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Incest confession of women(2011-03)

My brother

yuna himekawa[35868]
I have a brother five years older.
I will be sophomore in high school this year. Since my brother coming back home, they rarely even go to college outside the county recently and did not see much.
because I liked it but I really want them to see my brother well taken care of from a young age, went to see this spring break. I
brother who lived in an apartment with two friends and I arrived, "Dano'll meet you. you hoo, T. ~ s tea, do strange things to tell my sister ~ virtually. "You're disgusting and I had to say ... I was thinking ~.
day out shopping or who has two spring break, so my brother. At night I was drinking with friends three people in the apartment of his brother, has become a dirty joke about the drunk friend just as I 酔Ezu brother. A friend
them, "only much more gorgeous overnight lending ~ Yumi-chan? laughs," but they have a problem with my brother and said "I have to say I do ~. Today he is sleeping with my brother Mon Hana ~, Yumi. "likes me.
slept together, but I always thought it was a joke, or pull my arm and my brother is drunk and decides to go to bed at 2:00, "~ I sleep." and entered into bed together to say.
it hard to sleep because alcohol tobacco odor Odor as a pillow to hug me, "Brother ~ Stop it." It was impossible to say I was leaving. So I wanted to put up with sleep.
while in bed is not nothing I've entered the dress from the hands of his brother a while back. Is found to have a bra and Hazusou.
"take Yaba asleep." 振Ri払Ou hands and when I have been sitting on my brother. Finger has been touching the nipple and remove the bra lick soon surprised to flip through the clothes.
in the next room in a low voice so that friends can "take the sleepy! I wake up properly!" is said "to Shitotsu quietly." It was me just say stop.
not resist because they are being ridden on his arms and pressed. Came into the hands of them in the pants. I was naked and immediately below are also taking off.
while touching the clitoris "because not that hard." You give up being told why. I think because I found it to seriously but not anymore.
started licking them there. Has taken off over there immediately covered by hand 恥Zukashikutsu. Also came into the finger. I hand man is brother is pretty good. I quite often wet
feelings. Then have inserted. I have to voice out and getting better but I definitely feel a bit hurt quite large.
the show but my brother naked embarrassed, and I want to

Pies and brother

Two years older brother for the first time for H Hazama Kono. I got my boyfriend broke up with recent
, I got it I was really itching to.
by looking at sites like this, I was alone I H. Then, came into the room and suddenly your computer in order to make my brother. . .
first too but I was surprised my brother, "寂Shiijan alone." and was told, somehow made it the kiss.
been pretty nipple torture big brother, I would nipple weak, because he say such a thing before, ♪ I got at least enough to
brother, my brother Some came in, ☆
then put out in your brother's been on my own, and made it the Pies. a girl, but I could
strange, but it is a ski I cum.
♪ ♪ ♪
feels fast asleep after Mom and Dad yesterday, all told, about four times.
☆ room and my brother are going to drink today Pill

Dear replacement soon

Just the two of you having sex with a son of Kazuya's 16 years since her husband and married eight months ago, it was the first time. Incest mother's husband, who
marriage, the mother of my husband's mother [now] with Yasuko, the couple we have lived under one roof on Kazuya's son on it four Masu.
married her husband when, of course, that incest mother who they know each other, why it got married. I am a first marriage. Kazuya
son and the result of incestuous siblings and my real brother, a child born at the time of my ninth grade. I made a happy marriage is the best husband and me, of course my husband and I'm happy to say up to me.
in the house, but to have sex every day, so four people orgy, or mother and son,
with me and it is common to four intertwined with . From her mother and her husband yesterday, I went to the country's death anniversary memorial service of my husband's father 7,
only son remained at home with me. 8 months to sit down and have sex alone, and its splendor, and I was Meri込N each other.
course, and the orgy of 4 people, but six of the best orgy wife and brother to join his brother is also still continue,
also a mother and her son alone, Also, There has been indescribable freshness. Their husbands to come back, or is doing sex 捲Kuru estimates alone with his son.

