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Incest confession of women(2012-05)

It is allowed to lust the father-in-law

yuna himekawa[49048]
35-year-old children do not stay me. 62-year-old father-in-law, mother-in-law is passed away two years ago,
my husband is away for two weeks in a long-term business trip.
Bored every day my husband not here alone with father-in-law every day,
father-in-law is a habit that you relax in the living room in one piece bath towel naked Upon exiting from the bath in the open nature. Was I have seen the nude to beat something when you leave
I take a bath after the father-in-law One
was sitting in dressed as always you go to now wearing pajamas but erect penis from between the bath towel I saw.
It is downright funny, I seemed cute. Put the tea in the figure of a single bath towel while saying
naughty mind sprout, next day also, I hot bath in
I was sitting in a chair across from the father-in-law. I can see it is made ​​to the penis erection already
looking at the reaction of the
I felt it from that except for the crotch of my position, such as away from the table and see how the father-in-law askance by pretending to watch TV while drinking tea.
I did not think fun could be so much that you have seen, if you feel up to mild pleasure, but
you can greatly expand crotch amused at feel like a new discovery somehow, and Dari cross-legged I was watching the reaction of the father-in-law.
Father-in-law is to talk to me and pretending to be a natural purpose.
I also pretending to be natural, it had responded appropriately.
Suddenly, penis was pointing upwards and pushed
to push away the bath towel Become a bursting further increases If you look at the crotch of the
Father-in-law is lowering the bath towel to hide it but
it sounds like the tents this time,
I was able to laugh and secretly dull.
I was going to have a father-in-law in a teasing feel the same way the next day, but I have seen now remember the pleasure in it further.
Acts My escalated further, we poured the tea next to the father-in-law so as to see the crack from the bottom of the pubic hair
is raised to above the that the Busta deliberately when you replace the tea
Father-in-law to look askance, size in Dari resting or erection seemed to change the penis, but also had an erection. I felt the gaze of the father-in-law looking firmly to crack from
ass dropped that the Busta and Paran deliberately,
pick it up and facing the back of the father-in-law, I would be leak sigh involuntarily with pleasure.
I was screaming and, touching father in the back of the mind.
Then, act detonated the lust of the father-in-law has surprised me,
I quickly changed the lives of two people then.


