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Incest confession of women(2011-12)


Good morning. Last night, my brother did not come home. Lover or would you? Although I have said that it not here?


Do you thing of me? When the twenty-year-old, first experience was the senior of the club. I think it was soon after acquaintance. I went to play for the first time in his room, and tonight ... while shopping that you'll make dinner and I'm going to be the first experience? Think Toka, or was anxious or scared, I was not in my usual. As soon arrive in the room of his, while being hugged him, because it was still bright ... and entrusted to him, is the seen, it was very embarrassing. He is coming in, it would say, \"Ouch ...\" involuntarily, I replied, \"What first?\" Nod. It would be clinging to him after, and was the only answer is a pain.

Son of circa

I am a 36-year-old housewife. I have the only son of the previous marriage of the husband of the ninth grade, but recently, when I go up from the bath, is there that the underwear of the laundry basket is gone. Return is late all the time, my husband I'm a feeling life of only two sons and almost. Underwear no longer, I have returned to the laundry basket to become the next morning. Previously, still, in his youth, in order to return the debt of her husband, I have a thing about a year, had 働Rai in customs son, even my son, that I was working in customs, I know seems to be. Etch is more you want, but I feel like waiting a little son I, Once looming also.


Good morning. I bought wine, but only the size of the ... ordinary, thick sausage'm sorry. It is a dinner and come home from shopping, but ... I have to drink quite, about three in the average value if the wine, brother does not drink only about one glass of, I'm in trouble! It is said to his brother to be \"! # Do not drink too much\", along! ! With drunk drank too much, and mischief to his brother? Fucked? This one is vacant immediately (Iikamo!) At a faster pace, at a pace too early wine ... after a long time at a pace faster two-day, out and around in circles! (Lucky you! Did) was.


Old-old's, thank you. I'm coming with his brother shopping Kure. Caught in the arms of his brother, is a lover mood a little. I will write again later, your reply is. I am sorry.

Takashi & Ms. Gao

The I decided to write one more time the thread that is full, there are Takashi and Taka-san can have most important person to me in the thing most important attrition okay I because there are Taka and Mr. Takashi I want to talk about the three of us get along Taka-san and Takashi whether it is from the happiest. Taka-san ^ ^ Thank you Takashi, Ms. Gao in the future ... there are things that you want to place to say at the end I was just talking to my boyfriend'm Tanaka Takashi most.

Divorced ...?

Brother to eat dinner, I'm watching TV comfortably.
I want to go to buckwheat, but it is your clean up! (Easy)

Divorced ...?

If you look at the sleeping face of his brother, you will want to hug. (Crying)
It is dear.

Divorced ...?

The hug brother and involuntarily ... to discover the figure of his brother at the airport, Uruuru tears ... (happy) did you do? you are watching ... everyone Hazukashikara! I guess it was not wise! And have done a ... bathing and go home, brother, been absent. Underwear campaign! The starting from tonight! To God, I would pray! (Shine)


I love that H is a pleasant thing to put your finger in this man you can touch the nipple yourself always.
One day, been found in the brother such a place, you've went devoted to the relationship of H directly.
Techniques brother at the highest, to come out to the next from the position next do not know that it stops love juice came out full of endlessly from within the shell of my Positions also did various things.
You can be placed from the back and on all fours you can put the things of brother open the crotch,
and riding on top of the brother out to the back or moving the piston I ride on top of his brother, and put out mono brother It was while increases gradually in the opposite of sounding small even out also.
Still not stop, you can do in the toilet in the liquid or to the act of groping manner went to ride on a crowded train and the skills you have two people,
and they've been in a relationship of two people who do not know the end.

After the 1st?

Tomorrow, brother will return home! (Crying)


Good morning !! Germs breeding also
Merry Christmas?! I No!

Agency wife 2

Have let built a continued attrition because he is full while you do not know if you come to except the hair.
Also, since I want to write a thing with him continue.

Christmas? Eve

Germs so bred, I was new construction! Good night?

Christmas? Eve

Everyone! Enjoy! Wait, I'm pussy? Time! Good night!

Merry Christmas?


I hope Merry Christmas? Lovers ...!
Sounds good! Next year ... and my brother I also do my best ...?

Delusion of Christmas

Next year, Christmas and brother!
It is happy only by imagination!
After the 2nd!

Textile ...

Good morning. Te joy brother to return home, it is badly soiled underwear, If you do not use sheet! Today It is Christmas! Next year I want to spend with his brother (tears) Merry Christmas!

(Laughs) (laughs)

Walla Walla is a tavern.



Pearl of the son (laughs)

(Laughs) Kusoresu geek!
Packed in Kusoresu, or pattern of always!
* Sigh * (laughs)! Jean Jean do it! The thing is a hard work in the middle of the night! Merry Christmas !! 'm Kusoresu geek, the guy who will say also, because would not, such as woman, much less! Cute! I'll say instead! (Laughs) Kyakkya ~Tsu! (Laughs)

Pearl of the son ...


Guideline pushed into the Kawaoku pearls from the cut (laughs) 4 centimeters, (laughs)

^ ^ that Ms. Gao came back

I do not disappear me to as you say Ms. Gao Gao is I am glad I came back to ... because I become full thread my anyone I not something opponent me to write really look like this Ms. Gao is something just because I promise I will not be something the other party and I'm was saying \"friend\" I believe my Taka-san came to writing again.

Though it is yet.

