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Incest confession of women(2011-11)

Attrition I do not come only other Takashi and Ayaka!

Woman I an excuse to Ayaka An'nafumi chan who lovingly to that sister like my Takashi you know Takashi habit you do not know that the hate Takashi in sloppy guy Inamura Fumi you decided to write one more time the criminal original boyfriend'm apparently was killed I have children of junior high school girls and I were watching the news and Ne erased Takashi muka Tsukuno Daidainefumi chan was Ursua stone mean nano-chan best to yo lyrics do so only likes But my mom and Takashi was etched in a dream yesterday and I want to etch and Takashi huh mom Ayaka who is my ... I might cry ... Takashi Once killed me if I'm scared by Tsu I killed her Write a of

Son Cock

yuna himekawa[44343]

I am a housewife of 48 years old.
55-year-old husband, son is 25 years old.
It is the events of late last year. It came back son take the grandchildren.
I got up to the toilet everyone from Neshizuma~tsu in the evening of the day.
Then son husband and wife was the middle of sex and listening ear to rely on bran drawing-room moaning because was.
I would be excluded from clearance bran involuntarily turn ○ Nko is itching because there was no such action for years too.
The want anymore, drool is ... to want daughter-in-law because that was licking in the face quite tasty licking noisily tail ○ Nko of daughter-in-law son daughter-in-law is gripper cock of son
But it is the huge enormously compared o ○ port of the son and husband of.
The saw has become the respectable increase so much smaller still a kid it was the first time.
Daughter-in-law is enviable.
I have been waking up in the face as if nothing has happened in the morning of the next day.
After breakfast also son had sunk to the futon to go out with three people to say daughter-in-law and husband, grandson to go to a nearby park that day.
When I Tsu sow the futon, bulge of cock became big son is now in the eyes because there is no sign to get up to go to the room to wake his son have cleaned washing me.
Son went through cock that Ikirita~tsu me down at once the pants of trunks and pajamas to provocation do you noticed it.
When you try to leave the room to turn away involuntarily, and has said that his son was looking through me last night.
And shook his head because've been saying \"wonder want collet!\" By pressing the cock hug and I tell honestly that I was watching it reluctantly.
Then part embarrassed by lowering all at once now reveal is multiplied by hand in panties Turn the hand in my ass son.
There 's no way intends to force the enemy of man even struggled to get away.
I was holding the cock of my son even without knowing it will change the voice force pant missing feeling lips son is devoted to turn ○ Nko me unawares.
But it felt to the touch it really big! !
Length was feeling that there is more than 4 cm thickness of 20 centimeters.
Cali is big any more! !
It was against the turn ○ Nko cock involuntarily want to put early.
... Waving waist itself by screaming in comfortably too moment you enter

Family most of the Tanaka Takashi

I wonder if good is an accident in the state as it this I though I such I like best is to not want to break up with Takashi ... I? Would be superfluous though it is like that of Takashi \"stupid\"!? Dad and my disease Takashi might be able to help I to s ...

Favorite anime my

Pretty picture is also writing the favorite anime to anime I love most'm Rider Fourze and One Piece, and Detective Conan and bustle of God fan Bray is doing after NHK Educational love picture I Are you addicted to I look perfectly like comedy is Precure because I recreated still Ayaka Say hello in the future everyone Tanaka Ungirls is dating love

Together all the time and brother of Takashi Tanaka

Takashi's there are tease woman me to help me Takashi of the woman of sucks Is because there are woman nasty in the bulletin board of the expedition confess a secret I write once again because poppy Ayaka while ago though like me Ayaka I'm supposed to me

Young mom

The junior escapes, I am a 2 sons and now a child is born it would be doing the junior younger one in at the age of 15 I
will have a son become a 14-year-old to me it is 29 years old now But we let them done I think my son that we have been asked my son and me to do, one day you are living also it around to and so on, it can now do every day to remember the sensation as do once even escalated gradually \"Awww ... N~tsu ...\" \"Mom, I have vaginal saying?\" it went, \"said, ... I'm a good mother ... Tsu also likely to go anymore!?\" \"Kasan~tsu ...! son Aan~tsu ah ah \"\" \"is like this every day I wonder why it motivated me to get married

^ ^ Is Yukino sister of a lovey-dovey and Takashi

I keep to talk to when you have etch dreams and Takashi today is friends with all the time and I Ayaka you think I was me thinking is Ayaka want to talk here and Ayaka is Takashi brother sister


My husband died after five years ago, became a 66-year-old had almost forgotten the sexual activity. Single son of 40-year-old love to restructuring a year ago, it was every day to go home in the afternoon I went to the unemployment office in the morning. One day, my son came home drunk drink in the tavern with friends. It took to get one's arms around to the room in the dizzy son. The moment you get back, my son was pushed down is to grab the milk by hugging from behind me.
It was Rampage in desperate Hanaso the behavior of sudden son overlies cover me, resistance island desperately hand twisted \"Dame, what are you doing, over quit\" only into the pants rolled up the skirt were. It is a man even though drunk.
I was missing the power as soon as the stripped pants, embarrassing place is exposed. Close your eyes when my son came into my, it was accepted while but is. It was Ichinen of hope over soon, but I love juice that came out bleeding in hip movement of son. It had felt pleasure unawares. \"Momma I'm sorry\", I would be issued to involuntarily \"I felt good.\" That's the beginning.

I love my brother

It was gone in the bath with your brother on two.
And I try to enter together in your Nichantama. I cherished
me to became larger Tara elder
I was also surprised to become likely to be done as it is kiss, but I was accepted.

I've done with my son

One son is a home visit in Onani, if you have been in the daytime day that had been treated with masturbation insufficient thing at all in the 36-year-old even is the month about one and my husband probably because 36-year-old marriage was faster I and have gone to the last minute without noticing at all crazy Then I can have surprised son there as I came home early in the season! Pants of the uniforms of baby-faced son had raised even during one. I had Tsu cost feverishly put your hand into the pants hugged his son head becomes white. I was no longer put up with out becomes hard immediately ended up putting over there of mess that Onani, you were until now also Then, it ended up licking instinctively that wow the amount of sperm son went quickly

My brother's return request

Whenever I ask my older brother, who has become a member of society, for help, he is always asked to return. The return that my brother demands is sex with me. After incest, it feels like prostitution. But I can't refuse. I want money and I like my big brother a little. I only incest with my big brother every month, so I go to see my big brother when my period comes and take after pills the next morning. I think it puts a strain on my body to make my period irritated, but I can't stand being sick until my period comes. My brother, of course, said, "Let's put on a condom." But I'm taking after-pills anyway, so it feels better to be raw. The ability to be directly connected. It wasn't until I became a junior college student that I started incest. Ever since I was in high school, I was wondering if my brother's eyes were looking at me, or if he was looking at a woman. Of course, I was careful not to expose my skin after taking a bath, but I can't help but wear pajamas. I'm at home and I can't be so nervous all the time. I sometimes lost my panties and bras, but I was wondering if I could make a noise. You can't justify it because of your big brother. After I had a boyfriend, my brother started to ignore me. Even if I talk to him, he will not be ignored.It's easy to understand that if you break up with your boyfriend, you'll start talking normally again ... Of course, I didn't feel like incest. I want to get married and I want children. But, really in trouble for money, if you consult your big brother, "Let me do it in exchange for the money." It is said I .... My big brother was a virgin. I love me so much that I draw a lot of virginity. I had sex with the promise that I would never tell anyone about incest. For some reason, I was really in trouble with money. If I like me so much, I wondered if I should do it once. But once you do it, it's the same no matter how many times you do it, and you're sly and incest. Don't hesitate because you're a big brother, you can do this. I think I'm feeling better, but lately I'm getting better than playing with other guys. I also enjoy this incest. Well, I can't continue forever ... My big brother is neat and likes to touch my body. Stroking the whole body, touching it, and when you're satisfied, lick it this time. Before I caress my boobs, nipples, and pussy, I pat and lick everything else. If I don't tell you, I won't caress the important part, so I'll hold back to the limit of my patience and my pussy will be messed up. I couldn't stand itWhen you say, "Take care of yourself!", You can slowly touch the pussy and suck the nipple as if you spread the slimy love juice. The tongue that clings to my nipples feels a little uncomfortable, but it feels good and my body squeezes. My fingers are also tracing the cracks, and the fingers are inserted in the back little by little, and it makes me want to get angry quickly, but it's a cautious movement that makes me uncomfortable. Occasionally, even more violent and intense sex is fine, but my brother always has sex so as not to hurt my body. I can't even put a kiss mark. Apart from that, I don't remember being disgusted. Finally, my finger is embedded in the pussy, and the back of the pussy is rubbed many times with just my fingertips, and when the whole body becomes sensitive, the clitoris and nipples are tampered with and it gets lightly squeezed. In addition, the love juice is spilling and the pussy is aching so much that I can't wait anymore, but my older brother is chilling and deep kissing. While irritated, entangle your tongue with your brother's tongue and squeeze your fingers with a pussy. Even my big brother has already had an erection, so I should be dying to insert it early. "Please insert it already." Whenever I grabbed my brother's erection dick, he always asked, "Do you want to put on a condom?" "I don't need a condom, so insert it quickly! Give me a dick ..." and he will insert the dick all the way to the back of the pussy at once.My big brother's dick, which is just right for my pussy in thickness and length, feels very good even if I move it a little, and I always gasp in a flashy manner. My big brother kisses me to block my gasping voice, but when I'm kissing, it's hard to move, and I sometimes hold my mouth with my hand. The rape tiny part excites me strangely, and I get acme many times with my big brother's dick. Nowadays, I don't have to worry about it, so I want to have sex with my big brother. I don't want to break the tatemae that I'm being incestuous, so I'm just trying to do it, but maybe my older brother is also getting caught.

