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Incest confession of women(2008-12)

Love Vibe

The rampage bore naughty vibes thick with me.

Want to see? Gone very wet (*^-^*)< br>

Husband's sister

yuna himekawa[13924]
Last month, my father died. Married to each other sister and my sister.
sister inherited the house, and brother continues the family business. The father's funeral and when I was preparing to
, my parents (my sister's home) the day before the funeral, the only thing I will stay
. A sister, a neighborhood association meeting with officials at
doing, and I have a bath, naked brother came into
. My voice begins to surprise.
brother is right in my vagina and forced me to kiss 寄Se付Ke
came in, wanted her sister. Sorry, but at this time,
been told I'm going to comfort her sister. The remains of the brother said,
for. My husband and I was so half a year been a while, feeling
away, away into disorder. Blow away to a brother.
lunches in the bathroom was in Ikasa.
course, was in the soup.
triggered by this, and continues to brother relationship.
six years older than me 42 years to say my brother. It is smaller than the ones
my husband is in the skillful hand movements Ikasa is
. Today, before, my brother called my house, my husband and children,
because my husband did not go home, first at home, except my husband is nestled in the male

To: man of leisure!

Do you think the world will always exist incest mother?

My discourse incest

Ueno and his son went to college.
had sex with another son a year ago. I've had my son take the passion was still in high school.
estranged husband away from home than to say sorry but I
sex partners they have for 10 years, I devoted everything I know my body swallowed him. But at the end
I hate myself enough to fall. does not even own an obscene
loved him never ,,,,. When love and sex
son, also filled with spiritual thoughts.
I, we say goodbye to him, my son called "Woman" to understand where it worked
son as he tried to find things that I Kararemashita the intense jealousy.
blame me many times that works with young bodies, it gave me a sense of fulfillment as I think even dead.
rules sex with her son, when my health was bad and unpleasant things without compulsion. I was nervous Anal Ittara bowel irrigation well is OK. As I'm sure you know or enema to be based
Akenai week and ill. When I came back
son, if I wear a miniskirt I OK. I know the art of comfort alone
not have to be so inclined son.
weekend, anal touching, "OK?] nod and the words I
look really happy.
However during pregnancy, so I'm afraid the only anal.
I also anal The son's sperm is filled with the joy of uncertainty.

My discourse incest

Boring yo! Yoshiko Kei must not run away! !
What is wrong? I want to hear talk of
lady! ! !

I have been a while coming

Travel after the summer break Misa body for admission to the hospital.
I was immediately discharged, her condition was Suguremasen thereafter.
And in the second half of September, I understand that Misa is pregnant. I heard

pregnancy or child of his son, worried about how your son Ryo,
consult other and I think his sons are trying to say for a while ,
her after that, I have a miscarriage. January

from it, passed very rapidly.
Misa, become known relatives abortion, or for children who speak her father's parents are incensed,
like your brother and family also joined, she tearfully handed middle will be recalled home.
of course, is the same with you Ryo.

here, entrusted a friend Misa shop was open, in mid-October, will be returning home
son and I have to send you to the airport and Ryo Misa did. So

fellow, my parents' home from home close to Misa, but if you want to meet meet,
from Misa hope we can meet for a while. Your son and Ryo
touch with now, seems to have a long vacation to an appointment.

between us four, and thus ended abruptly. I recently
is preparing for divorce from her husband.
But overlaying the body with my son over the weekend, still continues

The mother and H

Recently, my mother and I have not written in a long time but have made a long time and sex, so I went back home for my mother the other day. Off-season flowering until the morning to do it through two of them there are only two months because it was fresh. The mother seems tired indeed, and said later. Sleep I arrived at the 45-year-old mother, I was on leave without disconnecting Wait until your mother did. I can come back tomorrow, but his father, mother and father are waiting H. Place the impression of watching it later.

Anxiety 8 son

You write so much, so I'll make new ones fill up the address again.
our sex life became a daily act without knowing. Let us continue
confess I thought for a while.
thank you.

Tadashi Tadashi sex with his father


37-year-old homemaker. My father
-law's father is having sex with my husband that. My husband is 44 years old
father-law is 67 years old. Of course, my husband is a secret.
been 10 years now this context, it is almost "daily" as the father
Tadashi Tadashi continues a relationship with. I enjoy sex with his father Osamu Yoshi rather rich. Both my husband will
sex, yet only 10 minutes once every few months on end very
now, but it is often much more than the number of times with my father and my husband Tadashi Tadashi,
Tadashi Tadashi because his father is also very Drops kids like my husband's father Osamu Yoshi Even then would I feel
. My husband did not trigger a transfer

I was transferred to the local branch office in Tokyo in April from 10 years ago, the convenience of the company that has become
bachelor, and master in his master's home near Tokyo
parents and have decided to live.
when I was pregnant with their first child. The mother-law suffered a long illness
and more than half of the year because of hospital life was going on, the weekend is not even my husband just
meet, a father who Tadashi Tadashi Okanaku can rest assured to have to think that I thought

I started living with husband's parents 10 years ago in April, the month of the holiday week 5
Tadashi Tadashi mother away to a hospital from his father's life and Tadashi Tadashi started. At that time, I did not think very well
of my father law.
tobacco smoke in a book is nothing crude per day, but the saying goes physiology
I thought a sportsman like an unpleasant type of person. Tadashi Tadashi even touching his father's underwear when the laundry so I did not like
. The first time my father had an affair
-law was that the end of May.
expensive specialty ingredients I have received from my parents, because it was Nama物,
now be eaten that night. My father-law I always have an evening drink, I can not stomach
children to care, and alcohol was not to speak of. it was suggested
beer that night from his father-law and I worry about as the Most
cup with beer in the mouth a long time. Originally a good wine that was drunk because I love
are getting better, is less painful to the taste of beer after a long time, I drink to catapult
sake. I drank in so many
months, a lot is Sore程
should not be drinking, drunk around quickly away, I have become very good mood. Actually I have a habit
to feel really naughty and alcohol enters your stomach
why it away to the Gingin Hi there, I get wet. containing alcohol during sex
is very bold and lewd. Also that day, and the father was alone
Tadashi Tadashi, not like I've been fucked together like father like Tadashi Tadashi
not complete, so how I try to feel that being fucked < br> While drank and weird imagination. Then away very sleepy,
I had no energy to take a bath, I returned to my room before, I slept with my clothes on in bed

And uncle

My 32 year old homemaker. We park in a public toilet next to the ground and hit it off with 69-year-old Kazuo football supporters who went to the football together at night was the night my son is tied to Kazuo I still had to have sex. Every time my son is our goal that matches the joy of embracing a shoulder and is in the toilet and Kazuo I take off your panties and go to the toilet for the disabled are invited to leave the park rapport Kazuo the vagina and can spread her legs to her husband one is sitting Ah Ah tongue Kazuo ~ Kazuo become Brute man stir about shameful useless Kazuo do my thing and black take off your pants pants Kazuo larger a firm, including the mouth of hope in the life of not ready for the rubber today Kazuo say Do not make the Oh Oh entering deeply feel a saying I put Yoshiko and be outfitted with a dick in my thing black black shiny and spread her legs for me ~ I Oh oh it feels good after I was 30 is Kazuo Ikasa piston many times someone is violent Kazuo though I felt I had sex for 40 minutes? son again as none of the turbulence of the clothes cheering?


Anal women were taken to 分Tsu but I think that would make a very funny shy.
was known of such a woman would have wanted to see if his son, the stronger the desire to say to her son and Kiritai with determination to thoroughly degenerate.
back and waited for her son that day to prepare carefully.
enema injected three figs until the patient can not breathe.
carefully many times to clean the shower of warm water, warm finish finish fig.
the way he taught.
quickly finished dinner, my son kept horses, get naked and showed me the masturbation.
feel cold rolling on the floor hard, let me be excited more and more.
raised leg, finger vagina mess. I will never forget the surprised look on his son was buried at the anal lubricant finger coat rice.
"Please ,,,,,"< br> I gave a deaf ass if I have become. I have been the son finger penetration cautiously.
"I kind ,,,"< br> Over time, two fingers deep into the hard,,,.
"your, and buttocks, hips received in!"
there is more than double his penis, also quite large vibrator anal
softer vibe minutes, there was little pain.
But when the thrust was huggy, well past the stimulation of rectal leakage less likely
"Oh, sauce, even here ,,,,"< br> on the other hand, let victim to rub the clitoris.
"Hi say," I had 遠Noki faint consciousness.
too much pee, gushing, pure floor was soaked with the sperm 吹Ki出Ta Ass.


Recently, the number of married life is about twice a month. It is a little frustrated me. Last night my husband was away and his son went to the hotel. Then my son on my ride, since it immediately Itte is me saying that I did not move the hips too much. I would move on their own, I feel back at yours. He was in a posture like to see my face. I am a normal position is enough to feel something, I am not keen on. Last night, I Itte back many times in my favorite. I bare the nature of his pants and continued agony.

This board!

It's stupid people all the comments on this forum? World but not here this guy?

Uh Oh

You ‥ ー Oh, hard, Did not you put quickly.ーー Tsu Oh, pleasant, deeper, Did not you poke hard, ne, please. Oh I'm gonna get'll ー O, yo I go, I ー Oh, s fine. Favorite son was up to intersect earlier.

