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Incest confession of women(2008-03)

Relationship with his son

yuna himekawa[7042]
I am involved with my son 12 years ago.
It is a summer day I like to have to come home from school knowing that his son Ryota, it was spread out on the whole foot.
Does my son was excited at first to come around, but seemed to look into the crotch of my hands if you come soon I fig. I was braless, her breasts are touching where, awake, I was surprised.
Are doing, is 抱Kitsuka say, "I love my mother, to discourage putting" but resistance was so strong that very powerful, I felt no match, and relax the body, came to kiss, funny too feel now.
Son in the groin that has become hard on, just hit my crotch and felt hot and Jean have come my body.
My son has been obsessed with turning my body lick, licking at the back of my neck, then thrilled, "Nyan and Ryuta'll Iitsu" was attached to the observed.
When the smoke sucked with great tits is more friendly to it, and I did. Still, too excited to take it anymore more I was out of the slimy, my son potatoes.
My son is not like a virgin. The best of her body, like a you know, I gave my body to gently caress.
"It is slimy mother," I did have to calm things into my son could not stand it. My son is in the larger body, but his son was surprised to look at things. It is a big part of the Cali long neck, so why was large, probably because many times each day Onanii to hear, I say.
When they enter silently in my big Cali son, "I'll Iitsu Ryuta Uuu Uuu" to understand that the tightening of potassium in the nervous convulsions were observed with my son to feel good. You son of a good or compelling "Uuuu 逝Kuu mother comes out," Come back and tighten my amazing power, the greater the Cali son, poured out of a feeling inside, I felt happy now.
The one I got pregnant. When the child is born today, became the sixth grade, a girl has a little bigger breasts.
Yesterday I went out there are things to do, but went back to the Leaving those words with my son at around 9 pm, now go home early, the place where their children having sex with Ittara Ryuta quietly into the house, I've seen, "I love you brother," I was embraced by Ryuta wound around naked. And is good to be pregnant, you worry.


My son was rejected from the school after the New Year this year, to carry away to eat in the room even 閉Ji篭Ri room, but it also looks like his show.
And last week, and take on breakfast, they fuss with my son with a knife, shouting words like feel the danger, but somehow containing the excitement, and now suddenly I become naked out and say, not have to be naked in that situation was something I also do not fit.
Like staring at the glare in front of his son, took off the clothes and underwear, not even words.
Been naked in the cold, sleeping on the floor, legs spread, exposing the crotch in front of his son's humiliating that, look to expand further in the groin and hand,
"Click to wear!"
Power will no longer think about anything anymore, just going to continue to follow the instructions as nothing but his son, and rubbed chestnut soup, chestnut rubbed numb,
"Put your finger to do it well!"
"Keep pushing back more!"
I've just been called to follow as it is, the feeling of irritation is running slowly, was to have come to feel wet.
Satoshi Satoshi have to take off your clothes from the time said it was not like, you can not even get to see his son take off your clothes attacked, pierced the body in incredible shock, her pleasure in an instant The hit went.
Hard to get her son's penis stuck deep in the lump can not be ignored, and received a leave ejaculation mad beaten.

Our parent-child relationship

The 45-year-old married woman.
I'm 21 years old son's college this year,
So he enjoys sex with her son in secret in secret.
What is the ruling of the final defense line that exceeded our parents.
Is that why you worry about pregnancy, and no guilt for her husband.
I devour each other's body without any hesitation as to what each other's largest Komyukeshon family.

狂Wasemasu my son finger tongue.
Disheveled hair, bend your back, 浮Kasemasu body.
Meet the peak times, 震Wasemasu body.
Son huge penis Shaburitsuki 撓Tta last 吸I上Gemasu sperm.

From the nerve wracking if I have to work with the service sector,
This act is also a son and lifeblood for the future as well as relieve stress (in fact, is the son and the next day there was action animated enough to know that myself.)
I feel lightened and flashed a large family to be back open minded parent-child relationship with his son and nothing like the old days.
So this act and said it would be so critical of parents Komyukeshon us.

If the parents are happy as we like.
Let me tell you.

My discourse incest

Here is the confession two months, shaking. Repeat the activity of the mother animal, every day is not fucking happy to have unusual vision of others. Without participating in the circle since then has continued to be crazy to me than a son. Without resistance now than ever to enjoy the forbidden act and warm outside. At home, holidays and sex most of the day, it might be something that no mating. Ai is engaged in the lingerie look is always in heat in the genitals with each other. Our eyes to the difference in the neighborhood recently known as well as a wife, mother-child relationship between us before, but now the voice Kakenaku, now 見Se付Keru to hold hands or walk with my son when you go out on purpose or degree. Come and hug voice snorted Mamatsu avoid attention, without increasing my son is in front of my pants. The normal child is not too much love. My son does not know. The conception of active every day nearly two months without taking my pills this. I can not think of anything. There is no current period. But somehow my heart is full.

Son and wife?

People are our parents are as good octave is living'm married. Both my husband divorced. I want to be with two children. I was still involved with the child when the husband. Three years now. Then go for a while now and truancy in high school enrollment for children. I was always lying around the room. I was speaking that day little children and I went to the room to listen to children and something delicious from any child's birthday. I was surprised to fall in place Suddenly I hug the mothers had a child when you leave the room. My child has fallen over and kissed. The more you struggle with the clothes Mogake 乱Remashita resistance. Tongue has been put in where I learned that I wanted to kiss kiss if you only wanted to escape from the spot. The devil whispered to me was at that time. I was becoming a woman clinging to the child. Kiss me I was five minutes to go naked on the bed while the child is pulled. Bing was the child's vagina anymore.

I love my son

Do not be so together and in love with his son 40 years old. Thank you good advice


Yuko. I'm with my son every night and I will be 38 to 60. I broke up with my husband five years ago.

Dare to write

I am a 55 ordinary housewife.
Relationship with my husband long ago already over, what will be many years to be divided into upper and lower chamber.
Frustrated that I called, to see or read the various sites can only frustration was comforting myself.
A son there will be 28.
Back home we have been divorced three years after marriage.
Seemed very depressed, I was working hard to encourage and cheer and make a favorite food, while not my underwear a week, play tricks on my underwear but also around the time of puberty , that time is to ignore the past without incident, but now feels as if a prank is different from the meaning of underwear I no son, and growing as a man of adult son and Masu, I have gotten the body while still in this age Mashi Tei left her feeling, since I was young 履Kazu the cheap underwear, I wear pretty things today.
What effect was reading this site and I hope that I might thing, it takes me to accelerate the masturbation, to indulge in fantasies and they have a relationship with his son, they brought out to the toy I changed to masturbation.
Pinch in the crotch underwear and his son will make mischief, so I started running into things on purpose to get dirty underwear with heavy masturbation.
It is dirty underwear embarrassing enough to watch myself, I act like that tempt even the translation did not know his son would.
Like to absorbing underwear eating as usual, while not indulge in masturbation sounds like creaking stairs, "Did you mean" I have now slept quietly swing doors The state comes in who opens with a glimpse at 薄目, the husband is a big shadow of his son there, but moving it to explode beating, so enchanting known to his son, to make your breathing slow was committed.
My son comes in from the side sneak hands, and ran over everyone's head and site posts any longer.
To ache even more intense during masturbation stop "putting fast!" As they scream with excitement, to calm the contrary, without resistance and the like, or telling his son to make underwear 潜Ra fingers, 事無Ku stop excitement, I feel when you arrive, head to 巡Ra close to the confusion, I 疼I genitalia son's finger, close to the limit can not stand it any more, "You're wet, fast, fast." would have been burning in my wet twat excitement of his son and desperately dragged 脱Gasou my underwear, my son helped the side to face such a move a little panic about son's strange surprise masterpiece, and was surprised about how to take longer in touch easier 引Ki降Roshi underwear again.
I can not afford body and excitement is gone Bisshobissho wet.
Finally rid of the underwear over his son up on the bed, "Yes! Just put! Put chop-chop" It was very difficult to make a face appear calm even pretended sleep, with the help of darkness Teita would, he was holding my legs open very well, "now! it now!" I'm acting to resist
"Yeah? - ー Are they?"
Buttsukeru to sit at once while his son jumped in
"Ah? ー Well!"
褒Metai about acting myself, I stuck my son's penis intense,
"Ah! Yeah Me ー ー Daa Daa!"
Hard and rocky, ghastly momentum, turning so that the butt rubbed my body all at once, acting 事無Ku anything anymore, I felt still taste the pleasure,
"Ah! ー Daa Yeah Me"
Forget about it these words struck me most pleasure in so many words on this site.
I also quit acting and hug his son had put his hand, to inform her son that became exceedingly,
"Oh say it - tea U Ah!"
Shouted as I tell my son, my success entice,
"I get Mom? I get?"
"Okay! Okay out! Out TEE ... ー!"
So hot, that feeling scattered sperm are likely to burn his son, "really great! The son of a real lust." Peeling while I was able to enjoy hitting.
As usual overlap and son, when the silence
"Oh, to such a thing, a bad girl, not know, really"
Start acting like a back, but it ended up in laughter while the word myself,
"Are you angry? Angry mom?"
"... Like a little!"
"I only once! I no good!"
Thanks to what this site was so afraid to say these words myself.
"Naa Son?"
However comforting end to rub my son again,
"Ah! Yeah Yeah Me Me Tsu ー Daa Daa!"
"Datsu more! - Come on!"
Traffic burly son of the penis,
"Not once! And the rest of your life is a Zutsu Zutsu now!"
"Oh A OK! I ーーー huh"
突Ki抜Ka far been intense, violent movement as I see a break in momentum scraping, the storm continued all night without repeating the peak of pleasure completely.

It is thanks to everybody.
Three months since then, we continue to finish without it.
"Thank you"
Itadakimashita will write to myself.


I'm 58. My husband is 60. I have 28 sons and relations

My brother

The story is not about you
The other day I went to a drink together with my brother for the first time.
Talking about normal everyday, I went on my way back to normal.
When I arrived at the park near the house from her brother: "Did you remember? Well, and play here. Shitaro kick the can?" Is said,
"Yes, I played well. I properly ○ ○, something with her △ △"
"I will, but were never found, hidden in there," I was chatting with others.
The room came with a slide down the playground equipment? Is in the.
Now two of them went into a tight ", you hidden this way. While gently prying from there."
While I do, I was pretending to watch how old were demons.
Suddenly finds himself, my brother, "good old days" while good, maybe to make me hug from behind as a child, I have put my head on his shoulders.
I have a moment, but skip a beat, "Yes, I miss" would normally be heard and answered.
Just somehow, I was still silently together,
Has been slowly rising over my brother's hand had turned into my tummy.
(Example of what is thought ?···), why can not stop his hand, without even avoided.
Was wrapped gently in the hands of my brother's chest.
Without moving their hands over just wrap it.
"Mizuki" echoes the voice of his brother in his ear.
"What?" In mind while they might know where it turned.
Was superimposed on the lips of my brother's lips gently.
As a gentle peck kiss my lips.
My brother plugged in a little tongue.
My ass was firmly conveyed the feeling of swelling under his brother's pants.
After a while, even might say a few minutes.
Time spent in the park as it is quiet.
I had a comforting feeling and the feeling of excitement I had for other men have not experienced the feeling.
I'm sure I could feel my brother was.
Naturally, the two men away from the body "like today, sometimes people go for a drink or two"
"Yeah, go, go!"
From there was no holding hands in a short distance from home, so I went back to the body but we touch a little.
I'm sure that further progress would be no
I feel like you were my special memories.

This is a continuation of previous

Posted before, I Ayaka.
My father was told to drink the sperm out to Blow was the first time of Naka Naka drink dirty image because there was a bitter drink was always forgive Moraezu. Nan has recently become like fine.
Mother by stealth, which had been let Blow Out Father's Day Mother's happened to me was waiting for the return of the rest of the company.
Of course, there is something I thought of my father coming home as usual and already were waiting in the nude with big dick.
抱Kitsu is held to the bedroom and entered the house immediately, as soon as I was naked,
Today I'll tell you feel good just because your father and started licking my body.
Vagina to be licked, becoming more pleasant when you're always up masturbation, and voice're out, the father, not a virgin or Oi you? Asked me, Unto you answer, and was a little surprised, I said I do not mind putting a finger or even then, Unto answered.
Come inside my father's fat fingers. Kuchukuchu so already entered Sunnari. Whenever you feel moved, like a dick and another accident.
And I now retrospectively to prank dick while, began to lick here ass hole, right and good while yet.
And I feel very strange, it was going crazy, put a finger in pain in the ass father, my father was angry.
My father and apologize, Blow me to hope, to Yoshi Tadasu father and lick each other. 'll Feel good and cum again soon and my father, I hope that soon I have to put your penis in my vagina.
No, no, I resisted and, as long as it was entering the force after Itta.
Jim Johnson's father is a big pain in the beginning, but gradually came to feel them, but he has not so with the rubber, and do not worry, because I get out all right, we move fast.
To move comfortably and quickly, and Wake 判Ranaku, with Len Kay, and'll cum, my father was happy to.
Copyright couple of times and I, my father, but I soon became impatient or his dad, do you have any Ayaka be issued in? I asked, I do not answer, I feel So I'll tell Dad first, say so, I can not! Who would not be a baby! Absolutely you should not! Say, father, or butt out among Then I had a little sore but I put Shiro said, I'm no good either way! Put on the sore butt, and say out loud, you drink from me, my father, I said I Decide from there, either out or your ass, and both are, and say, Well Ao sore hips from, say I'll give you a dick, I started moving again.
I'll be hopeless baby! I 言Ta with power No need to become comfortably, wanted to become even do more, move your waist according to the movement of his father, came to move quickly to say I'll give you, Father, in the back of my have it all out. I could not stand to cum with my dad, too.
Pull and father's father was looking out from the pulp, in turn, said that from the inside out Ayaka ass.
What are you gonna do?

