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Incest confession of women(2008-10)

My mother

yuna himekawa[11701]
Mrs comes to visit we had a woman looking for lesbian partners.
being referred through the grapevine, that 充Tasa not mind, I turn to sex and not men.
lesbian man and woman also in the act of M S as well as I can as well. The husband is not 充Tasa
women are hiding at the bottom of my heart a desire to see once experienced, one-sided as sexual prey of men, and over time, men love other women The couple moved to the continued daily sex, or because their repentance, and his wife, a stepmother taught Keiko hearing about it and desire to change sex. Gay and embrace

without even until now, passed through the room at the front door while Shiri込Mi woman had her head down shyly downward, the wife and mother to gloss 手馴Reta gesture Keiko Kashiku was naked while gasping cry violently, all the charm of being taught as 染込Mu lesbian body, once and once experienced, can not be drawn into the bottom of the deep appeal of these things never get out of sex it is going.
is marked with a strap-on dildo in my waist, the moment of seeing a penis is inserted into the waist of a woman given to women, to feel free from all men. until their sexual desire is
充Tasa and Mina continued waist strap-on dildo is inserted into her pussy again and again that women seek from their four-letter words and actions sometimes obscene excited myself, bog The deepening of such relations.


I found something in the drugstore. Lotion from the beginning stages now, but there I was really there only territory is not painful.
but a little expensive. Once you've played with all day to get carried away, well the next day the pain was really close to 疼I pee, although not leak and going. I guess I was not even a napkin
period. Not go anywhere because the holidays, I went to a nearby hot spring.
reluctant young son, I felt heaven in the bath or massage.
time I had arrived, and son are enjoying the scenery on the porch drinking beer, down by the skirt underwear, has been pranksters. Just to feel left
, Lee Tsu got.引Kizuri込Mi son into the room, the arcade will be launched quickly from behind.
night slowly tenderly massage there. Fingers about the sword, my son will serve in a dream I fall asleep.
is soundly until morning. And wake up, only the upper body over the bed, legs open lower body was exposed Kiku Hiroshi bend the knee. Cum on the face closely
And. Another lazy to put in, then scrub yourself until 寝Tarashii face. I hung around
received blanket! I put my son to kick

Brother and

What are you doing, and Ri
"your brother ..."
within two days of me is in my brother crept into the room above it 4, H was when watching the video.
"are gonna be slow in the club today ..."
"I finished early in the teacher's convenience. ー one of Kari, and I was someone you odious"
brother was grinning door closed. anything approaching the heart
揉Nda Soshiteri.
"Oh, brother'll ..."
"Do not lie, I wanted to be like this right"
brother is pushing to crack licked a splashing sound and take off clothes on the bed and the quantitative violence .
"I Ah, feels good! brother, looks more!"
Me, I was a virgin, could not help but want to be fucked up for some reason my brother.
"I so want to be fucked, and Ri is a nasty"
while saying this, my brother is suddenly thrust into a signature and pussy Okkina penis.
"Aaaaaa Oh ~ ~!!"
but a little sore, but feel good rather than above it.
"in that Ri, I feel good"
"Geez me! O my brother's penis it feels good!!"
piston big brother is hard, to shoot a lot in Ri, and Ri be Lee Tsu got many times.

Son Education

Only the first will be cited as desired. Toi
to let me crazy, I deliberately gave to education.
to like this! Najitsu to more!
keep an interest in anal invited to stand in front of her son enema showed the appearance
crying son, happy glance of scorn for the writhing figure. But I had already installed
finger, what is the best son penis Best of all,,,.
to the small of the rectum and this, I limit what I expected,
or different vibe, I comes into the penis.
exploiting hard and painful at first, anal scream.
of them, but electrifying pleasure,,,. Take a full
Cum, anal stimulation
I spit it right away.
to expand happily, watching his son.
wildly more! So, wants to slap me No way! No
or really hard times because of
perfectly okay to say anything.
let me nervous!
to cause his son to college in order to get off, sullen son.
push in my mouth chunter, "Hurry it."
son to come back and waving. I was unable to breathe while choking
uses desperately tongue.
"I Tsumannee lecture. masturbation Roman: Come."
video call, I'll show her fingers agitate.
like underwear for a pimp is not like adding.
just hiding from the nipple shoulder 食I込Mimasu the vagina.
welcome dinner is that I return his son.

I praise horny?

Apparently my son had the makings of an S-like.
past my body some man, who was finishing her people about me masochist. I was also very well be diminishing. Though it is broke because the body is like alcohol.
estranged husband has been through lots of things are becoming to repair the relationship.
that would - still my future, but hasty sex with this person and would like to walk
firm as a partner. So
"was such a woman." rather than show off yourself. Students
son "was really something erotic!" told me that in the wake
, I got the relationship between man and woman.
If you feel as a woman looking at me son, I'm over-reacting.
charm enveloped me sad immoral. My boyfriend does not change too much 背格好
me, blame the nagging feeling in the sticky material.
now want to blame more intensely.
son like her husband, soccer strengthened by a tall burly body.
want to destroy me going crazy about it! I thought.
at home, and I do not call out the mood, I was shopping for 付Ki合Wa Muriyari outlets.
was worrisome that hates her son said, "Let's go then Dokkai cousin."
"me something good?" I hold in my ear from behind her son "Do something good." < br> I whispered.
crowded street, her son was still sick and tired of crowded shops.
But, silently comes,,,.
soon,,, Have you thought when you are my whole body was hot. As usual with traffic moving
car. My son had to just drive the system considerably.
or poking me, and tickles.
I felt weird, too. "I found the hotel just entering."
Pulled me raise my son to touch the thigh, roll up their skirts.
hands back watching my reaction slowly.手Gaki
over there to finally give rubbing with your fingertips. I heard the springs
realize her son's future, so embarrassing I Panty
"No U,, col," to make a voice, "Oh, the other (pants), tight." tweets
and son.
flowed car saw the flashy billboards. Sue went into the car
Innovation. The room was just about directly from the parking lot.
thick black plastic parking was partitioned.
room into a room in solid pink. Wall in a big bed, large mirror on the ceiling.
son hit me hanging, we could say naked. We
opens up his legs and roll is played anymore.
course, no! No! Token resistance to the excitement for Innovation.
infertility treatment, so surgery to a few years ago, to be immersed in peace. His son cock
expectations! Listen really hard and well.
at the bottom line, hugged his son's face, but received a Cum however loud together.

My brother molested

Up to now look after the tissue is masturbation brother masturbation I was so excited,
with a naughty little brother is sleeping to see if direct means.
to not feel like a little brother or become somewhat since the time of the growth of his brother's elementary school and there is little hair will slow down his pants and his brother sound asleep
Jim Johnson came out to see a little more down to the most. Is also grows hair 剥Ke is no less than I thought.
(longer when I try to do is wake up my heart was pounding now.)
little boy or try to strip off the overburden and the skin become too bold to make sure a good night's sleep becoming larger and larger surprised that playing with a lot.
I'm sleeping even larger. (Strange) it's called I'm a big, too bold maybe I might be able to ejaculate. I tried to watch and this
out really well. I rub up and down well with a little boy I know Niginigishi
came out like something out of bringing up the little boy is beating the fast becoming an instant voice of my brother breathing .
well was surprised because I did not think of a dark fly with buffet buffet so I drop what I see as lukewarm.
rest assured that I was sleeping soundly and I think was so afraid of what happened at the same time. I have an intense masturbation
back to the room first and then the moment of ejaculation 見Reta. I really naughty
What's incest I also have not?


I wake up in the apartment and my son. Last evening, my son entered the room was half naked,
holes fucked my ass bare desire a thing is 抱Kitsuka warp from behind in the hall, son of the morning many times to ejaculate inside of me It is.
But I have my body wants it. I'm headed out now
son's apartment house in the neighborhood is not home.
has been committed by his wife Strap on vibes and known relationship with his son. I will be watching for sure because the husband holidays. My wife has recently
was forced to excrete it is called to the hotel without telling her husband and her turbulent
in mind and filthy mouth piss husband passive Nikake painted my body! While the sex was forced and abused.
son and I think this is the price of love is a painful 抜Ke出Semasen.
her husband at that time was just yesterday I was watching and I'm his wife.
sat on the bed into a room alone with a woman called from her husband went to the hotel today as I had expected.
husband is said the woman started to sit on your couch watching me.
was not a transsexual woman in the world rather just listen to the voices I found out. Ai
her husband were caressing each other, showing the joints between men in front of the penis is put hard sex,
not ever felt the excitement. Shigo and she is sure her husband's penis while screaming ejaculation is to pick
I instinctively comfort fingers too.向Kaemashita morning in an apartment and my son. they felt the strange atmosphere
two friends of his son was called to his son entered the room yestereve. As soon as the two people I
began to violent bullying. My son was only just watching.
video of sex on television with my son! Are intensely caressed the two people taking off, his mouth made me alternately,
two people despite the many times I refuse to insert me, it was committed while the holes in the front and back the first time. Then three

rest soon know what to do with pleasure than ever and feeling betrayed by his son.
believe that there was a girl and boy friends and also my son's apartment yesterday,
I have sex in front of my eyes. My son was pushed down to watching what I was excited,
whether she minded that even with such a troubled lesbian and that she force you to think I put in my exhausted,
her finger I have my tongue with cum.
son continue to escalate, the couple 拒Mezu my mercy and neighbors.

The usual.

Sex with my son has continued as usual. Perhaps because of that, to his son at school dive, I recently received attention from the teacher. Do you have any idea what? Was heard, mother and son every night I'm never SEX, split mouth say it.
now, my son and I thank you because I will report it to everyone.


Much since elementary school fifth grader, I was seven are on the naughty brother.
or put out at first and felt-tip pen or a finger or butt,
not know too much sense, but somehow I came Mochii Na ...
is the first little boy to put to one medium, little sore hip, but he knew
to the meaning of the other sex,
embarrassed to tell anyone still stuck
was formed by the brother.
getting into something a little larger,
like eggplant or corn or canned juice
I got my ass is on?
a little scared.
"still a virgin, anal hentai you can better rice"
brother had often said so.
fact, the rice had better be anal, but I was not a virgin lovers from 作Renakatta
boyfriend or shy of doing things like this.
measure blood pressure at the pump like a guy, I was put into the basin
ass so much.
cola and wine, milk, until the wee brother.
leaking and weeping in front of my brother, my brother was abused.
I was tired of being turned 3, was the fear 拒Memasen The photo is taken.
enema is the night, and if forced Evaluation and leaked before being brought to the school entrance.
next morning, everyone "crap that was dumped near the door was" talking to me,
really embarrassed.
brother is like this, to put in the vagina still does not.
what I'm someone like me can put such a transformation in Moman?

