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Incest confession of women(2010-08)

I love my brother

During high school I had to sleep with him? It is of course another blanket. I was not a virgin because he was her lover had SEX.
one night, something is Atarimashita my ass. Yes, your brother's dick. Job was to put. SEX brother would still have things to no.
little boy had become quite large. I was afraid, escaped, pretending to toss. I finished the day with it, came to the same thing every night.
would have received it if I am. Read your confession, because it's excited.


yuna himekawa[33345]
Sun high school came into my bed at night,
"Oh? What's wrong?"
Grandson came to the 遠慮Nai,
"Grandma ○ ○ Koshitai it!"
has come from the actions from the deep sleep, consciousness is not firmly on the word of the grandchildren are not thinking about what surprised you saying,
look like my grandson's arm is sandwiched between immovable, has been kissed grandchildren were put your hand inside the pajamas insert,
suddenly struggling desperately to say things, but such a state are closed mouth, groan as issued a voice.
But 居Razu family holiday in May is no one just me and grandchildren.
as things had been silenced for too abruptly to avoid running away, holding the feet of my son's feet,
in the event of an instant scratcher got into my crotch.
to marry after twenty raising three children, normally sent by ordinary life without any special incident,
attacked over 60 terror was immense .
scratcher came into my butt to 股座, my fingers are already in the pubic area.
first man husband, to enjoy the first experience pain like that,
husband had was bland, as well as the joy of knowing her slowly,
husband 10 years ago have passed away, I think that 近Kunakatta night life for 20 years.
scoop into the private parts of the fingers of grandchildren for me, so they've had no choice but to come to another idea. Taken off
underwear pajamas, grandchildren are buried in the crotch in my face,
by clitoral stimulation, as has been invaded not only irresistible weakness,
I The response began to emerge was any way it can not be helped.
grandson is open towards the legs more will come,
Nijiri hit the bed to escape the limit,
突Ki刺Sarimashita in my body Son of man. I like the pain and
faint, and you suffered a shock to know that her whole body,
to experience something so intense at this age are intensely enough to harden thrust has been incorporated.
get stuck in that deep inside the body to be said skewer,
"Please, do it gently"
saying scary things like feeling hurt and I resigned it has it,
grandson was autocratic behavior by force, as in this word represents kindness,
changed me in slow movements. grandchildren
actions such as to represent a clear stimulation of adultery Conversely,
foreign club like hard, thick rubbing unwavering, long deep run into the back,
grandson know the existence of my body in it feels like they showed clearly the man,
stimulation scrape loose movement, change of heart comes to tell me know the feeling of prostitution,
resist instead, it was my best to hide that I've begun to feel.
even hiding his face, is rubbed both breasts, I pierced the groin, the reaction of the grandchildren of men rubbing wet enough to move,
body in my groin as quickly get nailed The pleasure of men and women had changed.
pleasant stimuli, as spurred further show I sigh in agony,
Orimashita to respond however 善Gari 突Ki抜Ka men leave the grandchildren.
my grandson conquered by force,
"do? say feel? It feels good!"
聞Ki込Mi but many times, so that the legs get nailed concentrate, full of the joy of wet drift,
been throwing well sigh in agony, for so the pleasure comes from knowing the 上Ri詰Me,
"Hey! you feel good?"
agony of a body can barely nodded to the observed body grandson With, at the height of pleasure can not pay,
man knows only my husband and I have never experienced this much less intense,
Orimashita like crazy scream in agony at last.
"I feel pleasant to say Ah!"
even think about thinking, and everything vanished from his head, in the words of tongue was a constant pleasure.
retroflexion as having been 仰Ke反Ru waist deep end is pounded into a Son men,
been further plunge in what in my body heat, pleasure spreads are bathed several times ,
syncope seemed to have gone somewhere like myself.
legs wide open, the weight of legs left in bond overlap grandchildren,
would grandson were trapped in the conquest of the first experience but everything is so confused. Su example
been made to women and the joy of being more informed, they've wrapped my grandson to get the body under the crotch,
事無Ku blame, and I feel no regret glow had been met.

The state of the father

Hi, I'm 15 years old third year middle school. I confess that I found here I was playing with accidentally absent from school with a cold computer. I live in
two mom and dad died from a fourth grader at the time of. Dad's not even the real father is a married guy and the other mom. I
So, Chata sought sex with daddy in the body from last summer. I confess I got was that I liked long before it was accepted from
I love my dad too sweet. And I taught many loved by papa sex.
But recently, I have a strange state of the father. That asks for sore hands are bound and determined to get me to hate. Wake
訊Itara to their dad, "SM This is a'm horny. Now I'll be tough but I feel good once you get used to pain," and taught me.
true but I do Daddy said it, someone who has experienced a very anxious, you tell me?

Is in trouble

The 32-year-old son two years ago and divorced, lives with me. His son, recently put his hands into the pants, I saw the moment had to masturbate treatment. My son is embarrassed face showed, if the 収Marimashita. The week after that, now my son put his hand into the pants in front of me, I became more ashamed, and embarrassed.

Beginning of the functional and son,

With her husband and felt totally confused and since I started living a different life.
site build a house with parents of her husband, a kind of half live.
as it was your father that her husband out of the house too soon to make her husband does not come back. I grew up a complex home
little Oisoreto not even be called the complaint
parents divorce and I think we now unable reached.
salvation is a very nice person and refreshing husband's mother, "I'm settling in well if you adopt." It was comforting to me. I like
affair without any thought about at all, wasting time, we attended a number of classroom culture. I have a son
affection and caring as you may say.
17 year old son is a very hated thing rather incompatible or husband.
good girl, you're honest, I have become so repulsive to her husband.
husband was very frank sex. Something as simple as putting out all the time. My husband is not only
not know I feel the climax, and working great but I like sex.
honest, but now I feel the love for her husband, when asked to remember the goose bumps as I did not like
son as she normally is, why are the young faces that I have been interested in my body.
say either "poor" is a type of feeling my body.
son went to the room you're studying, and my son says to hold him off the breast Masaguri me in bed,
things will stretch their hands toward the bottom.
back without her husband and another son is my best club.
in a low voice, "No,, absolutely useless," it is a struggle to the utmost.
son seems in doubt, I will release shortly.
yours to worry about every day making a mistake. I talked with my son
face. My son said, "I think I'm doing and the guy with the dying."
And her husband guy thing. Hatred, jealousy, love my son and I was suffering from a complex.
"If your mind on it 済Mu ,,."< br> My hands covered his face with his son on the bed, and lying.
was signed about two hours long and is played.
contraception was neat.
I put my son to enjoy playing with my kind reaction.
"Oh, I'm here." "Do not cute.'m cute dude."
I'm pretty sore the next day. Hot body and I still feel pain.
whenever held, but the son my son went to a man just to feel.
and I noticed a man who loves his son obsession. now I feel pretty
body. Mind-boggling that I raised my son butt hard.
"to Mom, or not Lee." "I do not know.. Copyright is feeling."
"Hmm." My son and I had bought the rotor.
"Oh Oh stop! Stop it!!"
first stimulus was surprised too. Just say I felt the electricity running.
"No way, eh no, again, eh no! spoiled yeah!"
feeling thrilled and ran to my back, I remember reaching her first bite feels like a whole there. Looking at my son's bed
Gusshori. Was a little jet.

By son

I'm worried about my son. My son is 23 years old, I put a tattoo of a snake becomes a thigh 893. I'm committed to it one day his son. It is the day. Even if, even if the husband can be such a thing. My husband did something in the sight last night. Both husband and son that has been silent. I'd like it to help anyone Kanaimasen. Timbo son into the crack and lick her pussy with greatly from the legs to my feet painfully open. I cried in pain. I do all my pussy and brought a friend the next day. As well make it the next day. My pussy is like a toilet.


Married for five years now, and the father of three who lives in her husband this spring. Nanikato
is rather dangerous one that my father passed away two years and her mother.
resistance because it was planned when it comes to live with my parents from when I was not married.
noticed that my father has an interest in life since I started it immediately.
directed me to shoot a lick from the beginning I felt. What is called visual rape, is leering. I thought I'd do
imagination, being aware that the scrutiny of the acts of the night with her husband and convinced that
imagination is not that eye. I and the scrutiny of 分Tta
is when the work had to close the sliding door.
I sometimes say to my husband thought it actually "sees me as the target of your father"
what I say?
still say, leave nothing to do several months have passed.

Her husband with a secret

The first post I discovered there was a bulletin board like this.
divorced at 42 and now 35 years old and 21-year-old daughter and her husband, three people are living.
three people living in June, so this is a little over two months now.
I parted 15 years ago and 10 years older than the husband, has raised one daughter herself.
common cause of divorce was that the money was there can be used for a woman to him.
later, my boyfriend has bought many people, until 10 years ago, too.
busy in its own way to work and then, I had not come over her voice that no one child is also a major, what means.
decided to marry her daughter to live together is for economic reasons. Mortgage still has to pay, I will live with that from anyway. The secret was
husband and my daughter is that the first half of this month.
daughter is in play once in a while to go yet so young, so big-hearted people who are older and like her husband too, I want a girl that is so freely.
night in with friends or see the fireworks have come back in the summer, went out wearing a yukata.
My husband took our dinner with me to make some for dinner, so I also like cooking.
at that age as much as before I was dating men, but men sometimes conscious, and more from the course I did not think her husband is. For a moment I'm
I did. To overlap with his posture as it'll help if you elaborate and I crouched on the floor and spilled a little something 拭Kou.
match ... look at that moment he has kissed. "Oh, and I'm there," he hugged me and laugh
had just token resistance force through the body I was.
Later, when her daughter came to his phone call from a moment, I'd like each other senses, it is "now we all go for a drink" by saying that it was his
my sofa (which touch on the bed) is on 押Shi倒Sa, revived forgotten the sensual flame When you caress my body is just a kiss
I accepted him.

I have tea with us

I have things in your tea, always, always liked her for years, wanted. When I slept with my stay in your room,
"I have tea with us, or Mine, I would like to have tea with us," What kind of. I tea stay your smile "Mami is but the first time, Yanniagechatteiino Aichi to you?"
"That's OK. Because it is bad at almost Bye tea have in us." "Mami is it What is it for the first time anything" "Yes I like to have tea were you I hate that I have not even kissed a boy
, you've never connected with it. "" Well, "I have tea with your face on a troubled face Mami was seen.
But, "Bye, helped, or by tell them that I tea have in us." "Really? should I do ♪ Yay?" "Well then, close the eyes to look"
"What do you do 瞑Ttara eyes? "" Because it is known by 瞑Re. "tea did not close the eyes to look as it was called Too me to lick his lips lightly kissed.
"ah a kiss now?" "That's right. Well then, now see Open your mouth a little." "This?" came into the tongue did tea have in your Then smoked 思Ikkiri tongue Mami The.
"I'll do" and instinctively look away, "seemed to bite my tongue." I have tea with you I laughed. "Even I was surprised because I too."
"Well, no surprise this time You, you know, one more time" "Hmm." Kiss the second time, the tea I have to hand Mami Us I found the buttons off the shirt. I think I got it
dexterity. Mami has been up and down the white underwear. "Underwear always like to Mitsu you?" "Yeah.'m Tea stay you ♪ I love white, love?"
"I'm suits Mami. ♪ show better," "Because embarrassing ♪ ー hate that" "A Well then Below is? "" Oh! No! No way No way!'m shy Huh! "
and fill in your lips with your lips Yanhamamino Aichi, Mami Did you take off your underwear.ー why such a thing! Become a white head, Ottoshichatte com, seen them all I'll have tea with us than that! A
I was embarrassed. But unable to hide his hands hidden. "It's my heart I'm Okkikatta Mami, how many there?" "S no mami, E of a cup. Okkii Mami's, but I hate."
"Why not? I have a tea ♪ Come on you better not Okkii ♪ favorite Okkiku breast Mami "" Well no only good if you like I tea not to us. "" good touch? "" Ah! ah not I touch it anymore. "
s tea have in your making fun of things Mami laughing or the like. Yuutte immediately got sucked most susceptible plants, Mami is surprised, "Oh Ugh! That way! Stop! O Wow I'm embarrassed to stop."
"What's with nitrous mon ♪ I'm not ashamed "while saying this, I get the tea stay in your lower body Mami. "No! No! Daa and No! It and such a place!" "I Mami, ♪ is named after the Well because such a place"
s tea stay you were holding a leadership body Mami completely. "Because they're awesome! Dirty! And the hell!" "I 汚Kunai, ♪ Mami mon but" tea I have to hand in your underwear So you Mami.
"No! No! Adaa !!!"" and Mami! Daa Who did I want first?" There is no word like it is returned. "It hurts not to open the legs?"
Of hurts because I did not want to open your legs a little "pull out" force "Eh? What?" I have a tea time to think about your Ataezu I got to come out into fingers Mami, Mami, I was surprised
"Tsu Tsu Ouch!" involuntarily shouted, "Oh, sorry, I suddenly painful." "Why not ! That idiot I have tea with you! "" But Mami Coco, I was really wet
happened to you? to this. "" No! O Do not touch. "" ♪ It is not in it and See, hear. "Yanhasouittemamino leave in Aichi on your finger, towards the back of Kaki回Shita. The sound of perverted
, Mami was really embarrassed, "No! Yeah emit sound in" I 隠Shitara face in his hands, "Why? ♪ not sound cute," I have played your stay perfect tea ....
first thing I know, I was going to have to look between the legs of tea I have to have your Mami. "Hey! To do ah, ah so embarrassing place!'ll Hey," I'll lick O Mami important that we do have tea with us. I'm not even into the bath
, looks embarrassing. Become more white in my mind I, I'll feel more and more embarrassing. "So beautiful After all here for Mami. ♪ and unable to door door yet"
"Oh, I tea stay your virginity O I'm like this all. Only women have played so far Yantteba Aichi to us I do not know from Koto無I seen! "" Hey, Where Oh, I learned such a thing? "
" I saw for the first time I have tea with you? first people here. "" Ne Yes, I first saw . to see better. "" Oh Oh, who'll get here first, not when they committed to do our tea. "
" hey now, that You're a bad reputation on the agreement I will commit 犯Suda What's not talk! "
Mami dick in comfortably with the embarrassment even while doing such a thing I got incredibly wet" Can I put in Mami? "
" and Daa, mon fit. "" Ne yet however the first time, how impossible, too. "" O Yes, the tea did you have in it. "
(because I Okkii)" I ? of tea do you have to what? "" Anyway, it's useless ー. "" I must Mami is selfish, but did say that,
me anything and everything useless useless "" Cuz you Me, I'm too scared mon. "" Well, I try to get used to the last little bit. "
" Yes. "Aichi Yanhasugokusugokusugoku to your kind, allowing me Mami selfishness. Then you embrace or kiss,
♪ I want to have all the tea I was very happy, indeed sometime ♪

