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Incest confession of women(2003-10)

Experience with his father

yuna himekawa[48]
Hello. I am a 19 year old college student.
Actually, since I was in elementary school have accepted the father's sex.
During the first
Summer was 10 years old. My mother went to the house they were just part with my father.
I was lying next to his father that loves lying on his father.
Planted around drowsy, I've breathed my father's ear.
His hand that it is very pleasant to sit with me to put my heart swells a little bit of sleep I had to pretend.
As proud as the grain Shidaka stroke gently the nipple been Korikori
But my voice was so in 10 years.
My father smoked or chewed, including the mouth and roll your tongue in claims about my nipples.
Mosomoso hand stroked a hit was the navel.
Hands went up gradually extends to the tongue, and into panties
I was there, rubbing his semen and not yet.
But I was opening my legs felt the heat from the inside of the body.
Turn over there messing with my father put saliva on your finger
Have been buried there, his face suddenly seemed to become tired of the finger put saliva. My father knew the things that I'm going.
To me, "so nice, here the first use of the You're father" has turned more intense over there likes to lick.
Father's fingers with saliva father Bishabishaninattaasokoni
"Ouch!" I cry, my father would close the spread legs and feet with rope Shibaritsukemashita my anger legs of the table however.
I've already scored the move.
My father has been there pushing me to my bigger things.
Cover my face with a pillow and cry in pain impatient
Gyuutto has put a sudden.
For the first time gone into it but did not enter them all out of repeated pain is softened, my pleasure was changed Well.
My father was clinging to his father shivering piston.
My father is like no time has gone too long.
Then twice a week with my father has.
If there is such a mother, I get in touch kotatsu father.
Out there and put your thumb and shifting leg panties with my finger over there appointing leg
Side is that the mother
It is also pleasure.
Now it would not be having sex with people other than my father.

Re: [44] with my brother

Soon, the older brother, I come to put a cock.

Re: [43] [42] The mother XXX

Talk with my son properly.
Clearly, "If you hate hate," he said.
I think I need a resolute attitude.


I have ruined my family the husband is the eldest son is now finally able to children being raped at the age of 14 biological father came to me from generation to generation is repeated incest loan bankruptcy eight years ago. Since there are not that cheating husband is a physique like his father who died two years Gasshiri high school son is also grown in 帰Rimasen herself to sleep while being rushed to the house the night but did not 火照Tsu never But I have not asked 逃Ge帰Tsu go out drinking with your body and hold teacher parents are invited in the meeting between her husband and daughter were able to still stand alone in the absence of masturbation Masturbation is a fiery body in the room 静Marimasen son had a peek in my room sometimes Orimashita son still lights up 灯Tsu Ichiji footsteps coming down the stairs last night knowing Orimashita I was tempted to have opened up a little preening door to door in the grating or faint while Sarah continued masturbating over a local greasy leaving the lights once pretended not win the notice I kept turning to the door we came to the arrows in the room with her son writhing naked waist down while calling the name of his son on purpose, "your mom"
The reason I lost my son feels the local wet hands, "I'm a mother is good"
Trembling fingers came in for pleasure in embarrassing, but I did not ever show her pussy to her son on her back legs Kio Hiraku "I sigh and rice Yasuo Yoshimi Iki"
"Beautiful mother"
Supposed to be wet and shiny beautiful local Iji I decided the New Year is not "the mother will lick her pussy, Yasuo"
"Oh good feeling tired sigh"
"I'm coming in"
"Uu Uu tree"
"I'm far more fond of putting my mom feel good, Yasuo tree suit"
Discharging the hot sap Bikubikutsu body shaking with my son on a "tree if tree Ikuu Hi"
遣Rimashita finally watch over the shoulder of her son holding a reputation passed without any shame is also my son in his arms now crossed the line I should write a snoring is sleep naked We put my son to write on a computer at the bedside masu Hehe we slept last night pledged to local hands while I'm scratching hail causes snoring is rigidly put in me, but still five times Did I wonder

I was engrossed in the action last night with my son and daughter had been seen in 11 years tonight I noticed it's no use now become his son and daughter and three people have fun

A brother

About a month ago, my brother has committed every day.
拒Memasen weaknesses because they are held in my brother.

Brother, the little boy makes me lick first.
As likely to ejaculate, like when you shake your hips sex fiercely Hold my head with both hands.
Then ejaculate in my mouth.
I drink semen out the mouth.
Otherwise, from the angry brother.

After about 3 to 4 hours I played with the body to the brother.

At first, being held in these days, but my brother was very unpleasant, the cry would gasp to my brother reacts to attack the body.

These days my brother is now requesting to come to me very disagreeable.

We are scared of her brother's actions to escalate.

