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Incest confession of women(2008-09)

My reason for living

yuna himekawa[10854]
Last year, my uncle has been observed in a spat with her parents.
reason was that he not make jobs. My parents are high school students (17 years old at the time) I wanted to concentrate on the exam. I found hope
parents had put her daughter is like a boring box.
was it bound. So tidy up the room when the job was proposed 47-year-old bachelor uncle, quite happy.
Shibushibu parents agree with me, went to work next week and uncle's house. "It is not an easy task. I'm from the sloppy."
Uncle smiling, laughing, "fucked up the room," Did I say, so 汚Kunakatta his home.
After cleaning, the uncle made us coffee and talked about many things and then alone. I heard of a private of them.
I learned many things that remain the most impressive, because they often travel to the uncle who works at an advertising company, I was dumped fiance 20 years ago.
busy since then, it was impossible to serious lover. But cool, I was a little cute.
see the kind of uncle began. Do not stop, but the translation, to show Uncle holding a pity.
the moment, we speak out ridiculous "to say whatever Tageru ask for Uncle" "What?
Yoshiko Hisashi... does that mean?" "Uncle, I want my virginity "I answered boldly," I'm useless...
I do it because my niece. "I had an answer. "But I am a 17 years old, but the man still do not know. I help each other.
That would be bad," I replied. "If you find a person in high school," said Uncle tight. "Embarrassing.
First to experience shame if 17 years old," I thought my uncle was a challenging surprise.
two minutes, three minutes, but did not say anything anyone's eyes Jirojiro. Then my uncle took me to the bedroom.
He undressed me and ordered me to sleep. Received a massage at the hands soft and my uncle half excited half nervous.
now in the hands of a man accustomed by degrees my body. Feet. . . Arm. . . Abdomen. . . The burned and about. . . To a secret place, I thought. . . Nipple. . . Dick. . .
caressing me from head to toe. Stick when he was introduced, under my sheets wet Gushogusho anymore.
terrible sharp pain pierced dick hard Put a Chinpo it. "Ittei Ah," cried I have lost her virginity and "okay, okay, Kumi, I'm doing well"
word out in support of his uncle well, and began a stretch waist. "Yeah, yeah... You know, not a kid anymore Kumi... I'm a woman... I'm a beautiful woman"
perfect response to my uncle. More intense, more people back. It was the best feeling. I Yametakunakatta. . . Itta, holding an uncle! !
tired! They take a deep breath, was given to my uncle on the stomach and then withdrawn. I have to wipe your finger and tasted.
貰Ttara money from Uncle, and embraced, then "I thank you today. I did Kumi well. I see you next week," say me.
first experience was unforgettable.


The warmth of his hand-in-law was the first race 68 years old and holding hands shopping at my husband to live with his father's son in elementary school sports day yesterday is 35-year-old housewife. I entered into between the school and the school is invited to th with a difficult father-in-law was a field day at lunch hit it off the hands of participating in the game by connecting with my father-in-law even after the walls of the building jeans saying Hiroko will shape stick to his father-in-law ass with their hands, pantyhose, a dick saying Hiroko lower the panties embarrassing is lick the clit from under the tongue of his father-in-law? about Oh Oh The Brute man stir ~ my husband in the excited state as well my excitement father-in-law I got out and voice do not shove any more ass saying please put cock Ino Hutoshi father'll keep it a secret father-in-law is a dick and hold its ass my little and take off your pants pants what was attacked in the back for 40 minutes using the hips too movement of the waist of your father the intrusion have been outfitted Cock your father I was never a Ikasa? soft tissues in me to clean up after the explosive sex he says he'll go to my thighs is gone Hiroko? was father-in-law? more pleasant Bareback I?? Very comfortable than a hard and long and my husband?

The emotional scars

My husband and 帰Rimasen just busy every night at 10. I am working at home
part is always 5 o'clock. Yet only son changes
company is now unemployed.
the window of the room to keep son
red flowers in pots to brighten the mood I'll be caring.
that builds a love cooking and her husband came home from the kitchen part
Dashimasu spoiled son all the time.
masturbation is waiting for me.
into his room and give satisfaction to the sofa
Komorimasu Handjob. It was recently
Handjob is not satisfied with
Nedarimasu fellatio.
and upper body was naked
further escalated to massage the breasts but otherwise no longer ejaculate.
I am worried about the future.
this relationship is to stop the other son, was a few years ago
fun day a real naughty children. I shook my heart
思Iokoshi pass away every day.
why this would be too late to regret ....
emotional scars are deeper.

To her father-in-law

34 I

Incest confession

My brother in 11th grade (Taka) is in three. My brother is studying for, and to study the masturbation before going to bed until almost midnight. that sounds naughty book
extract hidden under the bed, the sound turn the page, so you know what I'm doing what I pick up all of the creaking bed. Recently
also helped me to do it every day from masturbation is not just a guy did not even care,
lost when your favorite pants are fine indeed, with agitation. The story of the year, parents of my father's family went back to,
this apartment thing left now is me and my brother. Exactly, is the story of me when I'm taking a bath. Wash your hands in the sink had a brother.
restroom shortly before leaving, "Gacha" I heard a sound. Rising from the bath, "Gacha" Very soon something.
would not put my pants on the washing machine. My brother was watching the TV in the living room. "I raised now?" Said his brother could not say it complains Quote: I was talking for a while. I
brother, "Hey ~ I'm back from angry pants!" said his brother not to hurt and angry.
brother, I was ready 決Metarashiku silent for a while "but found" I was embarrassed to Mojimoji this.
"The shame is it the same here," and retorted. It feels like my brother reluctantly brought the pants were just taken.
brother, "I'm sorry for my sister! awesome ~ I got dirty," I'm with a white slimy things around and see a local. It smells a bit like chlorine
. It was a moment. I hugged my brother has been doing Odoodo.
moment, the still stunned I know that my brother which means "I'm sorry for me, I love things like 堪Nnai sister!" I've pushed down on the floor said.
"I ~ Wait a minute! waiting for the OK! Please! hawk" Once my brother, let settle and release.
"like other children I do not hawk? I'm my sister!" say "things to my sister liked Tteka absent from way back,
pants anymore Please steal it from my sister! from my sister and I just want to have H today! "he said.
brother I was wearing pajamas, the other legs swelled greatly Teru You Demashita fully erect.
a while thinking, "OK! I just like today!" I said, but heart to Baku Baku.寝Kasemashita
brother took me to my bed room and my brother. My brother embraced each other 寄Semashita bra and pants I left all our clothes off.
have hit my thighs in the groin of his brother. My thighs have Nasuritsuke Kiku Hiroshi really hot stuff.
dick in the paint you've been sucked nipple canyon is full of kisses from my brother several times. My brother finally came in the things. Mono
Guigui brother comes in and he is larger than the original. My brother pretends to sit some of my ass, bite into Washizu "I feel my sister ~ my sister," says again and again.
I said, "absolutely useless in are about! I move it out! Taka" 堪Rimasen to sit comfortably while missing much that I said.
came out with my belly is by far the cock cum Kitarashiku my brother. My brother went to a lot of semen spill spill from the bed of my stomach. I suck cock
Emashita brother silent. I came back inside to boot up in the show's cock then. The nickname is well
siblings truly outstanding, until the morning that day Ikimashita H dozens of times to embrace his brother.
After all, every day since that is now seeking each other's bodies.

Poor Dad

That the father molested me talk to Dad today

just looked better in my heart I want to be molested

My husband's mother and her husband, son and I ................

Click to fill up at 50 after Mimashitara wrote, I was surprised Jack Robinson!
moment was shocked but did 有Rimasen Oh haste away so I had gotten a good thing if the new posts. I hesitated to speak
how to write well. oh well
can write something about me again ........ this is up for immediate post-running alive again but I can see myself.
everyone, and now our new one who comes detailed below, thank you very much.
(Do not present the same title is also becoming a reality and not correspond.)

head feels heavy yet completely ........... It seems not the cleanest in the state, from a shower this morning, but Shan has been to Japan. I have
fiasco, everything! . I surprised myself writing
try to read finally going to wake up after seven lie-turned away.
47 is definitely before I wrote.
not remember after all gone way out of the way as I can remember back to step you through the night. I remember it well
still wrote it, but I think at that time was going to conversion of the characters are fairly well-written texts are made 滅茶 or tea!
's written by idle hands so I'm probably not 有Rimasen wonder it is, is that really I can. I
So I tried to erase immediately corrected, it's not work I tried to remove just delete. I did that my solution
well concealed alcohol, but I also really scary aspect is also inevitable that I've written to not be deleted anymore.
those who drink moderate alcohol I will also create an atmosphere and mood also improved Narushi even though it might be the best medicine is the best folding.
started drinking beer with two women who just your mother in unraveling hungry and too late for me that time back my mother bought sushi much trouble, I can not eat and drink alone with her mother Open the can and drinking too much to drink, but also following them from the flood condition is that, from that time are touched by the sweet, delicious wine and suggested it to my mom if you so much and still bullish Datsu Kita Yono I laid on gradually and drunk or something.
was probably near the limit of consciousness when he was hit for the PC. At that time it was what
acting in his own consciousness, but somehow this morning I think I still do not remember anymore. but I do not remember exactly
seem to have her husband home late and leave school after his son went to Itarashi just because your friends this weekend.
the slow from her husband's home on the phone with my mother Kuretarashii but it also 有Ttarashii phone. Both husband and son
holiday this morning is still in bed, still awake It might not come until around noon to continue sleeping.