My first partner with H was my maternal relative's uncle. (He was my mother's uncle) My uncle's house was quite big, and when I was in the second or third grade of elementary school, I often went out to play on my way home from school and became a model for my uncle who was an artist. It has become. At first I was a model wearing clothes, but my uncle said, "I want to draw mimi-chan's beautiful skin." .. My uncle drew me like a princess in a fairy tale, so I was happy to hear that. Just drawing my nudity is becoming more and more touchable. For some reason, I didn't dislike it at all, and I felt it as I was touched. On the white sheets, I got naked and my uncle did various things. .. It was really nice to be touched while being told "It's cute" and "Here, it's beautiful" ... It was the summer of 12 years old that I first hit with my uncle's finger. After that, I licked my uncle, my uncle also licked me ... The 12-year-old summer vacation passed, and at the end of summer, I accepted my uncle's for the first time. It did n't hurt so much because he put it in a wet dick little by little, and before I knew it, my first experience was like that. As I got used to it, my uncle started to move little by little and I started to feel sexI also started to make an embarrassing pant voice. Perhaps because I was doing all this, my chest suddenly developed from the upper grades of elementary school, and although I was small and small, my chest was only about D cup, so I was embarrassed in physical education classes and swimming classes. Especially when swimming, my chest was sticking out of my swimsuit, and the boys said "His body, Eloy". Around this time, I started to worry about the eyes of a male teacher (I had a little with him, but I will write about it later). By the time I graduated from elementary school, I remembered intense sex and I got better. , I got stabbed violently from the back and had sex for hours ... At that time, I was crazy about sex without thinking that I was doing bad things because of forbidden relations . However, my uncle said, "I'm absolutely secret to anyone. Actually, this kind of thing shouldn't be done in elementary school yet." So is it something wrong? I thought, so I kept it secret from my friends and everyone. When I went to junior high school, I was shocked to find out in a novel or something that our relationship was incest . However, I couldn't stop with my uncle. Another thing that caught my eye in the swimming class was the summer of elementary school 5.In elementary school swimsuits, my breasts sometimes squeezed out quite a bit, especially when I was swimming, before I knew it. The teacher ... (a man's homeroom teacher, 26 years old at the time) had somehow stared at my body the moment he went up to the poolside. My friend said, "Oh, I'm watching mimi's story again. Mimi, my chest is big."  The teacher taught me underwater when I was crawl or breaststroke, but I was touched near my chest and dick so that I couldn't tell from the surroundings. I felt restless and strange so that I wouldn't look at me when I touched it, so is it intentional? I noticed that, but I dared to pretend I didn't know. One day ... That day was a supplementary lesson for people who were not good at swimming after school, but the teacher said, "I have a story, so I'll stay after this." After everyone returned, the teacher in the women's changing room said, "Hey, isn't that swimsuit small for you?" "... Yes ..." I was embarrassed and turned down. It was. "And ... I'd like to ask you a lot because it's something you're worried about." The teacher told me to bring two pipe chairs and sit down , saying that it would be a little longer. I did. "Well, maybe my body is growing too fast and I'm worried, can you show me?"I was so surprised that I couldn't reply for a while. "Hey, I might be mimi. Embarrassed, teacher to also qualify for health and physical education, if you look at the body, because seen the most part of it. If there something to the body of mimi, show hospital teacher talking to mom Isn't it more embarrassing for me? " When I was told that, I didn't want my parents to know that I was suddenly anxious, so I followed what the teacher said. I lowered the shoulder straps of my swimsuit and showed my chest. The moment I saw my chest, I knew that the teacher's eyes were wide open. "Hey ... I wonder  if it's too big ... It's suddenly too big since last year ..." The teacher gently touched the chest with his hand and lightly touched the nipple with his thumb. Unintentionally, my body reacted with Bikun ... "... Honestly, please answer. Does mimi usually think or do erotic things?" I felt like I had spotted my uncle and nodded. "... Tell me honestly what you usually do. It  's okay, I wo n't tell anyone what I said ..." I cried and talked about my uncle's actions intermittently. I cried because I had done something really wrong, so I wonder if my body is strange. It was from the thought of what to do. The teacher was surprised, but after confirming everything about what I and my uncle were doing , "... yes .. so suddenly this. Then you're worried not only about your breasts, but also about Coco, right? Shall I take a look? " I am anymore, so reluctantly and anxiety, I take off all swimwear crying griping. The teacher took a quick look at my entire naked body and then brought some pipe chairs and told me to lie down here and open my legs. When I lay down on the chair with my legs open in an M shape, the teacher illuminated the dick with a light. "It looks good, but I don't know if I have to look inside .. Hey, inside, look up?" The teacher's finger went into Kuchu. "... Hmm ..." I twisted myself and panted like I was my uncle. The teacher also put his fingers in and out, and his chestnuts were licked, causing my dick to flood. "... Hey, it's too responsive for a small 5  ... You see, it's so wet ..." The teacher's fingers moved faster, and it went crazy in no time. "I'm so excited in the middle of mimi's dick ..." The teacher started licking the dick and putting his fingers in again, and the moment I thought it was too comfortable and no longer ... Something blew out from the dick like a water gun. .. After that, I went back again. "It's amazing .. You're squirting now?" I was the first to squirt at that time. .. The teacher made a moving voice.After that, he said, "Like my uncle, do it for me," and gave a blow job with the teacher in his mouth. The teacher's swelled up in a bun and it was so big that the blowjob was messy. When the teacher held my head down, he moved his hips as fast as he could and released it in my mouth. My uncle had never put it in his mouth, so he cried very much. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry ..." The teacher picked up my body that was stuck and thoroughly washed my mouth and dick in the shower. From that day on, my teacher started doing the same thing as my uncle (I used to do it in an unused warehouse in the pool), but he was forced to do a lot of things, and I did it many times. So, I've been fainting many times. Next, I would like to write about my first sex.

Thanks to God

It is said face will become like the mother of a boy, but genetic It is true. But, even there also physique'm such similar father completely.
Father of the son is not a master, but I think with his son. when 20 years ago, attended the high school reunion of his hometown, he who gave their virginity I also I had attended.
When the high school one year, I was nestled in the house of his longing from junior high school.
But I've bull rush him desperately without even a minute maybe you have to cry die in pain from the middle of the incoming his is too large too.
It's not like a horse \"when I saw the crotch of his! I was Nigekaeri in \"fear. It was I have parted Become awkward due.
Sex phobia for a while, I was able with my husband now finally Become a college student. It was pregnant just before graduation is known, it has already become the housewives of permanent employment.
Sex with my husband I was good in its own way, but I knew small size,'s shortening than standard ones of my husband at Toka women's weeklies.
Birth for the first time was a natural birth, but the middle of pain, such as torn when suffering two days labor, my daughter come out the birth canal, it was remembered that at the time of sex with him for the first time.
Sex with my husband had become something unsatisfactory daughter from birth. It was no longer feel even more pleasure.
When my daughter was 5 years old, I was resumed at that high school reunion with him.
To try to challenge again \"seems to have been bitten by a mosquito Nante pain at that time if you compared to the pain at the time of birth\" word of my when I was drinking at the counter with him at the after-party and when I looked at him.
It was embraced by straight to the Hotel Scam In Ochia~tsu after the dissolution. Accepted his stuff smoothly, I tasted a climax for the first time now.
Care is likely to far many times euphoria of Yo, I was not issued in at crazy. But, it is! Pregnant surely. My husband was convinced that it is a child of their own.
You do understand me mother. It's his child. And my son was born. I was relieved in with me even blood type. I topped the first barrier.
I was wondering what to try son grows, and you become similar to him, but fortunately my son I was like me. Summer vacation of junior high school third grade, the son
did not try to Koyo out to dinner and holed up in the room after it came back from going out, I was crying and I went to the room. It took time, but I elicit from my son somehow.
When an attempt is made ​​to sex with a girl, that you fled to the size of the surplus. I was reminded of that when an attempt is made ​​to sex father and son a long time ago.
Then, after I gave stopped on the way, he also whether it was the wind like you mean. Daughter away on overseas business trip one person living, the husband left home and enrolled in college.
I would look with one's pants down son reluctant. It had withered, but was erection as soon as you rub Squeeze. That I was exactly like those of his father exactly.
He more than just maybe? I was convinced also that it has escaped to the other girl. \"Being able to catch the sexual desire of the son of now there is only me,\" I thought that went through my mind at that time.
I ejaculate quickly if you raised rubbed by hand gripper the tip of penis. Many times, it is also many times. It was amazing the amount can be darker.
And I did not notice your mind and just go to the huge bar first, but two bags of groin also I was really great if you compared to those of his master.
Issued to the mouth of the semen son, and ended up drinking and I think that \"son from being damaged put out,\" he said. Though I had never drank even once my husband's.
Huge cock that is not withered even out and face, son of an enraptured. Can not stand to severe tingling, I lay down on the bed of his son and become naked.