SEX matter of liking

I will write your letter Nice to meet you. I am a girl of 19 years old. And from Yu
to your friends, can have a Omase child, your out of the child,
I'm nice to go with their child ..... there was a book H, Noshi there was very interested, house rather to have at it I saw. I got excited.  
Of course, I love masturbation. I have been doing since I was a small 4. But I, it is still a virgin. So, I am daily masturbation.  
I will position twice a day roughly. I got up in the morning, and once before exiting the futon, it is once in bed before you sleep at night. Sometimes, even in the bath, I will.  
In the morning, I just do the easy, while fir the chest, and then Kuchukuchu over there. I want to center the clitoris. In the evening, I become more hard.
While fir the chest with his left hand, of course, the right hand is blaming Toka clitoris, but put your finger in the hole, and then Kuchukuchu.  
Started, I was the only middle finger, but I will also have the index finger gradually. Three is the best ever, but I want to try more! !  
Actually, I thing it is, I got the vibe electric. So from time to time, you may also be work hard at Vibe. Initially, just the clitoris, but it is put into the hole you become wet gradually.
And, while I was in and out or put, Become a feel mind-boggling, we go. But I, since I heard it and are using just vibe so much, and I made ​​it can not go it alone finger, but we only use occasionally.
When not in use, even in far-friend, and I will lend. This friend is also continuous masturbation Daiyoshimi Ki-kko. But I, my friends this is so not a virgin.
This child also'm masturbating since I was a small 4, but from getting to six years, it seems to have SEX to using the one-year-old brother of the younger of his own.
In a sitting cis of masturbation, you Te so it was not painful at all even when for the first time. Then friends, seems to do much once a week.
Stand over there, but semen is not out yet take time, brother, I heard that doing not use condoms Toka.
But I, very Once Ya~tsu known in children if! Sometime now, I have promised to get SEX and the child to me. I also have been that a H a lot.
Also, I think you want to write H report.


First experience of I was this time five years ago just ,,. It was with the brothers ○ 2 grade and I was still ,, ○ grade, was ○ 3 grade SEX [forbidden]. . . It was when the parents are going to travel for a week.  It enters the room of ,, brothers of going to wake brothers that do not come at all happened and even if
(brother lol. Yankee is of Charachara system)
in the evening. . .
It was the place you are hard Ona~tsu to see a radical ,, AV whopping. And I had come up separately by princess Dacko me brother ,, ○ 3 came out and leave the room I am in a hurry. . .
 And I've been D kiss suddenly brother of ,, ○ 2 is riding on top of me. I was kept in the strong brother of 3 When violent ,, in amazement. And I began to fir the chest to come put your hand in the clothes.
 I ended up aloud involuntarily by comfortably. Then ... is also taken off under \"You also ~Tsu ~Tsu!'m Gonna check ware, things I'm enthusiastic about what\" What to brothers. I was put a finger in her pussy.
 And, brother of ,, ○ 2 is I've been inserted into the pussy of my things of their own to come wet considerably. I was screaming all the way very painful. And was Mashi breath ,, I have put in me also brother and go.
 ... I had fainted as mono brother ○ 3 comes in is ,, now my consciousness has become likely to fly. Semen and a large amount of blood had come out from ,, pussy I wake up.
 If you are looking at the AV is also brothers. . . I ended up crying at large chagrin of the first experience with the brothers and the pain of her pussy. Then, it was me dressed and wipe the body of ,,, my brothers are impatient.
 And brother of high-2 \"was watching from AV Ttsu ~ Tell me how Gayari (brother of ○ 3) ,, guy Na sorry. ... And then you, comes in a good timing\" and \"momentum I was told I \"was Yatchi~tsu.
I am living normally and brothers from there.
 I have been doing boy and various ,, now. . . Vv Nante Na~a ... first experience was nice to quickly

Brother likes H

I am the story of when I was a small 6. There is a brother to me. My brother was a fourth grader at the time.
Brother had or peek at where you are dressed to flip through the skirt of the girl at school well. It was quite famous and transformation at school.
I had in mind as \"! Not do that weird\" always for shame. That brother of a certain day came massaged my chest.
I was called to \"stop!\" But does not stop. I would say \"Huh ... huh ... Ann Ann //\" and becoming comfortably gradually and continue to be massaged.
Brother was gone finally or put your fingers into the pussy and say, \"I'll feel good more\".
It was amazing technique as I do not think elementary school students. I have every day Horny brother it is the opportunity.

I went to the last

When I was a child, I grew up in a motherless family. I died of illness at the time of the 2 small, father, brother, mother was three my family. Because I was afraid to sleep alone at night, I had asked them to lying to my father always.
It is time of 4 small, but the eyes were awake and aware under the navel is to Mozomozo If I sleep at night. Opening the thinner, my father down to my underwear, I had Uzume face between both feet. Did Mozomozo It was beard of my father. My father, I had to kiss my pussy.
If you continue to pretend that you went to bed scared, now, we have been pushing at the entrance of the things my father became firmly. In the bulge ashamed of me, towards the whiff earlier, was hit just a little bit, but it did not come in until during. My father, seemed to put the semen in a balled-up tissue and brandished in their own hands last.
Even then, my father has dabbled in my body every night. I had to pretend that I slept as usual, but now can be seen on their own body and my becoming an adult gradually it comes to small 6, it becomes comfortably and being touched, over there is coming slimy .
My father tried to put a few times, but when you toss a disadvantage in the verge and scared, my father told me to give up. But, at the time of in 2, I decided to mind, and I'll put my father you come now.
It was a hot summer night. The wearing underwear that is of pale pink, a little sense of sheer, I slept it out figure of short nightie. The hands of my father down my underwear, we are stroking towards the back by pushing aside the hair as usual, Then, father becomes lower body naked, we unplug completely from the ankle my underwear.
I was pounding. The overlays cover me supine, father, was looking for the entrance. And, we have been pressed against the array in the place where it became slimy.
I had to sit still without struck rolled over. Pain was a little on the Innovation district Omata is ran. And, I feel like those pushed is now.
I was thinking aloud as \"augh\". Embracing me firmly, father has kissed many times.
Maybe, after rubbing about three minutes, my father flew the lukewarm liquid on top of my stomach. Liquid from the navel, to neck, slimy was scattering.
\"Dad,\" \"...\"
My father in silence, it was me wipe those attached to my body. As naked as nature intended, I
\"dad\", \"...\"
was sleeping as it is to make the body hugging father.
By eliminating a mom, I was going'll comfort the father lonely, but have gone to the end at last. But now can lead to a result of this is unexpected.

Mother perpetrated

Family is the only three sons and husband, but was committed to his son two years ago. You say it from also five times more has been done in the year. But her husband died in a car accident, I was 40 years old. I say my son has become a woman of my about me. You say it is also not a child that I gave birth to my son. It is the child of the brother of her husband. I do not have children I. It is he who knows such a thing. He got at the time of the 5-year-old. I was committed to the him. He will also be 26 years old. I will also be 46 years old. Year has been away 20 but I looks young or because there are no children. Son is unemployed, but they simply do not also work if you are playing in the pachinko every day. I have eaten at the money I have worked in the sex shop. About two people only take the guests on the 1st also earn it 's from becoming 40 years old. It is only people of old age to the customer will be too big even pussy these days. And it is said towards me is tiring interference is not quite without floor and loose pussy of aunt's to the customer. Even I'm tired. It is done to my son now and go home. And because I do with the two men on the 1st still tired. I just sigh and think or go eat at sex forever.

Incest my

I am a housewife of 50 years old, but her husband is playing with abandon and go to golf and go fishing these days in retirement. I mystery does not do to the other these days. I want embraced her husband still is not me and be bothered. So I was a pussy son opponent. Son in virgin still at 25 years old, is what I broke. There is now likely Harisake I encased in a large crack Timbo. Feeling better than I do with her husband. Then I did it every day. My house is Apato is not only a few between two rooms. So parent and child has been sleeping in a figure of the river in one room. You excited extra to think my husband and have seen it. Son for us to lick her pussy. I looks younger than age because I have skinny from when young. I went on a trip with three parent-child Kinugawaonsen day before. I have to do and pussy son there. I do not know I even aloud husband because sleeping. It was like passing waist. My husband is good if the drinking even sake. I was also drinking. Son does not drink. Many times I'll do instead pussy. I did it four-five times in the morning until that night. Husband drove way back. I and my son was doing the pussy is at the back seat, but it excited her husband have seen. What feelings might be having good so pussy.

Longing for

yuna himekawa[43908]
I am a high school girl in high school two years.
Sunday, I was Chai Etchishi and Takayuki cousin of the same age. I was going to play in Ojisanchi Tochigi in my family.
Takayuki and I house sitting four of my parents and uncle couple so be gone. I was damn thing to do at that time. Takayuki first came to touch my chest from the top of the clothes.
Nipple is became hard and have been tampered with a lot even from the top of the clothes. Then, Takayuki was messing further with pinching nipples stiff me.
Next is removed only chest of a button blouse, we have put your hand directly from there. Is touch the boobs live, was made ​​taking off clothes gradually by or pinched or is Tsuntsun nipples.
Only the upper body is naked, my body is bare tits I have become as missing power. Hand has been growing in the skirt Now With clings to the body of Takayuki.
Was stroked Innovation Su~u pussy from the top of the pants. Pussy I was drenched because it was tampered with various places part of the crack, and ... part of the base of the foot.
I have to know clearly also crack pussy pants because gets wet. It was longed for shame anymore. But be comfortably pounding amazing.
From being tampered with the pussy from the top of the pants about 10 minutes, Takayuki has put a hand from the portion of the base of the leg of the pants.
We have to play around with raw pussy my open Pakkuri crevices in wet Bichobicho. And tracing the line of crack, and pinching the clitoris, was tampered with a lot of pussy anyway.
I also Takayuki also it had become naked when notice. Penis of Takayuki also hard, I had riverside bristles. I was messing around with a lot of the cock Takayuki.
Both of them had became a clear soup you covered. It is pushed down to the bed of Takayuki, I was touching the body of each other while longer. And licked it been tampered seen a pussy, I
was likely to say immediately. And insertion ... finally. Moment the penis of Takayuki came to my pussy, I lost the reason both of the other people.
We did not expect it is! Become such a relationship with Takayuki that played well since I was a child, and can not say to anyone who is! Nestled in the Takayuki.
But gonna burn this also is secret of only two people. My lover is Takayuki a while because we do not have another lover. Distance of the two people I'm a little far my house so Yokohama, but
I was the promise of dating again on Saturday of next week. I wonder how he ended up like that of Takayuki? Just think of Takayuki, pussy Karaotsuyu is I would come out.
The wet pussy even now. Cracks that are normally closed also has it open.