of the arms had gone to the mother's breasts become indistinguishably got a hot body and the mind and often I feel like getting drunk Ooita.
on a regular basis, but not my mom wrote that it was still in place but have admired, so it was rivalry, but have lost many, that it ample bosom, just a little touch of getting hit by sagging The beautiful shape with pointed breasts, but have admirably, with the smoke had finally massaged to go directly to open the chest to the beginning of massage to touch about clothes from the top of the milk. I also refuse to
no mother, and started kissing me to my face and mouth. Another time I head
idea anyway what had been a time of such conduct was not how much is. Now
remove remove all the shoulder buttons on my dress 横Tawa let me be drunk on the couch and gave me inhale Dari to rub my mother's milk even I do not remember very. But I can not express it well
feeling like I had somehow wandered in a dream Nde ...........< br>
mother 向Kattara the kitchen this morning I wake up they were making preparations for breakfast until they wake up before it's not fine when I was watching TV, smiling in response to that kind 謝Rimashitara I really cared for me and I've drunk last night me of me. The smile
揉Mi合Tsu milk or maybe it's me I think I responded with a smile and eyes that directly or unspoken smoke there. I
of it aloud to my destination, I'm really happy mother's milk really good ........ and so on. I am really glad I hit
mother, lady I'm with my family proud son of a beautiful face style very well, I'm happy, my compliments like crazy so proud of all of you out in front of me It's. So I was impressed that most
it, I love me any time I would also like to suck milk, and I gave up and said in private but never alone.

hugged her mother has it come soon enough for joy welling is already on air as I heard those words, and had gone to a long kiss.
husband and son of the Acts and SEX and I also came to feel the pleasure of a different nature.
a situation this morning in my mind they've already thrilled and excited about the future to imagine that just a lot of time alone with my mother among all the day. But a little bit in the translation
no part that is bothering 有Rimasen. Things like the relationship between mother
drunken husband and I played last night, but I'm worried and afraid Koto無I speaking carelessly spoke of something that I and my son and the relationship between men and women, that place is my second I'm going in before I go to see nature as a street.
that is best for me to be a good mother is so fine now, it's okay.

something much more, but I continue to write again any time I wrote that I wonder if he feels that writing 忘Re無I last night.
I knew before even with his Nana's idle hands and, like fun and I spent Technical Information Center.
and awesome as it is just that I had just written the day before that I'm sure it was yesterday or something good this weekend Yes, today, tomorrow your day off kickass! I really happy? I also really good weather, it's sunny sky today.

I love my brother

I had a relationship with his father-in-law from the eighth grade.
It is out of the house lasted until I graduated high school.
slow trip home and when I go to have a working mother, a father come in my room.
sexual content is similar to rape. Or to resist being yelled at, beaten, so the state just endures.
So, like good sense and not pleasant to say, far from it. Because of that, I became a big man
androphobia 近寄Renai body is, the smell of perfume is useless and hair dressing for men's things.
Now, 26 years old, have no experience with straight men and dating. I have an older brother has been adopted towards the biological father.
So just confessed to his brother the situation, I had let my brother live in the house of the architect is doing.
10 years older than my brother and I are different. My brother is 36 years old, and wife, too. I'm very well for us as a couple.
Nevertheless, I became like a brother thing.
I lived far away, and my immediate family so much and had a friendly reliable as a man.
I was good at men other than her brother, mute mouth, it was not satisfied with the state.
Working on my rehabilitation, the brother Kuretari hold me, kiss me I think.
to be kissed with his brother, very happy. But to me it further.

Anxiety son

Has sent two days ago myself. What I said was in his son, known to me to talk.
yesterday, Why not yet? I, I want yo. I
patient. take off your pants and erection
to this. I thought I was
her ○ ○. If I just let SEX Tageru ejaculation but can not.
I finally Emashita son suck cock. The Blow.
Son, what are you doing?
mother, instead of there, I'll let the feel in your mouth.
first son to speak.
realized anew that size.
while sucking her son to see what my son was watching the scene curiously. Lightning look away at the moment.
cute. Ttara her.
Hey whats up? Feel good?
Yes, very pleasant. I dont at least I gave the.
mother, feels good. Maps. The sensitive glans
still have puffy. Then
Mom, I'm already spoiled.
Soon after, the fires have been lukewarm in my throat cum hard. The momentum that was struck
Ugh. I was put in the mouth again and again that those lukewarm about
continued firing 10 times.
drink this? Mayoimashita
the moment, the first semen in the mouth out son. I am taking the plunge is
I felt uncomfortable honesty. Janakattara what his son is not something could drink. The white liquid is released into the tip opening. It also gave licking
take. But now I wondered
remained something strange for a while. I was fine the first time
drink. When the fire in your mouth
But I, ah, the longer a child, I thought I'm an adult.

I love my brother

My brother is very handsome and I was walking along in Chokko [boyfriend? In the course that was not enough, well we went shopping together. And, my brother bought me my underwear. One day, way back to the department store shopping together, my brother had been confessed. [For me, I like glue. Glue or hug. ] Have been told to cling to. I was surprised to completely blank in the head. After a while I noticed I was embraced by his brother. After that, two people, and at night, I went to the room hard at his brother had SEX. They were in the mood to spend more than half of newlyweds. All told, so I was a child conceives of his brother, had down. And then down some days, I guess I did with my brother SEX Nde likes. Today my brother comes back, SEX strive for.

What I do

Itadakitaku to know someone.

I am 54 years old.
grandson is 18 years old high school student.
my husband passed away six years ago, I started my son married and living together this spring. May
was living with one month time, the grandson trying to clean up the room as usual, I did not even worrying about it.
grandson entered the room when the voices in less than I was exposed to masturbate on the bed in the lower body.
I have stood on the spot by raising the voice of Aa surprise, the air became uncomfortable do not know what good?
I'm sorry, you've unwittingly entered.
grandson for almost embarrassing, and painful stomach, my figure is to Make desperately if it was so pity too, because I want everyone Once a year Takuya, it's okay it?
The appearance, it was a poor joke, too, was going to laugh or I'll Make a forum topic in the hands of the grandmother. Ino Tsuyoshi

grandson was interested in the opposite sex around, but really, had exposed his penis Oshitsukemashita my hand.
the grandson really, but it is not 思Hanakatta I had a grandson 叱Ritsuke Ito Tsuyoshi tone to anything.
grandson wanted to do was a serious thing, so I cry Shakuri上Geru.
that it said had hurt her grandson suddenly felt a sense of insecurity, said it's really hands Grandma Could Do you want me to, I'm sorry, all right Okay . Look out
Well, I can not tell this to anyone but mom can be a father, I try to keep it secret from Grandma and Takuya kun.

was an opportunity that such things have happened. Seeking
grandchildren while helping them do masturbate, I die happy Narri as fuck but my breasts, and while watching 撫Ze hand and then immediately my lower body, I I went to feel her change.

While it goes on like that several times, before being touched 撫Ze grandchildren I was, before the stimulation itself, upon request Imashi grandchildren gone carelessly or.
first grandchild and a larger penis, while addressing just below me, that was enough to keep rubbing the edge of the crack is wet, as the increase of two horny, penis grandson to insert, I was taught how crowded sex.

grandchildren now come to my room to rest, we will return in the morning.
I think the family known to be good enough.
now in high school, she eventually made Kon Hana, I think the day will come away from Grandma. I'm not going
son in charge of sex education so far, I think if they give to.
I do like to do that. Why should I do next
goes, please tell me like 何方.

Apology to the two sons

Hoshikutsu to write yet heard.

My discourse incest

The other brother and I was licking my genitals had sneaked into the bedroom in my sleep at night were meant to not have sex.
was sucking sucking clit labia minora.
body and mind had gone refused to react to wet.
example I was soon sucking cock brother.
"入Retee her sister in order"
become one with my brother again. I know things have not


To jest with his brother, I was somehow turned into a strange atmosphere
Then, "my sister, to see naked" I have said I
"Can I see over there is 脱Idara" to me < br> Lightning strainer Rite Sawa'll get naked together and not go until I
sex, hugging each other "warm" What if I rub your dick out of the Lightning
brother penis

And that the father

My husband will be away from home for four years in Kitakyushu.
children and 8th grade daughter, mother and father and the husband's family has lived in two-family dwelling. I met people
partly dating site lonely, and they acquaintance with several, among them are men's double affair for several years. Just
will go to a school girl who had just emailed.
last year, but that becomes a retirement home with father, mother is going to the parts, more opportunities will be alone with my father. At such times
, I forgot the entrance of the mobile home to go shopping. I noticed on the go
become addicted to shopping, as it were.

to go home, father's attitude is wrong. Atsuko's
, I say something.

in the atmosphere, I tremble with a bad feeling about the body.

ringing phone because it was, I think you important call, I look at mail.分Tsu
I have a serious thing. I held out my cell phone.

off forgotten, and the e-mail from multiple males, while having fun and that the hotel, the content is written by two people love each other before it, the attached image I was held, they are vividly projected to sex pictures.
my sex life itself, it was known what would have been.

your father's, sorry. Please do not tell my husband
誤Rimashita crying frantically.

father is here with a secret, just between the two, meet me laugh.
off the blood drain from his head, body and hands are 振Rue not fit that day, even if Ill get to what you try to do, was full of sympathy but a sense of insecurity.

next day, the mother and daughter from going out, with grim determination, please hold me to become naked in front of the father. Please
to make your father's favorite. Then my husband has implored
please keep it secret.

stepfather while cursing me and the embrace of any person other than the son, daughter and I did not think such a nympho.
and what did you guys. tied up and placed
vibes, and naked pictures are taken. What was that transformation 悦N.

he says, sex with my naked body over time.
think that the mistake that allowed this.