I went back to my parents in the divorcee.
Brother will return home from abroad appointed in late.
Brother has been naughty underwear from my junior high school students around, I knew, but I stayed in pretend you do not know.
Man is a lot again divorced last year.
So, I think my brother would like to accept the brother ... if you can bring them to mischief my underwear.
Man is not needed, but because there is a body that is Monmon ... I wanted to sex.

Dad loves daughter 5

Is Ohisashiburi.
Eyes was gone awake early today.
Dad still asleep.
I got his sleep.
Cold> <.
Also, Maybe Mogurikomo your futon dad from now.

Yukino, or for something?

And why not leave a comment not related to the attrition of others! !

And father-in-law

yuna himekawa[45710]
I married my husband of six older 30 years old. Two people living with father-in-law for a long time, it was a single character for some reason also earn even though good. And think they'll cherish me serious, was married, I think that this time around it. Father-in-law also still active, bright, and I was glad to get married. Mother-in-law has died in an accident three years ago. Business trip there are many masters, there is also the day of the father-in-law and two in the evening, it had Magirawase care in the evening drink something opponents of the father-in-law. But you also March, etch a poor to master, insert nice and quick if you than 10 minutes to enter the futon, if it inevitably ends with one person,
 the father-in-law the next day of the day such that stress is now accumulate Become a way to socialize your sake, I even tipsy, and had been raised in the story puerile.
My husband on a business trip that day also, heating was so hot you are drinking and drink father-in-law, it had become the father-in-law is Shirtless take off your pajamas. While drinking beer with two people, and when I got to hear the complaint of husband, father-in-law is also trousers pants also take off what, and I have become naked. There is also because you had drunk me, You must be kidding! If I Say What, you tired hug from behind to father-in-law, has been held the Ochinpo on my hands. After trying Hanaso hands while I do not think it should, it is hard, it's thick. Since a long time, we will hold as it is.
Blocked the lips to father-in-law, I had entwined tongue while holding the erection. It is the naked then again, it was not overlap with the father-in-law. Then all the way, it is a thing of the father-in-law.

And father-in-law

I married my husband of six older 30 years old. Two people living with father-in-law for a long time, it was a single character for some reason also earn even though good. And think they'll cherish me serious, was married, I think that this time around it. Father-in-law also still active, bright, and I was glad to get married. Mother-in-law has died in an accident three years ago. Business trip there are many masters, there is also the day of the father-in-law and two in the evening, it had Magirawase care in the evening drink something opponents of the father-in-law. But you also March, etch a poor to master, insert nice and quick if you than 10 minutes to enter the futon, if it inevitably ends with one person,
 the father-in-law the next day of the day such that stress is now accumulate Become a way to socialize your sake, I even tipsy, and had been raised in the story puerile.
My husband on a business trip that day also, heating was so hot you are drinking and drink father-in-law, it had become the father-in-law is Shirtless take off your pajamas. While drinking beer with two people, and when I got to hear the complaint of husband, father-in-law is also trousers pants also take off what, and I have become naked. There is also because you had drunk me, You must be kidding! If I Say What, you tired hug from behind to father-in-law, has been held the Ochinpo on my hands. After trying Hanaso hands while I do not think it should, it is hard, it's thick. Since a long time, we will hold as it is.
Blocked the lips to father-in-law, I had entwined tongue while holding the erection. It is the naked then again, it was not overlap with the father-in-law. Then all the way, it is a thing of the father-in-law.

The unsatisfying so much ...

And being attacked by son became 18, I quickly placed quickly.
If you are taking a nap,
When I noticed, and underwear and jersey is withdrawn,
to become ... become?
Enough to feel and think I'm a true that, and.
With the feeling that no matter even without my wet, come push me Gu~u~iー, dick-chan hard to Gingin son, to become stuck in me.
I useless Nante resistance, brute force but by enormously.
Once you're inside of me, it is moved to another intense.
Even want to deny, it's pleasant to it can not be in any way.
It would come to wet also in me.
The hardness of Gingin, I would lose.
Stimulus is amazing, and I wonder if long and stiff? When you are abutted to the back, and from being carried out collapsed drunk is probably not unreasonable!
The Ni will end a long time ago If it (laughs) virgin.
It is wound thrust violently in length and great hardness, the movement that follows the subsequent, I had been blown to the pleasure completely.
As a bonus, it is extracted from the body, ejaculation, Nante detonate it digs into my mouth.
Rather 's son, It is man.
It is drunk, it is crazy about the joy that is nestled in the son.

I've seen masturbation brother

I have him, but I have gone to look Toko you wanking your brother by chance three days ago.
It is larger of your brother.
Not a have her elder brother.
So is he but Ikkana even give to your partner also your brother? I thought Nante.
I do not you to worry about the details too much personality that was refreshing.
It's great that a little also is! Wanna try to eat.
At, you've written you're ready to find here and I watched many you are interested in this kind of thing.
I do have quite.
What people who have a relationship with my brother.
I was interested in is de chat more and more.

Mother perpetrated

I am a housewife, but family is only three sons and husband. Husband is 25-year-old son at 50 years old in the 47-year-old me. I was committed to that son of a certain day. It is when the husband was absent only three days business trip. I undressed panties my hug from behind when we were getting ready for brekky to have in the kitchen is me. Then was inserted the penis from behind. It's put in the back and I had gotten to feel such should have been fucked feeling is good.

