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Incest confession of women(2003-12)

Re: [69] loves

I also sprinkled with 4P by.
Nasty happily be terrible.

> I'm a sophomore now Satoru Naka. My brother is a game with my brother come home from school every day and two years of high school. The cock of her brother's snack every day.
> What are my brother's cock licking story last year.
> I was masturbating with my brother, I got to feed our brother's cock looked so appetizing.
> I get a lot of cock big brother. My mother found this before my mother let me eat force. I think this kind of relationship makes sense and sometimes good. ~ I'm waiting for feedback

Re: [72] irresponsible parents

The parent born to such a fool I was unhappy.
But these guys will be lost to 堕Chitara here.
Work hard, live strong! !

I'm sure there are things to be put to live with those who appear to support.

Re: [78] it feels good

I teach a lot of my adult taste.
Youth to have sex, you know affect our sex life later?
Fine, I disagree with the fine taste of cum every time.

I love you.

Bakyumufera want to be my Chinchin.

Re: [100] experiences with his father

> 2 years and was taught many things my father.

I like to hear specifically what things were taught.
In fact, I was surprised and very similar to the relationship between father and my sister.

My father, sister and I "plate men," I want to write about.

Experience with his father

yuna himekawa[100]
Father and experience, I was young, the night was sleeping with his father.
Since my mother was working at night, sleep together that was not much.
I think that was around me was an elementary school,
When I sleep, my father, now fiddling with my dick.
"Tampering with this to feel good, I sleep better"
Things like that, my father was saying.
Sure felt good and so was my father playing with his chin ○,
I was convinced of a kind.

After a while, my father said ○ touch the chin.
Very hard to the touch, it twitched and moved, I remember the surprise.
As my father says, and move your hands are so rough and gradually became the breath of my father
I became worried sick, 離Shimashita hands.
And since then, touching the chin ○ declined even been asked.

Then again after some time the night was more drinking than usual father
Dick put your finger was.
This one from the finger separately without pain, without pleasant,
It was kind of weird feeling,
As the body is numb suddenly became pleasant.
Maybe, G I think I hit the spot.
So I, I gasped aloud.
○ father rubbing his chin with one hand fiercely at the hands of other people,
I was cleared and the G spot stimulation.
And I put my dick in semen.
I was surprised, "What's this?" And exclaimed,
My father without explanation, "Come to wash" and took a bath.
Rises from the bath and put your finger is also, again with the same thing.

After a while, now that can be placed two fingers.
When you enter the first two are sore.
And When I was in second grade,
Jin was finally put a ○.
At that time, very painful, but cried out,
"It hurts not only the first Endure!" And scolded,
But bear with Kuishibatsu teeth, too much pain, tears came out.
Then two years and was taught many things my father.

When divorced parents for the fourth year, I was taken care of my mother,
Masturbation is not 欠Kashi later every night.
If you had to know the meaning of the Father and was shocked,
It was so like his father, not hate.
The only men and not feel like going out of my 40s or 50s the age of 28,
From Kana I still want the father's kindness, though.

‥ child with my brother get married.

Always secretly been reading.
It's embarrassing, to think the thing that means where my brother and as you read carelessly,
I also enjoy and I was gone in alone.

I do not know why, here, people are staying with us a similar situation,
I was encouraged to say ... I feel that we have to, please let us also write.
Blood brother and sister led, please ask whether there has been a love like?

Next spring, I am likely to be able to marry him clear. He is a man I met in church music circles, it feels very big-hearted kind. Even though younger, makes me take it all. I'm sure I can go along with his brother also. Only one ‥, except for baby things are important.
He really is not fit even a confessor that, my life's belly,
I have a brother and sister, we are strong and firm ties, I know a secret fruit.

Enough for about four hours yesterday, my brother loves me.
Much longer, my brother continues to lick me, love me got lots 啜Tsu solution, I continued to suck my brother, my brother cum tasted a lot.
Each reservoir to your mouth Sorekara, exhausted by mixing together the juice taste in Dipukissu. I'm really good, our juice.
So I take care of the child's stomach, but not move much, sure penis hot Kata brother, finally, meet me in my full Naka warm.

