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Incest confession of women(2019-05)

At the New Year's hotel with my son

yuna himekawa[33983]
At the end of the year, I always saw the red and white song battle with my son who came back from Tokyo and celebrated the New Year. Last year, my son invited me to celebrate the 60th birthday of my mother, saying, "Happy New Year at the hotel." I refused such a thing, but because I had reserved an inn, I got my son's car in the car after noon on the 31st and arrived in Nagoya after 4 o'clock. Maybe my son was tired from driving, and when he arrived at the hotel, he started drinking beer. I was a little drunk when I drank as recommended, and I was a little vulnerable to alcohol, so I couldn't eat much for dinner. He is usually a quiet son, but he became cheerful enough to drink, and when he took a bath in the back room, he became naked and invited me, who hates me, to "let's go in together." When I take a bath after my son comes out, before I know it, my son says "Mom, I'll wash", "Courage, stupid, no good", because I don't have an ear to hear and wash my dick carefully as it is done. did. I rubbed my son's fine gem as he was told. At the same time as my son's voice, "Ah, mom comes out," semen leaked from my hand and splattered. I was stunned for a while by the smell of semen and the feel of the male genitalia after a long absence. My son sucked and licked milk, was tampered with the dick, and gradually felt it, and he invited him, saying, "Courage, my mom is no longer good." When he accepted his son's big gem, he said, "Ahhhhh," and hugged his son's body, which was covered over it, with all his might. I responded as requested by my son again and again. When my son touched my dick in the bath again and said, "Mom, you're a good girl," I was embarrassed and my face flushed.After I got out of the bath, when my son turned on the TV, the screen of the relationship between men and women appeared, and I was raised in the country and asked my son, "There is such a TV program in Tokyo." "It's a video, look at your mom," and when the son makes a loud noise, he shouts, "It feels good, mom, come out." When the body is projected, semen comes out of the woman's dick. It overflowed with a draw. Men were still innocent in their teens or early twenties, and women were thought to be in their forties with plenty of meat on their hips. When my son puts it in a box, it says "Actual son madness" and says "It's a secret of a love hotel", and when I ask "Well, I'm a parent and child", my son's mother and child incest is popular. Told. The next morning, I slept hugging each other until after 9:30 when I was awakened by Mr. Nakai who brought me the room meal I had reserved. As soon as Mr. Nakai opened the room, he realized the current situation and was closed in a hurry later. I immediately changed into my pajamas and welcomed Mr. Nakai. Mr. Nakai was apologized and received a waitperson, saying, "Don't notice, please excuse me." The serious son, who was not asked, confessed honestly, "I stayed for the 60th birthday celebration and it was my first time with my mother." Mr. Nakai's words, "I'm glad I was filial," and "I've been staying with my mother and child a lot lately," made me feel calm. When I got home, my son asked me every day until he returned to Tokyo. It's been a month since then. From my son, I started receiving conversations and emails saying "I like my mom" that I hadn't had before my first experience. It is said that I will be back on the holiday of February 11, and I am looking forward to it.

SM father-daughter

I am a JK, but woke up to M in the training of his father. My father is a kind person a serious is usually. But when become sex and pleasure dominate, conquer me. I am also excited to really glad to become the father of things.

Gifts for Mother's Day

Thing of this month 10 days, my son, 19 years old I am age son, I am 45 years old, my husband is in Japan, but is a bachelor. \"I Mother little early gift, look at it later,\" my son came back with a bag of department store to my room to say that. Some of the paper bag was containing the follicles with a ribbon. When I opened the package back from shopping, came out the underwear of women can be seen as luxury goods at a glance, shorts are two of the bra and the pair, one is cute in a T-back the other one is embroidery of the same pattern bikini of shorts, shorts there was one other, scale sheer I place in the ass all-race, before've stayed with that fabric backing to the crotch in a V-shape. Maybe I think I was embarrassed, and how to do it how independent I became a little Poor. With the ice coffee went into the room of Takaaki \"mon not I have Thank you I Anna great thing, would have been higher, will it was hard to choose\" a person of \"Yeah shop if there is between a little help I was saved from me, the person I last year, is you went got, you went thought Poor me shopping at that time boy in the women's underwear department, I So, decide now boys and I'll help you come to this department Datte sputum, so I was good, Do not want to see me is the mother, where the mother is wear it, Do would be clean, ask \"

I grew up in response to the sex education of his brother.