Son and H

I am a 45 year old son is 20 years old. Nikko went leaf peeping in the operation of two sons and a son at some point. The way they are now back late crowded, so I went on the highway, drive it to find somewhere to stop and say 小用 want to be on the way to busy to stop position we got off to a love hotel because there was no Internet following entered into it. I love hotel for the first time in unusual scales, from the toilet, went into the bathroom because it can be a bath. I lie naked in the unusual rounded pet, it is rotated by pressing the switch on the bedside. My son just went into the bathroom, but just looked and said 詰Ranai, so lay down naked pet still comes out, even to kiss my son 抱Kimashitara I've hugged me, H will want to do. My son used to sit on and I said he feels good. Feels so good I'm afraid that in the soup because the pregnancy.

Son and

It's a housewife 43 years old, I heard my son that random sex is 18 years old at this time. Show me some cock when erect, which asked what was wrong. I did say that the evidence was a man, my son, so I said let me at least once from someone from your mother 欲Shikunata Then, somewhere to be bad but wanted to do If not, 抱Kimashita to tell me once. I feel it will go as soon as I recover faster recovery controls are now hard to Gingin. And now done twice, three times continuously. To say that my son, my mother made to wait so let me say I said no because it already once told you to.

Son and

I am a 19 year-old son at 43, and son 行Kimashi away recently, I heard from a friend and come play with her son, I heard my son is better to hear directly from . Then it was true. At home I have done will be angry with me every day. That night I held a taste to say that eating more goods can then be changed. I tried using the unpopular position to prevent his son every night to tell me their mothers have been better I thought my son had to go on all night.

My husband's father

The 28 year-old housewife in the second year of marriage.
children are now 2 years old. I live with my husband's parents
. We are married couple
husband and father was also a relationship between superiors and subordinates.
company also became a housewife, but quit Marriage
(father and husband change jobs)
father and husband have intercourse from place to get married one year ago still
I followed. In fact, the child could not
children between the husband and children when sex is
father and husband.
course, my husband and I think my son.
my job, my husband's father in most things at home alone during the day because
act and I'm always up during the day.


"Day" Mother is the thing. 7th grade son and one day, I received going out shopping.
place Mother's Day, going out shopping with mom saying, forced half a day, let 付Ki合Wa.
walking down the street earlier, but did well in his arms, turned from the junior high school days as before, become even Kurenaku by connecting the hand. .
But when I walk by connecting force, Dari from his arms and his son who gradually (before I knew it was too far back at me.) .
around evening, I was coming along with me to the arms and waist, while I somehow became aware that his son as a man,
back home, living When you enter, and suddenly my son with me later embrace of now mom said to me, as is staying for a while,
son came overlapping lips on my lips. However, I felt my son, I understand that, which is that I'm still so not ready mind,
got to wait to talk about his son translated. But I and my son in the near future will lead to one thing. .

The older brother

I have a brother in six away. Blow up your dick I
brother from around my fourth grade. I can lick balls
Yarasa from around the fifth grade.
urethra, glans, back muscles, geese, prostate, ball bag, ball bag down, hip, Rim Job, Cum Eating, drinking sperm, Facials, Blow cleaning and before long
is taught in all d I was.
5th grade too much was put in the ass brother also lost virginity.
posture, back, cowgirl, Manguri return, include the foot, little was done to put the other side. It was like some
cafes. I put the bottle or a pee. The photo was taken and I
movie cell phone. Now it is 17. 2 is now high.
not likely to be made again boyfriend. But I'm trained to be my brother,
do not give a gentle man but I'm going out like this?

My brother

yuna himekawa[11517]
Then I (19), Hiro (17), Tomo (15). My parents went to two people in a wedding anniversary trip, we were answering. At night
no special things that have changed, I went to bed. The pressure on what happened and 掛Kara and Dontsu.
that is difficult to see in front of the dark, Hilo. What are you doing? Mouth closed and have been forced to kiss you and say. To take off your clothes
confused me, and realized Yabaitsu indeed, have resisted desperately, Hiro has finally entered the inside of me. I feel like
more frustrating, even though I could not come ... but the question of siblings.
tremendous momentum in Hilo Masu Hashi piston posture you hold me. Gishingishin and creaking bed, what happened at the sound.
was standing at the entrance to my room Tomo. Tomo help ... and say, Hiro, you Tomo Yaro virginity? You ask my sister to drop off brush ○ ○. This. The pants and pants off Tomo
closer to me. Tomo array is definitely stood dark. Hiro
sampled, will be on all fours I've put in my mouth. The Blow will be forcibly grabbed his head. Whoops
Yuru in addition to my dick, but ... I was on that thing inside me TOMO. Tomo is just 果Temashita moved several times.
in me .... Hilo is a sense the sore, I fast, and what we put in too Morao. This. Hilo is committed again in my posture. Tomo
were resting in the side. Rape, incest ... also excited to blunder away, I'm suffering Demashita. When I came in to me ... Lee and Hilo. Hiro is happy
Shitarashiku went out of the room pulled out of the Tomo. Three years have passed since since then, and put the rubber on the condition that his brother has SEX. contraindications or
Chaimasu excited that sort of thing though ... ....


Even mid-30s, did not even have imagined such may be subject to the two sons of course not.
week day shift this summer was particularly hot and her husband spend the coincidence of shorts, tank top bra.
washing dirty linen in the morning so I think it was also unlimited masturbation washing machine located in a morning.
bra even when they were first 押Shi倒Sa son. Power
son just thought it was stronger than expected child. became impossible to resist
change in an instant fear is resisted desperately slapped cheeks. Because I'm bad
[dressed like you! Because of you!
] Words not come out to refute the wrath of her son. My son has been violently attacked my chest violently stripping tank top.
son in a hurry to be aggressive to lower my heart I want to go at once to put their hands shorts. Remai resisted taking off and I am desperate indeed.
understand the noises and breaks in rubber Buchibuchi, my son is still Resistance 振Ri上Gemasu hands.
I was also taking off the shorts shorts countries face the moment you release the hand to protect everywhere. son
excitement has reached its peak. But again I have to cover 被Satsu Gingin penis and still not get undressed 剥Ke his skin.
difference of the power the power of the whole body, thighs closed I was clear. I was thigh gradually spread to the vagina to expose my son to finally 力負Ke.
son seems to think so, but not to put his penis Ategai. The location of misplaced
Ni当Tatte away, hitting the left. But I hurt, I'll also be able to guide their reasoning in anticipation of parenthood. The bull penis popped
failed to insert and knocked me time and again to the clitoris.
探Ri当Te the entrance of the penis and stretch last son? Not included. Son's face was distorted to withstand anything.
seems narrow vaginal opening had been several years since my husband and I no. The pain forced her son to the skin peeled seemed to bear.
would return to sanity into it without 果Tere anyway? Mina Nozomu held a faint. My son has also tried to insert the spit and slap his penis.
my vaginal opening will expand slowly and the pain.潤Mi also began to like my vagina in response to it. When you come to put
will stop until here. I was only looking at the ceiling while enduring the resistance of her tears stopped.
and finally led to his son. What stimulated my clumsiness women wiggle in pain after all I do,
eager son [has] was slippery and mouth.
easing the pain of his son might be it. Pitch were raised whip.
was a moment. Son
[Whoo! U Ugh! ! My sense of the moment]
flew Innovation growled. Know that his son was clearly in the ejaculate.
son still shake the hips and knock skewer. The skin of the penis had been extracted 剥Ke.
inspired directly by the most sensitive part because 剥Keta during the first, I was feeling rather out in the surgery act.
I scrape out the seeds of his son in a hurry. Son's face triumphantly. Worn down did not stop the tears. I'm sorry ... sorry ... you ...
浴Bisemashita 気Ni入Ranakattarashiku slap on the cheek once again I apologize to my husband crying. He grabs her hair and raised

[Mom ... because Mina is now my slave! I'll beat again 逆Rattara]
son committed 言I放Chi phone in one hand I do.
continuously being tapped lightly on the cheek at a time to resist has been housed in a picture or video phone. You do not want [my father rose
Was] promised to let his son become a slave. physiological
son would not care.
holidays almost daily continues to be involved in any way 空Kezu still finished three days rest.

Five sons Anxiety

While everyone's writing almost every day SEX imperceptibly I felt like a diary. I have started from a mere accident, and as far, so I did not expect to write. As you can see well over
I started to change and we're just writing this way. When the share his anxiety, but I never expected to have a relationship with my son.
almost every day now, we are to SEX.
ゃなかったらこうなってなかったかもしれませんね Monoji that big. It is already a familiar
. I cannot put it
see every day. The day my body Sawarimasu
son, I cannot put like.


I have a relationship with my father and brother and uncle.
brother and partner relationship from the first experience in 6th grade. My father and uncle and is able to relate to time in the hospital when I have three. In my hospital room divided by a curtain had sex with him. hand to mouth
suppressed voices no attempt was etched in a hurry. Uncle and the roof of the hospital was attacked from behind just pants down, now gone.
Since then, I have my brother, father, uncle and three people made the relationship began between three people do not know.
brother is not so much to enjoy, lick cock, licking pussy, little fingers into the right 使Ttara, becomes himself Ikitaku, spit in the early terribly naughty.
much a father daughter sex, AV's too much, and do things she had seen the same thing as sensitive to AV, or tied or beaten, licking and sucking, also incredibly Vibe they have a lot of what you put into the rotor of the vagina, Ma has been stimulated by a book that contains just what the rotor, it was read comfortably 仰Ke反Ru much.
reluctant to rubber and put on my belly and back without fail. Uncle
SM tied to my body first thing in extreme mania, whips, candles, and I was treated like things are enemas. Vibe also is not odd enough, strong, faint changes in pain sensation. I'm enjoying
each with three different sex.