I confess frankly

It is a beloved son to me. But women who are 22 years of age, his son does not have a son there is a responsibility to myself, you can have complete acquaintance for the first time came out, it has a handicap little difference with you in the son, the woman two years later Since then ... after all, the son I was hit hard in scratching mentally started cohabitation with other men, it is reminded of its responsibilities as a mother change appears in many ways to his son ... is · father son, is sometimes I have been living in the distance and build a family apart, but the story ... was it with those who have gotten you financial support. When I would like briefly to have been living alone in 1LDK from become a member of society, in the room of the son has entered a physical relationship with the son the beginning of last month, my son is a pity, son, ... son any more sons \"But ... I okay ... My mother not regret promised 00-chan mother\" I was also cornered mentally, son we accepted his son to say it just, body come to an end soon It was away from and son, ... something with feelings exacerbation against ... women also, look at the back view of the son in the living room and down from ... bet slams into trash can and remove the contraceptive consultation of specialists that we have relationship with his son at a rate of once a week to the boundary of the day that was trouble seriously and try to see and consult a specialist premature ejaculation son is such that we remain the rejected son How can I we are living while day-to-day worries or good things you can not also be consulted to know the relationship devil. The ... something other parents who have been such an experience is also Welcome If you have, and if there is also a good way

Relationship of two people, aunt and nephew

46 years old, I am a 27-year-old nephew.
I am a punishment 1, we have a nephew living with in my room with the consent of Jisshi.
The sister, that there is no, Kit Maybe talking?
And of course ... my sister suspect that the noticed of us, since I came to live with a nephew, a hobby of my underwear
also be of the liking of the nephew of course ... loudly did, it I am according to the nephew also etch the contents of recently.
But to me, physiology because you come yet, it does not forget the only contraception.

I was the night crawling son

 Friday night last week,
when you go to the room of his son before going to bed, it had not sucked her tits,
\"Mother, you may say later\"
\"I no good, I'll be noticed to Dad\"
from a dive futon softly \", Hey, I want to sleep with
\"there are ... Dad is gonna want to sleep with you 's ... Mother N ~ it intends\" ... to ... Well I come quietly,
\"have to take off\" Mother
\"You're naughty again\" \"
son is not rubbed sucking tits sucking nipples again, close the previous release the nipple, and left the room with a light kiss and son, enters the bedroom of the couple, not closing the door key, hands a little enters the bed by opening the position to enter, take off the shorts, I've been waiting for my son to come. The long felt while waiting for my son to open gently on the door, I put a son rolled up a little futon, let sucked tits and included also the nipple open the front of the chest and hugged tightly, son becomes his back I've found things of that is has become hard. To understand things of my son is're hit when it became over me, even a loud voice \"I there, and then gently ... A~tsua~tsu Ugh ... The push-up\" my husband because it was sleeping next to let devoted to the position is referred to as whisper in the ear Dasezu, son, pushed up the uterus in mono hard son, \"I feel good Mother,\" \"Issue Do not ... put up I feels really ... Mother also good\" contraceptive treatment is finished I Since there is no worry of pregnancy because it was Idei, to accept the uterus the semen of his son, I quickly felt. I noticed my husband of course, but be quiet as it is because it was half asleep, it will stick to sleep naked and son unawares, it was seen as a sleeping holding a son to my husband the next morning. I was hugging tightly \"... or was sleeping with my son ... naked\" \"You! ...\" The son \"Do absorbed the extract young ... if there is any worry of pregnancy.\" My husband had to go out to eat breakfast yourself. And said, \"come go, but practice of golf\" and call out to me who is in bed in the bedroom yet, go out with a bag, and from let them breathe tits included the nipple to his son, I happened I ate breakfast with his son Te, but in the past a little 2:00 in the afternoon is my husband went back, I said to my son. from the date of \"if Mom, because there is no worry of pregnancy, should I let me diverge, Shiroyo study hard instead\" second only to sleep with his son also my husband has acquiesced, but a word to my nephew < It says> I ey sometimes diverge, we would have sex in the middle of the day in bed son Sunday.