... May have been aware of her husband

I do not know how to become incest Is this, but it has to do with the brother-in-law. I am a 32-year-old, I am a part. I got married four years ago with her ​​husband of 38 years. Two years ago, (children of second wife of the father of the husband) brother of her husband to go to college, and has been moved to a nearby apartment building immediately. I was saying because it is half-brother away of the year with her ​​husband, in the eyes of the father instead rather than a brother, husband and go take care of brother-in-law. If you would not even a decent meal at a man living alone, well, brother-in-law had come to eat dinner at home. when the University has entered the summer vacation, my husband is now two weeks away on a business trip. Brother-in-law Did you refrain indeed, I no longer come out, but I am worried, and I called to come to eat dinner. And that evening, we will have a physical relationship. Partly because that was the thing I like the temptation with the intention teasing a little, does not mean there is a responsibility only to the brother-in-law. Moreover, until the husband comes home, almost every day for 10 days. Since then, her husband has sex on a regular basis at home or absent, in the apartment of the brother-in-law. Then I noticed recently, apparently, husband, I like to know that the brother-in-law and I are related. But, it does not say anything. Rather, they acted to feel like allowed to continue the relationship as it is. Once a week with her ​​husband, two or three times a week and brother-in-law. It is a sex life that was fulfilled, but it is anxiety what to go now after this.

In short and small

My husband is the local officials of the 42-year-old housewife of 40-year-old me. You exhausted unilaterally get off the hips violently inserted as soon as massaging the breast gently and erection a blowjob about 10 minutes to enter the between the legs husband sitting on the bed, workings of the night after that time in three or four times a month son to approach me and are drinking your water in the kitchen can be dressed pajamas wipe the penis shrunken would be sleeping without any apology ... son of 2 Tarashiku saw the act \"that the mother me!\" me \" I was puzzled whether everything tears came out flow from the eyes of the son \"What did-uh-oh When I hear is that of the embarrassment peels have suffered small penis is a difference between all of my classmates, for the time being to hear the story small penis looked Lowering the pants off your pants and listen to the show, but it's dick rather than a penis, glans of pink appeared to hear it as \"the pill peel\", I have black ones husband It's a big potash neck but dick pink cute, it came I erection hard and have Dari does plucked gently glans heard it's \"good to touch\", but it is smaller, \"Onani - The reason for the\" no you What the \"Ona~tsu that and I think that it might be the penis from the penis is a little Once you can do reply with \"do not know you, masturbation is laid to bet son go to the room with the\" we go to your room \"mom because teach are you this way\" \" When I wiped with a tissue while saying semen jumped out vigorously flew to the face of his son and rub up and down several times a dick, and it \"was found! it probably feels good,\" \"It felt good Yeah,\" \"Yarisugi also'm useless,\" said love juice dick I've been wet as there is a risk that was out of the room and says \"try was my turn,\" erect immediately only young, insert lose the reason When you any more, and take off your panties go to the toilet at it was wet.


19-year-old me, my brother is 14 years old. I noticed for light to leaking from the room of his brother when you go to the toilet I woke up suddenly at night, go home.
Pant voice \"Anne, Anne ...\" and to shed the ear to the door .... When I opened slowly without making a sound, this is it I think, had Ona~tsu erotic videos brother flows from your PC.
Actually, since the place where it was wondering ... and I wonder what I moment of ejaculation, as it is observed. Then the younger brother I have noticed. I was no longer closed later,
tell mom unless this is done until this issue remains? If you threaten, and began ironing things that withered little. But standing up bad.
Take off the sweat, wearing only panties and a T-shirt, I was exasperated, was directed to brother ass on all fours. Kana excited? I thought the. As expected, younger brother full erection.
I is the M-leg (laughs) finally you squeeze squeezing, was Mashi alive where you are allowed to bite the panty streaks. After leaving the Pyu~tsu, add more mud ~.
An attempt was made ​​to withdraw nice and quick where it was found and - whether out like this, but is Nedara want to be alive once again to his brother. Was to continue with, or say Well, but there is no medium or 's stomach.
If you are showing it off your T-shirt, Dari massaged the breasts, as has been masturbation or tracing streaks from the top of the underwear, I ejaculate the second brother. The amount is less, but
my thighs away about 1m up came flying. Withdrawal and suffer what was wearing casting skeptical gazes at his brother that stunned. I got excited in earnest masturbation as it is in his room.
Neta brother. Stimulates dick, you fogging climb up feelings. Try licking the spoon with a finger semen that is attached to the thigh and ... bitter. But that issued from his brother undoubtedly, led to the climax me.
It is Segama since, to come to my room at night in about a week, and me to become Onaneta. We were doing a good or ... Well, but the request is increased gradually,
it became to masturbation naked M-leg at last. Brother fodder me. I fodder brother. In M temperament originally, shame also added further, I will gasping involuntarily.
~Tsu Impossible anymore! Brother pounce on me and cry, I quickly inserted directly. Switch enters completely even want to resistance, you can only panting. Siblings. Incest.
Contraindicated. Onaneta is in reality. Brother of the virgin. I devour my chest. Sloppy insertion. Sense of being fucked. They have gone to me in about three piston coupled.
Over there tighten the mono brother Innovation Gi~yu ~, ejaculation as it is. I think the time it is issued during the long, about 30 seconds had been pulsed. Since then, the relationship of brother and I am followed by six months.
It is thought to be or try to use the pill does not stop cum many times to say.

Incest discourse of my

I am now a high one. Are you attending the same school with your brother (2 years ☆ now). In summer when the in 2, and was the elder brother after all my first time. With like me looking at me all the way,
and ended up being attacked and I \"can not take it anymore.\" Summer clothes are lightly dressed Toka wonder if was the cause. . So
your brother is pretty cool ♪ You write that the school first etch that occurred in three semesters, from friends, and I went home to play everyone today? It's a Barebare I elder brother 's purpose. I at,
did you came across with your brother if you are headed to the bathroom and out in the middle class rather not feel like to receive tuition somehow this day! So is pulled hand suddenly, it is Tsurekoma social studies reference room anyone that seems to lightning indeed,
I wish I could hear the \"What happened to your brother ??\" Well, if you can become sick is if you believe that everyone \"during class · It was devoted to cock of my favorite older brother of my hands suddenly it is said I \".
They become really Okkiku ~O~o also, I And then, if you've head down so ashamed to be happy something, it raised chin, it's been kissed terribly deep.
It just kiss even sooo well, the pants gets wet geez. Once Yu~tsu like \"... A~tsu ... An'n ...! Elder brother ...!\" I have not endure,
\"'ll hear everyone, ... voice etch everyone\" Wait, is the word I've wet my shorts further. So, have sagging thighs anymore when your brother have been put hands on pants,
\"will'm excited extra everyone, this is because the school? ... Wet so\" Wait, so the uniforms of the \"elder brother It's comfort of the I! \"'s wrong with excitement to school.
Rather be standing Geez, it's got to lick open both knees stand on his back when from it, and me licking also odious love juice Its my drooping, and arrived to pussy. 'Cause I, tongue of your brother've got coming up in?
Rather endure Geez, it was chucking said many times. .
If you think again and again to me Yu~tsu me \"cute everyone ...\", and was told in my ear I \"I love\", penis that sooo big brother suddenly, it became Okkiku is coming in , but, because I Nurburgring was wet only that,
it's was not hurt at all. Geez, do not put up with patience really the voice, but, that when the cunt and my cock of my favorite big brother my lead, I feel that the sound had been heard Te Panpan~tsu~tsu Toka Nuchunuchu~tsu to. . .
Classes then had also led all the way in one hour. 'Cause it will not come out! Mon'm Chau go there many times have sooo well. Cock of the elder brother also become Okkiku sooo in me.
Are you feels very geez. But it is sad because the elder brother graduated with next year. . . I So, did you decide! Until graduation, and to etch with your brother at school full full!
The'm also at Toko other course. In addition, you - and while writing After etch was excited! So (n_n) **

By feelings

Sorry for the old story. It posted the plunge remembered the old days you are reading this site. The farming season of spring and autumn, every year, I had been to help two people in the country of the husband after marriage. That year, her husband becomes a Sunday attendance in the work of the company, I went by myself. They can help two days, it is the night before to go. I drink to your relationship to your father-in-law of bibulous but I ended up sleeping drunk immediately.
If you notice something ponderously, lower body I was taken off, we're Tsu overlies father-in-law covers me. What I woke up do not know somehow, I had received embrace with both hands from under the father-in-law. Father-in-law was ejaculation immediately. Father-in-law was to apologize, but I was wiped with pants that were next to the semen that flows silently without the use of reply.
My grandmother has passed away five years ago, father-in-law of one personal injury apologize many times becomes poor, that night, it was raised by lying.

H and brother

There is a three-year-old brother on me.
While watching video horny by one person, when I was Onani, voice seemed to
hear, we have seen in the brother, it is said Mari ... your brother is, and I help, suddenly, I have been cunnilingus day when there are no parents were.
And gone screaming to be \"sucking your brother more strongly\", it was put in the pussy vibe.
Vibe, now Bichabicha really for the first time. I was put repeatedly in the pussy and mouth.
Then, parents and sleep, every night, to come to my room, we have sex.
Every day, your brother enjoys to put various things in pussy.