Confessions of a son

My son is 15 years old 38 years old, divorced for three years, two people in life came with his son.
between son and was able to talk in a friendly manner, it was a weekend for summer. I woke
was getting my son into bed.
I never had such a thing,
"What are you doing this late at night"
"I love my mom!"
"What are you saying this Get out early in the night "
" I like my mother! "
" I do not do such a thing if you really want out as soon as I know! "< br> "No! Njan because I love you!"
"s family, it's such a thing can"
"It has nothing to do"
"a relationship"
at daggers drawn with his son, I have to hide the body Orimashita with both hands.
"like this, I want to marry my mother"
"If we wish to live together like this"
"something for no parent-child relationship "
muttered words said in a voice like his son's confession can not hear the words of reply.
"Takashi Really? really such a thing are you thinking?"
I spurred my son ran out to the words myself.
"The Honki! really such a thing should be"
"Do you know what I had been saying things Takashi?"
"s family! It's a Family!"
"will not matter to me it does not matter ... you live life together!"
words I have lost and can not answer.
serious face of his son too, looks dim light,
but I can not ignore the situation it is anyway impossible to say whether it is indeed
"found the time to time be charged."
"My mother received even time to think"
son went reluctantly left the room as I fall asleep and thoughtful away, we live in and two sons, and partly as a mischievous thing in my underwear: some said she was able, should have been doing reasonably well Nevertheless, this can become especially ranging did not think it was.
nor just want to look like me, but I know the feeling has been hit really serious, it can not continue to deny that, say what you feel is accepted.
went to the kitchen and drank a beer at once, it was time to forget to sleep. What about a book
drank two cans of beer, and itching in the groin, in action as he would rather masturbate several times a year there and then divorce, masturbation is not a rare appeal has become stronger.
hands over crotch pajamas,
"If we lived together and married my mother"
revives son Don Don words, my hands directly to the clitoris was struck.
do not regret having a beer, can not organize, can not deny, confessed to being cute son, and son of man comes into my son here, but, but that was it .
translation without understanding, beer drunk, drunk masturbation, off his pajamas, his son was headed for a room in one piece underwear.
"Will you love me to death?"
"It was not my mother! me I'm me!"
son go to bed, hold there and be embarrassed to take off your underwear, Resolution as excitement and strange, even before the divorce and my husband have no relationship in men was invaded five years ago would have been enough. son
men, such as relentless, you can see the incredible momentum has been stuck in the family, this would not have to go, but I do not feel so Mono凄Ki, <br > "I hate! I never talk bad! ... let go!"
were to speak these words.
pleasure pierce five years, which my body can take a long hard and thick, the son of man has suffered a pleasure to remember everything and can just focus on her pleasure time or did.


Whirlpool at the age of three who has been a
thirty-two any longer chores from my mother in a car accident one year junior high school.
first experience of life but they were father and brother and brother three years at junior high school. AV
father borrowed all I see is if I'm in the room,
is said Hey I came to her a bit younger brother of AV sought forcibly to his father and brother were excited by This is the first. After that it became the verge
birth climax after all three times I make today everyone from kids to Tomoko or after dinner.

My sex

I began playing with my brother groping in the bus, the subway, while walking, like a pattern to go with the flow and hotels.
brother and I have sex about a year, and have never tired, happy for people to go to practice two things we always new.
long ago with a chain around his neck, beaten with whips, vibrators and Ma use, the highest good to be Ecstasy.
suspended by ropes when the park pavilion is to join my father spoiled squid know, great comfortable weather.
usually park on the boat, swinging, on the grass, benches, slides, classroom, or in scrap, but a place where I can. My brother called me horny
, regardless of place and time, longer want to do, do it.
even strangers came to participate from time to time, Welcome to'll forgive, leave the vibe,
go to school and going (laughs) When the doctor found his brother Dr. spectators and going and doing it. To do with his brother after his brother will be visiting,
bullying from teasing me best, I can not stop. Use your ear and just say
vibes and Ma, to go on even in a faint when I noticed yet, or are being attacked on vibes and Ma,
but I'm having cramps, vaginal vibrator or being put , bound, and beaten with whips, or being 垂Rasa candles, and then blindfolded,
caused friction in the rope and pussy, and man is shaved hair and suddenly I have sex with my brother life is unthinkable without,
shall continue in the future.

A brother-in-law

My cousin was raped by the age of 40 is eight years old. Brother-in-law has been violated. I put my brother in law to erect dick naked Gingin to me suddenly came into my room in silence 31 years old. I was losing force as it tried to run away in surprise. Going nowhere but frustrated. Please help.

Helping my son

Leaving home, now live with my son used to buy a house in the suburbs.
and work on the first floor of my bedroom. The second floor living room to our son. Even when parents are home
, the family was his brother, and lived in a noisy but somehow apart though,
now really become aware of each other to live alone with two Mashita. Son is seen as always,. Mother jokes are good friends with
well, but I argue it. Mom doing masturbation.
with heart pounding and it is said jokingly. I had to believe is true.
quite upset my son gradually became sensitive to teasingly fun.
honest, I'm quite naughty. While men, but often I console myself with your fingers lightly.
"Have you put your mother in Pantei Seriously." "That's wrong?" "and put in the washing machine."
Well, wearing underwear all day,. Now a little red. "It's washed to the least."
Baku Baku saying I was no longer in the chest and once 切Ri返Shimashita. Take my son next year. I thought I'm studying seriously.
Friday night at his son awake until late. And say something "a little." And he responded that he. She said her son always lie down after masturbation. son
room impulsively gone. Have a drink and supper snacks. My son will be surprised.
I dress like a mini blue negligee. Pantei black figure. My son in silence, Pakutsuki candy, looking at me.
lay in bed I closed the eyes of his son. Followed by a moment of silence for a while, my son will let me slip my finger or leg 飲Mi込Meta last. Pantei
while poking fingers started rubbing the nipple. I opened the leg, so I started playing with the hand rub violently push his son wrapped. Around half Pantei
gets wet again, "get rid of his voice poured ,,,.". Men and women were only just now. Zori
only hit my finger 悶Emashita crazy to have my son. Squeeze your own stuff and started his son, suck Emashita mouth.
Now I'll have my son's bedroom. For now, my son and never want to insert the penis, and when the intention should always accept.

Incest confession

If I dressed up from the bath as usual, etc. Oh sliced open the door dressed in a covered waiting Did not you say I call my brother to come ~ ~ ~ ~ 被Satsu Innovation cover. Thinking and Innovation
strange, to put both hands and push forward my brother's shoulder, we 起Ki上Gara,
fight with her and Innovation Were you thinking something and she did Do a? I,
look okay except we care? I say if I bother to take off. Been different from how my brother always puts weight is pushed to the wall
side front door windows. ... .. Feeling the rough breath they gradually being pressed brother can not breath enough to just do it
重Kutsu is another excuse to stop in and Seke I - I'm crazy scream bad effect. It was home alone with her brother from
been broken at last T-shirt, came up if I said there Watch out for wearing a tank top ー Yarashii sports bra wearing it home .
been gripped stick marks around your wrist and you evade the door outward to resist, but eventually his brother
ass beaten while being under a memento of milk are wearing purple bikini while being forced into the mind gripped the wrist.
been asked to follow a strong hand against the wall and back. ... Hold the thumb being if I mouth dripping with legs flapping hysterically Nejikoma
holes are suddenly wearing black pants from the top of the room. Oh Oh Well ~ I cried when the case is no longer
brother tits lips loose string bikini. The leak came even got my breath too 無Kutsu shelter,
thumb jerk by the imposition imposed, say by cutting into spats, just a hole there. As soon as I opened
yo face like a joke, come 思Ikkiri If you've ever wanted my brother to let me voice Antsutsu Kikaseru I feel the voice of the Son that you get pushed into the hole tight pants and said.
with embarrassment by taking off fast in his fist hitting the wall with tears finally spilled. .
feet were scattered and fell into the depths of a broken window dressing gown is taking off quickly extinct. They tend to refrain from,
'm sometimes evicted from her room to do this to you, brother! And I said yes without saying I will burn like moving to
Mosomoso wildlife itself on my body stopped moving for a moment. Innovation is committed to Kutchan I am afraid not really gone
while suffering oppression raw plug the hole with my index finger of his brother put his shoulder strength. Contrary to my brother because I
being raped by a completely different person from the moment I'm watching my brother two years older than my back but I'm not afraid to work hard there always gradually
been pointed out to his brother and another full of juice is a finger thrust Yoguchonni Yamaguchi.
. Came a sudden thrust of cock on her brother pushed up milk on the painful call on my own pants off of them my brother. · · ·
While hitting the wall around the hole vacated by far the foot
Boss Boss Innovation strength in the end I'm crushed by a professional wrestler seems powerful enough, but not a virgin come. . .
was rebellious at the time of my utmost gasp for air crying tired of the pain was extinct. Yet'm just stuck ... My brother,
anything like the older brother of violent attack, according to the upper half of just how much astir call my name, and suffered a minute without losing a step on the instep of his brother 辛Kutsu The ,···< br> I got out in my clitoris while kneading his brother four seconds later the place. . After that I had been Ikasa
I rarely inserted into the wall while his brother limp and lukewarm, and finally to recover my breath bend it toward the window face was. While rent,
being raped was never so wildly over the past three times nasty behavior of his brother from his brother to live with now is not the first time,
is I cried just want to think without any contact since becoming a thing of the past were not considered.泣Kijakurimashita.
· · · that night too much longer and continued to apologize and then rough night the night my brother, if you stay at home Innovation boyfriend
· · Never go back again suffered alone! ! !

The grandmother and H

I understand that I will be 19 years old yesterday, with the relationship between a grandmother and 53. That was in me to stay here tonight, so is annoying old man came to my grandmother's room. Cold yet, but say there is no bed to bed with me but I said no, now my grandmother slept, I sleep now because I have a grandmother, her grandmother's body touching the They often but grandmother was still sleeping. I have also tried to put a finger to spread her legs so her grandmother's wake, it was wet. The grandmother is beautiful and not beautiful little person. So I have inserted an erect cock on a grandmother and entered without much resistance until it is wet yuan. Then my grandmother woke up, I'm an idiot too, Naka Kon prank old lady you do? Granny pussy old man was also around this time I will not. Tsukimashita likes me fired.

