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Incest confession of women(2009-08)

Relationship with father

The father has been slowly inserted my cock to show off black shiny trousers and pants. 1.5
husband is not a problem the moment I entered the Chinchin times as large and thick, got me thinking aloud. Will move father sat Tomoyo's putting me kind words. Men over the age of 60 and I think about the violence has been violently attacked from the back several times and finally reached its culmination. I have not fainted euphoria reached the moment of ejaculation I am ever plunged into the full depth of Ralph. Morning, the father was sleeping and wake up naked next to me. And my father woke up, "an amazing last night, Tomoyo's" was called out and Ukemashita love again. Three days now and no, your body going crazy. My father is 145cm petite Mature Minoru Minoru and joy and ask me.

Her boyfriend

yuna himekawa[22576]
M daughter has been living with you, you handsome and well natured, were two of us to visit me often.
me think that I'm worried about living alone. The M

you, I was one who came "Do not be unusual" and thinks, I was suddenly in the kitchen after 抱Kisukume.
surprised, of course.
what? What's going on? My ear is in a hurry and took a breath before you M
"always liked"

did! Where to raise our voices and M was almost getting your lips overlap received extremely erotic kiss.
been entwined tongues, lips sucked the sound was disgusting.
was naturally rubbed my chest, just barely came in hand in a skirt "bad," he said.

body away from the "What do you mean?" and 問Itadashimashita voice was trembling.
"I'm broke"
to talk to you according to 項垂Reru M, daughters and they lived together eliminate about 1 month ago, and now I have another daughter going out with her boyfriend It is.
was more shocked, that I'm related to the separation of the two. I must have gone too
M I bend my daughter navel just because of me talking about you.
as I was hoping my daughter a happy marriage, it was too deadly expansion.

"Anyway, I can not give your thoughts in response to"

And so, M back to you I look desperate.

it that evening.
has been suffering from it.
I wonder if that were not wrong.
M kiss you, I wake up I feel forgotten.

I reflected on my body in the bathroom mirror.
young boy good looks, I wonder if something like that aunt was 50 years old like me ...
And why, apart from the daughter ...
Consider the difference between my daughter and or.
and slender girl, I'm a little sensual.
of the bulge but has, like the meat had come down below the overall means.
But I'm not losing tits.
, but also from my ass is bigger, no ... I knew the enemy.
wrinkles in eye area but anxious, compared to younger people might be around our aunts.
function as a woman than it is I do not know ... I'm not always forget.

(Finding myself making a motivated I do!)

well he walked, thinking of your ex-lover's daughter, after a long time I indulge in masturbation.

only anguish and even sleeping.
to say what is what can not talk to anyone. The idea is
So here is the homepage was sometimes peep.

M with you, what do I do now, please lend me your wisdom.
thank you please.

Favorite costume

Single mothers mother and son.
son is 17 years old, I thought that was the so-called nerds.
son and progress gradually, her son was a full six months ago. I have very little
, I look good in clothes for young people,
son pocket money they got from his grandmother's side rather
- husband can buy a lot of clothes.
and uniform, maid, clothes like kung fu,,,. Shimo Teru
post seems to take lots of pictures somewhere.
and I was pretty heavy makeup, so that you will not,. Recently, a prank
Ma is wearing it to me.
sperm over face and I cry b, I take a picture.

Two sons

I was married nine years ago. a man on the other
around. The two boys had been lost a wife. 15-year-old brother and brother
is now 17 years old.
child through miscarriage I gave up twice. We
surgery two years ago to tie the fallopian tubes. partly because her husband
sex was busy at work the past few years been a while lot.
husband's career for the transfer instruction 断Rezu forever, with a bachelor past three years.
once a month and come back often to take a short break and then come out so well for meetings in Tokyo and will return home. I do not
sons mothers face, but rather his sister has been in contact as friends. These guys are honest good girl
two of them.
But the two boys reached puberty. I was happy to face trouble that is hard to answer my questions at times.
was fun to go to karaoke with my two people.
except when her husband came home, the stress is good because I can not even go for a drink with friends easily.
just drink a little, I become high.
"You're cute now, you'll never go and make her useless." You can kiss the cheek of his brother who Atetsuke busy with her mail.
"Oh I'm frustrated." I have been mocked. One day
drank too much underfoot and uncertain.
"I rest a little." and I was drowsy, I had my 2
who touched the body.
was useless to say that will not do. Hold my hand and my brother, my brother take off my underwear, Have you hold one leg in my lap, "one leg in how Katsugiagemashita.
move all circumstances, my brother is out there I've tampering.
many times I have said "Stop the absolute (the penis) and if you do not." brother said.
up with it rather exciting to, I was at the mercy. I pulled the power
in 手馴Reta hand movements, is good at fingering. but this time I knew I would I
Lee "Oh stop." I was screaming. They reached me
was naked and crying. This time I tried to install
of my brother to mimic those of his brother.
is played with the nipples, I was quickly reached.
but no, I returned to my room. I could not sleep.
eventually seems to have handled two in my room. Two
Ayamarimashita many times I regret considerably. It worried me a few days
around, I think my responsibility now showed serious gaps in the two attitudes.


I am 45 years old, my son is a third year of high school.
a family of four year-old daughter and her husband of twenty.
very good friends with the children on a daily basis, there can often playful children and each other. Short (151cm) and I was treated like the perfect toy for kids. (... Also a strange sense'm not saying)
to his daughter going out since high school, sometimes even before her son had been changed.
his daughter (college student), so I stay with the acknowledged, I think there is a decent experience. About whether his son had not experienced such clear.

retired from club to enter the summer, but the son often had to date with her tray before Shimattarashiku apparently separated from the tray is often too much to stay home now.
I have part-time work out, the Sun had returned home to prepare dinner and to her son for a short break for lunch. Time of day and went back to that day, I can not see his son. "Why go somewhere that" towards the bathroom and I'll keep turning the washing machine once he feels. I saw my son standing naked in the shower you just went up. "Sorry," I'm saying, that I left the place, I saw my son naked with a solid front. I have learned that in his heart pounding and 高鳴Tsu.
son after a while, "and you see that?" but came up with, "Where? you seen" I was preparing a dinner conversation while advancing jokes. My son was so athletic, and body height 176 to be firmly? You about. You can not really compete with the binding arms behind back when my kitten. But for me my son my child at any age. Men did not feel that. Until now.

my home, so coming home from work around 8:00 my husband is also my daughter, until 8:00 in the evening coming back from a part of me is always alone with his son. Later that evening, like some awkward, embarrassing me in the mood as I returned from work. My son was sleeping in her room. Mind, "good" and his son got up and approached Gabatsu towel over my son to do while thinking. And "Welcome back" looks like I have become good while hugging. I was surprised it had not entered his groin like a kick in the crotch to the knees raised her son everywhere. I have my son I was crouching behavior near the crotch of the hand stroking his son did not know what to do now. I had no such intention, my son wants to see much pain, "Are you OK? I'm sorry" for a while yet and I was rubbing. Then it gradually groin son has become a growing firm. Asetta this time I came to mind are the groin of the day saw his son 離Shimashita hands quickly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" Ayamarimashita desperately. My son, "Sure, you're the Warukatta me," but said to me, his groin was still great. "But a little more rubbing it with the pain, the pain is more Yawaragu that" this. Although I hesitated, and I was reaching for the crotch grinded my son again. Sigh now my son gradually trickle in a "dangerous or" The moment I thought, my son has overhanging cover. "Hiro stop, stop," I strongly reject, I was holding my little son was easy. The force is not nearly Kanaimasen son. spread over top of my son
have to kiss. Unfortunately I missed the power away from the body and neck and feel the caress. Take off a T-shirt bra is taken, the taking off the jeans, the other son was at the mercy of taking off the panties. Then we went inside me, that the son grew up hard. "Hiro, there's that?" When asked his son, "Yeah," nodded and replied to. Then I caught the array is greater than Makurimashita, that the son of her husband. "Oh Sure I O" I felt, that the son was crazy obsession. "Out, out!" "Out the door! Can not do that while" My son is Ikimashita quickly, while still Kii Hiroshi. Sex with my husband recently has also not at all, I have a son sleeping Roll "Now I'll tell you mom feel good," and take over, 導Kimashi to take my dick in hand, that the son or. Grind and let sit, shake the hips I earnestly looking for a place on my son's feeling good myself. "Ii, I feel I can do ~ Mama," "Great! I Hilo big, so split dick Chai Mama" I'm worried you gonna do now that I realize, vomiting naughty words.

Was it because rut

I'm having an affair with his brother a year.
anal field and started to say that his brother wanted to recently. SEX
to us every day. The pattern of
brother comes in my room. Until now, the SEX
it was normal to get along, I have a good start ordering from a little like that. What I
all going to happen?


My father passed away when I was 18. I was in Electra complex, he loved his father it.
this is the first time I saw a bulletin board, the bottom, "I look forward to getting to have sex with his father," When friends saw the comment, the first honest thought, that I envy it. I
, but now a 21, my father was alive, if you wanted sex. During the three
high when I walked hand in hand with my father was so excited I remember. Hey
envy. I can imagine, I feel like a very nice thing.

My discourse incest

My son was born at 18, divorced mother worked hard at home at 21.
the son came to think of anything else, I have a relationship four years ago he was in high school.
resistance at first, but I thought it was not, in Hashi Tsutomu Kanaimasen hardly think that I had accepted as a woman has it somewhere.
have been as good as the young son almost every day and then after graduating from high school to be moved because it was an eye view of the changing neighborhood.
The new house, I decided to husbands and wives as possible, but 若作Ri has to come gradually escalated to a son, SM and has become. Such a short skirt and
unthinkable, and was wearing a see-through blouse so, you will be exposed, they also have become bound.
his mother and another that I just seem to have forgotten just do not think that M is a slave. Now that I
the honorific name is, I'm getting my master to call.
surprising when you go to work, wear clothing that is not normal,
underwear when you stay at home and are prohibited from spending that is worn in the nude. It also brings
friends, but is ordered to remain bound naked
. Masturbation, or were forced to look in front of everyone's pictures and videos are being taken will serve in the mouth.
I do not know what is what becoming myself. I was expecting it would eventually stop,
will seem more and more addicted to the deep. Now I do not want to play or off-gang meeting,
言I出Shi to be horrible. Hopefully I will be okay to do. I've been to the 分Tsu

Son and I

Leave a message for the first time. I am a 42 year old housewife
. About six months ago my son actually
(age 15) has an affair with.
going to confession was not here for that.
But today, we came to the hospital, I feel really dull hold
turned away, and then confess it here. Torimidashi
has a little more, please forgive me. Satoshi Satoshi
I had to some extent, I had my son be a child.
time of the act of birth and the son was not at all.
I wore a safe day from the date of the registration period, it is still so lax that it was useless.
100% had the intention was not so relieved, I was going to sushi was no filtered 割Ri切Tsu fallen yours if you can.
pregnancy was a shock to be told it again. Pregnant life has forbidden.
fell. Was attacked by a great sorrow.
today because my husband is not traveling alone with my son.
now known as the son asleep in his bed.
long time I was alone, there were hard to just love. I also thought that 打Chi明Keyou
things pregnancy failed.
to forget the sorrow, my son might have been looking hard for knowing myself.
after his son, "Mom today, I really intense!" is whispered and tried to de-kiri.
but better to abortion and would secretly like this 打Chi明Kenai. I really can not yet
frankly I am confused.
about actually pregnant, I've felt joy that only a few.
I myself have very surprised such a loss. dear son
children will not give birth another woman himself. It gives rise to feelings
happy even when I think so.
I thought so myself in horror at the same time.
At present, I give birth to children, unnatural and even family is not even superficially. There are also occasional
husband, perhaps for days because her husband would be complacent to think of me.
But a child is definitely his son. I love my husband
also be, of course.
equally, but more of a man my son maybe they've loved it.
having the affair with his son, does not regret.
will give birth to tell me good things perhaps knowing his son is pregnant.
I feel that I love my son like that. It afflicts me
but it is also more.
was going when I found this corner in just a reader. But today there is
, and they can not even stand it, I started to write.
a bit of writing is what I feel goes away. Maybe somewhere there
feeling that people like to hear from me in the same situation with it. Even though the problem must be resolved
yourself, but it is not fair. But no one will.
if you've written, rather than feeling subsides, I grow more and more confusion. I also thought that I should
cancel all the other, I wrote that post too far from least. Since both husband
marriage, contraception but do not have that now. Yet after all his son was one
children. But my son and I
Migomotsu had only six months. What a cruel God I
may be an even deserve.
We must ultimately make a decision yourself.
less time but is unlikely to conclude that no more suffering. ,


The two sons were in school refusal. The effect is different
not tried my hand. Hotohoto exhausted.
night, my son went to the room, "I do" and cry "Mom and go to school after sex" he said.
surprised, at a straw in a lean frame of mind "really made me," Listen and nod.
with grim determination, his son lying 蒲団 to get naked.
son was glaring eyes, already bank to bank erection. Saw it, I was excited.
After all, that night, five times, have sex with my son, I finally slept in the morning.
And every night, and have sex many times with my son, my son will not go to school