First felt

I had been having sex in a bed, raped 71-year-old's bedroom blankets 秋雄 My father is a thing of the late husband of 34 years ago my Whirlpool housewife? Dressing room fast asleep late at night, taking a bath family押Shi倒Sa 秋雄 been drawn blanket on the bed is drawn into the bedroom to have 秋雄 秋雄's my arm when I was suddenly the door opens and passed the 秋雄's bedroom dressed in his father-in-law I pushed away the black shiny cock in the mouth and take off my pants, she said Kou Shizu overlapping but my body is bigger in my mouth was hard when I was a Shakuhachi It is several times greater than his master more than the size of about 71 years old and think I had? enters my body and into the hands of 秋雄 saying I'm fine knit dress with flaming hot Kou Shizu the vagina and take off at a dash panties Oh Oh Father useless tongue 秋雄 ~ embarrassed voice huh? 秋雄 and wet Gushogusho the vagina around the stretch to say I put Kou Shizu and cut out a pie dick and I cover a condom Oh Oh Uh Cock firm 秋雄 ~ Oh Oh I ~ I've welcomed cock 秋雄 saying that to a suave your father did? that I flirt at midnight This is the best? a week of fun around out the back I I get two or three times a woman enjoying sex 秋雄?

Me away b,,,

I felt like I was really embarrassed.
long time, I was becoming a man toy.
his work partner, but a woman has as much to blame as I
reminded me occasionally.
been neglected and I implore him but was comforted myself. I kept my son home
deposited after the divorce is now almost twenty stout young man.
I prefer the soft feminine men are seen as a man I had my son, my son saw it as a woman I did not usually live together.
I have said many times, but you live in close together universities,
by the drunken son of a confession, I was shocked.
to think only of her son. free time I had a very
Moteamashi the imagination to do
astride the rubber penis was not confident with his penis
I was crazy.
penis and wonder what my son, abandon, it should penetrates through the vagina anal,,,.
One night at dinner with his son, then age is eyeing his son felt tight in the short suits. I hug
arms, push your chest, "today take them stay." I whispered.
sat on the sofa while watching TV and drank wine.
"I got sleepy." he said to his son, open your legs a little skirt
is led into the hands of his son.
"That's OK. touching." He rubbed and we will cautiously. Sniff Sshori
was quickly stripped off panties,
Kio Hiraku leg in front of his son, moved to abandon his son's finger back together.
"Oh, ik,,, No,,, Oh Oh"
be naked together, I will accept what his son a condom properly, it was too dangerous long penis. If you like the penis or pain
rubber feels forever. When do sleep

Four third generation family

yuna himekawa[13784]
My husband went on a journey of mother and son incest, the next day, came back from Hakone then forwarded a mother alone.
How was it? "Very good," what's good, how was your mom? "At first I was embarrassed to, so I got in 歓N, I know you 観Re TV"
wife dressed in elegant kimonos a perfect garden, my mother come down. Stop, turn and walk away slowly in one place. Rear beautiful.
in the room, strangely she was asked, I answered my mother stood up to the bathroom with a smile. Taking off backwards and naked.
"I'm great, mom naked, big ass, but you're a sagging breasts. Before, I wish I can 隠Sanaku ,,,"< br> mother and son are watching the TV two people wearing yukata, open crotch mother sitting backwards on to the scratched knees Cross-legged husband, after all the TV screens,, sexual intercourse with my son,,,
mother on television My pussy was being held the same dressed
is already contains the husband's penis. Mother of the TV,,? Changed the orientation of two people. I was in that vein Tateta Futomara, some of the labia and pubic hair color fringed Dodome hirsutism,,,
on television in my mother screaming. Good, good, OK, OK, screw off, sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse ~ ~ I like to chase after, but it soon passed away.
next day, immediately visited my mother. The husband, while conveying a tribute to my mother, for wisdom for 借Reru dream pussy mother and her husband and say,, my husband, despite being bold, for the mother that I
Karakkishi timid. Oh, I want to let mom pussy,,,

Son of

The process now of his son's college is important period ahead of university entrance examination, and not want them thinking about Tsuyoshi Tsutomu,
Datsu from her husband faced the loneliness or perhaps the perception of parents and children is even worse things to each other comfortably win out,
addicted son and I went into the depths. Recent
Mino Yoshi son oral sex. Out of my mouth many times, said her son to drink.
days off if they have time, put in my mouth, my son seems to have been comfortably satisfied.

Yoshi Taka to my son

Hayo Takayoshi Yoshi Taka
a mother and my son is such a thing to a child, why? Yoshi Taka
go back at work the day Dad comes to stay with the nasty things or to the mother's body in bed at night. When they open
off your feet and pajama pants his mother had with a Hayo Takayoshi mind. Wait until I open
your mother's feet so I was exposed not You? Yoshi Taka Cho
touch with your mother until I made a lot of things I Hey, you never want to think that I was sleeping,
surprised the mother has been there to lick your face you're pushing it O Mother I'd
63 years now, you too huh? 38,
mother's mother came to the mouth 乗Kkatsu Yoshi Taka has been stripped naked and silently pretend I was asleep It has happened from putting your tongue. You're
"You knew my mom had been tasting in my vagina? Hey I felt I had licked the crack spread my legs to know"
say that I happened to Yoshi Taka from her mother has been pushing to put the penis becomes hard to crack your Wait until I open my legs. Yoshi Taka
I'm not pushing the penis into the Wait until your mom did, what are you thinking I put the penis to the mother! I was ashamed of her mother
to Yoshi Taka licked and touched by the open leg. I do not understand the foot
'll put a big penis so hard to leave, then I did it spread.
had to make another favorite with Yoshi Taka was naked from the father is not. No way to come into the penis s no,
Wait until I came in when your mother's penis in comfortable weather Hayo Takayoshi

I here about two years, H a

H is not here about two years, and is 53 years old MILF.
But recently, his nephew and rapid approach to care that there are random things and meet and work on the relationship between his nephew, his mother (my sister) is staying quiet and saying, whenever I meet H has a nephew. Incidentally, 31 years old nephew is single, makes me happy every time they will stoutly to the body.


The relationship between men and women became the father of three is high time, now is the 25-year-old daughter neat.
to say if my daughter and I have a feeling this will probably remain neat lady is crazy about the girl, not three times unsteady worker.
have never even done anything long lasting. Still, until the two high-Nde naggingly mother told me, that was just the Noro Noro said.
will live with his father and two people died when its mother is three high, I can not even aware of what a good father has gotten busy in the company 篭Mori state transactions.
are indeed angry father, and finally I was steeped in rhythm Since it was fully three hours, I finally gave up my father.
and fateful night (remember I was impressed but not particularly so to say) has come. Father: Huh ~ ~ ~ ~ · · ·
me: What happened? Father: I have 70 to 70 before it lives, it lives up to my 100 and 100: Come on if you live
Father: I take care of you till I die: the I do not feel like luxury pension 出Rujan .
Father: Where are the girls are not interested in their future as well, even fashion is also the man about 18 years
? Me: I think there are more than one person. Father: I'll cut off my bill even in my home, even without seeing one of her grandchildren. I; Oh, I also want a grandson
Dad Father: I hope that I'm modest minimum: Hey I'm in trouble I hope I can grow a baby. Sure dad if they can grow.
Father: Such things, I worked with her husband: My husband is my best at taking care only no papa.
Father: I take care of cleaning, washing, preparing breakfast, I'll all I'm doing: making dinner for Dad Tenjan
Father: Oh whoa I would Hokah valve: Teru Hayo soup always makes me, well I'm making soup with seaweed and dried bonito properly
Father: That's you I'm good Hazime Yui: Wake me 取柄 Father: I mean, when I have seen my face
grandchildren: Nde continued to talk at length annoying I wish I had a mom who melted them one more 産Ma Hahaha smelly old man, from one to smash (Asobase sorry) I think the story 打Chi切Rou Do you want a baby if I want my grandchildren so much?
Why do not you say, but not right for you 産Ma Once you've grandchildren. Or, blood pressure is rising partly because I was drinking each other, gotten into something messy flow,
even seem to be lazy I was having trouble handling the daily also daddy was not lust after all the by Papa went to bed that night, and I was let.
'm just not good at all painful, ejaculate directly into the Nde I: Dad, do not Yabaku? Toi just glad it reminds
Father: I do: I said good birth father will take care of children if Dad: I just cut the pipe you are born.
seven years since then, Dad was pretty skiing, I gradually getting better, then became Nde ik started about a year to not even two weeks,
dad ever top 700 I will be on. Then I put it in the always troublesome cleanup Nde, by connecting a large thick towel repeatedly,
Baribaritsu guy strip of cases and made me go much father and Wakka, who stretched it to two I'm using it to wrap around the waist,
I never contaminate the semen flows backward from the bed to the end, just as it spread to sleep Wakka. Father: You're made to devise such a thing myself,
or I can not do it, too, somehow, even that is only two were praised even like soup followed by praise something I