Maybe at first, I think I went from starting to provoke my brother.
The two siblings had been told much better in terms Chitchai since.
I together with the bath and we were together until you have to pee Tomosuruto, of course, "playing doctor" is also the only sibling of the secret base "" In the,
Among the closet, or make sure there were things about each other. And if various things, or try to strip off your penis, make sure that the first time in two Aimashita all.

After getting your period to come from the mother and is said to be a little reproof, we were secretly continued firmly.
Siemens bloody first time was when I was taking a bath together in my mother's eyes I'm going to steal shopping. My brother was worried, remember that it Kowagowa lick me. Cautiously for a few days later, was the brother is familiar, just a bunk bed below me as always "night crawling Gokko" I think it was a night that was to come. But unlike my brother, the strong scent of flowers chestnut, but the first was my best little lick. Since then we are, ‥ engaged in rehearsal I went to be able to have sex until the first day on Innovation oysters.
Little seems to have too much longer.
The two people we can throw together at the time of virgin and virgin brother and sister, please let me also written in the next post.

Re: [94] I have a strange look on Dad

>> SM if you let things. The first painful but I can hit my chest, I do pinch the nipple and when I was in the nail


Hello. Tanaka Yumiko says.
10 days became 12 years old.
Got last summer to buy computers,
Just near the end of the summer, incidentally, played stingy here honey! !
Still, well, I can not kana input, so far, 10 Punmokakatteshimaimashita.
Back home from my childhood, dog names and John, I soar Merii dog names.
The two dogs both very good friends, me, and I love you very much John and Merii.
Well from my childhood, I went for a walk with two dogs.
In truth we, before year's, but they carry on with the Siberian Husky dog that I bought me another one.
Chobi and I put the name. (Huh? Name heard somewhere?)
But after a while, but I got used Merii Chobi and very friendly, I'm alone on many things now that John alone.
I also go for a walk so serious that even the three dogs at once, imperceptibly, and in proportion to Chobi Merii brother, I naturally went Ninatsu proportion to things like John.
One day at dusk, John, and Retsu Tei Nakuji it comes to time, usually in the first, I was doing as usual pat,
Soon, I felt like A little different. Next thing you know, there is somewhat of John, to red, Oh I'm strange.
On that day, as it is, I went out in proportion to, said that day, somehow, did not sleep well the mood of the things John.
After that much, what it is, but that it was John's appearance.
Without knowing the truth we are of them, looks like I'll get pats on the red version, Then, John is also very happy to me,
However, before doing that, I do not remember some time ago, spent about a little colder,
As always, I give my pet it out of there John, I was getting weird,
When I was daydreaming, unawares, come to me 乗Kkatsu John, I was over there from my ass to ass skirt.
I was sitting on a park bench, and I just turned red with shame and what to do, around once 見渡Shitara,
It was like nobody was paying for, rather Kurakatta new anymore, felt something, I was just worn will be worn.
The next day, again, when I go home from school excited. My home Kaettara, how I Pantsuwonuide, as I walk her stuff John.
Pliers of the park as usual. I pet it and give, as the day before, I've 乗Kkatsu me.
Somehow, I came back to me because mushroom rice the day before, when I give it less visible to roll around the skirt.
Somehow, I was there sounds a very strange even to me. Then, Guuzen, red Okkii is John, my ぐにゅってかんじではいっちやったんです over there.
I am, but what kind of example I Wakan Tsuchiya gone, but, somehow, to move the hips so that John, my better feelings I Tsuchiya,
Kiga arrive, John is Hashimoto Ah, sitting as usual, there is very upright with my daze I still had my
I followed up Nankaki rice, but there Why do not you touch my hot, so somehow Yoguchoninattete Yamaguchi, already feeling so bad I did immediately, a big time back out now Shiyawa Abimashita.
But that night, remember, there's me, while i Sawashi Sawa, Tsuchiya I get to sleep I feel good now.
Somehow, just before the younger age and lower one, (I said Yuji), and got on like a potato that has tied me here,
That, or potatoes to why, but I do not know, my parents and I have to ask Talks, And then singing as well. Komatsu Imasuu Tsuchiya.
Now, I did also speak immediately took to writing the rainbow just MOSS. No way that the shoulder. Neyo Innovation anymore.