Than her husband, who is father-in-law -

Was fuck with men, her husband was the first time. So, sex, and whether such a thing, it was not thought deeply separately. At such times, it was knew the infidelity of her husband. The other, from it, to sleep together at night, or you can touch the skin also, it was had hated. Sonaruto, that the husband goes out for the night had increased. Surely, if you will at the woman, I had given up, but still, it is to sleep alone, and I felt the loneliness. Father of the husband is watching, such, the terms of two people, it was had me over the mind something. I was eating with righteousness to dinner without a husband, but for some reason, it is being attacked by loneliness Mushoni, I was depressed. The father-in-law, had comforted me to come next to me. The kindness of such a father-in-law, all too soon, I did had to move the body to the chest of the father-in-law. It was a feeling like child presume to parent. The father-in-law, gently, by why the hair of the head to me, the moment you raise your face, I saw the father-in-law, father-in-law of the lips did was come overlap. Whether there was a feeling that somewhere, Charm, close your eyes, I did had accepted the kiss. While the kiss, father-in-law did was come to touch the breast from the top of my blouse. For some reason, if you'll deny it, tried to move away from the body of the father-in-law, but the force of the man of the father-in-law, by not come true, at last, I was was pushed down to the tatami. With the feeling that say her husband also infidelity, I is not the same kind, and tried to Kobamo and resisted desperately, but the more you try to Kobamo, skirts the foot is disturbed, thighs did was glimpses. Te rate hike you sow, father-in-law did was have caress, my thighs, the skirt disturbed. In other than her husband, because I did not know this feeling, indeed, caress the thighs of my father - in - law, in the wisdom of age, and her husband, it was l techniques uneven. I did was done on such has been the anesthetic injection, into the world of euphoria. The other, from feeling that you refuse, those of pleasure, had won in several stages. That was close stubbornly, legs, I went to open little by little. By hand to the father-in-law, panty also been taken off, had had been carefully caress the clitoris and pubic hair directly. Unlike my husband, I was familiar with the weakness of the woman. The springs like a hot and cold water, love juice did had flowed to the thighs from the crack. For me the sex of her husband, had thought it all, caress of the father-in-law had seemed to differences in adults and children. It was the feeling that infidelity and immorality Dano, disappeared from his head completely, expect the stage to the next. Did I take off unawares, and to expose the lower body, taking my hand, father-in-law did was not held the Cock of the father-in-law. In this age, you have been expanded to Gingin, it was of got surprised at the greatness. The other, of crack I was moist enough love juice to accept at any time, the Cock of the father-in-law. I am, this is not a incest. When's the sex of man and woman, I did my best positive themselves. And, Cock of the father-in-law has been inserted smoothly without any failure. Because it is your age, you were worried about, but I was starts once many times the husband of the piston motion. The body of the father-in-law, I was moving the hips to match the movement of the waist of his father-in-law ,, clinging. Another, such as husband, I felt vanished somewhere. To me, there is your father-in-law's! I did think saying \"You'll interfere,\" he said. Unlike earlier, for me, when her husband is out for the night, was the supreme happiness.

People who etch with me

Without me fine for some reason but have to talk much before birthday ... Is because they told me I'll have seen TV always give me! You know perfectly that my'll have etch Tanaka and Takashi boyfriend even in my dreams I Takashi less of a little while ago because it is less of last ... because erased I wish want to get along ... Takashi because tease'm just me and I'm not say why it's annoying because they etched in was it a dream ... be cries ... But until I come back to my place

~ Seen masturbation to son

Was widowed, it is two people living son and a high one. And I had thought sex, such as a thing of the past, when by chance, it was browsed in a bookstore, and in hand with porn magazines with eyes and fluoride, it was was surprised to intensity of the remainder, 'Cause, simply a man and a woman rather than intersects, genitals of each other was had been exposed to the Moro. Once in futon at night, to come horny its blatant scene is in I think, I had comfort in the panty, but the excitement has reached its apex, and yes the futon, panty even shed, the knee in an upright position, it did had shouting \"cunt pussy ~ ~\" wide open crotch. No way, my son is coming into the bedroom, the term has been Mokushi, I did not notice at all. Eyes of the son congested, Become a beast, it did was come clinging to my body. Become a dazed by as mother, was seen this silliness, did not have the energy to push back, the body of his son. It was filled with love juice, crevices I did was got accepted to smooth cock son.

¥ 100,000

To say good d ('∀ *) ♪ jerk

son to love

Two people living in the apartment of narrow 1K son and 1 high. No such thing as a private almost.
You can see the naked even when you take a bath even when you get dressed. It was thought that's obvious even seen a naked parent's stupid you are too doting to it because it is parent-child.
futon of a piece even when you go to bed. Rather unbearable son became so as to enlarge the penis is Itoshiku recently.
It was allowed the body because I wanted to give you know the libido of male adolescent. I think of my son but ‥ leave.
It has been ejaculation between Yu and met with Ki digs pounding the inserted penis from sheer exposure to adult video like.
And I was supposed to be reminded of the Susamaji of the energy of the boys in high school.

Brother, such as the mass of libido

My brother is a mass of libido.
14-year-old is also away with his brother. When the junior high school one year, was held to a weakness in a brother that there are me.
· If you do not want to be disassembling the parents. The first, or licked through the body, and can be licked, I had let them go at Blow Finally, 10 times a day had been allowed to.
It continued for about three months, Virgin has been deprived of his brother.
Since then, several times each day went on asked the body.
Something spring, summer, winter break, was one day.
After I have been tired, brother while watching the AV, you can be allowed to Blow, I placed, had been used a pussy for only issued.
Anyway, it was felt that take or has become the lifestyle, that are using my body instead of masturbation.
You can come borrow AV, is called to the room me, so as to protrude the ass, I had to watch while inserted.
Dattari Blow Job, it is ... or was the normal position.
I went to college because I wanted to get away from his brother, and began living alone, but I was no good after graduating from high school.
To come to the house once in a while, it was a repetition of the same act.
And I guess continue in the future.


