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Incest confession of women(2010-05)

In a transformation like

yuna himekawa[29933]
Incest is now my mother is pleading for his son, so this time I have become more actively invite my son. I am a housewife
36 year old son is a 14 year old junior high school, my husband is 42 years old working for a design company. My husband is often three or four trips to the region
not at home only a few days a month. Masturbation was intercepted on his son picked up the loneliness of sleeping alone,
opened a petition to the body is at least once, the pleasure of the incestuous mother has gone wrong.
swallow cock deep into the dilation of which his son swallow hot semen directly, dazzling pleasure.
and son will love sucking noisily full of liquid put into the vaginal opening, which takes you to lick the inside of the vagina stretch long scooping out your tongue. So when you break in
folds of the penis and the vagina is hot as fire burns his son, I would like to think what will become of even more.
thus far have only been done in the mouth and vagina, the other day, I had to do it first anal. Second, to feel good to feel good, and so I thought I was going to die.
son at that time but three times, followed by anal ejaculation, not only that, it also gave me pee. The so-called urine enema.
came into the clearly found in the intestines through the anus of my son's semen and urine. Feeling really good,
was around to see it myself but the buffet is full of love juice. Of which I tell my son to want to defecate,
son put it in my mouth to anus by far the penis. I have told us it's OK from the dirty, asking his son to say,
unable to put up with me also defecate, I have a bowel movement in his son's mouth at last. Since my bathroom before I go to always have sex,
did not defecate very little, and still found out a little solids. My son is all smoke leaving the mouth of my anus.
Not only that. I want to say to me to pee. I keep asking my son, my son's mouth Ategai genitals, urinating with that one. My son is in love with neutral
飲Mi下Shi breath, and told me it was delicious. For example I suck dick like crazy son, pleading with me to my son to pee. The
me to urinate in my mouth a lot of my son, I thought very good. We have to incest mother almost every night,
since then is now set to enema anal sex and urine, urine drinking each other's matches. Yesterday, my son,
now annoy me about the causes and physiology want to lick my mom when I mind, I think that I want to lick my son.
Not only are we mother incest, and even happy to have an erotic transformation.

What should we do

During holidays in May, which came back from Osaka husband away from home. At that time, her son and husband have sex (I high) I have seen. That night, my husband was away I had drunk a beer
asked me. I heard the script does not have kids just because 宥Memashita has put his hands into my chest.
I pulled his hand into the bedroom, all Ddoin soon became naked. I noticed in the middle, I was a little door open. It was all my son scrutiny. Be concerned about his son's eyes from that day. What should I do? .

Son and finally

Last night, for at last sex with her son. Script does not sit and talk around my husband, son seduce my husband last night partly out of frustration, had pretended to be sleeping in my room. My son came into the room after a while. My son has to strip off the bed and kissed me. My son found that breast licking nipples get hard to take off my clothes.

39 fear of my son

I also thank you Ne Yoroshi filled.

3 What should I do

The board first and then witnessed that masturbating with underwear on my father, as anguish desire sex with dad, the bulletin board next it had gone to have sex with my father really father and since H-indulge daily.
this bulletin board to fight with my father for the first time, you've come to love my father started to become aware of apart.
a mutual agreement to surf events during a short retrospect. Can you make up, as could the relationship between father and Kano Hana future should we do then, really bloody mon because it led to parents. As the title
is hopelessly

Fucked up son

I am a 46-year-old housewife was raped by her son the other day. I think my son was aimed at committing to me. It was out of town early in the morning went on a trip my husband comfort. We walked through the room to go to the balcony to my son, my crack pot Sashikomimashita chin off your panties rolled up their skirts towering 引Kizuri込Mi they catch me son. I am committed to finally escape and no escape. My son is now 21 years old, I did not do sex. So I think the first time. I want to do that and also to do once. It is said that after our draw.

Two sons and wants

It has become, so I'll write more before the full thread in


Good morning ^ ^
Hiroshi while ago I came back a little before nine o'clock last night in the club went to school, I guess I'm the best Intahai close, club summer comes in full retirement and go into the exam mode and
last night was only lightly kiss kiss back too tired and limp, always deep kiss when you leave this morning!
I got it after I finish well ~ ~ Whew can not make a bit of patience from're still putting out a quick sigh
me, because I thought that was juicy you me? Is not 10 years old man
seventy, years and months it is still 8 ^ ^
Hiroshi was in elementary school, until the slug's way of knowing that I'm masturbating underwear then Hiroshi SEX is for men and
Temasen, sometimes to masturbation, I was

My father is the first person PART2

That day, somehow we were hugging each other.
dad will not do anymore. I wanted to do something like that because
Meanwhile, Haruka. Because only the beginning. But

I turned, Mukemashita back. Haruka
. The not say that. My father has
rub hard ass what became a hug from behind. no longer together and Teru Yono
O父Santara ^ ^
father has massaging the breast.

I will be annoyed (; ^ ω ^)

The tea was coming! Please never learn
tampering has just returned to Asako, Hiroshi is also home to the neighborhood seems Taro "○ ○" It looks like the game shop I go to the store today
Nishida The friends I was invited by e-mail, and many things work on the seventh floor Yara 7.8 paraphernalia was found at the state level, so go, to pass such a thing is possible, but it is a little · · · ·
not do what I've heard at night, and tonight I feel like declined to come prompted the old man seventy Hiroshi
It was Kyushu, but never wet pot pot It is really kind of obscene words ~ I used to 思Idashimasu from husband and young master com. Old man can write such words, while seventeen but I'm not excited about the
preparing the rice will come back too soon Hiroshi, roast tonight! It also comes after (*^_^*)

I love my son

I do not want to do because it is unbearably a widow for 48 years. I was doing with his son dreamed of one day, the time has finally come. I met 23-year-old son penis good. It was great they Sosori立Tsu long. I said ask me to put it
crack, put me.
抱Kitsukimashita intently to his son. So now my head is numb. The me off while playing 30 minutes passed, without disconnecting, now drenched in semen. The widow, so that people do not know this. Is the intention of my husband.

Living with father

The bachelor father of last year.
I got into the university where my father away from home Getting your college this year. My aim was
. 40

years my family My father is 20 years old mother and sister age 18

my father did you get married. My father is still
continue swimming in college player, I'm a really nice body. My sister was too little too biased in favor.
father were both involved in the body is of course not.
seemed like father and sister. I like the face
Takahashi Katsunori. I was plotting
Satoru Susumu stage of living together with my father tried to go on to the veil. I ran through
^ ^
I was able to roll into place and father. My sister was done in

I was feeling Kuyashi wants.
started living with his father and sunny this year. The cash ー ^ ^
back from where you started talking Iki I live our lives.

The relationship between father and relatives?

I made a second one because it was the first full 1

we put on the sex with main and dad

only way I kissed Dad ended

3 ask my brother

It also writes that this weekend. [sure] they better
only for now.

My husband and mother, and my two sons

Title I and his son has become a little I would change. Let
I give my son's body wash today.
from there and post something again ^ ^


Write the first time. I am a 47 year old housewife.
child is 24 years old 20 year old daughter. My husband is on Kyushu alone. At GW, my brother came home. House and my brother was ten minutes away on foot because
, back and forth to each other. On that day, they
daughter out to play, I just did. I had a chat over a cup of tea in the living room, rain showers that we have to help my brother Morai
taken into the laundry was aired in the garden. A brother, pink bra, sister? I said aloud to
bra size, wearing a pink lady
away! Said a little angry.
brother, a brother and try to steal a bra, so I say Kii Hiroshi sister's breasts were 抱Kitsuka. It is said that just like her sister
, has been ridden on 押Shi倒Sa, kiss, tongue, because I get into, know what you are doing! People say his brother was silent while the lower body is exposed
state by taking off and was wearing denim underwear has resisted my clothes so you 脱Gasou.
And come into my vagina brother's fingers, missing the mercy of forces in the body
was his brother. For me, the first time was absorbed in the mouth and vagina. Feeling away, I hold my head in my crotch brother. The first time away feel. A brother, and came into the cowgirl
I have a relationship. Yara turned down the last 15
minutes, Cum in my mouth. Then Saturday is being held by my brother. Much to my husband, my brother who is hot.
what time I will be talking to family members know each other, continue to like understand.

Ralph and

My husband is 40 years old same old housewife 40
my husband away from home in three years of trading in the mid Deputy

be here in Okinawa comes home tired but once in two months The thing is when 抱Kenai
me in the mouth a long story short I would go most often to please give me the easy way because my husband just got to work hard in
< br> After once again my husband went to Okinawa to handle it yourself, but these days

been called out from the bathroom last Sun Yet father (to flow back from arm pain to turn around Can you), it is said that when the shed was

my father had hidden in the groin then began to wash with soap and towels (I wish I put my son's long struggle 00 do bear with me I'll be back again six months later you would be hard) and they are speaking on the floor 押Shi倒Shita
I thought my father grabbed the arm of the moment was relieved that the words of my father and Koh has suddenly put a finger on my Oma 0

cod when I say Even though emergency rebuked the father is 64 years old
about 10 seconds but the power of strong men in my pants has been stripped
crotch in the mouth of the father 滑Ri込N
the house was to everyone not just us they
father children out of school I'm struggling to put out a voice (as if something is not my opponents to satisfy her son tell you instead because I know also that I will feel really lonely I want to know sorry
I have not) and soothing words and I have been attacked in the mouth and fingers

yourself, you say a woman had thrown herself into the movement of becoming a father I feel them changing The works had come to the limits of state is that certainly can not wait six months after a light resistant

gesture but I forget naked

The father took the time to be my time to go to the top had already been attacked for months been a while in the mouth and fingers buried my face in the crotch and held a seat on the edge of my oil tank Could taste the joy and pleasure hit me really long to penetrate the skull of my father's head with both hands and took suppress

(You do not put in what I do yeah I just Ikinasai) and stepfather
too hard for me after I have my father twice in the mouth (or in your father's will) and it immediately

asked (and I do like) and responded I nodded and raised hard erections come and show me the long dick that did not drip down (here and ask) for a minute and say a word
and brought my mouth The father tried to lick your finger between them is the father so as not to hit it out of my mouth or the pleasure I was burdened with the continuing Masaguri my head but was not very thick, solid

To insert the hard and the hardness is not sufficient movement of the hips had been
father came into the exquisite cock is pushing in my legs when it reaches the peak of my third I have even made me to rise I adapted myself to move arms entwined around his neck from falling in the bathtub as the father and myself know what is what

stand 5 minutes to insert facing each other on the floor and began to ejaculate my soup away from the body of Ralph whispered buzz around or semen in my body was about five times while the father leaned Kuni Takeshi feet almost never come flying
I stopped watching my father do face to face with the father and then sink to clean the parts of a word I feel a little sheepishly shy (no longer ask the secret from the bad) about 2 cups hot water just because and left the bathroom and put on

stepfather and then I spend the last hours of abstinence before my husband comes back a few days after it showed the family acted like nothing happened now

Fucked up son

I am a married woman 47 years old. My husband is going to work in the corporate ranks early in the morning, the house is 21-year-old son. My son has been doing nothing since the slingshot just quit working. Was raped by her son. Aichi stuck with the crack of my panties off your skirt rolled up 殴Ritsuke me angry when I noted my son. It was painful and open leg. I have been raped, but what shall be resisted, was raped 及Bazu power. At first I found it was increasingly being violated as no sense. Aranu voice issued a much better feeling gradually be said for shame.