I am a 20 year old college student.
are diligent in study in the future dream of becoming a software engineer in the game.
mother works as a contract employee of a department store to pick up my divorce. I have to live with his father's brother, but the bottom two.
My mother is very beautiful.
'm a young man chosen as Miss Niigata Prefecture. It is said that beauty around us and I also draw blood. Fine, the appearance is also beautiful and have a good leg.
with his mother remarried.
business partner has a lot of land extensively with those old family in the city of Niigata. The 42-year-old man two years younger. My mother and I want our relationship came to know a department store.
child marriage we now live with my mother and father.
the father has to get along with me, but I feel there is 16-year-old boy. The top floor of the apartment house
in front of the father has, 4LDK large room. , Just before the appearance of private railway station, but I'm pretty nice night.
parents father has a comfortable life to care about it without even live in the mansion's history makes us feel 30 minutes by car. There are a couple I
, 21-year-old he has recently gone a little interest. Want to come just because the body meet at a time, I come back home and it ends quickly.
loving father and mother are not terrible, I like to have sex every night. After the new mother and father
dinner the whole family, are you taking a bath to wash the same Ikko.
mother would moan that night at 11
"I'll do ~ ~, y, s ~ ik"
and you can hear my room.
room and little brother are away, and I'm always looking into opening the door softly.蒲団
mother naked on the penis is inserted to the father for a thick white ass, moaning like mad
"I'll ~ ~ ik, ik, Ikutsu"
Shake your hips and messy, spread open like a bold fan in two long legs, turns on the Nota hit the sheets.
"Ugh Uu, if, Iitsu, ik I ~ ~, we ~ ~ ~ ~"
so rushed in the second wave, the mother was again attacked by the orgasm.
right hand fingers involuntarily at the sight of my clitoris too, left the D-cup 84cm, and is clutching a breast masturbation. Copyright
the moment I have reached orgasm at the same time my mother too.
44-year-old mother to breast percentage ranked 84cm, waist or ride my age are still plump and fat, Hip 90cm is also a grammar structure. The father's body is really 175cm
spine in three stages of the pectoralis major muscle and huge muscular, and his incomparable The penis Ino Hana has about 20cm, so I put the glans. Every time you touch the meat
diameter and covered with plenty of love juice, but the junction of two 鳴Ridashimasu Yunguchunto Yamaguchi.
壊Ren folds as much as the slimy vagina, 籠Rimasu Mother's moan in the room when the piston. I had a chance to 味Waitaku the father that someday a bigger penis.
best friend and his mother a month ago, I went to a two-day trip to the onsen Ito. On that day exactly, I was not at home at my brother club camp. I can not but
this day the father went to the room.
"Please, please take a bath with me," and asked for the bow.
was happy father enters sake.
"Hey, Eli has quietly opened across the room always would look into the workings of the night with Mom" ​​was still potatoes.
"I see, then get together"
but you'll be ready for the frightened father's cock up close look. It is a long
grotesque by 20 centimeters, and hanging on meat Darari diameter. Fuguri
they like quail eggs hanging on them
"I see this touching"
was taken to the hands. The overall shape of palm
sure. Glans, gill tension, length and size of the bag wrinkles, confirmed that the size of the balls fall into it.
飛Bidashita from shaggy bristles, it will have the tools what our horses like it.
the slugger is suddenly holding his head that was screwed into the mouth.
"Guuguugutsu U, it is impossible ~ ~, ~ I too too huge"
stepfather 突Tsu込Mimashita Even though the glans of the mouth all the way back. Yamaguchi Yuguchutoiu
I hear, but twitched and trembling to the increased rigidity red shows like 蠢Ki ejaculation.
"Hey you in the mouth from hot Mama, I'm feeling good, maybe I could get ~"
stet and dragged out from his mouth, lying on the bed is wet, knee you hold me and 閉Zasou and looking at my garden Makoto Kon
"Oh ~ ~ I clean it. I ~ Enchanted Garden"
compliment us. Continued from
skin smooth white belly, groin hills were thick pubic hair is merrily angry shame.
pink petals protrude slightly further from the center, came out full of honey were washed Nurutto.
攻Memasu bud core and core Perori Perori he core of my woman I have become flooded.
"Aannn oh, looks weak and touched beans ~ ~. You gotta Ah, you'll get ~ ~ Lee Tsu Tsu" was already screaming four-letter word.
to caress the breasts in the right hand, left hand into the inside of her pussy, and playing with clitoris in the palm.
were forced flexion at the knee to grab as much as a bent posture, spread labia majora, labia meat is raised rolled H-shaped form and you will see a pink 笑窪. Futomara on him has been inserted into the vaginal opening mind going.
"I walk into the big there'll ~ ~ ~, ~ ~ Ah'll look nice. Iiitsu good ~ ~'ll poke deeper"
the wanton sinful screams, I at once forbidden at the height of the 痴悦 追I上Gemashita. In the gills at the tip
spears protruding flesh, scoop the inside wall of the vagina, rub the spot with fresh pleasure, 突Kimasu the mouth of the uterus. Every time I let them
Hotobi the juice from inside the body of pleasure, pleasure that raised the cry of the pant and shake their heads freshly thinner.
is to stimulate the tip of the glans Kazunoko crowded to the ceiling, while painful silent crying merrily, simmering and shed tears of joy from the honey pot.
"Ah, Eli, you'll'll b ~ ~, even though I already installed many times ~ ~. Ah, oh ~ The array came, on top of the head and body through the red arrows You'll come up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tsu "
building on my neck, let your body hanging off suddenly stopped moving.
me jump like a toy and broken limbs Gakungakun next moment, with a clear spray erupted from the legs.
father was listening to the screams of my daughter dishevel, such as losing a sense of dazzling 吐精
"Ah ~ ~ You're no good"
while extract himself, and beat alone poured Imashi or.
was my first experience with this father. It is made from
motel mother and father by stealth.
lover with a huge cock and tasting techniques SEX father is bored and wants to break up. I want to be my boyfriend wants another girlfriend, I think we can have the opportunity to break well.

The boyfriend, brother!

Much love my brother I can not help it.
is under 3 years old brother. Short skirt around since I was two I entered high school.
around so why were standing together and feel.
brother, "I stop it from Mitsu Tomonee!" I got angry with. It seems that friends teased
"Eh Fute the legs, I Inda gross."
brother was terribly shocked, I love being told.
but nervous to come with a red face my friends. She is much
太Ijan (
angry and began masturbating me.
even then, at its across something in there, feeling good about
to ーBut a tan, I'm into it now when I pointed a finger
sex, to Tomannaku.
reminded me of the sick man's eyes are then.
short wear and, that openness is not stopped.
for everyday wear in all of the mini.
increasingly grumpy brother. When a "cute?" I really look
hearing or me. My brother is a "so-so what."
"Can I touch it." "Do you ー."
I was talking to so often.
Then one day my parents travel. you Then visit the grandmother in me coming Izumi Yutaka
I was raining. My brother is hungry and noisy club early end.
if I had made two people I helped and grilled .
finished eating is the time to wash out the water and cleaned up the kitchen. between the legs from behind the hand of a sudden my brother!
"stop!" I'm just a jerk lift. <br > about to fall to the hands frantically in the kitchen.
"Ouch. No way. No way. It hurts."
Now just: and when at last, there rubbing my brother raise Haitsukubatta .
"already hurt me so!"
get up back, I'm holding down there.
brother's troubled face. I slept quietly went to the living room carpet. <br > "I slowly." brother like this? s and the like have been listening'll poke around.
fingertips into force gradually, panties are wet already here.
"う Oh, Oh , intermittent,, "I've aloud.
was taking off panties to gently take the hand of his brother.
" Hmm. "and while kneading fingers around Unadzuki was pinching Dari .
and I've put your finger.
"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," I feel really came floating back.
eventually became two fingers.
much as it was played with dozens of minutes.
I take off everything except the skirt, and my brother to carry on with the nipple.
"that you want to?" "I Nn, What if you get made? "
" do you have? "What a virgin, why do not you have.
" go get. "brother suggested.
in the rain all the way to the station next
bought shampoo and dragging along. I was waiting for my brother keeps the drag.
also bought the house back into proper dinner, and a brother, is played again
受Ke入Remashi or.
"semi-solder, solder, soldering. soldering.."
while my brother moved back, I 酔Ishiremashita to comfortably cozy.

23 fear of my son

SEX Son and daily.
summer is over soon. I'm a fun loving son
disappointing end soon like every day.

Donald Mitchell

I thought you guys thing until middle school.
be held to get naked with Donald Mitchell.
feeling to get to TRON and stroked his back and buttocks were just about asleep.
no mind at all doing something wrong I feel in good shape from all of the body will slowly stroking it.
so much more pleasant and I think even when they are kissing, touching Papanonio was in the "I feel good Papamo do?" I got let me hear from the first ejaculation. Was it the first time in
at age ●, until it got to paint the sides of Deta slimy lotion.
intercrural sex] [in things that have recently learned that I was told, I think you guys practice of sex. You are to touch, to kiss me being slippery. Last
Pyuppyutsu in my hand. One is from Papano partly my three or four times.
also like to think the first person also condemned the rising tan but scared to cry in front ik, Already with the disease in mind.
"Turn the other" I, I'll be begging me to get.ー hurt. Like impatient throbbing pain burns.
I failed many times in pain hurts. Even though it all right finger, and continued tension and tension failure in a pinch.
"I'm fine. Chu dissolves or wait until the"
Donald Mitchell is borrowed I want to be one of the AV said earlier that even though I am watching, waiting for me to say Papahaitsumokou or.


I have a brother in six away. Blow up your dick I
brother from around my fourth grade. I can lick balls
Yarasa from around the fifth grade. Urethra, glans penis, back muscles, geese, prostate, ball bag, ball bag down, hip, Rim Job, Cum Eating,
drink sperm, Facials, Blow to around the D and cleaning of all was still being taught .
5th grade too much was put in the ass brother also lost virginity. Posture, back, cowgirl,
Manguri return, include the foot, little was done to put the other side. It was like some cafes.
I was pee or put in plastic bottles. The photo was taken in and I mobile movie. Now it is 17. 2 is now high.
not likely to be made again boyfriend.
but I'm trained to be my brother, you do not give a gentle man but I'm going out like this?


yuna himekawa[22367]
A year ago, is to travel to Hokkaido during the meeting in groups of four couples cousin. Friends of the hotel waitress, and it was recommended that open-air bath in the river, now I can go in there drinking. Go and enjoy the scenery, there is a rustic building, because the clothes immediately into the cold. The male voice is heard hearing from the bathtub of 湯煙 tame is not it? So I have separate male and female changing area for women only, but I thought, I had mixed bathing bath. Our first, four women are embarrassed, had already solidified in the bathtub. Reluctant hug her sister and brother approached Tadashi Tadashi wonder a little drunk, went to pull people into men. Signal as it is, a man who went to the us, we enjoyed talking about sex in a ring one. In the scullery Ikkomashita wash each other as a couple. My husband is 62 years old, 59 years old and recently I have Orimashita rigidity to the sex that night did you enjoy the excitement of mutual bathing has been asked many times my husband. Mature couple age is not so different from us and you, last night I spoken with her husband and long time intersects with laughter. The relatives showed nude been weakened this year I was very shy, and my face turns red just think right now. Men who are gathered together at a time and then we nude, big boobs, graying hair bristles, long legs captivating, and it was white skin, flowers in hand reminiscences to the individual named in .

Trip with his father

My father took a trip to the World Heritage Shiretoko. My father and I
well as parent-child relationship, the relationship had become men and women. As Barenai
mother, hiding, too tired to come around trying to sneak into, his dad, "or go on a trip to Shiretoko?" and was invited. I oppose the willing, not conducted. Kushiro
going to fly from there, rent a car, the Utoro.
also rented a car from the airplane, rather than parents, such as infidelity couple couples (laughs) cuddled up to his father how to behave like that, I enjoyed the trip. Utoro
get to, in the evening, tourist attractions, "one sunset" Go, father and enjoyed the sunset.
while watching the sun set, and then kissed his father and entered the hotel to make out in the car. Dinner is a buffet
is seafood, crab, scallops, sea urchin, oyster eating from Akkeshi, to satisfy the belly, into the hot springs, drinking alcohol in the room with my father.
asked for sake of Hokkaido, feeling happy to drink only two father and his father were close together. Pull the blanket
貰I, father and enjoyed slowly. Whenever she was happy
biting into the arms of his father's first overnight trip.
As always, Kiss me, being breathed on ears, rubbing breasts, licking nipples, my father's legs tied to the character M
"Minako beautiful pussy and anal I can see, "and she said, came to lick the clitoris, over time more than usual, lick me.
feel too, even 閉Jitaku the legs are tied because I am also unable to be closed will reach peak times. Overflowing, my father keeps licking love juice while sucking clit handily.
the clitoris anal lick, my father became Sixty Nine posture, body and devour each other each other, come into my father in me. Slowly and surely to my G spot 目掛Ke.
father and my stomach out, I greeted the first night of his father in arm pillow.
morning, I woke up in the arms of his father, the father's penis touched by hand, morning sex, sex the first time since the morning and greeted the morning with pillow arms, my father came on board, sex was.
it was time for breakfast, dressed, went out the Vikings, since the exercise in the morning, eat Morimori, left the hotel. (Laughs)
Oshinkoshin waterfall, rock Oronko, Cape Puyuni, Furepe Falls, Falls and surrounding Kamuiwakka water, and where less than an hour to walk around all five lakes 知床五湖, combined with my father's arm, slowly enjoyed the walk.
in nature, and surprised at the size of the ants come out to the parking lot, and people used to make fun of Fox, had a good time. Return to the rental car
Kushiro, you check into a hotel and went to dinner to take the city of Kushiro.幣舞
came to see close to the famous bridge. Where the three lords called Bridge in Hokkaido, the railing of the bridge has a bronze statue, the exotic feel like the London street light. Bridge after bridge
Toyohira Sapporo, but the Asahi Asahikawa 橋Rashii, neither far from Kushiro, I could not go. The father and,
to speak for trip to Hokkaido's Asahikawa bridges and bridge Sapporo, promised, went to the tavern. a small door at a bar
, drinking beer, eating fish, sashimi, or gotten to the port city had just delicious.
should go home tomorrow, so I returned to the hotel on your chest, take a shower, in bed with my father.
made love more intensely yesterday. bound by the letter M
legs, also bound breasts nipples just put my father loves me so, Itaburu. I welcome
peak, begging his father.
Still, tomorrow is also the time to care, care for the mother's eyes, is that the sex can reduce the chance Naka Naka,
blame my father more than necessary. To the mixture of sadness and pleasant, always different and comfortably. The different
is once you're finished so far this day my father but they are not, over time, made it twice. 1 second time out on my stomach, the second time for the first time in my mouth. I spread
bitter taste in the mouth, I was pleased and gave mouth to clean up the draw with his father's penis.
intact, rest in the arms of his father, 噛Mishimeta happiness.
early, checked out of the kitchen Kushiro called "Japanese business market" go to buy fish, crabs and souvenir for my mother, 貰I sent.
to sway in the market, eating ramen ... ...
time because there was a plane, to a love hotel as it is (laughs) My father and I both Naka Naka it home, so that it becomes impossible to know ,
required to fit the body becomes restless, entered the hotel and made love until the last minute. Waste of time because there are bound to be the first time, my father had sex with 縛Razu.
the back, again, a busy father and sex only becomes impossible, the mother a little bit jealous.
Also, I have planned a trip with his father, arrived This time we will come to my mother (laughs), so two people could travel alone with my father somehow, I'll try.
could go somewhere and when you think you wanted to report them here.

