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Incest confession of women(2010-11)

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[34481]
Although 22 years of age, with the Father and the bathtub is still going on. My father is 42 years old, only visible when in the early 30s.
course, my mother has been Hiyakasa wrong. When you wash the body of his father from the time I have been Chiisai are cleaned, but they did little boy.
to look away from the father of my body, now only wash me back. Soaking in a bathtub while his father, before standing up and the legs HIRAKE.
Still, Close your eyes and father is. When cleaning the body of his father, but also wipe the little boy is always standing.
well up from the bath, I have to sow only the hair in a towel while naked, and to take care of the second leg of a chair in the living room. The mother will complain
. H-like father and mother that every day, and as Omoemasu mother could hear. H father and I have masturbated to the image in your own home you have to.
said to the hot spring, hot water goes to 1:00 am time. Looking a hot guy, You can always anyone except his father, when only the old man will Haitsu. This is in hot water before
Sasotsu man my mother, we have entered together. (In this case, because it was my mother, my father was Araimasen the body.)
Man I had three, my mother was hiding in front flannel. (Go by before my mother, while wiping the body, the hair in the mirror in the bathroom,
while wiping your toes, the Koga until I your tired, their grandfather and I are immersed in hot water could see how the fits.)
not hide, I was as is. Hot water to hot flashes, as it sat on the edge of the bathtub.
the topic with their parents because masturbation toilet outside the room, but sneaking up in bed.

I recently discovered

To the adjacent room and drawing room and two brother in has been at the terrace.
this summer vacation, I realized that my brother masturbation a certain time every night.
find it once and then, at that time I also sneak out to the terrace from the drawing room, with a lace curtain over the observation of his brother and occasionally glass door. And, if anything, I would like to become a habit over. I took a picture with a digital camera

some photos, but also that sex alone in my room watching it, LIVE the excitement of the most exciting in his brother's masturbation. I'm as big as college students there than my boyfriend.
in the imagination, you're a dick brother Shigoi many times already, and I also Feller. Even sex with him, face twisted and it will show up on all fours, "which were his brother," but I would imagine. If

cute boys under one roof like that, I think it helped much to imagine, among them, might just imagine 済Manaku.
exciting as scary.
bad sister?
that I can become far worse, me?

My discourse incest

I am currently 39 years old for a teenager gave birth. My son is 20 years old. Three years will be a little more relevant. And that was the chance of an interest in my son's underwear.
At the time, was a son to take out the high of my panties from the washing machine seems to be enjoyed late at night to take them to your room.
be tampered with from my dirty panties the woman I was too shameful. Fit well into the 11th grade had a secret to anyone I would get tired soon. Why
Japanese-style sliding door open a little out of the room went quiet and I thought I took my son to the room late at night 押Saerubeku panties and evidence upon
venture Notice in too late, from behind I could see my son running up and down his face buried in his right hand violently on the table spread panties. I returned to my room without becoming something pathetic. One day
there such a thing.帰Rimasen husband only on weekends because of work. Home to about 15 minutes after the recall went out I ask a favor in the middle of the day answering machine, asking for his son on a weekday holiday. I have several pieces of underwear
opened the sliding door at the desk in front of the room started talking to my son as usual of course, hastily and son, sitting or standing or hide the penis. It was exposed.
good enough but to be honest, frightened for my son when I saw a penis larger than his. Son sat on the side of my mind if I tell you things to talk or something 出Rubeki silent. And I knew there
I saw my mother as well as her son's confession. I explained very well at that time gave me not touching the penis natural son.
grow quickly, while I gave to the light and make efforts to talk about masturbation.
that night and after dinner, my son is said to give me wearing panties now and then I blush while Mojimoji.
be missing something like the power of my body at that moment, I later stopped to talk and say. I do not know myself that well that night, I was in the room of his son,
body off each other what they are wearing while I talked to persuade without tampering with something forever panties触Ri合Imashita. Able related to the course of the night.
three years since then. I now enjoy each other 割Ri切Tsu. My son touched my body once home, you can now put the penis. And even before going to bed. Sat
husband still go back on Sunday morning and I have nothing to do with sex with each other. I had my son
wearing adult-looking techniques in three years, is at the mercy leave.
in sex with her husband heard the sound of my dick in Brute man stir. Yara is a shame even surprised myself.
Son, and to hear something other women pussy mom says I do not want sex at all.
ahead things I have been concentrating on energy are increasingly seen my son like that, these days that feel like something scary.
really scary but feels that is the mother of the woman's body may ache when my son away.

But not yet

I treasure it, but still good son-son
like a good chunk of the Oedipus complex
dedicating all the life not tell anyone complain

"like a beautiful mother"
to be careful to say so
makeup also contains a bath with me but still would have lived from 14
defying all just happy that I love this girl < br> dabbled in physical contact will come to mind lately, but my body is always in something like 触Rita
want to stick to, especially female genital
also appropriate to the height 172 cm But truly not know where to look and fire up something good in the bath or sore eyes when crossing the
bath And when I washed my hair
will look into my crotch to devour Recently
must have what I have one son after leaving the bath
but of course I know that if asked to refuse sex if a child is words are not prepared to
will give pleasure to the taste of a woman have a heart and soul of a man risking
soon as I'm sure mine
ceremony is almost complete
tomorrow? Today?
think that I will love to please not leave the side of my position being that way again for a hip slouch
son's face and said last night cleaning the drain in the bath The joy of the scent of old gentleman turned
if I wanted to compliment the voice I tried to bear very soon

not tell anyone complain of my treasure-

And grandchildren

The guilt, I found this site to check out the reality of incest are on your PC.
I'm 63 years old housewife. Satoru Naka
grandchildren are now a year in grandson lives in Nishinomiya.
Grandma since I was small child comes to stay the weekend to use well. Last month, my husband came to stay for the night just in time when he had returned home alone with my grandchildren. I finished dinner, a bath, but received implicitly feel like watching my body and grandchildren are raised from the bath when the body clean, I'm interested in a woman's body soon I bring that about and had a bitter smile at that. Grandchildren a bath too, I have two grandchildren are spread blankets in the same room together so I Achanto aunt sleep, I dozed off while watching television and sleeping. Son was still watching TV. I'll go to bed early and got in bed and going forward. I slept next to my grandson while drowsily opened my eyes to the signs of the body being touched and fumble for a while. Was making a bed with no breathing or anything like that I woke up, and we'll pretend to be asleep now. Also, I have dozed and slept, wake up and grandson were signs of change or an important part of your fingers touching my breath and rough Ge Nuke excited. Held has let go of my hand and grew into his own hands, holding hands and banish. I thought I was a child I was surprised to feel something Sosori立Tta
grandchildren grandchildren ride on me then suddenly forced to take off my shorts to kick up my feet and pajamas Kio Hiraku feet, but hard to put, or pressed against the side of the abdomen, groin and pushed around, and seemed desperately looking for a place to put. Why, there would've invited my grandson who imperceptibly my hands. I slip and slide into that thing in me quickly Sosori立Tta grandchildren. What little there I was wet, even when it comes in a moment. Oh Son was moving awkwardly while raising his voice back. In turn was putting myself in the middle and out with pitch and ejaculation in less than a minute after I frantically waved back. I am what I stand for a while 快感Rashiki first concern that speak more about that fact just thought it felt. Because the fluid has flowed from there with my grandson, a little wipe to take off in the pajamas, the grandson has already shaken up and I'll
this can be, rather shyly nodded. I sleep covered in a blanket 目深.