I like my son

My son is an eighth grader. When I say my husband is a little goodbye to us all too soon the disease.
Since then, I worked hard to forget her. Home from work, was living a life with my son.
Into the bath together with her son sleeping in bed together
Next thing you know my son will grow even more Satoru Naka body, even the little boy was wearing leather, a fine little boy has changed all adults.
Only a little hair growing in us, and that taking a bath together, I'm your penis larger. Really red with a little face, dear son.
Night sleeping in bed together but still bigger than I am tall, the body is already an adult. I love my son.抱Ki締Metai.
Even parents, but it is good to like.
Want my son.
Soon, you will love my son back.

Son with the past

Naughty underwear for my son, I struggle every day.
I'm in high school, college and my mother my brother, look away,
I have blood on his son and mother to me.
What is this destiny defined?
I flee.
Please give your opinion seriously.

The slave

I seem to live in the town of Mount Fuji that F-city. In a 50 years old and divorced, has two children. Son has actually been enslaved. The transformation of my son, because the affair had with the president of the Barre office. After taking a bath every night, I came to the room to have sex with hands and feet tied.
I intend to quit many times, the body would want my son.
A sunny day, a naked out on the veranda, was ordered to Onani on vibes, I do not put it in me.
Before this, the relationship with the other woman Barre another, this time it was ordered out to masturbation.
In a nearby supermarket parking lot too! Was unable to get it seen by saying I hate the neighbors.
Masturbation only on condition that the lower body to take off reluctantly.
This time I want to shoot a video of masturbation where to park on the stairs, I look forward to.

Dad's Meat Puppet

I was raised by his father as much as possible to the meat puppets, I was the age of three and his father praised me all they drink a cup of sperm father Chinho its mouth for example, come in the canyon as a reward , that time will know the pleasure it had already sucking cock for example like the father in mind 成Ritai pleasant day.
To gradually escalate their actions, by the time I was still a kindergarten graduation until they have a non-production activities.
When I was a routine morning for breakfast from kindergarten and then dressed in sperm drinking is wake me go back by the bus came to pick you up a little late father.
I ride in the car, Dad 弄Rimasu fingers off his pants leg and extend from the sight of teachers.

Please tell me

From the beginning of this month, is now her husband away from home

Sexless husband and was, in my shorts since sperm

However I'm aware of my son as a man

Similar mother, please address

Two private

Sometimes I will ask my parents live in the neighborhood. If the holiday can sleep until around 9:00 last Sunday, came into the room clapping and the door of my mother was still asleep. We are also surprised, appalled my mother, "Oh - you -" "I'm sorry" and went out. No way, two people in bed and did not think I will.
Bus B - mother wore a job to go into the living room, laughing, "did we get along," When asked, I am embarrassed to face turned red. Going to have to face the evil son and divorced after a while. My mother used to be a waitress at the inn's had a hot spring. I have come to stay at Toyo Sono in maternal and child 治Marimashita mind a bit. Haha, this is absolutely confidential and you do not have to, just between the two, saying he went back. Good for you and a mother of a real son back to bed. I'm happy.

Is not it amazing

Husband's death, even caring friend invitation of my sorrow food was refused. Last year, after the second death anniversary memorial service, burial already finished to a temple in Kyoto. That night, and sleep, wake up and ponderously in the middle of the night was out over my overhanging large body of his son. When you pay by hand and foot Ino Hutoshi son, I have touched Kina Hiroshi erection. Son, "Ugh." Simultaneously with his son to say that I ejaculate.
Imashitara wipe the semen splattered on your bed, "I love my mother," has to hug. Mom wants to 諭Shimashita and no, my son is 押Shi倒Sa, as well as incoming breath can be a big tongue in the mouth with his big hands stripped panties just been committed. Two years since then, and now my husband has no sex taste. I'll say nothing once floundering Iitsu you Oh I really Aan.

Memories of a Mother

The first posting. Long time ago but now they want to see this forum post.
To remove dirt and can remember, I was living alone with her mother.
Memories of his father died young not sick at all. Father's father in the picture was always 30 years younger. I was born the following year married mother of six years younger, seems to have died three years later.
His father had died young, I'd be hard 耐Enakatta.
Just two people were living with the mother and the little girl to bed at night, so I had to sleep together in the same bed all the time. Bath was also always the same. Wash me in the bath was a mother to every corner of the body. Such was life itself is going.
The fourth graders were about me, feel the skin was so white mother wash me naked in the bath as usual, I remember that I felt somehow strangely shy .
As usual the night, walked into the same bed was gone 寝付Kemasen why wake up as a bed. Suddenly, the breathing was pleasant to see her mother standing. According to his mother from behind the body part, you will like my mother's hand on my chest 抱Kikomu. Been conveyed warmth and soft feel of the body of the mother's genital fourth graders are rigidly Mashi Tei. Still sleeping mother. There is no response.
To get the swelling has been handed down in my heart. Increasingly, the bigger penis was painful.
Directly, Kararemashita desire to touch the breasts.
Gently placed under the underwear, but little by little will grow on, my mother had no signs of any move. Mother's breasts get a little more with my heart pounding, is also bursting penis.
To crawl on hands and more, finally reached the mother's breast.
Had been handed down pat gently with soft feel. Nipples getting hard, so tampering with the pinching as Korikori, feeling really good, Kararemashita urge to want to put my mother's body has become stiff penis. Like unnoticed, and saw the body of the mother put the penis. Heart, to Baku Baku, cannot sleep more and more, you remember I was always touched the breasts of my mother.

Son and pleasure

Stole her husband's eyes, has signed an embarrassing sexual and nightly in his son. Throat cock swallow his son, the vibe is inserted into the vagina, for example to suck cock dripping with love juice while her son. Oh, too late. If, not KUU.
Did this happen recently is that. I was masturbating in the living room in frustration, but returned a sign of life for us in, I have seen the whole story to his son. I was watching television in the living room sex video. I forgot I started masturbating myself with too much force of, I was vigorously rubbing the genitals without knowing his son had come around and hooked. My son has been inserted so as to hover over me. When that hot cock pierced vagina, and I even thought I could die. Dutiful son is 32 years old and unmarried


yuna himekawa[6918]
Recently went to the laundry room to collect his son's dirty underwear under the bed strikingly
Found. My son seemed perplexed, and now I compete and pull their underwear.
To compete and to pull out, just "wrestling" I have become like that.
押Shi倒Sa in the 6th grade son, is 組Mi伏Se, I soaked the underwear with emotion
I wet. The bonus is multiplied by the last son 絞Me技 cute,
I have to pee also disclose unconscious. Until then, the dignity of a mother
The whole collapse. I saw that my son was exhausted, constantly worried
That day has helped me with various cleaning and eating, my pee
Pants let me wash my son is still polluted. The smell is coming to my side. Summer vacation is over, I thought to wash the sand out of school while his son,
There is no trousers. Eh ~, I went to school with?
問Itadashitara son came home, I wash 無Kunattara I smell good!
"Only I know going to school with have to stop!"
Tomorrow I'm planning on also by the strong hand washing, and try to not come in wrestling. .

My discourse incest

When I was in the first period Mukaemashita in grade six. My aunt taught many of the relatives.
At that time I went to the rapidly changing body. Larger butt, I felt my heart I can really grow every day.
My father seemed to me to still masturbating.
There are some so-called lessons of what works like it was time for school health, my father was to act somehow be seen.
One morning near the holidays, I noticed in my pants and stiff in the groin.
Ori goods and women's fragrance with the scent of cigarettes and look at you differently because it was felt.
A few days later, was moving in the futon Gosogoso father by example. Turn your chest and lick my heart I was a little mature.
We're going to dive to his father under the bed, before I unbuttoned pajamas. Did not see that in my bed, I knew what I was.
Tweak your fingers, licking and tongue. My father shifted his pants were directly touched. I went a little something in me then.
"Ouch" and I instinctively put voices, startled his father tried here. My father, "I'm sorry. Wake up. Hurt?" Was asked to.
"It hurts. The heaven you doing?" "Yoshiko Yutaka is cute, I know how much I have grown it,"
Since my mother is gone, we will work hard to rely on the happy face of his father. "He's happy with that?" When asked, "because two people live off and enjoy the growth of Yoshiko Yutaka, and I live for that," I was told. "Well 見Enaijan of bed in the dark"
"Yeah, nice to see you bright?" "You'd be happy if his father" My father put a fluorescent light with me naked. Namezuri turn my crotch and chest,
Hand was moving in the pants. I like to feel like that was not at all.
My father finally took off his pants, the first thing I saw was the erection of his father. While licking my body,
I learned in health ejaculation was found in silence. My dad, "Are you done? Can I sleep now? You work tomorrow? To a school too"
My father, "I want a little more," said that "Because sleepy, I try to tomorrow," tomorrow "? What do you sleep with me tomorrow," Sun and its slept.
If I remember correctly, the next day my father came to me to request that a further escalation.

Happy memories

I committed to doing away when my husband to earn money. Father was married two years after 46 years. When you talk to her mother would miss you too, will the family, if you prefer, you can be quiet and my husband can not be embarrassed to call you were crying and scared at night.
A week later when attacked without fear, I do feel sadness of the woman. I lost the technique of the father. A month later, the people now sleep in the same room, the father was a pleasure in the middle. Followed by a couple returns to a normal life strange to come back my husband. The nostalgic feeling that the secret pleasure of reading all the posts. I love my father, my husband is dead. When washing in the bath, several years pleasure, trick of secret places, views, and pleased with myself.

And that the father

If the family living under one roof, there are many things.

Her mother also passed away, my father had spent time living away from the hobby is to retire in their 60s.
We are born to the couple's two children, is now also reports no parenting time,
My husband often play outside, had sex when I was living in a bland feel empty.
What the mind inclined father was touching me gently.
Why was such an insight into the mind of my father well, one night, when returning late husband's body sought to kiss the father is, I allow the body over a line.
The world did not teach the husband, father told me.
Secretly seeking the joy that our father continues and body repeatedly.
Morning, sending her husband and children, and leaving two people starts at the father's lust in the room.
I'm late 30s, is a strong sex stepfather.
Over time is caressed by fingers, squid are many times in the mouth. Hikitsurimasu the stomach muscles.
Me, and I'll slowly lick those hard warped father.
I'll wrap my tongue and stepfather is a state that the glans pleasure to taste your body shake.
Changing positions, some of my body, paint Innovation comes in a warm father Cock.
Strong, weak, vaginal walls to rub out, it reaches into the uterus.
Penis feels stout man, or two bodies, and then connected me realize that now.
In a different sense, the body of a man, but are firmly 組Mi伏Se, wanders the air, the lower body (our I) is.
Dilutes the sense of the brain has to realize, clinging to the father.
Over time, you know that shaking hips and ejaculation gushing father.
The pinnacle of the joy of being a woman. A slowly awakening to me, watching me as my own father.

The secret of time, what ever continue.
With guilt about her husband

Stupid son

I am a 47 year old housewife's part of the work, I have a stupid son of.
When you leave early in the first part became ill about six months ago, a stupid 22 year old son was still having sex with 57 year old woman Deputy Director of the worst reputations in the neighborhood association.
Stupid son on the belly hanging swinging boobs Taputapu [Ohotsu three stages, however I was mandarinia ~] Aegi strange voices and so on.
My room at the top of 怒鳴Ri込Mimashita anger. My son was embarrassed and stupid Vice hiding away from the skin properly.
I am also the daily grudge, deputy director for the abuse. Would say that the never forgive you, my husband and my son because husband and wife have been ask to do anything I want to keep silent and prostrate. I figure that the Vice Osamemashita cell phone camera. That day is now deputy director of attribution, the following is stupid son.
When I ask why the Vice President had an affair with has been tempting for a deputy general manager since last year,
I have a relationship with and exposure to temptation and deputy general manager at Big Boobs Fat drooping tits while.
If I lose I did not come out boobs Meramera and jealousy, I'm obviously the more beautiful young age of ten,
Ttena stone so fat it (slightly thicker admit), I was frustrated and I both have pretty 問Imashita or Vice stupid son to take off. My son is getting stupid I jumped with my son and Gingin Tsukitateyou because it was incomplete.
Is thinking that far, but resistance was done. Then my son became mine.
The deputy director of revenge. The deputy director of the bad reputation in the town,
Vice Iki brought home a boy who I want to say one 見Setara mobile photos taken before the first few bytes of student part-time
I ordered the boy to be a mate to Vice President. I called it almost threatened the couple husband and my son if you do not.
More camera phone took indecent Vice agony. A few days later I heard that the Vice President had sex with a few friends to bring school.
When I asked the boys and I do not contact us. I saw the agony of Vice, the stupid sex at home with his son.
Is this how someone wants to Vice President? I'm 57 years old from sex life.
The great pie sauce, and fat, pig face face (I'm something like a morning tide boss) is a woman.
I guess from just watching not participate in (but turned down the students were beaten so now.) Vice President of my orders are always subjected to

