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Incest confession of women(2009-11)

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[24627]
Five years ago, my parents are opposed to marriage, marriage and ran off. And not the money will be left with too much overlap and two months rent costs, I now work in the sex shop thing. My husband just play without working even after three months saying there is no suitable job, I bolted home to fight. I visited my uncle at home Without leaving living in Osaka. Street vendors in a single 34-year-old uncle is the brother of my mother, were selling takoyaki. Condition that I had stayed to help the store. Was ridiculed and a woman found a fellow street vendor from anyone Yes, Uncle. If you have the right to sell accessories pretty girl is 26 years old and his wife's 62 years old and her husband wanted to be parents, I thought why. The couple sold noodles to the left 32-year-old husband, wife and mother away at the age of the small fat 51 year old wife, is not so surprising that we also are considered. Street vendors who are doing most of the shop with his wife, sometimes I flirt at the store. Open from 10am until about 4 pm, you can end shops at the store immediately extend a simple folding table. Weeks after a time, evil-looking man came into the shop, "Sister, a show" Face the 凄Ma and uncle after the home and received a description of Tekiya boss. Called to the boss waiting for the snack, a drink was at last a hotel stay. I have resisted until it is no disagreeable naked, sex 逝Kimashita many times from the rhythmic motion of piston to gently caress. Experience was the first time. When leaving the hotel, the Merge to 100,000 yen in her bra, I received at home and send it to foreign cars. Uncle, I apologized to open the front door and told to wash the body enters the bath.
uncle is wilting, it is gentle boss, thank you to apologize, I said my uncle gave me hug and kiss for me. I "embrace Uncle" I help thinking originated. 1 hour and then violently 交Warimashita.

Feelings towards father

... Want to have sex with dad. I know all eyes are you naughty thing Nana father. I'm from the eyes of naughty things because Nana father, forced to attack it soon .... I'll whatever things naughty, naughty things to a lot like his dad. Her father is absent from work, school Nana is absent, one day I want to sex. You do not put the time in all those greens do not be shy. Lee-mon in the What Nana wants .... I'll be babies birth father. ... I want, baby ... Nana and Dad.
because he made ready, Nana at any time is OK. So today, I hit ... force.

say I wrote the first time anyone feels.

3 temptation father

Was absent from home on business until Friday morning her husband the day before yesterday.
weekend is also the father had something to do, to change the schedule to hear her husband's absence now that
home. "It's Just You And Me 過Goshitaku with snow" and.
Friday night in the bathroom after serving as father always went to the room.
negligee (bought father) wearing one. The father is a thin rope tied
in my legs bent, 縛Rimashita raised above the head while his hands together.
vibes and then I had, using a vibrator in the shape and then purchase larger, more obscene
continued to blame me. I was many times someone depart so daunting, there are always open
was hanging about making love juice stains on the sheets. Then solve the bound
father, and then gently caress my body to stroke playing in close to 60
kind words inserted in my penis seem strong, powerful thrust to Kimashi or.
good at the father and the gentle caress the pace of sadistic torture
the time the penis comes in mind and body is violated, "the woman of your snow," will say and voluntary.

After breakfast the next morning, I've talked to my father was watching from behind to clean up if
"While doing housework, do it with me"
and what was holding up like the father had arrived with a tongue-shaped ones Iboibo small penis.
sex toys that are indecent but it's turned out for the first time.
been told to take off the shorts in place, it is equipped with the father.
pressed against my genital parts Iboibo inserted into the penis-like part was over it Hakasa shorts. I still do
now called, began turning the equipment clean laundry at the same time.
father's voice calling him to look back and they picked up the remote control, moved the switch at your fingertips.
things began to move in small vibration was then attached to my genitals. I strongly violent shock has indeed stretched body.
forced to keep house, during which father I can see where they were working with a remote control.
sometimes I scream a little while Shagamikon means where the hand holding the legs were played according to the father. After the household as a
, Teku attempted to remove the father to sit on the sofa.抗Imashita
ashamed that we know yourself but you are supposed to be what he took by force shorts strip.
shorts wet my father and they took Gusshori toy and showed it to me later.
dark liquid spilled from a hole in the vagina like a drop taken at the moment, the genital area was wet and shiny nulla-nulla.
sadistic father laughed reluctant to push the toy in my mouth got "Snow's vagina, you're lewd" and.
and "I want to do?" I could not keep anymore, "Please put your penis in our father," and begged for.
"sexual intercourse or Hana Susugi's trying to kill this old man" and a smile has been put to the back end from the back stretch.
I said, "Come I have intercourse, you have until I Come" shake your ass but had been told her this.
during the afternoon, I was blamed by the father and feel like Vibe and dressed half-naked and spent.
next morning, when her husband comes home, glad to be honest. I'm sure will figure out if this continues for another day off like that time.

26 fear of my son

Thanks a lot for your reply all the time.
Itadakimashita will write again.
thank you some more old people who recently.

A one-time charges of child and elder sister

Confirm - I envy everyone read the post.
my case it would be one time only.
ahead because he is still alive, but of course I know mistakes are going to commit twice.
I have a 10-year-old son, they married at the age of 38.
sister's son was studying in American universities this September at age 18.

handsome he could well since he was studying in junior high school. Proportioned to the physicality they do on land.
Our house was so close to coming and going frequently, and naturally he was often seen.
since I was a child I was, "I want my son to grow up like a child," but now see him in a dream-like feeling,
try such an eye While I was I was in love with him.
opportunity meet in everyday life, not of men (I did not even want to think independently),
in the sense that men and women have already passed since her husband also lost Rite Kana, he was in love with抜Kanakatta I think a lot more than clothes and beauty thanks.
in August this year. I got a call from my sister, all his family but I want to go take care of dinner tonight, just because it is sick in bed at home,
it said.
I went to take him and keep the food from his house.
lying in bed and certainly from my sister was saying that "You're exaggerating. I feel heavy but I normally move." were laughing and saying.
eat meals together so I made great pains were a little relaxing on the couch. When we were talking about various
that when "I'm like you," I got to confess something like that. But the tone was going silly, I'd got something serious on the taste.
become something shameful, "Oh, your back to the room to go back to sleep again" when he grabbed the arm to stand up and say
"It's also my aunt, like Datsu I tan, "I" from the meet, while Americans went "I hugged been asked to wear a serious face me.
far I accepted with the intention of just want to kiss. But he caressed my body for over a thin, dirty summer has stuck with familiar
rigid prick. My mouth is "will not do! What are you doing, no!" She said, the body was completely unable to resistance.
gently whispered in his ear while he, little by little hands while my skin is exposed to the skillful fingers were touching the female genitalia without knowing me. I
his "I'm wet, Aunt," unable to voice resistance in the mouth and ready to be missing a body force.
nipples while he happily draw with bare my chest and was taken off the female genitalia Masagutsu the already too short.
fingers sometimes shallow, deep, insert into, I had to stimulate the erogenous. They become naked without knowing
He also has a bone sticking out of my mouth before. I have to say it contained smoothly. He also seemed unable to endure
, his shoulders and put up my feet, I've put a penis in slowly.
in time is not too long, but it was a normal move, and I liked him, a few years while he ejaculated in me (or more), but clearly 逝Kimashi or.
to kiss his penis while inside, felt like a dream to get a lingering embrace. Just You And Me

saw was that the first and last things.

Son and experience

While in bed with a cold, and I have sex with Kazu. Kazu and I was the son of the age ● ●, ● ● students will from next year. I was 29 years old, and I full-time homemakers.
46-year-old husband, the driver of the distance, I roll the trailer. The first had sex was the evening of June 13. 39 degrees heat
there had been in bed in the morning. But I had to Utsurautsura, dreaming ecchi, Samemashita eyes.
to have sex with someone, if I seem a little more in Iki, I woke up I thought I had a dream. I was moving my ass on a hard and is Kazu.
I was being completely naked, I was moving my body in that little boy with Kazu. Kazusa and turned a blind eye, about the sides of my hands, move your ass I was hard.
"you, the heaven you doing?" He com Oh, and say something, but only momentarily stopped the movement of the hips, "Oh, Oh I chan!" I said,
ass moving body trembling, was fired in my semen and Kazu. Strange dream, I is burnished to pot, I slept again.
Samemashita eyes chime of the clock at 6 in the living room better. The more like a dream, I was just moving in with you again in my head Kazu. I felt
. I was there for me I have to lick Kazu. I grabbed the legs and has been Kazusa ankle, bent,
been open stride, put my face in there and the Kazusa, I was licking. "Ah" to feel, thinking aloud,
Kazu and I pressed down on the head. Then the little boy came in with Kazu. Kazu and there are about 8 or 9 inches or 168 centimeters taller than me 7,
of just doing the heavy body Kii Hiroshi wrestling boys, little boy was great.止Menakya somewhere, Sasenakya stop, but I also thought that not to feel great,
to feel tired, and a pot Oh, Kazu and I have to kiss. In the body of my little boy and the Kazusa, and will be moving to, I'm becoming more and more comfortably,
I immediately began aloud. Kazu is a little boy with a hard, like a hit to the back of my body, long working great, I'm many times I went.
"Oh-chan or" being shaken to the eyes and Samemashita Kazu. They both were drenched with sweat. Kazu and I was still sitting on the bedside naked. Got to stand up and support Kazusa,
in the middle and I got to clean yourself in Kazusa, Kazusa overflowing with semen from there on I came out. "A lot?" I asked, "three times," I replied shyly. I was down I also
heat. Two people got a shower to take you to the bathroom. Jim Johnson also became hard and Kazu.
"you?" I asked, I nodded and tried to go back to the room, and Kazu from behind and get one's arms around my body to shut up, has been trying in standing posture.
and knees on the mat to take a tub bath when I 掴Matsu to have been inserted from the back. A total of four times, I had sex that day.
the place they are having sex with my husband, to look into Tarashiku half a year ago, I wanted to have sex with me anymore, so I longed.
techniques imitating sex husband or most of us are going to hide I was imitating the video is H, and the little boy was there centimeters Kazu 18,
large, that prior to the harder than boys to have, at one time it was for us three or four times in succession. He has been at 2 weeks since then,
three days of her husband came back, but I could not for the other sex about 40 times. Hoshino wants the girl to her husband, however because of sex,
can live along with Kazu. H - I kid born in a lewd, lascivious but also great Kazusa, but until I entered high school she can not H,
Can you think of for. Today, it comes back with the club soon after the Kazusa,
I'm going to have sex, it just comes up wet.


