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Incest confession of women(2018-05)


Please listen to the incest consultation I received from my brother. Ten years ago, when I went to bed at night, my brother came into the futon and was attacked. I resisted, but I was afraid to help because my mother was sleeping next to me. The next day, I left home. Even now. I want to go back to my parents' house once. But I'm scared to see my brother. If you are in the same situation, please contact us.

My father-in-law makes me lonely

yuna himekawa[34257]
Last night, I showed off my father-in-law's desired fashion. The navy blue jacket, white mini tight skirt, and blouse are thin and transparent, with black enamel pumps, heels of 7 cm, and stockings with a back seam that looks like bare feet without a very thin seam. This is my bedroom. Double bed, big mirror and today I have a tripod with a video camera and a TV. My father-in-law has a single-lens camera, and he bought it for 300,000 yen. My father-in-law gives me instructions. "Take off your jacket, it's nice, look at it, you can see the bra and slips well." It's embarrassing to be taken off gradually, as you can see on the TV. "Then take off your skirt. The sound of the shutter echoes, the TV has a mini slip up to about half the butt, the inside is transparent, a white garter belt, and a light pink with the same pattern as the bra on it. These are really small shorts, T-backs. It looks like I forgot to release the shutter, it's very embarrassing. The stockings fastened to the belt by operating the remote control, the shorts where you can see a little black thing are reflected on the full screen. The sound of continuous shooting can be heard to the extent that it erases embarrassment. "It's great, Mika-chan, I wonder if I should take off my panties this time. You put it on the bed, Mika-chan is the most beautiful. "My secret part is shown on the TV on the full screen. You can clearly see each hair, even when it's wet and shining.About two years ago, my husband had a lot of work abroad, and I had a lot of life alone, and I had no one to talk to, and I felt lonely. My father-in-law invited me to a meal, a movie, or a drive. I made a reservation online and went on a trip, etc. I had two rooms, but at one point I could only reserve one room because it was full, and he told me that I could talk to my father-in-law. I rented a rental car in front of the station, went around scenic spots and had a delicious lunch, and checked in at the hot spring hotel at around 4 o'clock. Mika-san also changed her clothes and entered. ”I left the room with care, changed into a yukata and took an open-air bath with a view, the view was great, and the bath was a very nice hot spring. When I entered the room slowly and returned to my room, my father-in-law was back and watching TV. Oh, it feels good, thank you, I'll massage this time. "He turned around behind me and slowly unraveled my shoulders." Thank you, it's easier. "At that time, my father-in-law's hand came into the yukata from above. I couldn't make a voice because of my shoulders, but my nipples were caught between my fingers and my milk was rubbed. I was unraveled and opened before I was exposed to my underwear in front of my father-in-law. My father-in-law's hands were on the shorts, and when I think about it now, I was so embarrassed that my face turned red. I lifted my hips and made it easier to take off my shorts. The man whose father-in-law grew up is deep in the place ... It's about to come.

Things with my father-in-law

I remember that day clearly. Tuesday, May 23, a year ago. When I left the staff entrance at the end of the night shift, I noticed a man walking in front of me. I knew my father-in-law in the back and caught up with a short run and said, "What happened to your father-in-law?" It's hard to go home now, it was an examination today. ”That's right. Every year, I was inspecting at this hospital where I work. Let's have lunch together if you don't mind. " The front of the entrance was quite dirty, so "My father-in-law, I'll clean it a little, so please come in first, I'll be there soon." By the time the cleaning was finished, I noticed a big mistake. I did the laundry before going out yesterday, and since I was working at night, I couldn't go out and stayed in the living room. Because I am, I don't want men to see underwear for 45 days, blouses, thongs, etc. Especially for shorts, I can see the line of underwear in various movements of work pattern, so I tried various things At first glance, I found that the T-back wasn't the most noticeable, and when I was working, it was mostly a T-back. All the shorts I've dried now are T-backs, and the colors aren't very noticeable.When I was thrilled and entered, my father-in-law was standing in front of the laundry and picking up his underwear. "I'm sorry my father-in-law, I'll get rid of it now." It was late. "Sachi-san, such a good thing I'm working, what kind of panties are you wearing today? I want to see, since I got married to Yoshiyuki, I've been wondering what kind of panties this woman is wearing because she's beautiful and has a good style. I want to see it, I'll ask you. "It was a very embarrassing thing, but I actually saw it in front of me, and I thought it was okay." It's just a little. "I took off my slacks." I'm wearing it, it's so thin that I can't see it, but if I move a little, it doesn't cut into the important place. " It wasn't just a look. Hugged, mouth-to-mouth, tongue-filled, entwined, prelude to sexual intercourse between men and women. I didn't have much of an image of my father, and I don't remember being held by him, so when I was hugged, I was held by the illusion of my father. Jackets, blouses, camisole, bras, shorts were easily taken off, my father-in-law quickly took off everything, and at that time the male symbol was always in the state, and from that point on, the clear liquid became a thread. It's hanging down. When I took off my shorts, something that was wet was shining on my left thigh. It wasn't a hot day, but we were naked and intertwined in a sweaty state.

I am so also now

Ayame Goriki Mr. It is also so is the bath with his father was going up to 2 years high school and also Este study for dad, seems also to meet the interview I'll make Shiatsu to acupressure to the father in the bath now is my high-3, together'll have a bath even now without'm Shiatsu If Well Hey ... me, I love massage dad (laughs)

Eat my son, mothers who eat the son ...

