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Incest confession of women(2008-11)

My discourse incest

Long time no

Tomoko Ida Could I have your reply (T_T)
Even though Christmas is almost here.
立Chi直Rimasu soon.
Please come a good life.

Can you answer me thinking so cute
goodlucks505in ☆

Comes into my grandson's bed

yuna himekawa[12696]
I'll be 63 years old.
My husband died of illness at the age of 52, then 10 years now living with her son.
at night from 9-year-old grandson this summer, come on and I crept into bed, now sleep with to touch my body.
I had wondered My transparent as it is, and that the hand is gradually 撫Ze breast, and to come inside the crotch, and after that I yell and useless, if the the same is like after a while and I fit.
sleepy because it be too much around September, I was drowsy Tsuto Hey, for signs that the private parts of my fingers 撫Ze grandson has startled mind. At that time
is being inserted in the vagina of my fingers already. Am I mad
good, while I do not understand what the place was still considered Jiitto. It is also becoming a woman
this age. How did the voice had gone to put out heart-pounding for me.
children these days is just a big body and I thought, I wonder if this will be a nine year old boy, left fingers and grandchildren I do not understand what's going on in this situation violent movements of the hand, while his grandson was accepted finger yourself relax a little bit of crotch while pretending to be asleep and lose your energy to suppress the stimulation of the reason too my lower body.
welling up in me so wet in the wake of several times already, but did not press hard to kill just moan, hips and lower body movements are only aware that the joy I feel I feel now if you want such a move was Ru.
grandson is then rubbed on the edge of the chasm that came my way across to the pressure hanging over me in my hand by holding it erect penis. It flowed a lot
exhausted on my stomach warm sperm live in the moment.
in place, the air flowed grandchildren too awkward, too.

I said with grim determination grandchildren.
You do not worry, from swing to sleep Ah, there you know that you are also Tatsuki Masaru kun old woman, because she is so well 撫Ze finger big tree had made Grandma feel the same way. It is not from that night
, has started my relationship with her grandchildren.

20 years since I met the nephew

This year I became a divorced 45 year old.
job working for 12 years now doing a friend a snack.
divorced at the age of 30, began working for a while as it is to be invited to enter the liquor trade body Ino Makoto people thinking about where I was working for the insurance.
walking that path, including his children and adults 一姫二太郎 finally, I was finally relieved.

nephew had met two weeks ago.
me down but my brother two brother do not let them hang just annoying to parents, now long lost to the fight with his father 20 years ago.
time, the younger brother was married, between the wife and children could not.
made immediately married his mistress, the mistress and the wife and children will 産Ma divorced.
is gone somewhere with the children and to fight with her lover and father because of it. We recently
still doing well 20 years since then both of the parents can no longer talk about my brother.

snacks that I work for the locals they pretty popular, girls are always 5 ~ 6 people and going to work, still comparatively easy to enter at reasonable prices ranging from older people too young customers shop.
I have many other party solely to the regulars on that day 25 years attached Kono Nori Chan Chan 22-year-old Tomomi young child first came to the table.
trio was wearing a suit.
At first glance, I felt like a house loan or real estate and luxury goods brand's bags and things like that were worn by office workers.
sit among the three alternates, I sat next to the most obedient child so.
I was feeling like that since I first saw his brother.
I said, "I got caught lottery poor lady next to it like I got," says a line determined to tell when a young child always sit down
he said, "I do not. That's perfectly OK." I said with embarrassment. The other two
so I had not felt something like a two-shot 口説Kitai at all in the crazy and exciting story I was talking to his neighbor's behavior while paying attention to two other .
"Sayuri's not what is it local," he asked me. By the way, the professional name
Sayuri store.
"yo I was born and raised near"
"us, I'm from Nagoya months ago? 1!"
"not, I'm looking for work?"
"Yes. But I was born I'm this close "
" Oh ~ not, I'm looking "
He started the talk turned to alcohol or talkative to me," Hey I'm beautiful Sayuri's taste for Charmed What I "has been said arms around his waist.
"U as well. make fun of a lady!"
"I am not making fun of something Majimaji ~"
know about the nuances of the language in which you want to do this business so long that I guests now.
He felt that at that time you serious.
exchanged email on the way home.
told him and genuinely want to come and I also liked about him to be honest. The guests and
付Ki合Imashita only once.
met him at that time on they feel like now I feel lonely and you come back later.

evening the next day I received an email from him.
yesterday and thanks were invited to go to the next meal.
I was pleased to reply soon. I hit the last true feelings and coming to some shop also serves as an invitation to open a sort of nervous when I was his diet. At that time, but I
apart in age so did not think parents are obviously also such a thing.
three days later he called me I came to the store alone.
drive next Sunday and for the promise of food. Book

beauty in the morning, his favorite clothing underwear choose a pre-hearing containing a purple and black lace underwear T chose to fight back. pantyhose
lines attached to his stomach since the previous walk Itokenasarete aunt, but I wear stockings without garter-type, the day butterfly embroidery on the ankle got the sexiest with a thin black stockings.
I would not worry about it to see the Sakai of the pantyhose can also cross legs and tight slit.

front of the shop for our meeting. He
Itarashiku arriving on time, and 10 minutes later I go "I thought it was thrilling to come," opened the door of the car at me and smile. We will eat
out to Yokohama, Shonan after driving, and back to Yokohama.
conversation with him I was happy and excited to meet a man nicely after a while. We walked along the canal
join hands for a while he finished dinner at Minato Mirai.
so I ride the Ferris wheel as he followed me a little embarrassed I.
He came to sit next to me and kiss the top of the wheel reaches the Demashita actin like a child. Even though I was thinking
know his trick Ppoku "I'm Me ~!
Kola" and shake off his face, he look at me as if I had given up and I was to kiss him.
絡Memashita each other's tongue lips together again and again.
rubbing his hands over my chest of clothes, so Mushaburitsuku Tsukimashita suck my nipples to reveal a chest reaching from the valley by force. Because he is Memashita
諫 had come down considerably from the wheel, his legs were bursting.
clean handkerchief got my lipstick on his lips, got off his hands off the wheel of a little bit forward.
time off was to grin and eyes fit staff.

he got into the car and immediately came up to me.
I said, "Well hate the car!" 押Shi戻Shimashita the power of the man he will not win many times, I was in the hands Nobasa skirt.
so shameful that they know the vagina is too wet, and stretched out his hand to his crotch, "I'm going to"
Emashita said sucking mouth. He will be the earlier momentum
I wonder where she went quiet, I was feeling while touching my hair. I could not work
are obstacles in the console box between the seats, he still has to squeeze out the semen discharged in full minutes and not have one in my mouth.
bitter taste even many times, I could swallow it without resistance.
his car and I was so I had a tissue to clean the tongue.
"Oh Ii feeling good. the best!"
"Bakkari one another ~ ~"
"Sorry. Sorry. Now I'll feel good for me that Sayuri," he will say that skirt I've put his hands
"ear Well here s get you somewhere!"
He seemed rather calm, running a car went into a love hotel.

I also like the same

If you have a family like all of you and me. At first the are being fucked like a rape, put away wake up of a woman was about to forget myself gradually, and finally to an end to forget even the resistance, or via e-mail or the signal eye to, while stealing his master's eyes, is waging a domestic affair in the house so as to come to light. Incidentally, I'm 47 years old, my son is 23 years old, so has the size, I sure love to each other on a table at the hotel.

His son asks for the treatment of

I think it was an ordinary housewife at the age of 42.
husband Ikimasen the first-class and has been a chief in a big company about Nikki.
For this reason, a lot of travel, more than half of the month the house is empty. Her husband also have a local wife came with a vaguely felt.

3 SEX-less years, the last year to spend their days were lonely in their own comfort.

wing son of a college student 19 years old this year.

happened to witness a woman entering the hotel at the same place that my son, I had my son come back and grilled.

son what no offense "because we aunt, H and I because they are pleasant to say"
I said, "Our lady?" Is my reaction to the word ever hear the history of a first experience with her son
was dating at the time when the eighth grade,
are invited from her mother after that, SEX his friends from their mother was introduced, 50 people have ever experienced

I half jokingly half-seriously, "No Mom, I want to be pleasant," I said to my son and son
"All right!" I said, "wings! It's family"
wings "from the birth, parents or it does not matter"
I "SEX'm a?"
wings "I was not the same as a life sport"
wings and took off saying trunks and pants, revealing for the lower body.

cock was not erect yet, "Eh suck me mom?"
example I had to suck your son's penis even 掛Tta magic.
erect penis size is not that I have ever seen,
liken like eggplant and long, not so long my two hands, Hami出Masu the glans. The state does not reach the stem portion of the finger width.
even suck in the mouth for example, might have much to worry about have a dislocated jaw.
ordered me like a son sit on the couch, in accordance with honest,
touching over the clothes from the chest to knee deep kiss from a tender kiss at the same time, taking off clothes while being impressed with his son techniques, in his underwear was not sexy.

at that time, full of joy juice from the secret of my panties Kina Hiroshi had become a stain. 2

become both naked, go to my bedroom, coupled with a positive level.
I have many times to peak, for the first time I have fainted.
the day I became the estrous females, and changed positions several times higher cowgirl back positive, faint in every case ever solved the libido.

me from my son in a beautiful body, SEX It seemed to be naive with respect, SEX at any time for me and told me. Nozomi Kaname
not something I asked if my son can be a youthful
· underwear garments
· not want my son exclusively honestly say SEX I demand that my son

one month since I have a relationship with his son because he

more hairless good son to shave.
I am not my husband, wearing the uniform of high school students of today, in sexy underwear, of course, is waiting for her son at home. After
, AV rental to look at and even rented a son and two.
once a day at a pace three other women so bad, until you meet my son, SEX is provided to meet. AV recently borrowed

SEX anal in looking at, I think I'll try to soon.

wrote here because they can no longer remain a secret secret.

My discourse incest

My mom and my dad is gone out to make a new man at the age of 6 mom divorced my dad and two people are now raising my dad
dad not to bother you work hard to increase Ganbarimashita, I tried not to offend and I strive to be a good boy was taking a bath with my dad
time since I went up to school The "wash Ikko" I am not saying dad dad's cock was now determined to wash the hands and mouth with my dick before bed
to "massage" my dad saying There was a clear distinction in the end after ejaculation rubbing on dick dick, but did not cross the elementary school until graduation
I continued with my dad doing this time of year that two common Was it? When I was a third grade that I thought,
boy brought a friend to see Papa H and octopus as the book and had no H-disgust that I learned is that you should not I'm the best dad
"Why are you doing this?" is somewhat of a distaste 聞Kezu higher grades and had become so loose as it is pleasant to feel the higher grades have become more excited ... < br> In the evening the junior high school entrance ceremony, "junior high school bathroom, too, because it alone, let him enter," one Kuremashi give to my room and the room was used as a bedroom and told my dad Rerushi
that night or that strangely lonely cry of the father is mischievous to say that sexual abuse may be exaggerated Was it too bad it must had been quietly You may