Donald Mitchell's love of one parent because of work

Saki is in the second.
The memories I have from 5 years old, and already at that time was still good dad licked the nipple.
Then moments later, I learned a licking in the bath. Eru but it could suck, did you remember being taught how to lick a lot of minutes.
Entering the school, we were taught that a father playing pool and was taking a bath in a school swimsuit. To practice the breaststroke or the butt for my dad in the bathtub.
At that time well, "The Importance of Being hip" or something professional sounding words fool? While there has been Dari rub. It was the vertical legs to slam the bathtub. I got done by hand and support hand across the chest to get the side of the father, for example was that while things were sucking erect nipples Masaguri.
Then while sitting on daddy took off my bathing suit out of the bathtub, massage there? She asked for.
Parents fearful of what I was I was already totally brainwashed.
Had to sleep together every day, bed after a bath because it was you soon, since the beginning of the school was still lying almost naked. Night after night I was attached to the rub naked daddy sometimes even jeans, I went tickled something I enjoy.
Also included in the funny sense, Dad I love you so I know a lot about me, I love the dad, with me everything will be happy if only dad.
Been infused with a kind of lotion in there during the winter of third grade, we were over there pushing my caress after the full array and put just the tip was inserted, you say.
Do not enter all of a little tenderness, but did not enter or just do not know that it came with no more depressed. Dad still has his for a chewy, while the sperm has been in 撃Chi込N.
That's when I started feeling what Jean and I think I was the first time that maybe it's erogenous.
Since then, until the summer of fourth graders, dad on a daily basis over there has been tampering (I noticed it was meant to be reluctant to deflower pain when it is only recently.) Alive and well at playing pool, which was across the rotor Guriguri just massage a little change but there's swimwear.
Soon as summer vacation, dad bought me a yukata (of which I did not have to be weird is,).
He taught me what to wear Yukata Naked was no bread or even the day when you go to the festival. When the goldfish, goldfish have been aiming for a distant people here need a front man, that was because I think I got to see the opening leg maybe I want Pari w
After returning home, was excited to suck on Daddy's obvious array 69.
After plenty of petting and I have been pushing me over there as usual to the array. However, it is slowly becoming increasingly imposing force, as it was inserted.
The base is not up, I have been in full sore anymore, dad plan to bear fruit until this day, but I felt I was.
Each time as it moved, "Oh, there'll..." And away, every dad is "silver, silver" becoming, and seemed more excited.
Then little by little and little movement is pressed against the much, I found something that is poured into me.
Because I feel I like from it every day, yet many times has Dad.
Forced to be even Yoshi Tadasu various, gym clothes or bathing suit, of course, or simply skirt, or just bags, clothes of the character of what we bought dad, so I took as thinking anything about like that at that time, I think that I thought I was being brainwashed.
Becomes the sixth grade, Yu pants put the vibe ~ or walk rip Tsu, or are tampered with in the seat back of the bus few people ... I wonder if I have many more books such probably I think that like I'm listed with the most.
Since the beginning of middle school and enjoying the exposure to different things for yourself. The movement of the clothes, so I'm using the H.
Lot of things to tell me, feel me for a lot, I love daddy always a gentle w
(Is not brainwashed anymore!)

Clear this morning

After all, both men and women is what a male and female. The reason was simply the desire to keep. Mature become distinctive smell of a woman living alone with a young and gallant son of the body. Child sex was a natural flow.
Away on a business trip two days ago my son could not sleep in ... and the glow of the body ache, strangely enough myself. Last night (until this morning), is inserted into Omeko son cock my hips began to move from the moment my body is tough on the body of a young son, I have been raising their voices. When implanted into the body of his son without so much as a 5-minute semen, I was already gone wrong.
Dozing and sleeping, was continuing to have sex several times this morning. Son, the canyon will also clever enough to caress me in many ways. Sex is a good son, always makes me push through its zenith. Remains heavily permeated son, reached a climax when, I became a woman can not stay away from the body of another son.
Child sex is unmistakable taste. I hit the computer is sleeping beside his son.

Has it been seen

Husband's death, even caring friend invite distractions meal my sorrow was refused. Last year, the second death anniversary memorial service, burial already finished to a temple in Kyoto. That night in bed alone and I wake up and ponderously in the middle of the night was out over my overhanging large body of her son. When you pay by hand and foot Ino Hutoshi son, I have touched Kina Hiroshi erection. Son, "Ugh." Simultaneously with his son to say that I ejaculate.
Imashitara wipe the semen splattered on your bed, "I love my mother," has to hug. Mom wants to 諭Shimashita and no, my son is 押Shi倒Sa, as well as incoming breath can be a big tongue in my mouth, I stripped the panties with his big hands.
Son away to have seen The Rose Tattoo with my thighs, I told the truth only worked in a cabaret Yokosuka Yone military man was tricked when I was young. And that the son had cried and hugged me to abandon so cute. I said, "I like a mother" and ask the question, my son, "from now on to protect my mother," and took a bath Itadakimashita pulled out saying.
Me to caress my dick. I understand that the vagina is filled with more full of pasty white. Hurry up and thinking I ask, begging for me to put Then immediately. I was so thrilled to sex after a long time. That night, my son was four times ejaculation. Since then, buy a double bed, sleeping with his son.
Sometimes asks my parents care about living in the neighborhood. Last Sunday I sleep until around 9:00 and on holiday, came into the room and opened the door and get a gift that my mother was still in bed. We are also surprised, appalled my mother, "Oh - you -" "I'm sorry" and went out. No way, I thought you two people in bed.
Bus B - mother wore a job to go into the living room, laughing, "did we get along," When asked, I am embarrassed to face turned red. Going to have to face the evil son and divorced after a while. My mother used to be when he was with friends waitress inn spa, mother, son, nephew and aunt, employees and female president, the grandson and grandmother, and I came to stay more variety, listen to during its治Marimashita mind a bit. Haha, this is absolutely confidential and you do not have to, just between the two, saying he went back. Good for you and a mother of a real son back to bed. I'm happy.

I also want

I feel like I can now read a story's example.
Son 誘Ttara whether she hold me in high school this year and will be
I wonder what nice young body but when held.

Older brother

I am a 11th grade girl. I have a brother but I'm on three, with a brother that is very shameful. It was first seen in the two days of my four years ago. I see that it is doing masturbation brother. My brother's room and the room was a little boy out of bed and peeked through the window on the mood of the room because I heard a strange voice mail on the porch of my brother when I was connected to the porch so I holding in hand and was moving. For a while but I was surprised to see a man saw a little masturbation first time. I became a strange feeling something back to the room. Since then, like now sometimes peek. And that day I looked and Moso ー. Oh! I thought. Girl pants are obviously things that are holding my brother. I wear my pants a little while ago but never thought. Brother Jim Johnson has touched the face to expand and cover shorts. "No way ~!'s Why I'm such a dirty thing in my pants?" Now then began to lick and lick Dari smell over there with the nose portion of the pants inside out. "I lick the stain of my brother there with you ~ I like pee," there I was watching my brother masturbate for a moment that looked like a pervert coming wet hot Chai. My brother has sent the body reflexively while rubbing the little boy pants. Went out of the room pants rolled up. I did not become slippery masturbation and put her hand into the pants back to the room. Washing machine a few favorite cute dirty pants on purpose and then brought the day ... Then I thought my brother. While I lick the stain Put Shigoi filled with smell just like in all the time. "My brother ... for good pants? Omanko 舐Metai ah ... the smell?" Kuchukuchu was put in place a finger from the side of the pants or thinking. I saw a little boy out of the Pyu Innovation brother. I'm over there I have become wet and drenched. Then after a while I was in high school. I masturbated while looking for her brother is still wet vagina. Big brother is serving with the juice to go Paiomanko matured from a cute lace panties cotton pants. A brother ... one day, while masturbating to fantasies and ecchi. Full of juice can you imagine it until I get the little boy's older brother is still a virgin.

First experience

yuna himekawa[6872]
I am economically disadvantaged, and 50-something housewife that lives in the gravy. My husband is busy and tired to say that, more than half a year away, dissatisfied with life at night. ...
I'm lonely, and the skin of a man petting was waiting to be healed. Last month, when his son visited the boarding house where college students, "like mother" is confessed that night and gave a kind of elaborate boldly wrapped her son.
My hair hairy man, dick is a little stained, and I said look at my son, get over the warm and kind words do not worry, I received just shy lick.
I was a new experience, became drunk, sitting up on top 乗Kkatsu shaking on their own until the morning would intersect. Son, "Wow mom," bestial and SEX, was told at face became red with embarrassment, my son was laughing.
The son came back to Gifu weekend, Keep out of the house, went to pick up early in the afternoon I Hashima station, burned fiercely until the evening at a nearby hotel. I will be asked to leave his son 69, suited licking each other's genitals. Sex feels good and so did not know until this year. My son starts passionate kiss, lick tits, dick trick of hand, will lick the genitals.
My husband to ejaculate into the five minutes immediately, and will leave my body. A son, pussy, Omeko, he told me a cock and cannot. What genital licking son of a transformation? . Please tell everyone.


There was a lot of reply, or I would Nasty. Now after having sex with my husband came home from a business trip, now I have sex with her son. Oral husband endured after putting me drunk. Honestly did not feel up to having sex with my son this morning. Fuerachio has now also increases the son's penis. In the morning my husband back to bed. What I'm horny. Do you see my son and can not stop thinking of the feelings and should be stopped. My son is also elbowing back. Write again.


I want to have sex with him. My father was held for the first time last week. But my father was so hurt virgin sexual intercourse easier to put the penis into the vagina to lick gently. I felt a virgin.

Kano Masa pregnant! !

Nice to meet you, so please listen helplessly frustrating!
Frankly, I was pregnant with my child my mother-in-law son. In short relationships, grandmother and grandchild. My grandmother is 16-year-old son at age 62. Yesterday, I was told to share his grandmother. Still, like I had my period. My husband died last year, since it was 働Kizu Me. Listening to night, night had come out of my part, I want my son came into my grandmother I was taking a bath. First I'll sink back Dattarashii pretext, I'd love to have attacked a slight rubbed rape in the mid-chest from behind suddenly. Workshop materials are like my grandmother yelled at, yet the son - was part of the fun of the boys in the class - I want virgin crying and complained. So my grandmother and my policies 思Ttarashiku Raretara bullying cute grandson, I would like you once, promising the Yatta. 4 months pregnant. Person (grandmother) would say give birth. It is the reincarnation of her husband says. I'm going crazy. My son still does not know the facts. I do not know birth can be a grandmother was no longer so. Tomorrow, we will ask you to talk with obstetrics. Children learn to be stuffy mother-in-law my son ... It is indeed. What do you think you?


I have been living together with a son recently, and I have seen his son as a man. Not really, no action was out, came in one piece underwear into the living on the bath Last night, every day for my son, my eyes involuntarily, the lower body of his son to, of course, my son was in 脹Ran thing. Insolent in mind that I want to [Tsu] ~! ! But I ask from them could not make it, to comfort yourself in the body to masturbation Monmontsu last night, even in anticipation Tta sleep, in dreams, the sunset is a nice challenge for me to come on son tough body .

What should we do

Last night my son went to a midnight snack strive to study late into the night as usual. Son's pants erection Surprisingly enough it was broken. I was in your mouth gently caress the instant Musco. "You're not getting to study so far," My son ejaculation raise our voices to shine tappuri. My son, "I want to mother," "See you another chance," jumped out of the room. But I think I will receive in the body is having difficulty with the nervous mind. I do?

The first love hotel

Slimy and shiny cock son, I have certainly penetrated the petals. Hard and strong while 脈打Chi, moist flesh that is definitely my hole and out. Looking to open their legs, make sure that. Make sure that my son swallowed my penis vagina son has continued to move back awkwardly. My son has comforted my genitals my genitals. I have become something 確Kametaku, hold firmly to turn my son's legs ass, that hip shake. That is inserted into Omeko my son's cock. Child sex is unmistakable taste.

With no husband or

Weeks ago, and quarrels with her husband because of too much gambling, I punched my husband and said loud. Son stopped me into the night that her son ran upstairs room.
My son said, "Even if I do, I'm a friend of my mother," I said I did embrace. The hand of her son moved from the shoulder to the waist, while the skirt has been invaded. I have a hard body, "Please, it is OK with it," I refused and struggled, "Mom, Mom and I had to 愛Shi合Itaku years ago," said my lips her lips have been repeated.
毟Ri it took to make underwear and I push down on the bed. We are in the back bedroom of the couple's first floor, sleeping at her husband drank Yake酒 loud snore. I am prepared to decide, leaving the body alone that night and thought of his son. My son is playing with the genitals violently, deeply buried and the flourishing plot. I did not stop the tears out of sadness.
If you want from now on, I was also to her husband 面当Te, I lost my son and myself with a real erotic. Clearly understood the excellence of incest. It can not be helped to feel better anyway. And get this thing did not know the joy juice.
Son with strong ejaculation hard thing many times thicker. Also in the vagina, even in your mouth muddy, thick smell of semen is poured, I did not know enough what is what. Since then, his son every day to day work is in the husband. That was not her husband and husband and the other is also no longer motivated.