I got drunk

I am a 25 OL-year-old. I usually have gas 酒乱
has actually seen her quiet.
body aflame with a drink 堪Ranaku SEX I want to be. There are failures of alcohol
many, the story the next time.
is the time of the party last year. I'm drunk
second meeting, to the third meeting and seeing you did not remember drinking way too much. I was still arriving at the station nearest to notice.
bus but a taxi after the end there was a long line.
cab back to the high price it was decided to ask someone to pick me to call home.
father was already in bed drunk, I told your mother to come home by taxi. There
brother (age 27) came back like me and asked me to pick up. It was my brother and I will come.
be waiting 30 minutes, my brother picked me up and got in the car. I want to have sex with drunk
and why, and when to kiss my brother waiting for a signal from me invited.
I wanted sex, when I saw my brother wanted to, I thought I want.
brother to launch a surprise signal has changed, I began to move at the time that I was touching on the pants from big brother.
brother cock gradually increased, it was a big thing beyond my imagination. Then
car is like my brother was also impossible to put into the gym parking lot deserted and came to attack me.
ear licking rough kiss, kiss while the neck, hand massage the breasts, gradually, to merit.
touching the clitoris, this put a finger in a vagina, fingers moving rhythmically to enjoy the feeling, slippery turned out I was full of man juice. big brother

you ask, the older brother
took out a big cock. I grabbed the hand of the big brother nipple licking cock, very slowly, and I was licking.
"Chuba, Chuba"
Shaburimashita great fun noises and potassium.
"ぅ Ah, Ah"
shot in. I put a pole mouth pursed lips of the glans and makes a sound like a big brother. Kiranakatta
big brother cock fits in my mouth. I wanted to ask you
put this time into me. vibrating in my pussy
reach the uterus at a time moving large hips feel wet wet brother Kuri Hama, Iki Have you roll with my brother and then when it finished at the same time useless.
did Pies. stimulates uterine cramps
Timbo's brother is twitched. I felt the warm semen
pussy spreads tighten Wow have raised the same big brother cock twitch violently.
beautiful and I was licking my brother's cock had embraced in return.
rut on fire once and quit for no good reason to be, waiting for my mother to go home and sleep, is the older brother entered the room.
again until the morning my brother and fashionable Makurimashita begging to end.
I still want to do to become drunk, broke into my brother's room, I'm begging you every day.
say incest is a taste, but once learned can not forget, you know.
'm a cock of the best big brother.
feels good size fitted to the best!
uterus is in Cali muzzles, large shed with screams of pleasure too much drool Futtobi consciousness. I sat up violently convulsed Karame feet big brother.
already can not stop.

Wonderful son and progressive

Adult at the age of 20 became grand son, left hand, one moment I returned, I felt a terrible loneliness. I could have introduced a male friend of mine who works as a nurse or teacher, or is sometimes picked up by a young child in the city. But, to cut cooked.
when moving to a spring, also helped Hiroshi Takeshi. It was originally on good terms involved, and various maternal and child can talk.
invited me to drive the spring, sunny day, walking arm in arm with the park. That day and holidays, "You will stay," is said, "Yes" and nod was. There was a request from his son
. "From absolutely nothing, sleep together naked," and I
"What? Seriously? Absolutely nothing? Maybe I'll hit or not?" To accept the answer, the time took.
that night and returned to the dining room Hiroshi Takeshi. Shower and makeup off, turned off the light in the room, and go to bed with a piece of bath towel Hiroshi Takeshi, Hiroshi Takeshi subsided into the arms of the pillow. Under your bed, a bath towel to be taking off a majestic and gentle Surutsu, really naked, Hiroshi Takeshi is combined with the skin. I have just nervous?
majestic us with various stories. That his girlfriend, until the first experience. I was surprised to hear the quiet. Or to admire, I suppose so.
"following Noriko turn it" "What?" "No. Noriko" majestic, alone at the will call my name without an honorific. Already, the majestic, for me, that the confession was seen as a woman.
hands covered his face, "No 話Sanakya Really?" "To learn anything, is also said to me," I laugh.
After all, that night that I confessed to 17 years experience first grand room of the college boyfriend at the time, physiological napkin on track, the combination of tampons, underwear I like pale pink, I met the molestation experience, experience at sex change (at age 18, in a public toilet) ... again, in front of darkness. The investigation seemed to be sober.
night, Hiroshi Takeshi left the bed. I still had not noticed, Majestic Actually, one person had done in the bathroom. The sound of toilet paper around, did so.
morning and have a makeup came Hiroshi Takeshi happening. From behind me, "Good morning" to me and kissed my cheek.
anything for Majestic, could do anything, I felt the moment was right.
majestic, went to work. Tonight, I do not go back. Alone was the loneliness, the smell of a man was put on bed Hiroshi Takeshi.
night, completing the work and majestic meeting took place at dinner. The work can not wear earrings, perfume, with a Manyukia. Any gift from Hiroshi Takeshi.
I had a ride to the station. Buy takeaway coffee in a dark parking lot just off the side, back seat car, followed by regret time.
"I'll 飲Mashi" and makes me drink coffee in the oral tradition Hiroshi Takeshi. I embrace, lips overlap. Through the power of the body makes me a little drink. They look at each other. Another set of views of men and women. Close your eyes, Hiroshi Takeshi gentle kiss.
"Hey, Do you want me to do?" I said. "Yes," and the majestic.
one answer. Jipa of jeans and down a majestic big from my upper body bent trunks and went in the mouth tender dearly. From the mouth of the majestic sigh leaks. Throat was shot in the back lot of things over time. While a little choked, and I was glug and drank the precious fluid Hiroshi Takeshi. Majestic me very happy. I drank for the first time a male. I'll say so and gave me more happy. dated to

GW. There was a wonderful gift from Hiroshi Takeshi. Pink bra and panties on a nice race. When I opened the bag and covered his face with surprise and shame.
well that night and he slept naked and cuddled. Of course, from the majestic to handle firmly in your mouth. Promise of the night. With a pinky promise. "My 21 th birthday, hug" "Yes"

next day, wearing a bra and panties from the magnificent road. Somewhat embarrassing. Because people know how next to wearing any underwear. The karaoke was checked bra and panties. In the arcade, photo booth pictures. I also have a kiss. Pasted on the back of the phone each other. And,
"be here?" "What?" "Blow," "Are you OK?"
"I have not anyone" behind the curtain, I have knees, Hiroshi Takeshi your stuff included the mouth.

Now, if it is possible to meet the expectations Hiroshi Takeshi desired.
to go to the bathroom and I have a private room for the disabled 連Re込Mimasu Follow me. Me down from behind panties under her skirt, 見詰Memasu sit staring at me from the front of the toilet. Hiroshi Takeshi flows wee while obscuring his face with his hands 見詰Memasu.
"cute, nice, nice" moments have come up with sound, but come out embarrassment.
the day, before I go, the hair was carefully shaved with shaving cream there is also exposed to the urethra pee out.
time period, from "I started today," the e-mail. Majestic, buying tampons at a drug us went together. Gently replace the discarded one that will be inserted. Side processing is also clever enough to handle the razor Hiroshi Takeshi.
and Hiroshi Takeshi birthday. First hotel. I loved being carefully caressed the body, I was inserted into the wild as this was the first time. From the toes, underarms, breasts, take time to carefully and gently lick once dear to there with no hair, chestnut is sucking, the tongue is inserted into the vagina hard, I grabbed the sheets, Majestic raised my claws at the back, fought desperately with pleasure.
three times in Itta remember. And clearly felt in the body's temperature has reached to the front of the uterus thick and hard and long. Doc was shot deep in the body except the mouth include Hiroshi Takeshi Doc. Hiroshi Takeshi
pillow arms. Limp in my ear, "I'm glad, it was wonderful. The voice is so cute," I gently 睨Mimashita Hiroshi Takeshi.
"that you can?" "Baby?" "Yes," "If it were a woman, I shall give birth to children who like" the "birth to me?" "Yes. be happy"

20 year old brother brush down

My brother is not going to show shear Chinpo
20cm thick in front of me near the girl who I wish I could, and do not let someone put it, I said that I'm a virgin in front of me, but why do to masturbation, I put out something like that in front of her sister usually shy, I'm not a crazy Nomitara Kii Hiroshi Utamaro I like that. Cana and I would become when it badly brother. Makoto Kiyoshi school but I look, I can not stand it any more a 好Ki者
fact, it is good Do you want me to pen down. Contraceptive ring for that, okay I think I probably
Yanhontoniiino Aichi, Nishimura Tomomi like, but the city wanted to do that, get embarrassed Cana and I dare anyone to introduce celebrities because Bokki for not showing but I dare Chinpo 20cm
close, I can Yumemitai Noriko and I love Isan. And now a beast.

Saffle and his brother

I am a 21 year old college student, and two younger brothers below.

years ago in 5 H really is my brother asked me to let me, let me do it I have to give somehow.
then has sex with his brother almost daily.

of dual-income parents are so, so no parent Sugoseta free time until the night had sex with both of them as soon as I return from school.

to do so without worry siblings, my brother and I were addicted to each other without knowing I feel to H. I'm also getting my brother first

brother thumb position is reversed Then I was leading, but without knowing more of my virginity.

now and summer, so one day my brother has been enhanced, so H can.

Night affair

My husband is away from home two years abroad, my son went with my sister at age 17 married at age 22 as well as university graduates.

making two sons and currently lives. My son is in the top end results as she is obedient, to work hard to 目Zashi

national university. Since I have too much free time everyday during the day before the qualification

has served the accounting office use.

morning feeding their children, to work out and take my son to dinner and shopping together in the evening.

was unchanged everyday life.

be done like a dinner at any one day, only taking a bath with Katazu after 湯Agari

very little to drink beer, cool off in underwear naked 寝巻that, so I drink a little beer, a son, too rare,

poured a glass of beer if I said a little while still young.

son gone to the bath and quickly put on a bitter drink for opposing with me dressed. I

寝巻 buttons off your feet and lower body's remaining

suddenly as a beer that was on full display there. Because it was making a one foot in the crack son to think maybe I saw


But it would be great parents, so do not even Sore程 care, lying as it went into the bedroom by adding and subtracting

was drunk and fall asleep that imperceptibly.

heavy lower body to feel comfortable with your body at night, hunched over his son to wake up between the legs moving

stayed. If it is not possible to understand, he was moved back so as to stifle me

Grr Sperm have been in sending in my body and I think I growled.

was not clear in consciousness, and my husband is obviously a lot of very long sperm infused

difference is found. I have been suffering from

son that would be true if you make a fuss of a real upset, 受Ketome

was strangely calm his son inquired. Why did you do that to my mother. . Then my son sneak

night thing and so far had been much concerned about my mother is flipping through the bed

Kuremashi all honest and tell what you were doing masturbation or.

Oshiku I love my son was to the contrary and I'm sorry I upset to hear that more painful.

But when it is doing this without the agreement of the other party's gonna be a crime.

Now and want to tell me right. Although my son and say honestly answer that would put that much

erections were not decreased at all. My son will stand between her legs, still hard erection

welcomed. Clearly aware that my son and I also nearly doubled his master is clearly not likely

length and thickness. Is understood to be thrust violently thrust into the uterus and can not ever hit the lower body

pleasure, but more voices out Todomenaku patient was in a stronger and Segan.

leave that day and was caught in the morning until finally a young cock, one could not even'll Sleeping.

A woman's first son

Confessions of a 15-year-old son is of course surprised me.
But two people started to live separated from her husband six months, and I was feeling strange appearance of his son.
cause of separation, the unfaithful and the original odds. Was a serious affair, so I have not yet divorced.
wanted to live with him for good.
it was impossible. I can not let go of his son.
husband's family is in so far, and I gladly welcome a son. Satoru Tooru little because I do not have to be transferred far away. The thing
Eventually he gave up and eating them, I was even less time to meet with him. Three sons and I live in No wonder he was my son. He
thing with me, it seems quite shocking to his son. Once I went out, I also say to pick up stories from the calm son. It is also likely it was my son, I got really
one I left behind. What the mother is still
want a Virgin.
reached the adolescent son quarrel with my husband popped in, I'll be shocked that it was a fresh term.
If you want a man and goes to put his son. It was said that way. My son is a really sweet personality
. May quarrel with the family. Put a smile on my son sometimes vulgar, but I hurt my chest.
short time, he met with was a relief for me yet.
Sun's home late, I did tell my son while listening to the complexion.
husband and often talked on the phone. Was pretty cool
husband was worried about his son.
"at any time to meet Maryan lives nearby, I think I strained Serya way? to work, severe economic.
from her husband and eventually would get tuition assistance, anxiety one was full.
"You might want these." I mutter in front of her son.
son is finally "going out there." issued said.
confirmed many times. And my son is gone.
and there are no sons, was a very lonely life.
now wants does not come at me one time about him.
not that the body is said to live with it.
become calm as it were, none of his five younger than me. I would have become lazy and with a story behind it.
son sometimes comes to stay with us and on weekends.
son became brighter. Intensify the loneliness became more and more cause I do.
sleeping son and told to have my son 抱Kitsukimashita. Even know it's impossible, "do not come back?" I said.
son moment, as it did not work, I finally confessed
desire for me.
delusion, and a strange thing to me in dreams. Was going to be crazy.
so bad he said it. What a weird thing I
? When asked, "What an odious lot." Answered.
"That's OK." "What?" I 押Shi付Kemashita a son over there knee. Eventually
hands grope their breasts. Hands down. I close my eyes I was
eventually brought the two bodies become worn bare millet. My son has always leave
fingers into me there. The rigid prick
win a my body.
"anymore, or to Let?" on his back with my son 跨Rimashita
softly. The penis is still growing
hard fit, I felt pretty.
son while I was tampering hips shook my nipples.
"When I left I said." eventually "Oh, Serve!"
I give sat down with my son Emashita still suck cock.
gushing and sperm in the mouth will go. He went to
and alienated. He had been in touch
Kurenaku Hazime Hazime too.
also because I am no longer in touch. It may
different shape, the thing with my son regained the love of my heart was filled
. And your body is filled

