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Incest confession of women(2005-11)

Re: [1089] I have a sister and incest.

What mess too! ! When you stop sucking wannabe writer would be better to send the contents to make sure you make?

Brother and

yuna himekawa[1126]
The first posting.
21 OL I, the brother is 19. It was in that summer of my high 3
That day I came back from the shower and 浴Biyou club as usual, went to the bath with clothes from the wardrobe of underwear.
Kizuita thing I have spots when wearing shorts shorts after a shower.
Stick, not even a place like that I wear, "I thought ?···" strange, wondering what I got to beat, as it was wear.
But then two, I have a spot in the same place three days later. And then something unusual is how to fold clothes and underwear in my wardrobe
Looking back a little early one day a few days and then try to do so with a noise from my room ... I was surprised! !
I have dressed my brother. . . . Until you look closely pantyhose
I left the place to be surprised, after a while my brother came to the living. My brother has just apologized profusely.
ー Madezu and it was a transvestite heard in my underwear and clothes. - ...
My brother might look good and women dressed for the visual system, so called, because it seemed that the girl confessed to juniors and peers, I was surprised that I never had a hobby.
Pedro and I had underwear, bras and panties gone, also heard from where I brought my brother had actually dried up even pantyhose.
My dear brother for irreplaceable, then I'll forgive, be silent for the parents as well.
Ever since that, however, escalated his brother dressed, now used up my toilet, in front of me dressed as a woman has to wear proudly in my underwear. One day while it lasted, as usual, my brother came into my room was a transvestite dressed. Since I had gotten interested in looking younger woman in front of me, and want a little mischievous, I turned the skirt.
When I saw those big plump pantyhose wrapped up in shorts, my reason to go away somewhere, I feel the same as his brother, has clung to me.
Kiss me, put your tongue has touched my chest while my brother. And I was rubbing his penis to turn once again raised the skirt of my younger brother. His penis is so cramped and tense they are wrapped in pantyhose and I wear shorts originally supposed to be. When I feel it in your hand, abnormally excited away, will not be able to reduce their already lying on the bed when it was cranked too. His (my?) And give directly to the penis touches put her hand into the shorts, you will reach out to caress the clitoris in his shorts for me. Eat pussy naked and took my brother away. Even the very pleasant and not say good, now it became my turn and hope they do, but my brother took me to take off, "all hope in 脱Gasanai Hope" with his brother in bra stockings raised one foot on the left, T-back shorts that he responded to the request Keep sliding sideways. His penis is so big, I'm excited Kanjita strange imbalance with the Yoshi Tadasu celebrated brother cock in the mouth without hesitation. Yogarimasu turning like a little girl voice while enjoying licking sticky feeling in the mouth so as to increase further. - ...
To 69 to infect intact, and then I accept his penis into me that I turned on while he slept. How long have you been connected Temasen remember, when I had the biggest voice and my voice is cute younger brother and I were both of the end.
When I was leaving home to live alone and then upon graduation, has been present for some of my brother's underwear.
Last spring he moved to Tokyo from his brother and now live together with my brother. When he is not in the room so that parents worry about the eyes they always dressed as a woman, and sometimes I still want to have SEX it, and also about my response to that feeling is gone.
Brother shout
"ーーーー me to wash my underwear neatly 穿Itara"
Another word
"Just because there are like underwear, and I'll go buy lingerie teens are much Dashitee ~ I hope...'ll Buy too!"

Re: [308] Untitled

> The day before that evening will be a brief masturbating over the Doctor
> Let ejaculate in the briefs. Brief of the sticky cum and then
> Let my sperm tanned face pressed against his brother.
> I was masturbating while watching it.
> To clean lick my dick brother Yoguchoninatta Yamaguchi
> We did it last carried my brother's dick Shigoi. My brother is a slave of the best ♪

I can not believe Coto

Recently, I just got married, my husband is actually happening not say I had never before marriage. And the biological father as well.
That marriage is decided, two months before the ceremony, was an event I went to Hot Springs and travel by way of filial piety to his father leaves.
My mother already passed away jeans, I went to enjoy a happy father of a filial daughter.
And I had nightmares of that happening on the last day of travel.
It was a time two people were walking the trail to see the foliage. I approached told us more of our men's pair and four Tsuringurashiki chance.
"Hey, old man, is not an affair in a place like heaven ~"
My father and I certainly do not like it. I saw the men is probably right. The
"Meanwhile, we'll play with my uncle ~ Leave me alone"
The deal is brought near my arm while saying this.
"You guys, what are you going ~"
My father went into the men I look like a demon in the other party, yet four younger Since it was his father, was immediately pressed down.
At that time, was like being beaten was quite unconscious father.
"Father!" I think I was screaming, crying.
"What 親子Jan. I But, as soon as the woman from there and we'll Kanke,'ll Let'll fuck"
I was taken down and the shorts 押Shi倒Sa, went on to rape me take four men alternately.
It is at that time. I had a more cruelty.
It seems the way my father could only have seen with the mind was shouting. Said the man in the meantime.
"~ Dare try, but zero I cried to my father smelt of this cock! Thrilled to be sexy daughter of heaven."
And so, I became a father carrying toward me.
"I'll let a good son to thank, my father'm happy to cry!"
I went to the father's body was lowered into the side of my body was slowly pushing my dick is dick Yu and her father so.
I scream and moan when overlapping father, I went into my father's things in me. L man down things that my father's time in power is stimulated my dick.
The excitement of this extraordinary, was the father had to ejaculate inside of me.
This event would never forget. I think two people should be silenced forever remain a secret even to his father.

Lust in a bikini

Hello. Confess the memories of summer with my son. My son turned around, and look into my clothes and underwear and forage,
Is harassing me. Travels and her husband, my son has proposed to go to sea together. I have not gone to the beach so long,
Graciously received. Arriving at the beach, surprisingly, is the son of a black high leg bikini Kiwadoi handed to me.
Also be worn without a bikini and, more so 46, hesitated but truly, there is also the first thing I tried wearing the dressing room. Quite fit, I was surprisingly looking good.
My son looked at me in bikini is seemed speechless said.
I also became increasingly bold, get oil paint to his son, and emphasizes her cleavage and out's I admire my son, was born away to the opposite sex falling in love like a lover feel gradually return to the hotel invited to go. My son is a ready answer, and suddenly I get pushed down to the hotel room and matched several times until the morning to devour each other's bodies. For me also for my son, and unforgettable memories of the summer.

My sister

Last month, fellowship with like 49-year-old sister, sister is × 1, × 1, as well their
Between then and say, you 逢Tsu at any time if you have the time, with sex.
My sister is there, so your period ends, every time I cum!

My sister

My sister's house the other day, open the PC
Chest of drawers with a sentence I read erotic post.
In the hands of my sister skirt them.
I feel good getting gradually
Kiku Hiroshi legs were gradually expanded.
Fingertips to the place where my sister's clitoris.
I am strongly of the clitoris is stimulated from the top of the panties and want to pee, toilet and your sister said, "No"
'll Pee and cried out.
My sister take off my panties, his tongue in sexual intercourse.
The clitoris and sucked, and the bites of me can not stand, and sister pee in your mouth,
I cum while peeing.
"I'm next," said the sister, all fours and take off my panties and skirt rolled up,
To thrust your hips, "Did not you see here."
The other sister's vagina was wet with dirty Soup.
I like my sister over there Namemashita Shaburitsuku.
My sister shaking sexy ass voice, "I do" and in agony,
I went loud.
My sister, "'ll pee in're no good at"
Ikimashita while peeing like my sister too.
My mouth became filled with love juice and pee.

Our sister is a growing desire to gradually
Sometimes become anxious.


Today the weather is getting better, I get the laundry work hard in the morning last night, my husband and life in 励Mimashita.
After work this morning my husband has a son and life, the son Tsu ejaculation three times in the morning!
My vagina is not Yo Gucho × 2 in the morning.


Today is a day off school, sex in the morning with my mother.
My mother is 43 years old, I am 17 years old ~ The!
My mother still menstruate but drug (pill), so that, using
® always has live sex!
Ass-deprived mother of all body too.

Night with my brother.

Night with my brother.
Only two days.
I wonder when the next chance will come
I was just thinking about it.

The older brother came back from her father and mother, remains unchanged and has become the past.
Of course, the gentle kind. However, the full "sister" just as I have seen.
... Kind of sad.

"My brother, somehow I'm lonely"
The CD was in the room listening to my brother, I told you so.
"Oh, why?"
"After we came back because my father, me because I never bothered with me"
"... No, I'm that guy that public position. You tea flirting poor parents looking at anything much?"
"If it were, not that good right now? I'm not looking"
My brother turned to look sad.
I think my brother is a little embarrassed, and I slowly embraced Remarks, pat me on the head, kiss me.
"I love you brother"


Struck by the teacher in the classroom after school was divided, and things like teacher to teacher, but I was looking puzzled, when on holiday recently been called to the house of the teacher, when told that there is a lot when facing up and then, at the binding arms behind back involuntarily, and attacked. After all, breaking the teacher away, until today Saborimashita school today!


Good evening. Since last summer, my father has sex with KOTO. I would have to be bad but now it really. I do not want to also inform the mother,
I love mom or his dad. I'm weird like that, so afraid of being known to my mother, I do not want.
5th grade when I was naughty father. I think that was bad too. Do not put the key was to have sex.
You think that is what his dad did not she want to see sex.
Were in the favorite sites from here, Dad,
Then I thought I wanted to have sex with me from there for example.
It's the first I have sex with my father, but not say to anyone.
At first I was losing blood from the air to get hurt, it is okay. Now, just touched him, the water coming out from there, the pants are sick. , Water came out when I was alone sex. I get to have sex with sex water. It seems that I wanted to pee different.
Maybe I'm in an egg is water. So Dad is wearing a condom dick lately. No first-time father was wearing, I'd put the sperm.
Even when finished, came out from those you touch Nendoroid Innovation.
I think you do not wish the pregnancy.
Recently, I am not his mother have sex, I feel strangely moving and father. Not even an adult, I think makes sense for a lot of sex there tonight.
If other people know, Dad, are taken in proportion to the police?
I do not like the silence of that.