MILF called

Mature age is said to become even more of the opportunities and gentlemen, what a site thanks.
will this age, but those will not be against a nobody, because I started chatting, until the bottom is 20 years older people in their 60s, meet with, I received many things to delight .
's nephew and I have come across sites that I do not what happened?
they first email conversation with a wide range of casual sex conversation by email each other to hit it off, now I see.
Imashitara arrive as quickly as 15 minutes waiting for the meeting point at me, came, the son of my brother, my nephew did that.
each other but I was surprised, because it was on fire in a conversation via email with each other without saying anything, just
into the hotel to the hotel, where the hot water into a bath, his nephew I was surprised. No way, that's 珠代, because he thought her me.
But today I receive and entertain as promised. Our e-mail that I'd like to each other, I was writing sex.
in the "縛Ritai, want tied" to the match today, a meeting, I said I was going to do. Email
nephew, bought a variety of tools, I'm ready. And from there to write, I'm No wonder I was looking forward to.
into the hotel and put a hot water bath until just today I receive nephew was silent delight. And, say, tell them that I Mori Tsumoru, take a bath together.
painted on my body lotion, pulling Hazime Hiraku interested in anal play, painting the entire body lotion, and then sticky,
nephew anal hand. The first hand went into touch was light, and touches near the entrance, and repeated or put out,
massage to be soft, clean wash lotion, to bed. The deadline of
M's character split, shaped and tied my legs M, shackles mouth, nipples vibe, and put collars, resume play, was wide open, feet,
vagina and the anal are exposed state If you attack me with obscenities, and playing with vibrator attached to the nipple, pull the collar, his nephew mercilessly, attacking me, into the anal,
once exhausted nephew is also my dick into the vibe, the offense, was attacked time and again, I reached the climax, many Kabusari nephew, 2
challenge second time, a long time now, and I was more falls., finish since then, and his nephew are 逢Tsu once a week at the hotel.

Son ○ ○

My son will be 45 years old 20 years old, my husband told me than this during sex with a secret. Timbo thicker longer than my son is my husband and I fainted. Later I asked my son pussy [You're My mother occasionally mark a lot of hair, and man it feels good I said [good] divergence from Mousa if you say that] I did not say this. Next day has also required. I decided to do not put a rubber so there is now sore and painful.

3 third generation family

Watch the video of her husband and son incest Ikiri立Chimashita travel.有Rimasen not angry. I worked more than Viagra.
(tried Viagra. But it) to your husband's mother passed Retsu Tsuyoshi said, "Leave it to me," Leaving those words with my mother visited. Educate the mother to allow mother and child rape or implicitly? (Brainwashed)
because I had to have been 成算. Child rape
from BC, but it was because I have to pay the price for pleasure, and soon came to be taboo, ethics, and is now considered a moral act 悖Ru. The deformity is caused by consanguineous marriage, even cases Nationals ruined the nation. However, the probability of the birth of a prodigy 高Kattara normal deformed instead, what, ethics means moral theory is the result of human experience, mother and child rape in itself is no bad reason.交Waritai desire mother and son say, the gene was incorporated into all mankind, polygamy and polyandry is still a good example - there,,,, pure mother to do that nasty story I was 刷Ri込N. , But son I'm not talking from nothing, my mother said, 居Tara 若Shi? He said, for example Yes,,, like sex trafficking is like a hot story, then exchanged a conversation like that, "at odd moments, watch it, you'll get younger," I've put the video up so 云Tsu .
invited the mother to keep a few days. "I had rather not go to overlap with the reunion, my mother, my husband and me to go to Hakone?,, A hotel reserved, but if you do not have to refuse unreasonable" My mother wanted in 歓N It is. Form is forced to apologize to husband wife fuck I was 避Ketakatta. I'm
helped, so 云Tsu mother responded. The purpose of the trip of your pussy son and mother, I know I went with my husband on it. Enjoy sexual intercourse, so I did 云I postponed two eyes.

Three generation family two

Consent of her husband's incest travel rather than to suggest there is, to Hakone with a stand to say that my son can no longer accompany her husband on urgent business. I was thrilled to
expectations of thing would happen in the future, they always look at my son and continued Rui Akira, suddenly crosses my anxiety. This girl, I wonder if there is such anticipation? Forget the woman, "but if you feel up to it and people like my mother," but said with the "mother" is not 云Tsu,, two years ago, with double bed in the room assignment Tour Nothing happened when I slept,,, "I'm an anticipation of the" I, really can not say I played a dutiful wife and devoted mother, but I'm really dirty-minded.
foreign hotel, great everything, especially a nice bathroom, bedroom, balcony dividers are all glass, I can enjoy the scenery outside while taking a bath. Of course, there is also a large bathroom spa, I decided to use the bath room 訊Ki what to do for his son.
"What if?" and asked for the "get together", but contained a meaning, one who recommended it to his son in the bathroom.
blind compartment in the bedroom naked and left open, what my mother naked, and see my son, my son is drinking beer and looking out. The mother's body to see? , In the mood AfteR with the bath Agari hurriedly replaced his son.
When reached for the beer sitting in a chair his son sat
notice. I've been shaped like a glass mirror. Exposed, bath, body stout son, standing half a large penis, yet club-shaped,,, me naked, I found I was, ah, dirty,,,
changed into yukata beer together drank.寝Taku mind and body and rave, drink too, and lying to say I went to Betsuddo. I did not sleep, sleep, that is, until I Koshitaku I got you. Do not apply on the seat while his son said: "to massage later, the sleep they do not care", meaning should be through. I talked a lot while drinking beer. Too hot for the sandman losing alcohol to massage the caress, that means that the cock is a son of narratives.
After a while, then began to massage my body I'm the son pretended to sleep lying down. Moved to the chest to massage the hand of the son they sit, those stiff hips instead of the hand, bending hips were sticking out
"in Jirasanai, quickly put the" mouth 出Sazu cried.
Zunyuri, Zururi came in like that. Ah Tsu, grew body instinctively. Mumutsu son said it is still remains. I'm in my vagina and move spontaneously going sleeping. Tighten to peristaltic, cum soon be no pleasure for example, electricity from the toes to the head penetrate the world of pure white head and no,,
before I knew it was now being held in a normal position for his son. Son pelvic thrusts Groaning, alas, had pussy son and finally, out of control,,, thoughts incoherent, but not stop it, many times my son till morning, "vagina" around beating Nota is or I did.

Summer Memories

I simply had to clean the room so messy you son. When the DVD is coming up
. Was incest. What? I was surprised. all things
incest. I wonder. I could have a taste for her. To incest. It was a mother and son. After I have a son rather
, son, you do this. Oh, and I freely Sawan. So my son tried to
swop the Watasazu, do not you funny. And noisy. Do you think you
mother and maybe something like this. Iidaro matter. Did not deny. Unbelievable. I am 36 years old
son is 15 years old. I would still return, I'll do if I return. I'll be good
Try it if you can. I was so excited, I'd say it was gone.
silent for a while I thought my son, you're okay.押Shi倒Shimashita caught me on the spot or recover rather gave up on it.
son Afterwards, I said back softly. Somehow I do not have the courage to say this child.
I suddenly became aggressive, despite being a cheeky Iinasan do not have the courage mother. It's such a funny look. Then I thought
Hanareyou, I had my son my breast Min. I was thinking
, Kya, I hate to say. I know your doing the right of you? You doing okay? What are you going? Try
I said if you've can. My son started to take off my clothes. I was Tekozutsu
to force his son to win out time Nugasa was all it took. And now my son naked.
incredible. Bing was a penis. We will be naked, I was not ready to bear a son anymore.
son has sucked my breasts. Since the resistance force, but did not win, you'll regret doing this. We
'm a parent and child. I must like this as this. I was no longer his precepts to his son did not stop another atmosphere.
son eventually, I can not take it anymore. Ireyou over there and started my penis and say so.ぎっていれさせるのだけはやめさせなきゃと
thought the breath of children in the penis. My hands were Osaetsuke,
son has been to turn his hand Tsukawazu Ireyou. Tip of the penis was pushed further and entered into me when my son was only a little time.
son, I'm beyond there is a woman. And so I started to sit 突Kita. Good feeling. My son kept saying that while shaking the waist.
Tsuranuka I was only at the mercy of her son. Eventually my son will be rough spirit, and I began to sperm in rather dense.
son then became suddenly calm, but mom said I'm sorry, I said Give it up now. It was a crisp day. Now for the first time since two
endless summer that went into my son. Dakishime son from behind me this morning, that time can not forget me.
I'm spoiled now, let syne. Well, my son, but not convinced. I have been massaging her breasts. There began to be touched, and put a hand on the skirt. I beat
force has sent his son knew you like it. Recall the last time was after a while, too. I'll not feel wet
great mom mom. I feel good. I was already feeling the resistance gone. My son came about from behind and take off my panties.
I will not do. Resistance was only the most perfunctory opening. I poke around in the ass son, I'm here.
I hear things like that and I was leading. You're already that anyway. I thought he was right. Push my son has. I'm a pretty big
. Those of his son. I'm feeling good and thick. What will I do not give thought to this relationship we already
resistance in heart was no longer relevant today. Then one more time in our son's room for SEX.
I guess my son asked probably many times more Nde two endless time in the future. Squid penis was the son of my first day of the second. It was an event last summer
Omowanu. My son seems to have been the first time I am woman. The first woman
good mother? This fact has also been asked by some disappear.
I said I'm good. I turned away embarrassed that his son be the first experience in his body is there.

Memashi is fig.

