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Incest confession of women(2006-11)

Father and that

yuna himekawa[3332]
I was told my father I dare to write something. Dad's place I get a man writes. The elementary school my big boobs. I wish I was writing things like the force I want to do in most cases the father is. I will sometimes be tempted. The first time I honestly embarrassed to show boobs. Because I really grow anymore. I think I will rejoice to think but sorry for my father. Because it seems that no woman like me breasts show me more. I did not say his father was still having sex for three years. The next day was the first time my father was not doing anything, I was nervous to ask or touch my hair that day. Dad, you want to? Kiku and I and I was I do not say that.
Ittara to Iiyotsu I have to hold for a while. You wanted to?
Yeah. Hairo to bed. Yeah. After this conversation, dad naked to me that that day has started. My father smoked a happy face on your breasts. And I, you, you have this licked. And okay? I've heard. I said yeah, my dad became naked. Dad's dick was still standing. Bunyanesque. I was scared. Long been a dick to you, you can.痛Kunakatta it is like before. Dad does not want pain, so I worked hard. When the first, but then I put the sperm, so I put a rubber stomach, in my mind began to. Afterwards, because I really wanted my father said so. After a long absence from that, I also wanted to wanted to dying. The day now is like then. I want my father is 34 years old, so just yet. I was taught so many more, I firmly do anything. Those boobs friend's mom is larger than E cup. Now it's even been teased boobs. It's another walloping from you my mother. Adult man I say that it is. I kid you guys. The truth is not it Sawaritai? I've got to say anything now Iwanaku. Now it boasts a large class. When I went into this before we traveled, looked enviously on the side of the body Arau and the little girl's breasts in the bath. See all staring at my boobs. Thanks Dad. Every day you will touch your breasts father. Bath is the same. We can meet any resistance is no longer showing a naked, only when this has been sprung on you, you hair is embarrassing. The fun is still had to fly quite a bit. Because you are strong family, I was told I'll get Boubou.

Father loves us

I have a father who has raised one 男手 separated at birth and my mother.
My father married three years ago, is poised to live a comparatively short stroll away, but live apart.
My husband is working away from home often travel a lot. It comes from my invitation to frank basically no night life. My husband is favorable. So much married.

2 when his father had witnessed a high chance that I masturbated AV look. Hanging out with bad company I am working on a little rough when they were in middle school experience itself rather SEX.
When my father saw masturbation, I will not leave your eyes burned pretty big penis have never ever experienced such a deep black father. Then I want to put a little boy's father, now I want to be embraced by the father.

And write more.

Just thinking about it too

Just a thought in the words of his son this morning, my dick 49 year old is coming wet. Not at all, and his son and friends sprinkled 3P I say good sex, even once the two young cock, put Raretara Ufufufutsu feel that the vagina is wet just thinking about coming . Actually, please tell me what a lecher Tsu. The husband, I did not like it should not exist.

My discourse incest

4 is a small walnut first ballot.
Yesterday, one brother was put to high. Because I liked her brother did not even beaten by resistance.
Yesterday afternoon, I did not have a parent (Dattarashii alumni.)

That night was, I was about 7 when I was taking a bath, the brother suddenly, "I fit in with" I was told, when it is "good yo," I said Innovation " If you do not like strange things, "I went into going along.
I had larger breasts, the elder brother said "I'm going to wash", so said he would, when I was asked to wash, I suddenly had massaged my chest.
I force my brother and I go out of the dangerous and have no Omoi Furoba should serve, as it continued to be rubbed the chest. I said, "Nuke" It was getting rough and breath. I did not put more power as well.
The elder brother, I can lick ○ You have me. I "I U dirty stop big brother" when I was like, suddenly came in tongues, I was so surprised and stunned. (I heard from my brother)
Happens, there 捲I towels to the body, I did not sense a clear "U" I kept the head, but my brother came in after a while, then suddenly "H you A, Rumi Toku "I have been like saying.
But after a while because I liked the brother "... Sure," he said with H, it was the first "Be gentle with," he had said and done.

My brother has a D Hands massages from the opening of the chest while kissing towel.
I "I" removed the towel from me and I felt a little bit.
Shaburitsui brother has my heart, I said, "Nuke" from rough to breath and I, "asks to lick there," I had to lick it means where Too, brother The "I'm a mess over there, walnuts, I pretty" I've said, I am "mean" I did not say I've suddenly sucked big time, I come as a surprise, "Ah ... ummm Uuaaaa O ~ You do not "I got me going.
The solution came from over there a lot, I could not bear the "Put another asks ~" Even when I told my brother, "I put?" I also told you so, "the older brother Sure I like it, "I came into this: That I will ○ open from my brother's crotch and said," It hurts to put more slowly, "says brother and is "Oh I'm sorry," said she slowly put me. I was feeling upon entering the whole lot.

Have become so accustomed to me and out slowly, "your brother from now moving fast to put up with me" and say, your brother, "Nuke" she said I will soon me moving, "Oh Ahhh! good! O You'll say," To say, "Yeah U out too Iki" I have to overtake me and I was "Come inside and say I hope I" do good "I heard," Do not really like big brother "to Ittara, I'll burst it is said, out of abundance I had to! ! !
Ask to try it today, I feel I'm getting her boyfriend! !

