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Incest confession of women(2012-08)

I and MILF

I'm 25 years old but SEX likes MILF. He is good people like stick when I put the Timbo. And much more can if my mother. My mother is not a real mother. I I have been have my say that there is no heir. Japanese clothes look good petite mother. Business is also of a kimono. My mother is tailored kimono to wear coming-of-age ceremony, but must have mother this business. I is a professional delivery. My father became a mother and I just died because of cancer last year. My mother's 41 years old but is a Wakazukuri invisible to year. I have been told in the world and things like husband and wife and I recently. It is not wearing panty mother is a kimono. Mother hugging me Become a naked after work.

And son ...

We are living with my son that will be 45 years old, but to 25-year-old died in her husband last year. I say his son has become a woman of my grandmother that my bad. without even being told it to the child that I gave birth, it was silent Then I will hit. It does not say anything to fear. I became a woman of my son from it. It seems like a couple. Two times morning and evening is to the SEX. Semen son went into my pussy. My son shaved my pubic hair. It does not help but itch after you have shaved. Son I shave every day how much itchy. Son I say pussy without pubic hair and cute like a child. It's longer than the number of times you have a husband and SEX. And I was pregnant If we had been sack also with no. I do not know should I say the least and pregnant with a child of his son, it can not be said and grandchildren.

It was a son

It is a housewife of 46 years old, but I had a SEX son and become 25 years old. Feeling was very good at dick big and long. Was I have shaved the pubic hair to his son, but there is no trace of ginger itchy. This is referred to as itchy pubic hair is extended if you do not shave every day my son to say. It was decided to every day. I had shaved my son is not attrition yourself. I say son become cute. I do not know that her husband was shaved. It is a secret son with me. Going to do SEX is also a secret, but it is a thing of my husband one so recently The Return. Select the daytime as much as possible.

The fucked son

It will be 46 years old, but it lived two people and son of 25-year-old died last year her husband. His son does not do anything but lazy, only sex is Mayaru of committing me. I will say upshot is a woman accustomed to me. You that it is kicking beat and you reject. Sex is when docile when a scan.

Woman woman at any age

It will be 50 years old, but it is still to come as a woman. A friend of mine was kicked out of the house Wait child born to an affair. So you can give birth to children even at 50. I think I am 30 years old Toka also whether you'll cheating is cheating partner of such a person. I have softened mind using the machine agony towards the night no longer master. You slept with nothing attached to the body when you sleep. My husband still does not try to touch. Please help someone. I would like to ask if there is a phone.

Son ...

Do you have a son away of the year at 35 years old, I was attacked by 25-year-old son. I have to say that my son. Is adopted. I passed away last year in her husband children not born. And you say you have to be nice to it, my son become a woman of my me. I became compliant son because no one Can anyone help. It's like became a couple because it is adopted. You are in without also serves son. It does not pay even food and rent by the action of the part of me. I was pregnant within which to do so. We were pregnant and I thought that it is not plum children. I wonder whether there was no kind of husband who died. 10-year-old only has apart from the son, since I came in subscript after the husband because I am 35 years old some years.

Have passed away ... to husband

It is a widow of 45 years old, but I am two people living and son. His son is 25 years old but not approaching the house goes on the road 893. Asked to Sessu to me if you think that it came back. I love the joy of the woman for the first time in a long time because I forgot sex We've only two years her husband passed away and I. But the son is not work. It is together with the fellow if you think that it came back. And I will always sex. It's inspire me it also also fellow not only their own. It will comfortably because the pierced dick fellow so long and thick. Both of them will do it every night. I think my Omancho whether become frayed. .

And son ...

yuna himekawa[50519]
I am a housewife rhino but her husband has been hospitalized for lung cancer. There is a son to become 24 years old, but children I was able to this is to get along good with small mother of there to go to a friend's house in playboy. 2 people I was evicted Naka is poor son is a fellow of there angry. It came back to me because there is no place to go. Woman is the same age as me Doshi his. It is either 43 years old, but the child was born, it is a good, but I Feeding in my house neither serve two people. It does not have a minute of my sons also because it is part-time wage. Meal is also impossible unless Mora is working and her son. There is also a rent to the cost of living is very. I can not work for a while a child has just born, but she was in that I see trouble until then. I also can not also be going to do in the wages of only part, it was Marashi worked in sex shop quick. There you can also save what you wear do I earn naked. Son now has to be customers of the day. It was silent and then pretend you do not know, but I did not pay to say my son keep borrowed Kachanodai after finished

And son ...

I am 45 years old, but my husband will not go to China in the bachelor. It is a life of only two sons and to become 24 years old in the house. His son was committed me. You say it is also from the son is called Auntie of me. And we just playing with the wrong crowd. You beat angrily to say as I work. It is to say the woman accustomed to me. Anything now as you said son and I think that it should not be beaten. Son will have sex regardless of the time during the day or night even in the morning. I do not know should I say do such when her husband came back. I became a woman of the son in earnest. It was five months and there is a pregnancy that was worried. It was said to be filled in because of my child if you talk to the son can not also be down. You worry or should I say do such when her husband came back. I think sorry to master without a place to go to eat without a place to go is the divorce definitely Speaking of fraught children of son will be divorce speaking. It is not unavoidable and because I had sex on the day when my husband went out not only once. Children I I can also at this Grandma. I do not know whether it also may Amabe whopping because it is a child that made a son. It is to become a child of my child mother son from if you look.


Yesterday, went for a drink with friends, I was taken to bed son back high school two years depending on the home, but without it I remember well, it is like I had undress clothes to his son, this morning th and wake up , naked shorts and bra are also taken off, son sleeping naked next to, it is like has become one with the son, but the memory is unsatisfactory, dick even damp, it was pushed up to I remember somehow But, it is cause meet face to face with ,, son without the memory of later, a little embarrassed, has become sour.