Treatment of juvenile sex

My husband was divorced and had graduated from kindergarten in the winter of my son.
Yuya's son was originally a filial son can help us to prepare a meal or on behalf of a child to work hard on my slow gentle compassionate. Sono Hiroya
The stuff is from around the turn of last summer. Yuya from around
last summer are now being discarded cans and cigarette butts into the can of juice to clean the hair and clothes, however the room is so disturbed eyes suddenly worsens.
now hang in the room that the children of Yuya sloppy feel from the other schools of similar atmosphere at that time. Yuya
of his friends also, age is three years or so children from grade five elementary sparse Satoru Naka. Nevertheless with the school, everyone probably has not done. grade five elementary school children
something, but less body hair has been blonde before nose pierced. For example you smoke it or my composure as well unapologetically. . . And,,,
I am a secretary in charge of large companies have nearly 170 centimeters tall.
in youth at the time it has also left the Miss Universe preliminaries, and the husband had married a doctor friend in matchmaking. my life itself
income for child support payment will be former husband divorced nine years to circle in my mind I can afford is battered every day, it is < br> The end of work, get back to the apartment of a security firm has been around 8:00 at night.
bike to the bike next to the entrance of a modified 5 sloppily as you lift the handle up ~ put six.
open the front door and went to work in the elevator floor to press home the PIN,,,
7 the entrance smashed to pieces right and left shoes are littered with stepping off the heels of ~ 8 servings Dearimashita.
tonight and I think what let me get any sleep when you will want to throw everything disappeared from the spot. Yes,
now I am starting work as a tool for handling sexual son of Yuya and their friends,,,
became a tool I can handle their sexuality Golden Week was toward the end. I was relaxing at home
companies went into the break room with coffee and cake ice cream combined seven minutes of the minutes is said to want a coffee with a friend of his son on the intercom, Yuya.
I went in to open the door of the room to deliver iced coffee in the room with my son on Innovation Thump strange atmosphere.
are you staring at my chest and legs in his groin while playing with friends and all six people, Yuya.
the moment I put the coffee room to get away promptly, and has heard a sound from inside the room to lock Gacha Innovation. . . It was soon followed

The older brother

Is a story about me in fifth grade. Junior high school when I was at the time brother.
night, I came to the room is said to lend the comic went.
brother can lend a comic, so I was glad I did not mean we would go in, instead of lending a cartoon, I was told will not touch bottom.
because I wanted to say I'll lend a comic, take off my clothes and has put his hands in the pants. At that time, while reading manga
"H s I" just did not want to, and should not have been that I did not.
Then I went with my brother's room to read a comic that H would let me.
touch the body of my infancy, and eat pussy and lick my heart ....
brother when I was her eat pussy while squeezing the array, I feel, "to lick more" said the brother and
"I'll talk to lick too," said it was a Blow But feeling stopped getting worse.
that have tried to occasionally insert into my brother, I'm just not into it so frightened that he said was not unpleasant.
This act was in middle school before I rise. Nowadays
is not Dashitaku thought provoking memories.


yuna himekawa[22267]
Grandfather to 10 years, I continued to licked there. From the time I was eight years old. But it emerged the parents are transferred overseas,
離Retakunakatta me from Japan, there was a temple Dzuke grandfather. Grandfather preaching is like pretty good reputation,
many people from all over Japan come to the consultation. However, many of the women are remembered, was told during the consultation was still coming to tea room definitely go.
But a call came one day, I like to tell the old man, I went to the room to talk. I saw part of the scene under a glass sliding door.
It is not Oohiraki are suffering for the women also do not! And that is also part of a grandfather's head firmly,
Pichapicha and noisily, women who take care of pelvic thrusts. Startled moment, my first man and woman match.
a proud smile on her that even now I'm stuck in my head. While reading the air strange child, I was pretending to know for now.
become dinnertime, my grandfather was called. But I do not remember exactly what was the conversation afterwards,
is a chair, has been held Nugasa pants leg, and was the grandfather lick remember. How are you licking Netoneto,
my body was even less pleasant. And every day I like grandfather lick my nearly two hours there each day.
then lick my way Bu from the grandfather, "is now called. How to Turn lick suck like a vacuum 卑Rashii grandfather,
without the grandfather of my tongue are no longer alive. a woman who had come to consult with all certainly grandfather would lick grandfather had been.
I pose like a skirt sitting on the couch, grandfather It is a figure in a skirt is going to lick me. I always look in the mirror place.
and grandfather lick She asked last summer as usual. My father suddenly came back it.'s grandfather was desperate to lick, I feel good.
should notice no. My father smoked before I knew it was my breasts. I felt like a queen.
just The complaint is also putting me two. grandfather and father as well, but 好Kirashiku Cunnilingus, grandfather and you are in a different 舌Zu,
good feelings in a different sense! still continuing both mother married life seemed to was willing to say a young child made the difference after a long canyon.
New Year, I was filled with lots of licking cream in front of the Kannon grandfather!'s grandfather Best Cunnilingus!


12-year-old brother was an event I'm 15 years old.
his father's business failure, a changed life, divorce, and even siblings living with our rapidly changing
. We were taken care of his mother, has been deposited in the mother's home.
stayed home for the grandmother and uncle, the brother of the mother.
now divorced, single and uncle, and so we are very kind to us without even
had stayed hot.
mother comes to see how once or twice a month. Mari Tomari decided at that time, we will return in the morning. One day my mother came
night, I tried to go to the bathroom suddenly awake in the living room under the eye
heard a faint voice of twilight. It was the sound of my mother.
voice in words not in common by instinct and not imagine, partly open and peeking cautiously approached the door quietly
, uncle spreading hips and legs down on the couch my mother Kiku Hiroshi
saw the overlap with a hard out there. only the lower body skin
to kick both of them, my uncle is moving dark bodies and white feet that I felt that my mother
peek at what really 厭Rashii.
larger movement of which his uncle, his uncle is split crotch erection Ino Hutoshi
mother is now evident that stuck, while my mother sat
convulsions which his uncle a stiff lower back and deep, seemed to have a mother in the ejaculate. I thought it ended
is returned to the room quietly, so the excitement was
underwear hanging from Bettori and wet thighs. Do not worry too
sleeping next to his brother, vigorously rubbing off my underwear, put a finger thrust into the vagina was a Onani
. I think maybe they had voices.
stayed to look into my brother's crotch and devour notice.
I think rather wanted to see. My brother erect
spread my legs in silence but to put the cock there seemed to know the hole in the vagina. I have addressed the hole
Uto vagina brother holding an erect cock gently, suddenly has been inserted.
severe pain in the abdomen, but now I scream, brother of hip movement in control of
for myself. Nice to say because for the first time sis, brother nodded in silence for a while but did not work directly
, my brother just could not put it like
Byutsu sudden! And has been in the ejaculate. Movement time and again what my brother in
found that the time of releasing sperm. Erection had not subsided yet.
After a while, so I softened the pain, and several times said piston moving in me and my brother
to ejaculate is about five times the eternally repeated immediately with a piston and, finally
me to remove the withered cock satisfied.

The Summer Memories

The 32-year-old divorced when I went home for the summer, I have sex with a child of the oldest sister,
to relatives gathered at Bon me, I soon divorced woman I so to speak, in the ear, the child knows from an early age, "there is no quiet place somewhere?" I heard,
"People know if the sea does not come," I say so redeemed, wearing a dress just because it was somehow Why wear a bathing suit to wear borrowed from my sister, and I got a guide to rent a car,
in rocky, but the child can catch a sea urchin divide us and to come, eat, was fun,
to the evening, when leaving, but to remove the towel and wrapped on the swimsuit wet swimsuit off at separate to,
of underwear was looking out from a plastic bag wrapped in a towel off the bottom too, no Did not you come on like a forgotten, but had to slow,
to peeー Narushi burn, as is so Squatting down in front of the car and I was pee,
come to see the child, that child is "upgrade", I said "cash", to me, 've seen since she came to the front of my face I have reason to hide,
ー child in feeling numb, I'm also from a strange silence, "looked Na, my hair no change from it? "I said,
" Eckert, assay, Eun ", ー in feeling," everyone has a secret never just you, "said I, parting The hair that had been machined from a person,
I was still so crowded from squatting, swollen'm ー swimsuit is the child at eye level, "the first time you see that?" She said, < br> "Eckert, down, really ー" Well, "crawling on it?" I asked, "Oh the book" Hey, "Are you in this masturbation?" I heard, <br > "..." No, "I'll tell you good things in secret," "Come here ...", I said, Did not you come out bouncing like a spring from the Lower the swimsuit swimsuit,
thinking If you feel salty to hold the mouth "updates" Well, I moved back the pixels, but soon the sweet ー,
me I swallowed too quickly, but now I want Did not you gotten,
become hard and I was holding the child with a bath towel to remove the holding,
my hands hit the child while it faces the back between the hipsー breast, "just put" I did not say I goo,
ー toward different, but I had gone to confusion, "there are still good, just ー, ー far, Did not you move "Oh in feeling,
But Did not you know immediately and was issued, but it turns out I cum it is issued.


SEX continues to be dangerous, and so math has math that Tashi is an ass for something or into the bathroom and I turned around under
small window (small window air Japanese style) is open was. At that time we talked to also feel
nephew went back to see half a year for your living room without Tashi.
went to the restroom and drink beer and smeared on two people in the daytime.
I heard a noise and turned around to lower Gacha shorts and I had a peek over there
ashamed of my nephew. I was so embarrassed and humiliated to call us
scolded nephew out there.
placed her hand into her skirt hung attack at bay but I do have the power of a man
resistance to 力Makase to win and this is my precious. In fact there's nephew
consult the stomach is getting bigger. I 出Seta
I cried If you want to submit this (my husband had been a while also)
also see their own body's response to come gradually. I feel embarrassed to say
never nephew. My nephew has been rubbed rough breath now I want to about the chest. I will leave that
by his nephew to stop resistance. is to take off the hands of his nephew
pantyhose skirt blouse
Remove button from the top of my shorts were violently 愛無 will slip one
voice was barely able to catch. Wet shorts as seen through the saliva of a nephew with love juice and you will see that
. Face is buried there, his nephew is also taking off in response to shorts
away on their own body and the splashing sound and whistled
愛無 with something in her legs wide open and my nephew have been included.
3 minutes and I in no end in me. The liquid flowing out from there
right. I grabbed my wrist with his nephew to stand in silence in the face beatings
is still challenged her.振Ri切Rou comes as a goodbye.
raped in the bathroom now and then is followed SEX nephew and dangerous.


The Department is interested only son in a woman's body high-Currently, I'm staring at my ass line all the time. I think
virgin, of course, came into the bedroom at night, "What is it like kissing a mom? tell me, Mom!"
I was stuck for words momentarily puzzled was wrong in the original place if I thought I would kiss.
I got each other's lips come together in the face sideways, so that the Tokoro Takashi lightly on the cheek and lips Takashi 付Keyou. The move was strongly embraced scored
going away soon. "Takashi? Away
Enough" T. But "mother tongue stretched out" could not leave their tongues entwined suck my tongue, he says.
Department is "not that I'm my sex, I'll tell my mother dear!"
away too seriously lost the appeal in the face "lying T." I Takashi trousers and pants down holding what
擦Rimashita erect large. I asked to include a clear drop from his lips involuntarily see the tip of the glans.
underwear off and I am feeling the ache in the lower body, "I want you to lick my mother loved in the mouth, Takashi", Takashi was sucking me wide open I'm sensitive process.
Department said, "I really get into the mother in" I hold the plot of the Department, and I was invited to put in place, and Takashi was born.
Department sent a large amount of sperm in my body was nailed to the back, crying or excited, but I Itta
is embarrassing.

Like really shameful

When I talk to young men would face turned red.
child is fine, I can not become a boy of about high school students.
"erotic mother - holding it." I said to my son at some point. The 17-year-old son
, and friends made fun of it. they look a little embarrassed that
, seems to have invited the man
I told my friend.
is said that his son was shocked.
And I even become conscious of his son. Can not meet my eyes.
estranged husband has trouble with women.
I never forgive her husband. Could such a woman. and they peeled
next friend to talk about sex even when patients were fastidious
husband and I have decent sex.
body but I was reacting, I thought as soon as finished. My husband and I will prefer not
, gradually reducing the number went up. I was relieved it.
of them, my son is now coming up to the prank.
a silly prank.
and sides, poking it back. So suddenly "stop!" And with heart-pounding
. I have been in part
family restaurant. Not in social phobia. This assessment would have gotten rather friendly and nice.
will also talk about men and machines and staring at the orders or cashier's
employees, because employees who have decided to associate the sight of men
all of this matching I? It is about time that
. It's not a conversation I had in mind.
men's or employee's manager also has.
to it at work, I did not like things to be aware of if I hurry. There are things
Saturday. That day my son, club play. Kina Hiroshi
rest went to the gym part.
I was talking to the teacher gathered everyone at the end. I look away I was waiting for a good relationship with their mothers.
teacher came over and told me things in health management.
for the next game, a matter of flu. And gargle frequently make is to expose the other hand firmly. If you can not train
children, and thank you car in omnibus
was told. The young teacher fresh
. Spoken so seriously dealt
Unadzukimashita looking prints.
because it was in the middle, does not match the eye is not the situation. The more awareness, but it turned face Akaku.
that night and was told his son.
teachers are single. Hey I'm trapped and teachers from the filtrate Jamme. This. I was really angry
. I get a run-in to fit the hand. It hit his hand was being held 押Shi倒Sa head.
"Do none." I was struggling, suddenly
hands between the legs of her son. Another great power can not escape. "Well, Well," came close to tired legs. What is it?
, mercy anymore, I'm not thinking anything.
past the anger fear,'m dazed state. Vagina
much time is pushed over the son's fingers panties. I felt something leaking. It began to spread and
and Jiwatsu.
"Maybe Shiodome blew?" Oh, I get goose bumps suddenly embarrassed as no,,,. But can not escape, fingers are being shifted directly
"Oh no, no longer," were kept in the thigh hurts my son's lap. "Oh, good, even on? So putting aside his knee." And so putting aside my son's feet, panties 脱Gashimashita. During bright, I felt the excitement was to be played with unusual.
son becomes sleepy, I finally opened for us.
was groped so is the first time.
it became progressively deeper feeling.
"The Tta Lee?" "Unadzukimashita. Flies
felt about it was the first time conscious.
I commit my son back to the room without me.