The first is by way of earning pocket money

Hi first time we posted, I OL is now 22 years old.
I peeped through a gap to the door of Mexico where Mexico has been hard at work there, masturbation and sex videos while watching his father in the study of the relationship was like with his father. At that time, pretending to Orimashita not know how I did not even noticing that I peep through the cracks father, my father know that I was back from the company's eyes But then When I realized I had dropped my face in the sink when you saw a cock was rubbed Shigoi invisible things like lotion and hard cock again slippery in the bath I stopped masturbating or awkward to get in, went into the bath with a bath that was too poor to 見Kane too is a father or five years, until the high school graduation together, but recently I was into cock hard cock Shikoshiko was just what was wrong until the appearance it had no father to take a bath with my dad back from the company probably because I am too late I burned before my eyes only.
Yara troubled for an answer in shame I am glad I have told my father recently became good stature.
To flow back links with my boyfriend or I had misunderstood what was said to you, so your body will shed my father for a long time,
We 帰Rimashi a whiff when I instinctively began to voice my father and I wash my hands in Shikoshiko thinking that when I saw her father's erect penis Bing when facing forward and I was waving to the end and said vertical head involuntarily give pocket money to finish washing my father when I get away from the penis or involuntarily, bathing my father seemed terribly excited out of a million from me.
Ever since I broke up with him also that he is cheating on me but then a few days later I met my father and my father in front of the station after work that day just happened to be there and I am aching What I try to eat out? Take the diet while drinking at a bar nearby and said, went home with a drink with my dad's house in snack near Nationals. To wash in the bath the other day I happened to hear today really came into my room, so after 30 minutes and then immediately went into the bed because my father was quite drunk and I was pretty drunk I'm drunk today welcomed me to the bed so I want it but wanted to wish my father would not have entered his father's bed and said shut up, and I am too broke to love Yes I can was excited. Grab my father realized his penis was also boosted because of the drink, then I do things with the topic in parent-child relationship is often considered, but I did not think as a man and a woman I had to Hayarou, the tip of the penis bigger then raised Gingin lie like a penis in the mouth well and he feels good or seems like they are half asleep quite drunk father Lightning brought into my pussy bigger penis, the father, so I was quite free to have sex with me I gave to abandon fellatio dripping liquid, I do not I do not act, Let Dad have raised someone depart until the end led me to the end face of the father I try hard I thought moving back to sleeping, from his father yesterday when you wake up go to work immediately to say thank you My father went to the office the company said, and then my father and I recently and now we have sex every day without making my boyfriend is also forbidden sex is the best thing is the man I love my father The lower body action and understand that even if the father takes a halt like a penis these days that my father brought me to one who died early 男手 is my father will come home I will then present you with The ー housewife at home, then I will buy my father has recently Eroi underwear will do my whole life with his father.


Today, masturbating with my panties before I noticed in the penis was erect Shigoi from the opening of the door when I was younger brother suddenly found himself obsessed with vibrator masturbating when I get home, so nobody in the dawning night When asked in the nod would like to come into the room and embarrassed to call his brother was not able to taste the life I had been so recent that even though the promise was put out there my brother Toi Yuumani I put in me. Nice safe day today, but because the younger brother to do a man pulls his brother from now on until there seemed boyfriend virgin!

You son,,,

High school at age 20 gave birth to my son. I grew up in a home for little children to say, a mother and I do not think that.
What should I say good relationship like brother and sister.
I work from home and residence in Tokyo is about two hours by train.
My son goes to school I usually have a half hour from my apartment and this station three.
Now often come to stay.
Angry with me hanging around in your underwear and do around that.
I felt happy like a woman I'm aware of something. I know the process of sneaking in the room alone at night.
Declaration sweet my son anymore. About "Want some help?" Hey.
"This is not about stupid?" He said they're eager yet.
"I'll litter yo touched me?" And invite ",,,,"
Sooo hard to the touch from the top of the jersey.
My son is a pajama top with no bra from breast.
Victim to rub the nipple, "awww!" Lightning out of me voice.
Pulled out what his son, grabbed directly.
Really long and hard. Wrap and hand, "Yaba! Serve!"
What I was whisked off.
I feel like I was someone I want my son anymore.
Lying quietly on his back, I saw the fingers of my son crawling around.
Each is taking off underwear pajama bottoms, the legs were held.
Infiltrated deep into the finger can wriggle violently.
I feel rotten enough tears already.
Will my son was a limit. I started holding their own ironing.
I included the hands of her son mouth unwind.
Tickle the tongue with a hole in the penis, back of the throat at once.
I will sign on and also furikabutte lick swallow dick. Was more at hand for his son in the face. Cum spilling from the mouth. "It looks like the video!" Said happily.
Hug from behind and her son have to wash your face rather challenging.
"I go to bed." Lifted up was taken to say. "Properly (condoms) I gotta."
How many times piercing the morning. I devour the tongue clings to my son, I reached over and felt some pain while hard penis.