It does not write a lie

I am a housewife of 46 years old, but we are living in two sons and 25-year-old husband passed away last year. His son, I behave like a couple with me. There are always workings of the night. But does not work is the drawback. Must pay the expense of the home and rent only salary part of me. I was working for a sex shop without consultation to son. This is where it was working at the time of the 20-year-old, but the name of the shop also has changed since management has changed, it is with me and use it if you ask the store manager. That it and to come as soon as because the interview. Not just me, but I went, one person age another was also people like the same. 2 people I was received in the same room. Who came also was received initially. I was looking at it. I pass the exam as well as two people on this day. I saw for the first time the sex of the person. People before I went on about your juice is also flowing. It is the unlikely that he served in the sex shop this person, but your husband is so has been admitted to hospital due to illness. I became rivals to each other. .

I Moraigo

I'm 24 years old, but my mother died poor folds of the coral when it was born. No ties of blood and my mother now is a second wife. I did not know the woman until 24 years old. It was mysterious and do not know the woman you are sleeping in the same room even for 24 years, but it is the only mother and I will be absent father went on a trip when it is, and I later when my mother was taking a bath My mother was about to leave to go to the surprise Mohd filled but not caught both hands on the edge of the bath I'll catch there was sex is the first. Mother's 40 years old but it is beautiful to look younger elderly. It seems to stick tight Izu and put good pussy also to extend because there is no octopus that it gave birth to a child. Thing is for the first time. And say that once or twice a month with my father I asked my mother. It was said that to when saying where the ey is also to me. I want to nothing all day and night until the morning sex in this day. And which can be daily. It might say you do not know what you're saying sentences so bad, but it is a true story, but this has continued even now. .


I was told I please post mom also from Reading.

The ... to hot springs and son

I live with my son of 24 years old died in her husband last year. We went to Kinugawa Onsen and his son. Go with the son It is for the first time. Nakai-san of B & Bs also unaware and son with me. So you could have seen a couple who took a mere year. I do not look at the young fishing year. double bed was one in a Western-style room is where you go to bed. It is sleep two people and son there. You have sex with son also is the first time. It is now bursting cock son unexpectedly large long to to be put. Feeling is good very. It is sex galore until morning. I thought that it was an overkill of either sex yesterday with sore hips from the morning of the next day. It is the beginning of the sex I will also be 47 years old.

By being forced to son

It is a housewife of 46. My husband is a bachelor in.
In vocational school student of 20, his son has been living together.
I would be etched and forced his son a few weeks ago.
Son I have hug from behind suddenly you are drunk. I said that it quit, but my son was drunk scared and could not be much resistance. After finished, I did not sleep that day almost to that of the remainder. He said a word and I'm sorry to son the next day, it has happened. Since then, there was the awkward atmosphere, but did not have anything. But son I've hug from behind suddenly and are undressed I thought today, it is about to enter the bath. And I thought and I wonder are you drunk, but also I was surprised. But his son was not drunk. I have, why? When you say I quit, son, said that he did I can not take it anymore. Pounding did not stop to think that I had thought my son did that Anna blame liquor, and I'm seen as a woman. When I sit still and do not know why say, my son has been caressing the breast. Unlike the first time, it was a very gentle hand movements. I, and divulge the voice I \"had\" to come put your hand into the pants and began stroking the crack now. Am I trying to resistance is very pleasant, and did not think at all anymore. And I would be etched son and also the last. Son and I, we parted without saying anything now. I went into the bath as it is, but I left that body was starting to throb was I have had myself many times. We settled down a little now that went up from the bath, but you would be thinking of his son many times. Underwear was just a change of clothes is also soaked. I might not stop the relationship between son anymore.

And father-in-law

It is a housewife of 26. There is a debt before marriage, it was silent on the husband, but I have been known to the father-in-law live there is a collection. When sold father-in-law is paid in full unexpectedly, tears came out in gratitude. But a promise that is nestled in the promise of only once, I had paid at that time. We were promised to think would not be against me, which is also 60 kg at 153cm, but was called to the room after my husband for the next day was attendance. Father-in-law is always gently, we have me talk quietly. But I thought it was really confirmed in the father-in-law again. And I think that if only once, we have to be embraced to father-in-law obediently.
 Father-in-law is Aree.'m Going to kiss! I think k but underneath to fit the lips, the tongue entwined. I also massaged me tits and natural. I good. The entwined tongue I together, it had committed sucking lips. Long time for this. It not only rub also boobs, put your hands from the top of the T-shirt, I fiddle with nipples in the bra. It is amazing, there has been a - I Flip with excitement.
Bra and T-shirt is removed in turn, has been rubbed the breasts directly. Nipples are gently stroked. Do you know, rather than pluck the nipple strongly, if it is tampered with so as stroking with the tip of the nail, I often I woman that would excited by itself. That feeling is being held from behind and I love, I become soaked again and tampering nipples. Father-in-law's, is very much womanizer.
Been taken off all at last, I was naked. Father-in-law's, us licking pussy. But I'm fiddling with nipples ... together.
And to put a finger in the pussy, I move. Me after a long time, I will go. Amazing.'s Father-in-law,. Father-in-law's is also naked unawares. I stood Ochinpo. Without hesitation I, Squeeze it, I was sucking in the mouth.
 By little, we have put father-in-law becomes above. Embarrassing, but I, seems to have raised a loud voice.
 I was kissing and hugging each other naked with two people as it is. I grip Ochinpo not say anything, because I want again.


 My son is 12-year-old sixth grader, but my husband is also 50 years older, or once a week, it is the degree once in two weeks, it has been with his son, who at night was put together in a tub bath We give hugging on your lap. It was also or let touch the boobs hug the chest, and sleep also it together, when you go to bed from the previous, so we slept naked shorts also bra also without, I am showing naked son.
 If there is a night and my husband, it was found somehow, go to the room of his master, after it was over, and finished the shower,
go to the room of the son towel just wrapped around the naked, I go to bed Become a naked Remove the towel. It is hoped that not crossed the line of the last still,
so we show is not any hidden naked not breathe tits every day, and I want to welcome you if wanted if.