Secret Relationship

1 month ago, lying in bed in the bedroom to get rid of mutual frustration between the daily household chores, who had to comfort myself by watching a sex site on your laptop.
the child can not be with her husband and therefore, I was to become a daily routine alone.
poor building put the door ajar it seemed I was aware I was not that desperate to feel good in myself.
father came into the room where Lee came in a little more likely. I have clothes
Fixed a hurry, the father is like watching the whole story, without even 悪Bire "followed by the good. 優衣's because I am watching" zipper pants took out the little boy down.
my little boy had grown so that the father has been installed almost returned my hand on his groin away the shame.
become very excited about the fact that stimuli seen my father, I now I installed. Lee's father
sure I saw "It was beautiful. Thank you" and went out of the room said. I felt very disappointed that
Yogitsu deployment because it was such a site here in my head at the time. Then every day and often
without saying, my father came to ask how I can now watch it yourself while you are doing when you encounter one who is me.

this month, I have never once seen his father has just b sure sure that I installed.
has been driven by the desire to see a moment like Ralph Lee please.
watch these sites, while one person is doing in that moment my thoughts are good and even gone beyond the majors.

Days of Lust

Pregnant while attending college.
only became an unwed mother in the mud walls of cognitive differences between marriage status should be waiting for graduation. We live in unprecedented 頂Ki the alimony and inheritance in terms of helping to destroy a lawyer acquaintance of his father.
Orimashita two mothers living in peace have to cram in the management of revenues Fortunately uncle. Refusal to take the high school before my son, but I feel Orimashita also responsible for the environment I now have a nightlife. Kame Tetsu cause of
has several times said it could not hear her son's feelings easily. Many men go through every day hobby I have recently (in terms of taste nothing sir.) I jealous.
might fairly young cuckoo had to dress like for sure. I do not even have to look at the same time as the target of. I was surprised not to remarry or not at all in my head. It is the real intention is to avoid trouble. What can I do with
jammed? I did not want to touch with my body I've heard enough. I began to forgive
intimate relationship that I want to gradually smooth academic mad son was soon to be denied of course.
first son put his hand inside her skirt Masaguri at best, but it was eternally on the spot about,,,
now directly from the voices they emit no Omowazu I hail a week now on and playing with a few after dinner three or four times Orimashita spend time naked lower body. I feel more and more feel
and should not, could those days. It is more than a towel Gusshori will also have the floor and incontinence son's fingers skillfully over time.
son bought a vibrator and we will do when it is bought and where I was attending a prep school and seriously. 4 inches is suddenly rolling length is 20 centimeters with a violent vibration. my son is around 突Ki飛Bashita
become so Omowazu Iki. Such changes have Aisuru man facing his son I feel so much more than that.
"useless anymore over the line as a mother would." and say "Why? mother too, I do. I'm pretty much something around her." and.
What I got sucked into drugs continues Kudoka son. Ugomeki intensely sensual world of nipple vibes while being tampered with but rather is left naked,,,. Sarakedashi
I know all the while they have already seen the whole body convulsed. My son seemed very impressed, "was awesome. Mom.'m Great!" Cried many times.
lips together with his son among the lingering "love,, love,,," I hang onto. It dwells in me the devil anymore. I love my son came out it made me want a fainting 度度.
Sunday that "try to put in?" He silently Orimashita surprise. After a silence, "I've got it ready?" Buy condoms in pharmacies casually off to the grocery store together.
son was supposed to be eating out for lunch is to pull your sleeves and go home. Tantalizingly restaurant purpose. I sat my son sat next to every seat on purpose.
has put his hands around in stealth was a little short skirt.
been let before we could say only stockings on the carpet in the living room while being Kakae I returned to the apartment opened the door to more fairly Meals.
and I was impatient I am keeping my son's penis. When I touch harder than tough I,,,. I thought that might be substantially more walloping vibe.
son led the wet and I started to respond well to put a collar. I think I'm wet and smooth moves pretty tight and Omoimashita son.
I mentally was still tremendous perversion erotic've went. My son is released before we could say.
抱Kisukumemasu just me. Omoi Fukkira that brought me my son had finally become a woman. Beautiful things in the mouth with his son.
some experience with men and I "so much that I was in carriage,,, my son surprised. My mother was a saint and I will.
abandon it without hesitation I wanted to enjoy it anymore. Disorder Makurimashita told my son to feel all the points. It is a family dinner until 11 at night after all. my son has
road and then turn back the hand on his hip. More painful, so I turned around, "will not do anymore." I slept in an embrace pain and pleasure while intoxicated is inserted from behind before going to bed eventually said. Akezu
son sex two days we have now are still in high school. I started aerobics also said a loose vagina before the summer.
We take pride in his 20s and can not lose thanks to loose body. Recently, my son is back on I moved to become lazy.
is that the union stands Yarasa while watching a large mirror in the living room door. I would meanness in her to reach the peak.
I think I want to do it every day if I want my son any more.

Dear. .

"Something recently, have changed." "What? Like what?"
"I'll say 色Ppo say, something ,,,,"< br> that you mention it to him, I noticed.
son as a man you love. While being held
him, I was remembering my son and sex prank. Kusare縁
him anymore. Or stick or separation, those dating from before marriage'm too.
husband kind a good person. I love it. But a nice guy too suffocating.
according to his good wife, good mother is played by 溜Marimashita very stressful.
that point he was able to get through the thought that exposing yourself to break up a good time.
love and love is different, I'm never fell in love.
things that most elementary school children about what to have 恋Rashiki.
want someone who, I never thought that I had. The good parent-child relationship and never
My son did not.
reckless opposition from around the adolescent period can not hear the mouth can barely there.
become college this year, his son was released from the curse of the test.
give him what you want to buy my son's birthday,
"I'm sorry. but I have to thank my mother, could not say." I did say. I yelled
son became emotionally attached to eliminate concentration. My husband and relax in
"I would be." and.
academies and high school teachers, but they I eager to hear about your friend.
is sometimes felt even hate my son.
It is not because of my son, I was afraid to be criticized yourself.
wanted to apologize to my son.
already realized his son becoming an adult.
the loneliness I felt.
and body became hot.
son to feel more, but they went away again.
"I hope relations recently." "Yes."
son clinging to her husband even called his son Bettari.
golf mad husband. Go out every week.
is coming up in two days about Mari Tomari.
crazy to me son, I had to just host it.
I was in bed for his son.
"sleep together."
stick to the body, so that will touch my son.
hands and there is over pajamas. I felt something hard
son back.
"Hey Hey, now." gently lay a hand out and I was his son. My son went over there rubbing my hands reached between them.
is already Gusshori.
slept hugging each other and feeling happy. My son did not seek further
think of guilt than I felt. light vehicles only
shopping. I was taking my son to become a licensed toys.
"Take me, too." "What _.'m embarrassed."
let me know something is in style dating mood.
flare skirt a little short, but dark blue blouse and blue favorites.
outlet in the north is my flag.
limp son shopping with me and unemployed. When you go home
considerable congestion. Yara may take several hours to be home. Last supper fast and slow.
run in the path, and while many signs of love hotels.
"come in?" said his son nodded in silence.
entered the bath together.
and lying on the bed, observing his son began meeting.
there and expand your fingers to rub the nipple.
to condoms, and let me into you like a son.
from the front, from behind, from the side. Try the various positions.
eventually 果Temashita thrust me violently.
for a small break, I let the erection of the penis, including the mouth of his son changed the condom. sit astride the sinking
son, son and deep kiss.
"Ah, feels good,, I ,,,"< br> has reached systemic wiggle hips shaking while tangled tongue. Accommodate the wave of sensuality and his son has a hip thrust.
"Oh, dude, cute, cute I look my mom."
"love, love, love do not let them blind."
any 離Renakya not say I know is.
But now I enjoy and love my son without thinking.

Exchange conditions

Divorce my husband was in the state quagmire.
frequent cause of her husband cheating. Said that they were making a man out before I made because it was my loved one as well, but it dragged on. Also
custody of his son. Repulsed by his son saucy just now. Learn more
even sometimes hatred.
son living alone in an apartment is now a sophomore, wants to Mendokusa "It's all the same to me.'s last name changed and I just hate."
演Jitakatta in front of his loving mother only.
already living together, he told me I was put to good citizenship.
who divorced him. To consider issues such as marriage and inheritance of his ex-wife and children were wary of it eventually happens. Also, his son
absolutely not come to our house, had refused to even meet him. I was also caught him about it. I was visiting
such as cleaning and taking care of my son from time to time select. It was also
to get his second marriage to an understanding of the course.
"You'd have to come anymore."
"You're the better of me, somehow, another?"
become quarrel, my son had it snapped. I began to cry no such thing
"Okay, Let me done." "A, what you say?"
"Ya if they let me, I'm going to look like a guy."
"stupid things,, , could not do that! "
" Well, not come anymore.'ll Ya gonna come from. "
son and then did not meet with me at all.
apartment also go badly.
seems to me he felt the trouble.
"Well, it (marriage) will consider carefully."
he can put out. I was very upset.
to 思Itsume and "once you place it was worrisome ,,,." that.
hindsight, my one-man show. Yes I thought my son did a stupid thing.
desire, but I certainly was carrying, and so did I dream to have sex. When I went to the source
son, I was Fukkire.
son and thinking, think as a man.
But it would be cheating on him.
husband and he, unlike 悦Ba had surgery to the woman.
I am now enjoy the climax of the sex with him.
want someone to him, but the unspeakable Hashitanaku. He has many
travel, often physically exhausted. Acts on the Moon, was a few degrees. mixture of various feelings and
, I was excited states.
night until the morning it turns out that his son was 離Shimasen me.
my son has been away many times I just installed a finger,
I will erect my son again.
his first meeting with the son. It is yet another tense, I felt so impressed by each other.
end of next week. Mari Tomari Golf husband.
I went to the apartment of his son and made dinner. while talking to
"I do go back." son. and I'm quietly pushing
, her hand into her skirt.
"Oh, a little longer,,"
and "Hey, I go Hohoteru?" "Huh?"
I wanted to abandon aloud.

