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Incest confession of women(2006-08)

My discourse incest

After all, is now reported to be abused, can not stop.
The clitoris, for example, please allow erection while also reporting.
Nippurupiasu, we will always lust to Tomoe.
I can not stop love juice.

Morning service, for example friends after school service to both the vagina and the anal is always open too.

I can not forget that there is no time for the train molestation.
I knew who found joy.
Another woman's heart my M, you've understood


My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[2663]
Went home in wet conditions. Then, they came back wet in a shower is also a high school freshman brother, "Welcome home, Aya. I'm boiling bath. That enters." He said. I soaked in the rain without thinking, "Yeah. Thank you, I have tea with us," he said, as it entered the bath.思Ubeki did not enter the bath wondering how your brother is now considering why. And I'm soaking in the bathtub, and brother, "excited, so too cold 風邪Hiki. I come in?" Has been heard. I am so embarrassed I, and expected him to Hikasu a bad cold, "I'm seeing things I did were" answered. Open the door of the bathroom like crazy Then her brother, however have a penis erect in front of my eyes. My "brother! And I'm going! Ah what did you see?" And hide their faces and hands saying, "I like that Aya!" To say, my mouth Put the tongue has entangled. I'm really good feelings about, so parents have to come back, "her brother, looks I'll be back Dad," I have resisted, saying, "We could come back anytime soon because my father was a high school reunion I do not "is said to have been kissed again. And "always wanted to Ayawo yours ..." and then say ... "Aya, you're pretty good tits," I started licking my nipples and saying. "Oh, no." I think, for example voice I peeing. After I turned my nipples Konekuri carefully, including the mouth and started sucking. While there has been hot on the tongue that is licking the nipple. While his topic was not such a pleasure to taste. And my brother is to bring the hand there's me, "You're wet pussy excited, I must do such lewd, well, I'll wet the more" but I hope, next began to rub the whole there with your fingers Mashita. I have become comfortably "Ah," I aloud. Getting more love juice overflowing from there, so now go along the thigh. Brother forced me fingers entangled in my love juice, lick love juice after removing and began rubbing my clit thumb. I, masturbation, even when it did not touch the clitoris for direct, was attacked by a great pleasure. "You're great amount of excited, I'll wipe my tongue to clean my brother," his face, saying there has been close to. "Oh, look at my brother," he said. Close to my face there, but smell the smell, "it smells like cheese, sour." While saying this, my tongue began to lick. The first patient was still gritty feel sick. "What comes out but I can lick lick. Ayano is a bad girl," she said, now began to lick a little rough. It gradually becomes pleasant, and you feel it was pee out. Longer then my brother was loved like crazy. The penis is Okkiku brother, I was a virgin, "I want! I want!" I was then in rapid succession. Each time the older brother, "Do not worry, I will get better feelings about the pain I endured when I was a little messed up," has been slow to say the piston. I really have sounded in the bathroom getting drenched with a sound like you out of your dick and put my brother. The elder brother in the middle, "Aya, I do, you feel good?" I've heard, I have tears in eyes "feel good, big brother," I answer and shout. The older brother heard his words, suddenly became early piston. And the next moment her brother, "Aya, go, Ugh," I said to ejaculate inside of me. Juice and blood in semen and I love my brother as he pulled out from there to my brother's penis, pink and flowed from there and drop my thighs have been transmitted through flowing up. I was hanging on to my brother I got in my head went blank for more exhausted. Brother also had got to just stand and wait. And I do not have my period. That's right. I entered the belly of a child older brother. Although my brother likes them 墮 Ro, no money. Becomes gradually larger stomach, like morning sickness too. Bareru to do when her mother and fearful. Love like a brother every night, but I do live. What can I do so I try this?

In my home

It is the last month. Knock off work and I sleep in my bed, so I have my son and I slept in the living room sofa.
The next day I went to the room and settle your part son, entered my room, I stayed with a man Tachikome distinctive smell smell after a while.
屑篭 peek inside and there are carelessly discarded tissue from the tissue will stay blurred semen is like out earlier. Since single mothers home, his son and things at a glance the semen, the room had been so dry and my underwear, watching it is like to Shigoi stayed.
I have no feelings, my son, but I did spend a saw in my underwear, 居Tara want to know, my legs came too wet.
I also, after a long time masturbation

Today's Dad

Dad went to work today indeed. Sato Tatsuki bytes today. Hazime Yoshi met you in a while and then got H. But the father and the H ~ 良Kutsu better. Because I'll go your own Hazime Yoshi too quickly. Hazy, went home feeling something. Dad came back, so around 7:00, to take a bath with H Lightning. Papa Ttara "Mmm Sato Tatsuki larger breasts," but because I may never come to touch. Did you beg your daddy got Sato Tatsuki felt. Lick me boobs while playing with Dad Ttara Sato Tatsuki chestnut, It has become more pulp. Officials have their hands in the bathroom walls and ticking'll become a daddy penis Feller also inserts from behind. After using a little back, "You Hashi more over there," says dad into the room so that dad. One piece naughty Sukesukepantsu Ttara Papa string panty also has side Sato Tatsuki ~ Dad put to the room only. Bring Dad vibes from the drawer chest of drawers Ttara "Today I'll use the Kore," but the switch Ito Makoto brewed. Sato Tatsuki Kunekune pussy and sound by the movement of wetting wet Vienna. I say the vibe you want to use Hazime Tadashi, Sato Tatsuki say because I saw the first wire. "Dad, I'm using for this mom and when? Lewd dad." And say "Mom I rejoice. Sato Tatsuki not you hate?" I hear from "Because you do not use" and said, " Sato Tatsuki lewd because I love it, "said.
Wet panty Sato Tatsuki Sato Tatsuki ~ Daddy playing with me put his hands in the pussy. Painful stiff penis in the pants too daddy. Daddy's first experience in Ochinchinfera posture while Vibe 69. To feel good, "Oh do, Daddy ~ hopeless, you'll go Sato Tatsuki ~" Tta I'll cry. Ttara Daddy "Daddy's penis and which do you feel?" I ask. Of course, I'm obviously the Ino Hutoshi dad feels better penis. However, I was in the Vibe Ikasa. Then, "Dad also 欲Shiidaro" We've also put Nakara penis dad said. Dad got to go ahead and use heavy hip dad. But Dad still has a tight hard butt crazy move "Oh Tsu, Ino Makoto lewd pussy tightening it.'re Also going Sato Tatsuki Dad, go, go" out lots of hot semen in me says Sato Tatsuki Nakara me. SEX and the best dad.

My son begging

I am a 42 year old housewife. My husband (age 50) and son (age 15) is a family of three.
I have to become involved this summer in fact, my son. Before the eyes of his son, but felt a shimmering man's desire, without any reason comes into direct action, in some part of her son was enjoying the sight of the beast, just like it's cute.
In going to enjoy a bit of an embarrassed look on my son's summer vacation and airy, it was a mistake in the house was dressed in a lot of exposure.
Into the early days of August, at around 1 am so thirsty, to go to your kitchen cold water fountain, when you open the door of the living room, I saw my son watching television . I saw his son over the sofa fabric is light purple nose pressed against the next moment. Sofa all shoulder movements not seen anything to tell you in breathing.
Stand transfixed in front of my eyes through the door, I have a son masturbation. Cloth that has been my panties smell the smell soon turned out hard. This is what was worn before the hour.
I welcome my son's breathing became hard climax soon, I will crawl away from the tongue of the crotch of my panties.
Aa ... I finally get an Koraemashita voice. Embarrassing part was cutting into my place, are you excited to lick the sweat and smelling the smell of my son.
I could not stand anymore. Suited my eyes and I sit with my son and whistled Katari.
You will spend the night is like a dream now, then later date. Why? Just because I just had to come you slip into my son is sitting between your legs, but sounded nasty, because I began to lick there.
My son can not stop begging for more. Bad ... aa ...

