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Incest confession of women(2008-05)

My son suffered skin

yuna himekawa[8047]
My son little boy cavalier son look to the conduct sexual intercourse with his I have to firmly Kiku Hiroshi people inside, I Onani - Onani naked when he 初Meru - The now naked is said to be a me even when he was naked and ascended with me to take off my son naked. Withers away little boy my son is still small, the son of Jim Johnson and I saw him die three treatment became a little bigger? I erect position, he lay on his back with my nipples to my bed I caress his sharp reaction to the erection and rubbed Korikori spikes are rare and Kiku Hiroshi picked up and rolled the nipple and rub comes 初Memashita caressing fingers, and pleasant to lick the nipple and he sucked The nipple is quivering 躰 逝Kimashita warp. My vagina is so full already dripping wet from 淫汁 Wareme drenched like the flood. He's let me see my son likes this look, stop by close sexual intercourse my son, my son I've seen up close vagina of shiny longer soaking is caressing nipples me. I erect penis increases your son's skin, but still eight 剥Ke Temasen? Until I firmly erect position, let me sit on the bed spreading legs buried her face in her son's son, hip related I got up litter until I to him from the back and push up the butt forced to lick the little boy uncut son, and I pacifier a little boy uncut erect son while 貰I up litter until I to him from the back and the crawling four. My son ejaculation licking and tongue in place five times. Ito I cried many times they feel they feel Iomanko Iomanko not feel sexual intercourse with her son while his son's face. I let my son is also firmly erect penis out of your mind if you say vagina Ite I was a little boy uncut lick her son tight and erect.

My sister and Susumu Yuu

GW is the best for this erection. Two sisters in the family went on a trip one night club because there is an answering machine, go on a trip because there was a size too. I came back to club with my friends sister is over in the evening. I happily playing in the room. I went to my sister's room with sleeping pills mixed with juice, got on the net. My sisters and twenty or thirty minutes and I were both looking into a good night's sleep because the room was quiet. Mesmerize skirt 捲Tta two side by side there was no reaction from the body swayed. My sister I'm wearing pink pants with white polka dots. Friend nylon lace polka dot pants ... pants down slowly and friends first video camera in hand. This chasm between us that I will place a thin hair near my sister Shaved pants down, and yet .... My sister usually occurs in hidden cracks. Standing the spread seen in two knees. Chestnut spread and flashed pink vagina. Spread your fingers and saw her sister vagina camera flyers leaflets small underdeveloped clitoris. Clitoris was exposed, a little darker in Billa Billa. I pressed against the sandwich like this until I crack your friend's cock out of Bing. When you hear a grinding sound Kuchukuchu the tip of the clitoris cock. I will stick with juice Bettori cock. Like pushing the same vagina my sister moved up and down like a trace during the Billa Billa. Licking and even licked my sister vagina while squeezing themselves and licking the vagina licking Shaved friends put up with an erection has to be inserted like this place. Shigoku cock was almost stet. Moved to clamp down on sexual intercourse cock friend. Fill with Ah! Go! According to the semen out of his vagina. The split between the cum dripping pink.塗Ri付Keta semen with the vagina to cock my sister. We left the room wearing the pants to shoot up in the vagina. My sisters were in the kitchen I woke up after a while.

My son suffered skin

Onani - having embraced at me and falls. To Ascension, and the caress a nipple piercing of the vagina is inserted into a little boy Kii Hiroshi firmly in his vagina from the back spreading legs 突Kidashi ass to crawl four on the bed I raised a moan, I have felt vagina on I have felt really ding-dong of your I have a good oh oh I have felt vagina pierced until deep'm tough little boy I like I have Ii not ah ah ah, my son that he I should look at it, I'm looking at treatment or that your mother is strained, embarrassed to be seen whether his son? Still, tightness of this until I you are You're the best, I'm so torn that little boy, the mother I want to feel seen my son, I'm making a sound sexual intercourse with kucha, feel seen him You're just like, tough little boy I love Yo I'm terribly hard but always with very different stiffness of your penis.

Megumi Motomu from the child ...

Coming out from the 22-year-old son was made a member of society ...
"Oh ... Mom ... I love you ..." Hey ... I'm glad it honest.
... I am against her son (40) for his master, there is something guilty feelings, also could not do in his passion.
Three years ago, the hobby is bodybuilding and had a son, and now I begin, make sure your body is going to tighten each other together, "a secret pleasure," Was it by chance ... it Shiremase Hmm ....
The night of the weekend, the son of the annual ritual once a month (laughs) I had to make.
I was dressed for a game high leg, bikini pants he was wearing, as usual review time began.
But his comments Ttara "~ abs is not good," or "from the hip down my mom I ~" I like very cheeky.
I get frustrated with something ... I got the feeling to cry or rather complicated.
If Omoe now been pointed out the shortcomings of the body from the lover, maybe her emotions close to tears ...
"I'm the best mom to come along and praise geek! It's really disgusting! Idiot!" ... Me.
Suddenly the thing that I cry, I felt I was not sure if my son ...
But the next moment, "It's really nice mother's body ..." I also mean to me.
Even though I was crying, why was the core of the body very hot. Clutch ... ... ... floaty feeling in the head and ... "Kana chan?" Was heard.
Kana-chan is the name of her son.
"Jim's mother is invited, she wanted to be my favorite ... I like my mother than your mother ... mother ... I like KANA"
Coming out from his son.
I was shouting, crying, "Mother, if God would forgive you ... and the mother chooses to burn from my father," I ....
Imperceptibly, we had to kiss a lot of hot naked.
I will stick tight beautiful "Chi Yutsu" ... kiss.
He is also my return there, "Yutsu immediately."
I widened it to fit, and sing.
And "virgin red flowers 一輪 =" Second is devoted.


I like sex, and masturbation loving wives.
To me, there are 13 year olds. Man.
I always like a couch - sleeping, AV I was watching masturbation.
Of course, my husband and kids do not know. Just came back to the place where children feel the vibe points. I said, "Why are you coming back You still in school eh?"
And thought. Children, seems to leave early for cold, children, "Mom, I was in it for masturbation. Fufutsu. Cute mom. I felt I had got to know what happens if this thing Dad ".'ve said this.
I have no words sidelines were hiding their chest and you pussy. Then the child is more "today, I'm a slave to me three weeks, they're good to shut up" has been demanding. I'm helplessly, "Yes, sir," and became a slave.
While not a circle with her husband, children and sex and sex with only. The last three days now. Then, "Hey, Yukari. My friend, like I'm talking about sex and masturbation related.'ll Get to see me." And I went to. I said "No," I said, that gotta, you give away. 'll Say threatened. Child, I was taken with a video camera that place. I have no choice "Yes" and said.
4 people's children, was raped. And three weeks has passed. I said, "I can let go now," says, kids are so innocent, "Well, what thing? Taketsu say such a thing," and it fooled me. Then, a child, until now, a level
I. Now, you go naked in the park, I try and fastened to a pole. It was bullying me and I continue to worry. Another, since then, stood for three months. I am no longer the body without the child, making life impossible. That after three days, children are at last in spite of her husband 虐Meta Barashita only that. And now with two children and husband, I was abused.

M is tame to the infant nephew.

I was happily licking 吸Imashita large cock so tight your dick with my husband Nedarishi pacifier pussy aching fit of excitement. Master's cock in the mouth will be greatly in my firm, I ask my husband to put the pussy soon, I feel good on her pussy and say, fine, OK, really hard, your feel good , until it received more back, I was right, if not ~ ~ if I die I die I'll die if they do so 逝Ki tough love U ~ I'm so 逝Ki. My husband poured semen into my boobs. Caz is also to release the semen. You can release the semen for the gas to see that our pussy.

What should a mother like this?

I have 15 year old son (real) is alone.
My husband is not home away from home for two years.
Just come back twice a year in the summer and New Year.
I want to masturbate in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness still strong sexual desire.
It has been chosen from 1pm to 3pm at the actual time that will always go to school.
But that day is night, and have Onani also want to be in my room taking a bath, I was really scrutiny.
I am unable excuses, waiting for just head down the door close.
But what actually came to me, "I'd rather Onani mom" and holding my shoulders, "I saw a woman Onani first woman and the mother is still" hanging their hands and robes I was taking off.
But the real and had become a man again.
I do the embarrassing thing to do was not going to know.
But I have become real at the mercy of the body to react any way.
There can also be seen masturbating resistance.
I was watching a long time but was made to spread my legs on the bed actually Mesmerize.
Of which, when placed touched your finger away from my mouth and another moan out, I thought that may be already fallen into hell.
I caress the touch I put in the hands of a real boxer.
I can lick me chew on that and the real me.
Parents and children will be finally and finally the relationship between men and women no longer suited to each other fiercely determined.
Then, as a foreplay to the border that day, were forced to Onani in front of my son every day was required to spend no bread.
I am not a mother I have become no real sex slave.
Even today, will run in a few minutes later.
What should a mother like this?


I am a 48 year old housewife. It was previously playing with the party line telephone, met the tattooed man, threatened, scared and stopped. Now, to eliminate the frustration fingered dick Damn imagine while reading your post after the husband went to the company. Is there a way you do something? .

M is tame to the infant nephew.

Caz I saw, I presume the firm that is so I'm not even bark 剥Ke the hair still grows Oh no stone. Even though a child, I release the liquid from the white cock. Caz is a white liquid discharge from the cock many times so far? An aunt told us the truth. Caz is the first destination the morning, but it becomes hard cock, your gas, your gas has been processed to see my uncle and aunt You're not a child but a child with Chinchin hardening. Punishment or not, it's bad that I have to prepare.

M is tame to the infant nephew.

Four aunt's house to call Mom, I do not worry, stay five days, saying it hung. Three people taking a bath with my husband nephew and finished the meal, showing acts of sexual intercourse with my husband strapped to a chair in front of the bed in the bedroom naked nephew, the nephew us I will not grow uncut cock erection can still see acts of pubic hair.

My son suffered skin

I reached a climax by tightening the finger was inserted by rubbing the clitoris 剥Keta skin to erect the thumb moving back and forth to insert a finger enlarge the vagina rubbing vagina throughout the palm endured to become so 逝Ki in nipple I will bend the bulbul and convulsions 躰 淫汁 Flooding has sexual intercourse, die and cried. I emerged from Wareme 淫汁 overflows about embarrassing. Onani his son - I bleached out the processing only seen the messy die.

My son suffered skin

He was said to look at to say that happens to have sexual intercourse for my mother to my son, my son looked at sexual intercourse, my I'm full of juice you clear divergence is Wareme, Hiku holes, I'm Hiku, ear , look at, I hate not look embarrassed, he and his son in front of Onani me - until I die to do, and I'll show my son. I'd like a little boy, do I need a big hard ding-dong? I Shiteyaranai, Onani son were fast - I'm in the ascension process to show their.

Son bore a child

Children bore her son in April, is healthy and energetic girl.
Son and not much time to write down Nde I brush my son called various things came to sex education since the Tooru Kiyoshi or drying, layering the body at a time dear
My son wanted a child and obsession, I finally go on.
Love my husband but my husband is the son 居Masu once I was finished one day without sex is also a businesslike manner, "I want a child" and after a moment of silence to reveal, "I wanted too," and other words are returned have I brought my son to stick to masturbation and sex in order to date pregnancy, dangerous and I certainly happy tears.
Connected to the day from morning to evening I spent with my son left home to come back once after my husband went to work, I was pregnant with spectacular results.
I'm very happy now with a baby son!

My son suffered skin

I was unaware of being seen to my son, I love you little boy little boy wants a firm, please insert the fast, I wanted to buy bigger hard vagina was shouting. Onani tampering with a vagina to me that he - I refer to the show, Onani soon - I do! My son did not realize until I Kogashitaku from Rite Amane not see us. I did not see the son, the son of the vagina should be shiny on I looked good, a position I have my face between legs and I was his son from the pacifier in the little boy crazy It is to be seen. He let me see him beckoning to me with obscene sexual intercourse Look at the shiny mother approached her son.

I feel

During my 12 years in one.
Recently, I wake up with itching around the waist when you are sleeping at night. Twin brother is probably doing. But I also realized I pretended Kizukanu. However, I feel, I mean, I'm licking there. Omowazu, I will Pikun body. Place recently said that feeling, I casually shifted his brother's lips. But you'll stop immediately Onatte yourself from ~ The later.