What do you think you have two sister confesses

I have the courage to invite the girls thought Oh.
normal siblings and would forever be stuck with it from me Shikakenai.
week holiday, but still a chance for parents were.
micro and also in front of you Let my brother have?
, and if I wish to appeal asks casually in a short skirt'll take me to drive. I might be a little dull

┬ | ・ _ ・ `) Chirarin

I couldn't stand it and came again (´ ゜ ∀ ゜ ` ;) Please let me write about Hiroshi and the slug boss after that.

Sinful night

Y and housewives try to write the child's now talk that has had a relationship with my son.
I saw him in the erection of a bathhouse in December, too.
anymore since he was quiet and the bathroom would not think I kind of went out for a spin
up in the dressing room washing machine and opened the door without thinking. I've looked
he stood there naked in front of the washing machine.
I had something like a hand, my eyes became glued to the back of his towering erection.
just two hours, but you would have been second
"I'm sorry, I was!" I went back to the room close the door immediately. It was a long time seen itself
male penis, I went on to state such
flashback in my mind that during the moment thing.
who have a high sex drive so I'm not originally I did not, the stronger the sex drive in inverse proportion to be totally eliminated from much of late nights with my husband 30
2,3 1 a day The time now masturbation. My husband is away from home then
topic was in bed before going to bed.
from seeing his penis penis now often think of when you saw occasionally. I remember when my son
face with a penis is hopeless! Conscious and had to cancel the delusion that there can imagine the moment
ik, then was attacked with a deep sense of guilt. Then about a month or three
March (I remember the dates I'd put Nde I really diary) that night, the world has suddenly changed.
As always, having dinner with my son duo also finished second candidate, also included in the bath in turn, entered the bed in each room.
same evening was really nothing usual. Since I had little sexual desire had increased even drank a little wine after dinner
was masturbating in my bed while taking off pajamas.
vagina rubbing wet fingers diving into her pot, while keeping the voice was now time to say know.
noticed that the person standing next to a sliding door is ajar.分Rimashita son that it quickly.
"and, what is? wrong?" 押Emashita comforter pulled up over your shoulder while I hope.
it is a state in the bed almost immediately be downright naked.
He just came up in my face, "Mom, I love you forever" with one hand touching my face, my mouth is blocked in the mouth.
on the bed while holding my hands thoroughly confused, he had received a kiss your eyes open.
explored my body came in through the side of the bed with his right hand. Before I was on my way masturbation is almost Hadake.
easier to open 押Shinokeyou bed opposite him in a tizzy when he is now ready to take that chance on me getting into my bed.
"masturbation place they mama, I looked at it before. I'd kinda like that today." hear,
I'm embarrassed to Tomarimashita resistance. At the moment, he 下Roshimashita his pants.
was pressed to my thigh around the erect penis. Noticed that I have to commit to him at that point finally.
so stupid, but some people might think, I have to commit yourself to never have my son, I can not imagine.
"Stop! absolutely no good doing this!" as if I hear what I say and ask
to resist him, "I love you" or "I wanted before," she said like licking mouth and ears, neck, hands massage the breast to stimulate the nipple
been cut in feet between my legs, you will rub your lower body like a caress my legs and penis.
doing this we have that really do not know, but its resistance as possible when I was, and his body is gradually becoming
posture to fuck with me, it was the middle of masturbation were also women and accepting of my condition.
resistance in the body while the body was with my 広Garou fire gaining momentum.
apertures have been devoted to secret rub his penis with one hand while holding his penis. "I put, Mom," he whispers and twisted
been incorporated into my hot penis.貫Kimashita stretch to crown my pillar of fire from the genitals. while moving the hips
massage the breast with your right hand you hold your left hand on my shoulder 被Sari mouth to suck on me that he continued to scoop the pot
my penis young woman. The story is embarrassing, I would be the first time in many years into the penis here.
body while burning the flame of pleasure, I have been sad to have tears in her weakness and sinfulness.
groan on my face as he abruptly with ejaculation. Ran into my body feels like a new fire vase bloated woman at the moment.
I was thinking when I just have to accept now.
to grooming as soon as he finished "You feel more finished, go out," I tried to make a clean break with attitude. At this time he received
ejaculation but did not really do that. While the heavy breathing
I closed my eyes, grabbed his arm was still. I was seated in my firm still remained even after he ejaculated in me.
found that from watching him over my face it, you can not open my eyes for shame. What was
1,2 or 30 minutes was a minute, he also comes to kissing in the posture as it is if "Mom, I'm great," I.
that time, I felt that energy into the penis and inside of me. Penis slowly began to move.
that this is the first time in my experience. Until now experience ejaculation once when I break a man, or it could end.
his penis while I scoop the pot grown in a solid woman with more heat, rubbing his lower back outer genitals, struck. His lips and neck
my chest while breathing, you hold my penis 打Chi込Mimashita.
the gas could pass my hands holding his back, his legs entangled in the legs and the smell was making a sound filled with liquid from the female genital obscene.
my body burned in flames of desire, Ikimashita. Masturbation was not obtained in intense ecstasy.
guess that he exhaled a woman and sperm pot. This is his first
fuck with me this.

The older brother

On Saturday night, I came to stay with the older brother. The Attarashiku Sunday in Tokyo for something, I came with lots of rice and vegetables to boot.
I came out with one bath towel wrapped around your chest in the shower as usual. The elder brother, was watching TV while drinking beer.
big brother is watching for me, "You're dressed like you always like this?" Hey. I said, "Well, almost." I never have a conversation.
brother and I are, I get along well enough to do in relation to the home. Not want to marry you, I just really get along.
me, brother, "I'm able to set things got great." I said, I put a hand on her pussy showing.
Then, the older brother, "You'll never escaped it. Gabagaba'll get." I was told.
"Anyway, dude NICE. I'm gonna fucking well into my hand?" I've been trying to put my hand on dick s why we step on the hands of her brother in the ass.
and "much anything, We could not get the hand of big brother?" angry said, "I gotta even their bare hands." to say, hand on the rampage Lightning brother.
Then, after a long time for sex. I also had sex with my brother after a long time, I was saying the sex was dozens of times from my own quite a long time.

38 fear of my son

I am [sure] that I have already also. It is up to 38 once. If you start
Itadai acquaintance. Thank you for those in the middle. Please bear with us a little longer. Mika

My son

I am a 47 year old son is a son or I had a rough 23 years old the other day. It was a time my husband is away on a trip cooperatives. I refused and said I'll shed my son came into my mother back when I'm taking a bath. Crucible 突Ki刺Shimashita chin from behind the crack is then I grabbed the edge of the bathtub. I cried with frustration. I took my son upstairs to the room naked from the left. Do it again. I no longer feel. Gusho semen is wetted bed. After three days, so my husband not returned, it is done and anxiety.

Older brother

I am a 7th grade girl.
Now I sit on the lap of her brother 10 years older than me and I hit the keyboard. in this course until I
you are addicted to the roots and Zuppori brother's penis.
yesterday evening until now, had sex with my brother the whole time.
memorial service because parents are relatives, not to return until Sunday night.
brother and sex, but to five years from the time of my elementary school, when not only the parents can not,
can only occasionally. Therefore, "their mother went to the memorial service, trying to fill it until Sunday," and,
was consulting with my brother.
taking a bath in the evening with my brother, after Ikko body wash and matched each other licking dick intact.
brother while fingers spread out my vagina, carefully suck up to me in a hole and clitoris.
for the brother I love, the penis Shaburimashita hard.
to ejaculate in my mouth my brother and I all drank.
brother even after ejaculation the penis because it was larger still, I had to fuck out of the box.
from behind me in the bathroom was on all fours, put the penis has been her brother,
repeated or put out and hard.
"Ah! Hey, Iitsu feeling!"
screaming I was shaking my hips to match the movement of my brother.
brother has been hit hard while sitting overflowing with the sound for more than 30 minutes.
I cum away many times when you will ejaculate in this until I was older brother,
I missing to force the body falls.. nervous
the tub, my brother and I ate dinner naked.
watching videos sex with my brother in the living room after dinner, then strained'll touch each other dick,
blowjob I have a penis in his mouth to you again my brother.
gently patted her brother while my head, "It feels good," said to me.
brother lay on the sofa and I've put a penis in my legs Katsui shoulder.
and bath time is different and has moved very slowly back.
brother is rubbing his chest and my hands, pinching the nipple can Dari fingers clit while
and grinded, and was put out and the penis.
"Ah ah, like yo. my brother, you'll feel very ー!"
while I clung to my brother like crazy, was screaming.
I just got in the bath, we had become a sweaty embrace.
"Ah, brother! I'll cum're no good ...!"
"You'd like to cum ... I'll welcome as many times as squid"
brother said that, I continued to rummage through.
varying positions of all kinds, big brother gave me time and time again be cool to me.
spans over my brother, but according to the Itta violently extort freshly back in a daze,
to ejaculate inside of me gushing and brother. Cuckoo
I lay on my brother in your eyes closed for a while While,
state as it enters the penis fell asleep. Yes brother, I fell asleep without modification. By the time I woke
past midnight, I was looking in the face while sleeping under a big brother to me.
I would gently wake the body and causing her brother,
wipe clean with a wet tissue in the vagina become sticky semen,
gave to my brother's penis and also beautiful. If you touch a penis
Kutsu, very pretty, and was involuntarily kissed cheeks and shear. While
mouth and sucking to have the bigger penis with Mukumuku. If you keep
fellatio while, but woke up her brother. We moved to
bed brother, 抱Ki合Imashita again.
older brother would give me kiss, we plug in the tongue.
out my tongue as well and matched each other Karame.
"ー Look, I love you ... ..."
"big brother that I love the"
Karame tongue hard while we were each other's bodies Masagutsu. Masaguri
brother with both hands while sexual intercourse chest and my body has let his tongue snake.
high lift my hands and knees to hips, lick me in the ass to the hole.
"ー ... I'll try doing here?"
while tickling your tongue in my ass hole is big brother, we say so.
"If your brother ... I want to do"
I have sex in the ass A little scary though, so I replied I was also interested in anal.
with plenty of big brother is wearing my ass baby oil, so as to have a massage ass hole with your finger. Kita Kano
loose my ass hole of them, came in with her brother Nurutsu fingers.
"Oh, uh oh ... going there there!"
out whenever fingers tingle to the back, I was thinking aloud.
fingers brother, the two books from a book, three books and incremented.
"Well, if it would be all right now"
brother had my ass loosen over time, have a penis in my ass Ategatsu say so.
feeling Nuruntsu said, came into the penis in my butt surprisingly easy.
"I move. it hurts, I'm saying"
brother said that, I started slowly moving back. when the penis is pulled
, a comfortably thick poop like going out,
during incoming and has been alternately attacked my heart clogged like suffocation.
"Oh Oh, what this ... amazing ... amazing Iiitsu! brother ... going brother!"
I feverishly clinging to the pillow was shouting loudly.
"ー ー ass out ... look, it feels great. so good, but now seems out Chai"
whispered in my ear so my brother.
brother hip movements, gradually went faster. Whenever
ass penis moved in and went bigger and I knew I would feel the hip bone disintegrates and melts.
"Oh, no good ... so cum Chai"
said that her brother has hit back hard. As soon
the current ran through my spine.
"Ah, ... and I'll cum!'ll cum in the ass! Oh Oh Oh, ik Uuuutsu!"
I raised loud enough that it crushed throat cum hard I. In the euphoria
long enough to have never ever felt,
felt the spread of semen in the ass gushing and brother of the penis.
brother and I are 愛Shi合Imashita thereafter.
right now, I dread to Shakuri上Ge in my brother's penis.
in my vagina, and her brother spread with warm semen. I was hitting the keyboard
sex while, it took nearly an hour to beat this sentence.
I love my brother.
I love me too brother me.
After this, I'll always love coming back to my parents. something is not going to
contraception. I have a brother
semen, I feel directly.
in sexual intercourse in the ass in the mouth, I immediately feel the heat of her brother.
if you are pregnant, then I think it's OK for a baby brother.
Hey, I love you!