Re: [999] beloved son in hospital

> Posted earlier, 46-year-old mother began to give his son a life in the hospital, housewife.
> My son is still, followed by Mashi Tei life on the bed between us, not even the body was tied with 言Imashi
>, But I'll give you our life continues. And say what I desire and a little son,
> I hope to me is increasing. That's what I wish my son well 躊躇I無Ku is raised accordingly.
> For some reason, God is our husband and wife, the only son of this could you please get us a blessing. Nonetheless,
> During this year until his son, a doting, and no feelings will have been raised.在Ri coming and normal
> I think it was home. But now, I love my son that poured more than ever before is true.
> It the other day, I have a small errands, like going to the part rather than the usual clothes, going out in couture mode
> Go way back, the son went to the office as usual. If you think, from my son in the hospital, such
> Clothing, go by what his son in the couture was not the first time.
> - Mother, did something happen today? Unusual for clothes, I makeup is also different.
> - Jeez, me to me! Today, I left something for Dad, I've been going to deliver to the Company the afternoon.
> My son noticed me and gave me a different normal. My husband is with a great difference. I became excited.
> - You're beautiful, but we will come to visit her mother in the same class in middle school and high school, but Mom is more beautiful.
> My son is a straight face and tell me me. I am happy, happy and had seen me on the bed causing the upper body
> Go near my son sat on the bed, gently hold his son while to stroke his head, cheek to cheek my son
> Repeatedly, what time the first time, a 頬擦Ri, saying thank you, my son had remained embraced.
> - Mom, can I kiss?
> I heard a small voice of her son. I face away from her son, a small nod, like asking for my son's son
> Like to meet requests and closed his eyes. First feel was the lips of her son. Chu, and for us.
> When I opened my eyes, my son is there is a moderate while floating face down shy smile.
> - A first? Kisses.
> - Yeah, I'm the first.
> First time mom - I like happy, somehow, you are so poor that I feel.
> - Sorry? Why, I'm happy. Mom can kiss.
> My son was a little exasperated tone like, I smile, thank you for your reply, this time from my son
> Asked the lips to kiss, leaving lips superimposed while. Then my arms around my son back, holding me
> Asked, strong, have a kiss. I opened his mouth and a little nature into the mouth of the son SOWAKA let my tongue.
> Like to answer it, my son opened his mouth slightly, sticking out his tongue, lips superimposed in touch about, and son,
> Tongue touch my obsession, I asked each other were both violently. My husband and not many years
> Was deep kiss. Not only that I feel like I was exhausted. Release the face wore my
> I've a lot about his son's lips Rouge. While I give to wipe the lips with a wet tissue,
> Let me show you and I as usual, his son said so.
> - I give it to, as usual.
> - Mom, let me undress.
> - What? What?
> - Today, the dress, undress me no good to me?
> My son has said that looking at my blouse is coming. The first time my son touched her breasts, nipples
> What say caress, it was, since that day I had my son has not been determined that act
> And was from me, and so not good, but also about to experience the wonder of a good time, I thought.
> - Sure! Just a little.
> As I always refrain from entering into the bill over the door knob, just remove the two buttons on his sleeves, on the bed
> Sat. Hodokimashita the rope attached to the neck of a blouse decorated son. It felt like my chest so far no
> I felt a pulse. Feels like the first night and tied my husband had forgotten so long ago, fresh and intense
> Was feeling.
> The top button was removed, and the second. I'll put a blouse and came in under the skirt
> Button until the son is watching the bottom of my heart, remove all finished. My son took the hand of both shoulders, I
> Is taking off the blouse back, without arms, placed his son on the bed 脱Gashita blouse.
> In front of my son there was only half white bra and slip. I am ashamed of and, in my heart
> Was not permitted to open your eyes. Slip son has touched the left breast over the bra.
> Gently touching, and massaging me. Then, my son has both shoulders touch of a finger, dropped left and right shoulder straps of the slip
> Now.
> - I'm pretty, Mom, I'm clean.
> 上Zutta little son's voice is heard, I opened my eyes. My son is looking at the breast.
> - To love you, I'll want to make. .
> I think it was 上Zutta voice. Take my son's hands, and I was done with a hand on each shoulder bra straps.
> Shoulder straps were lowered one by one. While the shoulder straps without their own hands, his son said.
> - Remove.
> My son turned away, I had to remove the bra hook. The sensation of the breast showed his son the first time, Spirit
> Was not in the state. His back still turned to his son, his son toward both breasts with both hands to hide the unconscious
> I did the body returned.押Shi下Gemashita hands down slowly and I was hiding my son breast with both hands.
> Embarrassing, no, I feel in my head about that feeling was even a white state.
> But this year, sagging breasts are not. Say they compare to peers and the hot springs, still in their own
> I think for the breast and nipple clean, so too is the classmate said. But what if my son felt.
> Honestly, I do not know it. Face has been deposited in my heart son. Caress the head of his son, both breasts happy
> I felt. Son on the face, mouth Fukumi right nipple, touching the left breast with your right hand and began massaging me.
> I was filled with incredible emotion, hands per bed, Deshimai warped feel about themselves, that voice is going to be out
> Desperately continued patience. My son has continued to act for a while, I'm ashamed that story is, first,
> Shimashimashita reached only by love of the breast.
> This is also something of a son, magazines, such as a decent knowledge of the Internet would have had.
> - Mother of the kind? Felt?
> Away it is, 肩口 entrust himself to his son, told me my son hugged me gently.
> * Yes, I feel like I did, I did until now. .
> SEX My husband and had been reached, but sometimes, like a deep, strong, and it also breast, nipple just love to act
> Feeling reached was not the first time.
> * Now, I'll give to his mother. .
> I always like a little boy, my son No, this day is a happy feeling reaches my oppression
> And I was then. While touching the breasts of my son sometimes, but kissed me back, stronger than usual ejaculation
> For us. Alter ego, his son caught in the mouth, be happy, I felt my whole body my son dearly and intolerable.

The tendency of going back to my son

My child is 40 years old housewife, had a relationship with a man three sons, a son of the second son is also a very tall boy was not increased, if a little more delicate to the Chubs now part of the first president to come to hand part Naruri 掛Karanaku children enrolled in elementary school I went wrong since I began to look a little son went to middle school is integral to me as much as The first time was infidelity, while he was washing underwear in the morning should have gone into the night 中No間 laundry basket, was wearing a while ago so it still contains 生暖Kaku rounded bottom of the cage My husband I are from out of the part, too many trips, the eldest son late getting back in the affair, the third son of late in the club, the second son, so I came back with the son they left to play, after school position was re-clothes or are running low but my underwear in it was hot weather may be an answering machine in one second son on my days off I have often staying at home alone early return because no yes even extracurricular activities and vibes I got from the other woman and underwear were quickly becoming less than usual or are a little different and cosmetics (nasty type) on the back of the closet ceiling was photographed at 持Chi去Re sex pictures Part one day there while a bit off and notes that since Shidashi mind is I've re-hidden, and the other woman lying in slow time to time to go pretend to go but I'm off side door of the house to go to hear a moan from the bedroom because of the couple's son and looking to sneak into the house through the back door in a hotel for about two hours are going to see my clothes and underwear in a more open son Put the plug into your own ass like two Anarusutoppa fig enema try shifting the shorts that were hidden to masturbation in the picture like I was wearing a wig was concealing hidden enemas have been feeling that even after achieving a voice 倒Re込Mimashita bet out when you ejaculate while masturbating to massage the breasts, rubbing his crotch to the gates of Nebaki heavy dresser girdle shorts on it again then So little by little I was moving back but I do sleep, "mother dressed What are you doing" and rush out of bed 起Kiagari call out the "I'm sorry 成Ritaku woman like my mother," he said Masu
"You, it's a boy! Take off your clothes as soon as my mother"
Squatting down like I was in pain in the stomach due to enemas "mom let me go to the toilet," Underwear is another example of Kaka holding the toilet and took it to say, I 脱Geta They arranged a bed in the bedroom and took her son to do to wipe your butt in the weakness of the left on the bowl in front of my eyes excreted by far and I was alone I Anarusutoppa 抜Kezu sit in "I feel better than being put into a girl" and said "Mom I have nothing to do there has to be pleasant to be placed"
"It was my mother because you can be placed in a hole for her because the hole has to be put to put in a man's penis without You"
"I feel in my heart as I have it"
"You are there to have put in a girl?"
"No" "I'll just let my mother put in just one day"
"I think to understand it." Greater than the other woman and my husband and I get to stand a little bit and I was 立Tanakatta Naka Naka mouth to suck penis blowjob example of a cute skirt rolled up in the end my son said脱Gaseru clothes and my son is coming back, waving her son no longer pushing inserted astride 入Retaku ginger came in that I feel better now A perfect breasts in the bra cup Chubs lying side by side in my bed like a Hajikemashita die Hamori I have a little moan moan However two sons that means where the nipple sucking or massaging slide the bra "You felt "I asked," who makes me feel good to be tampering with the nipples being rubbed the chest Tariri than that ... "
"While committed to fondle breast anal with vibrator mother!"
Committed by someone depart vibe and gave us a patient is unable to say I'll stop running 焦Rashimasu 逝Ki it will come to attack me to insert a vibrator naughty nipples while I hesitate to Looking back to my son dressed as a woman in agony 逝Kimashita and give the breast with fat, but not very large, the accelerated re-feminization of my son going to affect me much It seems when multiplied with the second son, the penis sitting together as the shell becomes hard to do in lesbian caressing took to bed with her son and the desire to accumulate and now my underwear dress my husband has also reduced the number of die affair but now I suck a pussy is included for example, that the second son, the only son in the wake of the other brother had noticed a hidden home to a single room to his second son to the room in one third son and the son justification to buy clothes underwear is cut cute girl took a hair salon and extending to the shoulder hair taught cooking washing treatment as a girl And the skirt stand another six months I've heard drinking hormonal son did not know when I look just like the mouth of my youth and become a woman reported her husband and was dressed in full evening of that day to 貰I no cracks were things that should be hanging down in shorts and flip "from the Mienaku using glue because there is no longer necessary"
It also increases the time to go to school more often staying out to impose the husband of my second son came because of the meds made to stand Understandable My husband has given up, hairstyles and body are completely the same as me beam just as much of the skin and makeup 解Ranaku to the same with me, when I'm losing sleep over the sand instead enjoyed an affair with my makeup dressed in underwear son The one day affair, the second son and second son that my husband did while entering the room and causing everyone to become to slow to go home at night rather than on an errand, be treated as part of the house that my children They then came into the house and the third son of the eldest son did not sleep for a while to open the door with a voice heard from the bedroom down to sleep I went into the nursery bed reluctantly 追I出Shimashita Mitsuo is put in waiting for his son comes first in the four corners of the bed bound hands and feet and knocked that resistance convinced that they were both put out my second son to me naughty, i Now as an adult has been released from the rope and push two people forced into the mouth of the sandwich has been placed before dawn and embrace each other in anal and pushed back the third son and his son have been caught astride a son from below came in together with my husband and son lying on the bed were three people tormented "This child is the kind of girl like you doing in his brother Punishment"
"I like to be bound by this child enema you"
"You naughty child and try to phone this photo!"
My first four with the pregnancy continues is however in the two sons with her husband every day since their daughter, birth to my daughter and I are brought on behalf of the my son, children working as a second son Now you no longer have to feel tired in my body I want, my husband holding me


Today, my husband and son fishing from the early morning colleagues, of course, to my naked next to me, I get the body working hard to be careful!
Even in the form of 69, raise my drink, my son comes into the plot as well Ino Hutoshi Ass!

1111 Reimi to:

Reimi to: Thank you.
He consulted, but [that] my father and I also like lewd,
Stay out of [the wife] son never [my father] I doubt just struggle for me. Reimi's like a husband, I'll understand a little more and feel secure
I guess that I can stay like a woman's father is attacked by Reimi
Thank Reimi's experiences

Kaoru to: 1108

I'm the father is a 26-year-old homemaker has been suffering. My husband and married at the age of 22. Had been married a year without making a two-income children. And I for one year now quit your job to concentrate on the fire. My husband is often away from home a lot of overseas travel for work, the father now comes to visit her husband during the trip. In the beginning, but I normally talk to me back out the tea, place 3-4 second from the father is now filing frustrating. Osaemashita down at the door one day and coming home at last. I resisted the power of the father was to be the remains strong. The front door opened suddenly at such time. There stood my husband I'm supposed to go on a business trip. My husband helped me become pale. Then we moved to the foreign wife to avoid her husband's parents live in Japan. Now I have three children. The top of the child in the child's father may be pregnant, so maybe after the incident.
The father is the better watch out.

