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Incest confession of women(2013-08)

My husband ... 4 bachelor during

I, Mika, 33-year-old housewife.
Bachelor in China to master, Yuya, 35 years old, engineer, from April of this year.
Daughter, Chihiro, 4-year-old kindergarten.
Father of the husband, 59-year-old company employee.
Mother of the husband, 60-year-old housewife.
Parents of my husband lives in the distance of about 10 minutes walk from the house of the three of us family.
My husband I came back 5 months, Bon early to go to China alone, but the relationship has continued to the father of my husband since then.
I lost my father was very nice childhood, longing to older men like my father then, the father of both husband ended up having an affair eventually.
I hope every day this life to last forever may not anyone.                        Mika 

Masturbation son

yuna himekawa[5600]
It is a housewife of 54 years old. 3 months ago, I came back to my parents' only son to become 32-year-old divorced. We were worried at first, but every day has been enhanced as compared with the time it was two people living husband and son come back to me. When you look through the room a week before my son, it was where you are rubbing violently grabbed by the right hand of the penis becomes larger on the bed. I was shocked to think about heart-burst to see it. Because I had never imagined his son and has been such a thing gently always son. I did not sleep until the morning the night of the day. After the son went out, from the bottom of the futon, Photos of naked women of the same age position and I came out When I cleaned the room. There is a diary of his son and find a desk drawer while I think that it would not go, when we read the middle, it's like, \"Mom, what would be good if this feeling, you want your stuff you want to hug the mother, mind seems crazy you want to enter into the body of the mother, and think about it. It was written with. \" You can not make eye contact and son from it. You do not have the courage to refuse When you are hugged his son. But what do I do.

And brother

Pajamas pants of your NichangaMiyu eyes and wake up discomfort to something I know you had been
naughty Miyu the older brother who was sleeping in the same room from 4th grade around the chest of Miyu began to bulge is sleeping in the middle of the night I was surprised it was trying to lower the I started it is in stripped naked pants are also taken off finally just had come to try to touch the body gradually that it was just looking figure of only pants Miyu and I had to pretend you are asleep by opening diluted It now says himself in a whisper, \"the body is reacting feeling to sleeping guy\" nipple come occurred when rubbed the breasts became larger as I had continued mischief Miyu even from getting junior high school also was your mouth the day, sometimes you have ejaculation to the navel around and rubbed muscle chest and sit up and beg that your brother also had become stripped naked to become that time to come wet when you are stroking the streaks are taken off pants was to back resulting in warped nature when it was issued I Dokun pushed in I was raised in Miyugashi or suck it or them to become naked from it Na apologized elder brother 's \"I'm sorry I'm sorry\" and I've got up in Kurushiku~tsu indeed But SEX defended strictly prohibited

In the next room sleeping husband

It is not the incest, but it has been raped by a colleague of my husband.

And brother from getting to this year

I am 38 years old divorced woman.
You do not have children.
I became a punishment to a year ago. Marriage was seven years.
I think opportunity of direct divorce it was a husband's infidelity, but one of the reasons, I is because I have a distaste for sex. Feeling disgust
to be I think I had the libido normally Originally, cheating husband is found in the second year have been married, and, what was it like with the other
woman, and refused to night life I've been.
I like that and lead to incest brother and under 6 years old, in the impulse of a fraction of a second, is ironic.

International and horny father-in-law


38 years old: housewife husband of 31 years old: I.
60 years: Half father-in-law of Japan and African-Americans. African-American father-in-law is Japan mania considerable visited Japan Nipponism is Takaji. It is the impression that customers Naoji intellectual portly prefer a kimono from everyday wear. But it has been fierce sex appeal to me began living together from honeymoon at the time very greedy to be sexual. There was also I think was surprised at first, and that insane to daughter-in-law of the son, but I have allowed the body in the promise of one-off curiosity. Without ending in one to conclude, it has been embraced on a regular basis to the father-in-law today. It is a prisoner of rough sex that you can not imagine from a mild form of dick and everyday African-born and bred different from the husband's. Been developed in the father-in-law in the play and Positions that has not been the husband, it is popular with the \"have become increasingly etch\" to her husband.