I am a 17 year old high school student.
My brother is 22 years old

Re: [42] The mother XXX

There are some good ideas.

Mother of XXX

My son is 15 years old City eighth grade.
I feel 小Sairashiku personality originally Garufurendorashiki people do not like it, but still, I was cleaning up the room sometimes, or photos with a title from under the desk, it's already endured I have been a collection of books without pictures.
But if only that, but it is inevitable as a boy thing around, but I thought as a matter of course, when I saw the back cover gently back together as casually, I was really shocked and has become.
Part of the magic pen picture of the woman, "my mom XXX" written in hitting, and even my mom put in XXX!有Tta I wrote.
Sex is never the subject of his mother, and another child and I'm surprised by an unusual spiritual transformation, and became stunned.
Email a friend 書Ki送Ri the thing with slightly different nuances, and I asked for advice, it did say was introduced to the page.

I find this thing before Ooita, and have a bath when I'm late, I came You were calling out his son from the dressing room.
My husband is away from home for the Kansai area, but also another two years, even though it was supposed to put out the fire with a bath last son was studying as always when I entered it for some reason I came to like the bathroom or when you are targeting.
"What Mom flow in the back?" Thing was always hailed with kindness, and I have no suspicion of anything, "I study now? Who were shedding?" Was the answer to that .
I wanted to sink into me while wearing a wipe on course when my son came in to open the glass doors is a naked body, but I was surprised.
With this in mind I think rather strangely funny, but not soaking in the bathtub was still silent.
"Mom, can I enter with you?"
"But I force a person from a small Dzutsujanaito"
I replied. Then "something I'm fine," but I was becoming impossible to force his son into the bathtub, saying, in front of my eyes I found what I have become a large firm and his son.
But I like to see on purpose, I like to change out first.
Contain no less than a minute and then they just started washing my back with soap as soon as I went chasing after my son. Had no choice as it will in turn begin to say I did not dispose of the wash front.
"Before I wash my fine," and say "No promises," I became angry and started his son. I ordered it was going to flow back and say, get in and wash before I embarrassed and not even.
I refused to enforce, and 15 years old grabbed my hand and things turn a strong force behind it seem impossible, the son started washing before someone can even say something.
"Hey mom boobs, I really soft," I am saying such a thing to be washed, it was embarrassing enough already be extremely embarrassed.
Son of them get so down and gradually began to grow around the belly button, I truly tried to shake off their hands, "the Enough, I thank you," the body sank into the tub again It is.
Casually watched her son's thigh, I knew it was better to be up in arms like a throbbing left upturned, his son will find fun things to wash or no wind to worry about my composure that was like, did so terrible fear.

've Finished successfully, but then it just stood on the toilet that night, I noticed the little things that light leaking from the door of his son's situation because I saw peeps softly. The reviews have been a thing in the bathroom because one of, it was also true in the mood a little thing.
In his pajamas, my son was like that from the bow into something, then go back and just quietly, "Mom, Mom s too late, she'll out of me."
Raising the voice growling like she said, it looks like a great force to ejaculation to me. I really was such a pleasant and was petrified with terror.

The adolescent son, and I think I have nothing but masturbation Oh and always a little bit as a mother is still poor, but I think, because of the good associated with the mother saying why you think shall It is.
I incest, but I thought it the world's fake, from knowing you masturbation to imagine having sex with my own son, is to realize that it is I have really I get to the actual conditions.

Leaving this one day at my son's close relationship to me? For fear has been that scared me and now, what do I cope if this happens?
On this page, it has been written and sex, how easily a good mother to her son, and I still can not believe I am.
Translation not go well I'll never get in the mouth, I never leave my son's body is really saying what I think will make it impossible absolute.
And no husband, no such nonsense going Nekon can discuss over the phone for example, his son every day when you are forced free! I'm just scared to.
I thought what I like to lock in his room, it also consists Kanemasen add fuel to the fire if you do so rather suddenly.
Also become a 38, and I feel like crying is really pathetic.
Truth and all who have written here and not think. Some of you in a while can also experience the appropriate advice?一縷 have posted and hope.
Whether, in Imashitara good idea how those came to take my future, I think let me know would be appreciated.