Son of the Father

It is the grace you have 17-year-old housewife. There is a daughter to become one year old to me. Father of this child is the daddy of implementation.
I I had been living in two people and dad mother died in the spring of 3 but had licked the pussy you notice is taken off gently pajamas I'm sleeping in the summer.
We have put forcibly Although I saying yea. It was a virgin of course. Moreover, a medium soup! Pregnancy finally being held every day from it.
It was said that I want you to birth dad because I love as a woman if you say that I want to give birth to Papa. Cho happiness. I am pregnant with second person now.
Are you asked to put up with He~era until draft regularly recently, and very delicious sperm daddy.
It was put up for a while sex!

It's embarrassing

Summer of this year, it is attacked by a son, we expand the crotch while but is. Although I thought my husband passed away, fellowship with men and those without. That day, Let me come back to buy sushi son was profitable in pachinko, and toast with beer, drank two people. Suddenly, his son was drunk has been pushing to come with hug me. . It was Rampage in desperate Hanaso in amazement the behavior of sudden, my son has been put your hand into the pants rolled up the skirt becomes the horsemen. It was useless, \"what are you doing stupid, parents and children,\" even if the resistance.
Hip movement rhythmic, we accepted deep pleasure after a long time, the semen son unawares is inserted. 8 years, joy of the woman that I had awakened. And apologize and I'm sorry to let my husband in the mind, the body I had been accepted by shaking your hips.

H brother

it's embarrassing that was reading in secret, but then Dari think that it was with his brother carelessly while reading, I was also or worse Nde pleasure alone.
You do not know why, but
I feel like that ... say so've been here, people in such circumstances the same as we will stay, and was encouraged, please let me also written about us. Listen brother and sister that led the blood, whether've been committed to love what wind.
Spring of next year, I am likely to be able to marry him and swollen. In people who met at Circle of church music with him, feeling is either very gently Daira.
Though it is younger, you caught me all about me. I think both brother and able to get along kit. ‥ But only one, with the exception that the precious baby.
Is something that can not be completely even if the confession to him really, but I, the brother and sister were Deki are linked by ties stiff and strong, life in the belly of me, I'm a fruit of secret.
About 4 hours of work, my brother gave me love me yesterday. Long time, it continues to lick me, brother me sipping joy juice that had come out a lot much,
I also continue sucking brother's, tasted the semen of full brother. The reservoir in your mouth each of Sorekara, was exhausted taste together by mixing the juice in deep kiss.
I really tasty, juice of us. Because we care a child of the stomach, and could not move much, but in the end, hard penis hot Te brother gave us meet the full warm Naka me.
I think maybe, and either went began that I provoke my brother first.
It is two people who had been said to be brother and sister did well Naka from tiny when much. Bathing also it together and
also \"Medical Play\", among the closet or, among the secret of the only brother and sister of the \"base\", we who were or have been together up to pee Tomosuruto is, of each other of course it had a sure thing.
You can put various things, or try to peeled penis, it was mutually confirmed by two people all the things for the first time. Physiology from getting to come,
scolding was also or said little from the mother, but we had continued secretly firmly. When the blood of menses flows for the first time,
was when I was taking a bath together stealing the eyes of the mother go shopping. You remember his brother was worried about, from me timidly licked it.
I think a few days later, my brother was a familiar with Conceptual is, and that was her night as usual at the me under the bunk beds had been \"night crawling Gokko\" Shiniki.
But I, unlike my brother, it was my best to Hananonioi of its intense chestnut, and lick a little first. We,
‥ We were done nothing all day and night to rehearse and to be able to have sex for the first time I'm sure one day from that time.
Hey, I'd like got too long. Please allowed to write in the next post two of us is, also, that is when it is discarded together virginity and virginity brother and sister.

Why do such a thing

Been tampered the body in the middle of the night, and tried to get up with a start, but it was pressed against the futon grabbed the chest.
You have learned that it is the husband of daughter immediately.
My daughter has a Single working abroad in the career woman.
It probably had towards the brunt me treatment of sexual desire is unable maybe.
Pajamas sheer been taken off immediately, shorts were also stripped quickly.
When licked the pussy is so taken for a ride on the shoulders both feet, resist consciousness faded, unbearable pleasure is handed down.
Even while I think no good at heart, and I have gone to blunder as soon as ax of son-in-law has been inserted deeply.
I think the son-in-law, but is repeated deep against the left, in the end, was poured the hot semen and Dokudoku in me continues to be squid many times thereafter.
I was repeating the words while enjoying the sensation gets fucked in the power of a strong man of some years, and using my body to love anymore.
That night, I was issued in three times.
It has been inserted soiled floor semen next morning, it is inserted suddenly from behind is taken off the skirt in the kitchen, was cum is flowing through the thigh, also, is wiped on all fours it.
I was inserted been turned over the skirt at the entrance of attendance before.
I was ejaculated many times.
You plug in the hand to the crotch of my son-in-law immediately when you return home.
It has been ejaculation is inserted been naked, and are excited by the housework in the figure.
I would have been a woman foolish to expect it to be inserted.

Brother and 17-year-old ...

yuna himekawa[43763]
I will confess incest my experience. I am a heavy sweater, you may fall asleep T-shirt, with no bra and shorts in the summer night. And unable to sleep well at night and hot that night, I was falling asleep without spending even quilt. But awoke with Atsukurushiku suddenly heavy in the middle of the night. It was not possible to realize the situation head is not clear for a while, but I noticed Ken his brother to have to weigh my body. An attempt was made ​​to leave in a hurry, but the 17-year-old already to say brother and the lower two than I am. Facial features is the body of an adult already physique in children. I was not able to be pulled apart in my slender petite. But, what also did not feel fear. It was not and I think that it will be important parents come to be determined for help screaming, and only allowed to continue the act of brother silently. I filled the face to get devour Ken sow the T-shirt of my soon to Raise, direct, and see the breast to breast wet in sweat in no bra. I was surprised breath also clog much indeed at that time, but I'm seeing there is no way to Wagamama of spoiled brat. I think it was like that. I became likely leaked voice involuntarily waist would move involuntarily brother continues to caress. Was issued a genitals of his sword could not stand eventually Lower the pants. And bring the right hand to the groin as it is, we have to move again and again by masturbation. Bet was shaking and sorrel in the act. It will be the attitude of pressing the face to my crotch further with nature. That time my brother probably ejaculated. I've found the body of Ken It was cramps from my crotch. My hands had embraced his brother and nature. And has been pressing his dick open my feet soon. I thought that it was I wonder bad, but so was easy to put it up a little groin to open further bending the legs, cock of Ken came in at a stretch in the crotch of my. Pussy my at that time seemed not terribly wet, I have accepted the cock of his brother without much resistance. Body of his brother and my body has become one root to enter immediately. When in high school, it is my body that accepted the man himself of boyfriend, but I felt a little dull pain, but it was not painful as it sounds. Movement of Ken ended abruptly a few minutes away. Brother I ejaculated in me. I came to an end with it that night. It was chased away in his room by his brother busy and dont have found in the parent. I thought that it was a thing that was unusual first experience a lot When I become calm, but anger against his brother did not float again. Then continue the relationship on a daily basis, we are trying to be two years it soon. Overlaid the relationship 30 minutes secretly, and one hour in the middle of the night so as not to be found in the parent. There was also when it was almost found compromise, but it has continued to win without pleasure. I began to feel a deep ecstasy and pain discomfort disappears within my body also receive the caress of his brother. When that does not have a relationship with his brother more than a few days, it is about would imagine that when it was embraced him. But it does not go forever this unusual relationship also To not keep. Graduated from college, I plan to leave the town that grew up next year. Brother also'll also find a new lover in college at that time. Yourself that you think would like to continue a long relationship now while you expect at that time will stay.

Care of your father

Are you a long time. It had been the care of your father in his ask from him.
It had been prepared for rape, etc. Since his relationship, but it odious was finished nursing without one.
There is no way again and again because I was lost and the immediate family ... bow to me while Namidagumi, but to see such a sight of his beloved chest was tightened.
He returns to his home earlier, finished errands a lot after a few days has been coming home to me. I was met at the naked.
It is because that to be my stress anger libido is the crowned and to eliminate in my flesh. But he ended up entering into her room without even Mimuki me. There were his stand still to be entering the room chasing after. Shoulders trembling.
Standing in front of his words is not found, we hugged. He cries like a child what is broken thread of tension. Time or would have passed much.
I heard a faint \"only today ...,\" said Gray to cry. It was brought down on the bed \". Yes,\" but it is not but are attacked, it was just cry while hug.
I had in the mouth Remove the breast from the bra \". Please rest your slowly sucking my breasts. Would be tired.\" He suck like a baby for a change.
Voice seemed to be out comfortably, but it does not go to the translation panting, that he is Kanashin. Force to suck gradually caught my weakened When I endured. Was leaving with a lovely kiss like a child, he was asleep so do not wake.
It was wet and soaked thighs. It is like this Is it reactionary who did not mention me to him one more Ketsuki, only had been smoked. It was sensitive to caress after a long time without even while you masturbate with care. Sleeping next to him finished the housework.
The next morning, I woke up being rubbed the breast violently. Body fluids of many have been released into my mouth very screwed a dick in my mouth that opened his eyes, and suffering is shake the hips violently.
From leaking out of the mouth is the first time. Body fluids after a long time was a rich and very delicious when drink.
I think he still takes time so gave me with gratitude, but I will support with all my strength and all my heart.