Son's growth

About a year ago, I saw my son watching AV in the room. The son who noticed it was in a hurry to turn off the TV. My son was 6th grade at that time. My son tried to turn on the TV anyway, so the big dick was bare. "What are you doing". When I said it, I was sick and hid it in a hurry. At the moment I didn't know what to do. Anyway, I came out of the room telling me to dress without doing this. My husband often travels, but that day was also a business trip. On that day, even when I was eating with him, my son felt uncomfortable with his face down. After the meal, I said, "Enter the bath." After that, I never decided to take a bath with my son. My son is usually alone with his husband, so I haven't been with him for years. My son was surprised, but I thought he could do anything naked with each other, but that was a mistake. I'll give it to you, so I forced you to sit down before getting out of the bath. When I tried to expose my son's body without incident, my son's dick got bigger. My son turned down with a crying face. This child would have seen the body of his real mother. I was surprised. The size was the adult itself even though I hadn't grown hair yet. It was bigger than my husband's. I've been squeezing well. My son was "occasionally". Did you look at your mother's body like this? I nodded when I heard that. I wanted to touch a big dick for a child.And will my mom do it? When I heard that, he said "Eh". You're interested in naked women. "..." I didn't reply, so I grabbed my son's stuff with interest. My son seemed to be surprised for a moment, but he turned down again. When I asked "what's wrong", I was "embarrassed". .. My son asked me why boys would one day show up in front of women. Taka-chan will soon be able to understand it, but I wanted to peel off my son's little skin. He said he was scared to be patient. When I put on the soap and peeled it halfway, I put my son's dick in my mouth. Then I moved my head up and down like my husband did. About 1 minute. A fishy liquid was fired in my mouth. I licked everything clean. And when it felt good, he said "Yeah." And this time, I was happy to like my mother's body. My son just touched my breasts and began to rub . Then my son's dick started to grow again. I didn't try to get an erection anymore. And he said, "Mom, I want to have sex." I didn't think I could hear that from the mouth of my son in elementary school. When I heard that I knew what sex was all about. You stick to it and suck your boobs, right? Say. Isn't that the only thing I hear? I heard that. I was saying, "I don't know yet." is it wrong? It was coming, so it was a little different.I said, "I'll teach you in the futon." I'm willing to tell you. Although I thought it was a little bad, I let myself go through sex education. And when we got out of the bath early, we went to bed naked. When I said that I liked my mother's body as I did earlier, I started to rub my breasts again. At that time I was 32 years old. I have an E-cup on my chest, but I haven't leaned so much yet. And this time I sucked my breasts. A son who is crazy about breasts. During that time, I was touching my son's dick, but it became hard and big. As expected, I was at a loss, but I opened my legs in front of my son. And my son, who only talks about how to ejaculate, was letting my mother and I put it out. I said I could spread it over there. What were you doing? Do you want to I was going. "Yup". I didn't seem to understand it yet. You can put it here. I was told to put it in quickly. My son managed to get the dick to me by my lead. The feeling of being one is no different from that of an adult. Then my son moved his hips, though I couldn't tell him this time. Is this a man's instinct? When I think about it later, it seems that I had already prepared for the video. After ejaculating once, it lasted a long time as a brush. I think it was close to 10 minutes. After having sex with my son, I noticed a change in my son's body. My son's dick had intense sex and the skin was completely peeled off. I'm already grown up with my son and I'm sick of him.After having sex with my son, I honestly went to an elementary school partner. After finishing, my mother made a great voice, so I was excited. We have no shame or embarrassment anymore. I started the second round. This time he is an adult son who has peeled off. Since then, I've been doing it about three times a week. My son wants to do it every day, but he tells me to put up with it because he has a husband. It's been a year since then. My son has improved his technique every day, and about a month after having sex for the first time, his hair started to grow, and nowadays almost all of them are bobo. I have been watching the growth of such a son. Even though I had sex, I was embarrassed when I started to grow. I think that the penis will still grow (grow). Currently it is about 16 cm. I am happy to see my son grow up.

Righteousness and son

I do not know say the incest, but I have associated with righteous son at home that went into the second wife. A husband, wife since he was from the previous bereavement was fine, it was in the illicit relationship of superiors and subordinates of the company that is well.
Year does not differ only 10-year-old son and righteousness, I felt like brother and sister from the beginning. Just, righteous son I was entered in the second wife at the time of the junior high school three years, but I had just turned 25 years old. Of to live together, to find a place that has been a tool of masturbation my underwear, I have now'll put in hand for the help of the exam soon. Become a high school student, it is pushed down to the middle finally, has been tied relationships forcibly. But, I thought myself it would probably happen. When I put a cock in righteousness son, dick I was wet.
If you are suffering from a new project my husband also started the company, I had a business trip half of the month, and at that time was a time when a return home at midnight every night, and could not do sex hard even when you are in here. Was fill the gap was a dick son of righteousness. At that time, had been poured into the uterus the semen of righteousness son several times than sex with my husband. Righteous son was also awkward, came to be Serra squid me and also one year since the relationship can, first came to accept the righteousness son actively from me in that time.
Then, poured the sperm of raw from two of righteousness son and my husband, I got pregnant at last. To be honest, I do not know any children either. It gave birth to a girl about 9 months later, but it is similar to either of righteousness son and husband. I am also inherited my blood of course.
Now, his daughter is 8 years old. (Be the father) is a tomboy daughter loves your brother. Continued the relationship with righteous son from there, my husband ended up pregnant again in bachelor during once. At this time, I was down in tears. Because he has become less little to do with my husband already at that time. So, my husband is a good person, if once a month, a sexual partner of three to four years, only son after righteousness. In one or two times a week, I have received two or three times of ejaculation is justified son. And from stiffness to abortion, since now put a ring, you get out in live always. It does not say that of the ring to my husband, we were rubber and my husband.
Later in '11 I got married, it is 36 years old. My husband at 53 years old, sex waned completely in the last couple of years, what you dick erection sperm, but the important is no longer lauch much. Taking the rubber from the end, it does not have accumulated only a little child bag whiff earlier. It is uneven and righteous son in time it is issued, come overflowing from there.
I do not hate it, but my husband, son righteousness makes us squid hugging me still does not help but love regrettable. After all, the heart of the woman I'm such mon would go to the person you familiar with sex.