I am 35 years old married, my husband was the first marriage at 40. It was a life of two people and the father-in-law at home with. To be able to work, my husband has a section chief of the company, but not able to do anything at home, it is rank towards the father-in-law can be housework. I do not satisfactory salary, mother-in-law is spoiled, I do not choose their own clothes. It also would be finished in about 20 minutes twice a week night life as well as fixed, I think this should be. 63 still, father-in-law also go to the office in good spirits.
My husband many argue, it is possible to dine at two people and father-in-law have been married many, and me to eat delicious food I've made, it is not a scarecrow daily evening drink. In the mouth I also go carelessly, when not on a business trip is my husband, and Yuji's father-in-law, what this will also open the beer.
My husband a one-week business trip in Friday yesterday. Sat, Sun is at rest is father-in-law, as usual, though it is 8:00 still, after entering the bath, apart four two people beer, dinner had been moved to the wine.
I think that it was drunk on sake. Father-in-law told me over the kind words, \"Do not always bad, and not let the lonely I not have my son\" Nante but When I answer \"because there are Dad But. No such thing as lonely\" etc., take off from a hot \" or say \"\" Yes \", me too,\" father-in-law took off the shirt and the top and pajamas, I on a single shirt off your jacket. While said to be hot Furthermore, father-in-law I was I took off pants and trousers also what. Well, you can not have it \"I overdo it your Dad,\" \"I do but hot. Momoka also by once you take off\" even. Father-in-law we are drinking wine in the nude. I will trouble unfocused eyes. But I want to see. \"Momoka me incidentally\" is prompting a refill of wine, I poured a glass of wine and sit on the side of the father-in-law. Ochinpo of father-in-law is are you erection. \"It is a splendid very. Making it big.\" \"Momoka, how about it, cock I\" and \"late touch\" father-in-law is taking my hand, it has been held in it. I was holding the Ochinpo of father-in-law that is made ​​to erection in the nude. And are embraced, is the kiss, we hug the chest of father-in-law is no reason anymore. While being held the Ochinpo, a long kiss, it's got the answer to it is put a tongue. I am also a full monty is made ​​taking off pajamas to father-in-law. I am embarrassed at the thick one little 156cm, but it had been wet with just over there to the other argument. Father-in-law is good. Slowly massaged my boobs, makes picking the soft gently from behind the nipple of both. This is I'm weak. You thrilled it just and been like rubbing. Pussy has also been wet course. Nape of the neck also love me in the lips from behind. Was the first time I. Still, still Desuyo! The pussy, it does not touch me in chestnut-chan. It suffers from behind Sofua, you can sit on top of the Ochinpo of father-in-law, it's gonna tickle both knees, with turned toward my father-in-law, I would hold the Ochinpo and clinging. The \"What's wrong\" father-in-law has been playing with tits by innocent. I would say in a small voice, \"Please touch the pussy Yuji-san\" and intolerantly so. And then with his back to me, Desuyo open legs, Yuji, I've been licking chestnut-chan. It while messing around with a finger entrance. Soaked embarrassing, your soup is full. When my husband SEX \"Yuji, do not know anymore, gone\" earlier because it was good, it had always been squid. Once you have settled down a little, father-in-law came into the thick finally Ochinpo. It's amazing anymore. Cali is thick, from the entrance, so come slowly to put back, I seem to get going again by itself. Amazing father-in-law, I mean as it is, to move little by little while to put to the back but not a disconnect. Pussy has got to feel in the womb anymore. I am full of your juice even went blank. I am a Sofua as it is, is like slept in the nude.

Robocop 21 = Mr. Takashi

I will write a new one thread so likely to end. Also Robocop 21's, and I am very happy to write in the name kanji my I think it I wonder to say that if you can bring them write full and I was very happy me write and horny me and I'm glad if you can bring them write where 's today you are ... etch Thank you and always will be, I feel good at in the mind 's like it is etched and ~ I Takashi

Incest discourse of my

I called the middle ● Hisako. It is 60 years old. I am living in the apartment in Tokyo with one son now husband passed away 15 before. I had to work until June of this year, but it was retired now, I work about three days a week as a Temporary Employee.
 I had that incredible recently. Son is a sophomore currently in the child you gave birth in older that I 40 years old. Panties dirty my from under the pillow of the bed of the son whopping I came out when I clean the rooms on Sunday son of just on a month ago. Moreover, white mucus that seems to semen son ... Bettori obviously there. I sat down, and looked very sad in place upset. I am better there still gloss of skin in as little as seen in the late 40s, and say so myself While it is what I do not have menopause still be embarrassing. But I am 60 years old. Women age like me, yet Will there be Nante sexual interest in the real mother and if a normal boy?
 I you do not know what to do in contact with my son was watching the situation for a while. Then my panties are you like are missing from the night laundry about twice a week. But it was back to the washing machine are soiled with semen next morning. Son Would'm horny sexually really mother of age close to this grandmother? Is not only this. Son I was so used to masturbation until napkins spent my whopping. I found also face picture of me that was put in a card case of A4 size. Nothing per hand in shock much I want to be dead anymore. I believe we also Do you Kuraso separately and son, but there is also a feeling that her son poor to just have let the crippled much husband died. And it is embarrassing, but I've come to feel a numbness in the vagina and Kyun to see the panties of his dirty To Bettori semen son recently. We are puzzled feeling you did not experience more than 10 years here. The ... likely to make mistakes and son someday in this state. And I know a thing too hideous son of 20-year-old mother and 60-year-old Nante connecting a sexual relationship, but embarrassed my body will react. How and even good to become more, I think recently.