I nympho

Sex and finished fifth son, now 17 years old. My husband went from a business trip two days ago, I went into the bath around 9:00 last night in the dressing room felt a hint.
居Masen only two sons in the house with me. It was noticed that naughty panties off with fresh 見計Ratsu that before I got in the bath.
It is a sticky saliva as an important part in my panties. I went to the dressing room only on this day. Sure enough I did not have panties.
What I long for my son to take a bath in a loud voice, I called her. My son was in the living room, I came in five minutes, but refused to get naked once.
The first time I saw my son as an adult penis. Had since 4th grade.
After a bath once a son, I raised my son to wash while pounding back, I had seen her son healthy penis is a moment I will multiply and rose water.
I was pretending to be unaware, is said to want to wash my son even before we found that curled penis clear while washing her son's chest from the neck next to go.
I looked away at something mind-boggling thought, were found himself fellatio. My son's penis was larger than the thick, strong husband.
I was putting my son back to the moment I realized I retrospectively put a wet finger in my vagina suddenly. I thought it was broken, and were put immediately.
I had been caught after a long hard fully reached its culmination. They went out of the bath immediately had sex with her son ever since yesterday.
Today my husband comes home at night. My son is now sleeping on my side. I wanted to touch my penis and my son. I want to poke and soon.
Sleep. See you soon.

Since the fifth grade

21 years old but, since I was a fifth grader and his father, but I'm having sex, Temasen shame. Are you a decent base of the penis is inserted to the time of my father's fifth grade, when I saw your eyes, I get inside my penis so big and thick, and was surprised. At home, the bath can also be bed supper, always together at night, you have to ejaculation body and mind I'm sorry. Condoms, like myself do not like that wall somehow. When caught in father's sperm in my womb, I'm happy and feel loved. I just love my father.


38-year-old is known as Lily. The divorced single six-year history. Son of yuan broke her husband's office is. My son is 16-year-old high school sophomore. Relate to the son from the neighborhood after he entered middle school. My son and I meet once a month to have sex that day without fail. Be sure to hit the day of the period. I made five years nearly a relationship, my son recently became strong and makes me glad I came to improve my technique. I live with my son says that until the adult custody are being held with her husband because 叶Imasen yuan. I live in is a bit of work away, I believe that you can also bike around 引Tsu越Sou son is still very little commute.

Then yesterday morning

Truncated on the way I'm sorry. In [I going to clean because you look cute in my wet, "Why are you telling me what barker" in your living room away from the spot to say, to clean up spilled Coke on the floor and took his there's just a part of his underwear dropped to the mat on the out skirts wet from 替Eyou Tansu in the next room and put on a skirt, it was just a little cola stains. To go to the doctor now, but underwear is not that the show feeling bad, down in the back during a quick change into the clothes and underwear in a wash, "Hey, You're the wet" and the voice of her success. Hold the front face 振Ri向Itara only momentarily surprised, but her success, I came into the room with a look that never showed before. [Out, because of changing, I'm etiquette in the family, "I said casually bright Tsutomete and what was safe to return it, and her success my arms hugging body feverish behind me It was opened as far as the feet. At that time I Kizuita and matched the human eye is projected in two mirror over her dresser with me gong big already had his eyes, is gentle, too, the only child of ethics also 持Chi合Wasenai Man, I'm sure it's her success. My pubic hair is only slightly depend Lasso, when her little body Zuraseta successful, could see the big meat chunks

Yesterday morning

Yesterday morning, barely 20-year-old son, and her 20-year-old Happy Birthday successful, but my best smile hung on to his son a voice came from the bedroom of the two statutes, her face 浮Nu I. In the "worst, I'll fever" I was just very "hot and measure your" remove the thermometer from the first aid kit and a good while, passing the thermometer sitting on his right hand sat on the sofa next to her success in the left診Mashita the degree of heat hit my forehead on his forehead to give her bangs in the hands of success. "Severe fever, what, how cold." Thermometer was now pointing at 38.6. "Her success, for today for the school holidays, your lying in bed Toriae'll call from the teacher." Rear rise so spicy that the second floor, "the doctors 9:00 Kuni Hiraku from, I'm going. to say, I would, and washing in the morning, turning the washing machine, the school her success (eighth grade public) to tell the rest by telephone and in charge of Internal Medicine, the neighborhood as well as cut I booked as soon as I told the doctor to call you. The teacher said "today, but tomorrow if you come for your appointment day with so few patients have two soup"
10:30 I decided to surprise when I put your reservations. Came down from her twice found himself successful,
"I hope something cool." "I understood, would be nice mineral," "as a Coke." The son limply on the couch in the living room a cola with a full glass immediately, "her success, I drink is. "You have to wet-Cola around the thighs from the breast of her pajamas from the success Hippatta strong force were suddenly to pass me by the arm. "What Gee, is not got wet," her success is "Mom I'm too wet," from work and feeling lazy. "I do not rise to the extra heat of a fever, take off, I take off everything." "Mom 濡Retarou well, you know off, you'd better take off." I do not mind "wet, too wet mom Also, take off the word "obscene by a listener as" If a change of clothes and underwear take down from the second floor thinking I have not gong chan, I heard the show and want to shower array So, "What are you doing I have a fever."
From the bathroom she said "It got sticky cola, I can not dress." It also seems to think "I can hurry up, they're too wet," a change of underwear and socks wearing, G Pan, Sweaters taking into bathroom basket, this "fast, Wet" came out without even hiding the array big your success will open the door suddenly when trying to 掛Keyou door knob towel I thought it obscene still like listening [yes or towel, so "when the tone was clear and gave [cute because you look at the wet, I

And grandchildren

I returned to attend the ceremony in January of this year, the grandson of college students. I will be asked to buy some souvenirs to celebrate any grandchildren, I was okay with the answer. After the ceremony, saw off at the station from Osaka to guide the grandchildren, I received an invitation to come.
Come into the phone and bought a ticket from the comedy Yoshimoto Shin Sun in early February, a grandson living in Osaka in the afternoon. Nausea and grandchildren in the room the smell of tobacco and about the mountain of garbage not even stepped foot place, cleaning, laundry was finished the evening.
Guided by a grandson, cloth f Izuo Atsushi Ikeda, Osaka, open-air bath room with Dearimashita rooms. Kaiseki dinner you a lot of cattle Tamba in the room and got a little drunk and drinking alcohol. Nakai's talk about your good at, I go into the bath together, men and women that it's one sex are the best grandma and grandson, said in the excitement gloss was a good time.
The waitress's ready to finish the bath, naked and urge the early, took off was determined to be hesitant. The waitress's and make sure that we take a bath, went out smiling and laughter and fun with a stiff.
Son, come take a bath, standing erect, and I laugh to hide the embarrassment, "Where are you looking at by," he said, and there Kakushimashita breasts by hand. I said, "I sink back to Grandma," she said and sat against the wall. Sun has started to wash my back. "It's good wash," and give praise and grandchildren were a little bold, "I'll be washed before," he said, I tried to turn around. I said, "I'll be in my front," said the grandson was in a towel to caress your breasts, hips belly with a towel, getting down to the groin, when you wash your dick, I that "it can not be bad" in a stern voice and a little 言I放Chimashita. I began to wash the neck and shoulders with towels grandchild to put toward your body shampoo grandchildren. My hands are starting to come down to the stomach from the chest of the son, grandson finally reached the groin. Erection, that the grandson was Bing. Grandchildren erect while washing it with a towel, "Are you masturbation every day," I've heard. Then the grandchildren, "Well," I went to. I said nothing and started squeezing it by hand grandchildren. "I" Do not be hard "to stimulate continued to rub the head saying turtle. Son has become impatient with the ejaculation I left both my hand on his shoulder. I Bettori sperm and grandchildren with even my chest and stomach. I laughed, "Daa, and put so much ..." she said, over the water shed clean in the crotch of his body and grandchildren. Grandchildren "I really felt," he said, laughing shyly. I left the bathroom with a towel to wipe each other's bodies. After this write next.

My son woke up

I am a slave to his son Narimasuru. Covenant, and I thought my son was accepted but my son's desire was far greater than his master. My son is something in the house in various ways to try to work with all my training. Particularly eye-spots, but, what I was making a dildo attached to the back to secure a place in 股Garu riding machine.
Wearing tight leotard breasts exposed me [Come on, yo 股Gatsu Satomi.股Gara which is fastened to the back] and [I'll enjoy saying aloud and cute. But the good times gone. Switched on and say].
[I like Yu's no this. Son says, laughing] [back-talk or a slave? Said that] raised the speed.
I [Aan, Aandamee, Ii] and feel that likes hanging slaver Satomi [s cute. But the good times gone. The minute I put it pops up so far. [Aan] said that, Aan, Aan, Ikkuu, Itchau. Gone away], saying [Mom son, I cute. Now, I more Why not just gone. Son], who said that more than my husband S fueled shame maybe even to the naked, I enjoy training for the body. I will be exhausted by knowing someone depart several times, stabbed his son and my penis to turn loose on anal anal insert a pillow under your abdomen lifted lying prone on the bed, I slowly piston is you feel is never ever felt [Aan, Ii, Mottoshite. ] Was saying.
Anal sex but my husband was, but I much 気持Chi良Kunakatta Anal felt most by his son.
Is sufficiently someone depart pussy, I was quivering with someone depart in anal drool hanging son was also developing vigorously massaged my chest sensitization.
I feel good that the whole exceeds the breaking point by his son, pussy, anal, was developed breasts body easily die.
To train a husband more than my body, my mind is completely dominated me.

? Is ....

yuna himekawa[6802]
Because the test week this week, I came home at twelve o'clock Guraini.
Parents are not home, of course, I was still studying. .
Then, I made a sound like Japan Mini at the door.
I think I was afraid of thieves.
Then, that it was my brother.
My brother is tall, I lose.
I have 178 tall. But I reach 165.
And my brother ... In fact, we are orphans.
I'm a child of the mother is, I Hikitotta brother.
So ... I'm terrible I Kakkoii.
Johnny looks like ... but I'm not feeling the Kakkoii,
Something cool (appearance) and I.
Now the high way? It.
I've been to [Na] to skip school and thought it was,

"Welcome back."

The computer started to say.
My brother came from behind to cling Then,

"Wait, have won"

Gyu Komemashita power while I say ー.
Pictmap until then, I wished it was day ...

"I get?"

Suddenly my brother, I've touched my heart.
... Toiuka, I have been massaged.
But I will not feel my heart, I ignored it as it is a joke.

Brother "... the 気持Chiyokunai?"
My "unfortunate."

Answered bluntly, I was still with PC.
But after a while, but I leave my brother.

Brother "... then."

As soon as such, my brother Orosou G as bread,
Chuck lowered off the button.
I have nothing but I was surprised, 振Ri払Imashita sanity back in the hands of his brother.

"I'll Stop! What are you doing!"
Brother "... What is it."

My brother says we will sharpen your lips, I was still very upset.
My brother has had good relations with the brothers thought it would like to continue.
I have an endless supply from the state of the computer running and went to the stairs nervous.
Went into her room and started reading comics.
After several minutes, but this time my brother came into the room.

Me "for something."
Brother "... ..."

My brother has been close to silent.
Suneta I guess I thought I started reading the comic turned back to his brother.
Then my brother is on the floor of my 押Shi倒Shita.

I "Ouch."

I thought it was a fight.
Any attempt to rebel, but not move the power of the strong brother.
My brother 縛Rimashita my arm in a towel.
And ear, I whisper.

Brother "... dust, and tried to."
"I do ...?"

He started licking my left ear.

I tried to escape, they crucified my brother on the floor right in my arms, that move was not so good between my legs into the leg.
And the left hand, he started down the pan again G.
Realized that was taking off underwear together.
Knowing the hand of my brother to stop, and now began to touch my dick.

"I fill with ... Uu ..."

I killed a desperate voice.

My brother is faster or slower and had touched the dick.
I was feeling impatient, I wished for stronger.

Brother "voice out."

At that moment, something strange was pushing chestnut.
They had brought from where I was pressed against my brother cleared a small vibrator in my.

"I Aaaaaaatsu!"

I'm not used to erogenous has been installed immediately.
After I exhausted, my brother 抱Emashita.
And let sit in a chair in my room.
Arms were bound with masking tape is fixed on the back of the chair,
Leg was fixed at the edge of the chair as duct tape.
I also had pants unawares.
Under the part that supports a lean put the rope tied to a chair there.
The rope is there to put on my neck where I burst through the bottom of my rope.
And my brother is also fixed to the vibe in the pants, I was cleared to leave me.

I do not think to escape from the vibration,
I float the body naturally, been tightened over the pants and rope floats chestnut body, I cut into the chestnut that vibes.

"I and Me ... Tetsu"

I said while I was gasping, my brother is not only saw my dick standing in front of me.
After a while, and gone out of the room.

"Go get the convenience store"

It did leave me sure that Lee put up with me just mention that.
And What of the nearest convenience store, I take fifteen minutes at full speed Come bike.

My brother came back ... but I think that one hour later.
Surprisingly, I, I did not install it yet.
Because they felt I could not stop and once installed,
Still had all the time.

"I ... Aw, you give it away?"

I feel I was going crazy. It should also knew his brother.
Nevertheless, the kindness of his brother was always gone somewhere to go.


My brother is forced to click on my vibe.

I "-------!!!!!"

I have now installed.
However, Lee was after my brother, but was still forced to vibrate.
And it is a grinding and painful 押付Keru.
I have not been installed leave.
The thirty 押Shi倒Shita me a brother,
Were released twenty minutes I was five.
My brother was a devil, and grateful that even just in handjob Sumasa well.
What was also accumulated stress.