H brother

When I hugged me nodded, my brother dropped a soft kiss like the first kiss. Without rushing, I kissed loosely, ate my lips loosely, slipped my tongue, and made me wriggle to taste my mouth. "... Hmm ... Hmm ..." My brain was about to swell so much that my voice leaked out, and I squeezed my brother's shirt. I could feel it when I kissed him after parting, but he didn't kiss for so long. No, I just forgot, maybe it was when I started dating ... but I never felt like this. "Sana, are you okay?" My brother looked a little worried at me, who was vacant without noticing that his lips had separated . "... It's okay ..." When I put my face, which was shy and looked away, with both hands, I looked at it. "I'm taking a shower. Sana, clean up here ... think twice in the meantime. I can still turn back now." My brother went to the bathroom without waiting for my answer. While cleaning up the table, I remembered what I was doing. My brother ... I didn't have any resistance to being kissed by Takeru. Rather, I was wondering what would happen if I went beyond that. When I finished washing while thinking about such things, I was hugged from behind when I came out. "Sana ... I'll stop ... no matter how much you want, I don't want to regret it," Takeru muttered, burying his face in my shoulder."Onii-chan ... Yeah, Takeru ... I ... I don't regret ... So ..." I didn't know how to convey my feelings. But I probably won't regret it. I thought so for some reason. "Is it really okay? ......... I'm going to my room." Staring at my eyes, Takeru said, as if he had decided, he pulled my hand and used it until he lived alone, and it's still there. I went to my room. It's warm enough that I probably had the air conditioner on when I changed my clothes. Rolling up the comforter on the bed urged me, and when I lay down with him, I hugged me from behind. "Every time I come, this room is properly cleaned. Even the futon on the bed can be used immediately." Even if I don't come often, I sometimes come back and stay, so I cleaned and ventilated once a week. Sometimes, the futon was also dried. I didn't even think that he would keep that in mind until I was told. "Because I sometimes come and stay without notice of Takeru." "That's right. When I became a high school student, I started to be aware of Sana as a" woman. " I thought it was strange many times. I realized that you could have a boyfriend ... When you saw a kiss mark on your nape in the summer of your first year of college ... I was jealous. To the guy who can hold you! When I said that, I felt Takeru's sigh on my nape. I gently pulled my lips and felt a slight pain."You can't raise your hair in public for a while." "Oh! Already, in that place ..." When I turned my face toward Takeru, my lips were blocked. Unlike before, slide your tongue from the beginning and stroke around your mouth. Takeru's hands move around on the rough dress of the loungewear. Stroking the shoulders, hips and hips to wrap around the bulge of the chest. "Sana, are you wearing a bra? Do you always do it when you go to bed?" "... Eh? ... Hey, because I didn't go to bed right away ... Hmm ... " I was caught by Takeru's fingertips from above the bra , I can't help but make a voice. "... Hey, Sana has a big chest? How big is it?" The palms rubbed the chest , many kisses on the neck, and occasionally licked with the tongue. "... Eh ... um ... um ... F cup ... um ... hey ... um ..." I heard a voice as my tongue crawls around my ears. Before I knew it, the front-opening dress was unbuttoned, and Takeru buried his face in his chest while wearing a bra. "It's big, but it's a tight breast." The sighs tickle my skin and sigh. The hook was unhooked on the back and the bra was pulled out from the arm. "... I'm here ... It's more beautiful than I imagined." Directly wrapped in Takeru's palm, his fingertips flipped the top. "Ah ... huh ..." The body bounces. "I feel it properly ... I feel more ..." The kissed lips bite his ears lightly, licking his neck many times, licking his shoulders and biting sweetly, and finally reaching the bulge of his chest. Avoiding sensitive peaks, he is gradually tampered with as if following a bulge.Even with that alone, the moment my tongue suddenly grabbed the top that was standing still, my body bounced further. "Sana ..." The nipple was finally caught by Takeru's lips as a signal that it bounced. The tongue relentlessly wriggles in Takeru's mouth, which is eaten many times with his lips, licked around, flipped with the tip of his tongue, and sucked . On the other side, the palm pushes up and the fingertips continue to finger the nipple. "Ah ... hey ... um, um ... takeru ... um, hey ..." I was already about to climb up just by caressing my relentless breasts . "Sana, it's so wet ... I can take off my underwear." Before I knew it, one hand slipped between my legs. As Takeru put it, the underwear is already heavy. Takeru, who took off my underwear, hadn't taken off anything yet. "... Take off ... Take off," he said, raising his body and putting his hand on Takeru's sweatshirt. "I'll take it off myself, so take a break." Ton and I pushed him back to bed and took off everything himself. After that, I put one foot between my feet and covered it a lot and licked my body again. One hand has already begun to groping where the honey is flowing out. "Ah ... hey ... uh, Takeru ... Already ... Ah, uh, Takeru ..." Takeru's finger goes deep into the crevice and strokes it so that he can breathe . "Ah, hmm, ah", my inside tightens tightly at a certain place. "I feel it here ... Then" I groped my finger as it was, and when I brought my face closer, the most sensitive bud was exposed on the tip of my tongue and was sucked as it was."Cha, hey ... oh Takeru, then, oh, oh ... already ..." The inside of my head burst white for a moment. "Is it cool? ... Sana?" I worriedly looked at me who couldn't respond. "... Ah, yeah ..." Hold your breath and somehow smile. "I'm glad ... then I want to put it in once ... is it okay?" I had been feeling the tension of Takeru on my waist and legs. I really wanted to do something, but now Takeru nods that what he wants is to put it in. Before I knew it, it was rubbed against the entrance with rubber attached. I swallowed it. "Ah ... Hmm ... Hmm ..." I know only one person, so I can only compare with that person, but maybe the thickness doesn't change much. However, it seems to be a little long from the feeling of poking into the back. "Sana ..." While slowly inserting and removing, the palm rubs the breast and occasionally picks the tip. "Ah, hu ... hey ... uh, hu ..." Kissed as if swallowing the leaking voice. A more obscene sound can be heard from the part where the tongue is entwined and connected. "Hey, already ... oh, hey ..." Maybe it's going to rise again soon. "Is it going to be alive? Sana. Then, do you want to speed up a little?" When I told me that, I accelerated my hip movement. "Oh, I'm gonna get it ... Hmm ..." "I'm gonna get it ... Sana, Sana ..." It ended almost at the same time. Takeru kisses me many times without any effort. Lightly caressed on the neck and nipplesWhen I was surprised, I laughed with great joy. I did not know. I don't think sex feels so good. Perhaps the feeling that it is not really forgiven is working. It's been three years since then, and Takeru and I have been piled up as usual. Maybe I can't get out of here anymore.

The ... to your brother

I will talk of the previous fine.
There is a big brother to me.
And I, the year because it was away your brother, it did not quarrel too much.
At that time, when compared to the child around, libido is strong and can have family, alone in the room, I have been masturbating.
Thing that is, gone to your brother finds out, from the night of that day, I was being fucked your brother.
If you are working at night, my mother have worked night and father, because it is two people of your brother and me in the house, when and where, it does not finds out that even if you have a SEX.
Therefore, in various places every day, I was the SEX of a variety of patterns.
First, when I was masturbating, your brother comes in the room, I was diving in the futon in Tossa.
However, your brother also came into the futon,
that of \"Now, if you do not want said to the parent, hear it say me.
We went with \".
Since I did not want to Spoiler parent, I've heard that you say your brother.
It was thought that because it was a virgin at that time, would not be put or indeed.
But, suddenly, your brother is, we have put a roughening of the older brother to my dick.
Since I had been masturbating, with a wet wet, I would be entered immediately.
It hurts, and I was crying.
From that day, it is a pet of your brother.

H and father

My father I have to sneak into the bedroom.
I was committed as it is.
Become out of the cock becomes very fast, sound say Guchuguchu is heard, feeling good pussy is in like splattered on the body throughout,
the voice of Papa Tteyuu \"! A~tsu! Tsu tightens A~tsu!\" Is heard , Papa was stuck against Guigui at the base of the crotch of me the waist.
 The tip of the cock is abutted Zunzun in the back of her pussy, cock is gone lub-dub, zap something in the back of her pussy! Zing! What has been injected. (Now, semen 's know it but. Daddy' s knew physiological Date of me, Daddy had ejaculated in her pussy at that time, it was found at a later)
 Dad disconnect the cock, me The me wipe with a tissue entrance of her pussy, was also wiped his cock. And hug from behind me, I went to hold the boobs.
\"Ayako, or felt good. Become comfortable really, if you become like the explosion, it'll I give voice to me! Go! Go.
 To Ayako. Na a secret just only Ayako and Dad, this is, and in 2
 After you went out of the room It 's a nice body not much think. Ayako intended Daddy, Daddy is \"daddy I because those of Ayako, and put the lights in Okidashi from the bed, and laid down in the ass pajamas that had been his wet, blood was blurred in it.

H and father

My father I have to sneak into the bedroom.
I was committed as it is.
Become out of the cock becomes very fast, sound say Guchuguchu is heard, feeling good pussy is in like splattered on the body throughout,
the voice of Papa Tteyuu \"! A~tsu! Tsu tightens A~tsu!\" Is heard , Papa was stuck against Guigui at the base of the crotch of me the waist.
 The tip of the cock is abutted Zunzun in the back of her pussy, cock is gone lub-dub, zap something in the back of her pussy! Zing! What has been injected. (Now, semen 's know it but. Daddy' s knew physiological Date of me, Daddy had ejaculated in her pussy at that time, it was found at a later)
 Dad disconnect the cock, me The me wipe with a tissue entrance of her pussy, was also wiped his cock. And hug from behind me, I went to hold the boobs.
\"Ayako, or felt good. Become comfortable really, if you become like the explosion, it'll I give voice to me! Go! Go.
 To Ayako. Na a secret just only Ayaka and Dad, this is, and in 2
 After you went out of the room It 's a nice body not much think. Ayako intended Daddy, Daddy is \"daddy I because those of Ayako, and put the lights in Okidashi from the bed, and laid down in the ass pajamas that had been his wet, blood was blurred in it.

Son likes

My son came back on Friday night. It is coming back in a bullet train on the weekend so head office work. The lying after a long time the other day, I had entertained son was excited. Son grew up in fatherless families for us Divide labor love me in gently.

Feelings to the future swaying ─ (3)

 Threading is also, gone is full very quickly, you might be Chakasa me where to find the replacement diary of me and Yukino's, but in the thread before, since I wrote that I want to answer , I will continue to make a thread.