I am a woman. My son is a man

Common sense and public decency, the future of the immorality of her husband and son. What we now 致 away by various desires conflict there.
first time, it was suddenly without any warning. Her husband is away from home, it was a normal child until that morning.
in mind I've found someone interested in my body thought he was specific about what was temporarily realized. Forgotten was the hidden desire that my mother still deep in his eyes.
that you clean yourself out of the tub when I opened a door at the same time. I've put a lot more than there allocated grabbed from behind me holding my heart with great force.
front of the neighborhood, and can only scold myself 屈Meta resistance of breath does not go even speak loudly. The floor was Neji伏Se is attacked from the force that I was seriously fast.
"Mom ... Mom ... I love my mother. I can not take it anymore"
face son grabbed my wrists already buried in the groin, you will stimulate both the tongue and lips .
"No, no ... I ..."
canyon was away from my son married life is intolerable stimulus, and only the last word about the resistance Dasenai've felt the word It is tan.
"... there there there -"
Tomarimasen ringing even suppress the throat. I exposed her to the end of the rolling body. Shocked and stunned finish. I've ended up hitting me in the Coto strong piston into my son in a very absentminded.
"Mom ... I am so happy I'm happy ..."
kiss my son has been happily caressing your body really. The smile was the most lovely smile of childhood days. Sex
but I felt it. Remain in the foreign-body sensation, with proof that the remnants were filthy and embraced his son, nothing is swollen I hit 思Enakatta beaten.
"This should not happen again on such a useless ... it ..."
fight because I had to persuade me to persuade you probably have been different if the situation 奮Tsu violence but reason and common sense only son It is.
only today ... tonight ... just had to sleep next to each other as well 経Tazu and allowing just one week away again. For example
suck cock gave up her son from the first period was when I was made of the relationship.
"Have patience today," his son told the physiology was made a dent in the face look bad. My son is very polite foreplay really. I
no place in about steals the joy can touch your Cunnilingus be exhaustive. I myself was suppressed but was accused of incest with one caress can not do.
"your lying eyes closed"
I can give now and then I have to serve.
"Mom ... Mom ... I'm glad it feels good ..."
son will be returned with the words and actions convey the joy Sono Manaka. In the first ejaculation was 飲込N become too hard to respond to it.
response to My son lets me of bachelor days. I feel that there is full of sympathy with gentle compassion. I am not a housewife because her husband is a whole memories of the past,
son began to feel an important relationship between man and woman husband and I have forgotten.
conflict suffered was when I was around the time of the most painful one. It will sink and come to a bad idea after another.
reasons is found to meet my son's feelings, but in that time period 戻Remashita single. Inflate the chest and if you try to please, I got to be nervous about what 悦Ba try.
"Wow ... that sex"
is married since I was picky underwear for men. Not unbearably cute son who happily embarrassed that I saw. Once you want to
cute son of a man is actively Sex.
"gone still not bring it. Take patience ..."
I enjoy serving in the mouth to mouth words like I was passive.
"Mom ... I would not move so 逝Ki"
same is inserted into the piston. Is preoccupied by the complaints of vomiting to give the man his son also responded well in the above.
son relationship I enter the second year next month. I wrote is still relevant and I would have continued to celebrate. Who kindly read till the end. Thank you. Well, good.

Life-size photographs and dirty panties

Living in an apartment called Toshiko Toshima. 59 years old. Her husband died 10 years ago, is now living two sons and students. 've Hurt even more doting put the son in the eye in the elderly since the age of 40. The event was an incredible experience last Sun, however. I had a paper bag under the bed I was cleaning up the room too cluttered son Hiroshi. Timidly peek in there and feeling like I was in a bit inflated before washing dirty panties and how several pieces of life-size portrait of how I put clear case. Clear case is obviously sticking with dry sperm, the sperm Bettori Kobiri付I panties were not quite dry yet. Why my son went out of her mind? Seen much younger than 10 years, and although I still do not have menopause is 59 years old. If you have a sexual desire for real mother son And even that strange woman by her grandchildren. I Shimashimashita
upset. But the feelings of anger or disgust Wakazu no wonder that his son, and son would be unfortunate is a sexually frustrated enough to lust for the real mother but rather to . I myself am afraid that it Shimashi of bad mistakes like this.


The 35-year-old housewife. Are living with the father, so I went to call for lunch. Peek through the sometimes not so, and the voice 掛Keyou. Then, O父Santara, watching the video nasty. Sports or after retirement, so still climbing as a hobby or are you doing. In the back, the Rassharu yourself out to Shigoi Ochinpo. I wanted to run away, I was saw it, I was staring to see more. I'm great. My husband has been a while and in the groin got hot.
up feeling very, "is food!" Then was called from a distance. Hurry, "from now going oh!" The half-hearted reply to I. After dinner, watching TV together the "We've seen Mari, where embarrassing" I 言Uu me. This Dad, did you know to play with? "What is it, I shameful" jokes I've heard. "You know, I was looking in the mirror," And so, how to take off his pants, got out of the lower body. "Becoming more so, Mari, from just looking good, I beg you," playing with myself, got started ironing.
"Daddy, troubled, and what are you doing? Please 仕舞Tsu"
"So saying, from over soon," Are you still continuing? Pretending to not see, "Dad, please stop really," he says, will look to flustered. The No, I myself have Ochinpo Shigoi large. Really. Not move, sitting there. "Father do, I beg you, please stop"
to state that I have 楽Shiirashiku, turned toward me and how I Senzuri
. Ochinpo full erection for longer, but are you 剥Ke Kito. Dad, for me, "So a little late to see, Mari" I finally "yes" I got a small nod.
O父Santara the end easily. Ochinpo to making a Sofua Then, just sit down, "Mari, I'm still a little touch me," Take my hand, held it to an erection. I was already fascinated, I was excited to spacing. One notices, the father was holding an erection imperceptibly. O父Santara
from the top of my hand, I move my hand up and down and cover. "Mari, you sweet, more strongly held, followed by" imperceptibly, as directed, under someone's thumb, I hold myself Shigoi.
"Oh, Dad," is embraced, her lips are closed, the tongue was placed. Ochinpo still held. Finding myself making hugging my dad, I'm tongue entwined. Those boobs are rubbed, feeling gone? What shall I too long. Ochinpo so energetic.
Oh, dad, and my mouth, I stuck with Ochinpo. Should I do? I'm rubbing on the face. The Sumo no. ... Open your mouth, for example its mouth was big hard erection. O父Santara, shake your hips, you Are you out of my mouth. Imperceptibly I Ochinpo holding hands, I give suck.
finally clothed, shorts are just taking off, I was put in the pussy. But it was really better off. I now take a bath together.

