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Incest confession of women(2011-02)

Uncut 短小

yuna himekawa[35615]
My husband is 40-year-old housewife of 42, local government officials. Workings of the night three months ~ at that time four times 果Temasu unilaterally down the back violently into the right massage the breast lightly with the erection of a Blow 10 minutes into between the legs sitting on the bed, my husband later Wearing pajamas to bed wiping away shrunken penis ... settlement approached without drinking water and a son in the kitchen I saw the son of two Tarashiku in the act "that my mom!" I " Aretsu to do, "I came in tears flow from the eyes of his son and heard things and suffered embarrassment to all of my classmates and the skin is less difference between the penis is puzzled to hear what happened, for now I saw a penis rather than to dick small penis pants down to show off his pants and asked, I said, "come off the skin," a pink turtle head appeared and I asked, the father of the black pink dick head, but large potash cute, "May I touch," I broke hard and I've picked up a gentle means where the glans to hear, but small, "Onani - are you" "It was not what Onatsu without the wrinkles, "and the answer, you learn a little bit wanted to masturbate penis from the penis may be" from your room's go tell my mother, "his son lying on the bed and went into the room," I'm going to do this " Sperm rushed up and down several times forcefully rubbing dick and son flew to the face, "Okay! You feel good" "Yeah, felt good," "Do not make too much can" and wipe it with tissue paper saying that erect soon as the young "Now try to topic myself," left the room said, had wet dick in my more in danger of insertion loss of reason and more than that, love juice and take off your panties into the toilet was wet.

Is in trouble

Recently, it is strange how two sons of "high recent worries you have, well I do not, what," "say anything" Parent asked. My son said "Mom, tell me," troubled with a surprising answer. "Are you serious? You such a thing, ‥ parents would not hear it." Hear the concerns and said front, troubled. "I'm really worried ‥ Hey guys", "‥ Tatte say such a thing", "I ask no one else", "I sigh ‥ ‥ even so", "‥ ‥ I beg Mom "dispute. My son was not embarrassed blushing eyes of a child, his eyes were.
virgin son was teased by a friend, to me, "your partner" I came looking for. Considerable trouble to me, son, "Maybe next time," and make a decision on the conflict, replied. This can not happen, can not even talk to my husband was worried.
my husband after 11 days holiday a week early and went golfing colleagues. And his son are preparing breakfast in the dining room I have a son hug from behind. I said, "No, I, please," but soothing, and has sat on my ass pushing releasing the hand from the chest. Hit my ass son of a rigid superb article, "bad parent and child, to forgive," 腰砕Ke now in place.
捲Shi上Ge rolled over when seated further raised skirts, pants I put a hand on my son. Coma gotta come and get paid Somebody ran into the bedroom. The son has 襲Ikakara step is inserted in vain resistance the son of superb article, I was in ejaculation. After, my son is crying for stargazing is "sorry" and has apologized. From early afternoon the next day after dinner, my husband went out to pachinko. "You no good, ‥ That was just a bad, bad I that parents and children." My husband to come home by evening, his son continued demand. I really embarrassed.

Son in the bath

My son aged 45 to 12 years old housewife with a bath
habitually since her son was going low. The spoiled son prompted to enter a long time ago who has now reached into me and said.
ever be changed is that I did yesterday.
entered together in the tub.
son always facing me I let go side by side
sucked milk from a little good mom and started licking nipples suddenly grabbed the side alternately laughing. I was at the mercy of mother and son remember the old days. The two lower body while being distracted by the bus and was supposed to look like touch.
was immersed in cuteness euphoria was very tight in the nipple sucking or biting.
suddenly felt the incident to the lower body. It is not that the entrance Bagina rubbing my son's little boy gets bigger or not, I say my son pulled the waist Innovation is useless arm around my waist, pushing more cock Bagina Hanashimasen were pressed into place and groin. 13 year old son and physique Hanashimasen albeit holding a strong back can build strength in the ninth grade par. Suddenly when I unplug the power, whether good or bad timing
as I slide into the penis I went to my son. Another thought the
late Jack Robinson, the son penis is getting bigger in my hole. It is also true that I honestly felt astonishment and pleasure to Bagina. My husband and sex
few years away at the age of 65 years was not.
penis while it is his son, if you can not adapt themselves to the movement of the hips like a son for a while. Does my son have
masturbating before, Naka Naka
without ejaculation was moving back in that state for about 10 minutes.
I feel the goodness of all things in the lower body felt dizzy and felt an orgasm hot water lightly
virgin son, two people in body fluids and genital hot, he was out loud I felt like I pulled back in a hurry to ejaculate, pulled out.
will not say I feel downright joy and regret, and I go on thinking how to treat future.
everyone, Please lend your wisdom to good.

I have to have your tea

I have a brother.
brother usually serious, but I finished the meal
home from school when I was suddenly one day everything
ready to sleep on the bed in the bath I suddenly
has been pushed down to touch the heart
////< br> If you have to shout out in amazement
deep kiss on my mouth blocking (////)< br> And Pinshari We even had I been so embarrassed
. The older brother is a hundred
we ran into my vagina wet
incredibly painful but it felt

Slave of his brother

That the peak of summer, my parents went to work, they sleep with his brother until the evening college, my brother went to junior high school club, and my brother at home alone.
day my brother got up unusually early, the room was clean. I think my favorite in the living room but she's come to play, watching the comedy show.
afternoon, the three friends brother came, "I'm sorry, can you come to buy juice?" and being told by his brother, a neighborhood store,
is the greatest country, a convenience store and not near I, and I think I did not need air conditioning (laughs) before and this delivered the juice in the room of his brother to go shopping I remember,
when I noticed then was naked, like a bed what is lying, hands and feet had been bound.
(looked up later 言Urashii bed and Punishment) which will time how long it was, my brother and friends without touching a finger to me,
just looked in silence , but are not binding on any toes, I was reacting to 躰. I want to touch, feel want,
I asked my brother, just Jaanaku just looking, and I want to touch. It was from my brother, just look at me in order to stare into a friend, was only touched.
But I have been detained legs wide open, I'm just looking. At that time, the rotor out of the bag's brother, came into my place,
comfortably raise a brother to me too Covering your mouth with the panties I was wearing, which contains the rotor I came into the vibe,
heaven ability to break through I was drunk with pleasure. A brother and fucked by a guilty pleasure, but I have been tormented and could not refuse. variously sized
Vibe has the form, I learned to say that the first tide spew. (Of which there is a tide in 噴Ka Vibe, first heard)
terrible, vibes and then was done by Ma, in turn came, 兄達 the end had to say there.
Then I ended up begging his brother to their parents when not. Even now, once a week has been attacked by a rotor and vibes are bound.

Sex without telling their parents playing

I was naughty things in fourth grade when my brother, my brother entered the room on their own, I started when I was using CD,
brother is not hiding a naughty DVD's CD rack I was called in and found me a room or. or some naughty
I saw the mess in which his brother scolded DVD told me side by side.
my brother my brother is not looking so scary Shibuya - one chose the "now you do Tteta Ona, I too smart in elementary school, but I learned it in 6th grade" and
brother told me that I did not know the translation is, "you say, Onareyo pants off," said his brother was there with the DVD set was still naked men and women is reflected.
pants off my brother, "Hey I'm doing this too," I was surprised to see dick Kina Hiroshi took off his pants started to say. I would have with an absent air
"Hitomi, Chinchin me of my peel, I smell a sour smell you will smell the same yes"
Wareme saying that my brother As said, rubbing my nose to smell your fingers.
"too beautiful for me to clean the pussy you like me right now,
you from a down across me I turned my face," I and brother face straddle "Wow, dude," said Rim accustomed to.