The increasingly like a pervert

Incest is now my mother is pleading for his son, so this time I have become more actively invite my son.
My son is 36-year-old housewife in a middle school student 14 years old, my husband is 42 years old working for a design company.
My husband often travel to the region, only a few days not at home three or four months.
Masturbation was intercepted on his son picked up the loneliness of sleeping alone, but the body is held at least once because implore, I have the pleasure of the incestuous mother crazy.
Swallow cock deep into the dilation of which his son swallow hot semen directly, dazzling pleasure.
And my son will love sucking noisily full of liquid put into the vagina to mouth, lick me like scooping out the inside of the vagina stretch long tongue.
So when you break in the folds of the penis and vagina is hot as fire burns his son, I would like to think what will become of even more.
Until now, only the mouth and vagina was doing, just the other day, I had to do it first anal.
Second, to feel good to feel good, and so I thought I was going to die.
At that time my son but three times, followed by anal ejaculation, not only that, it also gave me pee. The so-called urine enema.
Is clearly found in the intestines came into the urine and semen from the anus of my son. Feeling really good, as was seen in the overflowing of his joy juice and buffet.
Of which I tell my son to want to defecate, I put my son in my mouth to anus by far the penis.
I have told us it's OK from the dirty, listen to tell his son, and I am unable to bear defecate, I have a bowel movement in his son's mouth at last.
Since I went to the toilet before I always fuck, did not defecate very little,
Came out, but still found a little solid.
My son is all smoke leaving the mouth of my anus.
But that is not. I want to say to me to pee.
I keep asking my son, my son's mouth Ategai genitals, urinating with that one.
My son is in love with neutral 飲Mi下Shi breath, and told me it was delicious.
For example I suck dick like crazy son, pleading with me to my son to pee.
Urinate a lot to me to be in my mouth my son, I thought very good.
We have to incest mother almost every night, and since then has set as an enema and anal sex urine, urine drinking each other's matches.
Yesterday my son, now annoy me about the causes and physiology when I want to lick my mother,
My mind, I think that I want to lick my son.
Not only are we mother incest, and even happy to have an erotic transformation.

My son looked in the vagina of the mother.

But I came to this until I saw your Wareme 27 women so far, the best shape and color was beautiful most of this until I Wareme your mother, an ultra-soft pale pink color and smaller nipples This was until I Wareme your highest good and sensitive nipples.


Been divorced three years ago, my son is enrolled at a boarding middle school, but the son had come over to my place and my husband turns the original when you come to play last weekend in May I did.
Day in my house one night last weekend, to put the luggage bag had been asked his son shopping, Shimawanaku well out of the bag contents by entering the amount of luggage, bags Remove the package from that, to her son wrapped in a handkerchief that rare thing, looks like a transparent red cloth handkerchief, I would try to expand into have stunned surprise.
In the women's underwear, underwear inside out is dirty laundry is not a bonus,
"What are you doing?" The voice of my son, my son came up from the bath, I have seen I picked up the underwear,
"It was not wrong, it's wrong, something like this."
A "noisy."
攻Me立Teru pursued as a son, and I confess I got from a friend's dorm room, amazed that such a thing for the second year of middle school, I was bombarded they wound Damn not know enough to make noise Deshimai,
"Shut it, I'll talk ー be charged your mother."
Son in one word, I lose the words, which is likely to impact not fainted.
"Already left, to go out."
I have taken away my son left the room, my son can not wake up while I sleep very well satisfied with the shock 採Razu went back to the breakfast will return in the afternoon.

It is the recollection of last night, knowing exactly how good or were twirling in my head but what they suffered.
Mobile phone ring tones,
"Sorry, Mom."
In an email from my son, my son, I was a little tame feeling like Ando, and can not live together, the growth of my son, I notice even reached puberty to be to reflect on their own
"Yesterday is gone I'm sorry to say so."
"I forget about it yesterday."
"Yeah, right."
"But the thing my mom really wants, I do not want to steal from me I can not say a thing, sorry."
E-mail from her son like a confession, it no surprise upset last night as though the feelings are the things that helped us much less e-mail, I have become able to reply to straightforward words like son .
"Because of puberty, I'd have anyone interested."
"Not so, but I hate people, I want my mom."
E-mail away shaking hands, no words would be embarrassed to reply
"The truth is going to steal it was yesterday."
In the washing machine must have had a piece about,
"But I could not. I want."
My feelings honestly, honestly son, was supposed to feel like I can not bring a premature end to something like this.
Not that there is a separate offense, had seen the results by chance, but honestly feel that my son told me, sharing with friends than mother's underwear, and I want, this thing against the tide negatively affect my son or something, but I do not know what my feelings were, that too many flies around inside my head,
"OK, I want, I understand."
Was the reply.

Then there is no reply from his son, a son will be coming to holiday in June, it's in my head - wear a twirling chaos, dirty underwear would not want both felt that it was aware of his son come next weekend, then himself exploded finally have been suffering needless conflict,
"That will be stolen, do you want to see swing,"
"Ah, Oh Hey ー firstborn as well."
Pop out like a house, knew that stealing is stealing, then,
I shop for underwear, lady underwear, but not so much as jealousy was shown that red underwear, were bought those fancy eye color and design.

Affordable bags, put the underwear that day, it was not just push the bag's nothing dirty.

My son came over the weekend, awkward conversations with each other attitude, I like the limit of irritation,
"Yes, this."
My son held out the bag, pushed off every night lingerie bag, the bag also contained seven pieces,
My son is a strange look of surprise,
"You want to do this."
"I was not good to steal. Yes, that."
My son could not understand the kind of bag'm looking to see the big bulge in the receipt of the bag
"No, around here at all, I hate."
My son seemed to get into the room I could understand, I prepared for lunch as 知Ran振Ri.

Over lunch,
"Thank you, Mom."
That the only thing I can not ignore the words of my son continued to eat in silence.

And summer, passing a bag stuffed with underwear, night and saw her son masturbation,
Divorced three years to life full of living things, without moving closer would come no closer to men,
Son masturbating in his underwear, his hands did not experience his groin,
Floating in the air and come to anguish, the sleepless nights, followed by two days,
The third day yesterday I was in unconscious with sleep.

Commotion like anything, wake up in the shadow of his son, and they sneak in underwear hand of his son, the son of a finger would, in my body,
"Oh, what becomes."
Without resistance, to run away, the body can not respond to such a slogan, they sink deeper into, any move you, will also force the finger, why even try to ask why her son's fingers movement is born knowing the reaction, overhanging son is being gripped my heart, we are rubbed, I was there just watching the scene like a nightmare, we are taking off underwear, feet We are open, come between her son, her son's body overlap, in my body, the momentum of his son, What's going on, what has been so pleasant, why, what , what are you going,
Body to react and anguish, I can see they're ripe to his agony,
My son is hard working, and what are you doing,
Oh, hot,
I'm scattered in the body of my son ejaculation, you lie, why, why,
Son's body overlap, comfortably heavy,
I hugged my son, why
"I love my mother."
"I love it."
Embracing his son so hard, why
In the presence of a male body, man, my son can not understand at all, just why
My son started to move violently, and why
More pleasant to go to the body, why
"Ah, Ah"
I feel that 悦N to ripe, become more intense pleasure,

Brighter, greeted the morning hours, I have a feeling of chill in the air like a naked,
Sleeping naked next to her son,
Not even in a nightmare dream
The relationship between son and really,
I'm laughing as the cold wet sheets,
Try wrapping a man with his son
This is the man in me,
Pushing me to wake up my son
I accept your legs in the middle as his son turns out,
Get stuck tight momentum,
I'm really, since last night, my son,
Churn dear son, happy,
To feel more and more body to react,
Aa, pleasure,
More, more, I want this comfortably,
We on behalf of the dear son of man,
Momentum to penetrate deep inside the body, stuck, to thrust,
My reaction was so nasty wet, my son is dancing to the sounds of lewd behavior,
I heard that this is not so wet, like pleasure,
Genuine ooh, hot, amazing, hot,
It can only be clinging to my son, let, let go already
Suddenly my son away from the body, the son of man coming toward my face
Example would naturally suck in your mouth why is it, man forced his son to move in the mouth,
Coming son ejaculation in the mouth is full of scattered,
Son remains in the mouth is also true nature was not going to swallow my ejaculation,
Wrapped like slowly get throat swallow swallow,
Uninterrupted flow flowing through the throat,
Nose poke odor get noticed, I like nasty smell,
Ejaculation and smell the smell of different
At all hours, in the living room, a bed, son sought, accepted,
The storms of pleasure.

That even after half a year, my son will come back at a run I stay in my house without my husband even stopped by the house of the original.

Welcome back

4:00 PM always too little time. You can hear footsteps running in the hallway of the apartment waiting kun.
Chime sounds. Remove the door lock while pounding. Granny, I'm! Carrying a bag waiting kun smile.
I became a student of six years. Mama mama come hug me. I cute! Pink lips kiss clear eyes staring waiting upturned kun.
Drinking mom waiting more I Chutsuchutsu Toshitetara. Now it deep kiss. To ah.
Chi Yunichunyurunyuru pink tongue and a good mom and cute waiting kun. Good? She said the Kokkuri nodded.
Nasty child from touching the breasts of another apron. Drinking has become rough breath waiting.
Today I was a tank top and white mini. Wait kun favorite yellow apron. Deep purple underwear. Mina Yono's favorable showing through the waiting-kun.
Kiss me when I was full of good mom. Growth has come hand in cute skirt was hugging me Youkenmei s together.
Release the body's eyes gazing softly hold your hand. Want? She said the Kokkuri nodded.
De-pants before you say Gimashounetteyasashiku, I'll take off from one foot to sew the pants have the name wears down the bag. You've become a tent waiting kun Anpanman trunks.

My brother ....

Yesterday, while taking a bath, was raped by my brother.
Last year, I wish emotionally unstable at the time the parents divorced, I thought, this is the ending ....
I mean of course, ignoring what I say ... ... for contraception.
Moreover, the risk of my Sun (ovulation) is aimed at attacking sense,.
Severe eye this morning (Nakade Shisa was bound hand and foot) I've been.
What do you think I do?
Please advice.

My father was the best lover

yuna himekawa[7951]
While working in Ikebukuro, I met my husband came to the store today, the country has married her husband in marriage on condition that you never tell that I worked in health.
My husband's family in the country code, the vast majority young people will go to the old urban employment.
Children can soon (unfortunately I saw in the first two times it has not failed. My husband does not know.) When I also got used to the local child care for my husband having an affair is discovered.
The reason for the affair, sex appeal and youth have recently become available to me could not possibly understand what that use child care only.
But I have family in Tokyo back in place without worrying Imashitara apart, the father "I am sorry that my son is going to be even 40 years. My wife is crying in heaven. Grandchild may , and me living here is good. support is everything. Please. "lived just hope it has arrived with his hands.
Then my husband, and to avoid my friends every night (where it just does not come free man married) just to drink wine, and now only on weekends from early morning fishing.
Now invites you to drive our lives 見Kaneta father. Temples and the famous amusement park, zoo, spa, took me to various places exposition. The children were very excited, I was looking forward to be invited.
Became a daily routine to drink a beer together and drive home from my father at home.
The stepfather also they have the title of several knowledgeable in town, gas stations and land fishery cooperatives, and lending income and the family restaurant is beyond calculation. Profile is higher than my husband, 59-year-old has not see grace.
Eventually I had to try to become a man and a father. When the drive was supposed to talk like a girlfriend or wife.
One night, when two people are drinking beer as usual, the father, "What would your birthday next month for a couple?" I've heard "and be with my husband 35 years Masu. Why? "and 聞Ki返Shimasu and" birthday present Kano Hana What you want? "I was told" "You do not have to do that." answered this.
I'm already at that time, I was dreaming to become a father.
Father's voice, gestures, and looks nervous when.
Our cost of living after cheating husband discovered was the father Itadai every month.
A sultry night, when you are the father was drinking beer while watching, so I was looking at the father drank in silence, too. Is ready when the call out was made, went back to my room alone that night too.
After a while, I have the courage to father, "your father's, my birthday present, I want to eat good food in a town far be alone." I said, "What do Are you good? "could answer this.
My birthday came last.
You place the child's custody to the father to say that employees must rely on my husband, my husband has told an emergency shall be accompanied by support staff will travel father ran out, no reaction was drunk.
During the drive, I was nervous. Then, gently touched my hand more boldly about the father came from the border.
Father, so strong has been holding back, relieved that his answer.
In this city's finest hotel restaurant, gave birth to the first full course I shall.
Meal is over quickly, "Do you already Conclusion.
Maybe like this frog. "I had been thinking, he said," Today, taking the top floor of the hotel room, that if you go back, but now back to cancel, you do? "Asked the gentleman mean?
I Karamitsukimashita his left arm instead of reply.
Elevator to the top, jewel-like panorama. He is looking admiringly at night, "I buy what I like, I'm your birthday present." Bag that I wanted before. And envelopes. {What is it your father's this? "" It is a bank passbook and seal card. When you came into this room, I have a great responsibility. So, I'm proof of that. "I look at the numbers of their bank accounts, he hugged his I went to kiss.
That night, I cornered him at the store trained in techniques.
Excited to have someone from the big man long time.
Sunday way back in the car the next day, things continued to suck his example while driving.
Even back home, we are nurturing and love. Mari Tomari husband when fishing is the best of our Sun.
He is waiting for me after bath. Go to his room to sleep a child. I said, "ass licking" and says, licking us forever.
Recently, when you want it when his children have sex with him.
Fortunately, my husband brought up as children of the same blood type so he and his master, he saw a chance to "really, I kid you." I think I told y.
It really is to send a happy married life with him openly.