I would look at the cock brother

I think I came out on the thought that no one
when I came back to my brother ran into the junior high school students came out of the
I was also surprised, but his brother was also surprised.
What did are you have parentheses.
My brother went to dressed in a hurry. Watching the men over there are not adults still
pounding really after that I
though it was the first time
It was close to the moment but I ended up watching firmly.
I thought that it was not sure I but it 's great.
And I was feeling ... where hair has been growing.
Dozens hairs are not long so much still to grew. Mon'm Taishi have quite the habit of junior high school is gone from my mind it. I wonder if that combed masturbation anymore?

SEX with dad

I am 18 years old, but I have a relationship with the father from the summer of this year.
And I thought my head that said they can take the important people of revenge against the mother sweet mother just good sister.
I also adults other body So 18.
There was also confident that 's dad to be in the mood young if I imminent.
And I went into the bath while bathing Dad.
Dad was surprised, but I am in the nude.
Hey, attractive dad, who is better, my sister and me? I.
I thought I was the best to be in the mood to show a naked because it was willing to take the dad.

The lust

yuna himekawa[45261]
I went to the grave to the home of the mother to Bon vacation this year. That night, I saw my aunt and my mother are dressed in yukata to go to Bon Odori. Pants and bra light blue, aunt was underwear foam color mother. I was horny from behind the mother is shaking the hips to the music in front of me. That night, I was comforted by masturbating in the futon. The next day, I was talking about \"big your milk\" yesterday to the mother in the car return. Placing a hand over his own chest and at the same time surprised Mother was watching, a good laugh and I did become larger after marriage. It was Kiri I said er, mother Well When you reply people like mom is okay to ask for are her mother, What kind of person is okay.
I've found it dispelled by hand and bring the coffee cans unfinished between the thighs of the mother sitting in the front passenger seat in a skirt, face is has become red. I got off to handle intolerantly when it finds a sign of the hotel. Unpleasant and the get down from the car, no good -, and would be parent-child, I was resistance caught the door to open, but it was down partly because the car came into the next. Middle-aged men who had a beard, which came from behind to touch the panel \"Aki, you can either try to be here,\" said a small Yankee sister next door, As soon receive the keys, and went up in the elevator with your hands folded. We have about silently in a room where I chose my mother had seen it too what was idea. When hugging to mother, \"Ne, please, I mother,\" My mother told me to appease me. I arrived Sucking body of the woman of mother to see for the first time, a big your milk bursting. Bathing to useless, and dirty because it is brought close to the face crotch. Licked the cock, I ejaculated in your mouth. If you try to fit in the middle Komo, it is rejected because it is dangerous date, and fitted with a condom which was put to bed, we ejaculate twice.


It is a close relative Lesbian, if you are interested, for those who do comment, nice comment, it gave me, you will receive by return, comments, me, me, please let me melts.

Dress and -... To Cure - Sui and Detective Conan

I very happy Sui I is likely to eye care and I ANGA Tanaka he did stop to write less boyfriend of snow, but he was decided to write again, so was also looked Detective Conan - graphics - dress also To Cure He is together I'm good song, but he thought Innovation after all He was drinking I love the \"tapioca milk tea\" After watching karaoke showdown this before you hated from Ota's laughter problem with me also I tapioca of grain feather pearl milk tea I'm glad because that contains Very me remember that he wrote in a letter to Innovation seen drinking \"pearl mill torque tea\" because delicious taught him before had tapioca milk tea seemed a habit that you know Jan likes me, after all Takashi is gonna loved from the time of high school I was drinking it and ask 's when you are drinking to buy every day convenience store to I went to Denny's Hell girl and appear and write the name of the hateful opponent by accessing the \"hell communication\" in the mobile phone of some things I would like to say Takashi Soda! Kill Inamura Fumi Kill me If you If I did not want to kill me The promise I do not write my name, however can I look doing it I'm afraid if there is I'll say it and do the 12 o'clock the night before the fall to hell and really write the name of their hateful opponent

Beds, Apart

This is the guy the talk of 2ch +. (· ∀ ·). + $

Incest discourse of my

Hey crime I incest

Town Choi

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I was able to meet people who like

I like boyfriend even Tanaka Takashi, is Inamura Fumi When story unpleasant trouble me! Okay for only dad birthday before ... My Takashi Inamura Fumi is a minimum woman I \"Pies ok !?\" Inamura Fumi that I thought that it was me I wonder if glad to really ... it from me to say that I want to lick dick I do not This here is because woman unpleasant is Takashi I was promised \"Pies is'm Okay\" Innovation After saying at

Thing with your father-in-law's

I have lived in three of the father-in-law and husband.
Be a two people and dad I'm quite often because it is work of the hotel owner.
Your father-in-law's is a movement like people say that three or four times a week to the gym during the day.
I seem to have a swimming Toka machine.
It is a cool little person gentle.
Iwaki Koichi like.
I liked that kind dad.
Instead'm weird meaning, as a father of my husband.
But I like I had gone in a direction that is not usually the father-in-law and daughter-in-law and such father.

