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Incest confession of women(2013-11)

Hot springs and son

I will be the old story and Cho. We went to the hot springs there with my son, but in the mixed bathing in the open-air bath, remains to be determined from the son, it has welcomed from behind, there would be engrossed and son, it has been seen in other people apparently at that time was like. It had been pushed up to the per son both hands up rocks from hot water. Is not aware of it to have been seen at that time, I had also raised voice. voice is heard to be <what are you doing over Hey awesome Oh, parents and children> when the son is feeling the hot release in the back of me, and had to overlap the back of my remains were inserted, it was away in a hurry.

'S parent and child

yuna himekawa[9389]
I had a previous relationship with his brother. And keep trying even now the relationship between the
brother ended up past the mid-even 30s anymore If noticing is not blessed with a child, unfortunately you have been married normally now taught me the joy of the woman from the brother of top five
and I followed it, but if you think that
there was a phone and want to keep my son from such a brother does not have the relationship is nearly 10 years now. I
probably thought it was cheaper if you got room and board as a brother who rely on it when come to town out of high school because you do not become a fool also Toka ... rent know from when small (son of brother) Takashi-kun It is not disgusting because you have. Husband nor even dislike
so much happy enough to me without children
rather. I decided to pick up a little bit of consultation.
Saw the last Mr. Takashi I five years since the funeral of my mother about one person Fortunately room number because it is a lot.
Impressive was told and ask best regards from my brother it was beyond recognition and increased completely. The what's the best regards. I think that should not be felt when you saw Takashi-kun. The atmosphere was not familiar with each other for a while moving the end I wonder do would lit this child maybe but to live together Although the terms of how much old friend who now see the smile on Takashi-kun gradually a little would have had resistance. It was decided to make known the name of that mean my little being called Aunt and because it was disgusting. Do let best regards from is said hello to me brother that would Kyun and somehow the name you called while shy. The child began to find an excuse to invite this child in such a feeling that does not know the woman probably. It was unexpectedly easy to say that, but I went in the room when you are not the husband. Nipple Remove whip When I look and feel the cool gaze that seems to look stupid stomach exposed versatile little, bra and crouch without. I'm interesting. Women experience Sniff talking world and is approached in a very artificial way? Toka. He is also a boy anymore Once that happens, there is no resistance at nephew and because I have much relationship with my own brother I have been hanging pressure. How It is not even trying to me after all this male child what about rather. I was raised to say that I'm I say from my Shidaku drew me to come hit while Haahaa. How would do say you do not want to have guilt to it was invited actually pierce painfully its gaze stare and jitter how the people I my go take off your clothes, Te oyakodon I also have been excited, if my brother pierced the first time to the penis, and ejaculated inside of me in no time you get a penis for the first time that children now but it was a strange feeling. I, the aunt of the first time he begins to move again is I got it and I'll praise by good hugged tightly but it was reported to his brother once. Regards At that time I also go over there because now I was feeling after all brother. Act with the brother I'm thing the best, Takashi-kun felt than husband to can not forget to have become well with a good feeling forever for me I think it's try with his brother for the first time in a long time also and I, kana I It might be surprisingly happy. I think it is bad to husband my body because I like not pregnant, but I think my brother and, with Takashi-kun both husband both and try it full as long as the body you want to enjoy as the minute a woman wants

I can't tell my husband

My husband is 45 years old, I am 42 years old, and my child is a family of four, a 17-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter. Currently, my husband is assigned to work alone. This October is the second year. At that point, I had a physical relationship with my son. The beginning of the matter was on Saturday, September, when my husband was talking on the phone. My husband probably had a sexual desire, and the content at this time was a little naughty, so I felt a little naughty from the time I was talking. And after the phone call, the kids weren't at home, so I should have gone to the bedroom, but I just masturbated in the living room. I was so absorbed in masturbation that I couldn't hear the front door closing. My son who came in saying "I'm home" saw me masturbating. I was fortunate that I kept wearing my clothes and underwear. "Mother" "..." My son hugged me who couldn't say anything. You can't stand against it with the power of "dislike, stop" . It was pushed down as it was. "I'm lonely because I don't have a dad ?" " I'll take the place of my dad." "I love my mom, I've always liked her." I kissed her forcibly, opened my teeth and put my tongue in. I grabbed my hands with my left hand and put my free right hand in the skirt. And in the shorts. I closed my legs tightly, but my son's fingers came into the crevice. I rub the clitoris wet with masturbation with a familiar feeling.When he found out that I wouldn't resist, he let go of his lips, the hand he was holding, and all the fingers that were touching his clitoris. Then, "I'm sorry, mom, but I like her," " I just want to be a lover with my mom because I don't have a dad ," he began to talk. "No, I can't do that." "I and you are parents and children. You probably have a girlfriend. " "I've always liked her , but I envy my dad." When I realized, my son was crying in tears. And I made the wrong decision. "I'll be your girlfriend only today, only today." "But don't be known to my dad or my sister ." "Have you locked the front door?" "It's okay, it's hung properly." When I was in junior high school, I had a weak body, but before I knew it, I was getting stronger. Take off your clothes and go to bed. My son's stiff object was hitting my waist. Kissed by my son, I obediently accept my son's tongue and entangle it with my tongue. I touched the bulge from the top of the brassiere with a familiar feeling. "Are you doing this with her?" "Well, how about ?" " I'm also having sex." "Occasionally.""Kid, be careful." "That's more than that." I was kissed again and moved my hand down and put it in my shorts. At first I was pulling my pubic hair, but slowly it came into the crack and my clitoris. "Ah" "Does it feel good?" "Yeah, it feels good" The rhythm that is different from the master is exciting. "Ah, Ann, Ann, Ann" The caress received from my son does not stop the leaking voice of Aegi . "No, I'm gone, I'm gone. " And I was passed away by my son. I also wanted to have sex with my son, but he wanted to have sex with me. I handed over a used condom with my husband and asked him to wear it, and I overlapped my body. "It's okay to put it in." I put a little tip in the entrance, and then slowly came in. "Ahhhhhhhhh" It's been a long time for me to have sex. Only at this time was I being held by a man rather than my son. "Mom, it feels good," said the son as soon as he entered. "I too" technique is not as good as my husband, but a little rough push up was fresh for me. "Yumi, I'm going out." " Okay, I'm gone ." It seemed like my son had put out and the relationship between the two lovers was over.However, this was the start of the two of us. Even on normal days, my son came into my bedroom and asked for my body in the middle of the night when my sister fell asleep. I have never licked a female genital even with her. My son said, but as I piled up my body, he started to lick my genitals, and I also started to die with my son's cunnilingus. My son's favorite position seems to be cowgirl, and I always keep it up. The condoms I bought to work with my husband soon disappeared. And I bought 2 packs of 3 boxes of condoms to use with my son, but I'm running out. It's embarrassing for a woman to buy a contraceptive. My son asked me to put it in raw, so I measured the basal body temperature only once, had sexual intercourse without rubber, and made vaginal cum shot. Since then, my son has said he doesn't want to condom. I have thought about the same thing. That's why I'm thinking about making it even more like a pill.

