intercourse are scratching around for many years into Guriguri ~ ~ and I'm not crazy,
And a lot of man juice leaking pee, Iki many times, to move where, my son came back,
A little boy came to live in-depth vagina son was still contain the eels ~ 0 resistance immediately.
Son so many times while it is in this until I Nakade your lion, I am committed to. Take my picture into the vagina eels,
~ Do not get stuck in a green dad, I rose to everyone to sow ~ green, photocopying, I'll meet you in good thrust from everyone eels,
I'm gonna commit to writing and to please Nakade ~, and is then Nakade and his son several times each day for pregnancy.

Son and I

Leave a message for the first time.
I am a 42 year old housewife.
Actually, from my son about six months ago (age 15) has an affair with.
Going to confession was not here for that.
But today, we came to the hospital, becoming dull away hold my feelings would not come, that the confession here.
Torimidashi has a little more, please forgive me.
Satoshi Satoshi I had to some extent, I had my son be a child.
Time of the act of birth and the son was not at all.
I wore a safe day from the date of the registration period, it is still so lax that it was useless.
100% had the intention was not so relieved, I was going to sushi was no filtered 割Ri切Tsu fallen yours if you can.
Pregnancy was a shock to be told it again. Pregnant life has forbidden.
Depressed. Was attacked by a great sorrow.
Today is my husband because they do not travel alone with my son.
Now my son is said to sleep in her bed.
I was alone for a long time, there were hard to just love.
I also thought the pregnancy thing 打Chi明Keyou failed.
To forget the sorrow, my son might have been looking hard for knowing myself.
After my son today "Mom, I really intense!" Is whispered and tried to de-kiri.
I would like to have secretly 打Chi明Kenai abortion and it is.
I really can not closure yet.
Frankly I am confused.
The truth about pregnancy, I've felt joy that only a few.
I myself very surprised that such a loss.
Dear children, my son will not give birth another woman himself.
It gives rise to even think about it and happy feelings.
I thought to myself appalled at the same time.
At present, I give birth to children, unnatural and even family is not even superficially.
There is also her husband once in a while, perhaps for days because her husband would be complacent to think of me.
But my son is the child of doubt.
I also love my husband is, of course.
But as much as men, maybe more than my son, they've loved it.
Having the affair with his son, does not regret.
And you say you're good knowing things maybe a baby son, is pregnant.
I feel that I love my son like that.
The torment me but it is also more.
This corner was going when I found that only readers.
There is today, but they will be unable to even stand, I started to write.
Writing is a bit of thought you feeling subsides.
Perhaps feeling that there was somewhere people like to hear from me in the same situation with it.
I have solved the problem myself, but it is not fair. But no one will.
If you are writing, rather than feeling subsides, I grow more and more confusion.
I also thought that I should cancel all of the other, I wrote that post too far from least.
Both my husband since marriage, contraception but do not have that now.
Yet after all his son was one child.
But my son and I had only six months Migomotsu.
What a cruel God never.
It may be an own fault.
We must ultimately make a decision yourself.
Less time but is unlikely to conclude that no more suffering. ,