My discourse incest

I am a housewife of 45,
will confess my mistakes now. I began a personal computer four months ago, reached the pages of this accident, and read the stories,
not think it was fiction, was quite shocked for sure . It happened like a month ago my craze and. Y
My son is now in second year high school, but I have another daughter, already employed in order to live alone, the house was not because of her husband away from home,
son almost every day was alone with. Does my son because it was summer at that time, I was sleeping in the nude body, I knew it.
casually one morning as usual when entering the room, my eyes have jumped into something unexpected. I've looked at how my son piss hard penis.高鳴Tta
of that time was in my heart to say no. Son's penis is fully 剥Ke, I was surprised at quite large,
son is not a larger body size I thought it unusual. Causing the spot, I sent him to school.
me after they left their son's penis head, we've just wet panties, my entire life I have masturbated at that time. Since that day I was so
noticing his son early in the morning, I saw the burn began to turn over his son's penis quilt.
and began to think that I want to have my son's penis. I had sex was the only one born from her husband.
another man just because her husband had decided 尽Kusou I have no interest in sex and did not even awakened.
those feelings grew for the first time has changed me. I thought what to do different. There I was reasonably confident appearance,
also began to feel the chest a little 色Ppo Koizumi Kyouko likened to a celebrity. I try to seduce the son? What thoughts Butsukeyou? And,
but was unable to face that, I say. And we ended with a single answer.
I try to sleep while he feels his son should not be to buy a sleeping pill, had seen the opportunity.
And last Saturday night, go on with. I put a sleeping pill at 10:00 pm Some of the coffee, let him drink to his son. No wonder my son
speculation after an hour, when I went to the room, I was asleep. I put my voice takes place just in case my son is asleep.
I take off my son's pants completely asleep, 下Roshimashita pants. Emashita I suck dick big dick that appears at full speed with his son.
getting bigger and will be licking my glans became barely Kuwaeru state. Feeling to know this was like moving or stimulating the glans penis and Pikutto me.
is the time. My son, "Ah," you look at how his son could hear it with surprise and I was awake. And I saw, "Mom, I'm up for anything," I was told. I was barely able to mutter
many times and I'm sorry from embarrassment. And my son, "Mom, thank you once," I said. I nodded
the word, arms, as it is. And we started loving it.
to kiss each other hard tongue entwined with his son, came down under the tongue of his son, gradually remove my bra, the nipples become hard and licked, even came out sobbing.
and son spent a lot more than my panties, his tongue grew even my vagina, sexual intercourse is expanding big time, was included in opening the clitoris,
in those days had sexual intercourse again they streamed out your wet juice. I forget the embarrassment, "Ah good, Y more like you" and had raised his voice. Finally we combine
was now just feeling blue inside my head will sound whenever vibration uterus move, I felt like my son
"Mother, Mother," and aloud with ejaculate in me, and I let them even after a blow squid, and sometimes being attacked from behind, you heartily sex.
back later that night life is always there, you can still recall wet, it is impossible for me, one night only,
son, and also try to think around today.

H is the son of

I have a son with H. My son has been around since before her husband died from cancer 25 years old. Followed by another five years. Is sort of like a couple. Apartment dwellers want to live in has a couple of years away. Every day my son due to his youth 抱Kimasu. I also abandoned him to take care of 49-year-old son because the body must also. I'll become horny. I get a minute to get laid unto love juice. Son will lick it up.

Brother and

I am now 11 years old in 6th grade.
yesterday for having sex with his brother over the four years of high school. Why
sleep that day, my brother went to the room.
to knock "big brother ... are you awake?" So, we opened the door to her brother out. The elder brother, "What?" Asked me. "Can not sleep. ... The cord lying." So, your brother, "Sure," said to me.
sleep next to my brother, he sat for a few hours have passed. Lower body discomfort was licking my dick and my brother get up.
"brother ... Oh, it feels weird ... I'll ..."
I said, my brother has been to stimulate the clitoris, but I got to cum.
little boy was my brother's erection.
I lick the tip of your penis, which stretch as far 突Tsu込Mimashita. Repeat that out, your brother, "Please ... take, Nanami, I've been critical ... ...!" He said, to ejaculate in my mouth.
and swallowed me whole, my brother was into a little boy in me.
"tea go ... It hurts your brother ...." I said, the older brother is "a little patience when I feel high." he said.
every time inside and out to my little boy's older brother, has gradually become comfortably. "Brother, looks something it feels good," say, your brother, "... I'll be Mouderu" he said, to ejaculate on my belly. I did not know something so pleasant
have sex with my brother.
will do well tomorrow.

And grandpa

My mother gave birth to me 16 years old, my mother was still 16 years old grandpa, my grandpa was 37 years younger. If you walk took me
grandchildren "What daughter?" and asked about, my grandfather was young and faces Yoshi Tadasu favorite since childhood.
So, well into middle school, and grandpa were in contact with the bath, not the ideal dad who was a grandfather.
of having the affair with my grandpa, it's just that I entered high school. And had a perverted interest in first person and Grandpa never from the thought.
caught Grandpa came home from work the evening as usual, begging and want to drive, since it is usual, my mom and grandma put off laughing. As always
and Grandpa, and I want to enter at once to drive to the hotel guide the old man thought, "get into here," said Straight,
complex while into my face. Enters the room, old man "to the woman at the hands of the Riri子 grandpa," the old man hug. At first I had to
clumsiness, kissed the old man rubbed the chest, when 押Shi倒Sa to bed, Grandpa had become a man Jaanaku grandpa. Since I was the first time
, but scared me to kind grandfather, the fear was gone.
But when it was part of a lick there, and feeling numb from the bone, and I think that in a dirty old man to leave and say
"to 汚Kunai, gradually from a pleasant, eye Keep up 瞑Tsu. "and it is said, as I have said. Rather, over time, like a dog lick and lick, licked, imperceptibly,
I was aloud. Where is a drenched, old man at the hotel, bought a rotor put press insinuations, I got it just Itte.
put your finger in a finger to push open, so it can be a fine junior Grandpa, Grandpa and I got one.
painful at first, but I have heard, from painful I had to blow into it comfortably. After finishing, I immediately,
once again I was begging from the young anymore, which I can not say, Grandpa bought a vibrator, so this time,
glow of my 躰Thanks to heal. The difference between the rotor and pleasure, the pleasure and different things ecstatic grandpa. I also took a year
grandpa, but I was not able to normally, tongue and fingers, rotors, and the vibes in various ways, they're happy to let me. Some
acquaintance I was, let us satisfy me, just grandpa