My discourse incest

Hi, I'm 15 years old third year middle school. I confess that I found here I was playing with accidentally absent from school with a cold computer.
I live in two with my dad when mom died from a fourth grader. Dad's not even the real father is a married guy and the other mom. I
So, Chata sought sex with dad during the summer vacation from the body. I love daddy was received from the kind I confess I got was that I liked from way back. And I taught many loved by papa sex.
But recently, I have a strange state of the father. That asks for sore hands are tied and asked to come to hate me. Wake your daddy 訊Itara that "This is a SM'm horny. Now I'll be tough but I feel good once you get used to pain," and taught me.
true but I do Daddy said it, someone who has experienced a very anxious, you tell me?

Papa and today

Lightning H and dad today. I had my dad went to a love hotel entertained. Check out the hotel directly for your lunch. Dad entered the room and D are kissing in the room echoed with the sound turned Gushogusho quickly got naughty pussy licking pussy Sato Tatsuki Sato Tatsuki at me daddy I go into the lewd great bath together naughty mood. At first I was Dad's out patient voice "Sato Tatsuki, I'm out some more good", so to say "Oh I, feel ~ Dad, more, more" I ended up Segan. Daddy "s pussy Sato Tatsuki is a very lewd. I'm so wet. SEX Sato Tatsuki is so I like to think," I said, "Daddy's girl too ~ I'm also" Dad did not say I was " gotta, I'm going to a more lewd, "said Sato Tatsuki to suck a penis as thick and hard to say. I'll stand up and suck whizzing sound, "Sato Tatsuki your mouth it feels good, do it out like this?" I nodded and asked me 銜Eta leave, Dad moved back and forth holding the back of my head, "Hmm I, I feel good, so I went Sato Tatsuki. Ah, leave, leave.'ll get us to the "semen out of your mouth a lot better but I Sato Tatsuki. Then take a shower, H daddy video I was watching "I'll give you even feel Sato Tatsuki," taking into tits licking pussy Sato Tatsuki fingers while saying, "Look, I'm already so wet, but a lewd pussy "Lightning Sato Tatsuki says she is also cleared the finger saying bullying. Lightning feeling full from the back and piercing the penis in Sato Tatsuki's dad still hardened. Finally got to go along with severe hip dad posture. Ask dad to buy a home you like underwear, H Sato Tatsuki dad even bought pants choose. I promise tonight I'll buy underwear together. Dad is calling it, also Papa and now I'm going to SEX.

Papa and finally

H Sato Tatsuki finally be with my dad on Thursday it now.
Papa and Mama H I sometimes had to listen to voices that masturbation, got invited Mom and Dad wanted to Sato Tatsuki from people traveling abroad for it now. I'm a man first, but Dad also was surprised. While being tampered clitoris Hands in panties Sato Tatsuki from Sato Tatsuki when I was getting comfortably is put your finger licked her pussy was Gushogusho is taking off panties then got turned into pulp "Dad put" Lightning say.
Daddy's hard penis is bigger than his "Sato Tatsuki, Sato Tatsuki" click me to play around with your fingers while saying the piston back me, "Oh I Oh!" Dad will be starting to sound like me kucha got the squid in the penis.
Byte rest Friday, the morning off and work with H Shimashi dad. Sato Tatsuki also Gushogusho pussy licked and to have tampered with chestnut or dad in the room this morning. Ttara daddy "Sato Tatsuki,
Will you also suck daddy? "Blow it up and I was a joke? Ttara daddy "Sato Tatsuki, I'm good at sweet" I did say, big penis tight daddy. Got me going many times to feel too pussy dad in the posture of 96 Sato Tatsuki. Daddy, "Sato Tatsuki, I can not put Dad, you know put" I felt like wearing a condom, and "ear, but safe day generated from the topic," Did you ask me. While Papa hard Pinton me at once to insert the penis big "you Hazime Yoshi (he) from the big squid? Okay?" I never ask. I really lascivious father. He's full of feeling comfortably SEX 味Waenakatta in Lightning. Dad and me out a lot in semen Sato Tatsuki. Friday was a total of three times, three times on Saturday,
Me twice today. Dad, "I'm still young pussy," I know this to mind and body Sato Tatsuki, so come back to Mom this Saturday with my dad while Chaimasu to fill. But his dad says I'm off work tomorrow.
SEX is the best dad and feels good!
Will be spending money for "prostitute home," Was it?

Three sons high

My 40 year old homemaker. In fact, I have three sons as high. Half a month ago, trying to wash us from inside the palanquin,
There is a feeling Numetsu panties and lingerie took place ... ... ...
Son found that semen immediately.
I mean, the white slimy mucus, that peculiar smell ...,
And to the bereaved husband and, now, I'm from and two sons live in ... ... ...
His mother that his son masturbating panties,
Have you ever read something in the post sometimes women's weeklies,
I'm never like that my son ... ... ...
But I can honestly say, then, in amazement, I got so excited.
Have decided to confess his secret also thought to let her son.
"Like Mom, did you know that Mineo, washing the bathroom from time to time palanquin, I take them to the room ... ... ... mother's dirty panties
Mineo, right: I was masturbating mother's panties? Even now, were you? "
"I feel so bad when you take from the university touched, got it? When I found out that masturbation is to say, I'll help my mother?"
"Rubbing his cock, I'm thinking about pussy mother?"
{You and Mom? No regrets ...?
Mineo is a good mother and still gonna be incest? I'm here, you know, Mom, right in the pussy until I see you're spreading your fingers pussy? "
"I was watching it for masturbation, and I'll pull up many times Handjob Blow or later, it's refreshing to learn from us"
"Oh good boy," continued

Incest Night Before the Wedding

Refrain wedding tomorrow, and I drink beer while you father for dinner,
"Dad, Thank you for raising up to today."
"As a parent, just the obvious things," My father was shy.
My home my father and father-child family, begins tomorrow night and the father bear living alone.
I killed my mother when my elementary school drinking 話Mashita various things in two, three years at junior high school,
It made me give up my father strongly opposed the marriage, the story was Tsukimasen.
Turned around 9pm, my father said to sleep tomorrow Since it busy taking a bath,
"Hey, Dad, because you get into a bath together last night, I'm going back Nagashi"
My father, "Okay, Okay, I do not superfluous in" gone to the bathroom quickly.
But I wondered what to do, go to the bathroom wrapped in a towel because everything on the bus wearing off after a brief interval, "Dad, I entered" into saying that opened the door. My father was silent for a troubled face, "Dad, towels lent," and began to wash back to take a towel from his father.
"Daddy, you turn this way", and they confronted me and said his father was head of the tile with a soap, and washing the breast
"Then this kid I like," Look at me and said Dodo,
"I'm an adult woman were getting too Miho imperceptibly," he said,
Peel was on, that the Father is greater notice.
My father asked me why I was "the man too, and my daughter and a young woman's body, though"
"And I'm Miho is good for breasts," Nde say, "Do not touch" had to take Spanish mackerel in my heart to say his hand.
I gave lots of washing soap to put too fine array of his father.
Bold beginning is also gradually becoming more cautiously touched his father,
My father has seen a rough'll become my breath, "Do you feel" I say, yes I do, and nodded.
"Dad you do not want to," I said, I can not say that because,
I love my father and I'll slowly by hand grip is gone, that the father saying Attoiu間Ni,
It took something out of my body, my father. My father is also there and I'm sorry did awkwardly.
I thought my father was cute and gave his father, that the clean wash.
The wedding day was blessed with a lot of our People

My discourse incest

I felt the weight of something I was sleeping nicely.
Ah! I was again.
I was also long.
The mother was told her mother.