Sex with my brother

yuna himekawa[33305]
One day, back to the room was dressed only in bath towel into the bathroom late at night.
the way, did you watch the video masturbation while sitting on the couch casually 覗Itara from inside the door was open a little brother.
I gently approached from behind, but saw the younger brother desperately realizing Iteta Shigo dick.
I said, "feel good?" I was hiding, but eventually I was to put both hands in pants dick in a hurry to say. I sat next to his brother
amused, "You're the way yet, I'll help you"
put your finger towards the hand of Kojima himself said that his brother in his hands did touch.
little since my hands are free to say what his hands away I thought it felt good to resist.
while holding the pole up and down Shigoki "You feel good," said his brother saw the hand of the heavy breathing that I have said nothing in Shigo. I watched the shimmering
and reflected on where my mouth to blow job video of them, "Do you want your mouth like a video topic?"
brother nodded in silence. I kept Shigoki
hand up and down the pole head including the mouth while tongue licks things endure juice was slippery. My brother immediately
"Yes, has already come out," I tried to let go of my mouth to say that the head moved up and down vigorously with both hands holding his brother back. My brother finally becomes impossible
patience, as it did ejaculate in the mouth. Now I have to swallow
Tappuri semen is released into the mouth and body to kiss his brother Shigoki hand while the younger brother started touching my body. chestnut chestnut
dick and doing a finger to remove the nipple boobs rub the towel I was hard to recover as soon as Bing. At that time did
wet pussy is really excited too.
Now I no longer possible to endure, while kissing and straddling over his brother and his brother to move back and forth while his brother sat on my things fit in the stiffened boobs with both hands Deta rub vigorously.
hips moving like crazy that I have become so hastily withdrawn brother stet, splattered on my face and body has been launched with sufficient vigor Shigoku cum hard while licking your hand.
and I'll tell you something my brother lick clean tissue wipe it, I was a happy face.
Since then, I'm having sex with my brother on a daily basis. Than the unstoppable feel with my boyfriend.


Yoshiko Hiro says.
now 12 years old on August 10. Got last summer to buy computers, just near the end of the summer, incidentally, played stingy here honey! ! Still, well, I can not kana input,
So far, 10 Punmokakatteshimaimashita. Back home from my childhood, dog names and John, I soar Merii dog names. The two dogs both very good friends,
of me, I love you very much John and Merii. Well from my childhood, I went for a walk with two dogs. In truth we, before year's,
Siberian husky dog ​​with it but I carry on, I had to buy another one. Chobi and I put the name. (Huh? Heard the name somewhere before?), But after a while,
Merii tame and friendly Chobi is a very much longer I'm alone on that one thing that John.
I also go for a walk so serious that even the three dogs at once, imperceptibly, and in proportion to Chobi Merii brother, I naturally went Ninatsu proportion to things like John.
dusk one day, John, and it comes Retsu Tei Nakuji to time, usually in the first, I was doing as usual pat,
quickly, like A little different I felt that. Next thing you know, there is somewhat of John, to red, Oh I'm strange.
that day, as it is, I went out in proportion to, said that day, somehow, did not sleep well the mood of the things John.
much after that, somehow, that it was the appearance of John. Without knowing the truth we are of them, looks like I'll get pats on the red version, Then,
John is also very happy to me, but, before doing that, I remember some time ago I'm not around and put a little cold, as always,
me give you pet it out of there John, I was getting weird, when I was daydreaming, unawares,乗Kkatsu come to me John, I was over there from my ass to ass skirt.
so I sat on a park bench, and I turned bright red and just what to do with shame, 見渡Shitara around once, seemed to have not seen anyone quite new anymore Kurakatta,
From felt something, I was just worn will be worn. The next day, again, when I go home from school excited.
me Kaettara home, how I Pantsuwonuide, as I walk her stuff John. Pliers of the park as usual.
to give you pet it, just like the day before, I've 乗Kkatsu me.
something, so I came back to me mushroom rice the day before, when I give it less visible to roll around the skirt.
Somehow, I was there sounds a very strange even to me. Then, Guuzen, red Okkii is John, my ぐにゅってかんじではいっちやったんです over there.
me, eh Wakan somehow lost what I Tsuchiya, but, somehow, to move the hips so that John, my better feelings I Tsuchiya, Kiga arrive, John is there Hashimoto, As always sitting up,
to me there is very upright, but I was still my daze, I followed up Nankaki rice, but hot Why do not you touch me there, <br > Yamaguchi Yoguchoninattete really kind of everything, I feel so bad I did immediately, Shiyawa Abimashita back of the big time soon.
But that night, remember, there's me, while i Sawashi Sawa, Tsuchiya I get to sleep I feel good now.
Somehow, just before the younger age and lower one, (I said Yuji), and got on like a potato that has me tied here,
it with potatoes or why , but I do not know, my parents and I have to ask Talks, And then singing as well. Komatsu Imasuu Tsuchiya.
now, I did immediately as it took to write the rainbow dry moss. No way that the shoulder. Neyo Innovation anymore.

Sex with my brother

In 11th grade I, being a brother is. School without a parent in an interview long ago, Kenji was in fact secretly aiming (brother) and I'll look over there,
taking a shower when my brother, "Kenji ~ little sister hastily up in the bathroom I'd join you soon ... "went into the bath towel in just because. My brother was surprised
but rather, his brother was taken to the room stood up as soon as I pulled out the arm ....
naked brother was naked ... I towel fell away. I
Ya I was going to do to my brother, my brother was done ... eventually.
I saw my brother over there, "It's there Kii Hiroshi Kenji." when saying, "If my sister ~ I also very heart." ... was told it was.
gave you like to let my brother about two hours. Masturbation
my brother give him the show was over I got so excited, have been tinkering with my nipples ... properly cleared. and felt pretty
but can not until I got up to the other licking my brother there to watch the whole time ....
brother has since come to my room and very often the parents are ♪ Ya me in secret


Brother and 15 years apart. I feel she did not stay in the single today.
I am a virgin to his brother had been deprived of that.中三 at night, I was sleeping and somebody came into the room.
and being rubbed or chest, but it is touched or a leg, I was half asleep so did not resist. pajamas
button is removed, and I licked the nipple, I was gradually getting comfortably. And coming in panties in hand,
been touched when I started the clitoris, indeed, is hung awake at that time imposed in the mouth and nose with a towel like a medicine to smell, and I arrived at sleep.
morning when I woke, but was slippery in the groin, did not worry about much. That morning, there very well.
boyfriend and I experienced the first two become high was not bleeding, I felt good from the very beginning. That did not worry about time.
Then one day my brother enters the room, "Junko loss of virginity" in the video when the label affixed to, and try to play that night it was.
from running out of consciousness, is taking off the panties, I was her pussy licked. And is then Nakade live, my brother was carefully wiped.
semen come out and mix the blood was still muddy.
examining room, had the title "Junko Orgy," "anal Junko", but came out date is affixed tape is full. turbulent 交Tsu
the title, but when you're asleep, I sleep deeply with drugs, a friend, call a lot, I want my body made me play the face.
anal, but I was perfectly reflected I'm raped my ass.

I have

While in bed with a cold, and I have sex with Kazu. Kazu and my son is, 12 years old, the middle school this year.
I was 29 years old, and I full-time homemakers. 46-year-old husband in a long distance driver, I rolled the trailer. The first had sex was the evening of June 13. 39 degrees heat
there had been in bed in the morning. But I had to Utsurautsura, dreaming ecchi, Samemashita eyes.
to have sex with someone, if I seem a little more in Iki, I woke up I thought I had a dream. I was moving my ass on a hard and is Kazu.
I was being completely naked, I was moving my body in that little boy with Kazu. Kazusa and turned a blind eye, about the sides of my hands, move your ass I was hard.
"you, the heaven you doing?" He com Oh, and say something, but only momentarily stopped the movement of the hips, "Oh, Oh I chan!" I said, moving body trembling ass to,
was launched in semen and my Kazu. Strange dream, I is burnished to pot, I slept again. Samemashita eyes chime of the clock at 6 in the living room better. More like
in a dream, I was just moving in with you again in my head Kazu. I felt. I was there for me I have to lick Kazu.
is being grabbed my legs and the Kazusa ankle, bent, is open to the stride, put my face in there and the Kazusa, I was licking.
"Ah" to feel, thinking aloud, Kazu and I pressed down on the head. Then the little boy came in with Kazu. Kazu
and there are about 8 or 9 inches or 168 centimeters taller than me 7, and just doing the heavy body Kii Hiroshi wrestling boys, little boy was great.止Menakya somewhere, stop Sasenakya,
also thought that I should not have to feel great, you feel tired, and a pot Oh, Kazu and I have to kiss. In the body of my little boy and the Kazusa, and will be moving to,
I feel is becoming more and more, I immediately began aloud. Kazu is a little boy with a hard, like a hit to the back of my body, moving really long,
I was many times I went. "Oh-chan or" being shaken to the eyes and Samemashita Kazu. They both were drenched with sweat. Kazu and I was still sitting on the bedside naked.
got to stand up and supported by Kazu, the way I got to clean yourself up and Kazusa, Kazusa overflowing with semen from there on I came out.
"a lot?" I asked, "three times," I replied shyly. I was too hot for me down. Two people got a shower to take you to the bathroom.
became hard again and the little boy Kazu. The "?" I asked, I nodded and tried to go back to the room, and Kazu from behind and get one's arms around my body to shut up,
has been trying in standing posture. And take a knee on the mat to the bath tub 掴Matsu I have inserted from behind. A total of four times, I had sex that day.
the place they are having sex with my husband, to look into Tarashiku half a year ago, I wanted to have sex with me anymore, so I longed. How my husband sex techniques imitating most,
H I intend that we were hiding but imitate the video of little boy and there are about 18 centimeters Kazu, big, boys who have prior than hard,
once it makes up for three or four times in succession. He has been at 2 weeks since then, I came back in three days, but my husband could not, for about 40 times more sex. Hoshino
wants the girl to her husband, however because of sex, both can live with Kazu. H - I kid born in a lewd, lascivious but also great Kazu H
entered high school until she can be, I think it is good for you. Today, it comes back with the club soon after the Kazusa, I'm going to have sex, it just comes up wet

Big Brother

I am a sophomore in high school girls. Every now and has an older brother and three. I'm out of bed in the same room with three people still at home because it is not very rich mother. Mother
go until almost dawn the Yatowa snack mom. Since I became a brother is in, masturbation was seen as almost every day and slept the cotton system. When there
and brother are awake [Miku? Talking to me], I had to put his hands in bed and pretend that I slept without a reply.
over the clothes touching my chest and my crotch was touching. As the number of overlapping and brother went to escalate.
directly touching the clitoris and my heart and sometimes were even licking. In the beginning, but it was just pretend I am scared to sleep, as the number of overlapping,
now looking forward to my brother is touching us. And then my brother also started touching my body and I am sure of is sleeping. I hand
Sakemashita brother pretending to be tired because it was turned over depression. Then my brother started licking ass hole while putting a finger inside of me.
but until now had come to light to kill the voice of the press is going to feel much, thinking to comfortably Amarino [there] and I cry. Then
brother stopped his hand a moment: Why are you surprised Miku happening? ] And has been called out. [I'm awake ... Well until now. Answered]. Then, see the brother Sorry
. From no more. [] No, I will say so. Glad to get in touch with my brother Miku. Feel good. [] Really? ] Laughed happily. Then the older brother to take off
pajamas Miku gentle, open-Ge myself off my feet and gave me an ass hole licking clit and fingers out while all the time.
I cry I feel good again. You're brother is [Miku Hayarashii body. I'll fill out ecchi solution. Shows like I was peeing. Said]. I'm embarrassed to
I really want to let [us feel a dude. [Said] and then lick] I said I was a little boy's older brother licked hard.
brother and trying to have some time Peropero [OK? ] I have to say inside. I clung to my brother was scared.
moment, [it ran great pain hurts. [My brother] and I'm sorry to say. But with a little patience. Say], and moved back Zunzun.
away the pleasure of pain changing gradually - Oh ~ ~ I. Hey, I like ~. ~ It feels good. While hanging on to my brother] was good. Then working for a while now
brother raised a small voice. Even after the older brother is [I'll clean up. Me] to clean up and lick my solution.
turned away but I feel also not clean it, see the brother. I'll go in one after another. And laughed]. Every now and then we are to H.
bath and department stores and schools, the topic in various places. Once I have it in bed next to my mother (laughs).
I could no longer seems anxious to leave my brother like this.