My brother is one years older. The first time, in a brother 1, when I was small 6. It is me and my brother have been given one of the children's room, slept every night side by side futon. One day, I will find the book of naughty cartoon from the brother of the desk, I was reading secretly it. But it will be found in my brother ... \"Rin-chan, there interested?\" Was asked. I, I have nodded with a light feeling. Then brother said, \"So your brother is'll tell\", me was lying on his back on the futon. Brother will then remove pajamas pajamas. While saying so \"I Do not will still small ...\", was massaging my tits. The first had laughed Kusuguttaku, but gradually become comfortably, nipples has been standing. Then brother not contain the nipple in his mouth, Tadashi, began to suck and Tadashi. Blitz was as ran. And comfortably the brother of warm tongue ... and, looks like a baby brother is spoiled, very cute, seemed regrettable love. Then Furiaikko genitals to each other. Insertion was also. Not enter easily, but it was also very painful when it entered, but brother was happy to us to comfortably likely. At that time it was the Pies, and later had me also contraception. The brother it was the same room until they graduate from high school, As you can imagine, I was a little every night sex.Now is also home to get married to each other, but sex is occasionally met. I would not get out anymore. lifetime…

I like my brother, I love him, I love him

I'm 17-year-old Bracon JK. I've loved and loved my 24-year-old brother since I was little, so I brought my brother's pillow, buried his face, and masturbated (just rubbing chestnuts) while sniffing. I was always sticky, and I used to say that I liked it, and I wasn't particularly disliked because I also liked mana, but my stance is just brothers and sisters. When I got a job and left the house, it was about an hour by train from my house, but my family cried so much that I went to see him the next day. By the way, my older brother is a pretty handsome guy, I'm not a favor because he's been told by many friends, so I know she's been two so far, have you met, like this? I thought. Zuu and Virgin had decided to be an older brother (I can't think of H as anything other than an older brother), so I heard that he just broke up with her, so I went to the older brother's room, what do you want for a high school entrance celebration? I was told, "It's a celebration of admission." "Oh, what do you want, don't say home." I had the usual gentle look . " I want to have sex with my brother, I loved him as a man, I love him." I confessed. He seemed to be surprised, and he said, "Don't be silly, say what you want ." When I started crying, "Hey, I'm here" and rubbed my back. While crying, " I'm serious, if you don't understand the feeling of love from the bottom of my heart, I'll die." I scattered and hugged as it was. Hug me back"Okay, thank you, I'm glad, but we're brothers and sisters, don't you really regret it?" "No, never, no way." In a strong tone, kiss me , "I want to hold mana too." (Of course, the first kiss) I was glad that he took off my clothes while standing and saw me naked and said "It's beautiful". I laid me on the bed first, and my brother also became naked. When I saw my brother's clothes for the first time in a long time and thought that they would go inside me, my heart was so shocked that I thought it would explode , and my brother covered me with a D kiss and a kiss on my whole body. When I was licked and made sure that it was wet enough , I thought it was kind to put out the skin and put it on . "I'll put it in." My brother's thing came in slowly, it hurt more than I imagined, but the joy won and I cried. When I saw me crying, "Are you okay?" "Okay, I was so happy that I cried." "Yes." After kissing, I was clinging to my brother's back when he started to move his hips. I don't remember if it was, my brother hugged me for a while after Itta , I was happy, and I cried again. After that, they took a bath and sent me home. After that, she isn't there either (no, I'm her), so every timeI go to my brother's room to clean, cook, and have sex. It's so much fun and happy, but there's one thing I'm dissatisfied with, it's definitely wearing skin , and even if you say "you should go outside" or "it's a safe day today, it's okay" , you say "no" dividing I have is known Datte of course kindness, I want to do with raw if possible, the brother of sperm want to accept in me, because for me sex with your brother is because in order to ascertain the love rather than a pleasure act. So begging Once to us Problem Solving in "order to confirm the love not'm pleasure act, so I feel like in" Once you say a little troubled as such in the face "or so, me think that way I 'm so happy, I really want to live in mana. " " If so, "I put a word in it and said, " Listen and talk properly. I accept the feelings of mana, and now I'm alone. I love you as a woman from the bottom of my heart, so I don't regret this with Mana at all, but we're brothers and sisters, and the world shouldn't do it, we're fine, our intentions Because it's a relationship that started with, but children can't choose their parents, we can't be legal couples, I don't think it's good to be born in that situation,Or do you fall every time you get pregnant? I hate that more, if you're thinking of checking love instead of pleasure , you'll understand what I mean. " Ah, my brother can be respected. I thought, I fell in love again. I'm still wearing skins, but I still have myself who can't give up, and I have a question for someone, where should I get pills , can I buy them even at the age of 17?