My son is a student rented an apartment in Tokyo.
I never attend an apartment near the home where I live, I have some athletic sport, 早Kattari morning, so very slow or at night.
The constitution was also a good person - husband, my son even taller.
Well I do, what little bit better.
Well once a week still come back. The purpose of my body.
Entering college, but at first only came back to bed.
I had baked Kemutagatsu want me to take care, do not even eat sometimes barely went to scold her son went to bed.
I was arguing with a frown, I was suddenly embraced.
Had great power from behind on the bed.
Strongly attracted to the waist and around my chest, "Do not move!"
I was told.
I felt something hard in the ass just around.
It was the middle son of masturbation. It was so displeased that I showed there.
Ugomeki the hard things "and all, Serve!" Was released, so I said, I was thinking I laughter.
Hold me to come back 決Matte son reach around fine.
But I like to commit, and you somehow did not seem to think.
I better filtration Muso, the face I try to do too much liberty of his son prompted 出Sanakatta consciousness but is the delusion was not enough.
Even then it would not hurt. If you want cute son.
Before the divorce I was having sex with the other woman 溺Remashita.
Husband just put out, unlike the man was upset the woman had surgery.
Parted from the various circumstances, the body was to be honest I still regret the loss of obscene.
Spent several years quietly, this still such a thing, he thought he was no longer apply. Body became tense and hot son back.
Been embraced as always, and it was released after.
I go out of the room, looking wonderingly son.
"You did touch here?" Every pajama bottoms underwear quickly shed, and opened my legs to sleep next to her son. After a moment of silence, there has traced a finger of her son.
I shivered involuntarily Innovation Vic ran like electricity.
Wriggle fingers awkwardly called extra excitement.
Instinctively, I let out a voice. I played with my son that is taking off in the nude on the pajamas.
More back from the front,,, so here ("clitoris) as crushing,,, I finally had my son while 手Hodoki Nokezotsu to reach.
In the lower half naked without knowing my son is something my Shigoi my nipples. Jack Robinson was surprised.
Honestly, this is a good penis never seen.
Shiny dark red is the thickness of the metal as if it were a 30 cm penis Haarou anyway.
I was still fit in a wave of sensuality, cock mouth son. Eh including sucking, Cum are expanded and filled my mouth with tongue lick Dokkundokkun turning quickly.
Squeeze gently raised and swallowed whole.
After gargling with a small break, I want to put in? When asked nodded. I have to finish it properly installed and condoms in the mouth.
And the kid has a leg stretch push my legs spread out.
Ouch,,, rather than painful v,,,.
And get used to it, and I had to scream hysterically at last to feel connected with my son says that rather than feel.

The Mu can

I noticed that when you see me being the mother of a son is a great thing and wondered.
Food is passing through the throat, even if what is empty can not sleep at night.
And just think of my son was worried about whether the 堪Rimasen in humans would grow up to think that the future abnormal.
Of incest with a normal weekly AV But her husband had found the advertisement of sale.
Is full of bookstores everywhere as well pay attention to newspapers as well.
Also, his stories on the site like there is a dedicated board of course, I was brainwashed while looking at them.
Why the useless?
Why not a?
Spending every day of the conflict and ask himself, now seems like the better idea.
To my beloved son, the opposite sex still felt like I was happy that his son recalls the opposite sex even if beloved.
The press gave me a hard shoulder of his son, it can not stand a chance, but never violent when that body has not been violent to.
Now has decided to hit a chest full of tender feelings to the act.
Want? ...
No regrets? ...
Keep a secret? ...
Related to the translation of the family can easily disrupt Ikimasen.
Arise let me pledge to clean and every one of anxiety.
Regular night of the trip and her husband, now my son naked go to my room.
Shivering, tension and anxiety without shaking 言I様 feelings in joy.
Even though different from that of normal sensation to the excitement they all change.
Years after a relationship is no longer the pleasure is even more nervous fears at that time.
I got a life full of happiness in another incest.