and man the same thing for me, the pledge was written.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[10526]
When the third and boyfriend about sex now, "I'm a good Blow me you.'s Size was dissolved?" Tokimashita Kaczynski is said.
He does not say but Blow me, I know my brother was charged! We could talk to anything of mine because it was a good brother and sister,
much for sex. I'd expect to get pregnant with a lot of people hated each other since the mouth ....
was the best sex of my life at that time about 17 or 16 days Demashita brother jumped into the room and come home from school.
room is waiting for big brother big brother sat down on a sofa opposite to keep the floor due to its horizontal mirror.
I wanted to hop on down to the fasteners and Byun brother next door.嗅Gimasu and warm air to remove the penis.
Chirochiro in tongues from enjoying such a familiar smell a little sour. I also like the back of 舐Memasu 突Tsu張Tta Once you have cleared a bit ticked off. Slide the back
Ategatsu lips and then her brother as a request. The harmonica blows I mean it looks like I will be happy ...
and we'll split the Cho'll caress the hand which held the index finger when the penis.
the mirror opposite, I have reflected on his face buried in his groin on all fours next to my brother and I have to spread your legs comfortably.
brother I'm still so mediocre atmosphere has a uniform gap or put your finger from rubbing the thighs and buttocks and pants to reach out to people of my skirt. Since
tease strategy Gingin I also turned it around here dressed to the 69 "shake your head up and down that nothing besides my brother Innovation Park.
is my brother from the bottom Increases click licking. This feels good. put your tongue can get around in the back and not just hear a click comes Nasty been filled too full.
also lose Juppojuppo to ... well, you can not concentrate too much feeling. I'm just happy to be there when you want
canyon every time I'd put it in because I'm absolutely. has signed a commitment in advance of such time. < br> when it is Iki brother can not get my mouth to carry it far. and drink until the end to finish it in my mouth.
"protect it if you've put I'll "" protect, defend putting the fast! "And they called the big brother feeling null.
but still moves me. Chaimasu scrounge up from under her legs entwined with my brother's waist. I'm frustrated with hair worn up or down which resulted in part.
brother from saying naughty words I promise to start to move.
after sucking penis is mixed with the smell of my brother and I also notice I ascended to second in Translation I do not know anymore.
"Roman: Come clean properly. You're a determined" I know without being told.
Did you know? I get the rest ran into the mouth and suck the semen from the penis after a split Yuutto went immediately.
Oh oh, I want to wish my brother again. But it is impossible now. Brother, because it left the woman with a home

My discourse incest

During the 14 years I have a brother at the age of 15 in three.
room, sleeping on bunk beds that I among the eight mats.
now, big brother is hard until late at night studying for exam.
yesterday, wake up my brother and I pee in the night I was still studying.
I then approached my brother behind and secretly tried to get off the bed to surprise her brother,
older brother is on the table until the knee trousers and pants down sex handle up and down the cock was bigger Kio Hiraku a photo album.
unnoticed for a while as I am appalled, I was watching them from behind.
eventually challenged brother is destined to drag out the tip of the cock and several layers of tissue "Uttsu!" and 呻Kimashita.
And I was full of fluid out of condensed milk and cream like a British Open.
then remove the tissue 拭Ki取Rimashita the cock even some photos.
At that time, I barely noticed it, "... what! ayaka!] raised shear trousers and pants she said I hastily.
I am pretending to be asleep," pee! " go to the bathroom and went out of the room and say 降Roshimashita pants and pajama pants.
Then, I was a little wet pants viscous fluid.
to pee and was hanging off the clear liquid fiber 拭Ki取Rou you pee.
cases disturbs dare take, as part of the wet Hinyari they wear pants and wipes dick dick
feeling very well.
Back in the room, crawl into bed Demashita brother has a desk tidy or stopped the study.
I took a new wardrobe, so disgusting pants pants and switched shoes.
then, the elder brother "ayaka, is it?" "was peeing?" "is also the two in, you're embarrassing ~" What a fool about it, < br> "The pants are wet from a strange liquid I saw my brother's cock!" I say.
Then your brother "I'll see if they really" going out of bed and begins to say
降Roshimashita pants now adhere to the belly position increases gradually cock.
"with just embarrassing brother, ayaka take off too!" Well, I was taking off his pants, I started and I was tampering with a cock in his older brother let me started. While touching
has been full of liquid from my vagina.
brother is Kuchukuchu started touching my dick.
Nuchanucha spilled out from the tip of the clear liquid in Chinchin brother.
rough breath and eventually each other, brother 倒Re込Mi bed and leave off all unawares, SEX There was feverishly looking for the bodies of two people experience.
still something I can not grow pubic hair did not come even period, even though only a girl, boobs of the innocent is greater.
soon, in my brother's cock.
in magazines and something friends, who were on the first or hurts, but I can not.
my case, any way without any pain or resistance has made it SEX.
SEX is over, I went into my bed wearing pants.
was awakened this morning at 10:00.
brother was, I was still asleep.
I have seen leaking into the liquid portion of the hand, so discomfort dick pants,
up and smell the fishy smell.
and has even stood up and leak fluid from the vagina.
repeatedly wiped off his pants many times in the tissue, finally 治Marimashita leakage. I went to the bathroom
maple wear pants, pants with two hand. For example
there, my mother came up "What happened?" I was asked, reluctantly, "in the cage thing," and say "Yes," I convinced me.
I'm still not even things I'd like cage.
say things we do, the first experience of the other siblings are brother and sister I have to be like that.

Daddy's Children

I am a 18 year old beauty Kana. 48-year-old father, the mother to run away together to the age of five does not live Kana beauty.
dad always brought me beauty is not to remarry Kana.
things are going now you can see the age of one society with male and female personality in high school.
to please daddy daddy I could 買Eu from a company one day soon and do not even think for me to remarry,
was waiting to make a delicious meal. Or you go home earlier than usual at work Dad also ended early. Dad told
as always when they are finished eating good food. Papa Do not get angry for saying this over there are more
dad doing? Today I'll become a lover of beauty dad anymore because my 18 year old Kana
SEX because I wanted to experience once with my dad because I do not say nothing
ask Yoshi Nami Dad went to hug dad holding a saying. Dad hated before,
beauty began to aggressively from Kana. Breast beauty brought Tori Kana dad's hand. What to do? · · ·
So today I want to love You're a lover of beauty Kana dad! Dad ... I was hesitant for a while,
been wrapped in soft, beautiful breasts and gradually hand Kana dad began to softly caress Oshiku love.
has surged from the burning sensation as core body Kana beauty. KANA beautiful face close to the lower body of the father,
last lick glans while hanging from the back to spit a lot while licking those rods from the alter ego Oshiku love big daddy swarthily Ikiri立Tta pajama pants to take off the more territory to the mouth,
Kana swallowed deep throat beauty. Ugh Tsu and dad a little while aloud
to attack each other in the mouth of the 69 posture and saying it feels good. Dad
hard to scrape out the back of a gentle feel of a finger in beauty spot Kana fingertips and roll the extra hand on the tip of the tongue flop sensitive clitoris most beautiful long tongue Kana me. Kana and the beauty
Atsutsu gone once in a weak voice I should have a voice like. Daddy's in the mouth of a large firm becomes largest beauty Kana,
I feel on the verge of bursting with an explosion at any moment. KANA beauty with his back to the dad got up and led to the insertion of your own dad Ikiri立Tta astride the waist of the father.
things out daddy to shake his hips from Kana beauty intact.

Playtime Secret

My brother and I are brother and sister yet, there is a physical relationship.
speak to anyone, not talking to anyone involved. Let me melt your fingers and tongue, my brother, I can not go away.
little time in, my brother just touched the hand come up with a little brother to me, Man Kono I will accept wet system. During the short time
intense movement, immediately complained to the Copyright brother in, but I went to the hotel when you make me feel so slowly over time, sometimes causing vaginal spasm.

My brother the night before the wedding ...

I am 28 years old, Whirlpool homemaker.
two years ago, the day before the wedding,
was held to his brother.
say something afterwards visited the new house,
見計Ratsu will hold me when my husband is not.

How to Shoumonaku

Chest, the breasts, because it Kaikomo quite something, this is a time to be wet nipples all the time.
day, H I got a big brother act. Brother went to the room, open crotch exposed to the lower body,
If we had to look like petals, older brother, who came into flower about Chablis.
then, had been pleasant to us to raise our voices to rummage among the petals to put your finger.
chin bar has been inserted too excited about big brother away to his voice. Ran out into the warmth and violently.
then disconnect from this time brought me into the Bakki. It was my first time back, I often had no time.
door gently blowing nose did you think the beautiful flowers, because they are intensely touching, funny things came out of something.
big brother told me a lot, blew in like a tide, it seems at once fell into.
, I also feel pleasure and away SEX brother, and then sometimes you're doing between then and his terrible SEX SEX big brother, even after you've become.


Mother's brother, and I hit the man who had an affair with the high three summer I had.
was in a magazine, was put on the crush of castor Seek dating sites.
email to some people, but met with no one to do 思Enaku, karaoke and go, but I had dinner and ends with messages when such visitors are also told fit, fun things to see.
came to rendezvous with another man was astonished.
But, man, go to karaoke to dinner, then naturally a love hotel, as usual.
normally etched into the hotel for the day is over. between uncle and niece and
forgot. Since then
mail continues, and that man 逢Tsu every week.
dating but doing it now, makes me happy and occasionally meet people like my uncle.

Two sons Anxiety

Thanks a lot everyone writes.
son dick seen from a mere accident,
I eventually accepted his son sought.
first look interesting, so I'm writing to everyone and also write my experiences moments of fun that turned into physical contact is an important act of obsession with the lost son. I was also very helpful, so I better opinion of those who have experienced the same incest.