And groom

Tomorrow is a holiday, thank you middle-aged man's address.
Continued write.
Tsun Hashirimashita pleasure and extended when the body is most sensitive place in my fingers from the hand of the butt crack of Yu's son. Caress body's response was hungry long adulterer. "Yu can not do more than it's useless"
Yu superfluous if the kinks out of himself, from the side of my face with excitement, I asked to come with Kyushu Is sucking breast oral, almost like a baby. I Tarimashita stroking pleasure to Yu's head.
"Says her mother, to stand" and kept saying, the bathtub stand, the pubic Tsutai Jireta mouth drops of hot water flowing black people have white skin 湯煙 from me, I came to bring one's face in front of Yu . Yu added me feel self-conscious to enjoy hot and the car body and buried his face I've seen enjoying the agony of my face and lick you from bottom to top 上目Zu but that part of my long tongue . I have too much pleasure "Aa" It was pleasure enough to Yusuke's split hairs and raised his voice.
Yu's is red Tsukiage things anymore just to go into my Kanjimashita. When did I forget to play the male and female beside relentless caress. "For a mother's hips, sticking out," I say leave the husband turned to bursting butt.
Yuji's is stroking my big ass "Oh amazing, this butt," As soon as I said, the Eagles grabbed with both hands to cock my hips
And thrust the hips and was put Zubu, "says Yu Aa" sound and the intersection of Yu's phallic vase Nutanuta is disgusting, and I was also excitement. Yu's paean to have raised young early.
If we had this delusion has been the mail I have to drop and the husband's gift in return trip next week, Should I Wait Kai出Shi. It is poor widow lady, I Kakukara short middle-aged man's name Tell me paranoid.
Your in my bed tonight and get drunk from the cold and that.

The massage is ...

I will when he was a fourth grader I was still at the tea I have a cousin in your 6th grade.
I always had so gentle with him.

I went to my house for our family to have tea as usual. Then, somehow always seems to have a different attitude.
Io very gentle kind of tea did stay.
"Let's play, second floor." Tea is said to stay Too I went upstairs together.
Was then laid on the bed for some reason. I said, "I have tea with you, I'm still at lunch?'m Still early to sleep. Settle bothers to play ^ ^" but said, "Let's play like this ~.," Said Iyarashiku .

The single entered the bed together.
The elder brother, "the massage from now if I like this blind." Called. I put a blindfold on me as it is called.
That day was dressed in skirt camisole. Could the summer.

When I was in grade 4 B cup I had, I've been wearing a sports bra.
My brother said, "I'll pretend massage now. Yumeri for customers. I like your tea I'll stay a teacher. Then start it!"
He added, "Now please take off your clothes.'s Own take off there, ♪ increase to take off," it is said, I was naked.

Omotta it strange indeed, but, being such a heart massage,
"Oh, my heart is sick. Fix to massage"
It is said, was rubbed in great force.
"Awww fill with Oh Ah!" And make a voice and a little duct tape his mouth was blocked. Hands and feet tied up with strings too

"Because this is a great sickness, but I want to be patient a little." And called the nipples were pinched.
Clips or clothespins. Nipple stimulation has been tremendously.
"After I'm done licking put tanning medicine teacher." Just

Mouth and chewed a little, was licked. Drug saying, my tongue was licking. Very pleasant, going in grade 4 www Lightning

And groom

52-year-old widow, and Kazuyo My name.
I had a daughter three years ago with husband, daughter and I'm bad terms with the separation, now also a desire to write is a delusion only.
My daughter, we admitted eight Tsukide from last year, to take care of Yu's husband is living in her apartment in the meantime. I was going to marry the child can be very helpful, and events here. Aunt body but I'm pretty confident, 87.80.98 is the old days, was told it was similar to that of porn star Tatibana Yukiko romance is likely to appear in a fair man-eater.
I have a hot and humid night, drank beer, slept with the groom, I was around drunk in them, "Yu added 入Rimasho a bath again, and I'll sink the body" should have left her husband the main word is It was as if surprised, "is a good" went to the bathroom, saying Mukaimashita to the dressing room while I was chasing after some time afterwards. It was a tub that you look to marry a bathrobe belt to solve the skin starkers little reluctantly.
Entered the pubic hair with a towel to hide the door open a little while, the eyes of the son and not always disagreeable, seemed to be staring at my naked plump bottom, "I'm good for the body" and little Nia Tsukarimashita my back and face them in hot water before me while the husband from behind while massaging her breasts with both hands ", smooth skin, I hope more Ryoko" and saying the hand toward the bottom, "this large ass "

My discourse incest

~ Nao is the first Kakiko. Now What I first experience in the three two weeks ago. Quite surprised opponent for the first time called on his brother's.
The older brother looks up to a little blonde pierced blank Banban much because it was kind or character to another place quite cute but quite scary.
But I want my brother was watching from the usual perverted at all, like I was not thinking.