My son suffered skin

To sit on the sofa in the room my legs if I taste the pleasures M caressed my nipple showing vagina showing him a letter to the open leg, my son came into the room. I do not know about the crazy son came in to suck his ding-dong, ding-dong sucking licking like crazy, I'm moving violently shaking his hips to caress the nipple.

M'm tame infant nephew.

I am 40 years old, my husband is 43 years old, 11 year old sister is a widow's son at the age of 36. The couple we were not able children, her sister's husband became 33 years old at the time of injury, paralysis, died at the age of 35 became bedridden in bed. Nephew came to play so well, because money was not my sister and I are inadequate, even in the successful footsteps of my husband trace his father. I'm working at my sister institutions in the elderly or handicapped volunteers at the house late at night so you 預Karimasu Department's nephew. I asked what I wanted to try to present something to your 11 birthday Department, and said I need anything, I want to 物言Tsu not hesitate, I asked, you are my aunt Department I came to hug me and saying I want, put your hands in panties skirt breasts are rubbed over the clothes - came over to touch my dick, and your pants in a hurry H. overlap out over my pants off and ejaculate at the moment I touched this Wareme until I pressed against your erection and let my little boy wearing the skin of children. I have a habit of doing 殴Rimashita children see you act outraged Yutaka Yutaka your husband and I came back there, and I stopped. I'll tell my husband and my sister screaming anger. Uncle Yu sorry you are, please forgive mom say thank you from saying anything I hear, thank you, please forgive me. You've heard it say anything? ~ I, and I understood, I hear you say anything. Today he had to call Mom from a phone call saying I was staying with my aunt.

My son suffered skin

I got a heightened large firm nipple was seen coming Wareme feel ashamed of my people in the outdoor hot spring, returned to the room would allow the vagina 疼Ka. In the room, and he was my son 居Masen, he came back after a while, I was naked and wanted to unwind bathrobe belt, wither with his briefs down between his knees I began to suck your dick was hard to me but Kiku Hiroshi Naka Naka. He Onani me on the couch - said to show me the treatment and die, I hate embarrassing and said he do not need my little boy? I heard, I want you bad I can not put up, received, only my little boy, I received in my vagina. Onani early if you want - say look for the show. Onani embarrassed in front of him, but reluctantly - began, I caressed her nipples until an erection rigid sharp pinch roll rub rub with your fingers to stimulate the nipples, nipples In less than five minutes The sharp firm came to erect large. I feel good nipples, I moved his hips shaking, so he feels what my nipples? I heard, I nipple, the feel, said he'm still caress your nipples, I'm good to caress the nipple 10 minutes. I look to see the leg is extended with sexual intercourse. M legs look better'm a vagina to expand the character, I look to see sexual intercourse as soon as look to expand. It looks good because there is no hair, and my mom vagina, you're beautiful, you're your child until I Komitai so slick.

Wow everyone.

Whose son was in middle school, 39-year-old mother.

My son's classmates, the boy that you Riyou. Riyou your son and also has that same class for three years now, two people very close to each. In addition, Mr. Misa of your mother Riyou is a mom beauty the same age as me, yet, partly by accident that the city next to the home of my hometown, made friends considerably since about a year ago, and recently had met two people like my mother every week. We have a large country in the next bachelor husband two years back and not only once, she is a divorced mothers and two lives.

At the end of March this year, and Misa and me, when I was eating from her "son, now my underwear prank." Was first heard the story.
It also acts like it lasted, in the story several times from her, that was brought up listening to your underwear.

About 1 month to "pay attention to his son, two people discussing the results, you really can not put the sex ...." And Misa's, raised by hand with the process. Told the story that was.
Usual, my listener, while pretending to be cool, but I've heard privately nervous.

Golden dawn, as usual in the family restaurant, and Misa have dinner with, "I go to the end." Leaked this. Where to sleep, aggressively sought, and that I had allowed it.
After that, I even invited, because I have things to do, because I have an appointment with my son, the more the state refused.
Previously, I was met and on weekends, after hearing the story is not never met me.

"Geek, How about.." "Your son will not be doing this?"
When Misa's 聞Ki返Sa to always
['m Unlikely in our house. .... My son] [free amino. I would say].

To me, you can not deny that she has, but I have heard about the relationship, was 湧Kimasen bad impression at all. The truth may actually be envious.
Ryo you are. My son, do not speak a relationship with her mother.
. My son, how about looking at me.
My, what's wrong. Recently, as the one who is thinking about this.

? ? ?

When her father asked her to cut her hair, I have become really naughty mood somehow touched my heart the moment his father's elbow.
When I went to the bathroom after the cut, I was surprised to become a full wet wet.
When I went out from Bath ○ ○ Nukenaku father to feel naughty? Depends on purpose to see the street you see, my heart is pounding out to do and this pink color is darker than the hair tip Mujarade ○ ○ I'm drawing on. But I was chatting with me is if you do not mind, I'm really feeling I'm approaching things is seen in ○ ○.
Lightning lick to clean white look of black pants ○ ○ location of his father. It is bitter. Around now, the boy's classmates have no interest at all, will become a racing heart just crazy to think of his father's nakedness.
○ While the lost, she turned every day.
Gushing feeling so good you imagine knocking on my face upward ○ ○ father is? Makes me feel like flowing.
This is bad. Never.
○ It is said a little shocked by the beauty and the strange people I would love your father. But're always thinking. The sports day tomorrow because I think tonight Hikaeyou.

My son suffered skin

He is someone depart on a park bench with your fingers, the meal was ready to return to the hotel room, hotel and inn to say, the women's bath time open-air bath, hot men, and finally to the bathing I would like. He do not call my mom, dad and I call, my son called his teacher a thing, I called my mom. I say, come back and finish the meal we went to the open-air bath open-air bath of hot water into her, and outdoor hot spring, I was in the top 30 women around 10 people, and the girls vagina I'm with bushy hair, than my dick I can see it clearly in Wareme coot. The outdoor hot spring bath in a towel so I did not put Wareme conceal. I have already seen a few people I Wareme embarrassing.

Father and

I talk a little bit earlier, five years ago I was having an affair with his father.
The first time with a relationship, when I was around kindergarten.
When there is memory, the relationship has already been.
Initially, of course, can not insert was licking the whole body turning.
Long clitoris licking turn, did not know the meaning of wet,
Morashita thinks of pee, I was with a tearful face,
"It's going to be people like this. What is it from a pleasant," told me.
And then wet it becomes a sense of the leak pee
Electricity that runs the body, "Copyright" means the more you get wet 濡Rere "Copyright" can get that large, many times, "ik" taught me that.
Rise in primary school by the time is now To have to scrounge enough already. Night, did not enter a bath together, Lightningrod feet
"Donald Mitchell, wash us to the" Always carefully wash your tongue and you know. Osaetsuke with nature and her father head "Oh," I struggle with.
Hindsight, I might Masegaki in the world. (Laughs)
Come to light as a mother, I was in my room and bath topic,
Iki gradually escalated, but I have a futon bed next to my mother's father, now there.
To prevent mother, so I have no mouth to speak by biting a towel.
To see her like that, I want my father was excited.
When I learned I was not supposed to be like entering junior high school,
My father is no longer I did not live in the body.
Absent on business at home to put up with masturbation, get back if she ate. Escalated to a place, or even outside in the car for. Thanks to the insertion time in three.
I made a boyfriend, went to play when I was dressed a little flashy. I was jealous, Iki take me to the room and come back,
I started violently tortured. To taking out the rotor, so after a rickety Ikasa has suddenly inserted. I was still a virgin is "Donald Mitchell, ouch!" If 押Shinokeyou to say, "From a feel," he said, the rotor is directly addressed to Christo.
Comfortably together but the pain stimulus to the insertion and chestnut, but the first time, I said it.
Then, the relationship between father and became the body, including to insert.
Then I had no body Ecchi not live, but I always make a sex friend, and father and I want to ~ I think sometimes. By the way, while her father made her training. ,,, Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Mac_PowerPC)
April 27, 2002 (Sat) 17:02 min, 186, Yumi,,, and the father now has a daily H father.
Last night, hidden away underwear father and rises from the bath towel,
Put the dressing room was not only an apron.
Can not be helped because I wore an apron. Not wearing underwear, so of course, is also exposed vagina ass Raretara also seen from behind.
Started up the stairs to go upstairs and I have no father
All of a sudden my father was hiding in the kitchen, came from behind to hug.
Is pressing on the stairs, and after licking the body, and is in the middle of the stairs on all fours, with H from behind twice.
My father seemed pretty excited, but once I back out soon
The second is quite long.
Yet Shagandara 履Kou and go to school shoes at the door as this morning, we were suddenly hugging his father, was raped while in uniform at the door. While wearing shorts on, lifting my leg wearing high socks, thrust up from the bottom, pushing came Guigui.
Father and truly out in the uniform issue is considered bad,
I want out of the discharge.

Father and daughter

People and events there is the story the other day ^ ^ H Lightning
It is my father. Did you feel a little lighter. Sun said that masturbation made me buy my mother my father was just a holiday. Then my mother went out. Rabbit is not only home to his father.
The rabbit heart G it is also a student at the cup C ^ ^ ^ ^ was larger cup. I could ^ ^ I did not expect that day to wear a miniskirt Imashi one and it was a holiday camisole or. What tea with my father? I poured voice. Tempted to reveal to his father from a chest a little when you put the tea on purpose camisole. I understand that the heart of the action concentrated in the eyes of my father so harshly. Huh I was asked because I see what you are interested in any way from the heart of the action I've never seen my father and because the G ^ ^ and it is touched or licked or cup boobs Rabbit feel well now. Bunny breasts like his father had told me I have a beautiful shape. Is understood that the erection of the penis in your pants looking at the breasts of the action of the little boy burst into my father ^ was ^ ^ Yaremasen had no time to start ordering tea, so my father told my mother potatoes Mashita ^ ^ I love hotel are invited to go to my father now.

Apologies to my husband

Six months ago, my husband came home a little drunk. See my face and welcomed to the front door, has been pressing for an adult relationship. I strongly deny that there also be watching TV in the parlor is the son of college, ran into the next room.
My husband came 押Shi倒Sa step is, I only had resigned to accept a master. My husband to ejaculate soon, you fell asleep with the snoring.
I also feel shame, I left the room with head bowed. The next day, my son, "It was great last night, mother" was comforted, "Eckert, new places I'm sorry I've seen shame" and to apologize, "I want my mother and I also" have to hug. My son, "the fellowship of father and husband and wife because," "The child is spoiled," and a soothing, if the 収Marimashita. My son was watching it from beginning to end of it open space.
Three days later, my husband was away on travel and comfort of the workplace, I finally got my son to open the body. From the moment her son into accepting a cute, incestuous mother and the woman's guilt fizzled.
Used to respond to violent son back, hold firmly with both hands, wiggle your hips, was originated to moan. My son is now with the first ejaculation, Moteasobi my body until the morning, many times to ejaculation.
Later, during the day without a husband, while expected, wildly violent son I now get a kick SEX gradually, and the rigidity of interest with my husband is gone all the SEX.
Recently, I lamented the body of a young woman would want. My husband and son relationship is sorry, can 顔向Ke.

I love my dad

Now I feel great being rubbed away come to me my big chest or back flow in a sudden my father if I came last in the bath.


yuna himekawa[7903]
The 43-year-old housewife. Housewife said her husband passed away years ago and now has three living couple and their three daughters. My daughter is pregnant and married at age 19, men were the son-in-law was 28 years old at the time. My own daughter, so I get a birth at the age of 19, especially early and did not think so. Four years since then, seeing the face of the grandchildren have not yet made are living happily in its own way.
Son (Tatsuya) is a salesman of certain major automaker, closed on weekdays. My daughter is a two-day weekend by a clerk of SMEs, and that the holiday weekends and public holidays, of course, seems to be less out together enough, enjoy the fleeting dating back to join and work seems. My husband died, the sight was smiling even envy.