His father being fucked

Hello everyone. I am now 30-year-old housewife. The story may become a little heavy,
write my past. I am a daughter

father they work for civil engineering related field,
together until about the third grade I 暮Rasazu,
He was in the country to wander into a place of work.
I have a shy personality also affect the original,
now live with my father suddenly,
馴染Mezu was in too much.
when the house while the little drunk,
something up their complaints of violence against the mother,
picture was written just such a bastard. I truly
daughter thing, but there was no violence,
have seen some things that my mother made a bleeding bruise on a daily basis,
father will continue to fear for bigger every day.
at home and at school I had become a little child talk.

time he entered junior high school years have passed,
me too late to begin the change reflected the growth.
chest swelled, little by little we grew pubic hair.
what I'm going, was it the whole feminine stature.

home no less well off, I was living in a cramped one-story apartments for rent pretty cheap.
kitchen and living room, it has only two tatami. I hope you have room
once given,
just a place for a sliding door across the small room of the four mat,
Jaarimasen mon I was an adolescent privacy.

without any physical contact with his father at an early age, you remember me or not even the spoiled,
existence was not only about my father's uncle knew at worst.
rising from the bath, I was traveling alone in a room dressed as a bath towel wrapped around the remains uncovered at the elementary school,
what I'm going ... look like my father was very anxious now.
I have to go through that side of his father in the living room drinking,
And there is no call out, I just look and feel just shimmering.

feel bad for my father and went to become a real little thing.

days off and sleep a little late,
mother would go to the part.
good weather is just one of a person,
father was a painter at the time that the rain was off. Holidays

rain ...
father decided to come into the room to go out in bed with my mother. At that moment
, never get any talking,
just felt just look. I do not like things that
there father was pretending to sleep.

holiday or rain many times ...
Mekurimashita a quilt of my father.
quietly, gently.
pretend I was asleep,
was still staring.
Why the flip did not know what a bed for my father.

want to get out of the room soon ...
was thinking it just shut an eye. I

no physical contact with my father,
did not even know the touch of his hand. Innovation

the grain, the rugged palm,
touched my body. Instead of being rubbed
Pajamas T-shirt from the back and stomach,
was stroking inner thigh and legs.
to shut an eye disgusting ... I can not say anything. Holiday
rain, it was repeated.

What I noticed was that I pretended to sleep ...
what was convenient or things ...

覚Masanai eye since then, my father act now to give my mouth.

time and go home, and what to do on days off from his father ...

limit has escalated day by day. Time is too slow

home, was forced to quit the best swimming club,
I now turn to what's the reality of almost no activity books.

sometimes even go out with friends one of the few things,
settlement be amazed too early curfew.

like a bird in the cage, it is bound to become my father.

attempting to revolt, violence against the mother 皺寄Se have now. Even if my father

逆Rawanakere ...
will grow gradually even out. Holidays

rain ...
father came into my room as usual,
Mawashimashita stroked my body, pretending to sleep.

in what had been two or three inside.

Since then, not only his father stroked my body,
to act differently now.

something else instead of his hand ... a hand and face area, I stuck to it.
look with half-closed eyes fearfully,
There was dropping off his father's knee pants and underwear.
first saw the male genitalia ...
scary feeling that impressed me is nothing but just.

a few months passed around.
but I was extremely low sociability,
boys were kind to me treat me like that.
together and that day happened on the way home from school, that he walked alongside me.

I approached when trying to tell goodbye to my house,
there was little his father away.
eyes met I remember that moment so I stopped frozen. He
such notice my appearance,
ran off and went to say goodbye.

seen my father like that ...
head became filled with fear,
alert was sounded in the beating heart is more than necessary.

"I'm home ..."

has hardly entered the living room door.
father was drinking alcohol without a word.

went to her room and shut the sliding door from the father did not say anything.

居You room until my mother comes back ...
put the luggage was a moment I think so.

sliding door opens and my father stood.

I felt fear in the face for backing away unconsciously.

"Is that a man of you?"
"No ... I'll do ..."
father also came nigh giving me opportunity to avoid,
abandon his cheek with the flat hand hit. The hair was tied
gripped father puts power to increase as it is. I lost the willpower to resist
in the first slap,
just "sorry" can only repeat this. And I was raped


could not understand what could have been myself.
hot and painful, we were full of tears ...
just felt very long time.

father moved back to nail me while covering 被Sari,
'll take your breath smell like alcohol.
"and wants to make something man ..."
remained only hear his words.


Is wrong with me. It then burst
estranged husband too. or stay the night in cold blood to
and also because I know my son anymore.
husband is a friend of my son I know.
to watch sports and go with something my son did not get along people.
I am deeply hurt my son had.
One night, while his son to prank my body I embraced my curse words
to write very much.
struggling with fear, I have nothing but cry.
worry what to do every day. Son between the silence continued.
and come to like my bedroom every night, I shut up my mess. I had only
be like.
first few minutes, I did end up tampering gradually it became wildly
see the reaction.
night, I was pleading with his son quit easily.
"and ik do what?"
My son is embarrassed to request my appearance. My son came
know how to fuck,
situation where I could always install an air permitting. I was ready
force held a loose leg.
"from back to front,, I ,,,"< br>" biting the nipple,,, oh no! "
when I celebrated my son's arm around his neck. I lose track of Shiwake
spasms throughout the body longer. What shape was too obscene
You Hana was troubled face.
is a reversal of the position at the moment.
I began to read his son.
son did not bother to think up there. But
, including the mouth but I, I wished.
than a toy for my son, I sincerely wanted to become a woman.
貫Kimashita me what my son hard.
was already going crazy with joy.
The most beloved son penis inside me,,,.
I'm not worried about the body already pregnant. Cum accepted to abandon his son.


I'm troubled. What I do not know where the consultation, we arrived here I was clicking.

to introduce a simple family. I am 43 years old
, 48-year-old husband, 17-year-old son. My husband is a sociable type, you piled out with friends and colleagues in the house than you. Outgoing and my son in high school that is also playing soccer, not a holiday home but almost. That high height, stocky and muscular. The bath is raised, we are always hanging around the room in one piece pants. I was shy, but people are said to be a conservative character. Or go shopping with their wives in the neighborhood but, after hearing someone's mother or your dissatisfaction with your husband and his wife from their rather type "listener" is.
"Kazuko's sounds good, right comfort her husband in business travel?"
"I do not have that. It's like eating a lot, I think even the laundry piled up. and begin to think I helped with anxiety. "
my husband away from home three years ago. Coming back, the New Year, Bon, G. W. About 10 days, respectively, and the other several times during the holidays. I'll be back about seven times a year.

day in early July, my son went to enter the bath. You forgot to bring my underwear dressing room, I saw her son walking naked down the hall to pick up pants. There is also my son. My son is embarrassed
"Do not look. fun to watch her son naked?" and has said. I
"You're saying? not in the room, walking shorts in a single time. just like the muscles are still Morimori." and then I did not think anything in particular. However, there clearly saw his son, a muscular body and a little familiar, there was a different impact.

husband and three times a week was contacted by telephone in late July, took the call in the matter of Obon holiday. Then, "What better gift to Hana Hiroya do? At the age of such a gift is no reason at rejoice. In You I'm sorry to trouble all the time. Now back in the tray is folded as possible will be able to enjoy I do not have anything so good. "and the kind words. "Thank you. I'm waiting forward to your return." Placed a call to say.
that day, went to bed after your husband's kind words, but my husband thought of the naked and started touching her body out of knowing yourself. Slowly, gently

is a shame that it can comfort yourself several times a year there so far. But I feel like that day had been hot body and think of words more than usual the previous owner. And it is facing with the last moment when his eyes closed. It has crossed my mind at that time saw her naked son. Clearly there is also my son. I ha! We stopped to get a return. "Why Why?" Has suddenly awakened 昂Tsu had ever felt. That day and stopped on their own comfort even bother to Narezu more.

two weeks later, my husband came home in the Obon holiday. Despite high prices, took me to a three-day trips to hot springs in three families. It was fun.

back to your husband appointed Obon holiday is over, mother and child began life as usual. One day, my son does not come awake enough, "I'll be late to school!" Opened the door of the room saying her son. "I know!" He was still dressed in a hurry. I was proud of his son in front of pants. (U can, and I'm)
son out of the house was when I ate breakfast. Found himself, imagine the excitement of pants the son, saw his son was there Think before. When stopped in the middle like that, "Why? Why?" I thought. But at that time and, unlike my lower body can become hot. My reason and, contrary to the lower body can become more and more heated. (I just went back to his master 赴 your responsibility, and how little lonely. This, I feel I'm not the son. Anyway, what are you thinking in the morning?) Decided to take a shower.
However, the lower body after a shower of Gingin was also unchanged. Back to the room, "my husband Think comfort," and I began gently touched by hand only know part of my husband and close the lid. (Way back when now become? Lonely even when Kazuko Hey I have you)
consoled myself that morning was the first time.昂Ri ever felt even close the curtains in bright rooms.
And then finally celebrated. The chest with his left hand, right hand lower body. Feeling the owner (I think I'm reaching) is in full swing when the mood hits the peak. (My son again!) However, unlike previously, could not be suppressed anymore. "Yuya, why!" End in mind, "You, Yuya, I'm sorry.'s Yuya" while I mutter, and I reached the end. I imagined over there. What comes to mind is why my son

then there is still guilt had betrayed husband and son. And embarrassment to myself miserable. But from that day, and another that I become concerned about my son. Recently, his irresistible fear that this feeling. Please forgive 乱文

scribble. Thank you if you have any good advice. If you have similar experiences or have you? I'm sorry if wrong place.