Child relatives

I'm 32 years old, have a 11-year-old girl in a small five children of her relatives Emi. Emi-chan 2
Yet in five small to look like I will be picked from the three men seen in the well from high school students.
came to visit me in staying at her house so Emi.
I take a bath and I was always good with children of relatives Nde, after becoming her three small Emi from entering the bath were getting together.
Well, I was refraining from me.
thing was to take a bath after a long time together when I came home to stay with her small Emi turned it into six.
When I take a bath together with Emi-chan, tits has her pussy with a little hairy getting swelled up, sure to become even bigger ass, staring thinking! What are you looking
[where? Leering! Emi-chan]
wash her body and was still laughing.
truth is that although I wanted to wash me. I soaked in the bathtub and
body wash turns Megumi-chan, you put together from small! Emi
her body in close contact, I'm more nervous tension?
for icebreaker, and when I was returning tickle tickle chan, Emi Emi-chan's body instinctively. I was sitting face to face
Emi-chan on my knees if I had fun doing so imperceptibly. Emi-chan
now sitting in my lap on the face to face I started talking about things like schools,
and occasionally hit her pussy and cock my Emi Soushitetara to, but I began to gradually extend and jelly cock jelly.
[s so] I
her friend Emi and I'm talking to hear a story is far from gone ...
my cock fully erect and at last Then I
[Megumi-chan ...
bath here, I'm really small
~] crotch and body condition quite closely re-sit came Nde saying! I was close enough to hug you again
. Nde I'm about to close embrace
, arms tight to turn back the Emi-chan's me!抱Ki締Metara Emi-chan and I was embarrassed to.
groin hit in the crotch of her I'm Emi course.
my cock still hard enough to hurt the Bing! Emi-chan
back then began to shake slightly or feel my cock hit in the crotch.
(Emi-chan and I feel good too?)
give you and turning the head to the back pat hug her while Emi think so, Iki larger movement to change the movement of her hips Emi, ~ Emi chan's face introduction and application I was getting in the face. I rubbed the crotch in
with Emi-chan you feeling more early ejaculation! Emi-chan [ne

Then I'll wait for action came out
] likes surprises! Emi and her
what Bing grabbed my cock, pussy Zubuzubutsu they have devoted to their accustomed hand movements while in Shigoki cock!入込N went on and my cock into her pussy!
is amazing now! Emi
I had thought her a virgin.
[Tsu Oh Oh!ー'll feel good!
] I'm surprised! Fusagimashita
the house to kiss her mouth and hurriedly issued a loud voice from Emi-chan's family was in my family and Emi. [It would be bad
from there sent out loud and then said Minna

[kissing] because I feel too embarrassed to answer
Emi-chan . Emi-chan did not contain Nde
cock is only halfway to the back, hips back and forth slowly began inserting a cock until it touches the uterus. Emi chan
It was not a virgin] [I'm sorry
Yeah, I'm sorry I really wanted an old man virgin
[] Okay, make love to her alone Emi Emi-chan]
happy old man from saying that we move even more quickly sat smiling with delight.
[Ugh, Emi-chan amazing, amazing
[You], I also feel Emi You feel, I feel an old man's penis and around inaudible]
In a small voice. Emi-chan
tight pussy tightening is quite a good feeling in her pussy like pulling back the top and raised in the vagina massage pussy cock in every move her hips back and forth Emi! Ann] [col Tsuan

her suffering while I get killed Emi press voice. It feels good
[~, ~ Emi chan's pussy feels
] so I whisper in her ear Emi, Emi-chan [
happily like to wait, out soon Emi ne ne to feel good and I'll fill out the sperm]
chan and Emi!
Kyutsu pussy that say that Emi-chan! Further tightening was to lead to ejaculation pussy that my cock!
Emi-chan sat back and forth in position like a primary school face sitting in the bathtub, and I figure her pussy hard, but trying to feel me ejaculate too early ejaculation! Emi-chan [more]

Serve Serve [Huh? Please wait, we'll I'll just put up
] - going out in and out of me and the other'll withdraw from Emi-chan resigned'll leave me again
[I] from the inside out while out
[I] You do? Are you sure? I put [in]
Yeah, Come inside! Emi turned out comfortably in a lot of pussy! I filled out a lot! I put all the sperm in a pussy Emi!
Dobyutsu]! Doc Doc!
ejaculation pussy deep and Emi-chan! Nuke said
each other, an old man [
settled, I felt good! A win is best felt in the back of a sperm Byubyu]
her pussy and Emi. [I felt too old man
! Emi-chan Nakade Shinano usual?
] [No, Not always, I do not want anybody else Shisa Nakade
[physiological]? Pregnancy okay?
[Because] I'm fine and I'm still talking about it

physiology] [Emi ~! The rise of the tub earlier hoo! Emi-chan's mother] and
risen each other and rush the tub a little panicked.
That night I slept with her Emi thing in my room and sleep with me.
cum sex until the morning of course! I
five times with ejaculation.
ejaculate in a normal position in!
ejaculate in at the back!
ejaculate in the cowgirl!
ejaculation while sitting in! In the last
ejaculate in a normal position again!
was dizzy each other anymore.
looking forward to summer vacation is now just two weeks Nde sleep over Emi-chan. [You gotta put out
in period comes! Once I left it in your mouth, you'll'll drink in your mouth! Some time out for a day are about the pussy fine! I come up from the physiological
out in full, until the lion physiology'm Nakade unlimited! Emi and her
]! and I'd like to
Nakade life ~ Emi chan
Nakade Anyway, get the lion SANAE Emi-chan!

To help her son masturbation

The 45-year-old housewife. 13
-year-old son seems to masturbating while looking to take a bath before I knew.
first grasp the erect penis was right next to the door and opened the door of his son take a bath soap. I 漂Imashita
little uncomfortable atmosphere between the two Raretara'd be uncool father's home and they do that, you wait a bit, saying the bus out of the bath and wrapped in a towel while
took upstairs bedrooms and come Hazama Hiroshi,
feel I have a hobby because I can show the naked exposure of the mother's body to see if such a woman Please put away, it will not look into the future on the side instead.
son, Let me know quickly,
I rolled up towel, held with a finger crack open the leg while squeezing your eyes son of
erect while blushing Shiroku would let the filtration.
feeling of fluid coming out of excitement I have seen lots of open fractures showed
first son was close by at a distance, I had to devour peep, Oh with out a groan and ejaculation.
help with ejaculation and then on a daily basis. Lately
in ejaculation rubbing my crack at the tip of the penis part before ejaculation. Dove son that much, but truly to put up a stiff lower back, I'll do with out my penis. The crack of my fingers touching your cock while
扱Ki finger all the way into.
Owarimasu out by rubbing my crack and split roughly going to be out.

Sex with it?

What I'm having sex with a cousin incest
Is this because it is privately
relationship terms often played together since childhood I have a feeling close to relatives

If people reading this

give me What should I write here also
or somewhere else?

Ralph and

I am 36 years old, my husband was away from home now, I live in Vietnam.
daughter in junior high school, living with the father of three masters.
fact, my father was being held in a room until they just have a relationship of husband and father. I did not betray his master
, I've found that the father met the man. The first note ended
just mistakes, but I never thought it over and not bowing to the father, while her daughter went to school, "do me no good." Just is committed. 60-year-old father
husband, they do have the power sports when young, became the resistance of the thumb is.
and second, came into my bedroom asleep, is said to say that my daughter was having an affair with the husband and the naughty, since her daughter was sleeping in the next room I've heard to say.
I have been forced by term relationship and FUN. And when I came into the bedroom at night "where Ryoko (daughter) will find the." He said, now I go to every room, called my father later.
has recently become a father feel embraced.
caress my husband is not to the entire body, pre-defined over time, bigger penis, and the piston 萎Enai I was going to go more and more hooked into the depths.
these days has become even think I can not wait to be called. My father went into the room
shorts called off, and now I am unhappy is not allowed to hold a loud and intense.
Now, try to invite any wonder the hotel.