I am a 28 year old married woman said to be similar to the Mizuno Miki. My sister lives next to the couple. Your child who 比呂
sister school year, however is fairly cute girls. Called him to say the TV was broken one day. But it is a lie.
I was waiting for him garter mini dress on the net. Let him sit on the couch. Place your hand on his thigh first.
"lady" "What?" he 黙Rimashita I smile. From here I 攻Memashita him. "Have you dated a girl who I 比呂 you?"
"No" "Then I have no experience" "Yes" "Would you tell them by?" Move your finger on the thigh. So as to crawl. "Eh, what?" "Good thing"
"But Uncle," "I'm not you bothered recently. 比呂 you and says why," "that" puts his hand to his chest. I'll rub your nipples. "Ugh"
"Are not you also want Mr. 比呂? Who, more so with" I'll pat on the briefs from shifting the fly. "I want to?" He fell.
will take you to bed. "Do you say if you find my husband was attacked," and said he was surprised really. It is cute. "You lie," I smiled 寝Kasemashita him.
"Is not it better for the first time an older" 跨Rimasu on his knees. First kiss. Taste of your tongue. I'll be licking nipples and neck and then raised a finger to lick.
so enormous that moan stroking his penis from the top of your briefs. Then Burifera. What it gave me it made me listen. "The called fellatio. You feel good"
"······ yes "take off to live briefs. It is then inserted into the cowgirl. His taste was the best virgin. Lightning going soon, but I use the technique.
to four times over that I was still left. Up on him twice since then. This was his virgin Itadai tea. Now let me get me squid is also good you 比呂 said.
something much better than the other masters.

Loss of virginity

I am 35 years old and 16 year old son.
they cleaned my son's room, my underwear was found in semen Kapikapi, desk drawer, there was my photo. In that picture, the figure has been detained women blowjob, there pictures of her with various men in uniforms Cross wants to see-through, my face was all the woman's face. My son had to compose my picture cut from the face.
I left the room after cleaning up my son to feel disgust, I was cooking a dinner, could not match his son's eyes came back my son. And she has a son or husband to eat dinner when my husband came home? Or do not want sex? Or, when the son was embarrassed to talk about it [I'd like to embrace my mother. When he said], I thought [my husband will get mad or to hug my mom? Mom is good. [] You'd say to a mother holding. [My father] and said, Are you serious? The Woman] I say profound. I want to love the mother of you. If anything, I trained with my mother Misero. [My husband] likes you laugh, it incest. Do not say such a thing. [Say] you normally have sex, it might incest because you trained master-servant relationship, it not incest. My husband laughs] to say [I say I do not know the reason when I become a slave to my son? [You] say it fun? I was distracted] said to my husband, so I rub my chest from behind [St. son, stop. What are you doing to his mother. [I] and authorized angry father. ] And he continued to massage the breast.
is gently rubbed forcefully put the intensity gradually move your fingers to smooth his son Quick Start Guide. Aan. Get out and voice] [Mom, you're cute voice? It is said that], to ward off the hands of his son and holy [Ha, I told my mom, is going to be incest. Besides, I honestly have a woman. [And] that I have to say hemp Depending call. To say that my husband] was laughing. [My husband that you, the holy 煽Ranai. [Right] and say out loud gasp was being rubbed with holy boobs? But I did not even 満更? It is said that], there was only silence could at. I was regretting the failure to tighten gasped aloud shame of his son.
next day, leave early and come back with my son is being hugged and kissed a sudden, I'm away, but sat on the floor in a daze 突Ki飛Bashita supposed to, my son has breast massages could not resist. And yesterday, hand movements they differ greatly son, have endured and they feel desperate, someone depart gasp aloud had been rubbed bare breasts are directly taking off clothes I have been.
son to carry me to my room and removed the belt from the drawer of the desk with a red strip me naked, his body wrapped around me strait, Imashi become like sons drawer pictures or.
and violated body is at the mercy of his son, but it is the spirit of his son by someone depart. And at dinner, my son was talking to feel proud of me and my husband has to just laugh at her husband's anger microscope is [someone depart to St. Good for? [] It is said you satisfied? [] When I hear the Holy Roman: Come neatly 麻依 discipline. [Discipline] and son say? [And] discipline 聞Ki返Shi and son, is the 麻依 dutifully obey. Say], indicated an intention to leave my son.
son will be back next day, and I like playing with a hug and kiss for me, when you passed a birthday present for my birthday dinner a month later, my husband opened [ dare? It is said that], and there is even a light blue sailor collar and try to open the presents, I would have been stunned [enough, Is not she cute? ] Said, was laid out in front of me. And my husband [麻依, wear it to show. [It] is said to hate. Embarrassing. Son] came and said that [麻依, liked the presents? [] Is said to stop kidding me. ] Says, throwing his son a school uniform and her husband have been my son, hug and kiss, and fall out from the body conditioned power, he gave us a son is uniform taking off clothes着Seyou zipper down front with me, and let my feet into the sailor passed, and they are wholly wrapped up in uniform and shoulder, after raising the zipper front dress [麻依, cute. ] It is said, the figure was forced to stand in front of full-length mirror in my room I Iyarashiku really dress close to their bodies to have to clear the lines of the body, the integration of the shorts to strip off her skirt son was. Dude my clothes and leotards are integrated uniform gloss than to say that I feel naughty, seems to forget anything. Wrapped around both ankles and wrists] I have been saying to my husband a pink belt, and wrists are tied behind [麻依, a real gift. And say], to fit the collar around my neck [麻依 son'm thrall. ] And he is always a more passionate kiss my son and his son sit on the spot and take off my bed and sit on the Su Bong [麻依, fellatio. It is said that], for example I suck your penis to his son's pants down to his son, and fellatio [麻依 intently, and was good to Fellatio? It is said that] and my husband, my son has slapped cheek teeth involuntarily hit the penis of his son from the back and violently thrust up and is lying face down on the bed, but it is someone depart in front of husband .
And my son and my clothes 脱Gaseru remove the constraints of the hand came out from the dresser and get laid razor Kio Hiraku [moves my feet, you'll get no clitoris. It is said that], is taken to shave my pubic hair to continuously, and [it was finished in shiny and clean. It is said that], if you were touching her pussy and erotic [coot? And said to my husband].
son had brought to wear my clothes [麻依, 着Ro yourself. It is said that], I would change [麻依, and you can put yourself? [Because] it is said, take off and [...] and say I did not notice earlier? ] And he rolled up her skirt to show panties [from where I'm supposed to be slit. It is said that], I would accept a penis into her pussy slit your 跨Ga me to my son, my husband tied at the back [麻依 handcuffs, put on your own feelings? I'm not in a such a thing? [You] are said to my husband and you wanted to become a slave to my holy? Say], and exposing the zipper down the chest before using it [my son back. The son] said, and sat down [麻依, I'm shaking breasts sex. [] It is said to touch your breasts. ] And say, hand me rub your tits, my son and my son would [麻依 gone on a good to become a slave of the Holy? Angry] is said to my husband and my husband like I'm a slave [St.. Say], my husband and I drink a small bottle out [I'm an aphrodisiac. I continue to be a holy like someone depart? Say], and out of the room, my son is someone depart several times. And lying face down and falls. To, to change the direction you feel behind the sign, turn around and something is coming in the ass, had my husband put the penis in the ass. I [Yamete. I hate. [And say] I'll let someone depart in Anal. Say], but it is different from someone depart at pleasure pussy and move your hips. After that, your pussy anal son has been devastated husband continued.


My husband is 47 years old high school classmate. Son is graduating from college in April of this year with it. I understand that his son, I say go to work away from home is currently living in an apartment. I went to the place of his son. Night they set up food and cleaning and has stayed there. The two slept together in bed, so only son, my son came entangled in the leg of my son and have a chat. Since then I had sex in a rather quiet Monaku. I never was no other than her husband. Feeling better now been split into the big cock in my son. My son was stopped in about three times, and I used to sit on because I want to do more to 放Shitakunai son.

15-year-old son

yuna himekawa[33259]
Mother whose son was high school exam this year. Recently aborted a child of her son. Husband is three years away from home, whether to come back once a month and was frustrated to be honest. I was tempted
is. First, buy a colorful underwear schoolgirl as the boulder, where 干Shimashita noticeable in the room. And when I've put the washing machine to be easily visible at the top. It has a reaction, there is often something that is attached to Put Night Zamenrashiki 確Kametara morning.
night, I was brought into the room to make sure my underwear at night my son entered the room suddenly. Sure enough, my son in his bare lower body on the bed, one hand there was my underwear.
"Naanda, ""..."" was like that, but I do not care about that separately. and young men do not feel down about it" "Sorry," "Never mind. well, mom glad the young man interested in pants, not ""..."" begin with, the body of flesh and blood You better "" Ah, it s bad "
My Pants 1 turned to his son lying. "Look, boobs, touch" My son, my heart began cautiously patting by hand.
I grabbed the hand of his son's pants during a draw, led the son to sensitive parts of the fingers. "There, you touch it gently. Whoops it so" a little puzzled by my breathing disorder comes, the finger is moving awkwardly. I also found clinging to the fingers of his son Netoneto liquid. son
lower body had become stiff fine. I took off the underwear, my son was astride his back, the tip hardened Ategaimashita entrance. Not yet 剥Ke.
sit down and have a son slip into. Slowly move your hips, now faces Yugamimashita son.
"Oh, no, come," "That's OK. Do not worry. Mom feels too" "I can not stand. Ugh U" "You need to put just" I desire 受Ke止Memashita son in the back of the body .
After that, every evening 交Warimashita son. Contraceptives did not dare. A son, explained that the pill drinking was okay. Why do these still can not explain clearly. Species caught a young man, wanted to try being a woman still active, such instinct, he can say such.
month later, I stopped having periods corollary. We do not except and son sex, father son.
pregnant with my son saying that, very surprised.
"for divorced dad, you think I do good birth," "You're not that at all. you'll get pervert me," "I'm right after all. Do not worry, The Ro Fallen" "to do so to "" But you can not be filtered fallen child sex for a while, before I abandon it fun "" Yes "
it came in the summer, two people went on a trip with my son. 3 days 2 nights in Awaji Island Resort. During the day, the People had sex in the room all day 籠Tsu. Open the window and watching the ocean, mother and child desire to meet the sunshine bright, almost like a movie scene. A lot of videos and photos taken with a souvenir.
and watching the video, the mother is not visible. What I like young girls Arasa host. Pride and not something I can throw my naked still.
also safe abortion ended. It now wants to drink a pill. Since the production is still impossible, I give my son the desire to comfort in your mouth and hands.


Two years ago, her husband passed away of cancer at age 46. Retirement is a little bit, I immediately attached to the bottom. They just can not mourn.
wife introduced the neighborhood to go to become part of the town to the supermarket next door. For one week, and his wife, was invited to dinner. I'm waiting for the child
... Ne ... more students would be late Naranakere Ryoji Do not worry ... you invite people to introduce me work force is unable to refuse to go with the was.
... what are you doing I'm Kii Hiroshi sport back into judo Ryo ... ... ... just do it ... Let me seduce handsome man and this too is trying not to get involved 想Imashita. I refused
drink, or just a cup or more and are swallowed drink wine, when got back home, but my feet were unsteady. Was dreaming. Old husband's smile.
wife just to get there. Dare to take the hand of her husband. Wait ... you like crazy ... I chased after. I get a large meadow. Her husband was lying. I was a woman who disappeared
. Oh well the grass beside me and he slept on his back. Kuku ... U ... hehehe I have no bright inner thigh extending the hand of her husband. I take something to burn. Hmm you feel good downpour U
... Oh ", we have to get a Pantei 脱Gasou.浮Kasemashita the waist. SOULTZ and 脱Gemashita. Kuriningu been a long time. I like to hear the full
Dokutsu Dokutsu. Came into fingers. ... You feel good 好Iki husband came into each other .... Held a shoulder.
had a different smell. Opened my eyes. Oh Well ... useless useless tree Hitsu Hitsu not bad ... are you sitting on the son how it was Ryoji. Hahaha ...
bad for a child Uuutsu ah ... I'm ashamed that will not do, but our new full of dew, to cherish about dying, I had to hold my son on the shoulder without thinking.
and the woman, how would such sinful. Or maybe I just wonder. The people who have experienced if you have not, please let me know. Since then, I and my son is coming up in what Kano,
but every time we get through, I feel that they could not refuse at all times. Once the continuation of a dream 云E, wet, because it's got to hold her son's body

The whole family

My family has a whole family incest.
mother and brother, I was having sex with him. Could they
separate room, I still, even though a year now (starting the incest), the show is embarrassing his father naked. I like that my father said, "Take off early. I wonder if dad's not call soon." I went to. I took off is called bad.
Then, my father always
"Oh my daughter expected. It Big boobs."
says. Boasting
, but is certainly my breasts. So, my father and my first drink milk. 'll Suddenly come out so put your finger in the anal. "Oh, Well." Should be able to continue to quit without even saying.
and the milk came out last sound of whistling. "Oh, I finally came out." My father Shaburitsuku breasts.
back then was caught in, as if too tired, so my father, "I quit now." Even though "still will not kiss?" We've been forced to say kiss . I like my father's tongue 絡Meru have been entangled, as expected. "Huh Huh" and I was a deep kiss Bantsu
have to kiss my brother came in. Twine, of course. "What'll I do?" When I hear "From thy lips seemed to good to be true. And I wanted to have sex with him." He said. My father, "Sure, why not? Take her to be" let in on and gave. Since coming back from my brother relentlessly poke "Ahhh!" White juice leaks from the anal and voice simultaneously. It Kizuita brother began to suck face near the anal juice. Pleasant, but I felt that no body is "I'm sorry. Brother!" Went out of the room to kiss good.
from it, but sex in the family followed in his brother's sex with me anymore.