From a year ago

It is that time of the previous year. Right before high school graduation ceremony his son, my son has been raised herself suddenly, "I'll protect my mother from now on!" A cry of joy to people's kind words to his son grew imperceptibly fine Mashita.
That night, I visited my son in his room in the bath robe for your print. My son on the bed, touching my dick, that the son, to 押Shi開I, came into was a sense of her 呼Bi覚Masa forgotten.
Move right out of my body back on the body of stout young son, I have been raising their voices. In less than five minutes, when the semen is implanted into the body of his son has gone wrong I am no longer. That night, to continue having sex several times, I dozed off to sleep.
Now, my son, she'll eat pussy also clever enough to caress me in many ways. My son, sex is also good, as becoming his mistress, always makes me push through its zenith. Remains heavily permeated son, reached a climax when, I became a woman can not stay away from the body of another son.


I sleep with my father and another stop me I'll try living with my mother I love. If I can stay with what feels good to feel your best because you chose to have sex and I am happy thank you, I'll even anything.
A year ago, started when I was committed to my son, a prisoner of the body away before I knew a young son, divorced her husband three months ago. You call each other 幾代, enjoying the married life.

Sorry you

One night my son came home drunk on the barely even walk.寝Kasemashita no room in my room upstairs to bring your son.
While my son has a cold water 飲Mashi and I write a snoring sleep Kina Hiroshi. I fell asleep in peace, too. "Eh, what?", A dream or what happened, happened just when the state was dim, the moment you enter into my body and my son, I knew the dream, not reality .
Husband and whether or not several times a year, my body 55 years went to feel good more and more, in the head at pleasure agreeable becomes white when it realized that it reacts to a woman completely ejaculation son When you were hugged tightly.
The other son, real son, "not tell anyone, I never." Why why these words came out, I accept the pleasure of her son. Three years since then, and now my son love relationship. What is acceptable because the sperm of a young son, husband and even younger friend also has my body stretched out enough to be told. Know the relationship between son and my husband is full of feeling sorry.

Would you please tell me how

The secret of her husband say, once a month but I can not stand to 疼I dick, and changes in health visiting. ‥ few days before that visit, I was depending on who goes on a woman's sexual desire as itchy Sakari female cat with a fierce, but her husband said Kashiku shame. Just hug her son ache subsides. "The feeling, the feeling, Oh Oh ^ ^ ^'ll cum'll cum oh", "Yes stet it too Oh Gugu c", "Iitsu Oh," My son and I until just now Imashi to 充Tashi sexual desire of every month at the hotel or. I like when to visit health and mental changes can not be suppressed by reason, not everyone is please tell me how.

Last night of family

My son got home at around six in the evening. Have you finished your meal even around my husband came home. My husband out to dinner, I bath my son to study in the room. My husband has finished the evening drink while you eat, clean up. Was nearly ten o'clock already. The husband of one living room, upstairs bedroom I. My son seemed to be still learning. Imperceptibly slept. I was next to the futon laid his son because his son was turned over to the bed I woke up, I was pretending to be oblivious.

Has touched my heart slowly over pajamas. Son's penis in his hand grew too. Then my son in my pants has a concealed hand. Hands into my pants for her son.

[Kuchutsu out of bed, Kuchatsu]
And sound and my son's penis to rub] [Gosogoso
I saw my son opened his eyes, I saw my son.
I take off your trousers and pants son Kemashita further lower body too. My son's penis to 股Gari and put the tip of the penis rubbing clitoris.
[Ha, ha]
Breathing was rough and Innovation together. My penis in a slimy liquid. I became so because it was continuing to stet their clitoris stimulated [Mom] I'll go ahead
[Yeah, I say]
Ikimashita being told his son. And I'm his son, including the mouth of the penis, Nagakara up and down the mouth and tongue in the mouth Kunekune.
[Ah, ah, in, Serve, come out]
After telling me for the mouth ejaculation.
I do not drink out of a son, his son lay me off your pajamas on my nipples Shaburimashita.
[You yet? ]
I'm not done yet [enter]
I just put was already large. I removed the rubber from the cupboard, and I was put on her son. Then my son gave me the inside of my butt once. Cowgirl from the upper positive and high positive. I Ikimashita it twice. Ikimashita son. Remain linked by a positive level, was immersed in the finish. Leaving a son, Zurashitara the body, clears the Innovation and nipples, and I wince, even clung to his son. Was a kind and gently.
[In] a little more like this
Remain connected to. After some time away, and went to bed. What was at one time my husband still going on in the middle of sex, music and open the bathroom door was open I heard the refrigerator.

My brother and ...

But I've got a brother in high school look like a girl is fair, may want to tease about.
Raised only after a bath towel wrapped around the tub, and I look into my chest and sit sideways at the couch next to his brother.
Excited to think about the erotic and strangely I seen my brother. Unnaturally dropping towel, she'll show all the breasts.
I was impatient get my brother hugging, "Okay, but licking tits" joke? That come with sucking chest jump course.
My younger brother's pants down, wrapped in a palm down Shikoshiko pole ....
Blow strong kneeling in front of the couch then. Brother rough to breath, hard cock is getting more and more sure.
Having become a cowgirl rider immediately. While the habit of licking the nipples virginity to his brother, coming violently thrust.
I'm a technician Naka Naka There is only my brother.
"Sister, I'm already dangerously Iyo," because he told me "come out? So I'll take the mouth!" I will end my mouth.
Chai, but it was so thick and choking involuntarily to mush, I gave all the drinking. My brother was so happy.
So I got completely hooked, you will enjoy ー people still sometimes two!

My son will be tempted

I am 37 years old, my son (Yu) is 16 years old. Recently my husband is over the second death anniversary, he spent every day since the body ache vain, to seduce her son would enjoy, was ~ ~ sleeve uniform out of school days. Since my son came back [back, good timing. They appear before the son] and the son got stuck in surprise. I have no son to care 連Re込Mi room [that would fit? [Mom] and call out and, you cute. I] to increase the related mono likes hip.
[I do not want to? [And] I want to hear, understand. ] Was lying on his back on the bed to say confused, and amazing things appeared pants zipper down, I Feller. My son want to die immediately connected with [my mother for the first time. So I say let someone depart] with his son and the penis is inserted into her pussy 股Garu son. My son is excited about having sex for the first time, so I want to hug my body [I'm in love with. Release the body] and that [my son likes, without hair on her pussy mom? Bra and panties [not] my mom?回Shimashita] likes my body licking.
[What Mom, I gasp aloud cute. [] Like this again? [Or] costume and asked Dad liked SM system. [Answer] Well, now I'll do my mother wanted me cute? [Nod] and said to me, Mom you like to obey, perhaps? And when he hit the conviction and I nodded and [if, in obedience to my will. I was told].
In fact, I was developing a sensitization is a trained many masters without potatoes hesitated what to be trained son of the image of his master, and will accept the hoped reverse sama Yu, and love Satomi Please. Masu Hashi Satomi absolute obedience to an order like Yu. Son], I was puzzled and said, [I know. I heard from my father knew, like I was correct. [From] my father, because he taught me how to make obedience a woman, I'll think of me as a slave to Satomi. Think of a happy husband and son] says, [Yu Satomi is like my best as a slave. Thank you. Answered].
My son from my husband, my training photos and Equipment, Itarashiku charge of costumes, among them I have a letter "to Satomi. You had seen this letter, I want to win sex A. entrust the whole of the rights to his son Yu Satomi. Satomi because slavery was the best, cute and give it wants. "was written.
I will tell my husband put in accordance with the son of slaves.
Following is later.

Me and my brother 40 years

40 years and one younger brother.
I was a small two small summer my brother.
A hole in the wall away when my time was playfully fell on the bed, the parents in the room next door, because it was such a state that is raised slightly to avoid going to see panic wallpaper , is able to crush it by hand without being noticed in the walls of our room away fist-sized hole, there was no other than changing the topic to hang a picture of the appendix.
"Ne? Ne? My sister?"
My brother raised me a place to sleep,
"A loud, What?"
Nervous to go on a bunk bed, peel off the picture on the wall,
"Look, look."
"It's not good you find difficult."
"Sit, be quiet."
And rushed to look through the hole in the wall is my brother, my parents naked, at the time it was knowing that I have never in the middle of sex.
Without understanding the sex and would be interested in mystery and doubt there naked, looking for his brother and turns, his hand on her mother's legs, putting your face in the crotch with mother father and father There are moving in fits and mother in the groin groin, did not have What I have a strange appearance.
Pant as a mother, being bullied by my father's, and escape without any wonder, then hugged his father that it looked strange parents.
"Sister, are you okay mom?"
"I'm not fighting?"
"I think all right?"
"What are you doing?"
"I was in your mother's pussy?"
"I wonder what?"
"It is because OMAE with his dad in lewd."
By the time my brother in kindergarten, "I do not have their cock my sister!" Made fun of the word is said, did have a fight, badly scolded by my mother, I still remember my brother was poor.
But remember that I listened to something like the difference between men and women from my mother at that time and had to take a bath, but no time for silly'll see this in jest or to, at all events tonight are different.
I can see that pierced the bodies of her mother and father's cock.
I doubt that my brother and I have seen further deepened, I go forward with our physical relationship of siblings.
"Sister, I'm your mother pussy licking Dad?"
"Dick your mother to my father?"
Look into my brother's bedroom as her parents every night since then, every time I raised came to my parents having sex, but it looks like two people to peek.
"Ne? Try to lick my sister?"
"No! Dirty!"
"Because our father?"
"Oh, I do not know."
"I try to lick?"
Stubborn brother, little brother 言I出Shitara hear,
"If you Like I can lick me in!"
"Well? ー Tsu and I! That exhausted Hey!"
"Is not that right? Not say so!"
Subsided for a while, I was at it, licking each other in time to witness the spectacle of parents sex patience came to his brother,
"Sister! I lick!"
It is the worst accident, they become more than this because I knew watching a matter of time, my brother and I took off his pajamas and underwear, my brother 跨Gi face just like his father,
"So it without cheating! It because ii three one!"
"I know!"
"Ii three one!"
掛Ke合Tsu together with voice, my brother is a pussy, a cock of my brother, brother's cock wiener should also be solid, Teru Kano brother licking pussy where my
"Hey? It'm cheating!"
"I did not!"
"I do not know where I lick!"
"I do not know, you know!"
"Hey? Do?"
"You funny!"
"Sister, said her pussy looking properly?"
"Ah! Fine!"
"This is not a pussy hole?"
"I'm putting my father is? Netsu?"
Pussy hole? As such we can not understand the cry of his brother
"Look! It! This is it!"
Fingers into his brother
"Look! Things go, I have this hole! It's the pussy hole!"
As new discoveries merry brother, I know my brother took the pain.
And dodge like "gotta, try to lick it?"
Chikku and ran what was, to 仰Ke反Tsu body,
"I have not done anything yet!"
"No! Hands! Hand!"
I touched the hand of his brother clitoris,
"There is a great change?"
"What? Here?"
I cleared the nerve to collect two small, yet a sense of what the same
"Why do not you lick it?"
"What? Here?"
Get know the feeling, has been handed down feeling in my mind is confused.
"Uh, something funny?"
My brother would have got my attention to the catastrophe, the thing that drew desperately licking clitoris, feeling lethargic weakness like chestnut tongue touch my brother was feeling slightly stripped the foreskin I went to the plunge.
Tatanu month or even a finger, and his brother had gone completely to allow it to penetrate my pussy hole.

Bright, lively and fun

The 39-year-old mother ー I'm supposed to obscene new relationship with my son.
I know I'm going to give up Tokimasu 搾Tsu Leaning Pri ー tonight.
This is found today when I was less cheer to everyone who posted previously, tea was also included complaints gradually got angry.
Inconvenience to the people standing 致Shimashita [sure] it and do not post, here and there I will appreciate your feedback - The.
Today's white underwear 着Kemashita like son.
I long cami is white of course.
Men's things and it flared skirt (s rice son) of Y-shirt.
I took a shower and another son is waiting to come home.

Scented black fruit skins arrived today.
In which one or what you mean as soon as a son ....

Good food preparation!
Good bathroom!
OK Bet However, good preparation of the skin?
Well Well tissue wet tissue and towel!
Good drinks ready! This.
Well after the battery

I like small toys Sutsu.
The more addicted I first learned this the age.
I like to use only on weekends from the disorder in the disorder seems to fit the body too.
The guy I 逝Ki series.

This great son - I like.
"Oh Aau" I never got admiration for a woman like a snake.

I'm happy with the opinion of the mother and relatives 姦Shi ~.
If you smell fine, but squid is another opinion I'm sorry!

~ Aa Gin Gin already doing.