Unexpected development

yuna himekawa[34360]
My husband is a twin. And not a similar one oviparity not think so. From others, however, is said to resemble very
. The more my husband's brother is a serious line of my people. My brother is a carpenter's playboy style a bit.
personality type I can not face his brother. Since
neighborhood with the good food at home either.
the day Saturday, the birthday of their master 40, is now a grand sense than usual.
started drinking about two hours, four people around the liquor also quite rare and H became a topic. My brother's wife
steadily rising tension of N, the husband, or your favorite position, or insert the time, I started to hear Arekore
. I felt like as if my husband is also interested. To tell you the truth, little brother I have been interested in
. It is, N is the child of being heard to say things have passed away many times in your brother's dick.
husband passed away in the little boy has never even once I'm in love twice a week.
thickness, length, and whether the differences in hardness and twins? There were anxious to place.
asked the help of a natural drink and I also. I
"I'm the same size twin You're a little boy"
husband "He is playing well, I'm fine from sleeping well. erection but never seen it."
only and Hum could say. Suddenly the child said to me N.
N child "once played around with?" he said with shock! My husband is my brother quickly
"Will you let them touch the mind as it seems?" baptized.
brother "N touch if you like the Son of my brother," he said, exchanging a little boy I felt extraordinary expansion
husband exchanged strange. Even drunk, I quite nervous York Times. Go to our
bedroom, sat facing each other in an unusual partner, hung an invisible blanket the waist down. The
very excited. When I gently touched the little boy's trousers from the top of my brother
"Huh?" Not at all stands.
brother, "I'm sorry, because you nervous before the big brother"
to my husband, "Not from the top of the pants, and you should not directly touch! You want it, too?" <br > did not do that, of course.
little boy put his hands shook in the pants, and rubbed gently.
quickly grew strongly. Thickness and hardness are similar. But the longer length is more my brother felt.
is long enough to get excited little boy who is the rub. We poured a moment to lose.
N could convince the child die in a little boy.
N or using child care, very hard and master the alley-oop. So my brother
"getting to touch it too"
my husband is "an important part of you, Can you let me in it?" has been saying.
I said, "Oh!" pretend to be surprised, but smiling face next to my husband about the
N beside me all this, next to my brother and I are close to each other imperceptibly.
extraordinary situations, the vagina can become just that hot.
coming up from 内Momo slowly stroking my brother's hand at last.
clitoral stimulation from the top of the underwear in front of my husband
N to stimulate this dick. N The child closes his eyes, is immersed in the pleasure.
come my excitement level even more exciting it becomes.
fingers inside me and finally my brother, "Ugh!" I left a voice. Fingers into the smooth 2
in stimulating, intensive and clitoris, now I have already gone.
N almost at the same time the child was able to die. That's it supposed to be


It is nice to meet you tired. I like girls in trouble now. I felt this every day if I do want to read the corner posts sex relatives. Yesterday at the gym Tanaka PC @ @ @ saw her picture. It is beautiful. But that should not be leotard. To protrude. The meat! . Greatly in her acting legs stretched out there is wearing a do not mind, you'll see a crack. I'm sure. But my preference is cute. so critical in her leotard
but I certainly embarrassing. I'm sure the players know where to look troubled boys. Under
Kano Hana supporters wearing, yes the hair looks more worrisome is the hair tub. I'll have a shave. Watching myself in the mirror every day. Cha in the mood. May have to ask my brother to do the same and maybe the gym. Lightning imagine.

I have a brother.

During two years of high school, where one person in the room doing sex, seen my brother.
and suddenly came into the room, having been pressed down, lick the clitoris was.
course, resisted the unreasonable, I licked inside, I feel.
and brother are out in front of my little boy, "Tomomi. have to feel good on her own, I feel good for me too," he said.
I, I feel pretty and I was so mad, Lightning Blow disgusting. Daily
Then I became a puppet of his brother Blow. I just did not have sex and was raped after about three months. I am a
married mother of two, has been called to treat hot brother still occasionally.

Son drank semen

The 38-year-old bitch masturbation can not help without a strong sexual desire and 晩Tari. Encouraged to seduce her son to the magic of the word incest. My son is a strong sexual desire
like me, knew I had my masturbation with panties every night like last night,
見計Ratsu the beginning of my son masturbation son went to the room. My son entered the room wearing a gown, just above the bare,
on the verge of a son trying to ejaculate right now, my son so hard to wrap your penis in my dirty panties Shigoi was.
and "Oh, mother out!" I stood in front of me when my son said. My son watched eyes wide, was put out while the voice spoke,
once those contained in mouth suddenly my knees Dzui Ikiri立Tta up, it was hard ejaculation. Is it just me,
the pleasure of being attacked by the idea of ​​seemingly melt into mush in the groin, sucking sons cock sucking crazy,
throat sounded emitted semen in the mouth呑Mikon was on. My son looked down my face, but I was a crying face,
stood up and took my gown to expose the naked body as it was born, "xx I'm in love with Chan "So,
" Why? "has jumped into my chest and saying. I said, "I like better than the father of her XX. Xx want things right" and said,
"my mother and wants to do every day," and let your voice choked. Invitation to the groin while gently squeezing my cock grab my son,
引Ki寄Semashita Ategatsu hips back hard, erect penis into the vagina. "Mom, I feel good" while scratching his son 振Ritakuri Beso sat crying,
but quickly re-ejaculation, hot and could feel the folds of the vagina of semen erupted sludge. I realize it is a bad mother,
incestuous longing I had many years ago, plan to hold on to his son by the technique of mind and my body. Yesterday, continuing to fuck with my son until about 3 o'clock in the morning,
Mawarimashita become crazy nymphomaniac female cat, too. Thanks, but this morning I overslept,
When I think of that now with my son every night, I wet the groin and it just Bettori.

By Train

Of course, my experience is Wanaidesu pictmap sex woman fetched the two pups in Aikawa noise. Koto - I will talk about the other day on the train. .
coming home to play with friends pictmap went that day while I was standing asleep pictmap The one I did. The Oshiri I began to touch someone with ‥ Iruto
thought I got Ete gradually come to feel "The ‥ huh," I breathed in my ear leaking Then I got "etc. Ushitano? Did I feel? "‥ ‥ Tsu ·
has been traced to the top of the pants from pictmap Omanko way now depressive Iteruto shame. Idjittekite clitoris too ..
"‥ ‥ Na Haan A assay ‥" She had been wet pants Itanoka care tea soup Imashita voice
"I fetched it. I got wet or the? Ii Idjitte more? "- Eru answer soon I hear the sound lewd Etekite Kuchukuchutsu pictmap pants next hand Iretekimashita
" A Fu Tsu A Tsu ‥ ‥ Naatsu "‥ said" Ireruyo fingers? "was asked to. In the application I wanted to be pleasantly Wamotto "‥ ‥ I was -" I Emashita answer, Tsu
thick fingers but quickly Tta Kedo Ittekimashita virgin, wet Ippai Kara was "Nyurutsu" to the Irimashita
pictmap Tsu finger Idjirimawashitekimashita to knock the legs moving slowly through the Omanko Ite was unable to stand ‥ I was leaning against it in shape Youna Yashite · ·
pictmap now increased to two fingers then, what speed it ‥ I pull you to the bone The back of the Omanko Irete ‥ Yararete times ·
"‥ ‥ Antsuaanntsu Haatsuann Damee fill with" ... its Uninaruto Iki, more terrible in the speed I "‥ Guchugguchatsu" Stirring up getting,
pictmap I "‥ Aaddametsu A Aa Aaa Tsutsu I upgrade "in my ear cum tea Imashita Omanko to let go Hikuhiku Pai Tsu,,
" I really Eroi. Uyo also found guilty of tea? "I I think such a thing and broke up Attaraiinaaa Tsu Waretesono people say

What are little boys

The first posting. Three months have my husband go overseas alone. It has sex the night before and decided to once a week, I thought you were such a thing. After cleaning up 17 year old son entered the room, thinking there will be hot with the scent of flowers from the trash chestnut. To not worry about coming out of the bath Naka Naka son that night, and look through the bathroom, I have to see her son standing Shigoi cock from the glass door. There is no underwear in my laundry basket with it. Face was hot. It seems that
yesterday, you doing today. What are little boys, what a day? So I looked to the bathroom today.

