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Incest confession of women(2014-11)

It is that you dont

yuna himekawa[19734]
It is a full-time housewife of 55-year-old.
Libido is still but my husband does not us to the other party.
It was only look forward to the Ona two over at Beck To become a naked after sending the children (28 years old) and husband.
Suddenly son where it was enjoying to buy adult toys I have seen appear in mail order.
The \"mother What are you doing?\" was the stomach without move would upset
\"You Why?\"
Hail ashamed to be seen even not looking.
But it is embarrassing because I was looking at the processing that has put the toy over there.
Such me look I was saying, \"Do you I also Tetsudao
something?\", In words such except that I was surprised, \"is Anta work?\" Is that part of the son Looking \"is I know you rested today\" well was swollen. \"It's to do me Anta help?\" And \"I try to use the permitting if my cock?\" \"I'll not be able to do that,\" son \"I can ze\" began to undress while so good. When take off the last of pants greatly inflated stunning pair two nests appeared. Seen in a long time Bae two vinegar, my dick has contained a penis may lead to son in feeling Nare even copper anymore tingling with di-in to the mouth. It was just like the young of hot husband is very hard. Son also me caress the chestnut and labia. All the master is bad the son of Bae two nest telling myself it was welcomed in my. Still genuine feels unlike toys. Son to move slowly lower back, whether it is good son is also familiar. It is massaged the breasts even shaking the hips. It's pleasure, it can be seen that the spill is liquid. \"To say at any time by I say,\" \"Mother'm likely to live my\" son of movement becomes violently \"I Iku~tsu\" my dick sperm has been poured for the first time in a long time. Son will have put in the back to back to squeeze out every last drop. \"How was it? My cock Mom\" \"I'm was not to Yeah\" and \"whether by? Not to'm what's so much\" and \"I'm was good, what years I wonder had sex\" and \"what to I Dad, \"\" When you feel like you I'm not'm the lonely and had comforted alone \",\" From now on'll I'll I'll to the other party, \"\" really? this mom even okay, \"\" lie also because he is denied seeking before to say \"you\" of glad I \"eyes at any time is now bright and package.

And son

Nante abstinence of mother-to-child incest ... What words sound good, I am longing for me.
But my son has been living and out of the house got a daughter-in-law.
Was phone and want to come home because my body is upset to his son. I put a carefully wash game underwear Ano part is to take a bath in a hurry.
It is expected that it is nestled in the other son. You have a dick is Binding - do you think so.
Call sounds of night 7:00 entrance rang.
Son of the daughter-in-law had come to go to the front door in the feeling came.
The other is disappointed.
and \"Is mom okay\"
\"It's Anta came what the\"
\"Even very mom gonna hear from my husband has come,\" \"Welcome back to because another good\" Unfortunately I would have thought that Dakiaeru and what son today. Mikiko

