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Incest confession of women(2009-05)

I want to be her son. -

Cha meet avid about his son every day.
today until just now.

2 have to be my brother

Somehow Ito Hukashi relationship with his brother. Modorenai
be more original with our siblings Yeah.


yuna himekawa[19186]
I returned to the country his parents divorced and her husband were married for five years before a month ago. Luckily no children because
, I just wanted to Kurasou in Tokyo, I was a housewife, can not find employment immediately, eventually would return to the home.
under the family home had two parents and a brother. My brother always working parents to stay at home that his son (agriculture), so I helped, that was still single at the age of 32.
long as it is the endless two brothers, but I think comparatively good friends since I came back home,
gave me mouth so clever they can be avoided .
it seemed selfish when I came back every divorce while you can freely go to my brother in Tokyo. So I was thinking at that time.
And when it was about a month has passed since I returned home. If my brother came into my room relaxing in the tub rises.
they have a few cans of beer in hand, "Do not drink together," I went to.
I was so soured relations with his brother continued, so glad that my brother came up from doing this, of course, to OK.
two people drinking beer, and that's life in Tokyo, life here, or what to do now, we talked about many things.
suddenly came around at my brother a little drunk, "I, and I have not done for five years," said this. I do not know
that says something, "What?" To say, "I have not done for five years or so!" and repeat it. SEX
brother finally realized that after a while you really saying that. But, honest, and you're not sure what to say even if that confession,
"So dear, and let me" is coming up and saying.
押Shi倒Sa was just being grabbed on the shoulder.
"Hey, hey, and I quit," said the eye of the brother they did not appear to be insane bloodshot.
shear has raised a sweat heart Mushaburitsui wore pajamas instead.押Shi下Geyou with both hands while the head of his brother, in a loud voice, "Stop it yo!"
"ー No!" "Oh help me!" The shouting continued, parents are supposed to be signs of coming downstairs did not at all.
"and it is useless. the father can not come too mom"
I say to my brother.
"I also do 言Uta 抱Itara about shorty, you're a father and mother"
shock was not so much. I was shocked to know of many times more than that is cheating on her husband divorced. If you did not have to believe that,
was telling the truth to say that it's come to help his brother but his parents are raising their voices so much.
tears have overflowed and missing the power of the body can only wonder of crime like this. Brother lips neck from the breast, cheeks, lips and gone along came me did not feel anything anymore.
just leave that body to be entrusted.
secret of touching the hand of my brother, but I thought it was useless after all. Hold hands
brother, "I and our siblings. I can not do it brother and sister," but the last appeal,
"I've got my sister and I just do not anymore" Speaking of which, was by taking off the sweat underwear.
"Please, stop"
I said again, his brother and opened my legs in silence, to insert at once, I end up in me and just move wildly.
Then, out of the room and my brother, my mother came in turnover.
"but bad for you, I do not have to come Ttena wife too, but Mamoru Hiroshi 30. I think it's unfortunate that you were a brother, but hey, give me patience"
and just say just say I went out.
next day, but going out of the house, they watch their parents and brother are imprisoned in the yard built, as is my brother's "wife" until you become aware that , continued to be raped by my brother.
the end, I did not give up, to the life of his brother and wife as good since.

My brother was raped

Although it is about the day before, joined the company in meeting Farewell welcome
this year no matter what I come home drunk and careless and did I have no idea drinking 解Razu
here is where I Yara In return
who was feeling drunk at the outset of the house. I am 22 years old
brother is 28 years old, I work in the circumstances of his brother and two master
most people with irregular working hours of each other and live in condominiums to meet
etc. The night my brother back in the evening after the day
not normally there is no return to a feeling came back late at night drinking
I did wrong.
completely unaware until the morning to wake him and partly because I did misunderstand
learned to mistrust my underwear scattered around the bed.
panties and bra but I understand about the pantyhose were
I was spending all night naked in a state of well off.
meaningless yesterday morning my brother went to work and just say sorry and get up from bed
浴Biyou instant shower in a large amount of semen from there
between Eh I feel. It makes sense to understand
maybe just the wrong brother is feeling anxious every day can be dangerous
注Gi込Mimashita abandon the genitals in the shower before you come in
is concerned that the period from.
usually very large penis but I notice that in between had sex in
come at a faint, my brother might be about the size of
over a bottle of Coke significantly larger in portion of the glans and
not he is incomparable.
care brother, I do not because until now, and pain and to be honest I think
tell anyone I'm in trouble, can never say it to my mother tongue split
while fighting terror and the date 10 days from now and spend goes
term pregnancy without not. Now his brother is accused
mail regrets the act is done
Masu, let's hear what had happened slowly, but I talked to my brother and I look forward


Home to home for two days earlier than my husband, two sons and is inside.
parents also come to our brothers in other circumstances I was supposed to sleep in one room.
sleep in the room with my son last year's New Year since the husband is absent.
other room at night, but I had not stayed in 寝静Matsu sleep.
It was the story I remember involving mother and son incest sites I always see the confession.
my sleep time has elapsed in accordance with common sense is out of action had not considered.
I said my son into bed next to sleeping, but my son seemed surprised "at not utter a sound like" to do so while embracing his son. I took off the pajamas
silence was also rid of her son. My son was still constitute
me to leave in silence all the time.
And I've finally crossed the line is the last ride on her son's birth. I regret I did not sleep
I wonder how stupid mother.
However, I was blown away such feelings, it is now getting into the bed of my son over and over again and again
morning, parents and children become a beast was.
but now back at home, and remember the pleasure of that time, no regrets. Even if I do
relationship with his son but by this 侭 do not want no end.

Now my son and wife

Starting salary will get my son took me back to the onsen in Gifu Prefecture Hida me like two nights and three days at the hot spring holidays in May. My son is lying in bed and get to the hotel as soon as the fatigue driving Tteka Oh, slept. Sleeping and getting up out of the bath when I woke up when you're in the dressing room. The first time I am happy to drink beer together and my son got drunk. Ponderously notice and had my son on the cover 被Satsu. Naked skin contact and coalesce to wonder for years when it is inserted into thinking was a strong hold with both hands under the body of her son. Get yo mother, Did not you come that night, I had led the morning without my son. Accepted it many times, but had sticky wet bed. Son and wife are now living practically from day one.

What should we do

Six months ago, the mother had been raped and attacked by a stupid son. My son is approaching the verge of college entrance examination, I think when I was becoming irritable. On that day, my husband was away on a business trip day. I am one o'clock as usual, went to the supper room with his son, the moment was to leave the room 押Shi倒Sa, defeat the forces of resistance to a man, I got accepted. And the patient was able to enter college if she continues asking me after that. Barack and my husband and I are trying to do everyday anxiety.

I watched my son

I stayed at a friends house
Masahiko son the other day, I put the phone to thank the other party.
"Well, well, I thank all the way" I was the mother of the other party will go ahead and call,
"I do not think it will help the boys around, what two people alone in the room I had to.
H I watched the video I was, "I hope that the mother of the other words are you have a video like that kind of Masahiko.
"Shota is such a thing but of no interest 一向Ni, it is not in trouble Ohohotsu" I'm so into my head,
"of Yes, also have something like that video of Masahiko Temasen and I always check for the I "and called,
" Well, do not know s nothing called the best from the children of his own mother anywhere. " Deceive each other but, like I was there. But I will Masahiko
is, "I stayed home You should not go to another Swallow Shota" I like. Refers to the translation,
Masahiko said, "but I certainly watched the video I H, but rather to let me watch Shota and I had secretly hidden in the house of Shota ".
If that's true father or partner, mother makes things were concealed.
"in the video was what, speak to your mother," I was suddenly interested in becoming infested. I mean, I want to blame a child who Chino, Is not terrible.
things I might have secretly enjoyed watching that husband and wife.
"It is embarrassing," and Masahiko is going to be red. Care will become still more intense and so what I think.
"You know, you can be like that mom?" "What is it, You'll know things like that. Look at the fine saying"
"· · ·'m into ass" is good and Masahiko with hesitation, I began 上目使I good. I got in trouble I want to respond to what Yara.
"option, well, what you put in your ass?" "I'm so cock" 漂Imashita silence between two people. "The story you later," I concluded. For me to put the array
ass, and I was not even considered. Was not considered that there would be enough if only the world of gay. Still,
you were watching the house was really something, Masahiko Shota-kun, maybe you put into your asshole wife and her husband also have been nervous to think.
me when taking a bath, I was touched gently with your fingers gone my ass about remembering. No wonder those of us her pussy, I hope they feel familiar with,
seemed to go pretty much, the anus. But I also translated Ikimasen now her husband on the scrounge. Nevertheless, I've had interest in becoming infested. It was there that night
. Masahiko goes alone with, "Hey, but what you said before, is well aware Masahiko?" We often talk about this.
I was going to sex education, "while I guess some men and women in the ass," "The mother is not?" "Mostly I do not have,
real dick If you've never seen, maybe sometimes they put the wrong ass, ho ho ho ho "and invited Masahiko,
She asked me on the bed rubbing his back. I shifted down I was going to make pajama pants on purpose.
me rubbing my ass meat for a while, I was getting too wet vagina. It seems that interested me Masahiko ass, and I was still nervous Shime Shime mind.
erogenous zones are stimulated in the ass as a bonus, I'm more, I had gone to the hips and make it more Kune et al. No longer have it anymore,
"Digi Masahiko, look mom ass. Now, more pants down," and say, even shaking hands with his pants down Masahiko, butt crack has expanded to both thumbs.
"here, you're ass hole is," In terms of voice and 上擦Tta has gently touched with finger. "Oh Oh!" Reacts with and now I've seen in the tip of the tongue lick.
quick and I was elevated to the buttocks, and vagina was still getting wet Jinwari. "Try putting E! Try putting Tsu's cock Masahiko there," and say, with the saliva and Masahiko,
astride been relying on my erect penis, and have been pushing Gugutsu. I would relax the anus, Zuritsu, Zuritsu, I was coming out into the penis and anus Ito Hutoshi buds.
I was getting hit behind the balls of her legs spread and Masahiko us a little bit. "Oh oh, you lucky Digi Kit. Jeon Yeah cock out" while good, however I was using the waist.
while I feel the love, Masahiko 頼Moshi to anal for the first time I had to let them sit Kune 濡Rase the pleasure of the first sheets.