Son and adoptive

 Children because you can not, it has welcomed the adoption at the same time as the junior high school graduation the children of my sister, my husband was still healthy at that time, but it has a hospital life now. His son, also a high school sophomore now, the difference between the old and because I do not the difference only 17, you may want to be mistaken for a married couple to go out together. How would blame my son is grown-up.  There is no way you can write in detail that my husband, but sometimes you get home sleepover will also be allowed, but when at home, and worried that the burden of I increases, and me to the hospital life in hospital have we been, mind Tsukai \"I em look firmly care of the son, who the school or no problem, because there are children and you, there will be Hariai\" of my husband I am glad.  And his son, I would have a relationship with recently. <Relationship of mother and son>, for me, so did not expect only to events position in the world of the novel, he has a relationship with his son in reality now, will know the joy in the body, this corner on a PC I know, I was surprised to know there are many parents and children of mother-to-child incest.  It was tied to the son, in during the holidays, I was traveling for the first time by two people and son. It was not mean it was a goal from the beginning, it was a little high inn hotel format. Is passed through the room, and I thought after, I had been in the room with bath. Bathing is had become in full view from the parlor, without particular dressing room, I had become like a bath as it is naked in the room.  Only two sons and and they had to embarrassment, but it was multiplied by the voice, \"Hey, Nyuuro ... along with the mother\" to my son, because it is what it was bath entering with two people the first time in adoption, but the son It was as embarrassing as well. Even to take off their clothes, my son had seen in the next, but my son had to take off towards the back to me, but in the washing place, and sat opposite the front and son, son to see me naked are you has to understand. And I was set to get a body wash to son had become like a taciturn nature and each other, from my person.  I think eggplant is rising gently, and had seen everything to his son. \"Wash the Mother\" when washing my body awkwardly, and came to the lower body, open the legs boldly, when the hand of the son touched the bottom, it becomes Bikun, I press on the bottom head of the son involuntarily son I had the manner shed. I felt like not your own body. If noticing it without remember, it is laid on the futon naked, lick up the per son Sucking hooked to the bottom, that later ended up raising the voice.  I'd wonder if it was for most of the night. Son is challenged many times, I also cried indecently, I wanted a son. I fell asleep around the outside is bright and thin. when the morning woke up, I also son also was still naked. I think that makes the body hickey full, pain remains in the nipple, and sucked up quite strongly. Before that happens, my son's came with sucking nipple, but sucked her tits like a baby like, I was sucked hugged his son. It is now as I think it is tied to one and son, it is every day that you love, but it was good at this.

Joy of son

 My husband has had passed away, at the age of 20, when it had been linked with son six months later, my son is now called <delicious mother> son with Sucking on the bottom. Rather than much darker, hair had visible wounds were fallopian tube lacing. Son is inserted all the way in the back of me, clinging to my son, I had aloud, it is said <Mom, you're so cute> and, when her son had been a kiss, and tongue I also become actively The Ai Sucking by entwined, there was only that of the other sex in the head.  Is it had embraced time of how much, I do not remember even now, I had asked his son to become the ecstasy. I think might have been for most of the night. Is not a mother, I had embraced and become a woman.  After a few days from that day, Sunday morning, in bed with his son, \"I'm good to shaved hair of Mother,\" \"You make me shaved really? ...'s Fine\" and those who do not \"when I was in a state of undress certainly The told me embarrassing ... will be good is, but I shaved \"son wants shaving immediately, to enter the bathroom naked and son, son Tatase me, open the legs, bubbled soap there, son In razor for shaving, I had shaved slowly and carefully.  Politely, hair is Soriotosa with two portions, and the flow shower and over, there had become slick Become a child like. Son enters between the legs, when it was raised licking slowly with tongue, would aloud with \"aah ... Arn\", by tired Sucking \"Mom, tasty 's pussy\" to his son, the head of the son It had been holding in the manner and placed in the shed there.  The I went to buy Sheba in this holiday, not the son, by me for my son the product for me to choose, it was of Sheba Firripu. When I came home, is taken off the shorts to his son as soon as you open the legs, per also soft \"I shave the mother clean\" the skin rely on Sheba, it becomes beautiful, Have shaved son a bath every day, You lick me with polite Sucking on the bottom when you finish. Son joy, tired Sucking every day, will say, \"was delicious, a good smell.\" Body it feels like this was younger \"'m beautiful mother\" also I Become a love like a son, makeup I'm also very determined. How will because you are in love with his son after all Is this.