yuna himekawa[35523]
Introducing my childhood experience. When I was in the second year of junior high school, I was a single mother and I moved into a dormitory for mothers and children in Nakano. My father is a domestic violence who drinks heavy alcohol every day and does not work and violence . My mother was a severe depression boy of the same age as I am anyone it did not seems to have had about the same boy until shortly before I enter but was Shisaryo visited is finally peace gone father in the new school I didn't get used to it and went home immediately. There were more than 10 families in the dormitory. One day, when I went to the laundry room, there were two aunts, Mr. Nakamura in his late 30s and Mr. Ito, about 30 years old . .. I'm annoyed by various family circumstances, and now I can talk to her in the laundry room, is she there? Or do you have hair already? I 'm shy, I'm trying my best to answer seriously Mr. Nakamura is a tall ordinary bus Ito is a chubby bus sweatshirt with a wide open chest and provocative or wearing hot pants It was a side dish of my Senzuri every day. It's a Senzuri in the toilet every day. It's big, but I squeeze the penis of the phimosis and throw a lot of sperm into the toilet bowl every day. One day I met Mr. Ito in the laundry room. SometimesHey, are you already ejaculating like masturbation? ?? I asked him, so I turned my hips to see the panties in a sweatshirt miniskirt, put the laundry in the washing machine and went home. I dropped the panties on the floor and I was confused for a while. It was it is straight to the toilet to pick up immediately panties and spread with a thin orange panties not the part of or is dirty to Bettori while another pounding. When I pull out the hard and hard penis and desperately start to sniff and squeeze it, I start to smell a strong ammonia odor and a negative odor, and in a blink of an eye, an explosive ejaculation feeling rises, while enjoying the scent of the crotch of an adult woman I became addicted to ejaculation and hid the panty on the desk in the room and enjoyed it many times in the toilet. After that, it became fun to go to the laundry room every day. Everyone wash the laundry after storing it in the basket, but I have the basket to the room. It is a paradise that I noticed that many people leave their used panties as they are . The name is written on the Sensuri Heaven Basket, so after staring at her in the laundry room, she smells like this . .. .. .. I enjoyed all the dirty panties in the bathroom and enjoyed the way of enjoying it and returning it immediately .You can smell as much as you want at any time, but Mr. Ito and Mr. Nakamura are using old panties because they bring the basket back to the room . However, it's a pity that the scent has already faded. I want to smell that scent. .. .. I want to shoot at a big ass. .. One day, when I met Mr. Ito in the laundry room, he approached me with a grin, and Mr. Ito heard me. You're masturbating by stealing panties in the laundry room, right? What happened to my panties? Please return it. .. Ah ah ah. .. .. .. .. .. I 'm sorry I turned pale . sorry. I hurriedly brought my panties from the room and went back . I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Nakamura When called to Ito's room also had now eh? What do you do I was terrified. He was preached intensely. What were you doing Are you a metamorphosis? I'll tell my parents. Can I tell the dormitory manager? ?? I cried and apologized from there. It's already compliant You can take a closer look at the cock that has been mercilessly taken down the pants . I think this was a trap. I think the boy who was in front of me was doing the same thing before . I think so now. I didn't understand anything and was desperate. What is this? It's odious.Mr. Nakamura squeezed me from behind and took down my pants. But Mr. Nakamura pushes his big breasts against his back, and Mr. Ito turns his big butt in front of me and lowers his panties to show the local and Kikumon. There is no reason why he ca n't stand the big butt for the first time. It's a gingin. Mr. Nakamura gently rubbed his penis while pressing his chest from behind . .. .. Ah ah. .. .. Ahhhh. .. .. .. .. .. I'm struggling and the patience juice comes out from the gingin's penis. It's soft and soft and slowly rubs. Mr. Ito's big and big butt that overhangs to the left and right approaches. The pussy was wet with muddy. .. Kikumon wants to be in here with a big black tingle, right? You have to hear that I was nodding small. Mr. Nakamura. I peeled my phimosis penis. You see, it's getting so hard and you're always getting a lot of semen, right? It's okay to put it out early and start squeezing it up and down while squeezing it firmly . The glans that popped out is really nice . .. It's the limit of my patience. Ito-san's big ass gives off a nasty smell. It's just around the corner . I want to put in a negative odor . I will bring my ass while sayingMr. Nakamura hugs me from behind and rubs his penis against Mr. Ito's crack . .. Ah. .. It's coming out I've been clenched at the root It's already the limit I know that if I ejaculate inside, I can have a child I thought it was dangerous. The penis goes into Mr. Ito and Mr. Ito very warmly. Mr. Ito's vagina is very warm and tightly tightened . .. .. I pulled my hips. When I tried to pull it out, Mr. Nakamura held my waist firmly and inserted it in the back. The phimosis was peeled off in the vagina and the glans was stimulated . Is it okay if I can have a baby ? Can you take responsibility? ?? It's the limit. .. .. It's no good , I ejaculated a lot and I put out a lot while I was ejaculating . .. .. It feels so good over there for women. .. .. As it is my waist without regard you to the piston to the big ass of Ito's another I do not stop was ejaculation to the other during the time immediately once more ejaculation feeling visited Oh Oh. .. Semen drips on the floor This time Mr. Nakamura is naked and made 69 and riding Mr. Nakamura gave me a condomEjaculate without worrying about this time Mr. Ito was loose, but when the waist was moved at high speed and the uterus came down, it stimulated the glans and the third ejaculation in a blink of an eye . Sex every day. I later learned that Mr. Ito, who had grown up by the time the woman passed away, was wearing a ring. No wonder it smells . It should be fun if you get there. From there it was hell Senzuri ban. Stopping. When I was forced to put up with the panties of my aunt Kussai who got dirty in front of me, and I wanted to leave it alone . I was drunk and blindfolded Ito-san and Nakamura-san and an aunt who was different from me . You can take the plunge this time. .. .. I'm happy. This time I let my aunt die many times in the back I'm crying with a small voice The pussy closes when I pull it . Piston violently while clinging to my small plump ass . .. It looks like it will come out, Mr. Nakata . ”I 'm glad. After putting up with it, I ejaculated a lot. I gave it many times . The laughter of the aunts and it was very pleasant. When I took the blindfold. .. ..It was my mother who was gagged and I was crying. It was a great shock . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. My mother broke because I was forced to play to commit my depressed mother many times

Night is coming uncle

My time in elementary school, with the father failed in business.
引越Shishi between two apartment house large detached houses, father and mother, brother and I started living. There may also narrow
brother and I slept in the back room, pick up the father and mother were sitting having dinner table in a room with a kitchen, a bed spread was sleeping there.
fun and then say, once a month, uncle (father's brother) was to have come to stay.
uncle is coming, to give pocket money, the brother had bought me a toy, I also do a little side dish of the evening than usual.
one night, and sleeping in the back room with my brother, from the next room
"Shinji (father), but this month."
"Sorry, brother." < br> "Your brother's, and thank you every month."
I heard a voice say.
"you guys have it hard too. You're the debt is still there. Still looks cute kids. Well, luck, someday I may. Now I go to bed."
"I'm sorry your brother's. Then so I'll finish here. "
noticed that uncle to get paid for the first time my father at that time.
that time I fell asleep on it after a few months has come to wake up at night Uncle, I spread a blanket lying in bed next to my father and brother.
father wore a blanket over my head, "絵美子, sorry. 絵美子 sorry." he said, are you shaking your body will cry.
from sliding across the room next door, "Oh, no,, your brother's, ah," and I hear a little of my mother.
At the time, I have six years of elementary school, I vaguely knew that the mother and uncle's doing.
still wake up the next morning to see my father went to work already, my mother in the kitchen making dinner, that uncle is reading a newspaper.
after going to school and my brother had become customary to go to uncle sent my mother to the station.
uncle also came the following month.
slept in the back room before me and my brother as always.
After a while, his uncle's "Now, I sleep." At a signal, and we came to the side of my father began to spread a blanket.
I thought I was my uncle's bed to sleep, I had to wear a blanket over the head with his father lying there.
across the sliding doors in the next room, make a bed and hear a clear sound of Taku seat,
"絵美子 friends, come over here." voices and uncle.
a few moments, the mother, "Oh, your brother's, no, you do that," and I started hearing voices annoying.
time 10 minutes have passed, and I want to see how the two, I thought I would go to the bathroom.
toilet is located next to the entrance, where I had to pass through the mother and uncle slept.
happens to my father, "Reiko. or toilet." I say loudly. I stopped
mother annoying voice signal as if it were. When I opened the sliding door
go to the next room, if only 点I small electric kitchen, sleeping in the bed was a single mother and uncle. the other side are oriented
mother's uncle, uncle was sleeping with his back turned toward the mother. head off what was
, mother and uncle were sleeping in one bed now and I think, from the bulge in the bed I had become one.

I'm half Story

Something boring and surprisingly true story
I have fun at the highest aspirations crushed? Even if the same would
blindfolded and with whom I did
"It is done" and "do" sounds like a big difference but I was pregnant even Shinakerya
after all that I lust
processing partner But you know my father and brother and brother would be going to the toilet would be a son of man, after all, it

"love"? "Love"? You should be 笑Washi
Chaa! It is a handy pussy
no guts but I never
doing well, even beaten, destiny is "Hell" I'm going
at your own risk Hey ~ I think it

tough road and switch when there Nya Do not Stop No guts

My son and I did

I am a 48 × Aichi-year-old. One son's child is 23. I am committed to this son. That is when my son is 19. And every day is a pussy. My son is reluctant to put up with pussy crying because no violence. The couple seems to have had a pussy four years. My son is playing in does nothing but work in the genre, to five times a day pussy here. I have to say even sex Suchiimusenta.

