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Incest confession of women(2008-08)


yuna himekawa[9938]
The collection of debts left by her husband is coming. My son played with the body is unable to talk ... as it is called.
a month ago, the scene has been witnessed his son home from school, leave that night or the desire of the son bear charm "You useless!" in the mouth and body and honestly defy accepted . Twisted love hurts me to my son, my son became passionate affair with a desire uncontrollably. protect the mother and son from
next day I moved into a new apartment, has started living alone. Vexation and sorrow to her husband to leave runaway debt, and the woman turned to moan in pleasure.
doing all the sucking son's desire to leave the body is aware, to the joy-filled body is ripe. Pants in most voice dick licked, off to his son. They lived so hard every day, in the house naked son wishes to each other, always excited to leave.
to kiss dictates are inserted from behind tits fingered boring standing in the kitchen, and looking at each other Omeko TV, boring trifled cock and enjoy sexual life.

Son son

One son, entered the junior high school this spring, so was boldly steals tea. My husband and I separated due to the cheating husband. Partly out of spite, the son was going to take a virgin before. One day in the summer just started, he came back from pushing the club, forced to deal in hand, will feel, and when I Blow has more hug from his son. After successfully leading the insertion here. The events of less than 10 minutes to hours.
I became 40, and has recently been a while and thought it was unsatisfactory, and is hard. My son asks every day my body. The first time, I think I support 受Ke止Menakya responsibility as a mother, but for now, I happen to be weighed. What terrible teenage sexuality

Son sex

Yesterday, watching home from work and saw the place I should
had sex with my wife sleeping with his wife and son. My wife gasped in agony
son is finishing up
was like just before the hip shake violently.
son is 19 years old and wife 39.
this thing to my wife, but then I saw how
What should I say anything. Besides, what did
wife have sex with her son before?
advice to everyone is happy women.
our son his wife have two sons in high school, I'm trying to call him
it since I was without an honorific.

Trouble can not control the erection

Last night, room and board and a nephew that, I finally crossed the line.
but I feel that I am sorry my sister was such a day would come someday.
separated from her husband and will be living alone in five years and two daughters.
nephew had room and board from last year, becoming quite strong guy, such a nephew. Last night my daughter went out on a trip from
3 to 4 days does not come back.
while taking a bath, my nephew came into the bathroom to get naked.
even bother to deny there was any resistance.
rather stout body hugging his nephew away from me, I want to satisfy your nephew, driven by the urge to want to put me in the attack, his nephew, a young man I most want , and I was then. For example
suck like crazy, take the back of the throat were swallowed.
After that, tuck a bath mat against the nephew, my nephew is coming in strong in mono, the peak in 引Ki寄Semashita two crazy people.
young nephew, wither without a second for my release on the mat while the third remains so.
then enters the bedroom with my nephew, I had many times before midnight
and devour the young, although his nephew last night while I attend to 注Gi込Mimashita 5 times . I'm sorry to
sister, my nephew is cute for a woman who reminded me, the painful, yet they are posted along with the fatigue of the hip looms a little guilty but I committed to abstinence.
now have a nephew out to bytes.
forbidden now, I would not be repeated when my daughter. I think there are many that would want from me.
sister, so sorry.
still, my body could get pregnant, but rather than refuse, but my way, I'm sure that 離Senaku nephews.
Sister, I'm sorry.

Was the best summer ♪

I (34) later this summer, her nephew came to visit the Department and from one week to play with the cat (1) sex relations had lasted and Marcolini. Jun-chan

is coming to visit me from out of 6 when small, before the door and came into the bathroom and I heard the sound of pee, masturbating with my underwear underwear because I always got the semen,, in Mino Taku strategy blew up my frustration away wants to know the young boy's semen, Jun-chan is finally in full swing this hot summer puberty When the posture bra or even stick your butt When I was a child like that will be hooked when I was invited to stand out as transparent panties? When I was out talking about love or "What Aunt by kissing?" Naturally evolved at last intercourse until you suddenly realize the success of the strategy that we have a passionate kiss from her to say Soon I < br>
from five days to happen the rest of the day every day until the time when my husband came home from working out a few times was naughty. Jun-chan

really love and ejaculation of semen, Jun-chan that I 感Jirurashii I'm drinking semen drinking Jatsu be cool in my mouth. Sometimes I'm out of the cock, and lick the semen taken and the belly and chest with a splash in his hand. Jun-chan too, ♪ seems to be looking like I have to lick the back

time around and into the Sun so safe to go home the day before the one-time sex To date the semen was accepted in full, Jun-chan "woman" was happy to be able to feel the ecstasy as the first best (/ / 0 / /)
... In fact, Jun-chan Because the long dick slim but also in the balance of the body, ☆ Soon it from her mind to leave the amount to leave because I know that it is better 中No口

too shallow end of summer vacation before school starts But Also, for some time with her sex is sad that a state Department postponed (/_;)< br> But be sure to wear winter Teru Hashi said, once or twice in the meantime I'll come to say Mashita it is put before it (laughs)

I like it a lot of people like me get a man to drink sperm! ?
side but some people hate women, I have semen Jun-chan has got really love, and I want to feel my pee comes out lukewarm desire to force her from me sometime ... Soon you can I hope you the best tasting cod (laughs)

My experience

My husband is a 46 year old married woman is a 50-year-old civil servant. The 17-year-old son has a child, mother and son become this way [I] showed that the penis was erect and said. [I] but you've grown up out of the semen to grasp the penis with masturbation, but did say for now and just restored soon Hachi切Ren early recovery. So I'm good [sexual intercourse] do it to let me put the pot and also extends the chin. I say hold on to his son and then I feel better.


After I get off at station 3, when it stopped the train in personal injury, "Please wait until opening." Hey,
sick I started menstruating early, so go home, call home Once you come out no one, probably my mother, my grandmother would just live in the neighborhood
, I called "Mom and I went out of Mao's mother" is and I differ by only five years old, his uncle Datsu or. 25
uncle, my 20-year-old events autumn.
that day was so bad in the first period, then the train stopped, I called my mother to come pick 貰Itaku to go out that, all I felt like things happened for me and my uncle that day.
my uncle came to pick 話Tara the circumstances that day had a relationship.
it is not so much as on the agreement, as close to rape.
came to pick me, take my uncle's car, you're just a little drive! And, speaking of the car to the hotel area. My uncle said
rest here, had entered, not waiting for an answer. On entering the room
uncle roughly stripping my clothes, take off your pants and had a closer look at the dick smell.
to stop, because physiological ear, Do not worry about his uncle, came to lick his face in close smell.
I smell my period in a nasty, rough breath with his uncle, his face came closer.
placed fingers, because menstruation, wet enough dick uncle came in suddenly. My uncle quickly eternally,
because physiologically I hope I can put in, and while a good many times I commit my uncle would've done many times?
uncle, but just say, and premature ejaculation too early to go faster recovery time and again was done.
from it's relationship with his uncle at a time period I have continued.

My son suffered skin

Monsieur is our family videos, but I have my master. I think there are 20 standard.
is my master lay, since the shooting, image quality is not good.
sir, recently I bothering me, son, there is no cock someone depart technology will let you end up in a minute away. So, my son, I know how to caress, caresses, and how will the nipples feel good, who stroked the clitoris, rubbing people, playing with people, who pinch, who lick, suck, how to roll on the tongue, 躰, and I teach.
son, let me me someone depart, too, and stroked her son's nipple or rubbing, licking, and sucking, we firmly comfortably erect stripped to the skin with a heightened increase Uncut to give, but ejaculation, it does not yet, my son, clitoris, lick, or suck, then you roll your tongue, followed by two times, made me someone depart, I am the son of Job a caress with a stick anus, anal only, and let someone depart.
son, mother, being caressed with a stick anal anus, Hyi ~, ~ Hyi glad I get to say,

If you have a talk or a relationship with real son?

Until now I have a relationship about two months before the 21-year-old son.

Forbidden World!

Recently I read this board! There are various other incest experiences, talking about it and I made the world of delusion and desire and I invite you all think?

My discourse incest

True story. For example I suck the brother's genitals.
before I was interested. I also felt
dick too.
but I just refused sex.

And kids!

My son is being held every night knowing that a bad thing! What is unusual family we?

Consultation with her

Hello, I recently learned that such a site.
immediately day or night in our post incest have heard from my friend quite some regards because
consultation with various posts that I want to go home takes place in
thank you. I am a fairly ordinary office worker
working at the age of 49 leading electronics manufacturers, our company has been entrusted the responsibility
chief director of career bureaucrats are said to you.居Mashi
at home to two daughters, 19-year-old daughter and our 23 years.
wife and I divorced five years ago to the people living on our three, I have a son, two daughters
Tsuite行Ki son who is my mother's child really O父Chan
can pick up more now, and one person even saying to the adults take over the normal 19-year-old daughter in the OL,
we have a student currently studying.
until the present time since a small child feeling that O父Chan into a bath in the main question now enters
always together. Also available
recent days late at work to come back in time with your child on a child under the wind enters
Lu, two months ago is now one day Although it is that, back in her face
my penis is yours just by chance when I looked back I got a strange air, and then washed away
right. I let them wash
penis penis myself clutching my daughter wanted to do something with it blushing daughter did
Utoshi. No penis but I should have been rejected there and refused to put her Gikochinaku
started washing soap, and my daughter is a hard man is facing upward
although if you feel up to the glans Fully erect, without his daughter Gingin
fit I become to the end in hand, refuses to return to the spot and we apologize to each other somehow I'm also not a word for the day
sleep into my bed at night in her bed and walked into today
been a good father to sleep with you because there is also toots? So I brought along
enter into bed with her sister that day 2 nights trip to Disneyland with friends
daughter was alone with my day and went to the bottom.
our way back of the hand of my daughter in a large breast with a little tan in bed and talk to again begin to feel better
Kiku Hiroshi erect penis and I also have my own standing <br > Mogurikomi begin to go down on the bed as if I sensed this
daughter per pretty painful but I did not have front teeth will be fine no experience Memashita,
it my best I was an act of will.
sleep with her that day as I slept the next day, I end up halfway
passed away at the height of my mouth from the woman who raised me to lead It seems, then
Yu surprisingly smoothly inserted into and then say you made to give pain to insert and
'll rip the man and woman I have become completely.
doing that is like the life and marital life almost daily to enjoy our
now forbidden sex in the bed.
I was under the mistaken daughter one day I was only just two weeks from today is connected with Nde
daughter is late at night as early as my sister has also told me that it is OK済Ma not eat through the penis
on the state reached a peak to overlap each other in bed let me look
daughter was so heart-stopping, passed away after Munching my daughter cock
Deta troubled on what to do in situations not have the excuse lying naked Nde I still like my
Takao why the situation extremely well read on their daughter until I began to grasp the penis
Mexico Mexico made it the erection or Tsukamezu well again why the situation is now
then I got too tied to my daughter on a similar sperm Two of us are completely focused our
two daughters and daughter in the plot below it turned out there talking about each other perfectly
that day that I was fooled by the situation seems to fall prey to.
sad day, but half the day to come is going to wear my own married children living forbidden
like this (of activities) are worried about sending you good.


My husband died four years ago, a retired local government official last spring, too, are living alone and then.薄Ragi month over the course of his master's face too, I recently embarrassed now that body piercing. I like you, I want to have sex. I think women are at play safely? . I'm looking forward to all your posts.