And son

Confidence that you can take it anymore ... the line of sight of the son of 15-year-old hot every day has been lost. Initially To No way it?
Okay ensures that is are you staring it was dubious, but as being dressed to expose the thigh clothes and an open chest. The ... cleaning Acts showup is gone escalated these days anymore
... and gone hot from the depths of the body to think It was a purpose to verify, but the is seen as an object of sexual desire to my child gradually ...
You let the rag hanging like to say to like being directly behind the let me me help the.
You Did you or large opening leg as grazes the nose shaking ass wearing a T-back of my race is in front not even one centimeter of the son.
Son should also feels unnatural for my actions maybe. You think that it is not out of the violence, such as whale excitement even reached the pole, so the child is a quiet timid.
But I will see how the crotch bulging eye and how the breath is gradually become rough is Chibashiri.
It has sent a daily that was Monmon screaming and ~ to have attacked and want to see ~ Beast in Mushaburitsui to pussy mom in mind.
There is no difference in I would hit 's leave this. And ... you can not take it anymore in masturbation

The fucked son

I am a housewife of 45 years old, but her husband is the SEX that we have been to Okinawa in the bachelor. I live in the only two sons and to become 24 years old in the house. We were committed to his son. I have resisted desperately trying not to be fucked, but eggplant and lost the power of his son, but it was now remain. Son you want to be naked and out of the bath when it comes to the night to say ass granny nephew and a good ass of me from that day. Pussy became sore because I do semen until full.

... My son

yuna himekawa[48741]
It is a widow of 46 years old, but I will be 25-year-old son. His son is not Yoritsuka the house enters the road of yakuza, there was contact from the mother of fellow and is staying in the house of fellow. It is to say rather than just staying, and raped the mother of fellow. And I have to say next and commit your thing. We are prepared for it's turn to be the same thing as the mother of fellow, but never was such a thing, such as when I was in the house. I stayed with the intention of refuse When you say such a thing if, but it was kicking beat I say it. And was to humiliate me. When I try to sleep without a futon so took up the futon of me because I do not futon fellow of when you go to bed, my son told me to sleep with. It looks gently as thought, but has been the SEX. It was silent and also lest be beaten, but I think my pussy and Harisakeru Timbo son so big long. I do not know what feels good to be sore. Still, I have been doing for about an hour. Then my son is going to do every day SEX.

To my son-in-law

I will tell you about my horrifying past. I am 31 years old. I got married last spring. My husband, who was 44, was a dentist and was remarried. I was first married. My husband had the only son S of a junior high school student, so my parents objected, but I was also a good year and I was attracted to the profession of a doctor and got married. My husband was kind and happy. I was envious of my friends, but everything broke. The first floor of the three-story building was a dental clinic, and the room of my son-in-law S was on the third floor. The medical examination was until 7 pm. I hired a woman as a receptionist and assistant, but I also helped until around 4 pm three days a week. The nightmare happened last August. I feel nauseous when I remember that time.That day was a day when I didn't help, so I finished shopping early and started sewing. I think it was past 2 o'clock. S came down from the 3rd floor and told me that it was raining, so I went up to the roof to take in the laundry. Since the site is small and there is no balcony, the laundry was dried on the roof. When I looked back casually on the way up the stairs to the rooftop, I felt that S was down and looked away, so I went up the stairs while holding the back of the skirt with my hand. I didn't really care at that time. S was the opposite of his husband, a reticent and quiet child. Until then, I thought so. I usually had only the minimum necessary conversation with me. I was trying to get rid of it. On the other hand, unlike my husband, S with a solid physique of about 180 cm is 152 cm and I had a feeling of intimidation, but I told myself that I was a son and still a junior high school child. It was. When I hugged my laundry and stepped into the corridor on the 3rd floor, I stepped on the hanging laundry and fell. Since my hands were occupied, I suddenly fell from my face to the floor and hit my nose and teeth against the floor. I couldn't stand up to the pain. Listening to the sound and voice, S flew out of the room in front of me. I tried to lie down and cover my face with my hands and moan, with my hands on both sides from behind. At that time, both hands of S became a shape that grabbed my chest. Since there was only a thin blouse on the brassiere, I was surprised that S's hand was directly felt on the breast. S seemed to be surprised and thought that he was still for a moment as it was, but the next moment, he suddenly dragged me into the room with great power. A momentary event surprised me and panicked without knowing what was going on. S stood up and tried to escape, and while strangling me, I caught my leg and forcibly pushed it down to the floor. It became a conflict. I'm trying to lay me on my back, so I'm desperately trying not to lean down and curl up did. If you scream or yell, you may have heard it on the first floor, but when you think that the patient in the clinic or the woman at the reception will ask you, you can't yell, just telling you to stop and trying to escape desperately I got it. Even though I'm a junior high school student, I'm big and small, and I can't beat it. I resisted for a long time, but I was getting tired and breathless. I was exhausted and finally lay on my back on the floor and S got on top of it. I was grabbed by both wrists and made me banzai, and S's waist came in between my legs. I couldn't move because my whole body was pressed down and it was heavy. My face was crushed by S's chest and was about to suffocate. S slipped down and pressed the neck with one elbow. I couldn't breathe and it was painful and I could barely do it at best. I put my hand in the flared skirt. I don't wear pantyhose at home, so I only had shorts under my knee-length flared skirt. When I thought I was squeezing the pubic area through my shorts, I suddenly grabbed the waist of the skirt and forcibly pulled it to tear off the clasp and peeled off the skirt. The shorts were moved at once with the hand I turned around my butt, and I was forced to take it off with my feet. It seems that S is trying to take off his jersey pants with one hand, so I fluttered my legs to prevent it, but I could hardly move. My hands stretched out in my crotch, but I couldn't close my legs because there was an S waist between my legs, so I couldn't prevent it. Immediately S's finger found the vaginal opening and put it in. I struggled to escape, but I couldn't breathe because my neck was strongly pressed by my elbows, and I was exhausted and couldn't breathe at best. I was surprised at the feeling that the erected S penis touched the inner thigh. I wanted to protect only the last line no matter what. S blindly pressed the penis against the genitals to insert the penis while holding the neck with one elbow. I really squeezed my whole body and shook my body and resisted struggling. Fortunately, I couldn't insert it because the angle seems to be off. Insert While I was poking around the top of the vaginal opening with my penis, I felt that something hot was coming out at the base of my leg, so I knew that I had ejaculated. I was relieved. I thought this would calm me down. I thought that would happen because my husband also stopped at once after ejaculation. It was at that time that S took his hand off his neck and raised his upper body, so he was a little relieved when he was finally finished and tried to stand up with his body turned sideways. When S stood up and took off the jersey that had been hung down together with his pants, he attacked with a great appearance. I was pushed back on my back with tremendous force, grabbed my legs and pulled me. I saw a huge penis of S that erected so as to stick to my stomach. I returned to myself and resisted violently, but there was almost no force to push it away. Did you know that you wouldn't shout, this time I calmly tried to insert it. I tried to shake it off by flapping my legs and hitting S with my hands, but after all the power of the woman did not help. I tried hard for a long time while twisting my waist so that the penis would not be inserted every time it touched the vaginal opening, but finally I found that the tip of the penis was applied to the vaginal opening. It felt like I was about to enter the vaginal opening diagonally. I was already crazy and struggled to climb up, but I couldn't move because I was grabbed by my shoulder. The penis came into my vagina with tearing pain while I was struggling with my legs flapping. I entered the back with the feeling that the vagina was pushed open forcibly. I felt a dull pain in the back of my vagina. Regardless of me moaning, S put the penis in the back so as to push the internal organs further. When S's pubis hit my pubis, I thought it was all over. The power to resist was lost and tears began to overflow. S groaned with a rough breath and shook his hips like crazy, pushing my uterus and internal organs up messed up. Every time I was struck, I endured the pain while screaming. After a while, I found out that S pulled her body and ejaculated in the vagina. Now in a confused head I vaguely thought that the day was a safe day. After licking my body in despair for a while, S inserted again. I couldn't take my breath away and kept pushing me up, and I was crying and enduring the pain all the time. I felt it was a long time before ejaculation. I forcibly made me naked when I thought it was over, and committed two more times. It was past 6 o'clock when I was released from S.I washed my saliva and semen-covered body in the shower while crying. After a few days of worries, I ended up divorcing.