I am troubled son yakuza

I do not have to even marry my son, but also will be 30 years old. And I'm just playing at the boss without any work. You come home once a month, but you called 'em hugging me to bring the boss at that time, but declined from being nestled in a total stranger is so unpleasant. Soshitara and I inspire to boss you have to naked force and caught me with the boss. I was crying in pain it also because I'll put up the original large Timbo. It has been released in about about 30 minutes, but can not take the pain afterwards. Blood had come out from pussy and often seen on the mirror. Husband

Incest discourse of my

Recently, dementia of the mother-in-law has trouble begins. Midnight of one month ago, mother-in-law was coming into our bedroom couple in the nude. If you try to expel the grandmother husband jumped up in the middle that we are etched, and has been clinging to her husband. I even forget that you are naked, it was extruded out of the room mom, my bedroom of us, and I went out here. Mother-in-law would of came in remembering things nostalgic sex life with the father-in-law who died. When you come home late from the employer the other day, it was the place where my husband comes out from the room of the mother-in-law. Face up to had suffered a futon is mother-in-law to look into pigeon, the room because there was something in the mother-in-law. However, underwear Yes take off to the side, I could imagine that were naked. My husband is what said he returned to the room my mother I had been wandering in the house naked, was in trouble.

Husband of daughter

One daughter that was raised in one mother Son that from married, now seems lonely suddenly oneself.
Even Koryori shop you have cut and fill To small things, you will not be able to fend off lightly as before shit customers,
we could allow the body to the patrons of three people within two years.
If Moshiagere to butthead incidentally you'll be embarrassing is!, To say that the past 40 anymore, one of the three people I'm a husband of the daughter. In other words, you mean have become Nagusamimono of son-in-law.
Son, come to the verge of closing Sunday shop is vacant most. what I also savvy, it will drop off the internal key by lowering the sign quickly.
You will be Dakisukume from behind When have a cleanup. It is deprived of their lips while rubbing wildly chest pledged thick arms from the neck.
You entangling the tongue so as to devour the lips of each other rather than kiss. You are allowed to state that with both hands on the counter Then,
you will be buried the face in the ass that was protruding. \"Big ass of your mother-in-law Mr.'m dying\" and I'm coming attack dick tongue and fingers while saying so.
\"You've seen Gutchori today\" I also answer a desperate voice is about to be out.
and I tease my \"taste'm dark have sticky\" while vertical obscene deliberately sound. We feel as \"I will filial piety more? Probably not enough just this,\" you do not know the translation anymore.
\"Please say do you want to put what\" Give me the rough. \"Put the pussy mom a hard cock, and probably?\" It is as the Iwasa.
And, it is made ​​to suck the rough from turned around. It 's Impale many times Nodooku while saying that it \"until more hard\" but is larger completely.
While drooling Become a watery eyes, you can serve hard. I do not put me in If you do not do this.
So, every week, I am looking forward from being fucked from husband of the daughter.


I am a housewife of 48 years old. The other day, the funeral of maternal relatives,
I have attended in place of the mother and brother. My brother
and sister and I alone brother man in three brothers at the age of four under. I
had a bath together until high school so early lost his father. When I was a child,
I was used to seeing a naked us.
I was in the plans of the day we can be able to stay with relatives after the funeral because he came with great pains, but stayed in the house of relatives say so and brother out of the country after a long time is also okay.
That night, drink had entered quite younger brother in the same room with my brother.
I thought my brother, and whether they are mistaking his wife drunk in my futon 1:00 around midnight, and hail.
In this opportunity, when it is not has become an adult, can be rolled up clothes and my show tits sister after a long time, has touched the nipple with your fingers,
it will aloud you feel involuntarily. After that,
it is a state of mercy of his brother. When licked the vagina to his brother, it is too excited,
it was likely fainted several times.
state brother has been inserted into the inside of me, are excited even something weird thing that is different from my husband, even kiss.
Brother in want to see it was and ending immediately After inserting,
I would be sleeping as it is. Early morning,
my brother also knew before seen in humans of relatives, and causing a brother, and speaks of workings.
It has been embraced by the younger brother of sober each other naked, this time at this time.
On the back of his brother, it would make a nail. I would feel.
In the morning, and out of the house of relatives, the way home,
to enter the hotel my brother have been driving, his brother wants to continue. I was let me go above last Positions
not also be taking a bath with his brother at the hotel, was a master in many Positions Turn licking my
Then, place 1 to 3 months, I have been involved with his brother.

And for the first time in a long time ...

yuna himekawa[43494]
I became a house of only two sons and five years past to eliminate the husband. Do not son also refusing the daughter-in-law, but then you do not want, rather than not even tree farmers. This is called my son may be either single life even gotta get, but it will not be a poor in single and is also the 30-year-old. Will not that girl also did sex yet. There was after masturbation when you see there was a son of the pants in the laundry during this time. It probably was brandished with their own hands. it was decided to go to the hot springs and invited the son from me it I thought. Location is Kinugawa Onsen. It is a place that went well two people husband and here. There is no one else can interfere even if entered by two persons There is also private baths here. Only pussy is still active I will also be 60 years old. Son or me would be glad really. I do not know and may I say the least. And I went in the operation of the son. It went into private baths, but I was clinging to his son. Soshitara was more open leg pussy hurt with open crotch son hug me. And I was turning the hips gently riding on top of my reservation time I was finished before the semen does not come out. Was a Mr. Nao spear on the futon back to the room from it. I've done and my husband is 5 years. My husband would have seen in the other world. It will have 60 Baba laughing and have a son and pussy is also good.

And for the first time in a long time ...

I became a house of only two sons and five years past to eliminate the master

----- Am I

My boyfriend, son.
In one member of society, I am, because physiological already finished, my son
has caught sex son with confidence.
Within the human mind you like to son and to appear, we have decided but .....


When the rest of the time before school,
girls hugging each other or,
it is on the clothes, but it was committed or messing around. ......

Agency wife

It is now possible to live together would be the daughter married couples come here on account of work.
My daughter is 25 years old 22 years old your son-in-law's.
Daughter I was pregnant after a while.
Daughter becomes a time that must be ahead of SEX,
it was that it the daughter of a certain day out of the office. I'm sorry to say Naco funny
Miki will pregnant. So what are we doing thither you?
It still young you.
It will accumulate Tteyuu me man.
Nan thing? It was as if one did not know to laugh at the feeling, but because I am also troubled by awakened a strange feeling another woman to abstinence as a mother. I do think that uncalled, but she is okay to your opponent if good with me if. I said it takes more. Your mother-in-law's, did you do? Will do ascetic in? Because there are people who push the strange feeling to other women when I like this guy and I know, so does not happen. It also think if I accustomed to the breakwater. He has ripple politely but, like Aunt 's I'm not in place. 20 is also to I'm older. There is no such a thing. Really? The riot me if you're really saying if? I was Uzume the face to his chest'm OK I would. I was pressed forcibly chest proud of my best. Hard objects was hit in my stomach soon. This ..... Kazuhiko. He drew the waist when I touch. Yea ... I'm sorry. Hmm's fine. Happy. Would've been me think I woman still eh. The secret to the only two people network. I has become hard to touch gently over there of him. I was not touching the breast. And then He gave me massaging. Would be good to your mother-in-law thing's .....? I'll not go. So the secret of only two people .... He comes ..... it came to my room network.


Family is three people, but sex is also twice position or once a month her husband becomes the age of 70. Child was born after being beaten by her husband of now when the 20-year-old me. The child is now 25 years old. I now also 48 years old. I was attacked by his son now. Luck is probably bad I Nante. I can not do Nante fucked also twice not once life. And son asks every day. But I will aloud feeling is good I is inserted penis son is thick and long.

I love dad

Six months ago, I was part-time job at the salon without telling her husband. There is a nomination customers first thing in the morning, father-in-law is I had sat and opened the private room. Father-in-law is yelling in a loud voice, \"etc. no Yoko to the Ya do take\" and it takes a second look at my face, I went back to the room to escape. Manager you have sash abnormal comes out, my father - in - law says, \"Ken, you'll take out to the outside this woman,\" you put on imported car of the father-in-law, I was Ika taken to the apartment.
I talked the circumstances are Sugoma \"Yoko, Akira or do you know\", and has been part-time job in secret. Fool mon, is to be glared paddle does say to me gold if do want, was passed into the hands I pull the Mansatsu from wallet. I am afraid, it was enough to do apologize and let dad sorry.
Father-in-law is said to be \"because I'll send it to the house\" when finished drink coffee, I rode in the car. When I was after about 30 minutes in the opposite direction, \"Yoko, Like\" Suddenly, father-in-law was the answer \"yes\" it can not be said also unpleasant scared and my house.
Moment I saw a tattoo of a dragon father-in-law of a love hotel, limbs no longer work and scared. Been naked in father-in-law, received a thick kiss, to the bath is baby hug. It starts from the caress of the whole body, only that you have not ever experienced about two hours and mind I spent in bed to time like a dream. My father had heard a nasty guy in playboy that does not have a steady job to her husband, but it was a friendly person to me. I was told, \"Yoko,'ll's secret to bright\" and before you get out of the car. Since then, we have met in one month to choose a safety date. Father-in-law love Yoko nice people who buy clothes or bag of the brand every time you meet.

Brother sister

date two years early and will flow becomes × 1 Watakushi that says the world.
Daily avoid the feeling of loneliness and drowning in liquor, today \"Yo long life\" and \"I should be fine Yokko\" while supported and \"yan ol me you're in a pinch,\" gentle brother and encouragement always.
Brother was a friend of Watakushi always hidden behind the sun from the time the Infant, in clothes, I \"~Ozo Ne accustomed good woman\" wording, hairstyle, not'm forced'm just not friendly. I wonder if such blame such ... I said, \"Come at once,\" It was committed hesitation that meet
such a brother and \"I wonder if I liked\"
even Sabishiku~tsu is,
I \"Yeah.\"
Now, ~Une probably did was that I Come to shop if you think that.
It was a cold day a little.
The ~Uka probably was waiting for an hour this?
The \"guy was cold\" and \"because drinking ...\" I gonna miss me one person Arafo also Naku~tsu regret to
goodbye to the room of the 15th floor a hand on the shoulder gently.
Is it not lonely ... So when's single to much ... Yo popular with his brother.
Story is not rambling while drinking tension ... the hot water in the bath, I hope I space to meet and relax again.
The comfort tipsy and \"Let's do cold\" I \"bath containing\".
It is not it a brother That 's some ulterior motive. I think
it is eye for cute sister always, there is also little doubt ↑ but
would like to give written Continued ... also.