Family of

yuna himekawa[6771]
I am a housewife with a part of a real relationship with his son. And my husband is certified. I am a 39 year old, 54-year-old husband is also 15 years older than I, a 14 year old son is a junior high school.
My husband and I married at 21 and 36, and her husband say the sex was originally very strong, beginning a week from the honeymoon, two times. After my son was born, one month, two times. 10 years ago, the husband became almost stand. Totally useless in a few years ago, my hands and mouth, will stand even if the sex show and video.
To have sex with men first met in part, the complaints were resolved, is relocating part of the restructuring, divided into three years ago, two years and then was forced to live completely without sex .
My son and I was concerned from a year ago,.逞Shiku grown son becomes impossible to endure, to seduce my son from me.
The inexperienced son, the son would be disappointing end, with the familiar these days now that let you meet me.
Found out his son's relationship with her husband is in June.
The men attended the wedding of her husband, 崩Shitarashiku a condition on the way, I've come home early. My son and I think that did not come back until the evening during sex. Hurriedly tried to wear the clothes I heard the front door unlocked, because the topic was just living from the front door, too late. It was my husband's anger had exploded, I hit my husband's anger at sex too long. I tried to stand but my husband, my husband did not like the efforts in Buchimakemashita Dano persistently bad. And I want a divorce and 突Ki付Kemashita. Then my husband to pay as if anger me reconsider divorce has said.
Several days, but not to divorce her husband talk, I received in the form of a relationship with her son eventually decided to remain at home. Later in the home state of complete divorce. Meals and housekeeping and laundry, but my husband will no longer be talk of non-necessary. If anything, I'm going out so be prepared at any time with my son, my husband not say anything. You wear to bed every night sleeping with my son. Even my husband at home, without regard to sex.立Chimasen even show off my son and sex. If you can stand if the couple is being, the matter is that your opponent will impossible. I think the world is a good man should not neglect to have sex with his wife.

Lightning and son.

Hiro you son I am 18 years old 36 years old. My son was so depressed with a broken heart last month, has spoiled me. One week when I heard my son at that time that you want, send me to come to room to carry the mail when I get home my son, my son 来Mashi room to come back as e-mail or.
Sailor son wanted to show up and I will encourage my son, I was surprised and swelling of his legs were bigger than you think. Let something lurking down strong and bigger than my husband's pants zipper Dzui knees in front of my son. I got my son to see 堪Razu blowjob penis, including the mouth, see the mother of his son, you'll get out. To fire in my mouth] saying that, I would drink it up [I'm not my mother. Please call to symbol. You embarrassed. [A] and his son saying that there. Called].
I erect penis, including the mouth of the son, I want [I feel good. I lay on the bed] said that her son has invited his close pot across the penis of her son. When my son put a big cock, felt his son could do something about Mari Osamu close to tears ejaculation pot immediately, been a while since I was gone from me. I told my son [You did such Noshitakatta. [S] to say different. Oh, and that is make me want to do things and I like? [And] the 聞Ki返Sa Sure. I want to let you Hiro. [] I'll listen to anything you say Hiro. Is still said to his son] turned down [Oh, and you are enslaved. ] And has attracted a huge cock while her son was dumbfounded [It is said that I thought impossible. [My son] says that there is a slave-like and Hiro. Absolute obedience to an order [will] like Hiro. [] I say it? [My son] is rude to say, thank you. [I] say to wait. Son] out and say a bunch of paper brought out the big buck from my room and [there are, to sign and kiss. Seen from the paper's] called "Pledge Slave" written there, and [to look inside But do not look Hayo Naka. Say], I thought I did not write a big deal [Yarutoori dumb like the signs and kiss Hiro. And kiss you] and say [read the sign that says it in then. I read it] and say [that there is absolute obedience to the orders and you like Hiro and faithful slave. [This] is a lasting commitment unless cancellations are like Hiro. More], I have read in the pledge is taken up and I would pale.
And a son [Oh, gets naked. [] Bring all the hair shaved pussy. [Come clean] anal wash. [And] you ordered Nde Hiro, to keep those even joke about. To grab the chest] was angry and say big time, I wonder who signed [to convince yourself. [] What's the difference? When the power is missing] and sat down coming from, which will be put into the mouth cock blowjob son, I have already given up. A son and saw how it [Oh, not you listen obediently to say? [] Yes, it is said. Guide has to say drink the capsule. Show my son and all the hair shaved around the pot tightly, and as you say and son of [Oh, cute. Paper bags being offered] to say, when I changed the costumes were made inside, my body becomes a pot dense 火照Tsu floods, which leave the body lying in bed with her son's feet My son will be until someone depart breathe hard times continuously pressed against the electric massage device is held close to the pot and that is [Oh, I felt good? [Now], I'll give you more comfortably. State] is raised higher thrust into a pillow under the buttocks and stomach to face down the bed and I said, I have a son anal anal virgin [突Ki付Ke a penis? I nodded and asked me] desperately [CORP., CORP., stop and make a voice 掠Reta] and [I'm fine. The massage was someone depart electrically'm for it. [] You have the power to enter the body? ] May not contain half cock anal my son and 言I終Waru, as happened to the body as is "Zubuzubu" I heard my son's cock and before I entered the base.
[Whispers in his ear to his son's love anal, anal'm supposed to feel good and I'll become addicted to anal insert dick into force in the state we enter someone depart pussy thoroughly. Slowly moving] back and say my heart gently, and I was gone I rubbed in violent anal. My son has been neglected for some time to release my body, my pussy and wanted a penis 堪Ranaku nodded Hiro sama, please Ochinko. [Chau] and say that I love you] to sleep in bed with his back but said his son has a penis and 股Garu 透Kasazu son, I put the anal yoga I'll put the pot tightly I.
Pussy, I was nodding and son choose to not win comfortably in anal anal pleasure [as it was in my thoughts. [And] that there is a like anal. [] I'm going to present evidence of slavery. Guide has been a choker for me to say.
Just wake up the next morning, and be with my son and [Oh. [Now] is called, I take a bath. Is] taking off clothes, saying his son is left without saying a pixilated, feel the love affair with my son last night and semen flows are however expanding the pussy and ass while my son is taking a bath Have not trembling, and I realized that in reality the embrace of his son's son "slaves" and thinks his son has become a and [Oh, Feller. Blow up penis] in addition to words. Drink all the sperm and son of course, see the mouth and fired, and there you are my favorite dick? When asked favorites] [Ayano and the whole is like Hiro. [S] out of the bathroom you say. Having wiped out the body] and will embrace me, saying that [I wore it. Be given a uniform pink enamel] and [I like the dress please Hiro. Son] said to me gave me to wear a uniform. They become the type leotard, however, anal and pussy is inserted and both they become like into the Vibe, the collars also, is wearing a band to bind the chest, "and Aya slaves" had been.
After wearing all that and [Oh, disgusting to erectile nipples. Guide has been told to drink aphrodisiac capsule. Of course, the body becomes 火照Tsu anal pussy and leave to ache, Hiro sama, please, and there is a feel good. Naremasen] pleasant to the move and said vibrator. In fact, body ache and anal pussy glow of satisfaction was no longer possible for her son outside and the anal penis in my pussy to the limit.
There it is, I am a loyal son of slaves still Aya.


When I was little, mom and dad had to fight is now reconciled.

But when mom and dad ... which is better? I was asked, and I was little I said I was losing on purpose to dad always fight.

Mom was staring at me with sad eyes a little sad really ... you gone.

Mom told me Dad died Tatte Jatsu.

I know of ever again being told that I meet, I 吹Tsu切Re unawares.

I was alone with dad and working hard.

Because instead of thinking of my mom ... I was in elementary school, but instead Mom Ishi Hana can not place my wife can never been considered that the age ...

Night men and women were taught in school that told you in school as usual.

... Daddy's face turned a little lonely as a way to encourage the opposite sex dad and I somehow, got away slowly.

Instead of a mom, but nothing will change, or rather freely and consciously turned to my wife at night to observe that daddy Daddy So ... I'm coming to see yourself sometimes reduced libido.

At first I did not see only disgusting, but gradually becomes poor ...

When you're drinking alcohol Dad, all I can say to Iitsu because I was a mom ... mom instead.

"You've been mostly made of?" And was told "it wasn't all!" Like ... did not say I understand.

Being hugged, but because you and I kiss her cheek, not mom ... I ....

Bull rush to suck something about it, "Come on You're saying if it does Iitsu Like I told the pathetic if I'm out the sad voice alone!" I got say ....

Then dad suddenly to look scary ...

"I'm going to do if you insist!" Hey Dad ... Dad was not from there.

Spanish mackerel have been tampered has been taking off ... He kissed a lot of sense for the first time, all the new sensations and no free time ... impressed Iti Iti.

During the flood of sensation in an important, and no idea of the kind words over my dad hesitated.

When a finger touches the thing is not stiff, but feeling great as I become more than mom and really feeling this.

So come in great pain but I was glad to feel a lot more ...

Now, 39 or 17 or Dad ... Dad was vasectomy last year.

The painful but 産Menai, I also understand the feelings of the father if the child was born at.

Wanted from their relationship ... I do not answer to 変Ware also suffering even have a dad ... from other people, so what.

I housewife. Beloved wife, loving husband.

Unusual marital father of her husband or wife.

But I love being tied together.

But the same error, I think I'm even more the couple connected with money or power, that strange?

In my case ...

Her husband away from home ...
Adolescent son ...

Frustrated mother ...
Son wanted to know ...

Living in the path selection alone with my son I feel that this was one such.

My husband chose his son away from home I was able to go to school of choice at least.
I think it'll stay working mother's side I think still a child, for I agree with her husband.
It was a choice people would exceed two sons and a line but it is forbidden.
Fragrant scent of testimony of a man floating in the middle room of the son of puberty.
My husband thought when I was even annoying is 疼Ita sex all the time the body wants.
The growth of my son, life itself is like a deadly poison.
The poison paralyzed thinking, I just embraced by the instinct to satisfy.

"I'm coming her success"

Let me open the door of his son's body into the bath continued to be attacked by eyeing his son.

Now a prisoner of his son

I have a son Of A virgin sex, masturbation excitement of the forbidden taste of helping his son, and beg to hold cute son lust, excited by the son of my wanton body, a lust for my young son drowned son I used to sit in agony.
Oh well ... pressure ... I am afraid not to come anymore ... well I'll cum together Aan Wa ~ ~ ~ ~ like a woman born in the highest good'll ~ ~ ~

Son than my husband

Is linked to three months after my son was very happy sex life. But one of the weigh heavily on my heart that the two people out of the house. People are a couple of mother and child are not allowed. And give me a nice cute loving son, husband of having an affair with a divorce is imminent.

Mistakes of the son ...

I'm not old age seventy-four is living with two ninety-year-old son.
... There is a chance of not happening, was climbing alone with her son.
Months from a failure to enter university in order to encourage his son was with dismay and H. badly planned to climb the mountain at the altitude of six hundred and seven meters in 隣県 spa town, invited the force it.
Climbing as a hobby five years ago, bereaved of her husband, until about the middle school student Hiroyuki time, two to three years in the family, I was out three more times.
Many times they even go so far aimed at the mountains, not the usual climbing route was familiar with the mountain as we have discovered a secret only to the root of our family.
We left home early in the morning in late May was nine o'clock in the morning and arrived at the trailhead of Mt.
The trip was scheduled for six hours to the summit.
There are areas where break-foot four hundred is only a secret route into our family out of the usual climbing route from there.
Hiroyuki son was feeling a little curse cling exam study of lack of physical activity in a long time, still managed to arrive to the summit 辿Ri, homemade lunch to eat with the descent from the surrounding landscape while enjoying.
The weather was changing rapidly began feeling a little cloudy in the morning, it was about an hour passed since the beginning of our descent route.
However suddenly darkened area around, it started about a sudden heavy rain big drops, and H. I was just off the normal route down.
"H., okay? 休Mimasho little hut over there"
Hiroyuki say two people with me so, a small thatched hut with corrugated iron shelter rotted away in the middle.
一向Ni stop sign but no rain, until a strong wind came blowing in fact, we could not go outside.
Around the fire caused to change into the wet clothes, while providing a more upbeat topic Tsutomete from my time spent together with my son.
一向Ni rain and wind had stopped but there was no sign.
They become quite dark outside, was past ten o'clock in the afternoon looking at the clock.
Dangerous mountain road at night, so many get lost, we decided to rest in the hut that morning.
There is a space like a closet in the back of the house divided by Itado, Shinogi also cold, and there I decided to sleep two people side by side.
Set between one of the tatami mat as a narrow, H. and I laid myself received the body to fit.
寝付I I had to turn away completely in the form of his son, woke up to notice that the unexpected.
They come from the growth of underarm Hiroyuki my son's hands, had not been Masagutsu clothes from the top of the breast.
"Wh, what? H. ..."
While I was saying that I discreetly dispel his son's hand, a little surprised that the power in the hands of muffled Hiroyuki unexpectedly.
"Mom, I'm cold ..."
Towards me and take a stronger attitude of restraint, H. Sun acknowledges the short term.
I 狼狽Emashita moment the word.
Hiroyuki they are getting more closely with me, hold me tight now can form from behind.
Even though she is embraced Hiroyuki hand, my breasts had to Masaguri continued without cease.
Long time has elapsed as is.
I strongly clenching his lips, ready to be given permission to move his son Hiroyuki hand, was eager to endure to hold back the emotion that has been bubbling up from slightly more depth in the body.
Some of the buttons on my blouse imperceptibly, had been removed in the hands of Hiroyuki.
Intention to show that I occasionally refuse, H. The
"It's Cold ... cold, Mom"
Could do something to come out loud and painful.
Raised on a roll up bra finally, they came directly to my breasts touched the hand of H., was supposed to a state as if the massage is Shidaka even though slowly caress.
"Ah ..."
Open my lips would have been strong clenching, disgraceful voice from the depths of my throat I 洩Rashi.
Has been found that the worse my body hot.
Not gonna do anything as hot emotions suppressed, was beginning to drive the reason that most of the good bacteria in my body a long time.
Hiroyuki is in the hands of my blouse was taking off.
"No ..."
Reveal only a small voice, my resistance was just a thing of the weakened form.
Now even if the other touched the breast as well as which parts of the body, I would've been forced to raise our voices until they state.
After her husband died a few years, physical contact with a man I did not just once, or that the work of a woman's body, or by his son gaud that matter, so up to Hashitanaku they were inflamed with emotion mite was unable to imagine.
My body is on his back had been on the cover Hiroyuki 被Satsu.
The brakes had already been 利Kanai situation.
I was repeatedly lips.
Have they crawl into my mouth Hiroyuki tongue, it was in response to my tongue.
Hiroyuki neck of my son's arms were wrapped around quietly gone imperceptibly.
In the dark narrow and dark, whether what we are trying to now time has passed, I felt vaguely that it is understood in the sense of the depths of my body ... that hot soup burned.

