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Incest confession of women(2008-02)

... He really confess

yuna himekawa[6681]
I am now 16 years old. Confess the secrets of only two years away, explore 23 years old and my brother still continue to 5 years 話Sazu anyone.

My mother is 33 years old father is now 61 years old, my brother and his mother is different.

The Cho family situation changed and I rather older than the mother's brother, my mother and father they Drops from his brother since kindergarten and grew up mostly taken good care of his brother.

The mother also say they still go to work at night (old customs are now a snack), my father was drinking in the daytime hours gambling (father landlords have incomes have to work harder than others.)

Was like living with my brother, so two people always

I think the subject of my brother for the first time (remember to think of me) The event is ...

Winter 5th grade I, while being taken to wash the body taking a bath with his brother as always, buttocks and chest, put soap in the body by hand that his brother was using a towel if you always wash your dick When you start, if unusual state of their cock brother is kind of weird when you are ...

My brother from day one without any doubt at all now my body wash by hand.

Maybe once been touched much a wash if you want a longer time in the bathroom right now.

Time was 6 small, but I also know I have to have sex they erect their cock my brother doing in my bath when his brother, a bath with his brother pretending to know I continued entering.

I feel they changed from the strange behavior of his brother in the bathtub, playing with dick and I felt myself rising from the bath Chikubi. Masturbation and even without knowing it ....

My father moved to an apartment building when he had the day like that. I am able to spacious rooms.

Mother in the hospital my father the summer of 6th grade will be as at home Jamme work, brother Tame the mother is missing an opportunity to take a bath brother and many things become one in my room, I was sad to be gone for good conversation and physical contact that I love my brother.

My mother started going to middle school in the spring while I was there anything my father divorced, my brother and I are left to the Father, who has started three lives.

My father went to the mistress of the house like a several day and at night as usual, I'm home alone with my brother.

I have a knowledge of and interest, be sensitive to the vagina and feel Chikubi Has becoming a woman physically, masturbation had become too serious ....

My brother is a brother and sister I was a good year away, explore the relationship normally I do not think with anything anymore ... I feel one day!

Down the pants while watching my brother shirts and flip through the vagina and breasts while in bed with me, I was bitterly Shigoi cock. While closer to my dick head.
I continued to pretend to sleep while still surprised to see a cock masturbation and his brother came to mind while watching the body of a glow in the 薄目 brother dick or act or say a naughty mood!

My brother sneaked into my room almost daily, not just that day but was only my body.

I think it was before and I feel sure 付Kuzu ー ...

My brother's not only had been briefly touching the breasts and vagina occasionally.

I had been feeling so horny I just seen my brother, the reaction of the body away or become so out of touch when he came a voice, dense and pretended to keep tossing in bed Tame Dodge had to cough.

My brother went to get a rush out of the room when you move even a little, I remember that as much as possible for such a move had to be patient.

The day my brother came down to touch your dick in my pants shear.

I was masturbating because shortly before his brother came to know about the dick is messing wetting myself, I found that coming out later filled later.

I noticed my brother's, comes a bold touch longer than usual.

I impatiently tossing Uchimashita. Even though my brother every time I'd go out in haste, my brother has been likened to let me touch your dick in my ass finger pretend to sleep.

I let out a breath of much pleasure, "... there is no good no good brother," grabbed his hand and say ...
Kio Mukai and his brother's front, what was thought at the finger was stiff cock hands of bigger brother, my brother wore a Kosuri my cock into her pussy ... and Chikubi.

Was the first time, my brother, "Because I love Sayaka ~" Hey! "You pretended I was sleeping since I felt even Sayaka" Hey!

Tatte said before with the mischievous, knowing all the time. I said, "Ah, why? I did not know," I said, I know ... right Wake無I.

"Chikubi has come to stand for the body becomes red, and I was always wet pussy ... and the pants were getting much from the start weeping today I, sticky juice today is really dark Dattajan"

I have nothing to say, the pleasure of the first body wiggle dick is poison to his brother, "You do not put it out with Kosuri from inside?" But say the word penis brother Unadzuki had committed such a pleasure to himself melt into her pussy and rubbing my body.

So what has become his brother's entrance into my pussy again and again, that day will not even be put over.

Then turning to his brother every day and come to poison the chestnut came to feel that I will touch the heart and the dick alone two, one in the summer to accept what became of his brother.

I love your brother (wife) might like ... I had expected.

I agonized seat to defeat his brother in the car, asking for what my brother's cock stretched out his hand to his brother, was one of three semester Subsequently in relation to his brother to go to love hotel and car sex.

My brother is a sudden change in semester one of the three. I was just thinking that I just love me until now, bringing me to introduce women marry.

And I like nothing happened until now to introduce shortly I Sayaka sister ordinary woman, my brother since it is no longer anything to me, to fall away go away from home to marry Mashita ....

I love my brother to seduce his brother's wife's brother choose not here when my brother to see often (spoiled, or touch it or Blow dick sometimes) asked his brother.

I have held a number of times my brother, so intense I was married before ... My brother is gone.

My father as usual back to the apartment is also due to sad for me alone and not I that would, apart from the desire for sex with money is invited to the uncles they look like a night out in the night One day longer, in winter 2 ... if I were called out to me in middle school and five old man because he wants to sell you a senior near the station on the Mac was a father ... the old man 引Ki合Wasa.

When I stay at home father ran back to the house in shock Yamemashita dating since then of course also like to go out without an inch of the room.

My father came back to the place where the shower was three days in summer, is finally forced to accept being forced Dasa 押Shi倒Sa pulled bare living room suddenly grabbed my arm ....

Then I got a couple of junior high school days are often violated by his father, while attending a boarding school for girls currently in consultation with his brother

Now I meet the rotor and had sex with vibrator gift for my brother when I imagined my father and raped by her brother and ... sex.

About his time had to be patient is to prank my brother when he was pretending to be asleep at the elementary school, especially the drive sex in the morning with his brother, excited to remember good things when it is raped forced his father will ....

Black Honeymoon

The 42-year-old widowed stepmother and the body has signed a stepchild.
Failed first marriage, became a widow's post along with the certain death of a wife at 28.
Tadashi Akira husband who was a son of the fourth grade at the time (pseudonym of course) is Orimashita, but my mother found me right away, Orimashita family of three living 睦Majiku relationship.
Married for 10 years, but it was near the end of gastric cancer was sick husband, and my relationship has changed drastically Shohei.
I received a notice from your doctor or go home, I got distracted before Shohei.
Tadashi Akira had was trying to calm me pull my shoulders and have repeatedly what lips my lips.
It has been taken gave confused looks I got from a pair of eyes look Shohei was released full of endless tears.
"Tadashi Akira ..."
I knew that I seem to burst into my mind over Shohei is the art 思Itsukazu others, was returning to attract and kiss his face.
"Or stepmother's ..."
"Oh, Hitoshi Masaru'll ..."
Brakes were not effective anymore.
Plug in your living room is a dark moon, Tadashi Masa and I was tied to it while crying like a storm together.
Tadashi Akira is my first girl. Four times during the night that I unleashed in the vagina.
But the next day, but neither offer nor, at least on the surface remain the same mother and son before, but that did not overlap the body.
We take care of the end of six months, on the night of her husband's funeral, we started a real relationship.
The funeral is over, even on the way home relatives back home in silence.
I was standing in the kitchen to boil water for coffee, I was getting stretched 抱Kisukume Shohei arms from behind.
"Stepmother's ..."
"Do not, Hira Akira ..."
Tries to solve his arms, the young man is not an enemy force.
And I myself, hate to be hugged by the Taira Akira did not embrace the Taira Akira is.
"Stepmother's ..."
I can remember, Shohei voice was trembling slightly.
"I put, do not 往Kanai anywhere ..."
"... Hitoshi Akira ..."
Tadashi Akira at that time, the time I came to this house was very lonely boy who was then somewhere.
This child, other relatives are not for everyone.
It looks like one, too.
I also place this does not go outside the house ....
込Mi上Geta I love to be a dumb Hitoshi Akira is in his face and arms are 抱Kisukume solving, gone through the lips gently.
"I, you'll ..."
"Cheek, I'll ..."
After a while away from your face, apply Taira Akira smiled.
"Do not worry, I never, it's your mother ..."
"I's stepmother!"
Now I have to kiss the Hira Masa.
Hold the arm strength comes Komorimasu.
Shared the twine came from no one sticking out his tongue.
While embraced my hands will turn my hand stroked the back Shohei Taira Akira.
Shohei and hand back to my waist, hips come down and slip into.
"Da, no good ..., Tadashi Akira ..."
Shohei intent was clear, but resistance was not only my words.情交 reminded that six months before the storm like the smell and Shohei 逞Shi hold the arm and mind of the corpse I slowly began to loosen the tension.
So I asked my son's stepmother 本懐 not ....
"What you want? Tadashi Akira ..."
Shohei had no answer to ask.
"There sure is, Changping, A Sure - Tsu ... More and more, the Otsu's stepmother!"
"Ah, or san ..."

While violently 軋Ma love nest was a double bed with her husband, Tadashi Akira I was violently, I 逞Shiku 貪Tta.
That night, Tadashi Akira six times, I played in my womb for 夥Shiku ejaculation.
"What, san stepmother, Dude ... That'll ejaculation"
"W Fine, Tsu to ejaculate! Itsu received enough baby!"
That night, Tadashi Akira six times, I played in my womb for 夥Shiku ejaculation.
Take the time to ejaculation was fifth in the orgasm will be repeated in gasping for breath, to the brink of swooning,
"Changping Itsu love ..."
Shouting, it seems.
Our relationship ... I could not help feeling advanced stage and can not turn back.

My discourse incest

Like a body floating in the air like ik found that somehow the feeling gone out until I have your father and strainer. Yesterday I got a blow job for daddy dick. It was a strange taste of semen like a little drunk. I'm a good dad but was praised by the tightened Man Kono mama Sayaka much more.

My sister and her boyfriend

I am 17 years old Azusa. It is now closed. I have a sister on the two.
Lunch at a double-income parents 居Masen anyone. I slept until noon that day.
Boyfriend came home with a sister and friends have e-mail while lying around on the bed.
I want my room and entered. I heard my sister's room is next door, so fine.
Yabetemashita something to laugh merrily. I was addicted to e-mail.
Longer then laughter from the room while my sister, "Oh Anndame" I heard a voice or something naughty.
Or absent sex started I thought. "Oh I fill with! Feels good" was etched out of there voice in the room next to my sister.
Now while i feel something weird like that my voice is heard. Sex for a while now because there is Temasen boyfriend.
In my head is full of delusions. Maybe I'm what my sister now? Kano Hana boyfriend or doing any thing to my sister? While I have touched over the pants and Kayarashii delusion.
What excited than usual masturbation. The voice from the room next door naughty sister "fill with Assokotsu ~ Oh Oh Yo feels!" I'm supposed to put their hands drenched in these pants again
"Oh I fill with ~" has been escalating rapidly. I did look at the door of the gap that so unable to put up with my sister. Fill with amazing Oh! I'm like that lady sucking Innovation Park for example have a mouth licking cock licking boyfriend's grown.
You look ecchi ~! My boyfriend has been touching my sister over there. My sister has a boyfriend on the face across while sucking cock example. Exposed, there is a great fill with my sister there. Begins to lick and lick your fingers spread on both the boyfriend, "Oh I feel terrible fill with it ~ ~ I feel," I'm saying things like ecchi masturbation finger while looking for anyway.
~ I wish that such a thing I remembered was the ex-boyfriend. I was out there becoming drenched fingers.
"Ik fill with Oh!'ll're Spoiled ~ y ~!" My sister is like my boyfriend got licked cum.
I was so cum Chai "I want ~! Give me ~" Too big sister to beg
焦Rasu boyfriend was slowly pushing out like my sister over there in a big cock.
"No give me soon ~ ~ ~ Put all the way!" Cock all the way into the running.
Yo I want such a great fill with Oh! Kuchukuchu and stirred by the finger. "Oh fill with" had to voice out. →

Dear brother

I have now is a freshman in high school.
They have one brother over with enough to have sex with my brother last spring. It is not good at all very painful.
But until now has a relationship then changes in body 表Remashita recently.
Is the best moment from coming into your vagina licking is cute, that the brother feels.
Sometimes even to want to drink the semen of her brother, four consecutive days last month when I felt good servants Nakade pregnant.
I think someday I would be stopped and each other.
But now that you think my boyfriend's brother ... what do I do ...
What a dope ...