What should I do

This summer, the father has just SEX.
I sometimes had a woman since the holiday just because entrance into the rest are in the mood Nakade is then due, regardless of the day.
Had been forced to wear one day his father bought Banikoto today, while wearing three times and was once committed is taking off.
What should have been out just because I want to avoid pregnancy because there is no period yet.
SEX do feel recently become yet, I'm embarrassed.
H can not go it alone this time nothing but homework.
I am nothing but a toy to treat wet an important part of what I think that a woman is kinky.

My discourse incest

My middle school two years early, it was always next to my mother. One day, At night, my mom that I,

Yuka chan, do not tight bra these days? ]
I've heard, it really embarrassed, I was silent. Then a bright light on the room mother, my Hagurimashita our futons. , Citing over gently grabbed my pajamas sleeping. Momentarily

Kya []

Mom and say

[Oh, do Parioppaikonnaniokkinda ~]

While I and my boobs 撫Demashita lightly. Hidden arms involuntarily
But, this time immediately touching the nipple and Chung

Yuka chan, I was now grown up just fine, pointy I]

And I say, I scored another embarrassing move for shame. Moreover, mother I laughed gently roll your thumb and forefinger and ashamed of my projections Korikori ...

[Tomorrow] we will go to buy a new bra

She said, her mother also lay down. And, in the form of lying, and now I've been playing with the nipple in earnest,

Mother ... [sex] Uo embarrassing

And so,

[Floor, when touched Mochii here? ]
I was embarrassed, so I become more upright you get paid somehow more ... my mom Mogurimashita the futon. Then

Yuka chan, Did you feel? Do you want more to feel good? ]

While saying that, this time putting her hand into the pants Pashama has just rubbing his crotch with a finger. I was surprised to feel weird thinking, ah! I have a small aloud Innovation. Then

Koko, Yuka here, I'm getting a little stiff ...]
I say. So I [mother, do not touch something like that ... embarrassing, I did not get it firmly]
At the time, I am not sure what to say because my mother did not know the existence of the clitoris

To rub gently touched the mother plant but hardened. I twitch and

I [~ Yuka impressionable, like pulling up power]

So saying, this time directly into their hands in the pants, so I wrapped gently 揉Mimashita killed the voice of a hard struggle got kind of getting impatient. Then

[I do not have the patience, you're a mother's shameful, try to spread the foot]

My legs are spread face to the heavens
Its hard to complete the process, while the exposure was rolled in the hands of her mother.

Yuka's Koko, you're cute, I'm sure a fast ticking ...]

[Mom ... Momma ... awww is,]

Inspired by the warm hands of her mother just so embarrassing, I finally got to cum.

Relationship with a brother

yuna himekawa[2619]
I have a brother three years older. Write a relationship with his brother.

180cm and body were firmly because I play basketball in college as much. My sister says that I think is something refreshing and cool categories.
Most of the friends saw my brother come over to my house "Neat!" And said he was, and there was also be asked to pass a love letter.
I'm usually very opposed, but a large white eye color, body movement is weak too chubby.

Parents are slow at work since childhood, had me to dinner and my grandmother is cleaning at home living close to many business trips, I spend many evenings alone with my brother.
So what, my brother and I until around the fourth grade had to really get along well together into the bath.
Middle school and my brother, what was truly embarrassed, I told my grandmother about time or another enter into, did not swell in my chest before I could not remember now separate.

Relationship can still run out of things to take a bath with his brother was still good.
By the time a junior high school I moved away to live with his uncle the family my grandmother
When returning late mother is cleaning up my diet, I felt like my brother and two people finish first.
Events that occurred between my brother and progress in that.

One night right before spring break of my ninth grade. The day ended with both parents away on a business trip.
Finished dinner with his brother, as usual, my brother upstairs to my room, I went to the bathroom.
When you start washing your hair a little, suddenly the electricity went out. Looked back at the entrance to leave the frothy head, it was totally dark. I was totally dark outside the window.

"麻依, I like the blackout. All right?"
I saw a faint light through the door and turned around again to the voice of his brother.
"It's blackout? Yuki (the home of his brother is also usually are affectionately called), should I do? I'm not done yet"
Held out from the container carrying the candles and opened the door a little space.
"I'll keep the ventilation window slightly open."
The single candle was a strange dark anxiety.
And also get scared than it left open the windows.
"Ah! Snow waiting for you. I'm scared of entering the open. Last time, I have been rumored in the neighborhood that I have a bath next door peep"
"Then, out of Shibuya - shed, 入Reyo later."
While such a conversation with his brother through the door, suddenly I remembered the old days.
"Hey, I get into with snow."
At that time, not some other emotion, it was really shout out casually.
"Screw you, I'm saying? Have decided to force it like that?"
Always soft-spoken brother, said a little gruffly.
"Why? You siblings? Old I'm okay with that came in every day."
Moment, and I say so with a tone of 拗Neta back to childhood as a small
The signs get undressed his brother behind the door.
Bosotsu said that his brother came to the bathroom.

"Keep me out of it."

So long now, will also continue.