I have a sister I'd like below, when I had to go to hospital to have injured her sister one day. In addition, parents and sister 縫Wanaku injury must not fine tea is in the hospital, my brother and I were house sitting at home.
I make up things would still was not able to eat dinner
So, before I knew that if I followed her brother into the kitchen! !
Then, "Give me a naked apron?" I have to say.
From such a shame, "What are you talking? Yo I do not want" to come into the hands of the clothes in my brother told me I
Was impossible to like what I just put out my best voice (sweat

Immediately, "Oh, awww" I got out of the voice, get rid of my clothes 入Nnai Sure enough strength to ride to the tune Then my brother, is wearing an apron Lightning.
Now, getting better but when I do (laughs, "you might want brother had" started me thinking.
Then do whatever you want brother.
I was very weak in the chest bombarded Bakkari there Nde
"Oh Ann Oh, awww, brother" in rolling out new voice or even do me shame

I just got naked and suffering Demashita go somewhere I noticed something apron.
Also brother "from the other insert, pull out power Okay?" I said, some of my older brother
I felt pretty.

"The Antsu, I'll, you'll feel good Yo"
Brother had previously only tea I'll b quite hard
"Copyright of Nao is just ahead, right boys?" Or I have moved back. It is a good feeling I was after you install one time! !
So after the brother out in

Chi brother from Yantoetchishiterukedo it absolutely, I mean are you going to do something!
I mean like a boyfriend like this, too! What man, give me a lot in the mail? ?
If I teach you wish v.

Recently, the cold Ne

The Kumiko, his son every day matches and warm.
Are you, are you warm match with? !

First, let me post

yuna himekawa[3220]
I am a 49 year old married woman, the family, who has three sons live with my husband is a thing of the month. My husband and his mistress are found there. But now even my husband was there a woman so angry nor age, do not even care 居Masu. My son is twenty years old, I go to college, the other day his son, a mother, and there safely is said that from there with his sudden, repeated lips my lips, my son I came to, I suddenly the only son of actions, 居Mashitara silence, always called her mother from the words, and call you mom has changed and stayed. Had been knocked out in the living room sofa and, following the lips, neck blouse buttons are being removed, came to kiss her chest, then the energy to resist I was gone, I think of my son I was selfish. I came back to the womb of the genitals in the course of his son, also across from the front line of my genitals end, and then hanging her son sperm, but several days have passed, almost every day semen spit like a son, I 居Masu housed in the womb. But now, after your period I, my husband has admitted the existence of a mistress Sasemashitara, it is also the son of beating divide.

I have sex with stepbrother

I came back from my sister's house.
I had to have sex with a brother in the middle of a ride I got a brother.

My sister and a very pregnant they now my second child, was going to help my sister's house for spring break, so I have time.
I went to visit an amusement park brother and I took the kids last Sunday. I liked so much that brother, I felt that the expense of their children dating.
They seemed to look in the eyes of my sister-in-law or brother that's me. They talked about so many things. Complaint against her sister, told me as well as complaints of sex.
If you feel that he wants me, I could not get hold of the body in the upright, too. On the way back, he stopped the car in the car park at the sleeping child, "Do you walk a little," I took me behind a bush in the park said this. What I understood was going to happen.抱Kisukumeta reason behind me when I had lost him completely.

Kiss while standing under the shade of the park still bright, my heart was touched, refusing his hand in the skirt came up and did not. Around and fortunately no one was shy I could not have mixed feelings and mixed with joy and guilt. I touched the first guy over there, especially in very embarrassing to be seen through that already was wet from him in the car.

He gave me my car back today. In my car I got back home, we all forgive him. Guilt, regret for the suffering is not my sister.

Father received training? !

I go to school two years 進学校 famous private. I thought M was a little or maybe even one, starting with myself some weeks ago I realize it is for the 3 M.

And some things that
When I was not masturbating in the nude in bed, I also noticed a sign of life I feel great!
[Dad] And then I came into the room with a video camera!

Hide the body in bed and I panicked, my father, "~ Oh, Oh, I was a flower child saying?! Of'll stop? You finish?" And will say something. And "I wonder what happens when selling it? A higher or? 見Setara sell to the end!" I say so and get the "ear, and sell" me, so finally showed up!
All while being videotaped? Ik was himself reflected in a loud red and embarrassed face.

After my father, "Thank you, Hey I'm with my daughter wanted to" turn to say the sex was forced to make! Lost her virginity to the father of H!
Instead sell the video and promised to listen to anything I say. From that time on my M started.

Naked at home (clothes only when his father would forgive), elimination with open door into the bath together when out of a promise Nopannobura. (My mother back home to take care of my grandfather's home is now for two people.)
You can refuse the appointment and threatened in the video. But feel may have wet myself.
In addition to his recent appointment of H ↑ things to ask, if the vibe in sexual intercourse, it is a remote control operated by the Father!
Do you live and the status of my father! Itte but would shy.

In another house, but I think such a thing impossible. It is still naked!
Now, excuse me, so like his father came back.
Sorry for the poor writing is not literary talent. Thank you for reading us and everyone at length.