More to blame,,,

That is the time last year. Go have a snack in the room hard for my son studying for exam, go home and hug his head, "Good luck."
And the moment she said, was picked on the bed. My son had come to depend
face pressed against his chest.
come to depend on it this way because sometimes I pat my head and I like a good boy as usual cradle, the hand wound Kuri上Ge skirt, hands still on ice because my son's body between your legs that there has been a Masagutsu. The Mogakimashita
desperately to know that while the forms with totally useless. Knowing the power of
out of my body, so it's my reaction
comb back slowly with your fingertips.
I've made a panty stains quickly. I am not ashamed
appease his son desperately, pleading for.
I opened my son take off your panties and stretch.
son was like going to a panty masturbating them. I was shocked and worried for a while
, repeated on alternate days Once, put the panties in the washing machine is part of Filthy Cum son.
was a little nervous when I would.
her son is cute classmate.
is really cute girl, with a seriousness that sort of thing is surprisingly Riya
son thing is a shame you can not have sex with that child.
that I desire, no, I'm bumping into my underwear.
felt a little jealous.
estranged husband in a long time. Not many stacked like cheating, divorce is the separation assumption.
I was dating a male and one high school, I was supposed to have sex. His career
work primarily at night. Castor was the perfect day to me. He is a little abnormal sex
I came looking for,
it did scare me and pull down skillfully.
relationship with his transfer is over, I'm going out now to allow men to anal sex.
properly, health care is. Sex and
blame, shame arouse feelings indescribably excited, it's hard exhausted.
night, sometimes it comes back to doing that. Maybe I felt watching my lust Sukunakarazu son.
would stress relaxation was also studying for exam.
son, decided early in college and would like a recommendation. My son would
felt a little guilt. That act had not come
the verge of it.
I thought I was getting recruited his son every day in reverse.
one night and my son went to the room.
son was trying to sleep would be surprised.
from me I was standing just Haotta gown.
gently led my son, was signed.
penetrates through every day as my son every night. I fell in love with me
cock again and again.
bedtime story to my son, went to confession. Anal
son finally.
Unlike usual, I'm mad as brute, and his son bitch Najirimashita
"people I did nothing until now?" "You were about 20."
"on the ass if he had not?" "Dude you were the first five people!"
son torture tools Align purchase, you may blame me in the morning.

The problem

yuna himekawa[11394]
I agonized for me. I was raped by her brother when the two inside. About the relationship between brother and lasted until the end of 11th grade.
brother became interested in me with a first and she can teach yourself the pleasure of sex simply know nothing cowardly thing. I became like
abuse were ignored from the loneliness with his brother, a juice drink containing sleeping pills when I met my uncle had a slingshot at the age of 19 my friend one day is, in a love hotel was sleeping away noticing. I wake up and I had both hands tied with rope being naked. The man did not stop the day I was clamoring to cry uncle raped. My uncle knew a lot of positions have been many times squid. Uncle I have been threatened several times between the neighborhood and spray This photo rose after rose to contact me exhausted The photo on your mobile. What was the posture from most of those holding back my brother Oh, there I was getting bad, not even run over by a different position. But that's what I had met in a pachinko parlor near my home, my mother 怒Remashita 見付Kari it amazing. "Take care the female body!" My mother scolded many times for me, "my brother is you why, but a serious and has a bad girl slut! Let her example your brother!" My mother rolls compliment The snapped away and told to have a relationship thing until about 2 or high end of what was raped by her brother. My mother gave me to believe at first. I believe embracing me cry Tell me screaming amazing to see. I was scolded like any anxious mother or his brother that day, but my mother I was always like a gentle touch 叱Razu all. When I sleep at night and my mother, "I heard today from my mother tell anyone, I can not bring you speak. I'll never disgrace her publicly Barack slut. Reviews uncle leave room for mom After my brother left It'll also be telling anyone of her brother ... Do not tell anyone. "I said. My mother spent with his brother like nothing had happened, immediately called her example than my brother and my brother and I miss anything yet. I get worried I do not understand the idea of my mother.

Relationship with his uncle

A night of high-called sand.
and uncle are in the lower grades since elementary school ... I'm already a long Coto, H is a relationship.

can remember when arrived, you have been touched around the body, has taught ... taught them a lot blowjob.
At that time, of course, I'm what you are doing, but I did not know. .
been noticed at all naked, dick, or been touched, or licked ...
sex the first time, when I was in two.
happened by a natural feeling ... but now feels, because I like Uncle Koto, I proceed.

much, or because sex has always been touched but I'm back from my uncle
so high, the bigger bust is 88. (88F cups)
in physical education at school or from friends, "What night Sha, H doing a body v" and then being made fun of me. .

uncle, the family that is, whether the secret to anyone, of course.
uncle's business, so you work in the hotel H is often the go ...

during this summer vacation, my parents are "staying with friends" and lies with a,
Uncle "going on a business trip," and lie went to the travel
in two hot springs in the mountains. and H are also often
uncle, was the first time since the trip, I was very excited.

one knows what the land is our Koto,
I've been very liberating.
there is a very upscale looking hotel, the room was beautiful Japanese garden views.

inn's outdoor bath where there is the charter for the H 思Ikkiri uncle and there. H for the first time I
out, I was feeling really ^ ^;
sitting, standing back to the well, being caught several times by major source ★ Uncle Peter,
"... Tsu,, Ah Tsu ... I,, y ~'ll Tsu Tsu "Well, I think it shameful about suffering,
got'll install again and again. .

back from the tatami room in the back
arranged, on a fluffy duvet, is taking off the yukata H. .
"... The Sand night, my heart really, I Okkii ... in pink nipples ... I'm the best.." and I licked my body ...
uncle, a little S there really are these days,
band tied my wrists, while offensive words H.

"the habit in high school, so wet dick.."
dick I'm supposed to wet, licking, finger while you attack, Have you me, dying for, you understand To
"I am, what I want ...?
? source of our Oji ★ Peter, please put me here? dare say?"
like. .
terrible to get burned, half in tears, but embarrassing
"A Ah,,
of our Oji, A to ... I,, 入Retee ~ ..."
told me, Buchutsu is coming in with his uncle,
anymore ... as crazy, and piercing of the mess. . .
"assay,, Ya ... No,, U Oh well,, y ~ ...'ll Tsu Tsu,,"
to cry like that, I got Lee again.

next week, uncle, and now (really) meant to travel to Yokohama,
Friday and Saturday for two days, you want me to book a suite in city hotel The
I come around And tell me there. Right now I'm looking forward
^ ^ v

... and Uncle, I do not know how long it ...
Barenakere, H-long meeting want to stay like this.

Disqualification mother confessed ...

When a pregnant high school sophomore, at the age of divorced parents at the age of 25 became 17.
to make the high school alone Good luck son Kazuya also noted from the male courtship dated, remarried at age 33.
He was two people have been living with daughter Megumi, two years from the death of his wife, son, Kazuya.
husband continued busy travel days often start-up of a marriage in a small company and I did enjoy every three people with me and Megumi Kazuya plus. Kazuya is a very new little sister
可愛Gari, Megumi Natsukimashita also happily.
first I was very happy that I was expecting my brother and sister become good,
appalled with the sight of Megumi out of the room is quietly one night Kazuya. At that time my best to hide the
itself without being noticed not only for Kazuya sure what yet.
from it, "What if a mistake if you wake up ..." followed by a sleepless night and think,
continued to go to make sure our children gently concealed room in the foot every time you heard a noise. Kazuya
覗Kimashita room gently to feel like one day heard a noise at midnight and passed about 10 days. Then
居Masen Kazuya. Megumi to the room ... I thought his chance of Kazuya hazy dark look in from the opening of a door ...
my mind went blank a moment ... When I watched Megumi eyes peering Suyasuya asleep. Kazuya
right hand while looking into the sleeping face, so it's boring in bed fingered left hand was moving in his crotch.
was shocked by the actions of his son, and I'm sorry to be that that person was also her husband's previous marriage,
or what should I say I'm discouraged would stop calling out not sure I hesitated a moment.
in a small voice I thought my husband had to face no more mistakes, however, "Kazuya ..." and 呼Bi掛Kemashita. Kazuya
firm has reacted so gently out of the room without being noticed as Megumi stopped moving.
"Come over here anyway," decided to listen to reason took me to the bedroom.
"Since when did this this year?" "How many times in this?" "Megumi was not noticed?"
Kazuya can not even face down in silence but many 問Itadashimashita see my face to the egg.
"interested in sex at this age is natural. ties of blood, but I'm much sucks even without a prank to my sister.
was going to do if you notice that Meg mi? voice上Getara was going to do? "問I詰Memashita and quite.
Kazuya began talking in whispers through tears. "I loved my mother.
It was the proud mother of a young envy your friends to do.
To my dad remarried and doing it is to sneak peek It was driving me crazy.
with haunted voices in my head and his mom and dad doing, I'm strange ... It has become, "said crying. Kazuya
I hugged. While thinking hug. Kazuya
it will not cause any problems this will have to again ... somehow ... "Kazuya, and her mother want?"
upset I was embarrassed to say that I momentarily . Kazuya cried
face buried in my heart that has been overhanging cover and at the same time you push me down and nodded. Kazuya
to know it and I was like a different person. Kazuya's body Bakkari thought it had been a child a man.
can not refuse to come here, I was strangely excited at the hot body and Thinking about what would make the mistake and his son, Kazuya.
"Kazuya that experience is there?" Me 埋Zu shook his head while his face and chest and listen.
Maybe I got down to brush his mother ... I wanted to but did not reduce the body heat of a good
Masu Masu my body fell into hell ... even for Megumi satisfaction in trying to convince myself ... thinking selfishly
excuse was wearing pajamas off button, and you wear to bed Kazuya revealing braless breasts pressed against his face as Mushaburitsuku is spoiled.
a virgin and I have no experience so far, I do not know how you will be rewarded the man to lead the first time. Kazuya
embraced now take off pajamas. The young man had forgotten the smell.
involving the husband and sticking to the skin on my body like a different stick. Kazuya Koji開Keta moment in the thigh, crotch, I felt something hot and hard. Kazuya
the neck from the chest, and kissed my lips. Deep kiss with my son ... but in my mind is the body that lead to resistance is a natural reaction.
ethics gone too when I last kissed it. Held over to mess with what became stiff Kazuya pants.
penis cute kid, but now has become so hard and so big. Concentrate on thinking of that kiss. I want you to caress me
Kazuya ... even at that moment was to go on with my panties to take a hand.
been pushing strongly Kazuya crotch. While pushing the body was so stiff rub. U Uu ...
and Kazuya had cum while wearing pants and let out a voice.
I do not know what I say and pat her head to hold in my heart gave a face Kazuya anyway. Just 10 minutes away from being
押Shi倒Sa, was less than 5 minutes from the act of touching the groin, in my head had felt like it took hours.
"even though when I'll 早Kunai masturbation so much ..." says Kazuya uncomfortable with, "OK, first I'm young like mon.
'll be able to enjoy more and more accustomed," he said which take off your pants. During the semen came out lukewarm.
"Now even my mother will not touch my dick," Kazuya said, and now I just tried to lead the hand is approaching from me.
I am no longer the "I'll teach her how to deal with this child" had gotten to feel like that.
"panties, it was so I go down the hips down and Surusuru. try it," said apology teach or take off from the tips.
look wet panties "I did not know that a woman wet?" come to be thought of Kazuya caresses she said with great interest.
children really love ... "where I kind" "There is more intensely," in less than 10 minutes to increase interaction and in the groin of such Kazuya. Once you have got bigger
I had wanted I can not stand another state.
"Kazuya, I put it," said Kazuya I have inside me.
sex parents and children really, and I think incest is not that strange excitement I felt and experienced.
size, in such a technique could not get excited. They might have been excitement in the brain ... rough, without any technique or tactics,
Even though I am nothing but sex was just so intense Shimashi cum deep enough to fall unconscious.
while enjoying the feeling I'm exploiting the womb, the children came out of the womb to this ... I was thinking about doing this ... as a mother can not afford this. Kazuya
's "okay to cum like this?" even unconscious nodding away in a dim awareness of the voice to say, I strongly hold while Kazuya cum first.
and went blank in my head, in my ear, "Mom ..." when I realized the voice whisper Kazuya, Kazuya was a warm cum flowing out of me. I've accepted
real son's sperm. Disqualified her mother that day will never forget ...
Kazuya then is likely to have sex and sometimes even she can. Both my husband talking normally get along.
2 or three times a month but some days away from home because her husband at work, such a day will almost certainly come into my bedroom. Has, of course.