My discourse incest

I have a relationship with his son and pregnant with a child of her son.
without contraception, sex do, it is natural to get pregnant, even if known, became obsessed with each other, from the scourge of God who is pregnant and says the results with the relationship.
failed to enter university in the first round while attending prep school, masturbate away her son's life by accident repeaters, such things are taken care of,
thinking fails to take a very I jerk cock hand his son is out of my mouth was a first. After the company owner, his son came to my ex,
and take off your pants, put your penis and blow job to me, if you ask me, because it once, I refuse to be made without, I have a penis into the mouth of her son. At first it just,
son was happy, and buried her face in my heart, to touch or hands will go grow my bush.
bushes touched with wet wet been a while coming. Parents and children do not go head to even understand, the body of a man Everybody wants a hot cock, 火照Tsu come.
I put in the mouth while his son penis and vagina as well put my mom told her son. ribs from the breast
son, until I can lick your vagina, my first time I licked a few years, came to us full of juice.
son has come back in, lifted a leg in a standing back, I sent in my hot sperm as it is. Take a shower, go to my room,
son and I have sex again. Each other licking each other's penis and vagina, from the back cowgirl, missionary position, spitting out his son in me in the back, went back to his room.
morning, noon and night every day to have sex late in overtime that day and my husband, my son has reached the day of examination.
amulet because it's wrapped in tissue to the pubic hair of my bag into the exam, without the Wave two things to pass the college and university students, and its relationship to that time I've been gone However,
thing that I noticed that my period is late.
year to year but, would be raised in, I thought, came out like symptoms of morning sickness, pregnancy is said to go to the hospital three months late, but I doubt, <br > It's also pregnant with my son my husband saying, just away to his chest, and while this is a parent-child relationship and say that God sent down to me as a punishment for committing blasphemy, and I damnation, hospitals at. My son graduated from college
and is now working hard in one region. Now, my son and I have a relationship, but no, I'm going to live up his cross.


Building was really a bit different in the wardrobe room, when the son of a cluster TEL flyers (Oh favorite type? Mature, Teacher, Mom) that marks where the mother, and care, care The strange voice from the room and my son is wearing, underwear and my Nan and peeked through the keyhole TEL I was that night they impatiently masturbation (my husband away from home before six months) to mobile son Sunday , masquerade party line to TEL, Mom are you wearing underwear today? like, what underwear? I'm a bit of sheer black bra, Panchii, and while doing masturbation sneak peek? Mom and want? Want to cop this mom found her yes. I could not resist your
masturbation, saying to myself, is going to be a habit.


When I heard you were arrested in child prostitution friends from her son's companion was surprised to be so quiet child.
boy again, ought to have an adult and imagine various things.
next day, her friends worried about his son could have asked. I am, my son did not say and reply.
and men do boldly say, if it is over.
two days later, taking a bath in our "mother love" is 抱Kitsuka, 受Ketomemashita libido son in the room.
felt satisfaction processes consistent with sexual guilt and son incest mother and child in the semen flows out.
this reality, what to do


My family is my mother (48), brother (27) I (25) of the three. My brother is out there is mild mental retardation, giant monster on steroids.
this brother and mother both have sex with me.
relationship with me, for employment in a local university I graduated from U-turn came three years ago. Suddenly came into the room and hug, was thrown on the bed.
I noticed I did not want my mother to the notion that where all the buttons torn off, but I resisted desperately pajamas silently,
"Gob (rubber) is the Ge Dzugedeode If I do the "weeping and begged. Nejikoma
been forced to waste huge dick, I was scared and crying in pain until the end of frustration.
my mother crying and his mother reveal the next morning, it was announced that I was against myself.
Dasou since college to me.
"The body does not have a mother from her many times to start," and I cried and apologized for its silence and know that maybe I 狙Wareru. It looms up from
mother naked in the living room when I got home, I often came to see I'll Ya. I'm not even what I'll Ya day. Of course I
be so dope. Regardless of the physiological attempt to resist would be bad wax.
Kira come into the room if we have enough penis bare arms in the lower half of the children.
in hand got a box of condoms six courteous. To wear out the worst out of all that goes.

Son in the mood

I am 34 years old, a drought, 21 years old, divorced
shotgun wedding five years ago.

only son is 14 years old junior high school students are living together.
has recently become as a man's son.

that taking a bath together, and his son have changed recently.
little boy grows hair, little boy has become an adult.
together and contained, we may have rigidly large.
would want to feel in the mouth without thinking.
, but to endure.
to see what is written here, I feel I would too.

My brother left years

I have a younger brother years away. 13 year old brother was born I was in eighth grade when. my brother can do in
, something I was ashamed, because it was always an only child, a sibling was glad.
dual-income parents on behalf of, going to nursery school to pick up, or give us a bath, and was raised to change the diaper. So,
well as a brother, there are parts I like my children.
When I was little, "my sister, my sister," was what has been spoiled, and will grow up around fourth grade of elementary school,
become embarrassed to think that with me or whether, now take away with me a little.
now my brother last year that middle school students.
came out like a woman's body also be interested in, come in my room was like that sometimes means where the smell of my underwear.
when I noticed I was shocked at first, but had to pretend to know or think that you can not help middle school students.
However, it might not go.
"Sister, I, I like the naked women. I see?" is coming into my room.
course, the request is refused his brother said, "Well, just dick" "boobs alone"
"even from my show," "alone touches the panties from the top", which The hope is this many times, and finally beaten down away to
"Sure were a touch over the clothes," I agreed to and touch the heart. Maybe it
, but they knew it, and now will not touch your heart and give the "not that good at massage?", followed by "well over a bra",
"just looking" and the next that The following are away and ask, if you notice becomes a state of nature, his brother, "What do you put" Unadzui had been told.
From that day on a daily basis with my brother has a SEX. In doing this to siblings and I do not know, I asked my brother to ear and not say. First
still "have someone let them," I had a position, most recently, "has her arms" is now. Not from my brother, I often have to ask from me.
's wrong I had been such a state forever I know that I can not leave my brother anymore.