Disqualified person

My name Reiko. Now parents are living together. Satoru two sons are now in junior high. I'm the father of her son
son. That will be another 14 years.
five years and life because estranged husband's cheating, I was in a divorce.
one year since the first experience with school, it was not in contact with the skin for five years for men and things that I never had no sex for a month.
thirst, the men who would understand Idakenai.
the first person you put in the photo masturbation young talent.
But So not satisfactory to the rotor, I escalated with the vibes. I no ecommerce era
, adult shop and bought it endured the embarrassment of that night. When first put thick vibe, much of it is pleasant! Feverishly rubbing,
Ino Hukashi to euphoria and 仰Ke反Tsu! Was as hazy. "Mom, Mom, are you okay?" And suddenly come round to the voice call, my son was standing next to it.
vibes my crotch exits a covered soup was a roaring standing still vibrating.
"Mom, are you okay? I was screaming?" I, I seemed to scream frantically.
eyes looking down to my naked son had been glued to my crotch. I was his son's legs are inflated as much as Chang Chi 切Ren.
"Akira-chan, I beg your pardon me, I could not stand," said his son apologized for hugging.
At that time, and trembling hips Bikun son, "Ah, ah ~ Tsu" I screamed a little, I hold your legs in a hurry.
Tsukimashita nose smells faintly of semen. G let his son take off down the zipper of bread. My son followed in silence.
pants down moment, a strong smell of semen? ! ! Jim Johnson's son covered in sticky cum up covered with snow,
from the tip of the glans I was still pouring out the rest of the semen? I, at that moment was to her mother, forget it. Wrapped with semen taken
lick Wushe first time with the little boy in my son crazy.
surprise for my son, "Mommy, it is dirty!" Hey. "I 汚Kunai because her seminal Akira," and raised to dump the rest of the semen to kiss her son's face looking up at the glans.
"Ah!" to raise a faint voice, the little boy, grew bigger and Muku Muku. Even though it was in d
junior glans pops out, it was already full-grown penis.狂Imashita!
"Akira-chan, give comfort to mom?", "Oh Mommy!" He was screaming and holding 押Shi倒Shimashita to bed with me.
But I attach a bank penis butt. "Akira-chan, do it slowly," this led us to a hand-mon son likes penis.
At that moment, was suddenly thrust from the base. "Oh Oh Daily! ~'ll Have more slowly!" But my son is crazy about it and waved at the waist. The penis hard butt 付Ka
uterus was holding my son with me in a daze too. "What'll poke more ~! Eh ~'ll poke all the way!" Was shouting like crazy.
"Ugh!" and I felt that my son was screaming in my ear I heard a short. I could see the moment come in hot semen around the mouth of the uterus,
"Ikuuu ~ Daily!" I have already reached its culmination in the back let 仰Ke反Ra hard. In my ear, "Haatsu, Haatsu" I heard heavy breathing and his son.
many times that night, I received many times the sperm of her son. Was the day of ovulation. Maybe in the first tie with his son "take the" pregnant with.
But from that day two years ago, my son was getting married the day before the intersection with my son.
And while going to honeymoon son Akira, Satoru Emashita suck dick six years of elementary school had a peek at Akira sex with me.
And one week later, I was sitting astride Satoru shaking in the bathroom. How can you be abused and sex maniac. I can not stand
. I got to the intersection between the child and the son was a disqualified person.


Married for three years at hand, 37-year-old Sachiko, is called. Actually, my husband, I have a son who's a sophomore, recently, in the bath when I am not saying that, out, and fumble, I hear the sound, and try to peek, my son, my panties, and was touched, I see. A few days later, his son only once, a bath together and they get into say, my husband to Tokyo, it was a business trip, that night, together, we have entered the bath, for everything than my husband, violently attacked in feeling, I say.

Cafe Couple

The couple invited my son to go to coffee, I was also curious and took no Tokoro Naka. After finished the reception on the first floor, upstairs from the back while pounding her son, a large room to the right of the passage of dark red and yellow, a small room divided by a curtain to the left, the far-seat VIP seats bills have entered the room. Sofua round table has a large heard some voices from the next room and sat down to go Sofua drink out of the room to pick up my son. I peeked and marked only for the women, the carpet in the middle of the room is arranged around the four sides of the sofa, he was sitting on two couples.
son said he drank coffee and ended in a shower, shower room to be hand pulled 解Razu what is what. Tenko is a prime entrance to the bath towel and returned to the room with a bath towel wrapped around the body to gently wash your body from head to foot in the match received a small shower room. The room next door and knock on his son, Itadakimashita welcomed by middle-aged couple smiling.
knew your son and wife, while his son was talking and laughing went out back to press room and his wife, So. , Became husband and I just, I've been approached her husband did not know what to do to sit on the couch, "Are you sure?" Kito Hiraku my legs slowly, saying, come and touch the inner thigh there Mashita.
surprised that my body will react immediately and was removed the towel, licked, but that remains. Go to bed, a terrible groped been touched, has been inserted.
can go all the way before being caught, or remove the Kurikaeshimashita. Her husband did things his son had wanted to ask my pussy. Cute wife from her husband was glad I imagined Pussies And Mature. I heard my son and wife have already experienced two times, and they can be met simultaneously with this man and did not want to surprise myself. The scary part is my girl did not know. And better than you think you will be prompted to say his son. My son and do it again, says.

About the impulse

I am 33 years old husband in a town of farmland still in Tokyo, seven sons, the park nearby my home my husband was five years old daughter at elementary school children still can take a hand in dividing daughter under There is a housewife living. My husband is a businessman
, but very nice people, usually too busy working to return home shortly after 11:00 pm at the earliest, to work off at 7:00 Sunday morning and is the only daily.
my husband who was candid in sex from marriage, sex becomes less of her since I was born down there in a few months this time, the impact of adult magazines I had hidden my father now around 6 years of abuse by elementary school students, experienced sex in the car, as fucked uncle invited me to drive at the eighth grade neighborhood. Following
now from my uncle to invite you for a while, it becomes like sex, you can gently over my body like a male child, and spoiled me drowning in my body I would even like to go with a sense of superiority.
to experience some of the men and was then linked to the current owner.
sex life is a pleasure for me to get away from anything that can be annoying child care and family life.
been caring for me while my husband is now the father can go shopping by car.
several times before, the day I was going out with my grandson was different.
from my father to ask, was invited to made a new large shopping mall. 62-year-old father
Romansugure is the last person you feel the kindness of youth and still had my favorite type.
two people watching the item, or shopping in a while you are eating and talking tired, you somehow become emotionally accessible, the father has had a shopping bag in one hand and offer us an opportunity, to fit his hand and join hands and no one has come to feel my hands tightly clenched, holding back too tightly.
father and my hands in the car left the shop but was still fit and grip. The car went into a love hotel
for granted. Press the button
appropriate vacancy in the lobby while holding hands, some of the vacant room.
father and I have never said anything remains, to kiss the arms of the father, went into the bed.

Love Dad

My mother just Kawaigarimasu brother.
My mother and my brother messed discrimination. My mother's hysterical
cause during the period. And I always
never even got a compliment out once I have good results at school.

father can not back away from home only occasionally. For some reason my brother is Natsukimase
father. That was sad
being away from home to an outburst period before her mother. I went to the place of his father. I have been to the neighborhood once before in the family was still unknown. I was charging for car fare
pocket money received from the lottery and did not embarrass her Ober.

first place I went to my father's father father tell my mother that I was surprised to bullying is tightly hugged me without saying anything. Narimasuta be a good father while staying with my mother to. My father went into the bath and shy. That's when I had the same milk than 5th grade children are not big areola is still a little like men.
hair underneath was still. Still had my period.

I was going to do with my father never met.
a bath and so entwined with that body on purpose.
slept in bed with us into the night. I'm Zatosupponponninatte
抱Kitsukimashita father.
told me I'm weird and there. My father is a serious

reluctant at first but I got to touch. Since there are wet
father seems to have surprised me.
finger has stopped so I turned sad
(I hate you Dad?) said with a tearful voice.
father could not understand at first seem. What can hug me

kissed me on the lips kiss on the cheek, I thought.
is really happy. My father gave me inhale my chest gently. I was really feeling for me. I found that there
lick me there to kiss him.
something to feel really happy and excited.

father and my father to give up to embarrass his father brought from entering
Naka Naka and absolutely insisted.
father gave me from there to lick it and drink a sip of my drink. Now smoothly entered. Satoru Naka

from which his father and then I lived alone.
every day. I will never bear children of my father.
I ignored my mother. I'm happy.

Long time no see

yuna himekawa[12405]
Last week, there was a department store I work for my year-end party. Welcome party is over, my son came to pick Itadakimashita. Pretty sick, just because there is something way back with the beautiful night view was really nice to take Morai. Then from behind the 抱Kitsuka example
~ ~! ! I was surprised did not resist. Then he kissed the neck is a little hand to feel my heart was still coming. I
away there in the voice there. After the divorce my husband and son are left to feel I've never been touched for more than eight years. Oh its been relegated from the mess over there and let his son get into the skirt has been Kaki回Sa Ikasa wet finger felt the panties still full of fluid.腰砕Ke
raise their voices became like the roar away screaming intense Ikasa second piston is inserted in your butt sticking out in the dark observatory nobody mouth cum sit on the ground in concrete . remains absent
come home, many times until morning Ikasa was still naked. Since then, every night, we love each other.


I am a teacher of the school themselves, yet located in a forbidden relationship with my son. Read the diary
son in high school, I was afraid that his son are trying to do, then, you and your opponent Shiteyare I thought that, at Seek There are,
I somewhere in my heart, I do not want her son taken to another woman, maybe even had a son I want you to feel like your own.
what was written in the diary of my son, "a woman like anyone, OL night after work or make it clearer to attack, or whether it until I find a suitable spears,
but you do Jari is quite, you're missing at night after work and faster to hit OL "It was something like this. I am a teacher.
school if you take my son to stop the problem is no good, but so ... I would let my son back to the sink taking a bath, get into,
put soap in a cute son Chinchin After wash, mouth and say in order to sit for long in the bathroom helicopter,
let it sit, I started to cock up and down movement of your mouth son, came out quickly in the mouth, I want an end to it, hugging his son came,
so tangled in the bath, the breasts are touched, even as it just rolls on the tongue licking the beans, I would feel.
bushes when I came into the hands of a son or because of the bath, or a son or from the lust,
Nurenurebetobeto son said to me to turn around, came from the back stabbing.
yet, little sex, but I feel away, could also be to do? Immoral conduct even know,
I will not stop the relationship with my son.
daytime and at night I became a teacher of the son of slaves female pig, my son wants to do well today, pelvic thrusts.


There are circumstances, my son always lived with my parents.
enter college, there is now also living together near the university.
living alone I would really conscious.
was aware her son was more than I like, jokingly
"would he be doing it anyway." you say.
my drinking became talkative, I would also say good things to say. I
of what his son's things. I had a child or
was not a love sex, and that you have a weird video.
I live with my son from becoming the acquaintance of men and
I was ahead. OK, we'll be seeing
I expect to still be with my son gets something Kimazui late.
that they talk to my son and I were there in the high-touch my son. "Oh, how they ー." My son has Masagutsu chest. Very dangerous atmosphere.
that night, and I had not imagined.
early hours the next day, I told my son to go for a drink. 10 minutes walk to the train station, there are many pubs. It is common
chain pubs, they cheerfully Ai
table seating and drank entirely.
're put upon a man and a navy blue skirt. It seems from the first son knew
. I was pretty drunk
consciousness was still uncertain. I want to
You with me? You were gentle, even with proper condom,,,. I remind my son whispered.
to go home, I lay down quietly on the carpet. The
Masagura the whole body, I worry yourself.
be on his back, legs open source of electricity has been taking off underwear Rui Akira.
"Well, Well," I'm really embarrassed light.
"Like this? feel good?" He's in his pants so glad I Kakimawashimasu
fingers hard.
"bad Oh ik,, ik,,, Oh Oh"
son despite the obstacle of my fingers thrust, I reached my
Innovation grind growl.
in fall unconscious, his son and we will push back at once attracted.
"Oh, hi,, great, great," the man rather pleased when I do this partly because I'm really amazing thing a long time.

This is what you want.