My husband ,,, 6 bachelor of


Bachelor in China to me, Mika, 33 years old, housewife husband, Yuya, 35 years old, engineer, from April of this year,
5-year-old daughter, Chihiro,
59-year-old father of kindergarten husband,
60-year-old mother of company employee master, housewife (during hospitalization)
parents of my husband lives in the distance of about 10 minutes walk from the house of three people living us.
New year will come eight months, my husband and after January become cold gradually to go to China in the bachelor.
That refers to the hospitalization of the mother-in-law, father-in-law and daughter to bear in the father-in-law at home excuse to take care of the father-in-law, love each other every night by Nekashitsuke daughter.
I could allow the body to go to a love hotel with two people, it would be found in his old days it the other day.
However, I am about to enter a new world and father-in-law it is the opportunity.

It was I have a son.

I'm worried it would be to have sex with son without telling her husband. My son told me by the Moheteru way feeling that was asked to come to pick my son to get drunk there is a drinking session in the hot air pay employer-I but go worsens it. I wake up good in here, but was committed to his son by force. Tears came out in frustration Because it was sudden, but my son many times many times I do feel is good. I hug my son feel better in all there. You may be pregnant and do live because there is Siemens still my 45 year old. I said my son and me to take care and nurture as a child because my After pregnancy to say later, but is 25 years old.

The husband and daughter

State of her husband's broken from the night of the last month.
And state of Yoko daughter physiology has just begun is also funny.
Sunday of summer vacation I got home from shopping in the neighborhood, and I went to the living room and opened the door of the entrance, daughter and father seemed surprised me, I was away suddenly.
Complexion of daughter reddened the face of her husband of something awkward face is not a Tadakoto.
What were you doing!
And, we Toitsume, but No way to say honestly.
My husband said he has healed the hair of her daughter, but there is no place to try to fix it short hair daughter.
To suit your husband, daughter had nodded.
I began to thought that there was such a thing even before. And do I if
my husband ... you are able to with my

Child of the frog

Once upon a time, was a parent like to pretend you are not to see still mother
kicking beat mercilessly to me it was a junior high school student who had received sexual abuse (up to production) to his father, and rape on top of all that
line until high school I such I am only able to leave early the house for me
leaving the house at the same time as the graduation Have skein
is such worth living like
to inform the parents of the parents' home, even unpleasant when it comes to marriage emergency Consider the marriage is blessed with a favorite person with a love of the ordinary
This we must was the most troublesome.
I grew up in a distorted home you do not know how good if someone in any face
tells the mother and only because the marriage put the phone felt a longing great in a happy home,
to raise Toka formula cheat with them to him
towards him as well as homely circumstances complex Fortunately he and I have not yet been blessed enough to be. But relations with the son as being attacked by what I would do a woman like that son who was born celebration is also not barely anyone, its children? Or would you inherited after all Mouchuugakusei still was good
it because was Akachangai longer stomach I began is. There was no resistance so much is because it was such a relationship with his father nearly every day when no master but even hideous memory of the past is revived