I have lived her 52-year-old seriously, we have contact with serious about everything, just wish it had watched grow from a son to my husband's death, so his son at night The stuff that did not cry suffer from three nights ago, the first two days I was worried his son will be followed by three days and I truly think that was a bad dream, nightmare I heard the voice of a woman other than the annoying voice of his son's room and go through the door, I opened the door and tried to look into a little worried after all, the son of a son to the dark room PC screen on the desk of the room is dark reflected image is blurred Monaku're having sex with women young men violently 中年Rashiki, under the couch in front of a desk wearing a t-shirt the naked photos My son has Shigoi to fit the piston violent video so as to pinch the glans with your left hand grasping the base of the genital erect with your right hand son while wiggle eyes vacant 'Uh ー Utsu U' has issued a pained voice, and I thought 'I'm the son is suffering from sexual Yamaguchi own brush' And I go near my son suffer for what hesitation, Hold the body of her son surprised 'It's OK to say anything, what a pity, it's painful, and instant, one two three my tongue licking your cheek while you are calling a lame son's genitals and said erect something more impersonal mouth, I got used to the brush of sexual Yamaguchi son desperately serious.
I am not for my desire and curiosity, rather than deal with the human female animal brains thinking in order to give our son the genitals and lose body of his son seriously disgust They simply built into the DNA the act of forming a mysterious instinct, and I realize that, because I sucked and sucked and rhythmic movements, but now not even taught that anyone not even my husband fellatio It seemed that leads to ejaculation satisfaction from delight son seriously to you licking my tongue, I understand through the palm holds somehow have to ejaculate his son a little later his son remove the genitals from the mouth moment with 'Well, can I put into the mouth of the mother filled out do not worry, when it began to blow job seriously and want you to taste the best ejaculation sucking genitals move violently as soon as I hope to say The son squeezed voice 'ー'll get' youth was released to full body in my mouth at the same time we said Nokezora, I was feeling a serious taste in your mouth full of happiness

My son is 19 years old,,,,

E-mail from my son through college I rented an apartment in Tokyo.
"I go home today, I can be ready immediately."
Sex preparation and things. I totally fell in love affair is played by a man before I was divorced.
"My mother used to be hated, but really, I think I was good girl The Screw."
Certainly since the first experience, it is exterminated 繰Ri回Su fingered man is not my body.
Now I am his son. If I knew why because there is love.
I was doting on my son. Son and "man" is not successfully make the telling as well.
Night, I was always arguing with my son to come back to have sex with men. And awkward to see my son go to bed early or are you studying? I was wrong, but I said I like.
At first the attitude of neglect, now hands out, scare off because I now get to touch the body.
Advantage of the fact that honor, I am tempted by his son.
When was put her hand into her skirt to my son, but I was upset panic, if you imagine violated when his son was extremely excited myself.
One night I was sitting on a sofa in a bath towel to rise from her son a bath.
Do not dawdle in parentheses like that! Son saucy voice and yell.
I slowly closed eyes in silence Kio Hiraku leg.
My son will have crawled gingerly fingers after a while.
Was lying on the carpet, brought his son played with as you like.
I'm just pretending to be other women, teach the use of fingers and begging for his son Lee wants skeins.
Been cited to rub the clitoris and vagina sandwich, roll back and reached my full fit.
Musaborimashita tongue and lips together and his son in tears.
So I waited for my son to entrap a man using the technique many times I am.
Moving to my bedroom, the son of a hard cock is back in my mouth many times.
I thought all I want to see my son.
And I welcomed my son into anal carefully prepared.
My son to end up fainting in the frantic love me.
I have sex with men until now was it? I think tasted more functional. I'm the best thing to do.
My son and I have become addicted to let me 悦Ba.
Son to come back, "outside the (hotel)'s go!" I put his voice.
My son had to practically naked but I was already unhappy face, I better put out the voice of the hotel from 狂Emasu abandon peace.
Was put on the passenger seat of a car you can put on a jumper with thin son. I get along the road heading in a love hotel with just 30 minutes. When running in the streets, people from such a cool night in my car and drive signals passing along the walk, not nervous.
It is virtually naked from the bottom.
How to hide a big jumper just before the Asokoga.
My son is looking smile.
Detour to purposely put out to say stop at a convenience store.
Suddenly found themselves wandering into a convenience store in sandals. The clerk of women fluttering at me as I am of the year.
My face was red and the other to buy coffee.
At the same time Hoteruin son is sitting in front of the mirror has thrust a finger paint and jelly anal.
"Oh, cool in the ass!" "Oh, no, Lee Tsu're really,, yeah yeah, no!"
My whole body trembled reached.
Penetrate the vagina on the bed, put my son into anal.
Towards his son a bath in preparation for the second time the enema has been brought figs, just in case,.
I was watching The eruption of liquid Cum fours in front of her son. While seen faces in shame Tta Lee, of course,,,.