I was a little small and thick, body is a typical Japanese woman, I like it.
so annoying hair short and I thought to myself there is no sexy way of talking, so a man Ppoku instructors to sports clubs.
about sex, but very sensitive in the constitution, the experience so much of the tedious man enough to deal with masturbation alone sometimes, but, I like.
usually disastrous, 16-year-old son of two people in life that I was feeling stupid about me
things but I am aware that a woman becoming aware of such color. I was having fun
Sometimes my son over there now in my reach. I was glad I
Kyaakyaa power is gradually being put Iki, "Hey fuck. where the touch?" I began to skirt Takushiage word, let the underwear off his son at the mercy of or it. I'm just saying a little.
hidden hand had endured a face, I was excited to never ever have a son and became so 押Shinokeyou stet,
body has been pressed firmly, had finally reached it.
heart and where the past is hoped, however, spilled tears with embarrassment too flaky.
"- holding sex. Okay, Reiko", but it usually call him by name but not his son had words of man.

Responsibility currently in vogue

After the death her husband, a man without money they can not stand the ache of this body, and enjoyed the casual 情交 of several people, was committed to 露顕 son.

however, that I just committed the only excuse. Surrender to the idea early on, since it was not shake the hips into hanging on to his son, and solicit more and more affairs. Some fear that
what of the future, until my son is tired, defiant and foolish woman is only as far as ik die.

I say experience


** unnerving to read the confession of.
fact, has a similar experience too.
person is a brother, not son. And
**'s more than I go ahead.
was from that experience also came to see here.
was always just looking, I try to have the courage to confess.
That was it last summer.
time I was 42 years old 18 years old son.
that day, her husband was away from home on business.
I was tired from volleyball practice.
came back home because it was practiced at around 9 at night.
up from the bath towel wrapped around it was a hot day,
entered directly into the bedroom.
And I was lying on the bed for what it is,
became somewhat sleepy.
I was imperceptibly fell asleep.
did not care in the house because it is certainly not defenseless. I usually
house to guard it will not only my son,
thing I can think I was embarrassed the doors closed properly.
I just slept a little careless. sound awareness
back bedroom door open.
But consider the situation Temasen to doze. I thought
husband came. So I did not care.
than that, I did not feel sleepy because there is still occurring. If such a thing happening
at this time.
footsteps approaching. The footsteps stopped at the main
beside my bed.
And that is solved is a bath towel wrapped around me.
I thought you what are you her husband. If you want sex today
like to see another day as I was tired
Then I noticed the rough breathing strangely.
began to think it strange that her husband somehow. And
noticed. Today I will not be at home husband.
suddenly became afraid. This man who someone thought.
(never a she?)
creep as long as someone does not come in, and can exist only where I thought my son
was not afraid to open your eyes.
towel is solved, I have to expose her starkers.
(are you seen her?)
and embarrassment, the fear of it would open your eyes.
around here feel the same way I think it was Akane's. If you open your eyes
thought impossible for life as usual mother anymore.
(no choice because I'm interested in women age.)
bear in mind I decided to shame.
No way, I did not think his mother put a hand on.
did not understand the psychology of the man made his son.
could not believe it.
is suddenly touched me, that the son.
(of which I never.)
screaming in my mind, it is now shivering.
went too embarrassing time has passed.
son is my body on the bath.
be embarrassed to remember.
eyes were open, no doubt also be the son of this man.
convinced after hearing.
son after saying that, deprived of my lips.
was definitely the voice of her son.
look absolutely could not be opened anymore.
will not go to the translation is going to be things I noticed. I endured
aloud that they feel desperately away.
and could only hope.
also wish that the time has come tear. remove the belt noise
was my last chance to take courage.
(now, after you wake up anymore.)
, but it was not the final courage.
I gave up at the outstretched legs.
and Kimemashita prepared.
feeling absolutely can not forget that moment was inserted.
I did not move like a doll.
enjoyed sex with my son hard.
a sense, it's a mutual agreement on incest. I am a
was happening. You wake
far from it was not.
position could not be altered.
while still asleep, has sex in a normal position until the end.
and stopped the movement is pushed into the inside of me, that the son.
was just a moment.
(What is it?)
moved when my son went out, that the son in me.
ejaculation is not.
you hear what the shirt off the bran tissues.
and I was licking my son came in to the earlier array.
apparently did not seem to be masturbating while licking my arrays.
And I want out.
son stopped me in the issue.
then, my son went out. I wore clothes
起Kiagari slowly.
and dived into bed and cried.
next morning, I was calm Yosooimashita best.
as if nothing had happened.
son did for a while as I have observed, soon became normal.
we managed to mother-infant relationship has been maintained.
sense, we would have sex on the agreement. I had sex
forgive me because the truth is.
Then, my son and nothing.
this thing, I've only do you have to keep in the minds of two people. Now here's
this opportunity. I have other
I'm such a thing.

I am a masochist constitution?

I want to be made to the unspeakable pride Ino Takashi abandon sex.
so was everything. This increases the separation of husband and
which causes divorce.
under 3 years old brother were in the tail arbitration blame me angry, I will lose my hotel 連Re込Nda not drunk.
I invited her sister is saying. strengthened by his brother's body and penis
sport, a man I liked so far was the impact of the system software. I absolutely hate and
found his man ik, I also practice swing I been keeping Lee.
in bright light, show me I was ashamed of his appearance in the mirror.
flew slap me really angry at the Innovation program.
I wept, as his brother said.
next morning, rather than regret for his exciting things have changed. It is acknowledged that the
himself odious woman.
when I see my brother and deliberately, I act cocky.
intended to attract the attention of his brother, wearing a mini skirt until now no such thing
blouse perforated chest.
looked like claims to really want sex. Pigs in a love hotel is
and more intensely and more violently. My brother is sleeping
turn it, and move them hips let me 跨Ga
it said. Look
moving his hips while looking in the mirror, and my brother when I was really excited about the obscene I wonder, "and I'm really lewd." The settlement called.

Most boards Nekama crime

Nekama are a lot of people posting without knowing it is a crime
financial loss even discovered that the author is male if
psychological damage will probably not be
. This is a crime entirely.
Let's not illegal.

proxy or discovered after the publisher's IP address,
regulations make access provider to block requests should be submitted


The wake-law was invited to dine on November 12, the first time I learned the joy of a woman. I have never ever felt the hand of a brother and his tongue, I knew the first thing to say ik. 10 days have passed since then. Yesterday, taking a bath with a peck, a bed. I feel just kiss and say, breasts are lightly rubbed, sucked the nipples, is it just me Omeko wet wet wet love juice overflowing with sheets around. Toru-chan came to the clitoris let my tongue snake. "Pikun, the feeling Dame," "I do, feel more like" overflowing joy juice drink after another, her tongue moving around transparency, placed a finger Kaki回Sa continue, I am transmitting was licking her penis big cock. I came in her normal position transmission from the center of my head is numb, the peak reached many times, 悶Emashita.

52 year old birthday

I am now 52 years on August 8 this year.
is left now is the management of private apartment owned by a college student who you think I'm his brother.
brother is dating a child who was close but I'm lonely for my parents died in an accident at the age of six my brother in 5 years older than me. Could someone who I cherish very much. I came to my house to stay with a one week summer vacation, I wanted to be cute like a real son of his brother and grandmother, I was very sad.
Gokko couple was invited one day I was working, you can play good Gokko couple had subscribed to a boy girl brother and my pants are right now my pleasure to sign up several times to act with dick and rubs her pussy was too revealing undershirt off and took off my pants.
Gokko was looking forward to the summer vacation become brother and wife.
homework when I got to see my brother who had come three days in the summer of sixth grade when I look down from the upstairs window up and I could hear the groans of a woman in study room was overlap in the mat laid under a tree next to the uncle and aunt. I cry when my aunt and uncle works wonders every time, down to my brother was in a treatment beckoned just off I'm supposed to see my aunt on the body while raising roar convulsions uncle brother and say that's not looked upon with a red face and yelling a little step away from the aunt uncle, aunt 流Re出Mashita what a white pussy.
older brother was a sophomore in high school and I pushed down on
"a couple trying to Gokko"
taking off the panties were rolled up her skirt.
always have to stay with my brother but I gave you thinking and get rid of that off from my brother, my brother is now stuck with a large stake cock in my pussy is very painful and
"stop the pain my brother," 頼Mimashitara and brother are still not force out that strong, I felt the increase was lukewarm Dasa things flowing pussy.
was pussy aunt came from the same earlier look after her brother had left.
could end up waiting out the pain in her brother because the brother 回Shimashita two days and then come back,
I "I have to put up with the pain from the 待Tashi this next" and
me when I go to bed at three and grandmother and older brother as usual was there while I put my grandmother in bed and sleep but as my brother.
kissed the first time in my room until the time to go wake up your brother.
Was ashamed that I was impressed back riding a new bike when I got home from my grandmother bought.
was 52 years old, single and I had a brother in the corner of the heart shadow was, of course, is actually a man on a ride to the town three years I think anything 居Nakatta the remainder of incontinence was suddenly attacked by the time I got scared,
"but felt he blew his maiden tide," a rumor swept the city was in 堪Renaku and several hours from home One of the reasons could also be a place to live alone.
reunited with her brother at the funeral of her mother three years ago, my brother said that he was alone without anyone 貰I手 yet 49 years old anymore
"I manage an apartment run by me to me "is said, since the approval of other people around 52 years old birthday came.
that day I was in a very hot day on a piece of transparent underwear feeling down. My brother was in organizing papers in a room in his shirt and running shorts. My brother went to the room with a cold drink in the afternoon and
"became a number Eiko s birthday today you" and you say
"Thanks to my brother every day now 52 years old today Thank you enjoy life if you do in the future "and said
" Even in a number Eiko is a youthful unspoiled "and praised me for my body quite a few medium-sized earthquakes There.垂Re下Garazu is also looking at the camera while breast Kiku Masaru not even see myself in the mirror copy of the bath at night too.
"Eiko come here" and is said to step aside, which is aligned 抱Kisukume lips are lying on the bed in the bedroom next to his brother's room was suddenly faced with carrying under arm,
"Eiko promised to try to be here, right now a few years ago, "is invited to
" what convention said, "and ask again" I'm married Gokko "I am saying because what you are wearing cast off, I am fishing All bodies entrusted his brother is off.
brother saw my body
"is now a lot of time looking through today is the sixth grade and pubic hair also grows we're in the black full-grown woman," it said I
"half a virgin adult woman, not yet," and talk back
"broke the other half is a virgin who" say a word, so I pointed to my brother's face, "my brother "he said. My brother had a hand in the crotch while I rub your body nod, I rubbed 弾Mimashita body whenever sensitive location. Eventually
pain at that time my brother has been assigned while pushing my body did not have feeling intense pain at the half, "stop the body" and was shouting. My brother stopped in the middle of a push
"I can endure pain or Eiko," Just close your eyes and nodded and asked. We
a few minutes out of the box, leaving his brother because
"to put up with my brother to finish" So
"Eiko luck" was holding the shoulders and saying Tears flowed naturally became a woman and a decent happy I went into this to understand the roots at once. My brother
"accept me in you take out the hassle or pain you can endure Eiko," while waving poured hot stuff in my brother's alter ego has been pressed several times deeply moving back and was.
slowly away when it finished well out hey were there in a few minutes I felt a little pain.
stayed bright red dyed paper sheets Ategai get up and see the rise. My brother
"It is now a full-fledged woman is a virgin and now farewell Eiko" I said, "I broke a virgin who is important," my brother broke my virginity because you are You can accept a man other than from me from now can not, "I was told.
I opened the door to be seen to be carrying a small quantity of water for example going to the bathroom holding my brother stopped to stagger about and feel hard to walk when I feel something stuck going to the bathroom to dispose of the Since time was less.
man's brother returned to the room was so energetic Sori返Tsu "of how my brother was still unsatisfactory," and asked
"once you put that kind of excitement that adhere to the Mari Osamu I want "I said to the pain that put her legs across 気安I Kio Hiraku contain upwards and the bed with his brother and urges his brother to move it 薄Remashita Unto. The talk now is how long even.
brother first experience at high school two years because, It is said that my grandmother was taught by my grandmother and my grandfather was widowed at the age of 52 are not from the time the link between men and women at age 21 When the sink in the bathroom gave up came on a bike with his brother's body paint dust and sweat, here are fully Peel I saw my grandmother peeling half brother to the genitals clean Yes intersection many times before we got home that sought to insert in the dressing room legs ache from my grandmother when my grandmother saw the bodies of his grandmother's face ejaculation while my brother and I wash. He thought even entered my grandmother as I was putting in action against the grandmother repeated several times until the night before heading back with his brother
grandmother taught her 52-year-old I stick to the 52 year old virgin is what the fate of some fellowship. Now when my brother came
now a little pleasure in seeking communion with nature are required to each other. Please read
would settle for poor report difficult to read.