Recently ...

Recently, by stealth mom dad still in the house chopsticks to finish the mom but I Rite Kita touched the vagina or Karame tongue kiss hugs later come means where pinching the nipple Dari rub my chest me ...
So I'm so close even though I returned to my room for sex from a person's frustration ...

I and my son

Mickey, Tomoko 53 years old.
[Did] was not that, then 23-year-old son, said things 別Rero acquaintance with men and I was in "begins and it" was. Later, in a talk I heard from my son, I confess that I received the things I liked. But even without a man around there if I'll stay and easy place to dry laundry caught the eye of my son I did, I did not feel funny going natural ! And my underwear is red or purple skin color without any underwear 殆Do無Ku 年甲斐 is also the form of a little guy back Dattari T, because the string Dattari bread, even without a son to Muramuratsu are now considering I think it was natural. Skirts or pants too tight of a little dress, a blouse to the majority. My body, my heart is not so large 無Kutsu is, I'm slender ®! Mickey, how did around here? ! But my son and yet, ♪ get along so good

Living with father

Away from home and husband to China, Prime of Life 46-year-old I was sent not know what your body every day. Sly been courted by the father to live the sweet words, I open my body and not knowing too ripe. SEX and the husband had the pleasure of getting attacked in that I was going to drown ... to the hilt. While my husband has felt sorry, and sad woman of excitement every time they receive the semen in the vagina, I have become ... we can not keep. Father is 66 years old, every day is a bad mood and do not let them sleep together. Life as good to the couple.

Sick brother

Speech day, my brother was in high school before returning home.
But energy is not lay on the couch.
"... My stomach hurts"
"Honey, I pale. Which side hurts?"
"... This area"
"Shopping Mom? Damn. Tageyou you rub?"
"... I"
I began rubbing the belly of my brother. My brother has exhausted his eyes closed.
While rubbing a while, I've been feeling mischievous.
"Hey, just a sick stomach? Around here?"
As he says, extending his hand in the crotch of his brother.
A ", and I stop it! What I escaped!"
Hard for himself, his brother, and my hand 振Ri払Ou.
"This is not the quiet. You know, I come not swollen."
I do not care is what gave his younger brother from rubbing on my pants.
"Stop it! What are you thinking! Tell my mother, I'll, ah"
My brother is pretty shy wriggle myself, but I got carried away more and more I take off my pants.
"You my stomach hurts.'m Leaving the moyamoya cure!"
"Stop me! Mad at you! Ha dense shade better"
"Look here. Did not come to swell more and more."
"... I Huh Huh"
Because sick, can not brush off my brother. Against the will, you will gradually riled.
Tip, around the neck Cali, hugging my fingers every time the back seam, Bikun body, reacts with Bikun.
"I was honest from the young body. I'm in, carrying it myself?"
"Ugh ... Damn Stop!"
"気持Chiyokunai? Well, I Tokou stop?"
I take your hand off and bursting from his brother, 焦Rashimasu viciously.
Endured for some time my brother tried to grab my crotch with my hands.
"No! You do not want to? Not bring you touch."
I even meaner, 押Saemashita brother with both hands behind one's back.
"Sister! I'm begging you! Have you me!"
While twisting the body, face distorted in agony of his brother.
"Ah! Datsu No!'ll Get! Oh I come!"
Furihodoki forced my hand, grabbed your stuff and think,
My brother quickly the pain will step aside, I have scattered to the semen with great force.

Then my brother exhausted increasingly holding the belly "... pain hurts" and Umekimasu.
And touch the forehead, the heat is great.
I truly fear that now and I'm from bullying.
The mother was surprised to come home immediately and take him to the hospital, my brother is an amazing, I was suffering acute appendicitis.
I was sick of Itabutsu had been suffering from appendicitis.

Anyway, my brother reached its zenith, that mixture of pain and pleasure, remember to look not say anything, will thrill to this day.

Big Brother ...

When I was in high school, with students having sex with his brother. When I could not stop masturbation,
Were put directly into the room my brother came. I have the usual "big brother" He was in time I would like to call guilty.
I felt the opposite sex for a brother too. ... Rather, I love you. I do like they worry about sex with my brother and myself is not that kinky.
Before this, Ya Ttemashita into the toilet during the night with my brother. Since my parents are sleeping over the wall Chimai not, I was really excited about both of them.
I put a condom is of course, is still much uncertainty.
My brother, "brother" which is said to 好Kirashiku, burns to the fact that both of them pretty. My brother and I both do it in the style may have already broken.
In the evening my parents did not come home yet, my brother let me naked in the living room, and there will be wet enough to masturbation,
Blow will be inserted as is. I be too naughty "I love my brother ..." "If Iyootsuochinchin brother ..." cries echoing from the living room like this. My brother and I want to use a more ecchi for me, it seems to think the trainer.

My discourse incest

I sleep at night and that someone Mozomozo hear something?
Bui ~ suddenly cleared stimulate further runs to the sound application
In this sense, it Pinkurota. Anyone?
If you try the bed out from the electrical room have the courage to be Hippara right hand.
I'm rugged hand
His hand! ?
Voice to the viewers, I was afraid, at first knowing that her brother's mouth was closed! !
My brother has recently ronin students have been guilty of that my brother did masses of stress in your tea began to cry and not knowing what is what is "Beauty Asa Sorry, the end soon," he said
"I stopped to have our tea! Of the things like this?" I have heard many times, the answer is "immediately ends'm sorry," I was the only virgin in Yanakattakedooniichanha 処女Ji seemed, at my precious was puzzled to put the "Eh? different here?" I also tried to Ireyou ass hole of a sudden a virgin is also the brother of the 19 virgins Unstoppable? Older brother to shout and push that I laughed out loud, embarrassing, since that day my brother went back to the tottering yet lost the operation left the room well, some universities have altogether fallen brother home exam I hurt my brother I have a word of violence now, when I silently let me give up I'm sorry, I regret even the older brother might have been different times, see resolution hell , cause I'm ...


The love hotel trysts with a taste of honey is a natural - born son. A passionate kiss while standing in, weigh in with my right foot in the crotch of his son's groin to stimulate my cock, I 腰砕Ke, in bed. Sticky wet pussy in 淫汁, no time to enjoy foreplay, and piercing the cock, ejaculation is the time change would - cry moan. After wiping the spill love juice again, the Blow's son was very excited to making a 淫音, doggie lick my secret hole. Also comfortably hung son, Asaku deep, poke, rhythmic movement of the fasteners, around Ascension in the room was filled with two people moan in agony. Normal starting position and covered me with a son 被Satsu until this morning, the top face of the woman to cover 被Satsu my son, floating bridge position behind the mirror Chausu 見合Se to face my son sit at the end face sitting and she hold me, 交Warimashita five times. If a computer is hit with a hotel room in bed next to her son.

My Dad

I entered a four-year university in Tokyo. My dad is a university to decide. Dad showed us the way of me at any time.
And it was right at any time. It was also tied to my dad, so it was the right way.
Dad says he loves everything about me. It's true. Every night I went to bed after Mom and Dad love begins my bond.
The long kiss while inserting the deep wet hole incarnation of my dad. I will not tremble with pleasure on this part of the father blocked the holes up and down.
If yours can stop invading my dad would get upset I just do not know what that is for every hole of their bodies.
I'm looking forward to spending the day just the moment when my body Gusari bran and fire a weapon in the formidable father.
Dominates the head but his dad's love of music club in action. I was told that sometimes the senior circle of love.
I refused and he loves other people have said that he loved me more.
I decided to try his love away Hakatsu distress. But to have him join me in my room, Dad came home.
Dad comes into the room, duct tape Fusagimashita empty camera film plunged into a hole in the case of the senior ass.
殴Rimashita the testicles and his mom's perfume bottle. Dad and I are still fixed by duct tape and bent in a direction to change the dark red meat loaf is still wet hole until I had just rubbed him.
I love that my seniors had looked at it a strong look at me lying on the floor did not know.
Dad and I long to kiss as always, has been deeply penetrated me. I was blown away before we got it like a plaster on a hard hot flesh than usual Daddy


Obon is the time to husband's family went to Mairi. Night out drinking in one of the guys into the room with two people sleeping away j the contrary, quite drunk and went to pull my husband, brother and I finally just now. My favorite liquor is gone is still recommended to drink a lot brother, I have wandered.
Found himself in a somber mood, was the brother-in-law Noshikakara. Hanenokeyou but was frightened and hear the saying of the body. I've entered the last thing brother. Brother-in-law to churn, I've felt imperceptibly.
I finally raising their voices. Brother-in-law was poured into my ejaculation. The next morning, because the brother was acting like nothing had happened, was at ease as if nothing happened to me too.

Father got hooked on

SEX frightfully like my father and mother, as long as there is time, H is a parent herself to do the dullsville. That I have seen the witness, and H is naturally interested in things out, H come to love the things that may well be a matter of course. Chasing this disgusting way of listening to the nightly Deji Yuumanshiteiru love juice. One night, I 居Nakatta mother and my father instead of mother H sofa trying to say - has come to rub the chest was sitting beside me. And a little direct, I Christo came Iji breast nipple. Become comfortably, I was coming to open more sen crotch underwear without taking off the feet are M-type father has been noisily lick his face wearing my Man Kono. Man Kono I have never been such a thing ever came to hand too sticky love juice away excited about the unusually away excited about change and his father saw it, my cock dear Father still been inserted in this until I, too moved by the lengthening dark early, the sperm had been injected in the vagina quickly. Now is tirelessly, had been inserted from the back. I was put back from the moment it was the first time, it seems fainted. But it seems no father began to be stopped. Hat in his mouth meat my mouth and continued to grow, while the semen drank. The taste, the pleasure I had in mind, when mother and then there are not any, relationship with his father became an H thing. And because I already do that, but I had a child after his father's body and, with his father because I have H, I down. Sometimes you get it to go to a love hotel Bu, get in the car and was firmly hooked tea.


The mother of a son in college. Gone wildly strong demand for sons, the relationship between men and women away could not have refused, and continue today. From its early days, he was becoming bold, go into the depths like scary fast. Read this board knew that a person like me a lot. There is a similar experience, I worried that some mothers Imashitara,
Come, how did you overcome, please let me know.