Son sex machine

I bear living together with my son. I'm 36. My son is 15. I found 20 baby-faced troubles well. Enough about that, that several months ago. It was a hot summer day. Son-type pants and a bikini Fu T-shirt I slept alone. It was closed, the room and say if you can get up when the other was saying went. I'm from Hamide bigger penis pants. Omowazu I was fascinated. Pants after a long time and I saw a guy thing though. So good. I thought so. Originally I liked sex so can no longer bear to watch. I began to cock his son from the pants.
"Wow, Large" 20cm said. There is also considerable thickness. What happened my son I do not care. Blow to think so. My mouth is big and tough. But this feeling. I think what's beloved son, I'm glad you think so have a good thing my son again. Again, my son woke up. I went without care. My son said, but what are you doing I accepted my actions over time. Feller I was looking at me. When you release the next Okimashita mouth before his son's face. "Mother," her son kissed like that. You do not need words to us were the Crispy. My son has been on and kiss himself. My hands began to massage the breast. However, "I do not know what to do," I said. "I'll tell mother," my son has read so coveted caress my body. And I said, "you put anymore" I said. Iwan Tsukitatemashita only son and was waiting for dick. I did over there to have a place Ategatsu penis but do not know where I was embarrassed. I said, "Oh how it feels good. Raretara if something this big," I went to high expectations. Amazing. So far. Strangely enough, my body is all Mikomimashita son. "Mom feels" "I too mom" I have a son now I have a good shot. Was a little unhappy. The penis head has been raised that fine and give an instant, and to clean the mouth. "You can be one more dear." We were tied again. Now really, I 攻Me立Temashita 10 minutes. "Oh, wow, too much feeling," however the voice was more embarrassing roll kanji. "'ll Say again, she'll go"
At that time my son, too. Tomarimashita moves to things like that. After you finished? "I tried to wear my very excited mother 声聞. Three felt like that ..." "No, embarrassing." He kissed me gently dear Kanjita do that. And that day, and it freed up more men and women get along, I said I Hairou a bath together.
How do I Hairou son, we have entered together. "I'm the best mom. Beautiful, young and even bigger breasts," "I Hyperbole"
Kachinkachin has become the least painful of the penis and also his son, and after a while. The two times I just Ntara Mouken tea. My son has Excuse me tits. That's right. I also got our first. Then the other, the couple now live. Seeking my son will come every day without fail. Oshitsuke get what I came hard from behind massaging the breast even when I cook. I'll also often be as long as it is. Now swallow the pill, so now my son too intense sexual desire. Twice a day on which I shelved. Meet demand and this is hard in my bed even earlier Nde son vacation. Now my tummy fresh sperm of her son however, has Haitsu. But I made it helped me a chance, so matchless holiday for my son I will be taking off clothes many times.
Nugasa was another two times today. Morning Wood was to put a penis, even when that occurred. I thought that was just learned the most wanted sex rut. I really enjoying fulfilling sex life, too. I think many times if I want to let her son. I think that recently has become a little black penis. Paishimikonderukarajanai going to say that my son every mother's love juice? Each time my penis sex, mother's over there Bichobichoninatterukara. I think come very dear son's penis is going to want this body, this fluid Paishimikonderunokanato love going out there for me.


I am a 20 year old student, 42-year-old father is a worker.
Cheating on my mother and my mother divorced seven years ago.
My father before marriage I had to stop drinking during the marriage is drunk quite so bad, had a rough divorce and then may come back to drink it every day.

The incident occurred when about a month.
Came home drunk as usual for a while when my father entered my room in bed and sleep soon. Landmark suddenly kissed the hand came into my room as soon as I began to massage the breast.
I was surprised by a sudden "What dad," my father said to us last Kaetta Does "Misaki Sorry," and said the room went away.
I knew that my mother was in love with my father when my mother was quite 恨Mimashita betrayal of my father my mother.
My father did not care about the act of approaching it and thought his father wrong and I'm sure the mother is too drunk.
However, while my father to my mind they did not act and that my eyes Awasou.
I also like that pretty to look at my father because he also saw to spend their lonely days that I kissed my father sitting next to him. But I'm still a virgin at that time knew little something called SEX. Kiss kiss my father about it if they knew what I was pleased.
But father and daughter 押Shi倒Shimashita understand me but unable to hold a grudge against Yara male instinct thing a woman.
I decided to indulge oneself in something I was interested to say What I liked a bit before my father as a father.
More later on because it was possible for something to do

About February or so before

I was under the care of five old brother.
Sometimes you can let me suck the nipples of a baby when he playfully. At that time I was not satisfied with the formation of breasts, small breasts nipples he is completely flat 探Ri当Te was sucked up.
And a fifth grader in elementary school, head for the secondary sex characteristics, and is formed as the breast, I was young and made him suck her breasts smaller.
弄Tta when his penis was amused at that time, the penis is smiling seemed pretty white little finger earlier.
In such a dick you little incentive Shiteyare sometimes amused by the stimulation is an erection.
When I saw the ring horror movie on TV that you mention it, I fear dying, sometimes slept with him.
At that time, I hugged him to see what a nightmare.
He has been like that I cherish, cute brother had yet to be reliable.
I understand that around the end of June, while walking together in the club and the boys have been approached under my brother.
"Mr. K, what is it," smiled'll rip into me.
"Yeah, I had to go home with my sister from" 言I出Shimasu do that, "I'm sorry, lady, because there is little talk," I say let it attributed to his brother.
In fact, I was talking about the club's activities with the boy, Kay-kun looked unconvinced.
Kay-kun so much that day but did not even answer my feeling testy talks.
My mother lost early, sticking closely to my brother, and I would get along with the bad boys.
Jealousy is a short children.
I quickly discovered it because, had I decided to take no notice, then did the unexpected Kay kun.
Night, come to my room, sleeping in my bed, "my sister" and I called her.
Has been noticed, that did not respond partly asleep, he stretched my hand to pajamas.
Then I unbuttoned pajama.
Is the time from sleep, so it was natural braless.
Kay-kun and gently opened my pajamas, grabbed both my breasts.
To truly surprised, but I wake up my eyes to a machine, can also do.
Might become a big deal since my father heard a scream it is raised.
Over time, what he has to be careful eye 覚Masanai I ride on the bed and Sororito, being careful to not give weight to me, gone through the lips on my lips.
There was also a playful kiss to his childhood, when it is clearly different feeling.
(Oh, Kay kun maybe) I can be aware of the horror and surprise.
My brother is a possibility for me to lust.
The child just entered puberty, and may have feelings that the immediate family of the opposite sex as mothers and sisters had heard so far and I did not expect severe.
Desire to have sexual intercourse before the age of the Kay-kun I failed the first place.
Now after the kiss and started sucking the breast following 脱Gasou began to pull down my pajamas.
"It is useless" and keep thinking quietly note pajamas, Kay-kun seemed startled and stopped moving.
Even in the dark and raise my upper body, you will see that my brother scared.
If you go back to the room to be angry like this, and I think Kay kun is hurt, not very strong say, I reluctantly embraced 寄Semashita Kay kun.
"I'll forgive just above, so please be patient," saying that he has buried her face in my breasts again, nervously.
My brother is sucked into the nipple. Kisses are not touching his nipples, areola noticed that the nipple is raised to no less.
Kay-kun my body is starting to act a response.
I have so far been hit by far was not overt sexuality. For example, even against his brother, a strange feeling to come.
Face buried in the breast so even what time he gently raised his head to hold.
"When I was little, I remember that my heart was grinded well." He nodded and noticed it asked.
"At that time it was in jest but, now I get it in a sorry joke," I said, he looked at me to ask.
"My sister, are you mad?" Mr. Kay said in an anxious and timid, "I'm not angry. But are you doing this to me and Kei kun I think that the surprise." As I've gently admonishing speaking, Kay kun hung his head, "Sorry."
"Yeah, fine.'ll Forgive" Mr. Kay is once again buried his face in my chest.
"I heart my sister is big" Kay-kun started to say that.
Changing the time at school or something, that was also the envy of big breasts.
"Kay-kun's classmate and girls different?" And asked me to explore, Kay kun nodded, "Yeah, all those guys kid. Even in the completely flat chest and I almost did not grow"
"When Kay Drinking too much so I will be as big.'ll Grow up a girl now." Mr. Kay is surprised to know about color have been aware of the girls take care of my heart still classmate. So much about the boy's curiosity about the opposite sex 激Shiirashii than I thought.
"Mr. Kay have also done something like this girl but me." When I ask, shaking his head.
"No way there."
"But that'll be going around my friends." Mr. Kay started to say that "Really?" And was surprised to rethink, Kay-kun nodded clearly "yes, even sex with a girl something to him I have. "
"A friend of Kay-kun, sex with a girl" And the other girls are 同級生Rashii.
From facing a period, I like the naughty girl is not around many years later, it was beyond my comprehension.
What I have been delayed or just.
I have so many friends is not, this kind of talk was not very opportunity to hear.
"The girl of my classmates and I want to be caught on Kay kun" and I asked, kun Kay shook her head.
"I want to do. Because really, all those guys I'm a child. And even bigger heart as my sister, because no sex appeal." Mr. Kay said clearly.
Now instead of a girl can not get oneself interested in the same age, Kay-kun is my sister feel real woman. That must be what this is unusual, and I thought for a moment of good will or rather, it stopped immediately.
Now that the brother and sister are doing the real thing unusual enough.
As it were noticed, but we feel that hit in the groin and thighs around Kei-kun.
It is near where Kay kun penis.
Okay, I thought Kay-kun's have an erection.
When women want a hard penis erection that boy but as knowledge, I do not know what it is.
Saw when I was young, except for a small penis is seen Kay kun male penis is clearly not.
Kay-kun penis I wondered what right now.
What kind of a bigger penis is like the white tip of the little finger of your childhood, would have turned the hair to grow penis 剥Ke boyish or too.
Given that, I got it 確Kametaku.