My discourse incest

Airi is a 27 year old unmarried sister of mine. 25-year-old brother.
I live in a 5-year-old daughter and my parents divorced.
family pretty much my house is pretty tall. My sister and I
168 and 171 cm respectively. My brother is 185 cm. Support for divorce I became mentally younger brother persuaded me to appreciate against the parents. I cut my heart
are not able to rely on younger brother refused courtship, forbidden relationship.
that of his brother, body and soul are attracted to violent sex. I just
penis is amazing. Long, thick, hard, and I see no sense
lower body follow through.
I wanted to pierce my brother and my ass.
"s impossible, Wow!" was subjected to enema, anal finger thrust up and just woke up my penis that I did my best
new functionality to fit that of anal. Still, the pain gradually
薄Ragi, I finally ended up as ik.
already clinging to his brother "○ ○ your baggage please." I told her to come to be.
, the iris is so similar to me and the twins, I had been on bad terms with a similar personality Stubborn.
since becoming an adult that was the attitude of ignoring each other than fighting, decent place to chat Well if you come to the house I was meant to be. The rooms enjoy Demashita
apartment not far from home his brother, another sign of what a woman I know has come. I was in the mood, but she could well have another brother.
take from my brother to be called, "Come with an enema." "I know." limit to the patience anymore enemas 3 times. The iris was exhilarating to go out and how. Lightningrod
with naked legs, too, were blamed on vibes. Every time my brother
rub the clitoris "Oh No!" I'm in agony! I take off my brother takes
was taken aback.
"stop kidding me!" jealousy, like a brother sister thing (aside of myself,) I'm angry.
食Raimashita a slap. Three from it. And the floor was 押Shi倒Sa.
"Oh, Oh, Oh Oh No!" I keep my upper body iris. I desperately close
leg. The slimy ass in my brother's fingers with lotion. Anal
invaded, the book has two fingers on one.
"Afu,, no, ,,,,,,"< br> no longer do anything. . I pulled the power.
is sideways, and his brother in the index and middle fingers thrust anal clitoris with your thumb while kneading.
"hmm,, ,,,,,," ik is the same thing with me lying face against the iris ,,,,.
"Kiss しろ Look!" deep kiss sisters.
"I Hey, ik, ik, saying Chauu ,,,"< br> as they both cried.
sisters hated each other that much, but at the same time Ikimashita Ai devour the tongue.


Airi is a 27 year old unmarried sister of mine. 25-year-old brother.
I live in a 5-year-old daughter and my parents divorced.
family pretty much my house is pretty tall. My sister and I
168 and 171 cm respectively. My brother is 185 cm. Support for divorce I became mentally younger brother persuaded me to appreciate against the parents. I cut my heart
are not able to rely on younger brother refused courtship, forbidden relationship.
that of his brother, body and soul are attracted to violent sex. I just
penis is amazing. Long, thick, hard, and I see no sense
lower body follow through.
I wanted to pierce my brother and my ass.
"s impossible, Wow!" was subjected to enema, anal finger thrust up and just woke up my penis that I did my best
new functionality to fit that of anal. Still, the pain gradually
薄Ragi, I finally ended up as ik.
already clinging to his brother "○ ○ your baggage please." I told her to come to be.
, the iris is so similar to me and the twins, I had been on bad terms with a similar personality Stubborn.
since becoming an adult that was the attitude of ignoring each other than fighting, decent place to chat Well if you come to the house I was meant to be. The rooms enjoy Demashita
apartment not far from home his brother, another sign of what a woman I know has come. I was in the mood, but she could well have another brother.
take from my brother to be called, "Come with an enema." "I know." limit to the patience anymore enemas 3 times. The iris was exhilarating to go out and how. Lightningrod
with naked legs, too, were blamed on vibes. Every time my brother
rub the clitoris "Oh No!" I'm in agony! I take off my brother takes
was taken aback.
"stop kidding me!" jealousy, like a brother sister thing (aside of myself,) I'm angry.
食Raimashita a slap. Three from it. And the floor was 押Shi倒Sa.
"Oh, Oh, Oh Oh No!" I keep my upper body iris. I desperately close
leg. The slimy ass in my brother's fingers with lotion. Anal
invaded, the book has two fingers on one.
"Afu,, no, ,,,,,,"< br> no longer do anything. . I pulled the power.
is sideways, and his brother in the index and middle fingers thrust anal clitoris with your thumb while kneading.
"hmm,, ,,,,,," ik is the same thing with me lying face against the iris ,,,,.
"Kiss しろ Look!" deep kiss sisters.
"I Hey, ik, ik, saying Chauu ,,,"< br> as they both cried.
sisters hated each other that much, but at the same time Ikimashita Ai devour the tongue.

○ ○ erectile ~ I saw my son

It is that last night.
go to the washroom, which was just rising from a bath towel to clean the dressing room next to his son on.
penis facing upward and large, did not get hungry enough.
freshly hard, glossy in towards the skin is shiny.
"penis" rather than "phallic" I should say may be correct. Pubic hair is very much
is dense with black. I grew up around the navel. What I like.
about, lost in admiration away with my heart pounding. For a man desperate for
lady, I poison my eyes.
home, a toilet, bath dressing room side by side, so, I would always bump into, but until now I did not downright each other.
while I was dressed, and his son came to the washroom, but that is started every day.
eyes burned, I could not sleep.

What should such a mother

yuna himekawa[29098]
I have 15 year old son (real) is alone. My husband is not home away from home for two years.
just come back twice a year in the summer and New Year. I want to masturbate in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness still strong sexual desire.
it to choose from 1pm to 3pm at the actual time that will always go to school.
But that day, at night, and have a Onani in her room and also want the bath, I was really scrutiny. I am unable
excuses, waiting for just head down the door close. But what actually came to me, "I'd rather Onani mom"
holding my shoulders, "I saw a woman Onani first, and still her mother," and bathrobe I was taking off his hand hung. But the real and,
had become a man again. I do the embarrassing thing to do was not going to know. But I have become real at the mercy of the body to react any way. There
also be seen masturbating irresistible. I was watching a long time but was made to spread my legs on the bed actually Mesmerize. Of which, when placed fingers touched,
away from my mouth and another moan out, I thought that may be already fallen into hell. I also got to touch caress Hands in real trunks.
me to lick the real me, and I chew on. Parents and children will be finally and finally the relationship between men and women no longer suited to each other fiercely determined.
Then, as a foreplay to the border that day, were forced to Onani in front of my son every day was required to spend no bread. I am not a mother I have become no real sex slave.
today, will run in a few minutes later. What should a mother like this?

Older brother

Did your brother and the weekend of the month 5
college students aged 18-year-old brother and I held hands with 23
We went to the movies to see before you with for example you buy 物言Tsu I was walking with arms crossed in Dari.
's friend and I know, it was funny ~ ~ I was told, I did not feel it was in the house
only two showers for the holidays from noon
If I dry my hair just towel in my room, I came into the room to do the lunch brother
"was a feminine ~" "Where regulations in coming out"
感Jimashi the man's eyes or
"odiousness ~ ~" "I'll out to"
"What are you saying the bath 入Ttajan Store ~"
together until I was into the ninth grade.
"Have you dated people, but I ,2-3, Maiko or man made?"
"Maiko I'm cute even from the"
Quarrelling when my kitten, bath towels Did you take out tea ~ ~

useless hand breast brother, Byiku ~
felt tongue kiss missing
force us to have tea is to lick your body Haizuru, the tongue was also going crazy over there

feel pain ~ ~ ~ ~
were inserted in the work
slowly moving me deeply when I came
Finally, I lost it while in pain care

I want my son to

I had seen her son masturbation. My husband and I divorced
did not dare say something that made it the feeling I forgot to Omoidashi big men looked after a long time.
want my son. I would think so. But I have no guts I

Father and sister

I like the relationship between father and sister apparently suspicious.
was a funny story in two endless.


Are you already here and tampering with your finger to impatient now

42 year old housewife

The 42 full-time homemaker. Under today's living outside the window facing the backyard garden at around 7 or 8 of the cigarette butts had been dropped in this sofa from the window that looks good. Yesterday was the day of Sharon and sexual union of the dog. Visible in the front yard, but even taking the blinds and curtains, but the backyard fence Yes people come in the window yesterday, so Sharon was left open to accept.
are worried that someone was seen. My husband always came back in time. Would have been seen many times? And, passing through the throat anything
Thump chest, with Thump.

Fucked up son

I was raped a 18 year old son is a 52-year-old housewife. Flowing back to me saying I'll sink my mother came in after me I was taking a bath. But hit back with Timbo Korikori. I have an erection. Then I came here this son of my mother. I asked what I do with the show. I'm sick of it do not have to worry not. Likes to do it again, I did drink the semen in the mouth. Then my son to drink soup again with squeezing the semen into the room from left to say Then I'll get to say good feeling to do more.

Brother and

Hi, Satomi is called. The mother of three children 45 years old now.
I recently had a net decrease in the number of sex with her husband somehow, you will read your experiences 辿Ri arrived here, we have written I'll try to post too.
typos or omissions are hard to read where s Please note that charges are nonrefundable.