And grandpa

My mother gave birth to me 16 years old, my mother was still 16 years old grandpa, my grandpa was 37 years younger. If you walk took me
grandchildren "What daughter?" and asked about, my grandfather was young and faces Yoshi Tadasu favorite since childhood.
So, well into middle school, and grandpa were in contact with the bath, not the ideal dad who was a grandfather.
of having the affair with my grandpa, it's just that I entered high school.
perverted and was interested in first person and Grandpa never from the thought.
caught Grandpa came home from work the evening as usual, begging and want to drive, since it is usual, my mom and grandma put off laughing. As always
and Grandpa, and I want to enter at once to drive to the hotel guide the old man thought
"get into here," said Straight, a complex while into my face.
enters the room, old man "to the woman at the hands of the Riri子 grandpa," the old man hug. At first I had to
clumsiness, kissed the old man rubbed the chest, when 押Shi倒Sa to bed, Grandpa had become a man Jaanaku grandpa. Since I was the first time
, but scared me to kind grandfather, the fear was gone.
But when it was part of a lick there, and feeling numb from the bone, and I think that in a dirty old man to leave and say "to 汚Kunai from gradually feel high,
eyes Keep up 瞑Tsu. "and it is said, as I have said. Rather, over time, like a dog lick and lick, licked, imperceptibly, I was aloud. Shows where
drenched, old man at the hotel, bought a rotor put press insinuations, I got it just Itte.
put your finger in a finger to push open, so it can be a fine junior Grandpa, Grandpa and I got one.
painful at first, but I have heard, from painful I had to blow into it comfortably. After
, I immediately and once again I was begging from the young anymore, which I can not say, Grandpa bought a vibrator,
So now, the glow of my 躰Thanks to heal. The difference between the rotor and pleasure, the pleasure and different things ecstatic grandpa. I also took a year
grandpa, but I was not able to normally, tongue and fingers, rotors, and the vibes in various ways, they're happy to let me. Some
acquaintance I was, let us satisfy me, just grandpa

Wife has trouble

I am a 48 year old married woman. My husband died three years ago. Now I live with my son who's 25 years old 2. We say to marry her mother brought her son. She had been disappointed and I cared that much. I did that night I embraced her husband's funeral three years ago, if you want, when I was frustrated that I just told my mom I'll do you good. During the three years of the sex What are wasted. Aya Kaori sex every day if I married a young child will become is not possible for everyone. As far as frustrating. Also please do me and my wife did 出来Tara.

Fucked up son

My husband is 48 year old housewife was away from home I went to Nagoya in five years. The house only two years old son and 25. Was raped by her son three years ago. Then my son to ask sex honorific my husband likes LCD seems to me like every night. 3 years and I do not get to kiss it off your panties hug her son and husband as to be told. These days, I will now want to divorce her husband and son and then I see my husband. Received a letter from her husband wants to divorce me as thought. The husband is to marry the first woman appointed pub. Size, so I called the press to speak to his son Shiro divorce, a divorce Kimemashita thing. Where I live now moved onto the next town where I moved to a small apartment. This is the house. Sex housewarming for the daytime. My son arrived in the uterus spread legs penis hurt so I lifted up the pussy. I will be 48 years old, says the look of age. The world would be a couple years away though. Crystal called the year a little son to marry or say recently. I do my best to inspire. The couple first became committed to it, like this son. Going to be forever even as possible talent.

Fucked up son

My house is an apartment, two gas Hazama Kiri no small number of rooms. For example I live here and have three families. 50 years old 47 years old I became a husband, my son is now 23 years old.利Kanaku and lower body condition became bedridden ex-husband in a car accident two years, however. My son is committed to it. I have seen her husband before it. I have to say her son is my mother.

Fucked up son

I am 47 years old and her husband are now living with paralysis and bedridden in a car accident. One child is a boy 25 years old. I am committed to this son. I have seen my husband in front of it too. Number of rooms in my house is small. Everyone in my family is sleeping in one room. My son asked me to come every night is what my mother not my girl. Hear it hurts to say my penis penetrating pussy Kina Hiroshi. These are followed by two years. Recently, a matter of course. I came to open the crotch and just waiting to be actively seeking to become away too. Narenareshiku my son the honorific.

A brother ...

Mizuki is not very long ago, my brother was forcibly raped. Recently, the brother of 仲良Kunakatta much. I really 仲良Katta
before ... and Mizuki are strictly house, being angry really good test Toranakya heaven.
But, Mizuki, I was really taking a bad score in the previous year-end, was hidden in a desk Then the last time, when I sleep Mizuki's eyes Samashita fumble because he says something. I wake
and body of work what? The duct tape was not blocked up the mouth voice. Then, if the elder brother,
"I show tests the other day with his father noisy badly! That because I know I, I took scores whatever Mizuki ..." I had a horrified Mizuki ... then the other is the older brother From the left Mizuki ...
also have never experienced the first one ... scary ... I Did It would feel increasingly being attacked
being said ... but my brother messed up the dogwood It seems like my brother noticed that even while doing a virgin,
did not stop ... so ... I wanted to end my brother was "told from the blow, and here is ..." ... and I got threatened Maybe it is done ...