It is fucked by son

I am 45 years old, but prisoners son when absent husband. We are wondering whether to snitch on my husband in and went back. I said my son, stand silently, but we have lost. And then you ask for sex every day. And I say Mom and become a woman of me. It became compliant son it can not be said that it is unpleasant. That was the original mistake. and I do it before the husband is watching. Husband silently watches. Son I do every night to be good it. I fainting head numb when Toja from put a big dick son. It was after I did many times when I noticed during this period even fainting. Son will continue every day I met young only 25 years old. It is better to say do it once a month with her husband. It's looking at it it is also very.

Sacrilegious I

Face that does not take the age that is often said is similar to the May Midori
that I think it does not boast even is a grandma that you are about to enter the sixtieth birthday, but my stomach does not come out so much, and face 's not so bad You are watching TV all in silence and peeled the next even hear I have a son that is 38 to me such'm also referred to as I see, but people say I'm a still single do not stay. It is every day of two people living since it is no longer a liver cancer about ten years ago, it's made ​​its sex and son was that of about two years ago, my husband is head in disgust and tremendous guilt when you have already My husband I'm a I that I think I also want to derail the other hand I think I now think there may also be down to hell by now in the horrible things I accustomed even is much you wanted to do go wrong, and I want you to marry is no longer dick I was not that is! wet after will be slimy to better ass in relentless caress son.

Was let them beaten father.

52 year old 23 Saichichi me. What should we do if it had gone out in the Yuri Tara Chichi~tsu, if you pregnant?

And son ...

I am a housewife of 45 years old, but we are living with the son of 25-year-old died last year her husband. It became frightening children kicking beat when I complain that become bad his son is poor. And I do not say a woman accustomed to me. It does not say anything horribly. It is now that you say son. It was a straightforward serious when you have her husband, but is beaten now instruction anything attitude will change radically and no longer have, and does not follow it. I can say so myself ashamed, but was chosen to miss the Chamber of Commerce at the time of 19 years old. I think fondly. That is the have sex with my son every day. I thought it was my Omancho and Harisakeru When poke big dick son. It's done to the fellow too. It became drenched Omancho may extend in the other party the two men every day.

The fucked son

I am a housewife of 43 years old, but her husband has been hospitalized with injuries fold the legs in a traffic accident. Son is to the sex upshot or hit to say Auntie towards me from it.
Back is also high in the 24-year-old son

Incest with 14-year-old son

yuna himekawa[50210]
 In 50 years older, my husband is the management of medium-sized companies, but had been asked every night from my husband when I was young, but there is only once or twice a position a month now, I have doting son , I have been together ever to also bath.
 I knew at the time of the elementary school, in the bath, my son is looking at the bottom of my son. <Why is there no penis Mom> I One night, as was troubled to answer really, so, <not penis Mom, but penis is gonna have become like be put into the mom> and gone and from, we have a <crawling> but
I it was slow.
 Tell me <penis of my gonna enter here> with the show open,
<I when I grow up, I put the penis of me here Mama, I secret, do not tell anyone to Papa We were taught I> ne. I think it is was then inserted in me for the first time, it was prior to graduation in sixth grade.
 Since it is summer vacation now, you can now stick Sucking the baby like it but it is daytime study after, was raised went to the room of his son, when the smoke tits, It's stick amazing nipples left and right, it is inserted in me then Te, we let them diverge in full blast. Since we have to embrace each other as to the absence of the husband during the day, we do not care Not a husband.

It is a continuation of writing

I will post once even, I told Dad I be writing.

I want to put the cock of Koji over there my mother-in-law ...

I like the body of Mieko. I was watching bad lot easier until now. I want to see the transformation more in the future. I want to marry Mieko mother-in-law. You want to proud to to his wife Mieko. I do everything reasonable ideal. I want to put rolled many times my cock over there daily Mieko have been married. I want to put out in full. Home Party physical relationship. Baby with me and Mieko want. And because it can not be only in the uterus of Mieko. I want you to come to 2:30 and be waiting to open the door


My brother I've been sleeping on top of the bunk bed, but
now, I am ish wanking! It decided to ready, I will go to bed boarded the brother of the future!

Mother love

I did remember the interest as a woman to mother at the time of the high school sophomore,
to see posts of incest, I was with Monmon the daily excitement with what is in the real world like this. I confess I think of my mother in the summer vacation of the high-3, but the mother was not me at all Toria~tsu.
Interest is not at all young women of the same age, underwear and mother, I had consoled myself napkin, at pantyhose, on a daily basis.
It was Yuki distorted thoughts to my mother also, swelling day by day.
I think to the mother is just going to increase to enter the room of the mother in the absence of the mother, you can copy the mirror wearing underwear of the mother, to see without all over the bed sheets, and or collect pubic hair. It was a daily routine after graduating from high school, I bought a camera for voyeur by hitting the salary that I got for the first time, to see the home from work is attached to the absence of the mother.
The scene of the change of clothes of the mother, I was able to I went past many times in this scene there is a picture of the mother became naked, and collect a lot of treasure, such as a scene of stretch of the bath. And I would then get a picture of Onani mother's desire a few months ago. In the day I two years footstep does not go back on a business trip at work and from the camera is installed, it is the mother who started a stretch in a bath as usual, but the hand of the mother who was massage carefully than usual the inner thigh left hand ironing massaging the breast violently while stimulating the genital area in the middle finger, the finger began to violently stimulated also genital area at the same time to think whether began to massage the lower abdomen I slowly. By the condition of the installation, I do not pick up too much sound, but the pant voice of the mother has been recorded firmly,
and continues to emit a voice gasping in the half-open, or gone
from the mouth of the mother mouth of the mother \"Omankoii , the figure of the mother crying and gasped with Omankoii \"had reflected clearly. Since then, about 1 hour endlessly,
I was baked firmly on the DVD there is a figure of the mother to continue to caress yourself.
A few days later, the mother came up from the bath,'s the \"Mother frustration? I tried to ask a straight \". My mother had been a Kyoton at first, but that we have said in a tone of voice was angry, \"Hey Yusuke is the saying that what you stupid,\" said with a laugh, we launched a DVD that had been set.
Mother was watching the screen of the TV to not know of what it is
noticed that it is their own, and tried to stop the DVD shouting to be a \"stop stop\" at first, but I Haggai the mother If you like you can not move in to strangle the stomach, the mother became dazed.
I is not resistance even massaged the breast, it was only pointing down shyly, but I began to cry and \"forgive Yu-chan\" voice is echoing in the room during the \"good Omankoii Contact million pieces\" were. Loosen the hand that had been in Hagaijime, I and did stimulate the genital area and his hand in his panty forcibly. Lukewarm love juice began to overflow from the back of the pubic region In less than a few minutes. Since've been entreaty as
\"Give me quit ask Yu-chan\" Turning on the TV screen has a head of mother with one
hand, again and again nodded to say that it \"will listen that you say I Well.\"

