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Incest confession of women(2019-02)


Shame is also an also without a son special relationship appearance to my husband there. The Once you know the husband and the son of the request I refuse, but it is pathetic mother to inform the absence of the master. Son that the foreign department stores I ask me close to the house during the day you do not stay the master of the company worked. When you twice ejaculation, and satisfaction. In the beginning, it was over in about 30 minutes, these days is playing one hour. Though was playing 90 minutes in a love hotel yesterday, I also today.

How i

yuna himekawa[33106]
It is a housewife of 52 years old. My husband is a son and two people living in the 30-year-old long-term bachelor. And go shopping with my son from school days with his son, or the drive, from around there was also what was said that like like a lover. We went to see two people invited to the movie from his son last month. Content was what love of the middle-aged woman and a young man. The young man is the son when the forcibly kiss the mid to middle-aged women has been holding my hand. In the two sex scenes returned squeezing the son of the hand from me. Then the son went with my hands on my crotch. To understand that the things of the son, even from the top of the pants have become hard, I have involuntarily retracted the hand. We have hand in hand from the first time my son in public is on the way back. Chest seems to have become the lover was pounding. From my son and go back to the car, mom I do not get married. They said. Listen To Why, mom is also my feelings would have been found. It is said that did not know or want what answer. The thing my husband is unlikely in my head recently. Son I believe only things also son when you are going to the company. Given the son of that there are times when sometimes the vagina is wet. It very excited to imagine that is committed to the son. There are times when you do not sleep at night and think that when you're lover to his son.

By force is

Father - there forcibly by experience

On behalf of the husband

Of earlier husband stepchildren, son-in-law went to work. I am living in this son and two people now. Married to husband is currently in bachelor, to enter the fourth year in April of this year. The son I am 41 years old in the 26 year old, my husband is 50-year-old married seven years of home. Son and was able relationship, husband was time to after one year from the appointed alone. Then during the up to now, have a son and a physical relationship. Although not a beauty boys, had been attracted from the beginning to the obedient and gentle son. Also help loneliness that absent husband, was planted from me. The first was also immoral to the husband. We will continue to fade immorality to the husband each time it is nestled in the son. Now remember the joy in the sex of my body is my son, I have become to the presence who meets a statement that does not stay her husband. Son is reluctant to wear the contraceptives. Cause is that on the day I had absolutely secure date and self-confidence, was without contraceptives. The son instead that no longer contraception, I began to drink a pill. Because alone is worried about pills, and contraception ask them placed in the ring in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Last night of sex also, my son gave me out a full semen inside of me.

Things with my father-in-law

I have a wonderful relationship with my favorite husband's father. Our family always hugs when we first meet each other that day. "I'll say OH DEAR, good friends in" the mother-in-law looked at me and hug my husband so I'm began as "your mother-in-law's'll let was all" So, me and my father-in-law's, mother-in-law's, of course, also husband I have my parents in the same way. My father-in-law came into the living room when I was absent that day and took a long time to clean and take a rest. "Good morning, dad" I hugged as usual, but it was a little different, my father-in-law's hand on my back moved left and right like tracing a brassiere, but he immediately separated, but this time My face was approaching in front of me, my mouth was just to me ... My tongue came in and moved in my mouth to look for my tongue , and when I caught my tongue, I sucked strongly and invited my tongue, In my father-in-law as I was invited. In my ear, "I wanted to see all the cute Yumi-san, I wanted to know, I didn't have the courage to put up with it, I put up with it," I nodded a little. Every time, my father-in-law's favorite underwear and clothes have increased to the world of dreams, and my husband also says, "Yumi has become brighter recently, I wonder if I could have enjoyed it."

