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Incest confession of women(2017-05)

Tingling of the body

yuna himekawa[30736]
38-year-old housewife.
There are son and 13-year-old daughter of 15-year-old.
5 years older than my husband is not bachelor the past three years, will come back once a month.
I also husband also, since there is compatibility with carnivorous system each other if anything was married match,
you heart's content divergence muffled in love hotel from the daytime when I came back.
However, it's still useless in a month.
Hashitanai's words but I'm aching the body. When it is touched with a finger in the middle of the night,
about soiling the underwear become drenched, will be irresistible to want.
Recently, my son I noticed that you are interested in the underwear of the daughter.
When replacing the sheets of the son of the room, I'm the daughter of underwear had been caught in the bed of the gap.
Went into the pink area is the heart of the handle, but I kinda cute feeling of shorts, because it was said that her daughter is no longer missing, I was thinking I wonder if had been stolen have dried, and.
Underwear was one before washing.
Intense part of the dirt have becomes like has been glued,
or son has used to what I've immediately pin.
But, why No daughter?
My Well, No useless?
Come to calmly thinking, Nante to the subject of sexual desire a mother,
I'm a thing which can not be there normally,
I had spent every day that are not sexually satisfied,
I even felt light jealous of 13-year-old daughter.
That night, I spoke with two people in the son of the room.
Show me the cash, preached so as not to 2 degrees son.
However, it has become a little strange feeling I'm also excited to while you are preaching.
\"If you want to see so much Oh ○ Nko, because the show of the mother\"
take off the skirt and underwear, we have to show.
Son had a face, such as those taken aback.
\"You see, while touching here, Masturbation to see\"
\"trousers and pants, take off\"
the left hand of his son led to the root of my thighs,
I grip the thing of son in the palm of the hand that hung down the spit, ironing only a little or did.
Son of things will be quite large, clean picking.
Size also is about the same as that of the husband.
Son lying on his back in bed, was screwed to the hip with your hand while straddling above.
And little by little moving the waist, I felt that the son in the body becomes smaller Innovation Suu.
\"My son was ejaculate in my body,\"
\"My thing in this\"
feel like took back from the daughter, a son.
Such emotions gave me to make me happy.
Lifting the hips, those white on top of the son's body fell dripping.
Son is trying to divert the eye from me.
\"Thank you. Mom, also very felt good was. Now, Regards I\"
is his son, shook his head in a vertical in silence.
The next day, I had formulated an after pill in the hospital.
And, we consulted the insertion of the IUD.
Originally, I was also recommended from the husband,
my son gave me push back.
Next month, now that get put.
Now both the son you can enjoy without having to worry about contraception every day.
Since the aches of the body, is finally freed likely.

The son of the breast

Son at the age of five, died husband, since then, much came cherished grow poured affection
son also became a college student, recently, seems she can to his son

honest, jealous that she is ... we seedlings
... not 's ... love when my son came back
... that we will pour the love

Shortly after getting married, my husband was hospitalized in a car accident ...

Half a month after getting married after a one-year relationship, my husband had a traffic accident and was hospitalized for spinal cord injury. Looking at my husband who couldn't move, I was sad when I thought about the future. My brother-in-law, who is two years younger than my husband and two years older than me, takes care of insurance procedures and life, so that I can stay at a 2DK condominium by picking up and dropping off at the hospital every day. became. About 10 days later, after my brother-in-law took a bath, when I finished bathing and entered the dining room, I was confused when I saw my brother-in-law looking at an adult CD with my husband When I was cheating, my brother-in-law said, "Let's see it with my sister, it may be a change of mood." When I sat next to my brother-in-law and looked at it, my body became hot and love juice flowed from my pubic area. When I felt it, my brother-in-law said, "It wasn't too fierce because my sisters were just getting married," so I answered, "Don't ask me that," and a man with strong white skin in Europe said. While watching my brother-in-law blame me because it's big, I was shown that I was standing a little thicker than my husband while saying "My sister is nothing, I'm dying, see) and I said (Don't, tighten quickly" brother-in-law is not alive and hold reluctantly said, "hold'll have while watching a little bit", I have become strange feeling. to tell the ear while blowing the hot breath on the nape asked embrace the brother-in-law I If you do that as I was told, you will be rubbing your chest without a brassiere from the top of your pajamas, so when you mutter, "It's big, it's amazing." "When I was in junior high school or high school, I showed off to masturbate with my big brother, but my big brother was small and ejaculated immediately," he said, putting his hand from the neck and wrapping his breast in the palm of his hand and rubbing his nipple I was groped with my fingertips and my crotch was jingling and I was treating my brother-in-law.My feet entangled the feet likely distant feel to al medium is why at your fingertips endlessly overflowing along the crack of the genital area that is slightly open a little rubbed the inside of the thigh from the top of the underwear being held from behind to brother-in-law When it becomes, I let my finger slip in from the base of the thigh and whisper "Sister, it seems that I bought it so wet and lonely", but I can trace the sensitive part, "I can not do it, no, please stop." I couldn't forgive him even if I screamed, but on the contrary, I put my hands roughly from my stomach and continued to care for my pubic area, and I was groped with my fingers inside, and I was told that my husband did not do it and I ended up with my brother-in-law Everything that came to me was taken off and pressed from above by my brother-in-law who became naked, "My sister's skin is fine and beautiful, her boobs are well-shaped and it is worth rubbing, and her pussy is also sensitive. I'm embarrassed when I'm overflowing with soup, and while I'm saying, I'm licking my neck, chest, and flanks, and my crotch is closed while crawling my tongue on my thighs. I closed my eyes. The pubic area was caressed with the tongue and the body was just twisted by the relentless caress that was not the master. When I was stunned, my brother-in-law's penis was applied to my mouth and I said, "Suck, my sister," so when I opened my mouth and included my penis, I was pushed in and pulled out, and I felt like I was suffocating.When my brother-in-law said, "I want to get it in my sister's mouth and put it in my mouth, but it seems to be painful, I'll have it done in the lower lips", I rubbed my penis against the genital area and repeatedly put it in and out shallowly, so I'm leaving When I was hoping for more, the love juice that was inserted deeply and accumulated inside spouted out and my brother-in-law was pushed deeply while saying "It's amazing" or put it in and out shallowly and put it deeply and held my waist I put it on my knee and was made to bend the genital area, and while inserting it repeatedly, I was caressed in a sensitive place and I ran out of electricity in my body. When I noticed and opened my eyes thinly, my brother-in-law looked at my body and looked at the point of contact with my hips after the rain, but when I noticed I noticed that I held my legs and sucked my toes, so it was amazing Many who feel and twist their hips "Sister, okay, my pussy is twisted and my penis is squeezed and I can't stand it" and when I said "I'm going to be a suborder, take it off", "I want to put it out too When I get out, I use the name of my sister's mouth. " I pushed it into my mouth and threw it out.

The obscene relationship with the husband of the daughter came on a business trip

In Nagoya in the 48-year-old widow and lived alone.
Only daughter live in Tokyo Totsugi two years ago.
Here there is a daughter of the husband of the branch in Nagoya, I was staying sometimes have business trip to my house.
\"Because the lady is healthy likely looks young, if also found in the talk with the man\" from the direction our acquaintance had been often it said.
I said, \"Thank since become indebted in just the mom place for one week in the help of the Nagoya Branch\" I somehow mind had been cheerful on the phone from her daughter.
Seems to talk Toka is daughter and came to the house listening to the phone it takes talking to his cell from dinner when my daughter on the second day is not Ri go to play, I'm of which \"all right, I think that you have a set listen to the talking with \"from woven with soup, then daughter changed with the daughter he was told not to go to play\" in a strange place because energy strong.
Finished the dinner, cold bi sitting side by side on the couch of bathing after living - Do not available Le is a little while ago, I'll you were to say that do not let go to play at strange because strong energy in the telephone set, so much when speaking of energy is strong, \"so say\" it is so there is no \"\" to hear as one of the What is life of the draw, \"\" because the draw is Gimme when you're together except when the physiological every night, the rest of the day morning because say that even \"I\" still amazing ne, Kumi sounds happy, every night drowning to be torture to your functional, - Aa, I thought only I hot the body \"and muttering when he\" mom will do it is when the burns because still young \"and\" Well say, from time to time, but because the other party is not \"and gather the face towards him while saying he is to take the plunge because embrace to me he but of the thigh a rub and put a hand , Want out and are in contact with the hated every night I was talking with woven do not go to play when a little while ago talking with Kumi say the way I wonder if made, \"\" and I do not 2, 3 days release I \"amazing so say you are,\" Oh I \"has become hard and large and touch a hand to his crotch and pretend to joke saying another ne its abacus\", to say that anymore so. \" it could not.
From the \"Mother, it is not touched by\" in my ear whispered and I also make sure to touch him of the nature, he Mune揉from the top of the pajamas wearing of me,. Since Nazerru nipples with your fingertips I think not because I would leak the voice and involuntarily \"Uuu) he is rubbed across the nipples while rubbing so as to wrap remove the button of pajamas chest the breast in the palm of your hand to finger and after a long time has been rough breath leaning on his body full of warm love juice he takes out the are you a prosperous lowered floated the waist pajamas is throwing up of his whisper, \"I was a mom\", tongue in the scruff of the neck the are laid I was in while ironing holding lightly from Kara muttered a \"large ne fine with.\"
I had been his caress open nature and legs because he has put his hand into the underwear.
He ear in to fill the \"mom, Numenume the joy juice is so overflowing that\" face to be tampered the middle with a finger or be why the chestnut while whispers and head is lying on the sofa and have boat crotch been opened leg chestnut bitten in the licking is or lips enough to while becomes likely come with a functional the lower or rubbing the upper side of the medium is not may also e or be kneaded the Suppoto of I at your fingertips you underneath. He is inserted from below to straddle to suffer me to sit next to and cause my body knee, in and out of shallow chestnut or rubbed the chest from the bottom is or is tampered with fingertips raised against deeply I many times also allowed to climb nails \"mother, whispered that out Look Ikuiku I feel shaking your body has become far away.