Son likes

I am 15 years old 39 years old son in a fatherless home. 
I have seen as an object of sexual son recently.
But my son is now a bath alone when it comes to junior high school students.
We wanted to tie the physical relationship and son somehow,
but I think it's hated it and want to avoid absolutely. I you have masturbation by rubbing the crack while sniffing the smell of dirty linen son have been placed in the washing machine
son, so take a bath before always today to son so I decided to lay a trap 11 to go to the room as it is me who was left in the bathroom basket that part is to look like you pollute the crotch part masturbation in white underwear to say I is a bath earlier up from the bath white gunk had attached to the crotch part If you look at the underwear my son went back to the bathroom too much time should be sleeping anymore. Now that I came back to the room to have their underwear body son wanking in my underwear was found crack my seems semen Apparently is're wet is now hot, take off the underwear you are wearing Oh I continued licking and take off the underwear love juice was flowing from the pussy in the sense that it does not say anything that went on rubbing the crack with your finger from the top of the underwear were to wear underwear that are contaminated with semen, sperm Hiroki I delicious I had been discarded tissue smell of semen is is rounding son was that I also fall when the son has been decided is in the bath looking at the trash can into the room of the son the next day It was a situation that was quite surprised. Mom, what did you do? Mom also useless I want to enter the bath with Hiroki once in a while? I was found down ...... good separately ...... I Come'll get back shed. How Hiroki even before I increased it to another adult? It 's mom than that I'm not angry separately I idiot stopped hands surprised Hiroki would have naughty underwear mom Hiroki yesterday was found down to wash the back of mama now  I wash yourself before The better than masturbation to your own feelings is a good finger of good Hiroki Nante rubs clit me a this mom Alright down Give me to wash the dick Mom Hiroki, now really I, and of not really angry and I was happy Mom Hiroki, thank Hiroki I like to'm clean that dick Mom Mom, pee have come to watch Hiroki  I had such want to mom, pee I wait a little mom something'm slimy I came out I Mom wants sperm mom, Hiroki it out and rock out to the pussy of Hiroki mom out and I can not put up Serve the other mom, my mom I feel good Hiroki feels A~a~a ~ I put put the pussy of mom penis Hiroki, leaving Hiroki sperm Hiroki has occurred in the thigh from the pussy sperm Hiroki I heard. Hiroki I have come into the vagina of Mom, Let me go to the room of mom rises, put also tongue so with a kiss Mom in my head I feel good A~a~a~a ... is so give me to put Hiroki likely to be white, the penis'm there Yeah Birabira also clitoris also received licking licking ask'm where Hiroki was born to see with open legs and I'm Eventually Hiroki'm like, five times the island pussy until the morning let pregnant mom out into the vagina of the mom abandon it out and say it out you'll likely out also mom,'m good at licking nipples poking more A~a~a~a feel I say lays a baby son and pregnant someday is like a dream Nante meet love and cherished son every day from now sex with son feels Nante was is so nice