Akuru Sun, but worried about my son coming home, I felt more helpless.
But in fact I want to say and yet another body.
son about three days, silently eating dinner, I returned to my room.
son and I went to the room for a talk. I'll let
and want. But, you know?
told so. Sun
Akuru was pecked son dinner.
"Once I bath." I was excited.
rises directly from the bath room of his son.
"Oh, and." He was in and observe closely.
already have found myself embarrassingly wet. And spreading, pinching Dari,.
fingers into, and soon I got it I'm Lee.
son showed it to me by a condom. I made a face that
son from her husband, a narrow sense. Because I got energetic 硬Kutsu
but I also installed. but I was about Dikisu
lamps husband, son fellatio
first experience. Munching
I ask is terrible, I was excited to do that myself.
"Janee's mother still horny?" "What have I!."
truth is I barely recognized myself.
in the family restaurant, I get like 1000 yen ticket is half price or service.
the weekend to work half a month. It is about 3:00 from 9:00
pass ticket service for his son sometimes, and I said we eat lunch.
and always like to start one early in the morning, my son went out to eat hurriedly. The day came around 1:30. non-tea drinking group of housewives
one son. My son did
seat in the corner. My son the way that my fingers and eyes meet. Lee Kaseru me all the time,,,.
body reacted. Sizzler is a pretty short skirt is
. If I'm not tall, thick legs. I look extra short
. I watch my son
me to eavesdrop. Blushing now.
home and suddenly, my legs 拡Gemashita son.
"Eh Ge grinded, blot." Iti Iti
come to see her son. That day was particularly wet.
now is a lot of practical jokes with his son outside and enjoy. I think my husband and I attempted to reconcile.
but have been told to wait.

Love son

I'm too strong maternal love, to lure his son to meet the needs. The other man I do not love my son? . Other men had to be ignoring his son's eyes are erotic.


I have a hostess in a local city outskirts.
this city I live with my brother.
out the house with his brother to run away from home virtually, as a married couple living in the land with his brother know.
brother and high school and then became a man and woman.
from no one, fascinated by each other, I realize, had loved his brother.
to wear a mouth into his brother Chinpo ecstasy big brother, only that I was satisfied.
take his brother's sperm in the mouth, drinking, and I'll lick clean, pat me on the head brother. Time to have sex with my brother 掛Karanakatta such. First it was only
mouth, my pussy it just feels away, I was a virgin,
wants to do, put it in my brother's big cock, want to be fucked I think now, my brother asked to undress from my arms.
brother touched my pussy finger licking, wet just came.
more pain, more joy big brother and got to one, but I clung to his brother. My brother came over and violently attacked repeatedly in the head and pure white, and pleasant, became not stop.
出来Tara relationship once, and want to do every day, by stealth parents, brother and strove for sex.
graduated from high school, even if the employment relationship is good and better than his brother to make her boyfriend, to meet after work, go to the hotel, People Sex.
always first, accept his brother's sperm in mouth, oral sex.
then licking my pussy, finger touch, might be a normal position, or even end up having sex in the back.
dying to enjoy those days.
But the arranged marriage has come to talk with his brother, the parents declined to be noisy, Bale away eventually,
be denied the love of brother and sister and I are so far in the region 行Kasa matchmaking , and the older brother ran away from home and two people in it hate.
now come to buy his brother, Ma, rotors, and Vibe, are attacked every day.
of sperm out of his brother in the mouth does not change, change may well be an expression of ecstasy and lick and lick the glans.
forever, and life continues, I do not think this is now satisfied.
course, this is business, but I also have a relationship with your brother who has not come true.


I am a 48 year old housewife. My husband and son (age 24) and 21-year-old girl (student) is on. My husband is in the provincial city
home because they go to China in two years bachelor who lives with her two students.
company I work for my son out of college in Tokyo. It is a relationship with my son six months before these men and women actually.
year and a half my husband go to China.
was always comforted by a man while you feel left out. One day I came home the day of his son in university circles that her furlough. I
drunken mistake caused by drinking that night and two sons. I still could not resist her son's needs.
then sometimes I go out on a day trip to Tokyo refining my tryst.
went to see my son and went to Tokyo last Friday to take a vacation.
months to meet my son was 1.
Friday also gave me paid leave to take Ichiro. That day I went to Tokyo early in the morning.
carefully and firmly in the shower, well equipped makeup, perfume gift from him, Manyukia, lipstick, put Pierce, hop on the train but was nervous.
his favorite sandals on the knee flared skirt through software, and shirts.
in front of the meeting, Ichiro is a car waiting for me. Got into the car, kiss the back of the parking lot no longer hot to the popularity of the park. Karame
tongue each other, I had accepted his tongue. His hands, caress the breasts and turn over the shirt. We look at each other. I get laid in his arms.
"Kazuko, I wanted to see"
"Me too"
again, passionate kiss. His hands, on Sagurimasu thigh skirt. From the hem, comes in the fingers. I stopped her hand.
"see you later"
"I was also put up with month 1"
so he appeals. I know. What should I rewarded him with what I do to Jipa
Ichiro jeans, I went to slow down his
are already bursting in, they become hard Masu. Nodding his eyes look smaller, I went to the lower half of his face submerged.
love his stuff, including the mouth gently, 吸I込Mimashita. He stroked my hair will turn.
"Yeah, I'll do"
he put out something dark inside my mouth full. I accept. Semen is pushed out many times come.
I had swallowed his. I love because she can.
"Thank you. good?"
He will gently stroked my hair.
from the park towards the city went into the cinema. Watching movies in a while, Ichiro was fit and I've been Karame fingers.
"Did becoming tobacco 吸Itaku"
"It has become too Kazuko 吸Itaku boobs"
entered the restaurant meals, Menthol cigarettes 吸Imashita learned from Ichiro.
"It was like smoke. I came in good shape. it bad girl"
"Who taught?"
Semashi drove his apartment and lived through eating or.
his room. 1 months.
bathe and shower together and matched with each other body wash. My Department will carefully wash there.
"Kazuko, let shave"
"What ?··"< br>" prevent cheating "
" We could not be "
he let me sit on the edge of the bathtub. The knee was broken, gentle, carefully razor, shave me my underhair.
like back in elementary school, there I am ashamed.
his bed. Ichiro was loved by the whole body of his son gently. Such mind-boggling, over time carefully caress.
stubbed toe, including the mouth, a sharp tongue in the ear. In the mouth still pink nipples, gently sucking me.
of middle fingers go deep into the cracks and plugged my hair is not.
"Oh, no"
small body shaking, I was towards the top of pleasure. He
to my lower body. Go gently broke the knee to the center. Along with his tongue in my crack, crawl turns.
"You're beautiful, Kazuko"
"Ah shame"
no hides cracks spread, inquire about the back. There caressing around the newly-shaved, his tongue is inserted deep into it. Kiku Hiroshi

I tremble as I knew I would for the moment I cum when I caught him. Mito Tsuka my hips firmly, miss. I'm still resisting, one son Goro tongue was crazy. His hard materials
slowly, slowly in
bend my back, I take a pleasure in his life.
been caught from behind, fell apart.
"Ah, she'll also cum"
Also, I was crazy. He was in the back of my vagina, it releases a lot of things.
in his desire, I drank the pill. The baby just ,···< br> But, I also gave birth to him were a baby. As a woman, the last chance when two
Since then, he was caught. They cuddle. In his heart, caress me hair.
"Kazuko, I love you"
"Me too"
farewell at the station. Hot kiss from him.
"Again, let me check"
Ichiro, a fingertip in a skirt. I'm still barefoot, I was thinking thigh close contact them.
also refused his hand does not stop. I note the sign of life.
his fingers, from the skirt to the panties. Some panties, fondle his hair over there without my fingertips. The middle finger
"Well there"
softly, I'm going to insert.
"in a place like"
"I'm fine"
him into repeating the hold down my skirt.
"it, you'll useless"
in my ear,
"I'm alright to cum"
"Ah, another"
I desperately try not . Went through my whole body strength.
"Kazuko, you're tan cum"
small nodded.
was busy day. Ichiro
happy nestled in one months after her son, the moment would reassure me.
but only occasionally the two meet, as lovers of our relationship, I'm happy.
lover until he can, I will Kami締Me this happiness.

22 fear of my son

Keep it filled and make [sure].
we also writes about.

Brother dad

Brother and father live in the country they went to stay
. Then Dad and
home to go back to the good fight, one week is
brother's house when he was the father
the first two days without telling their father
drinking because I was asked While F breast size and breast
can come to touch it with a true or that you say except that
a bath The
not know I was pretending to not know about
. I think I will stay with Sun in 3
week like I want to bear when I wished I was told

understood it impossible to say I can not stand being told If you've ever said to Iiyotsu
to touch my heart told me is impossible
I do it just fine
? So he has suddenly hugging


yuna himekawa[22175]
Five years have passed since my husband passed away. Are you forgetting the Obon holiday homecoming at my son alone in the living room and comfort are, as is usual in the singles 侘Shi, the son of "Mother" has been entered into the voice call at the same time the door opens. I had reached a climax while gasping cry while embarrassingly obscene us to forget the pleasure that will melt. My son was just sideways hug me from behind. My son has pubic Masaguri the sticky wet pants down, on the other hand Momimashita put your hands from the breast of the shirt hem. Caress my body under the breasts and genital area in both 火照Tsu has been hot. My son rushed to get naked, has been fully inserted into the hole at once a cock in my vagina. Followed by heavy piston, I said "huh ~ I, I can not. Ah Ah, Aan," and was suffering. Son deep in one's might pick, 受Ke止Memashita and large amounts of semen in the vagina Dokkundokkundokkun hole. His son cock large piston motion lasted about 20 minutes to insert, ejaculation is also twice the standard I wanted to shock my husband was dead. Sex is so intense, I feel good. For my husband and I only know sex was the beginning of everything. Sex after a long day or night, three days, followed by intense lust to devour, my son gave me pleasure to lead the world. Was secretly reading your posts so far, but I had to masturbate 耽Ri delusion, you will wet your genitals just writing obscene statements like this.

I am a divorced woman

My father died when the small, new father and married my mother eight years ago.
I was 18 then, was doing reasonably well both the new father.
father three years ago that, to introduce him at the age of 23, saying that marriage.
But the father, "That man is useless. Once you become unhappy with such a man." he said, was opposed from the beginning. I had a fight with
father was with him ran away from home. At that time, my mother died broken body.
I no longer home to return, could be a child, my father found me wondering, was devoted to a baby.
has paid off, I was pregnant, he passed since he was six months pregnant but no longer work and now violent.
and taking out all my savings as a result, we left the house to create a new girlfriend.
I had a stomach a loss a big bow in back home for my father. Because the father tearfully, who greeted me.
And last year when I was 25 years old, gave birth to a girl.
me father was very happy, from clothes, bedding, as did their children against the everything ranging Tansu.
spoiled like a father adores a real father, too. But my heart out in front of my father in cold blood, boobs of them, children, and even clothes.
But I wonder if it went wrong, I was a child to sleep one day, that give the breasts while lying down,
the father said, "what do the other bed." and have been looking into a child from behind. Then the children they already sleeping,
just came out big in my heart. And "come out boobs do well." She said, things will touch my heart. My father's hand
払I除Ke open everywhere, I hid my heart, father is coming into their hands more than necessary in the chest.
"to stop your father's, because the breasts are fully out. put your hand in such a place," "Why do not you do have to say it.
You're fine with just a little , "" disgusting, your father's, not that weird, "I was desperate resistance.
However, what went wrong it was to break the father is wearing my blouse ripping,
This time it took to take off the skirt. "Your father's, hate that already," and when I stripped naked,
I've seen naked and attacking me himself. "Disgusting, your father's, disgusting," until my father inside,
took so long. And I noticed, my father tuck their feet, waving it above my waist.
And so I put my father in semen. I felt the back of a heated outburst of my father's womb.
But father does not solve the position is that the hip shake. Father not just smaller penis ejaculating, which stimulates the uterus to me.
is guiding me to the pleasure and stimulation that gradually. "No, your father, moved out so much," Still,
penis father has been in and out of the inside of me. "Your father's no, oh, its, so you ,,,"< br> And a few minutes later I had reached a body hugging father ecstasy.
six months since then, but now my father slept in the same bed, every night I feel the ecstasy. Can not live without a father anymore.

Thank you

I am 23 years old. 14-year-old brother is a junior.
thought you had your own unusual, I was relieved to see this page 拝Mi倒Sa
was first with his brother, under Mochimashi relations have never thought of this year or. I was going
a one-time relationship, it began to unfavorable conditions
abused violence, continues to drift after that. To go in with a condom
, and they continue to remain pregnant
know what to do this I think.
brother is in love with me. . I want to say a baby is not
should be able to do that.
who worry that same, thank you for the advice.