Bale has gone to his brother snacks bytes, 4 months to be treated Saffle, gradually come to demand escalated, the younger brother has been sick. Blow first, but was only
, made from the relationship of the body, as told to buy now been told to buy by mail order toys and lingerie will use it to start filming .
and this is just like masturbation with vibrator masturbating to an erotic underwear finger, bringing a friend, let me perverted, or you are taping.
his brother recently learned an interest in things like tie, tied me to put the vibe, happy?
remain tied, once inserted, I was like mecha, became drunk and I can not stop these days and ask for from my brother.
Quite frankly, I had no choice in the first ear recently was pleasant relations with his brother, gone to remember the body is aching dick sometimes. Even putting the vibe masturbation,
climax has been reached many times, the body can not be happy, I'm dizzy and my brother went to the room, "Master, please nymphomaniac female pigs this bullying . thank you. my master "and,
to myself but I was surprised to say, it is bound tormented, brother fingers and tongue, squid can not be satisfied with an exquisite use of vibe.
brother fingers are longer, reaching to the people of the womb, when I alleged the pointy end up squirting in comfortably. Feel that we are not putting an extra vibe to it,
coming in the penis, can you let me go to heaven to me. Barenai
as parents, to not utter a sound, will continue to have sex with my brother, want to have fun.
But I made up a boyfriend, 出来Nakattara satisfaction, speak about? And worries, and I say that now I have to enjoy the present.


yuna himekawa[18948]
The 45-year-old housewife. Continues a relationship with her son but once a month.
item that my husband take care of themselves in order to meet my son went to the University of Tokyo Getting them to understand, from a weekend at the end of the Tohoku Shinkansen to go by.
six months before my son goes to Tokyo to steal her husband's eyes every day, had a relationship with my son. My son told me
is the pleasure of the wonders that I forgot. Another son was a prisoner of the flesh.溺Remashita. The vagina is so wet
still only return those feelings to the dazzling Bolero.
when my son passed the University of Tokyo, so happy also, sometimes sad. I will be dispersed away from
under this happy, and become your own parent-child relationship like before this opportunity is a painful but happy hour is lost sent to Tokyo from his son telling my son I was going to send
"You want to mother" until there is a telephone.置手紙 leave her husband found himself, boarded the train, I had to go under the son.
was the best one-month son and sex. Fallen asleep. My son realized that no other body has become not live.
than when I was only two days for every day, I had myself felt surprisingly fresh for a long time either.
continues to be not identical in the two and a half years now, and that relationship becomes addictive. Lust is replenished from a one-month
two days of unusually crazy to say no more. The other day is pressed against the glass windows of the hotel, watching the people who work in office buildings some distance,
squid was caught in the back violently. I whispered in his ear son. "I watch everybody. An odious figure of Mother" s.
I felt helpless as I no longer ashamed. I feel that I have seen some
really did not expect that parents will be unable to even imagine it.

Secret Relationship

Hello. Ayumi is the third year of college. I concluded my relationship with my brother forbidden fruit of high school seniors.
was about three months of the previous night. I have a brother in masturbation, "What are you doing my sister?" I came into the room.
was wearing only shorts and a T-shirt. T-shirts And they are half my heart out, was also included in the right shorts.
"Perhaps frustrated?" comes close to saying.
I do what I was eager
"I'm frustrated I was, too. You Yoshi another strong," and suddenly I had a brother 被Satsu cover.
been kissed by me, yet I've put up the tongue. I am a man but I still resisted. No enemy forces. Which you hold hands and was licking around the nipple. Wasa Wasa
is crawling with important parts of my hand.
crying, "Yametee'll ask! I'm siblings?!" the resistance.
But "because of the siblings to work together naturally, right?" to talk back, and my mouth is blocked in my mouth. But still
unchanged position of the hand. Noman from there a little while ago I was masturbating comes out full of love juice. My Man Kono
respond to Bikun Innovation. "I can not. I do not, do not"
at the mouth of my body while I was looking for a man so completely. Turn
if it notices a hand around the neck of his brother, was looking for from my lips. Tongue, lips tasted so greedy brother.
have my cock inside his brother at last.
"Lee Ii!"
welcomed it aloud with delight.
"Aatsu, Anne-up!"
leaked voice every time my brother hit a waist. To take back moves faster, spreads well and Zunzun pleasure.
"ィアァァァァァァアァァァァアァァァァァ !!!!!!!!!!!"
items were extremely vocal climax more intense.
"Just for today, because I already once and for all"
my brother trying to limp on and I said to admonish. Then my brother
"I got it, instead, just once more You Yoshi"
has challenged me say that again.
After all, three months after his brother was still continues. Why go together, "once and for all," she said, it would also seek from each other or cry.
not tell anyone what relationship the last time?

I forgive

Son sought a 21, I forgive.
repeat the request came to me at every turn around since last summer.
"me and mom want SEX, it will be" unashamedly so excited for what was said during the first
are now feeling terrible and worrying about what you're Different honesty.
son wanted to me fairly ordinary boy. He is certainly room
有Tta H and adult books and I had to know. Married
little things and in that of incest but also 有Tsu and among the things young children, "What?" I did not want to
ranked very seriously. The real mother never actually reach 50
and did not think that the slightest thought such a thing. While absent husband
shout what boxing jab like that, and throw words like Potsuri
anxious few words each time I taste like a tightening feeling in the chest It was Awasa.
But it felt like the suggestion of certain species over time, but realized his
daunting experience a little relief to hear the kind words of my son.
was beginning to hope might be the thing that you mention it gradually. But go beyond the
was not considered. Until last year my son to be out of action is simply no words.
However, my son finally crossed the end of January this year.
without ever looking at my son comes approaching, I have tried and failed to accept the appeal
away. Began with an awkward fit in the room with each other undressed her son.
SEX did for so nervous before in since when was a virgin.
Own body 振Rue beating heart is more likely to rupture was not clear enough to Kano Sae what you are doing. Among
that, in my mind was thinking of the act has been made excuses.
(even after all those men and women but with my son) or (2 people problem we protect confidential) responses in the head and
good reasons for trying to justify their Megurase was on.
technique of force, but left his son in 有Tta, and are still attacked relentlessly
sensitive areas can not be controlled any way, try not to scream could not be embarrassed in front of son .
than anything that was unexpected was the length of the goods of his endurance.
first insertion, as far as I experienced in getting infiltrated to the deepest part of his most embarrassing
a son to quickly stimulate the uterus is tremendous momentum've yet expose
or it. He is still three times 事無Ku piston stop, and at position 4
change was stimulated nearly 30 minutes every angle swing momentum back in the time-obsessed like me
lighter but it is not possible to get beyond the limits of his piston
strength after ejaculation I caught a limp enough to be troublesome for some time move from the bed.
two months passed since then. My son has a relationship and then sought several times.
feel guilty every time I would not, so far, including the man her husband until now I have never been loved
dense body to his son about his excuses will allow.

GW in

For several days, we 貰Imasu written here because I fill up a new thread in a while before it said it is unable to write a personal thing
Isamu Hazime said parents on a trip away thing. I usually spend the night with things and Isamu Hazime at home absolutely not allowed to cross the threshold it will be fine after receiving a story in two.

My mother and brother

From my mother and brother: Snow Posted: 2009/04/08 (Wed) 15:08

a strange voice from the room three days before my brother came back home.
I went to my room.
like my mother came out of the room after a while my brother.
that mean? That was when the voice. SEX No way those two
and then to tan. Oh, did you return?
like nothing for a while and I'm leaving but I
mother spoke to him.
brother was still in the room. I have not seen it
I repost it disappeared.

Son ...

Today, A friend of my son was visiting you.
games with friends? son on the way to playing said Blow to come to my room. I, A Blow choice but to keep insisting that I come you turned down because it's hard. A son ik moment a cry for your son.


Now I have a relationship with my son, my son's body could no longer leave.
my son is a student at the age of 42.
talked about what had happened, but it will be longer if one day my son had to look into the bathroom of the one that is close to my neighborhood, received a complaint call.
that person,
"around the little boy, you would be interested in a naked lady in a big 叱Ranai too, just to keep attention"
tell him Mashita.
husband, a construction materials business, they charge Koushinetsu whole country, just come back home two days a week.
consultation where my husband would not normally for about 15 years ago when I miscarried, the body can not be gotten from the baby and my husband has almost no sex, like a couple of masked I have never exchanged a word to expand the mind.
body can also become a baby, my husband that there is normal libido in women because it is understood that those who do not speak.
off the phone after the complaint, implicitly found that his son is 掴Mezu Orimashita opportunity to speak with his son if he feels well.
One night my husband was traveling, taking a bath that I stole a reflection of the shadow of her son dressing room, trying to export to Orimashi've put my underwear on a washing machine or.
I summon up the courage, "I show her, enters the bathroom ..." he said. I like to keep my composure Iimashi
efforts, but said I was going smooth, my voice was a little Uwazutsu.
son bluntly, "Yes," and shout, hatch has an answer.
My son off in about 5 seconds to come to get naked in the bath, were observing me intently while standing erect naked.
I have a smile to hide the embarrassment, "depending on where you look," he said, and there Kakushimashita breasts by hand.
I said, "I sometimes shed in the back of my mother," she said and sat against the wall.
son began to wash my back.
"It's good wash," and give praise to the Son became a little daring, "I'll be washed before," he said, I tried to turn around.
I said, "Before you'd be yourself" and I said, I still had not let my son started washing.
son holding a towel to wash my breasts caress.
have been tampered with the nipples, becomes little by little stiff, and seemed daunting. After washing the breasts
son back from the belly with a towel, getting down to the groin, when you wash my dick,
I said, "They do no good" in a stern voice and a little 言I放Chimashi or.
when I finally "why ... did you look into a nearby bathroom Nanase aunt ..." 問Itadashimashita and tight.
My son stopped his hand and startled surprised that I knew that, then head down but I was only silence.
I have come to think somewhat sorry for her son, and make efforts in a bright voice,
"I'm naked women all the same," while and I put the towel toward your body shampoo for my son neck and shoulders began to wash my son.
my hands, in order to come to the abdomen from the chest down, my son finally reached the crotch of his son.
, that the son had an erection Bing.
I was watching it, "Really, I got bigger," impressed with herself.
son "because my mom naked sexy, I got an erection," I said,
I said, "What are you talking about," and laughed, it was hard for her son while washing a towel, Uwazutta little voice "Are you masturbation every day," I've heard.
son said "Now, Tsu masturbating with hands" have been saying.
I said nothing, my son started squeezing it with bare hands.
"than usual masturbation, feels good Do not you dare,'re out" is to 口走Rimashita,
me "Do not be hard" to stimulate continued to rub the head saying turtle.
his son is impatient with both ejaculation I left my hand on his shoulder. I Bettori
sperm with her son and to my chest and stomach.
I laugh, "Daa, and put so much ..." she said, over the water shed clean in the crotch of my body and my son.
son, "I really felt good. to tomorrow," he said, laughing shyly.
I said, "My Daddy s secret. Now, I look into something in the bathroom somewhere else," he said, left the bathroom with a towel to wipe each other's bodies.
gone I really excited to 火照Tsu body, after a long night, I have masturbation.
Then, to get mixed up with his son, did not take time.
next day became the daily routine of fellatio in the bathroom.
husband, even though I fit fellatio, but only a handful had not experienced, and I turned to my son almost every day. Blow job while I lift my son, now my fingers through masturbation.
within one week after making, finally, a couple to sleep together in bed and accepted his son's body.
from the beginning I was already wet when they asked her son to bed, touching my dick, that the son, to 押Shi開I when came, her sense of 呼Bi覚Masa Remashi forgotten or.
move right out of my body back on the body of stout young son, I have been raising their voices. In less than five minutes
when semen is implanted into the body of my son, I was already gone wrong.
that night, to continue having sex several times, I dozed off to sleep.
Now, my son, she'll eat pussy also clever enough to caress me in many ways.
son, becoming his mistress as well be sex, always makes me push through its zenith.
remain intensely permeated his son reached a climax when, I always like this, and so far my son wants to run away, but it turned away from the body of a woman not his son anymore.