From the time of the child is still small, the endless fight for my husband and I married,
husband was beating her son well. Kick-the-cat when I've been hitting it well
. I'll never grow

not been properly raised in the sense that.
for not studying well this has become a middle school son, no way to listen
Tatte Kitsuku honestly say, my husband is just violence. I was
what of that level or even go to high school,
thanks to the evening high school was told to go to any part-time teachers will now go
but looks like a strange mix with your friends just do not even work I've barely

getting worse and we get along well with my husband while i doing this right.
I divorced when my son last year two.
in feeling to go out please just do not want anything from.
I also ended up in a small apartment house, two of my child and I thought Wow
over again, like your job to make ends meet while
night but nobody, from that point , is rapidly changing how I say

gotten so angry just now, looks like I
raise your hand comes out.
been showered boos on every count, I am also unable to do anymore.
I'm such a condition lasted several months.
Besides, when I wake up some more changes.
That is where I've seen that happen in the nude bathhouse.
At that time, we come hidden grabbed my hand and bath towel to cover
you gave me. The eye color is completely different again. Kurenaku
to let go even telling you to stop, as it took the kitchen out of order
, been pushed down, I've played with my body at all costs.
never stop me as I waved my son solve much.
and anger because I know that bother your hands too much to resist
I stopped. So finally, I've been to the end. After only a little resistance when inserted
just been punched in the face.

I think since I was a small explosion of anger.
the husband had divorced, you will be directed to me is all the rage. So full of feeling sorry
say, now that the other is still making
at the mercy of another body for his son every day, has been inserted. It is okay mood
son and I are honest.
But when forced to or too embarrassed, and hesitant to show it
be beaten, and now does not even hesitate to show it.
has been gradually escalating or because of that.
that makes you the mother to? You mean to me ...
work at night, are among the daytime. My son is also a day that so many of
, the time it last for hours like that. It is every day.
gone that way become more physical and I would like that day continues today
i do not hate me like that I also wonder what causes us to expect
... now they got. Cute but not always, but for my son ...
poorly, and had not raised this way because it's my fault I guess
continue like this until you are tired. But I'm not without fear

Brother and the strange relationship consisted.

The two younger brother than thirty years I'm still single. It has disappeared Pantei dirty laundry basket every time my brother has come to play. And I have fallen behind the washing machine and then when he came. Brother-in-law, which takes you so adore her sister said. Apparently I was the cause seems to be saying that is not why I married a handsome. Rounds in-law is a banker. Before January was about. Suddenly came to visit. When asked what had happened to somehow uncomfortable, you do know your sister, and I nodded, my brother's ass fondle her sister, asked. My husband would say sex because patients do not feel so bland fastidiousness, brother-in-law is to beg the kitchen floor, I want to marry your sister ass and others head Sagemasu absolutely not going to say .解Ranaku Are you saying what I feel wretched and, suddenly came up. Quickly, I have been down the Pantei 捲Ra skirt is forced to face down on the floor. I'll 絡Mitsui anal brother tongue. After all, the power of man, but 叶Imasen resistance just because I'm dirty. Anal-law is likely to put its four o'clock my time. Now the waiting is consisted like me. Enema is also be escalated to the brother in cold blood in front of the bowel. I'm worried what will become of the future,

The father of two temptations

One month later, was a father with two nights of endless since then.
having dinner with an evening drink together. Variety of television watching was no atmosphere of calm talking and laughing, especially sex.
and prompts you to enter into the boiled bath because my father, "says the snow that you get the body after shedding" I said.
I? "I'm the other arm healed Irasshaimasu" and answer them with my father was on hand from the bag and took out the IC recorder.
from there and I heard you play a woman moan. The male voice is the voice that sex can not hear clearly.
not really understand that while listening, I realized with a start. It is my voice. I have a voice when I masturbate. Looking at the faces
father, then he took out was the vibe that I use. "Of course I still did not tell my son" and.
father stood up "Come after five minutes," he said with a tone and whether or not said to be accidental and went to the bathroom.
reluctantly (leave the clothes) were in the bathtub father stood up and went to the bathroom door open and came over to me with a hot water shower.
"I feel my clothes get in!" as told to scold.
I helplessly, and naked outside the bathroom, went into the bathroom again.
father stood in the scullery with a happy laugh, "Then I beg you," and
泡立Teyou soap and a towel when I said, "wash me hands and Snow's" I say, I stood up shampoo body wash went to put the father to get back and shoulders.
began to turn around rough to the front of the body of Ralph. While washing the body and face to the father in this position, my heart has riled you all seem like a caress. The forward and lower body wash
. I now look like kneeling in front of the father of the penis.
the penis is still erect were prosperous and proud. Glans seemed swollen dark red.
not think anything like feeling very, in my crotch was going to wash the father plainly, "Do not rub Bakkari me there," the laughter of my father and I noticed that the
Shigoi he seems to have been subconsciously penis. After the stepfather
sink suddenly grabbed my head and pushed his penis into his mouth. I was hoping for is already full of his penis Hoobatta lips obediently apertures.
From the moment can not think of anything more in my head, I became his woman. From every corner of my penis testicle squeezing my tongue lips cock like crazy until the ass, too went to give instructions without licking.
time on the mat in the bathroom and I mean that I will wash it, let sit in a way to back him. There in front of a mirror.
father went to rub my body with a foam hand to caress the back. We often see in the mirror or where they work hand in what way. Let stand
opened his hand on my knee, so as to clearly see my genitals, went gently caressing your genitals with your fingertips.
kneading gently to loosen the edge of the labia gently, rub the tip of the clitoris, caressing fingers lying idle at the entrance to secret holes in the forever more I will get mad about the fear and was a long caress.
that night I became a woman from his two night clothing is not allowed.

Temptation father

My husband's father, husband's family at the age of 32 (age 58) lives with three people. Her mother has died of disease five years ago.
30-year-old husband is a worker. 10 days in the month do not travel much at home. Mon father was still flying about half of the national business trip or golf is more energetic officer of the company is absent.
husband is a slender type of intellectual, You Hana father is released from body type and athletic vitality or rather, yet I feel a little dandy. In the appeal I think the men than their husbands.
was triggered by several days broke his right arm in an accident while driving the motorcycle Koma Maki father had been under treatment at home at night. My husband is out of town. When bathing
father, can you wash your body, so I hesitate to OK without potatoes. Of course I still have normal clothes. I started washing my back
first entered the bathroom. Father was a burly stature undiminished compared to the old muscles.
father have switched the direction of the body to wash before then, I swallowed a breath, and became the father eyes glued to the groin.
I had a bigger penis is erect and prosperous never seen me so far. My father has stopped looking at the hand a little while, but I smiled and said, almost erotic
"Snow added, is not long to see this again? Unable to son about 3 years longer and the "
and yes, we are living with the father is not meeting the timing is in addition to her husband originally was bland, I did not have at home that a couple times. (I only had to travel in time 2)
father they are checking it, I had a chance like this. Before the eyes of the father was aware of. My father's chest and stomach
say anything and went to the feet and sink. Turning to wash the hands with a towel and finally the local
"'s snow, there're a very sensitive area, wash gently with a soft hand of late," it said.
father began to wash the local body shampoo lather hands helplessly. Did I lust U shy, it was still erect.
wash around the anus and testicles as well as to tell the father left, to wash and gently hold erect penis was pulsing all the gushing and flushing
and I flee out of the bathroom went. The father from behind, "says Snow, it was good. I felt good," was called out and laughed.
I of masturbation is better that night thinking of the father's penis in the bathroom earlier, I used the vibe was presented in bad company. I have gone faster than usual.
husband comes home the next day, while nights alone with no father, was secretly relieved.

more tired after about one month later then let me write.

Was raped by father

yuna himekawa[24433]
It is embarrassing story.
father was called from this year on March 10. Now 61 years old
father has retired.
meals were delivered from time to time and since her mother died three years ago. always glad
me, and just talk a bit naughty, and fun to talk to some of the painting as a hobby I have a home when my husband was to return home.