I am a 35 year old housewife. Sweet husband (age 55) is a family of four daughters and a son and junior high.
was just a year ago that ordinary families everywhere. I feel it is true fortune of knowing.
I met my husband did when it entered the company after graduating from high school. Say You Love Me
learned when they meet will quickly identify the relationship between superiors and subordinates.
I did not see why you did not know. in the overlay
dating my husband, I want to marry this man. I went with him to the hotel and invited me to think. About that day have never ever felt burned.
tasted the euphoria feeling fit again and again. Out there, but I just had his penis is so tight in today Ugomeki let him catch up to nature. I was also perfectly suited
his rhythm and my rhythm.
was at the mercy of a storm bubbling up from the whole body bathing pleasure groin. I'm there in a storm of pleasure and I was quivering twitched their feet screaming Karame.
erogenous zone is the whole body had become the first head to toe maybe.
once a week at first, unable to endure even known each other for six months after I began living together in the apartment of his life. The pregnancy, gave birth early and leaving to get married.
At the time, every day I asked my husband was married 41 years.
son was born two weeks before, I was looking for from me.
was born a year after my daughter was a happy married life.
is now less number of night life, yet every time there was love.
eye to build a house on a hill with sea view retirement, when he was not prepared to move. I was casually flipping through old photo albums
husband came out of the closet, side by side photo of young men and women, and women swell a little belly.
it was previously, it was the same as seen in photo album my mother. My mother died

"your real father"
was saying.
had to have a bad feeling. At night, I heard her husband in the photo,
"Actually, I was choosing to live together in college," and then
"farewell party was forced to force both parents was pregnant but or "
and say it.
"Maybe, maybe if you were born the same year as"
now turned black in front of me beating violently.
shock while the mouth was more than 利Kemasen
"women who reflected my mom here"
just herself.
husband, though my father was also frozen.
引越Shita night at midnight 済Mashita clean up, I was taking a bath alone, her husband, though I came in my father. Let your penis engorgement.
Sosori立Tsu that it felt like something bigger than ever.
long been a while since something was ready to move Yara, as soon as I saw the penis erection, I forgot to suck our example.
and go to the bathroom, bedroom, 交Warimashita many times. We both
burned more than ever. Tasted deep sense of climax time and again.
the moment I poured my semen back violently father, I have become pure white fainting in the euphoria over his head. They slept in the embrace of his father and leave things.
But I was still skeptical father. To believe she was the family.
Because, while our children are made from it two people.
agony for a while, DNA decided to get an appraisal. My father and I
saliva, because my mother had died, I was using the hair of the deceased.
wife and I have to say that my father was a secret of course.
result is still the husband father, mother and children between 99 percent said that more established.
moment I heard it, and that I still try to how it is now thought to have crossed, if it is calm 装Imashita two.
But somehow better at night since it was confirmed that my father and I have burned child.
Why? Unchanged, but nothing ever felt better semen taste of his father, every time the father's hot sperm hit the womb, I feel that many things had become in my mind is pure white.
father, had lost penis hardness because of age or earlier than, like retroflexion hard time getting married, now stand out like the surrounding blood vessels.
Perhaps, the hardness of the glans may be more solid now. When rubbed with the vagina
the glans, it becomes white and what 分Ranaku head somehow. From my dad and husband
meaning to call the children know.
night, his father embraced
is immersed in a depth of euphoria ever crying.
has accepted things like the beginning of my father's nightly cohabitation.
people reading this would be wondering that things knowing that we were married. After the parting was made to
mother and father, He was in my mother's parents came to me for adoption were born out. I know that
mother eight months pregnant, gave birth to me out of the house.
After that, I brought me a snack while working. When the young

"Why is not here at home dad"
let my mother likes trouble.
senior at an elementary school pictures show
"Your father broke this"
told me. When I
sixth grade elementary school, my mother remarried, have changed my last name.
I had thought that surely become a daughter, saw the family register when entering high school and I had been acknowledged by the father.
consider the future of my mother, I married someone who can recognize a biological child.
my father on the family register of the real relationship and I was totally lost. Besides, my mother had died
from cancer at the time in high school, and my husband, I got married to my father that I am unaware of it though.
見Tsukenakattara from the album of pictures of my father and mother, never knowing it done.
But my father knew it was more from my daughter, become more gentle, I became even more popular before it even at night. Every night! ! !
had better know that from my father that her husband is now increasingly felt.
Fortunately, just because the two had no abnormalities in children born to know what would happen if the other one is 分Rimasen birth. Sun is aware of the dangers
than my father before me.
in the meantime is getting the last out loud. My father and I are originally
children two or more people make, so there was no air, sterilization Maybe I should take a while now.
coincidence that the world is there a fake story.
we had the impression given by God might also met parents and children.
But I am grateful for this encounter.

My discourse incest

I work for a small design firm is 45 years. My husband passed away from cancer three years ago, aged 16
who lives with two sons. One morning in August of this year, and have my crotch in the shower while
the strangely slippery. SEX Since my husband passed away from not at first a dream
H and also see what gets wet? , If you want it to do now but I thought there was a long night
weeks and then I felt a strange, terrible thing I have for my son
have found. The day after cleaning up after dinner, watching television and two sons who were
. The son said "I put my coffee, Mother?" I asked "So, please
" My son went to the kitchen and ask him. Nde I looked toward the television and
however, the longer go to the bathroom. Toilet is located near the kitchen into the bathroom before the
he remembered that out over coffee, it enters the kitchen to say something in a cup
son just I almost put that kind of powder. "Hiroyuki,
What are you doing!" I hear and I, no answer to say to the face. Again, no further answer to
問Itsume to. More tightly and grill, Hiroyuki I've suddenly
被Satsu me out over the bull rush. "Hey, hey, what are you doing!" That ignores the words
, Hiroyuki Masagurimasu my body is. "I am a mother to you.
Of this year I think I like it!" And Hiroyuki and bellow out, "co-sleeping pills into the drink You Tose
Hi Mom I did. I did and my mother to commit. "and so
from his son and said the word refers to sound like that. "What are you saying?
Do you think its okay to do that!" While speaking with the son 振Rihodokou,
son threw down words like me to despair . "The last time the same hand, my mother is sleeping'm committed
's" Yes, my groin felt the slimy remains committed to his son earlier it was
. Before I became a black eye, I suddenly missing power. I have committed the Department Division
time and again forced to take off your clothes. Since that day, every day my son will commit The
. Resistance and was beaten, kicked, raped the force. Contraception at least, is the vision at all to say
. The other day I finally realized that you are pregnant. Talk to my son, "Do not worry, its
another pregnancy if it was possible H.'m Not bring up until the last minute filtration fallen." Mashita
been told. I am anymore, even to death. But no courage to die. How do I completely understand what
. ,

Daughter and son

The 41-year-old housewife living in suburban spec house.
husband and three months to sail the route once the foreign crew does not come back.
son is home with her eighth grade year in high school.
That was a hot day last year.
part I have come out during the day, leave early that day to feel Sugurezu.
to go to the bathroom next to the bathroom because it was sweating, I heard a rattling hurried, rushed away towards the kitchen of the two naked people. there are glimpses of her son

did think about doing.
so far, if I take a shower or two together, and get along, and did not worry much.
myself, brother and two below, because there'll remember the highlights from becoming strained middle school, but this was fake Innovation, What was in play or touch, and Takao enclose was.
However, taking a bath when her daughter alone, and go to the laundry room Shimaini daughter, still attached by a PC, the screen was reflected in the H-vs.
"I wish I have a daughter interested in"
while I thought, looking about to click the video, listen to the voices of two tame! I'm gasping
shaking her hips to her son was jumped on. not yet felt the first time in
, I was just there a couple par with the movement. digital camera
Tottarashiku son was exposed, a healthy son arrays are still stuck over there Uiuishii daughter.
"Kii Hiroshi ~ · ·"
more than six months since I have not already and my husband going to be crazy in stimulation was seen grabbing the chest instinctively. Exploring the
's place to save the file and I will have another, I'm certain that there about 20.
because the girl came out signs, no more was seen hurriedly finished.
look at two people that were out long her son (about 20 cm) that, are you there so I'll lick the back Feller tongue.
and hugging each other in the mirror and this is also the toilet, and that debonair smile and take my daughter to a movie while being rubbed her large breasts from behind as it is,
strenuously Deep-up There is also trying to kiss. There are lots of
during sex is the most amazing in the movie that raised the topic in the hands of her son,
Rite Sawa out there facing the living room floor naked, daughter
"I'll give you"
around and back up, I have to give massages hands while shooting.
"Oh, Oh!"
to ejaculate forcefully and son say, 2m fly to the destination as
"Suggo hoo!"
to take a good while white liquid <br > "Hey, tried to ~!"
was over in an excited voice and a daughter.
and there still pretty daughter, son penis clean skin tone (my husband has double) also a lot of pictures up.
impatiently looking out, one with an H for a long time. Tanbi will then look at my computer to copy the secret.
· · · honest, I want my son.
husband before I married my boyfriend of 3 H and respectable people belonging to the son was not enough. Improve the beauty of the eyes and hung in a net.
want to get a kick out of being caught so faint pounding the back of the uterus, too.
these days every day thinking about this.


I am agreeable to it every night with my father-in-law in an embrace. My mother and father
so I always stayed home at night doing night life. How did my father and I ...
winter, my father was watching television or entering into a futon bed [mami to be cold? ] Gave me was calling out gently.
will always hug me gently from behind. Another hard to win a father around the thighs and.
I understood what it is but I can not see. But somehow you know,
mouth shut since I still do not want to think it strange for a child to know. My father took my hand always pure crooning,
my hand to lead the hard things. It is working really hot and I Pikunpikun. hugged each other face to face when
comes in with a jerk to cut into my dick hard things. Here are shifting across the knee to the groin underwear.
Then, the faster the sound of his father's heart, breathing becomes too rough. The hot tip on a hard,
Cha feels really pleasant place to be out of the muzzles of my urination. Ne nice to say my father is afraid of love.


The 68-year-old living alone. Two grandsons, comes to stay high during summer vacation, I had to do with their grandchildren. No air conditioning in that country, was sleeping with half-naked in the window well 開Ke放Shi doors as usual. Grandson going to the toilet. Street in front of my room, seems to have been inspired by his Osotsu my bed. Indeed I have resisted, not win the power of the son of a sportsman, I finally fucked. They grandchildren months every night it came to my room, and recalled the first time in a functional man and fellowship for years, I could not refuse
grandchildren, now tell me how many from . two grandchildren
high erection too soon to put it out, I'll do many times. Become more tired 果Temashita my groggy. But three days after returning to their grandchildren, I think my last chance too.


My son's penis is erect, including the mouth, my son is licking your pussy.
my son, 40s, 20s, and its sensible adults, and parents are allowed to believe in this relationship, moreover, even if it is allowed not know, I can not stop.
and 40s, my husband has faced body Everybody wants a cock, some things aching.
body ache, thirst, my son and me to heal them. Licking each other, 触Ri合I enjoying the feel of each other, intertwined and sometimes obscene and indecent at my son, my mind and body are met, a woman's pleasure.
favorite play toys and aggressive play word son. Ma
devoted to the clitoris, and attacked me enough, put the vibe, let me many times squid. I want pussy
your son's penis while drooling, waiting.
while looking for me, my son is happy to attack more.
full fill my penis lotion anal and son, my son came into the anal. I have to raise their voices
over comfortably, your pussy drool.
you put your pussy, anal, or into, I became a puppet of his son, I feel happy to be bullied. When his master
seen such a sight, my husband said nothing, silently put his penis in my mouth, my husband on a cowgirl, anal put my son When I came over to the pleasant, shouting.
husband and son, now compete, to have sex with me.
put your penis into her pussy and anal son when my husband, I feel good to me.
However, this relationship persists even when translation is not. Even though you know intellectually, but I can not stop. Even if they are family
transformation, the processor is said to be his son, that fills my mind and body, which can not stop having sex.

My brother

I was in Tokyo to the OL. 2DK apartment and lives with his brother in college. I am 29 years old
. Uno Hayo half years since my mother away. Meals, laundry, sometimes even spending money. Is a dear brother to me.
day, go home and try to work overtime at night, leave my brother put a TV or drinking beer and was sleeping in kotatsu.
T shirts and pants. Was it perhaps a bath.点Ki leave the air conditioning. It any more! S a waste of electricity!
I started thinking messy clean up the table. My brother seemed to be asleep. To stop the air conditioner, look for the remote control.
not found easily. I wonder kotatsu in all? Try looking to tweak the table kotatsu. My brother was sleeping with arms and legs outstretched.
seen from the side of the trunks of the penis and brother. I think what you're sleeping? Had become hard. It is a usual thing,
brother's penis is indeed 食I入Rimashita hardened. It became so big, I thought I was a child. Locate the remote like that while thinking. The remote control had become trapped
ass brother. It also causes the poor, reach out gently, pulled the remote control. The little boy in front of his brother.
came out from the side of the trunks and even beat my brother rolled over. I will be the matter. Mixed and feelings to dear brother,
natural coat, suit. Also stockings, panties and I had taken. Put a little boy to see this while my brother was sleeping. And he became
Tomaranaku. Slide the trunks of his brother. Form of a fine little boy.
before I woke my brother and led a little boy my brother there to expand on the spans immediately. The first was we did not put very wet smoothly. Once I remove
, ready to touch around the clitoris. To prevent my brother. Feeling a little wet, Enough, I saw a little boy put up with. As slowly as it entered
the tip. Just a little bit and went and sat down slowly and slowly Ireyou far. I also put a warm, hard and at half,
became unable to keep the other sex. Gradually move faster to open my own body, the hips move up and down in the middle. I have become comfortably,
下Roshimashita 股Gatta sit still far to much younger. I do anything to stop hitting your brother all the way into the penis. Becomes intensely moving my brother finally woke.
seems lost for a while was spacing out what is what, 30 SEX sister before I was surprised to notice that. "Wow Wow Sis! What is this? Chottomaji?"
My brother tried to overtake their waists and hips so tightly together and to come off. "Sister! Hey! Waited!"
"You mark, shut up! To quiet!" I tried to make a hand to shade his brother resistance. I said, "you mark, wait! I'm not hating!"
'm Not mistaken, nothing hindsight, I felt like something to soothe your little brother excited I even removed the buttons on your blouse to Hadake a bra, and show my brother's chest.
little brother's resistance weakened my chest. I still! Thinking, fast moving upper left hip hugging a noble brother, "Mr Ma, it feels good sister," his brother in his ear.
"right? your mark. I'll feel my sister's, OK?" "My sister! waited! Hey!" "You mark, I go sister. I'm sorry.'ll go. Oh! ugh not Shit! go! "
I hit my brother sat, went to the best. "Iu U! Go! -" I have met, hugging his brother is exhausted. You look at me Ma bewildered eyes
"Why? This happen? Are you serious?" It was not so hard to understand, then, from "Ma would want you too feel upside down It's OK to put my sister turned.
sister, from the feel you mark, you're ready to make love you mark "and say, my brother was" OK Yes "insert me hips began to move.
After a while my brother, "my sister! go!" and went. I finally put out, the sweat poured out from the back of his brother put out something white in front of me. The two that will melt
sense. "SEX You feel me. You Ma." "Yeah, it feels good. Maybe something like this to do it"
"I must mark you, because I was sleeping in virtually naked anymore!" <Br > More than before we became good siblings. I'm going to live together while living in love.