I have a strange look on Dad

Hi, I'm 15 years old third year middle school. I confess that I found here I was playing with accidentally absent from school with a cold computer.
I live with my dad two people died from the fourth grade when Mom. Dad's not even the real father is a married guy and the other mom.
I therefore, the demand for sex and body Chata from Dad last summer. I love daddy was received from the kind I confess I got was that I liked from way back. And I taught many loved by papa sex.
But recently, I have a strange state of the father. That asks for sore hands are bound and determined to get me to hate. Wake your daddy 訊Itara that "This is a SM'm horny. Now I'll be tough but I feel good once you get used to pain," and taught me.
But what I said is it true Dad, someone who has experienced a very anxious, you tell me?


I had some friends houses after school, overlapping with the evening rush, the train was packed.
In the crowded train, I had a pervert.
Starting from the top of the skirt, place your hand on hips have.
And jitter that has a hand down slowly.
Perhaps because of the uniform short skirt, I just came inside and Sururi.
Pat on the butt or your underwear, legs and inner thigh was touched.
I glanced at it and see who is groping I was fearfully Rear father.
Was so surprised! ! I know that my daughter? ? Whether I calling out? ?
I panicked.
While doing so, before the crack of ass along his hand.
His hand has been there and slowly rub back and forth over the underwear.
I thought I wanted to stop early.
My father and my feelings, but on the contrary, his crotch pressed year we took my hand.
It is from the top of the pants, I found the little boy has grown hard and my father.
I'm excited about the little boy erect penis touched And I was ashamed of your father is.
His hand, or rub back and forth along the crack over there, and muzzles.
Gradually becomes pleasant towards me, I have been excited.
(Just touch, I want to feel good) I think I look like.
Came in from the side of the underwear in his father's fingers after a while.
(My father had been touched at last there) and I think, I feel more excited.
Father fingers and crevices around a few times in there and came in slowly.
And the piston and with the Kaki回Sa or inside.
I have been touched up to keep my station, I now feel out loud many times.
My father has been calling out from behind and get off home.
"~ You made me feel. ... I was wet ~ mecha." Was told this was the fitting nothing Kashiku shame my tea.


Do it? Son (laughs) It feels good.

From young, I give out many times.

I want to do with his wife.

Experience with his father

Hello. I am a 19 year old college student.
Actually, since I was in elementary school have accepted the father's sex.
During the first
Summer was 10 years old. My mother went to the house they were just part with my father.
I was lying next to his father that loves lying on his father.
Planted around drowsy, I've breathed my father's ear.
His hand that it is very pleasant to sit with me to put my heart swells a little bit of sleep I had to pretend.
As proud as the grain Shidaka stroke gently the nipple been Korikori
But my voice was so in 10 years.
My father smoked or chewed, including the mouth and roll your tongue in claims about my nipples.
Mosomoso hand stroked a hit was the navel.
Hands went up gradually extends to the tongue, and into panties
I was there, rubbing his semen and not yet.
But I was opening my legs felt the heat from the inside of the body.
Turn over there messing with my father put saliva on your finger
Have been buried there, his face suddenly seemed to become tired of the finger put saliva. My father knew the things that I'm going.
To me, "so nice, here the first use of the You're father" has turned more intense over there likes to lick.
Father's fingers with saliva father Bishabishaninattaasokoni
"Ouch!" I cry, my father would close the spread legs and feet with rope Shibaritsukemashita my anger legs of the table however.
I've already scored the move.
My father has been there pushing me to my bigger things.
Cover my face with a pillow and cry in pain impatient
Gyuutto has put a sudden.
For the first time gone into it but did not enter them all out of repeated pain is softened, my pleasure was changed Well.
My father was clinging to his father shivering piston.
My father is like no time has gone too long.
Then twice a week with my father has.
If there is such a mother, I get in touch kotatsu father.
Out there and put your thumb and shifting leg panties with my finger over there appointing leg
Side is that the mother
It is also pleasure.
Now it would not be having sex with people other than my father.