I am an ordinary person like normal offspring of a man they also commonly boyfriend. And I,,,
also fig's your favorite look.
In contrast, elementary school or become like. ,
By watching videos and images, lots of sites have been concerned about recent Shaved schoolchildren, has been masturbating.
But then it ran to my sister in the mood

'm still five years old sister. So, the next Man Kono sleeping sister before,, I touch. Shaved
split fingers. ,
Touch more. ,
But for masturbation I just could not put up with the Man Kono;
muffled and until I touch my sister.

The things this fall

It was late fall of this year. My son was in one room and spent the night at my friends parents. We, of course, stay with your plan from the start swapping with other parents. That night, starting first in the family together, the second change of course with my son, I had to put in it. But going to the Tomari Hazime 済Mu overnight 無Kutsu anymore, let 遣Rimashita 遣Ra even from two Suwappugu anus.

I love my mother! !

His mother, AV similar to a mother's Sekiguti Tomomi has appeared. Of course, the same place because of age, and then I can afford Nakade, every mother's vagina into the depths × 2,,,

Incest family

I am a female householder with different reasons: It is.
my mother, husband, eldest son of a family of five.
嵌Rimashita the family home family incest mutual obsession.
combination between men and women are doing everything.

mother vs husband, my eldest son vs
mother, my daughter is as

six. Orgy is still sometimes have not been 3P.

A three generation family

I am 50 years old, living alone with three 28-year-old son the same age as husband and wife relationship
He has been at still fairly good for marriage, it is also 有Rimasu ridiculed for his son.
However, a number of evenings a week, and remarkably reduced the
love twice, immediately, and fellowship is always the anticipation I'm enough nuances. It is true that not enough
'm eternally cloud example.
like a joke I said that when her son, "but if I feel up to it and people like Mother," is that when asked whether her son is not here no recent 女気. Her son was at its peak had a really difficult game, "was attracted to the young feel," I said. A little worried and, at night, I told my husband about it in her pussy while her husband was really excited out violently, "Oh, mom," released gushing and screaming, and after a while I experienced the peak It is.
that night, her husband "and her mother is not. But I want to, and I found out tonight was potentially.'s say the guy you want with it so serious not a joke I think, "he said, it may also resist if there is no you,,, I say never. Decided just two people, and in each mother and child to travel.
But my husband never seen his face when his mother refused to put out and say they fear for Ro. And what would my mother say, "I hope, your mother's, but you all right?" I show a video of my son, if so, while 云I, it sounds amazing animal like a woman,, , so while I go on the journey with our son.

Too painful mistakes

yuna himekawa[13597]
The first experience was about the worst irreversible. That day was turned into an aphrodisiac horny bought in a shop in the adult.
began masturbating in her room at 10:00 at night, it was already late at 2:00. Now
more! I'm a masturbation I was getting hard. And had even put a vibrator anal cum was usually dislike.
after all, only this disorder but a virgin, know the taste of a man. I now want a cock. Thought after all ... my brother entered the room. I was naked
, Plug it in her pussy was still dripping anal vibrator joy juice. Gently take off the clothes of sleeping brother, 12-year-old appeared penis. I had to practice
Blow by Blow vibe so far as it could tame without scruple. Despite sleeping brother penis was erect.
vibes got thicker than my younger brother to stay on longer realize it was 重Neyou to the body. Hesitated for a moment, lost in an instant, but sexual desire.
sensation in the penis came in first ... I did it just as likely stet. Just waved back.
imperceptibly brother is awake, still continued to have sex. Also continued to shake the hips cum brother.
let me also bigger Then I'm satisfied. Did they cross each other, how much might remember Temasen Itta times. The next morning I noticed
found that hugging in bed with him? Torikaeshi irreversible. A few days later, I was sure that out of this house. I do not know how to meet
from his brother since

Please ask all of you.

Friday is the last thing. Now, my husband is in hospital in a car accident, does not come back until next year.
back part of the party which met at the station nearest son and ran smack back of the party still on the way walking home together, embrace and kiss my son put away are now in place consists went dim are forced, under the request of her son 容赦無I back home and kiss my son for the first time, I finally swallowed the request, but in the end it takes to say no, that night, after all dates be replaced, but his son continued strong into the end, my request to forget one another, so I poured the semen into the uterus of a lot of hard, coming from my genital semen was dripping cream Incidentally, my son is healthy at the age of 26 who is a plethora of cock in one hand and hold it in my room.身篭Tsu 仕舞Ttara semen to his son, but my husband can not be an excuse to completely acceptable to say, people unable to talk well, what can I do anything else? !

Listen everyone!

I travel often kvetchy husband has just been raped three years under his brother spilled complaints. (A lie,,, somehow become a naughty mood,,)
sticky unlike her husband sex, violent sex brother is very fresh, I feel great. When I'll
Lee, I was thrilled to again and I think I'm a brother,,,. Did I give away all that
married life. SM
feel like a little? It should feel quite well
Anal penis long nearly double her husband's brother was strong enough to be trapped in a faint.
children but I do not, then I'm sure if my son Chai.
I mean, because I feel good.


I am a father were forced to have sex. Because nurses mom is always at night. I really hate to
, will be comfortably beaten.
night when mom is a bath with dad. Daddy will wash the whole body. While washing,
● I can play around until you come to my dad. Daddy's fingers and tongue to 気持Chiyokutsu are like tea. And I mention ● Deshimasu Ochin Papa too.
Then you can put your ● This is my dad. Bathing voice echoes so'll have to put up with the voice is not that hard.
then eat dinner. At that time, will let you put your vibes on this ●. Camisole and pants just clothes.
until after dinner, Could you remove the vibe. After dinner, daddy is holding, watch TV. While watching TV, Dad has been tampered with and can ● tits intercourse. I have since become
● Ochin I want to lick your own dad did Ochin ●, ● You can turn on your own. Since
dad watching TV, I will move. When this is rubbed Nde Ochin ● ● intercourse, in the voice 気持Chiyokutsu Cha. Dad clings to the last,
"Ah," I would say to me Lee. Then in bed and have sex with my dad. I prepared a dad dressed.
this before, and did not wear gym shorts gym. Or play with the vibes, and then licking each other there. And I will be wearing a ● ● You can Ochin to you again.
but hate, can not stop it feels good. They say daddy me daughter Eloi think I know. The sex in the bed,
gone completely blank in the head about three times, "Oh Oh Oh" I would aloud me I installed. ● This intercourse is becoming pulp, until the sheets will get wet. Mom is tomorrow night
. I'm sure Dad sex. Incidentally, the grade school ● ●.


I have a physical relationship with my son's 17. When I was away on business trips abroad husband is 42 years old, I was watching TV in the living room were both finished the bath one night towards my son, "Here's the place that hurts but want to "erect dick, so I showed surprise and" Stop showing people what it is not "just because I did. My son is still 抱Kitsukimashita Yamezu me. And my arms around it. His son could not escape the power was finally committed. At first I put out there to erect dick pussy touched their fingers, so I quickly fired for erection without disconnecting once again they want to do more to stop. Now that burst became larger than before and Gingin tightly. While doing this, I feel better, put out a moan. The son of a pussy the first time. So I thought I was away my husband in the evening. Later my son told me my body and I said it is beautiful. I look forward to tonight.

Anxiety 7 son

You write a lot of new [sure] I'll make thee to fill up again.
would burn his son and the growth of


During two summer has been raped five years older brother.
now, but if you want, you're not a brother by strange men, wish we prepared to be killed to kill the resistance,
brother's actions might be stopped. But really now. The two siblings
our brother through high school and college, was living far boarders. My brother was home for a holiday
. Parents come back till night memorial service. Noon of the day, lying in bed in the room is hot and physiology,
brother came into the room reading comics since updating to Tiger, [Do you have lunch? ].
... I might not go well dressed ...
cami underwear, pants, Han was with the pen. [
while lying in bed with stomach pain physiology, no appetite. Only my brother, or something to eat ramen? And seeing their faces].
taken suddenly I was reading a book, my brother came overhanging cover [as you say, a 悪Irashii conduct. Mom] I complained. My brother has resisted
touched my heart ... 乗Rikakari.
badly at school, and playing with friends, or a curfew later scolded several times, only once did I have found that smoking as a joke guidance, the extent,
reckless behavior is not. ... ... I was still a virgin.
I do not know what my brother told my mother,
[I'm going with the bad guys, right? Shiteru be encoded or not you? I] and the same thing. [Tsu to Jamme
! ] And chanted, never faltering and his brother, half-hearted resistance and in shock, my brother would do no make any sense.
been stripped of all [was wearing a nice convenience forcibly. Sita Kunaru woman at a period ... or say mon]. Rather than to the resistance ... [to Jamme
really help ... ... please ... stop ... my brother] and I asked seriously,
c [b le support! ] And his brother to look wide-eyed, no longer fear resistance.
[Do not Cry! ], [Grasp! ], [Ero Kwa! ], [Through Chikara! ],
尻上] [Come on .... What did they do that, only got to hear his brother crude indecent language.
groin pain pierce, fear and pain for about two hours. What is also good, but if [Chik
Okoshitai Mome unnecessary things, you remember to # keep cleaning the elder brother] out of the room.
even wipe out the tears ... body and even wipe the blood and sperm. Rinse in the bathroom with dirty sheets. Only the tears did not stop for a while. This thing anyone
話Sazu are confined to the heart. Prevent the attack and warned his brother, oneself and others, a few years without any sexual thing. It's not a prominent person
in light humored, met up with my boyfriend a little shy, serious and gentle. When the first body to allow
, but I was thinking of pretending, and it hurts ... nan also had no pretend shit (laughs).
many times, it hurts? - Are you OK? Did you stop? Gentle and caring to me.
patience when his brother could not. Many thoughts came out in tears. A little blood came out (laughs).
For me, I think his first one man ... I feel a little guilty.
before you, but the body was being raped by her brother ... I'm dirty. I think my brother 恨Meshiku.
gently 過Ru the head, but I embrace it with his brother.
I'm a woman and I have been raped. Feel sorry for him really friendly.無Kunare from the world ... I