And son ...

It is a married woman of 45 years old, but there is a consultation by the son of 24-year-old me. Actually I'm in trouble son was ill. It is to lead or grab the hair limp Nag me recently. Raw wound does not put up me. Soshitara and I had sex on me. Because we live in only two sons and now died last year, not some people Can you help my husband. My son sex to me in a lordly manner. And I do an hour at a time too. I do not sleep at night. We are in the spree and because you are beaten and refuse sex. Please tell me what to do.

The work for the sex shop

I am a widow of 36 years old. Customs husband is going to eat or loan the house died in a traffic accident last year gold is lost, life insurance of my husband because no longer run out in debt, it has become the gold When I asked my friend that my husband died the same Since said he was the store, it was in the place where He has been her. Soshitara I said if you went to the room on the second floor where it was performed is said to carp interview test, and accustomed to the naked manager to come. It is to the pussy is laid to bet me the manager even when naked. I did it about 30 minutes position. Semen was flowing raw without even sack. It was passed and to drink the pill so do you live now. I do not think that you are pregnant because it does not have any children, but careful not that it is not born. My friend seems to have reservoir Munn one thousand yen ○○○. I also do my best.

The thing the other day!

It was me hugging me after the confession the other day ... ® son, wow, love, and love me. I am
And, since there is no risk of pregnancy to me, we couple, because the cold already ... But my husband, trying to interact with the retry of son, we accepted his son.

I relationship must not become a son

We will Fortunately son passed the university, she can also be a job also depends, to get married soon.
When to do with her, it's like using a variety of mind again. It does Mase Kawakari relationship beast of two people continue
indefinitely, but talk hell up going with two people when it comes to this anymore. The'm lady soon, I live happily wife and mother of me and 3P also Masu well,
we followed thirty-three years and mother, and wife twelve years service to our mother with me I married woman (mother We are committed to the wife),
is about two body want a natural 4P is also associated with mother mother-in-law wife by now. I'll think it as become even matter how son in education up to the lady,
I was education of mother I have taken initiative the most, but I is to teach play woman as hard to son,
is weak libido, also imagination It'll also lead to a decrease in sexual intercourse copulation is reduced, the way you put away Become a constitution that does not get to sleep and not twice intercourse copulation least on the day from the age of fifteen
I, four-five times a day even now forty-down old It has sexual intercourse copulation, and was kept wetting mother also be without fail masturbation to waking up,
in one without the entrance alarm instead, such as mother-in-law is closer to the (toilet from the ends go trembling little by little the ass to work before the morning Te), it is your attendance