Living in Saitama

I am a 48 year old housewife, has to come ○ ○ last year. There are three families of her husband and son. Since moving to the city because I was taken home in debt, I've seen people running away from scary. Isolated house where I previously lived in a garden can not speak. It is now apartments. Has been chased by debt collectors for her husband failed in business. Tachimasen be of any use to escape just yet. Hazama Hazime is also a small apartment house. I live in a family there are three people. The other day when my son was seen in a long time with her husband and her husband pussy.抱Kitsukimashita my husband and son sleep with us ends. Sosoritatta Chinbowo stuck a big crack from me Let me once too good for me and my mother. I instinctively put out your voice. And I passed away.

I'm a widow

My husband passed away last year was 48 years old. I live with my son's 26 years old. My son let me say what a pussy mother only once. I never did with her husband is no other. I would like to do better at the time. I said quietly doing so well I thought my mother to my son want to do there.

My discourse incest

I am a housewife of 50 years, my husband in retirement these days is playing golf or go to the carefree and go fishing. These days I am not against the mystery. I want someone to sit and talk to her husband is still in me. So for her son against her pussy. My son is 25 years old and still a virgin, and I'm broke. Timbo I was put in a large crack that burst is over there now. I feel good than to do with her husband. Then I did every day. My house is only two-space Apato Rooms. I slept huddled in one room so parents and children. I think the excitement and superfluous that her husband is watching. My son makes a pussy lick. I was so thin and looks younger than the younger. The day before I went on a trip to Kinugawa Onsen family of three. I had a pussy son there as well. My husband also know that out loud because I was sleeping. Seemed to be back out. My husband is even better if you drink alcohol. I also drank alcohol. My son does not drink. Instead, many times Yarimasu pussy. 4.5 times that night until the morning did. My husband drove home. My son and I did not have a pussy in the back seat they will have seen my husband and excitement. What pussy would feel so good.


My daughter went to work. Husband's is closed today.
a cup of coffee in the living room at about 10 PC Pajamanomama going to look at. "What are you looking," "Mother, I know that this corner!" "Eh, what, and what you have! Do not like it, it's amazing, some people actually like that" " Yes, I want the truth this "
's husband was reading a post incest. I thought that impossible, I read together. What is the infidelity of her husband and her mother.
came around to hip-law's hand. Yes, I'm thinking is embraced and "Mom, I think before the beautiful people liked than Keiko" will not do, but I was happy with such a thing. Husband's lips had received. I'm good. Slowly moving her lips, then put a bit of tongue stimulation. Grabbed the breasts are being embraced. No! The kiss was hot son's that he feels.
's husband, I'm supposed to take off one of pajama pants trunks. Are you an erection. "脱Gase to Mother," No, I am ashamed. Ny but I have myself back. I'm Ochinpo erection, she'll pull in front 脱Gasenai and stuck. located in front of Ochinpo
erect a long time. The groom's close to me while standing in front of the face Ochinpo, came to the mouth rather than pushing. S too late, for example Lightning suck. Big suck my tongue licking Kito, Lightning sounded. Zuzuzu, who'll go out. It is disgusting rabbit.
when pinched her nipples are all taking off Yeah, the current ran. Pussy and touch me. Soup is already wet.
is on all fours, was thrust from behind. The hard and thick. At the entrance, put me irritating. Lightning put myself back from sticking out my butt. The Great were not go at once.

The father is staying for the first time.

I am 25 years old, married just a honeymoon last fall.
husband, age 30, they travel with a tour operator in no more than half a month in Japan.
actually have a relationship with my husband's father lives nearby.
mother died before they are five years, but now I have a father living alone. I made a lot of food delivered to your father last year and live, then I have been raped.
53-year-old father, strong to the sport so they, and who was not my Uno Kanou.
crying when frustrated, I was committed, then raped again while I clung to the father. That is a very good
the father.
Now "from now on have passed we'll make your food." Like a mantra, but the father went home and in the evening, dinner with the father, into the bath together, two in bed hours will be back in the arms. Also from last night
father "or not staying with you." I was told, "Mamoru Akira (husband) should have contacted the force added." You have refused to say. In a phone call from my husband
home and sure enough, it said in Paris.
were, and just like a father 呼Ndara are staying home from my father last night.
being held at the house of one father from last night came from the one embraced by father, father now has a couple sleeping in bed naked.
rest a little, we will have to hold until the morning to wake my father. Me? . I'm hitting the PC in the living room.
gown worn over naked only. Time being, a husband and children or luggage.

Been found for his son

The 40-something housewife. The bachelor son
husband is not independent and is now living with a son and two 11th grade.
unless I'm ashamed, you're not, to masturbating almost every night before bed.
last Sun at last, I've seen the place where the son masturbation in the bedroom.
panties I was devoted to using the vibrator on the bed without even knocking
son, "the mother did ~" I opened the door I was. I have suffered shame
futon, his second son, "I do nothing ~" went out with a slam of a door and say.
into a hole and I was feeling.
next morning to see the face of the son is bad enough can not be divorced.
son also went to school or say anything as to ignore what happened last night.
more jerky the day when this, the incident occurred when least expected that it found one day masturbating.
I've hugged my son came up in bed fast asleep at night.
in the dark, of course, but I resisted it, his second son, "Let me let my mom ~" Is my hands have been grabbed and jumped on me and I stuck
I refuse to second son is "the last secret from you, let me" is said
I finally resigned to "once and for all because," I said.
son take off my underwear and pajamas Unadzuki hands off me, finally I have the sex.

should act only once is continuing even now. Am I a bad mother


I travel a lot, my father was supposed to be something to talk and spend more time with my husband's natural father. My father had just retired now at home. I was chatting with a drink at a meal together last night. Also because of the holiday tomorrow, had become about the amount of alcohol. I love my father and I both drink. Imperceptibly in the arms of his father was drinking out of fun, had his lips together. After a long kiss
, was taking off clothes in his hand. Been my father's lips move milk from the lips, inner thigh and right hand delicately tickles my thighs.
lips and tongue are stimulated, nipples are standing. I want to touch there early. Legs were open naturally. Touch my clitoris father finally fingers, gently rub comes. Embarrassing, is already full of hot soup. Dad smoked me how to wear a lip there. Cha another voice out.
imperceptibly his dad, and take off all. His hand is my hand, it leads to my father. Repeated hand in my hand, that the epithelium is held. I have been licking there, a burly father that was held from his tea. Takumashiiare
the father finally came in there for me. Do I have become involved. That father is greater than his master, and good at sex. I first had sex not go on. I have this great sex.

Of incest

I've met with half-fat and traditional bullying. Everyone is just for the body man
sweetheart. Approached by adults came from the unusual large ecchi my heart.
give me many people refuse to touch it anyway. This is also a troubled person is applying for a dating show for the first time suddenly.
bachelor days if they refuse to attack people, who is also a customer who was forced to when I mean 差Shi出Se stolen bras.
my size I'm still very troubled by just one piece bra, so not much lost in Japan. May be near a soccer ball.
breasts hard life because American does not take a joke. I have a son sixteen
become adults who are not part Meru Idi ahead, some people are about to make a bra that dried semen on the veranda. Given the age
beat bullying! son or a genetic But I became the face of bullying withdrawal. It is much more painful and sad
more here. There was even more sad thing
. It was outrageous things to his son. Incest
resisted desperately, but if not avoided, my son has played with 化Shita wolf too many times in vain resistance. But after a long fuck
could not quite forget the special little boy in my son, "I may be as long pregnancy." Now to the temptation and I are really dense 築Ke relationship.
consumption of condoms from the son of the most interesting time intercourse lasts three days and four days, not only is God, and which part of the manager reluctantly Tits contract "fucking" once in five to Musun Could I thousand. Fuck
only allows his son. Now I am the happiest time of fellowship with my son.