Summer First Time

yuna himekawa[35792]
My first experience, was just five years ago at this time. Still, I was a student in grade 2 ○ and ○, 3 ○ and grade were 兄達 SEX [] did abstinence. . . When I was doing one-week trip for the parents.
(My brother is a Yankees Charachara system. lol)
to go wake to wake 兄達 一向Ni also come in the evening, and entered the room 兄達. . .
Wow, a radical AV'll Ona was hard to see Teru Tokoro. I hurriedly left the room, is the princess Dacko carried me to bed with his brother came out of the 3 ○. . .
Then, suddenly take on my brother 2 ○ D I've been kissed. I was surprised,, was reduced in three powerful and violent older brother. I started getting breast massage in the clothes and put his hands.
I got to thinking aloud comfortably. To 兄達 said "Do not you Tsutsu I'm enthusiastic about what you can!" Is also under Nugasa me. Put your finger into her pussy was.
And get wet much,, it has been inserted into my pussy you something my brother 2 ○. I was really crying out in pain forever. And, Lee has put me in my brother Lee please. Shows
and seems to fly in my consciousness, and now my brother came in 3 ○ things had just fainted. I woke up, from your pussy was a lot of blood and semen out.
兄達 they also look at AV. . . I got to the chagrin of crying in pain and 兄達 first experience with your pussy. The rush to 兄達 Then, me dressed to clean my body. brother and two
high "Sorry,, this guy (the brother of 3 ○) Gottsu teach one Yari were looking for someone from the AV. you came in with good timing Then"
"Ya in Chitta'll bounce" was told.兄達 and from there to a normal life.
Now I, various Ttemasu Ya boy. . . A fast and I have good first experience na vv

50 years or older

The much younger, so good

Same person

It looks like something written by the same person?

To Yayoi

I'm living in Nagoya, Rin Masato

Yayoi, You Disappear from Inda's gross

not give a gross

Children of older brother

Yayoi is now a 1 in 13 year old. In fact, though it is secret, that the Yayoi baby's belly. Not got a pregnancy (T_T) and the other brother took the virginity of March! It also
Yayoi, brother and other men had previously had a pregnancy from that. Yayoi You know, back in middle school because the Big 86 hot solutions is low, but like the invisible bust. I was forced to
fucked my brother came in the room suddenly I was masturbation. Every now and then brother and H was. Retata
of sperm gushing out with a lot of birth control without a womb brother from the beginning of March. I Yayoi, had not had a period ever born.
So, I was relieved. Chokuchoku left feeling even worse fever since the mid-summer vacation in August. Pee out too soon can result in something close to eating, and constipation,
and languid body every day. That the Yayoi, the older brother came to my room every day to put into action without contraception. Pokotsu came out of the abdomen and be around mid-September.
really stand out from the boys got to wear gym clothes for physical education was ridiculed at the time! Friend "You fat Yayoi-chan" Asetta been told.
that time, "I spend eating," said there was. Have become very sensitive nipples from getting too dark autumn. Maybe
"pregnancy" to doubt however that time and finally turned in his best friend Kaoru Miyako was consulted. We suggest you buy at the pharmacy is a shame Then test agent.
result was positive, Gan (T_T) no money and the courage to have an abortion, every day while i was too confused. Because those painful rubbing nipples bra boobs getting stretched too,
at home since most were the bra state. It was a proud Yayoi original C-shaped cup, best of all, I got a feeling D-dripping cup.
have become increasingly large belly and chest to be in November. Physical education class when dressing, dressing up was nervous while I can not see nipples and dark, like rumors were getting in between the men around the end of November
to dating somehow saved the cost of abortion. Even 13-year-old pregnant woman Ittara honest to prostitute the other uncle, I was very excited at
like me to caress her nipples turning black belly and larger of March. Pocket money and gave me a cup
. Soon, like the teacher was already past seven months I went to the hospital during this time [abortion is good because I have been told was prohibited by law].
····( T_T) from the rest of the semester came to talk to three teachers. Mom and Dad of course is a blast! ····( T_T) "Get out to be too embarrassed to face the world!" Yelled at me for this.
eventually came to live in an apartment Kaoru Miyako. Born again in a state tomorrow. The stomach has a lot bigger and Me.

I look

The 30-something housewife living in the apartment three times. It is a quiet place in the suburbs around many single family homes in the city.
drank tea looking out at around 10 since the weather is good clean end. I saw that people on the second floor of the house a little distance, the eye somehow. I saw the curtains were better in the free. Looks like a young boy and his mother. Child was seen in a while. For example
there, stood a boy about to take off his pants his mother was there waiting for the knee. Can also take off the trunks let off. In the nude, we have a Ochinpo 起Ta. Are you holding it Shigoi mother. Shigoi after a while, I suck in the mouth.
take off your clothes and even a nude mom and I hugged and kissed a boy. Great, seems familiar. Also I suck.
now is on the bed. To lay the boy is riding O母Santara opposite. Rather than a pussy, lick you like a boy. Shake your waist on that face. There
lick a little boy sitting opposite her mother had opened a tea 乗Kkatsu boys feet mother's lap. I sitting face to face. Yarimasu well at home. I also kiss. This is good evidence terms. This position.
still lying on the bed, and sitting on top like a mother. While I'm sucking boobs mom son massage.
too excited, I'm touching my pussy. It anymore. Or write more.


They erase me I left my heart, I'm beginning to think that the recent moves. I'm worried about is a little like something has changed my body.
to me now is very average household to have one husband and a son, but life can Irun enough work for part-time before, when they sleep at night remember. I would
Yogitsu thoughts in my head lately been embraced by the sweet brother when I was actually younger. Distance away and my brother is not so,
has recently wondered whether there are times when I do 無性Ni to meet you. I have written
want you to have courage You are welcome any advice what should I do?