"1102" to:!

Hello, ♪ ® is also out in what time course
Sometimes, even on your mouth, lets Ehetsu! !

In addition, ☆ I'll report

Test of his brother soft

yuna himekawa[1109]
When I was in high school is my second year. I just wear my running out of the club room is Haitsu I was a thief Lawn Tennis Club. I simply gave up and got cleaned up and was not good because in practice it was used article of her sister.
It is quite forgot. I it was found, but his brother in the room. Visor to borrow a little brother (also a soft test of his brother), so I saw something that folds into the room and opened the wardrobe, "Huh?" Why do not you put me tennis skirt. Nde soon found tattered tennis skirt with a hook to re-write many times the name of entertainment, upset the waist and sister surprised.
Amazing photos of the club came out of me take a look. I just came back my brother, "This is what I!" It reminds me of my red face, so they cried in silence sad.
Then, suddenly, at 押Shi倒Sa been kissed. I struggled, but my brother was forced to Osaetsuke I tried on my brother to not be totally awesome of strength that is because I had soup.
"Why?" When asked, "I thought so too for talking to the women in the cutest guys I called" me.
"Oh what should we do such a rag to take a tennis skirt. You put on the guy are you?" So, I say just touching. "I try yes" this time wearing a tennis skirt and came back because he has stolen, "I rolled up the West," is called.
Is not, I'm not like the mini and I'll bend a few times ー, I have to furikabutte groin red face. Bloomers under the dumb but not stupid ー Iten grass.

What about the father

My age is 25 OL. Here is a Christmas Eve ceremony next month. From the perspective of people happy and might. He's able to love and marriage is certainly not happy, her mother is living with his parents in mind I'm hanging on I'm only one person more than friendly and bright soft real mother, the father人Rashiku 女癖 bad, every time I come to my house to see his body H eyes. And a bath that day, the father would peep through the window.
If I live to marry him, violated the idea of the father someday, please let the people who have experiences Remashitara can stay in a relationship with your father like to think now thank you


Like this woman perspective.

Re: [1054] I am his second wife

Should I marry will be rewarded. If previous marriage together without any problems. > There are 20 year old son and my husband now ex-wife. I have a 24 year-old daughter to me. I was taking a bath together with her son. I found the two people who scold and tell your father. Moment and said, two people were pressed down, forcibly, and his son, Barashitara, this thing was said and threatened to reverse.

Sanae our

> Your experience with 読Mimashi Sanae our lady, and I feel slightly warm. How well he conveyed 参Rimasu feel that something's nephew, a look at how to handle a panic and want to speak to the wet dreams. I slept in the room with my sister because she and few children in the room I love the prank. Was fun to watch than anything pants bulge at his nephew just wanted to wake up a child yet.


Almost a year now with my son to sex.
It is no longer I can resist no longer sought his body for his son.
But, after all, come to attack guilt after the act will not go away.

Last summer, high school students the chance to become a son, broke the request of her husband, reunited 10 years after three people.
The affair was due to divorce her husband only once, at the time, I'm still 28 years old.
Many men are courting, I myself did when I was arrogantly in appearance as a woman.
So beautiful and flattering even to her husband having an affair with a woman not say, I feel like a fool I was, I really forgive.
I was reunited with her husband broke that her husband was having an affair and married the other woman,
The state has established a peaceful home.
When listening to it, I think that I was jealous of her husband.
I drink like a meal whilst drinking was being unconsciously
Backed by the time my son got home, I felt I was getting drunk rough.

My son will come home to "take a bath after a long time together with your mom and" out, saying my son is finally "Mom, I got drunk from a take off on their own, get rid of all those wearing mama" and It is said that she urged.
My son and I usually surprised to look different, according as I say.
Now entering the bathroom, "Sometimes I shed my back Mom" will wash their bodies and son, and I finish it up on the destination quickly as himself, when he brought out his son, I am wearing robes in one hand and a can of beer He was in still asleep on the couch. I'm having such a son, carried me into the bedroom, lay on the bed Kuretarashii.
And, as is his son and once he entered his room to sleep.
But eventually fall asleep, and he came back to my bedroom.
Initially, I worried about my son sleeping as if dead falls. And he said it was going to try to raise up.
But too much shake, even lightly tapping the face, just as unwilling to turn over, I did not occur at all.
While looking at my chest and rolled over when the skin 蹴Ta.
That I had to take off my bathrobe.
Then cautiously touched the breast, nipple sucking, occasionally, once I get a faint voice, I stopped to think happened, again.
My son found no sign that it happens that I faint cry.
Without looking to see where most of the women in my body and they can not.
Little by little going to expand my leg, and he and I looked at last.
I heard that over there I was when I turned slippery.
I could not take it anymore I see there already wet.
Yes I woke up I thought I do not care anymore When you come to here.
Eyes when I realized that I wake up to the catastrophe.
Then after being inserted into the body was what my son anymore.
My son desperately to escape the more you will have you hold me by force. Still resisted any attempt to escape.
Feel something hot in my spread.
思I知Rimashita be gone into my son alone.

And they make the mistake once, it is something other brake 利Kanai.
Alternatively, the guilt of his mother committed, what to do so.
Until the morning that my son committed to continued aggressive.
Like crazy though.
And from that day, every day began fucked by her son.

The sadness of the woman. Wet body fucked up son.
I remember my body being held to reach their son or one day.
Embraced by his son feel my body hanging on the hips they shook.

And also after the action, a tightening in my chest I feel a terrible guilt.
I have a stupid mother. Miserable woman.
Embraced by the body feels his son. Ino Hukashi after guilt has been reached.

The nephew and I

When I was in the care of the little nephew. Is really cute. And give us candy, give you pocket money, sometimes I sometimes sleep together like a real mother. I was at school three years that even his nephew, as usual, his nephew and his nephew went to the house is like a small child cling to me like, I slept in my bed into the night. Guuguu was sound asleep, while sleeping it's hard to suddenly hip. It was like looking out foreign cock in a cock softly about devilment. I get a large amount of semen you ejaculate quickly and Handjob. The pants I slept a little and I was wiped indifference to the topic in the wet. Good morning, my nephew did not state that I have wet dreams.

To Yumiko

I felt like a potato or husband?
Please, take care ^ ^
I'm working hard as ever against the son and husband!
Do not worry cum from both of you?

^ ^ I envy Mutcha

Last night, my husband narrowly

Today, almost a barrel last night my husband was narrowly Yo!
I casually when doing sex with my husband,'ve finished successfully deceived the good name of my son, I'll watch my step.

My worst

Last night I woke up at around midnight two.
I got off one floor and go to the toilet to pee.
泣声's mother heard from my father's bedroom.
I turned the doorknob slowly.
Wow, the body of the mother is not bound by ropes, Omar was sitting on a newspaper and a plastic sheet while being blindfolded.
Its body is trembling mother out there ~ ~. I heard the sound in my ear] filth out violently in the Omar said.
He was then wiped out part of the father by the hand ass mother, father lotion with the same thing when attached to my ass the other day, my mother stabbed from behind.
It was like a mother was suffering agony.
[Hurts] at first disgusting I started to wet my panties was more, see the series of words such as yours! Okay. Poking all the way up. And] feels.
It was like my father was moving my hips wildly over time.
To see that the end had come too limited.
Now I use a toilet floor, from Bareru thing happened to my parents, close the door knob to slowly climb the stairs on tiptoe.
Go back to my room, take off your panties wet pee slowly toward the roof of the veranda.
"Pichapichapicha" I let the sound and the time to two minutes.
Pee from the veranda was a little embarrassed at first.
But looking at how anyone went to bed, but just looked around to wear panties and I shut the windows and no balcony.
The first floor and I still care about
Imperceptibly, had Onatsu.

When the mother was out this morning to work anymore.
Was eating breakfast my father alone.
[I will see him last night he would look into. Eagle already know everything. ]
Will say, your finger on the secret of my panties to put his hands blocking the opening in the coming towards me
I soon move to the dirty hands, sitting away, away to bed, and began turning my tongue lick the secret of my father.
A smell of princes [Today] Yonben to Omeko saying
I want to put [as usual? ] I said to the old man motioned with his hands on his head turning.
The hard thing is implanted in the body.
Eventually became a pleasure as always, my father in me exhausted.
Wiping the sperm from the father came out in secret panties and went to school to eat breakfast.

In classes that had been done in secret donations of abortion Mayu China.
I could not because there is no money donations.
Recess, said China wanted to Mayu had pregnancy test.
After school, at home pregnancy test with Mayu China.
Blu-ray came out a minute later.
What is China Mayu [Who, right? I could not answer that] he asked.
But it was just tears.
Mayu left the house of China.
Now my room has two floors of the house, my parents did not come back yet.
In my stomach while also posting what I think of the new life growing body Sukusuku, anything entering the body.

Ah, now my parents came back.

The children of his sister

I'm sorry I was writing the wrong place, and an abnormal mental state with the second chance that this incest board, 読Mi耽Rimashita. Less experienced one month in September of this year nearly incestuous experience too. What experience is for causing damage to the ligaments of his left leg in a motorcycle ride car accident 16 years old son of his sister, but has recovered sooner than expected, things will continue to rehab at home, that I rehabilitation stop on the way home about 30 minutes to finish the job in relation to work for a facility, the son of a sister (Tsuyoshi Yoshi-chan is called) underwent a while to talk politely and gently feel the pain of her rehabilitation Tsuyoshi Yoshi had, without even talking answer is when the atmosphere was strange state of silence followed, and a great symbol of the trunks from the left, and the Yokittohamidete Bikunbikun, I had to Tsuyoshi Yoshi her face is hiding or embarrassed silence.
I silently, oh and massage to enter the stage of finishing the outer muscles of her 内Momo Tsuyoshi Yoshi Aaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ U Ah ~ ~ ~ There had to fill with, cute The moment I rubbed up and down the cock-up and has grown like crazy to forget her sore feet Tsuyoshi Yoshi, white semen was flying the space, because it was too sudden event, without words stunned Staring was.
It was too sudden, what you angry, and wondering what I should have 諭Se, while facing down in embarrassment, the lady I wrong to say ~ I'm sorry, I'm fine, no one I went back to clean up and say I'll say semen splattered.

Rehabilitation of the same state and the next day, especially your groin (lymph glands) and the inner thigh without saying a word to clear mucus out of the trunks rising from the hem of her Cock Tsuyoshi Yoshi and give gentle massage to gently and continue to massage the muscles to swing outside, and stretch the legs Tsumuri ping eye, Aaa Ah ~ Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ U ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ fill with voices there had Tsuyoshi Yoshi is leaking faintly from her lips.
Away to transform into a wicked woman to imagine the reproduction of the evening away with excitement and in front of cock young 浮Ki出Ta vessel while listening to the voice faint, the gentle muscle 内Momo massage and intense as rock cock anus, enforcement continues to repeat as Nazeru, Tsuyoshi Yoshi her mouth and had to concentrate to enhance the excitement there ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Aaa Aaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ There had to fill with, came out loud many times, I will never forget the electrifying voice this boy on the verge of ejaculation.

Furthermore, short off the foot of the trunks, and attended about a month to lose the charm of the moment when ejaculation ping open and stretch her legs a little up and down and gently rub her cock Tsuyoshi Yoshi.

~ PS ~ "Tasan Yu" to!