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The secret of a son

The secret of the 8626 son will write here will be Fururesu. Also thank you

Eat my son, mothers who eat the son ...

To use the free-less column of 3986 is full will, we launched a thread in the new two people. Contents of incest, let's discuss the mainly experiences mother-to-child incest. Since my husband was also there is healthy at that time married, I had two more times without disconnecting. (Because after all faster than the bullet train, the first time is also Could not sustained 5 minutes) wedding day, Deep Throating, done six times since the Wagyuna, 6 morphism 5th morphism first is also squeeze the urethra, the liquid did not come out of, is so say Datte empty-handed, my husband says. Let's play wrote happily less ne (-.-) y- ° ° °

I was with my son at that time

When I saw NHK's morning drama this morning, I remembered five years ago. The apartment wasn't as beautiful as the drama, but I passed the university in Nagano so I rented it nearby. Even if I lived alone, the amount was quite large and I went to help. The day I stayed for two days and went to the third day, I was as lonely as the mother in the drama, I cried, and I hugged my son, crying. My son wiped the tears in my eyes with my fingers, my son's face approached me and my mouth was closed, and I was kissed. There was a little in my head that this might happen. He caressed me awkwardly, but from the third time onward, my son was the lead and it was the third night of my dream. I'm writing this now and I'm getting hot.

Two children

I am 46 years old and have twin daughters and sons. I divorced my husband 20 years ago . I have a lover, I've been dating for a long time and now I run a lingerie shop for two people, she has a good taste, mainly in charge of purchasing, I sell, well balanced and well balanced I will. She and I are so-called L. On her 20th birthday, her daughter Ayumi gave her a bra and shorts, which are quite high-class at the store, and when she tried them on at the store, she looked fascinating. I hugged him involuntarily and put my lips together, Ayumi, at first I was told that I didn't know what it was, but he accepted my kiss. My son Ayumu was interested in my underwear since I was a junior high school student, probably because I grew up with my daughter and my woman from a young age. That said, I choose underwear, blouses, jackets, etc. when I go out that day. When changing clothes, it stops the back of the bra and fixes the back of the T-back in the middle . As a matter of course, when I got home, I took off everything and checked the degree of dirt. For men and women. I don't have a husband, but now I'm living a fulfilling sex life and enjoying the utmost happiness.

I became my son's first woman

I live with my son, who is 67 and 42, and I have two daughters, but I am married and have grandchildren. Although he is the son, he is looking forward to going to pachinko on company holidays without dating a woman even this year.When I thought that such a son would eventually die like his father, I became poor and I got out of the bath and sat on the sofa in pants and I sat next to my son drinking beer (Tomio, Are you a good person? Are you not lonely? Mom is worried, if you are alone forever, mom will go to your dad, but now I'm most concerned about Tomio Well, if you're lonely, you'll say weird things, but it's okay to be a mom, Tomio ?, I'm not talking to anyone, so it's okay to be a mom?) I was inside <Stop, what are you doing, your mother, but I can't do that? Stop it! > And my son tried to get rid of my hand, I felt like I was fluffy first, so I forcibly put my hand in my pants again and touched it, it was stiff, angry I understand, but this time I shut up what I was doing, the dick turned back and forth, I grabbed it and shook it up and down, the tension and the shyness of my parents, a glass of beer I took it a little and started drinking, I said (Are you angry? It feels good, you don't have to hesitate because you're a mother, you just have to stay still and you don't have to do anything) I rubbed while looking at my son who had gone, I brought a dick to my mouth and licked it, my son's hand grabbed my head and pressed it lightly, entwined my tongue and speeded up the movement of my son When I got stronger, I was suffocating (if I couldn't stand it! I could leave it to my mother, so I could say it), but I was suffocating, but I felt the limit. I stopped licking and got up and crouched with my back to my son, grabbed my dick and slowly lowered my ass on my leg, the hardened dick hits the entrance to my womb, died My child feels the soothing pain of sex that I normally felt when I had a husband, and when I raise and lower my butt, my son also sits down from below. At this point, the two had changed from mother and child to men and women over the ages, maybe because they turned their backs and couldn't understand their facial expressions, and they forgot each other's mother and child, and the embarrassment disappeared. My son's movements are getting faster, and I felt the limits of my son (I can leave it as it is, I can put it inside, I can put it out as much as I can ... Don't worry ... When I was saying ,,,), I felt a warm thing hitting my uterus for quite a long time, and my son clung to my butt and lifted my butt strongly so as to check the afterglow of the woman's body for the first time. It made me feel complicated when I remembered when I accepted my late husband, probably the woman who pushed me, I didn't think I was a mother and I was the first to rob my son's virginity. Did my son feel disgusted about his relationship with his mother? When I pushed my ass away, I went to my room while hiding my crotch with my pants.A few days later, when I was taking a bath, my son said (I also take a bath, but can you wash my back? Mom), I was a little rushed and my son went in naked. Also, he seems to have had a woman who can have sex with my mother in the last time, and he stood up and approached me asking me to put the cock in front of my face and wash it. When I put soap on the dick that is facing up and start washing, it's up to me, my son wants to do whatever he wants, and when I put my one foot on the helicopter of the bath, the dick with bubbles is in the pussy After putting it in and moving violently for a few minutes, I put it inside, and when I was satisfied, I started to sit in the bathtub and let me wash my body. It may have been a mistake for me to do that for my son, but as a mother I'm more happy than guilty to be able to do everything I can for my unmarried son in this house. However, I am living a life with my son.