Young child

Since attending a prep school for the college entrance examination, it was decided to nephew a while stay at home. I am a part of up to 2:00, nephew will be back around 3:00 to go to prep school. And I think I will try the laundry back home one day, when I opened the washing machine, \"there, even though had been placed in the underwear!\". It had come out on top. The 3rd much is deliberately placed in the underwear, if you look at the situation, I was out on a still day most. The nephew that came back from prep school \"Kenji-kun, you, time I touched my underwear. What are the to have been\" She said, nephew, \"I'm sorry to the prostrate, aunt is a very beautiful, nice Since wanted was, to become impatient, we would be touched. I apologize to say anymore does not \". and \"because not angry, what you have done, let the aunt\" to say, it was to stand. \"I'm sorry, using aunt of underwear, I was I have to myself.\" In cute voice, I confessed. Somehow young child, clean Toka, do not feel bad when called Toka nice. \"Kenji-kun, I'm told me well. Hey, what was doing in any wind, see it show up to the aunt's eyes. Then I can because I'll forgive\" Although nephew was surprised, you do not say to parents When called from, timidly, and turned a blind eye, me pressed against the underwear to face, and began rubbing the crotch while wearing the clothes. \"Kenji-kun, I always have while wearing clothes\" \"No, I do always naked.\" \"Then I always like, do I see\" nephew and had been a little confused, and take off your clothes on the spot in, and down even pants, bare slender young child has appeared. Nephew is devoted to face the underwear in the same way, but you have to play around the crotch, it does not increase it \"was and how, it was I nervous?\" \"Yes, I can immediately is always I,\" \"always, time is How much of the \"\" It's twenty minutes Toka three enough. \"\" It is lying there I useless, was lie down to do I see \"Sofua, even try to do it, it does not become still larger. Might be a virgin. \"Kenji-kun, look to lend underwear\" to say so, it is picked up, place the dirty part of the underwear to the mouth of the nephew, I would be covered from head. \"Because Aunt'll do, you gonna sit still\" \"Yes\" nephew is like trembling, huntingtin has shrunk. Do not touch the nephew of the nipple, and then rub the inner thigh, it was raised slowly grasped the dick. After a long time of a young dick, I'm nervous. If you'll play around Toka bag, out you do not even 3 minutes, it's increased. \"Oh, Aunt, I'm sorry\" and \"It's fine, I amazing because young\" it, and stiff than I thought, there was a firmness and elasticity to say what. \"Kenji-kun, I large, it's a thing that was used to woman of the people\" was I have entered the force is not likely to \"no, still, it does not know\" and holding hands. I am still wearing a skin. You will want to mischief, and Squeeze and Gyuu'll peel it down under, hanging out and Kito-san has been jumped. Quite large, it is pink. Cute I. It does not stop anymore. While peeled, After moving the hand up and down, \"Aunt, you have to leave. To Kimochiyoku~tsu, it is useless.\" Nephew is holding a fist, seems to endure. But soon, in front of my eyes, I would be vigorously ejaculation. White fishy liquid is, jumping out swiftly on from the cock, I saw for the first time. And to very dark, And really it's many. My Toka hand, if it is applied to the Toka belly of the nephew, I was scattering also on the floor. The smell of the man of the extract is to Tsun. \"I was full out, Kenji-kun\" \"I'm sorry. But felt good was\" you say it is cute such thing. In Teisshu, it was raised wipe to squeeze out the remaining liquid in the huntingtin. As I was wiping Toka several times Kito around, it had been a whopping also erection. After all, a young child is given, amazing. I something crotch had become hot. Since the notice is and embarrassing, was let go in the bath a nephew.

Events of two sisters

In our the body is weak ... almost in that in ... such day-to-day you have in the house continues, the mother is of the elopement, went out with
the two of us, this in the house a, a TV reading, ... house of housework us or have seen, is spear you but hard work, I can not
One day, talk of commensurate to Daddy, but came I, of ... us that eggplant can become spoiled all, it might not do by now Papa because, what, in which wonder and two people have, the ... pants Once peek, in defeated and watery eyes , of do is daddy has a penis, squeezing, such a figure, so cute likely if you have seen, it has become, we are, we are that have come to think ... in the next day two people consultation, and want to go to ... Obstetrics and Gynecology, the-the pill, and that we have got, it is I was ... to drink physiology, since ended, the differential speed ... pill, drank ... In that night two people, Papa that I was entered in the daddy of the room, the two of us so slept in W bets, the pants of dad that I was entered into the futon Become a naked , ... Papa Once Nugashi is, ... Papa because woke up is, but tried to Yuo something, the lips with your fingers, to Papa that I was holding, the always sad I think, from us because they were of, to comfort Yui~tsu was the dad and the sex and the mind, Once your pregnancy, so have Yu~tsu that it'll get to, we, the'm fine contraception, as the story because they were, to the daddy I we will ask him or her become naked, on top of the waist of Papa, of ... Daddy's across, the penis, the waist by pushing in the Omanchiyo, when I sunk, the Papa painful and voice, and got out me I was, and the Embracing ... feeling good in the waist, my waving, the daily painful of ... Papa is only the pain, feel, patience and you think, ... feels good and of being by, a pleasant'm ... voice, the waist while out, the waving, daddy, such a figure, and \"Moyae\" because I have also been tired I was becoming happy I watched the exchange, teeth Once away from ... my dad's body was in it to get \"Moyae\" is, the I daddy of ... penis across the top of the waist of Papa, from grabbing, in the Omanchiyo, and closet to the waist, if you have sunk \"Moyae\" is, the voice and painful, the \"Moyae\" is I issued dad, hugged while, a ... our body is shaking the hips feeling good, hugging the body of Papa When I was after about 40 minutes from the \"Moyae\", strongly Embrace ... cormorant, cormorants, as the c ~ \"voice, leaked was of Papa was comfortable, I asked two people, tears that it was felt good the, that our future ... Daddy's willing while passing, because I'll comfort, and would also various very Papa, it but I think, in the future, and thank you combed long, and begged