My discourse incest

I am 19 years old, my brother is 14 years old. Suddenly awake at night going to the bathroom, I noticed the light leakage from the back room at his brother.
to put one's ear against the door, "Ann, Ann ..." ... and moan. It opened slowly and I making any noise,
brother in PC video erotic masturbation was flowing from me. What is the moment when ejaculation would actually ... so I was wondering,
observed directly. Then I noticed my brother. I was 引Kenaku later, I have to do to get my mom says anyway? And threatening and,
扱Ki things started a little withered. But a bad start. I was exasperated,
off the sweat, T-shirt and wearing only panties, turning to his brother on all fours with your ass. A
or excitement? I think. As expected, the younger brother full erection. Stroke stroke (laughs) I M in the final character split,
Ikimashita where we're dug in striped panties. Pyutsu and after leaving, drop and add more ~. I come out like this ~
tried to withdraw quickly found out where to be and I Want to Cum Nedara again with his brother. Well I do,
installed or not but we continue in this. My T-shirt off, boobs rub Dari, and is showing that you have a masturbation streak traced from the top of the underwear,
second ejaculation brother. The amount is small, 1m flew away to as my thigh.
withdrawal of having stuck with his brother wore that shocked. I got really excited as it was in a room masturbation.
neta brother. Stimulate the vagina causes feelings Beat Bra. Try licking your finger to scoop attached to the thigh ... bitter semen. Sole
issued from his brother, but definitely led me to climax. Since coming to my room at night in about a week and worried for me to become a Onaneta. Well ... I do
I was doing, and gradually increases and demand, M is now at last naked leg up pussy masturbation. my brother is a joke
. I have nothing else of him. Originally temperament M, also added more shame, suffering will instinctively. Tsu
Not now!飛Bi掛Ri brother and I cry, I just inserted. Also wanted to switch completely into resistance,
I can only gasp. Siblings. Incest. Contraindicated. Onaneta reality. Virgin brother. Devour my chest. Insertion complex. I was feeling
fucked. I have combined 3 piston as I got them installed. Vagina is tightening things Gyu brother ~ Innovation,
without ejaculation. I was put in a long time, I think I was about 30 seconds pulsing.
Since then, the relationship between me and my brother six months has continued. I want to use the pill because I can not stop saying cum many times.

Growth son?

My son (3 in), the bath in atopic Agari Applying medication to give her son's body. Spots from two months ago? Rino Amane has fallen ○ wage, it's very itchy? When you are painting around the chin ○ punch line drugs! My son surprised me with the volume key ○ sudden! 'm Thinking about getting a son, I have quite a little excitement to even reverse key phimosis ○ button.

I have to do is a clerk in the company of relatives bytes from last year, my son was not aware until recently of the accident.

My son is like I'm absent knee ○ Oh my time zone, so I'm weird?

is like maybe once I have been interested in stockings, pantyhose and dumped in the trash is gone now? Can not correspond to the number of stocking clothes? ! And I was good in beige and brown stockings are not a target that is not Bakkari Brown? While coming to my head! Son to check the room, the bed under the mattress! In my stocking? Son's room is not a tissue? While you empty the trash? Why do I stretch stockings and can not be! Are you wearing stockings touching her son to come they become part of the wage Kapikapi ○ I understand just fallen? I felt it did not fire ○ 精Shi think?

Why? Stockings?
Why? ○ can concentrate on shooting?
can I find the time to even turn on in about knee Yu ○ Yes son. But my little stocking
? Or rather embarrassing to smell, even in a sanitary manner? Maybe people like me are stocking? Poku worry something will be transformed. The future of my son!

I mean, my son's eczema Hotondorashii

stress to the knee, even the son o ○, ○ fine with the way radiation is 解Ranaku yet? 'm Just better at wearing stockings every day just horny? A slight worsening of atopic dermatitis due to it? With or without permission

delusion is the best way of teaching is really my husband, my father and mother separated years ago in one!

as I am going to teach the ways of the knee ○ paint off naturally when the body of his son drugs Agari bath.

atopy might be better if the stress is decreasing ○ shooting accuracy, and stockings may not be stolen?

this week is my son and I want to face later in the week since the company closed.

I have a normal mother, I will wait for the return of her son while wearing itchy brown stockings in the morning for some reason.

The mother is a woman too. Oh well then
○ knee. Maybe my son every day

♪ naughty like me so I was still addicted to

husband and exposure in the past. Others just get wet and be seen. Remember to get wet. Wait for the return of his son

miniskirt and stockings. I am also frustrated

I can also report the results!


Only son

Almost every day I'm involved in my 22 year old son 45 years old! What other unusual Kikimasen a halt?

If now

The 43-year-old mother this year. Last month, I have a relationship with his son for the first time in 19 years. Even the first
was puzzled even perverted time alone was not enough of a man and woman,
better today if you are interested in the post today I wanted to listen via telephone was. Imashitara those who really listen,
unblock so good, thank you. My son is a useless, if only the morning classes in the afternoon, so today,
who want it all means.

Virginity to my father

yuna himekawa[9752]
This is my first experience of the other things I'm ashamed of my father.
home to a young man ran off with the mother turned away and be alone without a father in general housework
not finish the job situation back home prepare dinner It is. Such is life like housewives. That day my father
Orimashita down in the living room drinking too much.
"Dad? Hikukara cold sleep anymore?"
抱Ki起Kosou When I was a father, too heavy and fall away 被Satsu
have covered my father.
I asked my lips, holding his hand chest. I'm unable
motionless lips together so I was the father of a large body resistance. My father was massaged to stimulate the crotch of my clothes on. I had touched a sensitive finger on one hand off your underwear suck my tongue, father tongue. I have no experience of sex. The clitoris is licked
father. Had revealed himself to be male erection without knowing his father. 69 had become a form of the father. mouth erection
excited to finally be father of my father being caressed
I've included. The first experience I have, of course.
I thought okay to have sex with my father at this time. My father quietly inserted
. It is still painful.

My discourse incest

People who talk to her mother or father?

My discourse incest

Make Cash on the father and older brother in high school ー
The active I was 17. The ー and tell you that spending money to his father and brother to Make Cash nasty recently. It was like that at first the company went out at all in the mouth blow job from 30 minutes to tell me something to suck out the morning before work today, but my father did. I'm in good Ikimasen we decided to tentatively rule. My father was once a month pocket money I got I'm five million, five times or more things at least a month, a blow out, we meet twice a month is a holiday that promises sex. I got a blowjob once every two yen from an older brother of course. My mother is always exciting when you go shopping or to do it while I'm in a bit against your mother and it is exciting and absolutely secret. Because what comes in my room, my father asked fellatio Kono Hazama something. I was more nervous than my father. When sex at home or indeed to me but took me a love hotel and business hotel is still not able to just below the Nde sister is really something I have my two little sisters Even though more experienced in 14 years, I was told ibis 金回Ri good sister recently had something Shot During this period. Our father and to live like this anymore than two years. Came time to act like this is my mother and I are not like fine, I know from being sucked breasts when I went to bed in my room by mistake and mother when I went to the drunk father . Just then I will embrace my father when I notice a mistake in the alumni 居Nakatta mother. I was reluctant at first, but I also felt good when they are inserted to the world about Hikkurikaeru I also quite large 悶Emashita much fascination with my father, I was very upset when it is truly Pies. Teru Hashi father snoring in bed writing a large shed in the video jump to the bathroom immediately abandon the Father in my bed all night until morning I finally went to bed with new bedding and sleeping under the bed in the morning So I shall say to me, Is it her child Innovation 奈那 was surprised to see how the current state of their father truly become Kokunto nodded. Went to work in a hurry and I wrong to say I'm sorry dad. Could leave the mail that day to apologize to me later. And I felt good, but I'm a brother who came to both worlds and get pocket money every month thanks to that very well but my father Drops me, but only when called from a selfish thing The ー I will play with friends around for a wealthy pocket money every month. Now enjoying a pace of about once a week to have sex with my rubber milk properly.

My discourse incest

I loved my brother. Siblings of different
year round also, I think that family structure is unusual, I loved my family.
Among them, there it was a special brother. Shortly after entering college
my brother became ill.
acute leukemia, treatment of possible speak, and what you can do, together with his brother fought with the family disease. But every day my brother went weak, that I can give to my brother, I wish I thought of various results are brother and sister did not do it do.
good health of his brother, Sun was allowed furlough, I went into my brother's room, sleeping in front of my brother, I want to hold a one-time once the clothes are wearing her brother and asked for my brother. I lean my brother no stamina, I think it's a cruel thing I said if you want. You Hana
brother in trouble, look for a happy, told me to go to bed.
thin and skinny body, slender arms, delicate fingers, her fingers gently, like a musical instrument sound, touch my body, kiss me. But it would at least was tough physically.
However, as time goes by waiting to lay down, including the mouth of my brother, to large Matagarimashita brother.
slow and fast and, while attached to the strength, I was waving back.
Still, I felt. Copyright
brother thing was not until the last minute.
And soon, my brother, "thank you" to leave word traveled.

Six sons and a small ...

My son is in 6th grade fruit.
the kind of relationship with the husband at the time when the three are not small are doing every time.


I have a brother I'm actually a person.

three younger than me, I had also seen something dirty panties.

be two years since high school, I would put the panties in the laundry basket, there are things that you had to keep the dirt portion of the table.

And why, I felt like looking down on my eyes.

maybe this time I think the thing I was interested in girls dirty panties. I said something

"are likely to wear panties dirty habit gills"

was feeling.

has also been seen masturbating once. That

two years at middle school I certainly rubbing on a pillow when we incorporated with the piles of panties on the bed and opened the door without even knocking my brother it.

turned around I heard back was stunned to see me as a brother. I am in shame

"without permission to look at the girls room!"

when saying, so he shut the door, I hurriedly I wore a dress.


"What did you just now?"

so I asked,

"I dress. properly from now Give to knock "

say it.

Since that time, but to be sure to lock up, thought I'd do with shame.

But when I say that I still had to think masturbation know. I might even have

brother like you.

fine, because I feel like I spoil me.

But after all, who are brothers of a woman, I think that quite often I wonder is seen around the panties inside out or interested in the girl's age. If you can

lover, I would say that I lost.

Mon 4 involved forbidden ichi

Presumptuous but I was allowed to freely make. thank you for posting more

My son suffered skin

The mother will beg you cock an erection firm greatly 剥Ke even skin erect a firm cock licking sucking nipples son caressing Pokochin phimosis of 朝立 son, the mother becomes shiny spreading the legs for his son I'll lick the nipples of her son to see a pussy or, he was thrust your hips into the pussy soaked in shiny with his mother's dick you an erection firm to 剥Ke skin, sat licking sucking the nipple of the mother I have gone back and forth with ejaculation.突Ki上Gemasu mother to insert anal Strap on anal Strap on anal son wears a son, my son, I feel Mom, I feel anal, anal with her mother for a more pleasant cock stroked her son, erection was really hard, my son is four and a crawl, mother, mother to son into anal Strap meet you back from your fingers to caress the nipples of her son to move the hips thrust back and forth My son and nipples or anal, feeling, mom, mom feels, feels, and you'll get out of mom said, her son was released cock white sperm can not touch anything without playing with the son to his mother I have played with the nipple ejaculate is pleasant feel to caress your nipples erect cock with a firm anal thrust. My son was someone depart to his mother. Mother and son have been someone depart. My master will not only be inserted into the pussy of the mother, her mother is a slave master. My son is a slave to his mother. I forced my son to practice in Knin mother, mother, three consecutive times until my son die in Knin are forced to keep licking the clitoris of the mother. The mother now, and with menopause, however I will be OK in the soup at any time even while his son became. Mother and son, says I'm connected to every day comfortably. My master is no longer rigidly erect cock energetically. The mother of a son cock, 堪Rimasen happy to get it up so tight I can at any time. My son was erect hard large cock being caressed half nipple mother put up the ejaculate is forced to lick the clitoris which will caress 30 minutes nipples caressing her mother, and caressed his mother, 逝 three times Kasenai will give me a pussy, anal also to give me. Because you wanted her son to his mother pussy and anal, and I caressed his mother a lot.