Son and I

My 52 year old son is 14 years old and I still have a relationship with his son
this summer that led to masturbation
Ategai desperately crotch of my underwear is already past the 50 sons I was seeing that for the moment, but I

angry son and my husband is hard to talk which was the intention of talking to several wind became The
will not stop crying until I was watching my son try to apologize with my body but I was told to hold his son was crying out to stop immediately and have learned a thing or a similar I thought my son had to accept myself just as strange if I look back and feel like to hold for a while and pleasant throughout the day that my son is now suddenly brighter
curiously son is also not feel my underwear pranks 解Ranaku
now I do good or bad thing to accept my son and I think the thing should be tied in
Family The fact that it is understood that

Alimony from her husband

So my brother and not terribly good terms.
But the husband was the one who wields autocratic and sometimes even violence.
forcing me to unnatural sex, body and soul I was going crazy
. Even my husband hates
heart, my body will react to it 情Kenakatta.
遊Bi歩Ki different women every night like I do every day
I do not understand suffering.
brother to help me become a kind husband and a divorce. I never
Iranakatta alimony, talk to an attorney present at
closely, while it threatened to put the story justice. Unlike her husband
brother, husband, athlete, your body is bigger and the younger brother had become
I borrowed quietly as a cat.
usually just say I'm joking and smiling, had a younger brother
extra powerful and angry.
return home out of the house had continued calm day.
or brother to care, I was coming back home for good.
father and the real estate industry after 継Gitakunai, but my brother was working in Tokyo was very interesting and complaining from the company merged with a company I was working. The company name is
seemed to be gone also cause change in the transfer or close friends department.
my brother back and take you away with me for a drink and a distraction.
drink in the bustle of the city who were looking forward too. My brother was far more
. Come back to my brother and I say that I spoiled
On one occasion, we enjoyed drinking as usual.
11 o'clock, and close to the last train, "or stay, take a taxi home." phoned home and drank.
and this is a business hotel does not have a lot in the 5000 twin yen. Save money because it would exceed the Oodai taxi light.
was before temporary and soon leave the store.
"Oh dear, the book 泊Mareyo alone." I said.
is that things can go to the store now sex with women. Even though I was pretty drunk
, certainly did not mind. But in pretending
drunk, "Oh Oh, I want to ay."
clung to. "I shop Darouu Hey girl go?"
"Well, I'll fine you." Conversation escalated to such a mysterious atmosphere
gradually. Pretend my brother got drunk? "It is also still the same price Raboho. To watch the video too."
黙Ri込Mimashita and brother, but to walk. I have worn my heart
Yosemashita clinging arms. My brother turned his hand to the waist
two people entered the room in silence.絡Mi合Imashita in bed.
has rubbed vigorously over the panties on your hands there. I opened
legs, "sauce, no, no," and himself Yojirimashita.
to smell alcohol, and the other two were prepared to be able to smell sweat.
Unadzukimashita said his brother that I try to shower together. They also did not meet Masaguri
and brother penis, big enough to laugh Omowazu
first, I was sore until I get used to the vagina was suffering
gradually louder. My brother is in
果Temashita twice.
My brother came back six months after that. Now
weekend, also be etched on weekdays and daytime. I became increasingly bold
, divorced from her husband who pervert like my brother
asked for sex. Even if times
enema, anal leakage is going to be about me, my brother is insane by the penis.
brother "I'm the best. Do not marry for some time." I happily.

S pedophile and a daddy

My dad is a pedophile. Dad likes to take a bath with me.
that contains a dick in her pussy and rubbed my arms up and take a bath.
the room taking pictures and pasted all over will be other anime cosplay.

From brother

yuna himekawa[10327]
But lately, older brother, I'll be forced to take a bath together with me.
brother and entered the bathroom only once and it really upset me or to reject. Brother's genitals are not really bigger, I did not know what bigger Teru Kano. Blow
asked the brother to then. I was surprised I was to become bigger as Feller said. Hold your head for a while then my brother was out of my semen in the mouth. My brother was told to drink from the drink was very bitter taste. After drinking
I were forced to all fours, licking my genitals, or put your finger was. Pour
genitals to my butt hole and a strange gooey liquid Brother, brother to brother, but I was putting my genitals (but not put the virgin) and brother say genital've put my ass hole. The pain ran great at first was going to faint. Brother did not help the pain so intense pelvic thrusts. Copyright put the older brother said I was waving back five minutes were released at the moment sperm ass hole. I had
Utsu向I brother went out to the bathroom without saying anything.


I'm also the aunt, nephew and I got made. I am 44 years old
nephew is 39 years old. I myself still
× 2, I'll know which was made even though it 仕舞Tta
身篭Tsu child to his nephew.
I, of course, but her husband and children, husbands and talk honestly can not even grow up to the settlement already children are hungry for sin, and because there, told me .

My discourse incest

Brother and two people in life, I'm 18 years old. There are various reasons do not want the house and I settled into an apartment of my brother
from half a month ago. Even though my brother
busy sophomore year to study
me now, "Do not stay here" and told me I am glad I got insist that
toilet and bath apartment is that it's going to 広Kunaku
so together. If I take a bath I was surprised Hazama Kono
to pee really getting into the older brother.
"Come on You're a Kyoudai another" behind the words mean, ulterior motives
was exposed. To say that small apartments, but also complain that
around me and I'm feeling or living together Iitsu.
or deliberately brushing into the bath when she is older brother, so I'm
. Each time my brother but I'm surprised
say, "Because I Kyoudai?" I say to you (laughs)
I need to run things like curtains, so of course once in a while Well peeps
Chaimasu. I enjoy doing very well.
'm asleep when the bed laying on my futon bed, big brother
I can hear something rustling in the night's last
Mozomozo Why do more moving around her brother.
That maybe I was a naughty person.
Pretend I was sleeping without being seen, but something I was really excited.
brother also thought "Man," I thought I What? After
brother went to college as usual the next day to speak
my consciousness always tend to try to wash Omottara
of clothes and underwear and my brother something The mix I felt like a weird underwear
look. It is one of the naughty brother from the day before
I think I saw something Rashiki.
brother from home to live in when entering a bit narcissistic
to workout first thing I come back home. And then their muscles in the mirror, happy to copy the
. It is certainly a type of physicality my muscular.
underwear briefs in the Teru Noi. Black or navy blue. Blue and white border or after brief
. Because I know I have all the washing.
briefs to contain Great And then when I was washing
What should I say? Glazed
Brief'm a little stiff, black pheasant. Got that? Toi
to put in a cage like this, but I know that I'm washing
do you mean I'm really wondering.
Wearing pants is also I want to see also Nao Akira brother ~ I thought.
a weird again when I was cleaning my room I found afterwards to wash
(laughs) This video is in three instances. Why after all the bad air
sex video I was watching the video was
. Mosaic is not yet guy. That really surprises me. I just saw the passions
about three hours (laughs)
found various things then clean start after another.
20 books about a naughty book. Condoms. The first surprise was the switch
put a dick, but maybe too difficult to explain this guy make me feel good to put
. Put your finger in a trial like I put my
switch. Great vibration has been transmitted.
the while hoping she does not brother makes sense for a guy wants me
! I thought.
finished the workout will always come back at night with my brother
bath. While I was nervous that my brother was thinking why
. One of the actions Etchirashiki
day before. The shiny black pants.
various tools. From my brother in this room I'm sorry I always have a lot
patience ~ I'm part of.
toilet and bath with moyamoya casually in my mind to something
dick brother sitting on the toilet bowl I was opening the door Shikoshiko
. I'm in my brother's cock in bath
I saw was large, but sometimes I wonder
was first seen. Now shut the door to the great surprise.
I have upset when I was five minutes into the kotatsu
sat across from my brother came out.
conversation at that time (so far as I remember)
me: "Have you finished one sex? (took about 5 minutes) Tough?"
brother: "Wakeneedaro be"
I : "I'm sorry brother. I knew I return home"
brother :"····"< br> Me: "You're more patient older brother?"
brother: "do not have to endure? ( lol) "
I :"····"< br> brother:" Would you rather go home Inayo here joke that "
Me:" But "
brother:" I just do I'm not worried because the "

me say. My brother is very kind. That's when I decided
. Okay makes sense if you think about the patient.

Me: "By becomes impatient (to them) You do"
say I fled to the bathroom. I slept that night before my brother was studying
. I am aware of Mono音
pajama tops and my brother opened my eyes slightly
bra boobs come from the top of the button and remove the three came rub
. I pretended to sleep I got really nervous. If we
me to shut up again Then button.
I knew that the terrible shaking hands. kotatsu
brother went back to stand up and take a box of tissues Shikoshiko
I was looking at me I'm pretending to sleep. Mukutsu
I thought my brother and raised such a "big brother
'll help," with hands raised to say Shikoshiko. I knew that did not meet face
but really shy.
Thick black cock in her brother really long and hard. I talked to my brother while Shikoshiko
me: "The day I was hiding and I come from?"
brother: "Yeah. the university several times in the toilet"
to me that we've pulled it a little from thinking that it's all. Remember
was seen during the day while Shikoshiko sex video. I was going
mouth moment. The elder brother, "I Iki" What I said I was a dick
pull out a piece of tissue
当Teta a tip like crazy, but "Pushutsu" in my pajamas I
incurred. Lightning also about sticky hands'll Tarinaku piece. I'm such a naughty
experience the smell of the semen was a little tight I
long. Then something is wrong
laughing together.
later that day I get almost every topic raised. The brother who
"to" say a lot to come. I recently got
been little progress before and this makes sense. Later I'll write again from
got longer. In then!