One day 10 years ago, was secretly taken video to show to my husband and sister having sex from a sister's son. Began to cry as I hugged the dazed after being kissed his nephew had accepted knowing what things any more. "I'll aunt" in the vagina when the Shisa Nakade and for pregnant and intuition. My husband and I were contraceptive prevents the child 孕Mu Getting them to master the equipment installed as soon as contraception and Gynecology, cheated his brother and sister wants her daughter, nephews and children successfully gave birth to a boy hiding things that are pregnant. If you fear nothing, so I was going to divorce Different blood types did not. Remove contraceptives and sex as danger day and continue the relationship even after his nephew, who bore two children. Now we pay a large alimony and child support lawyer asked the spy get my latest video of his nephew, the nephew bought a mansion, I'm going to continue the relationship as a wife. My sister was so needy, such as the abandoned husband, and let them live with her nephew as a housekeeper and handling of my nephew.

Brother and

Are under one year old brother. My parents passed away two years ago, is a two-man family business ramen shop.
parents died shortly after it opened a noodle shop, you can not stop shop for the loan. My brother has no money to hire people to work from morning until midnight.
such that one night, I saw that I was masturbating to a corner of the kitchen while his brother was charged the next day. The anger I have on Susan in the kitchen of the restaurant and the thing I was surprised at the same time,
now we have two people living together in a room on the second floor of the shop. Where can the public eye to avoid masturbation but there was only a brother would. From this year, I know that man is physiological phenomena.
brother had had no time to make her last two years, should not give any money to go to the store to handle the physiological phenomena of a man.
That night, I gave up Shigoi cock 脱Gaseru pajamas and sleeping brother. Are you tired, but my brother did not happen Shigoi cock.
Samashimashita eyes and brother still wears Shigokitsu. Chan "Hey, what are you doing I" "I say only just get through anything"
went to see hard cock's softer and it woke up my brother. Has become increasingly tearful face my brother.
Pyuppyuppyutto bolted to three times the arc in the hands of white liquid from my brother at the same time and give a cry less. I said while wiping the semen taken to arms and thighs.
"I do not hesitate to say this time Karanee ゃんがときどきしてあげるからがまんできなくなったら immediately" since my brother is now coming every day Nedatsu
. Over two years I have no acquaintance with men. Squeeze cock while his brother every day, you can see my legs get wet. But if you are my brother 押Shi倒Sa
One day, I am sure I can not resist.

‥ getting married

Always, I was reading
secretly ashamed, and that means where the brother and things carelessly while I read, I was fun to do and even gone on alone.
know why but, here, people are staying with us a similar situation, I was encouraged ...
say I feel I've been, let us also write Please. Blood brother and sister led, please ask whether there has been a love like?
next spring, I am likely to be able to marry him clear. He is a man I met in church music circles, it feels very big-hearted kind. Even though younger
, everything that makes me take. I'm sure I can go along with his brother also. Only one ‥, except for baby things are important. He
it really is not fit even a confessor, my belly life, I have a brother and sister, we are strong and solid ties, what the secret fruit It is. 4 hours ago
plenty, my brother loves me. Much longer, my brother continues to lick me, love me got lots 啜Tsu solution,
I continued to suck my brother, my brother cum tasted a lot. Each reservoir to your mouth Sorekara, exhausted by mixing together the juice taste in Dipukissu.
I really delicious, our juice. So I take care of the child's stomach, but not move much, sure penis hot Kata brother, finally,
Naka me to meet my warm and full. Maybe at first, I think I went from starting to provoke my brother.
The two siblings had been told much better in terms Chitchai since. I together with the bath or if I was to us together until the wee Tomosuruto,
course, "playing doctor" is also the only sibling of the secret base "" In the, or among the closet , make sure there were things about each other. and if those various
, or try to strip off your penis, make sure that the first time in two Aimashita all. Now comes from physiological,
or mother is said to have a little reproof, we were secretly continued firmly. Siemens bloody first time,
was when I was taking a bath together in my mother's eyes I'm going to steal shopping. My brother was worried, remember that it Kowagowa lick me.
cautiously for several days after, was the brother is familiar, just below the bunk beds I always like "night crawling Gokko" I think it was a night that was to come. But unlike my brother
, intense smell of flowers in the chestnut, but the first was my best little lick. Since then we are,
‥ engaged in rehearsal I went to be able to have sex until the first day on Innovation oysters.
little seems to have too much longer. The two people we can throw together at the time of virgin and virgin brother and sister, please let me also written in the next post.

Nephew and six months

書Kezu this kind of blog topic, but also a friend who can speak it naturally
This story is also written in such blatant. I am a 35 year old divorcee
is a woman living alone. 3 days 2 nights
until this morning, the eldest son of my sister (a college student 22 years old) was embraced.
relationship with him will be six months from March of this year.
about once a month from it, now he comes to visit me.
until about May is that it was far from Let's not mistake, I had to say has now also become
feeling that I can not wait. I like a woman that
, and I am weak, but has continued to 思I悩Mi.

Almost every day for

My son is 16 years old. I'm bad in the prime sassy mouth, and I'm dying to watch TV
been pretty spoiled with Dakitsui. bachelor
in which husband and father Hagedebu starting to address the state anymore.繰Ri回Shita
former boyfriend fingered me as you like in high school and his brother. . Now with a Whirlpool 2
wife who is a good drinking buddy, to atone for my little boy using a rotor to cover the poor for both of us I 2
By the way, I am 156 cm 60 kg fat close in recent years. It said her husband was
my friends were feeling much like the successful diet over another. I felt an appetite
Oh my auction win. attend seminars and
diet "every day consciousness is important anyway. Mind your eyes." and I was taught
unquenchable appetite (laughs
start walking now, I was in high school tennis club, an idea I'll do it again started going to the tennis club
first The tennis skirt to Kashiku 履Kenai shame because so was the top and bottom of jersey.
gradually began to lose weight for a month. As we rise in metabolism at a rate less
kg per month first six months decreased by approximately 5 km.
to drink water and exercise a lot, I think there was also significantly reduced the amount of candy and had to munch mouth.
factors one more thing . My son has been spoiled and I fall asleep as usual.
realized, Haritsui Mozomozo to get over there flipping skirts.
"I do." "Yes." Yeah, I'm not on.
stop or persuade, but somehow feeling better,,.
"'re naughty?" I chose the forbidden act.
brain and my son is just another man is judged. spendable gait , give mouth to put a condom on your penis tightly
We enjoy the small but energetic and firm.
example I will not stop the other ones suck erect son endlessly,,.
I love Blow. Perhaps because I was under the Blow Tsukkoma but those guys are, but I also like the tongue erogenous body unintended pregnancy.
even when masturbation, something I always suck.
the soul kiss I want my son liked.
Son and Bolero. tired of club, there are things that my son fall asleep quickly.
morning "and got all standing Eh." push into my mouth and refreshing go to school.
I then click Ttemasu abused while sucking on a rotor installed.
Well, I continued to play tennis as usual.
"Let you wear a tennis skirt." When you talk to my son "Yes, there is not just good." and.
to try on at home, "mandarinia, erotic." was penetrated violently.

A 34 year old housewife

has become the eighth grade son. In fact, I am dying to have sex with her son. Jaarimasen is proud (which is really proud of), my son is so so cool.
birthdays and Valentine's Day gifts you will get what it has not cut enough. You will receive more than 100 love letters a month. It's about mail and complain.
face Kimutaku feeling a little spruce, height is 170 centimeters. My husband also did not like me too, "says the son of whom?" My husband and I wonder about.
(100% of children but my husband) is doing the fencing, took a beautiful profile at the surface, Po becomes Innovation is my real mother even. When the district tournament and
gathered en masse to the fan girls seemed like a concert hall. I really wanted to put the entertainment industry back in elementary school,
gave up my husband is also strong opposition. I've looked at have a son that masturbation. Place so I went with a pledge to study a rare test,
had vigorously rubbing his penis to his son on the bed while watching adult video. Already firmly towards the skin,
I lust for the sight of her son has a bigger penis than my husband desperately Shigoi. My son will be put in the scene cum on the face of the woman in the video seemed to have ejaculation.
Since then, I tend to watch my son as a man no matter what. The husband has sex with recently reduced remarkably away, I end up masturbating really,
thing to imagine is the son of the time. Fellatio penis to his son, or to be released in the mouth, like son fucked from behind in the kitchen is scary
I knew I would eventually do so.

Shiro shakuhachi to me

yuna himekawa[33173]
I am a 20 year old college student. There are two brother down. My brother is getting severe domestic violence from a year ago, has even started Yai parents.
may be beaten me several times. One day my brother came into my room, "Hey, sister, Roman: Come shakuhachi," said this. My brother and I was surprised that even
"Sister, you know You're the man. Janeedaro Hatachi virgin," and said. I certainly is not a virgin. I Unadzukimashita silent. "Well and get to the shakuhachi to me"
brother slept in my bed on his back and trousers and pants and say so. I have been shivering. "It's our brothers," "I Shabure cock soon you'll be" my brother yelled.
our conversation should not hear my parents are downstairs. My brother and threw toward the dressing table was covered by the book. The mirror cracked clash and whistled. I grabbed my brother's penis
cautiously kneeling beside the bed reluctantly. It's long, thick and brother than a lover, one was slightly bent. fellatio
I rarely experience. "Hey, I'm not very good," said the cock slowly up and down while ironing.
"I do not run into here soon," my brother's crotch 撫Demashita say so disgusting. I've decided to suck cock brother Eru reluctantly. Sex is better than being
. Face close to the penis and with a bad smell Punto. I said, "Hey, please, come here to wash. Then I'll tell you," said this.
brother went down the stairs and out of the room naked lower body. To go to the bathroom to pass through the living room in front of his parents must have. Yet my brother went to the bathroom while keeping an erection in the penis.
few minutes later, my brother came back lower body just took a shower. My brother and I lay in bed barely wipe around the body without 塗Reta, "You do not complain about this," said this. I immediately kissed
Yutto to the smell of soap on the glans and the base of the penis with one hand. Open your mouth wide and then close your eyes, and slowly Emashita suck cock from the base of his brother.
mouth to the tip of the penis, and his brother returned to his lips slowly, only to hit the inside of the lips, penis and "O" and the leaked voice. I will crawl on his lips went
penis brother taking care of teeth to avoid exposure. Chan "Hey, I do Umaijan" was changed to sound like spoiled little brother's voice was rough. and while you keep sucking
chan "Hey, I'm, I'm out now. I like this out?" and said in a gentle voice. full of what came out lukewarm
Innovation poured from the tip of the penis while simultaneously nod Kokun Munching my penis.
I have hesitated out what to do about what his brother decided to take the plunge. The sperm of a man drank, of course, who was also the first time in the mouth.
desire to spit out his brother's mouth like a different person I became calm. Then my brother fellatio tease me now. After his brother gave to
fellatio is quiet. Since then, I at a rate of once every two days will take the process to wind brother sex.
domestic violence, but thanks to his brother Yamimashita parents are still pretending to see Minu.