Witness the flirtation scene of my son

While working as an elementary school teacher, I am now living with my husband leisurely. My two sons are also married and my older son (31 years old) lives nearby. It was about two months ago. I was driving home through the love hotel area on my way home from the culture school . The figure of the couple coming out of the love hotel was reflected in the car light ahead. I could clearly see that the man was the face of my son, and the face of the woman next to me was a face I had seen somewhere ... an elderly man ... my head was confused. It's been about three years since I got married, and even if I had an affair ... I mean, such an elderly woman ... I remember ... who ... I was confused by my thoughts and couldn't sleep easily. I'm totally cheating ... I don't have a face to match over there. At that time, I was shocked to pull out the photo of my son's wedding as if I was inspired for a moment , and I was shocked to lose my hips. The familiar elderly woman was the mother of her son's wife. I turned away from the light, but the front face and profile ... I remember correctly, and they were so similar that I hoped they were wrong. I couldn't stay or stand and called my son. He called, "Come home when you have time," and made an appointment over the weekend. On that day, my husband went fishing at nightI have time to talk slowly with my son. My son, who arrived home before the evening, spoke in an angry tone and was informed of the facts he didn't want to hear. The other party is definitely my mother-in-law, and it seems that she had a relationship soon after she got married. He is three or four years older than me and is close to 60 years old. His anger was indignant and he raised his voice , and he seemed to say something extra. My son suddenly replied, "I ca n't help it! I 've always liked my mom and I couldn't help it! Will my mom be my partner? Ca n't I? I can't help it!" "What? Are you saying that you 're holding your mother-in-law instead of me? It's funny, it's funny! " " Ah, that's right, it's a substitute ... it can't be helped. " No! ”My son suddenly jumped in and fell behind. I was shocked and stunned ... my mother-in-law instead of me ... I was upset with the feeling that I could hit my head many times. I can't resist without the power coming. What happened ... My son took off my underwear. In an instant my son buried his face in my crotch and said, "I like my mom! I can't help it!"My son said so and rushed to my place as a warrior. My son licking my crotch past 50 ... When did you like it? ... I like it so much ... I think I have to close my legs, but I can't help myself. I had to get rid of my son ... I licked it so much ... I had stolen my underwear ... I was spending my adolescence as if I was clinging to my body and touching my body. Mother-in-law instead ... what should I do ... what should I do? I was confused and didn't know how to refuse. Among them, my son's penis was inserted into the vagina. "No ... no ... no ..." I resisted violently at that time, but my son's penis had already reached the depths of the womb. My son shook his hips vigorously. Such intense SEX reminds me of my newlyweds ... I was pierced violently ... A stimulus that couldn't stop hit my crotch, and my vagina was wet with guca. "Mom!" The son shouted so vigorously and sprayed a large amount of semen into the back of the womb. My son's penis cramping ... I started to cramp violently over there while feeling my son's warm semen. Even though I am in the teaching profession, I break the social morals that I should not do ... I cannot wipe out the guilt.But ... I'm still a woman ... I'm still sometimes embraced by my son, even now, with the joy of struggling immorality .

Wonder why

A girl classmate of his childhood friend from my kindergarten, I have a child was born in incest. It looks at all normal, but very slow healing of Kazehiki easy injury, is so skin took the hit and do red becomes high fever followed by white in the sun. Sunscreen to the parasol also go school was doing always. The child seems to a child that was born between the daughter and her father away of the year. We do not know what has become family register, etc., but there were things that did not come to that time school about a week like the eldest daughter's (Aunt) is've heard of had been talking. Though not through to the very head good school grades never heard of third place below, English is also properly speak, high school did so want to go to Shingakuko which has issued Kenichi Tokyo University raw, mother against same with me in that receive high school of the local Catholic. As the teacher we had to say also to the University of Tokyo After pass examination enough was the performance of this remains. Why to a child that personality can also respected very well?

Maternal and child

I am 53 years old son is 28 years old. 3 years do not know or something aphrodisiac before, but had been noticed and son and sex. At that time it has no parent-child relationship. I want to cry, but I will have the other party is the mother so as not to be serious in the other woman.

I have loved to son

Son is me at 21 years old, his son gave birth at the time of the 17-year-old son and sleep on the futon in naked from the shaved pussy taking a bath is coming licking pussy.