I was painting from the model was asked before last, I had been refused many times because the model is nude, you could also just received upper body and the other could not refuse . Nami Makoto from the first day
Sunde nude drawings that were praised time and again great and feel able to afford a little confidence I had lost in 33 years. The next day will be tuned
Monaku what came back. And it was the day scheduled

from my husband went out, doubling the studio room and living room and went to the father hurriedly finished the morning bath.
father of the day I can make a start in goal, is said to pose a brandy in hand, so to speak lightly underway, after a while nothing like drinking 分Ranai just one mouth been, was noticed when lying in bed has been stripped of all the underwear as well as the upper body. There is a lower body
撫Ze on my breast lay naked all of the father is inserted, I'm still trying to Mourou, little by little began to understand what it is By the time I was embarrassed as a woman, had gone to accept such a pant voice.
felt many times repeated, I was shaking from your hips.

from it anymore and went so far everything is changing.

And nephew × ×

My house has to stay year-old nephew at the age of 39 I 22
are living alone after 9
divorced years ago that they care of his nephew as a child, no children for me, especially as a child I was actually up from the bath

nephew, "his aunt, where bath towels?"
and one in his towel, small living room even when they appear again at the entrance of a "kid" I thought. Strong male genitalia hand off the hide before it plunged into my eyes burn as a separate though. That night I
, and lying in bed and immediately left into the tub bent out of shape away drinking beer with my nephew.
寝付Kezu to 火照Tsu body is feeling dull as a head board, or adult penis flickered in line just yet seen his nephew was sleeping with his eyes closed while touching.
nephew came into the room quietly for a while. However, I did not notice when you enter.
nephew has clung to suppress me naked already. The 泊Meta for a child from my sister, I do not put out loud is not. Not that I have a nephew from SEX, but I have enough resistance to force, 180cm tall were put into the mouth the tongue is supposed to serve without revealing the heart of a young man near the rugby club.弄Bi
nephew while my nipples with your fingers, in my ear, "Aunt liked it before," and gently whispered. And "if I wanted to let me aunt, beer mixed with a love potion to make sure the Chinese" were also both
火照Tsu body to masturbate so rare, sadly some areas of the body It was the aphrodisiac effect has become even more sensitive. no more than five years
loved that guy, I drink a love potion is neither should be able to resist petting him, then hail 蕩Ke 悶Eta no voice in the whole body Cunnilingus, just look I came in triumphantly in his swollen penis is seen that the greatness more than expected. while being driven
strong, so I went to cling to his pants. After that morning, three times he ejaculated then I do not remember how many times Itta. Since then he remembered the taste
are made about once every two months errands, come visit my house three hours by train, I used to treat hot, we'll be back again. More soon I can not suppress the body ache to think.

Private sex slave father.

I grew up in a motherless family, the father has sex with a student from the time ● small sister with them.

first few times it was just confused but from experience the sense of being enveloped in a very strong sense of security, no longer leave now.

and sister and two naked people, seeking leave to serve in the body of the father and let my sister and turns into many times.
In particular, look to see dad comfortably into her pussy while his sister has also been ruled at the pleasure of licking the base of the penis is inserted while being jealous.

but still, you're right since I was a child, Dad almost every day to stay home for one week, sleeping and living room to have sex with women always come to visit many times over. ●
life since becoming a sister in the long-term relationship when I came especially women went into the bedroom together, and licking the woman's body on behalf of our sister daddy bath I make it beautiful.

in the living room now, a slim woman came to my house about 30 years old the first time during a break on the couch while smoking? The daddy is in service in the nude Blow. I'm really happy

born daughter daddy.


Former foster parents are now deposited at the elementary school, since I do not 逢Tsu mother.
and middle school, foster parents have been divorced, but I was taken care of foster mother, adoptive father once a month and had 逢Tsu. The father took
Kuretari shopping at a department store, rather than the family restaurant, but had to take me to dinner or to a restaurant,
day, a meal at the restaurant of a luxury hotel to, and you 帰Ro have taken the room, I know the mother is also said to stay at here,
did accompany my father reluctantly.
father entered the room and take off your clothes one by one to kiss me, I was waiting for this day how much, how much do was love you, also divorced,
you for saying, in the father tongue touched my body with your fingers, make sure feel like, went crazy for.
nipple sucked about pain, is rubbed, and crawled down to her pussy, followed noisily licking Nasty, come put your finger slightly.逃Getakatta,
But I could not escape even if I do? I got to grow from
owe, you shall return in my body wanted to be helped too.
little by little fingers, gently put, bring their fingers in my mouth and pull your finger, like a dog 舐Mero was told, and licking and licking,
now my cock was told to lick the same as when you licked your finger, I put the mouth of a limp dick, licked.
to be amazed at the cock in the mouth gradually sent out from his mouth, slowly came into my father.
aliens entered into in the body, and jerk, and in the sense that to get inside, and I came tearing pain at the same time attacking the body fainted.
realized, the adoptive father suck my breasts, I came in again, maybe not the first degree of pain, tears of pain came out. My father is that,
that it is OK, she said, came out on top of the stomach sperm.舐Mero I was told that my fingers scooping, I could not.
next day, I was waiting for a return to former foster mother, was to slap the mother yelled.
I now live with the father. And on weekends, are connected by chains, which spend their days having sex with the father during the day.


To live alone in the country. Grandchildren came to stay one week in high school during summer vacation. Quite surprised to find grown up than when I came upon a middle school. The night was really surprised, I asked my body came into my bed. Is indeed rejected, but gave up that night, even next evening, and also desperately want to come next evening, I finally allowed. Five years have lost a husband, I also desire that my body odor 呼Bi覚Masa young man. Lead to a virgin, grandchildren, impressed with the penis stand out too soon, many times reaching peak times. Topic each night until I go back twice a grandchild, grandchildren After returning, 寝込Mimashita three more days. Come back next summer.

Fucked up

I was 25 years old, raped in street at night was about. What I heard later that the next son. His son is under three than I am. Have decided to marry him. Promoted by their parents, so I decided that I hate I want to marry a man neither. I'd rather stand pussy human stomach.

My son ...

撮Shimasu steal my son in high school.
entered the room and went out when my son is absolutely not enter. Next to the computer has opened dozens of my pictures.
not only his household with a kitchen and were aware that I was in the little skirt. kotatsu
in, in the kitchen, the stairs, there was clearly seen and things. Also know there have been a little worried face.
drawer has been packaged, but my panties and bra wearing the last few days.
knew about this until you are sure Monaku. This summer I do not remember to wash bras and panties. So ... just to buy cheap. All he seems to have been sold. And my photo
. Sadly did not say anything.
and quick mind and they are filled out my name on the computer screen, his errand to me in the toilet.
to play alone in her other vibes, there were tangled violently with her husband.
carefully before you fill out sales. I have seen and how many men are strangers ... email to the Son, "want to have sex with your mother rich. To introduce this time." Horrible like many other e-mail.
left the room. Also known as the entered the room because you know there is a camera everywhere, but I have not caught on that every life is changed.

Relationship with father

Originally I was a father's mistress.
company president, the title of my father it was a company employee there.
father married I left the company, they will hate 逢Enaku is the son of the real story brought the marriage to my husband. Ralph and I to 離Retakunakatta
, son together in blood, their faces are similar, and made it okay to father a child, my husband decided to marry.
married father while my husband put his company, now married, travel, and my husband let me go to local trips are devoted to sex with the father in the house.
not a hotel, as if the room was like a father to marry, make a meal, devoted to sex. The father
carefully, as you type in the snake sex, your choice in coming to attack relentlessly and it takes me to knead, is violently in love every time.
while sucking tits, hands touching the clitoris, at least 30 minutes once you put the script does not put toys,
meet the peak times, is a sticky pussy licking, hatingThe blotting,
still not enough, say, touching a finger repeatedly suck the juice out, put the toys, I'm looking for are delighted ik.
father is standing, is fond of licking and put to the back of the throat, but I 噎Se, vomiting and do not overtake it, the sight of the suffering happy?
before marriage but had taken care to contraception, from the marriage, without contraception, and the Pie, my husband, not children, are said to want a baby to me.
course, I want to father children and I still can not.

Uncertainty concerning the future

I will write the first time.
discovered this site some time ago, I read the confessions of everybody, the relationship between mother and child are forbidden and allowed the public is concerned, there is love, so there will no Because if there is a dove for each other a happy thing, I am jealous.
I had a physical relationship with her son and I have continued it every day giving me a rather hellish worm happy days.
not solve anything to write here is not thought to be written by Take it to my experience as a single break.

It was a year ago I made yesterday.
night my husband does not travel, I called my son's room was showing things like photos or videos of couples our embarrassing secrets.
son and say things you do not want to hear public submissions and just generally upsetting to me is just knowing the history of threatening to obtain, I was carrying a physical relationship anyway.
time it became more obvious every day that is committed to his son was carrying a relationship with another man being ordered to his son.
I began to feel the pleasure of love is driven every day so my son was shocked.

one year has passed me.
uncertain is passed on some of my not so far.
I have already been exhausted by his son dirty.
body became wet with the bitch would betray the heart slightly irritating. which is irresistible in
I happen to doubts.