Dad's brother

New Year's father's family goes every year.
New Year last year, saying everyone Hatsumode, when I go to eat oranges in kotatsu I just say, my uncle (father's brother students. By the way, I have two high) I still like a well, appear suddenly came into the kotatsu.

by inserting the legs coming out of my crotch kotatsu, my uncle got the electric massage. To say anything to surprise, I was left to be. I felt very


not say that anyone, of course, it is moving in the New Year again and I got to remember. Could you also
for next time? Could you or for more different things?


I am a second year junior high school. Three people were living on my parents.
But I absconded with a large amount of the loan Honorarium father as soon as I entered middle school. People who are afraid to come to the apartment and
"Return the money!"
My mom every now and yell, was crying in a darkened room without making your voice.
me to take back that we did not father his father.
grandfather gave me back the retirement also left the company in debt. And we have to move to the old man living alone in the house.
can no longer be bullied like before the boy will be able to go to Grandpa's house to another school.
previous school, or been tampered with dick taking off clothes in a place called the gym equipment after school, sometimes pee or semen was put in the body was made to lick the little boy.
been issued in the dick, now that the whole class Shikato I talked to a teacher since I was afraid of pregnancy.
other "poor" or "loan" at the school could not even called some of my best friend too.
I'm very happy.
mother became brighter. Thanks to everyone
I wanted to somehow give back to the old man. Tachitai is good for saving me from hell so grandfather. I can give thought to delight
grandpa do?
of reminded me, therefore, is the face of men who were forced to drink cum before me in school.
"I can only arrays"
When reached for the crotch of a lying old man was angry with my first.
grandfather lying in the repeat a few times now 懲Rizu will still allow me to touch your penis.
Now you slip into bed, your dick is very hard Hoobatsu salt & pepper. all the while sucking the old man
us gently patted my head.
may sometimes make me drink the semen.
long ago, came in last in my grandpa.
I can give something back I was very pleased with it.
But Grandpa holding me only about your age, so once a month.
Every day I want someone is.

Dangerous relationship

Will be 58 this year.
I was married twice failed to singles. Between 37 and made his son's first husband. Do not have to divorce the other day with my 似Naku.
son has not said anything about the causes, nature, and I think I was a discrepancy of no. Lived with his son in to the middle school, then his father 引Ki取Rimashita.
husband remarried soon so I did not come out even my son's wedding. I was once invited by relatives, and many people know,
think I feel sorry for his son declined to say who is also somehow have two mothers. My son got married against his wife in the distantly related new and awkward son Nattarashiku divorce came tumbling into my place at the end. I remarried I
, I had to go back to work alone after all. When the story was, without even a fuck You're a parent, I'd come for and readiness.
ranks are filled with joy more than two decades of space. But the reality is I was different. Children not to say that my son has already started and emergency living under one roof, is a man of course I understand that.
space more than two decades of "son" I would say robbed consciousness. The son was the same way, and somehow uncomfortably. Why they felt close to her grandmother at sixty?
first thing I know, they often feel the eyes of my son's body. At that time, often have a bulge in front of the room wearing his son's troubled where to look.
who were expected to have critical scenes Sorry, still nothing happened Temasen. I feel like I am the man my son sees me as her son. It is ours.
just stay at my front begins a son like this, whether we should continue our relationship as a fragile glass, not sure honestly. New Woman is still my son Inairashiku,
in nature, so there is no customs to go to, and treated myself to a pace of about once every two days you know. I feel very complicated
smell coming from the next room so that small house.堪Razu console yourself sometimes.
might have also noticed that my son who is a kick or even a feeling of suspense, but rather like that. If he comes close
son, maybe no, but really useless to say I think now irresistible.
course, there is reason to do that my son sites like peeps thought the event here. If you just read, but thrilled,
when it comes to pinch myself, so 踏Mi込Memasen so easily.


Yuka is 12 years old. Become incestuous Is this? ? ?
at age 11 with his father-in-law and relations. Saturday, Sunday is my mother works at a local supermarket. Is taking off underwear for something of that half-jokingly imitating professional wrestling when no father or mother
feet or legs was underestimated. Kano Hana first what are you doing this, but did not care then I thought.
similar to that following week and to stop feeling so bad, said my father is now getting into the Yamezu riding a lot on my legs open and my
I came to put my crotch put lots of finger licking saliva. What are you doing, where I'll be pretty dirty and Yuka-chan asked. Stuck with my little boy came up saying. Unplug the little boy say to hurt really hurt you a little sore, and now I'm sorry to say gave me a towel to wipe clean. My father is a secret I'm your mother never gave me a lot and you pinky promise to Okozu.
blood came out when you went to the bathroom in the morning. It
from now the same thing every week, the pain was gone, every time you have become somewhat comfortably. Recently
is such a strange feeling as bad like I'm happy to be with my father. What's
incest Is this

Dad was a strange thing ...

Sun 居Nakatta day ... a trip with friends mom ... my dad was a strange thing? ... I'm sleeping with your eyes opened slightly to feel weird. Then, while licking the Nuke ... we face buried in my crotch in vain for his father. Although surprised, aloud was still somehow feel like to do. Then, the father removed the buttons of my pajamas. We've crawled into my heart and my tongue ... ... and father in a very rough breathing is always a scary kind of like a very different person. Then Dad has to kiss. Licking was placed in the mouth full of tongue in the mouth. After licking the faces and hear a lot ... and my father has been in vain grinding against something hot in my mouth hard and rough Exhale. While his father has moved vigorously Nuke. And "U Ugh!" Lukewarm stuff I put on my face and ... well loud. Dad then gently wiped with tissue sore, went out of the room ....

Glad born a woman

Incest is so much good he did not believe mothers. I will feel in my body my blood-related son.淫液 and my urine, taking us through the intestinal fluid secretion, and after the enema.
and become one with me getting my cock inside Sosori立Tta stretch of his son, who is in the back of the vagina and pumped hot semen Tagiri only.
I will feel like they play me through my son.淫液 been full of how reluctant at the thought that his son pregnant child.
is a privilege and women can be born into such a dazzling incestuous mother gave birth to their son. You can do anything with my son sometimes thought to be an act of abnormality.
masturbation and she is embarrassed at the sight of defecation Getting them to an enema in the bathroom, you can put up to the house wearing a urine enema Getting them to plug in the bathroom of the park, cock in his mouth, my son
and ask them to urinate directly into the throat. The three who gave birth to a child last summer, all in good health, growing up healthy. My son is 17 years old 33 years old. My son is the son
been raped in high school when her father to me, I did not know that any time I like the incestuous. Had a grudge against his father. But what 争Enai
blood, my body had a blood abnormality in bi horny father. Until high school, continued sexual 爛Reta every evening with his father while his father grudge.
Upon graduating high school out of the house, but my brother went out to Tokyo to rely, was irresistible worried about my son had left home.
cared for me, but my grandmother was, I brought my son to beg my brother in Tokyo. At that time I was so
Nomerikon of the erotic brother and brother and sister were there as Mutsumi hard every night. When we were
6th grade son is independent, since I continue to mother and son incest.
birth to her son is the child of his father, the son of his brother birth to her daughter, son and son (boy) is a mother of three children born,
as mistress of her son every night now I fire off wildly. When a call from my brother, what do That are asked and always say when you are going to do.
"I do not have something better for mother and child incest.'m great!" and.