My son suffered skin

Yes, thanks to heal his son cavalier master. Hard cock erection causes large and pleasant feel to caress the nipple is the same as a sensitive mother son nipples. And on his mother lying next to her son, and caressed by the nipple of the mother nipples son pussy shiny mother Shimaimashi to erect firm paying close nipple each other is caressed by nipples son nipples sensitive Also, shiny mother pussy mother pussy nipple nipples being caressed his son and son's cock was soaking I firmly erect large. My son continued to caress the clitoris Peel mother sucking licking my master's instructions, are also anal lick, anal finger was inserted to caress her pussy. His mother was still getting a flood anal pussy is caressed, I firmly erect cock is ticking to caress my son and then anal. Make me wear my master's son mother anal Strap with a white sperm release under pressure from the erect cock anal mother. My son is not touch cock is done.

My son suffered skin

My son is a pussy soaked in mother's shiny, and goodbye to virginity. Cock still and wither, will suffer the skin is caressed the nipple with the same mother, but Pokochin Uncut, it will erect stiff fine jelly jelly, hard enough to expose solid minutes glans to 剥Ke even skin I came, will return to wearing the skin 萎Me small dick in pussy ejaculating hips thrust back and forth moving my mother's pussy. Uncut until my son finally became false. The three when it erection phimosis? 13 to peel off the skin with an erection only Naranakatsu kite etc.? Until now, as a mother, a son cock, and a decent size, we have peace of mind .

Secret Base

I have two older brothers. From childhood, for my brothers had a Gokko love to explore.

eldest brother in college, my brother dropped out of high school on the right, in your first month salary to the job, it becomes us to treat us, in three pub. You'd ask
and Don Don, second elder brother is a big treat. I also do not hesitate
brother, enjoyed food and drink.
out pubs, karaoke and going to say, to karaoke, we have a scoring game. Went to sing in turn, make the rules say go off one by one the number of poor people the best clothes, starting immediately karaoke.
I sing first, and this time I was prepared to take off 78 points themselves.
Apparently, just like my father, seems to be tone deaf.
two brothers were more than 80 points so lightly, but I decided to take off.
they try to round 3 and Round 4 Round off your blouse in the first two, after all, is that I finished last. 2 who beat my brother.
took off at all, the second elder brother, "as it is, Go to bed to the table," the word, I was afraid, and you wear the clothes, the second elder brother came to kiss.
place where so standing at the entrance on his brother, to be visible from the outside, I touched the breasts second elder brother, has stirred a finger to put ice dick, put up a straw was. Brother on "So here, from that can not be, go outside," and I said, dressed, and left.
to run away and, if my brother on either side, so that carrying out and walked directly to the hotel.
enters the room, was told to strip down to two older brothers who, I became his underwear. strip to my underwear and
wildly on his brother and suddenly, things came into my brother.
no kiss, nothing, came to a sudden break, 呆気Naku, 果Temashita brother out on the stomach.
while smoking, watching in silence, the second elder brother told me to take a shower, I went to the bathroom. There, the second elder brother coming in with his brother, and put the soap, divided into front and back and started touching my body. My brother is back, second elder brother before, put hand soap, which touched all over the body, standing, and Hayarimashita second elder brother. Meanwhile put your finger
brother my ass, and was put out and repeat. 3 people out of the bathroom
, this time on the bed, without mercy, two brothers were attacked, was told to lick at the same time two were licking.
second elder brother is lying, was told to ride on, and I took over. Then his brother anal finger, and has spread well and came into the anal thing as soon as my brother said. Were attacked at the back with two older brothers who just before I got going in the pleasure.
from it is done in either three or brother.


I signed a second relationship.
to act earlier than the evening.
still felt a dull pain in the uterus, the sperm comes back flowing from our wipe wipe us.
was four hours of action as it is to be done. Apparently he seems
mean to my mother's pregnancy.
the way he whispered.
"Today, I'll knock up" and.
to the left and right legs open my legs, Shiimashita repeated ejaculation pretty lukewarm on the back. I have to prepare for anything other than
tomorrow, going to the gynecologist.

Anxiety son

One day, my son, almost embarrassing,
's wrong with my penis. Was crying face.
What happened? What's wrong

mother? Unda tea so I
towards larger strip.
I do not know. Try to show me.
was nervous. I do not know and I'll show
. Look
I Nugasemashita pants. normal times but it was
know. I wore
I'm wearing. it'd be when you grow
. I do not know
not increase with a funny story.
erection of which son?
a little worried.
Oh, and I do not know that you greatly.
helped. I tried to let my heart mackerel.
Ttara her. Even though it was larger and began an instant, real mother. My son has been towards the penis skin.
and this went towards the skin until the glans is fully exposed. This child
great, I'm towards perfection.
or big joke? Kiku Hiroshi Moriagari is really the biggest part of Cali, when it seems to be relegated in the scratch like this, I never had tea. I certainly towards the perfection of the leather is a main topic. it is common
it funny.
Really? Say I'm more towards the glans is exposed to any destination. Yet a closer look 下Ga glans see how I was about 5mm. My son recently started
for skin, the glans is exposed in opposite directions and finally increases by the day, the future was still worried why not peel. I have a muscle is under sperm per'm back and I think were concerned Muketara cut it anymore. I peel my son
further Mukenai You only see so far. I'm supposed to
dick is so far only Mukenai. I do not clean or even why
Really? I really
son seems to have peace of mind.
become so big penis better?
sometimes. When do you grow up
? Withered and even when
H. H
any thing?
naked woman. 6
small son, and it became hard to see her naked anymore.
You're touching my breasts bigger. There is also the size 15cm
about it. I thought like a child
recent development is also good over there. On that day, but in
Owarimashita it, I no longer how things came to a son since then.
large. My husband is so small son is greater honesty. Lightning
admiring its size.
see, see it again.
next day, I told my son, along with a bath after a long time I said, Irou. My son did not seem
were partly because the resistance has already erect penis. But actually that
son was and started to erect.
I'm standing naked watching me.
naked and erect even touched my breasts did not think it is quite amazing.
Hey, mom got naked look bigger?
Yeah. Kakusou
no. I did
cleaned up his son's body. Of course, I watched
dick. I do not do pretty well
where body wash hands with soap, put things like that.
's hard to do? And wash the glans, Ouch!
there still seems to be sensitive. Gave soft wash.
then, ah, uh, strange voices son.
is at that time. Tobidashimashita sperm.
took my hair a little.
Mom, what's mine.
I'm in something. What is this? I also write at
became too small for ever.

Hiyon that

I met my husband and I married when I was 46 years old 20 years old. The 26 years have passed since then, the rumors that my husband 有Rimasu having an affair. Let's have sex with her son for having an affair think so too. My son is 24 years old just got married last year. Wife is a teacher in middle school, my son has a shop at home.切Ri盛Ri day to shop, but two people with me all the time, leisure time has sex with her son, but finds it difficult to marry, always at the back of the room was dim抱Ki合Imasu. According to my son because my pussy will love it even disconnecting liquid spills, as if to pull the blanket clean, wipe it with a towel. My son is in big pussy Osane narrowed says good feeling. I can voice out and there is no orgasm. Is it safe to have customers come suddenly.

Family relationships

Megumi, 36 years old, the mother of my husband and my husband, one son, high 2-year-old daughter lives five. Camcorder three years have passed now and also meet his son. But the trigger was the first place 17 years ago. I met my husband was still in college students party, made it the relationship immediately. I, of course, did not you are a virgin. I dedicated a male virgin in the same class at the time of D, is suddenly thrust with no foreplay, "I'll hurt ~, ~ it'll hurt," crying all the time. So the end is 射Sa face to all men now deny it, or into the eye. Learn by experience in middle school but I got one that was playing every week this fit into a lesbian in high school knows pretty deep. The three-year period Hadorezu girl. Finally I can say is it was a lesbian using vibrators on each other instead of male. So, he was met at half-party, with a smart and cool, to really be there at the Cock-tech, I got hooked the procedures. Three months related to him, "Tell my mother that" it is said, when his home was taken to have a large garden that is an exclusive residential area when I was in ecstasy. After eating a late lunch with her mother and three people, he said, "come out a little.'ll Go from slow to stay," I. Mother also a "take it" relentlessly and is invited, so we stay longer procedures. After eating dinner and drinking wine together, the "first to take a bath" I also came to the place where her mother is said to contain. Suddenly saw that the crotch does not have hair! Shaved a smooth, on a hill was included in addition to the shame of a butterfly tattoo. After being hugged by my ear, "You'll I was lesbian," a passionate kiss on the neck and whisper while, played with a nipple in the left hand and right hand in the crotch. Mareta picked the moment while wade through the chestnut hair, "Ah, ah ah ~ Tsu" I sat down to wash place is missing the power of the knee. Another, then my ear has been vague and squid many times, "Megumi's hair under, you're shaving bothers" been all the hair shaved pussy Shaved likes I. And while he is naked lesbian s mother still in bed, I was wearing came engorgement of the Cock! ! ! Being caught while being caressed his body with her mother for the first syncope intense euphoria. Lovely Voice I felt that the mother had heard in the dim consciousness. Six months until graduation was commuting from his home. Of course played by three people each night. Graduation, marriage, and immediately. That's when I was three months pregnant. Evening of the day was returned from two week honeymoon. After the lesbian mother in a long time, my husband came in in the nude. I myself thought it would surely be held, with the first time I Wushe the mother suddenly his penis engorgement. "Ah ~ Tsu, Akira's little boy Long time," he said! ! ! Frozen in front of me as numb after my husband picked up the mother! ! "I'll give to you next, and waited," she said my husband was violently thrust her mother, her mother was also 張上Ge a Lovely Voice. After a while, "and get out! Out which way?" And my husband said, "your mouth, to drink out loud," yelled the mother and the mouth was ejaculation. "It the first time in three weeks! I was good. Now, I turn next to Megumi," he said, my mother's mouth is semen oral tradition while remaining entertain me with a kiss! Came from behind to lift the hips into my husband while I lifted a Lovely Voice to Rezuteku turned on my mother's. From there until I was sucking the cum out your husband and the mother. Such a life of six months, was playing the day before my birth in the hospital in preparation. And I gave birth to a son. "Megumi, I'm Well done! I am looking forward," said the mother's motives did not know at that time.

Listen to my shame

I am 52 years old, and stayed nine younger boyfriend. But last year, to break up, but now a partner with me to my son. 62-year-old husband is in there, how bad is already Utch, to me, because it is of unsatisfactory activity, of course, at the beginning, but went out looking for a young man, very well thought Mire 若Kutsu familiar to you, my son said the man then I would not hang in there the other party money, the temptation for a son, still in that period × 2 I want to try having sex with son (^^*)!

Familiar with

yuna himekawa[9553]
Nana M and I are spending a lot together from high school and university and junior relationship is still a close friend of 37 years said. Each other after marriage, there was a period when met. Nana and I

M is different from the time of marriage, the 15-year-old son to each other this year.
after returning to this city, two people when we do something, so always walked with my son, my son is a classmate and now also good friends with each other. I also Nana M, who enjoyed spending time watching my sons 4. Life was not always peaceful

son in August of this year (S) and the son of Nana M (A [M]) from the locker room of the school staff, teachers find a young woman trying to steal underwear caused a problem.
female teachers are found in distantly related Luckily Nana M, during the summer also mean that, man has only a few employees who I have not even noticed in others, not reported to the school, two Note that the person on the spot, M is the only contact I've been to Nana.