You, sorry

yuna himekawa[6609]
Hello. I have a son in college 44-year-old mother. I have already made the confession secret story here thanks.
Mindless may talk in the eyes of everyone. The secret was, a few months ago.
My husband and I are on bad terms but I do not think, about two years and there is also frequent trips from her husband was away a little sex.
But that was not always complaining about 溜Tsu no cheating or infidelity runs.
It was just about mobile H'll calm the ache in masturbation light touch gently inflating the site a little paranoid.
One day, my son went on a trip, step was bored free mobile web link, so I had no women's volleyball practice.
Reading through the story casually out of confession and here, I got excited about the back ache like rustle of the uterus.
I was out with household 紛Rasou site right away I'm scared, you could not take it anymore.
I've always thought that light began to masturbate in her bed. At first I was imagining a place where celebrities fuck the same age as my son
躰 also face the voices of celebrities, I would surely come as a son leaving overlap wiping his head.
My son has a muscular 躰 There is only a high and handball have been trained in the medium, I can not even think it 頼Moshi Ge bright in there several times.
But this time, I was feeling was bubbling up so wanton fantasies as a mother never unworthy.
[So, why? I] is also out of mind and remember the history 向Keyou various things my husband and son in a hurry, given the strength of a young man [son of yours become a hunter is really her I can not even his mother would refuse. It is hard to believe].
One woman called her mother. A man called son. And now my son and easy to create free time than my husband.
Once inside the house to force the mind to think that space could be unobstructed and the instinct of her ripe young man there what a mother I have become defenseless how to win.
Spill over from the hot core and the body felt like no less, I realize, is projecting a higher waist, had not Stirring the labia with both hands 10 fingers.
[Useless when it anymore just because some masturbation. Parents and children will be unable to have normal. I myself 言I聞Kasemashita].
However, the 44-year-old woman hellfire 焚Kitsuke not stop once it was cruel pleasure seeking.
We clearly found that the waist of the buttocks and inner thigh 淫液 transmitted through a lot of soup and bend naturally. Pants themselves were hard to suppress was scared of the beast turned into an incredible voice.
Of course, this was the first time in life masturbation. This is the heart and vow to let my little secret forever, I finally got to surrender to the tremendous sense of pleasure.
Current body piercing, I felt the sensation of all the internal organs burst from the mouth.
Stand the pleasure to come around some time point after another heavy one, and I was screaming so finally squeeze your son.
White flash is running, you urinate frequently feel lost momentum. When you return your mind, did not stop the tears while deeply impressed too heavy and sweet sensations.
Able to learn some of the true feelings of the mother's desire to be dominated by his stomach hurt Colt child. [I like the fallen.
That girl. We are forced to admit]. Be more aware of her mother, now I can not look straight ahead of her son.
Until now, such a posture and wearing a dress and a large exposure to the skin, he was aware that I have seen a woman was sometimes 男No子Rashiku puberty.
Slightly mixed feelings mixed 情炎 fear of women and men bittersweet. While pleased with the image of obedient child growing up as a man 逞Shiku,
[I'm going a little beyond the existence of the mother] and thus we will miss that feeling of being left behind alone.
Once you have a mother, if you think your son may have experienced us.
停Metaku son to tie the 'woman' Now I can feel 解Rimasu mother would not use the secrets that have the 'mother' and 'woman' has wavered between hard.
But day by day 'girl' I have come to win. Now give a more daring act surprised about myself.
When alone with my son, my heart now to speak with his son in a little slouch and wear sleeveless wide open so you can see clearly through breast contour bra without nipples.
When the son and in close proximity, wear short skirts or skirts that are deeply split length jeans or leggings to stop,
組Mi直Shimasu significantly slow the foot several times. Disorder can be fixed gaze pierces my son and hem. Sometimes become impatient,
In order to let in the waist deep in the eyes of his son, will also be a bold dress short skirts sitting still for a physical education 躰 son.
While desperately begging God for forgiveness. In such times son interrupted the conversation and behavior is a moment to open the awkward moment.
My son will not even be any lighter note joke Poku. Looking at my son's crotch just inflating 突Ki破Ran jeans fabric is going mad.
Just us the beast is not just underwear barely covering this single thin lower body and my son is wearing clothes.
While being shot in bran eyeing his son desperately tried to Remai know that too hot my secret reason left core.
But till I can here. And more things, and it could really step into the forbidden world of 'mother' and 'wife' and 'man' I think must be discarded as well.
I think that it is still scary. But if my son still has a strong need to not only damnation is not my son be prepared for it.
Fortunately, my son is not yet a sexual relationship. But in my mind it seems to fall into the forbidden world.口許 sometimes looking at her son, "This child is going to kiss like?
The use of tongue will love like? "If you think, may even be tempted to guess that they want to be played with the freedom to take an important part of my son's hands and face to abandon everything.
However, although very painful, can only entrust himself to the last instinct is to avoid her.
Irasshaimashitara experience was more like my mother or anyone please advise me what to do something now.

Scenic 淫姿

I would be a female woman on earth, I'm kind of world. Years, questions have been.
Yoriko my aunt's relatives, to divorced recently and new 男狂I shy. I'm not interested. Make sure only what it meant. I went closer to her sister.
It was bad on purpose. Then one day, the aunt of TEL.
When asked if I could bother you, OK it. Oh my God!
They agreed immediately to change into. The pants are net of the boomerang. I tighten the legs of pleasure, has become routine child Bing. Trained body is burned.
When I got home my aunt, who raised immediately.
I live alone, Mature, or otherworldly feel to be attacked anywhere. Does a man crazy aunt. Line can be seen wearing a white two-piece from the pan.白Rashii is still, but the horizontal line width Pimp Nasty.
Something out of me wine, drank in style. It's superb production of Burugonyuyu. Beyond the sickness had two people will be free time to mention this one.
I began to see the 淫姿 aunt. First, hot! I took off with two pieces. Bust it big. Hukashi Sugi てる long valley. Panties, rubber straps in pink Shirukurashii.
I got drunk lady, I.

One year ago

I've raised a son herself, and this time a year ago on the eve of a high school graduation ceremony. Suddenly my son, "I'll protect my mother!" A cry of joy to people's kind words to his son grew imperceptibly fine. I also began to change shape over time from the day my love for my son ....
I have a son "together and get into the bath ..." and invited. My son is a blunt "yes" and shout, hatch has an answer. My son came into the bath, standing erect, and I laugh to hide the embarrassment, "depending on where you look," he said, and there Kakushimashita breasts by hand. I said, "I sometimes shed in the back of my mother," she said and sat against the wall. My son started to wash my back.
"It's good wash," and give praise to the Son became a little daring, "I'll be washed before," he said, I tried to turn around. I said, "I'll be in my front," said the son was in a towel to caress your breasts, hips belly with a towel, getting down to the groin, when you wash your dick, I that "it can not be bad" in a stern voice and a little 言I放Chimashita.
I started washing her son's neck and shoulders shampoo put the towel toward your body of her son. My hands are starting to come down to the stomach from the chest of his son, finally reached the crotch of his son. Erection, that the son was Bing. I was watching it, "Really, I got bigger," impressed with herself. Son, "because my mom naked sexy, I got an erection," I said, I said, "What are you talking about," and laughed, it was hard for her son while washing a towel, "Are you daily masturbation "I've heard. Then my son, "Well," I went to. I said nothing, my son started squeezing it with bare hands. "I" Do not be hard "to stimulate continued to rub the head saying turtle. My son has become impatient with the ejaculation I left both my hand on his shoulder. I with my son and even sperm Bettori my chest and stomach. I laughed, "Daa, and put so much ..." she said, over the water shed clean in the crotch of my body and my son. Son, "I really felt good," he said, laughing shyly. I left the bathroom with a towel to wipe each other's bodies.
Son in bed, touching my dick, that the son, to 押Shi開I, came into was a sense of her 呼Bi覚Masa forgotten. Move right out of my body back on the body of stout young son, I have been raising their voices. In less than five minutes, when the semen is implanted into the body of his son has gone wrong I am no longer. That night, with a few sex continues, I dozed off to sleep. Now, my son, she'll eat pussy also clever enough to caress me in many ways. My son, sex is also good, as becoming his mistress, always makes me push through its zenith. Remains heavily permeated son, reached a climax when, I became a woman can not stay away from the body of another son.


The quiet that followed his son and incest. I will tell you a little earlier.
We have gone to spend the night in separate rooms 並Bemashita other Japanese-style futon pillow laying next to the living room.
Fingers 這Imasu whole body morning and I am looking for my son at night. After the pierced, let me hold on things are about to sleep and wake up comfortable wins only because they were charmed with his son more than her husband afterplay outstanding.
Previously it was what was looking forward to returning to her husband at home for the festival call is "back when?" I say in Dutch with her husband away.
Maybe I should do that and even hairstyles and clothes, "Let me stay as is," I decided to leave our son in a word,
My husband, who changed the call in Dutch openly expressed grumpy face as soon as I saw at the door.
If you steal my son's eyes usually match the body, the mind is to make sure there must be a caress each other.
Research continued in silence for a drink I was sleeping on the couch in the living room 酔I潰Re.
Been turning patting my ass coming back son eyes full of mischief and that I am the only Katazu later in the kitchen "I fell asleep father," for no apparent reason will listen to say useless , I decided to respond in spite of her husband's bad temper.
The hand movements used to flip the skirt in sex about three months, even when taking off panties Surusuru Innovation started by moving the tongue like a creature of meat is divided into left and right hips.
Shimaitai not close to closing your eyes comfortably. Behind the back of the sofa that her husband is.
Endured the pleasure to kill by biting the lower lip biting voice. "Heheh Utsu" But sometimes, being hit by a wave which is likely about missing the bottom glutinous power away from the flooded knee deep sigh heavily
Even though my husband there, "put" and asked for sex. The kitchen is excited about my first husband, but there is no abnormality was limited.
Long, thick penis feels hotter than usual, my son and my husband cause I like a piston received his son's hand covered my mouth too late to regret TV volume down, was a resounding hit with the butt filled living room overflowing.
拐Wa when a big wave is unusual eyes closed, while worrying about her husband's presence: "Ah - Aikuuu" told his son to give pleasure as usual.
My son hit me in the uterus swells and spectacular ejaculation penis lub-dub hip shaking was silence. It is our sex lingering value,
My husband was there with his son had given up the hands of bullying 休Memasen I like to try. While pretending to be so good that even after washing your husband
Son from the bottom, "I think that what this contains?" Continues to be a piston ring finger while I Kuchukuchu,
It has also placed a finger that ass hole as well. "There is no good, stop hate," was followed by asking when the tension would be placed in the heat 力N,
They know the painful first time being pulled to the weakness was the legs moved with her husband more than when I started to think otherwise.
It is hard to see her husband Raretara, in order to restrain his son and the dangers it can not wallow in the pleasure of feeling was "going on now, good night in bed"
Hung voice to her husband. The intersection between the son and husband stayed eight days, three times, and only twice did the night before her husband returns and has broken over night.
I closed my eyes and the other was dressed I gave you feel positively Toyakaku because he promised to tell her son had become.
But bags of them, licking blowjob to the fullest in service was wonderful sex attack suspect a cheating husband and my massages Agetari bag is inserted from the bottom.
Relatives, like her son to stay the day before they come back tomorrow, my husband is pushed.
My son is a trick of her husband reluctantly went out of the house was on the other so I think.
Close the shutters away from 8:00 at night, it was turn around the attitude of the husband was drunk in moderate drinking together.
"I was interested before," came close to threatening him with a voice that I have never seen before. Hands and feet bound by duct tape was blindfolded,
If you go back to work and follow her husband in peace, there was only taken out to shake in fear I do not know the tools and ropes were always prepared.
Only sex instruction to high-handed treatment to violently express things I can not, another pleasure of being taught or do not know my husband,
Two fingers are painted from a lot of lotion also been attacked mercilessly ass just to know the meantime,
Was like taking overnight also accepted her husband's penis vibrator. We've been back on ejaculation and Isao Kiyoshi before her husband can not believe I thought it bland.
"Show your faithful vows," and was forced to shave, his pain and pretending like a dick and masturbation slick video is taken from where I shave, based on all the details of anal sex
Was taken to the state of the novel such a shame. Shaving forgiven from anal and was willing to apologize to my son's things,
Allowed the shooting of "I saw it over there that masturbation" is because she likes. Rather than question the husband's infidelity is a confident,
I am glad I did it in reverse is devoted to her son in peace. While her husband went back to smiling and having a videotape.
Son's face when he came close to surprising things Jealousy Uno Shiyo not describe last night. Licking her son long before even more carefully,
Like now like a bright room. What is not for my son at that time

I guess too early

I have been widowed 42 years old 7 years. 9 year old son (3 small). The nurturing parent is a natural at the same time I entered the nanny to look after me and flicking through this child enters elementary school. Two fun family life slowly be able to eat at night and work during the day only this year finally. Meanwhile, my son asked for a massage on the bath or shoulder or back pain fatigue for many years. Obedient son who is feeling good enough to massage your shoulders and hips. Dove son in pajamas, so the power transmitted. Massage will only continue to take off the bra and pajama sleeve Pantei. I stopped after a while tired. I do not need to have pocket money and I'll say cheers for hard work. Getting started hanging breasts 吸出Shita remove the bra and boobs so I'll say do not hesitate to say it. I have a son over there myself and my son took off Pantei off your pajamas naked son what he thought or felt imperceptibly. Meanwhile my son was silent.抱Kishimene also have a son in the nude every night since last night.

Relationship with his son

43 years old. I divorced my husband seven years ago, I lived alone with his son since Mansingh. Last summer, clean your room and have two sons in high school, I found that my underwear brought into the room. I asked my son about it watching TV after the dinner.
I've been pushing so offended then jumped. I'm surprised to have a child and always friendly, "Toshiko ~" We've been invited to kiss me and honorific. The end up taking off the shorts and skirts plating Damn, I became the son and the relationship between man and woman. Hot young son asks for every night as hard. I first I was very painful sense of guilt, no other relationship with his son 過Gosemasen. I lived like a married couple to buy a double bed late last year. Sexy lingerie wearing flashy "Anataa ~" is called and the sweet voice. My husband is like an important person to us important enough to me every night.

I am confused

A little real brother and one year in high school, had a relationship like a normal couple.
Looks like my brother went to university in Tokyo that I thought you were kind and good so far and if it continues, will now become accustomed to it.
How many times when I went to visit my brother on vacation or are still kind, such as living apartments Deshimashita newlyweds for a while like lovers.
But he has now got a job over there because it still crisp. Now my brother is married, has a happy life married to have children in elementary school as usual, too.
I'll be back home playing with my brother on holiday alone next time. Time to meet alone with that when I was asked I can not take. I really miss, I am confused.