The sense of play

The first time at age 10,
anal 3 years older than my brother and I came early with the growth of the penis is extended away to my brother when he was inserted in an accident situation playing in the bath
angry with my brother the next day was painless as they could afford to laugh thinking "What I Ino Shina null yesterday?" is invited to
"Yeah," good laugh with much <Nurutsu> are fine words but it shows the public from acts like attached at the time and pull out into "Let me null back early," but as soon
said it was also sometimes the soap soak filled with satisfaction, and I liked feeling in the penis and moving your butt muk muk,
forbidden play makes you feel very happy that the thing is my brother will be happy with either
except when ill health such as colds 切Tsu掛Ke continues to step up every day to the early days I go on to middle school,
scrounge from my desk and there are times parents want in Sex In Doggy Style Sitting in on a brother sits in the chair,
firmly with both hands holding my stomach as I raised a panic in pure white head and came into the room and suddenly my father
"What I was studying, was good, exactly what did we do that here?" clothes Sari気無Ku another brother and I start talking, but wearing only one piece dress,
below that of his brother with no underwear Job training for about two hours to get its mathematics still standing right beside his father in the beginning bonded goods and anal thrills Kina Hiroshi
large empty once ate too tight course in his father opened up several times while my brother's mouth unusual and benches subway platform bench at the passage of department stores and a park bench not satisfied with our while,
holiday insert only a chance momentarily to select the places come and go, many people are seats one next to the mouth to ride the bus first bus vibration and play it while feeling the wind in the eyes of the people sitting in
Bakappuru good many years to bask in the afterglow of press arrived at his brother get off after ejaculation taste sensation deep in the intestines of lean given by tightening loose anal but I continue to get care
understand 有Rimasen say I graduated from totally love my brother even made the example.


yuna himekawa[34217]
When I was a kid, grew up in a motherless family. My mother died of illness at the time of the two small, my father, my brother was in my family of three. Because I was afraid to sleep alone at night, my father would always ask them to lying. It is small at 4
but woke up to Mozomozo aware that I was sleeping at night under the navel. Opening the 薄目, my underwear down my father had buried his face between her legs. Mozomozo beard was made of his father. My father, I was there to kiss me. If you keep pretending
afraid to sleep, in turn, has been pushing at the entrance to what my father was hard. Tip better, in my embarrassing bulge, but it hit a little bit, did not enter until the middle. My father was like the last out in the semen on his hands balled-up tissue to Shigoi.
from it every night as his father has dabbled in my body. I was pretending to sleep as usual, gradually becoming an adult, my body will be six small, pleasant to the touch and now you can see coming up on their own there is slippery .
father, but to put up a few times and pretend to toss on the brink of fear, my father gave me. But when two out, I'll put my father comes next, I decided to mind.
was a hot summer night. I was pale pink, with a sense of sheer underwear little in his sleep was short nightie. My underwear down to his hand as usual, on the back and wade stroked the hair, then, to the naked lower body and my father pulled out completely from the ankle to my underwear.
I was nervous. My father had me on his back covered Kabusari was looking for the entrance. And we were just pushing a slimy array.
I was still turned over to 打Tazu. It was a little pain and sting us. And I felt like those pushing.
"Ah," I instinctively put out your voice. My father hugged me tightly up, and kissed him again and again.
probably about three minutes after rubbing, my father flew over the lukewarm liquid in my stomach. From the belly button, until the neck, 飛Bi散Rimashita slimy liquid.
"Dad ""..."< br> My father in silence, what got me to clean my body.
"Dad ""..."< br> I was as naked as nature intended, so I went to bed as it hugs the body with his father.
lost the mother will give comfort to my father was lonely, I finally went to the end. But now this can lead to unexpected results.

Brother and

I am now 16 years old. But I'm not a virgin anymore. Yesterday, Lightning sex with my brother. Navigation
brother is also very cool to see from my sister, not even about me, but another brother complex, boasting cool brother. She also had a great Kire
and, of course, I had a boyfriend just fine, with emotion that I did not love until now.
but I just broke up with my boyfriend, I've broken up with her brother, Navigation. Knew it, I'm drunk as uncommon in the room with his brother Toki Navigation. Unexpected is behind
抱Kitsuka if I had put away from beer cans littered the floor or something. "A ~ Gisa"
"Hi ~ I drunk it," normal thing because he always had quite playful wrestling or something. Still carrying on the bed,
I came to speak normally sit on the edge suddenly tired. "I Nagisa" "I ~?" "Kaori I (she) broke and" turned his face to say that much.
Oh, and I'm depressed. It had been dating for almost three years. I lift up my head Yoshio Yoshi, so it was an old nickname
"Daddy can" call me if I comfort, something in a muffled voice, "I suck" Hey. I do not say it like that so Coto,
dozens of times "at least" I repeated. I really started worrying about what happened, I was 押Shi倒Sa imperceptibly.
"Because I, I thought I SAY E to embrace real sister? So, I'm three years broke up with girlfriend? is abnormal.
worst," saying Wakannakutsu Teru Kano to, and Pani Damn little. To good or do not understand why. Hang her brother, a gentle kiss. 'll
to become slightly deeper, not being able to breathe. I thought there was no resistance. Navigation old brother is now my fingers caressing the head of my dick stirring sound with Yutteyarashii Yamaguchi.
It was virgin, but my finger masturbation Tteta as little pain ... and I like that the first ibis felt far beyond all. going crazy with
. Beer and Peace (tobacco) and even smell nice. Forget about something that even my brother, my brother wanted to Navigation. Hang with me
the little brother from a different tall, and I found it much too big for me. It wanted irresistible. I still do not even get to lick, she urged. Navigation
brother was surprised but then I, I came slowly and happily insert. It felt great. "Hey brother ... ... ... ... ... I Okki Navigation ... ..."
"of the beach ... The narrow E Eii Amazing ..." "... moving ..." to violently slammed the back, I sat shaking Yoga Tta. I was happy. Gave us in full.
At that moment, I went blank. After finishing, I 醒Mashi eyes, there was next to the letter. [I] was wrong it says. I'm away from my brother and Navigation.
I also was avoided. But I want my brother and Navigation. I want to wet a lot. Keep in mind a lot.
So I think it'll let the shite Toki no parents now.