My brother and I

I am working away in five older brother is a very kind person.夏休
was the middle of eighth grade. Every summer I was supposed to return home to his father's memorial service in the family home, so I had a cold at this time, only the parents came back, my brother remained at home.
was about four days away. My brother gave me a lot and care about me. Of these, my brother, "I changed the better," saying, and I'll help me,
still embarrassed to do it yourself and say, "You have seen me because I have to'm sick No "to say, gave me the room to get out.気Darukatta also really helped,
reluctantly borrowed my brother's hand. The hands of his brother's watching every single button will remove the pajamas, "It made me dress this way too little time," say,
momentarily stopped the hands of his brother, "You're right. But now, I'm old and wrong "Hey. Placed in the hands of my brother's shoulder suddenly pushed my body as it is a bump.
surprised that, my brother came to me repeatedly lips, roll up your bra raised. "What are you doing?!" To raise his voice, his brother was seriously look 思Itsumeta has once again repeated his lips. Wake
even knowing it violently, with or without strength in a cold, I was at the mercy of his brother. Slipping into the hands of his brother in pajama pants, as it has been lowered breath.
intense kiss her lips, down from the neck or chest is rubbed, the top while being 嬲Ra projections. And, my dick fingers Tadoritsuki to his brother, began trick of.
that time I heard there is a qualitative and adhesive Brute man stir, I'm dying to hot body. "I do not have to endure, to voice out" from my brother saying that,
I'm aware of and feels the first time became more embarrassing. I can not bear anymore, but is unable
, each more fingers inserted into my brother, I'll rub the wall every time, in response to half-crying. Among them, feel there's something hot will be outfitted with me,
to see my brother, "It's okay," I. Pain seem to strike as quickly ripped it to my brother Shigamitsuitara thinking, my brother came back swinging.
also appealed reluctantly, my brother just kissed me back. But gradually, getting a different feeling than beating the pain, I cry I was in a different way. Another reason I was going somewhere
something. My brother Lee and I would, "I always liked" Get me out. But I was surprised, no I'm not you at all.
much better I think the first brother. My brother and I then also. They both were almost in bed until their parents come home

I love my brother

My house at home mother, lives with mother and brother five years older.
working at night so my mother, brother and two nights did not.
brother is my childhood, He was in diapers can replace me.
To Soshi, come together in the bath is small, the body would wash me.
Its coming out bigger, so I had to wash each other.
Small and you are me when I was washing the crotch is what I did not even do one day they noticed
good feeling, who was looking forward to washing.
Also, washing the body of her brother, too, was that a larger penis
each other, I remember that was looking forward to taking a bath together.
However, I gradually came to feel ashamed of taking a bath together.
have to look forward to the wash, but well into the upper grades, like inviting you from me I was on
Lu. Said the older brother came to clean the penis
to, let you become beautiful identified. Inhale the odor had been made to verify
but I've said to try to mouth them.
Was washed clean, and the resistance was to have Kuwaeru.
brother, I was becoming increasingly reluctant to enter the bath together,
Kuwaeru you will be able to become beautiful, the people invited so that my brother has become
So glad.
well brother, what was beautiful in my crotch, so make sure to lick me now
. I was reluctant because the gesture embarrassing show, was happy
silently in the mind and of good. When you are licking the
brother, came out in that warmth in the mouth
Mashita. If drinking it as it licked, not sure my brother was very happy
. I love my brother will be happy, and I am glad The
. Become a junior high school in the bath separately but are now, so you will be happy
brother, my brother goes up from the bath, I was pretty sure to be recognized
now. But there is also wanted me to check.
So, make sure that every day there, they take anything by mouth
Mashita brother. I was not to clean the mouth and I was taking a bath is my brother.
now that high school, their older brother is far away and live alone in college to
. But sometimes we play, we're having to clean each other. I could
boyfriend. I get asked a body of persons with disabilities in the morning station bathroom,
after school has got to settle in the absence of mouth popularity. I want a virgin
favorite brother than a boyfriend, my brother is not looking
. This time, even taking a bath in the room with her brother,
topic in your mouth not going, we plan to try to make him put in me absolutely.

Become one

I am currently with her husband last year 死Ni別Re only 48 years old and two sons. My son is now 25 years old. I ate the action of his son. But I think his son is married to his son and wife if I do not need to say my mother. Was asked to talk to his son one night. It should never have done, I have done a good answer I do singles. I like to have sex in the family is a beast. My son is now once you do every night. And my mom in her pussy hair is thin and it says that pink. I had sex with her husband is not the first time. It is a good young man. I threw in there too.

Huge Cock and makeup

Great experience for her husband (35) and I (32) Geiba first time - have been invited to, news of the great beauty of the body beautiful - ha - short of the frame - was a wonderful time, each test - the Bull 付Ka I had a good time is not funny narrative, news of several people invited me to - ha - who went off to another shop, same news there - ha - was a store off 殆I was pretty shook bust without wearing only panties photos Aichi etc. I started to dance and take off your panties Sutsu裸 Kazuku the near closing time and all the stores, who have the penis of the twelve Four other people were like the female genitalia, I really can not imagine people penis size and erection in both Bikkusaizu four people off the shop - na - number and name of the hotel room in a low voice that the ear - went away a piece of paper by holding it tell, two people went to the hotel because my husband was holding the same piece of paper, the room was a separate, earlier news was dancing in my room waiting for - ha - tonight with my knees in front of people come off the body and do it happily started fondling (omitted) A然 looking erect penis bi - Le thicker bottle, but I I forced to take a bad break. muri. went back to say impossible to escape. When asked if it was my husband came home first, then came back without seeing the enthusiasm I felt good face makeup has been waning Dari fellatio breast massage, laughing at the fact that I am talking about two people Mashita.