I'm in two. In a sweaty club back from the shower and turned on or Ittara it, my brother did not think (1) emerged from the bathroom naked.
"Oh, sorry!" When saying, that I got, that the brother Innovation Muk Muk. I was not because I saw it.

From that time I was only surprised that, to care about my brother, my brother and I go back because I took a shower the next day and entered to get naked.
"What yo!" I'm angry, "Iiyan. It's brother and sister," and naked 見Setara, clocks and clocks.
While hiding his brother, eyes glued to my chest and there.

I shower when I was pounding, my brother, "I wish my heart Okkii" I say, "C cup ~ I" to Tsukidashi and Momimashita bulge in your own joke.
"Let's try to touch?" I came Ittara rub hands, I have a bigger brother, Mie Maru.
I've touched up after their siblings or forgotten, Ai touching each other. Holding there Gyuutte What should I do kind of a weird feeling I was like ~.
I also came back her mother, but that far.

The second time, in the bath, not shower, I was showing my brother not hide from the beginning.
When you wash, Koshimashita'll show each other our legs spread out.
My brother is still alive with twitched like, hurt your penis, suddenly Pyu ー! ! What I got out. Gone to see for the first time, really exciting!

Then gave out all the time.
I also got the chest and breathing, and they want to ask them to kiss because there is given a chance to say anything.
H is also the last, I wonder if I want or whatever.

A brother

To me, they are different one brother, She asked always cherish. Before this, people of unrequited love, 話Tara a brother I'm a confessed, "things you got me, why I love you so much, just another man ..." in the end like the word, been pushed down to me Mashita.
Me and my brother was still in tears 押Shi倒Shita. Another brother, so not you hate, "one time only, can you promise?" Hey, I asked my brother did not answer a kiss. Clothes and intend to close early and started blowjob. But my dick has blamed her brother's fingers.
Somehow, you do not want to avoid the production end, I was strongly Shigoi Job, the vagina becomes more slimy, and could not stop myself "It's big brother, can I put in?" I was've heard. Hip movement is so big brother, I finally got Itte. Well brother, I in my Itte. But it is crisp, have invited my boyfriend to come to your brother, I'm annoying. I do not feel bad ...

Memory of his brother

Both of them are poor, the poor, of course I was filling up your yen from 1200 even though of course,
Nde type not you save money because my brother, who is just 2 "Kanda River" was the world.
Unlike the song, that was my brother and the brother and sister led the blood.
In less than three days, my brother began to get frustrated.
I 分Ru. What a man because I have the boyfriend I was experienced enough.
To say or even to buy my own bed, where I was an impossible story of my eating pay even more for free.
A brother anyway, and is full of feeling sorry for everything, I was the cause of frustration 分Tsu brother,
In five days I was tumbling, I gave my brother to handle by hand.
Gatsu cheap whiskey and playing before entering the bed, forced to sleep with my brother.
Something I, Kuhn and gotten my heart, and a brother 絡Maseru sleepy legs to pretend, and the reaction Pikun
The push began, that the inside of the peach Mukumuku brother and me.
Both eventually were 交Washimasen a word to the end.
Events in the dream until the end I was satisfied that an implicit.
Of the bat, but I did, I got the squid are fighting back with your fingers covering the older brother is now Kabusara
Then I gave out hand.
I did not have to give mouth topic, after all, I'm not ashamed to say you are You do that.
Then I had a relationship going to be petting the brother I had thought impossible.
The first real thing I wanted,
The third time, I get paid to cop a feel of her brother, and then give you a brother Blow finish at the bottom line for granted.
Wife's brother lives lasted about a year since then.
Including the current owner, the four men.
I was the best big brother taught me the joy of a woman who is happy enough Nde good husband and seriously now.
What brother?
39 years have gone.

Memory of his brother

Enthusiastic about kicking a blind date from the parents was 40 years ago ran off with boyfriend.
But the boyfriend and try to live together, love sex (sex selfish) was just a boring guy.
In less than six months after all, I was out the Boroapato.
But there also boring, nasty ones like me, home is not difficult to return the money,
The body of a woman even a little freeloader friend's house.
Yen in 1200 where I can go into the purse, wondering about, the older brother lives in a slow train arrived at the station S city.
Money is really at the eleventh hour, loaf of bread in the train, oh brother from the station to the apartment!
~ Even a bus to head 乗Renaku tears did not stop walking away not flaky.
And that day I'm a bad thing it was Saturday.
At that time, not just Sunday off, Saturday night for a single brother is now called "Gold Flower" I was.
Of course, my brother is coming home past midnight. The chilly spring weather in much of March, on a bench in front of a small apartment, we were nervous that the cold feet waiting to go home and Gingin's brother, the stomach can be an apartment.
"A! That? That! What you Yuko!" Gone to hug my brother came home crying one o'clock.
Far from mobile, home phone, even from age is not okay, you lonely lonely up anyway.
Two cups of instant noodles to eat, sleep during the three warm the bath, bed and slept with my brother there is only one set.
On that day, just sleepy anyway, but I did nothing.

A few years ago that

yuna himekawa[6569]
I live in Kansai. Since my son entered high school, my life has changed. Working abroad and the first husband, who lived from becoming two of my sons and now my son comes to play a lot of my classmates. The only child hoody, if his eyes with an eye for my body, to distract away feeling lonely with her husband, distracted and Agetari together with a game rather flashy clothes was. Son of sight gradually, the child has been in touch with my body come together and alone. I feel sorry for the first've Atatsu, before becoming the butt pat in its purpose, three people were suppressed in the kitchen counter 俯Se finally one day, take off the blind knee-skirt underwear was. Masking tape affixed to the mouth, I was raped once. I have been put on hold while the irresistible first child, next child was raped again soon. When the second person, and breathe easier and think they are stripped of the mouth with masking tape, this time pushing the child to face the three arrays, I was forced into the mouth Muriyari. Still greater, that the closer the first child, who replaced the child and the child out of three and finishes with two people being alternately lick. I was impatiently raised his voice in the middle. At the bottom of my heart, I might be waiting for this. I live across from a college student, and had to hold the array that show you are standing in the window, I think it had gone from two months 近Kunaku sex four times a week. After the child out three of the living room couch on his back, was also raped. While being raped by three people together, sent a copy of the media has been inserted bare my other children have been always calling me on the phone while listening to [] was only repeating Yametee. Coming soon joins them five boys, and the order was violated. Finishes with eight out of time the Son of Man, my son came home from school. I am ashamed of the appearance, he was thrilled to have more than angry, I committed a whopping fine with me being naked 殴Ritsuke immediately. I became completely blank in the head, raise your voice had gone up even larger arrays son. Close to the triumphant face of his son that when I saw the face and body have for my video camera, and I noticed I was also raped by a classmate of my son going. But it was I was numb to the core of the body, that the son about the matter. I started life as a sex slave as I thought.

Sympathy of twins

居Masu twin brother is on me. Perhaps I unusual sex twins, had been a long time Chiya Hoya. At first I only annoying twins, I thought you were in third place is like me you love each understood the other. I think you can Minna 解Nnai twins but, we are linked to each other Atashi old, Kazuo (brother) and with a cold or 悪Katsu or mood, was also linked to Atashi sure. Looks like kissing or sex or to nature, so now I'm a parent of a future in secret thought (*^_^*) early Koto, I spend two people independently slowly ... (^_^)
About two years passed, but I love that we come to depend on the random Takeshi Kazu days (laughs) It's not translated SEX unable to separate rooms and even started calligraphy Gakko (but really only use a regular school master in the staff room Kipaku Tta. I had become a case for a while) in the daytime, but I'm far to eat dinner together petting. By Takeshi Kazu in the Post, you slowly like the lips or face and voice and reddened with me (see) from coming in to ask 仕組N atashi biting licking my neck Yara Yara intently breast (^_^; ~ ) Of course, not do I want only to ask in words, while Yu and licking fingers to his mouth made me a little red Hoppe finger Takeshi Kazu, who finally brought into production. I wonder what that was ... just geeky hobby of Moe got somewhere to see porn site? Do anyone have such experience? It has become the person I come to various ordered or become a com ... Atashi Unexpected 甘En boyfriend is, but I should start with 愛Shi合Ere Takeshi Kazu ~ (● ^ ω ^ ●) and cute, ★ ☆ Takeshi Kazu

I love my son

I love my son, I ask that my son, my husband is in the eye Mero Mann never asked them to powder! Waves in a jar of his cock meat. Two years ago, when traveling abroad husband, three sons was seized at the time high. That night when I was taking a bath, my son in the nude, I will be coming into the penis engorgement. "Stop! I beg you to stop," came to hold a penis in my mouth several times asking to cry. My son's penis, I suck example. My son ejaculation back of the throat holding my head up. [Incredible force! It dark! Too dark too! Bedroom] and take up that stunned me.
I was in the end times. Since then, my body is seeking nearly every day. SANAE agony endured the embarrassment out loud while shaking your hips along with my son, I will embrace them someday.
I meet her son and mother, I did not think now is longing for her son to come into the room every night. My husband is coming back next year in home service and is married life so far. When my son graduated from college, is said to live with me.


Now 55 years old in February. Although it may be a problem most of you have housewives, about five years ago almost no night life. The woman, sexual desire is well into this year. If you have similar troubles, we want to hear the opinions of men and. Thank you everyone.

Younger brother-in-law

I am this child's true father one son-in-law brother 38-year-old housewife

Woman pleasure

Physical relationship with his son fell into three years ago. And my favorite hot springs in salary for the first time his son graduated from college, invited me to travel during the holidays in May Hokuriku. After dinner, we drank in the room alone. The first time I drank too much and drunk only two trips. And wake up cold and heaviness, overhanging cover on my son, "mother" has been saying for a kiss. I was unconscious as a passionate kiss tongue 絡Meta. Son away from his face, stepped on my thigh, until it touches the hidden processing cock my son, who was unaware the two were naked.
"Parent-child act in a shameful, useless" and had no use appeased. ... Oh, this warmth, a very nostalgic feel to what would be .... After divorcing her husband eight years ago, no sex. I remembered her joy again. Mother unable to forget each other again be stopped, no shame in front of her son in the position of fire burning with a horny 69. Feel very satisfied with the pleasure of sex in eight years. When I did not expect this would not have dreamed. Later, at home twice a day three times as good in a couple received a fine, but sleeps in the arms until morning.
Every morning, before the pride of the morning rub his penis, blow job to raise, so 歓Bimasu. Sometimes, you can ejaculate in the mouth. My son, my first, and groin-sensitive, spend plenty of time, love me. In particular, the clitoris, is carefully when caught, many times it had gone to faint, become possible to endure, from the way I would want. The penis is hard, so thick, the back, and when pierced, the feeling runs through the center of the body, whole body trembles. Recently, all from the horny I was, to hope, the cowgirl, and then turn back and shake up and down, I also feel it, 締Marurashiku vagina and ejaculation son happy. My son is very young and healthy, and vigorous. Tappuri will always dark semen out.