Sex slaves to his son

Son studio apartment in the city. I borrowed to attend college this spring.
almost every weekend, we are the source of a half hour drive to her son. My parents are pretty worried about the grandchildren who live together
. Sekashimasu made me an allowance to come to me.
I returned to my home. Tamper
son from school I started about two years.
husband loves a good kind person. I often like to drink late at night.
was sleeping in the room with his son also 煩Ishi snoring.
continue playing with my son and husband at the time but no difference was just sit down and just rude.
now thanks to her son's cum taste.
husband from the liver to break out once the libido. Now all the state-less.
stay in her husband travel a lot, and the other third grade when my son normal "married life" to it now.
son when I was not sick compulsion, I will seek from me now instead.
son has put my finger in the ass.
"Oh, and there is." script does not even stop hate, and hate to brush off the "dirty enema and then I'm
" and. I got the other first
getting enemas feel too bad feeling, and finally accepted by
son penis. When
out slowly, tea had become strange'll finally installed.
After that, I'll get the body want sex immediately got hot. When you go to the original
son, husband to place a voice. "Do not bring not just because I drank too much." "I know."
Well, recently I hooked all right and healthy in golf. My little piece
infants. It seems like a middle school student and son said. Well, good thing you look younger. Most locals
in hot springs, beautiful spa in the north sea. I went to see my son and
done after.
approximately 1.5 hours drive. I came to the 11 o'clock yesterday, I was awakened at 5:00 am
sleepy. denim miniskirt was
, roll is played in the passenger seat. Gusshori panties anymore.
son arrived at the sea to swim a little, but I feel fast asleep under a parasol with a cool sea breeze. I started looking for a place to eat
hungry, yet after 10. We ate at the family restaurant
end, the hotel check-in at 3:00.
"anymore, what should we do it." angry and "I guess I wish." The love hotel and a little old.
was suddenly and take an enema. swaddle my son hit the toilet
Mononoke. Repeat twice, third time you opened the door she is looking,,,.
"Toku took the previous night." This is just like Sex tampering.
"still looked weird. might get on." Starting with sex in Ofuro.
on the mat. If you have become deaf, have pushed the Anarubaibu put plenty of lotion.
dough is nipple, so stet already.
son Squeeze your anal Ategaimashita.
"I received say penis." "received dick!"
put'm still a jerk. "What?" Looking back I was having my cell phone.
"Hora. Get out!" I had to call her husband.
"Yeah, Dad? you eating? Izumi Yutaka got it now. Yeah, I know that array, from buy to go."
My son raised hard anal butt.
abandon me cry and reached down the phone. Tta want my son Lee.
to erupt into a mixture of sperm and anal lotion and son are being pulled, and I was violently spasm.

Want someone to my father

When we started out a little swelling in my heart that I entered middle school, I was taking a bath together well so far, then why not ashamed, for I was not to show their breasts. Since then I noticed that
father, I got together from entering. Now I'm aged 28 OL
it. The other day I was wearing a tank top, her cleavage in the eyes of his father. Although it is plump bust inheritance mother away feeling I have seen, I was nervous for some reason. The other man, but such feelings occur.
have seen that once embraced his father's mother. Big tits while sucking the mother, the hips are moving. I want to feel there is someone
father since that time, I thought that it can.
saw this board, parents and other really, but I was more that he has sex with his brother.
But the father did not care about my daughter probably has no embrace, I also have reason though suppressed by type.
do, what I could be with his father.

Days of fear and guilt

Everyone has been surprised by the sentence is written here.
from the date of children and suddenly I also repeated the desire of the son, and the idea of ​​fear that one day my husband and family to know, how good or guilt to my husband, it is always These are the days of trouble while leaving the head.
son of 17 years, without knowing that in agony I now my mother's embrace have asked, as a woman rather than as a mother, do you think as if made or she lover not at home when my husband and family, I want to kiss like the obvious to find the sex.

my son can do better and things do not simply say no, or wait for better days to come sometime or leave me, what should I do?
Please someone tell me the truth.


I'm a sophomore now Satoru Naka. My brother is a game with my brother come home from school every day and two years of high school. The cock of her brother's snack every day. What are
cock licking my brother's story last year. I was masturbating with my brother, I got to feed our brother's cock looked so appetizing.
I get a lot of cock big brother. My mother found this before my mother let me eat force. I think this kind of relationship makes sense and sometimes
good. ~ I'm waiting for feedback

Beloved son

I love my son.
to have a relationship with my son! Want to have sex with my son! Want to be fucked 思Ikkiri son! Want to pierce the penis wildly son!
son as a child but had not seen until now, they look cool man wildly recently. 7th grade is still a proud son Frankly.
and this corner, the sequel to the corners, but those who had had experience riding pregnant with her son's child, if you can have sex with my son, I do not mind it too!
son as a woman want to look at me! People are "ethics" is fitted in the frame of "incest" I like to call you to say something like smut.
Indeed, married women for the "beloved men" to "husband" I will, but "my son" If 産Marere, the "beloved man," the son should turn from her husband. For me at least, say so.
for me, "beloved men" want sex and I think, but I think it's quite common. I feel like you want to have sex with my son, what is so strange?
in the "never seen a child as an object of desire" Hey, I may be horrified mother. I think it is too tied to a sense of ethics. Aside from the good and bad.
pleasure to have sex with men I like, You have not even seen as an object of desire for pleasure from that person last name? "Seen as an object of sexual desire for the beloved man" that is,
I think it's very jealous. I told my son, I wanted to see me as an object of sexual desire. I do not have this feeling helpless.
someone, what better way there? Anyway! Want to have sex with my son!


I have two years of primary school.
to me, but every evening my brother down in to 2 SEX.
chance, because I saw my brother masturbating accident. This is when things
last summer.
night, too hot to sleep so I took the cold barley tea in the fridge that went into the kitchen.
finished drinking, you go back to my room, my brother from the room was something strange atmosphere. I heard groans glance is like a nightmare or a dream that?
thought, I'll try to threaten, the door opened. Then my brother watching
hanging on the wall above the bed, saw the figure, such as those touching the stomach area. What are you doing
? Slide your pants you look closely, often with his right hand holding a little boy, and was moving up and down. The other
left, things have something like a piece of cloth, was devoted to his mouth.
faster movement of the hand gradually, over and cover things like the little boy had been devoted to the mouth piece of cloth, and hand movements are strikingly intense
"Ugh ーー'll う"
and admiration for a halt.
brother still did not leave upturned. I have this
Could this man masturbation? Looking masturbation
heard from a friend but my brother did I dream.
Moreover, in two!
not know whether the translation is really ejaculate what is what anymore, that 近寄Rimashita gently against the wall beside my brother and I wanted to see.
brother was not aware at all.
and covered with a little boy's rag, but I understand that something has changed colors soaked.
but carefully, to explore rag somewhere that
I have seen it! Today, it was wear my underwear was.
"I do not use strange thing!"
I say.
brother, surprised Shitarashiku mess, and tumbled out of bed
"whoof! Since when I come in?"
knees in fright was saying.
snatching the underwear I was holding my brother left it immediately
"Ah there, so I got up!"
did say this.
"Tomorrow, I'm telling mom! I prepared to leave!"
Leaving those words, put the kick has been stunned by her brother, returned to his room with underwear. I observed carefully
Bettori underwear with semen from her back to the room.
and slimy to the touch by hand, but hey, I felt like pulling the string. The smell of semen
I went to get icky. It
odor, like something spinning, yet was attractive smell. my dick is throbbing with
and that smell, I feel myself.
unawares, but got the hands smell of semen, I was masturbating.
And remember devoted to masturbation dick while his brother went to the sperm directly
underwear after a few minutes and foot when I myself was almost Iki, a sign of life felt.
Yes, because I forgot to lock the door closed, and now I've seen my brother masturbating.
And also my brother masturbating while watching, I was a little boy Shigoi.
something to look at it, I'm feeling terrible burst

"My mom came here from saying"
and says his brother came in the silence. I

"little boy, I'll be in touch, touch"
from it, or what happened, I do not remember much.
air could pass, on my brother's brother
The little boy was working to dick. I know it is not translated into the vagina, penis is hitting your dick is so hot.
I gave him his brother led the little boy in hand.
"There coming"
think, It was a terrible pain.
But the next moment, my brother and me hot dick around Gaji ow are you ejaculate.
then until the day dawn for sex.
In the beginning, but contains little boy a little while until it was gradually repeated ejaculation ejaculation, longer, and it came to dawn into the whole.
hell, my brother many times did you ejaculate? I do not remember.
dick too me, and his brother Jim Johnson, to bed, the sheets in a sticky gooey love juice in my semen! It was really amazing
smell. (However, this smell, I love!)
The next day until early afternoon, both of whom were sleeping.
Later, during the summer vacation, will go out to work when my parents and my brother in the day, granted leave to have sex!
And I totally did not contraception.
since the end of summer vacation, but while I did not.
(just during the period! Inakutsu pregnant and I'm glad!)
period since the end of the night to turn again.
course, now contraceptives (condoms) to now.
(if you are pregnant so much!)
However, the younger brother
"put out into the condom is no fun (気持Chi良Kunai!)"
say so, make sure your mouth once We would live in the ejaculate.
(I also love it!)
These days, the moment you pull the dick go! Many things have become so attached to live to see the technique.
Hey, is the difference between live comfortably but more anxious little boy! Mr. Happy
also, very good compared to the beginning!
taste of semen may be, may be different than that from the start?
Until now, I had sex with people other than my brother does not. Same as me
brother. Life is no longer
SEX be incredibly passionate about. This is the same as I
his brother

I want my son and 7

This time it was long. I'm
extended the number of addresses.
in, you will Iki ー summer sex life and writing.

Brother down

Hello. Tanaka Yumiko
says. 12 years old now. Got last summer to buy computers, just near the end of the summer, incidentally, played stingy here honey! !
still, well, I can not kana input, so far, 10 Punmokakatteshimaimashita. Back home from my childhood, dog names and John, I soar Merii dog names. The two dogs both very good friend
, me too, I love you very much John and Merii. Well from my childhood, I went for a walk with two dogs. In truth we
, before year's, but they carry on with the Siberian Husky dog ​​that I bought me another one. Chobi and I put the name. (
Huh? Heard the name somewhere before?), But after a while I got used Merii and friendly Chobi is so many things I was doing alone on that one John.
I also go for a walk so serious that even the three dogs at once, imperceptibly, and in proportion to Chobi Merii brother, I naturally went Ninatsu proportion to things like John.
dusk one day, John, and it comes Retsu Tei Nakuji to time, usually in the first, I was doing as usual caresses and immediately felt like the A little different was.
next thing you know, there is somewhat of John, to red, Oh I'm strange. On that day, as it is, I went out in proportion to, that day said,
somehow did not sleep well the mood of the things John. After that much, what it is, but that it was John's appearance. Without knowing the truth we are of them,
looks like I'll get pats on the red version, Then, John is also very happy to me, but, before doing that, I remember some time ago I do not,
time put a little colder, as always, I give my pet it out of there John, I was getting weird, when I was daydreaming, unawares,乗Kkatsu
come to me John, I was over there from my ass to ass skirt. I was sitting on a park bench, and I turned bright red and just what to do with shame,
見渡Shitara around once, seemed to have not seen anyone quite Kurakatta new anymore, something felt , I was just worn will be worn. The next day,
is already nervous when returning from school. My home Kaettara, how I Pantsuwonuide, as I walk her stuff John. Pliers of the park as usual.
to give you pet it, just like the day before, I've 乗Kkatsu me. Somehow, I came back to me because mushroom rice the day before,
when I give it less visible to roll around the skirt. Somehow, I was there sounds a very strange even to me.
Then, Guuzen, is a red Okkii John ぐにゅってかんじではいっちやったんです me over there. Me, Wakan example I somehow missing something Tsuchiya,
But, somehow, to move the hips so that John, my better feelings I Tsuchiya, Kiga arrive, John is there Hashimoto, As always sitting up, to me there is very upright,
daze, but I was still me, and I followed Nankaki rice, but hot Why do not you touch me there, so somehow Yoguchoninattete Yamaguchi,
Nde I really feel bad I did immediately, Shiyawa Abimashita back of the big time soon. But that night, remember, there's me, while i Sawashi Sawa,
Tsuchiya I get to sleep I feel good now. Somehow, just before the younger age and lower one, (I said Yuji), and got on like a potato that has me tied here,
it with potatoes or why, I do not know I, my parents and I have to ask Talks, And then singing as well. Komatsu Imasuu Tsuchiya.
now, I did immediately as it took to write the rainbow dry moss. No way that the shoulder