I'm noon

University also have a holiday, and not the parent, and brother of high school students went to play, and it's noon so spare time but it was decided to masturbation.
It becomes naked while looking at his room with cheerio the H video from the room of his brother, by rubbing the clitoris while rubbing the chest and lying on the floor, and feels aloud Become likely to go gradually,
with a slam door is opened. Brother naked was the Bing there yet ... is there when get up in surprise.
My brother told me the \"suck\" is brought close to the face over there to come in front of me when I have frozen.
And I thought it must not be that happen because it's siblings, and should be denied, but reason is flying over there have wet Bechobecho anymore, when I saw what was standing in Bing brother and I,
It became unbearably and crazy excited brother of this while adding it was I have added is I think ... in me. Since had become hard and tick already,
Koototo you suck for a while has been put live from the back with all fours to me. Over there my
season as soon as vocalize it as \"Tsu Ohhh ...\" the moment I entered the Nyurun because it was flood anymore! Breathing seemed to stop when you will feel back to being poked, and electricity as through the body.
If you think you have SEX brother and real yet and has been put live, and crazy feel extra, and shake their hips and Zunzun violently grabbed my
waist, it is so crazy to pleasure too much, brother \" I can stomach screaming Oh, go, and \"go. Brother
was also felt in the very feel Te said, sperm is coming out in me then. I was many times that day. You've been wet even now ....


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Son likes

I was engaged in the Chinese shops in family up to 5 years ago, but we are engaged in the ramen shop at night in a corner of downtown with two sons and 32-year-old husband passed away. Those who depend on after drinking a lot, the audience is open until 1:00 past midnight. The matching ..... shop till 2:00 midnight from 3 pm There is also charged, etc., son sleeps until daytime too and go home. It became a special relationship with his son, it was the day of the Obon holiday of the year. The finished the grave and son, drank two people after a long time in the evening. Son overlays to cover and I notice, I had brought into close contact with the body. I was being held to his son as if one were in a dream. The voice of the thank you momma son, eyes were awakened to the union of parent and child. I was accepted as outlet for sexual desire only serious son of Oyaomoi gently usually. It had surrendered and for the son of the first time, but it was now looking forward to go to bed hugging each other and the son is now. It seems that a woman of 55 years old, son heals is the Wabi of single persons likes.

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By now

My son is 23 years old, but does not have a regular job still dropped out of high school, and I'm troubled to come to innocent me the money. My husband says it is working for a trading company in Tokyo at bachelor, and Na pass the money and talk about his son. The end of July of this year, his son came home with me the money as usual. The glare and me \"Ya do have idiot, gold\" When I refuse, the moment you turned around and trying to escape, I would lay on his back with his It is Dakitsuka son from behind. My son has been attacked in full view, pants how horny shy A turning the skirt. It does not win in the power of man was useless to resist. Been naked immediately, there is a tattoo of a dragon on the back son becomes naked while hiding the face shame, and has been inserted by the open leg painfully legs of I'm crouched in fear. I think it had to move the hips it was happening a few minutes, but it was felt long to me. Do not have chooch nice, and went out, leaving the words that I do not think my son.
My son came to the two men to the scary feeling early in the morning of the next day. I drank tea pet bottle my son brought me entered the drawing room in his pajamas, to everyone so was sleeping. My son said, \"and my big brother, Ya me lovingly\" and opposite to me, I was attacked by two people pressed to resist me to shout By the end of drinking. It had to put up with I think that is cut only Nante is nestled in the man at the sight of his son. Changes to two people but was ejaculated into the vagina and Waru your mouth has not remember, but it was sleeping naked in the parlor and notice.
Then, called on the phone for those who called big brother, telephone consuming many times from his son you reject, it was allowed to your opponent at the hotel. I've got a favorite bag every time you meet in person and gentle contrary to face those who called big brother. Praised for his \"It's a good pussy\" Sex also your good, it is good time body and mind that will melt licking my whole body. Once in three months with her ​​husband, about 5 minutes of out put insipid it also, it has become unsatisfactory. Contact Kanenomushin from the son is no longer, but will your opponent.

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Relatives and family (= dog Taro) in Anal ...

I ~ The Junko in Pichi, 18-year-old.
This before,
I would have anal sex with a large dog for the first time. I actually, I had been raised licking the penis of Taro dog stealing the eyes of the parents since I was a junior high school student. So, Taro does not bark or absolutely in front of me, and I'm a good child very docile. Were placed in a room secretly Taro midnight, parents from Netsui Thanks to that, I had to give fellatio plenty. I mean, I large and rather terrible ~ penis of Taro. But I'll get to feel good ~ Ppai stomach Anal my someday. And Bon of this year, the chance finally came. and I was supposed to be the parents go out to the travel of residents' association in three days and two nights. That day, I went home to wait for Taro in a hurry byte is finished. Then, causing the Taro was sleeping in dog house, I went up to him to my room on the second floor. We are trembling and scared a bright red penis ... vessels of Taro became out Ki Moe with erection Kachinkachin is stand out. I'll feel good Taro, Ppai ~ Lee! While Tamekomi mouth with plenty of saliva, I have, including the mouth and the tip of the penis whiff. Fishy smell of the beast and distinctive feel that was Numenume will have spread to the middle full of mouth. I was allowed to crawl the tongue to the penis of Taro crazy. Taro also whether the good feelings defintely, tongue out, has Ara-ge breath and Haahaa. The penis of Taro is further increased in my mouth, it was becoming increasingly hardness gradually. Taro, You want to go? It is good ... to put out full. While entwined tongue penis of Taro, I was raised by stimulating by hand even more intense. Jupu ~Tsu ~! Jupu~u ~Tsu ~! The next moment, Taro penis swelled greatly, we can see it trembling Bikun~tsu. Sperm of a transparent Taro, again and again been poured into my mouth and warm Dopyu ~ ~ ~Tsu ... Dopyu ~Tsu ... production. Sperm Taro been poured full middle of my mouth without stopping treatment. And, I will be naked, now crawl on all fours in front of Taro. \"Taro,! Come! Come\" Taro You have rubbed while Ara-ge your breath and straining your nose crack of my ass. \"There! Tsu Oh do, there ...\" Taro will come turn while smell of the crack of my ass, licking Bechobecho anal. In the manner weigh my body, Taro and over again you have rubbed the crack of your ass a bright red penis. Turn the hands behind, I grab the penis of Taro. And many times, many times and I was in Atega~tsu anal the tip of the penis, but it does not continue to insert quite well. Many minutes ... many hours ... and Oh?! Or would have passed, violent impulses ran to the body of the penis ... I Taro finally. Severe pain ... such as has been skewered anal with a stick of hot iron and thick even though, accustomed to one and love Taro, it shall be very happy now.