Last week, when I told my daughter went to the company outing of the workplace. Tatsuya and dinner together, drank tea in the living room. Tatsuya at dinner in a little wagon that had been drinking beer, had become talkative than usual. My daughter also has not, to my little acquaintance, and was speaking to everyday things like talking.
"Your mother's, not my boyfriend I do now?"
"I suddenly say something. (Laughs) You do not mean that"
"Ah! Is not it a waste. But still young"
"I'm not dead yet after only three years my husband, I have such a person Tsukurenai"
"I still 吹Tsu切Remasen, right?"
"Well, I guess. It was like I remembered I do not cry anymore"
"But Miyuki (the girl) I'm worried. I would not want a mother like this 老Ke込N Jattara"
"Thank you.'s Me saying that I'm glad. But hey Naka Naka"
Tatsuya has also heard from becoming another little silence.
"Can I hear something weird?"
"If your father's or night it was wrong?"
"No! What it anymore. You're drunk"
"I can not hear this at almost drunk"
"Do Whatever. I'll say I'm in the drink too, like I was the last day before the accident."
Yes, my husband was gone all too soon in a car accident on way to work.
"Since then, anybody?"
"So I would not have anyone"
"So maybe it yourself?"
"Stupid! Much anything"
The rest is word of mouth was blocked by Tatsuya. Falling down on the carpet that I escape from the couch as Tatsuya was still stuck. I guess the difference comes out of me as well as the power of men and women 突Ppane 引Ki離Sou with both hands. Kanaimasen very much. When the body force is suddenly missing, I've been infiltrated by dividing Tatsuya lips tongue. As it is sucked my tongue, but was Tatsuya 絡Mitsui the arms of the unconscious that is devoured by the mouth lips and tongue, Tatsuya.
"Your mother's, I'll comfort me."
I could not be speechless. Crawl around the neck and ears lips and tongue, Tatsuya, and hands massaged my breast. Their hands, remove the blouse buttons soon have to shift your bra pinching the nipple. Heart is stimulated at the hands of men in three years, I could not be even more energy to resistance. In fact blouse and skirt, and I was helping to lift the hips to be taking off underwear. I was stark-naked figure, and I noticed both of them. Moved from the nipple to groin Tatsuya fingers, seized the clitoris.
"Oh ya Udda"
"Your mother's, so Flooding"
"Yeah do not say embarrassing"
"It is a very beautiful body beautiful"
"The seldom"
"Your mother's"
絡Mi合Imashita tongue lips overlap. Tatsuya 吸Imashita his tongue, too. Tatsuya tongue away from the lip, the straight Iki slipped the tip of my tongue, body, legs held at the next moment, I face buried in his groin Tatsuya.
"No! From dirty! No! Of such"
Honestly, my husband has not liked me lick, lick on me for who I was not rare. I only know a life because it was her husband, a man was in recognition that such a thing. This torture was shocking Soredakeni Tatsuya. Clit licking and sucking, or getting into the tongue, licking at the hole in the ass I do not know what you cried, I Nokezotsu large aloud.
"Your mother's, I was saying?"
"So the first lick of difference in such a place"
"Your father's, I had bad service"
I started licking his face and say that burying. It appeared, that the front of my eyes Tatsuya body and replace. It was much greater than the thick remembered her husband. Of this was not seen before.
"Your mother's, licking"
I nervously grabbed it. It twitched like trying to hit a vein in your hand is very hard, was strong. I hooked it 頬張Rimashita. Still contains up to fit on the throat, was using his tongue while absorbed in Oe and Innovation in the middle.
"Your mother's, I can not take it anymore, I put"
We interrupted the body Tatsuya between my legs, came in slowly.
"Big Kuuu Ugh"
"It's amazing too tighten your mother"
"I come all the way Ah Aha"
"Soon enough for all"
Tatsuya coming in through the roots, as it began to move. Thickness, the hardness and length. Hi my husband was not on. I put out the other voices just are suffering. It does not have long, then suddenly came. Rigid body in front of me and white, quivering, I had cum. Remember there is to it. If the senses were white liquid flowed from the groin. Tatsuya noticed that I regained consciousness after repeated lips, we have had to apologize that I have broken out in, I was getting better at that time that does not matter. Tatsuya embrace, to kiss, I just let go. That night, taking a bath together, into bed together, Tatsuya 受Ke止Memashita many times until morning. In all of them.

Been the morning, but the anxiety that came 過Girimashita in, all pregnancy symptoms, so come out even from her birth to the original, maybe it is OK to me 言I聞Kasemashita. My daughter came home, but also from that Tatsuya and once sent me a sign that I feel somehow Tatsuya. There is no limit to his confidence, too. What happens after this.

Woke up like a son of a high

I am a 41 year old housewife. I like waking up to the opposite sex, you're my son went to high school.
I had my underwear in the closet if my son to clean his room. It is more alarming feel comfortable all day.
Often, we feel the gaze even take a bath. I had found my imagination 言I聞Kashi came to seem not.
Gotten that I am concerned about my son, making me wonder what happens to the child concerned.
The ephemeral to me just last long skirts, mini or settlement is better if I offer an opinion.
In love with a white skirt and T a few days ago to observe the trend of his son wearing a black shirt and underwear.
I felt a great look.
I thought that all little boys like this.

At any time you like ...

I am a 39 year old housewife. 16 year old son and now the incest was a freshman at middle school son.
From the loneliness not get bothered my husband, son seduce me is I have a physical relationship.
Is preparing to escalate action, devoted son, anal virgin.
However, a paraplegic in a car accident and her son, now I can not sex anymore ... and yet,
For my son, tongue and fingers, and I am comforted me with toys. His son to such a climax in tears every day.
To a miraculous recovery, and sex When you are ready, I want to wish all of you my son

My son suffered skin

Short for him - the tree is allowed to boulder, we walked the busy streets while walking near my sensitive nipple from the top of my bathrobe and his elbow and arm that he walked a pair We have been sharp and erect nipples are rubbed hard is stimulated. I have to ask him back early topic in the room, trying to walk a little more was said to him, I want the topic as soon as I can not put my room, and since yesterday I put up, I want It's hard pointed nipples will touch you, he is OK, I'll give you a little on a park bench, I have not seen anyone from the dark, he was playing with my erect nipples, sucking, licking , sucking, short - at the height of rise Tsumemashita clitoris is being rubbed rubbed picked rare sexual intercourse lowered until the knee of the shiny tree. I have already gone on for several minutes because it was made of the patient.

I understand that more than a year ago

I confess to incest experience.
I'm unable to sleep well at night of summer and often bra T shorts may fall asleep with it in the form of shirts. I was a heavy sweater dress Bishonureninarukotomoarimasu at night sweats in it.
Quilts to be that night 掛Kezu 寝苦Shiku.
The figure was a rough fall asleep.
I felt I hit the middle of the night, but suddenly hot Kuni Shige woke up.
Did not realize my situation is not clear in my head for a while, I realized that my body Atsushi looms soon brother.
But hurry to leave, my brother was already 14 years old and face to say that I build from the bottom in three children are to grow up.
But small and slender woman in me that I could not pull away.
Did not feel anything but fear.
There were only let my brother continue to act quietly and I think it's important to be screaming for help, such as anger and fear than just shocked my brother since I was little she ate. -
Atsushi eventually raised to T-shirt toss. T braless breasts because the breast directly to the bottom of the shirt wet with sweat, is exposed to air. So ill take the greed and buried his face to see it. At that time, but ultimately much surprised indeed breath was still silent.
At that time I have no choice but to accompany a selfish spoiled brat rather than be attacked by a man I feel.
I think it was like that.
"Severe, it's only just touch." I said doing that much. Atsushi was nodded in my heart.
Atsushi finally face buried in my heart as it has to lick the nipple like a baby.
Then I remembered that in the past.
During elementary school when my brother a bath together and is by and playfully touched my body.
By then my brother can lick my breasts I was doing.
I remember feeling embarrassed and it was gone immediately.
Again. I can not leave a child seemed to her sister forever even after my brother.
Relentless attacks soon became ill.
I also feel embarrassed when I finally put his hand in the crotch.
Grated at the shorts and pulled my panties with my brother but I gave hand to help make it easier to take off on the back instinctively.
If I were to act like a man other than my brother would have been screaming in terror, had admitted to such behavior is natural for the younger brother of the late 気安 sister.
Atsushi opened by hand, then stared at my genitals so as to bury my face in my crotch on all fours on the bed narrow.
Put your finger when it came to power spread further over I felt a sharp pain.
"Ouch." I leaked a small gesture of protest to the violent brother.
"Sorry," My brother is sorry to say so.離Shimashita hand from the genitals.
But this time I have been attacked by hand instead of the lips.
Kikemashita continue to suck up as kissing licking clit even before my genitals with a kiss.
I was doing several times a month since I remember entering high school masturbate.
Yet. The experience was not a man was the central act of rubbing the clitoris, it's about a little finger into the genital area was doing.
Maybe because sexual stimulation is moving back I kept thinking seems to caress my brother used to it.
I noticed that my brother relentlessly 責Me立Temasu.
I have felt so much a voice involuntarily leak.
Issued pants down and his genitals to his brother back in time.
Will could not help myself.
I went many times to move his right hand with his legs intact.
Sorrel has been in bed shaking and the act.
I'm doing my brother masturbating while her face buried in the crotch. As the reality was somewhat stunned by the sight 浮Kabanai have never even imagined this.
My brother eventually gave back even higher.
Kuni Tsuyoshi face attitude will impose a more natural and my legs then.
At that time my brother would have ejaculated.
I knew from the crotch of a severe body cramps.
We have just been exhausted, ill eventually get started hugging and kissing me.
This is my first kiss to it, but I thought it vaguely reminds me, my hand was a severe nature and embraced.
He has pressed for me to finally get his penis Kio Hiraku my feet.
My body is bad, but I thought makes sense to move toward the other way around Well my thoughts.
It was easy to put on a little more open legs bent legs.
Then the body of the ill in me came in at once.
When I accepted the crotch of his brother and slender body Itarashiku terribly wet.
My brother's body into the body and immediately coincided easy to root.
My body has accepted the men first told that the pain is still a bit dull, was not as bad as I thought.
Even when the body began to move in the crotch Eventually my brother so much pain I had was discomfort.
My brother moves just a few minutes ended all too soon.
Atsushi are you ejaculate in me.
That night you have finished with it.
追I返Shimashita parents have found in his room and his brother not to 急Kashi, the bed sheets are modeling to look closely around our waist was in my blood and body fluids in our was.
I put the washing machine ran into the bathroom and wash their sheets in secret.
The first experience I thought it was pretty unusual and I try to calm anger over his brother did not come up again.
Then I continued to remain involved on a daily basis with his brother asked.
Is it going to be a year too soon.
30 minutes to find the parents secretly at midnight, a time-related repeated.
There was also found when it was nearly, continues.
Discomfort and pain of body and subject to caress my brother remember now gone deep in ecstasy.
When his brother does not have a relationship with many days to get the opportunity to imagine what it is about time that he embraced.
We can not continue forever, but Ikimasen this extraordinary relationship.
After I graduated from high school is scheduled to leave the hometown to attend college.
At that point you will find a new lover but my brother up on the high school.
Now you yourself want to stay all day long while now expected relationship at that time.

My son suffered skin

Changed into the yukata in the same room three people entered the room. I became a mini-dress off my naked in front of him and his son wore a bathrobe to the skin sheets to him, please, at least short - and please let me alone 穿Ka, Germany, asked for.

What a temptation ♪

My son is 16 years old 35 years old. The husband is now married with unintended pregnancy at the age of 19.
But recently I thought I'll even cheat Kurenaku bothered me at all. I have seen my son naked at that.
I came into the dressing room when you clean yourself son a bath when I just raised. I'm always that time if I have already raised the bath,
That day I had sex with one person in the bath before your period antsy. My son went out in a hurry, I had a bulging trousers in front of miss.
A few days later, I went out to 見計Ratsu playing golf in the morning my husband waited for her son happened to come dressed in miniskirts.
I'm going to come to his son while his son walked around in a skirt while getting breakfast ready.
My son was looking at me too shimmering had dinner in silence.
I noticed that, panties and showed his son pretending to reach out to take the cup from the kitchen to dining at the table I see my son on purpose.
That day I was purple and black lingerie naughty, my son went out again in a hurry, I think I was masturbating in my room for sure.
What am I tempted to turn ♪

Father's sperm

Semen during fellatio father out, "I drink! Me drinking Midori"
I would have no choice but to drink my great resistance. I can not escape being I'd hate to hold my head very bitter. Drinking is probably 50 times. No one o'clock I feel will lick the clitoris. I hope it is not pregnant to have sex with his father five years. I also do not use condoms.

My son suffered skin

Now, I was only 躰 someone depart once the messy I can not 躰 been satisfied. S · A 堪Rimasen still wanted a little boy gave me a feeling of sexual intercourse with his fingers, feeling a little boy raised to rub your pants over his legs, strong enough in your pants I firmly erect large. I want a little boy and I was stiff from his thirsty son, said the next stop by P · A. He and I are bi - while going to buy a level, wide-impaired W · C he entered together with the erection sharp increase nipples being played with my nipples until an ejaculation was made to Blow me I will, I asked him and I put a little boy he has just hardened me 焦Rasu, 果Temashita ejaculate in my mouth, he was happy, I'm forced to stick with to, Onani - we did not give me deaf. We drove back to his car I tease my pantyless crotch rubbed into your hands in the car in a miniskirt. Wareme will spread his fingers tighten it accepted, your Kono Naka until I'm soaking wet. I also tightened his fingers stroking the clitoris with the thumb of his feel good. I have already moved their hips in a patient unable to feel good. He I asked to let someone depart early on can not put hope in the ear of his not let someone depart even caressing vagina sloppy, my thanks to the vagina erect a heightened increase nipple drenched noise in three other customers who entered the hotel in the wet - and was the sight of bras and miniskirts. Teru Hazama Chekuin to him, I lobby - I was sitting waiting for sofa - I knew I would now appear to have sexual intercourse all the shiny wear miniskirts will sit down with.