Among the uncle of the boat that went to play in summer vacation

It is a 20-year-old college student.
Went to play in the Shonan uncle place to summer vacation, uncle came out off the coast Have placed on a motorboat owned by the Dandei uncle 43-year-old has been traveling down the speed me remembering me a rudder and out of offshore and uncle had brought into close contact with the body while taking together the rudder from behind me. Uncle \"The bow boyfriend is there\" when you turn off the engine, \"whether I will drink also cool thing\" to say because down to the cabin and I also drank the cold to put the uncle entered the cabin Tokuku since high school when you do not have was I \"is now forgive yourself by going out\" and made the usual child of the \"Once you know the goodness of sex, I'll want when the burning is\" sometimes the body because the man is heard as either \"not a coercive Shin\" say uncle \"Yumi is Do not honest, cute I\" is said to me \"I will popular with women because uncle's Dandei,\" and you say, \"Yeah, before a recent'm quite long silence.\" and talk, because embrace to me and I'm leaning on the chest of the uncle with the intention fawn, a good tits touched lightly on the chest where there is a \"resilient to the uncle, constriction of the West, the bad guy in tension school of hip It is said to hit I Do not consuming \"I \"Na or not people like Uncle\" and muttering and uncle \"or so, so?\" Rubbed the chest from the top of the T-shirt hugged me with both hands saying, since the crawl the tongue to the nape I body is I have numbness.
Legs bra put a hand to g et al my feet, such staggered to his head and rubbed the nipple and breast is why the inside of the thigh is why the thigh of shorts with one hand and is set to bow to the top in a T-shirt entwined over genital the c r and is and why is is full of your soup at your fingertips, remove the shorts of the stomach of the hook genital touched a finger is inserted into the underwear of crab hand and lower zipper \"another from shorts, wet so Te, is said by Shimae take off \"I was made to take off, lower the take when the uncle is quickly underwear and shorts take off and floated the waist because underwear is feeling was bad wet I was embarrassed I cling of embarrassed uncle to those seen Colors the middle with a finger firmly Dakitome crack the caused to the splashing sound sound and your soup is caressed overflows at your fingertips, while being caressed the crack to fill the face to the groin is laid while being hugged as it is in the tongue and Of that have been filtered I was totally gone screaming can not put up with the \"Uh-uh, Ikuu\".
Uncle is inserted overlies to me, my so because pressing the waist in close contact with the body Upon where sensitive I am once again gone would have been five o'clock to move the hips while looking at my body causing the body ashamed hard your eyes close and like with your soup functional increases had overflowing.
Since the maintenance and has become the best mood many times blame the uncle a long time to hear \"Do time me was the mouth to issue\" I is blame bush-ku from it and nodded his head in a vertical, Do speak from and maintenance while or uncle includes're are not null in your soup bran mouth out or put in into the mouth because Ategau in my mouth (as covered in hand) and Kosuriru grasp the roots with your fingertips so say I was swallowing Yari is covered in slowly mouth out is the semen in the mouth and shouting \"Ikuiku\".

Reunited with a handsome teacher in high school in Tokyo

I graduated from a high school in Tohoku last year and am living in a dormitory at a university in Tokyo. When I was in high school, I got a New Year's card when I retired from school and lived in Tokyo, and when I got a phone call with a nostalgic feeling, I was invited to say "I want to meet you-I want to meet you with copper" on Saturday. We met at the place where we were. First of all, when I talked while having tea, the teacher said, "Sayaka, I became quite attractive, but I had a boyfriend, sexual experience," and said, "I'm still the same." I'm a quiet and graceful type, so if I get in touch with the opposite sex a little, "he said, and he was guided to the museum in Ueno, went out to Ginza, had a French meal at a hotel in Nihonbashi, and felt a little drunk with wine. It was. The teacher said, "If Sayaka is good, I can go to the apartment where I live, or I can stay at 2LDK." Tomorrow, I took a day off and followed the teacher's apartment. It was a nice view room with the city lights shining from the room on the 16th floor. When I was standing by the window and looking at the outside scenery, the teacher approached me and hugged me lightly, so I felt like I wanted to be sweet, and when I put my body on the teacher's thick chest, the teacher's hot breath shook. I felt that my body was numb. The teacher puts his hands forward and wraps around my chest. I'm embarrassed to refuse and stiffen my body, and the teacher whispers in my ear, "Let me stay like this for a while." I left it alone. She gently and slowly rubbed her breasts and whispered, "Sayaka's breasts are elastic and look good," and she was blown around her ears, her body became hot, and her hips seemed to crumble and she couldn't stand.The teacher showed me a room that doubled as a study, showed me the bedroom where the bed was placed, and when I sat down alongside the teacher on the edge of the bed, the teacher hugged me and kissed me, and I had my tongue for the first time. I was receiving the teacher's tongue trying to entangle my tongue. The hook in front of the blouse was removed and the back was rubbed directly by the teacher's hand, the hook of the brassiere was removed, it was rubbed so as to wrap around the breast, the nipple was rubbed with the fingertips, and I felt that my underwear was wet. It was. I was laid down on the bed and my breasts and nipples were alternately licked with my tongue and sucked, and I was about to feel disappointed. Teacher genital fingertip touch by inserting the hand from the belly place in the underwear when the teacher hands are traced overflowing endlessly love solution at your fingertips genital the around the thigh from the inside of the thigh is why from the top of the pantyhose "Sayaka, you're very wet," whispered and I was embarrassed, and even though I muttered "Teacher, I don't like it," the teacher continued to care for me with my fingertips, "Sayaka, soup is overflowing , While saying that I should take it off, my underwear and pantyhose were turned down from the waist, my legs were entwined, my legs were opened, and I was caressed, and I ran electricity through my body and cramped my body and ended up I did.When the teacher said, "If you take a shower," I went into the bathroom and took a shower on my body, and the bathroom door opened and a naked teacher came in, so when I crouched down, I stood up in front of me. I was shown the thing of a man who was showering for the first time, and when I closed my eyes, I was stood by the teacher, and my body was showered with hot water, soap was applied all over my body, and my back, hips, and back of my thighs were rubbed. The chest was rubbed with the hand on the soap, and the teacher was made to face each other and put the teacher in the crotch, and while exchanging kisses, the teacher moved his hips and because I am small, I put my right foot on myself and it is hard The pubic area was rubbed with something and I was taken in and out shallowly near the entrance for a while, and suddenly I complained that it hurts, it hurts, and Ur and the teacher stopped moving and said, "If I stay still, it will not hurt soon." I was hugging. When I felt like I was being stabbed little by little, I was slowly inserted and gradually began to feel sensuality, clinging to the teacher's neck. It was a stimulus that the legs that had been lifted were lowered and the hips were held by the wall so that they could be supported by both hands, and if they were taken in and out shallowly from behind, they would be pierced deeply and pushed up to the top of the head. When I couldn't bear it and said, "Teacher, it's no good, it's going to be weird," the teacher also said, "I'm about to die," and moved his hips violently, talking about his body while saying "Iku," and put it out. It was like.While putting hot water in the bathtub, I took a shower and soaked in the bathtub, wrapped my body in the bath towel and lay down next to the teacher sleeping on the bed, and I was hugged by the teacher and got a virgin of Sayaka. "Tana" I speak, so when I put my face on the teacher's chest, the teacher gently strokes my back, strokes my hips, and grabs my palm, so I feel "Aaouun" voice If you leak it, your butt will be tampered with with your fingers, and the sensation will mutter, "Look, it's amazing that the soup is overflowing." Crawled and muttered "Sayaka's beautiful pussy" and was licked or sucked by her tongue, so I felt too much. It is inserted, the legs are lifted high and it is repeatedly put in and out, it is held up as it is, it is pushed up from below while facing each other and kissing, and it is pushed up on the teacher's body lying on his back (Sayaka, waist) I was told to move my hips, and when I tried to turn my hips, I realized that I felt very much in the place where I hit, I was told to get up on the teacher and raise and lower my hips, and the teacher turned backwards. I was taught to straddle the teacher's things and how to fetish, and I was blamed many times until the morning.

Sumie's how are you

January in the face of defeat to be a traffic accident, had been hospitalized for about three months. There was no trouble in life only Fortunately fracture of the right leg. Discharge to month, I came home recently to a hot spring cure in the Beppu hot spring.
But was looking through this corner does not have a post's Sumie the first time in a long time. What happened to going on the exchange of love with the son. Also, what dating is how the older sister. Since it becomes mind, please let me know if Sumie's doing well.

Continuation of the chief priest

And the shower in the bathroom and ejaculation outside the chief priest, I have slept tired to go to the room that was hit to him.
Morning, the chief priest after cleaning the altar finished the cleansing that increase the chanting choice in cattle, give the chief priest and the preparation of breakfast, I also gotten priest and has a clean up with is I came in behind me traced while rubbing the chest with both hands the nape of the neck saying \"Do not had much last night disturbance\" in the tongue I body is hot, the waist to the chair of the body suffers living from the back and the waist is made of the likely crumble be caressed the nipple while being massaged the breast raised turning the T-shirt over, is straddled the knee of the priest is caressed by a fingertip already wet genitals plugged the hand into the underwear I missing the force When nearing leaning on priest priest is crawled the tongue from being taking off underwear tongue to the nape rubbed the are and chest put the priest in, are caress the place sensitive in the finger is unloaded from the I buy the farm and knee table is inserted from behind is to support the body, And the may appear shallow erected thrust deep, I was totally up to \"bear regardless Hiiihiii\" voice something like penetrate to the core of the head.
Chief priest is a strong is strenuous not suit the age, the evening continued to wander the obscene world because it away from the beaten track are taught blowjob, go home to, many times had received as much of lust on the day.

We stayed when the local temple explore in summer vacation ...

It is a 21-year-old student.
I had let me stay overnight and explore the temple to temple visit Tohoku have majored in history.
Following the spring feel a considerable distance deserted temple demon charm from the beaten track was asked two days. And your gun in advance about one week in sleeping, ask when the chief priest of the wife is deceased priest had kept the one person temple.
Or learned, such as how to make a priest vegetarian food, heard such as Buddha's life and at the time of Sejo, spent in such clean up of Terauchi, Dari massaged towards the second day of the night chief priest (60 years old), and rub the foot the body of the pot from the priest while raising, among which is to say When even tell me how acupressure, the right hand we embrace the priest, but I was trying to escape desperate overlying at gripped the left hand by hand which is wound from the back to the chief priest is suppressed by the body, had been rubbing the genital area in the knee entangled the unawares leg rubbed the hem a turning Agerate the removed is slowly and relentlessly breast and nipple bra T-shirt.
While you are or bitten lightly before classmate and ears or be multiplied by the hot breath on the nape from the priest probably because that was confided when I came before that with the relationship just two strokes to graduate from high school I body is hot had been left is the chief priest.
Chief priest feet we put orphans is out of the thigh, and feels the love juice is overflowing among which are traced at your fingertips the genital area from the top of the underwear, with a fingertip insert the hand from the stomach of a place in the underwear or turning Why fingertips wherever sensitive while whispering in the ear and is full so seems to feel touched the genitals \"much, I went blank is in the head by the first time experience because it rubbed across the fingertip and was.
I am the may leave shallow medium in the leg to be allowed to spread fingers, but we will be kneading the medium while repeating the out put deeply I Hate raised voice as \"Aa\" not completely bear priest since Do continue to slowly caress not spoken from has become hard and I have greatly been gripped his hand because knead the middle with a finger while Moteasobi the place sensitive is chief priest becomes a funny feeling I would have been the result laid Ibou chief priest a is held Is said to be handled by moving the hand, \"I was moving the hand remains to be said.
Priest I had closed hard and the embarrassed eyes looking at me and Nugasu lift the underwear the waist put your body between the crotch t my body.
Genital area the is caressed by the tongue, it sucked the joy juice that is overflowing and I was totally End again.
Priest had become to the feeling you want to cry feeling and too feel that I want to come early is the place sensitive to hit rub in the previous when rubbed the split by ax that Sosorita' slowly.
Shallow out after I was severely Stop playing cat and mouse just be the, I pulled out soon feel that deep have been queued had become dying mood raised deep Chiqui put added again.
While being or poked deeply or are may appear shallow is inserted from behind come to Lying next to me rubbed the nipple and breast, she told the Buchubuchu and obscene sound, I have continued to live many times.