Yes Tsu came noticeable belly! But my husband is not 居Masu built, but for now ♪
Sometimes, thus Kakiko ® continues!

"1078" the continuation of

How do the Tsu! Like morning sickness is a calm, easy ® consisted also affect the life is gone!
Dad's stomach (the real son) next year after finishing in third grade, and 決Me手Masu job.
Dad from now, if you can come but I think the name of the child born is to choose a new life with her husband separated.

Re: [1085] Untitled

> Reality is important even for fiction. Anyway
> "My husband and be large enough compare to ~"
> "~ My son in my underwear"
> Statement and Please Check.
I'm also tired of reading something you do not feel like reading alone or a business trip my husband and son died with it.


My mother was desperately chewing his lips and hips while Mojimoji shake. Reiko is sometimes "Oh Yeah" was leaked to comfortably voice.
Reiko's mother know if I saw a long skirt is on a tear in his groin area and it was Mokkori pants.
My eyes closed with head bowed. Was unresolved whether such a thing to me to show what? Who was towards the mother was grabbed from behind my head.
"Kumiko, look good! In the daytime when I was You look into more carefully looked at?" Was behind me before I knew it Kiyouko Satoshi's.
Tone was very tough. I also had gotten potatoes. "Reiko! Feeling that forever? Help me come here soon."
Kiyouko Tadashi's instruction is to Reiko Reiko who has been approaching me dizzy. They seized my limbs. "Come be Tomoko!"
I saw coming from the people crawling on all fours in the kitchen is Tomoko. Tomoko is wearing a collar naked in my high school classmate of the original.
Why are you out of what? What are you wearing such clothes in my house why? Confused with more and more.
"Kumiko, Is it true that your mom became lonely since you started living alone," he said, laughing so Kiyouko Satoshi's. "I gave in my introduction to. I just like licking a pig from that," says Kiyouko Satoshi laughed out loud.
"I know your dad well, I cheated just because I go to a friend's niece at a nearby company, to lick your ass hole Tomoko several hours after her husband's bed I have! your mother! right? Mami! "My mother feels the vibration of the vibrator to close your eyes to see here startled senses," Yes Yoshiko Hisashi her mother is 4
It taught me the joy of a real woman's past from 0 Kiyouko Satoshi "She explained things so it would have otherwise taken for granted. "I learned the joy of your Tatte woman said she was just not me the most unnatural and Lesbian Anal Fist" Kiyouko Satoshi's mother was cursing while a leather belt wrapped around my hands and feet Masu. Tomoko I took three, yet I hold down the resistance of the flap is turned on me as a rider. "Tomoko, she said the things I liked you, so you raise it up I did not say I'll gladly lick your moms pussy is still impossible," but I looked down Tomoko was dyed bright red cheeks I was watching my face. "What has been will be what Asami night from just my Tomoko Hey, Mami is her Yoshiko Hisashi your favorite'll Take her to tell you like it whatever," says Kiyouko Satoshi gentle and my cheeks no longer move Yes, they said, eyes staring a very tough Tomoko stroking. "···· Yes. I called the bathroom every night after the father slept in her mother Yoshiko Hisashi has got to lick pussy Shaved nude and waiting for the mother. "" The only'm pussy? "" No, mother, Masu Hashi erection Bing immediately that the clitoris so sensitive really. because I would leak pee just to bite the clitoris and has let me drink and gulp "" You a wee drink every day? pee aunt's 40 too! "" Yes. I drink every night. I wanted to get wet to drink it just pee Gushogusho "" Asami, Tomoko's wet Gushogusho lick the pussy that you put in? "My mother is standing Mojimoji body was shaking," Yes, 舐Memasu. 舐Memasu too. Tomoko's pussy begin to drink so as to put his mouth to suck the man juice so easy to get wet ".
"You have nothing but things like that really untiringly transformation" in the words and expressions such as I have said something like that was tired of smiling. I take off my clothes one by one and I have been a piece of her panties.
Kiyouko Satoshi's has put my hand inside the panties. I was getting a little wet. I've been really excited to show off the legs from the time of her shiny Kiyouko Satoshi's just the two. Shiny legs of adult women is a Iyarashikatta was very excited because it was partly because the addition of an act like that they showed during the day.


Yumiko's been a while.
Do you remember?
Do not you have rather prominent belly?
I still enjoying my son's?

Re: [1092] incest

More like real writing!


Once the relationship has a son in high school and fatherless families.
SM is also rising from the vagina anal 弄Rita interested in an altered.
Twice a week, so I was embarrassed at the hospital several times, playing with the hips and I decided on Wednesday and Saturday.
On Wednesday I'll pick six companies train station. "It's a filial son."
People say I do not know.
Some trains are terrible Nabura anal.
Arui home 15 minutes from the station.
It is an enema.
I ran to the bathroom in the house, "Morasanakatta today. Hey pinching."
Ubiquitous 突Kimasu to hard anal from two Toushiro making a meal.
Ikimashita devoted to standing up in front Rotabaibu.
"Stupid, stupid." I held on to his son Shaburitsuku penis.
And to the anal. "I have caught."
My son is violently rub the clitoris.
Marks the climax together. I ate dinner after waiting the vibes torture.

Brush down with me

My name icon.
The international flight - I was setting Susumanai story.
Again, not a story is set closer to their environment there is no reality in the story.

Actually, even after thirty years old housewife is doing just 700 yen per hour in parts of small businesses.
Nor does it have to meet cute boys at work in other people from my husband of course not.

The face quite a while ago (seriously), but now quite earnestly'll just eat up the youngest old man ....
15 years ago, I was a student party was an affair to think it was about 40 I think.
At that time, "an adult I thought it was not," What it's really much older now with my husband, but I was impressed.
Bit complicated.
For female students and also to an affair with her husband and perhaps ... to sauce, but is impossible!

Anyway, night after night while the icon 疼Ita Moteamashi body (after the husband went to bed) was hanging about adult sites.
The icon that - I mean "I" or good?
I met a teenager on board, "Anonymous @ incest."
Words to narrow lines in the board is fair I was little, and really verbose.

(Oh, nameless.'m Writing today)
I quietly looked into the display from his 肩口.
I hit the neck of breath, he turned around in surprise.
I feel a little sheepish cute.
"And then do not worry"
Ttara his reddened ears gently say something.
Another nameless uncomfortable keyboard started randomly clapping awkwardly turned to computers.
"Will not do. Have become so much despair"
He is no talk.
"Jama that I am?"
Nameless shook his head without looking up.
"Could you take a break"
I said that, remove the button on the jeans gave kneeling at your feet will turn around his body.
Squid has a little smell smell out of his penis then vigorously.
"Are you properly wash?"
The up-from-under look and will ask him face to cry.
While I was rubbing in the palm still bullying.
"I do not get sick and not clean"
Were pulling the strings of clear liquid stickiness Looking at your fingertips poking a split glans he says.
Erection while I was ironing a closer look is quite slow.
(I knew I smell Retsu Tsuyoshi)
Just before touching the lips, clenched teeth seemed to close your eyes and look up at his face.
It tasted salty and try and lick the tip Perotsu.
I saw the back muscle tissue debris.
It smells amazing.
Innovation and sucking penis Kaputsu Eru was hot.
(Co young after all good!)
Hissing erect something indecent in the mouth filled with saliva.
Cock Rings Oshiku dying for love without Yozuchoto immediately.
My right hand was shaking his head feverishly to Masagutsu his crotch.
Stir the pot was tightly slimy unawares clitoris is stimulated to let the snake out of the groove with the middle finger.
Fingers clinging to a strong love glutinous liquid nameless Rino Moyo.
I no longer put up with, told him desperate.
"I can lick!"
He is obedient, chestnut raised in tongues licking his face buried between my legs were on his back.
Jarijari says that his pubic hair to rub into my mouth.
The attack began while he cleared 啜Ri Kio Hiraku dick slimy mucus thin fingers.
That sound so dirty.
(Poor nameless)
Lick vagina is like a Obasan ...
"Hey, you're ready for another place"
I say that was my best.
He has imposed so as to straddle cock my head stood up on their faces.
And hardness are back, but I'll Shigoi lips had become a bit soft.
"You're the first? I'm going down with my pen"
He said with a straight face.
"And I is not the first"
Nameless voice heard for the first time was like Winnie the Pooh.
"But it will Yarashi"
His voice was like a father what I'm going.
While sucking penis, looking up there and he was there again just plump belly,
Beyond that were smiling face is greasy bald nameless rose.
"Oh, not I'm nameless old man!"
He also responded instinctively shouted at me.
"You Only stinkie Oba-chan?"
"It's what you talking? Many are you?"
"I Shabure'll be"
"Let me stop a moment"
He was forced to grab my hair blowjob.
Really smell.

Re: [1089] I have a sister and incest.

I was impressed with the nameless broken sore.

Perverted, I mean plagiarism, or collage?
Of course, to put away the middle Shindoku Nde were truly not read it though (laughs)

As his self-satisfaction I'm writing is reaching Obasan and to some extent to evaluate it.
As the level of masturbation.

So I can try to be around literary magazine aimed at the most.
102 academics first rookie palindromic application deadline is December 31 (postmarked the day) might still make it so.
Of course, literary assessment head to head and I want to ignoring copyright issues.
Anonymous luck!

I really think it's OK with you if Obasan Scored one way around.
"I'm down with a brush"
Oh, be nice?
I try to work a little bit by this motif ...

Sorry ... I'm not a virgin?
I'm sorry.

I have a sister and incest.

Tuesday the other day that his sister Kaori Satoshi, come home from school and immediately came to my room still in uniform. The
"Your brother, and I suddenly what. Kaoru Satoshi, Tetayan a cold or before it?
The So your brother, who has nursed from hard, find a quick thanks to the payments by licking it. "