M from Nana, is called when the story was told was very shocked. M the same as me Nana was mild panic. Each other for a long time trying to say that we do now in fear.
after several hours, interrupted the conversation, the anecdote after another silence that Nana M Shidashimashita.
M talking about Nana, the son of a laundry basket from A secretly taken out of her underwear from time to time you are back to the basket like that do not know in a few days. I was shocked, too. In fact, even in my home, my son recently, I secretly knew that taking out the laundry basket took off my underwear.

each other at home, know that something similar is happening, two further large drop, the day broke.
be in the middle of the night, from M to call me Nana, two sons, the only school that has to be careful.
behavior in the home of one another, while pretending to be unaware, I decided to wait and see.
pulled out my underwear son act stealthily returned to the laundry basket afterwards followed the next morning.

and September, as always go shopping with Nana M, there was a suggestion from her at a coffee shop into one.
"from the two sons would be still a virgin or not the opponent down brush against each other's son." This is a proposal. Although this is indeed negative, then "I can not experience ourselves in each other's first son." That it is now.
"If you give me to do together, and what I can do it better myself against my son."
"but impossible in the same room, at the same time, or at the same hotel son to a mate with each other and what not.'s match will be difficult, time, or can not be in the same night?. "

since I was in high school, until recently, the two secret slogan The promise came as each other, "aim for the most beautiful mother visiting day in class." "Boasting a stylish mother of the child." was. Both men, dressed in front of his son, but I will never shame or Yoshi Tadasu to swing away to the proposal to be expected, while thoughtfully continued daily.

However, long-term relationship, M's so Nana 解Karu thought, until the time comes to be one of only four secrets with Roger.

December. Over the weekend of the finals are his sons.
us, at the suggestion of two mothers went to the hotel and four sons.
not next to each other, take a right and left the room across the passage, and I became one son, Nana M.

I have experienced many men, but also include the act of a husband and it tasted really was not so deep pleasure. Correlation between real son is a pleasure to me much more than expected.

the following Monday, sending her son to school, and I 落Chi合I M Nana, together with the report.
with excitement as two young women who spoke to each other's experiences.
I think we can talk to each other at school my son over the weekend. It is home to

each other, and two sons from a life time is enough 有Rimasu. Both
two sons, has already decided to proceed to the same high school.
son seems to want it everyday but it is indeed not to try.

among them, M is Nana "in four tries." and say that I'm worried, my sons will become a certain age, women could want, this act promised to quit to.
"Even if you care to contraception, maternal and child if there is no harm to my sons."
M Nana and I are convinced it crossed a line.有Rimasen
still regret.

still seem excited about their own writing for the first time.

My son suffered skin

My son turned shiny mother pussy sloppy, three erect left uncut? Has been inserted into the entrance of the pussy of my mother cock in, he was licking my nipples, push up on phimosis comes, so I became a son uncut extruded tightening nipple pussy licked to feel good son, I have tea Dameyo 萎Me son, said,?, and we are taking family The Master, the mother is very sensitive nipples, sensitive nipples son'm, I'm saying is give my son licking nipples licked nipples and said her son, mom son , it feels good mom, the feeling of the nipple, the more the feeling of the nipple to more, she said, came to an erection firm greatly come on one's feet jelly jelly in the pussy of my mother Pokochin Uncut gradually, I came to feel cock son tightening really has some merit to come to firm Kiku Hiroshi really are dicks, my son cock son me to feel good pussy come rigidly energetic jelly jelly in the pussy I Masu, for the time, was ranked three minutes, was the son ejaculation in my pussy, and I was suddenly wither after ejaculation small. Pulled out of her pussy cock mother son withers away, back to the cock was still wearing 萎Meta skin. Blow for my son's cock mother 萎Meta my master, I get it up and said, well we did not firmly erect while I thought, I raised my son to tampering licking nipples Mashita, son cock came cheerfully rigidly erect, erection causes the skin too hard 剥Ke larger spikes, and led his son to say I want a cock of her son.

My discourse incest

Drinking tea with his wife and we settled down to work and Shimashi husband, I feel strange because Narimashi Nirimashita 撫Demasu and while waving a large penis on top of pants in the crotch of her husband, yet Sun started sexual intercourse and two naked people on the sofa in the living room is high. Although the sound open front door Shimashitara with our pick best erotic two people, we feel the height of sensitization is Imashitara continue to sexual intercourse as it is, my daughter going to high school age 17 I came home earlier than usual. We are husband and wife but also to wear a kimono 拭Kazu husband's semen flow from there until I have your daughter is too late saw two naked people immediately shut the door in the living room like a surprise. I immediately closed the door without even greeting her I think I knew two people in an atmosphere of what had been a couple of us. My daughter and I have been watching me naked in the bath was always around my daughter has an interest in sexual intercourse is of course what I felt was a sexual intercourse from our atmosphere. My husband, "I have 見Setara the two this time around because my daughter," and said: the thing is ridiculous, I'm wondering now no use for hiding from her I had been noticed , Biomankowoshimashita moan again raised a daughter know like two people in the room below. Husband time gives the best erogenous two of them ejaculate in this until I you my watching eyes of her Kio Hiraku doors remain lying down to show his daughter in the room next door, gone out of semen was to show a penis or daughter. My daughter is showing where to screw your parents own, or interested in sexuality, but Ijirimashita the vagina to show us the lower body, we Matsuta up to sexual intercourse twice by the ceased to be interested in because it was messing my daughter vagina ", so we had to two times, to show you tomorrow," said: and that, my daughter ended up until the end Yarimashi Datsuta during masturbation because "tomorrow look "that day is over and 云Tsu husband the next night was a toss-off to show his penis into her daughter's room.

Recently awakened

My relationship with my father watching from the shadows to have sex with my father and mother six months ago I became obsessed
the penis of his father.
well, so I got to the other sex I am 24 years old and he Itashi
however, the witness turned from his father's father doing sex 舐Metai
you want to insert the penis I just ran in my head and nympho
odd part of the glans, not even thickness over the length might be jealous of my mother Kiku Hiroshi 仕方無Katta
the body than
minutes but finally came a chance on me .
alone together in the house when I was the only father and mother were away on
alumni were excited the first time that I became. Innovation means it'll sink
back to my father when I was taking a bath in front of me
penis that was raised during the wash together into a body in front of my
I was thinking just a foot erection with a soap Kiku Hiroshi
it gradually and you wash your penis by hand
Shikoshiko and smoothly from a rich-in bed sex
was the best in me is stirring the penis without any hesitation at all
penis size is feeling better than sex with him many times in pain
tell a different and uterus The best, but now each other to steal your mother's eyes
Getting them to insert into my father's penis once every three days, after work they put
father's semen in pussy wash your panties back while I continued
back into 濯機 days. My kids drink
without fail so that the pills in his relationship with for more than six months
'm not afraid this relationship can be.

Is there?

I'm a child I truly am not really match up in the sex twins.
If you'd like to know that I was writing a lot

Some summer

Took off my coat back from sweaty work, preparation of cost, to become his dinner wearing only a sheer bra and panties.
Tonight is seafood hot pot, I tried to Serve food from the refrigerator, the front door

"I'm back!"

voice and Shohei. Go close the door refrigerator. Tadashi Akira
and shoes took off just right, I was hugged his arm.

"Mother, Tegozaimasu 学Bi舎 戻Rimashi from"

lines after Shohei wild zany period drama, we kissed 交Washimasu hot.

entangled tongue, while you hear about each other the saliva 啜Ri, Taira Akira sliding the buttocks from the back of my hand, the crack has been tampering or thin cloth over the meat in the ass. Solving
kiss joins us for a while now pulling the strings of saliva.

"I'm not in the bath ... and now you?"
"... smell the scent of the course's stepmother, I already intolerable"

I'm on my knees Shohei and G 引Ki下Roshimashita bread and trunks. Shohei
it is already a sharp rise rises from the opening bell on the tip of getting ahead is full already. I received
mixture of ammonia odor nasal odor of sweat and body odor and a young man, with mode change from a mother to her slowly.
sure to smell my nose closer to the glans, and to crawl out your tongue and lips cracked, dense, 感Ji取Remashita sign of the breathtaking and Hira Akira.
pursed oral mucosa including the oral cavity and into the Pharos Shohei slowly, along with smoking 立Temasu tongue. I rubbed and
Yawa and Shohei ball sac with one hand while, in 転Gashimashita the ball. I want to seduce
shelving (laughs) I enjoy being driven by the feeling.
弄Rimasu shorts over his flesh in her hands empty.
as seen in the thin cloth on top of, it was tinged with moisture.
"Oh, already so wet ..."
弄Rimashita 濡Resobotsu shells directly asked the secret fabric.

"I go into the room ..."

Taira Akira took my hand and releasing the body, invites the stairs. The point of such marginal Hira Masashi
air conditioner in my bedroom, double bed 組Mi敷Kimashita of work waiting for me to have air conditioning.

"awww Ah ... ...!"

both breasts are Shidaka immediately by rubbing wildly Changping 捏Nekuri sent around.
stimulating the fingers between Changping, spikes first dull light brown nipples, where the 啄Ma right now.

"Aa haa ... I ..."

捏Nekutsu comes from the top of the motte shorts Shohei empty hands. When captured the
cloth over the clitoris, but I feel I do lightly. Taira Akira

shorts and pull down, revealing the wetlands to my corpse to my folio.

"No, I Oh, Well ..."

wade his dark shades without regard to the algae, shellfish peeled secret let out quietly breathes.

splashing sound, reverberates in the bedroom of the alto voice and sound that would - that the liquid is stirred Jururutsu.

"will fill with, the Ah ~ I ...!"

Nechikkoi canyon I was hit several times Ekusutashii, let Wananaka the thigh. I judged the Most

soon be time for him to Changping Tsuto release the body, approached me holding a rigid stem and prosperous, and just came through at once Zubutsu.

"Uhh ... That!"

Kita Shiyouhei I clung to instinctively cover up 被Satsu.続Ke様
the end of the uterus, I 悩乱 shrill voice raised, arms and legs tightly entwined Shigamitsukimasu to Shohei body. I raised my claws back
away sometimes,

"I was ridiculed from friends ..."

have also been more than once and Boyaka.
intensify the speed and Shohei 抽送 Iyo Iyo also has further increased the hardness also fall within the vagina.
to reach the peak to peak months of unprecedented height, too.
And when entrusted himself to the peak of wave I of the temple is the secret of the mystery vaginal cum ... squall hit.

immersed in pleasant aftertaste, and I exchanged Hitoshi Akira Kissing ... again and again.


Her husband suddenly evaporated in debt. Since then, I was addicted to drinking spend their days. Who have supported me the rumor that his son was just like her husband. I love the feeling that turns her husband were leaving no will. Body piercing is now ripe for this couple ceased living, but they do not know, they've had the odor of his son in response to blood-related ... my husband has the same smell. Floated back down to underwear, are subject to, and would have been touched by 仰Ke反Ri soft long fingers, his son will cling to the rumor.