It is a mother useless

Will be posted for the first time everyone. I think that there is also a slander, but I thought it was trying to Itadako allowed to write become a feeling that I had to if it is possible to listen to everybody such that the ease in their own. My son, was the withdrawal referred to in the world to be 28 years old this year. Will be allowed to work for a small factory in Osaka in the care of relatives, had been do hot husband both Nadeoroshi the chest. It's three months ago. I left the house to tell this means you are going to see how the son lives alone in Higashi-Osaka, and come to stay a few days to master. Able to meet his son for the first time in a long time seemed to go to see him in his younger days. We regret it and he was funny a little from this time and if you think that now. and ask the time zone in which the son comes back, I've been waiting in front of the apartment. Will stretch (sound of brakes Kiki bicycle was) \"... yo and much telephone if there come ...\" as beyond recognition, work clothes dirty oil I felt like a man. Only time in a conversation without \"It is already more to clean surprisingly. She even wonder could?\" And \"there not always possible\" puerile When you enter the room of the apartment, \"I because we stay healthy? Twenty-three day\" while saying went past. I went to a nearby tavern, \"Today, I was guided to shop mom because'll Ogo~tsu\" of the apartment, received a drink after a long time, I was two people both dizzy way back. I've been allowed to use the futon \"'m there is only one set of Mother ... futon,\" \"I'm a parent and child I'm nice and ...\" \"I sleep on the sofa because\" to say so. You'll also okay to sleep with, but I know who my son is're nervous. The sake of tension and has ended up with a fire in my lower body. It's referred to by the name \"I'll would pull on your cold Come over here ... this chan\" the son \"Yeah\" was also a long time, but sleep together son was the elementary school request. (... Gently) and has been entered. Perhaps because that does not match a long time and my husband, I've found over there were wetted become drunk with breath son. I was stroking the lower body of the son without saying anything. It went allowed to crawl the tongue Mushaburitsuki penis son Lower the pants. (Peroperoku Chukuchu) I was to be sure that they do not have himself to master. The span on the face of his son off the pants, I was rubbing privates. Rim back up while making a sound licking and open it in a split tongue well privates my \"... licking ... more. Feels there ... Oh ...\" (licking) son while is said was rolled. I would say that \"... to go ... go\" just got licked. Pleasure after a long time does not fit just licking the back of the pubic region was swallowed up by introducing their own penis, which spans riverside bristles on the son. Voice leakage faintly son \"... cormorant\" is also what felt good, it was repeated (piston) Furitsuzuke, up and down motion hips as rubbing the genital area as soon as I heard his voice. Son, ended up taking out the warm semen in the back of me at the moment or not say or pretend and say \"... there ... A\" waist strong from the bottom. I tasted carefully scooping with a finger semen son of flowing \"I secret to Dad\" from the genital area, \"Yeah.\" This is the secret of my son and me.  

The thing with the secret son


I think  to become a five-year position again is correlated with the son was entering high school this year.
When it has been to together ever a bath since I was in elementary school, show without any hidden naked of me, across the tub, my son is looking
at intellectual approval, in the manner easy to see Mishiro, it appeared there slightly open of course
is like had.  It has been also or not breathe tits in the bath, it enters with his son in the bathtub, was raised holding on your lap, it is exposed to the skin and I <soft tits mom> is allowed to way rub her tits to son, I was a sex education and nature in my body. At that time, it included the nipple into the mouth of a son, son sucking boobs crazy without out such as breast milk is cute, it's sleep also it has become just like to I-priming to approach lovers embrace in a lying together.  And let them smoke like a daily habit tits, Sucking It is attached to the nipple like a baby, and now like to suck tits massaged. When the junior high school, even when you let sucked tits differences to study until late at night, before going to bed was raised have occurred together, it becomes like sleep together, to welcome for the first time a son, I the body as a matter of course it Ki Open, was raised to induce the son, and welcomed in the back, let them diverge in me, in the sense of unspeakable, I was euphoric pleasure back is like numb become hot at that time.  It becomes a high school student, energy is also strong, I have been overwhelmed, but my body is also clearly different as before, be youthful, son also said <Mother,'m pretty> I often gloss of skin you me. It will be like  wearing a mini skirt Become a way to also dating son and recently, in the park at night, you can kiss in the dark, My son wants to be an etch, but there is no courage still up there.  Just depilated hair in the hope of his son, we do not grow Become a slick now, you say that I <delicious> it tailed Sucking on the bottom well. You thought I do not know how long Aishiaeru a son, but I want love one son much.

I was asked to son

Thing a little while ago. Body is pleased rather I not Kobame it was a relationship have asked my son one day, but are asked every day.
But I think also not need to stop.

... And his daughter

It is that of 15 years ago from now. Do not do with (son-in-law for now) his daughter was dating at the time, it is embarrassing event. At the time, son-in-law had come to our house all the time. Daughter was waiting at home even when the work. I was relaxing at home as well that day, but I came suddenly when I'm taking a bath. It was barely emanate so \"What are you doing\" and was surprised, in fear. \"I'm I thought would like to ask once and mom\" What I did not know somehow, but she trembled when I saw the serious face of his. Is to grab the chest eagle at the moment when I thought it was a (done for), was suppressed mouth. Phallic have been pushed to tear off the crack from behind suddenly without any reason that you win in the power of man \"... Mogomogo ... Umate ... Mogomogo ... or\". unreasonable chestnut phallic came pierce the lower body of my no reason that (Gyugyugyu) you are wet. Tears did not stop. However, feeling I was good fire as attached to my body that does not intersect with men '18 husband since died. \"... Te ... stop\" slip of the lower body is also getting better imperceptibly, and I think that it though I knew \"'s fine quit?\" To him. there is no reason that \"... Let's stop ... to be scolded ... to Ayako\" to stop it knew. nostalgic warmth went spread to the back of the lower body to the moment \"... Toshimaru ... u\" was heard. \"Please, mom to do, sometimes.\" He went out of the bathroom by Inokoshi so. Only smell that white liquid is Tsutai his thighs from my lower body, was (pungent) was remaining.

Friendly dad

Hiding husband father had been the officer of the company, in your child illustration mercenary, and is nestled in the gentle father-in-law's. Are stay and died five years before I get married, mother-in-law is per person. I have I received 100,000 yen in celebration during childbirth. Sometimes, I proffered is a 10,000 yen is said to even the milk bill grandson thereafter. Six months ago, I had received 50,000 yen original clothes Emi-chan. It says I got Oke without Ousset refrain because it is rich and speak to her husband, I received. When you consult the birthday of the father-in-law, I'll say, It is said smile of Emi-chan is'm nice, I grip the hand of the father-in-law for joy. It is Dakitsuka with Emi-chan, I was surrendered to the father. Touched your milk gently and the really nice, hand has been inserted into the pants imperceptibly. When you respond to a'm okay to love dad, to bed as it is, and I was holding about one hour to dad.