Son serve

Brought in a relationship with my son, at age 32 years old and my son is 10. The daily routine is to take a bath together every night, two people entered the day as usual. When you wash your body, son, I'll wash your penis properly peel, a son and said, washing etc to do for someone? He said, I stand with your left hand index finger, right thumb and forefinger scissors, I can say ~ I do wash the skin down, my son said I got it, I started washing. But son, it hurts like saying, I can ~ ~ Well I'll raise my son to wash and say mom, please! I said, went out of the bathtub. Sitting in front of his son, took the soap, body wash to strip off penis when he was the son of his son, saying it tickles, I Endure! My son said, ~ I can do the wash, you understand? Son said, the Shinano and Troone eyes, I know ~ he said. Then I started my son's penis with a fever and came to grow pulsating. Son, what are you thinking ~ he said, son, I do not know mom, I feel they wash Ine cock! I came to say. Son, they felt Ino? When asked, yeah! Iyo have feelings! He said, I'm looking at bigger penis in my hands, my son felt a little guy. I had to stop washing your hands, my son, if you can keep it secret from dad, mom, son and I have to say I feel to raise more, yeah! OK! So Hurry up! He said, I have a penis in the shower wash, the penis skin is still suffering, I do not get with a saliva, and I was rubbing up and down. My son is not feeling Iyo Mama! Or, to do more! I was saying or will knock your feet. Come to extend the hand of my heart I'm rubbing his penis with my son, oh mother Paisawatteii? I came to hear. I'm a gentle touch, the hand of his son and said the momentum began to massage my chest despite terrible. I told my son, this thing that s going on there for someone? It reminds me of my son's father because I firmly H from watching this once in a while and said I'm doing sometimes. Then ~ man and woman is naked, you know, or what? It reminds me of my son SEX, right? You guy are you doing now? Said. I'll wash penis mom made for someone, knowing from the start? When asked, because I wanted to because my mom said. My son is no longer cute how cute, you'll ~ H, and Mom? It reminds me of my son, and you mom! He said. I decided. And accept my son and I have asked my son if. My son, my face buried in her son's crotch and said if I raised it with more feeling. I give my son penis licking, ball well and I was licking. My body, but stayed to become a woman. Do mothers mother son Mushaburitsui the penis can not grow hair. Even thinking such a thing, I love the penis in front of his son.銜E into the penis to the back of my throat, I was Jupajupa and out, Mom! Weird! Weird body! I do not know the things I thought I already ik son to my son, leave it to mom's OK like this? He said, the penis and Shaburimashita. Me weird when I came to shake the waist ~ son said several times, squeezing the right hand while his left hand massaging the testicles, sperm of her son accepted the head with a sucking secure. I gave him just licking penis went carefully. My son is not feeling Iyo Mama! Iyo have feelings! Said again and again. Drink all the sperm came out a little son, while embracing her son's body, I am happy to drink her hundred sperm mom too! He said. I really, I wanted to put the pussy Stirring my son's penis with the other time I'll truly can in the bath. Her son's head into the tub together is not only interested in U my body as well. Or try to touch your breasts up. At such times, Mama cock into a place where I? Come and hear, I want to see? . Yes! See! You show me! The son said, I have hesitated, things to say ~ Wait a minute, and chair of the scullery, pussy with my husband took the shaving cream to clean the side of the villa Villa make it easier to shave look. Here I put the penis spread legs facing towards the sink in the shower with my son, he said. I see my son well! You see in close! He said, I entered the bath and, to come up in front of her son sitting on the edge of the bathtub has some merit. Here I put the penis to expand the Billa Billa two fingers then spread your feet! He said. My son, I have to touch? I heard, I have Iwayo! He said. My son stayed in the index finger touching my pussy but puzzled. My pussy was wet from her son while sucking a penis. Son saw it, I came out of what Mama? What is this? And you say I'm soup to make it into the penis! Say, ~ I'll put cock? He said. Well from where it is impossible, it comes out! Son and say, ~ I'll put your finger? He said. I have hesitated, I'll do, say, Sue came into the little fingers and now my son. I was numb about the whole body orgasm welcome moment. I'm okay to put another one! Say, really! I want to be irresistible, fill quickly. Son took the hand, bending the thumb into the palm, hand and led all the sloppy pussy. I have an orgasm taste nerve-wracking enough. I'm going to hand out their son! Say, started out slowly. My son got into the hands all the terrible mommy! I'm full of juice out Mama! My pussy is crazy. I have been told such a thing, put your son's penis quickly, to accept her son's sperm in me early, I thought. ~ Will be impossible to endure, pulled out the hand of her son, tried to have sex with mom! My son and I'll say to her hundred men from the boys mom left the bathroom.


Back in the room with bath towel forgot to notice a change of clothes in the bath, I was in bed with my brother masturbation.
Moreover, was hit in the face while ago I was wearing panties. I noticed my brother was a frozen state.
I was surprised, too. Ona was a side dish for me, but knew his brother, never in my bed.
"Oh, um, Yumi-chan, I'm sorry," I feel angry cute and shy brother was blushing occur.
"Always, I'm in bed with Yumi?" My brother shook his head significantly.
My brother approached the bed, "why do not continue. ♪ I'll now look at the tiny ""···"" not?" To remove the hand and Funyafunya by hand because it was hidden dick my brother.
"You'll not this" treatment by hand Bibin would let me! "Let me see you Ona! ~ I have never seen" "I'm not" "and I wonder if I say Ciao Mama"
My brother was like I was not to be Nakanakaike Goshigoshi but frowned "no squid?" "It's impossible because he was ~" I am and I was treated by hand again.
"I cool?" "I do not know like impossible," I'm ticking away to your little brother excited "Why 嘗Metara Ikeru?"
Additionally Peroperochupachupa and potassium and as far Pakutsu 扱Ki but to the root and slowly came out and put the juice Bikubikutsu body of his brother.
I'll close his mouth and foot "Utsu U" and was suffering. I've touched my heart my brother, "I do not touch were"
"Sorry" to want honest and mean to my brother, "It'll Ne touched should tell mom the next" I'm 69 now rides on his brother's regime.
Yoshi Tadasu has excited himself this disgraceful. Find that the place had come out to Gingin Oshiru dick that just hit the snorting of his brother.
My brother and I to be cool and get intense cock sucking octylphenyl ether that nature. Dark liquid into my mouth and my brother and his brother away from the tissue out so fit 溢Remashita "drink" all hands seized me. I say no to "fast! Drink!" Has a chest rub.
Glug and drink and I said, "It is also over here yet," and now has a dick was pressed against my head.
I started to leave the Blow said, "You good? Yumi-chan is it's really good I drank last boyfriend's semen," the position was reversed for some reason.
"Not enough. Well now," his brother offered to place the skin I was surprised that I have.
"♪ 入Retee early" with legs spread and my brother has been hitting hard with the legs I think I slowly inserted.
I went with my brother back you use too hard.

Last Sunday ...

My brother on this road too 中三 Hayami-kun is like 21 years old. Now I live alone with my brother. Home about 3 times a month (home) I'll be back.

Last Sunday, my brother came back after a long time.

Came into the room suddenly my brother "and recently my boyfriend what it?" I've heard "I already broke," I replied.

Then "H of combed?" Has asked me, my brother and I usually do not talk to, surprised "by not to" to deny "Well, I'll tell you brother," and my has been on the cover overhanging.

Fearing "The unlikely'll stop!" But my brother and me away from crazy. Have to take off my clothes and forcibly.

"Why is this - you can ー Yu" and heard crying "I have always liked you," I was told.

Not believe even think calmly, I can not think of anything coming to touch my brother and my nipples.

"Oh fill with" and they gasp and cry, laugh brother finally has steadily extended his hand toward the bottom.

At that time, a story from those "Oh Mai, net (name of brother) ー, Ne Mom and Dad get to go shopping," added the voice of the mother.

Truly heart-stopping thought. I could not say anything, my brother in a subdued voice "Oh know," I heard the front door open and close with a reply and I have become longer in the house alone with my brother.

My brother said nothing, I touched the top of the pants there. Take off your pants and we turn with the opening lick.

Somehow I did not like to feel good, "Aatsuaatsu ..." I continued to voice out.

My brother and taken out from his pants that has rubbed me over there.

And at once has been inserted.

Very painful, and cling to his brother, kissed me gently on the face.

Started moving slowly and gradually went stiff.

I first Imata sobbing in pain, but became increasingly pleasant, and realize "Antsuaaan" and had raised his voice.

Finally my brother was in my stomach ejaculation. Wipe my body limp, and let me dress.

It felt good, there is still guilt, in a low voice, "I do not like that anymore," says, a little brother with a forced smile, "do not know," he said.

My brother went back the next day, and tonight I'll be back again.

It is scary, I expect that kind of hate myself.

Thank you for reading long sentences.

Disabled son

I am a 48 year old housewife.
People living in the apartment has a 18 year old son and two disabled persons.
My husband came because my son was born disabled, I split it immediately reluctant to grow.
18 years, raised a son with disabilities in herself, what a sad human instinct, I began to make a penis erection since the early summer of this year.
It'll give me a bath and wash when washing the lower body, and increases Muku Muku.
Larger than the average person and it has more than 20 inches, I will hide big is the navel.
I was playing with was a fine man before marriage, the marriage did not have relations with men for quite busy raising children.
I do not have sex for 18 years divorced me because it was so, when his son saw the erect penis, my crotch was wet.
Hot summer night, after I wash the penis that stiffed, I Shigoi move while holding hands with both hands and gently.
Then, soon, he was issued a moan, a large amount of pus (sperm) is spit.
I have a surprise for us I returned to the Son, and seemed to experience her first time, seemed astonished.
At the same time, it was a pleasure for her first time.
Then go to the bath every day and now I'm asking you to act.
He was challenged for his hand is a can not masturbate.
Unlike the healthy person also brought up so pampered, spoiled by not unreasonable.
And every day, I get pus in to Shigoi (sperm) will be out to do.
Then his right hand while ironing my own now masturbate touching her secret of his left hand.
Also toward the end of August, I have become more irresistible, I have a penis in his mouth.
I had to go down the so-called embarrassing.
He said, "Oh ー Ugh Ugh" while barking loudly, I was in my mouth Hotobashira a lot of sperm.
From the next day, it became routine.
He is a disabled, Tsutomu Tadashi is peerless, as well as the bath while watching TV before sleeping every day, every day, to urge, to force one day Kakasazu fellatio, always a lot of spits the semen.
I myself just have to suck his penis pulsing blood vessels 浮Ki上Gara we are now not possible to endure.
Finally, come September, I have to get naked on the bed in his sleep, astride on his part Ategai big penis in my secret, I sank back with a jerk.
Finally, I have a mother incest forbidden.
He was astonished gaze.
If the hip shake like crazy on him, I started moaning greater his before I get the sperm in his pus in his mouth without a penis from the Secretary raised the hips themselves (sperm) I take a.
The second time I've played so well able to wear a rubber baby.
He did not know the meaning of the rubber is like, and I really hate to play wearing a rubber.
I had no choice but to play is the third time and second time listening to live son's selfishness.
Signs before they reach orgasm every time he launches out now that we know really my own vagina.
Mid-September, before my last period was his hot pus (semen) in the gushing and I Hotobashitsu womb.
I say I feel it.
And every day he (the son) to play with.
Now warm pus in the womb so as to keep the secret of my penis from the waist 思Ikkiri raised just before he reaches orgasm (semen) is the act of wearing a put.
I was out in his pus (semen) to have in his mouth immediately, and to reverse out of my dripping pus (semen) that he is a delicious drink.
My period was supposed to come in the middle of September, still has not come.
In October, doctors have begun to be symptoms of morning sickness did not go.
Now, now you can see a bulging belly, but has been stained with the nipple areola bigger breasts can boast.
Of course, children are children of his stomach.
He also last Sun "You little fat mom," I have been told.
In the afternoon I went to the obstetrics and gynecology.
"Due to give birth in June of next year," I came back is said to get my baby pictures.
Wondering whether it is filtered 産Mou now fallen.
Soon to enter the bath with him.
I tell him the baby.
I hear what you think of the baby belly for me and him.
It is cruel.
I thought this thing a secret life no matter, look at your post, I announced boldly.


One day, two high, I became haunted my head penis that from watching masturbation brother, one medium, and his brother say the raise to show you, my sister showed penis to his brother at the time was away my parents one day pants immediately果Temashita we just suck in my mouth and soon becomes hard to pick up soon 嘗Memashita close look at the little boy took off his brother were the last virgin crossed a line I always asking me Oroshimashita brother relationship with my boyfriend let me put the money I was pregnant my baby brother, the summer has responded to each other of course is still married five months pregnant is a 32-year-old housewife

It is convenient for her sons

yuna himekawa[6506]
Itaburi sons before me relentless, has been trained through my mind.
Now that I was just showing a collar with a bell on his sons are in place will collapse.
The rape on his sons, sensitive to body, the mind is without arms to resist his sons and honest.
The strange thing is man, they supposed to accept without resistance, but fled, but they are found to be embraced by the sons played with, and I see a collar with a bell and obedient female slave. It is strange.
Sons to come home [Mom, you know] you will have to say the bell collars. I collapsed in a conditioned place is a collar for his son is naked. The bunny dress and China, a maid is humiliated and his sons made me change into my uniform, will embrace.
Recently, a female slave to the sons as always I come back and bring a friend, a friend was forced by Feller. It is not 挿入Ru her pussy, I anal fucked her friend. I like being played with someone depart is like a friend since then.
And since yesterday my pussy, anal, clit, nipple attached to the vibe, I enjoy training with my relentless until the remote control. I enjoy my agony to stop wearing the size that I will do 逝Ki. I'm worried what will happen next.