Re: [86] Let a temptation or

Can I do. A Taste of Honey or

Let you seduce a

Two years ago, her husband passed away of cancer at age 46. Retirement is a little bit, I immediately attached to the bottom.
They just can not mourn. The introduction of the wife in the neighborhood, is now going to the supermarket part of the next town.
For one week, and his wife, was invited to dinner.
... I'm waiting for the children ...
Ne ... more students would be late Naranakere Ryoji you'll be fine ...
Who introduced me to invite a job and unable to refuse unreasonable, we decided to go with.

What sports are you doing ... I'm back Kii Hiroshi Ryo ...
Judo ... and ...
Let handsome ... just to tempt them to ...

This person is more than I do, try not to get involved 想Imashita.
I refused to drink, or just a cup or more and are swallowed drink wine, when got back home, but my feet were unsteady.

Was dreaming. Old husband's smile. Wife is there earlier. Dare to take the hand of her husband.
... You wait ...
I chased after like crazy. I get a large meadow. Her husband was lying. The woman was still gone. Oh well the grass beside me and he slept on his back.
U ... hehehe ... no bright I Kuku
The toe has stretched hands of her husband. I take something to burn.
Hmm ... you feel good Oh ooh U "
Our hands to the Pantei 脱Gasou.浮Kasemashita the waist. SOULTZ and 脱Gemashita. Kuriningu been a long time.
I can hear the full sound and Dokutsu Dokutsu. Came into fingers.
... You feel good ... 好Iki meet
Came into her husband. Held a shoulder. Had a different smell. Opened my eyes.

Oh Well hate useless tree ... not useless Hitsu Hitsu ...

Are you on a ride, it was his son Ryoji costs.

Hahaha ... ah Uuutsu in a family that will not do bad ...

I'm ashamed, but our new full of dew, to cherish about dying, I had to hold my son on the shoulder without thinking.
And the woman, how would such sinful.
Or maybe I just wonder. The people who have experienced if you have not, please let me know.

Since then, I and my son was coming up Kano's what, but we survived each time, I feel that they could not refuse at all times.
Once the continuation of a dream 云E, wet, I had to hold the body of her son.

Re: [84] Untitled

I am 45 years old now, but middle and I also want to be in high school I wanted to have sex with my mother and aunt, but could not.
Much the opposite of regret it if forced to do when I think back Oke.
Yes, when the young and beautiful! !


Hi, as a housewife 34 years old, has become the eighth grade son.
In fact, I am dying to have sex with her son.
Jaarimasen is proud (which is really proud of), my son is so so cool.
Valentine's Day or birthday gift you will get what it has not cut enough.
You will receive more than 100 love letters a month. It's about mail and complain.
It feels a little more face Kimutaku spruce, height is 170 centimeters.
My husband also did not like me too, "says the son of whom?" My husband and I wonder about.
(Or 100 percent of my husband a child)
I have to do kendo, took the time profile of a beautiful face, it becomes Innovation is my real mother even Poe.
And when the district tournament, the girls gathered in large numbers of fans seemed like a concert hall.
I really wanted to put the entertainment industry back in elementary school, also gave up his master's fierce opposition.
I've looked at have a son that masturbation.
Place so I went with a pledge to study a rare test,
There was his son's penis is rubbed vigorously on the bed while watching adult video.
Already firmly towards the skin, I lust for the sight of her son has a bigger penis than my husband desperately Shigoi.
My son will be put in the scene cum on the face of the woman in the video seemed to have ejaculation.
Since then, I tend to watch my son as a man no matter what.
The husband has sex with recently reduced remarkably away, I end up masturbating all means, my son is a thing to imagine all the time.
Fellatio penis to his son, or to be released in the mouth, like son fucked from behind in the kitchen
It is really scary I knew I would eventually do.