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With my son

3 months ago, is pushed down in the living room to the son came home drunk the next morning, because the son had awakened naked have apologized to prostrate think extent to which "has been bitten by a dog" and much would out dick from the opening shock I tried to forget the pleasures. When I finally thought I was forgotten, I was sick and the test drug was positive . Should I consult with my son? Or is it better to fall alone? My husband works for me, who looks pale, but I'm in trouble because my son's mistake is the cause.

Things with my father-in-law

Father-in-law, 56 years old, mother-in-law, 55 years old, husband, 30 years old, me, 28 years old. After the couple's thing was over, I was hungry for the afterglow with my husband's hand pillow. My husband said, "The day before yesterday's mother was surprised, I think my father also wanted to say that." That was when I was watching a TV drama. I said, "I love my dad and mom, I'm happy." At that time, my mother spread her hands and raised her diagonally upwards, hugging her to jump on her without hesitation. Then my mother kissed me, I think it was only about 5 seconds, but my father who saw it said, "Hey, kissing my mothers." Did my husband imagine something like this? My sloppy penis, which I had n't seen recently , got better, and after a long time, I made a loud voice of joy again. A week later, my work was a day off, my dad came down and it was my first time to say "Mika-san, no, Mika, that's right", even though I was always called Mika-san, today He called me Mika, and I was happy. "The other day, Mika told me that she loves us very much, but I also love Mika very much, but Mika. I don't know about that, it's hard to say, yeah, but I don't know what my dad wants to say, "Please tell me, I want you to know everything, so I can tell him anything. Because"Thank you so much, then you can say that, hey, where Mika is making up, where she's changing clothes ... I want to see that naked, Mika's whole thing, that's a lot of things I don't know. I'm surprised because I didn't even say that I liked me even if I said this, but "I love you no matter what I say, it's embarrassing, but it's good for my dad. My dad's behavior was a little different, he hugged me and asked for my lips, my tongue came in, moved and sucked strongly in search of my tongue, and I was invited to put my tongue in my dad's mouth. I entwined my tongue from the person and it became a fierce kiss. Both hands came in from under the T-shirt and the hook of the bra was unhooked, the T-shirt was also lifted up, the milk was rubbed by my father's hand, the nipple was picked, and the voice of joy leaked while being kissed, I took off my T-shirt from my head, unzipped my skirt, raised my hips a little, and asked me to take off my skirt.

My son threatens me to open my body

I am a 55 year old housewife. When a member of the same neighborhood association came home, I was threatened and I took off my pants and skirt. It was seen by my son (28 years old), and the neighborhood association ran away. My son sees his lower body naked. "Mom, you're always doing lewd things with that guy, right?" He said, "I have to tell my dad that my mom was having sex with a naked person!", So she said, "No, I threatened my mom and took her off! But nothing was done." I said, "It's true that I was naked in front of that person and had my pussy exposed." I took a picture of me with the camera function of my cell phone, saying, "What if I tell my dad that my mom is always having sex with that person?" My son touches my dick, saying, "I'll keep it a secret from my dad, so show me my mom's dick." If I resisted, I threatened to tell my dad, and I opened my legs and lay down. "My mom's pussy is darkened with her villas growing," she says embarrassingly. My son undressed and became naked and made me suck my penis. I am at the mercy of my son. sad. My son put a penis in his mouth, and his legs were wide open and licked so that the dick looked good. "Let me put it in my mom's pussy," and try to put in the hardened one. It's not good because it's a parent and child! If you resist saying that, I'll give it to my dad! ThreateningI was told, "I want you to put Takayoshi's cock in your mother's pussy." In addition, "Mom likes other people's cocks, but I want Takayoshi to put her cock in , " and "Mom felt that Takayoshi licked her pussy. It's getting so slimy. "Put it in," he was forced to do. I said, "I want you to put Takayoshi's cock in your mom's pussy as soon as possible" and "I'll give you a pussy when you like Takayoshi from now on! That's why it's a secret to my dad." Takayoshi is recording. And my son came in. It is incest. My son shook his hips while hugging me, and in his ear, he said, "My mom's pussy feels good. From now on, I 'll have a pussy with my mom when I like . " Don't do it, "he said, " Takayoshi's pussy feels good. " Because Takayoshi crouched in my dick and licked it quite a bit. When I put Ochinchin in my mouth, I used my tongue to suck. I feel like I'm a parent and child ...