I love the two brother

I went to high school girl as my brother. Virgin
now when we've been deprived of love 8th grade brother. H
brother to my sister I felt the thing is not no good.


I recently became a son to have a relationship with a 18.
my son now 42 years old 18 years old.
has been living in his divorce and two sons with her husband 10 years ago. From the time of blooming
30s, I spent the singles, the occasional burn to comfort the body, relying on tools such as Vibe and rotor bought by mail order, has been diverting attention somehow.
But by mere accident, the scene of masturbation spying away my son, I had arrived the fire had been pressing down the nature of her past.
It started before January.
I came home a little late for work because the lights in the house was gone, went into the front door open with master key. My son and I wonder
not back yet, my son went to the room looking in a dark room, turned off the light, source adult ○ pair erect wearing headphones while watching his son Shigoi had to.
I hastily tried to shut the door, change of mind, through the gap slightly open, and peeked inside again, his son Peter ○ database is a large, burly-looking interface ○ adult pair, Bak Bak and sounded surprised that a big enough heart.
And his son's hand, they are being held short of what my son that sometimes, you Dari air to rub his nose was used to suck in the mouth and example.
sight that I had to remember that the illusion of being caressed his son's dick and felt the hot come with lower body gene.
After that, my son is coming to the finish, "ugh ... you, Mom! ..." The yelling, the video screen toward the woman, a great amount of cloudy liquid Dobyutsu vigorously, Dobyutsu, Dobyutsu, and vomiting was over. I was so excited
have difficulty breathing, like my son not to be noticed, quietly closed the door and entered her into the bedroom quickly.
and collapses into bed, now seen in the large front of his son, Peter, and robust database ○ "Mother ..." Come back to me and his son was screaming climax, the son I love them anyway (Strongly ... embrace his lips, cheek, and all over the body, I want to kiss ...) and getting excited by the feeling that 沸Ki起Kotsu, excited body could not stop shaking.
I like the drawer of a bed and forage for things Gasagasa and removed the vibe of a thick, inserted into my vagina is a wet wet already, switched on and, ○ son of that great painter While smiling at herself in thoughts running through the device, I cum again and again.
next day after my son went out, I went to see her son in secret rooms.
in the trash, the smell of a man, throw in a lot of tissue from under the bed, in addition to my shorts and bras, stockings, Kimashi out to the used sanitary napkins and or.
and in the gym bag under the table, there are tons of hidden video. Its title is forbidden incest mother mate Reality incest mother mother and child's play "四十路" SEX cum mom and my mom would like! Forbidden affectionate mother mother mother predilection take comfort disorder 38 years 淫肉 cum nurse cum big mature mom ... none, again, had just taken videos incest mother and child.
I saw it, she has so much if they want my body ... I'm the mother may give her ... a woman ... and mind become thought.
that night, and his son came home, it was nine o'clock in the evening.
"did you go home, Mom ..." and was just talking to my son normally, I and his son the night of masturbation, I have a lot of head room in the morning son been floated, had my heart beating faster.
"Yeah ... I'm also Kaetta mortar and mother ..."
"Today, I was hot .... and to take a bath anytime soon ..."
"I also want to enter the Mother, the water I was stretched a long time ... go together? ... "and say, my son, I was surprised that the first face, drinking in the breath and nodded.
was just excited to be 張Ri裂Ken my heart.
and waiting to take a bath before I came into the lower body with a towel hiding his son. I rise from the bathtub
decided to get my son to wash his back.
son who put the soap to wash my back gingerly, I said "thank you" in front of his son's body turned and look and say muscular body was already a man's body.
son had to be careful with the device not seen me in a towel to hide ○ erect a pair before.
(○ database Itooshii my son Peter, Peter ○ interface thicker youthful hard, is going to taste like, Once in there, no matter how crazy it's me) and I think with your heart I. I told my son to take the plunge

"Hey ... I sleep with my mom tonight?"
son "Well," and then "Yes" in the tub again and I 入Rimashi or.
I became to feel something in my heart good.
up from the bath before I went to the bedroom.
After a while, my son came into the bedroom in his pajamas.
son sitting next to me has been sitting on the bed without saying anything.
eyes and see his son in the back of his eyes clear, could be seen as full of hot young ferocious sexual union with the mother trying to run from it.
wrapped in tension in the air like suffocating, I said, "I will be your mother the whole time ...?" He answered, and shook his head vertically, "Yeah," he said, it signaled As has been my shoulder and hugged her son.
built with genuine heart beat of my heart clung to her son.
feeling the warmth of the body with each other, how much, what it was. Suddenly his face gave her son

"my mother and they wanted to do ... ..."
gone out of the hoop as the mother of my mind straight shout it The surge has been the hot one on his chest. (Oh ... my mom wanted to be with you ...)
masturbation since my son saw first in my heart and I hope that I was pierced by his son ....
"... I wanted so much to my mom? ..." and I said, my son has received a face gently on my lips. I gently closed the eyes
lips on my lips when I mentioned my son warm, faintly trembled to feel like my current flows through the body.
son has smoked heavily for so Mushaburitsuku lips. After a long hot kiss
son lying on the bed slowly and eventually I've asked my lips again. Remove the button and the son
my nightie with my bare breasts. Matowaritsu
was hot breath on the skin of her son.
like son, like baby back, my breasts 吸Imashita hungrily.
hand along the way has been flushed by inserting a finger into the flesh in shorts Secretary growth in my lower abdomen.
my honey pot that they had already moist finger to facilitate the entry of his son. My son raised from the breast
face has been superimposed on me. I stretched groin
finger while asking his son from his son's lips, hot and big meat pole beating a hand touched.
son is impatient, and cause the body once, take off my panties were so intently observing peek inside the meat with both hands open secret.
son to see the rare "Mom .... I like it ... I came out of this hole.'m in pretty pink ..." they said, and raged to the honey pot Kojima has put his fingers. I
"Oh ..." I knew I would not voice out and instinctively. When his son pointed out the
"Nyuchanyucha" I have to sound so obscene that are now ashamed face turns red.
上Zutta son was excited voice, "Mother May I put my ...? ..." has been heard.
I nodded, my son is a Kakemai weight, put my body on both sides of the elbows have been in close contact with the lower body.
(come ... it's that hot pierced cock real son ...)
I'm hot son, vagina hole led to a son born with big meat pole beating a hand. As soon as I touched the vaginal opening
the tip of my cock hard, my son learned to shake down with excitement like the first time in decades.
"Now ... I them ..." as his son sat down and I told him, "Zuntsu!" has been inserted into a meat stick suddenly. I have been pushing
stretch vagina holes big cock in her son violently thrust up and to the far mouth of the uterus, feeling like I felt a dull pain. I
moment, I frowned, my son was still in the wind I do not know why.
(this kid has no experience I'm still ...) so I thought in my mind.
"It's OK, try to move ..." and I said, my son began to piston slowly and gently.
I hear my son showed me eyes closed nod to enjoy the pleasure. I sat with little
, movement and help her son, as we have more and more in my son learn the tricks have been used to smooth the waist.
breathing became heavy with each other, and when you feel the movement of the hip has become more intense, and his son were surprised voice, "Oh!" shouted.
son and thrust me back to type, I 脈打Chi budge budge and I cock, I had to ejaculate while shaking.
hot liquid has been released to push to fill the hole in my vagina.
now to ensure that semen son, when I thought that trying to reach inside my womb, my head moment (pregnant with baby son ...) were floated word,
scary At the same time, away to enhance sexual excitement that is rather unusual, I turn my head without his son's arms, but embrace and be back strong as the tip of the cock into the cervix with my son I thrust a.
womb after ejaculation son embrace for some time, had embraced each other in a while to calm the heavy breathing.
I was short of sexual climax, the joy I felt as a woman of certainly.
It might be the mother of my son ... it was her joy was his son.
old, dwelt a little life in my belly, born from my body, growing eventually to be satisfied with my womb full of life and species, the life cycle of a strange feeling Mashita.
I feel surrounded by complete felicity, and his son slept hugging each other naked.
We've crossed the line of mother and son, was obsessed with pleasure as immoral any longer, every day, devour each other mother and son each other's bodies, we are living on.