I have sex

While in bed with a cold, and I have sex with Kazu.
Kazu and my son is, 12 years old, the middle school this year.
I was 29 years old, and I full-time homemakers.
46-year-old husband in a long distance driver, I rolled the trailer.

The first had sex was 13 on Saturday evening.

There are about 39 degrees heat, had been in bed in the morning.
But I had to Utsurautsura, dreaming ecchi, Samemashita eyes.
To have sex with someone, if I seem a little more in Iki, I woke up I thought I had a dream.
I was moving my ass on a hard and is Kazu.
I was being completely naked, I was moving in my body and your penis is Kazu.
Kazusa and turned a blind eye, about the sides of my hands, move your ass I was hard.
"Honey, what's heaven for?"
Com Oops while and say something, but only momentarily stopped the movement of the hips,
"Oh, Oh I chan!"
I said, moving the body trembling ass
Kazu has been fired and in my semen.
A weird dream,
Pot is burnished to me, I slept again.
Samemashita eyes chime of the clock at 6 in the living room better.
The more like a dream, I was just moving in with you again in my head Kazu.
I felt.
I was there for me I have to lick Kazu.
I grabbed the legs and has been Kazusa ankle, bent, is open to the stride, put my face in there and the Kazusa, I was licking.
To feel, thinking aloud, Kazu and I pressed down on the head.
Then the little boy came in with Kazu.
Kazu and there are about 8 or 9 inches or 168 centimeters taller than me 7, and just doing the heavy body Kii Hiroshi wrestling boys, little boy was great.
止Menakya somewhere, Sasenakya stop, but I also thought that not to feel great,
To feel tired, with a pot Oh, Kazu and I have to kiss.
In the body of my little boy and the Kazusa, and will be moving to, I'm becoming more and more comfortably,
I immediately began aloud.
Kazu and your dick is hard, like a hit to the back of my body, really long running,
I went many times I was.

"Oh I chan"
Samemashita been shaken in the eyes and Kazu.
They both were drenched with sweat.
Kazu and I was still sitting on the bedside naked.
Got to stand up and support Kazusa, in the middle and I got to clean yourself up Kazusa, Kazusa overflowing with semen from there on I came out.
"A lot?"
When asked,
"Three times"
I replied shyly.
I was too hot for me down.
Two people got a shower to take you to the bathroom.
Jim Johnson also became hard and Kazu.
The "?"
I asked, since nod, but to leave the room, and Kazu from behind and get one's arms around my body to shut up, has been trying in standing posture.
And take a knee on the mat to the bath tub 掴Matsu I have inserted from behind.
A total of four times, I had sex that day.
The place they are having sex with my husband, to look into Tarashiku half a year ago, I wanted to have sex with me anymore, so I longed.
Husband or sex imitating techniques most of us are going to hide me I is H imitate video
Kazu and there is a little boy about 18 inches, big, harder than the boys who have before it at one time three or four times in succession for us.
He has been at 2 weeks since then, I came back in three days, but my husband could not, for about 40 times more sex.
Hoshino wants the girl to her husband, however because of sex, both can live with Kazu.
H - I kid born in a lewd, lascivious but also great Kazu, H entered high school until she can be, I think it is good for you.
Today, it comes back with the club soon after the Kazusa, I'm going to have sex
It just comes up wet


My 22 year old college student. My brother was about masturbation to just my brother and I opened the room without knocking when passing in front of the room my brother came home late today. I was drunk and did little to help hold the cock masturbation brother. But his brother is not even hand Shigoi much squid. I was fed up with the rip-off Munching cock brother. Innovation came gushing white cock from the tip of his brother instantly popular in Bakyumufera boyfriend or guy friend. And brother have a tissue to wipe the mouth "toots, I'm" going to have to hug. My breasts 揉Nda hand over his brother's clothes. I think this is more awkward and quietly left the room to shake the hand of his brother. AfteR drunk now and then taking a bath, and I regret that you had to hard.