No recollection

No good, she'll say, Ikutsu go, she'll cum. ~ ~ I really like the first time, uh, feels ~ ~. I was recording my voice to his son in silence. I left the room naked shame. I make a voice like that, I felt sorrow at the bath full of semen comes out.

As a mother

Mother of Sighet. Today is my day off, my son went to school this morning, "I also try to post my mother"
Is said, let's try and post ...
I read your post and answer my son, I have not exactly little.
Been told that the aunt and her son, my son has confessed to feelings, I am worried about four days.
I would get no mood for work, two days off work schedule, the remaining two, while we were working.
And decided to accept the resolution, was signed.
Why are written reply.
When my son first held in Sighet, I was still really nervous. Shaking hands unbutton your clothes off because, as they lingering.
Become naked son in bed and sleep on his back, hold your left hand while the right nipple fondle the left breast, right Masagutsu son was part of my secret.
It was like it was all to my aunt. Anyway, moving 休Manaku hands and mouth, sometimes gentle, sometimes strong is caressed, and 14-year-old boy will be thought so, my husband was petting yuan much more good.
Male skin show in front of about 10 years, has also felt in the tension.
My legs were still closed, toward the buttocks, and poured something is right.
My son's legs stretched out, and let his tongue snake up and down, I was thinking I cry.
You live from small estates, momentarily holding the mouth, killing the voice.
Fingers into her son, and you put out a finger in the finger opening, the opening of the secret of my Gui Innovation.
Open your eyes to see my son, I had the pleasure of my son's face.
My son is a secret part Ategai hot rod, but as spread out to hug me, news came in slowly ~ ~ ~ feeling.
"Mom, red face"
Is said, to hide his face in hands, hands his son had a breast Masagutsu, putting aside my hands, neck and eyelids, lips hit my cheek, my lips have been superimposed on the lips. From there neck, breast, nipple, while being caressed, Tsuka Retsu was continued.
Will no longer have to kill the voice, I probably cried like a queer voice.
"Mom, a kind? Did?"
Have been called out and can not answer. I know that we did not. I thought that I would probably say that it is going well.
"'ll Put out made in?"
I pretend to put out a voice desperately vertical head, then took my stomach pretending things hot.
Just about 10 years, never experienced the pleasure yet. Now I'm a contraceptive.

I'm crazy about it is more

My 32 year old son and 52 year old. Son lust and physical strength, the perfect knowledge of the technical compatibility of this body and I carefully put in parallel. 62-year-old husband, sex with almost no sex was frustrated. Son and crossed the line from the
I'm crazy about it is better.

Her son was trained to

My husband and widowed stepmother to his son, who has two sons and lives.
When they came to her house to my son, I look like your sister [she] was beginning to have spoiled it for me to say.
She has enjoyed visiting with my son is gone but the house was hug me and kiss her at some point.
She did not take a passive stance and gently massage his chest that I let someone depart I was following the lead of her, she was unhappy with her Dattarashiku female erogenous technique I have in my body pretending to teach, I was developing for her.
She was kissed, and gently rubbed the body was just 逝Keru chest, the situation had reversed and was satisfied.
I will escalate the development of, or is someone depart bondage while wearing a costume and they had to be someone depart on or anal Penipan been extended, I have my son Valerio.
My son made the sight of my costume [Mom, I cute. I looked at the] said, [I'm not her mother. Yuka your calling me. I] is someone depart in front of her son and shake my head that you mention it. Then my son, put my penis in front of [the floor, to Blow] immediately fired hot semen into the mouth, from her [the floor, all the drink. I aphrodisiac in love with you. She is someone depart] to drink the semen is said, my son [the floor, cute. Now I'll let someone depart me. Son's penis] broke my pot tightly and say, violently piston is, she got someone depart in a way that is sandwiched between the two is inserted into the anal Penipan.
My son is firing cum large pot tightly, I was happy, because she anal Penipan to bring the agony I repeated to stop this going to be 逝Ki 弄Bi my body so that the final blow pulled out.
If I have to put my penis pot tightly with his son 股Gari erect penis my son could not resist including the mouth are neglected, the 突Ki飛Basa her from behind [the floor, say it clearly. [] Please let me put dick in pussy of Yuka. Let pleasant. I said to] say, but I was confused by lust and shame [Please put the dick into her pussy and Yuka. Please Yuka [a] pleasant. She said her son] and [I hope my son Nyatsu and laughter as I'd like to do the floor, I want to pledge their slaves before Yuka. ] Is said, is put a chastity belt was placed with three rotor pussy and she confused me, I'm forced to be lesbian and more [Yuka pledge to be a slave to my master. Yuka] [absolute obedience to orders will be master of all too common.逝Kimashita] up and down the waist are allowed to put his penis was removed 股Gari my son said to her chastity belt.
I met sex, the condom is inserted into a cell phone to her pussy away from the flop and his son had been wearing a chastity belt. Phone ringing in her pussy for me to train with her son further causes the agony with vibrator. Of course, usually while wearing lived in when I feel the costumes and bondage, restraints have prepared, I am a slave and her son started playing with it will embrace change.
Penipan been inserted into her anal while wearing a bunny costume to this post.
Himself has written a stark confession, now that is pleasure.


My Sister Chi Yantoetchinakotoshitemashita childhood.
I'm still in elementary school days. My sister is in my top bunk bed under. The touch was so creepy and the older sister's sleeping better and lower body at about two in the morning.
My sister noticed that "Miyu ... I love you" Sis Around Chikubi to lick naked while I hope. Children away while I felt, "Oh ... An Anntsu, Iyaa ..." was committed to my sister she said. Chi Yantoetchinakotoshitemasu sister every day since then. No one was home when Ai Rim of the state and 69 to get naked. Now I am a middle school. Now that I have to have sex with Temasen I think you and your sister.

Slave Father's libido treatment

I'm having an affair with his father about 10 years. Sometimes the father from the time I was little, but take a bath together, the eyes of my father's hindsight has since that time it seemed a little different.
Got his hand while washing the body had been playing with fingers and stretched my heart there.
Although I came to feel that you can go against what I know why my father says, "to other people I've got to keep it a secret." Imashi to find that the word is that they Usuusu or.
While I repeated that several times rather than against, I had to give pleasure to entrust himself to the Father in the bath.
Became one of my dad and then I think that too much time Tatanakatta.
Since then, my father is not only my body in a bath at night, who even now in bed.
A little scared at first, but it is coming into my father's bed, taking off clothes is imperceptibly into that touched the body of his father, inserted into the body of my father and I noticed something was.
By this time I was there the now wet enough to accept him. I felt the pleasure aloud enough to give myself and my father. Sex with my father felt it had gone.
I noticed I was going away, my father was in my warm semen release.
Later, my father gave me birth control pills what did you get anywhere. The baby can do, so I knew that sex was taking to make sure the medicine.
Then while his father about once every few days I've asked. From this time his father put the magazine now take place months in my eyes in the room on purpose.
Father has sent me that in a magazine like that.
"Look, everybody is doing right."
So I called my father and his mouth as if those magazines separately without resistance, I'll lick the anus could. I was told to shave every day to grow pubic hair, wore.
I bought my father a dirty clothes in magazines such as those sometimes. My father and ordered to masturbate with someone dare to wear it to me for sex while the dirty clothes.
When my father graduated from elementary school to close early was very joyful.
I asked my father one day why he answered.
"Something going to school, they want me to become a father around much faster."
I vaguely sensed that my father's life from slave to treat hot these days, it was also aware of his embrace.
Elementary school graduation ceremony the day before having sex with my father many times, once for the morning and just before leaving home. I felt my father and father's sperm Nururi there, because during the ceremony out in time.
After graduation my father decided to drive back together until I had come close to the school.
Suddenly my father, "go for a drive", and the house and drove the wrong direction. While driving, but each time got dark, my father took me into the back seat and stop the car to a deserted place, will be naked in the car with the car sex.
I'm out, that was wild nude Listen topic.
I stand by those in the car while his father,
"Daddy, daddy please me slave." And asked for his father.
My father, "Oh, give me a female slave to become a father. Me horny slaves to his father." Was saying happily.
Training of junior high school student went to his father's intense.
Been extended to the anus, or is to accept those of his father, and put weights on the clitoris or nipples, the more you can put a suction instrument, those I and a classmate turned magnitude clearly different was.
I was not only the body, and to avoid people who have a sense of immorality that say, was not much love of friends, of course. But now I think this bear has been loved by my father.
My father asks my body several times a night. Junior high school days were now the number is increasing.
I sometimes let my father fuck me with so many different people. Teachers and school friends of his father, who sometimes come together in a party line want sex. I still say that having sex with his father he or she has to drink sperm in the vagina with or accept. To me by my father so happy, so I felt a deeper affection.
The rest of the week my father and I were often absent from school. My father was put to rest a reason to call the appropriate school.
From "look sick," "caught cold" and had only had sex with my father actually received training.
My father asked me many times, and toys Sememashita over my body once.
My father was tired and carrying a vibrator, as ordered disgusting abuse of his father to stand there again. Let it be, and I say dirty words.
"Yoko is a horny female.", "Please treat hot drink sperm slaves."
My father was a violent sex as rape. And I is not felt only in the sex became like the rape.
Middle exam season comes around, I went to a store with his father is.
So I was putting a tattoo of the word obscene in his groin and buttocks and stomach. I have got used to feel like real father and a slave than sorry.
Satoru Naka is a graduate soon, the future I can give birth to my father. Birth to a girl, I think I'll grow to love his father as a slave like me.

Sun son became lovers.

Contents Confession: What five years ago, still remember that day.
To pass the entrance exam of high schools like my son, when I went to an amusement park in Tokyo to celebrate,
Play like a kid in a candy store about noon, checked into the hotel, dinner done,
To take a bath, comfortable bed, and a fun day, feeling sleep soundly,
The time has come to settle like a long time.

I like to sleep close your eyes into a body is moved something I like, I was taking off pajama bottoms, eh, what? If 戻Se awareness, trying to figure 脱Gasou my pants,
Wait, this hotel room, but should be absent son, surely,
The "Hey, what are you then,"
"Idiot, what are you then,"
Son to resist rather than be surprised in a hurry, but resisted until I raised my claws into the hands of his son
My son came towards unflinchingly, is taken care by the pajama pants underwear
"Stop, you doing, silly,"
I just hit my stomach son's legs had to kick them repeatedly bang your tired feet
My son fell out of bed to go flying,
"Don" and I heard a dull, looking at the lights, he was not lying on the floor,
My son went to the place of a hurry than before,
"Are you OK? Not downright?"
"Are you OK?"
I'm worried about her son's injuries, the lower body is exposed, he was suddenly getting jumped again, been brought down to the floor remained 押Shi倒Sa son coming towards the open legs of her son struggling forces are repressed,
"Stop, fool, idiot,"
I have seen my son's penis was screaming, fat Ikiri立Chi large in size as when I first saw a decent man experience, that his son was growing up here we had a good girl that cute surprise, let alone my mother's assault force, violent behavior, was attacked by a feeling like you've gone away from where my hand.
What a sad or empty, go in person to resist violent force is waning, my son around the crotch and press my penis hard 減Ri込N son come, like scraping 押Shi開Ke tight groin, the moment at once 突Ki抜Ka consciousness is forced to deny increasingly concentrated in the crotch, I'm his son had seen a penis adultery is obsessed with sex and women groin and miserable, I can stop going to kick that turned into intensely 突Ki抜Ka stimulus no, there has been dominated by his appearance in his son's penis size obsession, even a pleasure to go appeared to be swallowed by the pleasure, rather than accept the joy of pleasure end in adultery to be written, the body There was the one they opened.
And my son is not a virgin, the attack included some time, my body will react to repeat,
Been met go drunk with pleasure, nor hail turned into a woman, her son was crushed penis.
Suddenly the voice of his son,
"Today is secure?"
What I hear those words from the mouth of the son, it is hard to believe it, I'm being swallowed by the force of the penis, in response to his son Orimashita a safe day I nodded obediently than surprise.
Opened the groin to his son from being drunk penis son, was overtaken attacked so I do not know were spent how much, hit the groin is without end intense, I'm being informed of the height, while head for a climax again bathed by his son ejaculation deep, and can not stop spitting 淫声 had enjoyed the pleasure of a climax to his son a hug.
Go to bed, for example sucking dick suck without resistance was offered to my son, What a pathetic figure dropped from her mother, and tears spilled the natural son of an erect penis again vigorously, which would be carried to accept from me in the crotch opening, the end to close up to playing with penis, still continue to die of pleasure hitting things can not return,
"Jutsu pot, pot Jutsu"
Hear voices from the crotch intersection of adultery, which is pounded into the side to sleep on one leg thrust, the thrust incorporated Yotsun這I poised to reverse the further pleasure is repeated as crowding everything to lose, and face- hugging fits, poised under son, I have pleasure seeking desperately to respond to the hip shake, my face is directed to the penis, penis sucking sucking son stroke in his hands for example, the momentum of erection increased, fires ejaculation juice in my mouth, throat momentum coming back again and again jump into, which grew into a woman did not know that I completely fell into the drink hot.