Cocoon is a high 15 years old. I got to do with father-in-law. That day, my mother they went to stay at home in Sendai has unfortunately become a father for the first time alone with. 3 of my time from now if you want, but I thought a strange person from the time I was first introduced to the mother. Try staring at my face, "It looks just like Shida Mirai ~ Mayu to" or "I knew in high school uniform tie is cute ~" People say things did not feel like 42 years in spite of gross. I feel that my eyes Iyarashii things from the beginning if you want. Strange feeling to wake up that day and night, to come into bed with my father, they are taking off imperceptibly pajama bottoms, strange buried his face in my crotch Bae Cha Cha are you licking rough pace haa haa but the vain breath. I was momentarily "Dad, what are you doing? Yamete!" The father said, "eyebrows, I'll feel good for Dad ~" Will you stop saying things like lick. "Dad! Yada Yo! Yo is strange!" 退Keyou pay as he said, feeling excited to continued extra hard lick. Then Dad has been trying to kiss me come up to the top. I hated it, but I refused to shake his head from side to side, left hand grabs the back of the head has been in force. Rim was a lot like the back of the teeth or the tongue forcibly placed in the mouth. I was shocked
feel very sticky kiss Nasty And 42 year old father-law, her first kiss. Button on the strip is taken pajamas while kissed and then we let the snake tongue, neck breast. "It's good ~ Mayu boobs" or "I Mayu cute" or saying, or stubbed toe licking 回Shimashita in my body afterwards, also lost power to resist him like a hole in the ass time I came inside my father's stiffened things. I really hurt, "Ouch! O hurts!" I said, "put up with eyebrows! ~ I'll be soon feel" has been entered by force or saying. Later, Dad spent a lot of hot stuff 果Temashita white on my belly. Wipe with a tissue while still using the heavy breathing thing on my belly crying and said: "Mayu, I'm his mother Naisho this. I knew from my mother very sad. I know? "I went out of the room to say so. I did not say that this is still his mother. Because what I do?

Together were divorced

I am 30 years earlier. Children 7 years did eventually unable fertility can not borrow millions from home between the child Naka Naka married her husband 10 years ago, my husband and children to make her husband a young girl away company I have been forced to entice the parents split.
no place for reform, so I broke my stay in my room for the couple are brother home, we live in a place Toco brother went out to fight a divorce children often have an affair with sister-in-law got. Toco brother
work and stupid, but some are messed up was the one who made
Ru firmly. "You just stay and be left her sister," he said, including two-year-old brother from her daughter every day, "Mom! Mom!" Feel like a child was in his brother's daughter is called. Now I do not think I can I do if I put up my stupid little brother A little from this time, I was touching the breasts and buttocks touch with everyday events. From spring of last year seemed like a newlywed and Ikko body wash with a bath or three people.

from my head to see another brother's dick naked Gingin were getting "my brother" s character was gone. It wants to do with ginger did not want to do. My brother to bed at night, "I want to do what I always viewed my dick Nee-chan?" It is said there were only nod.
changed from male and female siblings in the evening.
I thought I was mental or physiological three months pregnant and never will come.
relationship with my brother I'm still continues.

Brother and

Night, 2 o'clock, I went to the kitchen for a cup of tea awfully thirsty, like they were still awake in the room light is still my brother,
Innovation I sleep so I'll let you sit and talk to the older brother knocked on the door of the room. Then yesterday, two people with the voice of a friend of my brother stayed Itarashiku,
bother coming out, "What?" She said I hastily.
Somehow, a strange Omotsu Innovation, Nozoitara H stretch in the first room to look at this situation Tarashii video, while updating to Tiger stood in amazement,
pushed into the room, but the high resistance The bed sat two boys without a win for sure two years.
two people, there is a title of honor to attend your 進学校 of the best in Aichi Prefecture, that today Setakunairashii anyone to know.
in about video? I thought Innovation, "the never say, I returned to my room?" Stand up and say that I bet 押Shi倒Sa.
And they are committed to me.
in turns, bullying co ○ Oh, my mouth was in the end. I still do not know Owatsu 3P
first in breaking something.
you can, you do not want anyone to say this, Do not let us say that! "
To? I thought Innovation, and nodding your Kokuri One, two left the room.
And I found the octopus and their gay brother opened the door when I have.
two people, so very pleasant to me, I say to anyone.
But it can now use the H I thought I want to.

Distorted sex life

Temporary residence in an apartment I was living with her brother left her parents at age 5 on the university entrance examination, the examination the following year while attending prep school in the size of the room to fail as it is now my brother has passed the a third year student.
I was attacked by my brother came home drunk and went to prep school starting soon, waiting for it to finish looking at the ceiling without any big brother would serve the power of the body, but struggled to reject Touzen . I asked why I was such a thing
wore pajamas to 破Keta, translated it to something I said in the consent Tatte desperation because there is no broken heart,
dream since childhood to protect me but there was brother. But I was not embarrassed about living in the gloomy half-moon, "committed to the real brother," I feel is immoral to produce a stimulus becomes something like
masturbate thinking of my brother over there or time, it was him the whole story scrutiny. I just had to cling on bare lower body feeling something burst when our eyes met with him,
pleasure like an animal in my bed while I got excited about each other calling each other names There wolf, wake up in the nude from life has changed 180 degrees.
in the room of extravagant sex life will be if there is time to embrace, as newlyweds, his brother and sister look good to me you get one step out of the prep company.
"incest" in like it was the catalyst for leaving my head was always in heat, both of you. Parents to enroll in college I was told well you live apart,
continue to live with his brother still lives in me an excuse to lighten the allowance. For parents 思Ttarashiku better to watch you from my brother in the watchdog has a daughter who,
Moraeta be less easily recognized in allowance. Living life from the parent-approved sex married life simple distorted spur from MS asking me the act of imitation,
when my brother and girlfriend Temasumasu also the subject of slavery, such as his brother I went to change the lives of abnormality increased. Will be larger and you slip into bed licking my brother came home tired from work,
avid better now and I can shake your ass to seduce all fours like a female dog. Most strongly to big brother sex experiences I had in the past three men,
ik me during my brother once could afford and constraints on the net vibes get a little sex cum several times and now I'm gathering more than 10 Ku. Teru Hashi returned home on New Year together,
not aware of something quite different actions 遊Bi歩I relationship with my parents and both of them are home. Birth control pill just started drinking from the fear of pregnancy at that time period is severely delayed in D is in perfect condition. Today I write with great
thoughts on a business trip because my brother came across the site