Family reunion

Three years after losing her husband, joined the family reunion after a while my son was invited to the couple. The family reunion in a few times a year, in each case more than 20 people who would
people gathered for a happy Ru, a second meeting was to learn to spend the night after serving the remaining 10 as adults. , The second meeting I was never participate. I can not allow it been asked how her late husband. My husband will not participate
Why? ,, There has to be sister-in-law asked to speak anything close relationship, "says Shinji, Teru Yono's in love with 冨美 banged,," was only answer I remember this. In social gatherings I'm still not normal,,
remained married to the sister-in-law is a second meeting with other mothers in our sister-in-law sister-in-law and sister-in-law
husband, brother and the elder brother's wife that her late husband In're supposed to, but all in good health after the age of 70 and I see it.
chatted while enjoying wine and beer, the usual dinner, hit the 外Remashita. What happens? Was pounding in my anxiety and hope, something I expected myself indecent, am I,,,
for a while now to enter the bath together. I entered earlier? While I was pretending to be excited about after all
Shiri込Mi,,, I would,
Morai while I was surprised to shed his son back. I wash
in-law sister-in-law is back, son of the sister-in-law sister-in-law, it's washing of his wife Nobuko Nobuo son and his son back. They touch the penis of a brother-sister-in-law on the waist, hands on thighs, caresses rather than wash it.
things harder on my back,,, before the hand was turned back, eyes closed involuntarily disclose a sigh. Oh, my son is played, embarrassing, 淫水 slimy,,, I wonder if everyone is watching, and opened his eyes.居Masen anyone. What now?
son was asked, can not answer, I wonder do you mean,,, go to your room? Had nodded.
the middle of the room at three, but clearly heard from the room next door 淫声 both separated by a sliding door. Peek? The one being watched?
or what tricks, become exposed, Sudoushi room sliding door on the right half of the remote control to his son, men and women hugging each other intersect, sister and brother-in-law, click here to see the direction of the sliding door open position changed. Can be seen from the other side, but not that good at anyway if no closing?
Bad mother said no. Now, I have been inserted. Yoshi Tadasu
sister-in-law as they, sitting behind the legs open letter M, and out of penis and vulva sister-in-law of hirsutism, suddenly became the voice of the sister-in-law to be heard clearly. That opened the sliding door.
"What, Mr. Nobuo, screw your mom, you're amazing, not that nice, sexual intercourse with his mother," "I 堪Nnai, vagina good this, good feelings and such, oh Mom, I'm the pussy your mother" com
without Bozu, Gunyugunyu was driving pleasure 極Mari Roar 淫声 raise electricity from head to toe.
whispered gently wake from slumber and son for some time. "It is now a production, Mom, what, tired? Rest? Because I want you with me pussy aunt, uncle and mother is from the front because I wanted a place they are to watch your mom pussy, excitement I wish you "
for them to say that I'm more excited. Watching his son and sister-in-law to blame was the younger brother of her late husband your pussy. Obscene said: cannot even asked to leave. Her first "sexual intercourse," the first time in erection even more lust to speak of "Ii sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse, Okay, Okay, go, go, go ~" finished this was in 咽N 啼Ki.
was much a swap orgy. Of course,
nephew nephew was also looking at the top of her mother's mate had you on my penis into her pussy 突Ki立Te Tateta vein, it 乗Rikakari suddenly without a mother to leave込Memashita fitted bottom faces. The sister-in-law sandwich, and admiration for. I wonder if the good feelings, face looked tortured expression, the tears,,, I'm still fond of it while being held for his son
Omoimashita imperceptibly. Some day I,,, but this year, the guilty feelings arose,, cancel out the pleasure it was to me I am enjoying your pussy.

Adopted son-in-law

The 50-year-old housewife, will talk about my actual experience.

is actually the third child of a family of four children with her husband and three children have no husband.

12 years from now, come to my house to bring her boyfriend.
was safe to watch the two boys because it was too kindly on it seriously.
was now being raped when he is absent from guard my daughter, but the power of resistance was quite a young man I did not Kanaimase
things when he came in, other than her husband is unable to do anything to her husband's first experience with fear, I thought I'm sorry.
continued to be threatened by the mid-drift and relationships since then. But his action against me
in violent and never knew that his love is no muffled.
that he had seen, not as a woman to her parents first saw me.

know that my daughter and I decided to accept a bad life but also his hope was to get it going make sure to wear a rubber love for him even more thinking. Her husband and children
let the other is wearing a rubber was going to make it from scratch. He still a young thing and her husband
went to a prisoner of his sex body length for each overlay stiffness.
I have to drink a fine husband prefers his own underwear and he never showed.
with him every two or three times a month with her husband, and his physical and mental differences at all other times too. Not surprisingly I

next six months pregnant, suffered from his "I want a baby," made by an alibi cum-in-law lost her husband and requests.
blood once a child being born was like okay I have a little peace of mind.

12 years have passed.
he still continues.
daughter a few years later he married. I'm enjoying while apologizing for her tryst with him in mind.
between them and the girls will meet in only a few times a year at homecoming, so they lived apart, the reason I made another appropriate weekly rent an apartment close to the almost daily love is in the apartment. This is a secret
speak to anyone just me and him.

Sex with my brother

In 11th grade I, being a brother is. Without parents in the school before this interview,
Kenji was in fact secretly aiming (brother) and I'll look over there, while taking a shower brother
"Your Kenji ~ Hurry up little sister, I'd join as soon as the bath ... "You have entered the bath towel in just because. My brother was surprised
but rather, his brother was taken to the room stood up as soon as I pulled out the arm ....
naked brother was naked ... I towel fell away. I thought my brother and me Ya I do, after all ... my brother was beaten.
I saw my brother over there, "It's there Kii Hiroshi Kenji." when saying, "If my sister ~ I also very heart." ... was told it was.
gave you like to let my brother about two hours. I give him my brother from masturbation show had just ended so excited, we messed around with my nipples ... properly cleared. and felt pretty
but can not until I got up to the other licking my brother there to watch the whole time .... Since then
brother to come to my room and very often the parents are ♪ Ya me in secret


That long ago. I had seen my son and husband have sex.
when I was a son of 32. When his two sons, I have been riding on my son was taking a nap.
son was massaging my breasts. I was astonished. What will you do. Mom, would you also let me.
me, I got to see the body of the mother Tarashitaku. I tried to 脱Gasou Then my clothes. He said he
I want my brother, will not you make it in what I'm like that. And why it makes you out. I'm going to make me the
. After that I was naked despite the fierce resistance. This
It is, but I will not leave the body from head to this since yesterday. I wanted lots of massaging my breasts for this.
son has repeatedly forced her lips. Was absorbed in the breast and carefully. Suwa I was about 10 minutes.
been tossed there with a finger and terrible. Finally Nugimashita son's clothes. His son became
something the size of an adult man now. Hey, suck it up for example. You were working on yesterday.
mouth and I'll reluctantly grabs her hair, feels good. Because I said so feels good fellatio.
her body was starting to like life. And my son was quite a slow process but in me and Ireyou. Could you believe
already giving up. Is coming in last. I thing they 攻Me立Temashita hard. Oh, very pleasant.
highest body of the woman. I Play. The Dasanai stop. My son will not keep the pregnancy we often ignore the waist. And while I fired. Since that day I was raped
son. I'll put out at least Tanomimashita to face the ridge because I get too pregnant. Nakada, but to put Kurenaku
stop, of course I was pregnant. Actually, I took into my body some time even my husband's sperm to have a relationship with his son as they prepared for.
to cheat his master in a pinch. But I know me. The child is a child of his son did.
I honestly thought that I could also produce a child of her son. I'm pretty good actually have sex with my son. The tough and durable large
Cali, I was supposed to enjoy sex with her son. Pies continued even after the pregnancy was found. I'm sorry but my husband
birth to a child of her son. Four years, yet has continued relationship. But since my son
let a child I can hold my horse came to me out however. Ever since I let a child born now seems to enjoy sex only.
brother son (daughter) seems to be great satisfaction for me was that the child 産Ma was. But sometimes trouble. I
seen our daughter to have sex with my son last time. While we did not just pull out my son. I have tea with your mother not bring the bullying.
It seems crazy, so I thought I felt I was bullied. I wanted to I was more irresistible.
寝Kashitsukemashita naked together reluctantly. I have tea with us (I call him so) I was always going to ride a larger penis Nde. We managed to
Gomakashimashita. I was still hazy with interrupted. Go to bed with her daughter and matched each other violently and asked
. If I had woken up a little close to violent son. Sex and the other is the son can not stop.