The end of high school entrance exam, the school of choice brilliant son passed, what has changed some since then.
(Well in the laundry.
Busy moving, cleaning, washing and housework as usual, ending buzzer, washing
(Oh, no my underwear?
I dried the laundry on the way, I noticed that there is no pants, underwear, why is missing in the house should have one, impossible to tell my husband, my mind is that no criminal only son過Girimashita.
Adolescence, and early childhood learning and son had to take a whole new different attitude to me as hitting, but lonely and I solicited Orimashita is unavoidable, to study at the sight was telling myself to give up on the frontier.
It is his son stole my underwear, and to be happy with the illusion that they brought me back to my place son I did was double the pleasure.
Very act of stealing the underwear can not forgive my son is, stick with Kira Bukkake cold attitude "found" a "noisy" but had not come back but my son says, adolescent sexual awakening, and an interest in her underwear looking at me more than anything, what is wrong in my feelings got alert before the joy of the thing better.
Risa Moyo found your dirty shame, as before, "Mom," as they Omotsu I've nothing but underwear thing it would cost my son come back and take you up gently or is me.
And May holiday, I do not know what the harm.
取Reta resorts packed his master could not come at long last work, Dano in line all day long, turned into the hotel exhausted, done after a bath or dinner time, barely able to slow,
"Today, I'm tired but happy."
"My mother drank sleep, I sleep soundly."
I bought beer at a convenience store and opened the back, enough for coming in drunk and spinning around,
"You're drunk, I'm good."
"If you drink more."
"I do not fall're drunk."
"I'm fine."
The beer is poured into a glass eye open three books,
"Oh, I'll drink so much."
Get beer poured too rarely, but usually not to speak, I feel we got drunk in coming,
(Well, surely such a thing.
(Well, I do not have, I do not have it.
Motive act like my son get better beer, get drunk with me, but I started thinking 過Giri Kano Masa, when it is slow and drunk beer and I fully paralyzed,
"Well, Oh Well drink, drink Oh Well."
I drank no beer is poured at once to my son, but can predict things around know what I was being attacked was also determined to feel like.
Moved from the couch to bed, get even more drunk, Takao heart pounding ringing, do not look like the ceiling looks like coming round and round and round,
"OK Mom."
"Got drunk and got drunk."
"You coming back."
Not certain that the voice of my son, kicking ass and echoes his reply,
I take off my son pulled the pajamas,
"The Naa, what is it."
"Oh, nothing,"
"No, not Aya."
My son is exposed to my lower body without saying anything, trying to open the legs,
"No, no, no."
Around the ceiling, the face of his son come to see the hanging body pressure,
"Ah, Ah."
My son came into the body, I feel drunk, feel the momentum of the men stuck his son's body rolls forward and respond to sexual stimulation not allow the atmosphere to allow no body 押Shi迫Tta son pounding strike movement, brilliant enough to guide me, hot legs, stimulating the pleasure is calling around willy-nilly pick.
Stick to stimulate the breast are rubbed into the hands of tight son has also removed his coat,
"Ugh, ー Muu."
Sprinkle with his son flew to ejaculate, I filled with flowing hot stuff, things like this, sandman went into sudden sleep in what we still can not settle.
Woke up, still night table clock is indeed ticking 3.
And son sleeping next to a naked, drunken relationships remain informed, the actual event, not a dream, a physical relationship with his son, but suddenly attacked the guilt, I love staring at the sleeping face of her son Oshiku.
I came back to hug her son awake.
They had to cling to respond too.
Open feeling to the body of a man conscious of his son to accept, deeply embedded in the coming hard and pierced by vigorous youth.
Without accepting it with joy avoid irritation, the show revealed the appearance of a mature mother of a son, a man in agony without any piece of shame, watching his far left indulge in sexual acts with minors.
The act was really his son accepted this was more intensely expressed joy for adultery devour her son worked for his master's face while forgetting that many things around.
突Ki抜Ka pleasure in being the son of man, his son is released ejaculation hot again, a refreshing sense of remaining comfortably ride my son's body,
"Mom, I'm angry."
"I'm more angry."
"Well, alright, not mad."
"There are not angry, and gotten this thing I do, I'm scared."
"Why you scared."
"What if you get turned Kio Yoshi Taka-chan, right troubling."
"I really felt."
"It's so troubling, who would not fall in love."
Continued Adultery fornication love embraced her son to waste a ticket on the second day, I get to enjoy adultery intense they come familiar male son, lost to be with care to fear the fear continues with his son like this was.


I relax in the bath wearing your Rongukyami one.
Today, dressed in orange cami, bra and panties, so I clearly transparent emerald green.
I was wrong to steal a glance at his drink 生唾 now I have a bath. Must surely have masturbated today.
When the semen found in the bathroom wall was left to dry Yatta was feeling. Shigoi that like? What ejaculation? KOTO delusion that your mother for me, right?
Now, I'll have to masturbation with fingers, slid into my shorts. The living room door suddenly opened.

Ralph and

In two when I was eighteen fucked stepfather married my mother the other five.
Father is completely bald head is not, the obese woman-looking out from the belly I hated was the first time in a large house that my father hated type.
One night my father came into my bedroom.抱Kisukume has touched my heart and me.
"From my father's mother telling you to stop"
Of course, I have resisted, blocked by the power of her mouth with a towel were going nowhere. Nipple sucking father kept quite tenaciously over time. I had been feeling so horrible disgust.
I had to remember every day - from about three small masturbation. Around the five small there is surprisingly wet myself, and to just remember that there Wow Gaji masturbation even in the daytime class, well-wetted undergarments. I thought I must be really sick and I'm sure. Nipple sucked while my father, so there was already Gushogusho.
What if you try to touch it. Right on the money as soon as I have a hunch it was Nugasa underwear.
"You're already so this feels all wet"
Spread the crack over there "She'll be seen comfortably'm just excited to be seen here."
Zulu, Zulu has been noisily licking. The heart was filled with the deformity, the body has it would - in response to raise your voice honestly.
Has been rubbing a little into the first part of the penis and feel. Nevertheless, I felt the first time.
The pain is fully inserted, but only when driven.
How many times have you forgot, I already knew the height of two. And a taste that many days to come father became impatient, and wanted the man's cock, put your finger consoled myself.
Father enjoy the reaction of them show me the book obscene pornography, showing the penis in front of the company decided to do the same with photos. I used including the mouth and tongue as I was told that those dark red. The soft palate is often father than I had expected, "I'm excited to be obscene but not that one feels in the mouth" is said really excited.
I wanted to feel beholden mother took the man with a secret that even your own father, no matter how odious. I enjoyed the father rather than just cock.

Yukihiko love

Pregnant belly on the children of our sons, I have this year's event on May 17, confessed that her son had an affair with Yukihiko.

I have been embarrassing story about sex with my husband twice a month.
Most husband and I live out in the.
But I have never made a mistake never Yukihiko from birth to his son.
By this time also the day my husband and hazardous There are Chokuchoku Pies.
However, pregnancy did not.

Relationship with his son and called, only just fit on the day when you are away from home for the night my husband was coming to my room to ask every time, as my body now.

The boundary of a son May 17, I also "children" to "man" has become viewed as.

Since sex is the second son and let me make sure my son wears a condom.

Meanwhile, I went to the pharmacy in the middle of June, so things did not come as a woman come in late May and bought a pregnancy test.
I waited three minutes to pee wet paper while testing anxiety.
Decision is "pregnant." Was positive ie.
I'm glad 18 years since half of pregnancy.
The next day I got to go check the neighborhood of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
"Congratulations. It is now the first three months. My due date is February 10 next year." And

My husband is a surprise for the time being, I've a secret.
However, it has reported his son, Yukihiko children could come home from the hospital.
My son, "You're my sister, mother or brother can! And happy!" Very pleased with me.
I told my son, "My father in secret. The talk from me!"
Considering now, my husband did not immediately say.

Yukihiko and son from having sex without condom every time it is enjoyed.

Mid-August, while having sex with my husband, my husband said.
"You mean I came out of the belly you've been around this darkly areola"
I said, "Sorry, they keep it secret until now. The day ー February 10 next year will actually be."

Starting with the words my husband stopped having sex with me.
And my husband, "but I Iteta without telling you, I have a vasectomy three years ago.
To me that, no reason I can children. "
My husband's last words, "So, you will know I did not get pregnant and live,
Was safe to do in life, "the nightmare on May 17 甦Rimashita shift words.

After those words, my husband, "You'm guessing a night shift to day affair of mine! Say Who!" And
I can not say it splits the mouth. "I and Yukihiko"
Then my husband went out of the house with the clothes at home.

Yukihiko is then "What my father went to work right now," I've heard.
I was crying but it is unable to answer.

That night my husband to come home to sleep, waited overnight, my husband did not come back.
I said, "children of the womb Yukihiko'm a child. 墮 quickly without the filtration of these children!" I thought.
The next day I asked the teacher to say the abortion matter.
Gynecology professor is "the first five months already, so abortion can not." The answer was returned.

Then I went to the room of his son, Yukihiko "vigorously embracing mother!" He said,
We had a friendly hug her son one night than usual.

Then my husband now live in the house to house work-related women are now not come back.

I am now, my stomach is going to migrate smoothly seven months.
We decided to have a baby between the cherished son too.
The first is a dark and exchange of blood, in the late birth age of 39, had come to dread and wonder what baby is born with disabilities.
When the baby turned out to be made between the son and even tried to commit suicide thought.
But my son always gave me encouragement.

I recently lost my terrible finally told my son that one.
Talking about a vasectomy three years ago, my husband, "this hungry child, I made a kid's birthday actually Yukihiko!" Tearfully told.

Yukihiko to hear it tightly hugged me and cried with me.

When the words of my son, "You're my child and mother. I want a baby" absolutely not.
Then, I had sex about three times vigorously with his son.
After the sex, nudity and embraced by his son, my son's stomach while patting,
"I'm the baby in my stomach this. I gave birth a healthy baby!"
Son said.
From that moment I realized I completely lost as part of the mother.
In my mind, mothers bear children, there was a feeling that her son never do. .
Common sense to think that until now it would be obvious.
Now is the norm of what happened is that my body does not.

My son decided that 産Mou children, there was also a mother, I decided to completely abandon the same time.
While you could not find myself, "Yukihiko woman" is reborn as.

There is concern about the wide variety of still birth.
I tell him my son get a job after graduating from high school.
Has a sideline in his room, too.
I came into the husband's salary is still in my account.

I decided to try and raise this child even over the life of the stomach.


That limits or soon? The feeling. Your son is 16 years of the Department. H is in the midst of you around.
Alone together in her husband away from home, the frustration of course I would have much less reason too I wanted Raretara eyes look like that every day in addition to that.
Wastebasket in the room with his son wiped his ejaculation is rounded tissue, it is also, again this morning, but gave up three Koh Katazu only yesterday.
With a pillowcase concealed in my shorts, I think even three times? I, of unusual thinking Have you, too.
Masturbation is a delusion that the Department committed to you makes you cum more intense sex with her husband. "Depriving early"

My discourse incest

Now more than ever feel accepted in a long time Shunto vagina. Not use a condom for the moment, had let them out on my ass I'll let it not ejaculate in the mouth and hands will still intravaginal ejaculation. Why can I not do in the moment? Was looking terrible, "Sorry, because it is susceptible pregnant! I'll be your baby mama's soup in the rut? You will not want her moment? Were the things I heard Mom say properly!" And moment was averted feelings. Especially after surgery, was told that the hospital care is also the first ovulation. The moment was a moment of intravaginal ejaculation, as is the norm until now has become excessively dear anguish and even ejaculate while postponed. The morning around 4:30. Moment there is no appearance of the bed, you go to the bathroom? Moment to go downstairs and I do not. No! Skin cape gown with front door and I not only had the key is removed, and the lotion is located, go out and understand the actions of a panic moment, yet the road in front of the house naked moment in what Masturbation was out. "Moment! No! What should we do when the report found Do not be left on the road? Inside I'll be nice to mom!" And say "No! It or. Mom feels Kiritai become transformed more I , and Yeah go again to see here. Can I seen anyone. Mom and I Because it is special. is not it because I feel is ne? off on where you put the house to me I like naked Mom! come to my place. "I was trembling with each other, small voice. Began to dawn on weekdays and the other said, trying to see what other people Raretara and newspapers. I doubt yours will be notified and can been seen next to his wife, not to stay home. It was made from things we do not know where you want to travel away from home and outdoors and the park so far. Fuck you in the garden at midnight or early morning there. Moment will continue off and away from the front of the house away from me as it is. I'm a naked. Give him too loud moment! I'm thinking of getting stronger as the pleasure of the transformation from the anguish inside me refused to ejaculate? If you take the house pulling 込Mou go hand thrown by the moment the door of the house in the nude gown and I feverishly with his right hand and ejaculation while 扱Ki're out here in ー'll limit Ah Mom . Moment cum spurt on the roadside. Was shaking all over with their costume and 今Ni her. Finished rough moment ejaculation breath, and let mom Toron eyes and looks at me with a thin voice like mom. From the tip of the penis will maintain an erection was sticking to my stomach hanging thread-like sperm remained.