Chirarihorari age and white hair, the feel of life 侘Shi. My son came home from migrant receiving caress pussy, I cum in itself. After leaving the bride part, to my bedroom immediately, and are rubbed gently into the vagina so puffy mess, hard at her friend's son who fully quenched in the hope of piercing my body. The day of my futon bed are two people in love, Ai Rim fully, gave up fit. The feeling is extraordinary when it is inserted. Her friend, the bride and fellowship night, I am not holding me, and strong efforts. It is also my son had ended the fall harvest, 25 days of the holiday week ahead will continue to work back to Nagoya. There may well stay at home wife and a three day weekend starting tomorrow, I promise to fuck outside.


Yesterday, I bought the phone changed. Have received instructions on how to use a simple shop, well knowing it models change, he told me my son back. Models have received the email he told me his son for the first time. Practice makes perfect son, went out and annoying Leaving those words send a mail to my phone. Immediately, just send a thank you to my son, and then was sent a brief e-mail several times and again, whenever there is immediately sent to their son at the same time I felt surprised and reliably. The joke has been sent to you today and I invite you to dinner or even go to return for two people today. Is it true, like my son ate Chinese food. Passing in front of a karaoke bar with his son back and say I get into the soup, to be entered pressed. Formed a duet with the shoulder together. Like in the treble voice of the mother, has suddenly hugged her mother. When asked What is it, wife will not you sit and talk like crazy for the education of two children, when taught the phone earlier, I had an erection in the scent of perfume on my mother, the confession of frustration was. Somehow, with the ejaculation by hand as soon as arrays 撫Ze'll have an erection. To a love hotel on the second floor, wash clean in the bath, my son responded to the request. My son suck my big tits with dick into. Ended with 5 minutes to ejaculate. I was delighted by inserting a long time, I felt some thing insufficient. Secretly promised to try two. I banged my PC before he rattled awake grandfather.

Sugi Naka for a bit,

yuna himekawa[12176]
Official says cheating husband and I are separated like that to do so.
night too, so many days later, to being teased or 20-year-old son. Some men have sex
I have, and I was the one man Nomerikon. Anal
few times I ever played with the fingers, but I had,
he tried anal sex with me in earnest until after all enema's has permitted
It is.
it is played while the leak still remember the feeling, so I cried with embarrassment Amarino.
But we know the feeling gradually.
SM can understand the feelings of the women indulge.
to his "my girl! say!" is said, "Your Woman Desuu!
Please let me do more and more squid!"
agony and I did forget all crazy . The mix of sex
I hope everything else is terribly upset, with men less attractive, I broke the nose with a little domineering.
other men, a strange thing to say because I kept the image of celebrity wives enjoy the adventure and graceful.
singing karaoke with her son and reluctant to de-stress, drinking roll. Because you can drink, I'm not stingy you're expected him to waste.
son of leading questions to me, I began to pull out the sex talk.
box starts kissing, massage the chest and waist in the skirt is forbidden to hand.
but it was to stop there and repeatedly drink more,
after returning home, I'm suffering had accepted his son.
late period there is a few years ago around my heart, I thought it would be bad there, underwent surgery for infertility. Honestly
to her husband, I got a signed consent form.
in love every day found himself and his son.
become impatient, Sex and confess to my son.
Honestly, I'll I got was already installed when you are mentally preparing for an enema.
hard, long penis my son, I cry in bad taste. Both men say the other
or sex if you open the body. My son is in the club
忙Shikattari university friends and I often went to the surfing
from it for me, recently, "Until my husband" I dabble in now. But sex is always hasty.
being held by her husband, had promised him the next day for 10 years.
day, I have been attacked and his son returned home to rest his body. I have to get out of shape
Anal truly did not allow. Bodies were still smoldering in her husband's sex is not enough of a response Omoikiri.
have sex with him many times her husband's partner
so I have to drink alcohol without having good sex, and body to 疼I,,,.
I got 3 men and 24 hours. Am I truly,,, I thought.


Vocational high school teachers, teachers behind the scenes daughter rape.
It is my father. Were raped during the first two time was the day my mother was hospitalized.
grabbed my hair away, pulled, ripped clothes, my father came with my tits sucking.
brute force my father pushed, bitten by the power of the double nipple, I lost my father's willing to do whatever they want the pain resistance.
licking nipple biting, pussy put your hands still touching the clitoris is not well developed, much numb when touched,
despite I was a virgin, spouting the tide , and my father knows a man spouting the tide in the body, or how much I'm a nympho, I'll try now it is said,
since then I have become a toy of his father. Hand was touching the clitoris in the vagina, wet my father has used his tongue to lick.
Oh! Feel, from my pussy gushing and full, begin to really feel good, being told to lick the cock of his father,
is going to lick, 当Tattarashiku teeth, when I was beaten away feeling The incontinence. My father is not so
bring a rope, tied their feet with her pussy exposed, state, and the roll touching the clitoris,
Yet I felt the first time Kuri Hama, flowing up the ass juice When touched ass juice flowing, you know I've said for the first time ik. cock licking
father father again, still bound, into. strong
more comfortably than the pain, knowing the joy of first experience with ik, since it is tied to the breasts, nipples attached to a peg,
her pussy to be placed dozens of rotors , Vibe, was attacked by Ma, to tide Spray, anal vibrators, including his father's mouth into her pussy, my cock.
high school teacher by day, night, my personal sex teacher, my father is unable to leave things, I want to be tampered with in every day to put that forward to the twice-weekly private lessons.
father and daughter but, when the teacher and student sex, but I'm happy with that relationship, like father, looking for someone to bully.

Already gone mad

It is very busy life. The shop is doing a one-man business prosperity 作Renaku she is supposed to be good students but also help my son.
But my son, though, my body is crazy. This was the first
'll touch a little light has been tampered with after the terrible
naked, has another son, Lee Suri合Wase body. More second, I put a condom was tied tightly.
a taste of cum I have not ever tasted.
sex with a man just broke, I exposed all of his son.
enema to his son without clumsiness, as well, blaming the anal
lying face down, is played with a finger, "Ah, ah Oh, ik,, ik Uuu," and I worry.
anal penetrated by a hard penis, the pain filled me with tremendous sensuality. When she accumulated Cum entrapment, "Oh, Oh Well,,," the voices and thinking.
"You suck."
voice and words are so happy to Urahara.


Thus, even for the PC, is moving vigorously. Nikki and like him or are gloating. Officers have a motor club, 46-year-old homemaker. That is up and running, yes, as a child in my womb at 36 weeks are. Daughter a year ago, married in Tokyo. Son, the third year in Kyoto university life. Last year, the eldest daughter went out, like every owner of a business trip. "Do good", "safe" weekend was just looking fit. If anything from me.
early. There was a meeting of the Club Year. It happened, my husband is traveling. Hit up a party, "I also helped home. You guys stay at" people will not go the same direction. Eventually decided to stay. Taking the floor taking a bath, or when the 寝付Kou, a man came into my bed in a sudden. Open the door to the sound did not notice. K was added. "Good will" "No" But in the milk being sucked rubbed his mouth, my 何時Nomanika there is Gushogusho. "Received" and was shouting. Young K's. My husband and sturdiness different.
will eventually went many times until morning. Mr. K went to kick there before dawn. I was exhausted and before noon. That can meet such a practice day of each week, I was met at the club as nothing. Morning at the beginning of April, I learned a little nauseated, could not, since it was nothing like my husband asked to match every week.掛Kezu Orimashita to care too. What was the middle of May, my husband, and after "It's like a little fat," and I put out. "Are you so" feeling a little fat around the waist for sure now that you said so. The kind of nipples that looked in the mirror to look carefully and you Then the bath is slightly colored. "'m Guessing" no TV 悪阻Rashii physiology or because there was 無Kattari. Immediately that night, and told my husband 出来Tarashii. "It's to do" "go to the hospital." Creature met something too embarrassed to go to the hospital at this age though, went to the hospital to the next town in June. "Another four months" s to give birth to the end. , Certainly at that time.

Shocking sight

About a month ago, I have a shocking sight.
I freeload aunt's house in April of this year to attend the University of Tokyo from Saga.
Initially, there will be trouble and it's advice that his uncle was supposed to rent an apartment.
aunt's sister and uncle will say things my mother-in-law and uncle. they
uncle owns the company, I decided the house by force and mid-hanger was never in trouble because I have five rooms located Yuutenzi number. I was worried
was not felt as much in favor of his aunt.

a month before I understood why my aunt does not 気Nori that.
between aunt and her son and his wife who was in high school, says Takashi name. I
I have a younger brother, his brother was young we did not get along well and hanging out friends with Takashi.
our son was young and urban in style rather cry, but my brother was well, had to meet in person to get along in the last three.

aunt was such a relationship with such Takashi!

one day a month ago. I
After college, they go home with a part-time position was about 20.
that day I had to rest for the first byte after the university ended a terrible cramps.
dragging the body out of whack, and entrance I finally arrived home in 掛Tsu is the key, I was laying in bed in my room on the second floor that went into the house while I had a duplicate key was supposed to.
uncle is in the site are two storey houses have about well over 300 square meters. I know there
even better go home because the family room and hallways between the rooms in the house extensively.
noticed it was my aunt and I came home with Takashi too.
I was struggling with cramps while in the pet, let your ears 澄Ma voice seemed to have someone suddenly. I went out into the hallway
feel anxious and cautiously because it was voice then people are suffering. Apparently
voice from the room seemed to Takashi.
further strain to hear her voice and was a woman moan.
"But loom guy now! I'm looking at an erotic video ~" I thought, Takashi approached the room on tiptoe.
approaching, something strange!
leaks from the TV sound was just no women moan. I'm her
Takashi 連Re込N!
initially thought so.
voice but to think if I hear the voice of my aunt. I never thought that the
Nozokimashita and try to open a little door of the room Takashi.
mind saw was like a housekeeper. Eye sight
Takashi was just my aunt. They
naked on the bed, licking from behind had to Takashi's aunt was there on all fours. Takashi
aunt is "Oh Takashi. there you there. all the way to the tongue there. there!"
Takashi too, "Mom this is good." Shaburitsui was in a daze saying this.
I was still wearing a blanket, pretending to sleep back to my room quickly. Until the end of Act 2

stopped at my room before walking down the hall to hear a while. Takashi
to the voice of "Mama I'm coming home remarkable lady! Is it safe Oh no!" seemed to ask my aunt whispered. Snoring
I deliberately scratched, my aunt, "I want her to sleep remarkable! OK! I did not hear," I went down to the floor and said.

at dinner, because I heard my aunt came back home when I casually or quickly, and make eye contact with Kano Takashi was relieved to say I have cramps severe sleep I did not miss. Takashi

aunt and thereafter seems to do very often. The witness could report


Away from home for her husband, Ken lives with two sons who live in the samurai. It is three months ago, came home, I went home and Takagi, who is also her husband's junior, was supposed to be confessed that dabbled in a great gangster husband of the woman. To where the boss and immediately apologized for those taking a car ride to take.着Kunari apartment, a young big man to come out feeling scared, the woman yelled at me to put my hands on, money was required. Not so much money, are having trouble with reply, I load up and out of anger and Dona, Takagi's surprise, went out to talk to people and say two.
When two people, and is said to put in your wife pull a hand Parare fear that the hesitant, climbed. On entering the room, the repressed wife and a cute face that just been committed.
phone dabbled with a woman and her husband home gang, has retired from the already tall, is said to leave it alone please, I knew I was deceived. Crying and upset about things that were committed, his son Ken came back. Ken was talking to the father and say all. If washing is recommended to wash in the bath wise mother, came in and I'll wash my mother. ... And, I have played with the body's desire to remain smart. And is now seeking the wisdom to listen. Replaced the tragedy ... for joy.