Hidden things of the mother-in-law

26-year-old, he married the first year, was to be taken care of just 3 days at the mother-in-law of one person dwelling been bereaved father-in-law in relation to work.
Also his wife, asked me, was like there is a margin in the mother-in-law of the 48-year-old living in the rise of the rented house of rent of a few items left by the father-in-law.
Mother-in-law is while taking a dinner and \"Mami (the name of the wife) What is enjoying married life,\" she asked troubled to people I do not answer \"yes,\" \"probably every night because I'm young, of such person time is multiplied.\" and heard and has likeness Muramu remember the life of his wife mother-in-law: \"I, the first time with my husband, about a month met is I had a date every 2 or 3 days, kiss or caress only in the strange such is the mood was in, I did become one after it has been squid twice in succession with caress when I was only a month are written to the pleasure, my husband about a year to get married or every other day 2 my husband I had been nestled in the day every is pleased with foreplay in the technician, since the insertion to make a variety of made me change the Positions long time since told the story and always I was exhausted, \"because I mom is still healthy When talking with If you find a story opponent \"one year there is no\" master But the person who was a wonder your relationship was when I was only there were say that I broke up, \"because it was people who are of his wife,\" Ryoichi's that sleeping finished bathing, sleeping was of the \"say entered the room while I saying \"remember the jealousy that harbor's Ryoichi is Mami but I Ryoichi's is known as the husband of Mami\" so referred to as \"stay I wonder if I have a little together,\" \"please\" and say and come mother-in-law and chest to fill in the face and hugged the mother-in-law will somehow strange feeling because muttered as \"I mother you do not go,\" he said, \"mom, I think was I directed to those nearby because not met\" in the I so my sitting put a hand on the knee because hear \"I hate it\" mother-in-law If you answer \"I love,\" says hug me saying, \"I am happy,\" \"hugging me.\" exchange a kiss to each other while embracing the mother-in-law \"I respectable large, amazing I there is also length\" clenched penis that erection mother-in-law and I also Ya shaken the hand while being a fetish been laid to mother-in-law, which massaged the plump breast of the mother-in-law because they murmured and since the mother-in-law and been a while squeezed a pole in the finger toward the waist to me and the mother-in-law of the genital area to knead the middle in the middle finger or why the chestnut Oshiro-life eyes because it is full of the netlist under love juice and traced with a finger , or Suriage care at your fingertips the upper side of the gritty in the middle finger and index finger while or poking suck or lick the chestnut in the tongue, and come kneaded by moving the lower side of the spot alternately two fingers the mother-in-law, \"Aaa, Right on , I'll say, I have continued to caress with the thought with finger and tongue in the city of mind mother-in-law because it refers to flood the joy juice shouting glad I \".
Mother-in-law put the body in between the legs and mother-in-law is open so say, \"is on the ask\", between us that was cracking and red hyperemia of the mother-in-law of brown, looking at the large whitish chestnut, cracks in the penis that Ikirita' If and are rubbing the roots mother-in-law put deeply and Zubuzubu dropped waist so pester and because whisper as \"please come\" I mother-in-law and so that tantalize mother-in-law repeatedly loading and unloading shallow \"and soon I Aaa mean\" Giboha \"Oh, Uuun, I great, Right on'll\" remember the interval with his wife because the agony and or lift to the top or twisting the waist cry and feel the pleasure blame the female body of the MILF too, lift the waist of the mother-in-law Te and are Dari rub or why in my knee to put fingertip chestnuts while raising mouth from below is to expose the genital mother-in-law clung to me in a posture that suits paddle unexpected with me cause the body \"Ryoichi Mr. Right on, taken Since the whisper and Right on, \"because the mother-in-law, which massaged the mother-in-law of breast hear the\" Mami and Which is good \"mother-in-law and said,\" Mami body'm good mom but there is a fresh and attractive if there is a charm of the MILF \"is\" messed up in to, my full out the semen in, \"\" and Segama been released twice, also entanglement morning, it was devoted to endlessly night Rogue hair floor.

And a college student I met in a crowded train

yuna himekawa[30659]
I go to school to the University of Tokyo from the suburbs of the bet Town.
As usual it was apparent the graceful likely college student in fair riding on always the same vehicle in a crowded train, one morning, pushed remain face to face with her instep my crotch of her lowered the bag has a handle It will be erection involuntarily pressed against the, see her and was head down and blushed, but for the first time \"such a thing to her ear while moving the finger on the train shook gap by applying a fingertip to her crotch I, I'm sorry \"and whisper when she had traced the crack as it fingertips because nod to Kokkuri.
The train is stopped, she went to the washroom when you order a cup of tea to enter the coffee shop so came poked a nod to hear and when you get off along with the large number of people because she also came down together \"copper in tea.\"
I am she went to treatment in a row many hotels because she probably imagine that probably wet the underwear because she came back say When asked \"would drinking also absent from school\" shyly \"Yes\" It has entered into so as to suffer from the body.
The room called out as \"we put the hot water in the bathtub\" to her that embarrassed seated a large double bed in, go back to the kiss defeat to bet hugged her, rubbing the chest with a force large Tsu with a nod to the \"male experience is to\" hear the murmured as \"the teacher only once\", I am feeling 's \"like this do because underwear is quite wet when exposed to fingertips to crack from the top of the Pantei flipping through skirt probably is bad, talk to Kawakase if \"in the dryer to wash later, because it became a whizzing and fingertip touches the crack is inserted into the thigh of the wearing in et al finger of underwear,\" I Shimae take off \"and call out her middle finger while or why at your fingertips the obediently because it took off the underwear of my crack to sum et al Kana pubic hair and touching the genitals with entwined legs her to the foot take off the bottom also is not wet with slimy small Kuritori medium the The clitoris has become hard and crunchy because so overflowing the output may or are you doing with your soup because nodded to hear and \"feel\" so gripped the penis that was Tsu my arouses move the hand and say \"I have to handle.\" so as to rub on both sides of the fingertip c r and she is your soup rubbed with cracking of the are standing Tsu cut has put the body in her crotch because it is the Bou would have gone to deflect the body leaked voice as \"Uuu\" plenty When you insert in the slimy wearing her \"Oh, Uuu\" When asked \"hurt\" of the in leaking the voice she repeated insertion slowly because the shake next to the neck, next to become of her lifting her leg Guests can rub the breasts with repeated insertion from behind, she and has to been toying the clitoris I was enjoying leave them for a while as I raised the voice as \"Uuu\" and \"bath overflowing Shower while together in captivity \"and whisper when\" and has entered so say the previous Please Nyui in \"on the shower to enter the bathroom over the voice and together'm laden have to\" in the bathtub she crouched the body because as the has been entered into the likely slide into.
I glanced at her looks clearly the climax of crack crotch in a mill and less Te Kikuku pubic hair, was overlooking the good tits of form in the white skin. Her and asked embrace from behind to caress the white skin of the breasts and nipples When asked \"is the feelings felt,\" she is not held a penis that make Tsu outright There are I murmured as \"the first time I've been so is\", crack the touch when the penis that Ikirita' I launched Yari over voice and \"immediately I do I feel\" of being Numenume in close to her face \"Suck me\" say were allowed to in a while included in the mouth of the tub and the inserted shallow out from behind by backward to the edge and is Buchubuchu and sound when put up against full of Otsuyu and repeat the put up against deeply, ejaculation outside disconnect from her will likely go Did.

New who was captivated by his father-in-law while on a business trip with his husband ...

Six months after I got married, I lived with my father-in-law, who was prior to my mother-in-law, and my husband was in charge of running the company that was run by my father-in-law. My father-in-law is 57 years old, but he seems to find a purpose in fishing as a hobby by leaving the management of the company to his husband.Maybe my husband is worried about his father-in-law, and he spends his days unsatisfied with his night life and the time he spends on acts about once a week. When my husband went to Kyushu from Osaka for a meeting with a customer on the 5th, had dinner with his father-in-law and cleaned up after his father-in-law, and when he tried to go to our room after taking a bath, he was in the living room. When I was asked by my father-in-law who was in Japan, "Why don't you drink something cold together?", I went to the living room with a chilled beer and a glass, and while drinking, I sat next to my father-in-law and watched TV. (My husband's name) and the couple seem to have little activity, "and when I asked," Why do you know that, dad? ", He said," Because I'll go to the bathroom after the act, "so I'll give it to my father-in-law. "I was loved every night when I got married, but since I started to speak out, I wonder if I'm worried about my dad, it's finished about once a week," he confesses. My father-in-law muttered, "Let's feel the joy of a woman in half a year after getting married," and said, "I still handle it myself a couple of times a week." When I asked, "Is that the person in the room, or is my father special?", A charming Yuki was by her side, and when she saw her cleaning up the restaurant, she remembered her appearance when she slept loosely. I said, "I've done it," so I said, "I don't like my dad, but I feel like I'm going to buy it." I hug me lightly. When I refuse a little, I say, "Let me stay like this for a while." So when I was leaning against my father-in-law's body, my body became hot with ferns and I felt sad. My father-in-law's hot breath hangs on my nape, and my father-in-law hugs me lightly, rubbing my chest without a bra from the top of my pajamas, caressing my nipples with my fingertips, and caressing with a gentle technique that my husband does not have endlessly love liquid from the functional is revived genital feel yellowtail had overflowing. My father-in-law pressed my hand into his crotch, felt it was bigger and longer than his husband, and involuntarily grasped it.My father-in-law takes down the underwear he's wearing and shows me that he's standing up, and he tells me to "treat", so when he treats me as he says, he knocks me down like hugging me behind me and kisses me I was entangled underneath, and before I knew it, I squeezed my legs between my thighs to open my legs, and I inserted my hands from my abdomen and traced the moist and wet pubic area with my fingertips. While whispering, I was relentlessly caressed for sensitive places, and since I could put it out shallowly with my fingers or put it deeply and knead it inside, my love juice overflowed, and while my father-in-law's finger movements made me squeaky and unpleasant. I couldn't stand it, but my father-in-law rolled up my pajamas and continued to care for my pubic area with my fingers while crawling my tongue on my nipples and breasts, and when I was exhausted again My father-in-law's was put inside, and when I put it in and out shallowly, it went deep in and pushed up deeply, and I instinctively shouted, "Dad, Otousa, Yeah." My father-in-law lifts my hips and puts me on my knees and looks at the pubic area that is in close contact with me, so when I was embarrassed and closed my eyes tightly, my father-in-law whispered, "There are few caresses of Yuki." I was struck and caressed the sensitive part with my fingertips and I got tired, so I got crazy, and when I got up and hugged my father-in-law, my father-in-law also hugged me and was poked from below and the inside of my head became white and crawl on all fours While being blamed for selling, I was tampered with sensitive parts, and when I threw my body out, my father-in-law muttered, "Yeah, it tightens well" and caressed the civilian part that was touching my finger and repeatedly inserted I "No more When I shouted, "Forgive me," my father-in-law lifted my waist and held it, and he was pierced shallowly and deeply, saying, "Let's die together, how about it?"When I took a shower and was told by my father-in-law to sleep next to my father-in-law, he said, "I finally turned to this, so I turned to my father-in-law's chest and said," Dad, what should I do, I'm scared. Shinji will calm down soon, so until then I'll fill Yuki's body. "When I whispered, my crotch sighed again and my father-in-law told me that I was the master. I was drowning in a lewd sensuality because I was changed in various positions by hitting a six nine. My father-in-law's energy was vigorous and he said it was in the morning, he said it was a time in the daytime, and at night he was full of energy and his body was not burning.