I am 55 years old. I live alone with my husband died three years ago.
58 years old brother is still living alone two years ago have lost a spouse. Living alone or together with his brother to come to dinner sometimes, and sometimes one to stay. When it comes to this brother and sister never did I dream real. One night was when my brother stayed as usual. Wake up and feel heavy, if my brother into bed, sucking my breasts, one hand there was Masagutsu the inside of the pants. Hanenokeyou tried to surprise, "Kyoko, I love you. I want I want" is pressed down, saying at last been stripped. Turn
there to put his mouth to lick your groin, I caress the clitoris is not functional I had in mind. Soon my brother will get naked, we have something in my mouth to erection Sosori立Tta. Shaburimashita
I stand by it without thinking. It was hot and pulsing in my mouth. My brother on his back to me, I inserted it in there and lift the legs. I was working hard to raise their voices to comfortably Nokezori too much, embrace my brother responded. Raise your voice I feel something hot and spit in my brother poured soon.
sleep that night in my bed hugging each other naked in the same morning, with violent and sex.


yuna himekawa[24335]
Mother's youngest brother, uncle and I have been called in as a guest at the bytes that I Deriheru,
at first, but was surprised, because it really need the money to Uncle , and asked us to keep it secret, just finished talking about that day.
later, not a job is called again, the envelope was passed when I went to dinner with his uncle that they contain α plus I need money,
Deriheru thing quit working, and money on condition that the mistress of his uncle's will, so to say, I was the mistress of his uncle. Hobbies
uncle Invisibility me wearing my underwear at the hotel, just look 眺Metara, using a pair of scissors and started breaking,
where rip ripped to blindfolded and their bodies to the Ma We crawl, use a vibrator, apply to the nipple, now means, not the vibrator for vagina,
body, and Ma, Let snake Vibe, slowly, from the first lick vagina, hand rub your feet turn, comes into the vibe.
It also put the vibe an oversized super abandon the move by hand, but I'm out of vagina or uncle wants without regard to sex. I also impossible to deny
being given more money so that we were beaten by his uncle wanted. my uncle
Moteasobi lot and put my cock in his ass, simply repeats the anal issue. Baisekusharurashiku
uncle, I wish I could be either in the vagina is 気持Chi良Kunairashiku, always wants to do things in Anal.

Bachelor 8

Bon soir

diverging 8. But I have in the spread

, the thread on


I grew up in a small village in the mountains as he graduates from junior high school, live in the city came out for the Satoru Susumu uncle.
never seen it on TV but I was fresh and everything's underground, is the first time I went I was impressed mon.
uncle every day from home to attend school, have finished school, helped his uncle plant, but Sunday was spent going out with friends every day,
I was raped by uncle factory, a toy was.
Sunday, because there is really a rush job, I need your help it is said, is helping his uncle at work pushing me,
been slapped on the ride, I say shut up and listen to said. Loud sounds, even asking for help, heard and, uncles and my clothes 脱Gaseru,
hand touching the breasts covered in oil, came to lick. At this rate, get fucked, I resisted desperately, but I tried to escape,
Uncle put me several times less power, came into my fingers dirty fingers her pussy. Ouch, I was the first time just put your finger sore, painful.
Uncle took off his pants, and I say lick lick me like a dog, I could,
Jaanai where there is at licking out of the pee in the mouth, said , being forcibly pushed into the mouth, smell the smell,
a salty taste. Uncle Chinpoko increases in such a state, this time as I pressed against her pussy, grinding and came.
hurts, stop, U die Well, I hate to hear is like the uncle No words fit, and put muzzles,
uncle eventually put things 目掛Ke white floor. I was too sore, I was lying, and Uncle, come to me laughingly,
fine, then I'll immediately feel the pain from which I feel is doing among, That day was raped several times in the factory.
from back home, came to the room after everyone went to bed, went back to my room just to touch touch terrible.
Monday but it hurts too miss a school and factory, the factory went to help the next day, the factory has also craftsmen and uncle were committed.
from it every day, my uncle, of course, the factory people, who continue to be fucked out. Uncle, as well as during the day,
by stealth of night and everyone is coming after, and be free If you stick out here one year.

Was raped by father

Was raped.
I'm a freshman. The family is a family of three with his father in the house strewn with my mother and got fired with a nurse.
the other day, my father was arrested and middle school girls dating is Bale. I can not go to school
embarrassed anymore. My father has stolen
撮Mo to phone, also with potatoes look into high school I was also compensated dating, is Mechaku
architecture. I
both of the parents, speak nothing in the house is a word.
other night, until closing time at the library to study, eat dinner alone in the family restaurant was nine o'clock in the evening returned home. My mother was not home at night. I'm not going to school, and clothes.
father drank alcohol in the living room couch. been fired
companies, I do not have other things to do.
Moreover, watching television in the living room a dignified adult.
My father looked at me, "on the gad, until so late," will say something. If I ignore
"Some schools do not go wobbly on the gad," it said came to mind.
"I was not not go because of you! I already dead? dad pervert!"
me to Makushi立Te After entering my room, I followed my father to come from behind.
tried to shut the door, too late.
breaking into my room with my father, "What are those handed in his mouth! say to a parent!"
to say, I 突Ki飛Bashimashita.
scared. The father and daughter was no longer.
pushing my body to the bed has been looms. Stink stench was terrible
let the smell of alcohol. Standing up in goose bumps all over
physiological disgust.
"What I'm not uniform, I said Come dressed in uniform"
crazy father in the head, I was like I was against the prostitute.組Mi付I
from behind to try to escape my body, trying to 脱Gasou pants.
been released from the belt at once lowered shear.
father's hand, and touched the rough over there underwear.
"Mom! Mom!"
also not at home mom was yelling at me to help.
抱Kisukume body was his father's body circulated a stroke, the breast is tossed about, there is a
groped a rubbing of the penis is erect I'm a father around the thighs felt.
"and therefore did not forget to cultivate kindness, Daddy's cock for prostitute Yabuttennoka 遊Bi歩I man with money to parents?"
It becomes a prostitute mixed up with her opponent.
grabbed my hair, face pressed to the dirty stuff, "Shabure" I said.
"I pay Shaburanai raw gold?"
that I have never been pressed against the lips
nag, dirty things from the tip of the slimy father Deta solution is smeared on the lips, mouth was last closet.
"The hands, 抜Kanee, Ero suck until it radically," I was like a toy, while imposing my head.
only the first blow job, my heart was broken again. I was too inexperienced
kiss your mouth is dirty stuff. My father is released from the mouth
finally, remember that steam was rising from the things of the Father.
father around to the back, give me my ass, shorts lowered shear.
And you explore your finger in the chasm, and the moment I felt the pain.
I thought I got placed, it is my father I was still finger.
"Ouch, I hurt, Yametee ~!"
Hojikura me to stop being an important hole in the silence screaming at me, I was relieved for the moment, the more fat the hole things that have been screwed.
"I ouch hurts, you'll Stop"
only say it is increasingly a thing of pushing his father was finally put to the back of the stomach.
"Oh, I knew I live pussy"
like saying, my father starts out.
"I'm bad with you, never reluctant to have parents for transformation!"
"You're born of a cock, even you"
"What's wrong with my daughter's pussy"
put on leave in various positions, been raped, been touched through the body, while being deprived of a father first kiss was intravaginal ejaculation. Once
ejaculation, and holding me tight, I just slept.
I also finally ended, I thought, but remember, I immediately fell consciousness.
when I woke, I was being raped again.
they are naked, there was used in a normal position.
from last night, hard and think big.
to reach all the way, you will resonate more strongly Gorigori come to feel that last night.
"Well another ~ ···"< br> My father anymore, not like a sex crazed, and asked my body in bed. The sober
Since then, imitate and pervert to wear uniforms with no effort to hide my desire now, while tied with rope and, time and again committed.
"a family because a family because," I repeatedly saying.
partly because I am a patient is to leave the house economically. The family is going to be apart
even confessed to my mother, it can not.
until I graduated high school but not what to be patient with her father 慰Mimono?
is sad.

The son

My son is better, but three years old has a 23 H. The 60-year-old son, grandmother like she hold me, I am. In those days she made, however there seems to have finished the H. Because the H and I are now the number is extremely limited. My husband and I are holding me only about twice a year. I do not think somebody is holding me in a cloud of frustration.

Please, please tell me

Comfort alone was reading your posts, and 61 year old bitch of a widow and son are hoping to 交Waritai 40-year-old bachelor. Everyone else, please tell us a chance.

Relationship with his brother

After a half year struggle between the husband passed away last November. My husband's brother is, Thank you very much sympathy after the death of my husband in the hospital to the hospital. I do not know anything was counting on his brother. Remembering my husband, to my mourning, I received encouragement from time to time to come home brother. The other day until the burial was also accompanied Honganzi finished first death anniversary of Kyoto. I was surprised this was the brother holding hands in the back of the train. Can not refuse to act 無碍 brother helped, and returned holding force. After another lap, and has been hands on thighs. I thought that was a woman of Alas, I feel a woman at that time. A brother, "Now, go to dinner," was invited, I'm thinking too "high" and I have your answer. When you get a teaser really, and what shall we do, we still lost.