Incest discourse of my

I, am working relationship to protect the security from four years ago, this year-end was quite stressful.
I became a troublesome work long time irregular, it is to commute over one hour or more from the parents' home, I decided to live on the good graces of some time relatively close from the place of employment, to the apartment of his brother three years older .
And after returning home to the apartment one day, and exhausted, I was asleep while yelling collapsed on the sofa.
Then, when the notice after a while, the whole body's heavy strangely.
Brother had, overlying of my body what.
And rolled up the part of the chest of my clothes, massaging my breasts, I have smoked.
I was surprised, and \"quit, brother,!, What are you doing\", and was resistance.
But brother, just say \"I'm sorry ... Atsuko, sorry\", and it is not me it is out of one's way.
And the hand of brother touches the important part of my shorts, I was attacked by a weakness, it has lost the all to resist.
Lips and hands of his brother, crawl around on every part of my feelings has been overwrought me.
Then peel the shorts also became soaked in the liquid sweat and my brother, has been pushing things of their own. There was also a heart think so
(not go, that ... like a brother)
to me, but there was no longer in the body to antidepressant desire for sex.
It was not many years already.
I was resisted somewhat, but still, my brother came into the pushy and while saying sorry.
Race around the whole body is amazing stimulation, I was a writhing.
While firmly hugged his brother.
My brother Semetate me terrible, I have been squid many times. The more
\"A!, Aa!\"
If in an attempt will hold back, my voice is going to increase.
My brother Mikane, was pushed into the mouth of my shorts that was taking off.
And many times fired, brother were also defiled my whole body it.
After everything was over, my brother is brought to such a state that it tired coma, convulsions of the whole body did not stop quite me.
Still a shower somehow, summarizes the luggage, I went back to home late. ... Saying goodbye to back his brother sleeping.
The next day, to me standing in the intersection in uniform, my brother came to apologize.
I forgive my brother. Or rather, remembering the doings of their own last night, it became quite Kashiku shame.
I went back to the apartment of his brother.
Now, I'm back to the good brother and sister get along very ordinary.
But sometimes, I have also yourself or to expect a little reminded of at that time, and then, or become shame Kashiku.
Brother, I love.


Yumiko is 23 years old. It stood one year married to my husband on two. With colleagues, Yuko sister of my husband was also a drinker your friend with me for a long time. Husband both became acquainted in the tavern. Small, but in the home ownership husband, drinking three people a drink from time to time, Yuko will continue staying at home. Horny will over time I start to excitement in about 15 minutes a protein husband.
 And fell asleep before I have drunk one day, I went to the kitchen and I woke up around two in the throat is dry, voice because I heard the electrical room Yuko is equipped with, if you excluded from the door, there !
 I saw the body of Yuko. Is naked. I'm kissing my husband clinging naked there. Yuko has stretched out a hand to the crotch of his master. I would look while pounding. I am hugging Yuko becomes above. I was stunned back home to me the room. What about.


And graduated from high school, three years with two people help the shops of the mother. And married to my husband who had come in the audience of the shop, and stood one year doing the shop three people. Day go to a vendor, it came back 2h also ahead of schedule at the convenience of the other party, the figure of two people so looked through the gap in the living room, you will want to see what you're doing with the mischief, and we peep softly were.
 There, two people are hugging each other naked. I was kissing my husband mother is on naked. Right hand is growing in the crotch of my husband.
If two people after this or become, there is no Yuki View more.

My brother ...

I am a high school sophomore in the 16-year-old.
The spent with me and my brother the one room from the time it is smaller in single-mother household, mother day and night I work.
I would have a relationship with the brother of one on such three years ago.
Rather than guilt, and has continued to be no relationship Barre.
Although I do not think that the mother also doubt I mean. . .
It seems she was able to recently brother and to have continued such a happy relationship.
I'm getting the feeling that I want to somehow her recently feelings of hatred becomes bigger and bigger against her or rather jealousy.
I do not know what to do with the good.

Fucked son

I am a housewife of 45 years old, but it died last year her husband, we live with one son, but the son is now in bad company. Son of 24-year-old has been staying in the house of a fellow is not Yoritsuka also in the house, but the son's to stay overnight in our house now. There is no such drawing room Number of rooms is small house of my home, so avert old 4-story. You do not have what the customer will work well with futon. It was not laid on fellow pick up the futon my son. son told me to sleep with you until you're in a pinch, there is no where I sleep. I was committed to his son that evening. I did a SEX and other than her husband for the first time. I hug my son in comfortably. As it is, to put to fellow after that. I thought I would Harisakeru penis of this person long large. I cried in pain.


I was married to him from yesterday. Can have son of 18-year-old to him, I became the mother of the child by a former marriage at 38 years old. Communication's very difficult, but when you are taking a bath, change of clothes should I, had folded the beautiful, was put messy is shorts and slip. I think my son-in-law and I was touched maybe. I thought that it was a little complicated, but with Na's is such a thing even in Aunt. Do you have towards the environment like me and remarried Someone

Incest discourse of my

From the room of his son, my son or What a transformation my underwear is lost? .