It is a housewife of 29 years old to become sixth year married.
Work on a busy age is slightly on, my husband and open the house frequently travel there are many. It is that of three years ago. I the number of SEX was also led to fewer, had started masturbating and nature when you're home alone sitting on the couch. Put your hands in the bra can be rolled up shirt, while stroking your finger on the nipple, and turning to the waist skirt, I had to insert a finger while touching the chestnut to put your hand into the shorts. I was engrossed I've seen without noticing the father-in-law of the neighborhood who had been visiting the whole story. I was surprised to notice the father-in-law I was back on the basis of the clothes immediately, but had been facing down and not say anything in embarrassment. Father-in-law and approaches softly to me, I was put in the mouth finger marked with love liquid is inserted into the genital take my hand.
Put your hands in the shorts, is routed stroked violently, it was still to be made ​​of the father-in-law from it.
Was staring at the genitals near breath long take is to open the legs to the left and right largely down to the knee shorts, and pull out from the shorts one leg, continues to be licking the genitals bushes and long time, my cock became hard, my father - in - law I would be accepted.
Father-in-law will be to come asking me when no master is on a business trip Since then, the relationship has continued even now sense of SEX with the father-in-law is not got ingrained in the body and me.

My husband ... 3 bachelor during

I, Mika, 33-year-old, full-time housewife.
Bachelor in China to master, Yuya, 35 years old, engineer, from April of this year.
Daughter, Chihiro, 4-year-old kindergarten.
Father of the husband, 59-year-old company employee.
Mother of the husband, 60-year-old housewife.
Parents of my husband lives in the distance of about 10 minutes walk from the house of the three of us family.
Father of the husband and I have become in the relationship of man and woman in about a month my husband and bachelor from a variety of circumstances.
So as not to be found in the mother-in-law and family, we have reached the present now love the father of my husband finds some time.
Be seen naked also I was ashamed at first, but it has already become in terms of getting to process even pubic hair that protrude from the swimsuit also enters a bath together now.
I think there is a variety of opinions is in everyone, but I think that it should Ikere to write to borrow in this bulletin board to talk Horny not say to family and friends.
It has launched new and is full of thanks to everyone before the bulletin board.
Thank you so I think let's write as much as possible that of the father-in-law.                          Mika

How do you do

I am a 43-year-old run a small BAR.
In the period in high school graduation, my son has been asked to work together last year.
You have each other opponent with her ​​husband, the son to me, but I have a relationship secretly.
Because I want to answer as much as possible to the question, if it is good in Ranbun, but please bear with me.

And Grandpa

I am a first year university.
My mother and I were divorced at the time of the junior high school student father.
And I was married as soon as they entered the high school stepmother I did not even do so the first time around, but it is better still to me mind is strong, but I'm a little cold to Grandpa.
I do not complain because Grandpa friendly by quietly.
1 year later remarried after his father, grandma was no longer at high 2.
I do not think a good stepmother I love Grandpa from the old days. The end of last year, One day, I ended up watching my grandpa from wanking.
It was a sight for the first time. I thought that it was' s do you want to be a year like that, but I will go away soon.
Young in spite there are grandchildren of college students, although I'm a 64-year-old.
At, I've also seen recently.
Grandpa about to go out in the exercise almost no relationship with the surroundings.
It had been seen in the calm than at that time because we also experienced SEX I will also be this year, Grandpa, I'm still young. But I thought that it was' s have not been met.
I was thinking then. Thing of that act.
I thought that it was not a virgin, or even a wanna give comforted grandpa.
It will be about another two weeks to think so.
But even the invites from me. To a girl.
It is now I strongly want to let them experience the joy of the man once again to Grandpa.
But we are a little hesitant and guess what I would do I think a man teaser sex something you are from grandchildren.
without a little courage I also bring up, I'm wondering.
I wonder if I want to press the back to someone?