Be concerned about someone's son

32-year-old son to get married, we can look forward to a grandchild. Now that summer look anxious look at me from his son. I am also in the hot season, "Large sections of exposed skin, so now's looking into big dairy in particular. When things got a ride in the passenger seat and shopping the other day, I watched as my thighs looked into.


My husband is a lot of overseas travel, body obsession was not satisfied with the brother ran an affair.
went to visit family members in the amusement park, you just turn down an invitation to dinner without a brother, if you only drink, if only once, and surprising answer to the joke seriously the words of the half brother thought.
pleasure three months, I remember avidly at the height of the mad agony.
but is not guilty, my body's aching groin thirties is met it was like a drug.
about six months past, my father suddenly came into the bedroom,
"Show me your pussy and get naked!"
What crazy,
"'s father, if What did? "
" messing around, I think I know that it said Tsuyoshi Kazu? "
is said the relationship with the brother,
" Takashi gonna keep silent, I'll put as a wife "
" Show me a pussy fast "
illuminated in this way and took off the underwear, legs spread, I would hesitate to shame, the father beat feet butt Spread as Kio Hiraku Kiru,
"an invisible yet 広Gero ​​hand"
father is putting your face to spread my legs,
"Yeah! disgusting smell"
"I smell pussy Nasty!"
sticking out of my mouth exposing the lower body, except that no order can suck, sucking the crotch of my father even no Ue,
father- stabs him in the crotch of my toys, vibrating toys and rubbing relentless thrust can not even suck mouth for example, would have been guided driving pleasure in a moment of climax,
stepfather repeatedly playing with toys from the turn, mine to stick to my crotch,
"Oh! do not like pussy, you do not fall in love but I do not blame Takeshi Kazu?"
"so wet, and nasty is the best!"
argot father threw everything still continues to be gibberish, I was overwhelmed by the toy body continues to respond to the mercy of a stepfather,
"Please wait waiting"
too vain hope my father The release did not ejaculate in the mercy of my body.
"I'll continue it and Takeshi Yawara!"
"while the father is asking the person is asking"
"Shut up! How can you order that?"
outside while her mother Also, feel free to touch my body, no bread is ordered, in the crotch of my father always played with the fingers or toys from the attack,
wet my body react better, my father cleared to face a broad daylight There would be many times it reached its culmination.
return from a business trip my husband, the father faces no show, and my husband again out on a business trip, was enough to capture and remove me from the viewpoint of the one 分Tari.
brother called home, and in favor of prostitution in the bedroom, peeking out the door, we were immediately stormed back after the brother, the Dally thrust into toys,
the body of Ralph thrust into, some I was going to ejaculate.
can not avoid pregnancy, and pregnant with the child's father down twice run away from this situation is tragic, but my husband also thought 打Chi明Keyou,
too late at that time, I learned that the body had been dominated by my own father. kotatsu
the winter, there is also her son in her mother, the father had been placed around the back end, the voice of course, also had to endure a frantic motion agony. I do
prank, or the devil, the father is just mischief continue to escalate, with a sleeping pill drink with her mother, crouching in the crotch of my mother,
turn to lick her mother's crack and chestnut, The medication to sleep by her mother, seeing that the father did not know in response to stimulation and enjoy.
What's the toy that was also with her mother in the way, is also full of women really wet and damp,
asleep in her mother began to toy mother stabs him in the crotch licking my turn to respond The agony, the agony was to show Wrapped take slimy toy.
crotch while I blame her mother and father are incorporated thrust from behind, licking the juice to take leave before the agony of a woman her mother had the pleasure invaded my mind and go crazy.

Type of happiness

My makeup off, rising from a bath, changed into pajamas and knock on the door of the room. Tatsuya's voice, "yes" answer. Only the light of the bed board, you get into bed next to Tatsuya. Tatsuya room for three months. Tatsuya feel the temperature of the pillow in the arm. Tell what happened today. End of the day. Good night kiss is always a little bit longer. Nape of the neck from the ear, neck, leaving a kiss mark on her chest swelling of the breast. Tongues entwined, to accept the tongue. Then, imperceptibly, fall asleep.

table by the window of the train. Placed under the thigh coat, boots on, gently stroked her fingertips, Tatsuya kneecap from the hem of the skirt round the thighs. Grabbed his hand. Close fit to bare thighs.

view of the airport space. Tatsuya enveloping me from behind. Kiss me on the cheek. I feel the smell of perfume. Under the coat, brushed her skirt over hips. Along the line, brushing fingertips. "What color?" I shook my head. "If an example to us"
combination arm, down the escalator.

hot cup of coffee shops. "I smoke?" Is Tatsuya nodded. Tobacco smoke. Tatsuya taught tobacco.

dinner, take a limousine bus. Tatsuya cheek to put a shoulder.絡Meta fingertips. Fingers brushing. I can not resist the temptation

tickle What should I do? So it must have been a close friend confided, Tatsuya

from high school. Great courage was needed. Overwrought voice. However, a close friend, was calm.
"You can be a gentle man now best for you. that's all I"

six months ago. Tatsuya and became a wonderful relationship.絡Meta fingertip force enters, invaded there. All were allowed. Tatsuya is feeling the temperature of the body. In very deep.
now, be happy.

Own son

Took me to the hot spring to celebrate the youngest reached the sixtieth birthday. While enclosing a sumptuous dinner
"Mom, congratulations!"
"You're father died early, but I should have married. but not have to struggle so much." < br> It is only thanks to the sixty I was greeted with raising three children in one hand woman.
"rather than doing that, Hutoshi Takeshi is a good person not here?"
"is also the thirty'm single I'm funny?"
"Since you're the mother, so I finally gave It "
" It's what I have related, a strange child "
" You see, I love your mother! "
" I'm glad Ala, but it does not matter? "
" large having done! lives and dreams of the mother "
" dream? not always live off, like a child funny "
" I was not, as a couple is "
" couple? say anything Are you, really strange child "
" I'll confess "
" confessed? What a confession What? "
" This trip, I wish to be married and mother to come I tan "
" I'm not sure what I'm saying, what? "
" I'm married couples say "
declaring face was a little cranky son.
want to be married to me, I mean a physical relationship with me deeply,
husband died soon this child was born, felt like the reincarnation of her husband, on the recommendation of such blind There will also be,
with or without someone who would stay and Whirlpool got the three people in my ugly, three children in the food, I decided 来Mashi day we work hard for one person or.
doing this to this child 言I出Shi Yet,
"because I like it, I soon find yourself"
"'m Not a bad mother!"
This girl is really seriously,
"I have a real mother say?"
"The age we have a mother like this?"
"Ah! I hug!"
husband I love you like I was reborn, the words of this child, as well as the reincarnation of her husband felt really.
want to be married, the husband will live long to live,
"in this ugly face at this age, still"
"Mom, you know, like really What, mom "
I can not believe I had never looked so appealing to this girl seriously.
a series of difficulties since then, and I hung up without a voice to man, the man had been treated well at work, but I was a 30-something with nothing,
60 been, what I want this child to come, What a reincarnation of her husband. Besides
think so, there was no means take the words of his son.
"All right, I'm really want to be married"
"I can go take care of my life, I"
"say I'm from the tired, okay, okay You're "
a little scare in the plan, trying to persuade thought,
" Mom "
been hugged his son to dive, his lips were covered,
'm really, This girl really,
"Wait Wait, can I not yet mentally prepared"
"soup suddenly"
"If 抱Kenakattara" <br > "So long ago that, since"
"scary feeling to be very difficult"
even drink alcohol, those concerning the physical relationship with real son ,
Even at the reincarnation of her husband convinced,
those not convinced,
obtained so far are happy to say what is the woman I am,
accepted 30 years I have no body,
Sabi付I stuck up like machinery,
unacceptable in a decent,
worry and anxiety over, run over by a 向Kawanaku the room with two futon has come to be sometimes.
"Hutoshi Takeshi, I know years from 30"
"Perhaps because the world can be"
"like this anyway? You're okay ...?" <br > went to the bathroom earlier, I got a look at my touch and get to know whether the wet, I put the little fingers,
it is unable or afraid, even if no decision There was no, then there is only relying on his son just wanted to pray.
know is lying in bed shaking.
been kissed, the cord is lifted, the hand comes wrapped in the chest,
任Sou other son, had no choice but to embrace his son.
coming slipped her hand into the underwear,
"Mom, pull out power, it's okay"
which had been solidified in the nervous feeling,
foot open space A person can struggle to make sense,
find it soon reaches the crack,
"Mom, I'm wet, I'm fine"
is taking off underwear,
"from licking I "
out of control, shame,
smoke in the crotch with his son,
" how "
" Yeah, right, feels good to see "
My son got up,
"I put"
can not even breathe in enough mass at the highest tension,
dress like this, really the first time in decades,
beyond the crotch see my son,
might be a reincarnation of his master,
"It's okay from a slowly into"
"not nervous"
tension and anxiety increasingly, they concentrated on the groin,
indeed the son of man is shining,
would crack open, "Don!" like a vibration,
hard But they are getting more hardened,
spread my legs to get close,
have come to understand a man stabbed his son,
a strange feeling of pleasant if, < br> get stuck in a feeling Don Don,
"do? okay not that painful?"
"Do not worry, hurt, all right"
"so little"
men get stuck feeling frightfully momentum,
or revive that feeling that her husband stabbed,
fitted tightly into a man, my son did not say anything the moment.
legs would really focused,
how crowded the man stabbed his son fitted,
not say anything to convey the sense,
the slightest movement can not even mysterious Anxiety was also attacked.
"Do not worry"
"Mother, I feel terribly"
"From now on I turn my mother"
soup with chestnut fingers rubbing her son, subtle We know that the tensions Moderate irritation.
"to become a couple, and sex can be, I'm happy"
"Hutoshi Takeshi, really, are you good?"
"I'm the happiest What are you saying? "
" have become comfortably? what? "
" Yeah, but something strange, I think it could feel "
I was fortunate to click stimuli, stimulus-sensitive driving moment,
"Yes! there!"
feel ripped stimulus coming,
"Hutoshi Takeshi! Sure! there there!"
"you here? Sayoko!"
"I'm glad Sayoko!"
I have run out of things is called by name, since her husband called,
Hutoshi Takeshi, I feel really become a couple and the real son to,
physical relationship, On this way, you still feel like enough to use, we switched was born even thought in my head, seemed to be equipped to accept the position for gentle stimulation .
even wiggle his groin while men clitoris stimulation,
get what the reaction of female genital irritation,
groin pleasant, and seemed satisfaction comes through the body below the waist. What
little by little, as the intensity increased as the movement of male premature son, my body is shaking, doing the nasty, feels good,
"Sayoko all right?" < br> "I'm feeling fine immediately!"
"this much?"
son would become intense movement, the movement of the rod is transmitted to the son of man coming and going full bore women, women bore been opened, what the fuck was completed in Dong. About
good way to come even fitted into a deep,
be rubbed out without entering the exciting changes to end,
"Sayoko! because more couples! wife!"
"Yes! Hutoshi Takeshi I'm glad - glad ーーー! "
Hutoshi Takeshi is also the reincarnation of her husband,
good in this, this,
" You! ー ... I am glad! "
" Ohーー! That feelings I do! "
Whenever she exchanged vows with the body feels great,
husband came came Ah,
scattering hot men from the bar and the other keep in mind that,
Orimashita fitted grip body is present.