Because my son saw masturbation

My husband is a family member who will be assigned to work alone from this year. We have a high 1 son. I haven't had sex for years, and since I watched adult videos on the internet one time, I've been masturbating from time to time. I did it three times a week. It was three days ago. I was messing around with it again as a moyamoya disease. I didn't realize my son was back. Sometimes I started to immerse myself in my world aloud. That was also the case. When I was crazy about it and messing around with it, I suddenly got caught up in someone and soon realized that it was my son. I was surprised that I didn't know what to do because of a sudden thing, but my son, mom, always did this. Wasn't it embarrassing to say that and your mother wasn't satisfied? Then let's do it with me. I was embarrassed and had trouble refuting, but when I sucked my boobs, I stopped. When I returned to my house that I couldn't do anything, I resisted, but when I put my finger in there and was told that my mother felt this way, I stopped. Please do not tell them. I was so embarrassed that I could only say that. While doing so, my son began to take off his clothes. You're a little fierce parent and child. stop it. My son kept taking it off regardless and finally got a penis in front of me. My son's sled was almost hungry. I was surprised. The man's thing that I saw after a long time seemed very nice.I want to get used to it because of this. I wasn't feeling decent when I was masturbating. I'm reluctant to suck my boobs again, but I'm not serious. I had only half the power in my hand trying to release it. It's so comfortable that it's strange that my son has done what I've done so far. I shouldn't, but I eventually lost to the dilemma of wanting me to continue. No at the end. My parents and children refused to do this, but I left it to my son to continue or stop. I'm not acting on my own will. I'm done. My frustrated son has a relationship and I'm not hoping for it. I was trying to think in my heart for my convenience. You can't stop because you're not really resisting. And finally, at last. I think it's natural. My son wanted to get in. But that's really annoying. I also wanted to do it. Takeshi, what would you do if you had a baby like that? I'm dying. When my son pushed in, I really resisted. But I was wondering if it would be okay because my period is close. It's only today when my son gives it all. What do you do without putting it on? I have said something that I agree with SEX itself. Ah, the man's thing ... This feeling for the first time in more than 10 years.The feeling I had forgotten seemed to melt. Much better than a finger. This feeling that this man's thing is deeply sunk. I have crossed another line. I've exceeded it again, so I don't have any more morals anymore. If the fact that you have accepted your son's thing cannot be canceled, it is the same whether you accept it or refuse it. I also stopped the resistance of words. Just fierce, fierce. Mom, if you do that, you'll be a woman. I have to be a mother. A woman in front of her mother. I guess she was doing that because she was a woman. I'm a woman now, so I think I've done something like this. I can't because my mom shows me that. Oh, then look at your mom as a woman now. Oh, she's a woman. This body is irresistible. Ah, ah, fierce. It feels good. I feel good too. Hey, go outside ... oh, it's out . Mom over there is good. Takeshi is also good. It seems that my son didn't come out well. The first blow was hit inside. My masturbation has seduced my son. Just after seeing masturbation, I had a physical relationship, and after the act was over, there was an awkward atmosphere for each other and my son went away immediately. I lay down for a while and felt my son's feelings.Some of me have released my son. With that in mind, I was reminiscing about what I had done before. Frustrated, I lost the mood and accepted my son's request as it was, but after that, I became strongly aware of the word incest. I have incest. I don't have incest. I have sex with my son. I came here today thinking about all this.