Morning, going out with my father knew my mother.
Kaoru Satoshi asks himself in because it was the first time, I let my Matagara upside down on the bed sleeping Kaoru Satoshi surprise but now commonly called the form of six nines. Kaoru Satoshi course is still in uniform, wearing no underwear has become. Frustrating for two people to go out with it.
And my sister and two people accustomed to going out alone together at home.
My sister and I with a discussion in the room below.
Even though the discussion, did not speak much.
My sister said.
[Ah, Ah, Ah Aaaaaa, you'll ik, ik ---- Uuuuuu いく'll Iku Iku]
Itta, shouting.
Kakae limp caused his sister, his sister back to the posture of that daze, my 突Ki上Geta things at once Ategai.
"I can not stay in this house I'll stay."
I was so upset I did not mind but sex.
"What you do not leave home. What are you saying?" So I said to my sister.
My sister, "I like my brother? Of a strange thing for?" And even wore hearing.
I said, "like it. I did yesterday because I like it like that." Answered.
Maybe I wanted to say things like sex with my sister. I was the natural answer. "What happened? Things you really will not be ashamed.'re A brother and sister"
Before leaving my sister's next words were closer to her.
My sister had run away.
When my sister holding a shoulder, his sister said.
"It's a bother to me. Okay.'ll Be equal with my brother too."
My sister said that Tsumurimashita eyes.
My sister took the lip thing without hesitation.
My husband My children are 41 year old homemaker in the two-week business trip last night, even my husband's father 居Masen
But I am embarrassed to get better
My stepfather and I can not believe Bikunbikun in 70 years
I was only going to die after a fall.
I tried to go to my room had a sister.
But in doing so because my sister was good and said his room.
I laid in bed and my sister.
I remember the first time had sex with my sister.
The difference is that there is conscious and his sister, it was not even noon yet.
While I undressed my sister went to the caress.
Gave pleasure to the body using fingers and tongues of his sister.
"Ah huh," Now that you wash Mizuho. "
I take a towel, I began to wash the body from the front of Mizuho.
I just spread stride, keep down the state had less in it Mizuho.
Open thin folded towels were so far in the neck almost feel like washing hands, chest, legs washed, just whoever feels like back in the shed butt.
"Okay daddy anymore. To give her father's body to flow Yu."
Yuko as bears had ever watched them patiently, "I am fine."
Eyes were like say, sitting in the hands of Mizuho drawn bath.
I had to do what to do yet Wakarana, Yuko began to flow back from me.
O my brother way too pleasant. "While my sister and I worry.
My sister was not a virgin, but, that not playing is like no Sore程.
Somehow it seemed. From my experience is, of course.
I'm getting more and more excited 可愛Garimashita.
Gave more love to cherish her.
Until the state gave to your sister's pussy floods.
I put the body in the meantime open crotch sister, sister Ategaimashita the tip of his cock.
Another is the state be placed at any time. I drink half a can at 350 ml, bottles of Stella has two.
I said, "I put. Now remember I'm good." He said.
My sister, "Yeah. I do remember coming in from of me."
I let the cock buried in her little sister. Firmly to the base.
"Your mother and his friends got into A brother is not whether I sleep on a futon"
"It's disgusting Aya Masa's. What a sense that," he said
"Well, I is right."
Her mother was wiping his forehead significantly stretched in the cuff. I seem to come to see the base of the tail is pulled thigh than the time until then.
"I was about ten years Hana Kono separate futon. That person is to toss around in bed, the snoring was great too"
"Then, when the bed is one of those to either sign or something," was impressive and sister said.
And I enjoyed my sister in the vagina.
I enjoyed my sister incest.
My sister felt my cock, and I did enjoy.
"Brother, brother!" My mother, Yumiko, 43 years old, but look what appears to 30s,
Friends, meet every mother, I'm young, settled and it is beautiful.
I'm 18 years old, some universities decided, later, just wait for a graduation ceremony, but free time. The last month or two, from about March, says study to focus, and has received a blow job for Yumiko. While Shigoi Morai to hand,
Yumiko large, soft, massage your breasts too, feels good.
Yumiko is also clear, from his father, the more I have to say I love you.
SEX father and when you are at me, thinking, and have had to say. Today, my sister from school, going to play at a friend's house staying somewhere due to circumstances directly to his father, drinking in the company's supposed late
Until now, somehow, I feel bad for her father, Yumiko and production, but never to
Earlier, after coming back soon, Yumiko tits fuck suck,
In the mouth, get up however, SEX would like to, say, I'm going to shower Abi, saying, I just went to the bathroom. Finally time to have my woman to Yumiko. Life, 14 years from now loving Yumiko, I am 16 years old, college entrance exams in January, ahead of his brother at the age of 18,
My room heaters, room air and the coup woke up at around 12 hot and away the largest asleep, empty windows, the windows of the room casually next to his brother, saw his brother The room, not only lace curtain closed,
People running around dressed in red,
Look for the "What," I thought, 覗Kimashita quiet room out to the veranda of his brother.
"What!" It became so startled to thinking aloud, and buried his face in the crotch of my mother how her brother,
Was moving his head slowly back and forth.
My brother, sitting on a chair, after a while seemed to be quivering mouth shut an eye in looking like bends backward, to the movement of the early mother suddenly, suddenly stopped.
My mother, on the face "clean." Like talking to my brother,
With the mouth movements.
My brother, "Yes," I nodded and then, the body of my mother, I had no interest at all, put your hand inside the pajamas Why was unconsciously Shigoi.
My mother is a beige flared rising slowly to about the knee
While on the bed 仰向Kenari, feeling make your knees and feet Hirakimashita.
To the betting window, even though there is quite a distance, in the heart of white nylon panties mother looked like a wet diamond marks clearly.
Then my brother, my mother approached the left and right thigh, as if to shake one's head licking the top of a mother holding in there panties and looked.
My mother is from the time you Nokezotsu brother, brother to grab his head just right to take off panties mother was licking directly.
The small rounded panties mother left ankle, so I felt very erotic to the balcony, only to hear the voice of my mother faint and clearly, "Oh, they ー ー they" and 喘Imashita , roll up my brother raised a red sweater tits mother started rubbing. I have been blind from his brother's body, and there mother's breast is
Are visible, and sound like a 46 year old, and very white thighs, without knowing his brother was hungry, we had a piston, my mother dressed my brother in arms, with wrinkled brow, "is ーThe ー "breathing fast, in less than a minute, my brother did not like, then my mother will cause the upper body, his brother over there, then and only then blew by Tesh, there's Mother able.
The next thing you know I was out three times in a pajama top.
And I came back to the room after a while, "Batanes" and the mother heard a noise from the room to go out of his brother. Did we mention it was cold outside, I caught a cold the next day
Then things and going to mother's body and panties, is now very interested.

The mother and brother after that, I think trying to talk later date.
The estimates. Rolled towel, and Yumiko came out,
I do spree! !
She said again and again, raised his voice was panting hard.
Listen to the voice of my sister and I more and more excited.
And ejaculation.
I lose all emitted in the vagina without her sister.
Did not write earlier, was asked to ejaculation in the vagina as the first time, at the request of his sister. It is the sense of 知Ritakattarashii ejaculation.
My sister said, "I'm this incest. I was being such a thing." 涙Shimashita saying.

Then my sister was three o'clock sex again and again.
My sister gave pleasure to be given the best possible range of my technique.
Be cool and I was his sister several times.
Stop having sex before her father and mother came back for two people to destroy evidence of incest.
The two of us shared secret.
Perhaps, I think things will be sex in the future.
My sister said today he was worried about the good and the ejaculation of the day will be to secure Temasen.
However, the guilt came out calm and comfortable.
I am now happy and guilt and a half and half.


Kou Mina,, between the forbidden door, masturbating in the pants - I have written more from my son].
Son (Takeshi) in late May when the daughter was in high school (Rena), there was a school trip.
At that time, I had dinner alone with his son Takeshi first time.
When I finished dinner with dishes, Takeshi was taking a bath.
From the bathroom, "Mom, do not we demand from the soap!" And that he cried Tsuyoshi, hurriedly went to the bathroom with a soap.
And is always "on the mat in place," although it was told from the bath Takeshi, and take a soap and I stood naked Takeshi.
Takeshi is "Thanks." Went back into the bathroom saying.
[I'm just sorry! Is] left the place and say, I was showing clearly in front of a respectable wage growth still ○ ○ Takeshi.

I have a washing 済Mashi entered arose from the bath looking at Takeshi.
Taking a bath when I touched the soap and body wash, it was felt that the null and watched soap.
Wow, I was with soap and sperm Bettori.
I rise from the bath, and Takeshi went to the room of a Notice of soap trick.
And that is terrible sight when I opened the door.
Surprisingly, Tsuyoshi I ever hit in his left hand holding the panties while his nose was not held on tight to your chin ○ ○ have an erection right hand, "Mom, Mom," I was saying, move violently.
I saw a man masturbating first time.
I am not ashamed [Takeshi, what are you doing! Naughty and nice soap in the bathroom earlier, and I act now, then You must return the panties your mother. Said].
The door was opened and was forbidden things and the opportunity Takeshi.
Walked over to me was holding my panties thrown by hand Takeshi "I love my mother!" You have beaten me on the bed saying.
Stop me [Takeshi! It is not allowed for this. Stop resistance for now].
I could not resist the force on the bed, but 15-year-old Mogakimashita.
Takeshi is in my ear "You 騒Idara loud neighbors! I keep quiet, mother." And whispered.
The longer the resistance to 見計Ratsu I will glue on my Tsuyoshi, rolled a negligee raised.
In the back of my mind may have been waiting for this moment.
So, just without any resistance, was watching the behavior of jitter and Takeshi.
When taking off the nightie to Takeshi, "I like your mother! I wrong in this soft tits!" She said with a grab my boobs.
And began to suck my nipples hard.
Like a baby in my belly came out 15 years ago
Then, I started to pretend to lick your tits no difference to me.
The first stop doing this [embarrassing. Takeshi sorry. Mom] was definitely the wrong word.
However, Takeshi is "Mom, is beautiful." Or "Mom, they a nice body."
"Updates! Nipples are standing. And I also feel that my mother," said Every time I have gradually begun to feel strange.
Did very well to study the adult's own Tsuyoshi, got my body on fire.
I finally, Takeshi [I also love my mother. I said].
I was like I was waiting for his word.
Takeshi also "I love my mother too." He said, I made my way to be involved from the tongue kiss each other.
Then, once I started licking my tongue around carefully on my chest and Takeshi to rotate 180 degrees on the bed.
Then, hit the lantern ○ ○ Takeshi your tits for me.
I'll Wait that was really wet the tip of your chin ○ ○, I grabbed the lantern ○ ○ Takeshi your right hand.
Then, in a fine erect setae (greater than one round from my husband) started rubbing up and down your chin ○ ○ slimy.
I'm Takeshi [I was fairly good. Bigger than the father] said.
Mekurimashita carefully by hand so gently about halfway through she was wearing the skin of the glans minutes ahead'll Wait.
"Ouch!" And I said Tsuyoshi, please bear with me [] contained in the mouth just fine, including wage ○ ○ The next Hachikirenai likes pink and slimy.
Including the mouth while your chin ○ ○ Takeshi, moving up and down, I was in a tongue licking glans minute, after a while, "Mom,'m" The moment I say, as a drop in sperm 甘Zuppai my mouth has erupted.
The first was the amount was too much drinking going on, all was going to drop it, I said to [cough], I semen out of the mouth on the belly of Takeshi.

In elderly

The elderly are feeling the coziness of this daily until I get tired even in fifty years more comfortably remember at the age of 11 playing with sexual intercourse.
Vagina I saw that stood stiff cock grandchildren age of 10 days I stand cock from those grandchildren and we aim at in one of the grandchildren and I wanted to tampering cock tiny really Rub a little tenderly holding a grandchild and that cock and this time it showed the 思I立Tsu so I was glad we played with cock cock and it feels good to put 云Ttara grandson here, "Why put" and grandchildren, so I cried out holding a white cock 擦Rimashitara from there until I pull out your going to put it in the end it was the first sexual intercourse cock standing is lying down holding a grandchild, "Grandmother It really feels good "and was happy. I feel I let the water out every day and then meet and fuck cock vagina once.

Copy and paste it Ikan

@ Anonymous I'm just copy and paste the entire story written by me on other message boards incest


Even the fiction and reality is important. Anyway, "not as big as husband and incomparable ~"
"~ My son in my underwear"
Well such statements, please. Tired of over used.
Besides myself and a different gender, age Please stop impersonating too.
The wording about the first spoiler spoiler contradictory and impossible.