The 25-year-old nurse. I work in municipal hospitals. That was when I was 12 years old
me. My father was originally
"pervert" immediately turned the skirt from my
Ri is small, come in and playfully touching the buttocks as well as when I'm drunk, I'm an elementary school to higher grades seemed to become particularly severe
oh, my mother died suddenly in a car accident as soon as I become a fifth grader. Was a great shock for the family. My father turned away, especially as people have changed,
now confined to his room.
they are still little sister and I to take care not to think of my father just was not there as well
has passed six months ago, my father was like a little more composure came out, I'm old and naughty little
U was a good father gave back to us. That was one day
. I clean the house when I was on holiday.
"A bigger one notices what you do. Come over here!"
father is suddenly pulled the grab my ankle.
"for you and Dad! Yo stop"
soon it was at his father collapsed on the futon. My father has been
抱Kishi just me trying to kiss Me.
"do not, by no!"
is that at that time. Peep my sister came to the room, the place is something I had to escape
father went to change a little bit. This is getting me to avoid. Kurenaku to eat dinner and
made, or to avoid going out at me Younari
the holidays.
lasted until these days that day. Center Middle School and go near the new elementary school graduation dress was completed
SAN Volume Controller. I immediately decided to try on.
father came into my room was at that time.
"Do you even more middle school students"
was the first words my father muttered. I was not much
nothing. Father's sad face is extremely Datsu
such treasures.下Roshimashita
father sat in my bed.
"I remember my mother and try to do this. first time Mother had in junior high school and I was about
father began to look away and told to meet my mother Mashita. I sat beside my father had unwittingly put
was crawling his hand on my chest.
"Hmm, a lot bigger in the chest"
I had to leave to be silent. You can avoid a bit naughty but I think the better
thighs were rubbed hand of the Father. When I think of the meat had been rubbed their hands in the ass and I
Zururitsu and panties were lowered by shear.
"My daughter is very beautiful ass I do not think"
that I was a little bit I will be happy to give me my father.
"······"< br> I will be naked before I knew it, I was being hugged my father to get naked.
"Do what you pass in something other guy!"
and muttering like a tongue had made my skin crawl. Is the first time I sucked the nipple
め not,
"Ah, ah! Cuz rabbit Oto"
had to speak out. I was stretching his hand from his father's groin.
Hardened penis when caught, the other is my father my father was gone. And I
daughter and I was gone. Father's face floating in the kindly smile when you were little but
such abnormal behavior could never think. A natural, invisible force seemed to be only
the pull remains. Hooded
moments in the groin and I felt Mashi Hashi finally senses with a start or
"Wow! Wow! Dad!"
But when it is too late. My father pushed to the back anyway, and was moving like crazy
lose the resistance force is entering the body, even though I was crying in pain just endured.
father after the end all.
"I'm sorry I'm sorry"
father was muttering away from me so many times.
year then there was nothing. following the events of the summer
there two years in middle school.
club was going to school in the summer. Sun just so happened that I am over the convenience of the teacher
I got home I saw a naked that is what my father and sister there.
Tsubushimashita time I ran away from home. I was frightened. Sister and father.
sister Iyagarazu hear anything to say. It pleased Father.
出迎Emashita sister with a face as if nothing happened back home.
night, you saw my father 問Itsumemashita day.
"You're wrong"
And so my father 押Shi倒Shimashita.
"I reminded him that the dead you see"
I was raped many times as it is.
the border that day my father came to my room and committed.
at first, but I did not like was about looking forward to the night in response to the caress of his father gradually. SEX
continued with his father until nurse aims to Tokyo after graduating from high school me.

Relationship with brother

Parents, who live two years older brother and 4.
time in elementary school, since masturbation in front of his brother was masturbating in front of his brother forever. The brother and made offerings to the virgin before entering high school, I have a physical relationship for nearly four years.
first time after his parents went to bed, had sex in one room, my family has severe curfew, coming home after 8 pm I did not get to forgive, but I curfew will be relaxed since the beginning of the university from the outside it will meet with his brother, to love each other now in the love hotel.
brother is rare these days to become adults without Satoru Susumu, G dress and look like the bread to wear slacks, I had the impression that two high-grown, and become like Masu Masu was felt.
go out together on weekends, you may have to kiss in the park at dusk.
in love is like a normal love hotel, loving, cum drinking, a blow out is always my brother. Jim Johnson knows only too
brother. I like it. I'm just happy that
embraced his brother.

Sexual experience with my son

yuna himekawa[24248]
I'm doing at the age of 39 nurses.
husband, then divorced seven years ago. He is currently living with two 19-year-old son.

divorced from the very beginning, they become unemployed husband, and not ready to support financially.
son was living in small apartments and poor.
time, the studio was sleeping in the bed with my son in elementary school.

19-year-old son has been working in restaurants after graduating from high school.
But still. My son and I are sleeping together. Even if the new
two sets of bedding, her son comes in to make sure my bed.

childhood, the loneliness. My transparent thought it was a mother.
but went up from around the middle school. I noticed that my son willingly towards different purposes.

in my bed, my son, come hug me. The touching my chest.
first, I thought you're kidding. Note that the stop was.

But the movement of eyes and hands of his son, very seriously.
Obviously, with my lust.
even care, I do not hear my word.
now, intently. I close my eyes, they let me state all you want son.

from around eighth grade, in the meantime. Genital erectile now son.
son face but a little embarrassing.
than hide it. And rubbed on my body, down his pants and masturbate without permission. No hesitation.

I have a daze. I also wet my genitals and they notice my son watching masturbation.
the son, fearful that their reaction to a woman.
and bathroom, when you masturbate in the toilet. I would imagine that his son's body and genitals.

After all, the act of his son. From childhood, they're getting a little bit.
Now, my son is naked, or being touched by hand, chest and genital area, and to allow his tongue and licked up Tsukatsu. Since I myself

are not aggressive.
still guided by his son, and raised by hand to remove his penis. When asked in a desperate look
I really 断Remasen.

now they want my son, I think that sex with me.
But I just can not accept it.
three years ago, rejected almost raped and crying.
It is for the future of his son.
sex with his mother, what can be happy?

But I also keep pushing, the limits coming soon.
too. Body who is the son of wanted a penis.
is embarrassing, just looked at my son, I know as they get wet.

You are dust

I remarried when I was 60 years old. I can count on the retirement party. I'm enjoying newlywed feeling is the same as 60 years old. He gives me every night or holding a tireless easily. Saddle my own time there is a big and will end up Timbo is fainting. Saddle still has found himself. You feel tonight.

Son and

Let me say I will have sex with me is only two years old son is 21 years old 45. I pretend to have "last night I saw my mom was sitting with mom and dad over to see if you hear from a father having sex with Itaro. You said it much longer, I I was then sleep. "he says. I seen my son. Shitairashii so troubled son sex. With her hands like a child from strangers who just wanted to let me do one. Then sex is not the first time I say: 有Rimasen. And have done except I was surprised.

Even I

I have committed my husband suddenly my daughter during the day yesterday but 51 years old. I was surprised to say anything. Because the girl did not know the father's absence to go to the hospital Mukoha. Her husband is 27 years old body is sturdy and muscular. Timbo is thick and long for that burst of pain I'm feeling the pain better bur. I think Jari Thailand in the future.