yuna himekawa[22064]
My hobby is cosplay! Anyway, might be cosplaying as anime characters do not usually wear, or become lascivious yearning is alright but can transform
~, is more than I love cosplay, adoptive father, that is, with the mother.
got attacked by the father, took up playing the tea is cumbersome.
hear say things to me with some cosplay buy, or perverted then I do not like to feel good, and you can buy cosplay Nowak, I thought, 気持Chi良Kunai! father cock
short, small, fast! Something good because I do not.
Moreover, fetish sexual intercourse, the legman hour, start licking will have to lick Bakka legs, about wonder Jaanai I wrinkly vagina,
and Around Rim, that habit, use of fingers rough sometimes, I'm're bleeding (Θ_Θ) Worst of all, suck tits, but good enough're out of the nipple,
to bite, say hurts "I do feel so much?" or , say, coming from extra bite, the pain really will hate. Costume
father is, that even though it is playing you like a maid while wearing clothes, put the vibe, I'm called me lick cock.
short, I'm hard to lick the small, and I'll lick, Oh I (* like ☆ Bu Nono ° ▽ °, out voice, but that so comfortably seriously jaw I Hey I'm tired .
Well, even if all told, the mother Barenai at the moment, I have caused to cosplay and pocket money, too,
from 気持Chi良Kunai's time, the adoptive father and I speak not graduate Masu ♪ (* ^ · ^) ☆ ⌒ Bruno


The 20-year-old college student. Tokyo to attend college, and now has to live alone in the apartment.
I talked to my mother to go to university in Tokyo, my mother was terribly worried about the opposite.
Still, over the objection, I chose to go to university in Tokyo is to cut the relationship with their father.
It was during that summer of two. The relationship about a week since I returned home for my mother's maternal grandmother in a memorial service began
night, want to wear the clothes up from the bath when I've prepared underwear pajamas
why there was no towel. I helped, I've put on an apron and wash in the washing machine I
着Kemashita. Is it safe to hide, so I thought my heart too, so dress apron.
breast from the side would look to see Raretara. Of course, watching from behind Raretara ass is exposed.
take a bath before I already think it is OK because my father was sleeping a drink, to the floor of his room at 2
started climbing the stairs in a hurry. I climbed the stairs when I was three or four stages. Father of a sudden, have clung to the waist from behind down the stairs.
and father to my ass cheeks and began licking ass.
I was surprised, "what I live.'m telling my mom and Yamen." and cried.
Nevertheless, my father raised my right leg started annotating parts of tongue will crawl up my legs spread.
"No, I. and I quit. I'll have even been intermittent," and I resisted and tried to run away so,
because of the narrow stairs, your heart's been Shimashimashita father. I was at the stairs on his stomach
diagonally through the body, the father began to lick. Little eagle's chest to grasp but I was still in the body lap.
"Tomoko's body, and soft like a sure, soft, and sweet. .. the I," I say.
And when I was licking my neck, I'm thinking, "I no. oh there sauce" I aloud,
Shimashimashita felt the first time. My father, "Tomoko. Kitayan out what your dick juice" I say.
and let my toes dick tongue could suck out while whizzing sound.
father is trying to finish first, but I think that, I started running wild.
on the stairs, which will be on all fours, were put behind. I'd like
not enter enough, my father has been forced to push the hardened material.
in the vagina so painful about the damage I think, "Oh. Ouch," I said, crying.
But my father did not quit. Attracted to the waist while my father grabbed my ass my hips,
father has hit back. Pan, who has heard from the sound of my butt hard bread called. My father is like
was pretty excited, once I put my back right away.
But my father is still hard dick, or come into immediately. The 2 H th is quite long.
Father shoulder carrying his father's legs and lift my dress to see a handstand, I've pressed my father's hardened to impose things from above.
continued to be committed until the morning that night in the kitchen and bath.
Later, my father invited me to drive or go shopping, my mother kept me committed to understand.
Oh yeah, the clothes and bath towels are lost on that day was the work of his father. Furthermore, in order to guard me,
got it, pretending to be drunk on beer.

Papa Do not stop

I have had since middle school, now come to touch my body daddy. First it was ranked
come lightly touched my heart swell, and come to a finger placed in the pants ...
got gradually come to feel somewhat floaty.
out or when you finger got wet coming Omanman full. At last ... I was robbed by dad
virgin in the winter of junior high school. When I first entered the penis
hurt, I was looking for from me now and get one month had passed.
almost every night ... I'm embraced by the father.
got up in the middle, but still in love with sex, I will light like other people, After creating something boyfriend, how daddy cry?

Sorry, but no confession

Has become to be embarrassed as a man would look after my son's here now.
I've looked at that before her son masturbation, because around that time and helped, I was a blind eye.
turned to look at from here is going crazy no good mind to float away to the delusion that mind at that time.
might also consider whether to try to seduce her son, and scared to say that when we refused. Is jerky

parentage who are turned down here?
Please tell your opinion if I was.
Please tell us if there is a better way there is not never turned down. I am 40 years old
son is 17 years old.

I have too

16 year old son and I have.
I have not had to regret, but are asked every day from my son since then, as the mother of my folly and would accordingly have a thing to do this myself anxiety and depressed would be irresponsible.

I fitted in with my mother

Connected with his mother since I did, I think my sister got married there.
When I was a junior, came to live in the form of three out of the house my mother father and sister pick up her parents divorced.
I'm so shy and quiet one who originally hand Dattarashii children do not hang
sister from her mother, but like a lot of friends and active man in my father drew blood with a rather they
diplomatic personality with went out of the house, got married to the child made pregnant last year.
Inevitably, my mother in less than a month to live in that two people had a relationship.
sometimes, if a conversation with my mother
"Megumi (sister), I'll never get married so soon"
mother, "Well, not far from better, but it is her did not worry about it because "
mother said, by dating relationships were more 心配Rashii saying things rather than my sister. As my mother says
Certainly, I dated the son of the same generation of treatment without
exclusively relies on customs, the only thing Dating say, two or three years ago, after 40 married older sister and my mother like a
was about more than a year had an affair. Of course it is a story of a mother knows. Needless
lonely-hearts into the second half of this year certainly 20s, but the feel of what the process was not impaired
what 満Chi足Riru feel this is true, since then, suddenly < br> with the body itself, but my mother began to hear the voice of 50 heterosexual and care as my mother was so I went at an attractive approach from
better about myself. My mother did not like the manner in refusing
came side by side with various words and guiding me in words. Such a guilty conscience, I hear the word at a time but I felt
, in theory such a reason not to win out in the words of my mother talked
rational instinct, a mother 押Shi倒Shita . Mother's body reacts to the touch sensitive about where you insert
too sensitive "Ah Bu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tsu Tsu" convulsed the whole body while we stare at me wide-eyed and <br > had ascended to heaven. The figure is pounding on me to abandon reason to spit
am happy things in my mother had accumulated thrust. On this day the border
occasionally came to greet the morning in the bed of my mother.

Father erotic

I'm also playing with my dad. My dad is so stupid but clever, JS also had told me naughty sex study from the CPU.
become foul tongue kissing me to pat her head to say that rewards correct the problem and hit the hips Oppaimomimomi is wrong. been turned over to Oppaimomimomi
Shaburitsuki right to dress in gradually escalated, and knead with your fingers and placed in the wrong pants to take off, Mom and I study seriously mistaken together.
erotic father in bed with my left leg for easy wear pants and study at any time by ignoring mom go shopping Sunday
abandon the opening leg, lick once, I can put the voice of joy was.
been stirred by the finger test and get good marks, pushed into the mouth array is big daddy and a bad point. I feel happy
both. committed in the last jS4. This can not happen to a daughter
father became worried what would happen to the future, then you will be horny old man but if you want to Okozu is a family yen. During high school is excited Sururashiku
uniforms are committed every day,
few days was still the fourth day of the period is then Nakade. middle-aged father was still well
円Shi secret rich dad kind and Nde. I love older
thanks dad sex education.


Byte is found by his brother was out of my schedule. While
, not other computers in my room, I did not worry Bareru came home, my brother is coming into my room and said, "It only Isanha chat lady lady funnel, "and said, I came close relationship.
not at home, they know it is ready to work in secret chat room, I could not refuse it.
at home so parents, and parents told to go to karaoke, to the hotel with his brother. I attacked like a beast into a room, and 脱Gaseru clothes, put my brother to come immediately. no closet
wet pussy forced to paint it, put my brother on my stomach at the discretion of Iki. First rinse
use the bus, saying that his brother is doing it again, I began licking my pussy.
been forced into first place are tingling, licked it, but no translation in the translation wet wet now, my brother is impatient
"You, frigidity? normal woman The Rim Raretara, I get wet, you are wet it, or, if there licking? "he says, came to lick around persistent. Wet pussy excited brother come gradually. Put your finger
, stir, cut around the inside, is outrageous, I had come to 濡Renaku.
do that without regard to the younger brother I went into the "Give it up, shake the hips, and man the pleasant ride on me," and came after another demanded,
I as my brother had to say. My brother bought a sex toy, using it, happy playing.
messy wet pussy, come full deliberately juice, sucking noises, Moteasobi my body all night to chew the clitoris, had sex several times.
brother and sex in the hotel every night, sometimes bringing friends, 3P compelled to come, I will lick this cock of 2,
pussy and mouth or put into . Still, the size of the chat is not quit ready. Bytes per hour compared to the other, but exceptional for a short time,
thing is I am a man variety, and excitement because I think people have seen his face I do not know. Many people want to see from the figure that masturbation legs spread wide.

Confessions of a son

The 37-year-old single mother. My son is 16 years old. Parted died at the age of three daughters. And then divorced husband became sexless. Tremulous daughter died for sex Sex and the 7.8 years did not. I may have said mom with a son entering and I told my son that I take a bath a week ago. What? Doki Too Mashita. my son was so closely after her daughter died. that may be due. Tanomi I was a son. 入Ro together I'll say ~. 良Imashita Unto happy. I The son of a racing heart, but I'm 177cm tall adult men in 154cm. 93.60.88
F from the cup. nervous shy guy looking like a long body into the bath together has been.
been massaging the chest with one hand when it is hitting back hard, things hot and need to get my son to wash his back. I. Oh. with body or afraid to voice out I reacted. I would feel very easy to feel right. I saw a penis facing his son back.'ll fold hands have surprised her husband tried to break up long, thick, Gyo gently grabbed. I feel a bit bigger than Hana Hutoshi Shin toilet? not think length. I think about a little longer than Shin. moved to do by hand gently. son. you ~. and I aloud. My son then became head white body Bikubiku been felt a kiss while massaging my breasts. I come to poison the nipple and then depart to kiss his neck. Oh good . I have to voice out. I feel very easy dick nipples are already floods. My son put my finger in the vagina. I feel that my mother. I was told. sex anymore. I played with a finger penis likes. My son is not ~. Hold the penis likes. good to my mother. I came to say the wall towards the butt for his son to tell me I better Tsukimashita hand. my son came into the penis to my vagina. Oh thick. I was still thinking of me away saying Nasty. say it three times and piercing pounding from behind my son got in the last 10 去Remashita however about fifteen minutes, and piercing. I felt a long time. sucking nipples tits likes this I say my son's throat was better came about. I need to sagging breasts diagonally to the Oheso? Iki I was easy to get my body a long time you have sex.
when young people are not easy but I hope they Was it just?.
son and since then has time to have sex and when morning and evening.

Did it with my brother

The first posting. Drinking G H I
is called the frame. I'm quite met last time "I'm still a virgin my brother," I 言I出Shimashita. Drinking G 25 years old. My brother is 20 years old J-kun. Feeling pretty cute.
seems interested in the underground, from coming into play now, Janakattara H I do not want to meet to explain "What I said, laughing. Actually, I was interested in the J
little to you, "then it depends on yo" I said.
day, 3 G with people drinking in your house, G has to kiss you. Skirt or put your hand in my chest and remove the last button. . You
J uncomfortably so.
other, J-kun I'm in trouble, "said I," from a little over there and we'll have to watch TV, "just because a room with a bed. Were there
lick getting naked in bed with us.
door, watching quietly, "I saw him whispering J'm from you peeps.
G-kun, I feel bigger with much - drunk (but originally H), lower body toward me from the door, and began to put a finger legs wide open.
I embarrassed, I was feeling than that. . . I got my foot holding the open.
because he told me he wants to lick, and was standing beside him sitting on the bed. J the kun, and I see him next.
sucking licking Cali are you feeling better 分Ru means Peropero head to Cali too stiff tongue. Peropero all the bars. Nametara fully Park.
and suck. G kun hand on my shoulder. I patted his head with one hand. Kitara
become so comfortably suck, hand rubbed legs slightly spread, and buried his face deep into the hip, the root is also Peropero. Licking and sucking a bag from under his thighs once in a while kneeling on the floor.
to bottom. And also, sucking burst. Once it Iki G kun, release the mouth, licking their feet.
G kun voice came out gradually, I was getting pretty loud, too.
sit "
Okay, let squid. "
To ignore it, we're in front straight away. Why do the doors sometimes
, J kun are you still staring. How many times in your mouth when you release me, G You pull me, let the hand be placed in the bed, I was coming from the back. I'm just licking
, I'm more of a soaking. I'm going to poke kun
G 思Ikkiri loud, I'm no longer afford to J kun I care, "Oh.. Oh Aaaiia" Well, as it is, G kun on my back Did you put out. Did you know this
limp while back clean.
Moments later, a man with Abi in the shower, I wipe the body. I opened the door glass G from bringing up the J-kun kun.
sorry. "That's nice but I've hugged.
very awkward kiss. I did not touch the heart of the resistance began. Slowly. . I'm hurt or even slightly below.
put. . "I say, I do what I want 分Ranai. I took to the sofa and came in really hard since you got my hand guided ride on me.
awkward movement but has been gradually rising tone that if I moved back, too. Let out from time Wakannakattara trouble, G I came out from the rubber-kun I always put, put gave. Then reinsert, got out quickly. Since then
"I want to" back butt sticking out from the raised rubber wearing say, guided by my hand. It was quite hard but I wonder now missing. Kitara
used anymore, amazing. The feeling so far Once the thickness and length. J Shitarashiku kun and excitement, "Uh oh, oh," I had a voice that was me. Drinking after the
J, Kiss me, tell me the phone number I say, go back to the room, "you did it really" laughing G I was waiting kun.
something a little disgusting, "she said I, G and another one-kun.
J kun, came to take phone calls, they say meet, so my brothers drowned Chai