My brother is looking for a pregnancy to put your finger in the vagina of a woman one day by any person and Gynecology.
doing obstetrics nurse at the hospital my sister is also different. Have witnessed trying to put a finger in this examination I will be your doctor. Also
sister who is also his brother who, it seems more and more women give you the juice Nasty crotch just before the doctor opened up to the woman that the examination table.
when you say so, like massaging your vacuum cleaner to suck up a little juice, but the doctor seems to suck your juice,
enough, the doctor was going to take time. Then one day, become a brother and sister naked SEX was doing.
elder son was ready to be placed at any time sexual intercourse increases her sister very much. For example Kiga
had a blast because of your brother until I Kono Naka and then after a while. Then, after some time,
my brother, the sister was asked to H. All three become the naked brother got into the routine wear to keep her brother from a screw loose to put your finger in my vagina.
mouth licking my sister's vagina, squeezing turned my fingers into the hole. My sister is also a pleasant voice burst,
Iki It has become so comfortably they become wage is inserted brother too. Thereafter. . . . . . . Then a little while now
brother was depriving the body of the mother. My mother and brother are doing better feeling felt unusually flammable gradually
Spa station - which surprised her brother was about to come. Many times while changing the position many times and had to think about the idea of injecting sperm lost brother.
father and mother that night because her brother was away on business all night was not hard at SEX. SEX in another room my sister and I were too excited there encouraging. Now today I'm going to
SEX. Frappr! ! ! !

Feelings for his father

Why is my father but my father is my father's daughter would do. But no matter how loving, love to be tied, but no matter how loving, love is not allowed, I love my father.
initially felt light.
mother every night, in poor father who has an evening drink and 遊Bi歩Ki Ponn, since I approached the relationship from kiss to his father unexpectedly became a father and not stop having sex.
tongue licking me gently, delicate finger movements, until you are satisfied I continued to lick gently, fingers will be cool. Sometimes using a vibrator, can you feel good.
AV heard speak in and was blowing, but I think the tide is fake, out doing his father several times, the tide was blowing too.
rampage around the finger in the vagina of his father slowly when touched near the womb, I feel different to usual, the next moment, I started blowing Dobatsu. Pleasant, was begging his father many times.
clit licked, touched the fingers, putting the vibe, put your finger when Kaki回Sa the vagina, I would spout Sawayama Ushio. Spray
tide has changed to the better like my pussy divergence. Come and invade my father, and Kyu 締Marurashiku father happy.

I relate to my son

had a physical relationship with his son became worried.
afraid, I found this site I was to examine the matter of incest.
to understand things a little safe to say that those experiences have been similar to mine.
mind could not be settled things like talk to anyone.

I honestly, I've felt great. no more than five years
relationship with my husband anymore, because the affair had no courage to say I did not even imagine what
and his son, much less
I am 40 years old
son is 17 years old.
opportunity to witness is because I masturbate my son.
son while I was masturbating to the smell of my panties.
when I was doing happened to my husband on a business trip to Fukuoka.
son at home was so alone.
son came into the room unaware of it while I was stunned at the door of a room, too.
son many times, "Mom. Mother," was vigorously rubbing hands saying. After a while I noticed
son has just shut down while facing a hurry to stop and see me masturbate. What's holding the Devil

Oshiku love my son so I thought, I realized I was embraced.
I still have a relationship with his son to kiss his son.
son was very happy.
to kiss me again and again, "my mother wanted it so. for a long time," he said.
I did have mixed feelings, arms, remembering her son many times when I was a baby still sleeping in bed naked with my son.
son was a virgin. I was the first woman

I shall then, all the time my son comes looking for me. Fortunately
husband has claimed once every two weeks, looking forward to my son at that time we have.
away as I expected and is still complex, is now Ikasa settlement would have been my son.
Now, I play with friends without my son comes home from school in a hurry hoping to have with me.
short time before her husband to come home, 甘Emasu lot to me. We will also escalate

day sex Hi. Feel free
son asks for it because of what her mother. What should they
keep such a thing

Anxiety son

Ask it now, so let me fill fresh thread in again. I'm looking forward to my son
trip today.
also a business trip and told me my father when my son now.
'll touch my body become a little aggressive to be alone.


yuna himekawa[11964]
The car was stopped and brother home from school computers. Because his wife took a trip with your friends, are invited to dine, first abalone dishes (sashimi, marinated abalone rice, abalone and sea urchin soup, butter steamed abalone, abalone steak, abalone porridge liver , boiled abalone) tasted. The delicious steamed abalone liquor and a good waitress's hospitality, I got a little drunk.召Shi上Gara abalone is on the waitress's special hands full and refused even to your stomach and your words. Has been embraced and kissed gently on the shoulder-law has been approached while sitting across from each other's room and went out of the waitress. "透San, ‥ ‥ will not do," brother-in-law saying that "‥ ‥'s sister-in-law" has been saying again and hold. "It's like the sister-in-law," "will not do that sort of thing is ‥ ‥ will not do" I tried to 引Ki離Sou, 押Shi倒Sa brother was beside me while we kiss and rub my chest. "‥ ‥ I, no," I do not flap your arms and legs while being resisted by force was Kanaimasen. Taking off the shorts are the last came in between the legs broke my brother's waist. My thighs were bigger brother is hitting hard cock. "‥ ‥'ll 透San No", the brother with the nipple sucking, pussy fingered Gurare my hands and I said "of such is 透San ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ will not do," she said, in my heart brother I felt being caressed.
and came in my pussy Chinpo in-law firm. Because it was slippery wet feel they have already got into deep stretch and Zuburitsu.
that moment, I was thinking "Oh," I voice out. The brother pretended rhythmically back and I can feel, hands on hips turning brother "‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ strong stronger" "Ah, ‥ Okay" "透San! ‥ ‥" I kissed brother , and shared the tongue sucking.
"‥ 透San Ah! we ‥!" When I think of the piston was accelerated in-law, splooge Tappuri Feeling in my pussy, I go too. Then I put my mouth where most embarrassing positions 69 and replaced with the body. We have opened gently suck tongue lick my local. This is especially the clitoris caressed slowly. When absorbed into the vagina tongue was going to be daunting. Brother felt the kindness of the man in the first experience, too. Brother cock is big, the size of a ping pong ball tip, especially put in my mouth. I licked the tip of my tongue. This is the first time fellatio. Okay, so excited is that the destination has been slimy. This day is about three times Ikasa, hugged each other while I slept.
woke up and cool down, I had to do things that irreparable, was attacked by terrible guilt. And I think it had to apologize to my husband died, full of tears did not stop. The brother, I noticed that the cry "‥ ‥ ‥ ‥'s sister-in-law I'm sorry" tears to kiss me say this.
"sorry for this old lady," while other words Hsieh, and so I felt good and said it was the first time, the brother, "I'm sorry ‥ ‥ ‥ ‥ Omeko best sister-in-law's" The comment says, pleased thought.
still be charged with brother went home, my husband and I were inserted into the intersection on a daily basis I was laughing was about five minutes to speak. The brother and first wife were divorced because of infidelity, and married to Thais away the cheating partner is 14 years older. Unlike the social etiquette of the age difference, marital frustration to be heard first successful Kaho. Parting, and at the door and enjoy, I received with a passionate kiss.

A letter from his son

Can my husband and son died during the three years before college age for marriage and childbirth with the graduation. After that, I like far better for, M.
gently into the vocational school was somehow part-time job while I go. So I was feeling went away from my hand. But my birthday in March, taking out the day my mother had lent me a meal and presents. Manyukia, lipstick, pink tennis skirt originally good relationship, was a frequent e-mail.
with on the streets when a strange, I was snuggled up in arms Masaki arms around me from myself. At that time, gave me a lipstick, apply lipstick and that "I want to kiss" out, saying the department does not figure on the stairs, I was a kiss. I think so because it was his son. Stroked my hair, tight hug for us.
"we seem to love I wonder?" said while walking the streets with arms entwined Tatsuki Akira, "Do not worry at all," said to me.
was a man who feels himself somewhere Masaki. Tatsuki Akira no doubt, they could feel the woman gave to me.
One day this fall, there have been proposals from Tadashi Tatsuki. Learn more from each other, to do the survey. The 10 item questionnaire to make each other now and confess honestly that you want to know each other alternately. Of course, you can have sex, including denial, only one item. I would not want to say embarrassing, that presents us with a piercing, I have received.

And last Monday. Tatsuki Akira has no class, I took off with the usual meeting in the street.
feeling is strongly felt. Feeling of the day. Long before ready and prepared, I decided.
lunch, entered the department store with the back seat of a tea shop that water. The 10 item questionnaire went to say to each other have written, it was the moment to confess the truth.
"in such a place, I was asked by someone I'll" "I'm fine"
with scissors, and now my questions. The following question was to him.
? yearn for what types of women? Of course, the shortcomings of people like
. (Tatsuki Akira is my name, call me without an honorific) and is very feminine, Damn you're from.
? What makes women attracted to? Yuki
is, when smoke suddenly profile. Closer to the moment the finger across her mouth a cigarette. (I also taught people from smoking tobacco Tadashi Tatsuki. Today, equipment and quick treatment is now about 10 a day)
? Favorite color of underwear?
pale pink. (I have been asked)
? First love?
three years at the elementary school. Children of the same class.
? First Kiss?
ninth grade. (A little, I was surprised)
? First experience?
sophomore in high school at 17. Children of the same club. (Could you tell me the name. But, how do you believe is there.)
? Why do I want a woman like?
want to be happy. Of course, sex. (I'm blushing, ashamed of myself now to ask a question)
? Children like?
know. But I think that happens cherish.
? like any woman of fashion? Yuki
perfect today. (Today I have come in response to requests from Tadashi Tatsuki. Takkufureasukato 5 cm above the knee and fall sweaters. Boots with bare feet and socks. NG is stockings. It was a cold day, after a long life exposing the knee, a woman was feeling tight.)
? place to go is? Yuki and then
, nice hotel. (I could not answer.)