Because of his brother

When it is a small 6. . My parents and little brother has been divorced when I was living separately. Sun has to say
absent father to meet a call from my brother there. My brother came to our house was fucked.
brother to me, "What is a virgin in high school to be miserable," said went home. Deta's father suffered when unable to even talk with a friend that his father was shocked
"Come to consult it if there is anything in trouble," remembered the talk I tell him I went to.
The old man was still there but it is said to rely on your father is also in trouble during the day because I work at home.
got to talk to anyone promising to tell the old man. The old man tenderly embracing me, "It was hard, I put up with 偉Katta" and comforted me. And
"People definitely have to say I'm not incest," I was told. Mom and Dad said he is happy as a woman who lost more than adultery and rape a woman was unable to make friends even gone 悲Shimushi Narushi lover. I'll remove the old man to cross the incest was told not to wash the semen in the vagina as a man 100 times. What I said is important and the same person.
asked why "a child to have sex with anyone it can not be happy," I said something like that. But then my boyfriend is also absent,
was not such a thing they can ask us to. "If you are happy with the old man" when it was saved was very well said carelessly.
just "nice old man but the husband divorced increased from 10 times married?" he said. I do so for a deep resentment for my brother sin of adultery 10 times.
old man has never said to anyone until you have also made my boyfriend is not no good
"house thing with her old man Baretara Mikko're not I'll collapse," said the trouble is really I was feeling sorry Ippai becoming friends with, and I'm an old man and the lady over.
became a toy and an old man until he graduated from junior high school. Pregnancy did not think well. Were all from the inside out.
period from the start in the vagina was washed for 5 minutes took him from the shower head after being 掻Ki出Sa Shisa Nakade semen. Maybe because
2 ~ 3 days, I remember the bad physical condition. Was to drink all the sperm 掻Ki出Shita.
semen was still not being told the bad part of my body because I'm killing all the waste it contains hundreds of millions of children's groups.


I have a physical relationship with my son is 23 years old 47 years old housewife. It is home away from home to go to China and allowed the husband is the son of loneliness because no less. It was concluded from the age of twenty. Then I did every day. This went on during an overnight trip to Kinugawa Onsen. But sex with them. The hot spring bath here 買I切Ri also did it in the bath too. The spa and I sometimes lick the pussy lick the Timbo and Sixty Nine boldly Yara. It was like a couple in my neighborhood and my son said it is often said. Recently, my son called me a name. It was really a couple.

Father than husband

I'm 43 years old living with your parents and my husband is 39 years old housewife. Children are having sex but my husband is said to see a grandchild soon face Are not you think not impossible. Bet Magical someone enters my heart out and put it in the end after a short massage is sure high Snoring. sexual desires only to process only. ejected after sleeping in again today as usual. I dry throat Onani sex video watching quietly and look through the library and heard a moan from drinking water in the kitchen - move your eyes and stiff body fit father and turned to look back in'm surprised I'm the father figure has to in the head not the white. had been rubbed the breasts embraced by the father found himself. I was coming out of out earlier, my husband to have been touched even lower body to have stunned the state and what this edge. father came in obscene language wooed mistaken it mine. 掴 was held in my hand and bite You Tose held what became hard. I'm feeling frustrated by the sex of the husband and Ralph Demashita hard stuff the mouth. I was too drunk to caress a nice and comfortably. 果Temashi posture myself being accused and his master various different feeling inside I was many times or. became like great father-in technique and stamina. grandchild be born child is not ...

Son-in-law and sex

I am a housewife can not farm kids, husband and two only. Became disabled husband lost a leg in the accident. Care must be. The farmers are just going to eat it was hard because I work in the supermarket. Just 45 years old farmhouse and it is difficult to go eat. I had adopted her husband's brother's son. The young man just 25 years old. Was raped by her son. It is committed in the sight of her husband as well. All my family is sleeping in a room so small single-story house. But no response is seen. Timbo is the son of a big thick and long. So now only my pussy crack tension. Her husband was asleep and I knew I would become even aloud. Oh I finally aloud in Kume not help but be patient. This is the first husband and I did not. I feel good. Then to have sex every day.


yuna himekawa[35659]
The 49-year-old housewife. 23 year old house now, 嫁Gimashita region of Ishikawa Prefecture Noto. 25 year old husband, my family is a family of four consists of a couple with our husband's parents. I saw a strange side of the house for a while. I see that in the back room to have sex but my husband and mother. The spot was pretending to look Minu. During cross-examination of it for my husband to sleep at night. My husband had to do with her mother teed off early in frustration, forgive me, take me harder and started to have sex. Poor fits to my husband I had no love, my body became Mero his technique, I cheated. Since then
husband sometimes has sex with mother. Recently I came accustomed gradually to give up.
One day, my husband went into bed and prepared to sleep in underwear. Suddenly my husband, me little old man went to the room, and when I said there seems to be wearing clothes for me as soon as is done Oh, hurry, or a mother because I say so, and < br> The father entered the room. What
dad say, I was invited to hand over here and sit next to a little
mother has caused half flip the futon bed. Mother was stripped underwear sitting on my hands suddenly pulled naked take anything 着Zu just been committed. Then I continued
life turns to sex with my husband and mother.
children made man, 14 years have passed.
asked before but I have seen children and husband and mother, I'm such a time I fucked her son as well.
such a life is still continuing.
now take pleasure in sex, my body like that.
world wonder if there is such an unnatural act, and usually find no relation ev'ry site, we arrived here. Those that have such things and our feeling and
and is full of surprises.