I lost my parents early in the accident, one person is five years younger brother, Takuya Speaking of relatives.
parents died a few years now to take care of my mother's family relatives in the same city. I have cold hands and feet since I was little my mother went to the hospital sometimes severely. According to my doctor, unbalanced diet, that it was because like many things that I hate. Especially in winter is the hardest to remember.
In that way, when sleep was beginning to get warm is determined to put his brother in bed with limbs all the time.
That is, remember I was 15 years old winter.
because I get the legs warmed up as usual entangled, put your feet beginning with his brother in bed, his body temperature started to feel my legs entwined brother's feet. breathing the fresh
brother was sleeping so soundly. I also put my brother began to touch the body readily. Perhaps the day
the cold was severe, severe cold than usual, with his brother's body in bed and it was his first 潜Ri込Ma
(Oh warm)
feel like I will be relieved, and I began when I was barely sleeping. It initiated a body here for my brother rolled over. I had put his hands under the hips when pulled the little I had accidentally touched the crotch of his brother.
I had an erection.
(s erection!)
surprise, I pulled out my thinking.
high school I was supposed to be honest, then there is also knowledge about the opposite sex and may even curiosity had maybe more than others. I also have no relationship with
man is still my brother's crotch gingerly reached out with curiosity.
brother was in elementary school is definitely an erection. I tried
is lightly over the penis of a brother pajamas.
(even in elementary school I have an erection)
reality that I was beginning to think a little excited.
brother was sleeping with a breathing fresh unchanged. I am relieved it is again asked the body orientation and body his brother, and now I have to gently hold an egg lightly.
(hard ~!)
excited that such a hard erect penis small brother of the body compared with classmates.
as knowledge, but, still clearly remember the surprise on the hardness of the unimaginable.
did not change the appearance of his brother. I became increasingly bold
, tried squeezing a little time. When seized feel lighter or harder than the bigger imagination, and the hardness 感Jitaku more clearly, I tried to hold firmly to enclose the entire palm and little finger.
time, like I was a senior.
(senior in high school that is a big hard erection more to do?)
I had to imagine thinking without permission of the senior penis size of his brother in hardness.
I've been excited, with one hand while holding the penis of a brother, let slip a hand inside the top of his pants with one hand.
is embarrassing, but I remember masturbation in school six years since it was supposed to be several times a week.
by themselves when it is so I did not get wet, as it was commonly called the first "wet wet" was.
put a finger is the first time I put no finger.
(feels ~)
but the next room there are also voices 出Semasen sleeping grandmother. Might feel was more than double secret is always touching the penis of a brother masturbation while yet.
I've been increasingly excited, "the penis to feel more sensation," And he, his brother Komase slip into pajamas hand, I tried to hold the penis from the top of the briefs. Hardness as well as over sized blanket sleeper over time, turns out to form were clear.
touch live, I want to hold!
did not stop anymore. I was putting a hand in briefs that one.
but gave me a hard time allowing the invasion of my hand stronger rubber briefs and pajamas difference.
(again ~)
frustrated with my body more and more excited by the opposite fingers were quite wet. The situation would forget the excitement. In brief imperceptibly, but over there, I've been starting to rub the penis up and down.
(Oh ~ ~ feels)
was drunk at the time their only excitement. There are over
In brief, I began a rhythmic penis suddenly in the hands of my brother. My palms are
penis and has a different heat, I felt warm and wet.
(ejaculation? Did we ejaculate??)
I'm surprised my brother left the body while it is reversed quickly retracted limbs. For the first time that his brother

"Hmm I had!"
aloud at the next moment like a sleep, and rise back up the toilet seemed to be dashed.
I confirmed it and I tried to get the nose closer to the smell.
indescribable as the chestnut flower, Rino Kaoru was the first time I smelled it semen.

I got to my brother

Come to see many people writing many times since my brother taught me to this board.

42 years old but I do not have a man I ever dated.
out while housebound since graduating from high school much longer. In my humble shy
dark were unable to refuse it is said people strong, it becomes a thumb.

now come to visit me from time to time face to face in the neighborhood about a month ago but I have a classmate in high school in the neighborhood.

Sagawa, who says that's, I see in my eyes grinning fat they feel bad gnats gnats.
coming home at the time of the day nobody has been too nervous in the room several times.
added Sagawa Agari comes into my room and take off your shoes at home not only to ascertain my house.

thing I did not like were unable to say anything, many things are now alone with Sagawa's.
not much talk coming out, not the Sagawa's try that is grinning at me.
things and last week I was sitting beside me held hands with Sagawa's coming into the room. Sagawa
added to the bath to sweat Workshop materials are fat because I have to feel bad so I always 入Ranairashii very peculiar smell. Sagawa
's hands with greasy hands I will not touch the groin has. I

Sagawa's crotch pressed against my hands while blushing grin. I flew to my mouth
sweat Sagawa's face is amazing.

getting closer to my face mouth like I'm trapped in the debris to the teeth without toothpaste so
"You know that's going hard and I'm your penis?"
<br > I only Sagawa Niya's touch while on top of my pants.

"It feels good to Hisako's hands Getting your penis"

're holding my hand, so putting my hand touched his groin is still a force. Sagawa

's stick and body to sweat while I was smiling while I push my hand down the pants a little bit of sweat pants.
is now ready to hand you touching my crotch directly Sagawa's. Gnat Gnat is to loose waist
I consult the palm's slimy penis Tei Sagawa unable to be separated but they felt bad in the wet sweaty.

penis and Sagawa's penis touched the penis is held in front of her brother seems to have different size and hardness.

"because I'm touching your penis Hisako's, I'm a nice touch Hisako's vagina too?"

added Sagawa and spread my legs, have touched my vagina icky dirty fingers.

The mother

I wanted to do and my mom is 15 years old pussy. So let me say mom let her pussy. Embraced by the first shot for the first time mom so feverishly Timbo fired from the sperm. Know what put in it. Then the mother is now in the mother told me to tell me and I hope I did not put this way. And second longer had before. I want to do it while I feel good that day.

Relationship between father and husband

We have a couple kids at the age of 38 My husband and I are not the same, but now lives in two families with a parent living with my husband.
63-year-old father, her mother has just a little bit numb for a stroke at age 56 at the age of 61, while in the care and father and I were living quite happily.
1 month away from home with my husband since the end of last year Kitakyushu ~ now living at home about twice that.
many things to talk to my father and something has to go out together in the many opportunities that drive the father of the house and that the nature and shopping.
father and I watched the TV drama went to bed after midnight in the living room late at night like a mother liquor was also drinking.

day I drank too much in bed with a sofa that I'm in, I noticed in a while, I was lying in bed in his room.
to loose my bra, but still had yet to take off half of the lower body underwear.
I have learned what happened to me directly. The night still not 寝Tsuka

in the morning I was not prepared to leave no energy or courage to interrogate the father what happened and was told that the father last night. I have drunk and disorderly
, had been asked to listen to the father who carried arms to hold the room.
I ask too hard, I confess, was my response to a request of them in the mood for a while my father was also there Tteka mother's illness.

not write the other way as well, now I do I do?
air flowing into the house while awkward, but is usually very good father. What I'd like a U
to pretend it is.


Was raped by father

10 year old brother away

Since I was born, my parents were blessed with people in 子宝,
in children and could even get past decade, much less a boy was the joy of his parents, how much of what it was. I

two children at the age of 40, without complaint to my husband, we can live in ordinary things.

single thing that even his brother turned 30 years old when he was put on a little worried and wanted to try to be careful with my younger brother.

My husband went to work satisfactorily 休Mezu holiday, but unable to make a day trip planned to go to play with the kids, email for help but thought it be a baby-sitting for half brother .

in traffic jams and back, but I am pretty tired, and his brother left on the wheel is thought that the more tired. Pampering

to dinner with his brother, and feel free beer out,
while a lively dinner,
"Hey? little wedding thing, I think? "
" but their parents too loud Like I would even sister? "
" it obvious? because it's going to be 30, or do not you like? "
" If, already married I have! "

seems frankly had been dodged,
in potatoes can talk nasty little wonder it is the pursuit is not,
subject of marriage is interrupted halfway Shimaimashi or.

but my brother recommended, taking away much, I did not feel drunk and enjoy comfortably.
finished properly cleaned, will be bathing the kids, my brother found himself on the sofa was a loud snore.
sleeping children, I feel good to get tired just takes a nap while I watch TV,
suddenly being embraced, being kissed,
brother found himself, < br> "W, What are you doing?"
"I like her sister! why not be married!"
"What are you talking about weird things?"
"is not funny I! be sincere! I'm serious! "
his brother and demanded a kiss,
'm so strongly embraced the power of arms,
" You can not! to such a thing! No! " As resistance
blocked, blocked the mouth with a kiss away,
becomes impossible to breathe a long kiss,
to let go of resistance to push the body of his brother,
More kissing, tongue came in,
suffocating feeling

will force the hand of his brother missing, covering my chest, wrapped in, is rubbed We will.
to resist, no matter how well the power is put,
can also be also be released freeing the hands of his brother. Kiss
still goes on, long into the tongue,
絡Metai chasing my tongue,
been brought down on the couch away,
my foot is sandwiched between the legs of his brother ,
is pressed against my crotch as my brother enters legs,
been kissed, chased the tongue,
grabs massage the breast,
I was rubbing his groin in the leg press ,
nothing to resist in situations seem contrived at times irritating,
tongue kiss to chase an opening large enough to be open,
alternately tender breasts being rubbed in the hands of his brother,
more sensitive to the groin,
foot while pressing relentlessly brother has been moved as if by rubbing.

thinking such a thing, I finally will not be able to resist,
I came to feel the comfort of feeling superior to stimulate motion sickness.
front of the children fulfilled even speak loudly,
disappointment not to have to start with the power to resist force well,
騒Gimashita in to do one's thinking to shake your body resistance.

My body is not completely buried under his brother, without any space to move shake,
chest as the reaction has been touching sensitive nipples become hard. the response of
groin, but they feel stimulated clitoris,
also miserable, bloated feel that has been stimulated as hard as they want.
I would had made the chance of full alert,
brother's hand, penetrates into the skirt,
robust stimulation by rubbing the clitoris,
"Damee! "
situation I can not do anything to come in my heart cried.

brother lips around my neck crawl very well,
chest is constantly rubbed wraps,
devoted to rubbing the nipple to ensure,
underwear from the top of the clitoris or, either directly,
feel that they've been excited about the stimulus can not judge.

to tell me there wet,
been opened into the hands of his brother,
fingertips "Pitchapitcha!" Let me make a noise and,
"Oh · · "
response to stimuli in a trembling voice, they say,
inspired by press can not even kill,
I was away I felt I answered his brother Mashita.

been 捲Ku clothes chest, nipples sucked,
stimulate the clitoris rubbed're going to reach its climax,
登Ri詰Me a pleasure to finally reached his pinnacle of my I.