Joy of woman

 This is the life 36 years old now, the only two people and one son. Actually, I had a mistress, but gave birth in pregnant, was junior high school enrollment 13-year-old son now. Difficult if there Iloilo it is have them recognized, asked to the way live in two sons and eventually, it has has a life without inconvenience and son, and doting son, and the nipple since I was in elementary school now We are not sucked tits moistened. Breast milk does not come out, but we sucked every day like a baby.  Bathing also together, and sleep or you are sleeping together in a double bed of me, but there also be up late at night studying, son to sleep in the bed of my room also becomes more recently, sleep with me will also be Toka weekend, still graces the <tits>, I had let them suck her tits as much as favorite to include the nipple into the mouth of my son, I contact the skin embraced the son When we were not sucked tits And then I noticed it to have touched roughening of the son becomes hard to thigh of me. When you issue the nipple from the mouth of the son, I kissed and son, but because that was every morning kiss, it is not particularly surprising, but it was not showing naked it together the bath and son, but the dick I without even show in particular, I was usually, but it was the last Saturday night.  Whether such why, I do not know even now, Have undressed shorts son, show open the dick, and I was welcomed to tell me. Without many minutes at first, and I accidentally released into the me, but pushed up the uterus poked and also in good spirits while inserted, it will raise the voice, son challenge also that night again and again, me too and cried indecently, it will seek son, I was challenged in almost overnight. When it becomes one with his son, it had become a woman, not the mother. It was thought incest mother and child and the world of the novel, but I know the joy that is tied with his son.

And son

Summer afternoon, my son and it was the habit of taking a nap.
Next to the son, it was of fell asleep and asleep. A moment or two later, something lower body because Susu, and wake up, exactly,
when did, panty skirt and I have been taken off, the erection of the son, penis is,
was trying to insert into this have crack cunt my was of. Cock son exceptionally, it was larger thick.
Usually, it is because it was poor penis of her husband, forget the reason of the mother,
it was has it accepted the cock of my son.

Drive Horny

It was a warm day of the great day for a drive in the operation of his son on holiday.
It does not say where, but it was the bra see-through shorts see-through when you leave the house, and join hands with the
son, \"Let's Walk Mother\" got out of the
car, not a have people around to enter the depths of the forest I am that day Take off one piece and from, sure, it is the only lingerie, Allais had increased son will also be naked. The \"... of another ... I do not like,\" \"I try to do my mom\" ​​I also I had been wet dick already at this time. We were asked to bare \"Hey, let take off\" son bra also shorts also undress. It is attached a hand on a nearby tree, and stick your butt back, son. Attaching Sucking over there, I was pushed up strongly uterus melts and \"'ll go Mom\" placed against the inside of me is or sucking licking. It had also issued voice to the push-up fierce. \"About more ... more ... aah ... Ii\" son is strong push-up, and I felt the hot release in the back of me. Grabbed the breast son \"... Do not disconnect ... The stomach remains that\" is the manner hunched over on his back, \"I'm tight amazing mother,'m Meiki\" dick me of me as a convulsion We were not challenged in the second round while it is inserted in the back, but \"I do not come out Mother\" vagina it feels like this had tightened, I was in the state of being inserted for a while, my son slowly vagina comes to loose a little We were away from the back vent. Thing was the first time.

Elbow and son

It will be 47 years old, but was attacked by his son for the first time. I have been many times squid dick son is long and thick. And you say me to become a woman of my Mom to say that son. I do that it became a gangster to become a woman. Then are to do your daily sex. I hug my son is feeling well. My son is 25 years old, but I often make room house is not work. It is with the yakuza fellow if you think that it came back. And I have sex roll me from sleeping during the day. It's inspire me to fellow then when you finish. It is every day. Boss's son might be the fellow. Mine got bigger is because genital do with the two men having sex every day.

Elbow and son

It will be 47 years old, but was attacked by his son for the first time. I have been many times squid dick son is long and thick. And you say me to become a woman of my Mom to say that son. I do that it became a gangster to become a woman. Then are to do your daily sex. I hug my son is feeling well. My son is 25 years old, but I often make room house is not work. It is with the yakuza fellow if you think that it came back. And I have sex roll me from sleeping during the day. It's inspire me to fellow then when you finish. It is every day. Boss's son might be the fellow. Mine got bigger is because genital do with the two men having sex every day.

I saw the son of

I went to the room to wake son earlier, the late shift work. I would look squarely at that time, my son has been masturbating naked. Son, I was yelling that it'll Come say is after you knock, but of course, I went into it from knocking. Maybe, it probably did not hear the sound of erotic video is large. The more times the husband, really big, I was fascinated moment. Now that my son has been attendance, hand, had hit the PC while touching the groin when you remember the scene of earlier in my frustration. I embarrassed, I'm sorry, it's no good anymore.

It is not love dad other than another

yuna himekawa[9007]
Bikini seemed like I dad my father, I want to have a lot of flashy patterns. I am I want to wash sometimes, and I mean, but I help washing mom is usually. The reason bikinis I said. Semen may have about maybe ..... Toka pee dad. So you sniffing in the room of their own .... Remove the bikini of dad that was thrown in the washing machine so that it is not found in the mother. There is also when the stain is on a little, become feelings H naturally when exposed to face excited or rather sweet and sour smell I of man, the finger will enter imperceptibly in the panty. Licking the lingering scent of dad, over there will rubbing the love juice over there of their own that are drenched again. And I have become the climax to put two fingers. It was back to the washing machine casually a bikini that was tainted with Cum on me. Mom does not know anything was being dried by washing. And bring in your own room bikini dad also so as not to be seen by mom laundry is dry, and fun again. Leave back casually allow it to dry before because they've been washing now, since would finds out ... pee also wearing a little rubbed the love juice of their own, instead of not enjoy the smell. You will want to masturbate also, considering love juice and my Dad over there wearing a bikini without any known Nante are bound. It is me that is repeating a thing, but someone would dad someday. But I do not have such courage. I would be angry and I went to the room of his father at night no one is family. , Even though it thinks that it is good be anything. I'm not Dekikko Nante boyfriend because I've loved it Dad.