Three generations of father and son

After the death of her husband, the father was a patron. With sex of course.
But one day during the affair, in the eyes of two sons was behind the door!
Do not they know and I burned more fiercely, while I was packing rise to show off the joints.
Father-back, cool off and have a shower, because my son came in with eyes downcast, sitting next urged toward a smile.
Then holding his son with me, I was just a mat 押Shi倒Sa.
My son strip bath towel while crying like a groan leaking, we had to bare boobs 揉Mikucha.
I thought no right to refuse is entrusted himself to his son while a token resistance.
"The stronger bite. Oh ..."
Comfort and beauty currents running throughout the body, I strongly hold my son.
Under stimulation to the breasts just because it was more than enough hot, wet, let live is inserted.
"Mom, Mom, Mom ..."
My son has rubbed 果Temashita in a matter of intense excitement and lust I was in a state, while the erection is back insert has been hitting hard again.
Youth is something serious. I was challenged six times, twice Ikimashita.

Can not stay away

Also had been held.
I do not think that 躰

Again and again
Why do not you have a painful separation from you dad passed away
I do get wet so I think

I want to see daddy Aaa

Did it

My brother and H we have fun doing things. H from the usual fun Well, while we have three people to a love hotel Takushii riding,
To the driver's look like, act in the car going to do H. I just think people are watching, like a waterfall full of soup made from split shell Dirty Deeds,
Driver to be heard, and sometimes one more ~ put your finger all the way, the flow quickly. . . And say,
The three arrived at the hotel in top form coming into the excitement to come inside the shellfish in turn cock into a room and our brother,
The shell was full of our big brother in semen. Such behavior continued for many hours, and arrived at the home where three people were satisfied.
The night of our brother, that there are not any good to my father and my mother was like H did.
Mother's voice is so unusual, you have seen my mother naked from the gap of the door, licking the. Our brother is in'll do whatever you want massaged, my mother had become distracted.

Mother son boobs show

yuna himekawa[8083]
I feel good feeling to come and feel the hard nipples react to mess with the clothes on my nipples panties just because my son is my son's clothes off - and in one piece, the son of the nipples with your fingertips rub, pinch, rub, you are paying close rub firmly erect. Do you feel the nipples feel my son heard my mother, I feel I feel, I say move to shake their hips more, more, my son sucked her nipples licked, I'll feel, it feels good, like my mother, Yes 逝Ki, I embarrassed my mother, I do 逝Ki to Ascension in the nipple in front of you, I die, I die, I die, do, do, thank you, I feel I feel 堪Ranaku nipples, die, die, die, die, Ah ~, ~ ah, ah ~ good, good, good, thank you, I die, I die, I die, die ~ U, ~ U die, she said, will be culminated in convulsions and trembling. My panties - 着Kemashita pussy juice stains, Mom son is ashamed, panties - Great juice like pussy, panties on his son - was seen taking off pussy, pussy hardly my pubic hair The missing glabrous, Mother Son pussy licking me to tell me easily, the first son will suck up all the pussy licking, clit sucking roll tongue licking pussy muscle and then split licking sucking me and I rolled my tongue licking clit sucked reaches the second peak moves to shake the hips nipple fuck yourself, pussy would place Bijobijo embarrassing wetting. Pussy juice comes overflowing. I firmly and comfortably smoking causes erections lick fuck and wanted a son to Venice, Venice Venice, the son rubbed Ategai crack fuck pussy lick clit while my nipples, Venice can not take it anymore and I say feel good, tighten the Venice Venice firm when pierced pussy 貰I son to insert, Mother Son pussy I really like divergence, say me. The stirred a finger in the pussy without a Venice on the way, I ascertain the firmness of the fingers pussy, someone depart once the finger is continuously exploiting someone depart Venice and pussy. Chubs and I'm a little bit, my son says I'm comfortable holding Haiitsu.