Blindfolded son

How in debt Shomonaku, had the wit's end, from one acquaintance
can repay all the debt, it has been approached with a proposal.
It is, at the residence of the person who spits out the money, it was to show the sex with son (is incest).

Although I was trouble, to repay the huge debt there is only when this
took the 13 sons and 11 daughters of, I went to the big house there,
my son and I, in a separate room, I underwear , son, blindfolded and naked
was made to go to your large Japanese-style room, there are, futon was Yes pull
and, at a distance was sitting in a chair, it's Three men had seen

Continued to cute nephew and niece

I was free a little time.
I do not have is talking to my sister talk felt things and Keita,
No sister of tears became to why such a thing? why not. 
I wonder if not a tear of meaning to say.

TomoRina and Keita.
I and Keita.
Brother-in-law and me.
And sister and Keita.

With your father-in-law

My husband is a 36-year-old office worker and I am a 34-year-old housewife. My child has one daughter who is four years old. My husband was an only child, so I agreed to live with my husband's parents. However, my husband is on a business trip to a factory in Thailand for technology transfer from April of this year to March of next year. Since my child is still small, I have had some inconveniences because I have no husband for housework and child-rearing. My father-in-law reached retirement age at the age of 65, and when he was about to enjoy his second life after retirement, his mother-in-law became ill and was hospitalized. I didn't do anything and just stayed at home. I was busy raising children and doing household chores, but my husband came back only once every six months, so I was frustrated and unknowingly accumulating. Sometimes I was frustrated with my children, and sometimes I fell into self-loathing. One night in October, when my father-in-law was taking a bath, when I went to the dressing room to put my father-in-law's towel, I came across my father-in-law just coming out of the bathroom, and my father-in-law's hanging penis I have seen it in person. I was surprised and hurriedly jumped out of the dressing room saying, "I'm sorry, my father-in-law ." However, I was surprised at the thickness and length of my father-in-law's hanging black penis. That night, after my daughter and father-in-law went to bed, I imagined that penis. I haven't had an erection yet, but the thickness and length ... I wonder what would happen if I had an erection ... and finally I comforted myself. Since that day, my father-in-law's crotch has become anxious, and I've started to glance at him.In addition, I went to the dressing room to put my father-in-law's towel at the timing when I was on purpose to meet my father-in-law. I wonder if he was frustrated at that time. I finally took an unexpected action. The top was a no bra and the chest was open, and the bottom was a transparent panty. While my father-in-law was taking a bath, I went into the bathroom saying, "My father-in-law, sometimes I'll wash it on my back." My father-in-law once refused because I'm sorry, but sometimes I asked him half-forcedly. Then my father-in-law got out of the bathtub and sat on a chair without trying to hide the dick. I stared at my father-in-law's penis at that time, but began to wash my father-in-law's back with his back turned. Had finished washing the back I "your father-in-law's, do you want before washing?" I said. "Prior to wash yourself ..." your father-in-law's and to also block the words, I "It is good not refrain from. My husband is not the minute, because you have empty hands, like this time because what is the filial piety of ..." with it I said like that. My father-in-law agreed, "Then ..." , so I immediately put my knees in front of my father-in-law and washed my neck, sides, arms, belly, legs, and buttocks. And ... Dick put on the body soap and grabbed the penis with bare hands and gently washed it. My father-in-law didn't say anything when I thought he would be rejected.Is my father-in-law still erected in my heart? While thinking, I just put a lot of effort into my hands to wash the dick carefully. Then what about? As I saw it in my hands, my father-in-law's penis stood up hard and muffled. I was surprised and said, "Oh, my father-in-law, I'm sorry ..." My father-in-law also said "I'm sorry" because he looked bad . And I stopped washing there, flushed the foam on my body and got out of the bathroom. I sat down on the couch, half absent-minded, hard, thick, long ... I remembered the feel of my father-in-law's penis. As soon as my father-in-law came out of the bathroom , he came to me naked, saying , "Mr. Kayoko, you're wrong ." My father-in-law pushed me down and rolled up the cut and sew, and he sucked on my boobs. "My father-in-law, what are you doing? Hey father-in-law, please stop. Please let go," he resisted. "It's Kayoko-san who did this! I can't stand it anymore," he said, showing me a penis that glowed black and turned back. "But my father-in-law ... I can't do this, my father-in-law ..." "I don't tell my father , this is a one-time secret between me and Kayoko." I've been sucking on my lips and stimulating my clitoris from the top of my panties.After a long time of stimulation, I gradually lost my strength and naturally stopped resisting. My father-in-law took time to caress every corner of my body politely and caressed me as I grew up. Partly because of my frustration, my body responded obediently to my father-in-law's caress, and I was also sighing hot. Unlike her husband who does not caress like caressing, he has already entrusted his body to his father-in-law's caress. "Mr. Kayoko, can you ask me this time?" I took a breather at the penis of my father-in-law who was presented in front of me. Hardness, thickness, length that I can't think of as 67 years old ... When I put it in my mouth, it supported me in the back of my throat, and when I moved it, I throated it. Even so, when I held my penis up and down, I was happy to say , "Oh, it feels good ... I'm happy to have my wife do this ." I found that my body reacted to my father-in-law's penis, which was getting harder and harder in my mouth, and that the juice had already overflowed from the dick and was transmitted through my thighs. "I want this good father-in-law. I can't stand it anymore ..." While my husband was there, he said something like this. When I said, "Well, do you want it anymore?" , My father-in-law spread my legs wide and pushed the penis into the dick. "Ah N ~, Cho, hey ... you, you, large ..., your father-in-law's ... you, you, great, big, Aa-N" and the other husband was the size of a not compare.Moreover, no man was as big as he was dating or playing when he was single. As expected, the penis is not put in and out quickly, but because it is long, it hits the uterus every time it is struck and stimulates the core of the body, "Ah, Igu, Igu, Icha ..." "Come again , come, father-in-law ..., I'm going to get it again ... " " In the back ..., in the back ... My father-in-law's ... It's a great hit ... " " It's going to be crazy " ..." Several times while saying words that weren't a pleasure I've ever had I lost consciousness, but when my father-in-law said , "Kayoko-san, Kayoko-san ... I can't stand it anymore, I'll put it out! I'll put it out!" , I released a large amount of sperm into my stomach. Was there. I was surprised to find that the sofa got wet enough to cause a big stain as if I had leaked it. This was the first squirting in my life. Since that day, when I send my daughter to kindergarten, I meet my father-in-law from the morning, and when my daughter sleeps at night, I meet again. Unlike her father-in-law and husband, she caresses her neatly and carefully, and with a big penis, she blows the tide and makes me feel like I'm getting acme many times. At the age of 67, I was surprised at this sexual desire, but now my frustration has disappeared and I am satisfied every day. My father-in-law also spent days of recollection after his mother-in-law's death, but now he is helping with housework and shopping for me.

To my son to stop

My husband is a transfer family. It moves every two years. I have been working in rural areas for the past few years. It's been about 20 years since I graduated. The number of drinking parties such as alumni associations with junior high school and high school has increased. I used to go out when my son was out of hand. You did it in a TV drama, an alumni-related affair. If the person you longed for divorced and became single, there would be no woman who couldn't beat it. I should have just crushed. At his invitation, we met alone and went to bed. It was my first affair. In a word, she is good at sex. Unlike her husband's selfish sex, sex that makes a woman happy. Of course I was worried. Guilt of betraying her husband. What if you know? Even so, I will go if invited. When I heard about my friend's affair and heard it like someone else, I was like a lie. You have to be known. If you absolutely don't know ,. I told myself that, and as I met many times, the sense of crisis was paralyzed. I was feeling a little better. "Mom will be late, so eat alone." I prepared my son's dinner and went out with excitement. I was a strict mother to my son. But it was also a reflection of myself. I regret many times if I should study a little more. Especially when it was small, it was so high that I couldn't help it. "For you."I once had a dispute with my son, "Isn't it your appearance?" However, although I couldn't go to the university of my choice, he is a son who passed a fairly famous private university. It was one night. When I met him and came home, my son was in the living room. "What are you doing!" "What? What?" "I saw it." I realized everything in an instant. Every time I met him, I changed the place I met and the hotel I entered. The son, who was suspicious, turned on me and said he checked until he entered the hotel. I was told the name of the shop or hotel I entered and I can't return the words. " Say something!" "It's over. Everything!" It was hell for just a few days. When my husband came back, my son told him that everything was over, I thought so. I'm already mentally driven and angry. And the day before my husband came back. "What are you going to do ?" "What are you going to do ..." "I'll keep it a secret. Instead ..." It was a terrifying proposal. Tell your husband everything and either get punished or accept your son. However, it seems that the son did not intend to talk to his husband from the beginning. I felt like I should have been able to play with my body for a while. I slept on the carpet and covered my face with my hands. "Is this ...?"He was a son who stripped off my underwear and slammed it as he pleased. "No, no, stop ..." " Do you feel good?" "..." I feel like I can do anything anymore. "If you do, let me do it!" "I don't know." I took off everything and put it on my son's lap. "Like this," the son said, pushing up with his thumb and forefinger holding the clitoris and vagina. " No, I'm going!" "No, no, no, no, no, no!" I clung to my son's neck. "I'm blowing!" And accepted my son's. It's about the same size. But I felt bigger than him. "Tell me when you're sick! Don't put it inside!" He was the son who put it on his stomach properly. Then when I met him, I didn't feel much more fun than before. He was slamming at his place of employment. At first, I sympathized that it was difficult, but compared to my husband who experienced an unreasonable transfer, it doesn't matter. Then he said, "I'm not seeing you anymore. I'm suspicious and I don't want to bother you." My husband, who works silently, felt like a man and I loved him again.My son was far more worried about what he did that night than I was. Even though it was extremely expensive, I was ashamed to have threatened my mother. I treated my son cheerfully. "I can't help thinking about it, right?" "No, sometimes I want to do it again ..." He says he doesn't like that. "I'm bad! You shouldn't worry!" Forget everything and have sex! I suggested so. "Because I broke up with him. Take responsibility." We love each other with our sons. My son tries to watch a weird video by saying "Extreme" my body. "No today! Leave it!" I'm in trouble if I'm reluctant, and I control my son's desires.

Brother of M

Jun-san, please let me know of it when it was tied.
It would have been nice.
Tied to your brother, did you just committed.