I am 45 years old

yuna himekawa[1084]
I work for a small design firm is 45 years. My husband passed away from cancer three years ago, lives alone with two 16-year-old son. One morning in August of this year, the strangely slippery crotch and I have a shower. SEX Since my husband died from not at first see H and I even got wet dreams? , If you want it to do now but I thought there was a long night a week or so and then I felt weird, I found it ridiculous that a son . The day after cleaning up after dinner, two people were watching TV with my son. The son said "I put my coffee, Mother?" I asked, "So, please," and asks his son went to the kitchen. Although I looked towards the TV I also now go to the bathroom. Toilet is located near the kitchen, go to the toilet before he remembered that the coffee is put out, put some kind of powder in a cup that his son entered the kitchen just to say it I have had. "Hiroyuki,
What are you doing? ! "I hear and I, no answer to say to the face. Again, no further answer to 問Itsume. More tightly and grill, Hiroyuki has 被Satsu bull rush me out over my suddenly. "Hey, hey, what are you doing!" To ignore the word, Hiroyuki Masagurimasu my body is. "I am a mother to you. Do you think this is just as good as this!" And Hiroyuki and bellow out, "I tried to drink coffee with my mother into sleeping pills. And my mother I have to commit it. "and the word was said by his son and said something that really imagine. "What are you saying? You think I want to do that!" While speaking with the son 振Rihodokou, the son threw down words like me to despair. "The last time the same hand, I'm committed to my mother in bed," Yes, my legs felt a slimy old relic was quite committed to his son. Before I became a black eye, I suddenly missing power. Hiroyuki that I have committed time and again forced to take off your clothes. Since that day, my son violates every day. Resistance and was beaten, kicked, raped the force. At least birth control is seen to say no. The other day I finally realized that you are pregnant. Talk to my son, "Then again without worrying about pregnancy and could not H.'m Not bring up until the last minute filtration fallen." I was told. I am anymore, even to death. But no courage to die. I never know what to do.

@ To Incest Anonymous

I make good reading!
Good luck to run out me story!

I really think the whole confession read posts around here (Arcadian) Go ahead, throw a delusion about to say something with them!

Decisive fight tells a nameless lonely.

> 1081

Always the same post the contents of the live for?

It's my brother

When I went to college, I decided to sell the hot stuff in Buruserashoppu quick thinking earn spending money. I had my brother help you in those years I was in high school makes sense when you are sick after the place they photographed it and really naughty.

I wear the uniform, for example, are posing in the back of it feels like, let me take a picture I feel like standing in a place it seems after my brother.
Yes, I did so and a T-back, but the younger brother after I was let stand naked body because it'll be reflected in ^ ^, that the Lightning first saw this when my brother ^ ^ v

I looked like I'm being really look at the picture later. Beginning his brother is "not stupid", but she wanted to Kitarashiku gradually become somewhat interesting, among them "toots, if she got this bad?"
I got quite enthusiastic about getting up or 言I出Shi.
I'm just being realistic in a normal position and put not see properly because of my hair, at that time I had taken my brother from the top to really take off your legs without underwear ー cane.
"Do not look," Do not look at me Muri Yu better posture Well I told you this, I saw my brother is probably one of my dick firmly.

Buruserashoppu went up for sale on a little picture from the built up such a thing to do at least twice.
I was working to put the eye or my brother.
Then the manager was really happy there, "This is a pretty good price I sell"
I never Yu.
I was done I started wearing uniforms in high school I grow on active duty. Take off your panties on the spot,
I had bought yen in 5000 fresh off panties and 5 pictures. But we have some photos Hakikae panties,
I like him if I took off my Post on the spot anyway. Instead, I was being photographed wearing at the time ^ ^;

Eventually got to buy six sets like that, I went back to receive a whopping 30,000 yen.
Nde 300 yen at Ito-Yokado also bought him the panties, I felt something killing me ^ ^ v
My brother gave 10,000 yen to the Galleria.
"Honey, you gave me money Rakkijan manage to choke on my body," I get to say, my brother-chan "Hey, great pictures were about 10,000 more were bought in 5000 yen I get like this, 're going to be? "I Yuuno.
"What more awesome, Do Yuu Yono" I Yuttara,
"What is it with you boobs rubbed from behind, and you feel that you are putting your finger in dick, and this is something I Feller"
What I'm Yu.
"I Gomakashiki photos like that there not?" I Yuttara,
"Oh, good. Yarushi were about to do my Son" I never Yu.
"Are not you stupid. Yanannainosa misplaced why is such a thing to me is you" and I Yu, "Come on, But I'm not really have sex," I never Heki suru.

That place also went to another day, I asked the manager to sell any pictures were high,
"Ne I thought, I suddenly have a foul and sell high guy" was told.
"Sugokattajan last picture. I'm glad something is put in place they posture. I had sold it on the same day. Right then, how Feller. Of the popular"
"I really got to take more of that and I asked my boyfriend," I Yuuno.
The brother and contrived Barenakatta Yarase photo because I'm good

As my brother was saying. That guy, I wonder what I did in high school to the habit? ^
Why do not you tell from my brother back "Oh, right, that so I Yu 撮Rou of" What I really keen.
"Well, Once in the bathroom and coming from," I went back to my room I slowly.

And rises out of the bath room I have, my brother came.
"Oh, toots, you seem like a sexy ho hair is wet? It around behind me"
Come up slowly behind me without permission I have to touch the chest from the top T-shirt.
"Screw you, what are you doing it." Stop and I'm saying that my brother let go of your hand
My brother has a hand grabs my breasts from the bottom, the moment "Huh?" I felt so big and strong I think. What I felt your body involuntarily and Vic.
"Toots, ー're a rehearsal is still felt s bad tea," My brother was laughing.
"The Well, I like this?" My brother has put his left hand touching the chest with my right hand 内Momo right.
"First, while wearing clothes, feeling?" Said his brother away from it with a digital camera set.
Set a timer and Pasha posing in a hurry to come back earlier.
"Then the next ー be, for example I'll just take off her pants hey had" got turned into something more pace and my brother.
I just took off the bottom, which I've just taken a similar pose
I touched my brother had a finger over the panty.
"Let me stop a moment"
"I'm not, I'll look into this as not Yarase. Hey, I take"
"Hey ー following her, took off on"
"What? I Yada."
"You'll be fine from that perspective rather 分Kan put things right" to take off my brother takes me from behind.
"Oh hey, I know, do not Hippannai" I started playing I just got the panties.
"O ~, ー toots on his chest only. I knew.'s 85 D cup and I"
I was stunned. This girl I know you like my breast size.
"Yo touch, right?" Right? I was saying I already been touched.
"~ Us, only ー Soft. Mochii come ~" So slowly brother to me adopt a similar pose and just
And this is my honest, I feel I got sloppy coming. And brother, while his right hand touching the left nipple with your fingers touched my heart I've been on my clitoris stimulated stronger than before.
I was thinking, "Oh" and I've aloud, and began to fondle my brother like crazy like it was signaled.
"Ah ~, I Yada, Oh Oh stop stupid" I was like tea Nokezotsu to leave your body at all bad at the other brother after that I was trying to resist.
"Toots cute. Iroppoi tying" My brother came to move your fingers really hard and rough while breathing.
"Ah ah ah sauce ~ ~" The thing I like the other picture I was crazy to forget about feeling.
"Toots, but I Pantsu Bichobicho cool" Yu and his brother so we put a finger from the side of the panty with a jerk.
"Ah ah ah ~ ~" I was a little rough and intense fondling his brother, to etch ever felt like no great pleasure. To feel like that shit
Chan "Hey, I want sex" is like my brother had to say such a thing. To me it is like at that time I did not understand what s going on, and noticed that his brother opened up my knee back up they have come before. I saw my brother above facing array.
"Hey, Yada, Stop it, what were doing for" 言I終Waru before me is, my brother came with me to put things into their own.
"Oh Yeah ~ ~ ~" I cried with great pleasure. No longer will it become the translation is 分Kannaku
I have great Tarashiku aloud, while his brother had been directed to poke my hand to mouth.

My brother got me Sore程 installed in less time. The last out was on my tummy.
If I was motionless for a while, my brother and I had to wipe the thing in his stomach tissue.
"I'm really glad toots"
"Hey I wanted to properly long before I was to follow through masturbation while thinking things toots"
"From the first time at the pictures taken with him, I already put up Dekinakutsu"
"I'm happy now gah grinded. Okonnai it in?"
I will be surprised and anger to hear that my brother had to speak.
From the way I feel is a man clearly in his brother, thinking too little or not,
The truth is I noticed that I could not stop.

Since then, taking pictures and selling, but still continues, has already taken in Yarase enjoying sex with his brother without 思Ikkiri.
Oh, and Blow is popular photos lately been full of requests I got from the manager.
Eventually somehow unable to get the best brother?

My mother is gentle with me

Sitting on the couch next to me home from work and soup.
Admonish us today and I'm cold.
Us hand in hand across the thigh.
If you like the smell of mom Yorisotta.

Then I'll walk stood boiling bath.

First in the bathroom, makes first gently washed ○ Ochin increased. Face wash makes even fingers and legs.

In the bath, the mother sat in front of me,
I get grabbed my breasts from behind.
Mom, me behind him touched the Ochin ○ immediately.

As it is sometimes put, the two most intelligent Morai figure showing a change of clothes after bath mom has promised to replace plenty of saliva lose.

Lay next to Mom wears a garter, I figure I made me sit face to sit in front of mom, Iki peaked reason is missing.

The general life of society two other friends, gave up.
It is a happy family well.


I am 21 years old. My father is 41 years old. My mother died when I was 12 years old I am.
My father every day while watching the video for sex Shikoshiko night.
It was learned when I was 15.
Wake up go to the bathroom during the night, the noise from the room of his father.
Innovation software to peek ~ my father is lower body, was Shikoshiko aloud while watching videos faintly naughty naughty and naked.
I'm back to my room that masturbation Sokko excited.
Then the next day, his father 覗Kimashita room the next day.
One day, my father, "Akane, I'll last masturbation" First come it says, "What thing?" I stayed in feeling, "Dad, look at the Akane'm on masturbation I got, "he said.
"Every day I was actually" say "or frustration?" I answered "Yes" I replied.
When his father to leave my seat and has continued to hug a little silence.
I've lost the power of the father, but I resisted.
My father came to kiss while gently touching my chest.
Father's cock came in my crotch pressed Bing.
Yes I can give up, I felt that I still have.
My father went to the room with the father's sex videos and sex videos watched while touching my chest.
My pussy is wet with man juice from another sheet.
My father came to lick my pussy, I gave up thinking sat.
Then my father, "What's felt? Cute ~ I," thing licked each other's positions and to say 69.
Then I waved my father sat on a hard ride.
My father is "disgusting. I see good pussy." 揉Mimashita my chest and said.
Back then I cum father.
I was masturbating while watching a sex video in front of my father's father had no cum.
And every day, or to an outdoor showing of mutual masturbation with dad SEX SEX · car and has a.
Yesterday night the father went to the park I had SEX.

Since then

It is our long time, and Yumiko!
About five months have passed since then, more and more prominent belly came!
Children growing up staying on track, my husband is undoubtedly fully believe our son.
However, treatment of sexually son regularly, ♪ ® continues to
In the mouth, and drink all the time it is also leaving.

Re: [1076] spoiled

Incest @ you! Annoying! Yo you're persistent!


When the dinner tonight, nausea 駆Ke込Mimashita Moyooshi suddenly to the bathroom.
Come and see my son was concerned, thanks to a little back rub,
But in my mind and I was terribly upset.
"Do not tell me pregnant"
There idea. I just want to say my husband, unfortunately now, my family one son.
My husband is overseas in the previous six months away from home, is the son of a fatherless family and I practically.
The idea and the other is a real son of this.
Since my son about six months ago, I became a man and woman relationship.