My discourse incest

I am 38 years old nurse, his son (Tomokazu) is a 15 year old single mothers. It is two years ago. I came back from lunch one day in a nearby hospital working vacation. I was a computer room and go Tomokazu. Tomokazu "Welcome home. Today is wearing white. You're the first time in a while." I "just you wait just get ready because" I was preparing lunch and head to the kitchen saying. After eating together after a while Tomokazu call and ask because it seems to say something Tomokazu, friends and my penis and things wrong. Is shy. Try to see my mother say You're a nurse, and lowered his pants and trousers. Then 剥Keta Kina Hiroshi penis skin appeared. When I gently touched, suddenly increased hardness, higher than what was good ever seen. I said, "You really big and impressive," he said. Tomokazu "I'm great friends so they are wearing leather. From a friend is like a ghost I said," I said. I "I do not have such a thing. Okay not to worry about," it was time to return to the hospital and rang the chime of the clock and she says, and left the house hurriedly get dressed. Throughout the work, though the head of the penis is full of Tomokazu. I was hot wet pussy. Look to see it again. It can stay did not want to stay standing even touching. Do not leave home with a white dress after work. I want to hide the embarrassment, so I take care of you wearing white as a nurse. Tomokazu was go home and watch TV. Tomokazu a "fine I'll see it again as a nurse," and trousers and pants 下Roshimashita likes. "Big I knew it! How do you put in there is pleasant," I was thinking I unconsciously rubbing his penis. Tomokazu is a "feel good. I pee leaking" me "that I have masturbation?" And asked "No," he says. "Leave it to mother," she said involuntarily entered and fingertip force. Large amounts of semen 飛Bi散Rimashita 目掛Ke then my face. Tomokazu is "I'm sorry. I leak" I say, I am "as an adult witness" will be completely wiped 萎Mimasen face and penis with a tissue. I instinctively cock in the mouth. Tomokazu is "But I feel dirty," I said, "Now look out loud," he submitted to the mouth for some time. The semen of seven years divorced. It is really thick and delicious. Will grow rapidly and directly to the mouth. Now sit on the Tomokazu 下Roshimashita Ategai pussy shook off penis in white panties on 捲Kuri thinking. "Feels good!" Was shouting. Say whether there was a place so pleasant things. After a while, and Tomokazu "Serve", so to say, as it is brought out in. It is because my son loves. Full of feelings I want to accept everything. Sakai in the house that day our lives like a couple. Every day makes me happy that I hung in the morning and evening. I'm wearing a costume and naughty underwear and looking to get pleasure and Tomokazu more stimulation. But do not forget my favorite of his is white. And then was attacked from behind by crawling on my doorstep waiting to go home. In the future, so I always ask them to think that for Nakade Umitai children.

My discourse incest

My body was out of town on business because her husband was itching to just one week. I was taking a bath one night I took the bodies of my two sons came in at the same time. I've been drunk away because it was planted immediately accepted. Shell in my son's cock came in the room afterwards replaced in turn had gotten loose in the mud in the mud of two sperm. SEX night I was doing so. Sometimes, being worried that my son would be doing during the day and lasted until her husband comes back. I came back from her husband, such as when the number of times that I'm The decrease of golfing husband is sought Kakasazu body. So I do not hate the was requested. Imperceptibly from the morning Wherever they wet shells were too large and hard nipples Bing. When can handle myself, had been asked to get a handle on his sons. These days every day this life that continues today.


Part of a senior, I began to jerk grab the stem.
"I no lie lascivious mind. To develop, I'll Ikasete"

The first experience of white in my head.
"Please forgive me ~" I ignored the voice of that stems Shigoi licking urethra.
Had to release all at once.

I am now a slave to. The 61-year-old slave.

My discourse incest

Sex with my son and I am satisfied, I also feel happy.
Also, I think there can be reported.
Be sure to do this month.
The Tomoe, is desire.
Now I feel the life leave the womb.

Ladies and gentlemen, I you long time!

Previously I have had things to post here, of Yokohama "Kaori" is, folks, do you remember?
I also like Tomoe's the one who had an affair with a car repeatedly morning commute, pleasure and my son learned at once, the easy thing for you I can not forget, Tomoe's, How do you like it? ! Moreover, in my case I was pregnant, after all, this child into the world in the form of abortion is unable to say alive, if you want my own age, and recently it was good, I came to think , and sometimes that's made me pregnant, it was his son.
Then, in a variety of Ah! I saw the new car seems to change, Z from a foreign car, but decided to still sporty! Now it is secret. Son in the passenger seat still in position, coming from the passenger seat ® tampering reach my crotch! Of course, my crotch wet conditions × two went home in a hurry, but at a settlement with his son, this mortar is Tomoe's like anything else?

I got done with their Uncle!

This is Yumiko. 14 years old.
Brother and father, and I have sex with his mother all brothers.
The last three years.
Dad summer, we go over to my house with my mother uncle.
Of the apartment but we have a house because he was all man,
Dad, Mom, look at their aunt stole and
I like sex in the toilet or lining of the house.
Elementary school days, you can take a bath sex with uncle
Out for the summer festival with his cousins, decided the meeting place and time only,
I am a man and a park restroom stall was put up while having sex as I have lost my voice.
The mother and brother live in the neighborhood, has sex three times a week.
The lady there, I found a place they have sex with my uncle.
"The mother and father and I'll say, do not give me anymore"
I got scolded me, from near the house, and I went to various sex for a ride back to school.
My boyfriend and I will not be, but even better sex
Uncle Jim Johnson who was bigger, even sex
It is also good things to me before sex.
Can feel immediately.