Five years have already been divorced too

I am 45 years old. Five years have already been divorced too. Then divorced already worked frantically. Middle of 40 found himself again. It's memorial service a year ago. Each home had come to pray, people who were drinking together in-law and hot. I usually mention that you are not drinking that day 差Shitsu to get carried away, was drinking with at Sasaretsu. Erotic stories and talk a bit, but I do from drinking alcohol momentum "suck cock's enigmatic ○ ○" and I 云Tsu. The brother was also surprised indeed "It's fine if you want sister-in-law" has put the penis in front of my face and said zipper down. One person from becoming a sex partner even breaking even once was a time when masturbation. Shigoi hold that cock was thinking. Gushing was waving my hands in hot we could say that an erect penis.
More territory to care for your mouth wide open to the penis, I suck hard cock juice out first. You can not take it anymore. Shorts take off her skirt down, "the thrust of the cock," large hips and raised in supplication, while the brother and Doggy Style. Stretch your penis is buried deep in this until I'm from there until you've filled in as my soaking wet after a long ass man juice. Comfortably in a long time to forget about us too, "more and more, the thrust of the cock, to feel sexual intercourse," shouted. Those from the penis and brother were poured in the amount of semen deep enough to clear my conscious.取Ri口 licked clean, including the penis or missing from my hand. It is fine. I have thick and hard before we could say. Happy, I hope the brother. Push out of my vagina when you come to make your favorite things to do now "and. Now we suddenly thrust into the legs wide open again to take over me naked. Positions are now available on your butt a little deeper into Kio Hiraku abandon leg. . People has a half-day position sex position came to my house twice a month thereafter. I can not leave now. I think my sister is wrong, it can also do your own sex with the brother drowned.

My brother and I

I am a 18 year old high school student.
When I went to borrow a book from my brother in the room out yesterday.
Spilled from between the pages are flipping through photos and a few books I have several books.
It is, surprisingly, that was taken in my shower.
"Since when this picture?" Is back with dismay that my brother and suddenly.
"Hey, is this picture?" Moment and started to say, I Osoikakari and started licking my nipples with tremendous force Hikichigiru blouse and bra.
Have 入Rikon right hand of his brother in a skirt Then issued from the top of my dick around with panties.
"He Is not What you What you already wet," I can take off and make a noise while pointing Brute man stir a finger came into the vagina become to being naked and taking off skirt and panties irresistibly " I beg my brother to discourage early, "said his brother began to insert a big strong as if the words had been waiting.
"Emi liked before. I'm no one to pass other"
"Yeah ... well I wanted to put my brother in this body of the Virgin"
I say two people I do not know how much time has passed.
Despite the pain was not bleeding.
"I try again tomorrow," promised to my brother. I am so happy Kurui!

My father passed away early

It is my experience in junior high school days.
My father died early, a man came to the house in proportion to my mother that I was when I was a small 6.
The first was a gentle stepfather. But nature has been exposed to rises in my middle school year.
My mother is not home by night business.
At night, a stepfather and I were alone together.
One day I fell asleep in Kotatsu but woke up feeling something in the lower body.
My foot is wide open, fingers and stepfather from the side of your panties
I was scared and pretended to be asleep forever.
The stepfather was asleep and I thought, more boldly 脱Gashimashita panties.
The tracing continued to touch the clitoris through the hole there.
I did not experienced anything yet, there was wet.
Jack Robinson was surprised the moment, to feel there was Nurutsu
I began to caress the tongue in stepfather. Biting and sucking the clitoris, the tongue and rolling
Solution and noisily sucking my love
I could not stop, "do not" resistance when "I'm so wet, you or I thought the children and women" and
Then is a naked, much as you like and are being sucked up licking tits
挙Ge句, which far out to grab the hair on my penis into the mouth big black shiny "I'm going to put it politely 舐Mero sexual intercourse in which the future"
I've been saying the piston. If yours stand teeth afraid, very angry
Unplug the little boy from my mouth and put Zubotsu have sexual intercourse with.
In pain, in pain, but tears came out, I was issued with the sperm in and out without mercy.
From then on, every day, and the stepfather continues to have sex.
But now all has become a slave of the stepfather.
Now, I'm 22 years old. Friend's stepfather also has sex a lot.
But, are usually dissatisfied


A little of my experience before.
I am a father and two members of the family. Dad is the real father is not.
I married at age 10 and mom to help me with my dad.
Mom is in the hospital for three years, died of cancer last spring. Dad is really friendly, so I can see a mom who loves sincerely devoted care for us.
It's Daddy, since I started living together, but I loved it, before looking into the care of mama, 'I want to love like that' I think I started.
Maybe substitution and lost the feeling of loneliness disappeared mom dad? And I thought to myself, my grandma's dad, at the burial of the mother 's and the young, and thought the next thing Nope' When I heard you talking about dad is a sad painful.