... My son

I am living in two sons and is becoming husband died. His son will be 24 years old, but it's balance playing with the wrong crowd without any work. We are staying at home or fellow can not go back to the house, but things did a SEX mother of a friend the other day. And it is so said to the fellow to SEX me now. There is no eye that was also Klez, a woman is something to me when you are in the house. It seems like it was remember woman play from getting together with friends. There was a phone call from the mother of this fellow. I will be 45 years old but I never was such as SEX and son until now. was allowed to pussy is forced to bare when it came back to the house. I think pussy is Harisakeru pierced the big long Timbo son. I hug my son feel better to hurt at first, but you become more familiar.

The fucked son

I am a housewife of 45 years old, but my husband went to Osaka in the bachelor two months ago. And took him to the room of his son while holding me when you're naked in the dressing room to be out of the bath in the evening of the day where it was committed. And I do many times that day. I also did seven times convenience. It remains to say the son is not can also appeal to my husband on the phone. Every day my son's commit from that day. Son and I called a woman accustomed to me. I became a woman of his son. Futon I wetted with semen so do every night. It was troubled and can not also be washed. My son is 25 years old, but you embrace the obvious to say it's a woman of my me. And I was pregnant. I was told to not Orose because to 5 months from the doctor After trying Oroso it can not be said that's a child of the son my husband comes back. I thought that it was and was getting fat, but a child I had dwelled on the stomach. You do not have to have without moving house also not to say children of son also not afford to would be also found in the neighborhood. Says son and me gave birth to marry me if you consult your son may I say the letter from my husband also not reach if so. This is referred to as either not good Speaking like a couple if you said that it can not get married in the same parent-child you will divorce with my husband.

The ... that Nante incest, do not be

 Good Naka we really it was a brother and sister ordinary. Parent is the single mothers of the mother only. My mother is a teacher. Because it was moved to every transfer of the mother, and was playing with playing house with two people in the house since I was a child. Or from the effects of my brother will gesture like such a girl. The bullied boy, there was also often go home crying. And ..., I had always thought if I be protected. Mother knows the relationship of two people. Last summer, during the act of two people, mother and you open a little door, two people stare, gaze is I have met. But my mother did not stop the action for some reason. Act of two people, has escalated since then. There are times when I think my mother and so on at that time. Thing, I should not be there.

Happy and ... I was overnight

Finally, just, my brother went to bed. It was me continue to seek me. Is happy. -----
Contraception is the responsibility of the woman's last name I have been worried about your birth control! ! I am drinking pill. Is received by the mouth of the first ejaculation, you drink. (Why we call it a Calpis.) You will receive in the mouth when violent also the second time. Have Insert finally at the third time.
 After lowering grades, absolutely, it does not opponent. The teasing also usually, you teasing thoroughly. Until you feel the other limit, not opponents. When a sexual partner, I also blame the ass brother. I was considerably broadened. Wrist goes in a little more. That as you are not going to rut, consider the way of sex also, is the responsibility of the woman. Usually, absolute, and must not be sought from me, though.

Even if the resistance

It is a full-time housewife of 34-year-old, it was a cold day it rains yesterday, to Takafumi 13-year-old previous marriage of her husband, it is pushed down on the sofa being attacked from behind, I've resisted desperately, but the fingers of Takafumi When Nugasu up underwear tear know is coming wet enter the mini skirt in, even if the resistance called Takafumi is Takafumi useless, dick from the top of the pantyhose underwear, even with the fingers of Takafumi, pantyhose, is referred to as'm wet Mother on me, and with a rubber Takafumi'm useless, I and covered with rubber to stick Takafumi, to bet bedroom, If you remove the hook of the bra pushed up the clothes, we nipples rubbed boobs Takafumi voice and Takafumi licking, N Aa ~ is, and spread the legs to be coming Takafumi, Takafumi has been superimposed on the body of my bar of Takafumi fried voice and Aa ~'m over there, I stick of Takafumi I got the acceptance. When I left the bedroom to fix, the disturbance of the clothes, we are the sound of the car of her husband.

It started ...

At the age of 13, when he slept side by side futon in the house of relatives, the middle of the night, I become lonely Mushoni, sunk to the futon of his brother, his brother was the first of threw her arms around her. A word of my \"...'m okay because brothers,\" we would kiss to come to each other excitement while you are hugging each other. I was sent the day-to-day as then, there was nothing. The after about three months, the night of absence, my brother has sunk to bet my parents in the nude. It came not embrace crying with you! \"wonder should I was a good brother! wonder you were brothers.\" Both of them was the first time, but was able to love me in the lead. That night, I decided two people also conventions.

... Take a shower

I began to shed Calpis and hall smell of his brother. Full, gave me out a lot. Also, before tomorrow ... I was happy, parents come home, you got to love.

Worry of pregnancy

I am also one who had to have a relationship with my son, but can have a worry myself to read the experiences of everyone.
It is a pregnancy.
Can not be pregnancy folks. Toka, can lead to deformity is high. It is said to be such, but everyone either would not or is such as pregnancy?
Could you tell me?
39-year-old son 14 years old I