Incest is also a big price.

This is not a real true story lies. There are big price
incest. I am 46 years old and my husband

officials on the outskirts of Tokyo, was already married daughter, 19 year old son lives with college students.
life was fully satisfied. I just love sex
time coming, but not satisfactory bland husband, married for the second year in occasional telephone club, this time to use the play had been dating.

I had known her son was seen in all the history of the mobile phone that also. Suddenly my son terribly rough
derogatory to me, when my husband is not just between the two days will be followed and not speaking, there were times when swearing 嫌Rashiku.
go to school and eventually went to domestic violence is escalating day by day.
that was repeated.

it suddenly hit me when my son like that. I
fiercely resist being forcibly stripped naked, as any person because Kitan anyway, and I would be willing to. Could he says
. I despise it
Jun kun angry, I'm sorry it has, Jun-kun and his mother from the bad, but no good, stupid, but also rejected many times a fool to resist, as an adult male was.
been welling tears, but ceased to give up resistance. I want to be left to
was the same as adult men. While
撫Ze breast, lower body 撫Ze fingers, I try to insert into the lower half was hard on me ride on his back, and we have put them back in it, but my hands put into raising my son's penis in 果Temashita several times.
experienced incest had it first.

now obvious and then I like sex. son progresses
experience, went to seek transformed into abnormal behavior as well as normal behavior. But the promise
son, after being promised that it will not tell my husband, my son was a thumb.
now desire to meet me in the act while showing obscene acts video sites kinky to me that a good thing.
sex or is unable to make the move be shackled.
while ass hole and inserted into the vagina the vibe and the hours are left, as it is sometimes taken out for shopping, the store is to do your own 連Re回Sa smiling innocently talking to staff I have.
staggering waist, and feeling so that the lower body was paralyzed, I have enjoyed watching them back that I can sit on standing.
allowed to go home from another.
really want to come on the other side as a mother were a family favorite. It is hard to blame
dirty word, holding me back home.
take a camera treatment of slaves and wrote in my nude lipstick is that it flows to the site to post pictures taken.
only hope to stop taking her face, as it promised. Then my son

only thing missing will be brought to the strangers he met over the age of 50 do not know where, so as to be shot in a video where you have sex with my son and the man in me and my husband is not home to lick a protruding

hardened erect penis in my mouth Kuni Hutoshi man, my son is inserted into, the man and encourage the mother to have sex with the man's ear to ear smile while you are putting so slippery and far from the back stabbing on the back to let my body lying face down.
penis big man was not long enough even seen before.
I would toss out a voice from the back of the mouth feel of the uterine wall.
hard cock moving in my waist, so as to rub the clitoris out quietly and carefully to gossip, to the insertion opening of the penis and my son excited about watching it Bettori and rarely shed in semen, men are hard to keep blaming me for a moment then.
experience while vigorously stimulated strong and thick is inserted over an hour in the male genitalia was 有Rimasen me.
man has overflowed from my vagina is poured into me over the moment a lot of semen.

was blamed on a daily basis every day to keep my son from that body.
write here, continues to blame an act of unspeakable.

left home and now lives to hide from my husband and my son rely on the guy.

Only help

Recently, now see this site. I am a housewife
41-year-old son, is its high school.
is helping his son masturbating.
of masturbation began to help, because two months ago.
husband just can not get home in a day or two a month away from home.
Sunday and holidays together with my son so little, so I can take my son to go shopping.
One day, while cleaning the room found a video of his son H.
that time I have an interest in that age group but also in thought, I tried to make fun of him in the half in fun little thing that video. Call
son came home, enjoyed a gesture to show reaction to blame it on video.
masturbation story came out that her son down at the mouth with a red, half-jokingly, "What are you doing for Fu," and get out and my son said, "This, to grasp ..." honestly 答Emashi or.
and I spit out, to face anger Ninatsu Puitsu Innovation "Well, Mom, I try" has been saying.
I thought my son will parry, Kimazui air flow inside, son, "put in the hands of the mother ..." and said in a low voice.
first I did not feel it was, I lost a very serious expression.
Later, the father will be absolutely committed to keep it secret, and I was helping with masturbation.
Then, with the help of his son almost daily masturbation.
morning and school holidays, the son of the mouth and causes a service call this morning to get me in the room does not come out of bed on purpose.
cute in my son But now who like shopping and cleaning to do anything you wanted for me to help with masturbation. But
son, however, from your mouth is something that young men are expected to have mixed feelings and a little anxiety in the last crossed the line I knew I would escalate with each other for sometime.

Different experience

Male dog house is clever to have sex with my husband when there is a noisy and excited voice Kizuki painful to a dog sex,
a healthy dog, brought to the location of sex Ken is also happy to lick dick lick my husband to Sasetara,
Now my husband says that I lick her pussy, fearfully, let me lick, whistles Hmm Hmm ~ ~ Ken The tongue is the best feeling in the rough,
increase natural joy and thinking, numb with dread every time the body licked? And carried away? I held my health, I came out excited to be healthy cock,
try putting my husband? ? Put to guide the cock put on the health of my husband Ken and I said,
is warm, but the long thin cock, I also use a healthy back? Nosu pleasant feeling like being in the womb until the whale out loud, too painful even healthy,
'm in the Nn ~ ~ ~ I came into the vagina of healthy Tamatama,
and Hi ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ It feels good to come to find that the semen gushing and Haitsu health? Dozens of times? ? ? However, Ken
the time the voice should have a voice, but rest assured that my husband had a healthy and well? Ken is the cock that has not gone away? 30 minutes in the posture? ? Slowly and missed them, Ken and me to lick her pussy clean,
also amused my husband, because I'll, I am going to be a habit,


yuna himekawa[18717]
I have a relationship with 20-year-old brother. I am working as a receptionist
in certain local tourist hotel at the age of 24. The students have come to confess to being part where you K, now go out somehow.
I was about to go on holiday to play well together and we go out, have become more and more K to ask you a kiss or body. I am not a virgin
, but without the experience little more than one count on one hand and was dating a senior in high school, and did not dated a man since then.
K is the feeling that you would like to encourage older women to lead to clear, and I experienced no less likely to be played by adult women have been trying to avoid. Even after six months dating
indeed, but not enough to just kiss her lips together, K getting impatient too, "I was 18 my birthday," I promised.
there is only about a month until that day, but how you study or read in books or the net a lot and to have confidence still encounter difficulties, we had never even given a love hotel.
without people around them as well to consult, the Sun will become a K tomorrow for your birthday, brother of the students consulted the plunge. If you can have in a comparatively younger brother,
when they go out with a girl from high school, SEX, at least from my experience I think is abundant.
to hear my brother, "Let's go to the hotel anyway," to pull my hand and went to the hotel. I was nervous
from where they enter the hotel were not sure what to do standing well into the room. My brother who seemed to truly become,
them to me then one glass of beer from the fridge and they give a stately, slowly drank the days of sitting on the sofa.
"What the first lady is a really" absurd to say that half stood up
"For now,'ll try to simulate"
clothes and started to say,
"Let me take a shower before the high school, then my sister was like"
say that I went to the bathroom.
brother came out, so after a while, I have a shower.
come out and wrapped a bath towel,
"Well, come here, sit here"
refers to the right next to his younger brother was sitting on the edge of the bed hung was. I sat down
has clung to attacks.
"or ー No! What do you do it!"
and shouted
"but I can not. You're an adult woman, so [the panic. We have a lot of time] that is to say about "
" its, I see "
" See you again "
have hugged me say that again.
practice even know it, the words not come out quickly gotten into a little panic feeling.
"You know, early to tell"
to do that you mention it,
"it, do not. its, its, so 慌Tetara"
said with a slight bite.
"Well, I have no time because I think they can ask a virgin, still good?"
"Well, [it useless. have to hurry], so [in no hurry," [said] more appropriately friendly I think if it is OK. Anyway, my sister can not panic, I have little experience beyond calm even if I do not know "
" Th, so? "
" Well, I once again try to practice "
she said, I've also hugged my brother.
"in such a hurry"
言Emashita now have more than just a room. But his brother is left arms,
"more slowly"
"a whisper in his ear"
"watching eye"
Raremashi changed hands many times saying words like or. about a dozen times by saying