Incest mothers and people with disabilities

yuna himekawa[35403]
My son is now 15 years old this year. From low vision was born to a middle school is deposited around the orphanage, I went with a group of people living in similar circumstances.
husband and son entered the school, but when the divorce was found amblyopia, the child support I got from the point that I helped us.
one occasion, there was a call from a dorm leader of the facility, its contents I was shocked I was that age, so if you want understandable. Naka Naka
endless because it went back to the toilet son of a fellow 駆Ketsuketara nurses report on care, while it is hard in the bathroom with my genitals, I was playing with it.
that I received a phone call, but I blush to thinking, in order to better parent-child discussion, as was decided three days furlough. Head
day went by car, outside of taking lunch at a restaurant of his son by the hand, not having a good time with family is a long time.
I, however, facilities for the conduct of his son caused enough, it is also unable tell the news, I decided to talk anyway i go back home. Once you've
welcome dinner the evening, I mentioned the courage is the thing. My son did not answer silent. finally opened his mouth and heavy
few minutes, then have to masturbate in the bathroom every day, even more painful than my erection, I make an impassioned plea painful and inevitable. I confess plainly
Still facing down, so when my son wanted to feel, what to say maternal instinct, and my 引Ki寄Semashita toward his son to take instant hand.
-faced like her son was surprised, and nodded to enjoin us to be silent just as I say, when I saw it as a mother I was ready.
it will not do this, so annoying to everyone exposed to shame and more facilities at all, sorry for the people around than my son. But his son and a mate
I briefly being the case, for something that will better inform women not? Think so. Masturbate than repeating indefinitely,
might wake up to a new awareness of the female body know the truth because of puberty.繋Gare to be restrained as a man of action in the future facility is holding hope that it
this. I asked my son. I teach you a happy mother of a man, okay? This. My son was the first such translation is not known,
当Teta moment my son's hand in the breast, seems to have understood its meaning. For locking up, and boil the bath, I went into the bathroom with her son by the hand.
naked to put in my son, my son sat in front of more later, too. My son put a face to ensure that the intensity is low vision looks into my breast. Reach out and touch it
gently, yet small genitals poked the heavens quickly. Ge rough start breathing gradually grew, but now my hand from my crotch,
once I went into the bathtub to stop it first, and said raising and body wash. Like it was reluctantly agreed, and as a complete body and hair wash over a few minutes,
son hugged me from behind and can not stand 口走Tsu slowly over the tile as it grabbed my breast and 押Shi倒Shimashita. I was not at the mercy of his son,
even when they are sucked into the vagina and Sutsu extended hand from the breast to the groin, was let free. Term follow up on the back, I lift up the hips and tummy still,
continued to lick my son is nothing less than a minute to put a face with the tongue. I think from the vagina was washed again full of liquid. My son kept it noisily and water is splashing sound,
now moved to the request and wants to speak yours. My son's genitals so far as per which, I continued sucking and licking at my best to serve my own feelings.
or from her youth and exhaled a large amount of semen in the mouth Tatazu even one minute, while still 屹立 without atrophy, but this time on my son lying on the mat Overlapping,
much pushed into the vagina was wet obvious. Filled taste sensation shook the first time in years. This would be known only by those women.
son first heard a woman's body was crazy. And feel good while hitting hard thrust, lift the hips to put my hands under the waist, hitting the uterus as it is strong and repeated insertion,
discharge all of his desire in me to shout soon groaning or it. Then wash the body with one another, from relentless libido son did not know back to the room to stay.
is tailored with morning near the end, the day had only had enough parts to rest. But to quote my son and I settled into a spiritual body that knew her,
unlike this time so far back in the facility got me confident to say you can save yourself . In fact more than a line 覆Rimasen forbidden. But I have no regrets
, when her son went to pick up once a month allowing a sleepover, it may just stay in the hotel. Of the disabled is a serious problem, and seems to have something healthy people do not understand.
social debate this fact is good or bad as a human being over another, you can do, I want to. Now I think it is honest. If you read this, what do you think?

Memories of my sister

It's bad to cut the flow before marriage, but the story of my sister. I remembered when I read this thread. When my sister is high 2 and I am middle 3. My sister isn't as cute as a gravure idol, but I think she's pretty cute. In terms of type, I think it's Hikaru Koto, an AV actress. I was pulling out with my sister's AV. It's midnight so I pulled it out with my headphones, and when I looked back, my sister was sitting down. At that time, I was so surprised that my heart stopped. After all, I thought my family was sleeping. My sister asked me, "What are you doing ?" I was still shaking, so I hurriedly raised my pants. "What?" " What are you doing?" My sister flirted with Ishishi and brought her face closer to my face. "What ..." cannot be answered. "What's that?" Unnie sees Tesh in my hand. I hurry the Tesh I have in my hand and throw it in the trash. "You were watching a naughty video . I don't like it & # 12316;" "What's up, go home." "No, show me." "Why?" "Hmm, I have to show it to my mom. " Kara " Unnie turned down the volume and pulled out the headphones.He cheers strangely , saying, "Hey & # 12316; Oh, oh & # 12316; Oh, it's amazing ." "This No guy and sister? Masatoshi is No do you like my sister? No sister wanted?" "No, you say I wanted .... It's just a set of such AV" "older sister and younger sister Which is like," suddenly, My sister asked me to look into my face. "No, I don't care if I have a younger sister." " Do you want to do something like this?" My sister rushed in and asked. The appearance of my sister is a little strange. I may have been excited to see the AV. I was just in the middle of kissing on AV. "Let's do something like this," my sister grabbed the hem of my shirt. "Hmm ..." I also gave an ambiguous reply. We were alone at night, and honestly, I think I was drunk in the atmosphere. My sister gently put her lips on my lips. It was a kiss that touched my lips. After talking about her lips, "Kissing a video doesn't look like this. It's richer," she says, looking down. "Yeah" I kissed again. This time deep kiss. I just put my tongue in. My sister's body shakes a little. I just touched my sister's boobs. But my sister didn't resist. When I touched it from the top of the T-shirt, my sister wasn't wearing a bra.I don't say anything when I rub it. After the deep kiss was over, my sister's eyes were as if they were drunk. "Can I see my breasts?" Nods a little. When I rolled up my T-shirt, I saw my sister's boobs. Well, I knew from the top of my shirt, but my sister has big boobs. Maybe there was about E. At that time, I wasn't sure because the only comparison was video. However, my sister's breasts were not only big, but also very beautiful. From that point on, I've seen a lot of boobs like her and customs, but it's the best I've seen in my name. I found out by touching it, but I thought that my boobs were pretty hard. When I think about it now, I think my sister had a swell because she was young. I'm a teenager. Suddenly I sucked on my sister's nipples. Push it down on the carpet as it is. I just sucked my nipples with a noise. My sister's breathing became rough. "Hey-chan's boobs are so beautiful," I honestly said. My sister opened her closed eyes and just said , "Oh, right? Arigato ." I tried to take off my shorts at once. "Wait" My sister stopped, so when I thought I was getting too sick , "Oh, turn off the lights."That means it's OK if you turn off the lights. I stood up and gave only a miniature bulb as proof. I was excited because this one had a naughty atmosphere. I was dying and made my sister naked. I haven't seen my sister naked since I was in elementary school. As expected, it has grown beyond comparison. Immediately after pulling it out, I was young and hardened to gingin. I licked everywhere in my sister's body. I turned over my boobs, tummy, neck, thighs, and licked my ass. My sister stayed still without making a voice, as I was doing. Finally I opened my sister's thighs. I haven't licked it yet, but it's really wet. As a virgin at the time, I was impressed. A woman really gets wet. When we buried my over there in the face of my sister, "there!" Truly sister and raised his voice. Perhaps it was embarrassing, I hid my face with the cushion there. But I didn't dislike it, and even if I resisted, I didn't want to stop. I licked my sloppy sister over there. I knew that the clitoris was the most comfortable in my knowledge, so I lick it carefully. My sister reacted suddenly. When I was suffocating, I raised my face, took a breath, and then crouched again. I think I kept blaming him for 10 minutes. My sister suddenly cramped and sandwiched my face. Then, "Stop it anymore"I pulled back and ran away from my cunnilingus. I was out of breath. Then I hugged me and did so for a while. (Oh, once) , I knew intuitively. "Did you feel good?" She nodded a little, biting my earlobe and kissing my neck. Feeling completely spoiled. But I wondered what to do from now on. Is it okay to go to the actual production? As expected, he is a sibling. After all, there is no condom. But my son can't fit. When I was worried, my sister suddenly touched my dick. "Hey, how does Masatoshi feel good ?" " What?" " How do you feel good about this?" "I want you to rub it with your hands." "Oh, it's like I did it myself." My sister laughed mischievously. , I laid me down and took down my sweat pants and trunks. Hello with my erected dick. My sister was staring at my dick. " Oh, yeah? I don't know because I've never compared it to others." "Because I was smaller when I was a kid." "That's right. My sister's breasts are getting bigger." "Ufufu" Then she grabbed it with her hand and started rubbing slowly. "It's OK?""Uh, yeah, it feels better to be a little stronger," she puts her strength into her hands. "You did this in the video a while ago," my sister turned over my T-shirt and started licking her nipples. It was the first time for someone else to lick my nipples, so I was surprised at how comfortable it was. I'm about to go soon. Then my sister said, "Oh, I was doing it in the video, what do you mean by mouth?" "Eh? Fellatio?" "Do you say blowjob? Oh, that feels good. Roh? " " Eh? and, I do not know. mon never I have been, " " their, that's right, " " sister, for me was the mouth? " in I'm useless origin I asked. After a while of silence, her sister nods. I couldn't believe it. You can even get a handjob naked, and on top of that, you can have it by mouth. "Well then, please." When she entered my crotch, she hesitated a little, but slowly put it in her mouth. My sister's body temperature is directly transmitted to the dick. "Wow!" I cheered in my heart. My sister didn't have a blowjob. Maybe it was my first time because I didn't know the name. Just put it in your mouth and lick it like a cat. That alone was exciting enough, but it didn't lead to ejaculation."Sister, move your head up and down. Rub with your lips." When I placed the order, she slowly began to move her head. The long-awaited frictional stimulus. I didn't have 30 seconds. "Hey, unnie, I'll be out!" I said, but she didn't stop. I was dying to release it in my sister's mouth. My sister kept it in her mouth until all of me came out. After confirming that it had finished coming out, I raised my face, made a fist with both hands so that I could get enthusiastic, and then swallowed the sperm at once. After laughing shyly, "Niga & # 12316; I " "No, I don't have to drink " "Oh, right? Everyone drinks?" "No, I don't even know." Unnie Was satisfied, he was back to normal. Laugh with Ishishi and poke my forehead with my finger. "It was cute, Masatoshi" I thought it was my sister who was cute, but I couldn't say it. After I became calm, the embarrassment of being seen by the cock began to rise. I hug my atrophied me as if it were a "good" dog, and I'm nadenade. My boobs touched my cheek. "Why did you do this, my sister?" "Uh, why?" She laughed and cheated. "Which do you like, Masatoshi, sister or sister?""Sister" "Well done" Sister kissed me again at the end. That is the memory of me and my sister. Such an older sister also went to her wife last year. Maybe I was on the bench. As expected, I didn't do the actual production, but after that I was taken care of by my hands, mouth and sumata many times. If you're a technician with such a good style, I think your boyfriend is also happy. When I became a college student, I was able to do her, so I didn't really hug my sister. I liked my sister, but what kind of feeling was naughty communication? I didn't do the actual production. My sister also had a boyfriend. I wasn't jealous of my sister's boyfriend, but she seemed to be a little jealous of my girlfriend. I was asked, "Which style is better for me or her?" Or "Which is better?" When I answered "Unnie", I looked happy. My older sister who was grilling was cute. Occasionally I come back to my parents' house and complain about my husband. I'm becoming more beautiful now. Personally, I'd be happy if he left my husband and came back to my parents' house.