Feelings for his second wife

During two years of high school and my mother passed away, my father remarried the following year.
I also married a sister character and cast of mind may be because he has made us to come out and have to cook before I married did not have resistance.込Memashita stepmother melt smoothly because it was immediately called my mother has a noble diplomat. I even survived me to take care of the upcoming exam. I think I liked my father was a solid career in the civil service was. Feel that the relationship between men and women around because it was too much and we just did not have was a small house.
I try to be funny and I thought stepmother nude stepmother secretly to see the two acts were somehow 想Imasen. It is only when two people happen to be going on a trip when his sister went to my father travels.
At the time of my home toilet under the window gently place because it was located on the outside as seen from the hill behind 5CM adding an hour to come in for a stepmother, pretending to be opened to the outside about a baseball swing I waited about. Stepmother found to come Then I heard a dark Goto Innovation. Rolled into the mirror I saw the foot of the yukata with the iris twilight. I could see the gushing of water from the sound and black chassis. I can not see the other details are dark and it was just 屹立 excitement. Stepmother saw the slender white skin from the back window open a little I've found that it climbed the hill behind the side to take a bath afterwards. What if they could not even return to the room my heart throbbing violently. After the stepmother entered the bath. Makurimashita looking hair looking hot in there after Jireta stepmother. 5-6 side dish for you to keep the collection of Dari masturbation. Uplink sleep and looking for blood and hair gathered into a scene of toilets on the floor earlier. When the stepmother came in off my pants accidentally smell hit the bathroom and went to find the face that never leave the meaning stepmother took off my underwear. I have not banged the ball rolling, so the processing bath. I was nervous to say anything rigid. The stepmother took me into the living room and said come and say anything you smile, Kenji.
Excuse me, including the mouth of what became hard to tell me my secret there. Genitals touched me to see the angry pants down and say I'm touched. At that moment, I'm gone. Then in a strange relationship with so much experience at all. But if you reflect on your own now that it has become cool to live normally. I do not give up 77-year-old mother's head in a corner of this relationship one day want to be another 20 years now.

Mother son tits show

No. I'm ashamed of age (age 75) indecent mother s hard erect nipples Korikori seen a heightened increase boobs turned to her son. Increase the dick hard and causes the tick to see my son my boobs, I feel joy for me as a woman it's still hard dick boobs my son, my son will be a woman us. My breasts are normal size, 92? E-cup, the nipple is a slightly darker pink color, areola is small. Sensitivity is very sensitive.
Come back again soon my son, my son is at your fingertips rub my nipples braless boobs 揉Mimasu over the clothes, well my son is to caress the nipple would immediately gasped out loud . My son will only let someone depart caress my nipples, I'm not feeling it very much.

H you

Now in eighth grade.
H was still the never.
I want someone forcibly committed.
Please somebody take away my virginity.
I'm waiting for good reply.

Wants Children

I am a 36 year old housewife. In practice, I taught my son to sex education.
My husband and been divorced five years ago, are living together with a 12-year-old son. At dinner the other day told me about the class had a son at school. Differences between male and female genital and physiology of women, there was a man talking about ejaculation.
My son is a late maturing, seemed ignorant about the. That day, when my son is taking a bath, I entered with them. Showed that open in front of your face which can look like your woman and son ○ ○. Let me put your finger in the vagina and ejaculate to be taught to insert the little boy feel good here man. As I let out a finger, because his son was a little boy wearing a large leather still taught how to masturbate. Right hand holding my little boy, "Oh Meri" Mukimashita and skin.
While his left hand stroked the tip of the glans and up and down the little boy Shigokimashita chewy and son. And rubbed up and down several times, 噴Ki出Shimashita semen from the tip of your penis with intense vigor. And now that I taught myself out by rubbing your penis grows. That night, I touched a little boy And I have a male hard after a while, but can not help ○ ○ 疼I to us. Fractures and tracing a finger, and Bettori wet.
I took off the underwear, we can crawl ○ ○ finger your clitoris rubbed vigorously, pointing a finger in the vagina slimy crowded, you consoled yourself ○ ○ this. The first peak came when the body is wrapped around the lazy air, and look casually toward the door, doing it while watching me masturbate son costs. Are you rubbing your penis hard erect your right hand. I got up to go before his son several times Shitarashiku ejaculation, sperm splattering on the floor and had the characteristic odor 立Chi込Me.
I turn it on the spot to sleep, her legs wide open, this extended ○ ○ us.
This has touched my son ○ ○ fearfully your left hand. It is wet with love juice in masturbation and Bettori earlier. Every time you move your finger to his son, "Chu mouth, mouth Chu," The sound is indecent. My little boy reaching for his son, the tip of the glans can Ategai ○ ○ your Komu said that face. Before moving back to the little boy went into my son in my vagina and Nururi. My son shook his hips up and down naturally to you out in this little boy ○ ○. Shake violently and I sat, the liquid has been infused into the body warm. I clung to her son's body, it 受Ke止Memashita.
Since then, his son becomes a male, I'll be pushing a little boy coming home from school. Since that day I put on underwear stop if the skirt curled, ready to be inserted at any time Son