"... would you pass"
finally found my brother and me.
think it all right, brother
"Then the next it was like"
to say, 差Shi出Shimashita a condom.
"I do, I give this practice"
I have been told that I was surprised not even imagine.
"natural right about that. I'm a virgin opponent. Hottoitara been fed live, I will Shisa Nakade"
it said.
that you mention it, I remember that during the first experience. It was the first time a senior, is the first time a condom can not well equipped,
it did so without a condom. Was worried for a while and then somehow to get a period.
"its, I guess"
receive condoms and I said so to break the bag took out a condom. Came out of the thick marker pen then my brother,
"I practiced it first," he said.
it can easily be attached,
"do the real thing this time?"
to say, remove the towel was wrapped around the waist, in front of Ikiri立Tta things Tsukida has been.
"anymore, and Daa ー"
背Kemashita the face with his brother
"and I do, I will be disappointed with my boyfriend in high school"
I say .
If I had not, and if you are not shy to touch and feel things with his brother fearfully, I tried to install, something does not work immediately,
done several times finally can be worn in feeling, and my brother was forced to be redone many times by one clean install. I was so relieved
can now finally smooth,
"Should I do it from the beginning through"
言I出Shimashita me my brother. no reason to refuse
somehow, "Yes," nodded and began to take a shower first place.
brother sat next to the bed, feeling Gover has a brother in a hug. Unlike mode feels just really,
"Hey, hey, no! And, what are you thinking!"
And I really resisted.
Then, my brother
"You do not. [You] DO NOT PANIC"
has been cautioned.
honestly feel as though I was hitting my brother and I are really, I'm a little relieved to hear that word.
However, not only hugging or touching the breasts come from the top of bath towels are coming up to kiss. "Hey, too far," I said,
each time, "and tell an adult feminine things right" is said, just the "go slow" or "more gentle," I say ,
"more proper to say" on the 言I返Sa me, I get even more touching the body. Bath towels are being stripped realized, being tossed directly to the chest, sucking the nipple 付Ka has also extended a hand to an important part.
truly "over it, gone. It the end, stop!"
and abandon the chest press Hanenokemashita brother, my brother laughed
"I can not. in so many取Ri乱Shitara. You know, I turn this "
immediately and gave a condom.
"I passed. end. We could not be more than this!"
but to stand up and say, my brother grabbed my leg,
"付Kenakattara, she'll leave this place I "I laughed.
So, I thought it would end if you stick with the things my brother wearing a condom.
"Yes, the end of it"
to say so, but to get out of bed, grab my body is stout brother,
"If you do not end neatly, not to exercise right "
me, I've really put all costs.
"Oh, no, I can not. to stop"
be appealed through tear-filled eyes, the younger brother
"an adult woman that I say" just because, and sat Zunzun I just end up shaking.
"You, you're thinking!"
and angry, his face is knocked flat hand Pashin and brother are very cool
"So what is it still that much." said, came up to me again.
After all, I was then three times with his brother prisoners.
my brother on the bed are exhausted,
"yet, but I say adult women, have done so much melted, a little about that person right in good time" <br > I went out to leave as quickly as his parting remark. K
the next day and say thanks to you or SEX, I was able to safely do something, to be honest you K is going too fast, I felt very half-hearted .
when they got home after 1:00 am the parents slept. Go upstairs to my room, my brother was standing in front of the room.
"How was it?"
've heard that I was silent.
"unsatisfactory not you?"
tried to drive the word lucky. What I came to feel that attitude
"I thought," My brother laughed.
and steam to enter the room with them, I have to kiss my brother grabbed my hand. My brother's body away from the body quickly to press,
entered into the room to flee. But soon came into his brother, kissed me again. Now that I can not resist, my body was firmly embraced.
in being a kiss, getting a bad feeling I should have the body, from entangling his tongue was turned back by the arm.
After all, as it is, I have him? 2 times too. K
then I parted with you, now is the relationship between sex friend and brother.


Miki is a 38 this year.
'll make a woman, I dip into the family and company money though her husband was
I was out of conceit with, so money is not even complain if 貰E
nationals have been living happily with two sons, but by far Temasen.
about sex, I was really precocious masturbation
was even. For a shy man, but I
I got married to a guy like that so.
nursing home is quite annoying for me son.
why there was so interested in her son's sexual awakening as well.
but I pretty much fall asleep while watching TV,
I was fucking with him came his son. I hope this degree
tickled, I get around to touch something.
then I wonder for my son but I will: I was masturbation. That was March of this year
, castor son graduated from high school. Since I'm part
in the morning, nap in the afternoon.
son fucking with him coming as usual, I've touched breasts
directly. I sometimes run out
, I gave it a touch of her son.
son of my hands between your legs. Strain
'll scrape up some time with your son in your pants It looks like I went off. I am also quite
panties,,,. Well I'd like
You should be a reflection, the same thing the next night
immediately. Now my son
pants down, down I also took off all,,,. vagina fingers crawl
回Rimashita son.
"this way,, this ,,,,"< br>" Oh, no good! Eh, no! "I get away he says Ito Shina.
finally in front of his son, I have reached. My son is there
Nasuritsuke penis (I entered a little bit,,,) issued to my stomach.


School is over, and take the train coming home from playing with friends, boarded the train that day slower than usual.
overlap rush home, just crowded in the train Chikan.
been touched butt back in touch with each other, so that the jitter and scared in the hands of the skirt.
been touched over the panties, and get off at the station out of action there really was afraid. I thought it was finally released
some people got off the Chikan We got off in a hurry to see the face of Chikan, how it was his father.
also thought that what was I think, to call out while pretending to be accidental, nor was his father always looked at me with eyes not particularly funny. But I heard
we received pocket money when they bullied Just two people and then my father passed about a week.
"I had the last Chikan" Then his father, a stern tone, "but when" I asked, "In the evening the train about a week ago," you say,
father, "What was a guy "I say," Daddy Daddy like, "you say, look for the distaste" I so "upset and feel.
're going to see is cute, the bullying father suddenly given a "put her hand into the skirt. Kano Hana nice guy but what if the child high school girls?" and say,
" He really is outrageous, "and shout. "But, I'm glad I Kimochi ~ It seemed a little like a father, I'm not my father did not expect that!" Rather silent and more.
'll look the same and that the ~, Shitarashiku ideas. "Sorry, out of a whim, I did it knowing you are" and 打Chi明Kemashita.
"But, I'm good, you'll get caught and others were" So, how was season. "I do not anymore," and say "
me lately I'm the mother, so." Come sit next to this. "You're a little felt, from no longer comfort me you," and.
began to touch the body. "No, your father," Stop to say stop. I immediately turned his underwear. "Please forgive" and to resist from "found out,
FARA and just" good, that'll give you no choice but Fala. There father is big and hard to keep Tino Naka. FARA now to give him, "
Here we go," release in my mouth. A little bitter but I drank Agerumashita luck. But only once 納Marazu, I'll turn into another one.
learning as many people licking, even in your mouth the second time. That day is over you got a pocket, and I just place three days after "counting" and father.
things could not give a notice once again. This relationship is likely to continue for some time now.


What's the relationship between son and what they made it easier than abruptly.
things suddenly, desperately resisted, and even the Son of man power is what I win. it hit me that been
young son and her mother to the translation not end up going in the ephemeral. My son and family in other
has gotten completely without men and women.
is no longer the uterine body to do things well.