I am a housewife of 45, I now confess to mistakes. My first computer
four months ago, reached the pages of this accident,
own experience and reading, but I think it was fiction,
quite shocked It sure was.
maddening that happened a month ago and me. Y
My son is now in second year high school, but I have another daughter,
already being employed for the living alone, was not home, away from home for her husband,
was alone with her son almost every day.
summer because he was the son or the time, I was sleeping in the nude body, it also knew I
casually one morning as usual when entering the room, my eyes have jumped into something unexpectedly
. I've looked at how my son piss hard penis.高鳴Tta
of that time was in my heart to say no.剥Ke
penis is fully son, I was surprised at quite large,
son is not a larger body size I thought it unusual. The spot
wake, I sent him to school.
me after they left their son's penis head, panties wet just thinking about
have, I masturbated for the first time in life time. Since that day I was so
noticing his son early in the morning, turn the blanket is now burning
second son penis.
and began to think that I want to have my son's penis.
I had sex was the only one born from her husband.尽Kusou husband and I decided to just
other men are not interested because it was Me, were awakened by the sex nor the
. I changed those feelings grew for the first time. I thought many
what to do.
There I was reasonably confident appearance, likened to a celebrity
Koizumi Kyouko and also began to feel the 色Ppo chest a little. I try to seduce the son
? What thoughts Butsukeyou? Etc., but that is not
to face, I say. we ended with one answer and some
while trying to sleep but I wanted to
son should not buy a sleeping pill, had seen the opportunity.
And last Saturday night, go on with.
I put a sleeping pill at 10:00 pm Some of the coffee, let him drink to his son. No wonder my son
speculation after an hour, when I went to the room, I was asleep. I put my voice
takes place just in case my son is asleep.
I take off my son's pants completely asleep, 下Roshimashita pants. I suck dick
Emashita appears that at full speed with big dick of her son.
getting bigger and I'm going to lick the head of state can barely turtle Kuwaeru
now. I feel for me and move to stimulate the glans penis Pikutto
I was like. It is at that time. My son, "Ah," my son could hear it
to look at how surprised I was awake. And I saw
"Mom, I'm up for anything," I was told. I was barely able to mutter
many times and I'm sorry from embarrassment.
and son is "Mom, thank you once," I said. I nodded
the word, arms, as it is. And we began to
loving it.
to kiss each other hard tongue entwined with his son, under the tongue came down gradually son,
remove my bra, the nipples become hard and licked, even weeping 出Mashi or.
and son spent a lot more than my panties, my vagina also grew
tongue is expanding big time sexual intercourse, the clitoris
were included in the mouth that By the time the sexual intercourse and another Imashi streamed out
Soup or WET. I forget the embarrassment, "Ah good, Y more like you" and raised his voice to Imashi or
. And finally we combine with, each will sound vibrations move
uterus now just feeling blue inside my head,
I felt like my son, "Mother, Mother," and aloud,
to ejaculate in me, and I let them even after a blow squid,
and sometimes being attacked from behind, you heartily sex.
back later this evening, but always life,
there can still recall wet, it is impossible for me, one night only,
Omoi attempts per day in addition to his son Masu.


Was last fall, I have a big fight with her husband about trifles.
when I left home that night my son become entangled. We do not rely
is reluctantly stayed at a cheap hotel. Maybe a little unusual was the son ran away from home too.
out bed sleeping side by side in one room, one stayed in bed naturally.
While I hugged my son and I are each other's body had been tampering. And I crossed the line Shitta.
many times my son has held a first experience in a daze.
but I grudge her husband, I had the pleasure of her son covet.
next day was nothing like back home together. My husband not notice anything, but now my son and sometimes

Grandfather and my mother and I

yuna himekawa[21863]
The father is dead grandmother who now has to live with her grandfather us. I
mother was opposed, the father decided to live in the middle forced.
mother was initially against so I do not understand why, I see why the time passed already started about a month together.
that day went home to sleep much earlier than usual to be part of a sudden.
I heard a voice from the back and something strange going home. I think a thief
while preparing to be able to phone any time at 110 and headed toward the voice.
to her grandfather's voice was our room. The sliding door was ajar, so
and peek fearfully, was your mother naked how her grandfather.
"Please stop it"
"Well what are you talking about now. Michiko's body because, Horace, I'm not happy"
"y, ear, ear ... ..."
your grandfather blamed for her, my mother was trying to escape, but was at first too.
and will dominate the movements of her mother and grandfather, your soggy, my mother seemed to accept her grandfather you actively.
to hug around the neck with your arms of her grandfather, her grandfather had to kiss your own.
between your legs into the waist of her mother's grandfather eventually you, violently 動Ki出Shimashita.
"aa ..., good ..., y ... ear ..."
"hate, hate, hate, hate"
mother's breathing becomes too intense, I heard a voice like a beast.
and "Aaaan ..." welcome mom and cum limp and collapsed on the spot Komimashita.
Once I left home in a hurry so quietly unnoticed back home with a face like nothing happened and then walked around 30 minutes.
that day could not see straight to your grandfather, her mother properly.
dinner, go to your room and take a bath, I remember that in the daytime.
getting hot then that part was realized that tinkering with parts by hand. Masturbation was the first time. Also did not notice that someone came into the room like crazy too.
"Well my daughter is not"
looked up with a start, you were standing in her grandfather.
also found themselves in the face became red with embarrassment.
came up to me you are her grandfather, both wrists grabbed from behind me.
"Day, I saw Jaro?"
said in a whisper in his ear. I keep quiet and

"Jaro matured'll meet my hand. I'll help you be her grandfather"
to say so, slip the top Kimashi let me get that part or.
after her grandfather was at the mercy of us.
is naked, being kissed, one hour later we were distracted maiden.
But somehow I will not regret.
Now, twice a week, her grandfather has been embraced us.
since then, and even go out with classmates, SEX is for a young child is fast and not pleasant at all in the selfish. Your grandfather and I thought her
SEX is the best.

My discourse incest

And brother, the day before yesterday, brother and I have 18 SEX.
so far only two have not, but I'm good friends with the percentage, I recently had a chance to talk much. When I was in the room masturbation
finished dinner, we were suddenly Haitsu. . . . .
are also told myself that I always, I'll be the topic in hand, I became impatient, that the brother is too strong, it had to end. So though I
first brother, and finally put us out. But one thing troubled
. . . . I'm also very good
his more. Thickness, length, even though I make it part of the Cali perfect! Brother and sister because I do ~ ·····< br> What should I do become a habit. . . .

Older brother

"Fat, pig ugly, then so do you, man I can not." This is the usual words of my brother.
but I certainly have plump, about her brother says, then really need fat! And I did not even care, I was surprised one day riding the scale! !
fat, pork never Shiku, my weight was 15 kilograms more than before. Majiyaba! In,
thin whopping 30 kilograms in six months to start a diet, but my older brother became a different person, as a reward for successful dieting,
行Ki着Ke club took my brother me. First night in the world of experience,
around ... just a beautiful person of a little brother to me a little off, "Now you knew the taste of a man, you can be even more beautiful.
do I become the first man tonight, "and ... I felt horrible.
I dated a man without a virgin even after 20 years, brother and sister from the impossible and I thought my brother's first opponent.
still a good time after midnight, I left the restaurant and went about closing the big brother after her first, went in to say a love hotel. my brother has
Kyorokyoro I take a bath in the novelty, and, I say take a bath together. "Pussy I wash beautifully,
that I'm going to feel good Well it later," it is said, wash clean more than usual, I was surprised to see the cock of her brother,
it is a thing that fits small always As hard and stick, not standing, this is, in me? How do I enter it?
wanted to get into before it's painful. Rising from the bath, I was wearing a bathrobe, is said to come in for bed and gently take off all, I still called,
and naked next to my brother. While touching the hair, gently kiss her forehead, cheek to kiss the mouth, and was put on the tongue I was surprised and now
, so I'll want to do me, you will still take , say a light touch not only kiss, kiss me there and I put the tongue.
breasts touched gently while licking nipple biting, and went downstairs to use the tongue to lick stomach.
licked the groin, your tongue into her pussy and my brother, the brother and licking noisily Pechapecha there, came to touch your fingers. I feel that
first time, I was dizzy. Eventually my brother came thick and hard Chinpo put on my ride. I gave a voice
too pleasant, but painful for the first time, felt good.

My discourse incest

Real father and my brother is a 30-something housewife Mika.
several years, being fucked by married local people, and I think it falls down until it came back home towards the beginning of the year.
But those who spy out the whereabouts of my town, and now several times a week and live near the Expo Park ○ × are left in the skyline and has continued every day or being fucked.
Saturday evening at the end of May, seven people being fucked as usual, I went to the intestines full of semen in the stomach while the vagina is also, in the bathroom, "Traces" wash was.
to the scene, I've finally seen my brother.
brother, "my sister, that's what this is," What is 詰Me寄Rimashita, 言I逃Remashita place somehow.
, but it is sweet.
people of the city, I've told my brother everything.
next weekend, as always take our car, I was in front of my brother was taken to a rape scene. but to no avail
desperate resistance.
was naked, holding the hands and feet were
his brother was lying on top of vagina, Muriyari
brother was so excited. Been thrust up from the bottom again and again I was too sticky semen
As always, my brother in the bathroom of a home is the first game that's something to wash Kuremashi or. From that day on days with no

gangbang night is so that you become a brother in 忍N sure. ○
brother school is without turning my younger brother is also a rubber
拒Mezu, with people from different towns with excitement and husband, I felt a failure. It is a great voice

Yogaru one day too, when I found my father and brother have intercourse.
moment I thought my father out to be angry
That, in my mouth does it
from heaven or a hell of a weekend fucked
local people is, father and brother during the week and a storm of 3P · ·
sex every day. Will be sought at the physiology course.
people in town, it seems to me to conceive a child or bet on anyone.
At this real brother and father children, a

Brother Trap

A year ago I met a man in a mobile dating site, e-mail friend now.
mail exchange several times each day, one month has passed around from person to "meet" is the next thing was to meet Saturday because I wanted to meet is said.
and go to the meeting place while pounding ... 10 minutes with what appeared, it was my brother.
a little embarrassed and surprised at side, "Kanako! What did you? me, fool to do e-mail friend and my sister." After two and laughed,
my brother, so I was free I now go out one day. Eat or to live happily go out and get my shopping, at around 9 per night had become quite dark.
"I go home soon brother?" As soon as I told my brother and I went to a love hotel was close to taking my hand.
"It hurts! ay to stop my brother," I was surprised at the sudden I have to win out to force his brother to leave the hotel to abandon resistance,
Tsurekoma it had been in the room. "Are you kidding? I'm going home!" And say "I Do not get mad, just a little bit silly." My brother is a laugh out of a beer from the fridge and started drinking.
"Sorry! go back drinking beer," relieved to say the words of my brother, I sat next to his brother.
Then suddenly my brother came to a deep kiss it while I drink beer and oral tradition. "No!" I was immediately thrust his brother Nashimashita
"Kanako is my right as I love" I've been riding on me now and say this. I tried to escape and resistance, can not escape it very difficult to force his brother. While I was struggling
noticed that I had 火照Tsu hot body is so weak I actually alcohol. My brother knew the constitution would
my body I will not move as you wish, my brother remove the bra was on the take off my clothes, my heart has Shaburitsui 思Ikiri <br > "Well!" exclaimed her brother and the "squeak" with smoke and "You're cute tits, Kanako ..." she said continued to caress the nipples.
"being sucked into the chest of my brother, but brother and sister ..." and such words have been swirling around inside my head at. "Oh .." and I instinctively raised his voice. Then it came time
caress the clitoris from the top of the panties. But I had resisted, there was wet in that "I'm so wet Kanako cute .."
I was going to take off your panties so aggressively. "No! To stop my brother!" I was hearing words of my legs open,
brother is my tongue began to caress the clitoris. "Splashing sound .." nasty tone sounded all over the room had been left to the brother I already have.
"Kanako, and tasty. Kanako taste of" but I caressing her brother and continued indefinitely. My brother was in and out while rolling my fingers on my clit tongue
"Oh brother ..." I was over there I seem to pick another climax. "I finally have become obedient, well, you become one .." he said with wonder,
came into the thick of things hard and abandon my brother. "If, Ouch!" Piston stop me screaming at my brother! "Okay, I Kanako in the dying ... so warm ...
stet" I "is put out in" with his brother and 叫Bimashi 果Temashita in me quickly. My brother I sit on the floor crying
"You're wrong with the other, a resignation," the second coming on board to me and drink a beer and was attacked from behind, "Hey, is embarrassing! "
" Kanako over there, I see the whole. really good ..] Now I sat shaking, but it reaches to the climax still contain the older brother. brother and four times the day after all I is then Nakade.
brother actually examines the address of my cell, I approached a friend and someone pretending to be Mel, I feel it was my goal. After that, I soon forget As for my brother was away
".. I love Kanako pass anyone anymore," the elder brother that day, my time out of the room his parents had secretly taken a photo story call to my brother I'm being held every day.
not forget that time I have pleasure, sex with a man other than my brother does not know the other person is not considered.

My discourse incest

That my husband is my best and I'm sorry my son, is an exciting time to go home every day after work, I feel like thinking. I'm becoming less
more than a year ago with my husband anymore, do not feel frustrated at all.
After graduating from middle school, is already a man before Ding, son.
Indeed, though it is just pregnancy care, partly because the relationship makes sense in such a son, I'm thinking. Recent
son, as if momentum is to impregnate me. Even when we have a
But as a mother, I mean is taken to refrain from doing so Nomeri込Manai, but you feel like a mistake occurs.
son relationship with me, and I wonder why something so pretend erection. Even though I gave birth to my son.