During summer vacation, many people play? I think the momentum drinking alcohol, binge drinking did not work for me after all.
Chata told all my feelings have been scolded awfully late father back.
Daddy, hug me but as 'Papa' I, I

Not even kissing, I graduated from high school this spring, but no words Kurenai is doing at home housewife. If they could not see the eyes of my daughter one day dad


In fact, with incest, too.
I am a current high school year.
(Sorry, I really was banned under the age of 18! I'm like that)
After having an affair with one younger brother, now three years.
It got started by accident because I saw my brother masturbating.
It is one thing when in the summer.
At night to sleep too 暑Kutsu, go to the kitchen to drink barley tea,
After going back to my room (my room was very back and go through the front room of his brother.)
His brother from the room, so I heard the groans like a nightmare or a dream that?
I think, I'll try to threaten, the door opened
It was hanging on the wall watching on the bed, which looked like a side of belly scratching.
I wonder what are you doing? Often a closer look
Not wearing pants, holding a little boy, up and down
The other hand, has some wear cloth, was hit around the mouth.
Faster movement of the hand gradually covered with a piece of cloth on the little boy was hit in the mouth, hand movements and exceptionally severe,
"I ーー Ugh U" with admiration for a halt.
My brother still remain upturned.

This is a man of this masturbation? ! ?
I saw my brother masturbating heard from a friend did I dream.
In addition, six smaller brother! !

I really did not know the translation ejaculation what is what anymore, beside his brother 近寄Rimashita gently against the wall and I wanted to see.
My brother is not at all aware.

Looking at the piece of cloth covered with a little boy, but I understand that something has changed colors soaked.
But carefully, and try to rag on them somewhere, have seen
Yes! It was in my underwear.
Thinking! "I do not use strange thing!" I said.
My brother, I was surprised Shitarashiku mess, and tumbled out of bed "Oh Wow!"
Had knees in fright.
From the hands of his brother, snatching the underwear, "Oh Oh, I got to this!"
He said.
"Tomorrow, I'm telling mom! I prepared to leave!"
Leaving those words, put the kick has been stunned by her brother, returned to his room with underwear.

In my room and observed closely with semen from underwear back.
I touched hands with slimy. Hey, I feel like pulling the string.
I got in the hands smell of semen.
It smells, it smells like something quite light-headed.
Throbbing in the vagina to smell that, I feel myself.
Unawares, but got the hands smell of semen, masturbation and I was too.
And remember to hit dick while masturbating brother sperm directly attached to the underwear

Iki me when I suddenly felt a sign of life? !

Yes, because I forgot to lock the door closed, I had seen my brother.
And also my brother watching masturbation is Shigoi a little boy.

Something to look at it and feeling terrible burst
"My mom came here from say"
My brother came in the silence.
"Mr. Happy, I'll also touch, touch"
After that, what happened is what I do not remember much.
Could pass the air, on my brother
The little boy's brother had had a dick. I know it is not translated into the vagina,
Dick hitting the little boy is very hot.

My brother and I was leading a little boy in hand.
"There coming" I thought, It was a terrible pain.
But the next moment, my brother and me hot dick around Gaji ow are you ejaculate.

Until the day dawn for sex.
In the beginning, but contains little boy a little while until it was gradually repeated ejaculation ejaculation, longer, and it came to dawn into the whole.
Hell, my brother many times did you ejaculate?
My dick too, even your brother's dick, before bed, or something gooey sticky cum on! !
The smell was amazing. (However, this smell, I love!)
The next day, both of them until early afternoon, I slept.

Later, during the summer vacation, even during the day and parents are absent, even at night of course!
Leave to have sex! ! And also I was not contraception.

Since the end of summer, while I did not.
(Just during the period! Inakutsu pregnant and I'm glad!)
Period since the end of the night to again. Of course, contraception (condoms) as well!
However, my brother, "put out into the condom is no fun (気持Chi良Kunai!)"
I say, I was once ejaculation will always live in your mouth. (I also love it!)

And that is a third year.
These days, the moment you pull the dick go! Many things have become so attached to live to see the technique.
Hey, it's a different little boy live more comfortably, but I'm worried!
Mr. Happy too, very good compared to the beginning! !
There might be a taste of semen, may be different than that from the start? !

Now, before you even write this Toshitemashita brother.
Until now, I had sex with people other than my brother does not. The same is my brother.
Both of us, let it forever! I'm Quarrelling.

Re: [33] Yesterday

Miku's morning! !
Did the father and the near miss with nervous excitement?
Miku has a few friends?
But I'm 42 years old, let your opponent is good.
I think young people can have a different time.


Yesterday, my brother and dad and they went on a trip with friends mom, my sister was only four. At home I usually close my grandmother did not have a place to sleep only for living room of his father.
Regardless though I slept at a rest 11 for the early morning the next day. My father came into my bed then. It ended with my brother came down from the tea room on the fit but I was surprised ☆. My father went to work today to look innocent. I want to experience sex with people over the age of 40.