Big but,,,

That's it end of last year. The daily routine was going to have a break for tea at around 10 rooms of the college entrance exam to study for his son seriously.
I knew it. Something's lost, she's sometimes nasty video.
Are you out of my footsteps and hastily.
Kansai being appointed to her husband at work.理解Shi合Tsu that I will be enjoying each other 5 years.
Sex is about to experience some good well manned jointly with his wife.
But here is a day to fuck, I'm feeling is teach your body to burn his son, was very embarrassing.
Son and good friends I'd like a friend "Oh erotic."
What is more fun,,,.
And doing washing, I rub comes back or chest or waist.
Tickle fight back and here comes one day playfully immediately.
I felt really hot.
Motsure合Tsu son has to fall between your legs pressed against the knee.
Move a little "feel?" I.
I was outraged Harainokeyou face, the arms are pressed down and Gatchiri.
"I just touch a little." Sorry, but I understand that with just the touch. Did not resist.
Victim to rub rubbing is terrible, no good underwear that day is a soft dough.
All were taking off and see how disgusting my laugh.
Squeeze the nipple while massaging the chest, fingers in vagina.
Since the guidance thinking too clumsy movements.
To enhance the mood and as always while staring Ai,,,.
Well then, you feel as scared of going mad but to just thrilled that my son and I think.
Condoms about two weeks, so I somehow I was prepared to handle him in the mouth, I was ready.
Big cock slut but more energy than a boyfriend.
I'm riding in the early leading recruited his son's request.
"Now." I used a condom Handasu day I repeated while increasing the good in the mouth.

Feeling good with my brother

My other brother is a high-2 What is a high-burst last night my brother hugging his brother's room to say the naked brother out of the bath so that my brother liked it before their parents were out At first my brother I get the vagina I While moving up and down the penis off your pants brother because I have however touching the breasts in them but I was surprised Nedarishi your brother state slippery straw I never thought I would I'm feeling good I put my brother all the way back I was a little sore but I knew that the patient comes into the penis I had slowly put up, the piston brother I faint getting better with Sun when I was about 30 minutes getting to know how to use the waist his brother too over time, but disagreed with the timing of the hip Naka Naka was so naughty the first time both of you I did the first time I was worried I was pregnant I do not go with them back to my brother give him arms around my waist, so I told my brother to get his brother was relieved when I said okay because I'm safe day did it like three times in the subsequent tonight ー The sex with my brother after the parents because there parents are sleeping (*^_^*)

Ralph and

On that day the rain came suddenly. Through the father came in soaked. "The rain came close to this work. Why do not you dry your clothes," be like that because it was, on the room and began to dry off your suit ironed.

I slept with the baby born two months chopper next to me. While my father sat talking about the baby. Reaching for my thighs and extend beyond the skirt "rejuvenate the skin of a young woman a man" I, I began to stroke.

"Oh Oh, your father Santara. DAME" I, though father does not stop Dokashita hand. Hips and knees stroking "Mmm good old days of this was," I'm. To be pleasant to me to have been so perfect but close to the thigh, I was still will not touch.

By the time the pants dry hands stroked her inner thigh was still my father. Of course I'm already drenched dick. "I'm dry," my father took my hand and switch off the iron, "Thanks to this younger," I brought you something held me firmly in Gingin. Had bodily system from prenatal months you anymore. The taking off clothes, I still like the course is being laid on mats, the Guy from the father, with pleasure 貫Kimashita unbearable.

Was inserted and removed more than 30 minutes. The attack came one after another of the good, Takashi Mari Hajikemashita become intense over time. I end up there with her husband, Guy's father will continue to further attack. Iyarashii fingers, tongue words, a maelstrom of pleasure involve me lascivious flesh. Looking at the next noticed, I've seen the baby. "I'm the bad system," but I think Takashi Mari and intense.

Father pushing me to the third summit of the Ikimashita. As soon as I it. The father gave a loud mouth 押Saetamashita. This is the first time such a thing. My body is even Nae I was eventually followed by Guy's father is a small stet. Daddy's crotch pressed against the right missing, thinking "bad" was about saying Chata.

Then four months, the relationship between father and then was still a long time. A couple of times a month, while the father was working, stopped by the house. "Stop now. To the end" and said it would have been held. The taste husband, missing a big enough back, it did seek the delights of the flesh're welcome in quick succession.

But now the other end really. A week ago I father died in a car accident. Was also a moment of relief, I was remembering the night my husband and father from Sita. Until then, even having sex with her husband, "and this'm Uchino人" Hey, I was reasonably satisfactory, I was suddenly not satisfactory. "More, More" The body can ask me once installed.恨Mimasu the father of this body. And anyone, even the guy who desire to be cool again and again like a father. What should I do now. I would now like horny what happens now. I'm worried.

Happy every day.

Started dating men in their 30s, a woman was totally constitution M.
There is 別Reshi your situation, all they're raised in a married son, too, "rehabilitation" that I was living.
16 years old and his son, I felt that I'm aware of a woman.
No, it was late so it is time for those rebuffed Once puberty.
But I've got to go with the urge to push up rather than reason.
To watch TV together on the couch, my son came back massages, as usual.
If the usual "to stop it." That's laugh.
Skirt into the hands of his son grabbed it.
Hand stops a moment, and has been Suriage.
I've already wet and hot Pantei.
Opened the floor to sleep covered his face and legs.
Each skirt is taking off, movement of the finger has gone wrong already intense.
The painted dash and long hard cock in the mouth of her son.
I've embarrassed myself so much agony with no worry about pregnancy body.
Fellowship on a daily basis, the company was still nervous when I worry.
I'm not a fear, I was wondering when to try to do it more shameful.
My son asked for a Friday, and carefully prepared.
Lubricating jelly coat so crowded we washed three times with warm water enema with figs, I was tampering with his son and anal fingers and knees.
A long time to feel suspicious, so I'm feeling more ragged tears.
When things pierced son, is caught in a fierce breath stuck in its hardness and length of pain, I immediately reached.