I remember the PC, 63-year-old woman living alone have the sole enjoyment. I graduated from junior high school and Miyazaki, textile factories for mass employment of Ogaki. Married by arranged marriage at age 19 there are edges. My father was one of her husband, a son of a farmer, her mother died five years ago, my husband was 29 years old. Father was a reliable family business farming.
Wedding night, and there was not embarrassed to be the first such edge. Bland husband, and end 10 minutes sooner I feel, it was about once a week it also reduces the number two. So after three months, after the husband and go to sleep, I had to calm his body shame that are not met.
One night, after going back to bed after a laundry room is bright and father, and casually look through the tear of the sliding door, is the stepfather had to masturbate while aloud and anguish. Back to the room, imagine the sight of my father, "poor dad" I have been full of tears. 52-year-old father, "because it has been many years in his mother's death," I arrived at sleep with mixed feelings. Your father's kind to me the next day the father is now aware of the opposite sex.
One summer day, the evening was out of the Youth went to her husband overnight. And the heat has to be 寝付Kezu into bed, you have shoji room - Open Innovation is the father came in costs. "Something father," answered my father is hung for a while voice suddenly, "please!" I've been hugging me and saying 押Saeyou. "Father, not" I 押Shi返Shimashita father said softly in the chest.
The father, "Misako, forgive me. Bad dad. Could not stand to think that Misako crazily." I began to say 咽Bi. I can not suppress the emotions well up. "Father" and a small whisper, and I was holding back the father softly.
The father, looking at me, "Well okay, you're okay," his voice trembling, holding it firmly in bed and beat me. I was just a small nod in silence. The night before the eastern sky grow light around, it was inscribed on my body of work that's what a real man. And the world will no longer I have my (female erogenous depth) was reminded.
Since I became completely obsessed father. When the husband is not my father has asked me day and night. It had become a passion They devour each other. I also remember vividly the first time I learned something called shakuhachi. Smoking stand and stepfather frantically called the father is left to react with a roar like a beast on. Harder and harder to breathe and can become so much wonder in my mouth.
The father loves kiss, kiss while the rich have the time and I cherish a little during the day, roll up your skirt on, and you are stroking the thigh. I ask my father to such intense love, without letting himself be the father, was immersed in the pleasure of me too. Seven years after a father has passed away so Bolero. Guess that is pleasant at the time of Ralph's singles, while comforting to remember every day - an act of good memories of my father and even now. My husband died two years ago, very few good memories with my husband.

My grandpa

When the junior high school, now is not the father.
People who are afraid to come to the apartment and then "return the money," my mom yells and every day now, was crying in a darkened room without making your voice.
Take back the two people who were his father's father.
My grandfather left the SDF, even borrowing money got me back.

The boys can no longer be bullied like before will be able to go to Grandpa's house to another school.
The original school, or has been tampered with dick taking off clothes in place called the gym equipment after school, sometimes pee or semen was put in the body was made to lick the little boy.
Been issued in the dick, now that the whole class Shikato I talked to a teacher since I was afraid of pregnancy.

Other "poor" or "loan" could not even how many people it is called a close friend.
I'm very happy.
Mom is now brighter.
Thanks guys grandfather.

I wanted to somehow give back to the old man.
I thought the old man can give delight to do.
Then came the thought, is the face of men who were forced to drink cum before me in school.
(I can only arrays)

When reached for the crotch of a lying old man was angry with my first.
Grandpa of lying to repeat a few times now 懲Rizu will still allow me to touch your penis.
Now that you slip into bed, your dick is very hard Hoobatsu salt & pepper.
The old man will suck all the while patting my head gently.
Sometimes you can make me drink the semen.

But there still in me I came in.

Brother lover? Mistress? Slave?

My husband and I married one year ago today. My husband is, if the twins in high school, I was embraced his brother.
Time married, his brother thought I was kind and gentle, rather than seeing my mother's brother's eye six months ago, it was felt that the keen eyes of hungry beasts of prey, it never the intention was to pretend ignorance.
I came to depend on the broken-hearted brother one day, when I was comforted, my lover and I spoiled your day today. Now that we have to say my brother grab my chest to kiss me, so I was way off my brother when I was on the couch 押Shi倒Sa hand, was pressed down with one hand and wrists. My brother has just put his hands inside my panties, I got to be someone depart for a moment. Confirm that passed away and I stripping panties, and 思Ikkiri been skewered in my attempts to resist my cock into her pussy was pierced violently. My brother and I start to feel with heavy moves according to moan I spit out my brother's sperm inside me. Is someone depart embraced by his brother several times, when from entering the force to the body, is rubbed vigorously chest with sucking nipples erect I'm excited to figure nor hail I came back my brother, unable to feel resistance, I have lost my brother to brother and thunk Anarubajin penis is inserted into my ass. The exaltation of the body I have already gone by without even first time anal pain. The brothers went to school the next morning like nothing happened, I come home yesterday, so I pretended to listen but I know better, they showed a picture of me holding I I sat down on the spot is missing back away. Brother was taking off clothes, I was humiliated in my body was my sons toys. The sons are Masu Shime shame even me and clothed me and bring a costume-made or you get where I am forced by Blow cock brothers unable resistance Shimaimashi is someone depart been fucked pussy or. The sons all speak as I accept no governing body to my collar, I was embraced by the sons into the night. When I came back my husband I was someone depart in front of her husband on the verge of being penetrated from around his sons die. My husband, sons 咎Mezu try to figure it firmly against the sons Try I'm cute. I did not say they only follow your heart. I was treated as sons libido, which had only their thumb. Sons, while in the house looking for my body, 抱Kimasu mercilessly. Is someone depart in front of her husband is tied to the Yoshi Tadasu embarrassing costume, I still fear this is what happens.

At that time I ...

26 I am a housewife now. I have a brother, two years.
Now there is nothing ordinary siblings together when I was 15 was different.
At that time, my students had accumulated stress exam study. It was still a virgin, I was to relieve stress on masturbation several times a week.
Saturday is the day I was a parent away from home on a trip to the karaoke circle.
I was secretly pleased that the absent parent. I mean, before, so I find that there is a sex toy into the bedroom of the parents want to see it had to try.
Parents immediately sneaked into the bedroom, the room started masturbating hung out a vibrator from the back of the instance type. Vibe was put on stimulating the clitoris because it was scary.
Until then, it had to be fiddling with hands, cry away the pleasure of us to forget the first time, I had been looking for where my brother masturbating at the time.
My brother came in without even knocking to confuse what was also injured in what I stood on the spot after the opening at the sight of my stride, I returned to my room and slam .
That night I filled my head was seen by his brother, see the attempt to do ...? I] I cannot sleep with worry.
We thought that was a good thing if 創Re tell anyone the secret between me and my brother and his brother.
Brother and then of course I do not think trying to SEX. However, I would arbitrarily shut up my brother 思Ikonda Once you have that inch of it.
Morning, I still time out of the dark room 忍Bi込Mimashita brother. My brother was still asleep.
Yelling at his brother's sleeping face looked, I had nearly fallen into a tissue and see what good it was a strange smell. The tissue had been Gabigabi dry.
I thought I blew my nose [dirty thing .... Sutemashita] and trash.
Then I started to take off its pajamas under his brother Whoops.
Worried about whether his brother was happening, I thought I should wake caused by forcibly committing a brother. Speaking honestly, it was seen at best irrelevant and masturbated myself, just to see the penis of a man. Put my hand on his brother's penis is not hard-up pants, was surprised. I whispered to my brother what is going on: Why are you awake? I heard], there is no reaction. Well, I think you do, look out forcefully 脱Gaseru penis pants finally saw it the moment my body became hot. Not knowing what to do, as we saw in the video contained in your mouth for a while after the observation. And I remember the scene with the opening down the video. It is happening at this time my brother knew. My brother still occasionally pretended to sleep [Ugh, poop! However it was a moan]. I am relieved that my brother accepted this act boldly than I, while his brother Shigokimashita penis up and down with your fingers.
And fired a lot of sperm and finally Pyutsu. Has been transmitted from mouth to nose the smell of sperm into the mouth of my brother.
Then he learned of the trash dumped wiped sperm tissue.
What a mind of his brother, 起Ki出Shimashita. I saw [my masturbation, masturbation I was too? I asked my brother] and nodded obediently Nedarimashita wanted to show me her pussy.
I was excited to once again astride his brother licking dick face his brother, his brother licked my pussy.
After that, I stress I have now my brother lick her pussy.
I could also pass the high hopes, thanks.
Licking each other several times between then lasted, he made me stopped. After all,
Putting a penis, so there was some resistance whatever, just hope its clear distinction did not exceed my brother. If the woman may have become transformed into more than I was today.


Dad was in bed and saw coming in and someone is sleeping Yui Yui.
I was surprised that dad is suddenly kiss was with Dad's mom remarried and now is not the real dad.
Chu is the tongue into it. YUI tease nipples come in my heart and hands: "No, looks it should not" daddy will not you stop me to say.
YUI is licking and sucking nipples being licked or Chupachupa Nugasa the clothes are really down to the pleasant Nurenure.
Got a voice in the clitoris to stimulate thinking came from the top of YUI's pants down dad went to get less and less.
◯ man suddenly came to put two fingers are placed to the side of the pants Then entered the finger.
◯ got going is the man Nurenure Kakimawasa Brute man stir. I've put the chin ○ Zubutsu pants off her pussy Yui Then Dad.
Piston really got going again. However last me dad Yui chest full of sperm. I want you!

What mother and her border where

What mother and her border where? . Keeping motherhood, I was courting her son had fled from. One day, maternal love 芽生Emashita different. Always inextricably linked to maternal and passion ... that is what exists is absurd that a woman is a mother .... My son is now a woman in the room for lunch today.

I love to replace my son, and

Last month, after the New Year to the second party, not even the manager refused to 無碍 invitation only, where there was a sign of the taxi arrived at the campus pub. Entered into, tear flow, such as loud music Yurobi ear received a strange feeling.
Male employees were ushered to a private room in a curtained box format only. Soon came to believe that a woman wearing a negligee early 20s, "two rotating petal" and while stripped to the waist and asked to kiss the manager, began to rub one's hands on the penis from the pants. I bolted the store surprised.
Running from behind, was the voice of the mother and son look back. My son has put the case out of anger, calm was hard. Asked on why you're here, son, and had come to play a little shy voice customs.
Morai ride son, mother to son in the car because it is beautiful, and I invite his son to me because, before, 止Mazu wake of the excitement of sexual services a glimpse at the shop at 69, slightly 潤Tsu and "high" I have the answer. Son of "good mother" and entered the hotel.
Recommendation to forward to my son a bath, my son has been taking a bath after a while. I was quite spectacular, I was surprised that the body of an adult son, a moment was at you have no voice. "Mom asks ... to ... kiss me ..." "Eh ... I suck ... ask Mom," he says his son has been imposed. Emashita I suck as a whole so as to wrap your mouth erection.
"What, Mom, I also ... let me kiss your mother, too ..." He said it was sitting on the edge of the bath me, let me open the legs, Kimashi face buried into an important part of my or. The son of the movement of the tongue, When I reached the pinnacle longer to close a growing wave of pleasure, in my head instinctively (no, not) 浮Kabimashita word.
My son and raise the wall of my bathroom, has been deeply into all of the erection of a son into the hole and vagina are convulsions Hikuhiku over yet. Violently thrust up and when you feel the semen spewed deep into the hole of my vagina last son, I Kina Hiroshi 向Emashita a peak again and hugged her son tightly.
Since then, every week my son, my son due to his strong sexual desire in his youth, embraced me again and again, the holes emit semen in my vagina ... amazing. I know that it should not be getting strong embrace of a young son, my body asked for the pleasure of lazy sensuality, parents forget that obsession, I would surrender himself to his son ... .
Now, the manager had the opportunity to thank. My husband and I quit at once, and although young, is always hard - his son three times show no sign of slowing down ejaculation is a surprise.
After the relationship between son and mother and I have sex with many people, the views will Morai surprised to read this post I field. Mother also confessed to us that is posted and was recommended. But the shy son of a fellowship, the name was a pseudonym post.