Older brother

里依 that I, a girl in ninth grade.
My parents divorced when my fourth grade of elementary school.
My mother will be taken care of.
I am about to enter middle school, her mother remarried.
That person who married, had one child is father now. This is one of the older man than me.
Brother (brother) is a very handsome, when we first met "(Jani - size Jr.'s Someone I'm not into it)."
I thought.

My brother is very gentle, good care of me I thing I got to love the man as a brother.
Every day, every day, face to see my favorite brother, and brother to hear the voice of my brother, I made the dish "tastes good" made me eat me
So I was happy every day.

But the summer of eighth grade, the older brother brought home a woman.

"Your brother, who people say that"

The brother, knowing my feelings, embarrassment answered

"I say the truth of the same class"

I turned my head went blank with shock, in my room upstairs Kake込N intact, I put the key out.

About 2 hours and then standing up with a knock on the door violently.

Don, Don, Don,

"You say, Depending village, Open up!"

"Leave me alone by! I my brother's face, to see by their faces!
The 連Re込N something woman, disgusting! "

"Why have you, I'm mad? Are you mad at me You're not!
What the hell! Attitude a little while ago! , Is not sorry for Satoshi Makoto! "


The last time I cried.

"Sik Sik Sik"

"What are you crying?"

"I'm a bad brother - D - The"

My brother said in a gentle voice.

"Open here know I'll hear about"

I was wiping her tears with your index fingers close to keys and opened the door.

Katya - ∃ U. 丱織 br>
The older brother, came in with a worried face.

"What's the matter ?···"

"He is a brother of another home ?···"

I remember my brother is like, replied a little grumpy

"Yeah, I went"

"A girlfriend of her brother she ?···"

"What is it were, the right does not matter to you?"

"Oh mon that matter to me I'll be cause I like my brother!"

About, I have already said.


The brother, like a surprised, and I was silent for a while.

"Do you love me as a man ?···"

I am in shame, while turning red, and nodded Kokun.

"What do you too?"


This time, I was surprised.

"(Um, do you mean brother !?··· me that maybe ?!··)"

"Even I, as a woman that you liked the course"

: ...

: ...

For some time, I also got my brother to be quiet.

"... If you like my brother that,
Why I made a girlfriend? "

"Because I, you and I once even without blood is linked to that brother and sister"

"Oh, by nothing!"

"You're right."

At that time, the eyes of my brother, I found the sight and disappeared completely for my sister.

"I want to know more about your 里依"

Breathing becomes rough from the older brother, now I understand the meaning of the word.

"... You do brother"

Grew hand in my heart brother.
The blouse buttons one by one I removed.

To take off the jacket, underwear was looking at me, my brother has swallowed the saliva with Gollum.
And the brassiere brother - took.

"I'm pretty 里依"

And embarrassment, and my heart was full of joy.

Then, my brother is my ska - 脱Gashimashita the default.