Delusion diary wife

Determines the transfer in September, my husband will be away from home.
alone should put her husband is a lame excuse that

that is another reason I can not leave here said.

fact, he had a relationship with the husband's brother.

This is mixed with a desire for a true story of my obsession.

not her husband's house, her husband and I were left alone.
brother lives in the neighboring town of divorced
pretext to come to visit frequently, watching the father.

Until then I was in love with brother-in-law apartment in gradually escalating

Iki now meet on the second floor of the room her husband is sleeping. We search

act in a subdued voice, the immorality and even more pleasure it gives you a sweet

repeated four times around the 逢引Ki
from her husband so quiet, I was told you this.
"Hitoshi Hazime (brother) I do not take the trouble to Saeko's"

now so meals brought to bed down.
father-in-law and I was aware of our relationship.

"what was it pity from your brother's singles were"
"I'm not blaming you"
"If that is coercion, I say from the "
even where her husband is in my not so wicked Ito Shina.

"Yuji's (husband), but I want to apologize"
打Chi明Kemashita that one.
"I can not leave alone as a family"

the confused look on her husband, 聞Ki返Shimashita timidly.
"So did Hazime Hitoshi comforted, and"

引Kenai after I was, from the foot of the bed 差Shi入Remashita hands.
"Are you lonely and because you have lost a mother-like"
from the pajama top, soft Sasurimashita a little boy.
"I will be happy if possible. the family is"

Then, there was a formal dispute soon
in my mouth, a little boy filled with seasoned Mari Osamu
since I will now serve a hour
to sink her husband sat astride on.

no consolation, but rather then when you meet with the brother who is also a hip shake
has her husband in bed.

Kudasaru warmly thank the families nymphomaniac wife like this.


I am 60 years old, so my son went to visit Tochigi mother became sick children, but parents are married at the age of 32, two at home with me now. And last night I committed. To doing this is the first time. I'm 32 years old son to say. My pussy or put out or irritated Masu Hashi Kina Hiroshi Timbo so torn by the pain. Blisters to give mercy to a hundred times to do it many times. And in the end you hear it's feeling good mother is not it? I feel that my son said I was tired of the good hurt and it did not seem altogether bad mother too. I laughed and said to dial.


The 28-year-old housewife. Children who have been living in an apartment without a couple 2.
sex conjugal relations are good and two or three times a week. s normal
I think as long as you can see or hear the content. Until that day did not have any complaints. Orimashita
to eliminate her husband got to hold you to be patient even when the cherished life 居Takatta now also been picked over.
of that has changed is the brother-in-law like me. Into dormitories on the company's 30-minute drive away from our house at age 25 single.
that care about the existence and contrary to the New Year comes to stay did not last. Maybe my husband had stayed safe from hindsight.
had become two and noticed that my husband went golfing early in the morning three days.
Giwokaketokeba underwear when you go shopping for the clothes in the bedroom I live in the noon
"older sister" but was talking to my brother turned around at the entrance to the bedroom ... We've been kissing on the bed before being 押Shi倒Sa surprised either hide the body.
I was strong resistance to her lips. No bra is lifted 82cm hide afford even the bare breast.
can be pressed down to kiss his hands on me straddling. Resistance seriously, I did bite into his arm up against. I did about a strong bite oozing blood.
desperately resisted by a tongue lick her lips and turned so as to move it by grabbing my hair on fire him. Was tied with my arms behind the body to remove his band.
and may be killed, maybe that is crossed 脳裡. The tower also has a touch of my hand also stripped of his shorts.
tie the legs tied to the bed hung over the mon e "from good to embrace hope," and asked me to cry. He does not
to hear such a thing. "I'm wet Bichobicho" embarrassed to be extremely embarrassed. ○ ○
open look that's rare intercourse, the clitoris with the tongue, "please stop" is important not only showed his master asks < br> You can chase my tongue in my mouth screwed into a tongue licked Oma.
first kiss came
intense flow around the ear can not even wipe the saliva around the mouth of two people rummage through his tongue in my mouth Masu.
next kick ass and kiss my nipples and making as if to promote breast size while licking his nipples stiff opposition to undress <br > big dick black shiny never seen towering in front of my eyes. Even there, it was not like the same brother.
half consciousness, "it just ask, please forgive me. I'll lick from" listening to me. I'm over there Ategai
arched my body into a giant that we have, "Oh Oh Oh"
2,3 was only on the first time out reached a climax.
I've also got to kiss his tongue naturally accepted.
second time sucking his tongue to hit the back of his penis deep inside myself moving back. First to experience SEX · ·. SEX
this happened? .... He has spent the last
semen volume
my breasts amazing. It is the meeting in secret. ○
device without the other could not live in his op.


I got beaten by my old man. When my grandpa came to sleep, tummy Sasurimashita rub hard for me to say. It is said that the lower
more, hit the penis becomes hard. I have been a virgin, but I was surprised it had touched the penis,
and I was still rubbing looks good because it was a very pleasant old man.
Grandpa for a while, "Will you also look more" likes 下Roshimashita trousers and pants. face to face with your penis is stiffened
. That said, my grandfather and terribly surprised. ○ ○ girl is too.
from the body of a man was interested. I tried many things to check. "Holding it, so rub up and down," I will say. I gave
cradle like a baby and rub it hard, like that of the bar. Grandpa has a very pleasant looks good.
I'll try to play with everyone including Tamatama reach. It is strange. Punyupunyushite Tamatama to ascertain the stiffness will go to escape from my fingers. Grandpa
reaching my body while the victim to rub it let me rub your back and chest Mawashimasu. "The growth of Akemi. Was a beautiful woman.
What I see first-hand well," that is. And let me take off your pajamas.
"Yeah. Kimekomakaku that inheritance is also mother to the skin." rub and rub the skin. Real mother is the daughter of Grandpa, I got to your husband's father.
"boobs are far bigger me see you," let me take off bra saying. "Oh, what a beautiful breasts.
Mother You're more than a pretty face." Grandpa with cries of admiration. "Please let me better," began to massage my breasts and said.
seems quite fond of my breasts to be touched. I feel that the hand of the rainbow ー Grandpa, Grandpa comes from the urge to move the penis in the hand like freezing. Then rub
resumes. "Akemi boobs are better shape and I will go more and more bigger. And now I'll welcome massage.
Because I grew up in such a form of massage nice tits mom grandpa too. Let the old man smoked me. "
grandpa sucking my nipples and plunged like a baby. I rubbed my head are going to gray hair. My nipples are tightened in good standing and feeling excited. Grandpa
will increasingly sucked into it. I noticed is that my grandfather had to fondle the breast as well, but my mother and daughter say. After sucking both nipples fully
both grandpa "Let me see what the hair also grew, Akemi," he says. "Stupid. I'm ○ ○. Why not," and indeed I resist. But sadly
Grandpa, "I wish to see the growth of the granddaughter." downhearted on this. I can not help
"See? You look good." Grandpa and rather suddenly became healthy, pajama pants down my panties too 下Roshimashita next.
"Yeah. I grew beautifully. fine fine. Masaru Shigeru so on are also very good ass hip to it too," patting around the hips Mawashimasu said. "Does not virgin anymore Akemi"
grandpa and ask. It was hard to answer and grandpa say that virgin eyes has more shine.
will rub hands from thigh to ankle Grandpa. "Virgin skin that is different. Because he burned the skin of the memory of the virgin land of the dead grandfather as a gift Akemi so now."
Hand next to my legs and stomach from the lips and tongue From Rim Mawashimasu from the breast. And I came up there. Grandpa was there to kiss me
"Let me in a souvenir of the underworld Mesa" I asked. Both mother and grandfather, "Hameta" because I also "wear" should have the right. Claimed.
I thought the strange, it was okay to feel sorry for my grandpa. I was just wanted to graduate a virgin because it was also the 11th grade. Grandpa has been put to me
. It hurt a little, we used to. "Yeah. I'm happy. Akemi. You'd be very loose." Grandpa said that in my 果Temashita.
"Yeah. is that it の Rino Shima Hana Akiyoshi mother inheritance.'s better if" growth and increased the exclamation. I talk to and very interesting. I actually
father and mother rather than the child, the child that it is the mother and grandfather. So I mean it is my grandpa and my daughter and grandchildren. And now has passed away,
grandfather married my grandmother that the fact that it is Grandpa's sister. The mother was born between her sister and grandfather. It is very complex. My grandfather said that
, was born in our house is actually incestuous fathers too many people angry they often diagram family incest for generations, it seems to have the family tree in the back.
mother and grandfather, so in our family and my relationship is a very common thing. The first story seemed very unusual, I've convinced gradually.
Now you can once every three days in memory of my grandpa's room. And will fit. Grandpa's hope is to make children born to me.
whether sperm are still alive, but to know Grandpa's semen, is the first I'm still in high school. So I ask them to contraception.
believes that now is that my brother Shino Taka. I heard that the child and mother and grandpa Takashi. Takashi and I want to fuck. grandpa sex with
it is also fun with it, I would like to meet a young boy's skin and your skin. I want to welcome my little boy in pink.
is where opportunity is trying to have sex with Shino Taka So now my brother. By the way, also a virgin mother grandfather, grandmother's maiden was also his sister and wife,
boasts the best that they can be a virgin, and my granddaughter.