Ralph and

yuna himekawa[7799]
Farmers will be married 6 years. My husband is almost no farming. I now help recently. Or garden mushroom is only about twice that was not done. Sun is in the mountains, probably because of its cloudy I went to the mushroom harvest in the afternoon was a father and a while with a dark scary thin. The father, so I looked to close the door closed so suddenly surprised when I was told I went to the basket to bring the house or farm equipment that you put the father for about an hour I was at work was. The father suddenly, "I've been waiting for a chance to become friends before the two of them come true," has clung to me like 飛Bi掛Ru said there. I was surprised, "Stop," I was forced to insert fingers into panties lowered without losing the power of the father for not staying close to people shouted. Father finger technique has been farming for many years was different from her husband to feel I was a chunky rugged. I was thinking "good," I said there. The father, "I liked the previous grant's" blue sheet expanded to say I was on the shelf. Demashita off my blouse and the other side from me rather than any resistance to what lovely goodie bags. Remove the bra has put a finger in one hand while getting next to my father too.堪Ranaku to feel good now placed all the way up than earlier. Several times, "ik" As I said it. Father is "more happy if fulfilled," has spread my legs pussy me. Became so pleasant to me and embarrassing but I licked a little lip biting and sucking the tongue is the first place. I said, "Your father's Copyright" If yours say "I will grant you until you are satisfied," I say to my father because she "can not touch your father's," I said come back earful Mashita. The father and because I have diabetes because of the impossibility of any ill I knew, "I am happy Hayo Kanae be grateful if it just" I told you. I tried to hug stunned father, "your father more Shite," I said in a sweet voice. Father is "Yes" or finger licking me gently topic violently with both hands spread pussy than I little while ago. From there I really can not have anything to end the ejaculation is not rolling into Iki. Makurimashita feeling than to have sex with my husband. My body and my father spent nearly three hours in the cabin was completely a thing of the father. Since my return I decided to go back and change seems to be preparing dinner Tokanai to come back before I kissed my husband stopped many times while walking to a car parked at trail almost like newlyweds. I made a simple curry Morai touching breasts and pussy in the kitchen from behind the father's body also houses 止Ranaku glow. For the night as usual conversation but my husband came back without his head was only about Naka Naka 寝付Kemasen father. In the morning my father and I have cell phone updating to Tiger's father did not work but my husband went to the morning market. Come back to me soon I come back every time I'd finished on business sales or cooperatives in hue as my father is also the solution. Usually the father to the new bed in the room while waiting for the see-through negligee lingerie just getting skin is thin and I was not put too much wear it. I had gotten into my wardrobe since I told my husband I do not 似合 from fat and 80 160. But I gladly gave my father is very sexy and beautiful and it came back at me. Noon was nearly unchanged until the father went to the room so as to embrace. After recovering the thought of a dick every father someday.

I am his girl

To divorce my husband, one year has passed. Sold off the house and moved to an apartment near his room.
He is 21 years old. Graduated from college, spring spike this year, entered the major automotive manufacturers dealer. As an engineer, has developed.
His holiday, Wednesday.休Menaku this week really, I am alone.
Last week, a date with him. Combined with his arms, walked the streets, your relationship with us window shopping as well.
Hands pulled him into the women's underwear department.
"Panties, I'll buy"
"Eh. I'm embarrassed"
He is serious for me, panties 3, pick me. That one, like the high school girls wear, was a pink stripe cotton. One is always going to want something from him.
He turned to her, was the third date. The first date, gave me a piercing. To this end, before I had a hole in the ear. I went to the piercing.
The second date, he was in the car, it's my first experience, or a time period when each month, we listen. Lipstick, perfume, Manyukia, he bought me a taste of things.
Third date. Last week. The two girls entered the bathroom of a suburban park, I was in front of him for a wee. Because he said, to see really. I so embarrassed, so I will be happy he is good. On the spot, let me change my shoes to buy new underwear. Was wearing panties, the Komimashita away in his pocket.
Back to the car, passionate kiss. From the chest, he put his hand came into my blouse.
"I come someone"
"I see"
The cars are being put on a film of smoke. But surely will not see.
He was removed from my breasts bra heart has been smoking.
"Ah," my voice leak.
"The period was it next week."
"... Yes"
He took out his things were already tight. I Unadzuki small, you went to his mouth. Slowly, we'll soak.
"I drink"
What he was released in full in my mouth. I was Gollum, and drank.
On that day, and to his room.
Taking a bath together, shared the body wash. I sit in the bath, he shaved my hair over there. All, like children, to me there, he looked at the time.
"I like where I came from, Yoshiko" He's my thing, Yoshiko called.
Nor the mother as a woman, and I love me.

Now, after a week there, my hair has been little growth in the book.
By phone last night, he said, "next week and I'm going to shave," and has told me.
Period is over, and he should be embraced. He was sure, I will let cum. The more white in my mind makes me crazy.

I am looking forward to it next week.

More patience

I can not take it anymore and my son, I came close.
As I have lovely goodie bags if you do anything, I just raised to take, in my mind today is that it is OK, considering the ends to regain their composure, fine day But one thing at a time, if I refuse 遣Ra is unable, taking Wherever, I repeatedly put an end to fellowship with his son that the next day (period), the result is going out. But if her husband 知Rere, 間違I無Ku, I divorce? !

Deceased husband and young son

My 44 year old two-time loser (widowed + divorced), and lives with 19-year-old son.
Even though, my husband and as the title two years ago, so my ex-wife and son who died 14 years ago stepmother.
When my son was 8 years old and married my husband.

Lying on the road without her husband died in June, a year earlier.
That year was the intense heat in the house I always like to spend much more on clothes and exposed skin shorts, bra and sometimes even that.
新盆 early August, when up close, it was while I was straining to 大用 yeah yeah in the bathroom because the door was completely 閉Mezu, I have seen my son from school completely from the club. And the Japanese style was, like to come out firmly array Ass-fat smelly.

My son took me to bed confused forcibly married, which was a double bed 組Mi伏Se love nest with her husband, committed as it is no, I forgive.

Pierced by the sun many times longer than thick, hard stems husband, a man took off the white beneficial rain was hungry my vagina and uterus.

Relationship continues to this day since. Colt Filly and skillfully to distinguish mother and child.

Of temptation

Today is a mini apron leg we live 透Ka bra white blouse and dark green.
The stimulation of shimmering peep sideways at be, I felt a dress like this you do not mind.
I got fitted in L becomes more and more like the incest committed reading, seduction is in full swing now.
I wish I could travel in relation to sex before summer vacation. Addressed not drive, I wish I could be around motel.
This is one bad mother swells up toward the summer obsession.

Sun lover was the son

Thing five years ago, still remember that day.
To pass the entrance exam of high schools like my son, when I went to an amusement park in Tokyo to celebrate,
Play like a kid in a candy store about noon, checked into the hotel, dinner done,
To take a bath, comfortable bed, and a fun day, feeling sleep soundly,
The time has come to settle like a long time.

I like to sleep close your eyes into a body is moved something I like, I was taking off pajama bottoms, eh, what? If 戻Se awareness, trying to figure 脱Gasou my pants,
Wait, this hotel room, but should be absent son, surely,
The "Hey, what are you then,"
"Idiot, what are you then,"
Son to resist rather than be surprised in a hurry, but resisted until I raised my claws into the hands of his son
My son came towards unflinchingly, is taken care by the pajama pants underwear
"Stop, you doing, silly,"
I just hit my stomach son's legs had to kick them repeatedly bang your tired feet
My son fell out of bed to go flying,
"Don" and I heard a dull, looking at the lights, he was not lying on the floor,
My son went to the place of a hurry than before,
"Are you OK? Not downright?"
"Are you OK?"
I'm worried about her son's injuries, the lower body is exposed, he was suddenly getting jumped again, been brought down to the floor remained 押Shi倒Sa son coming towards the open legs of her son struggling forces are repressed,
"Stop, fool, idiot,"
I have seen my son's penis was screaming, fat Ikiri立Chi large in size as when I first saw a decent man experience, that his son was growing up here we had a good girl that cute surprise, let alone my mother's assault force, violent behavior, was attacked by a feeling like you've gone away from where my hand.
What a sad or empty, go in person to resist violent force is waning, my son around the crotch and press my penis hard 減Ri込N son come, like scraping 押Shi開Ke tight groin, the moment at once 突Ki抜Ka consciousness is forced to deny increasingly concentrated in the crotch, I'm his son had seen a penis adultery is obsessed with sex and women groin and miserable, I can stop going to kick that turned into intensely 突Ki抜Ka stimulus no, there has been dominated by his appearance in his son's penis size obsession, even a pleasure to go appeared to be swallowed by the pleasure, rather than accept the joy of pleasure end in adultery to be written, the body There was the one they opened.
And my son is not a virgin, the attack included some time, my body will react to repeat,
Been met go drunk with pleasure, not a woman turned into hail, my son was crushed penis.
Suddenly the voice of his son,
"Today is secure?"
What I hear those words from the mouth of the son, it is hard to believe it, I'm being swallowed by the force of the penis, in response to his son Orimashita a safe day I nodded obediently than surprise.
Opened the groin to his son from being drunk penis son, was overtaken attacked so I do not know were spent how much, hit the groin is without end intense, I'm being informed of the height, while head for a climax again bathed by his son ejaculation deep, and can not stop spitting 淫声 had enjoyed the pleasure of a climax to his son a hug.
Go to bed, for example sucking dick suck without resistance was offered to my son, What a pathetic figure dropped from her mother, and tears spilled the natural son of an erect penis again vigorously, which would be carried to accept from me in the crotch opening, the end to close up to playing with penis, still continue to die of pleasure hitting things can not return,
"Jutsu pot, pot Jutsu"
Hear voices from the crotch intersection of adultery, which is pounded into the side to sleep on one leg thrust, the thrust incorporated Yotsun這I poised to reverse the further pleasure is repeated as crowding everything to lose, and face- hugging fits, poised under son, I have pleasure seeking desperately to respond to the hip shake, my face is directed to the penis, penis sucking sucking son stroke in his hands for example, the momentum of erection more and more juice is released into the ejaculate in my mouth, the momentum coming back jump into my throat several times, which grew into a woman did not know that I completely fell into the drink hot.

My son suffered skin

Run place two hours drive P · A takes a seat by the window of the restaurant and things to eat lunch, sit him next to me, sit on my son opposite, I dress to go with you to buy a meal ticket for his son I received him with caresses nipples off button, and stroked her vagina with a shiny flip my skirt mini dress, stroking the clitoris is, where did almost die. I hurriedly 留Memashita button, will clearly understand that the plump and erect it on top of clothing erect nipples hard and pointed us to the piece. Would soaking wet vagina a great embarrassment.

I really

Haruki'm already grown adult. My mother hung up on you Even though her mother.
Really happy, so I cum so hard every day. But there is hope. Surprised to hear.
Mother than you might think, gentle woman really horny more and more like Sex is better than the rough.
Been beaten or bitten you, I want to pinch and hurt. Excretion or seen it, I like to drink pee drunk.
I like to be forced over the dirty linen is ingrained in the skin physiology. I want to be dirty. What a fall from grace? Are you up for contempt?

My discourse incest

I age fifty, and his son in practice.
Of course, during the day so 居Rimasu each other concerning the duties during the day but a week in a toilet and 3.4 times as masturbation, you lecher, I'll me! ! Or particularly in summer, warm days and weekends, the park or on the way home, I stopped at a love hotel 遣Ru, one, go back to sex. And yet my son once, use a rubber Yo, when dangerous

Dangerous Liaisons

Long-term overseas business trip my husband, out of frustration .... Even in some of the spoiled son, a doting son, I do, went beyond obsession should go to the Love family.
Open the lower body in front of his son, I have revealed the most sensitive parts of a woman in the back. "This thing of the future received not tell anyone. ... I only two secret" perverse affection for his son, the moment I realized there was a mother, a female instinct should have been asleep lit the fire again! ! This dangerous sex mother was a week ago.

My son suffered skin

I am 46 years old, he 68 years old, my son went out in the car to travel up to three hot spring summer 19 years old, my son went to driving, I have cable - mini dress, he is coming home me choose my clothes to have been caressing the clitoris and nipples while I choose, I beg you to sit up and beg to him to feel good, he is forced to stick to saying I'll strainer until I you arrive at the hotel Mashita, I'll welcome him 出来Tara vagina noise in the middle of the drive - Bra, Bruno - was forced to go to travel in the pan. Nedarishi finger fuck you put them back until he got to the hotel. S · A let someone depart I received a sexual intercourse with a man 貰I his fingers behind the toilet.

The son's room

Came out of my shorts and had lost her son to clean your room.
Her interest in me? Incest want? Do not stop ... I just 馳Ru, I've wanted to 疼I body.
And his son lay in bed, put your finger clitoris Korikori side skirts rolled up shorts.
I reached my son to have sex with a delusion. Naka Naka 退Kanaku to the finish, the whole body is just a scared little finger moved 当Teta.
To stop this without too much waste, to continue with the naked lower body. Kucha. If a finger is a resounding new dance wildly obscene.