My husband My father

About two years ago, the ordinary happy family was their marriage.
I was 20 years older than her husband also, between two sons and daughter in junior high school.
My husband and felt something in something from each other when we met earlier, who joined assignment,
Body was sprinkled straight to the hotel the same day.
Have never ever felt burned enough.
Tasted the euphoria feeling fit again and again.
I was matching his rhythm and rhythm is perfect for me.
Pleasure at the mercy of a storm bubbling up from his groin immerse the whole body.
Erogenous zone was supposed to have your whole body from head to toe.
Once a week at first, but life may not endure living together in his apartment.
And pregnancy, early marriage and he left, giving birth.
At the time, I asked my husband every day but we are married 41 years.
Two weeks before my son was born, I was looking from.
A year later my daughter was born, had a happy married life.
But even fewer number of night life, once every week still.
Eye to build a house on a hill with sea view retirement,
When I was preparing to move.
I was casually flipping through old photo albums of her husband came out of the closet
Photo of young men and women side by side, that belly is swollen a little woman.
It was the same photo I saw in my mother's previous albums.
My mother died "real dad you" had to say.
I was a bad feeling about the night I heard her husband in the photo,
"Actually, I was choosing to live together in college," and then "goodbye party was forced to let both parents, but I was pregnant," I.
"Maybe, maybe if you were born the same year"
Before your eyes with a black and a fierce beating,
Mouth while I was in shock over 利Kemasen,
"My mother is reflected in the women here," by itself.
Husband, though my father was also frozen.

One night

The 37-year-old housewife.
About midnight the day before yesterday, my husband missed a week they hit the late shift in 3 shifts to get in, this house is the story of the night was the only son and my son, Shota.
Waking moment to chill the lower body, breath entered the ears of the young son Shota 11-year-old elementary school.
"Ha, ha, ha, mother had" a breath, and heard noises Gasagasa, he tried to voice the moment I feel suspicious, 凍Ritsukimashita the body.
I quilt, they are exposing the body in the form Hagura, one-piece pajamas to roll up on the chest is raised, it was also taking off panties. Legs are legs open, exposing his son to become the local face near the skin, I was wearing, I was rubbing up and down his hard young beautiful things. My son is a desperate, and completely unaware that I awoke.
"People like me Why"
My son is still elementary school, and was interested in the opposite sex a little further thought. I much more masturbation ....
While I pretend to sleep, while a surprise, I suddenly 意地Rashiku son has to want pity.

"Going forward, the Son Once in middle school, the girl can be, I wish I could forget even my body was interested in something"
I ran into an unusual behavior that feeling.
While I pretended to sleep, the legs look more local, M-shaped with the open leg.
Hand was rubbing up and down stops then,
"Oh, Mother," "Dude that exposed"
Tweets so small.
"Yeah Cuz"
While pretending to sleep again, and now sat 浮Kasemasu.
At that moment, my son has been overhanging cover.
Without regard to appearances, but seem fine and put in local,
Ireyou put towards a completely anal.
I move my waist, at the entrance of the vagina Ategai cute pointy tip of the penis of his son, briskly and sat 突Ki上Gemashita.
"Nurun Mekimeki"
I got swallowed up in the penis has to tick the roots at once.
Son, trembling with pleasure, we move back screaming up a storm like crazy. "Ah, feels good, feels good ay"
While a large amount of semen in less than a minute and let the whole body convulsed and Gakuigaku, Kabusari me out over at The pell-mell as soon went in the room.
But nothing too comfortably, but was able to pen down my body, I feel happy about Shoumonaku.
Kitara still crowded now bear a son, and I think to accept.

Sakari with a male

yuna himekawa[6450]
What teenage boy, I got the feeling Sakari What male.
But it is not fed, not what I'm feeling like a pet in heat. Better yet take me to the hospital, is not it easier and more subjected to surgery had bravado, there are things I think. But I never go there and do the translation, Mari Osamu not have the time anyway, to give me comfort as a last resort.
I do not want such a thing really is, because the poor can be good too much patience, there is no way. I'll help just a little bit, if the child is released from stress, it hurts it so it does not. I have to give my son, so no big deal. Things are always doing in my son, just give that to me instead. First, in using the hands, impatient because I'll only that his son, now all grown up already raised at the mouth to mouth, I was sucking dick strong , because I can not stand.
When you insist that my son, I'll let me put some dick penis. They cut my dick wet Gushogusho would easily swallow big dick of her son.
Stretched part of Cali, I feel part of the vagina, and pushing Gugutsu,
Will slip through sensation is irresistible. Involuntarily because of what you are doing,
So what the body is open, you forget it.
"This is all, in order to give his son freed from greed for the son, I have a thing"
I have many times, so my 言I聞Kasemasu. But words,
Every time you dick in and out of the penis and his son many times, we will gradually become choppy. Become a white head, imperceptibly yourself, notice that the disgraceful cry of joy.
Once unleashed lust in my body and my son, I finally realize that. Demonaku for anyone else, in order to satisfy his desire to say things that intersect with my son.
Is scared to face it myself, I am unable to find things from my son's body yet. Even 疼I body, no matter how I try to just put him in the loving hands and mouth. Even if I try to do so austere, with a son from Sakari to put my penis in vagina immediately, but I'm with it.
Every time, "I helped" face while saying, will open in front of his son was Nurenure dick, I'm not her mother after all.

My discourse incest

The 48-year-old housewife. And son, there will also be busy part of my prior work, two weeks had been a while. Trip to Hokkaido in the comfort of the company from my husband yesterday, last night in a room together the night my son, I already burned ~ ~. Begins with a thick Chu, poison body roll, even in the deluge pussy, Aimashita seek care only as much as rich.

Since last year

Last October, the day of dawn of the night my son went to the room and talked to was able to eat as usual. Always the "go now" I will return to voice, and taking a break or tired, and I'll put up the door open a little voice.
In the television room, involving naked men and women will moan Kashiku gloss, my son has to leap out at me was his erect penis Ushio Takashi 撫Ze while lying in bed in the altogether larger.
I feel I could arrive a moment his son was in bed 押Shi倒Sa "After her success feel so useless," Son Kabusari out over me, hold me in great strength, "" Mother I want to hear my favor, "and.
I have resisted desperately Hold the Pantei, my son lost the power of the erect penis would - but raised his voice a long time great pleasure of sex is deep into "her success, other No, such a thing from you "..." What should I do now mom "... but while my son deep into" I'll love you mom a lot now, "he says ... with ejaculation. Suddenly the door opens away of me, I had accepted from the passion of his son unawares resistance. Had sex in six years.
Repeatedly floated the waist, while demand would - gasp while coming to the erect penis inserted in her best success was waving genitals as large as deep and ask the good mother.果Temashita out three times and my son love juice in me a lot of lukewarm. Today is my son, "from her mother's bed waiting for you", "ordered the meantime, my mother was taken by Tsu like watching DVD with" regret and feeling sorry for the late husband and , and forced his son's desire to refuse but the taste of forbidden fruit once I got to experience a mature woman in their 50s will come bubbling up from the body is hot horny hard to change anything else in the pleasure It is possible to suppress.

Know ...

Day began physiology, mom and dad sometimes H is made to see, first dad in front of Mama birthday 13 H is, with my dad sometimes H taught Iloilo to become the ...

When my boyfriend had been taught how to please a boyfriend or ...

H I think that they are usually like to ask mom and dad but I Yari.

When the boyfriend number 3, SM dumping is required, Dad told us do not know my boyfriend taught me.

Talk to me from my boyfriend does not tell Dad, I'm not usually know our house first.

I'd like my house is really what is it unusual? ?

In high school, H Iijan tell Dad Given'm worried about a child! I said, I thought I was superfluous because there was a normal happy child Deta dad taught me how to really ...

Marriage partner can think of 20 years of age, I get a little worried.

I turned red son

Shigeru Hazime can not stand the filthy looks like masturbation, deliberately taking a bath one night? When I was pretending to look like a drunk in the groin, and sure enough, even standing ey Yara routines. The one-time appointment. If we had oysters on paper hands several times before disinfection and sterilization because it hurts! This. Weak Chin? And say, I slept more Iiyotsu. The next morning, the routine is strange, I was peeling and I was about to do me If you look red and swollen


Three months ago, I fell in immoral relations with his son's college, it is a shame that you feel guilty but can no longer control their own sexuality defeated.
After the first experience, I wonder if I had to be stupid, but that was a lie in my own blame. I also intersect at this morning after leaving her husband, three times.
My son was tired and sleeping, I think that I'll wake up and put them back intersect. Every time I meet with my son, "a secret only the two of you ..." and the press just in case.
You even get my son to eat pussy, caressing us with me in many ways. Sex and come out well, makes me always gets from its peak. My son loves this.


Even mid-30s, did not even have imagined such may be subject to the two sons of course not.
This summer was particularly hot week of day shift was obvious her husband to spend in shorts, tank top bra.
Washing dirty linen in the morning so I think it was also unlimited masturbation washing machine located in a morning.
No bra, even when they were first 押Shi倒Sa son.
Son force kids thought it was just stronger than you think.
Became impossible to resist change in an instant fear is resisted desperately slapped cheeks.
[I'm dressed like bad from you! Because of you! ]
Words can not come out to refute the wrath of her son. My son has been violently attacked my chest violently stripping tank top.
Reasonably well to the heart attack my son comes up to put their hands to lower stretch shorts. Remai resisted taking off and I am desperate indeed.
The understanding of the rubber off and noisily Buchibuchi, my son is still Resistance 振Ri上Gemasu hands.
I was excited about his son taking off the shorts shorts both countries to protect their face the moment you release the hand has reached its peak momentarily. But again I have to cover 被Satsu Gingin penis and still not get undressed 剥Ke his skin.
Closed the power gap in the power of whole body, thighs were too obvious. I was thigh gradually spread to the vagina to expose my son to finally 力負Ke.
My son seems to think so, but not to put his penis Ategai.
The location of misplaced Ni当Tatte away, hitting the left. But I hurt, I'll also be able to guide their reasoning in anticipation of parenthood.
The bull penis popped and knocked into a failed time and again in my clitoris.
探Ri当Te the entrance of the penis and son suddenly last? Not included. Son's face was distorted to withstand anything.
It seems I had no vaginal opening is narrow and my husband a few years. The pain forced the skin peeled son seemed to bear.
You could come round without inserting 果Tere anyway? Mina Nozomu held a faint. My son has also tried to insert the spit and slap his penis.
I will expand the vaginal opening and the pain slowly.潤Mi also began to like my vagina in response to it.
When you come to stop going to put here. I was only looking at the ceiling while enduring the resistance of her tears stopped.
And finally led to his son. What stimulated my clumsiness women in my wiggle or sore after all, has been eager son [was] over their mouths and slimy.
Maybe it's easing the pain of his son. Pitch were raised whip.
Not for a moment. Son [Whoo! U Ugh! ! ]
Growled the moment I jumped Innovation consciousness. Know that his son was clearly in the ejaculate.
Knock back and shake my son still skewering.剥Ke was extracted by the skin of the penis.
Directly inspired by the most sensitive parts during the first 剥Keta because, I was feeling rather out in the surgery act.
Scrape out the seeds of my son in a hurry. Son's face triumphantly. Worn down did not stop the tears.
I'm sorry ... sorry ... you [...]
My son is a slap on the cheek 浴Bisemashita 気Ni入Ranakattarashiku I once again apologize to my husband crying.
[He grabs her hair and raised my mother ... because Mina is now my slave! I'll beat 逆Rattara]
I have committed my son again so 言I放Chi phone in one hand.
That all the time to resist being tapped lightly on the cheek has been housed at a picture or video phone.
You do not want [my father rose? ]
I was forced to promise to become the slave of his son.
Physiological son would not care. Almost every day during the holidays, continue to be involved in any way 空Kezu three days over the holidays now.

Nurse sex

I am 41 years old. 3 年弱 parting with my husband. One son, aged 14 (in two). I involved them. It was decided that instead of greeting goodnight kiss this girl since childhood. It is, after entering junior high school, I have continued on to things that do not care who I'm not looking. Chu and his son went to the room to speak with his son one night and as usual, "with just enough tune," I said, "Well if you want" and asked, "When I was little breasts as" Tokimashita. Yarezu was in so much since I was too small to sit and talk at night because of work and so I actually did this son of a nurse. When fawn on the
The reaction I had smoked up to four small breasts. I have a troubled, let me suck out the left breast began dripping from the Remove button bra nightie subduction son to bed, "good" and asked "down. I did not want there mom"
Further said, "I'm hearing voices but masturbation mom last night.
Were okay with me. But I, no I do not have the confidence that "this. I stress this will disqualify her mother did to be honest, I was able to become the outlet for sexual pleasure. I have a son and a troubled look type thing, "Come to think of sex," I'm not saying "I'll only once," said taught at foot net. Then, when the day shift I, like every night
Sat, night into day when I'm working this morning. Will shake his hips like I like to blame me in the back or pulling from the blood of his master. Stressful job because my son just full of women, treasures just that.