"What the, you, are you still wearing strawberry-patterned pants I?"

"Very well! Ijiwarutsu of Betsuni brother!"

And my pants grew older brother's hand.


"To - to the recent child grows hair or not is still a slow"

"Children hate to Ppokutsu brother ?······"

"I'm here in beautiful 里依 s not true"

"It is shameful O, Jirojiro'll look at that ..."

I'm now going crazy with all over 火照Tsu.

"Heh heh, ∃ 撻蹈 叩憔 Ciao lick br>
"Kya, ticklish"

Is to lick dick brother, my body has 火照Tsu more and more.
Katya - ∃ 磧 ship. 襯叩 good. 僖汽 nail br>
The elder brother, took off my clothes.

"(Oh, and Okkii)"

A brother, so did Takumashi.

"I can put squid 里依"

"In, But what if the baby made just end up in trouble"

"I'm fine in 出Sanakattara"

You do know "····· "

And my brother grew our array, went into my dick.


First, a little sore and has red juice flowing

"I'm glad I was the first time"

Having said that, the older brother began moving back.

"Huh huh huh"

"Oh brother ... fill with KUU"

"... What it feels 里依 huh huh? ... Sigh"

"... Do not stop Antsu fill with something Antsu
Fill with rice without Enough "

"... Huh Huh 里依 里依"

"... Brother brother Antsu KUU"

"Haa haa looks out out 里依 Ru"

"Amid the Dametsu! Antsu ..."

"Sigh ... another useless out -···"

At that time, things have flowed in me warm.

"There brother"

: ...

: ...

Then a little later

"Ugh too Just as I'll 兄Chantara it! I keep one in, I told you -"

"And getting banged, I'm fine."

"I'm worried"
Eventually, the baby could not.
... And sometimes I still ask for the rubber with my brother.

Confessions of a friend

This is a story that I really have.
Friend in his friend's father was a tyrant and Y is abused as a child. His father was always out with several women 女癖 worse.
Y-related issues of women reached the father when the adolescent's parents were divorced Y. Y was originally adopted Hi mother and brother. Divorced father than I was so wealthy and Y is so money is no trouble.
His father was a thing without a woman to play aggressively, even after divorce do without fear.
One day past the age of twenty, only the father worked for the company is now run by his father from pity.
Father's house to be moved from his mother's home.
女癖 father had been beaten, but every time a fight with his father about it every day as usual. So committed is forced to come into the bath naked taking a bath and her father has only one day a week since I moved. Every now and then Y is a sinner. SEX and violence seems to have been immersed in every day.
But she could not part from her father's home. His father also made the new home I had to break up immediately but also comes cohabitation. I do not like along nicely with the strong feelings towards his father. Now love and hate the good father in the hospital every day that valley.
The first man was her father really is. One day I was forcibly committed 中三.
She experienced several abortions are waiting to come into his room while his father still become tattered.
What a love that I can no only be called pathetic.
Several times that her father and I to SEX.
有Rimasu many times I slept clutching his penis to feel the climax every time.
I was sent on his penis many times this thing has confessed recently she thought it would be that if he helped.
I shall stay but I was her father.

Which is true of

Last April, I was forced to his son raped a college student. The man at around the age of twenty, I did, and the strongest energy. Every now and are waiting to come back from my first part in the street. Masu Hashi first time ejaculation immediately. Even though semen is sticky, continue to emit a second time just shaking the waist.
My husband once a week about marriage from the beginning, that more time playing with my body, takes about 30 minutes before erection and ejaculation was inserted at the same time. My first experience was 28 years old when my husband had thought it normal.


I have a 17-year-old son at the age of 47. Suddenly my son was raped about six months ago.
I feel to be attacked tomorrow and then to be alone. Hidden or with all my underwear and come back out for the part and away from his son.
I promise to only having sex once a week thought after all. Now I'm looking forward to being embraced his son.
Mothers who protect the secret incestuous family in my generation do not have sex with me? Why not show the sex match each other and share your son? Only a mother can do it!