An elder brother to me

Lightning is a story of sex in recent
my brother and I never thought that 事無I each other.
chance, when the family went out to play with your brother's apartment after a long time, my parents went to snap it like gambling was in the apartment with your brother had no interest (~ Д ~; )
pictmap massaging my hot, your brother I was getting a shower Kari T-shirt. Pants down. At home, I was come to accept this figure.
Then, another strange atmosphere began to become something, I was jumping to sex m (__) m
I felt good, there is guilt.
first started massaging my brother's chest, and sucked the heart and chest ...
Chikubi rolling. Who was going down and licked yet, but has been a canyon finger piston. Chu
or cowgirl or riding comfortably over your brother been amazing I could stay out in the last ...
Blow f ^_^;< br> After that uncomfortable feeling is My brother was not the usual reason. It is something comfortable.

Loved one. . .

I am a 47 year old married woman, I allow the body to his son. It was good to think before being raped by her son, My name and the fact that it was. Become handicapped in a car accident several years ago, my husband just lying around the state and became bedridden also made sex, sex with her husband only a few times. I was thinking we will be able to have sex with my son. Deprived from virgin to seduce my son I was twenty years old and my son. Not only did her husband and five years since I've been married. If her husband at night because the number of civil servants from the few times about having come home late. Eh son goes there and erect Ochinko Bing

Temasen regrets

I love that my son but I dont know. But do not regret.

Favorite son

Since sex can not become diabetic originated two years ago, my husband is unhappy with it this time. There are 30-year-old boy
six months ago she broke up with, or out of frustration, I know you have a good masturbation in my room or bathroom.
face reminiscent of a husband, my son was young
they are very similar to my husband as a man rather than try to
children in the room trying to masturbation son a week ago
look at my son's room I went out of the tub bath towel,
Mozomozo holding cock peek and sure enough,
I do, you have to say I entered a reply Open the sliding door before
entered. My son hurriedly hides cock,
,, there is no way you stiff shoulders, saying it was prone
little rub. Sure
son and began to massage my back around the shoulder down to the ass like me saying that span. I hope to be back for a while, I found my son
said that the erection of a hip
I'd rub my feet, my son and I have massaged the thigh, there is supposed to be exposed, he feels like a little rest
turned his back, and had shut an eye,
son during which state that in a hurry to take off his pants and trousers 乗Rikakatsu
to me , a good mother, rolled towel, saying Kio Hiraku put foot cock. I went all the way over there and I was wet already Surusuru. Hooded and pleasure are covered in the vagina. Ah ~ I thinking aloud and
hot rage around feeling like a cock in my vagina
動Ki回Tta Kina Hiroshi. I was struck by the feeling of happiness quivering.

Fucked by son

I will be 48 years old, 25 years old son was raped. My husband is living with his son who died last year 2. I live in the most action of his son. I recently become a kind of neighborhood gossip and son and wife. I have sex every day. Tomo her son called me by name. Kinugawa Onsen went with my son during this time. I also had a couple Kano Nakai's years away in the inn, five eyes was also well under the pillow and 間違Erurashiku Kondoumu affair. Are also available for Siemens is also still Ichidasu too. As far as embarrassing and did the red-eye morning and evening. Burned more than I do at home from my son the most.

My mother had sex with

I slept with my mother until about the middle school to weak body, her mother felt that time. I slept with my mother in the poor house. Seeing that they do the nasty father and mother one night. It was from my mother ignored me and told my mother asked when there will be too tempted. I asked my mother looked for a while as a Moyamoya and twenty did not. At that time my mother allowed me to. My mother is 45 years old and thin pubic hair was visible in a thin crack. For example I put the pot where we do an erection. Number of rooms in single-story house I slept in one room, so we all have a small house between two of the six mats. I had to ask my mother to have sex once every day.


Even though still 30 before, and suddenly my husband a long business trip abroad. Now is the life of her mother and stepfather and three. Stella has died and father quickly remarried. Her mother was still 40. Different father more than 10 years. The house is single story
is great. The proximity of the entrance room of the father, is back in our room, kitchen and bath and toilet is located at the entrance. One month has passed, woke to the bathroom at night. Room light is leaking the father. Rather than speaking voice, when you hear that mother. Also things like your skin is just beautiful young mother
. Her face is small with gentle, friendly and cute women. I like to make a voice that her mother, to beat, my peeps. Feeling that they cold not heating.
face buried in the crotch of a mother father, and I like licking pussy. Legs spread wide mother, I hear a small moan. Oh, Dad stood up in turn. That cute
mom, and dad sucking big cock. Grab your tongue and lick his right hand, left hand massages Tamatama. Then I started sucking into the mouth.
After a while, down and the father, mother Lightning fit on that ride. Great, shake the hips, and raise a loud voice. Lightning masturbation ... back to the room. imperceptibly
has become mornings. Someone Nimasu room. That is the father. "I had to peek yesterday, Aya." "Excuse me, they hear about it!" "Excited than usual yesterday Hayo Yukiko awesome." "For example her mother had also noticed, but no shame," a closer look Dad, do not wear trousers. Trunks only. Are you an erection it. Well, should I do?
father woke me up by the hand. Sat on the bed, Dad, take off your trunks, before I show my cock. "Take hold Now. Late and sucking," I like to be attracted, I love holding it in the mouth. After sucking for a while,
has been rubbed bare breasts, and placed a finger in her pussy, my lips are together. I also really wanted me? Naka Naka Kurenaku put up, but continues to blame clitoris with your fingers. The father wanted the cock, "Please, Please anymore
" I ask. Oh, put me at last. Another of my pussy is drenched in your soup. Deep into the thick Chinpo Raretara, it just seems to go away.