Under the younger brother of two

But a year ago.
Into the school summer vacation, I have not even had time to size daily.
I try to masturbation TV every day, do not just play with friends.
My brother knows that my foolishness, because it is the same room.
The abuse I'm back in the game in cold blood brother.
The masturbation brother in cold blood in front of me.
But, like me and my brother is thinking a little differently.
"My sister, let me put it in my day were I feel I want that!"
Normally thought so stupid that you do?
I said, "We try not to each other as the opposite sex at all, it's normal," I thought.
But his brother is "doing to get the horn and the next sister masturbating, masturbating beside you I was in Nui" I was from.
Been reported that fact, things that show my brother and erect, "I'm really in," I would like.
I is not got long sex partner depending on his brother.
I thought something wrong with the fingers, and even then I think the response was good.
Great momentum continues to be caught in 10 minutes, finally ended incestuous.
Daze while I was with my brother is appalled to see her pussy clean.
"The chance of vaginal cum shot!"
"I told my sister to Iitsu"
There was no memory at all.
And three times to me Shitarashii Nakade
Is also thought to cry, so I decided to cross over and done again.
Since it is not any sex until you make some Tomoshimasen who was pregnant.
Wait five months, I resumed the relationship with his brother have not been found to last.
Sex for contraception, I did not think so pleasant.
Another boyfriend, I have to make her daily.

Beloved son

I am 38 years old nurse, his son (Tomokazu) is a 15 year old single mothers. It is two years ago. I came back from lunch one day in a nearby hospital working vacation. I was a computer room and go Tomokazu. Tomokazu "Welcome home. Today is wearing white. You're the first time in a while." I "just you wait just get ready because" I was preparing lunch and head to the kitchen saying. After eating together after a while Tomokazu call and ask because it seems to say something Tomokazu, friends and my penis and things wrong. Is shy. Try to see my mother say You're a nurse, and lowered his pants and trousers. Then 剥Keta Kina Hiroshi penis skin appeared. When I gently touched, suddenly increased hardness, higher than what was good ever seen. I said, "You really big and impressive," he said. Tomokazu "I'm great friends so they are wearing leather. From a friend is like a ghost I said," I said. I "I do not have such a thing. Okay not to worry about," it was time to return to the hospital and rang the chime of the clock and she says, and left the house hurriedly get dressed. Throughout the work, though the head of the penis is full of Tomokazu. I was hot wet pussy. Look to see it again. It can stay did not want to stay standing even touching. Do not leave home with a white dress after work. I want to hide the embarrassment, so I take care of you wearing white as a nurse. Tomokazu was go home and watch TV. Tomokazu a "fine I'll see it again as a nurse," and trousers and pants 下Roshimashita likes. "Big I knew it! How do you put in there is pleasant," I was thinking I unconsciously rubbing his penis. Tomokazu is a "feel good. I pee leaking" me "that I have masturbation?" And asked "No," he says. "Leave it to mother," she said involuntarily entered and fingertip force. Large amounts of semen 飛Bi散Rimashita 目掛Ke then my face. Tomokazu is "I'm sorry. I leak" I say, I am "as an adult witness" will be completely wiped 萎Mimasen face and penis with a tissue. I instinctively cock in the mouth. Tomokazu is "But I feel dirty," I said, "Now look out loud," he submitted to the mouth for some time. The semen of seven years divorced. It is really thick and delicious. Will grow rapidly and directly to the mouth. Now sit on the Tomokazu 下Roshimashita Ategai pussy shook off penis in white panties on 捲Kuri thinking. "Feels good!" Was shouting. Say whether there was a place so pleasant things. After a while, and Tomokazu "Serve", so to say, as it is brought out in. It is because my son loves. Full of feelings I want to accept everything. Sakai in the house that day our lives like a couple. Every day makes me happy that I hung in the morning and evening. I'm wearing a costume and naughty underwear and looking to get pleasure and Tomokazu more stimulation. But do not forget my favorite of his is white. And then was attacked from behind by crawling on my doorstep waiting to go home. In the future, so I always ask them to think that for Nakade Umitai children.

Brought her son incest pure

yuna himekawa[2534]
The 50 year-old divorcee Mieko rural canteen hostess had written earlier.
I took my son to come and have a classmate in her cousin's net. Jun-chan and I are divorced father was forced to care about appearances, but once married.
I was made to net her forced marriage with the daughter of the president is now professor of Tokyo. I made a boy from the lot after their marriage. It is now grade 6 elementary school.
The name is Makoto Akira (pre-granite), I called her net they were forced to 7th grade student body president in middle school is also excellent by far the country was the second time.
Jun-chan Marchan staying put two people on Friday, came back Saturday night I will come pick you up at night or Sunday I'm busy with the university said.
I went to put 50 million yen said they wanted to charge. Could I have the room Friday night after a long bed to sleep properly since Jun-chan will. Jun-chan is "odious than the physicality of the house so my wife tuna swell of this bank is to become a habit Yoman or surf clam like Taiko Noodles"
My wife and I do not give you something to like standing on one leg, "I said. Makoto Akira did not tell us whether the severity of the public want to see a doctor because the future, "I said. I thought you to be useful, so I somehow gotten 500,000. First Hama ー not have to be my best friend so I perfectly today "Daddy lets go to bed with you is finished dinner with my aunt to take a bath with no father," I said. Then "I am cause I like the kind my aunt Yes," I said. "Daddy's doctor or the future?" When asked, "Yeah dad say so," I said. To become a doctor is a lot I've got to take a bath properly must study his aunt, "I'm taking a bath and saying. Naked cock and Daddy are around the nipple until they grow a little hair is still uncut Shikotsu'm heating up. And take a bath with huggy so "I said I want my mother, I say was said to take into one person after it entered together until the second grade I asked. My mom said not taught anything I. I decided to tell me so I raise. "I must become a doctor 知Ranakya" I showed her back to sleep until I can say to me. I hope the hair looks good on thin. "So they are looking to open the vagina cautiously say your touch." I'd like crest of a chicken What is this? I asked "I reminiscent of the penis" and said, "was the man my aunt eh?" Since the surprise and "human before birth everyone is born a woman and the development of vagina as well as a large penis shortly before birth and Teru Yono has both Chasing penis there is time between men and women It's open clitoris look cautiously say that what remained of the penis develops, so do not say "I see a really small penis," wee gotta get out of here? "section and asked me pee I'll get out of this until I grow up more fully developed until I Kono Naka "I'm delighted to discover that this is true, is it open until I say this. This child is a child I thought I had a brilliant mind to explore. "Daddy would you people really well," I say yes and say wow, "I said standing up and touching the penis-chan will have seen it.
"Daddy or skin of the penis really like this out there right now and a little sore from a Yadamenanoyomou Mukenaku Mukanaki" saying "I'm a man I might put up with everyone a little sore," said tight and peel I came out feeling that the glans and boron. "It's a penis this is true," I'm really in a club-shaped and said 親Yuzuri. "Have you ever thought you Koshitai until I chan?" Have you ever wanted a girl classmate and asked coyly Yeah, "I said.
"I gotta let my aunt to" say "I really wanted to do I want my aunt Tsuchiya Yes," I had to hug. Grab the penis and so I'll put "yo feels like a swamp on a hot wow" I said.
I say good move to go for swinging around the waist. "Red Tsuchiya my aunt did not? Noman in this fine because my aunt asked what I would have put a lid diaphragm" and said, "but the kid can I do?
I asked, "Daddy or something and another classmate to make a child's fine, so I'm useless" and said "Yeah I see is to do it," I'm really quick on the uptake. When he says hard out "Yes my aunt peeing out" and say "I'll get something you get out there," saying "sorry" I say "do it or get more semen came out, but I I'll "
Or pelvic thrusts I say. "I love you so much it's my aunt?" When asked, "Thats like going to love more and more that way yes" men and women, so to say man you's a thing called love This is it a something you'll love Masu Masu thus I know that this is evidence of a spiritual animal? I know I know she says to say yes. I do so again and again. "So I is full of sperm-chan will Kono Naka Noman my aunt," What happens it, "I go into the body of my aunt is absorbed through the mucosa, so listen to or to" aunt sperm and I say Tsuchiya I'll enter the body? "I asked," Yeah I'm going to combine with it, "I begin to finish the work until the morning I'm hard to do or say.
Education, but I dunno what education was very pleased and said that Daddy will never become a doctor came from her phone later Jun 50 motivation
% Pleased with me and I'll 500,000 足Ran Thanks I'll be the hardest thing to motivate them is determined.