Tatsuki Akira does not deny, all answered. Now me. Coffee drinking was nervous.
I said before I want to see 10 items, hid. I mean. Tobacco smoke and even 落Chi着Kimasen. Lit a cigarette,
? First experience? Was suddenly .... After a while, was head down. The reminder,
16 years. A high school freshman. Senior and junior year. (Tatsuki Akira, I was surprised)
? Hurt?
hurt. Moushitakunakatta.
? sex in unusual places?
the time being, pending
? of underwear?
half a dozen. (Then go get this, and I was invited)
? Organize well? I have this question ...? Thanks to

? the napkins?
about the napkins. More time, even tampons.
? the erogenous zone? secret is to deny

in? Answer me with surely forgive me the question. ... In the club room after school. (Masaki and a loud, embarrassing)
? Charm point? Eckbo
? What's your favorite color?
? hold up to like? What ...? Blow me I'm of course.
If you'll be happy. The air flowed

heavy, leaving the shop, M. pulled my hand and led the lingerie section. Then choose me. I have not seen the face of staff, M. bought me proudly. up on the top floor space
outlook, surveyed the streets go dark. Tatsuki Akira wraps from behind me. "I like the smell," the ear 囁Kimasu. Masaki fingers, touching the chest. Stroking with your fingertips, "I" flexible and. And to hips and hands over her skirt. Aside from the hips, and lower body to. I traced the panty line.
"· · do, that will not do anymore," Masaki finger is 撫Demasu from the top of the skirt over the panties. Will you be pulling back relief.
"I'll let wearing" "Where?" "from a good place"
Tatsuki Akira pulled my hand and went down the elevator to the underground car park. Down as soon as there is toilet. Slipping into the men's restroom stall, puts the key.
"What? here?" "If you be quiet, I'm fine. I come nobody"
wraparound Tatsuki Akira is behind me, "Yuki, okay," he said, his hand skirt Slide into. Thinking, closed my legs. Tatsuki Akira has concealed his hand and slowly explore the edges of the panties. Slowly and gently, M. will live off your panties. Disconnect from the left knee boots panties smaller, it made me from the ground wearing a pale pink lace panties bought me.
Out embarrassing bathroom, and left the ground. Tatsuki Akira is on my shoulder and rotate the arm. "I do not know anyone. Panties Yuki now," "embarrassing," I hid my face.
unawares was alley. Beyond, the glowing neon. "I go," Tatsuki Akira is 囁Kimasu my ear. I turned back to the arms Tatsuki Masa was escorted. "Yes"
Passing through the gate, quiet room.
And last Monday evening, I was embraced Tatsuki Akira. This morning I received a letter from

Tadashi Tatsuki.
I'm not sorry. Hayo Yuki was very nice. Yuki's eyes burned with everything, too weak to understand. It was better than anyone so far. Yuki's voice is also leaking from the mouth, it was wonderful. I wanted to monopolize. Are about the forbidden affair. As a woman, I like Yuki. I like everything. In the future, you.
· · · what was this.
I just wrote a letter.
something I'll regret I did not. I was really nervous, because she was really nice Tatsuki Akira leading to 落Chi着Keta immediately. Did you have a weak'll potatoes. I really embarrassed, M. was just good. When I was almost positive I stet in the caress of the tree, who have supported it with a finger entwined realized it, I'm really happy. Thanks to you, I am satisfied. What can I
woman like this? I also see Masaki Shika.

tomorrow and post. But a secret, just between the two, but You know that talk.

Sole son,,,

The only guy I know her husband.
sex at the mercy of a man, I did what he was trained to acquiesce.
more, every day I also had thought, but gradually disgust.
autocratic and impatient husband made a habit out of her, her son lent me strength. my son's desire to hold
I was feeling kind.
mouth but not put out no longer, my husband, is I had decided.
son had to hold me every night. My son was honest and said opening over.
night my husband went out for dinner to prep for his son rest. I'm waiting to see
appeared, my son surprised.
suit is always tight so much that is visible from the front, it's short.
drank alcohol drink too little.
crowded train home, his son looked like a pervert mind anymore.
is lying on the carpet and go home, son Masaguri thighs reach your chest.
"no." squirm and to open the Muriyari legs, my face, I ask
. there
finger cautiously.
electricity is running again, I've already wet enough to shine through.
is taking off underwear soon, is the son of my lady enjoyed themselves heartily.
erogenous zones all over my feeling to come, almost Ayauku stet.
in control of his son, took off everything.
encouraging his son's naked, out condoms.
other is my son I just turned on the Chire. What
blood son of my family, my husband is already smarter than the height of one level.
slender body 逞Shiku strengthened by the club but also the penis. Fukumi
mouth, I put on a condom.
Kio Hiraku messy feet, his son accepted.
holding the shoulders of my son thrust coming.
"Oh come!" "Ah, ah,,, ik,, ik,,"
control but I have to carry on the clitoris, Itta it together.

The father

The 20-year-old college student. Tokyo to attend college, and now has to live alone in the apartment.
I talked to my mother in Tokyo go to college, my mother was terribly worried about the opposite.
Still, over the objection, I chose to go to university in Tokyo is to cut the relationship with their father.
It was during that summer of two. The relationship started about a week since I returned home for a memorial service in the mother's maternal grandmother.
night, want to wear clothes that I raised from the bath, there was no towel underwear pajamas why I've prepared.
it helped, I've put on an apron 着Kemashita want to wash the washing machine. Is it safe to hide, so I thought my heart too, so dress apron.
breast from the side would look to see Raretara. Of course, watching from behind Raretara ass is exposed.
take a bath before I already think it is OK because my father was sleeping a drink, started climbing the stairs to his room in a hurry on the second floor.
climbed the stairs when I was three or four stages. Father of a sudden, have clung to the waist from behind down the stairs.
and father to my ass cheeks and began licking ass.
I was surprised, "what I live.'m telling my mom and Yamen." and cried.
Nevertheless, my father raised my right leg started annotating parts of tongue will crawl up my legs spread.
"No, I. and I quit. I'll have even been intermittent," and I resisted and tried to run away so because of the narrow stairs, your heart's been Shimashimashita father.
inside my body was at an angle on his stomach on the stairs and began to lick my father. Little eagle's chest to grasp but I was still in the body lap.
"Tomoko's body, and soft like a sure, soft, and sweet. .. the I," I say.
And when I was licking my neck, I'm thinking, "I no. oh there sauce" I aloud, like the first time Shimashimashita.
father, "Tomoko. Kitayan out what your dick juice" I say.
and let my toes dick tongue, but did not suck out the whizzing sound.
father is trying to finish first, but I think that, I started running wild.
on the stairs, which will be on all fours, were put behind. I'd like
not enter enough, my father has been forced to push the hardened material.
in the vagina so painful about the damage I think, "Oh. Ouch," I said, crying.
But my father did not quit. Attracted to the waist while my father sat me by my ass, my father has hit back.
bread, I heard from my butt more intense sound is called bread. My father is like
was pretty excited, once I put my back right away.
But my father is still hard dick, or come into immediately. The 2 H th is quite long.
Father shoulder carrying his father's legs and lift my dress to see a handstand, I've pressed my father's hardened to impose things from above.
that night until the morning continued to be committed in the kitchen and bath.
Later, my father invited me to drive or go shopping, my mother kept me committed to understand.
Oh yeah, the clothes and bath towels are lost on that day was the work of his father.
Furthermore, in order to guard me, I'd been drinking beer, pretending to be drunk.


It was the night my husband went on a business trip. I slept in the bed as usual, "Wake up, wake up" call voice woke been beaten cheeks.
too bright rooms are bright enough in the face with her hands 隠Shitaku enough, my hands will work to see the face of her son.
"Hey, Wake." the voice of my son, I looked around My hands are tied to a chair with handcuffs on each side, next to my son there is seen to have a knife, < br> (Could it be killed? was just brutal in recent news, things that float in my head, "What? Hey, why something like this?"
as not to provoke his son, seeking to calm told.
"Shut up, I'm a Master!" "shh!" I thought really went out of her son.
with a knife, handcuffs and where you bought it? Home stand together against me,
tripod-mounted video camera was unusual sight I can only imagine. I "Master" command tone,
"Yes! of you now適E give up hope! "talking to me like a monologue,
I do not like things that stimulate the hearing there is only silence," I do not know what I want to say how dare! "
neutral or even good to say no idea what a strange thing to say, and so is the thing Mottenohoka Stop,
"Come on, tell! dare say!" "I want pussy bullying I wonder? "" Try saying? to please a pussy bullying dare say? "
I'm honestly a little relieved to hear this word. I feel like I found my son no murderous intent but that,
son became so, or have designs on neutral even when no idea, rather than his son ever done this,
son have never seen let alone swing a piece , but it was a shock to local conditions than this.
"Please merit." unusual and I'm fearing according to his son while his son says now, somehow thought to overcome.
week business trip my husband, who without a single person come to help me, but now had no choice but to follow his son as saying.
"What do you mean? OMAE female pig-like The. I want pussy? hell with that! "" Sorry. "
" Then there would be sorry I will sir! "" Monsieur, I'm sorry! "
" sure thing! know and have! Way to go! "" Really? or pussy? "" show me, dirty pussy! "I would say that expanding your feet, I spread the legs,
facing a video camera moving sound, (this girl is really had to do, then things like this, gone mad,
"What? this nasty, dirty pants!" "I'm filled with the scent of pussy ! You smell! "my son is only other match
, but there's a chance to flee, to escape somehow find a way to go for your son had it.
" dirty I'm sorry. "" Oh, sir, I'm sorry dirty. "pants" is what to do? "
" Master, take off, please remove your hand from off their pants, sir. "< br> "What? off? hell with that! such a dirty pants!" the knife into the side of the underwear went, ripped off sharply,
fear as I have a cramp in the body, the power of a sharp knife the show was like.
"Oh? I saw a dirty pussy!" "Yeah U! Kusse Yeah!" "I started such a dirty pussy! why I'm so dirty?" < br> "Well, try this, try to clean up a little bullying!" The Joy of sons who went for one-man show, took out a big toy,
(not so big, I'll get broken is broken. "How Now it? "
toys in front of fascinated, I have seen so thick and long, but made one's first toy,
" Master, a smaller toy thank you. "" To become! "toys hit on the cheek,
" Monsieur, I'm sorry, please put your toys, please put the toys. "" I say guy,
OMAE guy and all of the pussy and ecchi! "Move the camera to my son close to my crotch for,
(this thing is too severe, have prepared everything, did not notice at all.
son Jelly toys are painted, my legs began to push. not only broaden their feet without being told to his son,
that great toys, are pushing against my son, so to expand the female genital I'm turning state moving,
"dirty pussy that you did not" "It is a little more! dirty pussy!" "Ugh!" at him, slipped a tip of that big toy,
when viewed in person 脹Rami I would like to contain the target. "dislike is also exceptionally dirty pussy, more in-depth, for example I'll suck the pussy!"

Mother incest

Since the revelation of the affair my husband, my husband and defiant to me without touch, I was bored and my body anguish.
pullout was the magazine of sex toys were bought around that.
various kinds, shape and size there, but hesitated, "Yu diffuse" and say to the blow which I bought for Ma said. Ma
because people say can be used as a regular massage machine, I bought, and hit the clitoris,
celebrated the great master but not able to feel comfortable after a long time that the vibration .
I seen 16 year old son while I was using a diffuse Yu spouting admiration from youth,
son is watching me with a scornful eye that the son, so If you want to do, but I'll do it saying,
to take a toy from me and came and stabbed me in the toy.
I was thinking great vibe vibrating intensely moving, shake the hips, more and more and put all the way, and was screaming.
to feel round and round my head around, as it came to numb, and my son says to pull out,
moment my son pulled vigorously, however great the amount of blowing the tide, the wet blanket, While my son was surprised,
would look into my pussy. I will be cool with your fingers touching the clitoris son, said please,
son take off his pants, was absorbed in licking dick.
son is out of my mouth and started touching the clitoris. And the thin fingers, and not in a rugged,
I cum away soon enough juice to flow was disgusting.
again for me, my son put a diffuse Yu agitate, this time greeted me with a great moment for my son came into its own.
out at the mouth, but not long, it's my son, Sosori立Chi around in my rampage, let me be crazy.
son come over and poke again, because you're my next moment, a lot of water, the tide has surprised her son spouting hate soup,
son is almost like being immersed in hot springs feels good to say, violently thrust 尚Mo comes during a wave of endless pleasure, my son and I also Ikimashita.
son divorced my husband that Bale thing was taken care of my husband, son and still see you hide, the love hotel

What should I do how

The thing about two months ago. I see that with the high three sons and grandmother sex. My husband also does not go I'm troubled by the attention her husband, mother and grandmother. Please tell us how you or I do.