I love my brother

I secretly doing the internet I have tea with us, so Mark had to try it here to your favorites, Why do not you come really surprised.
in the world I do not know, I'm doing this is happening, just surprised. Brother, a college senior this year, one of my college years. I have no boyfriend now.
somehow, or it may be in high school who said he liked the man, I kind of scared to refuse.
that time, men are pretty cool girls in the class, the person who did the face. From a friend, but I was told it was nice ... like, now dating another pretty well that their boyfriend,
now feeling somewhat empty. I thought, What a man, SEX and I will not be reading this or I will not have long? And man,
know because you have not even barely speak. However, sex is a scary woman who knew from the Why. Also get naked,
body and love being touched, but shy man, I just thought I wonder Na mackerel or breasts are, I think I must look impossible to me Masu. But
, called Na I want to embrace a man, some desire for such a little. In 高岡短大 My boyfriend or somehow unable to Bakkari Nde girl is lonely.
or other girls, or doing any other party or the University of Toyama and the like, that I'd do that or make my boyfriend, I'm not timid Naka Naka.
sometimes, but that will show at the pictures taken with friends, when I really envy that. I heard
also showed at the pictures of my party or something, but there was an invitation from a man about four people, so somehow not scared. Sorry
've written at length. Since its clumsy somehow I can not easily tell you guys.
But Kaimasen clumsy with her brother in with me too. If my brother and I even sex. That is my honest feeling now.
But, the older brother, do not look at me as a woman I know. I seriously and not only as a sister out.
but may rise to the older brother came in my bathroom once. Was the way it was wiped with a towel, I have seen naked. I have to
your tea, "sorry" but quickly went on to say I now blushing with embarrassment.
I c is also a breast, but I do say so myself, You can call or voice I often wonder that I'm walking like that.
Maybe I think there are attractive as a woman. But I have tea with us, the only sister I can say how far I can not get out.
That is sad. Hell, what can go along with my brother to do?

Would it be?

Forced to have sex with her son in almost
and then only once in the air

not another awkward after sex
it is to touch
<br > It says to use a child like that crazy
read this I believe.
good thing is not anything in the utmost
away to hide her husband both speak much like a parent making a child

mask what are delusions from fiction No, but I also know
were delusional if you ask me


Son has sex with two years of college. Golden
first was last year. Worried about my son started to live alone in Tokyo, who put a high two daughters with Kamigyou.
to lift, clean apartment and ate dinner together making.
finished bathing, after sleep, but only now, there is only one set bedding. There is only sleep together, somehow were talking about. Then his son,
"○ ○ mother (my sister), there has to be happy every day?"
It said.
"I do not think so. Mom, I helped when I miss you"
"I mean, your mother You better do cute ○ ○?"
that you mention it, son remembered from childhood. Brother and sister, yet, they can be doing even better sister. Exercise also can study anything from it. More wise and even from my daughter certainly looks mature. Not only that, the fight is long and his son were always cry, such is the atmosphere today. Anyway, my son, and daughter to embrace the complex, my son does not have such a cute way.
those feelings to be honest, shed tears of joy to my son.
"You understand? mom is the best love you. So You came here to see today?"
arms, she said her son. Lie on the futon and Then with hands, kissing and caressing.
of them and found that the stiff front part of his son. And I started pushing me hard now. And,
"Mom, can not stand"
and I think he said, I still ejaculate. Both
could not move for a while, I got up earlier,
"great, I have got wet underwear. Take off your"
to say, first take off pajama pants , Mekurimashita front of boxer briefs. Were soaked in semen, was already being pinched all the cute little boy than I thought. I was first wiped with tissue,
"Come take a shower"
and say we did the bathroom.
son come back from the shower, and now each other without hesitation, entered the bed together. And so I embraced anew.
Now take off each other's underwear and pajamas, 愛Shi合Imashita become naked.
"Wait a minute. Mom, did you expect that this would happen. So I brought the good stuff"
I said that, while taking a shower pillow son condoms were issued under the offer.
"I'll put my mother"
寝Kasemashita son say so. Jim Johnson was a semi-standing state. Fatigue seems to remain in the previous ejaculation.
"I'll tell mom and well,"
pinch my fingers and three cute little boy, and began to peel and covered. After a while, now quite hard. Length, but only enough to fit comfortably and hold hands when I was in the moderate thickness. When I peeled, but the glans is very small, like my head was like a little kokeshi's. I 被Semashita condoms.
son lying untouched, and I jumped in and went to insert my penis in you.
comfortably see the face of my son, I was happy. Completely settled as soon as the little boy, my son is heavy breathing on the big I ejaculate.
is my first experience with this son. After that, once a month 愛Shi合Imasu son went to the apartment. When I went home for summer and winter
will 見計Ratsu the absence of her sex. Also, I'll go down in a room with my son while my daughter is taking a bath.
son became much better. The disadvantage is that early, it can not be helped because of phimosis. Uncut and son, has little to worry about it then you'll love my mother, I say.
daughter would go out in college next year. My son comes back in one job, and promised to 暮Rashimashou together.

My brother and I

I am a 18 year old high school student. When I went to borrow a book from my brother in the room out yesterday.
spilled from between the pages to flip through photos and a few books that I have several books. It is, surprisingly, that was taken in my shower.
"Since when this picture?" is back with dismay that my brother and suddenly. "Hey, is this picture?" Moment and started to say,
Osoikakari to me and started licking my nipples with tremendous force Hikichigiru blouse and bra. Have 入Rikon brother's right hand in a skirt Then,
issued from the top of my dick around with panties. "He Is not What You What You are already wet"
I can take off and make a noise while pointing Brute man stir a finger came into the vagina become to the naked taking off skirt and panties become unbearably
"I beg my brother to discourage early," said his brother began to insert a big strong as if the words had been waiting.
"Emi liked before. I'm no one to pass another" "Yeah ... well I wanted to put my brother in this body of the Virgin"
I say two people I do not know how much time has passed. Despite the pain was not bleeding.
"I try again tomorrow," promised to my brother. I am so happy Kurui!


I was 47 years old, when his son was raped by my husband was away. It is daytime. This day I was sleeping at the time that Shisa fine day, but was on the floor, bright room on the second floor, hot and cold even if I did not take off your panties. Then the son's legs to make my shoulder, stuck a big pussy Timbo. I'm feeling good and my son 抱Kitsukimashita. Until there are done without disconnecting son semen.

We have seen his son PC

I have a son. The computer room was about
son son Ittara room by chance. This site is a little hurt
screen. a
do you mean?
to incest.
opposite sex in this house as my son.
to enter this site now calls home and one personal computer. What I'm supposed to be
of me?
since I feel like I'm watching my son in those eyes. I mean when I say

Relationship with father

yuna himekawa[33047]
Maki at Daddy 3 small, mom and remarried.
years when dad was 41 years old, began to snack shops in hindsight debt dad, mom found out later that it was bit on the side. But I do not know anything
glad that Dad had.
the evening going to the store to send a mother was alone with Dad.
took me by car to the restaurant very good, but eat what you like, buy me cute clothes and toys.
I was in love with Dad.

daddy was from the same kind to them.
After a while when I was in summer when the small three were watching a video show with dad.
embrace naked adult men and women, has been the scene over and over to have sex yet, been put into her pussy bigger penis, the first to voice painfully face, and yet seemed to be feeling good, licking at the mouth of a woman, while licking pussy guy, but watching the voices and pants with Haahaa, when the first still trying to do still do not know, mom is really happy to have seen it is about receiving an allowance is said not to talk while watching the video the next day different was looking forward to spending money that they get .
take the time to get to see daddy's knee in his pajamas is said to look on Dad's lap looking out of the hands of the few times Dad Imashi inside my pants or.

Mistaken for husband and father

My husband went out to say a long night drinking session at twelve o'clock that day I feel that

Mozomozo feet for a little something I was waiting in bed before 11 o'clock then I will not lower your pants and cover and covered my face Kuriage wound bed had not let you like the drunk thinks I came into the bed to come home drunk husband My husband and I noticed something different is always first be inserted

was depriving my body sideways father was in a dim room with a futon in haste 跳Ne除Ke (please stop my husband's father Please stop that from coming back) and was surprised to 突Ppanemashita

(I added 00 Hey guys, I let my son asks me Oh yeah You're on Koh 0 bad back from an almost matured granny Before coming back) but I've asked and more aggressive
years I have resisted the force even if the power of a man taking the cusp of this scene, let alone my desire is strong I

(I saw an old woman to stop annoying)
Even though I've just entered the brakes
'd expect from a veteran Kazu Toshi I feel I got a woman in the father-in less than a pleasure to have known exactly how much things like hugging

Even though my father had in mind still have to
I feel like a kick stand while tasting

finally penetrate my body and enjoy to some extent and stepfather were out on bed sheets
thing after I finished (my husband this please go out anymore I'll be back again to one another that none) is 帰Shimashita room off the retirement of my father or my father telling

strongly and then a pause the bed comes in time to see my husband does not like the night crawling


I am a 48 year old, three years after his death to become her husband. Been killed in hit and run vehicle. My son is only a child. I want to be married, had a son I could not. Lonely these days and oh, my aching body. Do not even think, I hope my son and deposited in my body. 24 years old and my son, she is.向Kemasen patronage is something no attention to me. Earnest hope for the best and the only one there.抱Kitsukimashita my son that night drinking. Meguri 抱Kitsukimashita drunk and son drank the body of a glow, too. My son is a drunk, there is Tatanaku. Failed. My son has passed from 抱Kitsukimashita few days. Slept in bed with my son out of the bath. Pussy for a long time. His son cock warp was raised significantly. The first time such a shudder. It is my partial, I would have smaller hips. I asked my mom pussy son'm great, but it in and try to lick salty pink. I gave birth and your Johnson

H is son

I was 46 years old, only two families of husband and son. My husband died last year. My son is 23 years old and has been farming with me. It follows hot days this year. The rice can be adopted soon and will be busy. Two people will do in reliance on others to say the least. Bon offerings from the masters in the 取Remasu Yone Shin. There is also the only two good things. The other day saying that harvesting soon, I went to bed early drinking. A room where the altar is sleeping. Before looking at the husband is hiding something that is not embraced his son. But 48 years old with parent and child sex. Couple would be granted. Timbo son enters into the hole or I gave birth. Parent-child sex, and what's unreasonable. So do not even between husband and wife from the bad karma I must have done it. Continue in the future. Please forgive me.

The man was raped by her husband


old housewife
Unfortunately I could talk to the body are deprived of a husband uncle also visited the house last Sun

love, rape was not feeling well I Kitara looking and now has been to put more than just relatives of the husband has been taking the body not hesitate to visit my house a couple of times after it is processed without telling her husband Karimasen solution or should I do? I believe this is what you'll do I do advise

Strange relationship

My family and I'm a strange relationship.
are you guys share with me and say why.
have intercourse with two of the four-law husband Ralph. Among the most often
is the father relation. My father is being held twice a week.
has three children, two sons under the child's father, my husband was first married, then divorced, remarried and the father is Yi.

My brother went to the scene of masturbation

I am a 21 year old college student. Even though I'm
friends spend the summer vacation and summer vacation Chino'll all love one baggage. SEX for more than a year
Temasen. I thought a dull summer
makes sense anyway. I'm looking
Lightning masturbation brother happens to be one day. I'm noticing you looking at playing with my penis. Hey, she's so big
Ttara. I thought I still like a child under five.
but alone would not be so much bigger
I'm put here
'll have a place in the tissue soup a? Was it fate Is this

Haitsu I went suddenly.
Hey there. Do not suddenly enter
kun. Teru Yono
masturbation? Alone. Hey there lonely man is not even my sister
right. How can you people
Ien. It is also sad
Sis. I'm getting
gave comfort to confront each other or something so sad. You women out there Iretai
I really?
close to the face of his brother sitting on your lap.
not it nice here? Spanish mackerel from the top of the pants
let his hands go grab it. Wow
deaf brother and Lightning.