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Underwear Dressing

My underwear has become recently. Son was cleaning the room when absent. I found in glue, such as with the panties of my result was gone. It has masturbation panties and I go to the room of his son secretly that night. I left the place and saw. You will be wet and remember that the daytime. Someday, I want to fellowship with my son. Dream is now reality. I will not intersect every day. Can not stop even if I thought I would not go. Mother-to-child incest is as large as other than. I will confess the truth. Anal was also raised. It was communion until exhausted in a love hotel with two people the other day.

Son anal!

Son, fucked anal, I was stupid I have heard the selfish son.
The give to a man, a friend of A, is said to be'm a virgin, mother teacher Da~yo! The Iikamo than cheating ... be good two people and me? ?
3 people became more OK with it, is for the first time. Mr. A was I have said in just treats by hand from Blow side by side two people, but
I Mr. A will also please your mouth to see her son ejaculated in your mouth? Young child in something ne video I'm fine right away, and I know to say there
that it'll Blow. Is caress two people, I was answering a sob, but voice and ... there are exits, because wet so co 〇 Oma hey Yo feeling good Yo son to put A, those of embarrassing Mr. A, has been entered. Shake 2-3 times warm and pleasant Yo hips, and Dell I Did to say the other is cum, Well How can you get unreal, it is ejaculation in every hole in your mouth, Anal to figure that I writhe in Anal door, Shitaku I do not end in the young child ... and me of you opponent if two of us Come Yo, my mother at any time if you become

Pearl of the son ...

I am a stay-at-home mom to become 40.
Son will be high school seniors, but it does not go to school almost.
The homebound in the room, go out once in a while also, you can go out without saying anything.
It was turned into something like it is from this time last year, cute she also (just saw The photo is) and I stayed, but it no longer asks me her story.
And was in July of this year. It is the claim of pocket money whenever
a \"little mother!\"
will be referred to me. Other than that, it does not also put in a room without being called rarely.
The \"I will enter
...\", \"pocket money!\"
me a ten thousand yen, but it does not seem to listen to what you say now, the tensile son
\"! Mateyo~tsu Hey!\" ... when it is about to leave the room \"This!'ll Look at this,\" my son is down the briefs
to be, it will fall down on the bed, \"Well ...?\" cock ... it was protruding was trying to hide the face in an instant eye but ... it must be a good look It was a bumpy cock. And what's going on, looking to be observed, ... \"what sweety become? Did you do? Warts so many?\" Become \",'s the illness or what? Talking did you do? With cock warts are popping out several ne give me?! ... \"Do not's\" idiot!'m gonna check there is this (laughs) sick! \"Despite the'm embedding the pearl! 's\" pearl! (laughs) \"embedded\" pearl ...? \"my worries I told my son laughing. The pushing me to the bed, son! \"By white quietly from stick to you pussy to try now\" become horsemen, while grasping the hair, it came is pushed into the mouth of my cock warts with.

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Someone who can help my dad

My dad's painful so much disease is a possibility that can not live a long time and is said to doctor-like disease of the heart, but I heal if surgery but ... I sick as his father also its my house I also because born and because disease can not fix much Tanaka Takashi boyfriend wonder if someone to help you I I I think we die!? I because dating long Takashi Can you to be near me and 's disease are you were talking Takashi'm me worry sick I have \" I might be difficult to me accident that it is as it is to help Takashi Dad promised Takashi 's \"I'm will protect me heart of nature ...\" Yeah is it to bad After saying!? \"'s the disease so much snow Is not it will protect the charged me many times dad also found to Takashi gonna have accidents Maybe had fallen and dad ... I did not hurt even gonna was in today accident I dad I