After that, nothing to resist, exposing been put at the mercy of his brother,
senses the moment,
"No, here, is useless"
in the living room and hopefully what happens when kids,
brother brought to my bed and holding a drawing-room,
misery we are also taking off clothes,
sure where The use of the hands while applying stimulation crab,
Iki is also reluctant to take off like it did not have to be naked,
you slip took my brother in the crotch lick suck clit open,絶Yasazu stimulation,
been rubbed both breasts wrapped in the fingertips to stimulate the nipples,
Also, I would pick a blank peak,
naked without knowing it was my brother ,
younger men pierce my body,
strong and has been overwhelmed by the momentum of strong men,
"Ah! A ~!"
the child would wake up I worried that they lifted in the queer voice.

what happened next,
younger men, being turned end,
only memories remain strong irritation hard vigorous,
my body reacts in that form of pleasure,
agony that had been devastated
pleasure is intense,
attacked even more pleasure it fled away,
adultery of fornication had become a figure of a woman gone mad with joy.

the pinnacle of pleasure from space, to a faint and sometimes
know yourself but going around in agony Nota hit repeatedly,
felt having sex with my husband never,
was informed violently intense pleasure.

hug his brother, seeking a kiss, his tongue entangled,
using the waist, as if attracted by younger men,
shivering stutter occurs,
to rigid body,
狂Wasu pleasure to cut away,
skip to faint memories
"Ah" or
"says KUU"
or why are you saying such a thing just pops out
would doubt my word, I cried. What flows

quiet time,
sure that I returned to consciousness,
his brother's arm resting on pillow,
hot stuff that much had never felt,
ejaculation brother, and my body exploded in,
more pleasure in the pleasure,
climax with a faint taste,
hug, embracing moment was reached with him. It is not

from uncertain memory,
probably no conversation without a word,
I would like to sleep in the embrace of his brother.

awareness to make sure my husband calls from ringing the bell,
while dressed in a hurry or a body will feel too much like 捗Ranai met, <br > wore pajamas with his brother prepared for,
to call my husband to do something impromptu,
込Mimashita body and sank exhausted on the sofa in the living room.

phone my husband, and I can not go home tonight,
feel relieved there was no mistake anyway.

Toys become father

I am 42 years old, is living with the father of three masters, three years ago my husband was a week into the new year in late Mashi Tei Fukushima suffered from tuberculosis sanatorium just come back. I have three days once a month, for two nights and saw my husband went to Fukushima.
husband can come home, turn off the 10 o'clock sexually-active topic in the original master, four times, invited me to a house where no treatment and popular five times, and come looking for the body.
previous lovers sex Fukushima I even once a month every night because he was two years ago was of a body piercing, cold sake favorite father's birthday I suggest
7-8 is still drinking the night away drunk this night, was played with the father. I 起Tanakatta physically, it licked, not using the tools.
once 点Ita body on fire that day was horrid day, played, composed of about a week passage from his naked back and the part was a joy to finesse the father's pants. Still, the visit of January
at home and stepfather have not kept count of sex, location, position and had to listen closely to blame but my body is really exciting is to know yourself talk.
first time sex toy came to be escalated to the use of the father is played with my body react to the father has ordered a one-year catalog adult sex toy large size was also a typical father-Vibe However now is the vibe of this 有Rimasu 5-6 thick, put to use electric massager This year, now the pot is fitted comfortably secretary, devoted to the uterus, it did go off several times intense stimulation.
father was recently fitted out things like fat, of course, your father-in bottle ○ ○ Cho, cola bottles, radishes, corn, vases, and is fitted, I shake the hips "knead, more , knead "I cried many times to go watch, then the father comes ○ ○ Cho plugged in your pursed his right hand and will come into kneading until the wrist move," Todomeda "said fingertips I ran into the womb comes the faint and syncope was attacked
intense joy I get to peel and stepfather noticed that Cho, I have to lick me Yonoo cho Yamaguchi ○ ○ We call also the father,
before, maybe because it was in the bathroom to wash wooden baseball bat? I think. It is made up of a bitch like going fast.


I am now 31 years old. Married to my husband last spring. My husband is a married 48-year-old dentist. I am a first marriage. My husband had a son in middle school because my parents got married my husband liked it but the opposite. My husband was kind and be happy. Now I was feeling jealous friend is also broken everything. The dental clinic is one of the three-story floor, his son-in-law on the ground floor rooms are 3 S. The weekend clinic is closed on weekdays until 6:00 pm. To help me until around 4:00 pm I also hired a person at the reception. Is the nightmare happened last month. Recalling that the nausea at the time. My husband does not know anything yet. Avoided as much as I avoided sex with my husband Narezu mind since that day. I started a little strained marital relationship.切Ri出Sou are wondering whether to divorce at any time.
is going to be crazy tell anyone. ○ It was a Friday in April. That day was preparing dinner early because it was done shopping. I was ranked at 4:30. 3 S came down from the floor "I had rain," risen to the roof and went to capture it in the washing. Since there is no laundry on site is a narrow balcony on the roof 干Shimasu. Casual way up the stairs to the roof 振Ri返Ttara S Sorashimashita eyes to stay down. At that time did not care. S is a quiet, gentle husband and child in the exact opposite. There is only me and the conversation usually minimal. I was but I managed to 打Chi解Keyou. Unlike the nearly 180 inches of big master while S is 147 centimeters and Tadashi Tadashi me that somehow there was something intimidating like telling myself it was for a son in junior high school kids though. I fell down weeping when stepping on the washing off the third floor hallway holding hands holding laundry. I hit the post rather than his head no. Amarino I was moaning in pain. S sound and hearing the voice came out of the room. S, raised her skirt to fix burr while I endure the pain he caused what came to be so I ran up. I tried to have 抱Ki起Kosou groaning from behind the head down. Then S is now shaped like hands to grab my heart. S, because only the blouse and felt first hand the hands of startled. The next moment I thought my heart was still caught, S I suddenly dragged me into the room. I became a panic trying to understand whether what happens as you instinctively surprised. Momi合Imashita pushing me in the room to escape. Stop S Stop saying desperately resisted that curled up on his back with the 組Mi敷Kou. Mogakimashita desperately to get away so that nothing but the receptionist and asked to women patients in the clinic might have to put on the first floor heard screams and loud. The big change Even though adults and high school students. I should not can match small and powerless. Have been missing the power of breath 絶E絶E body gradually getting tired 抗Imashita fairly long time. Is finally on his back rode as layering S body. Between the legs and feet that will flap in the form of being grabbed wrists Banzai S came in the lower body. Move is top heavy and could not hold the whole body. My face seemed to be crushed in the heart of S.押Saetsukemashita the neck and elbow. Brittle was barely able to load up'm not struggling to breathe. Pillow pants has been taking off her skirt. At home I take off my underwear is so easy to wear pantyhose. Power does not go out anymore to not Batatsukasemashita feet and appears to be trying to do the training pants with one hand 脱Gou. I came to touch the genitals with one hand. There is no way to prevent your legs closed Masagutsu have to put your finger into the vagina. Came into the vaginal opening to find the rough fingers were playing with them around the opening of the urethra. The end was finally run out of power as well to breathe compressed at the elbow so that her head to see a strong chance to escape every time. Erect in the consciousness of S, dim startled to feel tired legs touching the genitals. I thought only the final defense line to protect at any cost. S has been forced upon the genital penis penis inserted blindly trying to hold down his neck with one hand. Resistance to wiggle really summon up the power of another body. Fortunately Naka Naka could not be inserted. S, of which around the genitals to ejaculation is dense and moaning. I was relieved. I thought this will calm down. My husband even after ejaculation, so I thought it would wake up at once. S is a little relieved when it finally ended that caused the upper hand away from her head. Been raised bed and pulled the legs being grabbed suddenly. Had tremendous power. The resistance force pushing on the bed but did not. Have tried to insert it with both hands and raise your voice found. Ategatsu now there has been so accurate in my groin while watching. Found that the tip of the penis into the vaginal opening Ganbarimashita quite some time. The feeling came into the vaginal opening diagonally. I could not move and are attracted to the waist Zuri上Garou Mogakimashita frantic rage on the air anymore. S stopped giving up resistance when stuck to my tummy tummy. Was raped twice more while crying.

(*^_^*) Did it

yuna himekawa[28837]
Good morning <(_ _)>
I have been spoiled and kind of you to feel like everyone is your relationship was terminated imperceptibly, he (Hiroshi) and things to write Ikita I think the Most.
Yorotsu (● ^ _ ^ ●) ♪
I'd have thought the Mako into bed that night if I do not think so
a worried look, he I think there is such a sense of guilt because somewhere in my heart, from where it will become bright and well, I have to strange
I could get ready in the next morning that rice I went to wake the room, the cock on the bed so you can see from above while rubbing
"Hey! here is fine, but awake, I woke up all Go飯Ta a" "~ ~ I, touching more ~ me "
" U droppings, and feel good? You do want to be touched directly "
that float to raise and sit down Shigoi also shifted slightly shifted trunks to reach into pajamas in bed to
"う! ~ I feel a hot," "Do not make put out, I'll Wait I'm from out of which something more" can no longer endure the
Hiroshi bed flipping through the "You go Mom!" "Oh!?"
Chinpo hard to think even more stiff
Emashita thinking I suck, and I ejaculate in great force at the throat dick
until the second or third much was blech moment flies, painful extra it pushes the cock 突Tsu張Tsu feet "Ugh Ugh," wait for it to finish ejaculation patient desperately while glaring Hiroshi away from the mouth once, "you rip! "and drink," Oh! I like that last night out Ttara Hiroshi "
and I was cleaning up and he says nothing besides
" Yes! That's want to eat fast food I'll not be late "" ~ ~ Yes they "went down saying I ran into the bathroom naked

Fucked up son

My son is 50 years old 33 years old divorcee. My husband is now 52 years old, I ran a car repair shop in a hard worker. My son got drunk and committed a return one day. To say it, but strangely his divorce, it is committed to taking off the panties on the floor rolled up in a skirt during the day pushing me away when I was two days ago my husband went to the factory. And I say this. "What do you think that's my mom. I'm not but appreciate give me become a man of my mom. Remarry it now will be good I'll can. And I think I'm born I'm from here? Show me I say look into pussy spread. "I wanted to get fucked this time. But I shall be desperately resisted being fucked, I fucked 及Bazu power. I was out on the floor because it had accumulated a large amount of semen pussy for the first time I was divorced from his son while 濡Remashita.

Nasty son

I read or tin.
What I'm not a strange thing to my son. I'm 27
. 46 My husband, son and son 15
12 difference.
My husband is remarried. laborless
'm president of the company my husband. Each day is a good learning
Shitakattarashitara work well. it is hard 口説Ka
resistance that have children with my husband because I was finally persuaded
there dozens of times I have my husband OK. My husband is dying
I guess I like sweeping.
often asks me to watch my son while at night errand.
it once too. I do not hate my husband for that. So
about to marry. The husband and
SEX. But I have to have a boy around.
as hard to concentrate.
After a while, but I may have something like a moth to Tsuiteta my shorts. At first I thought something twice, three times.
It is mine and I'm different from this. home
man is it? But my husband would not do that
Could it be?
sure my son. Why do not you look a little dirty
to keep a basket every evening to ensure a clean dressing after my husband went to work. The house is not only a son. I was sure
. I found out
here to search the lot for a little action of the son-in-law, and since then.

blood led to a son without.
handsome son is fine, and I feel like I was away. There
Korimashita Usurai these things by the time it came in well.
is the son of his master. Or is
favor those with the same girl?
my son liked the stone, I want to do well.
I'm a son, I pretty much my favorite face.
like a little dangerous.