He's Nana, Yuko's idle hands with the waiting! ! that 42-year-old housewife
[] My name is Miyuki.
husband and now is the anticipation waiting to break his son's high school graduation splitsville.
I parted the idea goes to live together with my son. Tetsu is

! Enter here talking about my son and I went to a hot spring
using the recent holidays, the end to hear my son is a selfish, Tsu at night. Of course, watching it from where we are, so can not watch lovers, and parents wrote to the visitors' book.
get along, 着Kunari to the inn, and I get along good parents, it was waitress told friends. It should be that it's the waitress saw that I was so holding hands with a little room with a bath, I say we soak in hot water to the water well, with two people found to be in after bath, the waitress's, left the room smiling. Return to the room is over dinner, my son fell into a Japanese style bed, Nakai's earlier, and I began to notice things out with us, I said what do you think?
come with me holding my son then, can not refuse so I also put my son down and the lights of the room, my dick was already wet and I got it . After a while we end goes around, I noticed, it's looked the waitress in charge of the room, of course, it's that time of my voice heard? To some, came into the room over the waitress's voice. My son was still in the bed alone, I figure I was disturbed to feel known to spend a mother in full earlier, I got it in the waitress's swing.
next day, when he left the room before leaving the inn's waitress last night, and I'm sorry, but the waitress's, before leaving the inn and not be noticed by even the madam, Also of interest to
course, after I came home, we rested together.
course, last night, followed by condoms, used. [Miyuki]


Finally last night

Last night my husband came home to drink.
My husband scrambled into the bathroom, you work the night without knowing it was the first period gave birth to Aya when I got to sleep right away.
I'll let you eat and you have the cream puff 麻理 Masashi Miyuki and her husband brought it back, carried her upstairs to the room to each of the cream puff and put on the tea tray.
麻理 was sleeping her now. Yuki Tadashi
your room and then opened.
dived into the eyes, you're in the chair it looked Masashi Miyuki H masturbation while watching a photo album. I was surprised
away, I dropped my coffee and shaking hands puff. The cream puff was
survived, but I spilled coffee on the carpet wood, I began to wipe the floor with a rag came in a hurry.
while wiping the floor, you're hugging me Masashi Miyuki "I want more of this before," said in my ear.
I "in the room next to his father and I are sleeping in bed with bad 麻理 chan." quietly protested this.
However, Masashi Miyuki will bring you a hand in the crotch wearing my nightie flip the "Wet Wet What are your mother's here!" I said,
I Masashi Miyuki aside to pay your hand, "a period from today. It is so bad." I replied that. Yuki Tadashi
foot and the sight of you yet, either pants, the waist is a lot larger penis has seen an erection.
they had enough to stick to the stomach from a young 仰Ke反Tsu. Masashi Miyuki
you are "in no mood for study in hand it's your mother. I want to lick us like this before in my chin ○ ○'s your mother."
I said, "Oh, just for today I! studying it properly! "he said, I bed you 寝Kashimashita Masayuki.
and began licking the glans minutes like this before.
But it was more slippery conditions, but once my tongue licking glans minutes, including the mouth and started rubbing up and down the right hand.
in less than a few seconds, "her mother's leaving us. even drinking this time!" he said, I was pressed down on the head.
was ejected as a drop of semen 甘Zuppai in my mouth at that moment. The large amount
too, had to drop was, for all I drink unreasonable interference.
drank all of you know, suddenly became loose strength in my hands in my head was pressed down. I was out of the mouth
your penis Masashi Miyuki [cough, cough] and I have two degree throat.済Me
I should have it just now pushed down to me and has put his hands in the panties. Rite Waka
there is bound to touch the petals of my place, "says your mother, I'm really a period." and, in a plaintive voice my upper body but a negligee
itself is not taking off naked. Masashi Miyuki
you take a look at the figure on my cock sandwiched between the breasts, began to move back and forth to grab the breasts.
"How many times I dreamed of fucking your mother's tits! time between hope your mother's big boobs!" and said together,
your penis fast and Yuki Masashi began to grow.
However, I also completely hidden by a big dick in my heart you Masayuki.
lubricating oil and milk and juice out of my nipples get love from the tip of your glans, Masayuki penis to slip well, you did not. Masaru Yuki on me a few minutes
"oof , your mother's, she'll say. "he said, I was fired across a large amount of semen on my breasts a second. Masashi Miyuki
you gave me gently wiping with liquid semen and breast milk Nyurunyuru 胸上 blend of sports towel was in my chest of drawers.
I wear your nightie Masashi Miyuki "You'd better get her now! That's all I'm such a thing. Then I went to college to study!
I'm from a deceased mother's will . Good luck! "I left the room saying.
once I entered the bath, I like to sleep next to my husband there was nothing.

Mother indecent

yuna himekawa[11821]
Including the mouth and the penis becomes hard, my son, move, and son ass hole licking the ball bag to the first sperm spitting vigorously and began sucking my tits like a baby.
lightly bite, suck rub with one hand repeatedly.
gradually increase under their hands, slip through my pussy, touching the buttocks, touching the feet, finally landing on my pussy. Reach her pussy already soaked state, not the clitoris, to stir a finger to knead into the vagina, where the finger was too sticky and started rubbing the clitoris. I also
messy, they come to the limit, I want to be raring to put the penis of her son.
son jumped on my face became, come in your mouth penis wither.
penis, ball bag, and lick your asshole, you big, come inside me.
sometimes pull out the finger is touched, and let vibe, some things have come into my son's penis was overtaken on the brink ik. My son can not put in me, always aloud, like sucking, claims to drink. As I said
drink, not an end, future production.貰I vibe to put his son violently attacked strongly 貰I go crazy about, a lot of juice out, as far as this formidable task aloud, show starts metamorphosis.
my hand over his son's hand slowly vibe, where his son was looking into the face that contains the vibe between the legs astride, intoxicated with pleasure that I have seen.
wet, put my son vibe thick shiny shiny ass hole. Perpetuate the physical pain and pleasure, her pussy swallows a cock had recovered her son, both ends of the taste sensation.
lascivious mother son like this. Worried about the future of this child, but one that I can not quit.

My father and my secret

I'm Bruno miso (pseudonym) is now 22 years old. Mother
they 都下 small pubs to 52 years old now, my mother remarried eight years ago.
opponent they run a 58-year-old civil engineering business, had come to shop regulars did well.
Although I came to understand that becoming a little bit now, between man and mother is so intense at that time, to live above the stores around my home from school, what man they never came, the feeling was out a few faces not only the same person yet.
such a day, I was Yuutsu. There has also not speaking with my mother. Sun came to the men they become rumpled bed sheet, quilt also invariably mother, abandoned by the bed are rounded up Tesh, there is carelessly discarded rubber bag wrapped in it fully extended.
was a fifth grade elementary school around that time, both women and men see things in the photo was printed in gravure adult magazines found at the store a blatant What are you doing to mother a child mind now, now I have to feel the same way her mother.
remarried and that suddenly became an apartment house near the store. Even though
remarried, but he was first met with a man living at the time but often. But I was relieved to
than many a man out of the house, no longer the voice of customers are taking out half the night, could also be anything in my room, my heart was not in a child I was glad.
mother shortly after 3:00 pm but went out in preparation to the store and when to go home after 2 1 now.
I went to the store to eat dinner in the evening time guests arrived in stores now so go back to apartment living.
father from drinking at an early Mother's store at about 8, Sun at about 12 was late coming home.
first time father and child is spoken to much, I felt that ends up in my room as soon as my father.
can now watch TV in the living room that day last little while, before you have to buy several times to get what I want, my father was opposed to the cell phone was my mother frank it had to persuade his mother to buy now is open up more opportunity in the matter. Amid

those days are, I feel a strong attraction to the opposite sex during adolescence, even then, they remain in your mind is still clear from the video content projected in the living room wearing casually Masu.
the lower body of a man became a foreigner sure of is inserted into the woman's fierce love scene at the moment men and women, and pleasure at the end of another indescribably face and voice on a woman's stomach It is released in large quantities in semen.
I did it went on to become absorbed in bed Honor.

I've seen my father suddenly came to where he was naked to the waist in honor to my room and I always like. Both of them feel awkward flow
moment, my father and I cry as I consoled Komen sorry, but with fresh 撫Zeyou head as usual, I shook his hand My father took a moment to cut the fallen on me.
father came overhanging cover on me still, their hands while touching the lower body had been exposed to have to honor that I'll be fine, Tta'll tell your father, your mother is secret Once you have the do not know, you're about to become Bruno miso Once everyone. Selfish excuse for saying, you hold me in great strength to resist violently, forcibly committed me crying in pain and embarrassment.
call home as a mother seeking salvation 居Masen father mother too, you're having sex every night that 悦N Misono like now, at first very painful but hopefully continue Narun for good, because now we're wanting from me.

are not you seen her mother in silence. Bruno
'll get what you want do anything in the miso.

secret relationship with his father beginning from that day today.

She is a woman of my

Mikosan. ! ! Could be less, but now it's mother and aunt to write less. The [board] Mikosan also looking forward to post. [PS aunt and mother and I continued good relations. ]

My discourse incest

Mini skirt to the tank, no bread is OK
availability in most of sex without 貰I 持Chi込Metara likes to massage the legs hung brother!!
To break up with her boyfriend, a man physically hungry, it seeks I have, can meet, and Jin 出逢Ezu, I call that a good dick and fucks her brother rather than to casual observers, I was in good 堪Ranaku wanted.
put into practice the plan, the trip his father was the day his mother went to karaoke with friends, as targeted. To eat dinner, go out mother waited for her brother up from the bath.
climb the stairs where I heard "ouch pain ~" to a string of waited for us to look into the room.
amazing voice, and my brother opened the door, "hung a leg, rub," and begging to start a massage. Legs wide open, exposed, so that no dick bread, a show, the mood was a brother. Where was excited to haunted eyes from her pussy, the penis has already touched on is the brother of Bing pants (laughs) I took off my clothes from, and invited.
brother to stick with tits, Chupachupa noisily and began smoking.
could not resist, give me a voice, a voice is disgusting. But the voice is so good to hear more intensely sucking chest, reaching for the pussy, touch the clitoris out.
'm going to gradually grow the beans Yoshiko Yuu. Let me a little peek. Brother saying that my pussy started to tour. Red ripe, I want to put up as soon as twitched. Began to touch my brother saying that more intense, and I blew the tide, I was squirting girl you! For the first time I've seen. Squirting interesting to say that, you will be squirting touch, my brother came inside of me.
thick penis larger than expected, reaching the womb, I clung to my brother. Raised my claws at his back, while my brother was out again and again feel free Itta, said he would do it again. Oversize penis because it was too long that I feel for Chin, continued to do until my mother came back with joy. Now
midnight every day doing the time everyone went to bed. I want a boyfriend, not the fight that would not be my brother's penis.

My nephew is a woman!