In theaters

My brother has just boys doing gymnastics, soft body.
flexible body, muscle and lithe movement. I'm dying to want to do him?
chest strong fingers delicate stature'm perfect face is similar to Ito David's talent, face old man with a college student,
the Face of a monkey and a shame but some mighty chest I was attracted.
invite secluded little brother to the cinema, the movie begins and I fell to the related lighting Masaguri brother crotch, touching, I was enjoying the reaction of my brother,
me to kiss his brother , touch your chest out. Turn on the clothes, the draw with breasts, hands in her skirt.
been touched from above could not resist the panty, the kiss was almost at a voice out of hand because it was 脱Gasou and panties, lift the little body,
脱Gase to make it easier, a blink is taking off, and it is pushed into the mouth, my brother began to lick the clitoris.
Despite some small place on a chair in a small movie theater, there are just men doing gymnastics, supple movement, even in tight places regardless
, and I get into Sururi clit licking and licking, while you put your finger out and started playing. Nokezori I could not resist, had to cum. My brother
After that, I held his penis, and I whispered in his ear and licking my dick licked his brother is desperate. Insert
impossible but I thought, my brother came into easily inside of me. I can not feel
into what would normally be very small place, is that the softness of the body, went into my chair doing on a sorrel and sound cinema,
in me put out. My brother and I remember the perverted pleasure in cinema, ever since I was doing the first few people in the movie theater, do it now
many people in the theaters in. Sometimes, sometimes I just end vibes, me and my brother has not been able to stop this relationship thing.

Listen everyone!

How will it go when a psychiatrist once and for people who post comments on this board?

Son's arm pillow

yuna himekawa[13282]
Quiet room down the lights. Under the sheets, pillow in his arms, I felt his breath. "Miho" and looks like he is calling my name, a year. He then confessed to me, call me and he has been Miho.
"live a life together?" my words, he said, "I hope you will accept me as a man ""···"< br>
two years ago, my husband split Since the surface of the inexcusable behavior and I was agonized. I am such a weak side, he always had. Encouraged me, helped me. Divorced, encouraged me in my spiritual side. The original relationship was good, mind me using his feet again also made me something. I was happy just being his side.
moved to the city a little far, looking for a room, started living alone. He left college as well, took a job with a certain dealer in April. His holiday, Wednesday. I work irregular care. How do I 会Ere twice a month. Last Wednesday, was dating a long time.
he was also shopping with me from his high school days. Photo booth taking with them, and put the phone to each other. When going out, had the cheek to kiss. I had to overlap the lips lightly with his lips and obsession.
in the city do not know, but took his arm playfully and walked arm in arm. The stairs, did I pull his hand in hand.
reliable, and I thought so. Overcoming tough times, to be with him then, and now look at me that way to me as a man. Occasionally, when there is an anxious glance. Sees me as a woman. About women's intuition is correct.
that day, he had bought me a present to me. But it was not in high court, who bought the first winter bonus. That day, I wore the coat. Honestly, I was happy.
my perfume, they're really like. So today.
confession from him is received. But the end is not yet accepted.
the end of November, parting, in the car. No popular corner of the parking lot. They attacked the remnants of farewell. I naturally overlap with his lips and closed her eyes. In his arms, and lay motionless. He patted me keep my hair gently. The caress of his lips went down to the chest from the neck. Remove the two button knit sweater, scratched the swelling of the breasts. Slide a little bra, nipples included in his lips. He wraps responded to it. Suck me gently. Additionally, red kiss marks he made. There was a relationship between.

last Wednesday evening, then gave him a tie, he entered the alley. Over there, no houses or hotels. Huh?
He pulled my hand go.
"From there to the end" "But," he put a little finger, I swore. "Really?" Believe his eyes, the little finger 絡Meta.
be escorted him into the hotel. Take a shower, lying in bed next to him into just towel.
he did the arm pillow. Mentally were lovers. Him, that I have talked to each other. His first experience that women, for example. Told me. Miho know that, and said to him. I was talking about the first male experience. I'm better, a year earlier.
off the lights and accepted his kiss. "Really. To the end yet." "I know," "expected that I can. But I have the courage," "Do not worry"
his gentle caress. I was afraid of how love is 41-year-old woman 21 year old man. But, surprise. He seemed to know her better. A little jealousy.
careful, caressing me. The voice comes naturally. They are floundering. Enough to shame. Stripped towel, her body will love. Stubbed toe, calf, knee back. Around the navel, and slowly down the spine. To underarm, crawled to the tongue. I have changed her.
him, my knees crack. And clambered go. Traces the inner thigh and close to the heart of a woman would naturally. His tongue is extended. Divide both sides went close petals, up and down. Sensitive areas including the mouth. Gently suck. Oh they 反Rase back. He fingers my fingers 絡Meta. I feel that my girl It ran a joy. Fingers into force. He is there to catch me. The more you put into power, he carefully caressed it. Going to be daunting. His tongue, gently stretched. Toward the vagina, insert. Extended his tongue into the vagina had no. The body temperature felt. Fingers into force. At that moment, missing the power of my body.

"It was wonderful, Miho" I hid his face in his chest.
a quiet room. Free time alone. Tonight, lamented the split time. I love me or how much he knew well. So, hiding the tears shed.

arm in arm, left the hotel. It was night. The footsteps of Boots, 虚Shikatta.

weekend tonight, meet him. End job, I wanted to ask someone wrote. Wednesday next week, meeting. Has promised. Satoshi Satoshi accept all he has made. Some courage. Get over it, a man and a woman. He entered. "If you live with, I'm for common-law wife"
want to do. As a woman of his, I think as far as to serve him. If allowed, a woman wants one last chance. Accept the evidence of his love for deep, like the fruit of love dwells with him. He will say how. Could you work with.

Loss of virginity

But everyone who went to psychiatric post How will this board?

My discourse incest

I have a brother four years away. It was after the spoiled child that comes from my childhood, with the body itself, and another man was entering junior high school.
well as a family is still close, the TV in the house playing games, and had to go shopping.
But the interest of the boys reached adolescence is going stronger day by day, and when she was playfully 抱Kitsuka Kuni Kitsu, might midst of the chaos is rubbed the chest.
time like that, they are stiff dick often been imposed.
I pretended I was unaware at the time just after entering high school much, "Let me see boobs," and "they only need to kiss" has been approaching this.
Then I returned and I was late on purpose so my brother and face possible 合Wasanai is that one day my parents went on Mari Tomari. I went back
is aimed at taking about his brother slept with a friend, hug my brother has just come to my room this opportunity. Although I had refused
and resistance, "Please, just once, they only need to ask once" has become firmly pressed against the array.
snorting too rough, the other was like a dog in heat.
and was drunk, getting lazy with something, the result being raped, it will not allow this I had not thought would be the same as ginger. SEX
emergency floating face has a boyfriend and parents will mind. But
brother, I was motivated, have a massage while you kiss my breasts.
AV'd like to see the knowledge I knew.
tangled tongue and let me come hard, or been inspired to do exactly as I know ... I'm sensitive.
I have been feeling the body, becoming increasingly sensitive, found that become hot.
part is all our clothes were not relegated to lick your body a shower bathing.
the array such as a mass was pushed against a hot body, the moment hit the clitoris, like electricity, running,
fire burning to have a shock of pleasure hit me. I think that it
like the other brother is gone, and was supposed to devour a woman pleasure.
reach out to people, that the brother from my grasp firmly to make sure Shigokimashita the solid.
been oozing with slimy mucus from the tip of a warm, stimulating and hands wrapped in a coat so that the glans,
brother, "my sister, no good, you'll get out, oh there" neighborhood I Bikunbikun rhythm fired several times while shouting loud enough to hear.
, that the younger brother to fire the state as it was hard. I like to lick
Mawashimashita clean, that the sperm-covered brother.
greater than the boyfriend, stiff, blood vessels stand out was great.
scramble every tongue, every stick, his brother reacted aloud.
to bed when you push me brother "can not endure anymore. I already put" Open your crotch I have been pushing the dick and Guigui. I was momentarily
"Wait a minute" to restrain, and the condom and cover, 跨Rimashita from me. and one brother were
moment, It was a pleasure that penetrate the body.
array shape, size, heat ... my dick was all upset. Shake your hips like crazy
, Makurimashita panting loudly.
brother in less than a minute, but fired from a small groaning, I kept shaking the waist. SEX
often have sex with one of Read the female many times do you say ik, and vice versa, the younger brother continued to fire several times.
fired many times I do not know, and indeed still is like erected could not, exiting from my getting smaller.
the condom had accumulated a large amount of sperm.
brother, "You can have" is creeping back to my room as I said, now able to endure more of my brother's body is avidly by stealth parents.

My discourse incest

I'm at the end of the north of Hokkaido, was actually raped by her brother.
lying tied me see you that night for the first time in years, resistance is impossible, I was raped by her brother.
pajamas is torn to shreds, while resistance can not even speak, my brother almost like a slug, we crawled on my body tongue, lick roll was to do whatever they want to murder.
from face to toe, lick his brother felt the cold even as the crawling insects. Also call aloud for help
, towel pushed in the mouth, hands tied, feet are strapped into a chair, my brother a toy you like my body.
hair shaved vagina, Shaved been, put his mouth there, licking, the rotor into the vagina, clitoris licking,
clitoris and pressed against the rotor, and placed the vibe, the foot because they are tied in a wide-open, my brother also came into the vibe anal licking.
hurts, and I have never put on anal vibrators, anal Moteasobi Anaruvajin before that I had put the vibe around, licking his brother continued to take photos.
how much, would have done so, pull out the vibe, my brother came into its own.
posture at first, and pull, this time on the Job, vibes and, unlike the tear was found. Sore, put out the voice, the pain was.
Eventually, my brother and my ass out to go out with me alone, brought the cucumber and carrots.
out of her pussy and anal or put it on my vibes are put, are put into her pussy with cucumber and carrot, take my picture, and continued until the morning attack. I ride the train in mind
run away from his brother, fled to the provincial cities, but, my brother came in pursuit, I still have the sex slave of his brother.
spray roses pictures run away if, in fact, scattered so I ran away when embarrassing pictures, has failed to escape.