Lonely ...


date two years early and will flow becomes × 1 that NEC-1110-826431268928267627520132085 Watakushi say the world.
Daily avoid the feeling of loneliness and drowning in liquor, today \"Yo long life\" and \"I should be fine Yokko\" while supported and \"yan ol me you're in a pinch,\" gentle brother and encouragement always.
Brother was a friend of Watakushi always hidden behind the sun from the time the Infant, in clothes, I \"~Ozo Ne accustomed good woman\" wording, hairstyle, not'm forced'm just not friendly. I wonder if such blame such ... I said, \"Come at once,\" It was committed hesitation that meet
such a brother and \"I wonder if I liked\"
even Sabishiku~tsu is,
I \"Yeah.\"
Now, ~Une probably did was that I Come to shop if you think that.
It was a cold day a little.
The ~Uka probably was waiting for an hour this?
The \"guy was cold\" and \"because drinking ...\" I gonna miss me one person Arafo also Naku~tsu regret to
goodbye to the room of the 15th floor a hand on the shoulder gently.
Is it not lonely ... So when's single to much ... Yo popular with his brother.
Story is not rambling while drinking tension ... the hot water in the bath, I hope I space to meet and relax again.
The comfort tipsy and \"Let's do cold\" I \"bath containing\".
It is not it a brother That 's some ulterior motive. I think
it is eye for cute sister always, there is also little doubt ↑ but
would like to give written Continued ... also.


Spring of this year, I received a celebration of the sixtieth birthday son. Asked what his son is trying to do the celebration, I proposed a hot spring trip in three family. There are unhappy at work of daughter-in-law of his son on a trip starting the day before, it was decided to go with two sons and. It was laid Yes futon is attached Damn after dinner at the inn, and go back to the room. Sometimes you're a little drunk, and slept as it is without worrying. Son had overhanging me in the nude When I opened my eyes ponderously. Protrude the cock in front of a celebration by the mother, the face of the son enters the crotch and I have been stunned, and began licking the chooch. It was still that feeling is better, it is the son care upset. Insert began asked a good mom. After a long time, insert feeling was attached Nishigami son. Eight years my husband passed away, I received until midnight the happy celebration.

Your father-in-law's

We are relieved to read those of incest from Irassharu many. Master who married first and died six months later, I was married brother of his master. My brother was 15 years old in three days in the 7 years younger than my husband. It was decided to go to bed with his brother from the next day you will be married to the brother in the pressing of relatives, my brother graduated from junior high school. The rejected, even if I went to hug naked young brother, it was put lead It was one week later. It became husband and wife, but citizenship was spicy that you are 18 years old. Marriage, husband first died, remarried with his brother, was tough and sex life with Yootto. Relying It is a father-in-law mother, I had asked to comfort both sides of the body and mind without telling mother-in-law to the father-in-law in particular. His father-in-law also died at the age of 88 in June last year. Husband in '48 before, was Osanaka~tsu also has passed the retirement age. Sex and taught me to father-in-law is nostalgic.

Are you can not stand the man

It is that 25 years ago. when I'm in the hospital at birth, my husband I had sex with mother-in-law. I was listening to the man gonna can not stand from a friend, but the other party was a surprise to mom No way. and I went to the hotel and put on make friends when after discharge, I went something weird, and shopping is how the mother-in-law and husband. How would do really can not stand the man. When we hear that it'll answer honestly because it is aging husband, I answer two, and only three times. Or would I trust.

It was a bitter taste

I would drink the semen of Papa. When you have fellatio, I was out in your mouth suddenly. It was painful would be entered into the bronchi from the throat. I'm going to not do fellatio again. You want to only sex.

Feelings to the future swaying ─ (2)

 Since I started a screaming match with people who write less, I think so We'll have if you set up a thread to continue.  But it has become good friends with great pains and Yukino-san, and the relationship of me and mom and dad so that approaching the subtleties, because I want you to advice if there can help with, so I decided to make a thread continue .  So, I want you to stop it for each other curse among people who, as I wrote in the previous thread? 43,172, are writing less.  Why are so hot, Kamata-san, do not know me.  It is enjoying a screaming match, and Lupo's writer, become unpleasant.  G's Asian also, please take a little more calm.  When doting parent's or come back here, what I wonder become.  Please read the end of the thread before, even less of me of? 43,186.  Embarrassing, but I wrote that it was etched in the car and dad yesterday.  Read it, please Na towards me the brunt of Toka or burlesque.  Thank you very much in advance.

Moti can say

I will write your letter Nice to meet you. I am a girl of 19 years old. And from Yu
to your friends, can have a Omase child, your out of the child,
I'm nice to go with their child ..... there was a book H, Noshi there was very interested, house rather to have at it I saw. I got excited.  
Of course, I love masturbation. I have been doing since I was a small 4. But I, it is still a virgin. So, I am daily masturbation.  
I will position twice a day roughly. I got up in the morning, and once before exiting the futon, it is once in bed before you sleep at night. Sometimes, even in the bath, I will.  
In the morning, I just do the easy, while fir the chest, and then Kuchukuchu over there. I want to center the clitoris. In the evening, I become more hard.
While fir the chest with his left hand, of course, the right hand is blaming Toka clitoris, but put your finger in the hole, and then Kuchukuchu.  
Started, I was the only middle finger, but I will also have the index finger gradually. Three is the best ever, but I want to try more! !  
Actually, I thing it is, I got the vibe electric. So from time to time, you may also be work hard at Vibe. Initially, just the clitoris, but it is put into the hole you become wet gradually.
And, while I was in and out or put, Become a feel mind-boggling, we go. But I, since I heard it and are using just vibe so much, and I made ​​it can not go it alone finger, but we only use occasionally.
When not in use, even in far-friend, and I will lend. This friend is also continuous masturbation Daiyoshimi Ki-kko. But I, my friends this is so not a virgin.
This child also'm masturbating since I was a small 4, but from getting to six years, it seems to have SEX to using the one-year-old brother of the younger of his own.
In a sitting cis of masturbation, you Te so it was not painful at all even when for the first time. Then friends, seems to do much once a week.
Stand over there, but semen is not out yet take time, brother, I heard that doing not use condoms Toka.
But I, very Once Ya~tsu known in children if! Sometime now, I have promised to get SEX and the child to me. I also have been that a H a lot.
Also, I think you want to write H report.

Incest discourse of my

Yesterday, I would have a relationship with the brother of the real. I, his wife and children will also have a 32-year-old brother at the age of 26. There is a phone and I want you to bear in the house from his brother late last night, it was decided to come knocking on the door. My brother decided to go to bed and laid a futon on the floor in my room because the studio. Night, my brother have been sunk into my futon when I sleeping, are you Uzu-me face in my chest. I resisted I also was surprised, but she crossed the line last is not match for the power of a man after all. My brother went out from my room to change into clothes without saying anything then. Partly because the year is also away, I've been yearning for long and his brother. So, there is no emotion you saying that I hate for his brother, but you have not yet swallow my situation yesterday. I would also eventually rested company. I do not know the future, it may be that if someone in any face with his brother.

To your brother

Nice to meet you! That was what happened when I was in the first year of junior high school. I have an older brother who is 3 years older. In the evening of summer vacation, I went home soaked that I hadn't taken my umbrella with me. Then, my first-year high school brother came home wet in the evening and said, "Welcome back, Keiko. I'm boiling the bath. Enter." It was raining and I was so sick, I said "Yeah, thank you, my brother" and took a bath as it was. Thinking about it now, I should have wondered why my brother didn't take a bath first. When I was in the bathtub, my brother asked me, "Keiko, I'm cold and I'm going to catch a cold. Can I enter?" I was very embarrassed, but I thought it was bad to catch a cold and answered, "I wish I had n't seen me." Then my brother opened the bathroom door with great momentum and put out an erected Ochinchin in front of me. When I said, "Onii-chan! No! What are you showing!" And covered my face with my hands, I said, "I like Keiko ...!" I put my tongue inside and entwined it. It was very pleasant, but in case my parents came back, I resisted by saying, "My brother and dad are coming back ...", but "My fathers are high school reunions, so I'll be back for the time being. Hey, "he said, and he was kissed again. Then he said, "I've always wanted to own Keiko ..." and then started licking my nipples, saying, "Keiko, it's pretty big tits." I thought, "No more," and peeed.After carefully kneading my nipples, I put them in my mouth and started sucking. As I was licking my nipples with my tongue, it became hot. When I was doing it myself, I had never experienced such pleasure. Then, my brother took my hand over there and said, "Keiko's pussy is wet, it's really nasty, then I'll get it wet more", but next I start rubbing the whole thing with my fingers I did. I became comfortable and said "Ah". More love juice overflowed from there, and it came down to the thighs. After forcing me to lick my brother's finger entwined with my love juice and remove the love juice, I started rubbing my clitoris. Even when I was masturbating, I had never touched the clitoris directly, so I was struck by great pleasure. He brought his face closer to him, saying, "It's a huge amount of Keiko, my brother will wipe it off with my tongue." "No, don't look at my brother," he said. However, I brought my face close to me, sniffed it, and said, "It smells sweet and sour like cheese." He started licking it with his tongue . At first, the gritty feel was unpleasant and I put up with it. While saying, "What, licking and licking will come out. Keiko is a bad boy," he started licking a little wildly this time. Gradually it became more comfortable and I was struck by the feeling of peeing. After that, I was crazy about it and loved it by my older brother. My older brother's Ochinchin was big and I was a virgin, and I was repeating "I want! I want!". Every time, my brother said, "It's okay, it hurts a little now, but if you put up with it, you'll feel really good ..."However, I slowly pistoned. I put my brother's dick in and out, and the sound was really echoing in the bathroom. On the way, my brother asked me, "Keiko, how do you feel?", So I said "I feel good, brother" with tears in my eyes. When my brother heard that word , the piston suddenly became faster. Then, at the next moment, my brother said "Keiko, go, uh ..." and ejaculated inside me. When I pulled out my brother's cock from my place, my brother's semen, my love juice and blood turned pink from my place and spilled out and flowed down my thighs. I was tired and my head turned white and I was clinging to my brother. My older brother was also absent for a while.