Forbidden Relationship

I, the son of recent college and fell in immoral relations, but with a sense of guilt, still is not good that the mother can not break the Son and the forbidden act.
I was having a relationship with his son after the first time, I wonder if I had to be stupid, and blamed his own.
But, my son and asked for the body, parents forget that obsession, surrender himself to his son, son to open the body, they are now drowning in pleasure.
to think there are other parent-child relationship as we like to find out that, Tsukimashita 辿Ri to this site.
Could it be something like this to become my son, my life really was an unexpected event.
course I ever saw of her son as the target is not even once.
But now, my son than I am tall is too much higher, much better than his master in the thickness of shoulders and chest, has become a great man.
Why it has become like this .... Confessed to the memory of that day here.
I started living alone since becoming the son of an only child in college once a week, especially without something to do was put in a call to his son.
from now, is that a few months ago.
When I put the phone to his son after a long, long after the call, I'm getting an annoying son in a terrible voice. When asked how
, squash your fingers hurt, so meals can make is to say I was sleeping. I'm not worried
, Working on my sympathy, and I'll eat something delicious to make it the next morning, headed to the apartment of his son. Looking for an apartment
arrived, but fortunately, like a swelling of the hands of his son also died down, all that pain has faded, a little relieved.
and cleaning rooms for the first time while her son, to the laundry, prepare meals for over than the arm.
can cook, sitting at the table, "go ahead" and I said
"steak from there I can not use one hand to feed it" has been spoiled and a son. I was a little happy about
been spoiled son
"Yes, yes," said meat cut and carried to the mouth and I was feeding my son. After the meal
long time to put me to my advice to my son a bath.
soaked in a bathtub while, suddenly, I wonder if my son wash myself, I think, my son
"Hey, I'll wash wash yourself from your mother, I take 入N together ~" I put his voice.
"Ah ~ ~ I know today, what a mother 甘Eyou Unto ~" My son came back and replied brightly.
After a while, came into the bathroom naked son.
I quite stunning, surprised his son's body has become an adult, a moment would come out in the voice.
I prevent my agitation Misukasa son, "Then I'll wash" his son began to wash his back and as if nothing had happened.
washing hands, finally, close to the groin when his son saw up close what his son again.
that time, was not yet erect, facing the state was under the glans, to start with a soap wash hands before and after that my son and I tappuri,
向Kimashita completely over the glans and increased hardness and thickness before we see Gungun.
son, "I'll do," had the power to put their hands to sit on my shoulder while 沿E and moan. It
hideously warped to the huge sky has been a growing pulse is transmitted into the hands of my son's blood vessels stand out and thump.
some point my head was getting a daze.
"Mother ... licking ..." My son has been pleading voice, as if I were to ask for help.
"But ... can not work from my mother ..."
experience with my husband, but, remembering that my husband and told 上手Kunai much, I had to say so.
"Mom asks ... to ... kiss me ..."
When I begged my son again, I put my lips gently on the tip of the erection of a son.
they are overflowing with sparkling clear mucus from the tip of erection is different from that of my husband, the smell was like a young chestnut flowers.
"Mom ... more ... more ... please suck up Eh"
son thrust has been to push back with great force he says. Emashita
I suck as a whole so as to wrap your mouth erection.
tingling feeling of excitement that I am the uterus, deep throat went included.
"What, Mom, I'm also ... well let me kiss your mother ..."
saying that his son sitting on the edge of my bathtub, let your legs open, an important part of my we look to fill. I thought there was
my lips pressed against his son suddenly has entered the vagina hole warm tongue.
I was thinking I give a small voice. son
tongue tracing the labia majora, clitoris licking, and even getting to enter the vagina hole and continued to caress persistently found to have come slowly starting to feel contractions in my womb . I caress
by his son, Takashi Mari that began in the uterus of their sexual, feeling confused, and Takashi Mari calm that was biting his lips desperately. Around
by the movement of the tongue licking her son still relentlessly, When they reached near the peak is no longer with a growing wave of pleasure, in my head instinctively (No, do not) that浮Kabimashita words.
I caress her son and escape, pull back,
I put voice to his son.
But 抱E込Nda son remains firmly with one hand and my thigh so as to miss me, came to lick the ceiling of the vagina to focus on the tongue hole.
moment, such as pleasure driving dumb numb from head to the tip of my toes, but now warp the bow.
I had found himself in the thigh with his son across the head.
I was caressed by his son, leading to the climax.
bathtub sit, leaning against the wall, and holes have exhausted my vagina, I was still continues to shrink.
son, pressed against the bathroom wall and let me stand, has been deeply into all of the erection of a son into the hole and vagina are convulsions Hikuhiku over yet. Pakonpakonpakonpakon
violently thrust up and when you feel the semen spewed deep into the hole of my vagina last son, I Kina Hiroshi 向Emashita a peak again and hugged her son tightly.
Since the incident, my son, now calls me every week to the apartment.
vigorous libido son due to his youth in the day, I went to the apartment holding me time and again, the holes emit semen into my vagina ... amazing. I know it would be
should not be getting strong embrace of a young son, my body is lazy sensual pleasure seeking, remember that family obsession, they surrender themselves to his son I ....

I love my brother

SEX brother and I wanted to start was just about to enter high school. His opponent was the first time in three was dating at the time of, parting away upon graduation,
SEX spend their days and was partly Monmon that day I started to remember the good. I thought my brother was at that time. Stay closest, most comfortable to speak opposite sex.
My brother used to be a decent face and body even from me. My brother is in the midst of studying for exam 3 high. One time, my elder brother to the room 押Shikakemashita 見計Ratsu the time my parents fast asleep.
Sure enough, my brother was studying at the desk and crisp. I tried to speak boldly over the back of his brother. "Hey, your brother that I was the coolest SEX?" My brother turned around and surprised with a funny face.
"are you stupid what I'm saying a sudden!" I think a natural reaction. Suddenly the word was returned in spite that I think you still useless.
"What do you expect? experience was already bad." I started reading the reference books at the desk and say that.
hug me back my brother in his ear that "SEX you want. and you want your brother." and whispered. "Of course not possible.
I'm a brother and sister! Come cool head start over!" Tapped me on the head with a good reference book but it picked up. "But you want. I'm serious."
My brother's crotch and reach out, over jeans 擦Rimashita lightly. Was slightly larger. My brother is still my hand and banish "No! Back to the room!" And 叱Ritsukemashita.
reaching for my brother's crotch 懲Rizu "Please. let alone Blow" and complain, my brother showed me with a puzzled look. "Oh, can not stand."
He says this and I continue to rub the crotch of his brother started out in an instant, increases in the groin. "I was just Blow." Brother saying that are now off his jeans pants. I was on the cheek from
pants with Panfera. I was around there anymore that you can see themselves becoming flooded. When her brother took the penis
put his hand directly from the hem of the pants was really gone away so lightly.
"Can I lick directly?" I asked, my brother issued a penis in my mouth down your pants. There are penis in front of his brother.
so big, but it is a good penis wonderfully warped. I started licking my tongue around his neck begins to Kari. The penis is very cute brother and react occasionally Pikun,
me feel I'm also happy with. Including the mouth, move up and down the neck and back muscles and tongue licking, gave himself to the utmost you can. I
penis licking his brother in the head and so I think only in white, kept licking like crazy.
while my brother's face it comfortably with eyes closed in the right hand of my own over there was tampering. Kuchukuchu sound is indecent.
"Yuki, 逝Ki Yes!" I told my brother in a low voice. I looked up at the face of his brother Blow stop. "Let the bed."
Invited me to the bed with his brother by the hand. When I was naked on the bed, included the opening of the penis brother again. How happy are you with the feeling that my brother's face.
then suddenly, I thought. I think I like my brother? This. The incest relationship, which might create an illusion of it.
in any event because I wanted to be with his brother from the beginning that the intention was not to finish just Blow.
"Hey, kiss me," I do not extend over top of my brother, brother's gone through his lips gently on the lips. I put my tongue, my brother gave me back in silence.
tongue entangled with that for a while "No, going to be impatient," my brother. My brother's ear, "Go ahead. I'll put on" I heard my brother from his neck, we crawled into my heart and tongue,
directed to hold the penis in my right hand for. Coming into my brother's penis, is it just me any more light Acme state.
my little brother coming up 押Shi分Ke feels like crazy, when entering the base will be unable to think of anything already on my brother was just plain crazy. Can not stop now
voices out they had endured once before. "Ah, feels good! Feels good!" And he felt that this does SEX Perhaps not,
himself did not think she was so nasty girl. Just back from the top to change the sitting position, I have already done. Seemed to be ran from the top of my head to toe electricity. intention to twitch.
Bikunbikun independent body, as was groggy. The first was a pleasure. At this time, I learned that the first die. "The passed away?" My brother.
"Yes. really felt good. 思Ikkiri want to be pierced in a pleasanter way" posture of the back left, I moved to his waist.
"Well, I continued." I started saying that my brother moved back. I'll feel the penis hit the back of his brother. Once you have gone
Perhaps, a second peak immediately 押Shi寄Semashita. This time I did so you have no voice. My brother has on his back and kissed me.
entwined arms and kissed him on the neck of his brother crazy. "Hey, hurry up the brother to feel more quickly 入Retee"
brother rubbed the tip of the penis and clitoris crotch open wide, I enjoyed the reaction. I can not stand the irritating "I want you to put in?" I hear and viciously.
"Please, put 入Retee in early sexual intercourse," My brother finally came into 焦Rashita terrible in me to inspire intense than ever, 弄Bimasu.
peak was the third time I have come. "Ugh! 逝Ki so, by die!" My brother was a limit. I wrapped around the body by sheer force of arms, hands and feet brother.
"passed away like this! Please, ー 逝Ttee together!" I have seen attached to his brother. "Die!" My brother says that I heard in the distance.
just beating my brother in me I love them anyway, had to think very pretty. Full of hot stuff in my time beating my brother was immersed in the pleasure.
felt so close to my brother was the first time. After all, looking fit each other like crazy afterwards was crazy fucking till dawn.
five years passed by since then, I still mad incest. Always will be.