Master than his brother

I have been married for three years.
brother was incestuous relationship. But he transferred to Tokyo
. My brother
relationship is over. To get married two years later.
brother came back five years. I was living as a housewife
forget about him.
One day, my brother came to my house. My brother is different
week my husband and holidays. We
I was talking with my brother but reunited after a long time embraced me
逢Ttara that time I thought you and I married you for doing this It may be recalled.
brother. I, you're married.
know. Is not
relationship, but we have a physical relationship.
to hate just because you've married?
not true.
brother has been forced to kiss.
Omoidashimashita feel I had forgotten my brother. At first I thought it
than husband and brother have been better for remembering SEX,
embrace the other was natural. Aimashita
rid of what we're wearing each other on the spot.
brother, Miyuki.
embraced.ー after a long time.
but I do not know that I got there looking at each other

My brother just

"It's that so yeah ww" and brother. . Hiding the chest and then move the viewpoint ww
"I have grown quite well in my chest?" I was repelled by the finger saying. .
"Hey, if Ero Wait! something father of grass hoo! ????" to see my brother and I honestly
Suro and" Yes, "Just smile and jump,,
"ー no person, I'm special!" When I say show me, my brother's face is red w
So I said, "the sly sly suggestion to show my brother ~ I just ♪ ♪ have seen it "and try to say while Mozomozo
" It was a break! crap-tee, "and brother
" There, I was broke'll never look at me? sex Ikarane ~ "I grin and a
" Do not say stupid! too kinky naked erection sister cod'll tea! "and brother. .
"Ya Dji show ー!" I looked away to forcibly pull the lower back and
込Mimashita about, I thought my brother to take the towel back on the reach of big brother Then grab yourself ww
had thought, broke Ttemashita ww
"There are a number of transformation found"
your brother to get away, stood up and scooped from the tub. .
bad luck (good) is in front of about ww
brother, for example sucking aimlessly Lightning (sweat was surprised
brother! a sudden, "Hi Yo er" Wakan or translation Lightning helicopter perched on the bath tub No 口走Tsu..
Munching was surprised that I was moved only a little tea alright to say that..
brother is " You're brothers, you!'m bad things that have fared ー!! "
Lightning Come with Kaczynski said," It may well be different from your sister masturbation Panchude "I <br > "did you see?" brother and pale.. and here is deflated fig Yaimashita
"I'm not always that!" brother and
"Fu ~ I "I
" Do you doubt?? "
" what one is ♪ I turned again and again with, "said Lightning also put in other ways should you be with ww
, Munching on my brother again, not to mention your ww
Now my brother will be accepted in silence..
has been restored to grow little by little..
a brother Lightning suck more example in the bathroom lying on the floor Morai..
fact, I love you brother it was (sweat
of the Lightning got into wanting..
The older brother, aghast
"It is bad, dangerous or fig! with rubber-tee Hey, no, you and I differ is dangerous," and hurry..
this - and women's the nerve is more 据Watsu w
"Never mind, do not worry," I.
攻Me立Temasu the cowgirl at once..
cash in a little while ago I was three times pained face brother is going to continue to rapidly
"Ugh!" It seems that her brother got along with the roar dies away and say..
is the older brother is coming back in there know..

♪ I'm glad my brother made love to his first
Nakada Nakada said her first because her brother!!!

the day, mom and dad soon That's because the back room to come back..

戻Remashita ♪ brother the next day I thought of what a normal

embarrassing fact going to write this story I did not, especially because I can marry my brother knew the time tea was in junior high school
fact married mom and dad to say that I remarry The guy, ♪ I'm living together with state
Well long story short exam at the time of application in high school I got a look at this..
You say you know my last name, last name in the same ward granny I checked in.. ww
a school, or rather how you say sweet? normally spend there is also the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly members say Papa..
was the time when the shock pleased to say that both my brother and other family register, www
Gurezu've finished the truth is, I know that last year as my brother.
reason is that, were the same..
that, right? not watch out and writes about rumors that the application I ww
At that time, I was surprised to become an only child..

since then, the older brother I parted with her, ♪ brother to help me in updating to Tiger I just
college, older brother to say the region is likely to want to work..
course, with me! !
are you going to the first brother I've never really given much time after the miss??
to mom and dad I'm sorry, ♪
decided together www teen 貯Menakya


Fucked up son

I am a housewife of 48 years, my husband was away when I committed to my son recently. My son is 21 years old are unemployed. Need help with my house is not working. I tried to escape several times, tears were committed Tarizu power. Always hear after committing. "You're feeling good or Mom's pussy is something beautiful beyond her years. I'm Mom's pussy entrance WET I'm like Why do not you lick Kishi Yoshi Shohhai narrow," he says. I hear it is shameful. I turn one last time Konekuri was stunned. I Did it open leg hurts too much. Slowly and had a circular rather painful and, at the end wetted the bed out a lot of semen.


Really, Koroshitai. . Wo father. . .

recently, the father (usually I get called Ken-chan) will kill her hatred of
because every time I see, daughter of an eye To become disgusting with each passing day,
even ear, "Hey Tatsuki Masaru is a good woman," and I'll whisper. .

it started was when I was in my fifth grade. .
maybe more maybe it was before. .

period begins just shy also, in anticipation of feeling happy to say that red rice on the table in your
, was pretty impressive that she ate her health has finally laughing .
its O, with leering hideously,,,

that night, my mother has a neighborhood meeting, go out after dinner while flap, the house is crisp and her two healthy
watch a little TV as usual and went into the bath. .
mother during the day because these girls were told to take it into the end. .
into the bathtub, and Ken-chan has Haitsu'm going to sound threw ー. .
has also earlier, turned away at the entrance to the maple body backwards and I detest even a little. Then Ken

her taking a shower, tub came in from behind.
so hated, "Hey, Dad, why I just went, or that?" I heard
Mimashitara answering her health, embrace from behind with Kimashi gently heaving bosom or. .
kind of scared, stuck shaking. . And that is the voice come out. .
their hands, crawled around my body like a different person, even in the crotch has been extended a little hair grows. .
more, really, I can not say a word for fear. . Ken-chan left Masaguri
first nasty chest, right hand was stroked to trim the fur around. .
followed it for a while, I found tears coming spilled. .
Still, her health has turned relentlessly stroked, Shimaini has an important place to reach. .
Then, after the usual course. .
trembling body trembling, lifted from the tub, I'll sleep on the floor once more relentlessly patting the bathroom. Kitara
is terrible to me sobbing, with her health suddenly look like a demon from what I've been slap. .
"Do not cry!" to reverse out,,,
men stole a glance to see the first time and has increased fears of a classmate in a grotesque things differently much more. At that time I

knowledge, what to do because it supposedly was rich in its own way, I think vaguely understood.
course, it is not accompanied by head and body practice, they do not sync,,

her look like a demon's health is skewered Remashi I lost her virginity in a moment or. . but half conscious
遠Noki, while the lower body pain,,,

since this is now referred to her father, Ken. .
father, say nothing, hope is so called. .

but then every day is hell. . If there are any health
at her and go out part out when my mother was always fucked. . before someone can even say something is a
. . . A slap if they refuse. . . Even in junior high school
me that I could not get a kick. .
so perverted to me there is only pain. .

made during the three years of middle school who like a natural way for me, went well until
dating, but it came at that time. .
be with you like a moment from my own health was just the instrument of her,,,
Yes, I'm alone in thought, in fact, just touched by boyfriend ,
with chills running bull rush, I would allow the escape 謝Razu injured in that time. . .
I could too. . . Of course, it was such a thing has been dumped. . .

is the next chance at the high school. .
I could have just as lovers, or able to become a little adult? Ganbarimashita. .
went well this time. . But pleasure is not felt. .
of them noticed the boyfriend is mutated. .
so perverted I'm accustomed. . While the boyfriend was suspicious "Oh Pot!" Called discarded. .

course, her relationship with Ken at that time I was also continuing. .
what I'm get used to it and feel it is done for seven years. . .

turning point came when a senior in high school. .
consulted my mother that one. . To talk with a child consultation center. . There being no place for consultation in the school. .
mother beat her health like crazy, swearing and went toward her health instead of my tears. .
child consultation center was nothing for me. . The school also. .
put her in touch with both healthy, then call on my behalf,,, but look at the demon standing next to her health,,,

next day. with a mother and two people running away from home. .
The apartment near the school. . At that time I was still

rough. .
to school out of the house is actually going on now. . .
meeting with various city, I knew that the money eh Chigao. .
feel is perfect for me. .
now earn immediately. . I was done but the doll is not even funny drugs involved. .

soon get out of the apartment is, people started living in apartments in the inquiry met in the city. . What I'm
convenient apartment does not need a guarantor. . I heard on the news

style of the original returned to her mother when the health of about 20 years. . . home is where I
still remember I thought I lost. .

of them, AV Demashita well. .
scatology, bestiality, SM, fetish I also earned a great deal we got it was OK. .

At that time, I have put you in trouble sometimes unable to control the staff and feeling good. .

in the watershed and at the age of 22,,
actor's office is the same one who has never even once I was involving someone who is going to improve. .
is invited to the meeting, yes, I'm waiting in a coffee shop and indicated that he feels involved with this person for the first time I came
were taken where there is silence. .
at the time, who can not forget the pain. . .
Yes, it was without meds. . .
Two weeks later, friends came for the kind of actor, but seemed to have the capacity to think so now,
time Me and the fig, so they thought, and kicked殴Ritsuke Lightning Fists. .

then the actor's took me to various places. .
but did not even get kissed by connecting us. .

suddenly been proposed on Christmas Day that year. .
I get married like this. . . The pin and did something the economy is OK to get married somehow. .

surrounded by a small wedding ceremony with the president's birthday on 23 staff. .
soon, retirement pregnant. . Retired workers were doing well in Deriheru together in secret. . Try living with

, the seedlings have been feeling is amazing. .

seems barely able to take the start. .
the actor's do that, but my memory's not left,
seems upbringing told everyone when drinking at some point. .
know everything seems to direct talks with the president greeted me. .

But the happiness did not last long. . .
last nine years of marriage, my husband passed away in a car accident. . .
financially in life insurance on my husband left me troubled
but my husband was gone all of the outside world for the first time 芽生Emashita feeling sad. . It is the only
death of her husband did not get all emotional. . . Now even the perverted

Irimashita can feel like Nina. . I see myself now as
past the past. . When her husband died

, contact the mother for the funeral gave me the courage to come. .
four months ago and has partial paralysis that my mother fell down the stairs. . Kita Ken Chan
with dementia in a bit young. .
now, I was doing housework at home and not doing so well right ー Ken-chan. .
course, caring mother. . .

is likely to come soon when he left his name in the paper. . .