My son suffered skin

He's let me see a copy of my obscene figure holding a mirror in front of me Oshikkosutairu, vagina clitoris was shiny from the fall, hung full of large 淫汁 pink glow to the skin 剥Ke I was pointed to the erection. Clit sucked tongue to lick the nipple and further rubbed with a finger, has been followed by someone depart three times in a row. But he has me to insert a little boy inside every tight vagina, and says he'll show you where your son until I have time strainer. Rub until I was forced by his promise in front of your son, my son was forced to show the promise you wanted a hard dick.

My son suffered skin

He was firmly pointed Kiku Hiroshi erect sore nipples lump Korikori No wonder his tongue and mouth, using fingers and hands and carefully over time to caress my nipples, my nipples are very pleasant and his waist moved back and forth to shake violently. He was unbearable to see how I move my hips? Or nipple feels so much? I picked up the nipple do it, what do I feel good to 逝Ki nipples, nipples You'd passed away in, I'll pull the nipple, you know, and I'll see soon passed away and die in the nipples would be unbearable in the nipple When I die I die and say in a loud voice, only ~ 逝 here. Monsieur more and more and more to feel good you nipple, please let someone depart, die in the nipple, die, die, please 逝 ~ ~ U. I finally passed away at the nipple. My vagina was full of fall, 淫汁 hanging.

My discourse incest

My dad's I dare you Naka Naka pussy.

Someone turned my dad,
Please fuck my pussy.

I love pussy

My son suffered skin

He went out with two people after a long drive, but an early lunch, to eat eel shop, entered the hotel early, his 躰 Agemashi wash with him taking a bath Also, wash me in me 躰, he gave me in the bathroom shaving the pubic hair grew a little bit of my beautiful, shiny he let me expand a leg in the mirror in the bathroom copy tampering the clitoris and nipples I copy had sexual intercourse in the mirror, he has played with what feels good where I say I say, he caresses the clitoris top 20 min 20 nipples, embarrassing But I would Flooding 淫汁 us from there until I just played with the nipple being caressed, to be caressed the nipple, but have received little boy begging and it is not possible to put more intuition and pleasure. He put up and I look forward to after I was told. I said that I say I feel good where I feel I have 堪Ranaku clitoris and nipples, please little boy, and show him to enlarge the vagina and begging for your dick hard I received.

It is embarrassing

Sorry, please let me write a second post.
I'm the son Shameless been increasing from time to return to live like a man apart.
Holiday period has been swollen to let you play the nasty in the car and the first experience was just two days.
"I'm all for this"
After shopping for a car to drive his son to leave. My son parked the car passed the corner of the old school grounds are now on I hesitate to 言Ikurume skillfully.
And another is at the oral.
"Do not smoke even Mother"
It also advised me that my son had smoked a cigarette let me in Cu Chi.
"Something told to pat her head and feels"
A trifle like my age I do not smoke while 高Mara just let your mind.
Ge's voice was drown out cigarettes like crazy during the end pulled the body floated face.
And the next ass hole.
Licked, the toy is being tampered with, severe pain after having first been drunk with pleasure.
The following are feeling uneasy with something inflated expectations.

First Timers

My first experience was the father. I slept in the bedroom of his father went to see my father could not resist a lonely day for two years my mother has evaporated. I will hug and kiss his father asked. Then I opened the body. I also had a little pain there is pleasure. Temasen to regret.
Has sex almost every night. Contraception is careful.

Sex Diary

Two or three times a month I Kamigyou Masu Hashi. I say to my parents for taking care of my son go, does not purport to clean the apartment at about most.
Because usually spend the night in a love hotel. I have just been hugged 押Shi倒Sa to bed and was about to leave when there is a daily routine to bring a snack while studying for college entrance exam room.
I got a sudden event is not Areyoareyo prank and stir. Repeatedly said just a little touch, said the act does not go beyond. Clearly enough to wet underwear underwear but over 30 minutes. Often-repeated play secret. Conflict in mind, honestly there was fear, and his son then can talk about many, his son issued a seminal study, pounding something in life boring but peaceful after divorce thanks to finger her son too送Remashita every day.
After a prank on his son is shameful, and you alone italics. I did not see anyone? Masturbation I,,,. Listen to Lee Tsu and tea.
It's not a lot of trouble and they 割Ri切Tsu (such as socializing men and women) like masturbation more than sex? Was going on.
He seems to have a better sense of guilt but rather his son.
In operation, since the beginning of summer vacation from college, I was traveling back to each other is an ordinary mother and despite Puttsuri.
Summer my son was riding around in my car every day as happy to take your license.
Inconvenient to use because there was a car in my parents I did not work.
One day I decided to go visit my sister will be in a hospital.
Karu Shika three hours one way, I took my son to convince the reluctant son had not seen since a long time.
Is going good, heavy rain coming home, driving a car on behalf of her son got to crowded. How much was a busy night might say Well this Bun. Found himself startled to fall asleep, I wriggled my son hand inside her skirt.
"What all do it, very good erection." 起Koshitara in an accident will happen? You can have that I never cried and was angry.
I stay at? My son went to term without thinking. To the atmosphere there, I implicitly Chaimasu.
I saw the sign of love hotels Tsuitemashita flickering a while.
Ita can be your little phone with my mother while I excuse myself to be a lot of it together. "I'm sure to stay in hot springs ○ ○ really crowded."
Early morning and wanted to sleep early to bed really tired. Not futon bed, but I wonder,,,.
Building check drawn neat.
Tsushiki pink inside, or if the room has a suspicious light is light.
Felt very very large bath.
Not care a day keep the underwear worn, and lying on the bed in one piece robes provided.
Drink beer and good feelings. She seemed to her that there was a woman sitting on the bed naked lower body.
Now his son,,, my hot body I think.
Son put the left on TV is hard to hear the voice agonize.
My son is just like a piece robe. Oh! Is not that good so surprised protruding penis.
Father expected to transfer.
My son is sitting behind me 回Rimashita or embarrassing.
I found that wearing a condom and fumble.
Masaguri the chest from behind, legs Hirogemashita for me as it is pushed down to the legs of the bedside.
"Oh, surprisingly 綺麗Yan?" I put words turned a blind eye to bear the shame.
The awkward hand movements to touch the first woman conductor cautiously, let your fingers toes.
"Wow, slimy,,," Kakimawashimasu insert a finger into the vagina.
Two, three books and I had raised his voice in bad taste.
Gave a leg while his son tries to insert a few times off? Mashita.
Invitation fingers I have just penetrated a little push at once.
Early each other "through" consciousness was at work and say Let's get down to finish the ritual.
"Mother" to "son of a woman" was replaced moment.
Some years I wonder empowers penis vagina.
5 minutes? 10 minutes? I continued to go through the crazy son, I cried abandon.
Makitsuke leg scissor arm and led her son while his son finishes welcome, mentally? I got the storm I'll kiss my face Lee. This is my way of enjoying the afterglow.
Replacing my son a bath and wash the condom (I helped because there is only two.) Mashita. Immediately the second time, now abandon Hajikemashita. This here, ay it!強Kuuu more!
I pierced my son cry Tta while spewing liquid interface in the body in bed a little embarrassing.
And son of questions.
While continuously playing with me.
First? How old is 16. Classmates.
What then? Two high school then you're in the fourth father.
What then? 5, I,, 6? (Well, excuse it from getting worse and come to terms with her husband,,)
Then something like this, or is it like that, let jealousy and her son leaping to Agetari.
"Your girl" want to hear a man become a sad Shuusei?
Damn I was fingered squid in the mouth so my body could also have called my son came home from'll immediately.

Son I secret

Got three more days in bed with a fever is a rare son the other day. I guess I banged in sick and in turn of the year.
But people in my heat 下Garazu I will clean yourself up and sweated his son. My son was fast asleep at that time partly because the medicine effect.
I gave my heart and wipe gently with a towel around his neck and unbutton her son sleeping in pajamas.
My son is now a CD in the bathroom because it was state of the other three days I'll wipe it with a wet towel.
I will be replaced with the underwear and pants and wearing new pajamas and wiping the upper end as before.
I put my hand to wipe your feet underwear wet towel and gently take off her son's pants pajamas.
Little boy was his son also suffered a cute little boy still in the skin than of her husband.
I have already reached out to the little boy out of curiosity about the end of the lower body of his son wiped a wet towel.
I strip off the skin of the penis and your son, "I'll tell you where mama is beautiful," I whisper example glans with its mouth.
I had that Muk Muk getting bigger and that little boy to lick the glans gently roll in your mouth son.
I ended my son dressed and hurried out of the mouth in a hurry. My son is still asleep but I was comforted in her room and the body flushed out of the room pounding away to his son. I think just a little boy my son Munching course.
I wonder if my mother should.


One son graduated from high school, a job with a company that manufactures automotive parts. The starting salary for his son, gave me a tour of the pack this weekend Dezunirando to use. Tokyo is the first Dezunirando what you hear what you see in the first was definitely excited. Unlimited time at will, a freewheeling. Double bed was surprised at the hotel, leaving his son asked, became unforgettable memories of a dreamy state of mind three nights and four days. Returned home from sleeping with his son. The fellowship of the parents are afraid not but I could not run away from the flesh .... The pillow sitting on top pounding attack last night my son, I faint.

Long time

Oh! ? Willing, and have not for many years. Continued to shake the hips from its own end, like a little younger or without a heart? An explosion of frustration! ! . Thanks Tomo-chan.

I love you T.

My brother! "Incest" If you search, I found this website by chance.
In fact, with incest, too.
I am a high school sophomore now.
After having an affair with one younger brother, now about seven months.
It got started by accident because I saw my brother masturbating.
It is summer time last year.
Night, I slept too hot, drink cold barley tea in the fridge that went into the kitchen.
After drinking, you go back to my room, my brother from the room, I heard moans like a glance is a nightmare I have a dream?
I think, I'll try to threaten, the door opened.
Then looking at his brother hanging on the wall above the bed, saw the figure, such as those touching the stomach area.
What are you doing? Slide your pants you look closely, often with his right hand holding a little boy, and was moving up and down.
The other left, things have something like a piece of cloth, was devoted to his mouth.
Faster movement of the hand gradually, over a little boy and cover things like a piece of cloth had been devoted to the mouth and hand movements are exceptionally hard, "I ーー Ugh U" with admiration for a halt.
Brother as usual, remained upturned.
This is my chance, this guy masturbation? ! ?
I saw my brother masturbating heard from a friend did I dream.
And Takashi Hazime! !
I really did not know the translation ejaculation what is what anymore, that 近寄Rimashita gently against the wall beside my brother and I wanted to see.
My brother did not notice at all.
Looking at the piece of cloth covered with a little boy, but I understand that something has changed colors soaked.
But carefully, and try to rag on them somewhere, have seen
I know! Today, I had to wear my underwear was.
Thinking! "I do not use strange thing!" I said.
My brother, I was surprised Shitarashiku mess, and tumbled out of bed "Oh Wow! Since when I come in?" Were saying knees in fright.
Snatching the underwear I was holding my brother left it immediately, "Oh Oh, I got to this!" I did say this.
"Tomorrow, I'm telling mom! I prepared to leave!" Leaving those words, put the kick has been stunned by her brother, returned to his room with underwear.
I observed carefully Bettori underwear with semen from her back to the room.
And slimy to the touch by hand, but hey, I felt like pulling the string.
The smell of semen I went to get slippery.
It smells, the smell was like something you dizzy.
And my dick is throbbing with that smell, I feel myself.
Unawares, but got the hands smell of semen, masturbation and I was too.
And remember to rely on masturbation dick while his brother went directly to the semen underwear
After a few minutes and Iki foot when I myself was almost felt the sign of life.
Yes, because I forgot to lock the door closed, and now I've seen my brother masturbating.
And also my brother masturbating while watching, I was a little boy Shigoi.
Something to look at it and feeling terrible burst
I said, "My mom came here from saying" the brother said, came without a word.
I said, "little boy, I'll also touch, touch"
After that, what happened is what I do not remember much.
Could pass the air, on my brother
The little boy's brother had had a dick. I know it is not translated into the vagina, penis is hitting your dick is so hot.
My brother and I was leading a little boy in hand.
"There coming" I thought, It was a terrible pain.
But the next moment, my brother and me hot dick around Gaji ow are you ejaculate.
Then, before dawn that day, for sex.
In the beginning, but contains little boy a little while until it was gradually repeated ejaculation ejaculation, longer, and it came to dawn into the whole.
Hell, my brother many times did you ejaculate? I do not remember.
My dick too, even your brother's dick, before bed, the sheets on and sticky gooey love juice in my semen! !
The smell was amazing. (However, this smell, I love!)
The next day, both of them until early afternoon, I slept.
Later, during the summer, work will go away when my parents and my brother in the day, granted leave to have sex! !
And I totally did not contraception.
But since the end of summer, while I did not.
(Just during the period! Inakutsu pregnant and I'm glad!)
Period since the end of the night to turn again.
Of course, now contraceptives (condoms) to now.
(If you are pregnant so much!)
However, my brother, "put out into the condom is no fun (気持Chi良Kunai!)" I say, I was once ejaculation will always live in your mouth.
(I also love it!)
These days, the moment you pull the dick go! Many things have become so attached to live to see the technique.
Hey, it's a different little boy live more comfortably, but I'm worried!
Mr. Happy too, very good compared to the beginning! !
There might be a taste of semen, may be different than that from the start?
Until now, I had sex with people other than my brother does not.
My brother is the same as well.
Both of us, let it forever! I vow I fit.
Also tonight, I look forward to have sex with my brother

I seriously worry

yuna himekawa[7643]
The 19-year-old college student. I live with my mother divorced my father's separation from year to three years. Two women now experience is not she. The other day, went wrong from looking at naked mother since childhood. My mother is 45 years old. I had an aunt on a regular elementary school since I encountered a mother and mother naked on the bath. "What? Tomo," Without a word back to the normal reaction, "apart! I've just taken a towel," but only to say bluntly. It is also the downside to my heart, but certainly not young, you really want to clean it, away feeling something different woman of the same age so far. Onaru theft has become my mother's underwear this year. Rid of the image is left naked and think of my mother, but his head is better for a young woman. What triggered the onset of incest is also such a thing! I like to think. This site is a fiction, but if not I wonder, what do you think sex object and mother why? But I guess just want paranoia? I listen to say anything to me were a mother, nor can he not known what else? I thought that was attractive mature woman? Though I live with my mother's side is more sorry for my mother to think, I think I'm weird. I'm sorry this woman was submitted.