One and a half years passed his divorce, I now say a cross. Sister's son (Kei) becomes the relationship between women and men, about a year has passed. The events are by chance in the city for six months at the time of divorce, met his nephew, [Jee, Kyung-chan, I'm his aunt. I said], but [there nephew, aunt, been a while, I thought somebody moment. I], or [a lady in front of the 為Tta?] Wait, nephew [No, no, full of life than before, 26 years old .. and looked 27. I], I [~'ll already be happy the younger tea with me to say, Hey, another lunch, I eat something? , I'll treat. I], I did ~ [Tsu nephew, aunt and whatever good you! I], it is my nephew, aunt (35 years old Junko) and nephew (21 years old Gyeongsang) was the beginning of mistakes. That night, for my nephew, a longing for an older woman, knowing that they may have, Also available in singles is easy, put a nephew into the room, inadvertently drank alcohol together, and nephew I have to kiss. When noticed, the nephew and I was naked, but I [do not, this is my dream, What is this?] From my vagina, Pedro ~ Tsu, Dara ~ and Tsu were out milky liquid, [ No way, my nephew's sperm? ~ Tsu Oh, just put out his sperm in the vagina. Immediately], identify the bathroom, while putting a finger to the back, 掻Ki出Shimashita, then Kachatsu] [bathroom door opened and a half left standing naked cock [aunt, too] I get along [Hey nephew, until now, and the aunt of SEX, you'll see, full of pussy juice, wash with me after I, my aunt that I wash. I] still have a shiny wet cock, a white juice is certainly came with a lot Matowari. I [See, Tsu No, this is by doing this a mistake.言I終Waru and nephew] Wait, hold me [I, aunt, admired for years, I was like, why? Now I go out with me, Datsu love you! I], we were a kiss, a long time, dizziness and confusion in the confession of a sudden the smell of sperm and male nephew, missing power [licking his nephew! Eh] suck a cock and 差出Sa, sucking the tongue, if noticing me, like a delirious words [your firm, Wow great. Away], saying his nephew was also hard, cock deep into the vagina, and piercing. Instead, [we. Iku Iku ~ Tsu, tea'll go ~ Hmm. Shouted], [Hey ~'ll nephew, my aunt will 為Tsu woman? And piercing deep into the vagina], I am a long time but is cock crazy Why are you'll say anything, I your aunt, I'll not! ~ Tsu bad, da media ... ... ..
Webmaster ~ ~ Daa .... Tsu Tsu, A Oh Oh Oh ~ ~ A'll also go, they Damn, I'll ~, Tsu] from the vagina of a sudden [the nephew] Zuppotsu without a cock, I had [... do not. [I'll] nephew aunt, I'm serious! Really now, Junko 愛Shi合Itai and not aunt, to'll Junko Innovation nephew of a woman] might also play a pick in my vagina [Yatsu Yamaguchi! ] Reseat Innovation, wet it, cock erection, brought close to my face on all fours, his nephew [I want Junko, smells, physically, with the cock, Junko's nephew] has serious juice to lick the juice that people say is a cock with viscosity, [] I have it and spit, Kojima put his tongue in my mouth, spit 啜Ri, is tossed about the chest, and I I did not [so much, so, too dense, people do] I'll, I unconsciously, be involved in taste tongue spit his nephew, [Hey ~ Tsu. Come, your cock, you'll be charged here, please! I], [I'm his nephew know me, my aunt, do not, Junko! I like it! Here goes! My nephew grab ass with both hands] [Gucha, Nucha, Nucha easy reach ...] cock deep and hard [Junko, Junko, Nucha anymore, so Datsu violently poked out], I [ask, in The Dametsu, Dametsu, ~'ll pull out, I'll 逝Ki ~, go, ~ Damn they'll, I'll ..] ~ ~ Please Wait, nephew Nupputsu] [I pull out, his back to me [to handle Blow up] I'll say I'm crazy, but his nephew 扱Ki cock with both hands and really soup, put [a lot! Say], nephew [Ugh, Damn if, ummm there going, going out. [] Doppyutsu, Dopyutsu, Dopyutsu, Dokutsu, Dokutsu, Tsu] ~ Tara Innovation nose on my face, forehead, hair down to, eh'll suck your mouth [Yeah right. Tsu Yeah. Zuppotsu, Zuppotsu lick clean finish and Innovation], [and nephews, I went into the [right] Oh my, I great, you'll be fine. Nephew is [fine], Junko You see, my woman who 為Tsu, I'll do my best I], [by thinking like it. Put] a year has passed since then. The first time was going out, coming home every day, day (stayed at home) at least eight more times, usually with 2 SEX like once I was with my nephew, his nephew and fascination, daily Blow in my vagina, now fully 剥Ke skin, like a thickened part of the tip of the penis can become easier than before 逝Ki my nephew is now a woman. If more women like me - relationships mother and son, nephew and aunt, and I look forward to better address the relationship between men and women 為Tsu younger boyfriend. ;

Until now,,,

This weekend, Ma used all the way, I can not put a pee.
I went to visit relatives just a little, bought at 100 yen shops
panties soaked away and switched shoes twice.
amused angry son back, and just now.
told me today I do not anymore. anal cum
would allow the addition, warm water enema three days in a row.
ass might be a little dangerous,.


Akezu sex with me three days to work hard, my son was cranky.
"I'll take it as recreation and karaoke singing."
開Ki直Tsu and I was.
But I realized I'm jealous son.
be a fight over nothing much, my hand came out of the quarrel.押Shi倒Sa was his son. I always hit
and son back to the room in silence.
son threaten to hand in my skirt. I really
Asetta. My son came back to the room with a grin. I have made it the
spacing while in the mind of the head
decided to organize the event.
Honestly, I missed my son is going away and two people in life, son. Sun
Akuru have occurred in the face of his son on Saturday, she was divorced bad. After eating breakfast
son is going back to the room and go to bed.
finished the housework, I'm going to the room for his son. and it was
dubiousness What is it, I lay in bed and I put a voice
Sshi Iratsu Yaito.
"You Yoshi sex."
son hands over there in silence.
telepathy, I was naked, was observed to be played with every detail. I stet
easy is to react violently to what it is, son will be accepted to encourage condom
hard penis.
devour her son's tongue, move the legs back to tighten the body of his son,
was most pleasant moment.

Sex with children

That was the thing six months ago. Atmosphere in the home because her husband was involved was a black woman.
estranged husband and was, always arguing with both Orimashita son. Never learn the cause disgust to her husband,
Ai until then I have become men and men and women about drinking alcohol was a good fellow.
It was totally crazy and tantalizing spice is good people and yet very gently.
son in college, or where and how you doing every day seemed to get spending money and sometimes in contact with her husband. Ai
Najiri daily strife was another frustration. There is a thing of the night.
bad happen to residence of the insects I also start with trivial things, I think I said pretty badly.
force is said to just like a bitch like that, my son Bukkake.
What is it? Was pressed down with the 押Shi倒Sa. Away from the pain! Speaking of her son back to the room,,
at that time were supposed to get into the skirt of a sudden.
struggle, of course, have struggled, but soon tired of it at the mercy of it leaves the hand of her son.
to roll back towards the body with one hand on my waist, I have been Buchimashita retainer or the back of my son many times,
was a wasted effort. Over time, turn the skirt was raised, one thousand underwear I have been cut in half.
still can not get close to the cushion is sandwiched between the large leg will trace the clitoris vagina fingers from her son.
not supposed feel this thing,,, and I think superfluous. Another could not help raising your voice.
"I'm all right, Mother?" son to be like that body I know not pregnant.
had had tubal surgery and forced to close again after a miscarriage a couple of times gave birth to her son.
"I let him put up ?"",,, I'm fine." Well, in a manner of adult disease prevention. I was taking off all
was taken to my room. I do not sleep with no blankets to fold type.
sat and waited for her son's mattress lay. My son, I got me wondering whether or not to commit yet.
prank or just finish, or your girl. 3 OL
years older son is dated and may, "and broke a streak." Yes.
more accustomed to playing with wonder. I was lying sprawled out, watching his son moved the hard face of my fingers. sit and reach almost
Omowazu Yojirimashita. My son should be between my legs, thighs Kakae the one,
raised finger rub, the ping and beam waist Nokezori I gradually went to daunting. I'm still just a wave
, what came into my son hard. "I do not think that the Yurukatta squid."
Long and hard cock is bursting already, at a frightening pace, overrun the vagina,
and screaming, my son was released into the womb is . Already filled with breath, painful. to adapt to the body worn
son and hugged each other while I fall asleep.
seemed to be at around 4 in the morning anymore.

- San and Oto, 2

I'll Bo, to an intact, high, I had gone to reply, I upgrade,
arrived back you see your mind at the door of porridge and Oto - san While holding the pot in,
in the face of surprise, and then surprised me, embarrassed, and had gone out again suppositories, Gomennasai, I
, with his face buried in pillow cod, but I'll have to put far, been told, but I 痛Kutsu to make good, say the face remained buried in the pillow,
put the increase, as is I Stay , me, hot and cold bodies in shame, but 有Tsu heat, being told to relax,
just because drugs are easier to enter, ー fingers - san Oto, Just because I say dirty, early advance, just because I raised you to do well - san,
something, and asked them peace of mind, feelings and feel sorry for me - san Oto, targeted results ー fingers and by far, while around,
I got something coming 気持Chi良Kutsu, but the feeling remains that, in the finger out, I'll put the following medications,
my pleasant gone up too, I feel ー Did not you put the medicine early,

I and my husband and son?

Such sites may have to discuss these experiences Imashitara sure to find many
I found this.
here a few days to discover, and was wondering what to do, and a little relieved that the experience with too many other people, I wanted to write Narimashi heart that I or.

four years ago, I took the boys, remarried. Yet (?), But the thirties, my son is now 2 years of high school. My husband and he felt very fit, but sometimes two people can also enter the bath, you hear laughter from the bathroom, I'm glad.
husband and son are like friends. I thought it became a decisive factor in marriage.

that it would be embarrassing, and my husband well with sex, from beginning to live together, I feel that had been developed rapidly. So curious, H, etc. While I was showing pictures, first photos of underwear, and naked pictures, like her husband to face them in the mouth, will also be taken as sex photos Mashita. Honesty is the first I was embarrassed, the photos have not been his fault but his own, away somehow so excited, now also purchased a net lingerie 厭Rashii husband.
room on the second floor is the son of a bedroom, so take a couple of keys, but only to note out loud, but not much had sex with.

about a month ago, my son Imashitara look around the room was locked desk drawer. Until now, no that way, I'm sure I came to H magazine can be read, smiling and I felt, to feel the pounding of curiosity, I want to get a peek into the drawer. Because the mother, which I have hidden in each key in 分Ru somehow, Why do not you look around, I was in the piggy bank unexpectedly straightforward. Because it's still a child, thinking of his pretty young to be key in such a place to hide, I was a little guilt, Akemashita the drawer.

had some kind of rubbish into different, there was a disk in that case. What do H things are looking, it had gone to pounding, I opened my computer is using. I was on a date
folder. Open the first folder, really surprised. I had reflected. And nudity, lingerie was 厭Rashii, doing in my face and mouth, sticking out his tongue, and those with a sex scene, I was in a lot of pictures on that disk. The pictures I remember seeing her husband was there, I have seen my son's why I was shocked. Become to cool somewhat in shock too, went to open the folder to check.

photos were in the new folder date, was the first 分Rimasen meaning. I tied up and taken to
antics of her husband is a photograph of playing SM, which is when I let the eye mask was tied. It is a picture of sex while being tied up to after turning back the hand, which was reflected by the husband. Or in the open like a twat for the camera my husband, or as to verge into the penis to show off the camera. I'm on all fours, her husband has been inserted from the back, there are also pieces towards the camera. Do not look too self-shutter, which was taken photo angle or someone.

I was confused, of which it is realized that what her husband had taken her son. Eye mask will be tied up, I would've opened the door. Because when you put the music to have sex, I hear they even opened the door. Could I, and so on, so someone has to take all 思Imase be enjoyed without such care.

imperceptibly her husband and son are getting along, but it is that he was showing pictures of my husband 厭Rashii. I had fun with ours in the body? (--;)< Br> Fuuu ~ (* · ο ·) = з

I thought for a while, I returned the disk to his son's desk. It is no worry that somehow I thought that I would be just so.
I had one month from the date soon discover, has sex with her husband several times a normal weekend.

tonight Kamou it, Or is it at 02:00 last night from now on, after being blindfolded with hands tied and was photographed. Now
during sex while pretending to be engrossed in that, because he was well aware, 分Rimashita sign of a son in the room.
I think sex has been so very long time, a little surprised myself is that I always got more excited 開Ki直Tsu. It is a strange feeling really, I mean you are safe masturbation watching my body, glad, perhaps, it is also so strange feelings. I could not divorce her husband and friends, which is the happy feeling that the relationship between the husband and son. I

me, I'm okay with this ... (^_^;< br>
Thank you for reading.
and clear up a little. in writing and I seem fine.