When I got out of the bath and changed my clothes as usual, my brother called me, and when I changed my clothes with a big sword and opened the door, I covered it. Thinking it was weird, my brother pushed his hands on my shoulders forward, got him up, and quarreled with her again, wondering if he was with her again? You, okay at except face worried? If you weren't careful. My brother looks different than usual ... heavier ... he's leaning on me ... he's pushed to the wall next to the window right in front of the door. It's so heavy that I can't breathe ... I'm being pushed ... Gradually ... I feel my brother's breath is rough ... I'm just trying to stop doing it ... I'm screaming It's bad, but it's bad. I had only two people at home with my brother ... Finally ... my T-shirt was torn and I was wearing a sports tank top because I was wearing a house ... Bra ... I told him to put on a ugly one. When I resisted and tried to slip through the door, I was grabbed to the extent that a mark was left on my wrist, and while being hit on my butt ... from below ... while seeing the shape of the milk ... I like my brother after all ... A light purple bikini while being grabbed by my wrist. Also ... with strong hands ... waist ... being chased by the wall. ・ ・ When I was fluttering my legs hysterically, my mouth was pressed by my hand and my thumb suddenly screwed me into the hole from the top of the black spats in my room clothes . When I shouted, "Ahhhhh ..." the bikini string was loose ... my brother's ... lips ... on the breasts ... There was no escape, and I was sighing, and I was pressed ...I was pressed with my thumb and digged into the spats, and there was a hole there. As soon as I opened it ... tight ... if I felt the pants pushed into the hole ... and I heard a voice ... It was. Finally tears spilled ... with a fist on the wall ... by myself ... steadily hitting ... the embarrassment of being taken off. .. It was constantly taken off and torn in a blink of an eye ... The loungewear fell on the edge of the window and was scattered around my feet. I tend to be reluctant, and my brother ... I'm sometimes kicked out of the room by her because of this! When I said that, I didn't say yes or no ... I stopped moving for a moment and started to move on my body ... like a wild animal in the first place. It's no good ... I'm messed up ... I thought I'd put a lot of effort into my shoulder ... My brother's index finger was ... I gasped during the pressure I put into the raw hole. Because I'm an older brother ... I'm always looking at my back, so I'm a little older than 2 years old ... Unlike being raped by a completely different person ... I'm not so scared ... Gradually ... I'm already ... myself ...・ The juice overflowed ... I was pointed out by my brother and my finger was thrust into it. .. Then ... my brother took off his pants ... called my name-the milk was pushed up painfully-my brother's cock suddenly rushed in. ... Bosbos Boss ... While hitting the wall with my feet ... I'm not a virgin, but I pierce it with the strength that seems to be crushed by a powerful professional wrestler ... Come on. .. .. It was painful to stop crying, and to gasp in pain ... It was my best rebellion at that time. ・ ・ But the older brother who is just stuck inI just called my name and attacked the other half of my upper body. Like a violent older brother, I stepped on as much as I suffered without losing my brother's instep, and ... 4 seconds later ...・ ・ My brother kneaded my chestnuts and put them inside me. .. I was also ... fooled ... then ... I was tired ... I was stuck in a lukewarm wall with my brother, and I barely turned my face toward the window and regained my breath. I've been violated three times in the past because of my unpleasant brother's behavior since I started living with my brother because of rent, but ... it was the first time I've been so violent, and I can't think of it. I didn't want to think about it since it was in the past ... I just cried. I cried. ... my brother ... continued to apologize for being too violent the night after that ... but ... I wish I had stayed at my boyfriend's house that night ... I was worried alone ...・ ・ I will never go home anymore! !! !!