Love with my father

yuna himekawa[44634]
I went to a love hotel with my father. When I entered the room, I took off my stockings as my father told me and crawl on all fours on the bed. I opened my legs and sticked out my butt, and I was dressed as my father ordered. The miniskirt has slipped up and the pants are completely visible from behind. My father, looking from behind, was happy with a grin. I thought about my father (maybe it's a bit of a metamorphosis), but I felt like I was being stared at, and I felt like I wasn't there. .. After watching for a while, my father patted his inner thigh with his fingertips. It's easy to feel, I just pick it up! My body has reacted. Then I was blamed for my legs, buttocks, and inner thighs with a soft touch, and I felt it while making me sick. This time, I licked my legs and inner thighs with my tongue. When I licked my butt from my waist along the line of panties, I felt it while twisting my waist. I was licked on both sides of the crotch that was wrapping over there, and I was dying to say, "Hmm, lick that too." In fact, my dad never touched it until then. It was pretty stuffy over there and I've always put up with wanting to stroke it myself. My dad ignored me and approached me with a grin, and this time I started sniffing over my underwear. I was delighted while saying, "It's warm and the smell is pungent." I felt quite a bit, and I didn't take a shower, so I think I smelled it. I was embarrassed (metamorphosis ~, stop it ~!), So I hid it with my hand.At that time, my hands touched my panties and I noticed that they were wet. When I looked at it, there was a big stain on my panties. (I'm so wet.) I was embarrassed myself. I didn't want to be seen by my dad anymore, so I turned around and this time I blamed him. I took off my pants and pants and licked them. My dad's penis had already erected and was slimy with juice from the tip. When I licked it with my tongue, my father had a pleasant face. After a while, my dad said, "Let's 69!" I didn't like it (I'll see it again), but I had no choice but to respond. My younger father approached my nose again and began to smell my scent over there. I thought (Hentai father ~!), But I thought (I'll put this dick in early). When I was squeezing my father's penis up and down with my mouth, I also felt it, and that was even more muffled. I couldn't stand it and put rubber on my dad's penis. And I didn't take off my clothes, I slept on my back and opened my legs in an M shape to invite my father. When I thought my dad would take off my panties, I lifted my hips and spread my legs further. When I was thinking (??? ...?), I moved the side of my panties. The moment I thought (no way?), My dad put a binging penis inside me. I was surprised, but the moment I entered, I shouted, "Oh! It feels good." It felt as if the things that had accumulated so far had exploded. My father slowly moved his hips. It felt weird to stay dressed on the bed.Moreover, it was the first time for me to keep my panties on, and I was strangely excited. My dad used his penis to stir in it and poke it with strength. Every time, there was a nasty sound from my place. When I was about to get sick and said, "Dad, I'm going to get sick.", My dad's hips moved faster. I clung to my dad and shouted, "I'm gonna get it!" My dad also pierced me deeply and made me feel good. My dad stabbed me hard after that, and at the end I got caught up in me. I bought new panties on my way home. My dad wore rubber, so it was only my love juice, but when I wore it, it made me feel uncomfortable and even more messy.

Ancient history

'35 Before, we Totsugi Yamamura The matchmaking in recommendation of the parent. I was surprised your upper body to the naked when it comes to summer. It's hot without air conditioning as of now, but I could not even imagine where it grew up me. Daughter around was wearing underwear indeed. Contact big tits grandma saggy, there was resistance to that flat-chested is exposed embarrassed every time you see a busty protruding in front of the mother-in-law. Was exposed and in order to get used to the village and became a little larger in the marriage in the summer of the second year. And praised for his father-in-law in good tits, now happy. The following year, I was overjoyed at the birth family of the child. However, my husband I became a deep relationship with the mother-in-law while it is not possible to sex of the before and after childbirth. When you went to the barn to dry diapers, my husband I had overhanging from the back of the mother with a hand in agriculture instruments and approaches the strange voice. Me, \"I Filthy, I've been a mom Kazuo-san\", was made known to the mother that the sexual desire of man can not stand and speak to the mother of the home a large shock. Then, I had to pretend to not know you know mother-in-law and my husband is're to get along.


I had experienced with Three men. I cry at the painful loss of virginity at the time of the husband. Heart was pain first experience with the father-in-law. Face became red with embarrassment when the son. It is the three men are related by blood, but also form technique It is also different. It lasted until his death three years ago and father-in-law.

I look for Twink

Conan-kun's cheeky kit like the longing of s called a Suzuki Sonoko reasoning Sonoko wonder if not come to me!? Best friend because it is a close friend also Mouri Ran forever I place pretty good I ~ I gonna certain Twink I I will ask my thread so embarrassed Sonoko ~ N ~ I hate - I wonder if I do talk with Tanaka Takashi

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Part time jobs

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Dad loves daughter 4

I built a thread again.
You have probably also want to write a lot.

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People to become my friend

Thank you from now on I'm only speaking the Tanaka hate different people that it was good to talk tone side Ako, Tanaka-san you come my name

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Love Love and Takashi

I have a picture of decided to write once again with fun Takashi you enjoy tonight to talk here it 's to wear cute because of Takashi'll end up singing in cute voice in front of everyone tonight is going to be busy today good I I I like to write the picture is gonna wrote a picture the other day and so gonna wanted looking to Takashi to and likes to sing songs to etch that I want to go karaoke and Takashi if I wonder if the time!? If it Sunday Even I because I'm young I'm also good as my Sunday Takashi but are the inner

Are you looking for your friends

... Dad Mom and Dad of Afurodide like Mom in Mephisto My name is now a princess of the governor side Ako Mei jar land Dad Ellen and Grandpa, of living together because I'm ashamed to that worry me always daughter of Grandpa is lovey-dovey always doing the violin percussionist mama sound like are always angry to do so SoFutoshi brother Saw will help always and Ellen and Kanade and sound of such things my mom Afurodide-like black kitten was in the castle of Mei jar land my of was that of Ellen siren Ellen of delicious cupcakes Kanade like Kanade doing the violin in one person all over the world have at making cupcakes I think I did not know that things princess. And I work hard Pretty Say hello everyone It 's very good friends Hamyi and Ellen!