Of acquaintance, to small father, the poor, and endeared

Us, was going out and three people bad company, to travel to Hakone, while enters the hot spring, that something interesting,
when you talk to Naikashira, and tried to go home to the meal also end room of the dinner had been, happens to be , and acquaintance of small father,
to \"rough ~\" Why here of Awashi face, if it's a heard there, and that's travel company, so had Yu~tsu, and invited alone to play in our room, to come and so was I small father, came to play, a drink in four people, the small talk while drinking, in bad company three men had been, an inner ear, And then, in this small father, a vial, and Ya are Nomashi Around the funnel consultation, the time of the first, the normally drink, drunk by drinking has been around, the vial, and from then on flour, our was placed in a drink, playing with fire, it to be, ... the way our vials, have, the pill, pregnant I was drinking, I was that after a few hours ... and from trouble, a small father, and from lying, and the pants , take off to a small father, is not to unexpected resistance, it remains to made, penis is on the hardened have a small father waist, and from across the penis, is placed in a Omancho, hips When I was waving, to say as it is, both the time being three people I was closed, the sex, though was spoofing, still ... penis is, while this of standing is, because it is cute likely, the Ghost Leg, and from pulling, on top of the waist of small father, across, I feel good and was waving the waist, a voice and I feel good, while leaked, semen of small father is, small Father and of was waiting until it exits the cormorant ..., cormorants , if you stood up ... of divulging cormorants ~ ... voice, it may semen from the Omancho is, its body after I've been run down, the ... Kanpai from rinse, was of small father, care And then, after which I'll pocket money, went back to the place, and the small father, when met, the sex with four people, is ... of course small father of enjoying, spending money and because director's leading company is, in Omancho of have pretty, the money, in like a of the money a breath, drinking ... drink by three people, I wonder if not someone Donchi yan commotion, the more luxury, it is allowed to people who give me

Recently, it became cold ne!

I am living in this year, and divorced son and two people. Since I also son also is only with the work, go home time is falling apart. who previously was returned to home cook the rice, you also set the bath. House, it warms the room by closing the shutters because it is cheap apartment. And after I got home, but I to change clothes in the corner of the room, recently my son in my change of clothes, now come hug from behind, the other day of the holiday, the confession as I like to me is a mother . Already there also be absent also husband to me, but I received a confession from a son to think for a while. Now, the son is my husband, I think that is slow is not to pregnancy.


Please to refrain from those who can not Sockpuppet up and languages!

...... With your brother

In the brother that lives away and out of the home car,
went to the outskirts of the love hotel, if you have sex in staying on the weekend,
\"You, No way, brother and ...\" was suspected to mom and.
Because I have frequently met, the Guru mother is suspected also no wonder.
Me and my brother'm a relationship that mutually move the hips it makes good contact with each other's genitals since I was in elementary school.
I accept the brother of the penis from getting in junior high school, it became a way to the real sex.
Once, the mother came home from work, just
but my brother and I had also seen the processing sleeping in the same futon over the act,
appeared to be a relationship of good siblings,
and doubt when the did not crack. I bought Yaba When I turned over the futon. Even while suffering the anxiety that has been suspected in the mother, in the Hotel Scam, been poked violently to his brother, \"Brother, brother, Sukizuki, love!\" And it is I that is attached brother Nishigami.

In love with my brother & # 9825;