Pies and brother

Two years older brother for the first time for H Hazama Kono.

I got my boyfriend broke up with recently, I got it I was really itching to.
By looking at sites like this, I was alone I H. Then, came into the room and suddenly your computer in order to make my brother. . .

Even though I was initially surprised brother, "寂Shiijan alone." And was told, somehow kiss Lightning.

Nipple torture are fairly big brother, but I'm sensitive nipples, before he ever say such a thing because, ♪ brother got at least enough
, And came inside my brother, ☆ Pies
Then put in your own brother turned me on, and made it the Pies.

A girl, but I might change, but it is a ski I cum.
Feels ♪ ♪ ♪

Mom and Dad are fast asleep after all told you yesterday, about four times.
☆ brother will go to the room taking pills today

Son sex

I brought home the first time in her three sons, one of two high I lost my husband, two people are living with this child.
And his son approached the stairs to the room and go upstairs to the room with snacks and drinks for my son, hear the creaking of her bed sobbing, what are you doing now found.

I would peek through gap in the room, I was riding on her sex in her son's naked cami.
Was forced into her genitals big dick of her son.

My body involuntarily hot flashes, I started to put his hands inside her skirt masturbation imperceptibly. Son of "Yes" when the voice calling the name of her son's voice, again and again jumped out of her stomach and face and white semen big penis is being pulled from the genitals of her thick pubic hair still low .
I also 上Ri詰Me me.

But later it turns out, was the day of her first experience.
That day I also work in his email "I want to see" Invitation and hotel Makurimashita always hard to do.


Summarizes the annals of the last six months.
I (38) and son (14) to talk in detail the very best physical relationship with 爛Reta.
Regards and post it soon.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[3180]
It is nice to meet her first post ^ ^ ☆
Hayo Yukiko person that it was the first experience ~ s grandfather.
And to live with Grandpa, Yuko, sister, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother of six families. One day, Yuko comes back from a convenience store around the evening, and sister, mother or grandmother was going to the supermarket is like, my dad always went back, though I work late, but just an answering machine was a grandpa.
Grandpa's job properly there is room, "I'm back!" Ittara me smile and laugh, "Welcome home." He told me.
Yuko loved that old man so gentle.

I was relaxing in bed reading a magazine in his room. Break even, I had a grandfather opened the nails I had a knock.
"So what?" When asked, "Yuko is a little to watch"
I just saw it just now ^ ^

Grandfather into the room anyway, talked to the school in various ways.
"Have you got a boyfriend in school."
"But not yet."
"H you do."
"~ Huh?"
"You have not? Or virgin?"
"Hey Geez ~! Go away"
Grandpa said, pushing the bed began to massage the breasts.

"Grandpa?" Yuko is really resisting, grandpa grandpa was trying to escape from the old man, so once again force is weak, old man was released from the body quickly. Before I stopped at my desk.
"Grandpa? So I quit. We're not. Yuuko, so the first time. Jiichanrashikunai you something?"
"Grandpa is a now Well I'm sick. Maybe that'll speak soon, Perhaps it will be leaving this world."
"So what I wanted and finally Yuko Yuko and grandpa."
"Grandpa Grandpa!"

Yuko decided to H and grandpa. Since that day I had come back as soon as their Mother, the utterance will be placed on the next day.
Grandpa took into the room the next day. Over the keys from, curtains closed.
"Sorry ~. Yuuko. To say selfish. As Yuko said yesterday Jiichanrashikunai usual."
"H s grandfather was the last I want. Yuuko from even my best. From my best."
Grandpa showed a Yuko to get naked. Shobokure I'm poor but something cock. I want to take care that grandpa. Might be the last. So I wanted to H. Grandpa and finally

Grandpa for the first time that I will die soon.
First, we embrace. Grandpa is a chest rub, Yuko is the cock of the grandpa 揉Nda.
"Oh mind. Ah, but I Yotchi bad words, I'm waving me down."
As I was told to try and have a look very comfortably.

Yuko is "Grandpa. I messed around with her pussy." Scrounge a little spoiled.
Even though three of the spoiled child is wrong. Begging was a long time.
Grandpa was a pussy Yamaguchi Yoguchonishitekureta forefinger.

Proceeded at a little perverted, second round. Yuko-time sex with grandpa. Yuko has legs spread wide, showing a grandpa.
"I'm cute. Yuuko."
Grandpa has a dick And so long. Have a piston. Now they're riding on the piston to see something grandfather. (Little laugh)
I quit the second round exit in kanji sex time.