My discourse incest

My father had a relationship with the body at the 6th grade.
mother is a nurse working in, there was a date night. Also that night, my mother was away at night.
night I was sleeping but woke up in bed and came into being hugged my father. His father was naked, "quite another as an adult I wish Keiko" "I got Sshi Okeke also growing in here," the jokey mood, has put his hands in my underwear.
I had to take a bath together even at the time, was stripped of his father had no resistance at all, playfully touching my body from time to time in the bath, showing off what larger I was and so,
な Teru Kano kidding at first a little too easy and I was thinking.
"No, do not touch Toko H," "Come on, and I feel a little more patient"
father, down to the ankle pajama pants and underwear, my lower body Hadakemashita. And to have a sensitive spot in the pointy tip of the tongue between the head and put both legs.
In a strange feeling going to be a center of my head went blank, thinking "Oh," put out his voice.当Teta at the corner of the desk, hundreds of times stronger, was pleasant stimuli.
"Stop it Dad, embarrassing," "not true. I grew up evidence that Keiko"
father, he says, has put even more tongue in the back. Father's saliva and found that I became ashamed of my sticky.
father has been riding on his back with my leg. And has thighs pressed against the base of what became hard.
"Dad, I do not belive you. I beg you to stop. scary," "OK. from the hurt" "I'll be babies" "Do not worry. Some put out Keiko from" "No way"
father , while I want to appease Well, we have divided the hips and lift the top leg. I tried to close the leg resistance, and no power not meet his father.
my thighs, my father hit the hip. Sprung instant pain Innovation Chik, and then Gene and I felt the back of the stomach. My father sat and moved slowly. but did not feel too much pain
, there are thrust into the depths of feeling like your stomach.
but while his father was moving back, "Ugh U" and give a low moan, lukewarm liquid emitted on my tummy. Species that it is, I knew even taught in school. But, of course, saw the first real, I see what my father out Do not tell me there was no thought.
"Look, I'm perfectly okay out here," "all right" "you really can not fail too much at one time even though it mom," "scary," "OK. the lucky dad. hurt?" " Even so I did not, it is dangerous I thought, Is this "the" Mama I'm a secret. Baretara are about to divorce Mama, "" No way, both mom and dad to leave too "" Well, I'm quiet I "" Okay "
father is upon us and wipe the liquid on the belly, please take Naka Naka was left feeling slimy. wiped with tissue paper
there are slightly attached muscles and blood. "Oh, I'm not a virgin anymore" and think, has been infested with tears.
Since then, nearly 15 years, my father has often asked my body. Completely out of the relationship with his father, because my marriage is fixed. After the betrothal, to the end of a trip for two people in secret base.
Now, I will cherish her grandfather became a father and son. I acted as if there was no such thing of the past.

Relationship of father and two relatives

I made a second

GW while mom and dad too, so I could not

SEX so I was out with my dad to meet the commitments SEX I'm looking forward to tonight

SEX father and then came to write the history

Son woman

I am 35 years old, my son is 19 years old. They let my son committed a year ago, in relation to the other parent is gone, and I said to my son to become a woman of course refused. My son raped me angry. I'm guilty every day I swerved. I 165cmB88W61H88F tall cups. Write
first time my son committed. When the son refused
, pulled him by the arm

been forced to depart kisses, forcibly stripped the clothes 押Shi倒Sa intact, young son I struggled to resist, not 適U can not depart without her son naked big cock with my spit Pot, came into. Son began intense piston comes up for grabs violently thrust my chest. Came the sound and indecent Guchonutcho from Pot beginning to feel gradually I son "Be my girl quietly Michiko not you feel" and shake his head when I son piston harder and harder I came to the "bad ~ no ~'ll say, uh oh"
I put away reached its culmination being committed to my son, "Hana Mitiko because I will have committed an I a masochist," I would have stunned I started heavy piston and added, "We no Uh oh ~ ~ ~ ~" 仕舞Imashita reached its culmination. His son followed intense piston thrust violently stop - I'm not Pannashide Iki in a row and pulled out my cock up her son for a while 仕舞Imashita 噴I a fierce tide. Iki is going to be my son and myself, I come to put the piston hard cock come and fit and I came to caress the cock pulled out. Came close to me and my woman gets repeated again and again swerved, and I vowed to put away the son of a woman succumbed to her son and others.
now lives as a tool for treatment of his son.

Fucked her son

I was raped by her son. My son is now 48 years old 21 years old. One day my husband was away did not. I aimed it at me committed. At first it tried to escape, his son lost the power. I was naked in my room my son was taken. My son into a plot to split my leg open my legs ache so shut up. Been raped at first resisted, but what's what, I hugged my son to feel better gradually. My son said things aloud Aranu said. We think my son and my secret shame.

What should I do?

I am 48 years old, I work part-time factory nearby. The boss invited me to dinner there several times, cut in pubs refuse went to karaoke with back. Karaoke is when you are in for a duet together in a drunken embrace, I found my son was at the store part-time job. The spot was indifference to each other. Then I started unhappy. The next morning, sent to work after my husband, my son in the kitchen to put the difference, I averted my eyes to match your face better. My son is loud, "Are you my father understood what would happen Baretara and therefore something to adultery," said his son has to yell with excitement.
"Sorry, Dad will say," I asked for. The sharp eyes of my son felt excitement, but ran into the bedroom in the back, hugging her son has been chased from behind. Was taking off as being stripped of clothes 押Shi倒Sa to bed. Was to grab the chest while being kissed. But resistance is a force 及Bimasen crying. When her son began to take off your clothes and "No, it just absolutely, I'm family," his son does not have to listen hard appealed. Is inserted into the secret place, has been issued many times in. But towards the end I felt I somehow without getting 耐E抜Kimashita voice. Can not say this to anyone. It is also the son of a real person. What should I do?

37 fear of my son

Puchiromansu the first time for me? There.
I feel happy and a little of what's good? Never mind.
I will write again.

My husband brother

yuna himekawa[28590]
My husband is 53 years old develop progressive Parkinson's disease at the age of 42 are still hospitalized repeatedly.
chance to go to the hospital to tend his master's brother's car. During my early days was
the journey takes nearly an hour while attending a casual conversation.
One day I went to the border would become a brother to love.
It was way back and saw my husband.
they then asleep a little time I have, but he seems to have returned a reply and while Mourou also the question of the brother, brother, "because it seems tired sleepy girl, you Iki some rest in that hotel Suka "and called her and was like.
and knowing that I did not like was the reply.
when going down a car in the hotel lobby, I realized that trying to do what you are doing.
to turn around this place, but without the courage to shake the grip of a brother, arrived at the room in silence without looking up.
and looking casually sitting on the bed in my room, and you also draws sweat away her sister in the shower, I still could not answer why, but please finish first and and then do so, watching her go to the shower naked brother turned on the spot, as did the absence of mind was left behind at the scene unable to do anything.

brother waited out the shower and bath towel while I carefully wiped with a towel from my chest a little tired and your sister I would not even enjoy. Today, I'll give
healing treatment you're tired of my sister.
invited to make the bed while naked, as the occasional wet wipe, I was sleep.

brother was lying 上向Ke my breasts naked on the bed and said my passions were quite dry as a woman to be caressed by the tongue as 撫Zeru while playing with his face buried I felt as if they were to go in a blaze that the fire Obtain an straw.
aloud as embarrassed to come inside my brother's penis had the pleasure of the highest Shitatsu graces as a woman while his brother in the act of moan again and again and again while .

but then began to feel a burning desire for sex, since I continue to be a secret between just two people today.

The relationship between father and relatives

We will be talking to a horny dad you came home that day

gone part time in the morning my mom and dad were just two of the afternoon until I

He had a nap in the living room after the dishes clean up after your mom went out so there were no plans to go out like

my dad woke up Then I came to take a nap had stroked my ass look and dad are going on in touch I feel something in my ass while dad

surprised to get up: Why are you doing? I stopped a moment] but also surprised and Dad got to say [anything from getting horny girl adult Poku] have recently Megu really say Dad and I recently

hips and thighs when you see me sometimes, I felt my heart

you looking to go back to the room rate I retired [from the back room and I mean, daddy daddy] came while I pretend to be pushed down to

moment I stepped agitated Why are you doing Dad? I stopped - and Dad] is [to say] let me have a little face buried Megu breast stroking my ass saying I

my dad, seems useless I - I'm no good at this thing when father and daughter - dad and say] is [Megu is not bad but it's okay Daddy Daddy] I was saying the neck to stimulate the vagina while occasionally stroking my ass [I have to stop licking

I do not like dad - and dad] has resisted saying to me while I excitedly ask Dad in [today] can simply say Dad and I have to kiss my dad

father and I have kissed but somehow I had to escape to the tongue occasionally does not 絡Meyou 絡Meyou Then my dad was

up and I put my hand inside my dress for the [bad] dad and I are saying 退Kasou hand grabbed my hand with one hand while I started massaging my chest I

[Yatsutsua, spoiled Daddy - ear - to the other end - I] dad is like me saying that resisted the extra excitement I have to lick off the bra Chikubi cited astride me roll clothes I'm

Workshop materials because they feel weak and my heart is missing the rough breath away more and more power Then Dad became

smile Megu What did you do? The sweet tits?

] I've heard but I feel Baretara would be bad [yo mama and daddy because you do not really need the other end it is [that] mom and dad say I'm okay to go home until the evening Barenai] has been licking and sucking Chikubi while massaging my boobs saying I

resistance also gave away my dad turned away entirely pleasant I then allow the body to

dad is [no longer like Megu resistance? Dad and me in shite? I've heard so] [say yes] and dad has massaged the chest while kissing while Chikubi pinch me smile and gentle Dad now

Now I am up and I will be entwined I have a kiss tongue kiss tongue entwined with my dad and I would

out involuntarily moan away still feeling totally U [Dad] told me I'm cute Megu

gentle embrace me and dad having involuntarily dad would hug me too at that moment what I

Do you have sex with her boyfriend and the father away to feel the tenderness of feeling something different than my boyfriend [] I want to inspire much in the mood to me Dad

Then Dad Trunks is now only beginning to undress cock

I look at the groin and dad were really bigger erection with my dad already

Bing lower body upper body but was still taking off at Dad was still wearing the jersey was just too jersey panties down Then my dad

chest holding me with one hand holding Chikubi have to lick my dad while rubbing

J. Ku panting in my ear that while Daddy is rolling Ategaimashita pleasant feeling in the crotch of my hands and my
<br > I've rubbed the panties over my clit while also comfortably and Dad seemed to give up and down while still holding the cock daddy

be blamed because I was already tits The other was wet vagina wet conditions while smiling

dad [] I've Asokonurunuru of Megu put your finger in my vagina to get rid of me saying my panties <br >
dad that I'm a daddy 抱Ki着Ki pant uncontrollably J. Ku has put in and covered me while I 被Sari

like I can no longer put up with dad I cum many times and endure the bitter end in

Kina Hiroshi Chinchin roll sounded like an excited tone in the room whenever sex spree thrust moan and dad also my Dad I ejaculate on my belly cum Workshop materials

away after dad and dad out too soon to kiss my dad had on me exhausted He had a tongue kiss while getting entangled in my ear then

my dad [] I'm glad Megu's really tightened us up to say after that evening

Makurimashita for sex with dad

Husband's affair with the sister ...