I also ....

 Usual, was reading surreptitiously here.  Everyone, be envious ... really.  My first time was a brother!  It 's really good looking (* ^ ^ *)>!  If you noticed, I was a girl around all the time. Classmate Toka, Toka child older ....  I think If you think now, is not even a big deal so much. Even saying \"older\", because was a child of 6 to small brother of the small 4.  But, since I was a small 3 at the time, it had appeared to be adult awfully sixth grade.  I mean, I Toka breast size! I Yet \"Tsurutteta\" .... Well, you will not win?!  How can I, it's probably Uka win?  I thought ... terribly.  I am sorry.  Because he came back, followed by ... later.

Feelings swaying - to the future

 Because I think there are people who want to write (advice or lack of understanding, slander?) Rebuttal to me, and I made ​​a thread in a hurry.  Continue, the wind's our September and ROM's and doting parent's, pls advise appropriate serious.  people who housewife's, me advise me to, because you do not have or coax me never.  Na Please do not look skeptically.  The very In Isogashiku~tsu An, in the morning!

To father

Was done.
To come overhanging suddenly when I sleep, and painted from such like jelly is taken off just below, it was put in no time.
It was not a virgin anymore, but raw was the first time. I was out on top of the stomach is the last. You have 's an Dopyu~tsu in something manga well, but I was convinced and indeed it actually see.
It was felt that Dopyu~tsu, Dopyu~tsu, Dopyu~tsu, and Dopyu~tsu, divided into about four times, and squeeze out while Handjob.
Those lukewarm on top of the stomach was scattering. Photos were also taken.


yuna himekawa[42996]
Is Miyu. In fact, my mother remarried at the time of the elementary school four years I have a brother-in-law of the above four. Father-in-law has died suddenly in an accident standing five years, my mother and brother of high school students have been left in the house. But I have lived happily in three people. It came back around noon in the sham today. Favorite brother was supposed to be back in the morning in the final exam today.
Once inside the entrance Sotto and I think that it will Odorokaso, there are shoes of Mom familiar. There! Is strange. Why there are mom?
When looking through the glass door in the living room and noiselessly, it is surprised.
Tara elder brother, is waiting naked. Why not? Mom, you have grasped cock your brother. Aree, I'm licking. We are moving in a gripper in your mouth. Is amazing. I saw for the first time.
I have to give example Ochinpo sucking mom, your brother. Mom with your brother, are you kissing and hugging each other After a little. Odious.
so that your brother, are familiar, I'm undress underwear and clothes. Slip naked mama. Is odious. More and more kissing and hugging each other by two people in the nude. Penis is happening, mom is holding.
Your brother becomes lower at last, I have led mom riding on top. I also just because experienced, it is pounding.
Mom that will have you shaking your hips above. Really I Mommy! With your brother overlaying, are you kissing without a break now. I was doing a hand on your crotch anymore.
By the way so as not to him not a mind, I went to the table. What I should I do after this.

Small dick

I am a high school student 18 years old. I write an affair with brother recently. It is about one month here to say that recently. It is three people living brother and me and my mother and mother-to-child at home. Wonder about two years younger brother was born, his father I guess I say I evaporation ... In my memory. No longer have. Divorce seems satisfied afterwards, but it does not know the details. I think there is also money to be sent from the Father, and with it a wealthy family in money mother because business owners. There are also said some money, and, and there not be so much work to the mother, but it seems still busy. Brother've seen quite cumbersome from a young age because there is such a thing. My brother is 10 years old now. When return of the mother is slow is because most meals, bath also, it's also to sleep I came. I diet but is often Delivery. Before about one month, when you are taking a bath with his brother, and was said to be \"let touch boobs\". When you hear \"? Why\", friends are Tarashii to say're interested in seeing a thing you touch tits of an adult human. And it apparently was shown video of sex education at school, I had said that Toka want to touch. Story of a friend I do not may lie talk is often the children. I have also seen naked all the time, and it was not touch to say that \"I, I do not really know.\" It was he said there is \"interesting soft\", but look at the cock of his brother suddenly, I was standing with the pin. The interesting cock suffering is skin hair also does not fly, it stands in a fine angle, and I \". gonna In becoming so what\", with or playing with a laugh, the place was over. It is the night of the day. Room is separate from the younger brother, I, gone taking a nap in the room, woke up on the carpet, his brother had down my underwear. When Arageru voice I? \"What are you doing\" in amazement, his brother had apologized Become a cry, but you seem to have wanted to see the female genitalia, which was taught in sex education and hear. You've angry surprised but I talked calmly. I taught that sort of thing and I'm not what you each other to show the family, but my brother have a face too evil likely punishment, it becomes poor, it was them just a little bit. It was really embarrassing. From the date of the next, something in me or has changed, you can not touch my brother, and began to show them. I have been touched or even cock of his brother. I know the thing is not to go, but you have yourself are excited. I will also masturbation side dish brother. You are hush, but it is the daily pounding brother or not to tell my mother.

Relationship with younger brother

I will post for the first time. I am a 37 year old housewife. My brother is 32 years old and both are married. The relationship between the two began 17 years ago when I was 20 and my brother was 15. On a hot summer day, I slept until late in the morning on a holiday Sunday. When I woke up, my brother crouched under my feet and looked into my crotch. I was surprised and scolded my younger brother, "What are you doing, don't come into people's rooms with disgusting eyes?" My brother went up the stairs to get back to his room, and the door of my room was open, so when I looked into it, I seemed to open my legs, show my underwear and sleep, and I heard that I had seen him for a while. When I got angry, my brother leaned over me. The city is "that of the elder sister, was a favorite from the front, the other can not stand" I resistance, tried to Oshinokeyo somehow, not win the brother of the force, defeated the T-shirt that had been in pajamas instead of his brother, also underwear It has been taken off. My brother was holding me down, taking off his pants and pants , and putting something in my crotch, he came inside me. I cried and resisted, but it didn't work. It was the first time for me to do it without caress, so I remember the pain of tearing my body. After that, my brother left the room and I couldn't move for a while. After that, I couldn't stop crying while shedding my body in the bath. After that, I tried not to meet my younger brother for a while, but I thought it was a mistake and spent time. Then half a month was about to pass. The day came when my parents stayed overnight and went to the countryside to visit the grave and had to spend time with my younger brother.After dinner, I quickly stayed in my room. After a while, my brother knocked on the door of my room. My brother apologized for asking me for forgiveness. I wouldn't be able to enter the room unless it was forgiven, and I think I was talking on both sides of the door for a while. My brother told me that I liked him and masturbated with me since I was little. I also loved my younger brother, so I finally allowed him to enter the room. When my brother entered my room, he spilled tears and jumped into my chest. I hugged my brother. The two of us stared at each other and exchanged kisses. Then, the bodies were entwined and became a forgiving relationship. After that, they stole their parents' eyes and loved each other. Then, out socializing and now my husband after five years, through the dating of one year, we have decided to marry my husband, but also their relationship when you're going out with my husband had been followed, discussions with his brother , I decided to break the relationship when I got married. One week before the wedding, my brother made it the last day of the two of us in the name of having a meal outside for my celebration. In the evening, we met at a station in the downtown area and went to a Chinese restaurant near the station. We ate together, drank a little, and drove to the city hotel in my brother's car. When we arrived at the room, we kissed and washed each other in the bath. Then he went to bed, kissed "marriage, congratulations, this is the last ..." and "thank you", entwined his tongue, and had a final relationship with his brother. I hear that my brother was weeping on the wedding day. It was about 10 years since I got married. At this time, my younger brother was getting married and it was almost three years.One day when full-scale summer was about to come, my husband's affair was discovered. My mother died, no one could talk to me, and after worrying, I called my brother. Then, I met him at a coffee shop near my brother's place of work. "It's true that my brother-in-law is having an affair." "..." "Who is your partner?" "I often go, a snack girl." "So , my brother-in-law, I'm serious." "I asked you a question." "That's angry." "But you still like your brother-in-law." "It's already cold." "..." "I don't care anymore." After all, you are better. "" Eh, "" I have never forgotten about you. "" ... " " I gave up because I was a younger brother, but I can't forget about you. " Cried on the spot. My younger brother was silent for a while, but "I don't think about me anymore." I put up with it, but my husband's affair spit out what I was thinking. My brother stood up, grabbed my arm, and left the place to take me to the car. I couldn't stop crying and was crying in the passenger seat. "I also like my sister, I gave up because I'm my sister, I've never forgotten about my sister." "Hey, hold me in one go, please." Despite the many roads, I parked my car aside and came to take my lips. I also entwined my tongue with my younger brother and hugged each other. Then we went to a nearby love hotel and confirmed our love. As soon as I entered the room, I kissed me, took off my coat, and touched my breasts from the top of my blouse. Then, when I unbuttoned the blouse and lifted the bra, I caressed my chest.(I like Takayuki, I can't leave) I felt full of joy. While caressing her breasts, her brother rolled up her skirt and touched it from the top of her shorts. Then I unhooked the skirt and dropped it on the floor. My brother opened his legs a little and licked it from the top of his shorts. "Oh, good, I can't leave anymore." I couldn't stand the feeling of comfort and collapsed on the spot. My brother took off my shorts, took off his pants and trunks, turned his feet to his face, stepped on and licked my pubic area. I also sucked with my brother's plot in my mouth. You might think it's a strange sight, because siblings are licking both pubic areas. After licking each other, my brother's thing came into me. "Ah ..." I felt burning when I was associated with my younger brother after a long absence. "Good, good, plow, plow, you, plow" My brother's movements got faster, and we passed away. Then we steal the eyes of both families and meet, love each other. I had a grudge against my brother being my brother until recently, but it's okay, no matter what I think , I love him. I'm sorry for the long text.