After another 15-year marriage rut. Teru Tokoro no interest in becoming moderate each other. The sister-in-law children Ronin, are you going home for a month before the preparatory college. Grazing system now in fashion boys glance. Since the vacant room on the second floor, answering to no good just kids. Today is my day off
, short skirt and I was going into the living room at about 9 T-shirts, I'm surprised to hear my nephews came down. "Aunt Oh, good morning, off" "Yes, I'm a regular holiday, and has been happening now," "I think you get into the bath Yeah" "Yeah, we came in with you." Underwear into me just now but remain on the laundry basket. Nephew (Jin), saw some peeps to go to the bathroom. I thought hey, I'm expanding my shorts. The more you play with in the nude, I'm there arose through the glass cock. I play with. Do you hold yourself. Cute.
become underwear, did open the door and entered the bathroom. "Oh, Aunt, I'm sorry," "Department of shorts cock aunt was happening. It's about a" hug from behind, holding the cock did. Walloping. Together into the bath I take off all hand sink with soap, face forward and embrace 寄Semashita. My navel on a cock. Because 10 inches tall from the bottom, 押Shi付Ketara lips and clinging "The good lady, I was longing so beautiful," But I'm happy lie. I got put
tongue kiss. Of course, while holding cock. I crouched, I thought to raise the lick, "Oh, Aunt're out," Great, I was like a shower to ejaculate. It's filled out. I was 18.
back to the room in the nude together, will not touch your breasts, the nipples had smoked. Maps. Let the breasts gently rubbed gently, tweaking the nipples while, I was taught to me by sucking lips.
your pussy juice Bichobicho other. Now showing pussy Lightning Jin. Clitoris, vagina show, the clitoris was gently touched. I feel terrible now, so please place a thin soup full of my hair, exposed. "Jin, suck it gently, from the pleasant" I almost can not stand it any more.
to get up under the Department, Lightning lick cock. Are you happening to soon. Quick recovery from a young, happy. And hard, holding the lid in place there for me. The long finger finally arrive.
is too late. Take me on, grasping the penis extends over, sit down and hit the pussy, but came in much Chinpo thick pussy feels so numb. Nephew received a cock waving back to nature.

38 F year-old city, I prefecture

From this site, please please stop it. Tomorrow morning, I will go when you go to work in a white dress, I have signaled it is ready I will grant you your wish. Mom I know anything about you. Mom is really good if you say you're the mom I'll even listen to anything you wish. Do not worry, I try to depend on. Mama, please hold me first hand, I motioned


I have committed a second year junior high school virgin brother during high school sophomore

it was painful at that time two men raped during the third year of college like I'm Satoru Naka
screaming crying 2 people are scared even more scared in my

alternately from taking a bath when it is painful to sore spots
entrance cavity is also worried about afterwards was pregnant After a hot guy but I did not really look like the devil 近寄Renai

U Dzui part to come before menstruation secret becomes too much since I was six months a while but interim
are reminded that nightmare still feel good but I did not

Onani started talking back and forth at the time that four people were living in an apartment kitchen
parents and brother I was waking up in the same room with my brother so only two rooms were across the

or secretly in the bathroom from the bed to ensure that the younger brother Onani <br >
Onani of breath and was wearing a blanket I began to study for the test late at night when my brother so his brother

Ino Ara should have been studying one night penis had been treated by hand except for seeing how to hear the breath
Sotto could not look away from the hand movements, while his brother Onani

I was surprised by its size Eating out with my sister saying that faster movement of the hand when his brother came to disconnect the limit cavities put your finger too was drenched

brother's gone I aloud notice had been left embarrassed face each other commensurate

thing where I went to my brother from his brother nodded without telling a parent trying to say to each other <br >
brother and his brother while looking out my penis was still in a hurry to put in your pants doing girl
I'll hold it Hold my hand I have seen it over there
sister sister did

No two people do at the expense of the whole lower half brother is now Ah ~ I'm out of your sister or you'll get out a large amount
my pussy splattered around the sperm

I waited on my brother to come into bed panicked when I heard footsteps in the hall to the snoring
I've started sleeping with you, but I was half-hearted or Onani
gently held his penis where his brother went to that big penis because it was my brother 入Retaku
<br > My brother has grown steadily penis was sleeping well but I feel like Yui
Muzuka like a little painful to sink slowly back to his brother astride
hold the penis at the time my brother yeah his voice ~ I was not feeling well I was going out the back and down naturally and quickly

Yeah I have seen my brother in a dream ~ ~ Well said had happened < br> good good ~ ~ I finally committed during that nightmare where I wonder

Eh Aa ~ ~ ~ ik ik
ejaculation brother when my brother jumped in the ejaculate my penis Sorry for her missing brother 中Ra

Hayo Hiro would be great, but really like her Hey 解Ranakatta

moment it started Yes I'm the first woman placed in Hiro-chan Because we are
out what time to be always thinking of my sister I'm sorry I took the virgin No.

next day because there was three times in a happy and safe day was Sunday there were < br>
SEX relationship with his brother since then is still living alone in an apartment Imawa students no longer fear the

has continued to accept his boyfriend are paying attention, but still not

Two sons and

I put Omeko from behind his brother while the two it also lets me happy instead of her husband two sons after the death her husband 舐Memasu cock of a brother, a semen filled vagina brother poured and then click to anal brother - shake hips into my cock to fill tappuri 舐Memasu system is beautiful cock until ejaculation dirty brother, his brother lying on his back and two ends of ejaculation Omeko absorbing and cover from the breast of a cock, the cock is the best feeling 擦Reau inserted into the anal and cock my brother. Please try out too.