Oh, the still feels good is still trapped in the back.
I had the great convulsions

Mistakes of the son

I am a housewife of 40 years old.
It plays the son of Takuya and the men and women of the relationship will be one year.
When there is a Takuya of high-3, it does not enter the body to the university entrance exam, and every day irritated
had. Takuya and bring the supper had to masturbation.
Takuya has ejaculation in white cloth something called a Ugh.
It was my dirty panties and see. Count on one sheet to the nose, a piece anymore
had rubbed against the penis.
Takuya and eyes after ejaculation I have suits.
Mom ... I'm sorry ... but I'm like my mother. Thinking only that of mother
I can not study. I hugged Takuya.
Thank you Takuya, masturbation I also Takuya liked by ... but of my panties
I'm useless. I penis of Takuya thought so as to concentrate on studying Takuya
was raised licking includes the mouth. Or, Mother ...'s fine.
Get out to Takuya my mouth, I am the penis while staring at the Takuya
was raised by turning lick. Mom ... out ...
Takuya has ejaculate in my mouth pressed against my head.
I swallow divided into three times. Mother ... did you drank ...
what's sperm of Takuya ... I never drank the sperm of the husband.
It was the first of the fine drink. Try to hold study Takuya and say we left the room.
Takuya of the penis was surprised to greater than his master.
Takuya When the next day also bring the supper had come to the kiss hug me
I have entwined I also accept tongue put the tongue.
Is laid on the bed been tampered the chest, is taking off a shirt to fill the face to the chest
came. I soft breasts of the mother. It is good.
Since it would come to no good I feel - ... my first time What. In the mother
want to put ... No I'm good for the first time? Takuya nodded.
I was raised licking a penis lay the Takuya.
I sank waist your hand to the penis span Takuya.
After a long time of the penis has come in while rubbing my vagina wall.
I will shake the hips while disheveled hair.
Mother ... is very pleasant. Mother's beautiful.
Aan ~ Takuya ... I also feel good I ...
we put lead to Takuya of the penis become a normal position.
Aan amazing - Takuya pass away more took advantage of the waist ~ Oh ~ pass away pass away -
I I have been squid to Takuya. Haahaa mother out likely it yo ~
to say out in the Aan - Right on ... I, filled out with -
is Takuya stop the movement shook violently waist while clinging to me
was ejaculation deeply my vagina.
I was nestled in every night Takuya. I was raised by far in your mouth on the day of the physiological

I taught you masturbation

Once you have a relationship ... you can't do it once. I was sleeping in the bedroom. Then my son, who should be studying, came into the room. "Mom ... my head is sick ..." "What's wrong? I'm worried ?" "Trouble ... Hmm ... I can't feel refreshed ... What's wrong ... I don't know myself." That night, my son had a little conversation. I returned to my room. As I was cleaning my son's room when he went to school early in the morning, the trash can was flooded with tissue and naughty books and DVDs were scattered in one corner of the room. I felt like I could understand what I had consulted last night. However, I hated myself because I couldn't do anything to my son. I felt painfully looking at me and looking at my chest and buttocks. On the other hand, I was also interested in boys who became adults around the age. I felt a gaze and a sign when I was taking a bath or going to the bathroom. I was clearly convinced that my son had changed the position of his underwear. Also, my son came into the bedroom. "Mom ..." "... What's wrong?" "... No, mom ... I'm full of my head. I can't help." I'm afraid of being violent in a glaring atmosphere. I have a heart. I was thinking about some countermeasures, but I couldn't solve it. "Okay ... come over here. Lying down," my son followed me as he was told. "Close your eyes ... promise not to tell anyone ...""I know, I promise I won't tell anyone ..." The son closed his eyes and lay on his back. With a blanket, I hugged my son. "You can touch it ... this is my chest." With my eyes closed, my son patted my chest and confirmed the smell. I also knew that my son's penis was erected on my thighs. My son was wildly riding on me and began to rub my chest with both hands. "Nuke ... huh ..." breath is rough me without force acceleration "touching hurts! I hurt ... gently," "I'm sorry you, ..." I got up "us remove the bra?" "Oh? Yeah ..." son I took off the hook while fluttering. "Now lie down ..." I knocked down my son and brought his nipples closer to his lips. "Gently caress" the son pinched his nipples with his lips and rubbed his breasts. "... Yeah ... gently" When I rubbed the erected penis with my crotch, I grabbed my ass with "Hah ... mother ...". "Not yet ... don't panic ... don't look ahead ... okay? Take off your bottom ..." The son took off his pants and underwear together with his nods closed and said in a small voice, "I took it off ..." .. I dived into the futon and rubbed my son's penis. The hot varnish was very hard and reacted with just a breath. I was excited. I'm embarrassed to be so hard, energetic, and fresh.I reconfirmed, "Never see it ... I promised not to talk to anyone ..." and I put the varnish in my mouth. "Ah ..." my son screamed, "Mom ... stop, it's dirty ..." and pulled the varnish out of my mouth. It seems that my first experience son had resistance. "So was that? Dirty and I do not think the mom." "It'll ... ashamed different I see the DVD ... something ..." "I wonder if so, I was found," I rely on the penis over there I "okay? Put ... " Yeah" I sat down and accepted my son's penis. "Ah ... it's hot ... it feels slimy ..." "You're also hot ... oh ... don't move ..." I slowly moved myself. "Is it okay? ... How is it?" "Huh ... okay, mother ...? It feels great ..." " Hmm ... tell me when you put it out ... don't put it inside ... okay?" "Okay, before you leave. I'll pull it out ... " I leaned against my son without any effort. Then my son pushed my hips up. "Ann ..." "Mother ... is it painful?" "Hmm ... I ca n't get enough power ... It's okay ..." I raised my upper body and leaned back. "It looks like it will come out ... It will come out ... Ah"At the same time as my son moved faster, he pulled out his varnish and sprinkled a lot of semen on my lower abdomen. "Hahhhhh" "Did you come out ..." "Mother ... I feel refreshed ... It feels good ..."  But after that, my son suddenly looked apologetic. "Mom ... I'm sorry ... I ..." "Why do you apologize? ... I apologize ... I'm gone?" "... Yeah, I'm doing something bad for my mother ..." "Is it like each other ..." My son kissed me on my cheek. I wiped the semen with a tissue and tried to wipe the penis as well. "Okay, I'll do it myself ..." the son turned his back. I turned my face to my shy son's back and kissed him. "How was it? From my mother's point of view ..." "Isn't it okay? It would be better if you touched me more gently ..." "Mother ... once again ... no ... please" My son pushed me down and I I put my hand on my lower abdomen and started to play with it. "I'm touching it for the first time ... it's soft, isn't it ... that? ... Ah, it feels good just to touch it ..." My son picked the part that I felt the most. I did. "Ah ..." My voice leaked out. My son broke into my waist and held my leg.I didn't know the location, and the hard penis rubbed my crotch and rubbed my chestnuts and pierced the hole in my butt, so it didn't go smoothly. "Wait ... here ..." When I grabbed the varnish and guided it to the dick, I suddenly inserted it all the way to the root and started to move violently. I just bit my lips and endured the cry. "Don't put it inside ..." "Huh ... Hmm ..." A large amount of semen spilled from the penis that my son pulled out and flew to my neck. My son was tired and said, "Hah ... mother ... I got out ..." "Okay, can you retire?" I got up and wiped off the semen and handed the tissue box to my son. My son wiped the semen on the tip of the varnish, put on his underwear, and quickly left the room. I felt guilty, but I had awkward days for days. And after a few days, my son came to ask again. As my woman, the part is also on fire. After all, it didn't end once ...

I was asked to teach me sex

I am 41 years old and my son is 16 years old. One day, I was told, "Mom, I don't know a woman yet, so I want her to teach me H." I was very surprised, but I knew that Kenji was a virgin, and I knew that I was sorry if I didn't know the woman. I think my naked body is pretty pretty for 41 years old. Her boobs are a little dripping, but she is 157 cm tall, weighs about 48 kg, and has three sizes of 88, 63, and 89, which are a bit like Keiko Takeshita, an actress. I'm self-satisfied. And I decided to take a bath together. By the time I entered the bath, Kenji's dick was already big. I laughed bitterly when I saw such a dick. "Ken-chan, did you want to be me so much?" Then Kenji pointed to his grown-up dick and said, "You can see it!" Kenji's dick was a little blackish and the tip was still covered with skin. I said, "Mom, touch me," and forcibly brought my hand to my dick. I carefully turned over the skin of the false phimosis. I was a little hurt. I had a little white stuff, but instead of touching it, I gave it to my mouth. When he got into his mouth and went up and down 2.3 times, he fired something white. It tasted very nasty. I just swallowed what I put in my mouth.After that, Kenji continued to touch his boobs with one hand and stretched it to my pussy with the other hand, and when he was tampered with with his fingers, the cock started to grow even though it was less than 5 minutes after ejaculation. It is. I was surprised at Kenji's resilience, and I was strangely impressed that he was young. Kenji wants to lick her pussy this time, so she said, "If you don't be kind, women won't be happy. It's a delicate place, so please be kind slowly!" I really wanted you to touch it right away. I don't know much about a man for 41 years old (I got married as a virgin, and now I'm divorced and live with Kenji. After the divorce, I've had sex with 7 people) It is symmetrical, does not lose its shape, is bink-colored, soft and a little thick. I slowly opened the pussy with my fingers. First, when I showed a small pink protrusion, Kenji slowly licked it with his tongue in a circular motion, and I stopped cramping my legs and making a loud voice each time. The pussy juice had begun to come out completely, and it was getting wet, and Kenji's dick was in a state of being here. Kenji finally brought his mouth closer to the pussy and licked it with his tongue along the shape of my pussy. Next, I put my finger in a little. I was as excited as I could breathe on my shoulders, but I didn't make much voice. I was thrilled when I thought that Kenji's finger was soaked in pussy juice. I was playing around with it a little, but maybe I couldn't stand it anymore, "Mom, I can't stand it anymore, so I'll put it in," Kenji put on me without waiting for my reply.Kenji just sat down on the top, and the chewy cock slipped into my pussy. The penis hit my pussy folds comfortably, and it seemed that it would come out as soon as I moved my hips, so Kenji stopped and enjoyed the feeling. Occasionally there was a squeaking noise in my pussy. Eventually, even after 2.3 minutes, I asked me, "Can I put it out?" "Never put it inside!" I said to him with an angry gesture, so I didn't have the courage to put it inside, and if I was pregnant, that would be a big deal, so Kenji Decided to put it on my belly and gradually accelerated my hips. However, Kenji, who reached the peak of pleasure in less than a minute, left me and ejaculated with his hands on his belly when this was the limit. My face and chest were sticky with disgusting white things. H with a young boy was the best though he was a son. While soaking in the bathtub, I washed the skin of his dick clean. It was also getting bigger.

My incest discourse

I've been going out with this to women, it was just 3 years old before and after of their age.

I think that it is usually Speaking of ordinary, but I sexual desire is strong now want to try really ripe woman and sex.

Do Tteyuu curiosity whether it is crazy sex if the MILF.

Since there is no going to go out, I have used a dating site with useless origin.

Married Kamiterasu is to also proven to often be married Toka Mature, I tried to e-mail, select the time being relatively better milf.

I think that certainly was around 20 people.

Or there is no reply, but he was or was gold purpose, MILF of one person was felt that was looking for a young body in a completely amateur.