By son

I want to ask that my son is 47 years old. Actually last year because her husband died, his son and now only two. My son is embarrassed to say no to sex with me Let me recently Yara 23 years old. Timbo show is erect and Gingin. At that time I will Yaritaku "It is good in this grandmother. Too strong a long time because it will not hurt to put it gently, like, do not press," said her son is sitting roughly use. And that is five times.

My crazy brother

28-year-old housewife and I have worked in the tax office is OL.
now is still married to married life for about a year ago has been fighting for a divorce.
husband's infidelity was the cause. The husband was 朝帰Ri
end of last year. I confessed that I stayed in the apartment before the woman was dating and marriage strictly grill.
they multiplied and fork and I can not forgive that woman I cheated, but I can never forgive. Yake酒 met my best friend the next day, but the stronger liquor Yake酒 is quite 効I,
arrived by taxi at his younger brother (age 26) was an apartment.
It was like he told where to go unconscious.
酔I潰Re was like turning away, I fell asleep drunk more comfort and his brother saw the face. You say you wake up and when it realized that I have been raped by my brother, my thing is strange I was hugging my brother.
there be extra body comfortably in the middle of sex, I did come up before reaching the pleasure. 've Come to the place was not even a word I feel the energy come out 除Keru bounce.
pleasure comes up against the center of my body still attached to his brother observed, the experience of a few men have ever tasted was comfortably without it.
been pouring more and more pleasure,
"Ah Ah Ah! That I great!"
say I was attacked and so was pleasant enough to not cry.
because I'm a drunk because of the immediate family or a brother to say, I was drawn into the pleasure they could not imagine getting anything. I have reached a climax
taste ever even writhe in agony even stop pleasure.
brother many times but I've reached the peak was still continued.抱Ki起Kosa
locus is the momentum thrust coming from below, lying end to be written next, back, or how many positions were already taken.
I was crying loudly.
in my head is white, the body will become exhausted,
"I'm out of bad tea?"
brother's penis in my mouth toward his brother away, I'm in a lot of crazy Mushaburitsuki had swallowed the semen. I really smell the wet Kobiri付I juice mixed together and I love the smell of semen,
then sinks away in bed and slept heavily the last one I remember.
思Itakatta that dream.
they sleep and wake up next to my brother, but a tired body and exhausted exhilaration filled morning, feeling half-hearted, my brother woke up
"so good?"
tried to embrace and kiss me.
"I can not! bad!"
Kio Hiraku my foot in my brother's crotch, but without mercy 突Ki刺Sarimashita erect penis hanging Bing's brother without any pressure on quickly. The phallic
brother "Guigui!" getting stuck
"Yeah ーー Daa ー ー Me Oh Well"
they say what started the whole body is in agony, as it will go at once at the height of was violently mad over with cramps.
At that time, the thickness of the penis intensely understand his brother for the first time, exploiting the back is pressed against the length of the uterus, and stronger still pushing to get cock,
gone screaming like crazy that I did things the body can not do anything to stop.
hitting the pleasure I felt even more intensely conscious last night
"I'll're A Ah! That'll b U ー A tea!"
reached a climax over and over again screaming I will not. no dignity, nothing
sister had been conquered by a mere woman.
"out of bad tea?"
heard words like, but I worry about the pregnancy than to have fallen into the wolf's desire to receive the ejaculate hot anyway,
"out! I 'm out! "
penis is that big brother 突Ki抜Ka intense, I was completely beat the heat like flying ejaculation incredible momentum.
reaction of this body can not do anything in the thoughts and feelings, and body comfort filled 打Chi消Senaku best, I just slept.
"I had breakfast lady."
to seeing the face of his brother, face to face dinner?来Tsu from getting out, it took me to dinner but I have much trouble.
sister and brother had signed a physical relationship, I had much less exposed to the scene, could not do anything to put into words.
"so drunk, the 有Tta something?"
talking about her husband, I cried a little accustomed to the calm feeling,
"in What if from now? "
" of're divorced? "
more and more filled with tears and, though she is being coaxed to kiss her brother, little brother underwear hand, I dare to hear about yesterday I tried.
started talking to my brother confessed embarrassment. Lying in bed and take away the apartment, there is only one bed to sleep time my brother seems to have only a bed to sleep together.
However, the younger brother was always stealing my underwear, I was excited that comes to mind it, but without any resistance began to touch me, I seemed to feel rather I got it right. I can not remember to
touched my brother at all. Take off when the underwear was like to work your hips float

But fucked

My son was raped in high school next door. I came to the place where I come from the next window I was overcome with laundry drying on the balcony and tell me what it is. Came next and overcoming it is only 50 centimeters away because they built a small house. Do you take off your panties and sex suddenly come to my sleeping porch roll. Once I pop back with a lengthy sit. I feel good lady next door and windows. And thank you for your help. The saying is not it? I actually feel good.

Of treatment

I am 45 year old mother with a son in college.
son since high school, to the treatment process.
this relationship is ever good to know, but stop and think and do to my son, I could not refuse when they say the mouth and penis, son of processor Masu. The first was when I was two
high. Chance to see the right hand is doing is using my son, I felt a pity, I did the first in the mouth.
minutes and utter would be nice, I had to do was simply wrong.
son now I do it every day until it complies with the mouth, causing a mistake in my treatment of others already in my son too,
more stupid to waste your life for a good woman was out of any respect for this. However, a university student and son oral sex is not satisfied in the mouth,
process and was expected to come of my body, as it allowed for a mother but I do, I am a mother before there is a woman.
I was watching my son every time a big penis, but also want to do. Once
it once, after the same thing, even if at the time of oral sex, and put in my son. Translation not last forever for such a thing as a mother,
Baretara my husband, but a serious thing, but until her son was not the poor treatment of my son.

In the middle of the mother and rape

嵌Memashita her mother a few years ago. I made a mid-rape, even addicted mothers away.
grew elegant 52 year old mother was a stylish and charming but very mature woman older women.
husband experienced men only five years to put this Inairashiku, away wet in no time, while raising a cry of joy at last,
bodies have become anything. Vibrator, anal sex, forced masturbation, urination, urine drinking, lesbian, and she answered all of my order. Let me put a yellow stain
white drawers, and sent them on a regular basis, and while 脱Gase, is obscene that we have fun.
small nipples big boobs, pubic hair is covered extensively throughout the lower abdomen, armpit hair grow too disgusting,
pussy beautiful mother, but also tire of doing many times. Now there are circumstances
, away to meet in a lonely day.

H to son

I am a 45 year old widow. Last night my son was committed to a 23 year old. My husband is 50 years old youth died of cancer last year. Son says otherwise is a saying that one a try before getting married. I say things like set fire to me. I want to do it again I'll get angry.

Spoiled little brother

I am a naughty little brother in the hands Yai spoiled than I have a kindergarten nurse at a local nursery. My brother and I
away because I'm 10 years old or younger are about to indulge in such away closely with me and has been wildly
抱Ki着I cute about it going to get my face buried in his chest That's a brother to act more and more spoiled I ll give you a pat on the head when the 17 is my brother 27. I
I lived away from home to marry, and parents have to go home and there are things you want to talk from my brother not to carry the day,
home and only brother, was passed through a room of his brother. When he got to my room "What?" His brother answered, "Yes," said 喋Razu
not let the eyes of his brother was feeling that somehow went in my eyes the chest. While my brother's eyes and mind to talk about his brother 聞Ki出Sou
brother started talking in a low voice. To summarize the story, like I had been living together since,
"I was thinking much the style of Mika beautiful sister" has been confessed. Does not stand my brother and we finished talking
chest massages from the top of my clothes 抱Ki着Ki. I rubbed my chest and I was made to the poor and his brother is a little surprised. I
brother had been rubbed over the clothes while "to see breasts sister Mika," and so I say, "I just rub?
I'll not do more than that" and捲Tsu clothes to remove the bra to say, my heart gave a live show. My brother "It's pretty big," Dari and rub both hands rather,
to knead and turning, "Sister Mika cute pink nipples," Iki
and licked like a baby in the draw with tongue that day I honestly do not feel that he feels just finished my chest.
thing I want to write this post from my mind to sort out.

Bodies aflame

I also write or body out of control and the other sex at the age of 65 and 49 years old husband. So I wanted to have sex ginger. It also believes that it can not flirt. Oh you.

The son Daka

I am 49 year old girl. My husband does not earn money to go to Osaka. My son is now 29 years old, and I say that sex is deadly in one day is not it? To a sudden I was, troubled for an answer good or say nothing. Then my son put a finger in there to stir up naked from the middle of the day I take off my panties and it is what you do is not it? It hurt enough to sting. It was from my son to have sex on me and is not it? Pregnancy is not something I say old woman from pregnancy and I'm afraid to do it without the rubber. Many times I'll say many times. I think you should consider quickly marry.

We were beaten by son

I was forced to have sex is 21 years old son to Muriyari yesterday that a widow of 45 years. He went on to play over and did nothing. There is no way I lose. It also requires sex to be back to normal after that. Timbo I am fucked by his thick, big enough pain there. What does such a widow.