Accept the feelings of my sister

In the summer of my second year of junior high school, I was late for club activities and returned home at 19:00. My sister Kaede always picks me up at the front door, but I didn't come today. When I went to the kitchen, my mother wrote it down. Mom will be late tonight. For dinner, please chin. Will you help me again? What? There are two people. I went to Kaede's room and opened the door. (I) Kaede, why don't you eat rice? .. "no reply". (I) Kaede rice. "I shook Kaede who was wearing a futon, but it was silent" (I) Isn't it bad? .. When I peel off the futon, I'm crying. When I asked him about the situation, when he changed his clothes in the pool, he seemed to be teased by his small breasts and lack of hair, and his bad friends seemed to break up with the boys. It's been 5 years since I was depressed, so my breasts got bigger and my hair grew, so I comforted myself and ate rice together . I usually watch TV with two people, but when I entered the room, I wondered if Kaede was still depressed in the room, and he said sorry and closed the door and entered his room. Kaede was masturbating. What's more, I'm completely naked and I'm used to seeing naked because I always take a bath together, but what is masturbation? Kaede looked a little like a woman. That night, I created Kaede and masturbated too. It felt awkward for a few days, but a carefree smile returned. I took a bath together today. When I saw the naked Kaede, that figure erected in the bathtub without leaving my mind. I turned my eyes away, but when Kaede started shampooing, I burned my body into my mind with a side dish tonight.A phone broke the temporary unity of three family members. It's from my mother's sister. Mom left home to help with a snack. I told him to sleep in Kaede just here and there. (Kaede) I'm going to sleep already. (I) Yeah. It's early tomorrow. (Kaede) Onii-chan. Brush your teeth properly. When I headed to the washroom, I saw Kaede's freshly taken off pants. I put it in my pocket. Observe Kaede's pants seriously in the room. The crotch part was slightly wet. When I licked it, it had a salty and sour taste, and I pressed my nose with pure white pants that smelled sour , sniffed, squeezed the dick, and ejaculated. I put the crotch area on the dick that hasn't settled yet, covered it with pants, and fired it at Kaede's pants. I felt refreshed and slept in a dreamy way. The next morning, I was shaken by Kaede and woke up. After eating breakfast, I noticed that Kaede's pants weren't there while I was preparing, but Kaede was in contact with me normally while I was commuting to school and didn't say anything. I was thinking about it at school. The club activities were all unsuccessful, and he was reprimanded and returned when he didn't like his adviser. In the park on my way home, when I was vague, a girl was talking on her cell phone. I was surprised to hear the contents. It seems that he is talking about Kaede. Kaede seems to have flirted with his favorite boy. The child who was resentful consulted to harass Kaede. At one point, the child went to the bathroom, so I followed him and entered the disabled toilet. Maybe I wanted to be Western style. When I pushed the child in at the moment when it came out, it hardened with a surprised expression, so this child was planning to make Kaede,I decided to hide my pants when I was in the pool and make him harassed. When I took off my pants, I trembled, opened my crotch, turned to depression, and took off my jacket from myself. ?? I 'm sticking out my ass, telling me not to be violent. The question remains, but I'm afraid that it's healthier than Kaede's lust, and the long-sought pussy is in front of me. I decided to enjoy the act of imagining with Kaede and scratching the trout to my heart's content. Open the muscles, observe the inside carefully, and when you lick it, it reacts with a jerk. When I lick it further, my voice leaks. Then, when the protrusion that hits the tongue is licked intensively, the voice leaks while twisting the leg. Is this the clitoris! When I pushed my index finger into the hole, I said in a clear voice. When I got up, my waist was tight, I turned around, bent in front of my crotch, lowered the zipper, put out a ticking dick, and added it. It's my first blowjob without saying anything. What's going on? That doesn't matter. It feels good and unbearable. I have ejaculated in my mouth. The girl pecks and spits out sperm and sips the glans penis. The newly ejaculated dick tickled, but soon became comfortable. Then, I stuck out my butt again. I shot a ticking dick with a jerk and was absorbed in myself, using my waist and ejaculating while rubbing the big pie with both hands. When I asked the girl who was wiping her crotch why she was so easy to get rid of her and why she was accustomed to having sex, she was surprised and asked if she was a friend of Akio Ichikawa.Ichikawa is our junior high school yankee. When I told him that he was Kaede's older brother, not his companion, and that he had heard the conversation on his cell phone, he started crying. The situation is as follows. This girl is named Makoto and is Kiyotake's younger sister. Kiyotake offered Shinjun to Ichikawa to stop the bullying of Ichikawa. It seems that Masumi has been treated as a public toilet by the Yankee Group in Ichikawa. The next day, I made the Ichikawa group full-bodied with a promise that I wouldn't touch Kaede because I was on the way. Of course Kiyotake was also confused. An adviser to the judo club got angry at the fight, but when I talked about the situation, he told me to keep it confidential. That's why I can't trust the school. But Masumi was pleased, and for a while the hole in Masumi was dedicated to me. Because it is pure and sexually treated. This made me less lustful for Kaede. When I thought it was calm, I was surprised when I opened the drawer to borrow a mechanical pencil in Kaede's bath. To tell the truth, Kaede's guy, I kept my pants of the wreckage that I had ona in the drawer of the desk. After all, was it taken to Kaede that morning, so did he start taking a bath alone? I was wondering if my hair had grown. What should I do?. When I took a bath instead of Kaede, my mother went to help after a long time, and I didn't want to be two tonight. Then Kaede passed through the glass, (Kaede) Onii-chan, that ... What is (me)? (Kaede) Does your brother like me? .. (I) Huh? I like it.(Kaede) Yeah, how do you like it? .. (I) How is it ... why? .. (Kaede) Because my pants ... "I was worried after all." (I) I'm sorry. (Kaede) You don't have to apologize. "Don't mess with anything." Then the door opened. Naked Kaede stood. (I) Kaede! .. (Kaede) Don't bring out your pants, just tell me. (I) What are you saying? (Kaede) So, with my brother ... I hugged him silently. (Kaede) It's my first time so please be kind. What. Is it okay? ,Are you serious. How far is it? Hiding the agitation, Kaede sat on the edge of the bath and opened her crotch, and her face was brought close to the long-desired slippery pussy and licked for about an hour. Meanwhile, Kaede's voice echoed in the bath, and I was strangely lustful. Kaede bent her hips and slammed her upper body, sticking out only her butt, her face was burning, and her eyes were Tron. While licking Kaede's Tsuruman, I squeezed myself and ejaculated on Kaede's ass. Kaede hugged me and went to bed. Kaede is a brother and sister who wants to be an onapet. You're not looking for sex, right? After all it is useless ??. However, Kaede's story I heard in the sleeping story was shocking. I was masturbating. I was a brother and sister with the same side dish. The current act isSo-called, this is a fifty fifty relationship, but Kaede was escalating more and more, and 10 days later she had sex. I hope and come true. It's been a year since I started having sex. Kaede's chest became a C cup, and although it was thin, it had hair. It's a solution to your worries. Innocence is over. It was because Kaede knew it and was angry like a fiery fire. Mom wants to see it, but she doesn't say anything. There was a condom on the desk. It's my mother's best. What is your mother feeling? I'm scared to think.

The ... on the way back of the working

It has been beaten on my way home one night working. I did not see even the face of the man did not understand anything because it was dark at night, but I think age and about 30 years old. I can go eat is becoming Nakunaku husband last year at 42 years old I also want money. There are many payment and monthly apartment and debt. I was working for a sex shop and the recommendation of a friend to the payment. Manager window there is a handsome twenties, but Mashi death interview. It is to the sex store manager is on top of me to become naked in a room that is open the second floor of the shop. It also did about 30 minutes of the time. I have to do with other than her husband for the first time. Ochinko of the store manager's big long. I do not exceed in pain likely Harisake. It was said to be painful with. And then I was told that it should not be said that such painful. It became anxious and able to continue or to become 42 years old. I will make money with pussy.

... My son

It is a life of only two people son and 23-year-old is a housewife of 42 years old, but her husband passed away last year. His son went into the 893 without also work. You come back from time to time in the house, but you brought fellow. It then sex with the naked from daytime me. It is done to cause fellow son is finished. Penis of his companions became likely Harisake pussy of when I was a long time large riverside bristles. Never was also sex with son me. I never was, etc. with others much less. But I was fainting when you have sex with people of the fellow. Son was a promise that to the sex companions and me every day now.
My pussy is going to be too big because I have sex with the two men also about '20 from this.