I felt like my son is very jealous.
childhood by her husband, estranged husband and then my sex partners.
received a confession that, in February of this year.
that day, my son has rented an apartment near the University, had come home.
man and I enjoyed, because his son had come home at night
son was watching TV in the living room.
"Oh, I was home." He played with the body until just had 火照Tsu
still hot.
sit next to, I was thinking about going out when I'm listening Arekore
to answer or just a state of the son, it was Hikizurikoma say where I'm going to bed and stood up.
clothes placed in my hands, I struggled.
flip skirt, slide your fingers have been in the underwear. I did
desperately close leg, finger comes in gradually.
"Oh, wow." sits between your legs placed eventually shifted without underwear and fingers thrust comes.
"do you want?" strong anymore and my son shouted in a tone I did not
"rolled up like that guy and Jari ,,,,"< br> He was then told to write a very terrible thing that shocked
I panicked. My son left the room went silent. sense of calm and suddenly
de jab. He became addicted to it when I was younger before
from daytime to enjoy life with. He was a violent sex
quite violent.
he was crazy to me. He is met through friend of my sex.
with friends that I had to sex.
that person is a lot to be said about me.
"and wants him to do that much," he
me your girl and I was convinced.
jealous of my son? I thought the room was headed
been tampered wildly before, I ache with pain 狂Waseta me. Innovation system
before his son, but I started to soothe temptation.
any resistance that is my son had embraced.
just think of such a thing.
old words and soothing with a toy, now I just use a soothing body
tangled tongue will feel like it was my son, at the mercy of his fingers to my son showed
birth to her son about a miscarriage twice and tie the fallopian tubes for the surgery.
But, as the other man gave me for a condom etiquette.
without any hesitation to accept anything but the spirit of my son, my son is poured into my womb. My son and I
back, always the verge of a prank to me, the more progress in preparing supper.
I was forced to confess to his son.
already been frustrating to the brink of being tampered ik, I told her that.
"16 Then the first time. and two high schools. Papa is a th or 7.
you are, 15 th? about."

Unable to talk to anyone

I have a calm place to the west of central Tokyo Musashino still, 46 years old to 24-year-old housewife living four 25-year-old son and a daughter 48 years old and my husband. My husband
people with friends and co-design firm in downtown, at working people come home late at night, always with the golf vacation with friends and customers, it was Just leave me home.

me from the loneliness that is obtained and reports no encounters with men's hands since I was a child, the first telephone message on flyers handed out in front of the station into Tesh with prank phone calls is now a strange conversation with the opposite sex.
outside the hotel and invited the men to leave and not feel a thing and a bad
such a life unawares, the men of my body, a lust to ask me not met was supposed to.

last May, a day out shopping and accidentally forgot about the mobile homes, mobile email containing notices of my son, I've seen.
there, I met the man two days ago, and the next appointment, to the love I put my mouth on the contents, images attached to e-mail and write down something like a downright embarrassed ever The men in the nude with my cuckoo obscene. I found them all to his son.

cell phones when the show went home with her son, uh shake one's head and limbs had hit me like a heart-stopping white and numb. My father is my son

Do not worry if the increase to shut up. Mother, son
as men to be held in such images that I'm terrible when I was just in shock at her mother. My son can see

as well as my mom saw my picture, but to the naked lower body in front of me, my father's lips pressed against the rigid prick If you do that and I'll not keep it secret, but my cell phone images will mom, mother Eru men suck cock while being tied up as a masochist, just like the lower genital and anal cock yet The toys have been inserted, without my son excited to listen too exciting content.

the day ended as it is formed by his son.
And then I started treatment as a slave of his son relationship.

Sibling incest

I am 19 years old, my brother is 14 years old. Suddenly awake at night going to the bathroom, I noticed the light leakage from the back room at his brother.
to put one's ear against the door, "Ann, Ann ..." ... and moan. It opened slowly and I making any noise, I had my brother PC masturbation erotic flowing from the video. What is the moment when ejaculation
would actually ... so I was wondering, as is observed. Then I noticed my brother
. I was 引Kenaku later, I have to do to get my mom says anyway? And make threats, and things started 扱Ki little withered.
bad start though. I am exasperated by the sweat off his, T-shirt and wearing only panties, turning to his brother on all fours with your ass. Are you up for excitement? I think
. As expected, the younger brother full erection. Stroke stroke (laughs) I M in the final character split, where you will cut into Ikimashita in striped panties. Pyutsu and after leaving, drop and add more ~. I come out like this ~
tried to withdraw quickly found out where to be and I Want to Cum Nedara again with his brother. Well I do, or not to proceed was installed in each. I took off
T-shirts, breast massages Dari, and that seems to show it to trace the line work and masturbated over underwear,
second ejaculation brother. The amount is small, 1m flew away to as my thigh. Withdrawal of having stuck with his brother wore that shocked. I got really excited
masturbation is still in the room. Neta brother. Stimulate the vagina causes feelings Beat Bra.
try to lick your fingers to scoop attached to the thigh ... bitter semen. Sole issued from his brother, but definitely led me to climax.
since come to my room one night in about a week, worried for me to become a Onaneta. Well, whatever ... but I had done, and gradually increases and demand,
M is now finally down to naked pussy masturbation legs. My brother is a joke. I have nothing else of him. Originally temperament M, also added more shame, suffering will instinctively. Tsu
Not now!飛Bi掛Ri brother and I cry, I just inserted. Also wanted to switch completely into resistance, I can only gasp.
siblings. Incest. Contraindicated. Onaneta reality. Virgin brother. Devour my chest. Insertion complex. I was feeling fucked. I have combined 3 piston as I got them installed. vagina is tightening things ~
Gyu Innovation brother, without ejaculation. I was put in a long time, I think I was about 30 seconds pulsing. Since then, the relationship between me and my brother six months has continued
. I want to use the pill because I can not stop saying cum many times.

My discourse incest

Incest. Even while thinking that there should not be stuck there on me.

In fact, we now have sex with her son for several years. It got started when I was drunk, is the time involving his son. Reluctant 16 year old son, 33 years old when I was.

there drinking, and drinking a lot, I came home to home, is also somewhat short of drinking, the game had been called to his son, let Tsuki合Wa. While talking to Gutaguta, and the story of her son, "What the sex?" When asked, "can not do that there not?" Was returned saying. I wanted to do something, and I'll teach you how to do, including the clothes and legs extended to look for his son.

distract his son pull the hand, let you touch. After all, as some interest in, was touched with red face. Been somewhat excited, unzip his son issued a penis. The penis is more than enough energy, intently Shaburitsukimashita. My son immediately went away Blow, take away my face, "sorry" so I said, "I, do not worry," replied. With the face and took his son sperm rake fingers went to his lips. Even though

once, still young, still stands. What is the position of
pussy, I said to come into. While looking at the entrance to the Mozomozo, and I have been inside the null. It is pleasure.

work hard and my son and I went away, and my son went in me. Still, what a way to pull it out is I do not know. I helped.

Then, too few days, taking a bath when I have my son a bath.

If you know and incest

I have a 20-year-old son.
son and husband just like I want to do. But I dont think that I concluded that I want my son.

Can not stay away from this pleasure

40 years old, lasted between 12-year-old son.
PC so you can search for anything out, there was encouraged to know the people doing the same thing when I find incest, ran last.疼I
reluctantly to her husband regardless of the body, yet lower profile, but also small elongate genitalia, what I feel is still real.
twice a day now I can taste the sperm come out a lot less than I do (after the morning and return home) is fun and now you can too.
husband was away during the day or, of course, for sex the night I'm sure overtime. If you know the real

son one day, or when married, can not stop even when it comes to know that I would end 年老Itara


Mom rubbed into the nipples ever came around and slimy oyster juice into a cup dried your finger Mako, with smoke coming upright sound. I'll make a voice
comfortably gradually become of me, and became more like ~ and pester.
carrots from the fridge and came out well, mom until I came into this Nakara your carrot in my cold, the piston will move, quickly, gone.
then placed the toy has come out more full of juice to feel good and Dirty Deeds. Then, in front of my mom and dad did H. While the H
learn what's your mom - they were doing. What's that you - had been pleasant. My dad and H acts lasted a long time Japan. I kept it in my flower
insert expanding mess that was long.
Then mom and dad at the sight of a place I did not think SEX. H away in which I wake up, and always Kono Naka until I have continued our state is a sticky wet.
The wet that we have, come to mama.


Incest son and now is scheduled for tonight, no. If you like our parents or other people 居Masu?

To commit a mistake

As someone from your mistake and through my experience, wrote in 忍N shame. My husband is many things
socializing late at work, I go back to the community, while 38-year-old at home, loneliness can help you, now I drink a lot.
always away drinking more beer and shochu watching TV on the bath wearing lingerie in the day, and I slept on the couch asleep.

I massage the breast while someone from the sleeves of lingerie, you are naughty and my husband came home feeling like a dream to be lowered gently to the waist shorts and while the illusion was intact.

gesture turned into a pubic 撫Ze fingers were taken to expose underwear, and he feels his master's caress, on the back about, like spoiled aloud, a gesture that greatly expands ... It became thick penis was inserted in the vagina.
I feel like there something wrong with the director breathing hard, my back to insert the 15-year-old son, and his face was buried in the breast. to those in strong
scolded for nothing. My son is clinging
I like mom and many times, but it would take back the penis is inserted deep into her son.
do such a thing is good my mom just quit today. It also tied up with Dad Iyo Yoshi. I've accepted the penis
son he says.果Temashita
son is in me immediately.
next morning, my husband's face and went out with work and school respectively are among the painful embarrassment of watching her son's face.

at night from that night is not the owner of now I have a son. At first it kept me busy
, son lost the graces, it has also lost his desire.

young body, while asking several times my body, ever-intense desire that my husband was strong enough to be incomparable.

such that a child's room even in my shame, sex just simply have a picture painted in sex magazines are not committed, if such a thing to be bound 逝Kenai . But

son was asking me to change behavior more than his master.

my stomach and it is inevitable that a child could have a son.
processed is repellent to me telling anyone about the child he had spoiled. occasional
is still asking me to come.

Tokuko-san, continue!