Confessions of a bad marriage

yuna himekawa[34052]
Let Itadakimashita
thank you and please come, it gets cold I have now
unforgettable words of the old man from seventeen to three

my brother fitted with The second pot
Nobo about the brother and the husband went to Catching Tairagi Ushio Hiroshi January night, it does not always go together but that day will be sent to the sea at midnight to pick my things , drop off two people from the mobile in-law
at home "waiting for a place Tore ○ ○ levee" There was a phone. We have been told about 30 minutes away
"Uchino人 What is it?" "Ah, my brother and this did it take me to take another field seaweed foot early Kaken"
"and not understand it? Yaro OK what? "
" Kayo Kayo "also took off the winter clothes Dava Nugi
saying two people moved to the back seat.
underlying motive of the brother I know I'm already excited about the
"Whom does he or seen someone," "Nobody around here is crowded, and not worry you'll 脱Gan" brother is saying I get just off the bottom, I took off all the jerseys by just under
"Well again, to Kogen"
brother's penis erection that is peeled straight Emashita
is sucking kiss to forget, to taste a little sour with a fire
extra Shaburimasu like crazy, licking glans
Chubachuba Innovation and sucking noisily I'm going to kiss and then let
Muka across the face on, you two brother
to each other while I was smoking Bero Yoshi Tadasu
to the side facing straddle Yoshi Tadasu now.

tongue while sucking each other, "the taste of penis Shitaro?"
"At first I" in the mouth and licked the head of a brother to turn his hand to drink spit
to move back from that thing is disgusting and would
by rubbing the penis Yo Me Meji.
sound is just as it was slippery Netoneto Kuchukuchu or more "or width Which is what my brother?"
"Hutoshi Yoka is here, and I long to 太Shi"
"Touya water" "Yeah! I'll take this penis is"
"and wanted to atomic Kato etc., do?"
"fit ~ I wore it much more gorgeous penis!"
still be heard nasty things said. I rub the back of the blister Getting
penis every other 堪Ran
to feel well, "I despair, please put"
also asked "You move too pleasant to leave 堪Ran Son" <br > "Oh ~ ~ Ken Moude! here you should put it"
握Ttara my solution is not possible to put a penis and lift the hips
is slimy, sticky to the finger will
to Vagina sit down and put together a deep
"Oh huh I ~" "Do you like hot ~ ~ Me ~ Meji Yono"
and down to rub down quickly, then is my brother
began to lick your fingers, your fingers are wet with liquid. Yoni Meji

turtles and their pleasure is to suck it feels good enough
shakuhachi 狂Itaku kiss your mouth sounded Shabutta
finger in the face as a goo Sucking, licking and matched to each other. Take care of the car swaying

"I Husae Kayo?" "Huh I ~ ~"
"and where?" "Meji ​​Yonotokerugotoyoka Me!" < br> "brother dwell in a sea of ​​dust is just around the corner"
"Well ~ Do not say" "What do I have my penis than big brother"
"What I Like I this penis is .." < br> each other while sitting with an obscene thing to quarrel
enjoyed a pot crucible, while licking my earlobe brother
"房江! Onago and I do odiousness you, but today all Suke"
"I Sogen Oh, love affair Onagotai com com"
As soon as he said, "Oh ~ ~ I'll go, what I'm saying"
"~ Take your, we, too," now, we want to I put up both of them tightly in an embrace
went from the state were still without underwear blew
tissue because it was doing before
saw fat penis, disagreeable and could not resist
to break up and I was beautiful then.
while clothed "I went to the sea"
"Ikan Yaro and speak at once," and again in winter clothes and a car to wear the Dava
"I only go Honnara" "say yes Have a nice day "kiss me goodbye and went home sticky

once I have become a strange feeling of writing I'm sorry to leave
remember long sew up more things I'm sorry if you can
I hope unskillfully

Night of her husband and sister

The 63-year-old housewife and her husband may be the husband and wife relationship, sex is the best compatibility. Shimane Prefecture came to visit his hometown of 66-year-old sister last weekend. My sister lost my husband three years ago, the couple lives with her son.
upsurge in wine at dinner, now that the 雑魚寝 in the same room when he sleeps. Talk a lot in my bed, so when everyone went into sleep mode at night 更Keta. Tonight before her husband, is whether I can say with a mischievous little sister, until I almost imagine that you did not know what that was. My sister is trying to nod off early, my husband went to the bathroom, my sister began to touch the body into the middle of pretending to be asleep when her sister came home with me. My sister was supposed to leave at first, but her husband looked surprised silence. My husband was at first so as to gradually hand stroking the chest in the lower back, and heard a splash in them clearly. How do you hold on a little boy seems to be her husband's sister. Groan aloud suddenly like my sister, is a state Itta. Now tinker where my dear husband's hand, I say I'm too excited too soon. That night I slept at night the next day it 交Warimashita sister and her husband.

Brother's good angel

Brother-in-law's husband is the exact opposite of serious raver, good, sex, licking, rubbing, full of love juice out just before a series of get fingered technique, I would be gone again. Want to enter quickly, Ne, Ney, please, to where and what to irritate even implore, unmentionable embarrassment "cock", "pussy" to emit loud into the argot of the luggage. Slow, fast, strong, and the strength of weak, shallow, deep and rhythmic use of O腰 is, to me, I faint at first.