Is your brother

Pajamas pants of your NichangaMiyu eyes and wake up discomfort to something I know you had been
naughty Miyu the older brother who was sleeping in the same room from 4th grade around the chest of Miyu began to bulge is sleeping in the middle of the night I was surprised it was trying to lower the I started it is in stripped naked pants are also taken off finally just had come to try to touch the body gradually that it was just looking figure of only pants Miyu and I had to pretend you are asleep by opening diluted It now says himself in a whisper, \"the body is reacting feeling to sleeping guy\" nipple come occurred when rubbed the breasts became larger as I had continued mischief Miyu even from getting junior high school also was your mouth the day, sometimes you have ejaculation to the navel around and rubbed muscle chest and sit up and beg that your brother also had become stripped naked to become that time to come wet when you are stroking the streaks are taken off pants was to back resulting in warped nature when it was issued I Dokun pushed in I was raised in Miyugashi or suck it or them to become naked from it Na apologized elder brother 's \"I'm sorry I'm sorry\" and I've got up in Kurushiku~tsu indeed But SEX defended strictly prohibited

Merciful with

It was transported by ambulance father-in-law is in contact with the large vehicles fall on the bike during operation.
Because it was fortunately helmet wear, I was good there is no abnormality in the head, but for thigh part fractures, such as lumbar bruise, it was decided to be hospitalized for some time. There is no need of attendant at the hospital, but to be seen trouble my daughter-in-law is at home through a while. Father-in-law is 64 years old, it does not even seem sick sick especially until now, after retirement enjoys the day-to-day with your Kaisho returnable hobby. It is active by, for example, appear in such competitions sponsored newspaper sometimes, it's a celebrity in the local. Are you hitting your fellow up and every evening, because it Dearui such as for competitions in various places, it is enough to do I put for two days a week in the house. Mother-in-law died last year, is three people live, including the husband of office workers now, but I work until 4 o'clock from ten o'clock in the local supermarket in part. You do not have children yet, but I plan want one this year with my husband. I went to visit the 3 o'clock every day to the hospital, or deliver such a favorite fruit of the father-in-law, Kaerimasu with a laundry. I went a little earlier than usual that day, When you enter the hospital room by opening the door Sotto, (double occupancy) is or anything was discharged towards the same room the day before, father-in-law was sleeping alone bed. It was like sleeping zizzing sound because it sounds faint. From the gap of the curtains open just a little bit, I can see the ankle of one of the father-in-law sleeping. Looking approaching Innovation so, we found the feet of those who have been hardened with Gibbs lifted up a little, it is sleeping sideways in dressed like spread the crotch. I appear before kimono (yukata) as if the Hadake little. If you look at it to approach more, and well pull the curtain timidly, father-in-law I like not wearing the pants surprise. I do not know whether for treatment, but an important point of the father-in-law was a full view for that. There is no 30 centimeters before your eyes. From the crotch that was wide open, the tip of the cock that extends more soft, glans was blackish seemingly grotesque little will have Nokka~tsu sloppy way you have a dent on top of the thigh of one. I feel look, snake, such as that coiled is now. Was surprised than it was the size of the cock itself. It is to have a do Nya Madagu. What you would do if you become hardened, it is a moment that it is no good, but it was I have to imagine. Even when it is soft husband, I know, but at first sight, eh, What is this? It's such much that I thought it was .... Even between parent and child, who husband even though higher than 15 centimeters near stature, it was the exact opposite - wash in the hidden parts. It was thought that I learned for the first time father-in-law is Nante large orders of magnitude, but I can not believe it. It is what only appearance do not know the magnitude of any Nante. And because I'm different in parent and child .... Large scrotum wrinkle wrinkles dark little has been hanging in the groin. I looks around the cock, Une and somewhat grizzled, pubic hair and long black is, it extends around the navel also led to it. Hairy of the husband seems to be similar to this ... or would be genetic. You can see the scrotum that happened two entered is, it is wriggling slightly like you're breathing. It is strange, but it seemed like a completely different creature. Because there on the proximity, such as grasp and a hand reaching out Sotto, I would be a little excited just by looking. I feel especially bad did not, but it is father-in-law that it was Gataka~tsu to approach in Kingen honest on a daily basis. It is are you peep intently its hidden far from. It has become glued to a big cock. I became more hesitant in applying a voice to approach the bed. Because you've seen what an unexpected, I quickly stood a while in place. And that it has a peep cock of the father-in-law, and was attacked by embarrassment suddenly. When trying to Shimeyo the curtain in a hurry, I quickly kicked the slippers on the floor and stagger.

Or father-in-law or husband

It may be was arranged marriage on the recommendation of the boss of the company, but the opponent was subordinate to the previous me, is the son of the person who became officers currently. After marriage with her ​​husband, it is a translation that became the father-in-law.
In fact, the father-in-law, he was the illicit relationship between director age from manager. was liquidated terms when he became an officer, but I did not completely give up. An attempt was made ​​to make him stop somehow also commensurate with her ​​husband, talk is of settled him, but I managed to get married partly because her husband also liked me, it was the intermediary of the president and his wife.
After marriage, we revived the Naka from me as a matter of course. The so-what attitude the first child from can, father-in-law that was also intimidated, now received my body aggressively at first. At least, it would be a child of the father-in-law for me but it would be a child of the husband, but it is the same pedigree basis. After all, two children were able to get married, but since the relationship to continue with two people, blood type also is the same or a child of either, I do not know that it is not even in the inspection of the DNA. Children, are also similar to her husband as was the child of the father-in-law, apparently will not be noticed first.
You have table sorry to her husband, but this is also a kind of revenge against the father-in-law that has forsaken me.