My son has been held

yuna himekawa[6704]
This year I became 30 years old, my son is 17 years old. You should see my son I'm a stepmother. In addition to the bereaved husband and son, two years early as a woman, not close to my mother, was committed to seeing his son Itarashiku.
This year, when his son was cleaning the room, SM find the magazine when you move the magazine, now writes a line like that is bound by magic and my picture's upper body fell innocently one photo was. And after that I'm stunned [Mom, I saw it. Do you want to try it? Since my son] and said jokingly, say [a hoax. Son] left the room angry.
Thinking that his son's photograph in the living room a while ago [I'm sorry. While I was talking to me] and my son brought the coffee Nde said that I was sleeping sleepy.
Behind him is bound to wake up to the shirtless, chest restraints are attached just like the photo was placed in front of the mirror is sitting on the bed. I was going to swallow the saliva but I was surprised, when I feel in the grassy smell worse Itarashiku away and swallowed the semen is poured into the mouth, my son sat next to [my mother, I'll be looking good. Guide has vigorously rubbed my chest and say.
[Get Well I'm kidding. [Son] s got angry and assessment of the situation. Mother. [] Oh, I say my mom is saying that [bad] is called Misato [thinking] Yes. I say]. [I'll feel good for my son to Misato. Because I enjoy a long time.揉Mimashita] says that my chest.
[I shape up. You do not know what to do? I said], the son of a woman saying that [what was 起Ta nipples? Say], or [be honest woman When someone depart? [Misato], do not be honest. I] and to stimulate the clitoris Ma pot tightly and make sure your wet tight jar put my hand I was saying that someone depart. But my son never has to stop breathing at times someone depart shoulder is right [thirsty. Jar] close to the body itchy after a while the juice is included in the mouth saying that his son became the deluge [Misato, the impression is aphrodisiac? Removed] and [my hand and say Let's Misato want together? Was put in my mouth] put his penis in front of my eyes she said, was forced by Blow. I have been many times someone depart, but his son had become a toy reason aphrodisiac effect.
Bull Rush me son, you sleep on a bed [Misato backs, why do not like it. I was away] is said to have inserted into the pot tightly Yogatsu 股Gari son penis was up and down your back.
My son passed away while tired and covered 果Temashita 被Sari son penis.

The older brother

When I was asleep last night but woke up somehow with the sign of life. Brother stayed standing beside the bed with half-closed eyes and see. Why? Look closer and thinking my brother was with his pants down Shikoshiko cock. The Sun rises in the bath wearing only shorts and pants were exposed, they sleep in a bra breast. Was pretending to be asleep to say anything to Shikoshiko cock big brother watching me here. Cock brother was facing up to Bing. My boyfriend looks something bigger. I became hot out there, my brother and I are watching comfortably from the great man masturbation 事無Katta I saw much more. Nde uu reel in a low voice of a white cock in hand had to let your body Pikuppikutsu brother soon! I heard this. And quietly went out of the room. I was touched by my crack masturbation wet slippery in your hands while pounding amazing pants. Morning and my pants were on hand had to have noticed yesterday my brother went to the washroom. It came in with shorts in the washing machine and Bettori.

I like

My brother is Takashi Hazime. It seems too high and the back of a popular and handsome basketball players. Could not collect from a young age that I love my brother like that. My time away parents one day went to the room of my brother, "brother! You have a good I kissed 麻友? Need to do once" big brother then was surprised, "麻友 weird because brothers and sisters! embarrassing, "" first kiss with your brother and you want because "I have lips Keyed Tsuburi brother waiting for his eyes. I breathe with my brother put a touch tongue where her brother was ashamed of my hands. I "big brother? Want to have sex with 麻友? Brother and I have not a good thing if the" big brother is "麻友 brother who lick dick?" I "Can I lick Yeah Dude So I think my brother from the dirty "
Shaburimashita my brother held the penis.
I took it out as soon as the semen. "Can I put your penis in vagina 麻友? I were to stop hate," "into the vagina of putting 麻友 brother" could also be included in our challenging times. Then "I'll go I think I licked the vagina of 麻友 舐Metara?" And thus somehow able sex. I was happy.

From Uncle

Sexual baptized first time I was at fourth-grade.
Among the very ordinary, salaried workers were family, brother of my mother's uncle, they lived in a very big house,
I've been once a month to play.
What the House that there was not the child's uncle is a good care of me, I was playing with me.

The weather that day was the day of the Golden sweat slightly.
There is a forest behind the house of his uncle (the uncle's land Dattarashii there too) who had two walks and uncle.
A little tired when I thought ... Yes, uncle, "Yu-chan, are you tired? Went from hut has little luck."
She said to me, a little alley Ittara climbing, began to dawn through the trees from the cabin.
"I'll rest there?"
I nodded and went about my uncle's.

But in so 広Kunakatta, doors and windows there are fine, I felt like a lodge.
"Well, nice ~.."
She said involuntarily, surveyed the inside.
"I made it? Have them lie down on a bench in there?"
I lay down.
From a small window, came in the Sunlight, become good feelings about asleep and I started.

Gently stroked my hair started uncle's, woke up startled.
"Oh, I fell asleep ...."
The uncle happens when she said,
"All right. ... As is"
As he says, kept my hair and stroked her cheek.
So that more soft touch, but are still stuck up and feel, and eyes closed.

"... Yu-chan, I cute ..."
It sounded like muttered.
The uncle's finger has touched the cheek neck. The startled eyes opened,
There is great near my uncle's face, surprised.
The uncle with a smile,
"Daddy was like, I love Yu-chan is cute. So, I 可愛Garitai more ... right?"
I also liked the uncle to "Yes." He said.

"It's a good boy." The uncle said that, the fingers were the neck, blouse buttons have Iki, went off slowly.
At this time I, as I was put on magic,
Heaven was staring blankly.
Button is removed whole, had become my bare breasts still small.
"White, you're cute boobs.."
Says the uncle, but with his big hands wrapped breasts, gently pinching the nipple has thumb and forefinger.

"... Oh...'ll." Gone out like that voice, the body did budge, I react to this.
Tsubuttara shy eyes tightly, "I'm fine.. And I'm doing this.. Feel good?"
As gentle questioning guided uncle, and nodded Kokun.
"... Well, more Do you want me to feel good?"
Uncle, the one hand while touching the chest, one hand and put her hand into the skirt has touched the dick from the top of the pants.
I was frightened and closed their feet everywhere.

"Yu-chan, what is it? ... I afraid of anything?
Uncle, I'm fine because you can gently gently'm an adult. . ? "
Being whispered in my ear, where feeling is loose, opened a few feet.
Uncle went into the hands gliding between his thighs.
From the top of the pants, in a stroke feels like Sawa Sawa, been touched.
"... I,, then ..." I feared, my ass moving and Mozomozo gradually becomes pleasant.
"What? Have become comfortably?"
And nod,
"Leaving this dirty pants, you'll get scolded by a mom? ... Pants off'll visit you?"
The uncle, my pants down to the knees at once.

"Yu-chan, here, well ... me see?"
Uncle dick started to spread while touching.
"Yes, I thought here is cute too ..."
Nice "cute" to be happy and told little, but I was just embarrassed your legs.
"From cute, and I eat Let ..."
Says the uncle has a dick and lick Perotsu.
"I'm Yaauu Hi"
And was surprised, and feel good, I aloud funny.
The uncle anyway, always licking and keeps licking, or even your fingers are stroking dick Dari. . .

Sigh,, Ah haa ... ... ...
Gradually, I become short of breath.
The vagina, it's feeling so broken, the uncle, "No! Eh ~ spoiled.." I said there.
"Voice, I do not have to put out.. I'll close this nobody ..."
The uncle, has been more intense licking or touching.
The vagina is like peeing, I got it I'm supposed to be wet.

There is also U
"I,, ah,,,, and Tsu,,, A ~ Tsu"
However I had a pretty loud.
At that moment, the very 気持Chiyokutsu ...
Became like this was the first time.

Sigh,, haa ... haa ... haa .... . .
Breathe hard was for a while.
Hadaketa dressed without power, was lying.
"Chan, Yu 気持Chi良Kattarou?"
The uncle, let me slowly wearing pants, a button to stop me.

Since coming out as soon as the power walk from a little rest, and left the house.
When you leave the forest "Yu-chan, and come here again?" Was said.
"... Yeah."
From Uncle, want to feel more ...
From such a thought, now frequently go to his uncle's house after this.


The end of drinking with fellow Valley's Mom, had returned home at around 10 days. I confirmed the dressing room straight to the basket in the mood. The shorts are lost. It was practiced since the end of the meeting, went out from the shower dressed. You should also put in a basket of sweat 染Mita underwear.
My son is doing.
"Hey I envy, I be interested in his son. I no idea where I'm me.'m Bothering me more than my husband," said mom was in the seat of the second party senior. When you clean your room son, I had my shorts came out from under the bed. Eighth grade son. And also the adolescent response to what I know not what, I was consulted. "Find your son to give him? In Mom's I'd be helping people Shikoshiko apparently by hand. It could even be showing a body of teaching may be the style I'm still young and you were I'll "is an unexpected surprise for advice.誤魔化Shimashita have laughed and felt the heat around the uterus for some reason.
I was directed to things of interest in heterosexual son is never feel bad. There are mothers, women from before. Ijirashiku was irresistible to his son something. I wanted to be making fun of 無性Ni son, my son went to the room.
To interrupt the study and innocent son welcomed me with a smile. I wonder if Dari was smelling my dirty underwear on their faces. I just thrilled to think so.
"I would have the pants Mommy?" He shouts that look down into a loss for words. "That's OK. I came around that. I have always done a good mom because you are happy. Now I'll give you even have what they do?" I became his clothes and underwear. My son looks at me with a red face. I sat on the bed, took off the bra and panties, "Gome ~ application. Got drunk" as it likes 倒Re込Mimashita. If you are aware of the strong liquor was still clear. It is fun for my son's reaction.
Son comes closer. To touch the crotch area, came on slowly toward. Have been sucking nipples with breast massages. "O that will not do," she said resisting. My son took off his clothes, has been embraced with a kiss. Now, go slowly from top to bottom, caressing the dick. I supposed novice, I felt a strange place. When my son came to me, so now it just stet. My son did not have a minute, without removing it, or been working hard to continue

Woman Again

Last night she was asleep in his bedroom, came into the bedroom came drunk son. To jump to one's feet and his son were surprised with what is going naked. "I know, that the father is useless," "miserable I would, here," my son has touched my lower body while emitting. "No, Ken-chan" "Hey, please," ho-hum'll pit, ~, even after all resistance was impossible. Theft strip clothes, my son was pressed down on his back dew 被Sarimashita stepped from the body cover between the open leg. Time is inserted deep into the body to resist moves that I have adhered to the body. Ejaculation but immediately, there is a withdrawal has opened the door to be. After ejaculation son went out of the room in silence.喚Kimashita cry when they are inserted lose. My husband is a corporate incentive tour Friday the 28th, and went out to Kyushu in three days and two nights.
This morning to have breakfast ready, sorry and apologize they have drunk mother. I like my son who's not here to ask, and there was a reply. And how to interrogate the relationship between adult and my face looked "like mother" has been to hug.
Cute and almost 41-year-old son was still single, and I was embraced with abandon Kyutsu. My son, "I wanted to mother," had confessed to imagine a mother masturbate all the time. After eating, discipline and the waiting room as I ate breakfast. My son went to the room to wash in the bath, my son was lying in bed wake up "like late mother," and Kaka on the bed holding my little example. Ro figure that you remove the towel, my son's secret place, "it late Mother," buried his face, licked at my mouth was hard to stand out and speak well of feeling. His son cock erection Bing, inspired his son with the ejaculate in your mouth while sucking Eru. I also licked the first experience of licking the genitals, face stained with blood red.
My husband is a friend "is no longer my erection," were told that the thing to hear, saying there is no truth told five years into the truth.
Oh Oh ~ ~ there ‥ tree, panting Makurimashita. Tasted the soup again and again in the semen of five years. And the same feelings, the skin was healed by matching each other's desires. My son just came back out, was presented Invisibility red pants. The 64-year-old grandmother, and I said 干Senai shy, and are encouraged to wear the air in my room tonight, wearing his son go to this room. Five years, but I think the maternal instinct son, my son would still accept, is a woman of mystery. Sorry, Dad, tonight will accept abandon his son. While written statements submitted, we recall wet vagina.


The one mistake of opening the door had forbidden 嵩Ji frustration, and again and again. My son said, "Tonight is not just for me here Chikako", "Sure ‥ Yeah" "We're full service today is full of" start with shared the pleasure seeking. Body and soul is satisfied, the morning was over. Ikko and to wash each other's body in the bath, came back and challenged son, with my hand in a bathtub, the top man in 交Warimashita provenance. And lunch at the hotel, waiting to wake his son. Now in a hotel next to my PC that my son is sleeping with you in writing the Kina Hiroshi snoring. My husband has come back from the road has been a little impatient to get back home.