3 months ago, that day is just a fight with her husband on the phone was depressed. Always very careful to use contraception, I was absolutely refuse to make without the rubber, only that day, I had no time to think that birth control in my mind.
The son was not around in such a lonely feeling I want someone to hold you tight.
In the living room after dinner, while I cuddled my son a drink,
Shinadare was taking. I've hugged my son's shoulder.
I watched up-from-under look son, went with his eyes closed.
Deep kiss with her son.
Became more aggressive, much less than my time.
There were two people hold firmly. Eventually, my body started to caress her son inside.
Partly because of the alcohol, my body was becoming more sensitive.
Touch my body and hands of his son, my voice out.
"Oh I Un"
Son from the hands of the breast has been gradually down to the lower body.
"Ah, the U"
In the hands of his son came from 滑Ri込N skirt, while exploring the center of my
I whispered in my ear.
"I'm wet vagina mom"
Until now, I have never said such words to his son directly.
"Well Son I"
"My fingers, so feel good?"
That day was something different. Until then, the sense that sex was to give a rather 手Hodoki and that day was my son at the mercy of the caress.
"Oh I Uu"
"I'll let more comfortably"
So saying, I did my lips avidly. Between my legs into a sofa in the living room naked, son 啜Tsu will lick my heart.
Again and again, made me welcome her son cum in a caress.
Become naked before we take off your clothes or my son always, but my legs spread wide, "his mother put it," he said, are hardened cock son, over there with my 押Shi分Ke have been included.
"Ah Uu Uuu"
"Ah, warm it in the mother"
But I did not understand at first, I always felt different.
Blend that was a familiar sensation in my son's cock.
But I noticed my son and do not put anything but raw.
"Ah Ah Ah Tsukenakya O A I will not do"
"It feels good mother"
"Well do not put useless and will not do"
While exploiting his son thought hard.
When I finished the previous period. Is finished, it was just about a week before ovulation one day for sure.
"There'll be tut she can Oh No"
"Oh Oh I love mom"
[Love] love for his son is said, is through vigorous stirring, now I can not deny.
End in the end, my son was put on,
"How? Do you love me?"
And when people ask, thinking,
"I love you I love you!"
"Which is a good father?"
"That, do not ask"
"Well, I stop? Are you sure?"
"I feel good there is much more Yuki Shin Yuki Shin Yeah it useless!"
Away saying, I shook his hips.
Thus, even though my son Sun danger is poured into the vagina three times in my sperm.

"What should I do I do?"
15-year-old son, I also still at the age of 38 physiology, pregnancy can be.
But the kids I would 身篭Tsu real son.
I knew. If you have sex without birth control, pregnancy I knew about it, sex with my son I did not stop.
The owner posted overseas for long, it was my son's who have supported my heart had become unstable.
A man to feel his son's mother had not spoiled as a woman is true.


Today, people go home they had just dad.
Mari H's attention, finally ran the place to look.
Mari has made raising dinner, wanted to enter the bath together.
Once back in the room, still wearing shorts to masturbation.
Mari is super excited for, just imagine that in the future
Mari I was wet. (Mickey Mouse pants and entered the race a white guy)
I made tea stains on pants, so I'm just a little touching.
Feels good to touch and feel over the cloth.
Kitei her vibrator and then (the shape of her massager Kitei) in
I got a little pee Bitchatte Pikunpikun rice and hit the dick
Lightning cum. I went to the bath with a face so innocent.
I have had from the vagina and take off your pants 糸引
I put rubbing the crotch portion of the vagina open.
The crotch part is doing with the yellow sticky with pee sucking.
Looking at the pee smell you smell great.
At the top of the cage undressing pants on purpose, I've put together and spread bra.
Nasty stains on pants, so I made my daughter.
The excitement just thinking about it.
What do you think Daddy Naa watch this?

Mari had been in earlier in the bathtub
"Dad! Coming in I'll sink back!"
He said.
Dad came but slowly.
Wow, that was good to speak with my daughter or for a long time perhaps?
But there is resistance in the bath a little like that.
Mari Do not stop but I was in the bath
Dad does not come out of a difficult to stay still.
Naa's heaven or pants? I slowly
I opened the bathroom door out of the bathtub
Masturbation and hid behind something.
Dad says I came out from the Mari Naked, breasts and vagina was hooked.
Dad was still holding the pants still Mari.
"O, you're doing"
And dad to say
I was embarrassed to.
ー disillusioned Daddy!
The daughter was not, I'm still thinking Koto H is.
"ー into the fast."

"What high school guys pants so that they do now?"
Being asked,
"My friend Teru Hayo Invisibility yes or black."
Dad was still surprised.
And give you back shed and
Dick daddy was holding a towel. Are apparently really got bigger
Did you take into ー In the Dokeyou and I did not like the towels from the father to be standing.
The penis came out really thick Then, and not, I'm feeling really stand grows.
Dekakatta from him.
Gave wash hands with soap and put it scrubs.
A hard lot.
Now wash your attention, I thought Mari.
Dad just back from the wash
"I even washed properly before"
Dad likes us, carefully wash the breasts.
Mari was standing next tea that nipple stimulation.
"Wash vagina too fine"
Mari was to make it easy to wash your feet a ride to standing on the chair.
Daddy I was rubbing a sponge,
"I'm going to wash by hand at daddy"
Rub your dick likes to put the soap? Have.
Slightly stimulate the clitoris big daddy hands.
Then Dad has to put your finger. Did you enter the Innovation and slippery with soap and water.
Mari is
Dad and said
"Good show here."
I decided to show it was said in the bathtub.

So long the next time.

Son raped

I look for a wife of a man 40 years old. Away when the man had always thought something was going to take discipline, so one can not listen even cut me asking for me to revolt against the 13 year old son.
My opponent male masturbation I look at our son's growing out so many hot. I wanted to ejaculate and I will hold the Chinpoko rebellious son that I usually make sure my son out of semen from another Chinpoko.
脱Gashimashitara son son Chinpoko strongly hold the pants to get naked lower body into the room of my son home from school to ignore the quiet 呉Retamashi let me leave without any resistance, but over or.
I just 弄Rimashita the Chinpoko and at this time. My son is feeling pleasure, so I closed my eyes I looked into moving off the Chinpoko ○ LANGUAGE and abandon his son on. My son did not feel like it was Naka Naka ejaculation pleasure. Sex and masturbation and the actual timing is still not what the fit.
I trained like I can ejaculate in the vagina while masturbating because it can no longer see my son's rebellion since then.

Raped by my son

I am a 38 year old housewife. I have a 46-year-old husband and an 18-year-old son. Since my husband works in the production relations of a major company, he does not come home for more than half of the night shift every month . Meanwhile, it is the event in May of this year. May 17, 2006, that the son of 18-year-old birthday, want a modest birthday party was. My husband was a night shift, so I was alone with my son. That night, partly because I drank too much beer, I went to the bathroom and finished my work. On my way back to my room, a little light was leaking from my son's room. I thought, "Oh, I'm studying until this time!" And opened the door. In the room, my son took off his trunks pants, put my purple panties on his nose in his left hand, and moved it up and down while holding his right hand. It was a decent masturbation. I was shocked to see my son's masturbation for the first time. But in my heart, I thought, "Any boy will do it someday. Just be careful." "Yukihiko, what are you doing!" I asked my son. Then my son stopped moving his right hand and said, "Iku!" And turned to me. I saw the moment when semen violently jumped on my son's belly from my son's ○○. "I'm sorry mom," my son apologized to me.I said, "Return my panties quickly! Then wipe the things on my stomach !" ... My son wiped the things on his stomach with my panties and told me, "Mom is bad. I! " saying was defeated me to the bed. My appearance at that time was a no bra invisibility negligee. I said, "Hey! Yukihiko! Stop doing what!", But the power of my 18-year-old son couldn't win anymore. Son raised turning a negligee to "I'm liked the mother from the front! This soft rather than in big tits I'm bad!" Saying, while my chest to grab, the nipple and began licking. I "quit early because I'll keep it secret is such a thing Once to say you'll! This Dad please" However, the son started licking my upper body as "dare to say When was mon say to Dad!" Was Mashi Me .. I'm starting to feel weird. Every time my son said , "Mom, it's beautiful." "Oh! My nipples are standing. I feel my mother too." I cried. Finally my son put his hands on my panties and slowly began to take them off. I said with tears, "Stop Yukihiko! Forgive me!" Son "Mom! I love. It is beautiful. Nice is it!" I do not even anymore what can resist the words to say was. I just put my hands on my face and watched my son's actions.After taking off my panties, my son bent his leg into a dogleg and began to look at my local area. Then I started licking my local, saying, "Wow, it's grotesque." "Mom, you pee. It smells like pee. But behind the smell of pee, it smells like mom. It's the same as the smell of panties," said my son. I was no good anymore. My son gradually turned and brought XX near my face. Oo-chin, who had been masturbating a while ago and was shobon, was better than her husband . And, a transparent liquid was coming out from the glans penis of XX. While looking at his son, Yukihiko, I started to touch Yukihiko's. Before I knew it, I was on top of my son and licking my son's ○○ chin. My son said, "Mom. I want to have sex with my mom." When I said, "If you keep this thing secret from my dad ...", my son said, "Never tell my dad." I held Yukihiko's XX in my hand, guided it to the ostium of the vagina, and sat down quietly. Yukihiko's warm and big XX chin slowly came into me. I started to move my hips little by little. My son started saying, "Oh, mom feels good." While saying "Yukihiko, Yukihiko", I started to move my hips up and down gradually.I don't know how long it's been, but my son said, "Mom will come out." I immediately stopped my hips and tried to grab my son's XX, but my son was holding my hands and I couldn't pull it out of my area. I told my son, "Yukihiko, if you put it inside, you'll have a child!" But before I finished saying the word, I felt it burst into my belly . I fell down on my son. My son seemed to be absent-minded, and I remember being told, "Mom, I've lost my virginity now ." I slowly raised my hips and pulled my son's XX from the vaginal opening. A white liquid, a mixture of my son's semen and my love juice , spilled out of my area, running down my thighs and dripping onto the sheets. I just said, "It's over. Today's thing is absolutely secret to my dad!" And left my son's room with my purple panties that my son used for masturbation. ..

Parents and children exposed

Yesterday, the park has always enjoyed masturbation since my exposure over bad weather and no one was wondering. I went to the park with my son. Light rain still falling in the park without me figure out who was rubbing 始Memashitara son masturbation cock while showing his son. Figure in the field without his son was feeling less stimulated enough to ejaculate while watching my pubic hair grew. Today, with our son, the plots of me remember my son is exposed to the experience of sex son and was beginning to look like my son was noticed in masturbation son incest sex outdoors and exposed soon and confidence can be attached.

Likely to incest

Are you masturbating in my panties before I noticed in the penis was erect Shigoi from the opening of the door when I was younger brother suddenly found himself obsessed with vibrator masturbating when I get home, so nobody in the dawning night When asked in the nod would like to come into the room and embarrassed to call his brother was not able to taste the life I had been so recently I made a promise to put out his brother had Yuuma Toi I put in my. Nice safe day today, but because the younger brother to do a man pulls his brother from now on until there seemed boyfriend virgin!