 Son the fourth grade, I have not Jaca shorts during menstruation other than, would be placed on the head in a skirt son is as Playful graces, the face of the son would be pressed against over there, We've seen a dick in my late already, even in a hurry. Said the son
\"of ephemeral mom,
pants\", with a hush to his son,
\"Mom's not wearing the pants I secret\"
bath because it is still together,
\"Hey, that thing of the mom at that time It'll give tits, Mom's not wearing the pants in the secret
\"To tell the truth, there is no hair. Yes you have permanent hair removal. Kids rather than my husband, son is the child of the father-in-law. After the son and husband went out, there is a built on site \"washing'll say, ready for your futon because are you in the back, because is put also bath towel to go\" the house mother-in-law has come to close It is love each other and father-in-law at the bottom. Futon is laid you go in the back, pillow lined two, wet tissue and the tissue is placed, and I are ready to have that. When it comes to naked, I am entering the futon enters the depth of elephant wrapped around a bath towel and go to the bathroom and wrapped the bath towel, and also, Once wash carefully the body. Father-in-law is coming into the futon after a while. It has become as commonplace father-in-law also naked, and massaged per Sucking nipples every day, it is said to be <delicious> sucking amazing also hunted, and love each other as father-in-law in the morning. and love each other even by the time the son frog It is but, \"Because I have seen, that child because to so do not go back I'm good\" mother-in-law is I love the father-in-law in the official. Dick I was also taught to show the son. It also let me put my head in a skirt \"I secret of two people and mom\", we give to lick dick. It is the mother dont.

It is still attempted

 40-year-old husband, 37-year-old me, is a family of three 13-year-old son.
 It becomes Onoroke-doting parent, but the husband is gently serious. Son also has a student council officer good grades at school in a double father, but I have slept or bathing with me sometimes even now.
 In your house elsewhere, it seems to say that around it is difficult in the rebellious phase, but while taking a bath together, son talking anything Toka it \"., Which had yesterday wet dream\", \"I need is like a child, but.\" Or you me.
 You sleep together, may take fragrant smells.
 There is no way all of the son is cute as a mother.
 Have loved as a wife to her husband, I want to Kawaigari as mother to son.
 I believe in helping my husband had me convinced, if possible, and I want to cherish all of the son.

A son who calls me a woman

It was early October. I went out by train with my son. It was on the return train. It was crowded and it was squeaky. We were at the door, and we were completely in close contact with each other. I was sandwiched between the door and my son. Is my son okay with my mom? Said. I also yeah. I answered that it was okay, but it was hard. But after a while, a hard thing hit my stomach. I quickly realized that it was a symbol of my son's man. It was so hard that I was confused about what to do. I was silent whether my son was embarrassed. It seems that he was trying to do something, but that's not the situation. Contrary to my son's feelings, I think it got harder and harder. I wondered what kind of eyes this child would look at his mother. But I later found out that it was because my breasts were strongly pressed against my son's body. On that day, we returned home with less talk. I knew that my son was enthusiastic about muscle training and has become a very good body lately, so I was a little sick of my son's strength. After that, I became aware of the unprecedented man in the feeling and muscular body of my son at that time. Nothing happened since then, but two days ago my son hugged me from behind. I was surprised and what happened to Achan. mother. I can't stand it anymore.I think I've fallen in love with my mother. What are you talking about From that time on, I couldn't help but worry about my mother. It was at that time. Since then, my mother has become a favorite. I'm worried about my mother's body. Mother's body? What are you talking about It's painful that I can only watch it with my mother. Stop joking. It will happen. no kidding. My son looked back at me and hugged me. I wanted to do this again with my mother. mother? How about your dad? Who is that? eh? what? What is that? How about the night? Do you love each other Don't ask stupid things. What about that. There is no such thing. I have such a big child. For real? Then become my woman. My ... woman? My husband hasn't seen me as a woman for many years now. I think I have forgotten the consciousness of being a woman. I haven't had sexual contact with men for years. My son used the word woman to me after 40. Achan, does your mother really have a woman's charm? There are too many. I was very happy.I thought it wasn't the year that everyone would recognize me as a woman. I thought I was just such a housewife. The word "woman" sounded very fresh. I want my son to hug me and become my woman. I was happy because I was told such a fascinating thing for the first time. I was told for the first time at this age. It fluctuated. Embraced by that strong arm, I was beginning to be strongly aware of the man. I also found that my son's thing hit my stomach. I'm getting up again. this child. I also found that I was clearly in a state of sexual arousal. Hugging my real mother and pushing her erection. But I don't feel bad. But you can't do this. I can't be my son. things like this. I tried not to say that. Mom, do you hate me? I don't hate it. Then please. I also seemed to be interested in it. It was such a time. My son has kissed me. I hit my teeth. Wow> <I 've pretended that you're the first to do this? Yeah. why? I understand. Because it ’s just mon. There chan. Right. stop. I don't want my mother to suddenly say something like this.He loves my mother. I'm happy. But this is not good. Let my mom think a little. I don't want to be told something like this suddenly. sorry. That's true. But. Because I'm serious. I know. I know, so stop today. The place was settled with my son. But my son's feeling and kissing feeling remained on my body. Is it my first time? You may be the first woman. After that, various thoughts came around. We found that we were completely conscious of each other. And I don't even have a mess in my heart. I feel like I will accept it when my son asks for it again. He is the only one in the world who treats me as a woman.