Even though overdoing, I feel ...

This is the age of 17 JK2. I had to write it last night.

taking a bath at about 11 at night, were in vain to dry the hair of the basin. Now that we want to get out, but he had a father. I did not realize the sound of the dryer.

"What happened?" I called out to me also in silence, I was looking at the glistening eyes Rica. "What? What?!" The moment I thought, I have been holding with the father. Came from behind with a holding would not run away to escape.

"What?! Dad, what?! to Jamme, when releasing it!" I said I was 振Riharaou, the power of the father was Kanaimasen. Her father is 48 years old, so they very large body of work related to construction, the power of the Erika was impossible ....

Then, I had to grab the hand of the father Rica boobs. It was only in bed at that time was called Yoshi Tadasu only panties and a bra cami. Nuke Dad in my ear saying, "You've gone and the body becomes like Eloi ..." I said, it amazing what we vigorously rub.

"Yada Yameteyo ... ... O my father ... no ..." I also hope, continue to rub father with no respect. Then, "I do not want, Erika, What is Kore?" I said, I have a nipple on top of tampering cami. And look in the mirror, and I got to become Bale Bale emerged clearly from the top of the nipple ... cami.

Rica is so weak it amazing nipples, but I feel sure from the top of the cami Monosugo. When touched him, thinking "Antsu ..." I got a voice out of me. My father heard the voice of the Erika, "What do sweet? More if I'll make it." Saying that I've picked me means where a nipple Kyuu. I got

Rica also gradually becoming more pleasant, Nuke saying "Dad, Yada ... en ... en ... to far ... please ..." would be like getting tea.

Dad Yusayusa shaking up and down from below the breast support, "Erika, what is the cup? .. the I ~" I've heard, "G ... I ..." I reply and "in spite of the child shall not be serving only ~ body." cami top that we have to say to 捲Tsu, I shook Pltn breasts.

dad has been picking Kyuu Innovation in while both nipples and grab. I got this time was picked to direct further 気持Chiyokutsu "Aantsutsu!" ... I have a loud voice. "○ ○ (mom), I hear. Is it good?" She said I have to fill the nipple nasty bullies. You can pick Korikori Kyuukyuu Dari, Pinpin at your fingertips ... I used to play with. I was also desperately Rica endure occasional "Aantsu Hantsu ... ..." I was getting I got. My father and faces to make

front Rica has made the left breast snake tongue. We crawled across the tongue, has led to crawl round and round the nipple. How was it amazing what a lick of sense 焦Rashita. Of those followed after, when his father Tsutsuita nipple tongue, unable to endure, "Antsu! Iitsu! ..." Lightning say.
father and has been noisily sucking nipples squeak Rerorero Rica and as it hardened. The pleasure I lightly bitten by teeth, thinking "... take Haantsu father Iitsu feeling ..." Lightning say. Since then dad, looking up from the bottom face can feel the Erika was Chupachupa licking nipples.

in so doing has touched over the panty fingers Wareme father. The longer the time to feel even crazier ... I got wet. Bale also quickly got him, "You've gone and wet it was. I ~ Dirty Deeds're in," I grin while Lightning is said.

fingers father, along with Sri Sri Wareme moving from the top of the panties, and getting them to bite Kuikui. By that time, if the body is too hot Rica, when the chestnut played with over the panties, "Aantsu!" I became I Pikun body.

father as it is to shift the portion of the panty Wareme've started playing with directly. I came into the vagina of two fingers and the scent of pears. Slimy while, until the roots came in thick and rugged finger of his father. I've just rummage through the slow and Erika. Kuchukuchu called

sound echoed in the dressing room. Tampering with the father is still in a lot ... Rica. Erika is also unable to endure, I was got a lot out loud.

father pull out your finger, the finger has pulled the strings show off in front of Rika naughty. "Where is my daughter is doing this to her father feels?" What she said, comes a show so naughty fingers drop the yarn, "A no ... ... to Jamme O embarrassing anymore ..." I said. But let 付Ka

father's hands in the sink backward to Erika, we pause to give pelvic thrusts. Is quickly taking off panties, spread ass meat filled eyes, "I hate saying, You're a slimy with drool Rica vagina," she said I have been part of Pirapira tampering. I think I'm shallow noisily splashing sound put your finger all the way this came in two fingers of his father ... the momentum has been tremendous stir. Erika is also unable to endure

"Aaaantsutsutsu!" so loud I got my suffering, hid voice and with a hairdryer. Kaki回Sa

is terribly hard, I was full of scattered soup naughty. I got soaked to the thighs or the other ....

father, stirring constantly filled with fat fingers through the Rika, has been picking click with your left hand. In such a pleasure ran through the body electric, "Haaaaantsu! Tsu Tsu Dad!" What Lightning huge gasp aloud.

By that time, and I got it through my head that my mother upstairs, earnestly "Oh Dad! going amazing! ... That felt good! ... Wow You'll'll b! ..." I shouted Demashita.

Since then, hard fingers, going to tease the clitoris with fingers, Erika rummage in the end "Oh Dad! ...'ll'll b ... Wow ... You'll'll Tsu Tsu Lee Lee! ... Ikuuuuutsutsu ! ... "Hey, I was ... reached the climax. I get virtually

remember it afterwards. And to get clear for a moment, Dad, "is a next time more." I said and went upstairs.

Rica will stand for a moment, I got I was daydreaming.

clothes back to the room again, in bed, "a little while ago what was right ..." I was recalled. Then I got ... or getting wet. Ona I have.

like my mom was safe and Barenakatta. What happens
ahead, a little anxious ... I ....

Love with uncle

I will be 20 years old, my uncle is 60 years old. One day, I went to drive to the sun, afternoon rain that we have entered into a motel on the way home. Two people went into the bathroom first. I was watching TV in bed and out of the bath, but the uncle was looking at it adult Yes, I would like to hear it anyway and Yanannafuuniyattemitaikato. It then embraced and kissed me answer. The uncle there somehow know what is now often large and painful feelings. I want to again.

They lived with my father

Gave birth to a girl. It was Baremasen school to high school. Father is a partner. It was not until I was three years
best luck I Tsukuritai me since I started Tomoko and children in relation to the father since he was three years Satoru Naka

Only three space.

I work in the shop thirty Fuzoku certain ♀. Not exactly
myself, my customers (my current boyfriend at once) will talk about incest.

a boyfriend, but I have a year-old girl ◎ 1. I look at [

front of her sex with boyfriend ◎ 1-year-old daughter, have sex with her boyfriend's boyfriend and she is looking for an experience of].

going well me anyway, if you need to go together and buy new underwear or sanitary napkins, and I promise to play the boyfriend of the daughter, and family of three I spend a high floor hotel room to pretend, providing both end of the year.

partly my job experience related to various sex than everyone else but that he intended to, [that] one day and sensitivity was another dimension of excitement.

fate did lead me to that space, thank you.

My husband and neighbor

I was involved with my husband next to me. He is 41 years since I have more energy are young so I'm at the age of thirty 抱Kimasu me out half a month. He is also a parent-in-law that used to be over there who was a target of H. I have sent me home and I know nothing and I got drunk one night in the town drinking the 有Rimashi. And I lay me out of the room I have only just only one apartment. Then he put it in there to get me naked. Stir just hand it to put your finger there. I shudder to 抱Kitsukimashita because he feels good. I insert a hardened cock spread my legs and over he'll become naked. Entranced and feel good with.


My 37 year old homemaker? The power of a husband, but I bet that the resistance of the blanket is 14 years old 押Shi倒Sa Kazuo your husband's previous marriage second year in middle school are not fulfilled Kazuo put his hands in my knit skirt two finger holes dick in my hand of her husband and one take off panties at once hung a hand panties with ~ Oh Oh started to move penetrates 3 ~ Oh Oh Well sort Noke反 while clutching blankets, saying it feels good mother Kazuo I Oh Oh yeah Iki mother husband a useless getting started to move vigorously fingers her husband a saying that I'll will feel good to my mother more and Ru ~ dick I have Ikasa husband a say Yauitchauto Itchi husband an I are Kazuo become Brute man stir about shameful Kachinkachin hard cock in a condom and a condom in her husband passed and cover it with a condom from say then there is said to be safe day mother's pussy when I was put out quickly and the sound of fingers moving every Brute man stir I cover a husband and one extended right and left legs, Oh Oh penetrate gulp the dick my cock hard for her husband one overlaps the lower body in my ~ Oh Oh I ~ Oh Oh I ~ dad Kazuo it feels good I'm a secret I blamed my husband back from a long hard, but more than 14 years are my husband was being tortured Ikasa time and again?