Tokuko-san didn't come out easily, so I made a board. Maybe some people will hit it, but it's a bug! Let's go with (^ _ ^) v Also, please post <m (__) m>

My son's second husband

Typical workaholic husband. Recently transferred from the old days here and there, in extreme cases it does not come nearly a month back home. Some complained that
emotionally, with the benefit of hindsight I'm grateful to work for us.
natural son grows up and now play the role of husband for me.物分Ri
good, heard me talk many many complaints from my son than my husband is very loving son.
between the two men were certainly feeling more budding mother.
opportunity to study the room one day his son, said to say that Oyasumi.
son was in bed. When asked in bad condition
"something sleepy." Answered. I was dragged to the bed
incorporated the idea as it reached out a hand to his forehead fever.
"Hey spoiled child." face buried in his chest has hugged me.
little comfort, I thought my son fell asleep just before I fell asleep before
me. Utsurautsura
'm going to wake, I was stroking his son turn his body. I was also part of the Filthy hands
But 満Chitarita really feel. Not enough for me so my husband instead of feeling like this.
"Heh - heh.'m ticklish."
"Yes, Her body was so soft."
"Oh, you too hard, she'll get mad ,,,"< br> there is a hand stretched , I was rubbing on strong with your fingertips.
were broken, and, to escape being pulled back and I was taking off every
underwear pajamas before we could say.
"just touching. just touched." I'm not guilty, so I'm saying to
I'm really, really say I'm just touching, open your legs at the mercy while it was being tampered with so that the Obtain an electrical observed. Two weeks
few times such an act.
first son was happy in my hands, a penis in my mouth now to bring
. I
husband, the first man, was the husband did that I did not asking for that. Munching
of anything without any resistance, but somehow, my son still loves it because of something you
Also, I have never experienced or did not taste like ik climax.
feel. But like a spasm, because it lies about things I thought I would faint or something. Unlike her husband sex
busy, then at least you have time my son When it comes to the weekend.
began to explore my body. This
do? It comes slowly or blame. Nipple biting, I have become a little embarrassing to shame The last liquid jet.
"stop!" is a moment, the whole body trembled. You mean I wonder if this
and son came to buy a rotor.
Assigned to this moment I think a little bad, I thought from the beginning.
and scary feeling that something not know what to think. If we feel represent
son ignores my tearful entreaty, at the height of the mother I had finally led
. I firmly hope to discuss
son (or pregnancy problems) finally accepted.
than the cost of living, I began to play a role in her husband all her son.
husband is at home when you are about a week.
up a little courage, and begging to fuck. busy as usual while
sex my husband and I will embrace. Then I feel my son is
jealous, they want to violently 狂Wasou

I beatings Princess

yuna himekawa[10114]
I was helping my son study for exam.
back home to divorce, is just around the field. son
reasonably good grades, a decent college
happily accepted.
I live in the city alone.
before I sleep, and you ne Tsuyoshi Tsutomu luck, I'll hug was from the back of the daily routine.
At one point, suddenly the 押Shi倒Sa to bed, his face pressed against his chest
I've worn a body to match.
crawl up and I will hand it down, I felt truly bad
chided her son.
But to complain that her son has helped them in the mood,
gave you and forgive a little over underwear. I had a son
guilt myself from becoming an adult
it seems to me made me feel inferior.
were surprised at that time, and I'm worried that my son was
I think Setsunaku.
parting with friends in the convenience of parents and son have come so brave to come into the country. I say almost the day of examination.
recruited to the feelings of a son, I thought somehow I have to.
you to bring supper to his son waited for his son to finish eating.
and sit still sat on the bed next to her son,
Izanaimashita hand over there. moist until they
about pajamas, rubbing his son intently
raised at your fingertips.
to restrain his son, underwear under my pajamas every 下Roshimashita.
"You here, like this ,,,"< br> knead with your thumbs while the clitoris, which my son finger penetration deep into the vagina.
bare breasts to remove the buttons on the pajamas, let
nipple bitten.
"sauce!" out loud Omowazu away, hastily pushing pajamas
食Ishibarimashita mouth.
,,, Lee Tsu'll do,,, again, no,, that will not do,,
he walked too, according to the finger up and down the waist of my son waving at the floating
"Oh, I Oh, hmm, ll"
I writhe with convulsions.
Masaguri chest while my son was watching the scene.
son naked waist down, I was clutching my stuff.
I give in the mouth gently, and I was drained last one.
at a rate of about once a week, so I repeated my son managed to 2
months, got into the university of your choice.
do with my father to buy something to celebrate, I received the money.
said his son "I do not separate what you want, 弄Ritai abandon my mother." I said.
longer than this and I do not think that feeling, I was feeling and then I wavered aloud mad abandon.
Fukkiremashita. Sun's move to an apartment
son, after eating dinner, my son whispered
. "Hotels do?"
Son nodded happily.
entering the love hotel, entered the bath together.
and collapses into bed together, Suri合Wase
hard body and a stiff lower back, as usual,,,. I abandon
aloud, kickass. And
, Please! For example beatings. "
Beatings I have cheeks. Pasi!強Kuu more!
hot and the whole body, as well as syncope ik.
many years experience of fainting.
"amazing. amazing." thrust to put a condom but my son
Omoikiri was screaming many times.

My discourse incest

I am a mother of two children, married 38-year-old farm house. 19 year old son will be 17 years old daughter. Daughter has just left to the city to realize independent dream. I left the house with her husband and father to son only.

day, too much heat in the shower, wearing only a long T-shirt, 居Tara Getting Japanese-style fans, I've completely asleep. When I noticed was the evening's feet and suddenly dropped his pants son was on his way to masturbation. It seems to see the rolled hem on my naked fan. look at my old
body, I do not appreciate me excited. Masturbation, and I was helping to stop halfway. Feller and I'll have to fly a hot one in the mouth full of mud Innovation.

next day, his son shy away - his face, and her husband went to work to the field. Today, not even so much work, try cleaning the room, when I was ready to stand behind my father came to touch the buttocks. [Are you going to do! ? Nokemashita surprised to get paid]. Then it was yesterday [stepfather, said the Department do not want, suck me also say that I have]. I had seen.


Aunt incest confession

Short time like a dream in vain of his nephew and also some difference of 30 years, shone most in my life time.
was said to be from my nephew I want to talk, it was time for a break in the rainy season.
"I want to marry that person, forgive me mother," his nephew had come and asked his mother to convince my sister.
but so is my nephew, my sister said once, even, seems to have hit many times 利Kanai people.
to meet in the hotel lounge and that his nephew, out drinking at the bar talking, the topic of my marriage.
once I was married when I was young, divorced in less than three years, no children, then remarry without it, came to spend.
or drank in the bar, so I went to bed drunk nephew, took a room in a hotel, to rest it. What
slept for two hours? Nephew got up and "Come next to the prince's well known." And is said, is puzzled, and lying next to his nephew. I know the prince's nephew
is beautiful skin, unlike my mother. And came to kiss.
while pretending to resist, so I thought I was normal to have a relationship with a nephew. When I started the band
solve my hand clothes nephew, myself and I, say, his nephew, "I have 解Kitai. kimono belt once 解Kitai think, man I instincts "and,
laughing when I was solving a string singlet to solve the dew band covering my nephew 被Sari" still want this, ". Let's meet the singlet
Hadake nephew breasts stick. While the technique of blow
going to raise my nephew, cleverly, I went to 登Ri詰Me gradually.
hands of his nephew and gradually fall down, get into the bush when I arrived, I said, "I quit, is not good anymore," But my nephew is on fire, "is leaving to come here No Translation "and,
Take the hand of his nephew in the bushes and came inside me slowly. Slowly, as Oshimu love, I get to rage around the bush was still aloud to forget us.
wet bush comes a slow, pleasant feeling in the hands of the squid nephew, I became a white head, hold on to his nephew, "I want your big" and had been appealed. My nephew
off your pants, and including the mouth, moving up and down, were large. It's nephew
when fully grown, his nephew came into the inside of my piercing. How many years since I feel his hips shook, I was leading the nephew.
"Uuu, I know the prince's useless,'re out," the nephew said, I said "Come inside of my mouth, please." supplication, his nephew spent the first release of my mouth to come.
I take by mouth, licking did beautifully.
afford as adult women.
nephew and then I did not have a relationship but, like the time I had short fleeting dream.


It is now my mother is pleading for her son incest, this time my son more actively from now I invite
. I
36-year-old son in middle school housewife 14 years old, my husband is 42 years old working for a design company. My husband has to travel a lot
local month but not at home 3-4 days.
was intercepted in the form of masturbation son picked up the loneliness of sleeping alone, and supplication is only just that once held a body
, the pleasure of the incestuous mother has gone wrong.
swallow cock deep into the dilation of which his son swallow hot semen directly, dazzling pleasure.
and son who noisily sucking the joy juice to put his mouth full of the vagina, the vagina will stretch a long tongue to lick
to gouge the inside. So when you break in
folds of the penis and the vagina is hot as fire burns his son, but I thought I would do even more good
Until now, only the mouth and vagina was doing, just the other day, I had to do it first anal.
longer feel up to feel good, and so I thought I was going to die.
son at that time but three times, followed by anal ejaculation, not only that, it proved to be
pee. The so-called urine enema.
came into the clearly found in the intestines through the anus of my son's semen and urine.
Really good feeling, so you can see on their own was a buffet and full of joy juice. I would say to his son
them wanting to defecate, the son put his mouth to pull out his penis in my anus
I have told us it's OK from the dirty, asking his son to say, unable to bear
I defecate, and I have a son in the mouth last bowel movement . I
from the bathroom before I go to always have sex, did not defecate very little,
came out, but still found a little solid.
son is sucking all of us leaving the mouth of my anus.
Not only that. I want to say to me to pee. I seek leave
son, my son's mouth Ategai genitals, urinating with that one. My son is in love with neutral
飲Mi下Shi breath, and told me it was delicious. I suck dick fly
son crazy for someone to petition for his son to pee. The
me to urinate in my mouth a lot of my son, I thought very good. We have to
incest mother almost every night, and since then has anal sex enema
and urine as a set, and match each other's urine to drink.
son yesterday, in that it bother me now and say I want to lick and physiology of the mother when,
my mind, I think that I want to lick my son.
Not only are we mother incest, and even happy to have an erotic transformation.