The sex education to son

 Sixth grade elementary school, Orimashi to together from previously bathing, son of looking and glancing dick my it Omasu you know, I'm showing not hide the naked in front of son son. We've seen that there is a crack that it was wearing a bikini in the bachelor days thin hair, so did the processing thin at that time, that it does not grow too much.
It is said to be easy to put and easy to lick from my husband. Son \"? Want to see here mom\" ​​it nodded in silence, I was open legs sitting on the edge of the tub. It was open in front of the son to close the eyes ashamed. I ..... secret of two people mom and I spoiled you ·· ○○○○○ is has become as put in here ... gonna was born from this back to say also \"Who - it 's good to put ○○○○○ my \"it would say about me, my son is lapping close to the face, it would be licked so as to hold down the dick in the mouth of his son attracted its head directly below. We do not be inserted into the bottom son yet, but I have wanted to give welcomed.

My younger brother is too cute

I am parents and four under the brother and my family of four I brother at the time of the high-1 was followed all the way in the eyes and notice think pretty cute was troubled do not say in front of the parents that there is at such time idea I was , "Hey Dad, if you went Toka travel two people probably married first 20 years this year, Mom?" "did you do a sudden?" "because keep my answering machine," "I'll Apart from good" I was frankly stated otherwise But I was persuaded by Neba' "I'll ask you if say up there" "S (that of his brother) but it may be?" "Yeah," parents were supposed to go in one night and two days from Saturday next week next week - Saturday- morning We went out at the front door and my younger brother and I were originally good friends and killed time. "Maybe you just wanted to go and play with your two sisters? " Oh, that's not the case." I cooked lunch on the way . " What's good for the evening?" " Anything your sister makes." "This guy" " Ehehe" Finished eating After washing and playing the game again in the evening I went shopping and made a dinner to buy the side dish tonight and ate while watching TV together "I'll help you clean up your sister" S is a nice help gaveMe or me to wipe the table or carry the dishes , "my sister following is?" "Please enter the bath to Shi earlier ending another good'm washing dishes" "was found Yeah" S went to bath me tableware it is not seen while wiping all the end I took off the clothes went to the bathroom so as not to be noticed by S had to comfortably likely to sing the humming went into the bath opened the door went "a little sister " Don't come" "It's good, it's been a long time" " Hmm " "Open it because I'm in there" S entered by the edge "It's been a long time since then" "I don't know" "Sometimes it's good" the opposite was more of S and the "sister are working chest" S cried "?'re embarrassed if I also ~S" "I care because large different'm your sister chest" "I ne E cup such No I I " " began to wash the body while saying Fu Mmm, " I'll" I wash "and began to wash takes a sponge body of S was still raised wash cute dick also firmly in the child's body " next I I gave him a sponge and asked him to wash his upper body. S crouched down and started to wash the bottom. My dick is now in front of S. I had him wash it well.Body finish Wash and get out of the bath was a "Hey I to great pains dad also absent Mama," I went to the living room pull the hand of S naked not wear even clothes "I embarrassed my sister." "I also That's right, isn't it? ” S's dick was chewy by hand “ What are you doing? ” S immediately spilled liquid from there “ I want to feel good too ” “ What are you doing? ” “ My chest is licked " I don't like breast milk." "What are you talking about? I hate me?" "I like it." "I don't like it." S started licking my chest just because I couldn't help it . S was sucking his nipple without saying anything after a while "S I really wanted to do it" "No" My nipple was immediately just this time I lay down and put S on top was "now to what?" "because licking my dick I also lick of S" began licking dick to each other , "What I feel I quickly become large do of S?" "from your Nechankoso Bikubbiku' while ago "It's moving." "Something came out of my sister." "Lick this is love juice ." "Uh, it 's not very delicious." "Yes."I lowered S and on the contrary I got on S and I got on S's dick "I'll put it in" S shook his hips and I also moved up and down "Say when I'm about to get out" "Why?" "What if I put it in me and get pregnant ?" "Okay." " When you put it out, put it on my face." I brought S's hand to my chest while moving and rubbed it. "It feels good, doesn't it?" "Yeah, it feels weird." "I feel good. " "I can't tell my dad and mom ." " I don't know." "I know." "Your sister looks good. " I got off in a hurry. and S is brought dick on my face "I put out" I was wide open mouth is ejaculation of S flew in my face and mouth I will all be semen that was attached to the face drinking the semen of the mouth drinking raised was then S and I fell asleep in the living room while as it is embraced by the naked wearing clothes two people wake me get up when the S morning "I do not say I know" "you Nechankoso I said while cleaning up the room, my parents who were relaxing after eating breakfast will come back in the evening, so we took off the S pants that continued and gave a blow with a dickS is also my've massaged the chest turning the clothes as yesterday enjoyed could not be S is also full was ejaculate in my mouth me and as it is lie down on his back nipple S has been licked "also - When I did that, the clock was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I didn't realize that I hadn't eaten in the daytime, so I decided not to eat anymore. For another hour, "It's time to stop. " "Yeah." I and S said naked. We wore the clothes we wore in the morning and waited for our parents to return. "I'm home. " "Welcome back." "Both of us were on good terms." "Yeah." S was secretly me from behind. I touched my butt " Momo- etch" "Did you say something?" "Nothing" I wanted to do it again

Is it a woman you do not go

My father came into the bedroom, I am associated with his father three years ago.
My mother does not know of course.
My father has crept up in the middle of the night mom and went to sleep.
The selfish, were some boyfriend, but does not keep company with him in relation to the father now.
Father is because angry.
My father bought me anything, the mother is also willing to act of such a father.
But I think that it is hush money from the father really.
4 Kaichichi from 3 times, you're doing a month, but to go to a department store Mitsukoshi and aligned with the mother and father once in two Ketsuki, you bought me to select the mine. It is a thing of three meals of return also fun.
My mother does not notice at all to me like that.
I blame it? Or would a woman bad or What a father.