Mari and dad went into the bathtub in that face.
Mari Nokketa the edge and their feet. Oma's and Mari O controller that so
Dad is a full view of the state.
"Oh, I was closer look."
I think really excited.
Dad is watching from, where your fingers extended.
"What a beautiful pussy that this is Mari."
Dad and said, rubbing the clitoris has been flipping through the skin of the clitoris.
It felt great.
"You're a good pussy and the other students as well. With a different childhood."
He said.
On the other hand, with finger-picking Dari boobs nipple rub.
"Do you feel good?"
Honestly I was asked to
"····· Yes. "
He said.

Grasp the thigh and has a direct lick.
Licked to stick to the clitoris, whizzing sound echoing
Matsuri is light and I cum.

Then we put a finger.
Smoothly into the first one in the book, put the second,
Or put out for you.
It gradually went faster then.
I feel they have been stirred a great, great sound and I was sloppy.
"Hey, you've really wet."
I was told.
More likely to Iki,
One hand, rub the clitoris and raised
I Bikun been already been Fukasa tide me Lightning Bushu from the pussy.
It was crazy from, I was taking daddy's face.
Dad has moved a finger yet, but it was still Mari Itta Bakka
Pussy and getting hot, has stirred drenched
Bikunbikun, cum Lightning.

Mari wants to pee, say
"I'll help you dad," I said
So as to face from behind Mari
Stood before the mirror out of the bathtub.
Pussy and ass to be in plain view is held, has also seen an erect penis Dad.
Coming out to enough,
"I extend both hands."
He is a very shy Tsu
While I scratched Bushu arc, pee came out at once.
"She was very old and thus do not"
Great shame and I think that has now been said.

Re: [1064] exposed in the Family

Family child exposed exposed, could very excited --- I think, probably the park with friends looking 参Rimasu sometimes I even love the couple 居Masu we look like on purpose, and people still more excitement to be found I'm much. During the couple 居Masu to expose. Please come and enjoy time outdoors exposure,
. I started masturbating in front of me as I put my son in the lower body. According to the movement of the pubic 擦Rimashita son's hands, too. I pledge to hold the penis of his son's private parts at the beginning and then it
> I have incest. Now I was masturbating in the shade of the nearby parks and squares if there are more interested in exposure to sex before I make sure we invite his son to the park.

Potatoes with her husband

yuna himekawa[1068]
The sex with her husband, even though contraception was hardened, and my son was let into the uterus ejaculation. Even though real mother, I want his sperm into the uterus because of what my son real mother though.
Again return to my womb gave birth to a son hurt your stomach.
To atone for my son's pain during childbirth, "vagina" rather than a pleasure to bear loves lips and tongue, which is inserted into the penis in my vagina that is part of the body. His son cock, similar in shape and my vagina. Others and therefore, does not envelop the pleasure I never felt that. And feel a swell in the vagina just before ejaculation son's penis and started moaning along with her son ejaculation.
"Oh mother. Mother"
During ejaculation, so my son cry.
Son, feeling the sperm into the uterus, too, "Mother," is called, I like irresistible.
Body to let go of my son ejaculation after a "pull out, if this remains little more"
And 甘Emasu like a girl. Being pulled to the penis can result in overflowing the sperm could not fit into the uterus.
"Mom.'ll Become pregnant."
Gentle eye say to his son,
"Mom, You should not pregnant and your baby?"
My son is a little surprise, leapt powerful penis in the vagina.
"Mother, Mother"
Kakimawashimashita inside me again say that.
Me that my mother loved my son. Show me that attitude instead of the word.
"I want, I want the hot to the uterus"
"We'll become pregnant mother."
"Good.'s OK.'ll Let pregnant mothers"
Immoral Kaerimizu feelings for her son's real mother, when the sperm is injected into the womb of the mother of his son's forbidden desire repeatedly fertilizing the body, and her husband opened the door.
"My son mother, incest diary from" Forbidden Chapter fertilization.


"Put out into the mother."
Pregnancy is also prepared to draw on the deep womb of the sons cock, "That's OK. I'm out in the mother," and moan with my son whispered to my ear.
"Mom.'ll Go"
My son more screaming ejaculation penis sticking out.
"My son's sperm enters the womb of the Sun" dangerous
I think that spurred its acme,
"Mom, we'll be pregnant mother."
I was crying so.
Every time my son comes in sperm inside the uterus, have fallen behind the eyelids spark was clinging to her son.
"My son mother, incest diary" from.


Drugged, I now have to be drugged at the same time will have been made pregnant mother's uncle.
First, my mother's uncle was met at my second year in middle school.
The uncle became a stranger comes to stay at home.
Is exactly like sex and had been looking forward to my mother, I had no choice in the ear in the ear of listening to my mother next to moan.
Imperceptibly it became my uncle, as much at home now come home, and had been living together as if noticing.
It was like the uncle had a lot of money.
I bought a drink always 飲Mi明Kashi mother and the mother was an alcoholic imperceptibly.
Longer fulfill their function next to a woman and mother is an alcoholic, and now my body to look at their uncle.
Looking at the now flickering and leering at me from time to time.
All the time.
"So cute. Saori chan mean, it's almost high school? I walloping breasts. You're already an adult body."
I'm staring at my body's saying this.
Is a bad feeling from that time were you.
I was in bed three days have passed in high school, came to touch my body in bed and uncle came into.
"Saori-chan, congratulations on passing high school.'ll Pass her to celebrate her uncle, Saori from now." Began to take off my clothes and say.
I asked for help was sleeping next to my mother was afraid.
But the mother did not help me back still turned.
While I do that is naked, the man was still rough around the tongue licking the breasts and genitals of his uncle did not see it.
"The body of a young girl I thought it was delicious! Will have covered tits, they're beautiful to Omeko with pink!" She said
My uncle came close to me and remove the penis from the pants.
Since I had not seen the genitals of a man, when I was dumbfounded, "I'll get her virginity Saori future. A precious woman virgin.
This is an important ritual because I love to see a man and woman, and I can tolerate the pain! "Just, the uncle came in force to the penis screwing my genitals.
I screamed with the pain too much.
But my mother pretended to be asleep, so my uncle is ignoring the repeated hard piston.
My genitals are torn, blood spray is put my mind to the pain of losing so much.
Moved vigorously back even grabbed my waist that "I will soon! I'll get in Omeko chan Saori! Physiologically more mean, I'm starting? I'll be a child Ddatara'm starting. I'm good at ? can be got kids! are always good I got pregnant! "the spit and semen inside of me said.
The different screamed with tears stain was semen in the vagina.
"I felt Saori chan. Let me do it again." Went on to say that my uncle would return to his bed.
I was really shocked.
Of course I was shocked, but committed, things did not really shocked to stop my mother any more.
I greeted the morning, feeling the tears flowing from there in my bed uncle's semen.
Then my uncle is like the taste of my knowledge, was raped several times the next day.
The uncle continued to expel the semen without contraception my stomach.
The summer had a pregnant high school freshman.
"Mom, from getting your period? Slightly swollen belly is getting it, and I even bigger breasts. What should I do?" I heard.
"It's quite nasty girl! I 寝取Ru man in spite of my high school! Cleaning up and getting to the hospital soon!" Said.
My mother was jealous of me as a woman rather than to worry about.
Although I tried to go to a hospital in tears, uncle, "What can abortion until about six months? Abortion is better to settle for the six months it!
While we're waiting to put out a live 放題Jan abortion should do so! "Moraezu is said to make use of the hospital since the baby's stomach grows banged fucked until the last minute, let's abortion Moraeta last.
My date of abortion, was shocked at home in bed.
My uncle came to committing to it.
"What is it today ばっかり has fallen Ro! He did! Cheese!" The fiercely resisted this.
Uncle "Today, I've been to new things that I would be made pregnant again?'ll Make again and again mated to pregnant! I gave birth my children all around!" Said.
"I do not want something pregnant again! I do not want you baby! And I wonder!" I resisted it, and exhaled in the semen.
Once my uncle in September, "a child can not safely drink from this medicine" came to give the pill before sex to say.
I drank it without any doubt the first thought that the tablet pills.
If you really feel good sex since taking the medication.
As has become the medication reminder from Uncle imperceptibly.
Of course, after so did the natural urge to have sex with uncle body.
Gonzo and the introduction of photography and uncle, and now were forced to byte or indecent.
But now I hear my uncle say anything to get medicine for.
Turned in January, was injected into my arm and my arm with a syringe uncle came.
The drug cases were the same sense.
○ I understand that time is too late and rust.
I am not happy but now the drug.
Also, my stomach right now they've made the baby's uncle is the second person.
A script does not let the other 21 weeks Ro fallen yet.
Areola is black, that came out quite stomach.
My baby is so much bigger like that.
There's been shivering.
But of this I know that withdrawal symptoms


Yesterday, I had to leave the hall after the familiar home from school shoes.
Mother was the shoes.
See him and my mother was a white face color, "I spent a nuisance. I'm sorry," and the voice conversation is over.
I'm loving the room upstairs.
Father unless there is another mother will not come into my room.
It can concentrate on the study.
Emergency, dry throat and sit at the desk, and sleepy, adhere to the hand to study.
Moreover, in the first floor will it be with my mother and father having sex after a long time? Would imagine.
I think so, Iki hand back part of the secret nature of the panties, they started masturbating while imagining things my father angry.
Opened the door of the room at that time fell in love with my masturbation forget imperceptibly.
It was my mother.
"Are you in the hospital when I learned that I? It s become a dirty girl. Like me. When you properly use birth control and the men are. The money filtered into my home now because I'm not fallen ., "went down one floor and closed the door of the room said.
I went to my father and mother shopping at the supermarket for a while.
I was left alone with the continuation of masturbation was satisfied.

The celebration dinner was controlled discharge Mamoru Hitoshi mother.
I just threw up but smelled the smell of raw fish.
Recent condition of the body something is wrong.
The slight constipation embarrassed, I feel weak.
Soon as it went to sleep in my room just beside.

This morning I awoke, ran to the bathroom in a hurry.
I like vomit from the mouth of the gastric juice.
Speaking last night Was it so had not eaten anything at all?
The mother made me a rice ball.
Mother after a long time to eat rice balls were delicious.

Still feel tired body, including the ice hitting the keyboard while the mouth.
It's time for dinner soon.
But there is no appetite.

Re: Parents and Children Exposed

It is from my son entered high school, I was watching as my son came home from school while immersed in the pleasure in my naked lower body. I started masturbating in front of me as I put my son in the lower body. According to the movement of the pubic 擦Rimashita son's hands, too. I pledge to incest and holding his penis in my private parts at the beginning and then it is his son. Now I was masturbating in the shade of the nearby parks and squares if there are more interested in exposure to sex before I make sure we invite his son to the park.

Re: I hope your brother.

> My brother is my stand genitals are small but still is a primary school while away the years I have been watching a small penis is standing well be fun, and I have felt pleasure slightly by stand Recently, I transducer may be raised to see what show to expand.
I think the brother and sister incest Shimashitara begins a little more.


And brother, the day before yesterday, brother and I have 18 SEX.
So far only two have not, but I'm good friends with the percentage, I recently had a chance to talk much.
If we had finished dinner and masturbating in a room, we were suddenly Haitsu. . . . .
I also was told that at me all the time, but decided to give the topic in hand, I became impatient, that the brother is too strong, it had to end. So though I was the first brother, and finally put us out.
But one thing troubled. . . .
I also very like his more. Thickness, length, even though I make it part of the Cali perfect! Brother and sister because I do ----- ~
What should I do become a habit. . . .