Real father

My incest .......< br> This is the real father. He did come tampered clitoris grew into the bed and hand from the time in elementary school.
first is small, so I gradually came to feel downright
now I did not get wet. By that time I was placed
finger clitoris pussy licked come you slip into bed. Segan
She asked me lick his feet from the more spread It would not feel pain, but looks like wet. When
Satoru Naka no mother since the beginning of "Put like this," said she gave a yes from virgin ass was being told. While
been tampered with or clitoris pussy and I feel many times when I was hurt, but H endure it now.
father and I still hide it from us click lick for me Mami ik is put into. It is not really feeling the Okkii
father Jim Johnson.

Like brothers

My first H of the Sita and brother. The older brother also escaped from a virgin me. H
like each other, and none of us imagined while Yara adult - had to.
One day, when there was now alone with no one in the house without my brother. What I'm playing with your nipples while in the room - I was trying to,
big brother, came into the room with my bare chin bar, chin up bar
Shabure said in my mouth have been put in force. While sucking, first gradually and erection, ejaculation in the mouth.
the first time, taking away the semen was something strange. Still, while it was Bokki
, take off my underwear, we were moving the piston rod and let your erection until I in this, feels Yara,
What with the pain, imperceptibly, the second ejaculation beaten, had a bar put out a little red bar. Shortly thereafter,
big brother who lick the vagina. Lick me away and really feel the door until I Kono Hana your juice is coming out Daradara Nasty,
older brother, who drank while making a sound. And doing what you always - from the show in front of a big brother to do was put in the back.
out into the garden then see it so I have to pee, I was sexual intercourse stimulate drinking water and pee came out forcefully for a while.
This is a time for both H Tues quarter, as every night, go to the room now to enjoy one H. When both parents are absent is taking a bath together and have fun there.

Daughter and son

I recently laid in two daughter and three sons inside. I noticed it during the day but I go out to the part,
date of leaving school early one day and go to the bathroom next to the toilet, so hot, the sound of rattling hurried,
ran away toward the kitchen naked people or two. That was the glimpses of her son as well I think Cor.
also about this time last year, together with a shower or two people, and get along, and I was not much to worry about.
myself, brother and two below, because there'll remember the highlights from becoming strained middle school,
Innovation I was this fake, or touch it: I was joking, and Takao was underestimated.
However, taking a bath when her daughter alone, and go to the laundry room Shimaini daughter, still attached by a PC,
H video screen "in her interest I wish I have, "while hoping, and try to click the video attached,
tame two voices heard! I'm suffering from a hip shaking was her daughter jumped on my son. And is not the first time feeling,
I just had a couple par with the movement. son
Tottarashiku digital camera is exposed, a healthy son arrays are still stuck over there Uiuishii daughter.
(Kii Hiroshi ~ ...) so I do not anymore and my husband more than six months, and likely to change in the stimulus looked instinctively grabbed my heart. Exploring the
's place to save the file and I wonder if there are other, I'm certain that there about 30.
I came out of her signs, but more were hastily completed 見Remasen, looking at people when I go out 2,
to her son long, the tongue Blow up as Teru Yano'll lick the back, and the place they hugged in front of the bathroom mirror,
Teru Yano debonair smile and take my daughter to the movie while being rubbed her large breasts from behind as it is, There also got to deep kiss
-up violently. There are lots of
during sex is the most amazing in the movie topic I raised my son hand,
'm out there on the floor of the living room facing each other on whether they Rite Sawa, daughter "and I'll "back up and around,
I give massage your hands while I was taking. "Oh, Oh!" To ejaculation rather vigorous and son, 2m fly to the destination as "Suggo ~" to take a good while white liquid,
"Listen, I tried to ~!" Excitement and daughter I end with a voice. Still there and pretty daughter, son penis clean the skin
(longer than my husband) is also a lot of pictures up. . Impatiently looking out, one in a while H. Tanbi
will look at my computer to copy secret. Honestly, I want my son.

Listen to my shame

I am 52 years old, and stayed nine younger boyfriend. But last year, to break up, but now a partner with me to my son.
62-year-old husband is in there, who Utch is already bad, to me, because it is of unsatisfactory activity,
course, at first I was a young man went out looking for but, if it thinks familiar with 若Kutsu carefully, you will not hang in there the other party money men say
son from it, the temptation for a son in 2 × menstruate yet, I want to try having sex with son (^^*)!

Want to find my son

Is a painful injury. If you read the post, now want the pussy and one son.

My discourse incest

When I was in elementary school, a father raped it until high school to continued independence.

summer heat wave continued, and when I was sleeping in my bed room. The sound of a creaking bed, eyes open and see while asleep, there was a father in front of me. The father, spans over me, closing the mouth [of the mother is married to her because I loved a run-run-chan. Without a good boy, you'll get no mother, I ask only that you say] said. Really kind of scared, I was struggling to escape, violent or frustrated me, jump rope tied to his hands in a nearby bed, Iremashita mouth was wearing pants.

or lick the body turn, might come with a kiss. Things I slammed my face, [right now, and I walk into a run-chan. You happy?

] Kio Hiraku feet look good on my dick grow the hair still does not line up has been inside my father. [Ouch! ! I put out the word], leaked out of my mouth with a bitter cry like a groan. [Look at the stepfather. It'll run fine union said 動Ki出Shimashita Innovation].

in pain in pain, when it lost its mind, the father stopped the movement, [and what hurt? Maybe Where does it hurt? Tell me? Titteringly] asked me to. And for the finishing move more vigorously, I feel so lost.

father is gone before I knew it, but it was a dream 思Ita wanted was to prove real pain.下Riyou downstairs and you become 蟹股 while, if the father and mother have a normal conversation, could not get off. Of course, this is my mother was in 話Sezu. After just a few days

since then, going out when my mother and father came to my room. Hey fun ~ [this before. Like I said to my mom. Eraierai. I'll also take care of her mother even said so to run], has touched me again.


Early in the morning and send my husband, had become a daily routine of a quick finish to makeup imperceptibly. It is none other
act for my son.
bad mouth while my son and I always do this do I prepare for my son from
they always have.
of being seen through his son to know that.
thank you for that, but I do not get this simple fact that he is near.
room to wake him up and go to end son's makeup, just the fact that I was there he would no longer own
cause my son to leave the room immediately.
No, precisely to get away from the room to kiss him and sleep wake.
has become a daily habit since allowed about you and kiss lightly.
not be a kiss that kiss each other around sipping Satsu Ai Ai saliva but tongue entwined. Yet I
to play the mother, for causing him to get away from the room and he finished
. And so I hold back my son
feet knew to stop being so too.
turned around, and they show off my son is exposed to piss hard cock out proudly.
"I'm not done yet. You know, and Shaburanai"
son refers to me as it is otherwise granted.
"You no good, I do not supposed to be"
I talk about the last words of motherly plastic. While I walked up to me but
him and trying to get his penis.
penis, including the mouth, and his son to be attracted.
to the penis to the taste of his own last night.
is said still to take off shorts, exposing his dick in front of his son to face cross.
shyness seen all of seeing his son dick. per
fingers, the pleasure begins to flow like the floodgates.
sit down and more.
son touched the tip of the tongue, not diminish my pleasure more and more.
the meantime, I continue to lick her son's penis releasing the mouth moments.
dick and tongue away from his son, and begins to act not Iyo Iyo.
I turn around, then moved to just above the penis dick son. Indeed
"入Rero" is like a son.
but I do not have their own free will.
the evidence, and I grasped his penis fingers, dropped to his waist and his
that Ategatsu.
pierce my dick to the base of the penis and a son. and the height of pleasure
shook his hips, desperately seeking only pleasure.
the bad?
Naniga? I
Nanimokangaerarenai ... ...
toward his son then, ashamed to speak the language, obscene raise their voices, the body must have been swinging
lost consciousness, and head for the climax, I was exposed to various fat-ass in front of her son's naked body sloppy
fingers scraping his son found himself cum spit, carrying to the mouth ....
everyday So you see I have not lost that excuse for a woman in front of her son.
拒Meru that day would not be, I desire a son of slaves.
No, my desire, that one day he sent his son to see through.
next morning, and continue repeating the same thing again.
makeup unless I stop ....

Mother Confessor

yuna himekawa[9971]
I still love his son. I
more important than my husband my son. The first set of source
○ son is in sixth grade when my son do mom, can we baby? And the questions, a lot of talking, but was practiced was Seek. It
son is still small, cute little thing was starting to adults. At that time
I ended it, and I came up out of the bath when one of his son, my son I was standing in the nude. Unlike at a small 6
are fine hairs growing, increasing the application ○ ○ Ji, son mom, mouth and get me, I hesitate to mouth The son Ji ○ ○ put in, moving up and down, was watching his son's reaction. ○ ○
The son grows increasingly Ji, who comes in to my throat.
Musekaeru me, my son and I do like before, say, on my ride came to putting.
dick lick my only option to switch ○ ○ son, drenched wet, was very intense.
where I learned my son, using a well back and went to heaven to guide me.
missionary position and I made it back to the end, put out in the mouth because I was serving very hard in the mouth. time and sons during the holidays
late husband's home even after the various, positions, using the tools, and my son enjoyed. college students and their son
since she made, and to look at me now Kurenaku.
Still, I'm in love with her son. Now I remember the days with my son, every day is a comfort in their own hands.