How did you come to this with son

You gave birth to Takeshi me when I was 20 years old.
When sixth-grade elementary school, Takeshi began to say a reward is if you want take a 100-point test. To me you've answered force is, if entering the study, anything nice, what Takeshi what I thought.
It was said \". You let me breathe tits\".
I thought I was surprised, to try to deny, but while you are looking at the appearance of Takeshi tackle to study seriously,
and \". Good luck Iiwa.\", I got the answer. 80 points until then. I was taking good grades and 90 points, but I did not that it took 100 points Takeshi. I think there was also a portion that had enclosed the high somewhere. And, finally, one day, Takeshi I've been brought back to test the 100 points. Joyfully, to me and say \". Trap was good job! I amazing\", while saying that it \"? Remember mom. Promise.\" Is coming closer to me. I regret. I thought that it was also trying to deny. But, Takeshi I was working hard in practice. If you do not give observe the promise. Saying it \"of. Mama I remember, I'll let suck tits. ....\" So, I went to remove one by one button blouse. \"Mom also good style, and I. Tits is also large,'m famous boys in the class.\" Crotch of such Takeshi had tents large. When you fully open before, \"Oh, such a,.'m Ashamed\" of the blouse, Takeshi will undress gently. Remove the hook of the bra by turning back the hands, I remove the strap from the shoulder while holding the front of the cup. Remove the hands of me \"is you, I promise.\" Takeshi saying gently, I snatched the bra. I \"The big tits. Mama, shape, too good.\" and face down \". without looking. reluctantly\", says helplessly. Takeshi Shagamikomi in front of, and has received the lips nipples right. Soft lips of elementary school students. Both my husband, voice was leaks are not likely to feel that breast-feeding at the time of the baby with a different course. \". No. Oh\", \"Mama. Nipples'm stiff.\" And \". Do not know hate.\" I was finally to answer so. Takeshi begins massaging the left breast. Massaged the chest \"soft and tits. Of. Mama, I feel good oh.\" To my son, while sucked the nipple, dont. While I think that it should not feel, I've been gently patted the back of the head of Takeshi in mixed feelings. \"Mama's sucked? Tits, feels?\" \"Yeah. I'll feel good.\" And I had to answer so. \"Well, if you take 100 points now, I show the pussy.\" \"Ah, Good luck Iiwa. Your study..\" And I had to answer so. And Takeshi is now to focus on the study than ever before. And, as promised, the next test was also 100 points.

How do you do

Do you have any who are interested in this
aunt was having a relationship 55 years old, and 22-year-old son and I will post how do you

full of desire

is the son 46 17 I have not seen as love interest son. Want you to be happy to get married normally. But for us to meet the sexual desire of me, I'm only son. It will be another year, but going relationship is not quit yet.

Yesterday that

I am a 14-year-old JC2.
Yesterday evening, when I tried to go to the bathroom, the bedroom door of the parent because it was only open a little, looking to care what peeps, brother of 17-year-old mother and 41-year-old is the H I looked for is.
It was noticed in the back of one's head is that two people from suspicious before but I ... Nante is really no way

I was involved for the first time with son

I am a housewife of 57 years old.
It is a three living my mother (90 years) husband (63 years).
Children two boys.
We live apart from the already married, respectively. It is the events recently, but I was having a relationship of men and women for the first time and second son (27 years old). Was posted and I think organizing is if put to their feelings by writing to such sites.

Mother 5 for doting mama's boy son

I built a new one thread since it has been full.
I'm glad if you can acquaintance a little more. Thank you.

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I was the night crawling son

It is the son that was homecoming during the day yesterday, but invites night crawling in etch and son of 3 months, it was Mole from the direction of the leg to the futon of me, with my son to come in naked without anything to wear and I directly below. Dick had been wet anymore. I felt the hardness of the son rubbed sucking tits, and gone up the voice over there tailed Sucking amazing, and kept alive by itself, was inserted into the inside of me, I am obsessed with etch of 3 months and push up strongly uterus I have become. I think it was getting to close to 4:00 this morning. Representation is not possible in words and horny son after a long time.