... We were divorced

It is a married woman of 43 years old, but I was able summary divorce. I I did not go to the sauce. Without a line ゛Ku place has been a divorce in the husband would be found from the sex husband came back on account of work when I was having sex with people who came to collect the thing newspaper subscription fee of one day, It was thought to be dying without a place to serve without a place to eat without a place to live. I was working for a convenience store is where you go to eat very beginning. Rice ball remaining convenience store does not give me a secret, but I had to secure the body. Manager is entertain me every day. I and did have hest wife of the manager and I think that skills do too much. It seems to have a divorce story there. It will be 43 years old, but do not forget the feeling of cheating. 60 years old until you can sex still.

When you come to a date with boyfriend

It is in two 14-year-old. You have a boyfriend in high school. It is etched in Toka park in the evening I met on my way home school everyday. There is no money go to hotels, I quickly remember many places that unperceived boyfriend because will want to etch immediately. Toka Toka corner of the community center library of public school Toka, Toka footpath along the river Toka park, various. Boyfriend will shy was just that horny anyway. You start flirting to come turn the hands on my body, even if it wander Toka shopping center. Since become raised immediately by not stop anymore when that happens, I want to be touched there and I take my boyfriend to Toka in the toilet Toka stairs unpopular reluctantly. But, my boyfriend come to that naughty often raised by yourself, but I'm become permanently of moyamoya quite feel at the end of his and live. Actually, my dad will perceive sensitively, such a mood. If you come to my room, while saying \"Dodaa, hands? Do not it does not adhere to the study today,\" said, I would rub my tits hugged or behind. The I feel Jean immediately, let Nokezora his head on the shoulder of the father, I will become a breathing naughty \"~ ~ ~ ah ... Oh, N~tsu ...,\" he said. Dad makes it full of a lot of it feels I carefully anyway. While grinning observing my reaction, you will see gently caress the various places of the body. I, and panting while writhing like \"... you there! ... Aan! There\", and to us to while saying \"Do more ...? Here or do? Here either?\" Here, to say \"whether ... like here ... hey? or why not here too?\" in the atmosphere very naughty, I me body bullying very comfortably. It 's such convulsions things like crazy feeling mode, convulsion, convulsion. We will go to continue many times such it off, so you also pussy licking full. Feel open the whiff ahead towards the father is thick with much longer than boyfriend, penis also'm the best rubs filled with middle when you came. I fucked in various Positions while being rolled Colo at the hands of father in bed. \"Anan\" I'm would have been Iwasa feverishly. So, I love cock of such a father. When outstretched in front of the eyes, and then gently kiss for the hand cherish cherish. I'll lick full of a nice penis to us to comfortably take, in return, dad because rejoice. The little painful but it will taste delicious in addition to mouth Good luck. It is a very happy cock of the father is to further enhance in the mouth. We Become a feeling naughty and (are willing, ... you are willing) it becomes happy, and also, I recall these thoughts (oh, when it becomes like this among the pussy, feels good ...) and.

17-year-old son

 It is the son became a correlation, but it asked each day to enter the summer vacation, we are saying that <I was also studying> the son, but I am pleased nisin from being embraced every day, I can not say the son, but the heart I have myself crying to be <hugging violently day> in.
 It sought to waking up early this morning, it would be depending on, as I forgot breakfast, as I have embraced each other until 10 o'clock, you can not let the shower son now, so embrace me again, finished the shower together now, Living Room it has laid a futon on top of the flooring, you have air conditioning also twist pat. The son, and to put the energy in a salad of celery, we work hard every day was out in me.

Daddy ...

It's not every day, but I was afraid at first
that dad
comes into the room of Tadayo after mom went to bed, but I love the daddy now

The evening of summer vacation

yuna himekawa[49993]
Married sister of my wife, 48 years old, I am 52 years old.
It is the terms that meet secretly. Sister-in-law has been living in Yokohama daughter of working people, son of sophomore, with her ​​husband. My house, summer for the Highlands will come into play in the sister-in-law family. My husband does not come outside the body work! Daughter also died this very recent shift of work. It's coming son pattern of college students do not even with sister-in-law is now many. Sister-in-law is staying from a week ago. If there are no wife, a few days ago H, H, H, you have finished climbing traverse, son came home and hungrily. Drunk has been out around quite a 20:00 time out drinking with sister-in-law with sunburn, Yara burly, my wife is shy Mr. elusive Yara like a child was of a night shift. Because, I tried to put in your salmon (Halcyon?!) Powder was received and this is yo sleepy, out there that I've to bare, lower body son-kun transferred to another room I want worked somehow and go home, beer toast while eating rice! The topic from me, or not her? Acquaintance who came to Aunt came out help truth talk and over, also son Mr. sickness is, your drinker too next to it is just talk that it might want to see the lower abdomen! Or not interested in women, like to be in the mood Do not go to the mischief I'm sleeping in the room! Mischief you Komu invites it? And from hear, Let look lower abdomen! It's not very E~tsu, it gets out, but, candid answer when there interests you answer! Uncle'll come see how, I'll come to Call If it okay! Yes! And, it was the son of Mr. expected Manman! !

Conjugal life then with brother


It is the haze that has sent a couple living with his brother Hello. It is opposed by writing here, but I want a child. My brother because it was late at night coming home last night, I went to bed earlier. I noticed as soon as it is sleeping, and have a cunnilingus brother came home around your crotch is comfortably hot. I have nothing all day and night in sex acts in sleepiness while half asleep as it is comfortable enough to head dizzy. Pies are two times. I also live Mashi first time. Second time only brother. In response to the sperm of two times, as it is bedtime. It had been Kapikapi sperm brother has been flowing and I woke up in the morning. There is also a problem of family register, but the feeling still kids want is full now.

Every day with son

I died in her husband last year, it is two people living and son. It is to say the woman accustomed to my that my son does not even work. It was beaten by angry if you wanted to also reply to become ridiculous. It became his woman because there is no way to say from it. My son is 25 years old at 45 years old I am. Sex will do the work of that woman of course as a woman of his daily from it. I was told the doctor is not Orose at 6 months pregnant I thought it's a year. It was decided to lay it is said to me Yeah When you talk to the son. It is a complex and whether the grandchildren whether the children child that I gave birth is Nante be a father. The pleasant and pussy is using without leisure and because you're doing each and every daily sex take the year If you look to think.