I do not know

Confused clean up the drug being taken to the hospital occasionally
Sawarou and dad came in to.
do not know what a dream but reality.
Woke up when they sleep badly and sleeping naked in a room in the hallway
really be angry with her mother or not. an eye for unusual
my dad recently. When I walk naked
brother's room because not popular spare
I feel that I found the photo. I noticed my sister's clothes and
脱Gaseyou I worry sometimes that was


The last time was still hot day. The son came home after work, come home, "Dad, Mom, come from the sitting area where there is a little show," it said.
Our house is an atypical two-family dwelling, entrance and sitting room, drawing-room in common, our couple's house right into the entrance, his son left the house the couple. Each entrance has
key is turned on each other's privacy be protected. However, only seen from the outside would be nothing more than a slightly larger house.
followed by his son went to drawing room, sitting on the couch was already the wife.
son, husband to sit beside the bride, I sit in front of the television, sat next to me hung for granted.
normally, but naturally each couple sit together, and I thought it strange that something deliberately did not listen.
dim the lights and adjust the room by remote control put the power of television. "What? A new film or something, then?" And asked "to see if I understand," answered short.
sound like I was angry tone, did not listen any more.
video begins to turn, was multiplied by the projected bed covered with floral middle of the screen.
hear voices of men and women from outside the window, a young woman soon to his underwear, 映Rimashita middle-aged man wearing a suit followed. I
"··········· "Why? Tsumarimashita put words to say.
now frozen in a moment the air in the room. Men and women in the screen is a husband and wife was without a doubt. While lying in bed embracing
crowded two people, you hear the chime in the distance, but are exchanging kisses on each other body Masaguri
.歪Memashita husband to face the unexpected visitor, a bride who went out the door. I heard the voice of the bride and son and interim pleasure.
"You, what is it this time?" a fevered loudly and hid under the bed with my husband hastily.
"I was hanging chain something?" "That I am sorry, from what I was about to enter the bath"
"came from close to work, and I tried to stop by" hugging her son , the body's eyes Erotic 押Shi倒Shimashita bed. hands and lower body stretches
son Masagutsu body was "Do not make awww. I got stomach pains getting something"
"was long because I dressed like this I wonder," she said, she hand led to his crotch, "I just end like this, I will not work anymore"
脱Gi捨Temashita stretch trousers and pants while saying this. It says the size
········ are thicker than about one thing my husband around, and the length was long enough to 頭分 turtle. My husband and I just no experience, was overwhelmed by the other male's first plot. And son to bed,
her knees and began to caress the mouth and hands. Quite quickly, I told my son that is approaching the climax, "I, I never seen the moment of ejaculation,
spits out, not just your mouth?" So, look away I started rubbing his son violently things. "Out there" As my son says, from the tip of your penis,
semen came out first and then mash Pyu Innovation. Suddenly my son, off the TV for bright rooms. The husband and wife with a pale without looking up. My son is almost
Omoshirokuna "After that I went to work after this, my father Yumiko semen is drained, you're going to like sex"
"Dase mon in the moss at all," ", ········ to show us something like this, you've got what you want "and ask my husband
" I want revenge for my father I "" I'm a father to his wife 寝取Ra it. Let me why my mother held "
sentence and so embraced my shoulders, my legs 引Ki寄Semashita in my hand. There "········!!!·····",
was seen alive earlier Kina Hiroshi things are hard.

But a little while ago ...

But little is written because there is more tea.

And that person

You lately, I like younger, I was told.
met a friend at the gym.

I mean, with shiny skin, and there is tension, Rei Yoki
very eyes, somehow, 潤N'm like,
Hey, did you do something? Made or a boyfriend,
your husband're still an African?

guys, thanks to that person, and loving person I know, thanks to you.
But this can be said to anyone.
I mean, that person, I will say, of me, son,
I will bore myself, Naoki's son, I'm in love. My husband

, Nairobi, Kenya, say where, again, away from home for years on 2
. I, the son entered the University of Naoki year, single mothers are like
. What I want to celebrate that Naoki entered the University, is heard,
was at the beginning of the relationship between mother and child.

Tatsuki Nao is enough, do what I want, did not say. I have heard many times after all
many times, finally a small voice, and I, your mother wants
, I told you. Well, what I, I'll see what I want?
So, Mom, I, me, my mom

, you've surprised and did not say anything for a while. 19 years old from another
Tatsuki Nao, the norm would be interested in women.
But the target, but I never

me is I your mother. The mother and child that,
There is no reason you can not?

But I, and mother, you, me, still, a woman from
know I want to tell my mother, and mother for the first time, I, I always believed that <br > I was, therefore, mother, tell me, I will still ask

Tatsuki Nao. I stare at my eyes. This is a serious face.
Yeah, I'm serious, I thought. So now that Naoki
little sad. And, truth is, I'm happy.

Me too, and my husband has long gone, I 淋Shikunakatta,
will lie. In reality, I'm sad, of a man, skin and smell can hug when
, that, crush,
hot, hot kiss, then,
that time, was one Tokino, be enchanted with such a pleasure and,
welcome last time finally that, cum dazzling,

from that feeling of floating, far, far away, men in the house Speaking of,
only Tatsuki Nao, Naoki, the growing gradually becomes a man goes, men go to
, out looking like that every day Tatsuki Nao, is in my heart < br> gradually, Naoki, from his own son, one guy, a fine man,
's turned into the speaking of course, was a matter of course.

But my mother, Naoki is my son, mother and child, that, should no be allowed
. At least, as the beaten track.

it, she does, Naoki of me is saying I did. Mom really wants

, I did say.
in my heart, something is broken with the sound. Jack Robinson climbed
blood to the head or longer, were not considered anything.

Tatsuki Nao, Naoki, you're really good, you're good mom? You'd
mother, you're right, me, mama, I want,
tell me, Hey, Mom, I'll tell

, Naoki, mama, I'll tell you, because of the woman, and Miin,

I'll tell you he says, I'm, Naoki embracing, as it is on the couch
, had to take off, to get naked, and kissing each other,

Mom, I love you,
I also like me, Naoki

whisper to each other and staring eyes match,
Oh, Naoki, Naoki, You're a man, a man, my mother firmly
, love, oh, give me love

soon, Naoki large, things were hard, of me, I just
soft wet women, where the weakest, is pushing,

Ah, there, you there, Naoki, intact, as it is, come, come Zuburi

Innovation has been included.

me is thinking, Oh Jack Robinson, had raised his voice. I'm not so great
. Hard, I. Speaking
Naoki those men I know,
with her husband, then this is a secret that nobody has ever,
other two husbands Just before I married my secret.

However, Naoki, and of such people is no comparison, was really

Tatsuki Nao is of me over there, but I put, if you do then < br> What I did not like being confused.

Tatsuki Nao, I'm moving. In Mother, received motion. Tatsuki Tadashi

are feeling cautiously and started to work.

so, do not worry, Naoki, more, moving the movement

more awkward. But very nice, I even moves. Naoki
according to the movement and shake your hips.

Oh, Mom, it feels good. Tilt the upper body

Naoki masturbation and has overhanging to me.
been kissed. Already like to dig,

are licking, sucking is, I also, as it fights back,
tongue and tongue, I'm dancing Oh
, kiss me, so, I was kind of nice. I like a bit off the lip

, 囁Kimasu.

I love, I love you, oh, Naoki, of me, Naoki
mother, I also like me, mama, oh I love

It seems 逝Ki. Mom, can I put?
Okay, do not worry, out, Naoki, some of my mother, Out TEE. Naoki

with a hard body. I get to hug, went into force Gugutto

Oh, come

Byutsu, Byutsu, you'll Byuu,

of me, the back of the body, but deep down, all over and I became passionate .

Ah, Naoki, you ejaculate, you ejaculate Naoki ne, in the mother,
mother, happy, happy

again, something that pregnancy was not considered.
just love Naoki, to catch the head-not that much.

Eventually, Naoki limp and, above me, overhanging cover,
Me too, Naoki body gently, embracing raised,
Yutto Naoki lips immediately, gave up smoking. Tatsuki Tadashi

you, with this story, I became an adult, I became a grown man,
Oh, Mom, thank you, I, I'm able to become a man. Me, I'm perfectly able

Yes, I was fine, even my mother, I feeling very good.
Also, May I? Mother,
Yes, we do tonight, many times, it's okay to.

then until the morning of Akuru, who I would have ever times.
already can not remember much, many times, many times,

Me too, on whether the nth time, all, is someone depart, nor hail
they cry Mashita.