Is forcing

My husband is a bachelor in.
In vocational school student of 20, his son has been living together.
I would be etched and forced his son a few weeks ago.
Son I have hug from behind suddenly you are drunk. I said that it quit, but my son was drunk scared and could not be much resistance. After finished, I did not sleep that day almost to that of the remainder. He said a word and I'm sorry to son the next day, it has happened. Since then, there was the awkward atmosphere, but did not have anything. But son I've hug from behind suddenly and are undressed I thought today, it is about to enter the bath. And I thought and I wonder are you drunk, but also I was surprised. But his son was not drunk. I have, why? When you say I quit, son, said that he did I can not take it anymore. Pounding did not stop to think that I had thought my son did that Anna blame liquor, and I'm seen as a woman. When I sit still and do not know why say, my son has been caressing the breast. Unlike the first time, it was a very gentle hand movements. I, and divulge the voice I \"had\" to come put your hand into the pants and began stroking the crack now. Am I trying to resistance is very pleasant, and did not think at all anymore. And I would be etched son and also the last. Son and I, we parted without saying anything now. I went into the bath as it is, but I left that body was starting to throb was I have had myself many times. We settled down a little now that went up from the bath, but you would be thinking of his son many times. Underwear was just a change of clothes is also soaked. I might not stop the relationship between son anymore.

Transformation hobby of husband

Son enters later at the time of the bath, it will be like going to bed with his son to lure show naked, you must love to become one son and of course, my husband Yes to set the camera, thinking of my husband all is. My son has become a junior high school two years.
\"I love mom\"
​​son has become obsessed with my body. Could not lay night weekend Friday, I will also raise the voice again and again been challenged. You have also seen forgotten, you love one Become one with my son.
 Roughening of the husband is not hard in diabetes, I do not get used to one with me.

That you are required to son

Three months ago, we have a relationship so as to get fucked son. It was only have to endure it because I love as a mother son only painful at first. Body is to react to the caress of his son while I was involved on a daily basis, voice is now out involuntarily. I want you to lick the dick and Toka, want to lick the pussy of the \"mom from son recently. And I had thought that I came to be said, \"but, without that you have sex only in the normal position and my husband and I, transformation image is a thing to such a thing. It had been rejected and hate such a thing to my son, but, as a result of consultation to say that the thing with my husband to my friends, I was told such a thing that's normal. I do not know if you wanted to say to my son now.

And son

If you think anybody has like the same as me, and now I also want to hear. My husband died of cerebral hemorrhage at 62 years old. I now 52 years old at that time.
My son was 28 years old single. From around one year before my husband died and his son, it had become the relationship of man and woman. The opportunity was simple.
Night in the absence, my husband was watching TV by two people. Pretty intense bedroom scene was reflected at that time. Somehow awkward atmosphere was born to watch it.
And in an attempt to break the silence, I quickly approached my voice at the same time two people. Eyes and the eyes of each other I've met.
Such hunch was running to me already at that time. It was not even inspired by the bed scene, and it ... man also because I felt him.
Son also seems to have become the same feeling. I I had a woman in front of me. It is that I heard later, my son seems to have felt a woman at that time to me.
I had embraced him and notice. In front of the TV. I think certainly son has been invited. And I had gone accordingly.
Only feelings at that time. The speed was slow when I thought so! \"That Nante\". I was going to Toko beyond the point of no return.
Breath hot son, had been poured into my body. I thought that it has that it is not irreversible. But his son was different.
I was confessed to him then. It was variously then eventually when you love me, but I have accepted the love of his son.
I thought that was in sex with him one thing, maybe the reason was decided it to me. On the third day, which is not even stand the day from the relationship for the first time, it had been crossed with him again.
After it went out of my husband, in the room corresponding to the bedroom of our couple. It was that between to say up. Pressed on the bed as soon as the come flocked, me, I took to undressed me quickly to the room.
It was resisted by saying \"So ... it must not be that you like ... I dont Yamete ...\", but it was useless. I was embraced by him again without really understanding why it intends enemy after all.
It was a full-fledged fellowship. Was Bokkosho anymore with my husband. I had gone to the woman in tow, had returned to take the woman back into a full-fledged sex with him.
Pleasure that you had forgotten was wrapped the body. Spread legs sloppily, it had received the piston movement of him. It had endured killing voice desperately, but it is no longer fully finally fighting back,
I quickly turn the arm of his body along with the voice gasping. I would be all day with him for the first time that day.
I became naked When was embraced him on the bed that day was the first. I became a woman of the son from that day.
We pay close attention so that it is not known absolutely to master. I gave up the act in the house. I decided to meet outside as the son.
I could not be satisfied with once a week. It was repeated in the affair of love hotel with meeting on the night of Tuesday and Friday.
Son overtime, I with a reason to say culture school. Only during the two hours, I became a woman of him. What was also forgive all Kano.
Fellowship is Pies. Because there is no worry of pregnancy. I have also experienced anal. It was my husband died of a sudden the arrowhead that.
I will never forget even now words that night of the funeral, told me to grieve. It will let squid While holding the secret to my husband, I was regretting. That for such I, was
\"I think you be rewarded show that Tomiko and I love each other really, Dad also us with confidence. It.'ll Get to say and leave to you the Tomiko\"
son, non- It might be common sense, but it was that total, where we love the floor in front of the altar. It was a night of farewell with your husband of two sons with me.
I love one overnight. \"... I am ... a happy so ... I look ...'m happy to ... peace of mind you\" while wetting abandon the pussy,
I was screaming in my heart along with the voice gasping masters altar in Utsurona eyes.

Son of Nakasan

I am 37 years old, is two people living son and Nakasan. My husband was older lid around nearby, Masu 6 Toshiri. When no matter with a clean mother also for the son of the beloved, we have to spare no effort every day.