"Thank you. Yuuko. You feel like something was very pleasant after a long time"
"Grandpa will be happy with me, so I'm glad Yuko."
"I see."
"I know grandpa is sick, but now I know Karaniha, I heard Grandpa say anything. H never heard anything but sex also."
"Thank you Ona."
First sex was something very impressive.
But, if something unusual is happening to the hospital just one day in one month and 15 days "Thanks" I say died.
But I remember that nasty scratch with these things, and you are doing this draw, please do not think I like lying tale.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have not written in a long time

Yokohama, "Kaori" is, do you remember?
The nephew next year, while in graduate school safely, keep it under my sister from sister, and knowing my relationship with my nephew, so I say leave, I also nephew居Masu happy.
Speaking of which, my dog is sick and died because, well past my new home, living with a young swallow.
The landlord of a new house also my nephew works at work, if delivered as a newlywed 於Ke, if it leaks even if a voice asked a neighbor, so I have not even be suspicious, SEX You can also safe! !

Long time no Ne

Off the job last week, but somehow able back! !

This morning my boyfriend (the son), but with a pick up station for work, my boyfriend is really reliable.

Kumiko was.

If I (2)

Thank you.
I was really nervous at the moment because I was going to write now, let me write a little more.
It is also likely to become long, boring story of their families and I'm sorry ^ ^;
The parents came back, it was the next day.
Parents are supposed to be a little more over there, my brother and I went back to school earlier.
That night, I knew I was coming and my brother is imminent.
And I was going to say no.
Not good, because I knew it myself.

But, When the night emergency
Despite last night and have become very sleepy as I got 9,10 maintained a sense of time anymore.
So I went to bed as soon as I fell asleep into the room.
Before I entered the room my brother and I on the contrary, almost Miemashita really well.

This is also to be.
I thought, I was helpless.
The same room key to tighten. Master Key is a place I knew my brother.
Is not it also Baiin were put in a room with?
That is true. So why do not you (laughs)

I thought I was a little hope Kano Hana?

But, really, I did not sense much remains to be thoughtful about that.
Matter and I think my mind was the closest, that is.

When I'm asleep I do not know what happened.
But when I woke, the room is dark,
All I have in front of the pajamas is Daka, one while being rubbed in the chest while supine,
The other nipple was being sucked by my brother.

And yesterday I was doing something different considerably bold.
I think I was one who became so excited in my wake or slow.
Clearly seen in the dark about it, I was wet with saliva brother nearly all of the breast.
Gin Gin and I was like enough to lightly numb the nipple.
A mess, maybe until about being sore, I feel I continue to be sucked hardened still further.
I was also looking at red and swollen as you can see the other breast.

The first time I did it for five times in my life that was true.
思Ikkiri Hatakimashita brother's cheek.
Even though the darkness, where you got such a control.
I even have a surprisingly loud, Pan! ! Echoed this.
Enough to echo.

"You were doing for nothing!"
Shouted loudly unconcerned.
My brother who is looked up to tear through one said anything.

It is here.
I was also at this time that I'm not always angry brother.
The truth is, however, that they turned from awake,
Surprised that such a reflex (引Ppataku cheek), I just did.
The truth is, I did not have much going to condemn the acts of his brother.
What I'm weird like me. I guess I thought wrong ^ ^;

My brother is presently in sob sob and cry, barely audible voice as a small,
"I told you I can not sleep with her sister"
Said something like that.

I figure that my brother, I'm very very sorry, helpless, and pretty, and let,
Holding it tightly, but I soon 寄Setakatta
So I just kind of momentum still remains, to my brother,
"I'll out up Anyway I'm going to do that forever! I'll out with, you're sleeping!"
And shouting, pulling from the room by force 追I出Shimashita I stuck my brother anyway.
That night, that's it.

If I (1)

It looks like some people are quite serious.
What's so interesting to make a confession in this way you feel, I'll write.

If I'm his brother.
From the time before and after entering junior high school four years under his brother, I found it vaguely aware of me as the opposite sex.
It also pure? Or simply yearning love rather than sexual curiosity is common
This is of course that is later confirmed, what women's intuition thing after all.
Also, I think I also had a good mind not hide his younger brother yet.

The only written so far comes to something exciting.
I'm glad to read it you'll likely endure a little longer.

For example, like when you go out together, I was with my brother and I walked arm in arm good.
I had bigger breasts, so I was pretty well right now
I would do to stimulate the elbow and arm still my brother.
This time his brother was enjoying it obviously is, you come to my arms chest and rubbing on purpose, and I was thrusting up boldly in the elbow.

Through the hunting and noticed that while not in my underwear drawer,
And then open the door because I was suddenly out of the bath according to the timing,
Yes. I can not even funny enough that I notice more Why do not you actually write.

But the first pretty, is not my imagination? I was and I thought it was.
It'll gradually overlapped with, absolutely no doubt one day they do this, I thought so.
Still, sometimes I try and I was doubting my confidence.

So because of my brother's actions against you How have you say
Most did not do anything.
It's not that much serious thought, I was telling myself, or so.
I like that sometimes, even I thought.
Of course, the interests of his brother and they all concentrate on those Yosuke,
申Shita well as before, and longing for the opposite sex "love" and that it was a very different one.
I thought maybe rather not so serious.