My Experience

I am forty years old housewife.
My first experience was a real brother opponent. Correlations were close relatives.
had two things high summer. Home with his father just getting back at eight in the morning for the early death of single mothers does not come back.
I was making the daily lunch and breakfast every morning wake up earlier than their parents. On this day finished the housework, I'll sleep a little rest.
beside me and my brother and I suddenly noticed that I wear while the state was totally naked Banzai is also blind is taking off bra. My brother is holding hands with your right hand, holding the feet with his left foot, take the movement was going on.
brother, we went to the nipple from his lips neck crawl.
rub my chest with his left hand to grab, I was being rolled tongue nipples.
berserk with my screaming. "No! What are you doing? Stop!" Is yelled, has been rubbed grab the chest, nipples continued to be rolled on the tongue.
yet, I noticed things that come into force from entering the body is slowly but I just touched my heart. My brother left
came to invade Slide your finger to ensure the legs closed the gap.
by the finger of my brother, my body trembling little by little, to say that I feel I understand the first time.
"Hey I'm siblings quit Yo I'm not!" it is counterproductive.
"I'm fine. I'll make to you is my woman," I said in my ear to embrace me.
"Well useless man is a brother and sister Yo am afraid not!" though it says so in the last few noticed some changes in my own body.
"to stop something you're hot out of the body Yo body is weird I do not like!"
I have to resist flapping body, of course my brother is to ignore the torture continued.
My brother embraced me and inserted into the vagina slimy.
"not caught" was sounded in the room and I was screaming.
"Ouch ouch" could only say. I
"What we're not. beast ○ ○" is crying, and especially excited to come out in me many times.
lower body, but I remember it was a mess with blood and semen.
relationship the day before at the age of twenty-four to get married that day continued.
then, I was born my husband and children between when I returned home after giving birth to, my relationship with my brother is back.
relationship with his brother continued to go home at a time, I started with my friends that the relationship was introduced to several of his brother when I went to drink alcohol.

Goofing off school today

I was still in uniform was taken as it came into the bedroom when his father suddenly hugging going to change into school uniform. I'm always on the rubber for the rest because I'm tired of being with the two times I have attached a skirt or just Dasa. You feel some discomfort in the sperm still inside

Children and older sister

I got to 14 years after the first affair. The other children of her sister, Taka kun. I dont think
and it is not possible to leave again. Now there will come again and I just think ー Gaji that Taka-kun. Taka-kun
this year, 15-year-old ninth grade. Did this summer was that I got a love letter from Taka-kun. Taka-kun
it was my first nephew was born from the time I reluctantly cute. One good relationship both in my son,
back and forth to the house was playing well, better compatibility with getting me to grow in cool to take quite a teenager,
Satoru Yuu sense rather than like a nephew, was very happy to tell me anything. At that, secretly passed a letter 帰Ri際,
content and so much fun that I go to play and I noticed only two people at once. Are you invited a date
maybe that? I think pounding. Amusement park was the first date.
that area was a kid I think. It's fun and forget about playing together with the age difference,
time to go home soon, when he came near the exit gate while feeling a bit unsatisfactory,
hawk suddenly face near the ear came kun "I want to kiss," I whispered. "But where?" I say that he feels that what
, it was the word out on a 断Rezu instant. Looking around various "有Tta. Over there" I pointed to the Ferris wheel.
ride the Ferris wheel at the two-kun it hard to hawk was not invited after the summit. I think I'm too naive for saying it like that,
moved next to the hawk-kun from me "Then, slowly," he said, except her husband and kissed the first time. After kissing a few times lightly,
抱Ki合Imashita firm became passionate kiss both of them put the tongue. Taka-kun Does it just calm down,
been put his hands under the blouse, push up bras breasts massage has to put up in a skirt in panties. I
"I useless" feel completely away, saying that would remain until the last minute. In the remaining complaints,
when the dress came out again in my head was like 痺Reta yet. And while walking toward the exit, I became impatient anyhow
"one more time to ride," said issued. Raised at this time about one third,
"Aw, you'll be fine, try more" hawk-kun sat next to me and also from more. Taka-kun now touched my heart immediately became the first deep kiss,
has put his hands over there. Aloud was agony might. Taka-kun and we will then remove the buttons of my blouse,
"If ~ Ya, You'll be seen" and to throw out a narrow foot and I lie on the bench, take off from both husband and skirt panties I.
not even raise one leg does not go, can not even close to be entered between his thighs. All had been exposed to all Yoshi Tadasu Taka-kun. I was quite soar
was going away again and again. Dressed in a hurry to get down around Iyo Iyo,
got out there, even when propped to Taka-kun is like rolling, did not stop the love juice.
I was not sure whether hand-out spots around the crotch. Every time you come to play and hawks,
by stealth son is trying to flirt, so much for my son 感Dzuitarashiku,
will see something like this woman today It was like that too, both my son and do not like this kind of relationship,
hope I have a strange problem though, I have. Is beginning to realize that those are in my heart

About the impulse

Customer Yuzo, 人Sama time, our whole, good morning.

I did not even see you, I feel like it's everybody's sweetheart. Sugi Naka 云I bit (laughter)

husband and for me because my father is also an important person, I think I'll love you a lot.
father and family are aware but also serious when it comes to know, and I continue to feel a little more live. You Hana
husband can not because what is to me something that you get embarrassed by my father in a lewd obscene.

My brother transformation

High School, was playing in a place with very strong company. My brother
higher under five years old and 178 cm.
back to the bride's parents were good but 3 years ago but quickly went back to farewell a man ridiculous. If I take a cup of turning
brother, but I was the most dangerous man and care.
first, eh? What? Been brought to the hotel feeling ,,,,. But
, or to Yokatsu,.
since then, has been taken out as you like my brother is played. My brother bought
weird toys v, after all tied to you,,,.
continue for some time I think makes sense.

I followed the other man again

My son is currently in first year in college. She is still out on that yet shy,,,, I know.
be impossible for the time being because it still in high school.
accumulated stress is all I accept. I also
usually too busy working, sex tends to concentrate on the weekends.
minutes, the reservoir is kept Cum in me. I was subjected to sex
trained to sort of a man at one time. I think a woman should not blame
Raretai son to confess. Sex fundamental
is clean, carefully, not impossible, and.
a son with plenty of Cum On top of that,,,.

I second the other guy

I went on a trip with my son.
at high school graduation, I'm the son became the first woman.女Rashiki
what he can shy son, with jealousy
I hug my son was sleeping Karareta, among the exposed Karamiau
naked in front of his son suddenly explodes and emotional It is.
clumsy finger movements, I am rather fresh wild abandon.
and estranged husband, and the men were going out I had not felt so incomparable. Then my son
habit but I know, pretty good beatings
man is a woman dealing with my own.
Mika and the name is now called. So I'd pushed me.

Shame of the trip Kakisute

I went to an overnight trip to Nikko for leaf peeping by car driven by a couple with my friends. They stay with the couple in another room, so I took a room alone, did not eat another action, laying a futon's, see the waitress came to the audience or alone. Leaf peeping is also a poor person. You're wife will not bring the heartless. Or a meeting with someone] say it's knowing that I have an injury, the waitress's say you care for a woman who passes as a joke when it came to laying a futon May I call you and say I said it better. I'll be free to say if its ok to wait until nine good. Really come at nine o'clock he said. Electricity, without losing a fight I did once. Time to erect the first of which is also against the two had long become the Gingin.
three times did the same time,'ve finished two million yen. You did your wife and friends.

Grandma and

My grandmother is 17 years of age is 63. Grandma and the H for the. I'm out of a farmer is, yesterday I went with a lunch because of work at noon, now alone with grandma. So I asked the old woman to H [Let me say what does not say something stupid. I laugh at people like. Grandson as saying there was like man the old woman. Did not say to the opponent]. But I will be on the lower body to roll naked old woman sleeping in the kitchen with your H wants to do. Then said the old lady was telling a mother and father, and even seemed to be dissatisfied. Do you feel good, see the old lady in this old. Now that the mother is letting me. Young and I feel good that way. We said that] finally [this is good in the old lady, I give you later if you'd rather. Sun] and this is now over.

The mother and H

I had a chance I will want to have sex with their mother 19 years but recently came finally turned last night. My mother is a big tall slender body is 48 years old, is unmarried and age were playing volleyball. It is healthy and hardworking, and now drinking time left to go to karaoke so housewives, came home drunk the other day, I sleep in the bath as well as entering the underwear. Our house is run by a lame because they are living in an apartment alone with my mother not to divorce. My mother has been filtered with a slingshot and just playing in a car with no air to remarry. My aim is that it is committed.有Rimasen never yet done. Tonight is the first time. It put the pot on the chin take the crack of his mother's panties off your mom first, but they entered through the original wet drenched slender, the first shot I fired immediately, two without disconnecting from the mother if the first firm in Gingin and is lifted from the waist down [A Oh will not do ~ ~ ~ Iku Iku Yadame useless Crap] with syncope and take off. Sex for the first time when I was with my mother this. We do not even know and observe it for the first time since sexual intercourse or any other good or bad. And revealed a large amount of semen is a fact. Next time I intend to sexual intercourse was also observed. Forget the good feelings. I try to do tomorrow. But my mother and I would forgive.