6 years have married and wanted a child all the way but it was in vain. The measure also body temperature 2 years, uterus I was so filling in the semen to the day of ovulation and a cup of medicine from the doctor, but the attempt of foot hold three years was also useless.
Then, the next day you have a child making sex as usual with my husband, if you etch and brother-in-law, pregnant at that once. My husband is a big pleasure, but we do not know the truth. I think semen of my husband because entry into the body, it is not a zero as possible, but that it is not a child of the first husband. This is the secret of just me and brother-in-law. I'm going to get with him also the second person.

Can not believe

It was thought that impossible thing as incest, but I was a sex absent daughter and my husband is not here with me.
When I saw the figure that is multiplied by the sperm on the face of the daughter my husband to move the hips violently daughter is gripper genital thick husband, I began to think two people此has become beast.
It is thought to be I'll have revenge licking in the same way the genitals of his son someday.



I was lost in a car accident six months ago the husband of 2012/12/06 (Thu) 17:58 Sanin from: creepy father-in-law Posted: greens Mariko Post Date. 37 years old, you have a daughter of 12-year-old son and 14-year-old me.
're In trouble It is the father of her husband to become 66-year-old you are living together. Mother of the husband died of illness five years ago, my father - in - law had been living alone then, but Hikiharai the home of the San-three years ago it would trouble at the time of something, her husband, the eldest son is now summoned here were. Where after gone husband, I asked the take-off of father-in-law brother of her husband, it would be refused it with a Arekore reason, I have taken care Yukazu, reluctantly even to not toss out the father-in-law have no relatives in other You. It is the father-in-law, but I like being in front of the computer much while there are no us during the day. One day, entered the room of the father-in-law who was going out happened, the personal computer was still set to ON. Then you look at the screen, is it not the site of what incest. Why do not you read a little, son this is really committed a widowed mother, indescribably hideous content. If you look closely, like in the middle of father-in-law was also written something, handle name female name for some reason. Mood deteriorates suddenly, I was away from the room of the father-in-law in a hurry. It is steeped in fear and since then, that it might of being attacked by a father-in-law someday. You shudder to just think Once the only two people and father-in-law not have children if. I bought a stun gun in self-defense for the time being. As an aside, is the mother son usually the eldest son (laughs).

Son high school students

Posted this I also similar, but the 47-year-old 8 years older, hair with permanent hair loss after giving birth in the favorite husband, my husband does not have flies. In my house, the bath is entered in the family, I went ahead with my husband, we admit the son husband comes out. Of course, my son is looking at the bottom of the I we know. Crack over there are visible because there is no hair.
 In one years ago, and welcome from behind in the bath Since then, because it is a high school student, becomes large array of son to see me naked, has accepted to induce in me a son, in me at we are allowed to diverge. I also called the shopping once a month and my son, I will love one become one at the hotel. I think Tsuredashi embraced in bed toward me is wanting a son. My husband called the entertainment, there are many golf holiday, so you go out or stay in, you must love and son using it.


yuna himekawa[8196]
34-year-old housewife I, is 66-year-old father. Was when the homecoming, I was sleeping in the bedroom on the second floor to serve the children with his two children, I Akan put out was the father if you open your eyes and feel the accident to the weight of the body, the Yoko voice within one-piece of fleece, I and resistance to killing and voice Yada useless Dad hands of his father, shorts is taken off to the love that you think up called, respectively, and spread violently with Gu~i have both my ankles, I tongue he killed the voice over there of, but I'm impossible and even if said voice and Aa ~ do is, and take out the Yoko voice, you have never been in my husband's pleasant it is for the first time, and I also I killed him but when out nice voice and Aa ~ do is, of you out to say that trying to change Yoko place, etch and'm unreasonable more husband is from there, and I'm fine if Kabusere a condom'm fine , It is said Mother to try to change the location early Yoko is because happen, out of the back door, I would beat the sheet to open the door of the passenger side to go to the source of my car falling the stairs while being embraced by the shoulder to Dad , after kiss hot, we had been superimposed on the body and Nekasu to seat his father, and is in the ashtray to be wearing a contraceptive by I~ya useless and pull the sheet the knee hanging of children, Yoko and covering contraceptives is called prepared is Na I'm good, I would spread the legs to make it easier to accept the father, lower body each other overlap is referred to as Yoko, I would float the waist to welcome the bar his father , it aloud and Dad Aa ~ do was have entered gently called Yoko, N Aa ~, I was able to accept the bar of his father.

And son .....

Mid-fifty, I am spoofing masturbation as nightly or rather so ... The workings of the night for a long time from the master. But the other day at last, after a while her son is also still my son ... And in my bedroom from my husband lay in bed all I have been masturbating as nightly also son also like to know It was Lemme hit that it is virgin by shoud stay. So my mother did it in the male son.

Elbow and son

My body had become sticky saliva anymore brother. Much to do that even do not mind, I was received by the uterus of the semen brother clinging to his brother in the whole body. I was also cowgirl SEX I made ​​up sometimes. Brother was ejaculation immediately intense hip swing. In this way it was Yuki cedar long night. Parents to come back the next day, my brother and I also was SEX in bed all day naked. And a shower, it was SEX in bed as it is to eat breakfast. Brother ejaculate in the vagina back of my many times, I was also received by the uterus the semen of his brother. We were embraced in naked in bed until three o'clock in the afternoon.
Hiding in parents, we asked each other the body afterwards. Brother to the cum in my vagina many times, I was also received by the uterus it. Ova of me to fertilize the sperm brother No way, I did not not even think at that time. I can not say the parent Nante was pregnant with a child of his brother 17 years old. I think it tries to sneak Sanmo, the children of his brother love.