Train groping

Exposure differences between women and men towards us, as far as exposure envy made out to enjoy the simple things fat and long pants in front of him. And I witnessed many times, but the pleasure of ejaculation man Orimashita echoes in my clitoris, we women never exposed only the clitoris unable with the best will in the world, to really enjoy the exposure The act would become quite bold. Unusually honest wonderful people can be expressed in various forms for giving us the joy of our God to man, the transformation, express or honest reason to disturb the little joy with my instincts I can not normally a clumsy person, and something that is inconsistent with these days thinks. I was last spring, good luck to finish school (from a time like this) can serve to 出来Mashi A major companies, we just are working seriously OL daily. Commute by train so we packed more than one hour each day, but I think many people who have experienced it's groping on a train can move a little too often is. Pervert that I was a student I met with Orimashita walk to school dormitory near the school, I did not hear things are better suited to the molestation of girl students to school by train Orimashita. The story of her comrades are obscene surprisingly, the thing I always like Koh Ma Kin Oh, the woman was talking in the slang of Koh happily off the state of sexual intercourse with their male and students, female students talk about my favorite but it is supposed to show genitals exposed people always ask. Now that I've been touched or a pervert who's below the waist on most days, and we are being patted. Chikan's hand moving deftly to take the move at that, cheers for hard work every day. Sometimes I extend a hand to the groin, and an emphasis on the fingers and in the area of the clitoris, and even feel pleasure or Orimashi sufficient strength so that the morning had to be touched just before the train stops It hides somewhere in a hurry to hand. We feel pleasure when you are motionless in the clitoris rubbed overcrowded, you and me repeatedly and I can even run without stopping the train like this anywhere. The train stopped, when the people getting on and off, in the face of all men's necktie around 見Mashi even a little, and begin to run or train, we will extend a hand or from somewhere.繰Ri替E and we are the same thing many times, I was wondering how bad you have to return from my man will feel the pleasure I should be always within reach of my hands I was wondering, since I arrived a little rubbed his groin area with a hand from the 延Bashimashi approximate idea of the morning. I understand a guy hard right now, but what rubbed Orimashita continue until they stop the train as it hardened, so I did what anyone 云Imasen also, to direct one day hold until ejaculation We want to raise.


My high school spring break, summer, fall break and winter break, I'm in a holiday season, a short fall break, a short story of love and love my cousin.
cousin and I are different from the same year as sex (laughs)
live in the city is just 30 minutes by train, but the same city high school, in love with each other separately.
our secret from such a small time, playing doctor (lol) take off your clothes, this'll touch, every day is such fun.
It just became impossible to meet, from buying a phone and tell entered high school. Replace the addy every day in the mail, "I hope that person will first experience of Miki." And the mail came.
At that time, I also love Now even though my cousin was still not up to the Scored opponent's first experience with my cousin, I thought (laughs)
two bytes in the summer to plan a holiday staying in autumn.
To begin with, at the romantic, I thought overseas, not much money, considering the extent to go, it was Yokohama.
Even then, saving up pocket money desperately to bytes, I could go with effort. And should not something to stay luxury hotel, business hotel then, from the boring look a lot, I decided to stay Hey I'm a Fashonhoteru.
parents lie to each other the first day of fall break, I asked a friend alibi, Embark.
But in going to ride a train station from the city we live, I'm Tarui.
train ride while going to Yokohama, to each other nervous, do not talk, and Zutsu ー, but they held hands on. On the evening
Shinyokohama, giddily, to eat, to wander from the still earlier times, to kill time doing karaoke, and finally aims Fashonhoteru. When we arrived at the falls. They both got into, Golon on the bed.
a while, and they purr, feeling very, put hot water in the bath, you put him out of the foam, laughing become frothy.
You have never seen such a thing.
to take a bath for two, while touching'll see the old litter, wash the body down from the bubbles in the shower, in bed.
to kiss, but to good, from the first experience together, the way Wakaranaijan. So I look seriously at AV TV, but I got up and started doing fashion.出来Nakattarashiku
cousin is patient, I too, suddenly I'm not wet, came from putting, to hurt each other, hurt me ~ hurt. Yet
cousin had just cum, I was laughing. feeling very
to challenge again, because ~ Now awaited, because I came from bytes to that, do not do the last minute.
touched me gently tingle in my dick, my dick wet wet, OK at the ready, a cousin came.
hurts your head to hurt. But my cousin is Kurenaku quit, I was just cum.
to fall asleep that day intact, until awakened by phone, sleeping. (Laughs)
Well, I left the hotel, helped us to want to do is got into another nearby hotel.
So, taking a bath, this time to give him mouth to lick his cousin junior kun, I was issued in mouth, bitter, ugly and got spit out. Now I'm licking clit
cousins, pleasant, and 気持Chi良Kutsu amazing, I got no quit.
Still, there is a return train times, doing three rounds and came back. What then? Going around with his cousin, no.
I want to go to the hotel can not afford to have both parents at home, when you get a chance, I'd be.

At last sex with dad

Did you have sex with dad just the other day. When alone with my dad is usually light clothes without wearing underwear. I was seduced by the father.
shed in the back shortly after my dad into getting into the bath after a father was away from home late in the day's errands in the last mom.
I had to wash my body and then a daddy. I pinch my heart to normal and a cock and Blow and dad.
dad got one once put me in the front and back of the bathroom I was surprised at first you do not like resistance.

What's wrong?

I am 51 years old housewife has a daughter Kakae a retarded 21 year old.
thinking about where to take your eyes off my daughter was 10 years old, now often mess with the genitals, etc. Why do not you talk to a teacher
more sexual pleasure triggered by something like I remember someone from another interest seems to know, in a convincing, but eventually cure or reverse
show interest will be another thing 弄Ranai deserve something like that often make you feel pleasure I do not even mess with my daughter Ito Shina
quit, let's say it becomes a pleasure to feel convincing to consult with her husband, a daughter until a sensation
fuck me shudder, I As someone asked, "If you touch it myself only I do not want to be like this
" he continued saying. and tampering with public

yourself with things that were always reluctant to continue in the morning every day anymore.

're having sex with my husband about my daughter was 15 years old I had been given as a daily pleasure to the girl
I just came into the room unexpectedly while , to give away in front of my husband and I reluctantly to coax me to moan
excited to use his young daughters sit in agony and suffering in front of my fingers blame her violently along with the results coming from behind me I have to do
. Then when you have sex

husband and I started together, there were also more troubled I am excited to see masturbation,
悦N increase in the number of sex was intense, But my husband hope to escalate, and coming to buy toys
Berutobaibu been forced to have sex with my daughter, my daughter away 悦N accepted,
our marital life while my husband was having sex with her daughter to wear to a climax vibe lesbian-headed shape and I was eternally
with three people behind me from using the anus.

now 21 years old and at night I led her life becomes.
my daughter will fly to rent the pleasure I feel in agony, but I was blamed for his master to show his agony
disorder seems convinced that we get the squid to the end of his pleasure, to feel pleasure and I will take out
vibes, come to our room and I sleep, I'll have to be myself and I feel desperately to fuck me now to
, the daughter started to wear away the vibe some point, even my husband wakes up, the man could see the turbulence of the times but she is in her

small nap during the day and doing Suddenly, the lesbian daughter during the day there are things squid Shimauru
daughter beside indulged gone. Perhaps because
retarded daughter to take an honest pleasure, remember my pleasure pot precisely, it is a woman
been stimulated also a pot of me, no resistance I've wanted to be committed to the state of the daughter, and my husband is there
yourself honestly I've also accepted his obscene Yoshi Tadasu show no such thing.

together, including her husband would be the first deal was wrong, forbidden to return to the world after
Temasen regret that I had entered.

Small? Living happily with his son's

yuna himekawa[9473]
A good evening (^ O ^) / I, ×? Elementary in? 27 years old to have a daughter go to preschool and grade son did
is taking a bath if I were 3 of us this summer ... reckless and son, I first touch the body comes to me I'll get in touch several times or many times I thought he was mistaken, and I thought it was funny, and his son saw A quick glance Bing cock ... but ... I thought my son
Itte anything, just the girl out of the bath, you'll really preaching to his son in the bath ... Then, have clung to cry A face red in the "Mama Mama" to see her son cry like that ... Lightning
spoiled the day, and I was the last Feller and Xie Amuamuperopero face ... ... and then leave a slightly uncomfortable air
next day he slept in my son a taste of ... cock will explode after a long rest Chaimashi standing schools in bad shape, then put her daughter to nursery school ... my son eat Lightning ( ^ ^) you take my son in the living room, then hugged his son Itadakimashita delicious virgin ... until I went to pick her daughter while in the evening, among Icha Tsukimashita ヽ naked in the living room A (▽,) Bruno
daily relationship still continues today, hey I was newly married and love each other ... I like being out in the Lightning caught on a doorstep and back in
脱Idara Bakobakotsu clothes and I have my son cell phone battery or 取Ttara thinking hard and covered in pre-mark attached to each other ... a lot ... I took my son and two people of a strange looking
Raretara September 8 meeting is now staying at my daughter's nursery ♪ they'd planned the next day in the morning and not his son (^ - ^) ... but now Bruno ⌒ I look forward to the day and night Cho Oo, also reported in detail later with his son or

Mother incest

I have already repeated a son of Minoru and body.
a thing last summer 18-year-old son who divorced her husband five years.
son finally went to the bedroom, "Minoru? Are you awake? Minoru because I want sex I want you to hold my mother terribly lonely"
"The family that I do not it funny Mom? "
" I dont know of, Minoru hope I can touch you here and I try to have sex with my mom Hey mom but I want Minoru "
my mouth off his pants and held the man himself Minoru contained. I ran a strong hand smoke
turn the skin. Then "Man Kono I can lick my mom?" "Sure Minoru lick!"
"I feel that it is on the clitoris"
I became impatient, "and putting in place Minoru "I said.

Son in middle school

Junior grows into an adult son good as it
supposed mother, but they knew my son ...
to provoke a little off guard by embracing the bath
summer to be raped as it is He accepted my son I
unawares in anticipation of continued resistance
relationship even after several children 身篭Tsu
I noticed that my son and I
What could be disqualified as a mother is

Apology for my son

It was an event before entering kindergarten is still my son. I have a groin injury in a fall bike ride yet.
was considerable bleeding from a painful skin area just ahead of the penis. Took him to the hospital immediately.
I had to worry about remembering the dead husband and phimosis are concerned about the scars remain, the teacher consulted phimosis surgery. I was told the teacher
undesirable, and I asked for the impossible for the future of his son.
become the fifth grade, I did not have enough milk to the bottom of the bottle is also unusually big glans erection, the penis did not look so elementary.
was reluctant to go swimming with greater care of a friend called my son in the pool.
that time, I must ask for phimosis surgery may be no relationship with his son.

My mother and grandmother

10 years now having an affair with 60-year-old mother. It is dedicated to the virgin devoted mother. On 80-year-old grandmother in the mood these days, but what should I do?

For clearing a joke

Photos sent to mother my cock joke. Even my mom ... I'll show you beautiful mother gently still getting older reply to the phone. Child sex without inhibition to develop at the edge of it. 66-year-old mother in agony with bodies ripe spree!


Recently, the rooms are clean and H is the son of a book came out ... as a grown adult, you're obviously not ... that is what I was Mom. Lewd woman wearing the same age as me liking it ... my son was a shock. My son and I have ties with groups that have become even stronger.