Not already tied up in the mother-to-child incest

I am a housewife of 44 years old. My husband works in the chain stores of food and beverage outlets are nationwide in the 47-year-old. And There are only son just became a high school student from April of this year. Because the husband is frequently business trip in staying somewhere due to circumstances in as left a new store opening plans in rural areas, only at home 5-6 days a month. So masturbate that I learned in order to reduce the hot flashes with the body, I've been prying eyes to his son one day. I was a virgin, it is entreaty because good at once to his son became interested in sex, I have opened the body to his son in bed at last have slept with my husband. It was the beginning of the mother-to-child incest was supposed to end at once. Although the appeal from the son had to mother-to-child incest is my, just because my husband is too tired to come back from a business trip, becomes to invite the son from my better and me not come seeking directly below. The night of my husband also went on a business trip that day, was Ikirita' guiding his son in the bedroom penis until Nodooku jaw-inclusive, we drank a large amount of hot semen, which is the mouth fired while Pulsed. Unlike my husband, also I think Tanomoshiku the son of erection as soon as it is once ejaculation, and looking at the figure Mushaburitsuku in my breast as when I was a further long ago still a baby and I do not want to release the regrettable love anymore anyway I had become to think. Whether the son learned anywhere, Sucking make a sound full of love juice from my genitals, because the tongue long stretched me licking while screwing the tongue in the vagina, aloud pant to one of not knowing I also know not, had gone to the son of caress twisted the body. And to want a hard thing to more and more deep, while holding the penis was erect stretched out his hand,\"Haa, the other ... and the other this ..., let some all the way to the early mother!\" Was screaming. Son opened my legs, the hot Tagi' penis has been crowded screw and Zuburi into the vagina. Unlike penis erection without the core even my husband, when entering while rubbing the Chitsuhida, I became I knew I would be carried out in only it too much comfortably. After that I do not have too much memory. Shame, I have many times in the son of the penis also would go, it was ejaculation as it is in my vagina while son also attached I Nishigami and notice. Then, when are hugging each other and son on the bed, also because the son of the penis has become healthy, now Have poked violently from behind me the back, I would also once again many times said. I not be a sex with my husband, but when caught from the back, the son of hard penis stimulation to the brain against the great back in the uterus was going crazy and transmitted Bing. And my son I have blowing Pew and the tide My body is in convulsions when you remove the penis and ejaculation for the third time in the vagina. My son was a little surprised, but the women were taught this way becomes the and feels good. Bed sleeping with my husband I have become soaked, but I have set fire to this immoral sense also my pleasure. When you do not have now in my husband has a business trip, it has been immersed in the pleasure and every night mother and child incest. Actually to say the tower's naughty relationship, and I also know my son, but the son of the technique does not stay away anymore because it is progress every day.If she can be to my son, if I of it no longer us to the other party, definitely I think that it would refer farewell using any means.

I want

Son of I want penis another two days is the deviation likely to feel not be asked to also stirs of the glans, which corresponds to the uterus feel the do is become strange and do not feel every day to lunch tomorrow had to say I come home But, in any appearance, do you think get to pierce as soon as you waited to any wind?

Son of college students

One son came back after a long time. Because the thing that passed in the University of Tokyo, I have been living alone. Half a year me come back to pretend, had is a little Tokimei. Just do not meet for a while, what I'm going to become an adult. That day, because the husband is not a business trip, was alone with. For the son, also it has entered force on the cuisine. Eat stomach full of two people, we were relaxing in the living room. In my knee bolster, the son was taking a nap comfortably unlikely. \"Dad, business trip, No more?\" \"Geez, I wonder about two to three times a month?\" \"Mother, paddle? Not lonely\" I only \"a little. But if Kurere you came back, lonely not something it's \" \" I because come home to find as much as possible free time. I also call it \" in such a story, I was happy enough. Is that when I was about to become a little sleepy. Son of the hand, I have grown in my chest. Without me resistance, so you want son spear, it was surrendered. Son my tits, I kept rubbing gently. Man of the hand that is applied to the breast, will be excited even a very long time ... it son. But, son, I'm sure, I will of seeking maternal love. Son is turning my clothes, has been touched directly tits. I am decided to resolution. \"Breasts, you want to Choo Choo?\"Son was Unazuki remained silent. I own, I took off the clothes. As son fawn little child, I continued to suck my breasts. Sometimes, because those rolling the nipple with tongue, I have raised a voice as \"An\". \"I also'll ... be nice? Mother take off\" for no reason to refuse, but I just was watching in silence. Son is now naked. The lower body of meat bars, had been expanded to the other Muscles. In the cock of the son that I know, I had already gone. So was showing off in front of the eye, in a natural, but I'm crowded example sucking it in your mouth. Son, close your eyes, was comfortably unlikely Yoga'. After that, we moved to the bed, we each other embraced. Son became the other adult .... Sad, such as, glad such .... Me as a woman of one person, do you have me looking? The son of the meat stick, my body is caught, the more get low, vagina, it was Sile good pleasure. And, son did the in me, and is exhausted. \"Secret I'm the Dad\" \"Of course,\" was to me and my son was able to share the secret.