Father-in-law has come in without knocking

Only one month to the home of husband during the re-home I was supposed to care but was seen like a gun I was surprised that I have seen open suddenly door When I was secretly in the room Naku' can stand the Onani was doing every day Mom paralyzed? I I exhibitionist that I also did not think trying to hide but I was embarrassed or when I was also a little but I was surprised fantasy? I no matter Yaba me it in the 40s

I have committed my son.

My name is Yuri and I am 48 years old and my son is 25 years old. The other day, I committed my son. My son was asked to take the body soap because he ran out of body soap while taking a bath, so I brought the body soap with me, but when I thought that the door would open a little, I tried to receive it with the door fully open. Of course, I'm taking a bath, so I'm naked. A son who receives body soap and continues to take a bath as if nothing had happened. Every day I comfort myself since my son broke up when he was 5 years old. The man I saw for the first time in a long time didn't stop pounding. When I returned to my room and rolled up the skirt, there were stains on the crotch part of the shorts that I could clearly see the shape ... I just traced the stains with my finger. I couldn't control my sexual desire, so I took off what was coming and went to the bathroom where my son was taking a bath ... My son was surprised and hurriedly hid the man, but he forcibly peeled off his hidden hand. I got it to the root. The male part of the son who grows hard against his will. I didn't have any resistance whether it felt good or not. I think it took about 3 minutes to hold it. Semen fills the mouth ... Semen that comes out one after another. I drank crazy. The male part that does not get smaller at all even if it ejaculates. I sat down with my son at his mercy, applied my female part to the male part of my son, and took a breather to the root. It feels like it penetrates to the heavens. A son who has a fever and pulsates in me.I shook my hips crazy. Occasionally my son is awesome! Every time I tremble, semen hits the uterus directly. I couldn't bear the feeling after a long time and I ascended many times. Even so, my unleashed libido does not subside and my hips move up and down. Ascended to heaven and became conscious and incontinence. I repeated it many times. It's been three hours since I broke into the bathroom, and my son and I were tired. sorry. Would you like to take a bath? To my surprise, my son hugged me as much as I could. Mom! Mom !! He told me that he loves it. Since that day, my son asks every day. Of course I too. My son tells me that my semen is only for mom. Even today, my female part catches my son's semen. Squeeze every drop.

Who are you dedicated slaves

Your husband like Who Is friendly dad, erotic father that night crawling in the middle of the night, immediately younger brother of fear to say things in the force, father-in-law to threaten with something gaze, are the stepchildren any instruction made of remarriage, what the request did you come to seek

Massage to dad

Finally, after becoming jk1, I made progress with my dad. On my day off, my dad sat in a chair and said, "I'm tired. I'm tired." When I asked "Would you like to have a massage?", I always refused "OK", but on that day I was rarely asked "I should ask". Thinking of Churns, I knelt in front of my dad sitting in a chair. And the legs are fir. At first, as I rubbed the area around the base of my crotch little by little from my toes, it gradually swelled. Silence to each other. I was shy and sat on my dad's lap like a child. But it's different from those days. There is something hard under the butt ... Dad hugged me from behind and shook my body to ease. My dad's hard stuff rubbed against my ass and over there, which made me feel very strange. My dad is getting sick. And my dad's over there was getting wet. He ejaculated with my body. Dad lowered me from my lap and said, "That's it for today." Is it okay to think that today is a continuation? I masturbate alone thinking of my dad.

Brother of Persons with Disabilities

My brother of under 2 This was the bullying was a child when I bullied the days of elementary school students in higher-order brain disabilities thought to scary sister at the school in the shit, high school students so weak through from junior high school to people with disabilities school Became. Since touching just the crotch and go home on the weekends , \"What happened?\" \"Itchy for\" something worrisome whether there is a problem in the crotch \"take off Show me\" to say and reveal at once lowered crotch pants and pants in the, Do, had been a whopping erection, it is also big, and another pounding \"Can I touch?\" \"Yeah,\" Sotto hard hot and the heat so that was佩Bi and hold, hit a Bikunbikun and pulse and warped, was licking tongue be included in the nature and mouth. The in the head is example mouth now gonna of siblings had been conflict and the penis of the brother. There was licking the glans while rubbing the joy juice was found to have overflowed, but at the and your mouth why not to be taken in the can to serve the rod like a flood from the vagina. Big time the mouth came become hot and younger brother was flooded with semen in your mouth full and ejaculation, was raised to clean clean Fuera and drank of course all. And I went to buy immediately contraceptives. Fufufu ♪