Son in middle school

Junior grows into an adult son good as it
supposed mother, but they knew my son ...
to provoke a little off guard by embracing the bath
summer to be raped as it is He accepted my son I
unawares in anticipation of continued resistance
relationship even after several children 身篭Tsu
I noticed that my son and I
What could be disqualified as a mother is

I understand that more than a year ago

I confess to incest experience.
and I'm unable to sleep well at night in summer bra T may often fall asleep in his shorts that shirt. I was a heavy sweater dress Bishonureninarukotomoarimasu at night sweats in it. Quilts to be 寝苦Shiku
掛Kezu the night.
had a rough fall asleep in his. I felt I hit the hot
Kuni Shigeru but suddenly woke up at midnight.
did not realize my situation is not clear in my head for a while, I realized that my body Atsushi looms soon brother.
hurry to leave but, my brother was already 14 years old and face to say that I build from the bottom in three children are to grow up. But in a little lean on me
women were not able to pull away.
did not feel anything but fear. such as anger and fear
more shocked had she ate only from a young age my brother was the only cause
brother continued to act in silence and I think it's important to be screaming for help . Atsushi ·
eventually raised to toss T-shirts. T braless breasts because the breast directly to the bottom of the shirt wet with sweat, is exposed to air. Ill take the greed buried his face look like that. At that time, but ultimately much surprised indeed breath was still silent.
then I have no choice but to accompany a selfish spoiled brat and not be attacked by a man I feel.
I think it was like that.
"severe, it's only just touch." I said doing that much. Atsushi was nodded in my heart. Atsushi
finally face buried in my heart just has to lick the nipple like a baby.
then I remembered that in the past.
elementary school when my brother a bath when you are together you and playfully touched my body. By then my brother also
I was licking my breasts done. I remember feeling ashamed
it was gone immediately.
again. I can not leave a child seemed to her sister forever even after my brother.
relentless attacks become severe over time. Sometimes I feel embarrassed
put his hand on my last legs.
when grated with panties pulled my shorts that I gave my brother hand to help make it easier to take off on the back instinctively. If you act like I was
a man other than my brother would have been screaming in terror, and this behavior was observed for the naturally have a brother and sister of the late 気安. Atsushi
opened by hand then stared at my genitals so as to bury my face in my crotch on all fours on the bed narrow. When I came to put your finger
spread over more power I felt a sharp pain.
"painful." I leaked a small gesture of protest to the violent brother.
"sorry" My brother is sorry to say so.離Shimashita hand from the genitals. But this time
has not attacked my lips with your hands.
Kikemashita continue to suck up as kissing licking clit even to kiss up to my genitals.
I was doing several times a month since I remember entering high school masturbate.
yet. No action from the experience of men and the clitoris was the center of the rub, as that little finger into the genital area was doing. Perhaps
sexual stimulation that I keep moving back and thinking seems to caress my brother used to it. My brother noticed it
責Me立Temasu me relentlessly.
feel I have enough going to be leaked voice instinctively.
issued his genitals sitting my brother's pants down in time. Will
could stand.
many times I went running with my right hand directly in the crotch. Bet
sorrel in the act and has been shaking.
I'm doing while masturbating brother buried her face in her crotch. As the reality was somewhat stunned by the sight 浮Kabanai have never even imagined this.
brother eventually gave back even higher.
position will impose a further look in my groin Kuni Tsuyoshi nature and then. At that time it was his brother
from my groin it was found the body of a severe spasm. We have just had
exhausted, ill eventually get started hugging and kissing me.
my first kiss to it, but this is Speaking of vaguely thought, my hand was a severe nature and embraced.
he has pressed for me to eventually get his penis Kio Hiraku my feet.
thought makes sense, but my body is bad I think moving towards the complete opposite of me Well. It was easy to raise
put a little more open legs bent legs. Then ill
body inside of me came in at once. Then my legs
accepted a slender body and his brother Itarashiku terribly wet.
body into my body and my brother immediately coincided easy to root.
my body has accepted the men first told that the pain is still a bit dull, was not as bad as I thought.
groin began to move even when the body eventually my brother so much pain I had was discomfort.
movement ended abruptly with his brother just a few minutes. Atsushi
are you ejaculate in me.
you have finished with it that night.
parents have found room in his 追I返Shimashita 急Kashi and his brother should not look to the bed sheets had not sat around in our blood in our body fluids and my was thickly modeling to.
I put the washing machine ran into the bathroom and wash their sheets in secret.
The first experience I thought it was pretty unusual and I try to calm anger over his brother did not come up again.
Then I continued to remain involved on a daily basis with his brother asked.
is it going to be a year too soon.
30 minutes to find their parents secretly at midnight, a time-related repeated. There was also
find it was nearly time, followed.
discomfort and pain of body and subject to caress my brother remember now gone deep in ecstasy.
relationship with his brother during several days with no chance of remembering what it is about time that they embraced him.
can not continue forever, but Ikimasen this extraordinary relationship. After graduating from high school
I will leave the hometown to attend college.
that time a new lover will find it too high up on the brother. Now you want to stay
myself all day long while now expect the relationship to that time.

I dream again

My son has a house in Tokyo at the age of 52, I live alone with my husband in the country even after the death at the age of 72. Last night he slept with his son went home to the Bon holiday. My son came up from the bath and only shorts, and spread it in front of a warm bathrobe and I joke, my son and I have boobs cute touch. Into an opportunity, now male and female relationships. Was 15 years. A young son and again, we're low on life, I hope I also want to be happy.

Loss of virginity

良人 the bereaved, past 50, even longer [active] in the body, has demanded that her husband never liked the ... did not think.

so young had lost his mother to him, would have repeated my mother I was expecting, face pressed against my shorts [your] mother's and chanted When I saw that indulge in masturbation while, I got a flying something in the building frame burst.
will recall that in his spare time appearance.
remember the joy beyond description that is required as a woman, I hope that I embraced him.
usually live apart, but now Bon.
hurts his hot gaze. Today, my daughter went away in middle school reunion, and his young granddaughter in the house alone with me.

afraid ... this afternoon.
anxiety and expectations Naimaze been forbidden, the corpse is too hot in the morning.

My son

I began to lust for her son masturbating in bed with a tissue of semen came out of the trash room of the two sons of Kano Naka intensified frustration or just love.

Mother incest

I have already repeated a son of Minoru and body.
a thing last summer 18-year-old son who divorced her husband five years.
son finally went to the bedroom, "Minoru? Are you awake? Minoru because I want sex I want you to hold my mother terribly lonely"
"The family that I do not it funny Mom? "
" I dont know of, Minoru hope I can touch you here and I try to have sex with my mom Hey mom but I want Minoru "
my mouth off his pants and held the man himself Minoru contained. I ran a strong hand smoke
turn the skin. Then "Man Kono I can lick my mom?" "Sure Minoru lick!"
"I feel that it is on the clitoris"
I became impatient, "and putting in place Minoru "I said.


It's automation, but I'm 分Tsu, you have to have seen it while playing with the Omeko put dirty fingers from the side of the panties, and how long you can stand it did ^ ^ Omeko today? Which even then, You're supposed to wait to talk about coming out here? Now everyone came out, I'll let you see all the automation!立Tero make [sure] you'll soon ^ ^ me too, So what you want me? Tell me came out, Mr. Tome


Now seven years in a physical relationship with her grandchildren and is the grandson of the thumb, so to get my body asks for her grandchildren.
anal cum has also, of course.

My discourse incest

My incest. And we drank tea with his wife to her husband's work and settled Shimashi,
Narimashi I have a strange feeling of penis while swinging from the top and pants 撫Demasu husband's groin Kiku Hiroshi Nirimashita so,
began sexual intercourse and two naked people on the sofa in the living room still has a high Sun.
The front door opens to sound like Shimashitara and two people pick the best erotic,
we feel the climax of the erogenous Imashitara continue without sexual intercourse, 17-year-old high school I came home earlier than usual, going to her daughter. We tried to
couple wearing a kimono is also 拭Kazu semen flowing from there until I your husband,
daughter saw two naked fast enough like the living room door immediately surprised shut. I immediately closed the door
without even greeting her daughter think I knew two people in an atmosphere of what had been a couple of us.
and daughter naked in the bath I was always looking, adolescent daughter has a natural interest in sexual intercourse is what I felt was an atmosphere of sexual intercourse from us.
husband "見Setara where two people have this time around because my daughter," and said: the thing is ridiculous,
they had been hiding from now I noticed my daughter I was wondering also helped,
Biomankowoshimashita moan again raised a daughter know like two people in the room below.
husband's best time is two erogenous ejaculate in this until I saw your eyes while my daughter lay Kio Hiraku door remains is to show his daughter the next room, <br > I had to show her penis out of semen. My daughter is showing where to screw your parents own, or interested in sexuality,
the Ijirimashita the vagina to show us the lower body, Matsuta up to sexual intercourse twice by We ceased to be interested in because it was messing my daughter vagina "
two times, so we had to, to show you tomorrow," said: and that, after all, so finally the girl during a handjob Datsuta Yarimashi up until
"to see tomorrow," and that day is over 云Tsu husband the next night was a toss-off to show his penis into her daughter's room.


Her husband suddenly evaporated in debt. Since then, I was addicted to drinking spend their days. Who have supported me the rumor that his son was just like her husband. I love the feeling that turns her husband were leaving no will. Body piercing is now ripe for this couple ceased living, but they do not know, they've had the odor of his son in response to blood-related ... my husband has the same smell. Floated back down to underwear, are subject to, and would have been touched by 仰Ke反Ri soft long fingers, his son will cling to the rumor.

Drunk with pleasure

Previous marriage my husband remarried, Tatsuki Tomo's. To me, a very cute son. I always come to depend on me .... If my son a hug from behind standing in the kitchen, I would take you up, too. Know the relationship between the two masters, even if the body is ... I Ushirometai. The owner is also absent last night, my body and the body should not coalesce until this morning Tatsuki Tomo. Drunk with pleasure, feeling dizzy now .... Excuse me, full of semen came out.

Important thoughts

Unforgettable experience, and cousins of the summer, to leave written memories gone.
same year, the same birthday, came together growing up from birth next to each other houses, in love with a cousin in elementary school when I became adult innocent, married ○ ○ to, but it should small children around the word to mean, was smiling mouth.
Oh yeah, That's right. First cousins, while married mothers with a twin pregnancy, at birth, though, because I was raised as twins.
Osamu Hiroshi (pseudonym), and tied for the first time in three time, and relatives gathered, when everyone went on a trip, because I do not and Osamu Hiroshi examinees took 貰Ezu house remaining time.
delivery finished at dinner, I was watching TV, there is a kissing scene, suddenly Osamu Hiroshi Have you ever kissed you? Because he told me, I do not. Wait, answered, then, kiss me and I speak, to peck, and that was good Osamu Hiroshi Fasutokisu I said, well that Osamu Hiroshi, I'm all in 済Masero. Wait, while kissing, the clothes are rubbed over the breast, gradually came under their hands and, when touched on top of pants, turned and ran like electricity through the body, I realized, We were hugging each other in the room.
Then, once I have dozens of times before the end of examination, made love. We began with an awkward kiss is the last day of the awkwardness is gone, and be bold, because it's the last thing that a lot. Vibe, an appearance, Anal sex while watching a video, you can do for themselves, everything, so our relationship is over. Osamu Hiroshi is a boarding high school, I have a local high school, only to come back like a long summer vacation, and Osamu Hiroshi is also no longer talking, told to an end.

My discourse incest

[Sure] will be new.
please come again?
I hope that people are speaking without permission.