Brother and ...

I have peach ((temporary)) is. I
, have two older brother. And one of them,
that I have the bad.
"brother Hayato! did you come back?"
"Yeah. I once was back in 30 minutes,
down in the stomach, was in toilet . "
I have done the bad, the way my brother Hayato,
by his brother who is not instantaneous.
had a conversation as usual.
course, this time, I would do something like that,
did would never be known.
"Anyway, what are my brother and I sleeping??
was a different room, same as me ... ..."
"No, I'm not hating . "
" because I have nothing. However, my brother from the moment ... but quiet, boring. "
" So What. "
" Yes. "
real reason is his brother who Hayato I like.
But it among siblings. Not supposed to say.
Chikutakuchikutaku ...
time went quickly after, imperceptibly, was nine o'clock at night.
"I ~ I go to bed!"
"OK, I sleep well."
fit my bedtime, my brother was sleeping Hayato.
And the time has finally come.
my 12 year old brother Hayato 6th grade ... at the age of 13 in one.
finally that time came.
bed we are sleeping in bunk beds 2,
down I was on the brother.
"... I'll ..."
lying in bed half an hour passed.
longer will older brother slept.
And he began to paranoia, I began masturbating.
involuntarily, and moan, sweet escape from the mouth.
"peach? What's What??"
"... An ... take"
softly, her brother fell down the ladder of the bed,
approached my bed.
"Yeah come on ... ///"< br>" What happened? ... no way ... "
brother said that" never ", but on-target.
"... Yeah ... I'll be! H ... I ... really ... take that!"

Mother's elder sister thought

Story when I was hospitalized with a fractured right knee and back of the hand with both family structure
gay bike is 14 years old 21 years old sister, elder sister went to middle school and 40 years old and married my mother 18 years old
father is 10 years or so before, divorce state.

she was not, of course the sudden accumulation of hospital life from a young w
I live in sympathy with the mother that the mother will receive 尿瓶 when I held a desire to void
It is tan, my mother hands lead to poor posture 尿瓶, up and down like a little
to Handjob, Nde I did not pull a full erection at all once I'm
Well done, my mother

home the next day in silence, suddenly came to visit the elder sister married and went out.
suddenly saw my face, elder sister
Supa sigh <
my mother cried in <What?
elder sister <of Oran her? Oh well. . I'm supposed to stay there and Yarouyo elder sister
<now, and they and my mother never ever 泣Kasan!!

Suddenly draw curtains, pajamas and pants has been lowered to bed
immediate 捲Tsu Handjob elder sister
<and they 汚San with, and said fine!
my second language <Serve sorry
elder sister <Yeah, Hatsu know (sigh )
me while I hand 受Ketome Innovation.
been wiped out wildly, and the pants are worn by rough
Bajama elder sister <next Itsukitara okay (semi-glare)
I <Why is elder sister? · ·
Elder sister <My sister is a middle school you fool! Parent mom!!
Elder sister <The Tsu, Itsukitara okay!!
<····· I'm sorry, Tomorrow we shall return in silence to her sister

next day glaring at me to come, of course.