Even though my sister

Students in job hunting is, since the bad relationship with my brother in college. Appointed from employers want to Moraezu Naka Naka,
happened way back in Tokyo during the General Meeting of the company, once belonged to the girl discovered his brother,
I'm struggling so much that my sister ~ I thought, my brother was angry e-mail. Then immediately from my brother-less,
"So what I do ~" came in like that. Where are the e-mail then?
turned to see that, it will take three people, but I was also tired of the job hunting suit daily, and legless by Chata.
while riding on the back of the center line but somehow, we were groping want to touch my chest or my brother over the suit,
partly tired and I drank too much, they ignore I got in the pants, but gradually came to feel very wet or did.
the station, but I'm bewitched hotel brought my brother a little rest,
be accepted for someone I am supposed to do my brother cares. Then,
I have several relationships, but it is not that?

Older brother

There are four years older brother. But college is not like she's about six months. Motete
but since that was in high school, does not seem to break up with her from becoming the university was dating.
I thought were getting really naughty since I was an eye for the summer. It seemed to be looking good
Mekureta little skirts at or eyes become a little naughty underwear and completely at home, but like many things in the summer cami, a breast cancer had been found I was also. I was also firmly
to look into the bathroom, sometimes I know I am sometimes run out of underwear.
week while sleeping I came into the room quietly, the state had issued a blanket from the ground to flip through the lower body.
"you sure you do"
when I was still with eyes closed and went out to fix the bed for a while. I could imagine what was. The elder brother, "Nuke" I was heard.
In fact, I like your brother's, brothers and sisters but also for jeans, I went really worried. It is night and day before yesterday
I have slept, but woke up feeling so weird feet.
brother and I were at that time it had not raised his voice to the surprise of it caused a really slept.
"Rie, because me, I'm fine"
押Saetsukemashita I was surprised to wake your body.
I finally grasped the situation, "Yes," was just said. What a relief
brother, had his hand on the shoulder 離Shimashita. So I woke body. And I saw.
brother pajamas and pants are down, there was a hard cock. But I'm not the first
, since I was 3 when my boyfriend's in, I was surprised to cry.
brother was still apologized several times. I
become calm, "What are you doing"
I was finally getting to speak to.
and watching big brother was silent for a while, I have become sad.
favorite thing was always my brother. I think I'm starving and have to do as a side dish such a brother sister thing, my body naturally moves. I was holding the cock
I get an erection firm.
"Hey, you with me?"
I was surprised that my brother now.
"I love big brother thing"
never gave a blowjob to only once a one-time boyfriend.
"I'm sorry, I'm not familiar 気持Chiyokunai much?"
I hear
"No, really, Rie, give me more"
Unadzui I kept up. Then,
"Sorry, I can not stand, I'm saying 苦Shikattara"
and brother and said, with my head, my mouth has been the piston without permission.
really painful but a brother and it's comfortably the top, so I put a pretty face.
been caught several times in the back of the throat 思Ikkiri
in my mouth as soon as she said, came in a piping hot sperm that odor.

I you long time!

He's been a while I even Nana's your idle hands! ! Tsu

Now, the estranged husband is, I have a separation from the assumption that to say goodbye to your life, it is now and not worry about him (of activities ?) and we'll continue to
But even in town recently, so I walked holding hands to make a normal couple, no Just connect your hands, arm in arm and also the Or maybe? ! But now I
surprising that he is not considered. I can now only
sunset Spring came early for us! ! [Miyuki]


Finally confesses

I'm high 2.
confess that I found this in mind I 堪Tsu

I have sex with my brother and my mother in 7th grade.
the night of the summer night from my father mother brother must be here in the room. I

a toilet room without doing 覗Itara from quiet to 11 if the game until almost all the time? If I make them my brother's voice from the ear can hear 澄Ma Innovation Gosogoso you hear to mutter from beneath the room thinking Oritara mother, "Mom, I'll cum ..." I heard.

I went back to the room knew it was afraid. Lightning masturbation while imagine imagine me and my brother and my mother and brother sex in the bed of your procedures. But I still

silence is scary in the house is likely to say something unreasonable.
of care but really,,, I'm pretending to be oblivious.

SEX father and sister

yuna himekawa[12776]
Yesterday, I had seen. Where my father and sister have ... SEX.
16-year-old sister, father is 42 years old, I'm 19 years old. My mother is a nurse, it is the same age as my father was not at yesterday night.
sister Electra complex was certainly feeling before. However, the relationship between body until I had my father and sister Do not tell me surprised honestly. My sister and I
room they are separated by sliding doors Madake slightly yesterday, I woke up too long I heard a strange sound coming from my sister's room.
bran and do listen to, because I heard the voice of his father, and what are you talking about? to think, so I could hear people gasp 2,
never thought ... my sister's room and peek through the cracks a little bit of bran, was on his father's sister overhanging cover.
sister while his father's arm around his neck ... daddy ... daddy ... more! more. Give me. Please! Oh Yeah!] And was suffering. Eyebrows Eyebrows ... well ... his father
Oh Oh, I wish ... I wish cute cute, I terrible, eyebrows, I'm really tight! Ugh Uhh ... That ...!! father sat
bread! whump sounds intense they continue to push up with my sister, I am stunned at the sight while I can not believe,
noticed that the wet damp ○ LANGUAGE Oh my. - Oh Oh Oh! Daddy! No good! I'll cum!] [
Okay, eyebrows. Well, I go!! I hope! I hope! I'll give you! I'll give you a dad in a cocoon!] [Out ~! Daddy! To pussy out of the cocoon ~ ~!
] [Uu KUU! out! Tsu Tsu Oh Oh Oh Oh! 2 H] of the As I dove into the end of the bed to close the sliding door. I heard talk and laughter
two whispered after a while. I was in disbelief Ippai yet.
had stopped talking and thinking, I heard my father and moan. When we opened it again a little bran,
Blow was nothing besides what their father's sister. Blow the thing now in my father grew a sister in the back end began.
my sister are suffering so comfortably - Oh Oh, good tightening. Eyebrows. I'll give you the best ... again? Hey,
you know? I rubbed the walls of the vagina is the cocoon of your penis ...] [Yeah Dad, Dad ... Dad ... I'm happy, eyebrows, because for whatever Dad,
Ugh ... do not stop [Now] Uu U, [...] I'm kind with Nn Ann Oh Oh! ! ! ] Oh! Eyebrows! ! Eyebrows! ! Tsu Tsu U Ugh! !
] I could not sleep until morning. Today, I was absent from the university. Morning, we have had to wake my father,
sick ... I did not go out of the room to say. Face of his father, sister face today can not look someone

Tsutomu Tsutomu mobile phone shop

I'm working for mobile phone shop, where his brother appeared surprised.
run away to meet my brother for three years.
Why my employer was found, but I do not know what had happened, came from his brother will be done soon to make a mobile phone, and I left early to tell.
mobile phone shop that I work far from home, living room at home is to go home and tell my brother says his brother. There
at about 10 minutes drive from the mobile phone shop I work for, but are so close, I met well.
and talking with his brother, to hear things from just running away from home, my brother liked it, I was at home Anomama, I was in high school was attacked.
brother and troubled runaways concluded saying trouble.
all told, I am talking of my brother becomes poor, were embracing.
two people crying, hugging just to kiss the hand of my brother's clothes from the top Masaguri breasts, reaching into the skirt, panties when he was caught with hands, saying I quit was.
However, my brother is on fire like peeling panties down, touch the clitoris to grope with hands, put your finger in the vagina, the union took off his pants and cried. While not extend
. The words are also ignored his brother out in me, touch my body even after many times, many times to combine, in each time out.
brother once a week but will appear in the shops now, come on my relationship. Mobile Shop
personal acquaintance with you is being banned, saying that if you know that between brother and I have to quit the mobile phone shop.

Good son

I was 48 years old, my son is now 20 years old and serious relationship. Since it became so alone with my son who went to the husband on a business trip to Hamamatsu last night, two people entered the bathroom as well. I washed my son back wash my son back, but I get up in 擦Ttara ejaculation bigger cock on each other 洗Imashitara son, now turned to bounce back quickly Shimaimashi Gingin or. Then let her son back from 捕Mara 攻Memashita me on the edge of the bath. Can I have sex again took us a couple's bedroom naked, I thought. So many times I have hurt many times there will be "much stronger if you do not like it hurts to stop it from without." I said and did until the next morning.

○ ○ ○ ○ son with

I'm 19 and my son was signed. Are planted in me. He had a cock bigger than his. Likely be in a prisoner of my son is 45 years old. I also put in a sack, but no sperm may be partly because of pregnancy because I still Siemens. To say that my son said so for me to know if you have kids and Dad if you are pregnant. What can you do that. My son, "my mom pussy be good little cramped divergence. I tried to smell the pussy juice lick then I can not," he said.