That embarrassing photo

yuna himekawa[5016]
I It was now correlated with the son, I will be 6 years ago. The passed away my husband, now two sons and, it is was having an affair and had been standing and then half a year position. I thought my son is I have entered later while bathing, and want to join together once in a while, but did not we also imagine is tied with son.
Son wash the back of my change and wash the back of my son, jewels than was hug my son from behind at that time. Mouth of son per Sucking gently massaging the nape to the breast, it also either wash, I had to raise the voice in bad taste. The power of strong son, I was forced to stand in his son by leaving the power from the body, it was lift up naked.
 Not remember that after, marks are laid on top of the futon it remains to be my son, which had been tailed Sucking embarrassing part of me. It had been loved overlap on my body, but also had been away son because from once. Then from talked days, jewels than was shown a computer screen from the son. Embarrassing place was also are up to figure nor hail I reflected on the screen. Jewels you're become a day-to-day to receive the uterus every day the love of his son.

Woman like the street vendors

Woman of 95 street vendors - 2013/07/22 (Mon) 11:53 No.4662
Hee-san, thank you. I, I respect his master. About once every two months, my husband from being come to go home at the bachelor will not intersect each time. Frustration was recruited At one time in two months I honestly. I was fortunate sex stops in pregnancy and childbirth bride Fortunately son, my son has had have sought me. When the relationship with the son is lost, I received the invitation from the teacher who under the guidance of haiku. Also refused unable to Muge the teacher, I agreed. I'm ashamed, but I am of the late 50s that's a strong libido yet.   At, you can not end. Story is not yet completed, please continue by all means. I think other readers also have requested as well. Thank you.

Children has been increased to pervert family.

I found my sister in June, the 25-year-old is're pregnant.
Single sister, mother does not say anything father Akirehate.
In looking for the father of the child of the stomach of the sister, the house has been wrapped in the awkward atmosphere from it.
My sister had me both sex of course with his brother at his father.
One might him outside in addition.
Come to think of it, my sister recently became as covet cock raw.
and \"You're a fool, because not contraception yourself properly, man. of animals that want to be in a raw,\" said the mother says.
And mother, said, \"I because sex prohibited. Please come to say to my mother If you can not put up with this child until it enters a plateau of .5 months not it can not be helped.. It'll get to the process at any time,\" said , I had to ask eight times in July and August in the mother.
And embraced by two people and the mother at that time, and held him in three parent-child one person mother three people since suffered once father and brother in the mother devoted the meantime, once the father, so suffered twice and brother .
Meanwhile sister just looking at the sex of us, it is likely Idake sister sister because within the stable period at the end of the month.
By the way, three people seem to have aimed at the older sister, my father says, \"first etch stable period. There is a right to his father,\" he said.

Sex in the parent-child

The sex of my house, moon, water, gold, fire, wood, my husband I'm a son of the soil is a high school student. Sex also I'm a holiday Sunday. We are being held every day substitution. There is also challenged from son without sleeping especially on Saturday. Since I have been taking the pill, moisture, dick I am filled with semen always. I'm a pervert family.

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Hirotaka son

Was the 14th of last month, it was a reunion of the first time in 12 years and Hirotaka. We were away hand Hirotaka There are circumstances, but I was hugged strongly Hirotaka reunion 12 years and Hirotaka of his son. And Ai asked the body to each other to obtain the Hirotaka so as to fill the space of 12 years, Hirotaka also asked my body, I had become a woman in violent sex. You me come to see me in the promise and Hirotaka this month. It usually think we should embrace Hirotaka chest Takanari like a little girl. Hirotaka tomorrow will come and see me. I think to come asking me to not sleep maybe. My breasts had been riddled hickey last month. You let them breathe boobs also like tomorrow. It is likely to have been wet from now.

Son became lover

Son 17 years old, I am a 40 year old, because they bachelor from two years ago, 43-year-old husband, has been living in two sons and.
to know my son is sexually processing in my underwear, do not like girls, led her son had become a lover did because had been said to be like to have seen as a woman me.
Had received a confession is the Golden Week this year, we are nurtured a love so that it is not known to anyone.
Son I gave it to my virginity. Now let me squid me just fine now.