Real brother and

Last weekend (Saturday) until I went to a relative's wedding in Izu. Originally
my parents and brother married, had planned to attend seven
and my wife and daughter in the hospital for kidney failure because of his father, absent mother care for < br> elder brother's wife was absent for the last month of pregnancy to take care
four people were going to go see my family and my brother called me, so
choice but to try to take care of her elder brother's wife mother <br > Eventually I (30) and his wife (28) and brother (32), who went 3.
say since it is the day of the wedding and the day started at 7:00 in the morning by car
brother before I arrived at noon ceremony, attended the wedding ceremony is over
still dressed, sending the bride and groom, but all was over before 4:00 pm
was. It was scheduled that day and
staying with uncle and his uncle to go home, I have asked the inn and getting acquainted
like being told to stay there, courtesy of I was allowed to take you up on it.
soon as you reach out to dinner at a house while preparing to receive 寝間
was hunting for souvenirs at the reception.
first I was shopping for three people to consult a lot, my brother on the way
be gone, I told my wife, go back to your room, terrace room
Put back into the provided outdoor bath.
because it was taking a bath before returning to the room with his brother bath
before then on the coattails of his brother, too. The open-air bath and terrace have
although there are quite a large spacious, with the best view from there
watch that night at home watching the sea together with his brother
room My wife came back, I felt it contained nothing but
I came in one piece with a small towel. I have to look 慌Temashita
the moment, the wife of the more perplexed I stuck
Squatting down to hide his face in his chest 当Teta towel.
However, my brother laughed his wife suddenly found themselves rather than fall back!
wife or relieved that his brother's magnanimous personality
"Maybe I'll be ashamed If you think a separate bathing" and soak in hot water with
as defiant, and the wedding ceremony of the day
spent a pleasant time in three people with a good laugh remembering the incident. Besides, such a situation
first wife gradually let go of the familiar from the body with a towel or
the end, I became bold enough to shed his brother back. We have to rise from my
bath, I went to bed I had been prepared in advance
abnormal state of excitement was in the eyes burned just bathing scene. It is only me and not the
, as it was in the wife, the enchanting appearance of
寝付Ka still in bed with a loud snore was the only brother 発Te. But I'm so excited
it enters the bed of his wife
embraced his wife, to do a finger on the pole, in the same situation as my wife was still
including staying there all wet at any time the state was OK. I'm crazy about my wife
抱Kimashita. Knowing that his brother lying next to the contrary
abnormal changes in the excitement that it was no pleasure I ever tasted.
And turn on the futon, as my brother is sleeping
見Se付Keru when confronting the vertex and with my wife, brother and look toward the big brother suddenly
Facing eyes tightly, it was on our firm affair. I have a brother
申Shi訳無I had tasted a sense of superiority. I
by his brother 見Se付Keru.
and noticed it was there as I wake up my brother and not the wife was so
seems. While constantly worrying about his brother who seemed to feel pleasure
thing 見Se付Keru my wife as my brother. In such extreme conditions
me, the translation has long 有Rimasen.
looking to find that his brother did not have much time to hang eternally.
my head for the last moment, and when I step away from the body of his wife
me a helping hand to his brother. I could not understand what it means but
momentarily, you can copy it was in the hands of his brother in Q s.
But then, I understood immediately what it means. Because
attracted me to his place his brother hanging from pressure on his wife instead.
But I did it Togamemasen.
Because in this situation, encourage more cruelty is not designed to put up with my brother.
first wife, the surprise came with his brother hanging pressure, but what sense the intention and
跳Ne除Keyou blame me anything, "No way! No way! No way!" and what
After a couple 洩Rashita, is recruited by his brother. I'm exhausted
is an affair of his wife after his brother was an unusual excitement while watching. SEX is my brother
difference, still keeps in judo since childhood muscular strength and endurance
was fed, free swinging wife petite and technique on the verge of fainting
Take that to the wife! Take that!攻Me立Teru is this. eventually reached a peak
wife several times before his brother eternally,
unconscious, motionless until morning also did not work.
brother is such a caring wife, and ambition, I was not allowed without it eternally.
next morning, we are sound asleep until it was awakened as soon as it's finished breakfast waitress
happens, re-entered the open-air baths in three
to check out before 10 am drove toward the Tomei Expressway in Osaka. We
way back in the car, then this is the first and last events of yesterday evening, the secret is only 3
申Shi合Wasemashita people and so, my brother, "finally have a favor to ask. Eli-chan last night (my wife) is going to end because the
syncope, until I fulfill your home if you can, "said he would
it. My wife at the time it first learned that there is no brother is over, but confusion, "You mark
(I) I'd be good when they do well. I feel sorry for the brother because" I am seeking agreement with
it came.断Remasen the decline coming from my wife, too.
eventually have to call for her to go wait in time,
no time to stop in the middle of a love hotel
change my driving with his brother, wife and brother last night back seat It was more of it to finish
. I was driving
shimmering in the rearview mirror and seeing his brothers
was an affair to his wife and brother turns "driving to look good before"
feel it say Shimashi try to deflect the other way to
有Rimasen still in the mood. I watched the scene
the hands of two people sitting side by side with his brother there in the back seat
went into his wife's skirt, thigh rub, it gradually disappears in underwear . My wife is a thin fabric underwear
only finger movements occupied a large hand through his brother
able observations. Then gradually from the poles of his wife,
to sound like kneading by hand turning the potato salad, tossed with mayonnaise Kaneru
wife endured as such current running through the body is gasping cry <br > I have to stick your neck out for his brother. Except for my wife last night event, but a man other than my first
, I figure that acts as 手馴Reta 如何Nimo
learned the bitter jealousy, not go to the translation stop now.
Eventually, in order to observe it well, stop the car to safety
decided to make sure the shoulder. However, my wife brother, so my eyes at all without worrying
, to celebrate the last moments in the back seat was immersed in SEX.
end, the body releases the two people, the 20 percentile car safely parked in my area are things
then. My wife nearly fainted in the state last night as well speaking to reply
what was 有Rimasen.
But after a while we drove, my wife Hyokkori 起Kiagari Putting
tissue from the back and poured into his brother's love juice is overflowing
began carefully cleaning. I got off the car because it was watching the last moment
smoking, but ultimately it is the end 居Nakatta
brother in his wife. Dubious that eyes are watching me and
mirror in Vietnam, my wife noticed it
"I said, I put in my best. Because it too safe day" <br > Word was anticlimactic. But I thought this one was ill at the time
, even without another in the elder brother's wife, sister, wife or sister and even
sworn in mind.

Husband and two sons-in-law

The 42-year-old housewife married three years ago.
husband has been divorced, had two sons.
that suddenly became the mother of two married people, I think I was in my own life.
Now my husband is 50, the eldest son is 26, is a 22 year old son.

son is often closed off the occasional weekdays.
the eldest son, at the end of last June, was raped in force. son

weekday holidays, go to the laundry room to pick up the underwear in hand ... I opened the wardrobe in my son. I thought I lost a son words are
each other "period ends?" he said.
you know that? And thinking "maybe" answer, "let's make love" is said ....
been full nelson from behind and run away when I approached his son ... "ask" my son is saying the right T has touched my heart over the bra came into force from the bottom of the shirt .

"Stop," "away" So, now the bra is unhooked his son's hand around the back were directly touched my heart .... has been tampered
nipples rubbed the chest, I thought his son squatting moment, touched the vagina was placed over the hand from the pants under her skirt ....
think his son and raised a hand to my stomach, which has touched the vagina in these pants, put his hands at once ....
touched after a while, from the way back to T 脱Gasou so I lifted up the shirt, but his son tried to escape again ... have a strong muscular strength, even after all T-shirt bra is also taking off skirt ... I was taken up taking off pants.被Satsu

has been covering the eldest son has taken to lying on the bed so that his son lift the body.

was being grabbed and kissed his face next to it 向Itara approached his son's face. Go to the bottom

little son's body was being sucked nipples being tampered with chest rubbed.

I cried, "to stop it" and say things like, has now begun to touch the dick.
of them ... I hate to have wet ....

son took off the shirt jeans, I went off my pants to be suppressed while trousers. I went to close your legs

the foot of my son was being held grabbed his legs knee. son is the spitting
array? I feel like I had with you ....

tried to run away ... I finally summon up the power of the array is placed on his son. I say ... I felt screwed by the force. Entered
moment, "Well!" cried and then put in my first son ... I grinning.

I did not know until then ... ... That's just three men first son was big for me ... unbelievable ....

son is "narrow and feel," butted in the array has been started in me to say this.

Perhaps there is a young and muscular strength in the movement of the waist of his son ...? If you are caught is ... very intense.

certainly is feeling good ... ... I go through the pleasant voice, until the end "No" "Stop," repeated. ... and his son ended up

sperm in me soup.
they say "safe day" to say, until the next period is worried.

to get a period at the end of July, too often son "(physiological) come?" I heard I was coming.

period came and when I was asked by his son, "came," he said.

around the end of the period were nestled in the ... son again.

son came when I was cleaning the bedroom ....
when committed as a month ago, until the bed is taken during the resisted for some reason ... ... to have touched the body out of bed completely through the power of the body ... array is put away ... but that is still in the squid ... I ....

in August, the eldest son, "Now go to the hotel" is said ... ... son went to the hotel.
enter the room ... was being hugged and kiss. As it began to remove the blouse buttons
my son, "a shower ..." and say "after the shower ..." button has been removed to take off blouse and saying ....
been lowered and taken the bra off her skirt ... also started to bet my son ... and son dressed like a piece of pants.

After kissing, the nipple has been tampered with chest rubbed. Which has touched the vagina and put his hands in the pants ....
quickly got wet ... .... While
chestnut continues to be attacked ... I ... I Itte. And ... is taking off the pants

took off his pants ... his son was also put arrays. While exploiting
'm in much too intense, that the son could not resist ... ... I'm away ... I Itte disorder aloud again. Itta

after I was caught re-son also was like Itta.