My child is not married at the age of 38.
husband can not back away from home only about once a month from a year ago. I had to work together
I could not go as well.
Meanwhile, my husband is half a year before her sister (age 49) was having an affair with.口説Ka
been drunk when I met by chance a company in the same direction it did.
from him towards the end of March, where the meet when, it has always mail. Replies OK to put out immediately. When I went
meeting point, he was not there, his son (age 25) was.
urge to sit down and nephew began to tell me to dismay. I knew I was against it
aunt. If I try to forget somehow e-mail home phone
father is named "Tyouhu" the other woman wondering what to mail to the person who is frequently called for in the places I
, I try to remember to email me aunt lives in Chofu think more carefully, that.
and was taken directly to the hotel. My sister and her husband, also reveal relatives are threatened by this.
nephew entered the room (T.) is 吸Imashita mouth and grabbed my chest.
"拓Kun and are not I doing this? what the child is older sister" and the 突Ki放Shimashita
"can not have sex with my father and his son, strange?" on the theory that " I take off! "and.
has grabbed my heart has shifted strongly to just a bra and underwear, "Wow, you sure do to the body. 歓Ndaro father too."
like plucked without twisting the nipples, mouth and絡Mitsukimashita tongue sucked on my tongue.
in theory be related to a nephew, but I know is that they did not do anything other circumstances. Taku took off the clothes
stood, pants. Brought penis touched my hand to guide the Taku.
it already had an erection as a weapon pointing straight up hot.
"Funyachin'm much better than my father. I betrayed my mother punishment. I do I'll kill you."
Komimashita he fell from the bed to hold me say so.
penis violent and likely to tear me to explode at any moment contrary to his, he was insistent on careful caress.
licking again and again until the chest from armpit from my neck and ears and tongue and lips caressing his hands
gently as a feather, strong grip Dari repeated clever nephew
My reason is that vanished in the arms, and let the body of a woman leaping. I gasped messy
unawares, we were looking more twisted body of his caress.淫孔 was found to have the wetting fluid flows inside of the thigh.
I noticed that his penis was licking, licking my 淫唇 same time he had become a form of indecent acts.
my legs wide open as he came into me. It was
淫孔 Flooding juice and plenty of lubrication, a weapon that hot tears came in as deep as me.
pain is likely to start moving his torn and covered my body and I can not bear the fire of pleasure immediately.
big dick and I start moving in I was still screaming Joutai syncope.
逝Kimashita vagina swelled to his first ejaculation.
penis thrust inside me but I was devastated yet strong, was not released until the second time without ejaculation.
second ejaculation, he left me after the second peak and spreading my legs while sloppily from the 流Re落Chimashita 淫孔 that his sperm and my 淫汁.
to him, "Where is the phone?" While giving out my cell phone from his bag and pointed at the bag and you say, "I and my father a break" and said that the bedside
置Kimashi or. After a while and started fondling
had already regained strength in his penis too.
penis twice hit a fine until I just overrun the 淫壺 was increasingly filthy and obscene. I have to ask
serve it on all fours, including the mouth. And then he dressed
picking my butt and get behind, hitting the flat hand, I also 突Ki刺Shimashita.
beating wildly in my ass back, I went and fell into the crucible of pleasure. Then he handed the phone
. "It will call the father" and to "meet again and say" this.
they no longer send his press, his father, "Hello," I heard a whisper.
"The company is still a little" and. While being caught in his penis, he says, as told in his ear.
"from the new boyfriend was with you anymore 会Emasen Oh, there still good to have pierced pussy, more"
I call him sound enough to me to push up while talking.
they cut the phone, I had dropped it.
ejaculation when he for the third time, I was facing a third peak of their form.

his father (brother) and a longer time to finalize now either, so I thought it can be safely separated (but not meeting together vine) is a prisoner
his young body The problem I have is, is not likely to be away for a while. Even yesterday evening from the day before yesterday
were being held all the time.

Sudden rain

I did not tell you now it's February.
a high school sophomore I was certain was private.
to go to school is one way journey takes about 40 minutes using the bike.
sunny in the morning that day, I remember the dazzling blue sky without a cloud in 澄Mi渡Tta.
who I would expect the rain to see the sky like that? The clouds started to appear
passed since noon, and was home when I was a 立Chi込Me dark cloud across the sky is likely to rain 降Ri出Shi moment.
I arrived at home in a hurry I have to leave before they descend, a little bit and then trickle down from the house ... however at meters in front of 500,
raindrops rain has grown gradually, but still Rain mercilessly on my bike and run as a person struggling to get home a little soaked intensified as soon as possible,
arrive home by the time the rain turned down ... I Dosha body wet I. Furthermore, low temperature wet
body trembled and rattled settlement deprived the body temperature begins ...
open the door and I did insert the key in the lock with a shaky hand to open the door in such key entered into.
uniforms entered the house and I wet the spot ... take off the jacket and skirt in winter clothing, including towels and hangers 掴Mi取Ri hung toilet in a hurry, getting wet wipes his head, another towel have returned to the front door.
that time, things that someone knew bathing. Who might be the thing that is it ... 3 ...
years older brother than it is now top priority with a towel and wipe it with wet uniform, endured the cold and drain removed. I went to the bathroom again
hanger where some water is lost.
uniforms hanging laundry poles toilet, let the dehumidifier is operating. And I will bare
off his wet clothes, belly to the back hung a voice instead of his brother could not stay in the bathroom.
"tea ~ s brother, and I am freezing in the rain too ... I entered together?" 覗Kimashita saying through the door.
she said "Oh! I see, yeah! come back soon!'re gonna pull the wind!" I'm willing to put me to say.
浸Karitaku the bathwater I immediately entered the sitting in the bathtub in the form of physical turn against his brother.
"Huh warm ~ ~ ♪" home life was exactly like the comfort.
worried about me not fully soak in the hot water in all my body then my brother, grabbed my shoulder was sitting between the legs stretched out his brother, "Look, I'm leaning on the shoulder浸Kare until I say "way to get laid
now be wrapped like a brother from behind.
Then my brother gave me my body is cold and rub gently stroked her hand like.
"warm brother ~ ♪ they" went to rub the hands of his brother hanging from the shoulders and arms first, gave me a warm body from thigh to toe. I want to touch
was more pleasure to remember things that have touched me in a warm So you get hit in the stomach by his brother grabbed his brother move from his chest
gradually I found out that my brother and I feel like my chest rub hands together with palms of my brother back of the hand repeatedly, and started rubbing me in silence. The thing that hit
felt something hard to sit around for a while then. I immediately knew that his brother thing was that it started from clitoral stimulation myself with excitement.
or how much time had passed, I tried something grabbed his brother's hands behind his back with grim determination. Vic got a little bit so I seized the body of his brother the moment I grabbed his hand away. Then my brother
"continues," I whispered in his ear, so moved up and down and grabbed his brother thing again. I was
its stance while stimulating each other, and things that will catch her brother's posture in the body 90 degrees right to change the posture that I had been getting hot and gradually, my brother in my hand in the crotch came touch stretch.
massage the breasts with his left hand, right hand touching the groin, I 扱Ki pole part of his brother in his right hand and massaged to stimulate shared the bag with his left hand. Then naturally
face was staring at each other and kiss notice. It also entangled with the tongue
other brother and sister had become lovers without action.
pleasure fingers went into my brother became more and more impossible to bear hug arms around his neck to the body of his brother, was sitting in the form of face to face with the 繋Garou. My brother noticed it
"Well too narrow these, over there ..." 迎E入Reyou me with open arms and I sat on the mat in the scullery and the brother said. I sat with 下Roshimashita
while astride her brother gently embraced. Then you do, do not come into being sucked me like a natural thing for you, brother!
experience this is the first time. The act of sitting face to face with the boyfriend of experience in quite well so far I never have to insert something guided by grabbing the opponent is what I could be sure, things naturally into Shimaimashi brother or.
I feel good too! It felt good partner so far is certainly a fact, many times that it feels good!
I Had to like clinging but then my brother nothing but put out a voice, "What hurts?" Is my memory is concerned, while sweeping the pleasure your body, but is shake his head 話Sezu well did my best.
If so I gradually settled down and sit still for a while, "Yo 出Senakatta really pleasant voice too," said his brother like to whisper in my ear, "I see ... you alright?" and ask Because "Yeah ... ♪ I'm so comfortable the first time," replied.
My brother gave me a kiss Then silence. When a passionate kiss with the tongue and tongue entangled again was a bath mat on his back scullery just like you push me.
started moving back intact, just struck me more pleasure.
mouth is kept closed by a brother, a moan that 出Semasen 思U様 ...
I felt that I go completely blank in the head. And I finally got my
Lee. And ...

was unconscious crowded anxiously looking at my face before I knew it without his brother led.
"Are you okay?" and anxiously asked me, "Yeah, I was lost for the first time sex feel so comfortable ... so sorry ♪ okay," he said. And I
"You still my brother? I install I'll be fine ... just in ..." I said. I thought I
later, and whether such a bold thing I said Naze, was remembered in a single room blushes. My brother's bold remarks
"eh? in Kano Naka good ..." I was surprised, "Yeah ... It's okay today," replied my brother moved back and meet you again with a gentle kiss or.
so vague memories from there, and say definite things, maybe my brother before I needed ik "I'm out! is from out there! I hope?" I had heard Masu. And I
nothing but shook his head vertically, "Yeah, yeah" I feel like I had to say.
I was unconscious again.
was in the arms of his brother before I knew it.
My brother looked at me gently. From that day on I
act without a brother and became the body can not survive. I got out in
What should one day be blessed with a son of my brother ... I think that I would.

What abnormalities can not stand?

I am a 49 year old mother from the age of 22
old college student is a woman, now sees a sexy MILF has gone terribly
. I live alone
from entering college, my mother always
candid camera shots and imagine the body of my mother's mother masturbation
to look at the photo.
to go home yesterday, erogenous zones such as mother's body to see it work
wiggle the whip whip,
wet lips like annoying, to the front of Rouge <br > seductive eyes erection milf,
my mother Ino Tsuyoshi incestuous desire is already a legless
has become much masturbation. How I can hide
How can this crazy?
I like this, just what I am? What

What should I do 2

I felt so full board quickly, I made the second.

first but it was a good opportunity 出来Tara be called a desire to have sex with my father, at last I felt the board was full to the turning point exactly.

new board will continue to think that the main report and the father of the future. The poor writing, but, I hope you'll keep me company.


Respiratory wrapping test for the first time. I am a 19 year old college student.
brother is a year of high school. GW parents last night to go out on a trip in a hot spring
. Last night, and I have a bath in the nude
brother came into.押Shi倒Sa my brother is, but they want to use force
inserted into me, but so as not to put to it to resist, I put.
Actually, I'm a virgin. My brother, look to upset the blood. Stop the pain and 逃Getara
, the sperm came from a little boy flying his brother
. Anyway, from the bathroom, living room talked
. I'm sorry the way.