I do not

I went to my parents and my husband got a Yone Shin on Saturday. Every year my husband's family
central rice farmers, will go to the top this time
. By the time of planting also goes to help a couple to help us out of the way I
. My husband is totally useless
I'm also the family fun of me to drink.
careful to not drink too much, but I finally
husband's brother (40 year old bachelor) and I've drank the end Tokoton. Brother is drunk and who knows who is acquainted with both women and men do have a habit of hugging. Although it is much
hug hug to say I'm crazy
is still too big brother a hug. But that day I was a little different
. I was clinging to me 押Shi倒Sa hewn into play but I thought it was a usual thing began. Suddenly sat up but did not want to joke about "chopper and" was taken out of my hand out and grabbed.
"What, what, what's up ~" I have to leave the workplace and continue with the pull of a lot more than saying. I was on the spot and 抱Kitsuka. However have stuck with groin hand touching my ass back turned. I felt a hard object.
brother who is such a thing like that I will sit Kunekune parry boring jokes and swear I was not so
"How Big Brother hoo" It was such fun to say . But I noticed that
really started when I was touching the bottom is directly put their hands in my pants a little lower. Could move quickly.
moment, "This man is serious," but I wonder why I felt myself
There were just a little one would expect that this would be bad. I think the body had refused to part from his brother did. Started playing with my dick ass hand was touching, "I'm wet," his brother has said embarrassing things. I was myself understood. My body was prepared to accept the penis nature. I was not married.
everyone is sleeping and strange situation when I feel tired, even though "early attempt to be obsessed with the bad I feel," I say to your brother. By screwing the penis has suddenly been reduced to knee me backwards pants and underwear. I was getting stick
ass attitude like putting too easy. Even though I'm
dick penis should not be so slippery slide and was ready to accept what came into full. My brother has been saying the name of the dedicated hard. I got so much I'm not going to. I could not believe how quickly we
out that "if I could put out" to his brother's voice saying
"pull out bad," just be put away and say I did something
to rub out by hand. Were unresolved in the sense often touched by the dark lord was more good things. Both were silent
also like a sense of guilt to go home and just slept
somehow as if nothing had happened to get dressed. The next morning we went back
did not say anything older brother and I are parting with a smile
"I'll come another time when" I felt like saying that because comeback in the bottom of my heart was too. Now my parents are going to
New Year. I look forward to my

Son and H

Yesterday I had become a physical relationship with his son 18 years old 43 years old. This day I will go home late part, we did not even prepare dinner, and imposing a skirt 捲Kuri erect dick came back I was cooking in my own. I put off your panties and Cock. I said to my son what to put the yuan to keep quiet, it also feels good mother. I said I'm wet inside, and I said I did say that by far faster. It seems the sperm out three times or twice in a home and say I was born here.

A brother

My husband has a brother five years older brother 居Masu came in this house with the intention to marry to inherit his master Nairashiku feel parents take over the house. Even if your brother signs 35-year-old said I can not go out to see you marry. Every day I sit about at home without going to work since last barely a year ago in fact. Normally gentle, genial man of few words are. Me take care of children 4 years old brother in something reliable, I'm counting on my husband to tell the truth than to play Kuretari.

became deeper relationship with my brother from about six months ago. Sexual intercourse was forced away because of the bad thing is that I unilaterally "I'm sorry I said," I showed her and embarrassed in front of his brother.

brother that day but said he was off to a little past noon time lunch
go shopping, I'm way to the dressing room to come back for the big brother I was a little door open. Maybe once and I forget to close "the brother I ~" The brother in the room during 覗Itara array and say hello.
eyes and eye each other, "Oh," I went into the bedroom and closed the door. You say you regret and remorse I've looked at says would be bad
"do" frame of mind was saying.
and yet never at home so I could go out and say I thought I 居Masen.
time was only underwear and change into the clothes off your clothes anyway,
brother's voice has been calling my name and knock.
the instant "Now, wait a minute I'm changing from" When it came into the bedroom and
brother has just suddenly
usually quiet at this time a man of few words I was a little different I was. "It sucks man looking into a room," I was feeling angry Hishihishi handed and he did. Naka Naka
brother not only what I finally did apologize but forgive me, "How Can I Forgive Sato Yuka's naked," I was told. I declined because there is no translation can be naked in front of people other than my husband how much everything.
away to be beaten down not seem to want to drill this even after being told it will not ever be a big brother naked many times
"Please forgive me now I'm just a" naked and ashamed brother now naked in front of. Naughty brother eyes were watching me. "You become like the" bare naked was starting to become brother and I say what I thought.
"How do you do? to his brother. Please stop," I have just been lying in bed hugging a naked me feel like listening to say no.
I think I was even aloud to Year Kyaa not say. "Stop it apart" was strongly embraced to say that there is also
suffocation. I felt that seem fine to divide into the crotch of my penis is big brother to me overhanging cover. Many times, "screwed off," said the
penis was forcibly pushing'm holding on Kuni Tsuyoshi me stiff. Ironically, the body and head to forgive and I never was conscious. Big Brother had resisted, but finally put the focus on the feet and legs and I felt absolutely not let into the pain away from entering into force open the breakthrough.
"You should not pull out into" into a completely away to say
"He can easily do not have anything other than"
and abused it is a toy from a dude I. The Ikasa
brother many times in the penis is a shame I feel more intense action
master. My husband
be inserted so long, but have dropped
brother gave me no pleasure to say about me.
this was the first sex.

has embraced his brother every day for lunch once and I thought that since then. No, I do not want in your own way there on the left refuse to be invited to his brother.

One year to divorce

One year to the divorce, I have been putting two sons, the eldest son had come to meet me as something to worry about me every month.
in late summer, I got a call every time I'd "go tomorrow," I said there comes that day, suddenly came to my apartment. In the year ahead to take the three
high school, there is also training in the summer give up, never seems to play it.
of you come to see me I will glad to 有Tsu another purpose, in my underwear.
interested in my underwear before getting a divorce from even knew about such things, I came to a blind eye to come to the apartment from my divorce was home with my underwear in secret.
married to the husband, is played with a clitoris, comfortably become to feel the addictive chestnut, chestnut mess became so alone sometimes.
even after the divorce, the man is 懲Ri懲Ri, chestnut and comforted, we think was the arrowhead that had sex with toys and even trying to buy soon.
suddenly came from a son, had gone to the laundry in the morning, I have no underwear one piece, I've put off wearing underwear now.
than it was worrisome, but always in a gloomy mood and my son, I hear what "all right" "No," and I hope to answer me.
came in the afternoon, the time was late afternoon,
"is able to eat dinner?"
"Can I stay a yes?"
"What? ... Sure, the father was contacted? "
" emailed "
" Off! Sure! "
first thing to go and stay with my son, my husband was stopped before maybe From that I thought would, then did not care to stay on until we get to feeling bad about the sons were reluctant. The spurt was going to go
nearby family restaurant, not too well my appetite, my son was really worried.
But the cause for concern, since it 寝静Matsu found.
came into my bedroom, my son, I have stood vacantly.
will run through such thoughts running through my head quickly at first sight of his son, my son has asked me, Are you ready to stop, or circulated in a moment why such a thing know.
Usually, the child refused to come looking for her mother's body, or can reasonably convincing, but I think I have many things are in terms of the divorce, both my sons not have to be separated cute I had not, my frustration? I do not know what good to say, it was tangled in the complex, I feel.
"Come sleep with me! entered!"
've had to say. What
son reluctantly feel that adhere to cast aside something, but I wanted to be rejected, or I came into the edge of the bed.
"I go to bed I'll come here more down"
baby to sleep, I feel like my son has grown slightly big sleep, the heart is not beating so violently explode to, to pretend it was difficult to sleep very calmly.
a while then, the hand of his son, running a state that is transmitted negligee, invited the son to bed, I extend to every foot, if someone were so inclined son, always touching was appointed.
hands of his son, in a cowardly move, inside the nightie finally have reached my crotch.
me after this what I do, you move into action to accept her son to wake up or leave it in the hands of his son in the swing bed like this, my son, but I think a virgin, understood in its own way, otherwise thing to have, came into the hands of his son in underwear,
"ぅ Yeah!"
touched my hand chestnut son and I reacted instinctively away, I look I will not have to be awakened as well, sending a glance at her son, gently nodded.
And I reached out his hand in the crotch of his son, grabbed the man's son felt an erection sufficient, took off my underwear.


yuna himekawa[11190]
Hello ー. I am a high school freshman now. Could my brother actually has a sinful act.
I'm 16 years old, on the one brother is 17 years old. The action began from this time that I'd just.
at first, but I did not touch only about Ai, now that I look like before sex and fellatio.
room in my room and my brother actually hears the sound of conversation and the next are not always separated only by curtains blinds piece.
I've seen things from any mistake that you are masturbating while watching a sex video without knowing that his brother is probably in my room one day. Nde
was the world of the unknown something that once touched and no I do not know how much the standard size of something that my own cock.
but I hid in embarrassment both hands to cock my brother when I opened the curtains to blinds deviated was looking at my feet a place that one day my brother masturbation hidden
I was told to say by bites nails never came out from seeing the hand was filled with white paint in Innovation Ppokara something from your hand. Let me touch you once did say to
I'll also overlap in silence out of curiosity I wanted to touch it once,
the liquid mud mud I was out earlier in my brother reluctantly tissue First I brought my body up front to wipe his hands around my brother was just as fairly interesting Nde surprisingly soft to the touch, so I thought I was watching, but staring at touch While his brother in arms Shigoi Nde Osamaranakatta increases gradually over time with one hand while trying out in the end I like the moment my hands Ugh. Semen of men and learned that it has been found on the Internet gradually find out a lot and hear a friend. First blood came out from where I strained my precious among the highlights every night before sleep for a while and then Ai seems to be broken hymen finger deep into the thing I apparently hurt his brother. Cock my brother a few days and repeated nature of "knowing where I received an important, but now once every two days is not the end is my brother in . Of course the first rubber of the month so I do not put me from knowing nothing had been ejaculating in the end I live, in very recent years a child could be wise Now and will not settle, so the experience of every three pass out yours if you know my mother and father about sex to ~ 04. At first I was sore every day, but now there is no lonely brother's cock. During this time the thing home from school that is good alone since we travel out to your father and mother Ai strainer body wash each other from taking a bath together to eat raised in the bath with fellatio, 果Temashita once in my body there. Total licking me until the morning through my body in bed and then tea was done 7-8 times. I really really well and I thought man, from about the third time I was pounding the hip shake my brother many times I said I can not stay erect 萎Manai now I engaged in sex work hard and we even began, as mothers in sex. What sin might be wrong I like his brother?

Uncle and H

I am 42 years old but had a physical relationship with his uncle's 61 years old. It is also during the day. My uncle was big it was good immediately Ikasa Narimashi rice brat that burst into the vagina. My uncle is doing twice three times so tough without disconnecting. I was tired of not resist saying, there is a lick. My husband does not like that. I just feeling good. My husband and I want to turn my secret.