That it does not go to daughter

I am a 45-year-old housewife.
The other day, that when you have a cared living daughter to become 21-year-old came home drunk, if you undress the clothes of her daughter, body big boobs is crying, when I touch the nipple deviation, than it looks bra There reacts with Pikun, once again, there was a reaction with Pikun and licking nipples in turn.
Fortunately my daughter does not awake.
I, the lower half of the body of the daughter is worrisome, then remove pants, open a little leg, and do an eye on this ○ between the daughter, hair around this ○ Ma has been shaved, there is only a little more of the above was a state.
This ○ between the daughter in superscript, it was quite small than mine.
Spread crotch ○ between the daughter, looking at the vaginal opening, it was a beautiful pink.
While you are looking at an arc ○ between the daughter, and can not be stayed even after may stay, I would be licking the call between the daughter ○.
Taste to say taste almost did not child ○ between the daughter.
I also could not put up with while you are licking, become naked, while licking the call ○ between the daughter and started masturbating by touching the child or chestnut ○ between themselves.
I do not know whether time has passed much, but before I knew it, I was watching that son and become a 19-year-old husband (46 years old) is my death.
Become a naked suddenly, my husband, came to Blow me a penis Ikirita~tsu.
I was masturbating while blowjob dick husband.
Son, had started masturbating while looking child ○ between daughter.
I would want the penis of his son many times larger of husband, son of the penis has accepted the penis of his son.
The Blow the penis of my husband, When I'm in a state of being put in the back to the son, daughter awake, I had become Megaten that we have of us.
Then, unplug the penis from my mouth, my husband, went toward the daughter.
Daughter had been reluctant at first, but does not win the power of his master, to give up, I had accepted the penis of his master.
The other, we, the family of over time also forget, I was immersed in SEX each other to the point of exhaustion.
By the way I do not know my daughter and I take turns to his son and my husband, many times during or has been out.

Relationship with the father-in-law persists twenty-three years

Children will stay two people of 18 years and 22 years old 46 years old now, the relationship between the father-in-law as it started I husband is alive and well of course I am I also I was allowed posted by I see posts statement of everyone , after the first child is from birth, was laid to put a bath the child alone, and I was what happened when you are walking around the room while the bath towel, concerned husband coincidence rather stay in the night shift mother-in-law also ended up bumping into father-in-law came out of the bathroom next to the bath, which was responsible to me that you have become only father-in-law and I, it was off guard in the house at the get-together of the women's association in the neighborhood can be overlapped, and I was the resistance is Dakitsuka do you horny me a piece of bath towel, but ended up having an affair is not match for brute strength of the father-in-law of the excited state, I was young at that time well, and father-in-law also because it was healthy father-in-law will have to request me the time you also forgot currently that it happened, but gone stop on the way not to be considered I pass away until the end, check me to satisfied licking carefully the vagina part of me after relationship of these two persons're done in does not finds out to anyone yet, but was full of guilt against the mother-in-law and my husband I was a first, but little by little and symptoms of menopause and a little become to this age in physiological that going to end, from becoming overweight and collapsed in it, the number has been reduced Mekkiri also conjugal life with my husband, relationship with the now father-in-law come seeking as a woman myself still in that Mattari Just sex processing that does not I also Nante'll wear a mouth existence of the father-in-law has become important, that my husband come licking vagina part of my current course is none, what was accumulated number of times but with fewer of is a couple, but I also get the intense pleasure if the timing is right, but there is no way almost, so do you not something of much that I couple of this age I but is sufficient for now? With want to see father-in-law is to go compensate for that amount In other words, I am grateful brazenly, now father-in-law is working in a part-time job still sixty-nine years old is mother-in-law that I'm fine, has been weakened Well that you leave the house has been lost, but it has been pounding in the hope a little, such as when my daughter is willing to take me in and shopping occasionally, when only two people the other day and (000 Hey ,, here come voice takes from the father-in-law) and bad, has been inserted into what was erection lightly suddenly, but was playing my body a little bit to come become soft in the middle, but is allowed to delight several times for the first time in a long time after which the opening I got value your father-in-law's, thank you, thank you and me look as a woman it must be to prevent finds out anyway I want to go in this state does not have any guilt now

Incest discourse of my

If you put out in the novel with everyone?