My brother is cute, but now

I have one brother is 10 years away high. The other day his brother brought her. Somewhat mixed feelings of how she was younger, cute kids, cute still, my mouth a fight at the slightest thing about the next day. In the morning and seems kind of angry, went home after a shower at work yesterday and went to the room my brother went to pick up the mood Innovation sorry. It was a mistake, it would be my brother I had been masturbating, it is also a bed for the moment what I thought my bra and Hanti, blocked the mouth, pressing his body was being thrown into the bed , is tossed about the chest and was taking off my pajamas. I wanted to help, Bareru parents, desperately try to stop saying, resisted. But my brother and another man in power can not compete with adults, finally, I've crossed the line inside. Then, while still being that, while I accepted and said I would forgive Moraezu not. And every day, sleeping on the bed hugging together until morning came to my room at night. Now I'm waiting for my younger brother come to mind. It is not filled with anxiety or fear of pregnancy and found only a parent.

What should I continue?

@ 49 I had my son's incestuous relationship with the Devil might be a day earlier might have made her son get married, my son is [what time she 出来Tara But staying in the air] I wrote to back away, but now I'm starting to change, a little girl of her son seeing her son is all I can kind of technology that I'm glad that lady I taught] is hard to believe.

My obsession

Delusion to what is being forcibly taken to the son of 16. Suddenly attacked by the middle of changing something,
"Stop! What are you doing to your mother!" Has been cut and clothes and scold one thousand cash, put your finger in my son's shorts after thoroughly resistance "because my mom would want to do? I honestly !, "and received a painful question,
"Yes, fine ○ ○ want, you know! 堪Ranakatta wanted to." I'll answer for this.
When you insert like to let the body relax as you want to lead and turned on, I'll dream of exposing the real one has never seen his son.

My son suffered skin

My son graduated from high school, I now stay at home without working is in trouble, my son and I are now staying home can not make people frustrated in your room until I Koga with him. Normally I would hear a loud gasp, I will become larger and would moan wet vagina is embarrassingly just caress her nipples. My son will be heard next room so quickly.

My son suffered skin

I noticed that my son is a bully after becoming the third grade summer school son, the funny and the reluctance of the little boy ejaculation phimosis to be tampering with my son a bath with my son ejaculation is said was made to the little boy played with the girls is called phimosis I asked my son, I asked the girls not as a mother bullied her son.

My son suffered skin

He had me sit and talk to me for five days made an errand and came grows 無精髭 even sexual intercourse my dick mom looking vagina I they take a bath with my son I came to grow a little hair, I was told. I 言I聞Kasemashita son, I know I am tampering a little boy mom and I know I am looking vagina mom and I have a bath with mom like I understand you no good to say to anyone absolutely. He was in a retreat a little, was a girl a shameful seen in girls of the figure embarrassing match the bullies in high school, it's the little boy is taking off his pants and trousers in several of the girls is, small or little boy is said to like, or are not saying it's still 剥Ke skin, rubbing her son's skin over the tip of your penis uncut son is a girl before the erection ejaculation I have, my son it fall from the skin of your penis semen phimosis, phimosis son got in a little boy to ejaculate small wither, and the girls with a ruler the length of your uncut dick withers away son measured the one? I was told there is only son in a few pictures of phimosis was taken to the girls I was photographed Uncut measure the length of your penis with a ruler after Called to the girls several times in the cavalier who rubbed the tip of the five girls from the first person to second person I was still ejaculating erection before ejaculation from soup to erection Even if the skin was 剥Kemasen erection, erection even four? had only to place, this picture was taken with a ruler and measured the length of the erection and the erection and this. Have fun watching the reaction to his son to show his son Oh Paiyaomankowo naked in front of his son to call the girl who was bullied will wither and rubbed the tip of the penis ejaculating in your girls and then being called phimosis Masu is someone depart twice in front of his son to caress until die reached a climax to caress the clitoris and nipples and boobs to take off your clothes girls five girl who bullied have become comfortably the girl who bullied my son Eating is also possible to get it to lick your dick phimosis wither and the girl who was bullied will erect ejaculation saw that reached its culmination die.

Cut it nice

"My mother son cavalier" I proclaim author.
What Did You are 荒Sou this board.
Akira Aya many new posts for nothing more than sloppy chunks of delusion.
I guess the phone during class or to focus and enter the train.
Together in one book from me a nuisance.
I have not seen the wind just to post the most.
Were ignored for everyone. Les prohibited.

Mother's sex partners, such as beauty

[7151] is to introduce yourself less of 35 already. Determined to be helpful to your mother for many people who incestuous profession, the first post. I would like to put any time in the future. My experiences as you can see the addresses, I feel quite vividly too exciting myself. Mothers of children who come in high school, please contact the worrying thing alone you have any worries of daily activities. I want to have to think for the better as far as possible. Also here is a bulletin board for women, I'm male. I want to get the address of this board or 書Kizaru to have sex on the job. Because it is a common understanding from which to look at and think how your mother and the same eye. I am a divorced woman have intercourse for two years. Last year they got married 22 year old daughter alone. I now strongly believe that my mother pretty young woman recently. I feel that even more than a couple of ties spirit will always match the usual two. Since sex and common interests with each other, following the above address, please let me moved here. Thank you. I convey in detail the circumstances of mothers who experienced. Of reference for the active and happy with his son to look at the future, I hope you enjoy. I will soon as soon as possible to answer questions about the content. Now, excuse me.

My son suffered skin

I wetted a soaking vagina is seen taking a bath with my son that night he taught me the joy of exposure, that night, I Onani - I arrived at sleep three times to satisfy 逝Ki .

My son suffered skin

I figure I have seen naked women in a three car drive-in came a little wet vagina nipple is seen as sharp, and after several minutes he came back M confirmed my legs let you put your finger juice vagina show me your fingers to expand the vagina open letter. I was still rigidly erect large little boy touching his crotch and he wanted the little boy. He gave me the car I'm running a hand hidden in the passenger seat Oh Paitoomankowo still naked, was seen leaving the toll booth when he stopped the car in the middle of the field thought it would go like this hotel I dressed to go home was swallowed ejaculate semen were forced to remain naked Blow turn down some proportion will be the luggage but I was begging for him to want to want, I thought you wanted to get my son hard dick big time with his son taking a bath at night, but Jim Johnson is the son of not less than the remainder in 短小 Uncut tight as ever, but I was embarrassed at the sight I have to feel.

My son suffered skin

I'm soaking wet vagina showing hairless son, and he said I'll go for a drive together to try to show you wet hairless vagina me. Was left in a car stopped the car in the parking lot side of the bathroom naked in the drive-highway driving. Are three minutes left, I have already embarrassingly wet vagina.

Dreamy state of mind

Even if my son wanted to because a man Hoshino 抗Ezu the pleasure of this body, I have followed many times out I was pretending to sleep is much more pleasant way to get found. It is people think that he is in the mind while on my son. His paranoia is thick in the larger array to 逞Shiku, the best I ^ ^ oh Iitsu

Obscene nature of the woman

Come up naked in the bath when Tomoya 35-year-old son and pushed the cock to me. "Tomoya, Stop joking," "she's not, it does not mean all women just anybody." "Wa Hey shame bad mother A little useless" Please stop I'm not. "Are ー ー say I'm her mother" felt good. I enjoy it slowly in the bed that you have to say it by force Sure I love my mother. I would like this relationship is never a joke. Sauce - a woman Omeko Iitsu honest feeling, so I wet weight changes, but put it. This man juice comes out just to feel the real joy of not identical but never hurt her son to repent 貶Meta bursting rubbed what was so thick that Aatsu Na Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah I thought I could not re- I hope to be beautiful as ever as her mother loved her son felt good to dream I'll feel really great voices moan Kina Hiroshi Iyaaaaatsu your best I love you mom amazing.

My son suffered skin

His Every day I come to my house, my son is still involved with him would not have known. He asked me to come but I caressing my son, my son You know the woman? How does it feel to look at or touch your son's penis? I want? I get wet vagina? Give me for pure tofu until I you stop petting and answer honestly I was asked and I answered honestly to him, sir (he) with his son since got shaved clean the hair of this until I your剥Ke even skin becomes hard, sharp and well clitoris erection hard, sharp and even nipples came wet soaking in 淫汁 the Kono Naka until I you Now that you seen my son vagina was smooth with a bath comes larger with an erection. To enlarge the son Wareme Temasen this until I see you, answer him truthfully. I have the hardest, daytime, during intercourse and petting him do this, he made things to do, it is hard to endure the most painful to be called by telephone go away.

Monsieur Dad

Ami's pet is a slave. Now 25 years old. It is now about 15 years ago, Dad is a real master, are still virgin. I will continue later on became sleepy!



Is that a year ago. Bad there, it's your mother, can not do that, I hate, I beg you, are committed in vain resistance, your body may react I sad. The one-time commitment, sex becomes intense day by day, I have become her son's cock seeking imperceptibly.
This year's New Year, and a fight at the slightest thing when parents are drinking alcohol in the family, my husband yelled for his son to get out. My son and I went out with my mother pulled my hand, just left home. From the day my husband the next day, I entered the mobile phone is staying where. As was said to my son, "I'm in love with my son at the hotel," he said, hung up. After that, alternately ignoring the phone and I entered my son.
Three days and three nights, the hotel continued to have sex with her son. My husband, so I came looking for his son to the company, the three of us talked at a loss. My husband's and my face, "motherfucker, and you doing" in a shouting loudly and pulled my hand. My son said, "my woman" cut and caustic words, I'm having me. I "hate something Dad" in front of my husband and son and 抱Ki合Imashita. My husband, "and since the relationship between what parents and children motherfucker," yelled and scattered, and the answer from a year ago my son, "shame on you parents," I left the place and say. Later, it became known to relatives, and my husband were divorced, to live as husband and wife and son in Osaka.

Secrets of the holidays

This weekend, my father was away on tour in Europe. I am every day, enjoying the pussy with my mother. The 46-year-old mother, to the starting salary of Hida, Gifu recently implicated in hotel accommodation per night during the cherry blossom invitation. My mother and my father shared the frustration partly determined until the morning without you there once a month. Knowing that my father and my mother and my pussy, I went out to ask and say.

The fall led to her son

Married to the boss of the company 籠Tsu children learn to work for college graduates.
But the night life since I entered elementary school my son is gone.
My husband is not against home tired from work I sought to 疼I body,
Useless if you were missing in the diabetic.
In the summer my son entered high school, quite forgot her,
Since they attacked my son sleeping in the nude, giving the body to seek his son still steal the eyes of my husband, I have to pregnancy.
Homecoming for the festival under the guise of abortion, tried to respond to requests for sterilization son.
My son hit the university entrance examination stress on my body,
I also hooked on the intensity, honesty was crazy.
I am interested in the body of a young woman moved slowly since I entered the university no longer has a partner.
But my body I was unable to keep anymore.
And even more so, while I found my husband had sprinkled the body with my son like crazy a long time.
Immediate divorce, I was unable to claim alimony.
've Known for a reason to divorce, Without leaving home as well,
Snacks served to the life I finally stalled.
Snacks and main business is private in name of sex.
I thought middle-aged women like me, tastes differ
Customers can be equipped with a vaginal cum shot.
Are ignored, even taking her son cell phone or email.
Your mother has been posted here, and your own frustration,
I will make one false move and I like being happy, even accepting an outlet for his son's sexuality 有Ri余Tta.
After all, a man my son. I'm the mother of a nearby outlet.

My son suffered skin

I was raised to show breasts lifted out trying to get along with his clothes. I was asking him to caress her nipples.