Last Scene

Life is too late to go into, looks trivial things you Yeah, to reason, A son got invited to the 20 suites of the system. Into a hotel, holding me holding a little fly ... fly ... ... I'm turning around Speyer Obscene?

A crazy

Everyone, Do you know the pain after the incest?
Since I have been raped in high school when his father is no longer a decent living. It was obvious that the state is violated on a daily basis, so this was a father at home alone Tsu. It can only help their lives Getting them to know their father's father and uncle could not even graduate employment. Suck your dick is every day, sometimes there have also been detained and taken to proportion the house naked I do not know. And now I've gone mad with a fine enough for a pee and poop in front of everyone. Again, change back into a decent human being.

Please tell me

Being forced to my son, resisted the day before last week, I've finally lost the strength to accept his son. This is stupid I've crossed the line of the irrepressible son of forbidden desire. Can not be too shy to talk to my husband, I cried when one person. My son is suffering from knowing that this thing comes with every embrace from behind me came in the kitchen. What my son felt ass erect, I'm going to run away. People who have experience, please let me know how to deal with hurting his son. Come and thank you.


Shino Hiro is a spoiled son, came to touch my boobs even after long time. Even though in the other three. But now the dirty little more touch. Skirt or dress, put his hands came from the chest, put a hand to rub in Dari bra, nipple pick to Dari. When you clean your room is Hiroshi, H for the book came out, and was surprised that came out of my dirty panties. I part with us in over there yet. Is understood as the red face of shame. But a little happy. The thing I was masturbating in my panties Hiroshi. Hiroshi me look at me and even her husband was watching me.

Long time

I'm writing from the hotel. My son is sleeping beside me or exhausted. I came to Nagoya for two hours by car from crossing the mountains with my son for a long time in Gifu. Again and again someone has to check each other's body as it burns fiercely in the mixture of about two months. My son is a little sketchy to me, but where I learned many things ... you told me in the MILF genre, I think, it even her? 妬Kemasu.

Every day my son

Seen from masturbation to his son two years ago, I've got something in my pussy every day tampered. I got quite fat from birth to husband my pussy first thing I asked my son does not come completely. So ...
And let things be and his son. Looks like someone from tampering with his son, now large enough to protrude from the labia grotesque bank lean man in a Sugi Teru Moriagari. To be huge ... in the end cleared to allow the opening of uterus Korikori put the wrist ... I'm addicted now out of topic.


Nephew was in high school, my hobby is also due to the young, and also that no child, I was with good turn.
Enough to last into the summer vacation, his husband is being transferred there, and why I take care with the mother's home, let alone be appointed.
He (nephew) and enter the summer vacation was turning into a good thing to play with it.
There will also be home to sleep and sometimes he did not come out of our hands.
So I bought a sheer negligee that most provocative lingerie quite as good, on the day he came to stay, wearing for the first pretended to sleep.
Then he came into my bedroom.
Put your hands come Mozomozo Innovation futon bed, when there was a sign of his bed.
Hands become rough at the same time he came into snorting in my underwear.
Continue to pretend I was still asleep, his hands gently in my surprisingly, sometimes violently caress me, I instinctively raise our voices.
Is he 調子付Ita, the silence of those rough snort, I continued moving his hand.
I became impatient, and you've clung to his bed, had to kiss him.
His hand went slowly intensified.
Where a little more to say, he came to other parts of touch, and feel like fall has been burned and considerable reason I have almost gone, he was looking for.
But even he is not only 脱Gou Ito Shina pants, and I could not even stand up.
I fell to the floor in which he stretched out his hand from his crotch.
I feel he took over from his pants out of things, Emashita suck.
I can also take off the belt pants, take him sleeping on the floor, I was still shaking his hips on the innocent.
After him, I'm not a woman so my second was better but last longer than you think, I have been issued in final.
Float and the waist, and thighs is to understand the liquid has been hanging his 垂Remashita semen on the carpet and take pot.
I'm also putting the tasty stuff is cute he sought from me the second time.
Then, this time he had led.
I lifted, and her husband are young you feel able to experience the H, but
To do four times a night did not seem impossible.
He also Shimattarashiku truly tired, I sleep naked without you two.
Since then, nearly every day during the summer, he spent every day to be held not only in daytime hours.
However, I suddenly feel alone the end of the summer.
The inviting and loneliness, away from his school pick up, go to the hotel will be dressed in plain clothes for my house 連Re込N Dari.
He graduated from high school days, also decided to proceed to college, have decided to live alone in his city.
Well away from home after her husband away, and even though he thought the guests,
Specifications have gotten his body, I was playing with him at a rate of about once a month.
In the meantime that this time will be transferred to her husband in his hometown, now move it near his house.
By that time, he is also going to school is almost excellent, but instead he was not the size, the condition that my opponent had pocket money to give him my mad money.
Day he will come and say, I am also a woman and they've already wet from the morning, then sent her husband, contacted him impatient to attract him.
Those days are long continued without any reason, he was away from my job for now, I try to be active in the international business man.
Since then he saw a young man, not comfortable, so people were not even involved one of the body.
Even now, when the console alone, nay, even with her husband in the middle of the act is to think of him.

A brother three

And I'm taking a bath, my brother suddenly came in! Was taken to the room my brother's mouth is closed when wet and scream.居Masen parents were on the road. I was being rolled on the bed sprawled fixed. "I'll make a brother from the Aya we 此" I do not lose his voice.
Brother was blindfolded symbol. "I'm not a virgin Aya, I seed it has been installed two days ago Dirty Deeds", "Unatsu standing there watching," but until I can click your fingers Aya! I heard the sound Brute man stir. "You're horny, and I wet yet?" "Hey Huh," I got up early'll install the piston. "I was horny O仕置" brother and put a vibrator in the vagina and anal Aya. "Huh Oh say" suck tits is, click on the Ijikura Aya is not got fainted.
Up and took notice of semen in the body, that I was coming from anal intercourse. "I watch the video together," my brother was sitting with the knees. Non Utsutta, the Aya was about being fucked! "'ll Hate to see" The finger has been the thrust of this brother and that Haman was Aya face! "If you hate 続Kida" also came into the vagina to cock Anal Ayano this! Was issued in again. Was to drink the pills now, and our toy brother.


Mom and Dad I want to sex me "It's useless to have sex with daddy Chaa!" I understand it. Say. What I do not understand why. Mom is a habit I'm wrong. Daddy So come to room Natsuki time out mom "Can you lick dick your daddy her with that?" "Papa do OK. I tried without telling me," "Papa Can I put this Congratulations, can not be like a baby, move it out ne "" I know Kiyo Natsu "

Woman left

Father and that is what I write here?
Painful, but I will tell anyone, but I still have to accept a girl stepfather. The refuse is 躰.
My mother was a kid without a girl like that once in a while the voice and every night my mother a man they brought me anytime I had to look into divorce. Mind was filled with such a woman would not want to be. But her mother. I was married to my husband spent gently. I talked to want a child too soon for another year.
That day my father came on a business trip my husband does not.
I know because my father even though he had come to stay at work was always happy and made the mistake of tame.
Father was a man just glue on my father woke up suddenly at night. Well I do not like me 騒Gimashita Innovation mother appeared unnoticed. Was tied to the father and almost bestial.
From that day I

‥ ‥ brother and

I commit my brother yesterday. Wet tea had already come to bed looking at building on that cute ‥ ‥ breathing room to his brother slept with my brother Mihakaratsu the night. Gently kiss immediately. ○ Ochin hands to do. My brother said his brother was naked and I have to be quiet but she woke up in amazement. Roe Mawashimashita corner to lick his brother's body. My brother gently touching one hand to my chest chestnut comes bullying.ー ☆ cute little brother got into each other feels. To feel good, but instilled a lot of positions. Since that day my brother came to my room every night to come to mooch. Feel

What should I do

One-half years ago, Takashi Hazime son was seized at the time.
10 years of life is lost in the night with my husband,
D his master years ago, away from home for the local branch.
I look back and since then. I started freaking out his son's attitude.
And rising from a bath, turned on or they were going into the panties down
Day, and his son into the room to clean,
But they also contain a number of wet tissue in 屑篭 after masturbation,
Adult DVD bookcase of incest was also included in the book or something.
[Because it is also about having an interest in sex and Sons,
Deliberately did not say anything.
I was seeing did not think I really want to sex.
It was hot last summer.
Up from the bath, so too hot, leave the comfort of the bedroom naked
I just stay in bed.
Late at night and wake up stiff and difficult 寝苦Shiku body,
I was on my son overhanging cover.
At that moment I could not understand the situation.
But those that contain fat in the vagina? !
I began to violently shake the hips and son.
Do not leave your tongue numb to the voice of a little incident, my son 押Shi返Shimashita hands in desperation.
I did not feel pleasure.
Or how much time had passed, to stop his son's sudden shake the hips,
"Ugh!" Put his penis thrust deep admiration for this.
[No! You should not put in there! Voice] but I have no idea.
My son was let out again and again sat Bikunbikun convulsions.
We feel full of something lukewarm in the back of the vagina.
In my ear, "Mom, thank you. Mom and we finally"
Having said that, we went out.
I forget the impact of more than Shisa Nakade, and before I knew it was sleeping.
The next morning when I woke up, I thought it was a real dream.
Son, as usual attitude. Convinced myself was a dream after all.
But that night when I was taking a bath, I came in her son.
In the nude, let the penis engorgement.
When I saw the little boy was the last place the thumb 剥Ke skin,
Sosori立Chi long thick penis had grown to more respectable adult.
"Stop! I beg you to stop"
I came to hold a penis in my mouth many times asking crying.
My son's penis, I suck example. I shook my head.
The son was holding the back of the throat ejaculation my head.
[Incredible force! It dark! Too dark too! ]
My husband and hit the back of the throat is about not even be compared with great momentum,
I involuntarily swallowed.
And having raised my ass that dazed, from behind.
I left while drank semen dripping from her mouth,
Was shaking like a doll for his son while being caught.
I was in and out.
Still, the script does not release my son, to take up my bedroom.
I was in the end times.
Since then, except when my husband came home,
I want my body almost every day.
Aloud was waving back together while I am embraced by the sons or their day.
I meet her son and mother, I did not think,
Now a longing for his son to come into the room every night.
Could not wait to come into the room my son is writing while wet.

Real brother

My 44-year-old housewife. 40-year-old brother has a wife and children.
Last year my father died when I go back to my home in the fall, also successfully end the funeral, my brother and me and the rest of the house only after Katazu, each family, went home. My parents, my mother lived alone my father, his childhood we went out endless divorce. Also did not attend the funeral. Only banks and government offices also in the house to organize the procedure, and Kimemashita later. That night, back even more relatives,
Drank alcohol until midnight and my brother. From bed to bathroom to take a bath my brother, but I Itase drunk, naked into the bathroom, which contains the brother, brother, how I was surprised.
Old brother into the tub and face to face with two people I went,
Touching the toes of my vagina brother, Jean-catching and wet fingers into my lower back right away feel how my brother Kizuita.
In the bathroom, my brother We are opening the genitals, touching a larger baggage by hand immediately ○ too. What's happening to my brother! Said.
Keep my head, spray into the mouth as soon as you request it suck Blow Eru, gave his brother a cup of sperm.
Out of the bathroom, my brother is nestled in my bed, put out many times because I was the day in safety, I do not know that many times until morning.
Going for lunch, and back away Itte cowgirl in me to be gentle with me because my brother continued. Between staying home and had a relationship with the body of his brother. But twice a month now, has been embraced by my brother.
What I think is important relative to younger than my husband!

Dad! Not enter!

I'm afraid my night. And this has touched a shame to put his hands in panties in bed last night and Sotsu father.
I like to smell the beat in your fingers. Then I returned to my bedroom. What should I do?

My discourse incest

I turned lick even screw turned by lick is sucked being rubbed boobs are kissing one's own son, felt in the womb sperm hot son in ecstasy indulge in pleasure to forget we are inserting penis erection


I signed a second relationship.
To act earlier than the evening.
Still felt a dull pain in the uterus, the sperm comes back flowing from our wipe wipe us.
4 hours of action could be done as it is.
Apparently he is going to be like my mother's pregnancy.
Along the way, he whispered.
"Today I'll be pregnant"
Feet from side to side to open my legs, I repeated the ejaculation pretty lukewarm on the back.
I have to prepare for anything other than.
Tomorrow, I'm going to gynecology.