Come to the line quite Kiwadoi Shimashimashita him? What shall I do?

Traffic death

Let me say to see more, take off your pants Once you've had white stains closely. Still, those children, while waving Orimashita to Sosori立Tsu. You saw it, and I was the mouth. While including, Ijikurimashita to my pussy. We forget and put the sticky stuff kids pussy. And every day fun, and I blame. From the death of her husband, one year too.今北 district in cabaret, we enjoy working.

Traffic death

Let me say to see more, take off your pants Once you've had white stains closely. Still, those children, while waving Orimashita to Sosori立Tsu. You saw it, and I was the mouth. While including, Ijikurimashita to my pussy. We forget and put the sticky stuff kids pussy. And every day fun, and I blame. From the death of her husband, one year too.今北 district in cabaret, we enjoy working.

Traffic death

Husband died in the accident. And then the child, and Gusameatteorisu. Can not forget her husband with a masturbation Orimashita looking at the pics. I have seen your child that. I miss my mom too. Then I hugged the child. Then have the child, Furemashita there. I grabbed it. Children, she said her mother, has grabbed the breasts from the top of Chamisoru. At that time children Shitarashiku ejaculation. Pants dirty mother said.

To escape from incest

Now has a sexual relationship with his son two years ago.
My son has now left the college at age 25, was hanging out at home without a job as a so-called NEET.
That sometimes, too many pieces that have emerged from the closet of a woman's panties son. And interrogate his son in a hurry, "Not satisfied with just the image of a PC, stealing women's panties like sneak into the room. Impatiently recently still, I'm afraid which is likely to hit their women" crying out for. And "sex dream about it every day.'m Going to be crazy to want sex. Gonna be my mother's dream sometimes." Say: is not it?
"This child is what I say. Ridiculous." The thought, "It may cause a crime Oitara left alone is" a thought struck my mind, about the "good mother," he said I.
Unadzukimashita son shyly. And the next moment, "Mother" 押Shi倒Shimashita likes me.
"I can not.'m Still bad," but resistance was too late. Fairly labor to the mother and the other is not felt guilty at all, was like asking a dog in heat rubbing his penis ejaculation female flesh folds entirely. And more resistant to feel the danger that the momentum, I pulled out the power of the body.
After a few minutes and then had a horrible relationship with my son in the invasion.
And since then, two or three times a week will ask me. Now that is disgraceful, to moan 洩Rashi the relentless cunnilingus child, my husband is such a violent creaking 抽送 lost or body, you may be to forget that clung to her son.
He feels it is not incest, son sex with his disorder.
According to the hearing, incest has increased with the increase of unemployed is that the trend to continue in the future. This, too, and I also thought 割Ri切Rou lot of mothers in the same situation of the ages.
Both mother became acquainted with the same thing on the Internet. In and who, a few of abortion who also conceived a son or a child who has continued for more than five years already in a sexual relationship with his son.
At this rate, did not recover completely destroyed the sons of the family. I think he does not leave.
Therefore, we moms have the same trouble, I think What if the following suggestions.
Than struggling alone, if met, together creating a network family of the same situation, what time is independent even sons, to make her refuse a relationship with his mother, and could we live as a young man of ordinary I do not think.
Of course, only by the spiritual should work pretty well is not, and it may take years. I have the relationship with his mother for handling sexual desire, support is needed to replace it. Immediate real mother on behalf of the mothers but the same situation with a sexual relationship, we are trying to raise with increasing confidence and social conversation.
Sons also, and sex partners, however, is also reserved for other mothers, I also get a good place to show that the budding feelings. And so I patiently to foster the bud.
I'm sorry, but we have husbands, sons independent in order to cut off a strained relationship, I think unavoidable.
Of course, not go according to expectations, only to drown it may end milf sex with several sons. Also, sex with no sense of relief from my son, I'm going to be a young mother of a woman who fall into one.
If there was such a case example, is a young man and mature woman sex, sex is far more decent parents and children meet a real wolf sexual desire.
"But denied the relationship with his son, reluctantly allowing the body. But a woman would react to his son Sex. And tormented by remorse but underwear." Repeats this to somehow get out early, the response must also think about these days this is not it?
Otherwise, the incest is horrible they continued for decades now. . . .

My discourse incest

Almost a year now with my son to sex.
It is no longer I can resist no longer sought his body for his son.
But, after all, come to attack guilt after the act will not go away.

Last summer, high school students the chance to become a son, broke the request of her husband, reunited 10 years after three people.
The affair was due to divorce her husband only once, at the time, I'm still 28 years old.
Many men are courting, I myself did when I was arrogantly in appearance as a woman.
So beautiful and also flattering to her husband having an affair with a woman not say, I feel like a fool I was, I really forgive.
I was reunited with her husband broke that her husband was having an affair and married the other woman,
The state has established a peaceful home.
When listening to it, I think that I was jealous of her husband.
I drink like a meal whilst drinking was being unconsciously
Backed by the time my son got home, I felt I was getting drunk rough.

My son will come home to "take a bath after a long time together with your mom and" out, saying my son is finally "Mom, I got drunk from a take off on their own, get rid of all those wearing mama" and It is said that she urged.
My son and I usually surprised to look different, according as I say.
Now entering the bathroom, "Sometimes I shed my back Mom" will wash their bodies and son, and I finish it up on the destination quickly as himself, when he brought out his son, I am wearing robes in one hand and a can of beer He was in still asleep on the couch. I'm having such a son, carried me into the bedroom, lay on the bed Kuretarashii.
And, as is his son and once he entered his room to sleep.
But eventually fall asleep, and he came back to my bedroom.
Initially, I worried about my son sleeping as if dead falls. And he said it was going to try to raise up.
But too much shake, even lightly tapping the face, just as unwilling to turn over, I did not occur at all.
While looking at my chest and rolled over when the skin 蹴Ta.
That I had to take off my bathrobe.
Then cautiously touched the breast, nipple sucking, occasionally, once I get a faint voice, I stopped to think happened, again.
My son found no sign that it happens that I faint cry.
Without looking to see where most of the women in my body and they can not.
Little by little going to expand my leg, and he and I looked at last.
I heard that over there I was when I turned slippery.
I could not take it anymore I see there already wet.
Yes I woke up I thought I do not care anymore When you come to here.
Eyes when I realized that I wake up to the catastrophe.
Then after being inserted into the body was what my son anymore.
My son desperately to escape the more you will have you hold me by force. Still resisted any attempt to escape.
Feel something hot in my spread.
思I知Rimashita be gone into my son alone.

And they make the mistake once, it is something other brake 利Kanai.
Alternatively, the guilt of his mother committed, what to do so.
Until the morning that my son committed to continued aggressive.
Like crazy though.
And from that day, every day began fucked by her son.