Start the exchange decided to that woman. Then various known things.

Nurse with divorced. He was 43 years old.

A promise that sex without even feel shy, waiting at a specified station, spoke a little entered the cafe.

Did you feel the mind fit, that go to live alone in the apartment.

I, yelling up together but was a little scared and Mai miss this chance.

Make sure the peace of mind into the room, according to the strip the MILF of clothes, there was no resistance.

On the bed, he buried his head in milf crotch of Expose the lower body.

But 43 years old, labia minora is pink that is not well-thumbed in a single life.

Chestnut became the earlier of when erection little finger.

The tongue to crawl in between the labia majora and labia minora, was raised licked from the gate over the ants to Ass.

A little cloudy mucus drips and thickens.

Pubic hair is trimmed well, anus around from the labia majora's slippery.

I \"clean Omankoda. I cute.\"

Mature nurse that had covered his face with both hands and praise aloud is, ... that reached for the erection.

Soon me suck from yourself Jupajupa hard.

Or experience value is high for, was comfortable with very soft.

No, it was melty.

Body rebuild the posture was placed in between the legs, Ategai an erection to pudendal cleft, was gradually invaded.

MILF \"XXX ....\"

The MILF nurse came clinging by turning the arms. Several times shake the hips and MILF of the state is wrong.

I \"Did you mean ... again?\"
Mature \"No, embarrassed, do not ask. XXX ....\"

Moving the hip as it posture. It is amazing how interference.

MILF \"Hee, Hee.\"

Was directly reached at once vertex. I think that is cum course

I \"Ikuzo. Ikuzo. Ugh. Ugh.\"
Mature \"Aa ....\"

I do not think sex to have when the 43-year-old, was comfortable in the women's reaction.

Later, but so it is not a virgin and listen to the story was the sex for the first time in 10 years.

After you release the body, me wash carefully the body in the bathroom.

Now, I have sex about twice a month.

I also do not intend to go out, so a good likely.

After that, the story is also now I was addicted to the MILF had sex with some in the married woman Kamiterasu.

Son's pacifier doll

yuna himekawa[30488]
I am a full-time housewife, my husband, and my son. My husband is on his way to work alone, and during that time he is in charge of everything. Son of Isamu-chan is also the fact that one son, a little spoiled because it was too much fondness is not Bow, but it was me growing up in honest good child. Immediately after Yu-chan entered junior high school, he was absent from school due to bullying in the school . Conversations with me are normal, but I've become extremely reluctant to go out of the house, and at night I seem to be crying on the futon in my room. I couldn't see it, and I said, "Let's sleep together on my futon at night," and from that day on, I and Yu- chan started sleeping on one futon. Even if I sleep on one futon, I still sob next to me. Even if you hold hands and soothe "because your mother is by your side", you will cry as if you were frightened by something . Time Isamu chan young, was sucked tits when you did not get to sleep easily I Guzu et al., I was reminded that the sleeping calm, remove the button of pajamas chest "Isamu-chan. Come over here. I Please suck of tits, settle down because " " but ... embarrassing I " it was Isamu-chan was shy, gentle my Whoa taking the hand of Isamu chan Once led to the pie, I started smoking timidly nipples It was. At first, Yu-chan was reluctant to smoke. As I got used to it, I started sucking my nipples.However, the way of sucking is similar to the caress of an adult man, unlike a baby drinking breasts . If you think you were sucking with your nipple in your mouth, you could roll it with your tongue. Yu-chan who devours the left and right nipples while rubbing her boobs. "Hmm, uh, hmmm" I ca n't help but feel it and make a voice. [For Yu-chan ... I'm my mother ...] I'll tell myself ... I put the sheets in my mouth, bite them, and kill the pant voice. A dim bedroom with only a miniature light bulb lit, with only the sound of licking a nipple. Yu-chan who further licks and stimulates the stimulated and hardened nipple. Again and again over a period becomes pure white is in the head, and become a big gasp likely aloud and seeded. The body moves unconsciously with pleasure. "Ah, um, um" "Ah, Isamu-chan , already ... da ... me" When I was about to reach the limit of holding my sheets and killing my voice, "Mom's boobs It's soft, " Yu-chan talked to me with a sweet tooth , and finally regained the consciousness of being a mother, and became sweet and hugged tightly. Did such an act last for 10 minutes, or even 20 minutes? "Thank you, Mom. I was calm," Isamu-chan told me about to sleep in next to release the tits and say so.I am out of the futon, Gusho in the tits and the joy juice that has become sticky in the saliva in the bath wash away the Bagina became Gusho. My husband was plain about sex and didn't do much foreplay. It's been two years since I became sexless because I was assigned to work alone. I am over 40 years old. To have Forget woman of joy, and never become wet in the act of son I think did not. As I washed my body, my tears didn't stop. Fortunately, whether Isamu-chan began to sleep in peace at night, drop the mind little by little we have arrived Chi. I made an excuse to carry my shopping baggage and took it out with me, so I could go out alone . Thanks to me bullying measures in consultation with the teacher of the school, you can also safely school I became a jar. At last, I'm able to regain my peaceful days ... Just sucking my boobs before going to bed at night doesn't stop me. I used to be reluctant to smoke, but now I'm begging, "Mom, please. Let me suck your boobs again." When I thought that my illness would come back, I couldn't refuse and continued to take off my pajamas and let Yu-chan suck her boobs. And there is another lewd me who awaits the act from the bottom of my heart .An act that is repeated like every night. It was supposed to just fill the gap in Yu-chan's heart ... While Yu-chan was sucking her boobs, my right hand unknowingly began to stimulate the clitoris . Don't make a pant voice ... Don't realize what I'm feeling. I'm a mother. I think it's a contradiction, but I can't stop it. After Isamu chan went to bed, because the comfort flushed body while washing away the body in the shower to. The nipple that was sucked by Yu-chan until a while ago. About little finger of the previous large erection to, comfort, such as pain in the whole body with just a little touch runs is a feeling. While stimulating the Korikori the nipple in the left hand, fingers out violently with his right hand to the back of Bakina to put "Oh, Isamu-chan. Iii ~!" "The Please! Please! Soco, ~ want to lick the nipple." " More, more! Suck your nipples, bully me. "As I put up with the futon, I pant like crazy and shake my hips. To also have my husband, what that would give pleasure by sucked the nipple to his son ... Te. It may be a metamorphosis and disqualification of the mother. I'm my son's pacifier doll. I don't think I can go back anymore.

I was mischievous on the train

I thought I was a plain person in terms of sex. I got married at a young age and had little experience as a man, and I felt like I had no night life with my husband. Still, I didn't feel any dissatisfaction. Until that happened ... it was the train on the way home from shopping. I felt a sense of discomfort around my butt. I felt something touching my butt many times. "Chikan? No way ..." The feeling that I sometimes hit my butt has changed to something that sticks to my butt. "After all ... what should I do?" I didn't have the courage to speak out in the OL era, but even in such a year, I didn't have the courage to speak out. It was so crowded that I couldn't even change my body position. Chikan's hands became bold and began to rub his ass. I was confused by the feeling that was different from when I was an office lady. "It's attractive enough to be cheated." It was a feeling similar to joy. I blushed at my innocence. I was horrified at the fact that the man's hand was trying to lift the dress. My ass was touched by Chikan and I got wet. "No ..." "Why ..." Chikan's hands were just getting bold. I have rolled up the dress. A man's hand got into his underwear. I was just looking down. I was patted directly on my butt with my rugged hands.I was so embarrassed that I almost started crying. I didn't want Chikan to know that I used to only feel disgusted ... "I'm so wet ..." . I felt sorry for myself, but I gradually opened my legs. It was going to be crazy. At that time, my son called out from a distance. It was released from Chikan's fingers. When I thought that my son had seen the whole story, my heart seemed to stop. Even when I changed trains, the turmoil still remained. Nevertheless, the act of Chikan was revived in my mind. I wondered what would have happened if my son hadn't spoken to me, and my body became warm. The train I changed to became very crowded, and my son and I were in close contact with each other. I was embarrassed and dying. I felt like my son's crotch was pressed against my ass. I felt that the time of about 5 minutes was long. We were silent to each other until our house. When I got home, I sat down on the bed in the room. I was relieved to be alone. I was absent for a while. But my son suddenly came into the room. I stood up unintentionally. "A while ago, it was all right?" "For example ..." "okay ... What?" Was clogging the words.I finally answered, "It was quite crowded and painful ." I was hugged the next moment. "Did you look good?" The son whispered in his ear. "I'm in trouble ... let go ..." I completely panicked. "Usually, it's a problem. Normally." "Isn't it okay to enjoy this situation as before?" Whispered in my ear, I almost lost my strength from my waist. My son's hands began to squeeze his back, rolled up his clothes, and unhooked his bra. "Is it okay to stay standing? Like on the train," the son whispers nasty. As I was about to cry, I said, "No ... don't say that ...". But my son's hand grabbed his breast and slowly began to massage. "No ... stop ... please" , but while stimulating the nipple with my fingertips, my son's mean words continued. "Are you excited about being caught on the train?" My son's hand began to slowly roll up his skirt. "Isn't it wet?" "No," I knew I was wet. I never wanted to be known to my son. But I couldn't resist. My son's hand slipped into the skirt and he was reluctant to grab his crotch over his underwear. "It's soaked like it leaked," was humiliation.The next moment my son's finger came in. While stimulating chestnuts, another finger was put in. It felt like a nasty sound was spreading throughout the room. "Which is more exciting, near XXX or Chikan?" Was a horrifying word. Even so, I heard a sweet voice ... my hips moved ... I was screaming at the caress that shook my son's fingertips. I clung to my son and endured desperately. My son increased the number of fingers to insert to two and still blamed him. "Help ..." I was desperately screaming in my heart. I was finally starting to move my hips. "Do I hate seems to woman, even though it is the son, so shake the hips" "use a more hip. Shake the hips on your own, I dare say the son finger" son continues to blame in a nasty tone It will come. I felt embarrassed to die, but my body moved freely. I made an embarrassing voice. After that, he was taken to bed and stripped naked. I didn't have the energy to resist. I was asked about embarrassing things, and I was told embarrassing things and I was pierced by my son's things many times.