My mother

Called Mina. He
Shirimashita that women are on a cell phone before going out. The mother's Separate
consulted were often tell them to say that you wait for a while from his son.
mother came home well looked after in someone's personality 男勝Ri something, is that in trying to look so hot I took me a good shopping and dining.
around four this year alone while dining with her mother while talking with my husband I drank alcohol. I do not want
飲Mitsubure had slept, when turned 寝苦Shi occurred in the middle of the night my mother and I both were naked. I did not know what had happened, her mother and I'll be important to protect Mina's mother, wore while covering the chest while hugging on me, I have been looking for a kiss.
still do not know what is what, but the tongue entangled, it is naked while being caressed Well, her mother would just leave everything himself.
feel and touch the hand of the mother and my lower body, so as to lick the crack in the tongue at the same time, letting you draw out all the power of my body from the really good thing to raise, and more. Some
sex with my husband there for some time, her mother is the act of going to my hand movements used to stimulate the genitals.
your mother's good, I feel like Mina. The first experience of this.
finger was inserted into the mother in me.
from it in the life of my mother to go without it on behalf of the laws.

Fucked up son

I was raped by 45 year old son is 20. It is that yesterday morning. My son went to work from my mother because I have not heard Uchino人 and Siemens have already, I'm still there. Answered and said I still get pregnant then. Out a condom and was fitted panties off your bed and roll to try and experiment in the kitchen and tell me I'm fine if you stick to it.悔Shikutsu irresistible to it.

Temptation from his son?

Hello, I called Nami Makoto. The 33-year-old housewife
children away during high school can, on a ninth grade son is already married soon after graduation present.
this confession about his son.
I tried to wash my son's pants the other day, came out a key from his pocket. While wondering what
key, and I'll put my son in the room, I noticed that the desk is the key when his son entered the room. Looking
drawer marked with the keys were still locked.
I worried whether I will do for a while, but I thought I should open the attached.
I was surprised to see in the drawer.
While there are organized and there are lots of paperback books.
which was mostly the theme of incest, what about the mother and son (though only the title), there were many.
I was stunned for a while staring at the drawer.
pull back, it stuck in my head even after his son in the room. I have seen my son
Notarou sex as the subject of me?
my head was full of it throughout the day. I
I often wear a short skirt and a relatively Would that my son's eyes were like?
his son and finally have a peep sight in my bath, I was imagining that her son would have seen my underwear in the bedroom and quietly. When I noticed my
there and I was fairly wet and dust.
son came home from school.
somehow I became unable to stay home and went shopping.
son had come home in the living room.
eye care, while his son, but I've bought stuff away in the fridge and began preparing dinner.
in turn looking to lick my son s back, and can float in my head as soon as such a delusion.
son stood from the sofa, found by approaching footsteps here.
position to beat that it might even hear his son's heart beat.
son when I was drinking a cup in the sink put a Coke, so whisper me
"You saw"
said. I
I thought my heart would stop.
like nothing happened and then dined together.
I always have time to studying her son, saying that tonight I have a coffee break and even what to do about money
I was thinking about that, also always so decided to bring that.
and knocked me to enter was locked.
voice of his son. son faces
issued shortly.
wondered whether I entered the room, went into that one.
"Oh, I get"
say I received the coffee son.
fell at the feet of the pen when his son received.
when you pick it up I will, I became a voice verge of thinking.
I was wearing a jersey son, I had a much bigger portion of the crotch bursting.
son does not even attempt to disguise it. Demashita
put pen to flee the room has a tray for my son.
may have been red faces.
son definitely seems to have a sense of me. Despite the experience that
And I had a fairly wet and dust.
natural father did not talk.
I'm worried what will happen ahead.
just an uneasy feeling, but I sure can not. I am sorry
乱文 scribble on and on.

Anxiety son

Makes sense I think it enough to continue at length what would keep a little more.
until just now, you're actually SEX and this they have just for you finished.
son was in terrible tired.
second round because there was time I did.
come back when I was just an errand, I do hug from behind while her mother has breast massaging.
Wait right there. It got things to do today. Mon was in a while, then get in the way of withdrawal is known, I was patient.
five minutes later at leisure, her ○ ○, and has jumped
Come say.
kiss on the spot. And if it were Dehajime
take off my clothes and massage her breasts in an excited state from the top of the clothes, I also took off, his mother, his mouth. We have in front of my face. I was really a favorite of the recently Blow.

I originally but I did not much like masturbation, but now I'm fine with that SEX is every day. I feel like a better man and I repeated my body. What's a little something by myself. Drinking is fine and

I have not done since then. I wish so much you do not want

Can not it?

're Excited every time my dad found a naughty eyes. Even if I

masturbation, sex with a boyfriend to be, are you thinking of the father thing ....

just want to be a woman ... father.

this naughty girl, do you not?

Three sons in

My mother's family and us. Bed sleeping side by side. Sometimes in the winter means where I crawl into bed with each other.
noticed the middle of the night there with Crispy hand over there? I slowly hand Doketa now frequent.
conviction and noticed. I'm tired and I drink a nightcap of work will soon fall asleep.
day, has burst into a nervous hand to thigh, I pretended to sleep and its Whoops. Rub comes as a subtle poke.
stopped and rolled over depression. But after a while also. And apparently the other hand my son, I was like tampering to the penis.
turned away Ijirashiku after pretending sleep several times, "Hey!" spring and a futon, I was holding my son and put condom penis. Niya Innovation
My son is almost divorced Waru. Condo son - wearing the system, then out, and I've been using repeatedly washed in the bath.
buy? I said there has been used to find and listen to my underwear drawer.
you!ー use or about two years. Did not notice. Well, anyhow, for my son, "What shall together?" 持Chikakemashita this.
but seldom that ー entertainment, too. I became a naked lower body, open your legs bend knees, fingers Nazorimashita.
the intention of acting I've seen really feel and think. Eventually my son, I'm happy that I had to help Morai.
become daily routine, the holidays can be like that from the middle day. My son is brave, when you yourself are you doing chewy, try to put in? And invited.
then I'm a happy son like a penis, I do not thing that it can scarcely put a finger and still the same thing, Dakiai naked,
wriggle penis in vagina I became the first woman and I feel my son. Chaimasu excited doubtful that such a feeling like I'm in a scary mother. My son liked Deipukisu
like, makes me tampering while tangled tongue.
occurred early in the morning and on weekends, "Mom, of ik? Iki Really?"
"Yeah, ik,, ik,, Oh Yeah" He's not forget the mess with his penis, what a day I never attack you.

Fucked up son

I was 45 years old now, 20 years old son was raped last night. Last night I only had two sons and I were out going to travel Uchino人, I put Man Man my dick erect pin pin came into my son while taking a bath me. It is in the bath. My son did not even look cool frustrated anger.

The older brother

We started this site. I was taught to do homework together and I love my brother.
two weeks going to my mother and father are traveling abroad, I say I love to hug my brother is embarrassing to me.
brother, I was confused initially, I was suddenly kiss me hold me tight.
started touching my breasts from the top of the hands of her brother's clothes.
my small breasts bra from not wearing it yet, but first I wanted to be touched, feeling strange and gradually formed. I've
and licking nipples.
'm happy to think and I love tea but still stay me to shame. I kind of fluffy and
hot in the body.
you started on the pants from a stroke, his body was becoming hot and crazy than ever.
The biggest surprise is that it came with my brother over there licking.
been licked from the bottom up and from top to bottom, every body that I embarrassed myself, I move spontaneously.
been licking your fingers are extended, now suddenly ran electricity through the body. The elder brother or just lick it, and grinded to, and each time the body Sorikaerimashita completely blank in the head many times me. Entered into a bath together first.
entered the room along with her brother in bed, I gave everything I still love to have tea. Really wanted at first. While coming back from a trip my mother and father, older brother and sleeping with every day, a bath and had to go.

What was good about

I was committed to my own father.
at the age of 19, is hospitalized with breast cancer when my mother yet.
absolutely disgusting and resisted.
alone in the house but I can not even escape the end, crying, frustration, and foul.
father of the beast now, I've put in me without using anything. I want to finish this quickly and
that were put up in tears of frustration.

desire to meet my father then my body continued to be raped repeatedly.
wanted to leave the house, of course.
mother could not even think it still suffers from the hospital.
was also unable to speak to anyone. with repeated hospitalizations

mother died.
was 48 years old. My father passed away
mother, it seemed for a while Ill get nothing.
time mother escaped the forty-nine days they had been suspended while the relationship between the father and father in the evenings after a long time to come looking for my body.
that day, however, I was accepted by his father.
I hated my father so much action. Now

gentle father is someone who I'm in love with anyone.
parent and I feel the love the Father has a different beginning.
I've been too obvious marital-like relationship with my father's sex life. Why go

sure why the future.
your confession is here that many of them were beaten by an open, along with surprise, similar to that being too sympathetic in relation to daily life.

relationship with his father, but I also feel a vague uneasiness.

those days continued


Please do not trick my body the other night was silent brother
Mon lick dick feel good because the brother pretended to sleep, but I was surprised at first I
Incest I think if I'm not putting
hands and mouth to stop

Do you think

Thanks to my son, I began to think Satoru Satoshi is so fun and great sex Fukkire.
young son when her husband broke up, even so was the sex was sex
nature would - one thing I think about at all. There was also
term relationship with some of the men when she and her husband argue, but I feel its own way, I had to control myself.
in a very sensitive structure really is very impressionable.
myself I did not like that. I was tired of that seems to be a woman.
There was still many times what it had burst, or rather driven by self-hatred. Ino Hukashi reading this is why men have been avoided.
son and great friend like a friend. Arekore study hard to complain even if you are so nice, even put up with such a nasty thing to worry about not apply to me. When holding a mysterious
desire that my son, I got nervous. Last year I
. I was working hard every day for the college entrance exam.
can still look at me from behind, his son by pretending to touch my body fool.
Surely, masturbation is the son'm alone at night. And have trouble sleeping that night, I heard some noise in the toilet brush your teeth and son.
I reached out to his son without thinking. My son wants to come to room
questioning. I do not know what to do but call.
脱Gi捨Temashita pajamas in front of her son everywhere.
her panties only.
son lay hands on his chest. Masaguri son's chest, pinching the nipple Dari. Yojirimashita I tickled myself. We asked the finger
lower son. I seen the
my face. I said, "hmm," and the OK signal.
滑Ri込Mimashita in panties fingers.
then I will be as free as I want my son to the celebrated vagina
blissful moment while her son licked my fingers suck example.
something I was good to welcome her son, there is a mistake that gave drink to lick and tongue should not give up. The next day I caught
firm has made to put a condom in my son 忍N.