The sadness of the women. Wet body fucked up son.
I remember my body being held to reach their son or one day.
Embraced by his son feel my body hanging on the hips they shook.

And also after the action, a tightening in my chest I feel a terrible guilt.
I have a stupid mother. Miserable woman.
Embraced by the body feels his son. Ino Hukashi after guilt has been reached.


My Day ceremonies, the worst day becomes unforgettable.
Seriously to attend the celebration with friends, they also decided after-party, I had an appointment with him on the way out of the after-party on the way to go to heating up, I he know witnessed a woman walking sticks Bettari, I liked it so I also want to marry him, and completely betrayed.
In the after-party, drink a drink, I think I drank almost twice the usual sense is only broken memories are going to be taking Sunday best band, and, like it was an abomination, a friend called home to me, and I came to my father 迎I.
It has become the beginning of them wrong.
The car rocked like, such as sleeping, and they violently shaking body, in turn, have sex comfortably, dying to feel like the whole body, but can only see my father's face again confirmed rather, a "nonsense." understand translation.
But there are pleasant mess, I know the five men four feel good this is the first time, drunk, are you dreaming, again, to understand, in pleasure pleasure from you going and the other by Nope, I was done, and not mix not mix with pleasure and are drunk, came in front of the cock, the example suck, treatment with a hand, I have thick, the surprise is the length , Chinpo not remember, even wide open eyes, the face of his father, "old man, a dream I do not, was done to my father." flew in the ejaculate in the mouth, I spit, no longer smell .
Really unbelievable, but my father, I started licking there, click on to become a pleasure, and pleasure because they got drunk and went, I resistance, can not do anything.
Second, I was preceded by a pleasant, and has been the thrust of my father woke up a little of what is good, "my father would be 50 times more." I cry even such a thing, stuck to the back of the long to, to feel almost bursting head, no reason to beat the pleasure, "father" got off the character of, there has been plunged drastically deep, being rubbed chestnut, has rubbed the chest and the other, pleasure was only gonna mess up.
End in the end, I was drinking from a pill, "Pull Out.", I say, so deep, and took the first hot, hugging her father, she'll go with pleasure, family gone longer, but felt her gone.
Sweaty throughout the body, there is a wet, to sweat, take a shower, we were solid and conscious fine, not a dream, the reality of a nightmare, can not stand the sight of his father, no talk We got to the house If the tears came out.
Nevertheless, how then place one week, and go to bed, the father enters, Kuni Hukashi there, feeling numb all over, in addition to the cock of his father, to see the face of his father, handling hard I I, the two scenes, over and over, making noise in my head, touching the nature and chestnut, lead to masturbation. I can not sleep well with the strange things have become.
And like good timing too, traveling with my friends mom, dad, no doubt would come to my room, I think from the morning trying to get to stay at a friend's house, yet, from day , but that scene in my head, but unable finally called a friend, back home in the afternoon from universities to make dinner as a bonus, three of the family, including food brother.
Since then it has no father and had also met eyes, no talking, even talking with my father and from there anything I can hear it asked, yet, with scenes that haunted the time fall asleep, my father come, such as stuffy like excitement, anxiety, fear, and somehow I do not know, but dark, and things are clearly visible ceiling, touching hands there, I'm wet, and also have to worry about abuse, your actions, know yourself.
I think I was seeing how far was watching the door, and moving the door as it opens, the heart, sounding nervous, "Oh, should I do?", You've shut an eye, ears to Dumbo to pick up a faint sound, the door is closed, come to bed in my father's footsteps, and that scene, out again, do you hold your pajamas, feet raised the blanket, pajamas and I pulled Oro to his hand, I'm a firm hold, but his hand, hold my hand to solve, why can not resist to repeat the scene in my mind that dizzying, pajamas and underwear have been taken, the foot is open, hitting the face of my father there, and licked, I'm in his hands, his face pressed both husband and blankets, the excitement and become painful, I know I am starting the pleasure, but where it is touched to I'm sensitive to your body, and would dread moving, intense excitement, there becomes pleasant, blamed the chestnut went away, is open to get into position for his father thrust, is suddenly thrust, deep so stick up against anymore, the voice can not stop the pleasure, I panicked again holding the mouth, the movement of the cock of his father, the length, I definitely feel like coming from there, "No, no," and, like shouting repeatedly, and so without being noticed by his brother, but in pleasure, and such a thing had disappeared, my best voice is somehow suppressed.
Such pleasure is being rubbed all over there, so hitting is thrust suddenly pierced, I think that my father left, there is a pleasure just accept what has gone again, the pleasure comes from the whole body will not stop there like, "me, drinking pill." "Oh?" Since that day, the last conversation in the first movement cock father to use it to control there, but I still continue to pleasure, pierced deep to, ejaculation hot flies, while at the highest pleasure to be found with the body of his father, his father was holding his mouth in a hurry, keep your voice.
I held my body while my father big time, are stuck in there, but complicated, that day, the mischief of accidental mistake, a nightmare, but tonight I'm different, my father and I both, no, it's father I do not know, I have an entirely different thing to avoid tonight from We could have done much, but gone to accept pleasure over that day, and clear consciousness, and remain stuck in there, the body of his father under the weight comfortably, and the same time lover of pleasure more intense than that, this time, I feel even more wonderful time.
Father, move your body next to me, I guess the face in the crotch of his father now, I do not know even yourself, for example sucking cock father, lick, and grinded to Tamatama, licking, lover Same as seen silently beckoned my father, prepare your posture in six nines, I'm astride the open crotch in the face of his father, lick nothing besides the cock of his father, genitalia in full view to Tadashi Makoto father, what excitement Risa Moyo embarrassment it.
Now from the back and was stuck, sleeping diagonally inserted lateral to the sitting position is held, the answer to the position again, I avidly until the dawn.
Speak with other cell phones, no words can not match eyes, "the pill my drinking." "Oh?" The last word, not two people talking at once.
At home, love hotel, we traveled in a hotel so the two phones.
Six years since then, but I love people too thirty-two made, it becomes a break, and this year the marriage.
My father is the eternal lover might.


Sex with older brother into the summer vacation is the fifth time. H was me yesterday and ask me after I gave birth to a baby after the older brother. Brother and 6th grade and I said I'm still siblings. You're not like you anymore and I was told from my H I do not hate the brother and me in 成Ranai Panikutte is a give birth to my baby Well, I nod there were only,

Old cat

A good thing and not think this relationship is never
I break away from it.
It was the second son and the lives of two failed marriages and then once appointed to China three months ago, my husband alone.
I have a relationship with the younger son is also a cause of alcohol 有Tta.
There has to be a female body when I feel lonely.
The first is a very good woman but I have resisted treatment.
I carefully and slowly caressing me.
Also bigger penis is so hard, many times and will cheerfully poke too soon to fire once. Decades has not experienced many times I overnight.
Expose the embarrassing position in front of his son, and they feel their suffering felt by caressing away in a loud voice, my son will feel even more arrogant.
Son moves back hard, strong, I know that the amount to the uterus.
Yes I feel very close larger penis, it feels like there is broken and I would be moved violently.
Now, my son has been developed.
There were no underarm or caress it ever was, but very pleasant 良Kattari toes or clever enough to insert a variety of positions without that experience.
One week ago, has been held every night.
Attached to the body on fire, my old cat had awakened a new
Now, everyone is doing it in preference to pleasure than guilt