I love my brother

My first experience was a partner of his brother. Many people speak so if you like me here. First experience is when my fifth grade elementary school in sixth grade when my brother
My brother is so cool, and frankly erotic, well out in front of my penis up, "says I'm gonna," You're. A ride to the penis on the head or "topknot" (laughs)
but I was doing well and so often, I was pleased that I love my brother (laughs)


I incestuous relationship with his son two years ago now. Hence the recent troubled
cum. Maybe you want

I think that a housewife's daily

passed a housewife married for 20 years.

kind of relationship has been drawn towards the other but still very attracted to
. A written 頂Kitai
let my situation or a feeling or thought that

Masturbation was seen

Since I have no night life with my husband now
masturbation at times.
was masturbating when the last one. I've covered overhanging
someone I feel when I was getting stronger.
was surprised I saw my son was supposed to go. T-shirt upper body, lower body is not wearing anything. That part was curled
What? What? Does this mean? Suddenly it looked

to other large states with mixed I want that sort of thing and I imagine the embarrassment
and let that sort of thing where you just I did.
embarrassing situation that can not excuse. I became panic
or what excuse do I helplessly.
penis where my son's face at that time. Additionally

I feel like I have lost even more embarrassment rode to the situation.
Kuwaemashita silence. Eventually
son on his back. I again changed the stance
Kuwaemashita as chasing. could only state that

upper clothing of each other.

Incest brother and sister saw my mother

I am a housewife with a son and daughter in middle school students. It is that last year I have experienced the winter vacation. Midnight, I awoke suddenly to the bathroom to let.
son out into the hallway, the light from the room was leaking Yusuke. At the time, Yusuke was still in high school in the upcoming college entrance exams.
stimulate the nervous son to refrain from building on the verge of the examination should sound and I wanted to do, to pass through the front of the room quietly.
and then they heard the voice of the son of Aki's daughter from the room. Aki is a tone of spoiled his brother, "Brother, brother, it feels good" and the suffering was like.
moment I thought I mishearing. My husband is not home in the bachelor. So was the day of the incident. Of course, we were husband and wife become almost sexless.
So I thought I might be mishearing frustration comes from when I heard the voice of Aki nasty.
But then Yusuke "Aki, et tu me later Let me lick × I × I," was forced to accept the reality that hearing. How to say it.
my two children I had a physical relationship, yet the real blood-related siblings. Of course I got quite a shock.
Normally, incest was discouraged to stop scolding the two here, that I could not. Why not put a stop.
to now, I think. Son Yusuke was tall, handsome face is the boy I can say that I have The Mother.
very similar to my husband and I met a young roller. Junior high, I was a muscular and toned body with high ground and was once staff.
I might have wanted his son to be held secretly in the heart. The story is embarrassing,
I had to use a tissue soaked in semen masturbation carelessly discarded trash pants and Yusuke went earlier in the wet dreams semen.
could not put a stop to acts of two people because of it. Yusuke was not even evidence because there had been a boys' school sweetheart Tteka.
mind (even though I wish she was around that age if the child) I thought, surely, there was a reason I like this,,,.
I Nozokimashita inside from the opening of the door with stealthy steps. Inside light is because they are exposed. They had already been naked. Aki is lying on the bed
was Peropero genitals and licked Yusuke Aki. Aki is a "feel good, feel good Dude" and was suffering with chanting. Yusuke
body and cause, "Now you're in the Route" to the penis in front of the Cretaceous 突Ki出Shimashita saying. "The, great." I drank a breath without thinking. Yusuke
was curled penis larger. Penis length and thickness of the penis than my husband was clearly the father. Although I may
intercourse with multiple men and bachelor days, when the penis than anyone that his son was great.
did not like about sculpture is like a lean body and all. Aki is that their huge sucking hard cock.

My discourse incest

I have ruined my family my son at age 14 finally came to me repeatedly from generation to generation incest is the eldest son is now her husband
children being raped by her father made the loan eight years ago, the real Similar to his father who died two years in high school, too grown son rushed home to leave herself 帰Rimasen
bankruptcy since there are not that cheating husband is a physique that night did not even once Gasshiri still had to endure not only when sleeping masturbation 火照Tsu
but I asked the body to go out for a drink in the teacher left the meeting invited the parents of her husband and daughter made between But that has not
逃Ge帰Tsu body is flushed 静Marimasen son masturbation room that had a son occasionally peeked into my room light is still 灯Tsu Orimashi Orimashita to know Ichiji footsteps coming down the stairs last night but grooming or door slightly
temptation of masturbation or while Sarah went on a local greasy leaving the lights once to win out over The door opened a little grating but I kept
I turned to the door pretending to be oblivious to the arrows going in the room with her son writhing naked waist down while calling the name of his son on purpose came
"your mom" "Y." I have reason to feel lost son of a local wet hands, "do not worry mom is good at"
"Mom" turned his back legs trembling fingers came in for pleasure in embarrassing, but I did not ever show her pussy son Kio Hiraku
"I sigh and rice Iki Yasuo Yoshimi," "beautiful mother" decided on New Year's Iji supposed to be wet and shiny beautiful local'm not
"mother will lick her pussy Y." "Oh fond feeling tired sigh," "Mother," "I'm coming in" <br > "tree Uu Uu" "all the way to get more good feeling I'll meet my mother, Yasuo good tree" and released the hot sap Bikubikutsu body shaking and my son on
"Hi tree tree Ikuu not" shame遣Rimashita finally watch over the shoulder of her son holding a pass without any respectability is also now in my arms I can not cross the line Draw a snoring sleep
son naked I am writing my son a computer is placed by the bed we slept last night we pledge Hehe local hands while I was snoring
you still scratching out five times during my I was engrossed in the action last night with my son Oh I wonder if I wake
hardening had not seen the 11-year-old daughter noticed tonight it's no use now become his son and daughter three people and have fun


It is my experience.
I am a father and two members of the family. Dad is the real father is not. I married at age 10 and mom to help me with my dad.
mom is in hospital three years ago, died of cancer last spring. Dad is really friendly, so I can see a mom who loves sincerely devoted care for us.
that Dad is living with since I started, I loved it, before looking into the care of mama, 'I want to love like that' I think I started. Maybe
substitution and lost the feeling of loneliness disappeared mom dad? And I thought to myself, my grandma's dad, at the burial of the mother 's and the young, and thought the next thing Nope' and when I heard you talking
dad is sad painful or. During summer vacation, many people play? I think the momentum drinking alcohol, binge drinking did not work for me after all. Chata
to speak my mind all been scolded awfully late father back.
Daddy, hug me but as 'Papa' I do not even kiss me,
I graduated from high school this spring, but Kurenai words, the housewife at home doing . If they could not see the eyes of my daughter one day dad

A brother

About a month before the 1,
has been committed to my brother every day.拒Memasen weaknesses because they are held in my brother. Brother, the little boy makes me lick first. As likely to ejaculate,
violently shake the hips like sex when you hold my head with both hands. Then ejaculate in my mouth. I drink semen out the mouth. Otherwise, from the angry brother.
After about 3 to 4 hours I played with the body to the brother. At first, being held in these days, but my brother was terribly unpleasant,
will gasp in response to the cry of my brother the body susceptible to attack. These days my brother is now requesting to come to me very disagreeable.
is scared of going to her brother's actions escalate. I am a 17 year old high school student. My brother is 22 years old

Part five deaf father drown in human speech

I am a 37 year old housewife. 10 years now and have a relationship with the father of my husband father.
that the father had an affair with, so when we talked about earlier, investment in the past if you are interested please read the draft
after having an affair with 10-year-old father in May, the owner is away from home, her mother is hospitalized and has also
say, the two were living alone at all, like a couple
now live life like. Children due to give birth in September (children of the husband), my stomach Imashi
treasure was caring for my stomach while having sex. There are virtually no morning sickness, so
good physical condition, our body has gone through almost every night. Since my father have a relationship
pregnant now doing me good. Increases day by day
stomach seemed excited to be pregnant as your arm. It was also moderately larger breasts
original, black and areola, father busty tits now seemed like the touch of Ru
. While the increased number of sex, the father disappeared without knowing
care if you go naked in front of it. The stepfather of a kiss and love me like
in, constantly demanded a kiss.
not like to tangle your tongue, too, came to seek and kiss me when you have the time or washing dishes in the kitchen that I've
, Ralph and unawares to become commonplace as well kiss that
Maimashita. At that time, her mother was admitted to University Hospital takes about an hour's drive from my house so I had to
, or even to go to a love hotel and went back to the hospital and the father
. While always having sex at home, it begins to abandon resistance
voice was somehow anti-feeling, the hotel is worrying aloud was much embarrassed myself
button fully.
H comparatively father while watching the video touch my dick from me, "Your father's
, please put" It seemed like someone said.
healthy boy was born in early September, about one month after discharge to home, but my Imashi,
was worried that one person can come to leave my father, a doctor
permission from the sex that came out, my father want to have sex with abandon, but rather, let
belly sex ever you'd like to put my father has been caring for a child sex < br> I want to, my husband decided to return home.


I found this post on Archives.
Here is the copy and paste. ↓

[454] brings back memories! Hatsue's. Posted: Sun Posts Guizhou: 2005/04/03 (Sun) 00:55

five years ago, the board saw an open confession of incest first sentence
Hatsue's post. This was a different board and
more excited.
since five years. The board feels like
obsolete, but some lie,
definitely Hatsue's post is,
I think the best one submitted. I also have stimulated

I wrote at the time had an affair with a teacher that a widow,
was despite the fact that most,
hardly, Hatsue and that's no match for statements,
were made painfully aware is.
Hatsue's post has everything to save and print. I once
Posting son's statements as well.


I am living alone with two sons in college.
husband died three years ago.
see my son as a man I'd ever had,
last night Shimashimashita to see you walk into his room in the nude coming out of the bathroom, my son.
I've looked at my son's penis is so instant. Are you a bigger
I did not sleep that night it is recalled. his legs touched the
, Shimashimashita to masturbation.

past three years, I have never thought of it. I fear that even from
for everyone. I know this corner
net must wonder when my son.
everyone, but I will have those who have such relationships.
body began to think my son forgive his son, even if it is okay, too.

Fucked up son

I am a 48 year old housewife and my husband work for JA. And my son with me to the farm. My family has been farming since the early morning to evening farmers. Because it is hot during the day, however, is to take a nap or, committed a mother one day. Mother I had a nap and woke back and was using it on my mother, tried to escape surprise, was unable to run away crying. You can safely do that, I was striving to work with the piston. The mother in her pussy hair is thin soup was full of us. No smell and try to lick salt. I'll wonder. "My God empowers my penis I was born I just wonder." Later I asked my son, I have others pussy than your dad because I never did the first time. My Daddy I'm sorry, now I want to let you more.

Ralph and

The 45-year-old housewife.
I have a relationship with the father living together for five years.
immediately started living with my father died and her mother were singles,
no husband during the day, was carrying a bad relationship is a pressing force. It is nearly 70 years old
father, asks me every day since that day. Indeed insert is not made, I Naburimasu fingers and tongue. Sometimes using a tool. Now I've come to accept it. Life, not her husband, her husband seems like a father.

Incest reserve

I was there to see the site of abnormal abnormal minded before, might have been the ideal is still here.
son. It might be the best partner abnormalities.

You can even touch the vagina of the mother

Familiar people but I want to talk to someone worried about what I speak from many, I'll try to come up with a consultation to see a magazine of the message. Some journals and magazines

○ ○ pleasure that his son had hidden, they could only talk about sex with your mother and son saw. They came with various graffiti pen blanks in the margin of the book over there.

"I wonder if mom will let me put my penis?" or,
"Nametai the mother's vagina"

the son of my I hear that and think things, or it had been made a little boy held my hand and lower body were patted by hand if I'm asleep. I have noticed signs
touched the abdomen when you are asleep but he had a son with half-closed eyes and see how.
I wanted to touch his groin has been put in hand a little bit pants and his son slept 起Kizu remain.

I've been in there to put your finger to touch her son was afraid to sleep remains Imashitara groin, or put you out and repeat, so they are getting a face pressed against the lower body.

site last week has also touched on thin waist and legs while rubbing her back while rubbing shoulders is lying next to me said that the massage. Remove the hook and a skirt, I get a finger touching the groin several times while rubbing the inner thigh when thigh massaged.
silence that my son, "Mom? you sleeping?" Come and listen, I was not the answer in silence. I was always touched
let groin and snake hand stroked her inner thighs I'm his son.
while I was putting her hand into the pants I was scared for movement. I'm there

touch my feet to open his own son. Pajama bottoms before I knew it was pressed against his face and they are taking off the lower body with his mouth pressed against shifting or place your finger in crotch of the pants.

understand that there is a nasty thought in my son, I also knew a little boy I would put my son yet.

to say to take a bath and come with me.