Of the Father (continued)

2 ○ The previously posted "bad girl" is.
when taking a bath with my dad recently, or to give Shikoshiko the penis, but I was touched and tell you to ik and click click to my dick,
at last sex with dad (^_^) v be successful because it was out on the day my mother Mari Tomari,
up after taking a bath with my father as usual.
After washing and drying your hair go to the living room a bath towel wrapped around the body raised the bath, put a towel under shirtless neck where my father was in pajamas, drinking tea and cold.
My father was like watching television seriously scratched AGRA, AGRA cling by crawling into my father
(AGRA-like system of cross pen pen by crawling the butt?), "tea you "for that purpose ... Hadakeru Harari and bath towels at hand and stretched. Then the father
pretended I was seriously watching TV (I said Ozawa's Dounokouno) from the pajama top
(just around my stomach), there is little response to the penis found. Don Don
found that harder and try to rub the clothes like a playoff over the bath. So first things my father
fellatio (?) I tried to lick out the hole in the trunk to remove the penis from the vagina of a pajama buttons, so I wanted to become. but when the father
Pakutsu I was surprised me to rub my head. Perhaps your taste there was no taking a bath.
found that I get wet vagina while gradually moving and gripping and write. I was feeling because it was easy
cum bath once in the day.貰I dick led me to touch his hand, take off your clothes and your father and me Mesmerize,
dick and I wanted to put (a feeling I do? I thought) my father tried to 股Gatsu ,
Ategatta father at the father's penis in wet hole, "Are you sure?" I said "Yes," When I try to say
"addressed to understand the greatness of the Father" There was no sign of feeling totally fit a ping pong ball into the nostril.
entered the pimp gets angry feel, the sound was something Buchibuchitsu pain and honest voice come out and hang a weight.
became daunting. Understand that the father's penis is small, so much pain and want, so I stopped.
surprised by a bloody carpet and my father stood up and dick around! And I realized there was a woman. But really painful
. Maybe I should go to the hospital? I for hemostasis

Satoru Yuu sense

My mother is feeling and friends, talent, the moon is 2.3 degrees related enjoy sex,
50.30-something parents and children, I have come across and chase after her mother's family there are not any thing around and to ascertain,
not hug or kiss, and it can hurt your body rub butt mother, to handle the accumulated desire,
I often get Matowari My mother is also 有Rimasu rebuke, in love with my mother can not stand still enough,
have romantic feelings swell, talk to my father, and jealous in a good place to watch will,
思Ikkiri I'll hold my mother and then interfere with the state of the mother or, in the home state just a stalker,
mother knows that my feelings, and I ask forgive me in silence, my mother reached orgasm, it is decided that
"Yo yet still, still Yo Mom" is waving a big butt and groan aloud, and my mother really loves sex It is.

And grandson sex

I'm turning into a physical relationship with five grandchildren and every night. First
now have the pleasure of mischief going.

Sokkuri son to my brother

40 years old, and divorced women.
to live together with a 14-year-old son in Tokyo. I
, the 38-year-old brother.
brother at home they carry on the occupation of Niigata, a man with wife and kid.

My brother and I are involved incest.
16 years old I had a relationship with my brother at the age of 14.
a situation, my brother came into my bedroom to sleep in the middle, I feel raped.
his brother is "love" has been confessed.
But my head is a close relative of Comrade relationship is [bad] is reluctant to say not discarded.
I was filled with a sense of fear that their parents know when. Was not seriously deny the feelings of his brother and children. Parents kept hidden in a physical relationship for many years as it is. Upon graduating high school I

, worked out in Tokyo to flee from his brother. 20 years old, married 35-year-old man.
But his brother is "going to college" has been pursued in the name of Tokyo.
The couple hope to live rent our house in Suginami Ward. I tell anyone why I could not refuse to live with his brother.

end. Said that the relationship continued living together with his brother in Tokyo. Because there is no second parent
brother became very bold. It is absent husband, her lover [] treated me like.
I was pregnant at the age of 25. I thought
children intuition brother, pretended to give birth, so tell anyone ignorant. husband are glad
is really 申Shi訳無Katta.
My brother and I are the same blood type was Baremasen anyone.

brother returned to parents at the age of 28, commensurate with the marriage.
even then "the only love 由布子" he said, comes close relationship.
I Obon and New Year is going back to the country with the children. At that time, urged by his brother, to have sex in a hotel. It is a kind of brother
son, my brother knows. I do not want to reveal it, I hear you say quietly. I am filled with fear or
Barenai married parents and brother. But, how my brother is totally cool.

recently, scary. My son goes to the bigger, becoming Sokkuri is my brother.
face is just no, they are similar attitudes and gestures, and lucky to live together they drive. Disturbingly

. Such a son is that it stole from the room several times in my underwear.
Sometimes, if I'm taking a bath, you may feel a sign outside. Paranoia that is fine, but you may feel a sense of fear that his own son.

son in the box at the bottom of the bookcase to hide the AV magazines and sensual. A junior high school, but still a lot of rape and gang rape. Since my brother the same interests, you can feel it.
In addition, incest mother and sister for AV and novels, magazines, and also noticed that the PC games and has collected.

I have been accustomed to have sex with my brother and assertive personality. Mental weakness may not refuse to be forced to do something.
well. The problem most do not like sex, I know it's a naughty one.
every day and being with my son.
a brother or partner and do not know how a son. There are sexually excited for my son.


My father is late every day, her father and mother when the sex is always is to go to my father's room to check on our brothers and sisters are sleeping mother. After a while I was out of the futon from the mother, and went to peep its Whoops. Around the garden, close to the window. In a room illuminated by dim light a small bulb, the parents were intertwined in the nude. Yummy dick sucking big pussy to accept my mother, the usual modest changes to 面差Shi Ugh, is erotic and beautiful expression. Three years have passed since the desire to love and mother adores me. This summer I think the purpose 遂Getai. Thank you all for your guidance.

The thought of her mother

During two days of adolescence, the hardest thing is every concern of our friends like. Inner lines and shadows visible through the blouse and skirt, and Rear mother was my first experience of masturbation in panties mother was located in the laundry basket. White head and a hand and rubbed the penis while sniffing a small kitchen cloth, accustomed to dream away time and again to release a lot of Cum Workshop materials.
mother went to the underwear being itself.
thing once or twice from the dressing room even peeped through the bathroom window slightly open every bathroom slender figure depends on the mother did not have showers, swelling of the breasts, soft curves hips, butt-white, pubic hair, a thin covering the crack, legs stretched long, ankle narrowest, intoxicated with all the movements of the hand washing genitals "Mom, Mom, oh, sexual intercourse, sexual intercourse, Koshitai s intercourse with the mother." Fukerimashita masturbation with any imagination.
One day, my mother [as 冷Kasu Katsumi, man, sperm, hey come out a cup, from Dad, you're amazing, this time, it reaches out to me, tell me. Out the increase] ‥. The next day, the back of the penis, the erogenous, so increased, Mom [,] and so accumulated, say, the mother, softly, began to rub. 5,6 touched only once, [mom, you go, go, go ~ ~ ~ ~] Pyu, Pyu, Pyu, Pyu, and semen, to burst and hit the face of my mother as well. [More] You're healthy, and while in 云I Tesh, who wipes. "More, I get" [Yes, well, take a little time out], I took this time, in the hands of the mother, and ejaculation.
After a while, my father, when during my absence, in the bathroom when I was tampering penis, my mother came. Together, and taking a bath, the time since elementary school, my body wash. The penis, peel and wash me. To have an erection, it is my mother, watching surveyed. [This is, look, man, woman pussy You've never seen before. You did see the first time. You're from here, I was born] showed me the leg opening. [Now] I'm good to put in longer patient, the penis is put the pussy. And masturbation is different, really, felt good. The vagina of the mother, the penis, warm, wrap something in more depth, feeling crawling, [Mom, come, come] [All right, full, take out] and then returned to my room, my mother to overlap pussy mother, or, the ejaculation. My mother, in turn, himself, turned on, pussy, exposed to the movement, [Chang Katsumi, nice ~ ~] and, shouting, 突Tsu伏Shimashita. Since that time, my father was absent at night, sleep with my mother the day, continued. It is my day to go to college, continued. The mother is now 66 years old
. I'll say this year alone Obon holiday home for children and studying for exam, and I was glad to take it to the hot springs. I am looking forward to be healed in body and 思Ikiri mother a long time.

In fact, I

Hi everyone, I am someone who is working in a small town hospital, at home, two sons and lives alone. My son is 23 years old, I am 52 year old nurse. Ladies and gentlemen, if you write up here, relations with my son, I'll know that yet, so I period ends, but you, Do you like? ! And staying in the hospital staff are young and sometimes even from the young staff, it also invited

My son suffered skin

Caress her son is still clumsy petting, 其 even I, his son licking nipples, and while i was sucked up, with pleasant feeling, I firmly erect nipples large 尖Rase son continue to be caressed the nipple, but embarrassing, pussy, aching, my soaking wet. My pussy wanted to get a hard penis, and I twitched. Embarrassed about, gets wet, and I was showing my son a pussy. My son saw my pussy, pussy to Mom, I great, mom pussy, today it has spread. To 中Tsu pussy mom What is it beautiful pink color. Mom's pussy, watching, you'll get out, Serve, Mom, I'm sorry're out, in, on, she'll out and out ~ Ru ~, I said, because the skin is still suffering, semen,跳Banakatta, I was hanging from the tip of the skin of white semen dick withers away. Mom said, and not worry, Mom, I'll give to the man, gently licking mom pussy, I lick dicks tight reach to wait. While pussy licking, finger, nipple, I'm going to roll and rub and pat Dari picked up, "Unto, I said.." Mom, Yeah, Yeah, mom, she'll feel, I feel, I still, to feel good for more mom, I'll rub your cock, I came sharp hardening, mom, legs expand greatly from, I'm going to insert a dick pussy hole, 其 in the end give mom pussy, you're OK, moving around the waist, pleasant, mom pussy, feels, "Mom I sweet pussy, mom, and you'll get out, no good, it should not, she'll out mom, Ru ~ ~ U out, and his son said. It was 1.2 hours to minutes. Once, a man my son The honest, uncut cock in leather wearing 短小 of sense into my son was not feeling at all. saw cock over her son, yet still had phimosis, and did not ejaculate in my pussy ejaculation seems to have a son in the skin with no uncut, to play the video over our son and watched, over 30 minutes. 其 from, we had a bath together ? was taken, even by hand washing treatment of phimosis cock my son? was taken, I have washed my son? were taken. yet, we promise to take continuing Raremashi or.

In my case

Sister and brother-in-law is a thing of the original.
Karaniha source said, and now, but others are separated each other's parents, brother, sister-in-law is from the time we had made. Speaking of which was made, and gender relations (intercourse). Brother is also 13 to 若Kutsu than I expected and I 拒Mezu the end, I thought my last chance to end 38 also, not birth control, always live by the brother's sperm was. Of course, the Pies were always the 身篭Ru was natural.

Mon forbidden relationship ichi 3

Presumptuous but I was allowed to freely make. thank you for posting more


yuna himekawa[9255]
Out of a whim, began the relationship with his brother celebrated the worst outcome. 2 year old brother of the differences
like pets always come after me about was the relationship like a servant.
I made nine years older boyfriend is 14 years old, he was its first experience.
who pervert ... I like that word fits him has been developed.
But middle school students and working people, less time to time I see you again, to break it off.
by him, the body has been developed has always helped the state wants to do (laughs) I dated many people, impossible to satisfy (laughs)
his brother in high school and I also still who can stop the ache in my body not appear, my usual state of frustration one day, I felt like if I trained myself, my brother chose their opponents. If my brother
mercy from a child, from my thoughts as I would. Golf
father, my mother and my friends went out to run Sunday. Called my brother's room, the first experience? And listen to the point, and give to the person in front of a sudden your sister ... brother, take off your clothes, legs spread wide, "lick here," ordered by my brother, my brother said was a surprise but, lick me. "No, I Jaanaku, Berobero and licking the clitoris like a dog to lick, bite by bite abandon" I have a variety of words, to induce his brother went.
about wet my futon in the saliva and cunt juice and his brother Berobero, licked, has been bitten, I reached the climax. The following
put the vibe, let me say my brother plunged into the vibe squid, so hard to move strongly, as soon as I reached climax, I have falls.. But my brother was on fire forgive me.
play the face of the clitoris with your fingers, put your finger through the anal, is it just me, but it reached its culmination. My brother grew, some of them ... in my mouth and just return, I was serving at the mouth hard, and then bursting into fire in the mouth, think over, and The vibes and fingers, hitting me ... I'm terrible Itta immediately, at the height ... But forgive me brother. Anal forced to put a vibe, before my brother came into its own.
is painful and pleasant, and I was I stunned disarray. When my brother was getting tired
noticed, I was turning my clit rubbed.
not endless, as long as desire, and the tea was done. Now
vibe before his brother became the anal ... ... ...
pain is pleasure from it every night at midnight, every day of extravagant sex with my brother, my brother was seen in adult楽Shiirashiku have done it in my body, I did not get tired.
six months and continued to live one day so, I noticed that period it has been delayed.
"pregnant" was pregnant with my brother's children. In less than Lok contraception was a natural result of the pleasure derived. Barenai
as parents, did abortion become things ... ...
the relationship with his brother over.

