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Incest confession of women(2012-11)


I am a housewife of 47 years old. Family is the only three of the sons to become 25 years old and my husband on two, but the son does not come back home only occasionally in the house But 893. It came back the other day, but I inspire their friends to me to bring a friend. It is also before you have a husband. I say Aunt's and loose its friends to say. And I Nuku pulling that there is a gray hair in pussy. I was laughing and say it hurts. 7 times as I did the sex son and husband on this day. sex in front of my friends are looking at would be husband is also excited. My friend seems to have said come to spear also son. was worried it can not also be refuse.

Stupid son

Son I'm like wanking in my underwear well.
My son put a Hinpan-ishimi you seem to think I have not noticed.
But what do I do?

And son

Now in relation to SEX son and I recently.

· Become a 45 year old

I am living in two sons and is becoming difficult husband last year. Says his son is ey is sex, but it did not say the Yari do parents and beast. If you is not intended to be reduced if you consider to I tried to do, I tried to not do so for a while I also. Penis son was something pleasant larger than the husband. However my son does not do anything such as that of the house. Just have sex with me, even the daytime morning. Make every day sex with son to become 25 years old to become 45 years old. I now also look forward to sex these days.


We move your Ryo.
Competition was the last tournament there three years ago.
And I need to prepare for at least one year.
It was very practice of two hours from the end lessons.
It was 3 of 20 set during this tournament.
Latin is strong, but standard is'm weak.  Now, much dance exhibition of dance party with his brother. Dance of the young child is usually the main brother, I have dance partner of the wife who is after. I am facing 30 students to belly dance. After, we are opponents of social dance like our uncle.  Saturday, it came waving waist there is a belly dance show in the event of a certain local city Sunday. I feel I have the line of sight of the beast uncle-like group in front of the eye, to the highest. · Once you have wink-back in Jitojito state anymore, it was a pleasure kickass cheers ... I went up to the entire hall. Local people, I love honest. - It was - (\"o\").

Become a widow

I became a widow died in her husband last year. There is a son of 23 years old, but fortunately I live in a dormitory of the company in the current living alone. Although I think that it is impossible now because an employer Osaka, but says that it becomes somehow if Moshidere also to the company next year. Until then I'm going to go out example at the son in the way of me. We were committed to me when my son is not working when you say why you go out and do. We were cast out son angry husband is in good health at that time. You say I will be attempts to return it but my son to come back to be back if caused to have sex with me. This is my 45 year old, but one year has passed since gone husband, the day I look forward to.



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