Brother and Sister indecent

Me and my brother's relationship with it two years ago. When I was a junior high school only goes up yet.
me, I was told 28-year-old brother was different to that of a junior high school science teacher.
mother's death soon after I was born, with his brother, and father of three who lived in me.
but also his father died five years ago, but now two people are living with my brother.
night, and have been studying in my room, my brother came in, I suddenly hugged me.
"What happened? brother" and asked, "I like about you. But You should not be like that become a brother and sister kind of relationship I know. But I can not forget about you. "he said, is 押Shi倒Shita me on the bed.
even know it's not allowed to love, because I liked the brother of me, and I am accepted by his brother.
intense and sweet, brother and long di - Pukisu was a birthday gift to me. multiplied vigorously rub your chest swell
, Iki then transferred to the lips lower body, up my wet aching Gusshori dick face, my brother's dick, torture Makurimashita tongue.
"there ..... Huh, feels good."
While saying this, that we Bikutsuka body, "even, so what if it ...?"< br> While saying that, my brother would stir a finger in my vagina.
it feels good too, I got my Lee, Kazu Hiroshi (the name of his brother) is me, let me suck his penis erection
to previously, hardened Hiroshi Kazu penis in my mouth was endless.
pacifier is over, I went to the bathroom and Kazu Hiroshi, and to plug the tub, let me in on all fours in the bathtub, I leaned back suddenly.
If you think of what to do, Hiroshi sum, I leaned back from my dick. The heavily pierced, "Oh.'ll Cum .... Ah."
That moment, from Yawara Hiroshi penis, and poured, was released sperm in me. Kazu Hiroshi
penis and pull out from my dick, I've been like a fountain of semen backflow Kazu Hiroshi.
After that, with his brother, has aligned their bodies to each other every day.

However the mother in

The mother had an affair with was the night I reached the age ceremony. When my mother came home late
drink to celebrate with friends waiting for me was happening.
's still awake and said, I said I was waiting to give congratulations to you.
and gave me a seal and passbook savings had been diligently for me so far. I had become a crying face
and I'm glad I put you in a public struggle with single mothers.
things we've been bubbling up in my thinking Dzutsu this time.
dear mother, you want all your stuff.
There was also a little drunk and I think so, I confess it.
scared to see the reaction of the mother was repeatedly forced to kiss, embrace the moment.
the hated but knew, we knew that the power is missing from the respiratory disorder While embracing my mother's body for a long time. I was able to think
instinctively push up bras and soft feel tasted directly from the hem of the sweater just does not seem to get hung refuses the breast.
there was already painful erection position.
pressed to have the body of the mother as it would get a better feeling in the place I think of anymore to ejaculate.
longer suppress his actions to blindly pushing clothes stripping naked on the couch my mother no longer possible,
押Shi入Reyou mother's desire to erect waist pants tight pants and cut myself for this.
only that the mother, stop! Agari 迸Ri Lin came out from the mouth of the man who ran the urethra lust moment to wrap pressed by hand with the erect penis.
let me numb to the core of the body seems to be how much pleasure last forever. I
belly dirty white liquor inexperienced hands and release large amounts of natural mother. I thought my mother was like
away from the insertion of a son ejaculation.
but once I place in the ejaculation came out let alone afford the opposite feeling erection wither. Now
waist with a meat attracts a turn while observing the mother's body with room for the roots deeply and slowly into the vagina erection wet hole already. Mother
no, no! In words but denied that it had become the voice of a spoiled woman.
come soon or feel ejaculation to repeat several times, feeling the friction out of the vaginal wall.
Ugh! As we moan and cry and, while the mother is not! Mogakimashita is to get away with, with ejaculation into the vagina back to a state that is faced can not move the shoulders and legs. The intense feeling of pleasure and conquest
more than a second time, I was raised a moan like a woman.
day repeated three times to ejaculate into my mother still.
do care about my mother twice, and I felt pretty well back to use.

Come to touch my brother

Into a private junior high school this spring.
brother on the high-three is six, she did not like.
recently that I get to touch me come into my room at night. I pretended to sleep
scared to come too scared to touch while brother. I'm from
silence and this is kinda cute like that. Or depression immediately rolled over to hide it on purpose.
brother last night and it all came from out his array of different.
but I was watching your eyes opened slightly. I like to get my hand and rub. Kimo
I did so with gooey to 大Kikutsu.
intently watched a guy who did something terribly shocked the first time in my life.
from us to have sex with my brother I'm pretending to sleep every night, sex was no longer alone.

Anxiety 20 son

Lightning finally going to make [sure] I'm 20.
to talk with everyone and I'm glad it took so long and I did not think it is 20.
Thank you. It is just a little Regards
Ne nowadays think they also sometimes give a better or more breaks soon.

Invited me to her mother

I am a 28 year old housewife.
mother (mother) is 52 years old.
mother invited me to a bus trip late last night, alone, my mom has been kissed by force 素裸 drinking, the pleasure of being taught as a homosexual in my body and mind I.

decline the invitation to the mother also be the puppet, it is no longer leaving.

I'm patient.

I (age 51) for my son (age 18) get off at the mouth is a very easy thing people, I feel the pulling away of his son seems to be very good,
deliberately pretending to be unfamiliar "pleasant to do?" I asked my son and sometimes with others.
full use of all the techniques I have another man like that everyday, yet it can not but rejoice 思Ikkiri want a son.
son has already gone past the final defense line, also as a mother, before her son's "real women" only put out 100 percent bleached.
as I need it is a thing of considerable patience.

3 like my father

I finally got used to the relationship between the father and the men and women. Comments
showed me now Hey let me write the course again.

Son interested PART2

From my son interested in: Yumi Posted: 2009/04/03 (Fri) 14:58 No.17021

's incest I want a chance too.
18 years old son. I am 39 years old. The time when I will write
pressure. First [sure]

It is just before

Son in middle school has a graduation ceremony beginning of the month 3,
high school where my son decided advancement can be closed as of January until early April the entrance ceremony.
son, the ceremony is over the weekend, I went home alone with my parents.

grandson wants to offer to stay about three weeks, my grandfather, my father was delighted.
I have also had divorced last year, I once wanted to meet her father back,
Due to a work-related rest of the workplace is absolutely the homecoming 諦Memashi or.

daytime was fine, and there are no sons, the first night home alone is not silent, I felt a sense of isolation.
Also, if my son goes to college for three years. Satoru Susumu
but it turns out to be a university in Tokyo, I continue to think this life every day, every night, but having spent the loneliness and anxiety.

five days after his son went out.
Thursday afternoon on the entered telephone call from an unknown phone number. The non-notification was not so
, looking on the line,
was not sure at first, were of old people.

evening the next day to pick up work early and headed to the gate of the station was waiting,
who has already arrived they stood in front of the gate.
and ran over to find me, big smile and waved hands.

"Long time no update."
"You're right. I do long years 5."

A brother

yuna himekawa[18301]
I got started when I was a mature lingerie gifts for high school entrance from the mother three years ago. I feel that I was
adults join the ranks of up and down a bit to replace the matching bra and shorts every day. I might get a little bold
or try wearing a micro mini somehow wanted to brag. And against brother.
something on purpose when the top before taking a bath "I Come!" I like to show off with. I had deep meaning, as an adult I wanted to brag. Never to feel you touching
Then, I was to remember the placement and care. Maybe
odd words, I was there I got hooked a little bit nervous feeling like I'm kind of email exchange. But one day the older brother
[Reply] things up with a sticky semen like
"Maybe I smell the smell or maybe" and I want to use the Sarasati that day, with or stain to check if I've washed and was still. Lightning give a virgin when he finally made the summer sometime.
that day because the stain is not gone look like a short period but I washed it carefully, as Barenakatta leaving traces of blood, the shorts are likely to feel somewhat see through to my brother I was eventually abandoned.
leave no smell to almost look like shorts than before, so be careful when you smell like sex with him in trouble, I was also getting semen brother soon leave off.
to sex at his house several times, but when shifted to the side while wearing shorts Matashitaku back, I did notice back in shorts with his sperm I. Lightning
directly into the washing machine because there was no abnormality about crotch to inspect.
brother came into the room that night, "I'll sex you up" I say to make me furious.
admitted it is said the first thing lie Tsuitemashita semen. Then
"Let me also Yara brother told my parents do not want the" What.
now so I feel I am the last "good?" I want to OK.
brother went to the room fall asleep waiting for a family day.
sweat suits when I was six nines wearing a blanket and a first kiss I
. Brother is a virgin, maybe I could not drink the overflow from the side of the mouth, so if I had suddenly licking semen out about 5 minutes.
've finally put my time was almost up to the strainer'll go for a while and then lick. Then quickly, "Serve" because he told me I was "just wait a minute!" I said, going to shake the hips in a hurry. But my brother came out to remove the penis of a sudden stomach. I feel terrible
went on a finger. This is my first experience of close relatives
now has nothing but have sex with my brother separated from him.

Onee-chan Invitation

My sister and I will shop and cook for two good relationship.
I love my sister as a woman. Of course it is, my sister the other day from my sister wanted to know, "love the ears," I was told. I was surprised by a sudden. Of course I replied feeling. Happened that night, drank wine and cook for two parents because he was out. My sister said "Geez I can not stand" with a 69 on the couch holding my sister away just because I felt I had to show a bright red panties Invisibility and roll up her skirt. Sister dick was hanging from the anal juice. Copyright Makurimashita to lick each other.

Onee-chan Invitation

My sister and I shop and cook for two good relationship.