Heterosexual such as my brother and I found I did not.

We got carried away with his brother in various stage, I worked at that time given the terrible sexual harassment is now only think about poor little mischief.

It was great time or two-seater bicycle, for example.
I got to ride on the back I caught up to me or to Kuni Tsuyoshi dizzy on purpose.
From behind in tight embrace with his brother as I say, I was running back to become a form pushing toward him from the chest.

I had a good ride on the back, the last time I was because we had rubbed it with both hands behind your breasts several times.
The first time was just about to fall down in amazement thinking, of course.
At that time, let me stop for a light note. And also to do the same thing but then I was riding along.
'd Say I was really angry.
But it was still more anxious to be able to see people.

One day I cherish life more, rather than getting more involved sometimes triggered by a little brother.
My brother was about 1 or 2 for sure.
That the whole family when I went to a relative's funeral
About late at night, get to borrow a relative's house in one room, everyone stayed there.
I slept with your father and mother had been exhausted.
I was wondering out of the way to their parents, still sleepy, so I did not even speak, I was to go to bed.
However, it was how I was thinking of such, I was just my younger brother is quiet because there was another reason
Maybe I was waiting for me to sleep.

I never really sleepy but I did not.
I slept with my brother I thought this is a quietly I started to act.
I was dealt and turned his brother. From the beginning.
Who come to dive into my chest with one hand 揉Mimashita bury your face in my chest almost immediately.
(My brother is something I just talk a little chest, breast fetish is pretty though. Even now. Lol)

It is not just lenient 見Renaku as much if you bury your head, because I had indeed caught up in being a little resistance,
I let my brother's hand binge.
Then a little honest (?), But I'm about to rub his face
I'm slowly coming on the chest and hand you a little.

It repeated many times.
I noticed I was the younger brother seems to think I was crazy excited about popping out from your mouth why not another heart.
Lol was in heat and to be honest.

And I finally succumbed to the stickiness.
I was Nabura the hands of the brother of my heart.
Caressing hand is spread out under the agreement was made that maybe this was the first time with each other as simple as holding pattern.
I was still a little excited.
If you put a stop was always at home probably had something like this.
I was gone from what was allowed in an environment away from everyday life, but changed.

And then came down to reaching for her clothes.
The same pattern again.
And resistance to freeing the hands of my brother, to rub on the back of the clothes while quietly,
Freeing them to come into my hands in her clothes again.
And then repeated several times with my idea, but it remains to be

Caress breast was still just a simple massage.
Or nipple stimulation is not just.
But, being rubbed much, certainly too little too excited while being rubbed my face in my heart it and my brother.
So with a little dim.
The rest is hazy because it was in such, does not clear,
I think I even slept with two people doing it out maybe.
It was not anything beyond.
Even though I probably do not. My younger brother who is also.

Just remember one voice, to the delight My brother wet,
"Sister, I'm good in bed together after returning home?"
Been heard,
"... Yes," I said remember that.

It has become really long.
Continue to write. Regards.

From the son of Kumiko,

Still, last night sleeping Kumitsu is 抱Kimashita after a while. Of course, the Kumitsu. There was no love in my mother in the liquid and Kumitsu tappuri, a woman I completely Tsu! ! It is 48 years old, to the eye, the women in their late thirties, today it is a day of culture, and one day Kumitsu, 捲Kuritai watering? !

Play doctor with a virgin

I have a 6 year old brother over. Were always playing together since small.
One day, "try playing doctor!" And say that, at first I was touched the navel and breasts, of those "Hey, look vagina" is said, reluctantly (The truth is that tan look forward to But) let down the pants impression.
Another, very embarrassed because the hair grows.

My brother let me take off your pants legs spread wide by force, "Hey, you look like you did more to Kono Naka, all spread by hand," I said, I reluctantly, there extended a bit.
Then, my brother has suddenly thrust into Biwoasokoni Yu.
It also put my pen a little something in there but, my brother has been thrust into it until the base of the fingers.
"Oh I want!" So, my brother amused, as well as Haman this time until the hole in the ass, came the thrust of a finger.
So I jumped to the pain now.

My brother said, "because Na Yu putting things better!" I said, I was hoping for a penis and perhaps, my brother went to the refrigerator, with a diameter of 3cm or more frankfurters come, we ran into my vagina and forced to lick spit.

"Yo Ouch!" And I have to cry, my brother has been put out or put vagina and sausages.
Raretara have put my wet pussy many times.
My brother, "Hey, Lily, Did not you come when wet, I'm gonna put my dick you Son," he said, I will be on his stomach, a bigger penis from behind thick, ran into her pussy It came.

And piston motion was put and out. I came her pussy wet Gusshori. Now my brother Haahaa rough breath.
Soon to come out of his brother penis semen forcefully from jeans, I went white liquid overflowed from my pussy. I still had one thing in high summer.

After that, my brother and sometimes like now that H. Put ice cream in my pussy and was put pens and ass hole.
Sometimes it is thrust into a pussy live eel is felt (I guess I am I a masochist.)
Now, I am a high 2. Pussy to please anyone but his brother.