Hand-job from a stepmother

My mother and father remarried two years when my high school. My father and I did not want to marry my father was really really weary and happy mother died. But I was outside my
birth to my mother who really say they're going "and 認Metakunakatta mother" and graduated from high school so I had to go to college texture away from their parents. When moving
successfully passed the university, in my father steep uhm I moved with my father going to really be unable to change the date of the move,
comes with stepmother possibly longer. Unable to open the first day of luggage with little in the evening, was to be tomorrow.
dinner near the apartment was a family restaurant. I almost did not hear your mouth and stepmother.
back to the apartment I quickly took a bath. Be unable to see TV or still had not. I entered into a bath, so let me sweating a little stepmother? Disappeared into the bathroom saying. Duvet sets and only person to consider. Stepmother is going to do and I think "Today I lay in bed with your small" I came to say. I did not even answer
, unable to sleep well in the early hours, was vague. Stepmother said, "Ken-chan (my name) that she is?" I came to hear.
I, "how in the hell you do that," answered and unpleasant. I certainly thought it was quiet and stepmother in bed, because I had not masturbated for a while,
want to become asexual. If the next to sleep safely and 云E, lower trunks. If the penis is rubbed and suddenly "her health, became impatient?
To do that often?" And. Surprised. No way I thought. I "I 知Ranee. And also embarrassment and replied," Well I turned anymore "and. I want a nasty
suddenly become "If it were so I pretend to be her mother, you're a person Shikanee thus I could not find her, you let me be with you" and.
stepmother, "What are you saying? I'm a mother. You could not do that?" and. "Again, what do women's useless"
after a moment of silence and said, "but I can sex her health, and just today I promise, I'll either break-in by hand? "The unexpected word default. I
"You do me then." sat next to my bed and say, down the trunks. Began rubbing my penis up and down the grip.
the first person to get comfortably, had a voice in.
rather be out so impatient, folding stepmother sat me in the mouth. At the same time had to ejaculate.


My husband came home one month, went ahead alone or appointed. Now, said he likely longer. SEX: I was candid but anguish, and finally yesterday morning, saw off at Haneda.
come home this morning after sending the daughter's stepfather, raised and asked me because I put the tea, go with the room! ! The stepfather's
watching video, it's a father's and I'm on. "I do not like your father's, Since when did this take on" My father's cock, with a lascivious look, naked Yabutterutokonano topic. Not ashamed. Are you lick a pole sticking out his tongue and testicles. Moreover, aligning the father's eyes! Father's heart jumped into thinking, his lips pressed against Lightning force.
a hot kiss a long time. Twine fit tongue spit cup. I still kiss, put your hand in my father's pants and trousers, raise Chinpo holding dear.
下Roshimashita trousers and pants with a father away at last. Ochinpo
is nostalgic. I have an erection hard and holding hands wrapped. Peel raised, and I rub the nail, is even larger. Cali Teratera shining neck, and he has juice from your cock. S too late, nothing besides Shaburimasu mouth.
I'll leave off all your clothes were Munching. I go back to the obscene. Stepfather's sleep with me, or put his face between today has suddenly cleared and pussy licking. Until it is today, SEX in the video with me, I think I was Senzuri. Oh, this designation were taught from father's. My pussy Naughty
other, drenched in stage kiss. There are
example, now today, the cock will fit Bukkake Toi. Hehehe, I've also added a father of patience. Oh come
. Once you stop first at the entrance of her pussy. I want to back. Yamaguchi and Yuguchu out a few times, or place. No
Oh, not remove. Lightning pussy tighten involuntarily. Also coming soon but put me to insert the last. I'm happy.嵌Meta father's remains, and kisses. The stepfather's
just wake me up for the opening act position. Yoshi Tadasu astride a cock I put on my stepfather's Cross-legged.抱Ki合Imashita well together.
's father, fuck your hands on the wall let me stand, it seems from the back.突Ki出Shimashita ass bend over a little. Two came into my father's finger in her pussy, then tampered, came into cock Bukkake Toi. The stepfather's massaging my boobs from behind, you can shake the waist. The father's hands grabbed, say it is standing back. This position for the first time. Yeah, What! I
No, that's embarrassing, is useless. How do you do that. Father's, while back in 嵌Meta me and say I walk out into the hallway. What did you still walk 嵌Meta.
I can not want to do it. Struck from behind comes the father's leave. Walk slowly for the first time, so it's off the break to sit down with your legs toward the top.
Iyarashikunai It grabs both arms behind him, fitted the cock, sticking the butt of walking, of thinking how things like sex, father's lewd.
barely walk to the living room, try going on top Lightning positive. Phew.

If you have to experience

yuna himekawa[35363]
From a child (son, age 16) has been recently considered as a woman
scanty clothes like a skirt and has previously avoided
squatting at my laundry and occasionally was always scrutiny semen came out and stuck in a few days for things lost or placed
laundry basket to put pants on purpose with his semen
however that I am taking a bath when the late husband There is not much for talking
suddenly opened the door, I see the chest and lower body and
facing here a few days ago over the ground glass folding doors to look like masturbation is deliberately
At this rate I'm worried
to want to dabble in the near future to make sure my body

What can I do to my husband, of course, can not talk to others <br > What is insanity, I think both, of transient and does not seem to
hardly looks like I can not even think
lovers also have a problem with me < br> My husband and at least once a week from now there may be sex
for good advice or someone
frustration out of place in this place (to stop her son), who have
glad you thank you
comment 下Sare

old housewife 40

(thank you people even know where Irasshaimashitara to consult)

Birthday celebration

My husband was engaged in the flower shop two years ago, became closely connected with the hostess's snacks,
I went out the house was angry note. And son talk about it, but because I work hard,
left the country came back to work for company in Nagoya. Was grateful to see her son get used to working assiduously hard bitches saying.
my son to a birthday, on June 22 took me two days to travel to Osaka 23 per night.
was raining that day, Oosakazyou, USJ, entered the hotel to visit Japan early revaluation.
after eating, tired from a mother son went out to meet a friend to tell me because I asked a massage.
men in their 20s came in shortly. When lying face down on the bed as them to say, the men began to gently massage your back,
or push the yen as a butt scratch, felt something strange and now you 撫Ze. When asked why you doing this,
is said to be at that time to refresh body and mind massage not heard anything to the son did not know the meaning. sometimes into the hands
Pantei, to dream away feeling good, even shyness gone, as it is to be. By the time that his back was stripped naked, rubbed the milk is, is played with a dick,
Yoguchoninarimashita Yamaguchi. 69 was the first time in licking each other. The upper end is inserted in the positive, and was clinging to every move the man back,
I have a faint long and too intense. I slept next to her son found himself. Bath shy to jump into the pool.
step son has been inserted from behind in the bathroom, and then was up to intersect the morning in bed. 45-year-old was a memorable birthday celebration as a commemoration of his life.
Then, life became virtually married son and husband were divorced.

Son and daughter

I look for 13-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son. 1K
first married four years ago because the move was living in a small apartment sleeps four people were laid to overlap the family bed. My husband was a daily routine
fall asleep every night to hold me from the heart about people who are red-blooded son.
did not change their lives from birth to a daughter. I still love my husband was and was not usually life for me.
同Jimasen anything even watching the kids next door. What are you doing? Be asked: Why are you a good friend to answer].
I caught my husband that my son is [also] be my stick and my husband is also getting reflected not only me. I think it was in third grade.
eyes for the first time trying to act hard to see our son. Pants off your husband is amused,
[showers also want to try? I]. My husband and I have to compare to the size, I was feeling put out your mouth for sure.
moving awkwardly around the waist [mom] mom'll remember a voice calling me great pleasure, and is then prompted to embrace her son every day.
daughter to be more natural, but we had been among the two since last year, when I was first inserted in the fourth grade.
from our family relationships that I told my son, my husband was occupied by his daughter, the couple love each other we are fast asleep after coming back from the children's room children from each other. I love each
have no fellowship with each other thing is I think four people, I first have sex with my husband too. Recently
seems to intersect our sons and daughters more than a couple. I have seen things that once had 69 to take over her son. I noticed that my daughter
to make a voice so amazing .... I said that if the family love incest family think we are still good.
交Warimashita looking at a couple of kids on the side for the first time today.絡Meta kiss tongue to suck hard on my clit Iyarashiku sounded gentle foreplay than usual.
I asked my husband to hold the foot into and entwined. 69 request to my husband to forgive me easily. [At last I inserted
Ahhh ~! ] I was surprised enough to raise their voices and children's. Cum finish last.
35 years my husband, I am 34 years old, children who are working hard to make one later.