Obsessed with her son in a day?

yuna himekawa[10990]
My son is finally found. That is why a man can not escape.
He not only my employer, I had my body in lascivious rulers.
two people getting along came a child who one mother.
I told my son, sometimes I think about touch Poor little harsh.
all things that I think is the future for my son.
son hated him. If you know a guy that while I was
stroke and turn your body in an obscene hand movements in front of my son. can also be more than sufficient reserves
thanks man gave me a huge celebration for the sons and live with my parents.別Renai
of that man, however, because it is helpless nympho me. While talking with his son
, I noticed a woman looking at me and my son.
upset with me, so I felt the ache of a tremble.
the man had the humiliation any shame to have lost heart and I thought I
I decided to see if I really wanted to have a son.
I decided to go on a trip with my son.
father rented a car, my son has just taken this spring's license, driver's driving me far more is a good paper.
but not for this year and skirt, tight blouse, dark blue and dark blue slit went pretty stockings were 履Kimasen. Sure enough
son was quite aware. Travel
Why? Sometimes my son wants me quizzically and said in a gesture that is not spoiled and I together.
I got out of the congestion between dozing, woke up when running the coastline.
thing and another hour to arrive at the desired spa hotel, lunch at a Japanese restaurant neat.
around, but there is some tourist spots, I've already
standby. I had to go into
? I guess the silent launch of my face and say.
that I see it? Son before the eyes of a little hill that is standing in a love hotel. Yeah, and his son and 乗Ri入Remashita nod.
isolated parking lot and stop, there are stairs directly to the room immediately. I did not want to have
room in pink uniform.
very large mirror and head toward the side. I was suddenly 押Shi倒Sa
much bigger bed.
been raised as rubbing vigorously rub the hands of his son there.
to restrain his son, entered the bath together.
grope each other as being careful to keep ~ dry hair,
Aimashita wash. My son is better
pretty tall. The club has strengthened the body
逞Shiku pretty tough, thick penis is too stiff
s not so hidden any longer about his hands were above peeled.
and trying to time it and go to bed, and I was put on a condom with a stiff tongue. There is little guilt
quickly "through ritual" is a 済Masetakatta.
you like to make my son played with leg Kio Hiraku, welcomed a son.
Oh, that kid,, I think the other is quite high. My son keeps me
while changing the position upheld, and writhe to me last convulsions of the other is installed so as to give Tta Kakae me.
Naoshimashita became so sweaty in the shower. Of course, my son
been revived in the mouth.


I had sex with his father at the age of 45 years of age 18. His father became my pussy Dick that burst unexpectedly. It is a big nasty. Onedari say such a thing from me but I was bad, look away when Shiteiru mother and father, I wanted to, too. My mother has been slow to disconnect the waist and lifted over him.


I have had a relationship with my brother in a drunken momentum.
return of party, when the bus arrived at the nearest station is not already a long line taxi
, cab back to the high price it is, someone to come pick up the phone at home I asked my father to sleep already drunk,
to tell my mother to come home by taxi, like my brother back there, like me and asked me to pick up in it you come to the big brother.
be waiting for 20 minutes, my brother came to pick me up, got in the car. I want to be drunk
sex, to kiss my brother waiting at a signal from me and invited
. The man who has come to any party, no preference was, however, the etch Shitaishi, and doing more with him and I wanted to put up with a compromise, when I saw your brother, I thought I want.
signal has changed to launch a surprise to my brother and I were at the time that I begun to touch on the pants from big brother.
brother cock gradually increased, it was a big thing beyond my imagination.
car in the parking lot of the gym is like my brother was impossible to endure, come to attack me.
rough kiss, lick your ear while kissing my neck, hand massage the breasts, the vagina gradually.
touching the clitoris, this put a finger in a vagina,
fingers moving rhythmically to enjoy the feeling, I'm full of man juice out and put it in my brother, you ask, the older brother Shabure, tell me so large cock had wither in the mouth,
brother nipple licking my hand grabbed the cock, very slowly, licking raised. U
Ah, uh, slow lick from head to raise a turtle's brother, shot in. rods put in the mouth.
good at times but wither, bigger, older brother's cock in my mouth left over. I wanted to ask you
put this time into me.
vibration reaches the uterus at a time moving a large, Kuri Hama Man Kono I feel wet wet, rolled Iki, now, then when it finished at the same time useless brother.
the vaginal cum shot, licking cock to give big brother to return it.
rut on fire once and quit for no good reason to be, waiting for my mother to go home and sleep,
brother to break into the room, and begging. Rolling fashion until the morning my brother and eventually, I still want to do longer,
brother enters the room, their days begging. Incest say but you know, the taste can not forget, once learned.

My discourse incest

I understand that more than a year ago, and I'm unable to sleep well at night in summer bra may well fall asleep wearing T shorts that shirt. I was a heavy sweater
Bishonureninarukotomoarimasu night sweats in even the clothes. Quilts to be 寝苦Shiku
掛Kezu that night.
had a rough fall asleep in his. I felt I hit the hot
Kuni Shigeru but suddenly woke up at midnight.
did not realize my situation is not clear in my head for a while, I realized that my body Atsushi looms soon brother.
hurry to leave but, my brother was already 14 years old and face to say that I build from the bottom in three children are to grow up. But in a little lean on me
women were not able to pull away.
did not feel anything but fear. such as anger and fear
more shocked had she ate only from a young age my brother was the only cause
brother continued to act in silence and I think it's important to be screaming for help . Atsushi ·
eventually raised to toss T-shirts. T braless breasts because the breast directly to the bottom of the shirt wet with sweat, is exposed to air. So ill take the greed and buried his face to see it. At that time, but ultimately much surprised indeed breath was still silent.
then I have no choice but to accompany a selfish spoiled brat and not be attacked by a man I feel.
I think it was like that.
"severe, it's only just touch." I said doing that much. Atsushi was nodded in my heart. Atsushi
finally face buried in my heart just has to lick the nipple like a baby.
then I remembered that in the past.
elementary school when my brother a bath when you are together you and playfully touched my body. By then my brother also
I was licking my breasts done. I remember feeling ashamed
it was gone immediately.
again. I can not leave a child seemed to her sister forever even after my brother.
relentless attacks become severe over time. Sometimes I feel embarrassed
put his hand on my last legs.
when grated with panties pulled my shorts that I gave my brother hand to help make it easier to take off on the back instinctively.
me if this was an act that would be a man other than my brother was screaming in terror, had admitted to such behavior is natural for the younger brother of the late 気安 sister. Atsushi
opened by hand then stared at my genitals so as to bury my face in my crotch on all fours on the bed narrow. When I came to put your finger
spread over more power I felt a sharp pain.
"painful." I leaked a small gesture of protest to the violent brother.
"sorry" My brother is sorry to say so.離Shimashita hand from the genitals. But this time
has not attacked my lips with your hands.
Kikemashita continue to suck up as kissing licking clit even before my genitals with a kiss.
I was doing several times a month since I remember entering high school masturbate.
yet. No action from the experience of men and the clitoris was the center of the rub, as that little finger into the genital area was doing. Perhaps
sexual stimulation that I kept thinking to move back to caress the younger brother seems to be used. My brother noticed it
責Me立Temasu me relentlessly.
feel I have enough going to be leaked voice instinctively.
issued his genitals sitting my brother's pants down in time. Will
could stand.
is moving time and time again with his right hand went directly to his groin. Bet
sorrel in the act and has been shaking.
I'm doing while masturbating brother buried her face in her crotch. As the reality was somewhat stunned by the sight 浮Kabanai have never even imagined this.
brother eventually gave back even higher.
position will impose a further look in my groin Kuni Tsuyoshi nature and then. At that time it was his brother
from my groin it was found the body of a severe spasm. We have just had
exhausted, ill eventually get started hugging and kissing me.
my first kiss to it, but I thought this is it vaguely reminds me, my hand was a severe nature and embraced.
he has pressed for me to eventually get his penis Kio Hiraku my feet.
but my body is bad I thought makes sense to move toward the other way around Well I think. It was easy to raise
put a little more open legs bent legs. Then ill
body inside of me came in at once. Then my legs
accepted a slender body and his brother Itarashiku terribly wet.
body into my body and my brother immediately coincided easy to root.
my body accepted the men have been told for the first time, but still a little dull pain, was not as bad as I thought.
groin began to move even when the body eventually my brother so much pain I had was discomfort.
movement ended abruptly with his brother just a few minutes. Atsushi
are you ejaculate in me.
you have finished with it that night.
parents have found room in his 追I返Shimashita 急Kashi and his brother should not look to the bed sheets around our waist was in my blood and body fluids in our was thickly modeling to.
I put the washing machine ran into the bathroom and wash their sheets in secret.
The first experience I thought it was pretty unusual and I try to calm anger over his brother did not come up again. Then I continued the relationship
almost every day while my brother asked.
is it going to be a year too soon.
30 minutes to find their parents secretly at midnight, a time-related repeated. There was also
find it was nearly time, followed.
discomfort and pain of body and under the caress of my brother remember now gone deep in ecstasy.
relationship with his brother during several days with no chance of remembering what it is about time that they embraced him.
can not continue forever, but Ikimasen this extraordinary relationship. After graduating from high school
I will leave the hometown to attend college.
that time a new lover will find it too high up on the brother. Now you want to stay
myself all day long while now the relationship between the expected time

Grandma and

I'm 46 years old and my mother is 21 years old. I tried to call my room to say that the story one day toward the mother, the mother was not on alert. So, coming soon to call Grandma's Mimashitara 65, Is there something I said, is like an old woman and 言Imashitara, I wish I could say you really get with it, too Mashita, so, I turned Saddle sleeping grandmother immediately jumped to roll. Then the old lady went into her pussy until my former WET Timbo.


I was 48 years old, is living alone with two 21 year old son's car accident because my husband passed away last year, when some people remarry, so I think that is in the Son is the opposite . They say that my son get married and I have, I want to marry a good man, so if there are still 48 years old. My son found the true feelings of a woman looking like me. One day, I will not give them to anyone because I love the mother towards me shout Tell me if you want to say mama pussy. There, we concluded this evening. Young people still have persistent, I do many times over again. I also did a day 5 times. I was fainting and feeling better.