Transformation family

3 days my husband has returned to the home because it is a business trip from yesterday.
I seems to be a place to rest assured my husband is the best to go to stay is I think the parents' home, but in private I'm a place to vent the sexual desire that are not satisfied with my husband.
I 28 years old, married 3 years. I do not have children.
Husband 33-year-old, I had also sexual desire in its own way when you are going out, but I have decreased after the marriage.
The us meet such my libido I'm a brother and a younger brother who is in the parents' house.
My father died about 10 years ago, now it is home to three people mother and brother and brother.
Mother 55-year-old, brother, Masao 30-year-old, brother, Tsuguo 27 years old, is a very good friend family.
2-hour drive from my home to my parents.
Yesterday I arrived at home in the evening.
Was greeted was the brother of the only one pants.
\"Oh, it came, waited'll have.\"
When he got to the front door my crotch to see that before the brother of pants is in the tent state became hot.
From the back of the room I found that it immediately mother hear the woman's pant voice.
When I went to the mother of the bedroom I'm from the back of the naked mother on the bed of king-size naked brother are connected lying both of them with Shigami.
In the corner of the room there is a father of the altar, pictures and laugh while looking at the two people.
King-size beds every night that I bought from the death of his father in order to sleep three people.
\"Toshiko sister, came I do. Immediately need from me waiting and.\"
\"Ah, Toshiko, while waiting, dinner prepared ask. Made in the middle and Masao and Tsuguo has been hit ,,\"
I There I brother came with embrace me and reluctantly go to the kitchen.
\"Toshiko, I can stay either. How long not a long time.\"
\"3 days, what Uchinohito business trip. So ,,\"
also is brother while saying so and remove the button of the blouse and raise the bra put your hand in it straight to begin to massage my chest.
\"Ah, Masao brother, ready for dinner Once you do that ,,,\"
\"That's for later say because ,,\"
hit those hard of brother in the ass coming embrace from behind, until the brother issues a libido I prepared the meal I thought that can not be.

I'm sorry. Tsuguo brother has happened.
Brother and brother today's fishing since the rain, sea storm from yesterday in the fisherman is on hiatus.
During the day today, I am also the mother is also a brother and brother sex of your partner.

And brother

I am a housewife of 25 years old.
GW thing of. My husband I went home to my parents in one person at work.
I was totally committed a brother and mistakes of high school students.
Homecoming was night, I was sleeping in the early tired.
Because something Mozomozo I have woke up.
High third Takeshi has hit those hard to waist came into my bed.
Takeshi, what are you doing, go to bed in my room. Trying the first time in a long time.
In fact, I have I have associated with NatsuTakeshi of the two-year university.
Parents went to the region by memorial service, that night two people I have to the preparation of the meal
I ate. I have come in the onslaught and in the room.
Sister, I want you to tell me. What, Takeshi.
It's swollen my dick destination whiff. I want you to look at.
Year of distant brother was talking crying. I think that Takeshi is in was one. Let's see show see, I was Nugashi a cute younger brother of pants.
Well, what is this ... the glans is in front of me there was a large penis huge.
I have the experience, but have never seen such a big penis.
I was raised to treat grip the penis. Bigger and bigger in my hand
was facing Kuraijo likely arrive to the belly will.
I was raised licking around the suck glans to the mouth.
Sister I feel good, something Serve it, something out!
Takeshi has ejaculate in my mouth. It seems to have been the first time of ejaculation.
I was out in the tissue. Sister of the pussy show me.
I because it is secret to the father and mother. I see.
I became naked take off the pajamas and panties.
Takeshi had to look at cancer spread to my crotch.
I felt seen. I have come up something from the older sister pussy
It is this, come out and feel to say that joy juice.
Heh I'm feeling older sister. I touch?
Just a little. Takeshi is touching my pussy, I came licking.
Useless, Takeshi touch only Datte said'll ~
Takeshi of rough tongue licked the pussy and chestnut I put out a gasp voice
was will. Useless, Takeshi! Takeshi was trying to put to me.
I would feel, Takeshi of the penis had become wanted.
It because only Takeshi ~ Today. Yup.
Takeshi I seemed not to know the position has led the penis served in hand.
Aan - very large - An'aan ~ Takeshi moving try - this Kana -
'll likely, will come out sister - took advantage of more, it will come out, What should I do? Oh leave! Unplug Takeshi, to be useless - unplug Once cum!
Ugh, come out! Again suddenly, Takeshi came flying up to my face by far.
Thank you, sister. Takeshi-virgin That's graduation -
Takeshi and I had piled the body on a daily basis to steal the eyes of parents.
I was no longer the relationship went to the local married.

So Takeshi first time in several years had come in search of my body.
I was also starting to throb so my husband and Les.
~'m licking my sister I was Hobari the penis became more respectable.
Was wet touched the pussy to Takeshi.
Aan ~ Takeshi ~ put ...
Takeshi of turtle head hits is back ... I make a claw on his back clinging to Takeshi
I will. Sister ~ I feel good would come out ~, it will come out.
Aan ~ An'aan ~ Takeshi ~ likely I also go, Takeshi-out in-poked more in your sister, ~ pass away - out full to the sister of pussy
Takeshi is a large amount of sperm hug me while raising the growl is the cervix
has been ejaculation.
We were going for two nights but lie and not take the airplane
was the line and then two nights after my husband.
I was told Do not come slowly because it is home of Tama.

The plane I was taken, but for a while I wanted to look forward and Takeshi ...
We also went to the suburbs in the onslaught of car love hotel.
Two people relationship from the mother has been told it's fine ~.
Because it is more relationship siblings ...

Sister and mother

Although asked to chewy the penis at night sister of the summer it was felt good to the highest was around the time of 20-year-old. There also was Senzuri pretending that was sleeping in front of the mother, the mother of that time seems to have excited. Night after night mother also sliding doors every night in one piece next to the room Onani - sound Pyapya of small voices and dick that was heard every night. I not lose it even every night Onani - I was. After all, I realized that Do'm pulling the mother's blood.

because I like

I have become filled.
I also compared to the Toka child of school, or was particularly sexually precocious, does not it 's type or was active in etch.
Usually only have, I feel not even particularly quiet child like a presence.
Also been told etched in incest love's, it does not seem himself.
Nevertheless, I feel no choice to look forward to tomorrow sex.
For the previous week was An'nani painful, is unbearably want to be put.

Mother and younger brother

I would like to tell you about my family, not about me. That was when I was in junior high school. One summer day, I wasn't feeling well and took a day off from club activities and came home earlier than usual. I managed to drag my heavy body to the house, and I wasn't enthusiastic to speak out, and I was walking down the corridor while trying to leave myself on the wall. I heard a moaning voice leaking from my brother's room next to my room. Actually, at that time, my younger brother, who was two years younger, was being bullied at school and refused to attend school for about two weeks, or was like a withdrawal. For the past few days, I've begun to regain some brightness as to whether the care of our family and teachers has worked, but the moaning made me worried that something had happened to my brother, and the door was slightly open. When I gently looked inside through the gap , I saw my younger brother sitting on the bed sitting with his right half facing him. The upper body of the T-shirt, which was leaning back, was supported by both hands behind it, and the moaning was leaking from the face facing up . "What are you doing? When I tried to call out, something shook around my brother's waist, so when I changed my body position and turned my gaze down, I could see the hair between my legs . It was. Only then did I find out that my younger brother was naked and my mother was crouching between her younger brother's crotch . The strange sight made me cover my mouth with my hand and hold my breath. My mother was closing her eyes, but her cheeks were dented.My mother's head didn't move for a while, but soon! ... Juru! ... and while making a wet sound, its head is gradually raised, the same time was deflated the mother is a thing of the red rod-like from the mouth has been gradually appeared. And Jupon! When my mother's head leans back with a loud noise, it's fluttering! The bright red cock was swaying and warping in his younger brother's crotch. When I saw this as an adult for the first time, I was surprised and almost lost my hips. My mother sighed a little louder and immediately crawls her tongue over its bright red tip . The tip of the tongue, which moves at high speed, makes a sound similar to the sound of water, and when you pick the tip or rub it so that the constriction is entwined , the younger brother's body will match the movement. It trembles with a jerk, and it seems that the voice is coming out naturally. "Oh, oh, oh ... oh ... oh, mom ... already ..." "Yeah." So short, the two talked, and my mother's mouth shook my brother's Ochinchin again. I caught it from the top . My mother's head slowly approached my brother's crotch and was soon pulled up again. My mother's rhythmic head movements continued, and her smooth hair moved back and forth accordingly. The movement of my mother's head gradually speeds up, and along with that, Juppu! , Juppu! The sound of water was getting louder and louder. My knees were quivering at the sight, but my eyes even blinked.It was nailed as if I had forgotten it. My mother and brother didn't seem to notice me peeking at all, and the movement became more and more intense. Eventually, when I thought that my younger brother had a voice saying, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" , His hips jumped up. After that, my younger brother's hips were cramping several times, but during that time, my mother kept her mouth tightly attached to her younger brother's hips and closed her eyes. Eventually, like the first time, my mother slowly lifted her head and released Ochinchin from her mouth. "Hmm ... how? It was refreshing." "Ah ... u ..." My mother grabbed her younger brother's Ochinchin and moved it up and down lightly. I was almost overwhelmed by the sight. "Hmm, I still like it." "Uh, yeah ." "I've done it twice ... Can you put up with it until tomorrow?  Mom, I want to prepare dinner soon ..." "Eh ... Ah ... uh, yeah ... " Yes, my mother sighs a big sigh at her younger brother, who is drooling in his head, and he goes up to bed with a feeling of sickness. "Only once again? Instead, I'm going to school from next week?  ... Hora, what's next to me? Is it okay for my mom to be on top?" "Ah ... yeah ... I'm sorry. Mom."When my mother sat down around her younger brother's hips, straddling her younger brother, she put her hand in her skirt and shook herself, and then slowly sat down to sit upright. Then, a deep sigh-like voice leaked from my brother's mouth, saying, "Huh!" Then, only my mother's waist began to move back and forth as if it were another creature. As a child, I knew what was happening in front of me, so I hurriedly hid myself from the door . Eventually, I heard my mother's small voice, "Hmm ... huh ...", along with the creaking noise of the bed . "Oh, oh ... or mom ... ku, suu, awesome ...!" "Fufu ... n, huh, uh ... oh! ... nfufu, already ...・ ・. Still ticking ... ” I covered my mouth with both hands and sat down in the hallway, listening to the nasty sound and the voice of my mother who had never heard of it for a while. However, I was scared and left the place as if crawling. I gently escaped from the house and couldn't believe the scene. Before I knew it, my mother and younger brother were like that ... but above all, I was shocked that my younger brother, Ochinchin, who I thought was still a child, swelled up like that. After spending about an hour in a nearby park, I calmed down, and this time I went into the house aloud . My mother was making dinner in the kitchen while squeaking a knife.When I saw it, he said, "Welcome back." "What about that girl?" "Hmm? ... I 'm in the room." I was full of desire to ask my mother about my brother, but I just couldn't say it. The following week, my brother went back to school and never saw the actions of his mother and brother. However, for the rest of my life, my mother was sucking my younger brother's Ochinchin, and the sound of "Zu! ... Zu! ...", my mother's nasty hip movements, and my younger brother's Ochinchin shaking powerfully. I don't think I'll forget it.