Donald Mitchell. . .

I noticed recently, while sleeping Papagaatashininankashiterukamo
or morning "Sayaka ~ ♪" It was always getting into bed and she said I touched the thigh from the area last Mon
and came, something happens and pajama pants off.
, and today just now, the hour had come down from the second floor Papaga, little buttons in the living room of a trial as he had tried to sleep in,
Then "What Okinai ~?" or nipples being played with over the clothes she said. . .
to endure even when I was cleaning the pants, let me come over there fingers crawl,
Pikuntsu to me is I "I ~" If you do or say the kitchen is suddenly
"I ? What happened? "

So is yet to touch people 上手Katta.

My discourse incest

I'm also having sex with my father. Because it is close to 15 years
relations since coming to marry at the age of 25.
My husband is trying to have sex with my father and I raised as a child
know we have tried a couple and two children's father lives. The 62-year-old father has libido will ask me if anywhere in the house like a vigorous. This is an extra I'm excited to get to a place that you seen my husband for father.

The grandfather and H

My grandfather has a large and proud of my cock is 60 years old, I certainly see my big during this time. I was 18 years old, but I will go with this because my grandfather'll always be alone without siblings, entered the motel to see the day when I go to a motel grandfather. A bath with two people, but I did wash the back of my grandfather, my grandfather when I washed from the front as I wash, I wash up the pussy.

Grandmother and

My grandmother had a relationship with 20 year old grandmother is 56. Hinatsu that one day, so I slept in the room to get naked 覗Itara grandmother tried to put a finger in the pussy and play tricks on his grandmother to do in the dark inside, where they wet man juice Since I was a Kochakocha, the grandmother awoke to further stir the wet and I like it [the old woman pussy old woman what to do, want to do? . Grandma pussy you want to do If you look at something] I'm not reduce the spread showed her pussy with a stride. I had pains so let me do it.

My mom is 46

I'm 21 years old mother has been having sex at the age of 46 two years ago. The first was when I was 19 years old. I'm just in my country, but farmers have gone to college, living alone for a place twice a year we stayed in an apartment in Tokyo, came to see my mother. Minutes of sleep and cold winter is not too bed. Since there are only so go to bed with, but at the risk of mother to stay. I saw the plump thigh of the mother that one day erection night, [I'll hug my mother I can not put up and man the mother, and mother] hey would be nice to say you take off your panties [ You're a man, I want you so much, I'm me without telling anyone else about this and let me do it. Innovation at first and then disconnect and then that so I'm not over it and switched to a stronger pistons, turning to my mother's arms - Oh Oh my neck I'll go Iku Iku ~ ah ~ that will not do useless Eee] ~ Nodame from Nodame die and become hazy consciousness. Winter is coming mothers look forward to this.

My son suffered skin

The Master, by order, family 撮Rimasu our actions in the video. First, his naked son, then me, his naked mother gave me to take your son in 短小 Uncut, Shaved mother is, my son to bed, lying on his back, my son's mother crotch, face buried, a small 萎Meta Uncut, put in the mouth with the tongue licking Mawashimashita, Son, Mom, she'll out and said, just a minute I knew it I could not stand it.
sounds good, mama, until I said, I continue, I'll understand. Mom's on her back from, it's mom's breasts with both hands to knead, Doo, mom tits, you soft. Now, roll and rub and rub Dari picked up mom's nipples with your fingertips, you suck, and then licking, I continue to say until mom feels good.
"Yes, the feeling of the nipple, I feel good, feel good for more," the son asked for. I
mom, nipples and feel, are you an odd, and to Chata Korikori nipples hard erect spikes come Chata large.

Two mistakes

Then-written to have become an ambiguous statement. I put it. My son does not know still the sex. I just do not feel good and I just put a dick. A tool that may be his son. Kiku is the son of the bath I put my husband in front of it today did not yet know the meaning. My husband was mistaken for a bath and putting panic. Oshiemashita dad and my son is secret. But now my son a bath every day to put into doing well. Yesterday, my husband sought to raise the bath today, was told it was too wet licked. This is probably my son's sperm. Sorry Dad

My son suffered skin

The next morning, to eat, shower, finally, with his son leads. My son is only in his underpants, and it is lit, go to the room around the bed, on a few?, But there. Our parents and children, and lying in bed, on one? Is switched ON, and the monitor was projected that our family. First of all, I suffered with the skin Blow a son cock, ejaculation causes even one minute of things, it took, I list - and lets his son drive me to caress and kiss絡Meru or tongue kissing, let me lick and kiss my son on my body.

Not believe

"Brother! Naughty things come to my side of what
reason to sleep in? Iyo Noi'll tell your mother?"
"I like that you really want my beauty 南那'm "
" Yarashi me because contraception! "
" naughty sister and brother thinks I do not hate you You contraceptives incest? it is not absolutely hate the damn dog! "
" ask me to hold out "
out by hand and I was losing to his brother persistence. But I will not just sex

The older brother

○ Chi Ching may licked his brother.

My son suffered skin

My son, being caressed her nipples with my master that I will be an erection firm pointed large nipples, to expand the legs are moving swings back and forth pussy smooth, 3 to Pokochin of phimosis seen ? till, paying close, from which excess skin is white semen drip. Uncut Pokochin touching the son, I ejaculate. My son is my mother, that makes Uncut Pokochin heightened Shows pleasant to see her nipples being caressed, but a heightened 3? Will only place.
him to our family, a bath, clean and wash them into being, is wearing a new underwear to the next room, was passed, the room, the bed a large illuminated is, a large monitor - there are three,? five units, there is fixed to and fro above, I also have my master? It seems to have taken. My master, but our parents, as evidence of a real family, I want to edit photos taken during the past pictures and photos of his son and pregnant at the time of my birth. Monsieur, in our bed early tonight, tomorrow morning, and the shooting started, was laid separately.

Stupid dad!

I slept with my father last night side by side with a pillow.
"Will you lick ass Rie father?"
I am a bit tongue in Chirochiro did not go ballistic, but hated it. Then the "pool" is now going to choke me into the mouth farts. Did not get sex.

Write more

Sunday afternoon.
Even though it was daytime, close the curtains of the room, your three sons and Ryo and I was in the room with the television on the second floor of my house.
the screen was reflected in the actions of his son and Misa.

Misa's bedroom, the video and you put Ryo, I heard that my son,
previous day, when you act, you do not know her put a switch between seems to have taken. Ryo
you back from home, then retrieve it, I brought today.

previously been seen from the act of Misa Ryo from you, my son also wants a house, bought a video camera.
Since then, my son has been like a habit of taking action with me.
Sometimes, after seeing two people in action, I like this better, or to talk or want to do this son.
I also got pictures from my son to watch on their computers.

two people reflected on the screen, hiding the excitement I was staring. While telecommunications
son, Ryo while smiling at you behind the wall was seen. After watching the video
long, I had a dry throat.
Ryo from you, my son heard various thoughts, I was embarrassed. From near
thought it strange sight.

A physical relationship with my son ........

Even Iimashi son, husband, eldest son married a second wife I've been about a year ago (age 28) is the. This year it's good
Shisa Iwao hot summer, especially the honest intention was to seduce his son, a little cool to wear a dress size from a half interest in the breast are clearly visible as proud of my breasts cleavage The facts 言Imashi.
gone from first to have a physical relationship, but once I have been forced into a relationship that is as committed to my son and husband away in the humor for young and healthy son, unlike physical When her husband was away from the people I've asked my procedures.

first pregnancy 42 years old so there is not contraception, but I do not, and still absolutely safe to say that my son is left on with the condom because it is so to say so reluctant, we ask them to direct ejaculation into the vagina like a thumb gotten my son just wants to have a weakness.
feel a lot of people were still ejaculate directly into the vagina also folds to me. Anyway I

Watch has done so well and my husband never come to light.

My son suffered skin

He wants me, ask what you do, please put in pussy soaking my penis hard Kikuno Hiroshi Master, please pussy, my son, they all said to be heard, and the nipples and breasts in my I beg you to please let someone depart clitoris and caress her pussy. Was absorbed by the mother tongue licked rubbed the nipple is being rolled is being patted him rubbed boobs, just reached a climax mother, will die 躰 convulsions shake the hips back and forth myself, die, die likes the falls.. Mother son, the caress, the three reached its culmination after a brief interval? Pokochin I was hanging from the semen of phimosis.

Father ...

I still, abnormal behavior of the father at the age of five was perhaps the first time ... ...
began to wash the body in the bath, my father raised my hand to foot, there you touch the When I started to wash ... ...
still funny when the little! ! However, I think, as they grow, so it came to laugh ... ...
's father took action that, when a small 4 me, the mother company's employees travel When you have made. The end of dinner, bath time was Father, "Today is take a bath together," ... At that time, even as it came in my chest swelled, and my father did not enter it.
I refused it.
look at them in the face of my father's parents did not.
father refused to hear me I have to say quietly, never, never happen to me on that night so were unable to even imagine ... ...
What time was right Do U? Came into the room for my father back to bed ... so I missed my mother was uneasy when he was asleep.
suddenly, came into the bed of my father, I thought it was take off his pants and trousers, came to touch my finger ... ...
had pretended to be asleep, but worried about his father . So how much would have
father to let me wearing shorts and pants and went out over the bed ... ...
thereafter, until my high school, three times a week The same is repeated ... ...
be unable to tell mother I came a troubled person. But high school? Been a year and made it soon after I got a boyfriend.
slows after school, my mother is "a boyfriend but I am pleased to know, if things from happening because he was late ..." and, to be preached every day, I am a mother 言Itakatsu or "You're touching the breast of her husband's daughter, and I have put your finger in there and play," But I say ... ...
one day, that the mother was hospitalized ... < br> The uterine fibroid disease, hospital inpatient surgery for a while ... as if my father was aimed at that time came to attack me.
Until then, I was the only finger Paiwowashizukaminishite Oh, lick, bite, and tell me to quit, their imposing things ... larger force, in my array ... but the first experience was painful to hear, rather than painful regret, my father hated his father ... ...
left the room without saying a word and get in my belly ... ... <br > Once it once, the same thing every night and then my father came into my room ... it lasted until the mother is discharged.
now married to have children but I also wrong that the only two father and daughter ... no ... no, not even to her husband and two daughters ...


Only one mistake of the previous marriage, I came as a brother and sister growing up, were unable to suppress my feelings, my brother had a relationship with the force wants to hate. Two people went to drink
invited his brother to drink at the wedding to say soon.
When you marry, and there exists no elder sister to come and drink this way. And I was told to tell his own brother.
be surprised once to my brother, and asked where I want to hold, we're a brother and sister ... ... ... ...
left the store, get into the area of the hotel is walking unsteadily to the hotel in a natural progression.
initially wanted to hate his brother, out to caress me, including the mouth, gradually increases after each other is like a beast,
devour each other until the morning, again愛Shi合Imashita well. That brother is in good, I also marked the peak times. No good to say
, even though intellectually you know, part of the instinct, the win was.

My discourse incest

I suddenly wanted to have sex in the room while my sister before. Well, my sister, despite being the junior cup in anticipation of E seems much experience. I did well to fire down to the mouth of the mouth to fire Gokkun Yaburinagarahasandekuretate I get to actively Nattarashiku masturbation for not want sex but I was so busy recently. If we take a good story is gold and let my fellow sounds were from Matashitai did not have sex when Kururashii from recently broke up with my boyfriend even asked.