Day typhoon of between Kona, brother and
I finally have sex. Take early lunch with two people just when I saw the TV is \"bath since no?\" Brother \"not earlier?\" \"No, It's free time, to some that you want to listen to your sister ...\" Tsu \"Okay\" always siblings kiss of like taking a bath in the feeling Te. When you enter the bath recently to have endured while entranced stroked commonplace of caress and genitals of breast became ritual \"still useless unless you put up?\" To wipe the \"okay anymore ...\" body also frustrating, Tsu laid Berochuu of relatives Soai to Panashi was the your futon. One hand Nipple, one hand to play with the genitals. I also enjoy Niginigi the penis sucking the nipple of his brother. \"Elder sister, useless, at first ... alive likely you want out in Naka\" \"Yeah, okay\" and I pressed the destination, is cute awkwardness & # 9825; I waist brother When pressed against the penis to vaginal opening the attracted I enjoyed the Ohatsu brother. Wow! Pretty long? \"What? S sister and cry?\" I saw the kiss to dear man's face. Cute. Sadness seems. \"I'm going out I No. I feel good, dangerous\" \"Okay, But it is moving to be put up, Do not & # 9825 I want you to ejaculation;\" brother can look small time the waist me to kiss to both nipples after you kiss move to the & # 9825; every time the uterus is pressed in the penis, really sweet man in his own that have accepted the brother whom? Pretty excited to incest me, small die many times I & # 9825; \"? Your sister, of feeling good\" when younger brother also notice that his penis is delight sister \"Yeah, Kimi is nice I'll & # 9825; \"answer upcoming and by selling me, and moaned and, while my vagina back that terribly hot feel jumpy of Note scree penis, and acceptance was No & # 9825 ejaculation; while connected by Berochu cormorant possibility is that you had stared in Berochuu, he increased many times by ~ Blow was celebration two people the beginning of love naughty it was etched many times pleasing I ° *. (*'Д). * ° brother Even'm a darling from today, Squeeze brother of the penis that is sleeping, it was moderate to the cheeks. (V ^ over °)

In love with my brother & # 9825;

And I have lived with my brother in high school
's friends from the old days still
I have it exceeds twenty-year-old with glue at that time and I had been especially playful is to show each other
genital you can kiss the time is still Yowatchiku brother of high school students and I was in contact with his brother to the body also come touch naturally even if they entered the bath that has become genitals also strapping breast, is now the morning and evening is to me a hug by Dee Pukisu during his Mr. and fight, your sister is Come What bodied me'll make happy is me is Toka happy person who broke up because cute I also hate Ja Na stone ... honest, out of his brother, humanly handsome than Mr. Carre. Was to him Mr. Sex, brat, recently to have applied to the nose a handsome, and I wonder is why dating? I think seriously me. Brother's a spicy likely in the bath, I think it is me or I'll pull it out to say that practice blowjob. But might I can not stand sex? To have my brother to put up (laughs) unconsciously yesterday, erect and to become grasp brother of penis us I think I'm a ... relatives Soai (* / ∇\\ *)

And son

yuna himekawa[19313]
56 is a year-old housewife.
Libido is yet but my husband does not me to the other party.
It was the only look forward to the Ona two over at Beck To become naked after sending the children (28 years old) and my husband.
Suddenly son where it was enjoying to buy adult toys were I have seen appear in mail order.
The \"Mom what are you doing?\" I had to not move would upset
\"Anta Why?\"
Hail embarrassed to be seen even without looking.
I'm ashamed because I was seen the processing that has put the toys over there.
Such me look and I said, \"Do you I also Tetsudao
something?\", In words such except that I was surprised, \"Anta work?\" Is that part of the son to look \"is I know you rested today\" well was swollen. \"It's to do with me Anta help?\" And \"Try using the permitting if my cock?\" \"I'll not be able to do that\" son \"I can ze\" began to undress while so good. If you take off the last of pants greatly inflated stunning pair two to which it was appeared. Seen in a long time Bae two vinegar, my dick has contained a penis may lead to son in feeling Nare even copper anymore tingling with di-in to the mouth. It was just like the time young hot husband is very hard. Son also clever enough to caress the chestnut and labia. All my husband is bad the son of Bae two vinegar telling myself it was welcomed in me. Still real thing feels unlike toys. Son to move slowly at the waist, whether it is a good son is also familiar. You are massaging the breast is also shaking the hips. It is a pleasure, it can be seen that the spill is liquid. \"To say at any time by I say\" \"Mother'm likely to live my\" son of the movement becomes violently \"I Iku~tsu\" my dick sperm has been poured for the first time in a long time. Son you have put in the back to back to squeeze out every last drop. \"How was it? My cock Mom\" \"I I did not to yeah\" and \"whether by? Not to by What's so much\" and \"I'm was good, and what years I wonder had sex\" and \"what to I Dad \"\" If now want to I'm is not a it lonely and was comforted by one person \",\" From now'll I'll I'll to the other party, \"\" really? this mom even okay \"\" lie also because he is denied seeking Before you say \"you\" of glad I \"eyes at any time is now bright with the package.