Looks young

A selfish and selfish husband. Work is also feeling or busy business trip just in the many times the alleged affair was. If you ask a question, it will be cut off. A husband who talks about what I do on a daily basis. You just have to do your house properly. I finally got sharp and declared, "Can I like it anymore?" My son, who became a college student this year, has grown up for a long time and has an awakened personality. It was an attitude that I didn't care about even if the couple became ill. But more than me? A son who hates her husband. I have also been sharpened by my husband who preaches heroically. My son has a girlfriend who is one childhood friend. A cute girl who is polite and I like her too . But maybe I was feeling jealousy. Because my husband has that kind of attitude, I was mentally dependent on my son. I thought I have that strange in the room, I thought I'll not be helped because well young but I think if Ne say a word as a parent, during the day of the day when no one day her husband, dazed in the living To game to the son had "with her, I was ,,,, properly I hope." and said or was. My son was staring at me. When I said "What?", I grinned, "Nothing." And suddenly, "Mom, aren't you?" "Hey, already." I haven't been with my husband for a long time. I haven't been cheating and I haven't done it for years.My husband had plain sex, and I had two men before I got to know him, but it was n't a long relationship. However, it is certain that I felt it as it was with my husband. "Don't you want to do it?" "Well, sometimes." Honest impression. "Why don't you make a man?" "Eh? Hey. I'm scared to go out with a man anymore." "Then, what about me?" "Eh?" "Eh, me." Sudden confession. And he said he had many dreams of having sex with me. "Hey, hey." I felt weird while being very upset. Dangerous atmosphere. My son hugged me on the couch from behind. The chest is rubbed and the hands are in the skirt. (What should I do?) I repeat myself asking myself. I was laid down on a carpet and my underwear was taken off in no time. Skirt is raised turning, I holding Rarema the wrists with the left hand of the son at the breast was. And my son's right hand is over there. "No, no ..." I struggle, but my son's fingers invade. A son who slowly puts out two fingers while kneading the clitoris with his thumb. "Hey, hey ..." No, I really feel it, I struggled violently. "I've done it so far, isn't it?" "Already ..." I made up my mind. Everything I'm wearing is taken off and stripped naked, and it's a big letter on the carpet. "It's nice. It's beautiful. Your boobs are also fluffy."A body that is 165 cm, maybe 60 kg. I was worried about the thickness around the waist. A son who swirls his nipples and stirs them with his fingers. Suddenly I put a cushion under my waist. I felt like I was bridging, and I pushed my fingers up. Pain in the blink of an eye, I never felt until now, so, shame Kashii feeling like something leaking Ji ,,. "Oh, hey," I twisted my hips, but my son pressed me down ... After a short break, I will push it up again. "Ah, no!" I lay down on my body and shook my body violently . I got it for the first time. Pleasure that I could not taste in sex with my husband who puts in and out the penis earnestly. "I cute. Dude cute." While convulsions the waist, breath also is in crying Taedae me come son look told me. The son who prepared the condom carefully put it on the penis. Its sooo hard penis, my or will be inserted quickly went to in the. The early one seems to be like my husband ... I was kissing while hugging each other for a while, but it's about time for dinner. After straightening my hair, I drove to a nearby family restaurant saying, "Let's eat outside." The road was crowded on the way home, and my son, who was driving, put his hand on my skirt every time the car stopped .As soon as I got home, I took a bath together and started again. "He (she) looks like acting, but my mother has a serious face." Since then , I 've been in love with my son.

And brother

I am 30-year-old daughter in the mother of 52-year-old unmarried, the father is different both in son 28 years old. Now is independent married. I have available to you the brother of the 56-year-old unmarried. I am gentle brother had me to cumene of money in raising children. I lost the other day a mother, but my mother and my brother was in the physical relationship. I knew when from? I am a \"brother mother when I came to bring the money in my house when I have got to help his brother. And know whether it is possible to return the money to the brother Once you become a time I said no I might be impossible life \". I laughing brother as \"Mother has continued since I was a father. Mom might did not get married because I had. Now I do not have to worry about things ○○ money. It's very Toka mother died housework ○○ also told because it is useless to pay rent Once in the house? \". At that time, we decided to live together can not be see through the spirit of the brother. I Take the \"○○'ll borrow from to or. Masturbation side dishes not you are quite wet,\" while prank panties with a stain of just took off to come brother in the dressing room during the bathing to \"the may be the brother panty? why not a real better\" to the brother and I would say that the bold been brother really entered \"whether you feel free pussy of ○○\" and Dakisukume be sudden I pussy tits to crawl the finger was rubbed tried steward eagle I've inserted leads to a meat bar Ikiritatsu clung to his brother on their own. Upon exiting the bathroom was referred to as the \"○○'ll be guided to the mother of the sex room and me\". There was as though reproduce the love hotel itself.
Once remains are said to his brother \"I mother was a great joy and SM is like a tie or enema that is bullying as a hobby. You see this rope and Omar's a for mother erotic underwear probably amazing\" was confronted with the . \"I different from my mother. Kind of disgusting I\" and to say I was Although brother beaten yelling and \"Do not, slowing Kamatoto habit was making children embraced in Tokkae Hikkae man. At the same Do not insult my mother.\" directly below. I was e sucking the cock of his brother and to implore the \"violence is stopped because apologize brother I'm sorry,\" \"please as you like brother from today\". Now it came to pester from their loved every day. My brother and give it a scary ish skin to pregnancy but I will not accept semen defeated the tip while Blow.

After a long time of son

45-year-old, it is part housewife.
I came back last night to meet my son you are living alone to attend the university in two nights and three days.
Takahiko son is 21 years old.
When I arrived at the station of the bullet train, Takahiko had come to pick.
Son of the face and body to look after a long time, and I have to hug came up as slightly larger.
\"Mom, because embarrassed.\"
And I have to go to a love hotel on its feet.
\"Mom, wanted to meet.\"
Souvenir When he got to the room was also comes with embracing the Takahiko in a hurry.
I also went to lower the body a while to kiss and son increased.
When the sitting straight in front of the son remove the belt of pants I was raised by example mouth a penis that is larger hard down the trousers and pants in his mouth.
\"I feel good ah, Mom ,,.\"
My son was screaming up a loud voice in the room.
I head to the son of the penis to obtain mouth after a long time also had become a baud.
With one hand squeezing the base of the penis with the other hand rubbing the ball bag from the bottom, we'll treat the entire penis in the throat and lips put the glans to the back of the throat.
\"Ah, Mom, it would come out with so much.\"
Just when said so, son I got out the semen in my throat.
\"U ,, ,, to u\"
dark plenty of semen I had throat caught in the throat.
Takahiko in the other half is somehow mouth received by the palm half of the semen issued by the.
Back from the trimmed and breath the palm of semen in the mouth, was raised swallowed while watching the son of the face.
\"Ah, Mom, thank you.\"
Takahiko in which I have sat down to whether the sofa was settled down a little.
I am under the son m rinsed the, lightly mouth reservoir hot water in the bath between them.
\"I did have accumulated considerably.\"
\"I've been reservoir be patient looking forward to the mom to come. Wonder Ikeru to slow.\"
\"Yes, but not go back in six days, also waiting for dad because there. \"
then I do my son also comes to the kiss hug me.
To still say that the smell of semen that issued the earlier son to the inside of the mouth.
And while being embraced by the son I'll hold the penis I have become another hard larger.
\"Well, if Tsu Takahiko. Of want to anymore.\"
\"I mean, Mom's body after a long time that I thing.\"
Then am I also became a thing undress addressed naked wearing of each other when the son also rises.
The last one, I stood wearing only shorts.
\"Takahiko, by the end of one of my mother. It just is. Of want you to Nugashi to Takahiko\"
I had said so to embarrassed also divided his own blood without son.
\"Oh, Mom Thank you.\"
Son of get Nugashi the last one of the shorts in the hand, I have thought it would be what happy.
\"Mom, like has become a little less hair.\"
\"Hehehe ,, I tell the truth, did I shave unwanted hair to meet Takahiko. Moreover hairs are you also unplug little by little of the place often. What, like a good ? \"
\" ah, Mom, say like. \"
and praised the son body I have crotch been a Gee become hot.
\"Takahiko, to enter the bath together.\"
\"Yeah, Mom ,,\"
I went into the bath join hands while saying so.

It has been asked to grandchildren

yuna himekawa[30284]
I am living alone in a widow of 55-year-old.
Grandson to attend junior high school will have one person, but you come to sometimes play live in next town.
Up to 5 years before her husband was alive but I had come well or pocket money want is, did they refrain from the death of her husband, come to show the face about once a mother, my daughter and a few months It had become only. It is, looks like me to come to play as suddenly every week from the month before last, now give me also stayed with the gold and Saturday.
Since the father of the grandson is severe in the education and upbringing, his father whether they come fled to me to avoid the weekends and coming back from bachelor destination, or not going well with her mother, did not so much snooping.
Me to come to is to is happy.
Daughter is a mother also, in particular, without saying anything, \"I'm sorry, doing it stopped,\" and did not say only.
Most nights since the beginning of the summer vacation, had become as settled.
One night, the purpose of coming to stay was found.
I went to almost every night bath, drink a nightcap, after masturbation using vibe, as it is sleep habits comes with this two or three years.
Grandson that night also are doing a TV game, gonna go to bed early, drink the wine of the nightcap while saying a word I went to my room.
It will be naked before you go to bed.
Bust It does not sag so much yet but there are only 80, West 70 I think that thin is in the aunt, that Tteyuu 92 hip is too large it is my body.
Set the bedside of the small TV in the husband leaving an adult video, while before heard the actress's our pant voice in the larger sound, First fuck tits and clitoris with a finger, insert the vibe on the verge Karukuiku the Tteyuu is my masturbation.
But, from the so grandchildren come, it had become so that its partial longer to masturbation as much as possible put up with put out even voice against the earphone.
After masturbation, naked, we arrived to sleep leave the body in the pleasant languor.
I have been touched by someone I woke up in the middle of the night.
thief? , I did not put out even voice in Sukun, press the fluorescent lamp remote control button of which was put to the bedside to somehow summon the force, we put the lights.
I was toying my pussy with a finger Shogo grandson with Sucking on my tits naked.
\"Sho-chan, what? What are you doing to do?\" Is also not lend my ear to the words, finger fuck over there, it came overhanging me while massaging the breast.
Do We have to stop, and so begins fuck grandson of the finger is the clitoris while thinking, body budge Innovation trembling and arbitrarily reaction, force has become not out.
\"Grandma, I want to with the grandma, allowed to,\"
said in my ear in desperate was such as voice, when come quick guide to the top hotels, lips, no longer move the body like a was paralyzed, only to grandson Tsukai of finger a it has become to leave.
I have over there to come fill the face, licking, while being sucked, had begun to raise the Hashitanaku voice.
\"Grandma, I put, I put in,\"
grandson has been pressing tries to enter over there of me penis that was warped and erection.
\"I want to put, not Hein,\" impatient to float the ass involuntarily to the voice of the grandson, lead to the penis stretched out his hand, I had welcomed.
Momentum to receive a shock to the former head I Dung, thin but hard, long penis was pierced me.
\"Oh!\" I also grandson was also raised at about the same time voice.
I have pleasant heat of the flesh and blood of the penis different from the vibe, it has attracted stretched out both hands to the waist of the grandson.
\"Grandma, Grandma, I feel good!\" Grandson just moved a book of three or four times the waist, it has been hit a vigorously accuracy in me.
Indeed Cooks student, it was also not or withered in me finished ejaculation.
Started a second time remains hard, then would feel much too feel toward me, grandson I have reached the acme many times before ejaculation second time.
I asked later, DVD and in so want to really sex Look magazine, is to imagine my naked that peep before so I was \"planned\".
I had a grandson of the virgin, extra love is regrettable and I think so, also in the manner of grandchildren and every night after that.