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Incest confession of women(2014-08)

Two people living 27-year-old incest Demodori father and daughter

Pushing involuntarily figure bulging of figure ass bulging of chest night my daughter when I come out with the bath bath towel takes August two people living to come back divorced in July living alone died Te breast cancer five years ago I 58-year-old wife I I want committed involuntarily

The hair loss for son

Said condition is bad your work, and I had to leave early today, but I'm a leave early in order to etch the son of a high school student really.
 Summer vacation will also finished, and I had thought that'll give me my son before that. It also finished shower, we are only one piece bath towel. And I think that before going to the room of my son now, I confessed. There is no hair over there will be clean. Give are not welcomed to the body son, I will give to adults.


yuna himekawa[16862]
It is a housewife 20s. I live with three people and mother and my husband now. 3 They both will work. There is a night shift sometimes husband.
 A little errand, I went back to the house around 2:00. Since my husband sleeping in night shift dawn, when it went in and opened the front door key of Sootto, or rather voices, laughter of two people were heard in. If you look at the shoes, there are high heels. Something atmosphere so suspicious, it was looking through the middle you have the courage.
 Then she husband in the living room, I am standing in the nude. Woman is comes in the nude embrace this also there, I have combined lips. Moreover, holding the Ochinpo erect. Intense kiss is finished, a woman is squatting down, and wrapped it as care for both hands the erection of his master, and began sucking.
 At that time, when it was facing toward me while gripper an erection, it was clearly visible face of the opponent. Wow, it was a mom. With hand movements that I was used to something, you can play with by chance, or give lick the pole in the tongue, it was like a lover like. I was surprised, I could not move. If you satisfied with the caress of the mother, and then to all fours mom, it has become one from behind this time.
 Open the front door so as not to be noticed, I have I have to go outside. From tonight, what should I do.

It is a stupid woman

Should be the replacement of the older
brother I have become to ... incest best friend M and I N.
My elder brother love basically.
I started from the fact that M is started saying your brother is my favorite.
Start dating confessed to brother to GW too.
I was approaching the elder brother of M to revenge.
My father alone posted overseas. The home returnable (that stay there are many) in the care of grandparents mother.
N N and brother came to play summer vacation on the inner.
The etch start to each other in the next room. Intense deployment conscious each other.
Way, to a ... strange deployment we went to peep.
Each other to show the orgy.
And it means that it is etched in each other brother and sister.
Ethics off once.
Since that day, incest relationship also commonplace. It is Hodai you want to do with four people.

W incest

Should be the replacement of the older
brother I have become to ... incest best friend M and I N.
My elder brother love basically.
I started from the fact that M is started saying your brother is my favorite.
Start dating confessed to brother to GW too.
I was approaching the elder brother of M to revenge.
My father alone posted overseas. The home returnable (that stay there are many) in the care of grandparents mother.
N N and brother came to play summer vacation on the inner.
The etch start to each other in the next room. Intense deployment conscious each other.
Way, to a ... strange deployment we went to peep.
Each other to show the orgy.
And it means that it is etched in each other brother and sister.
Ethics off once.
Since that day, incest relationship also commonplace. It is Hodai you want to do with four people.

And dad

I will be 22 years old. 6 years has passed since I have a relationship with my father.
It found in the father at the time of the high school entrance exam, and the are you masturbation study does not stick to hands. . It is a limit sometimes I thought it was a small but want to the father, it is of'll lick at best and confide to his father, but it still does good! It even had asked did okay and is said to be. .
Then, as every day, Was there Mera licking steal the eyes of the mother almost until graduating from high school, but get put of his father ○ Nko forcibly mid because I wanted to put absolutely on the day of the high school graduation ceremony directly below.
I remember you from hurt mess, but it was happy.
Now, you also can kill the voice quietly beside mother is sleeping.
Anymore, I do not want to separate from the father. Is happy.

I love my son

My husband back to the early to appointed destination on the night of the 15th,
so was allowed to put up with sexual desire of his son, I had been to the hotel with his son two years of high school in the morning yesterday. I just kept alive indeed, been challenged in as far as physical fitness, I was a divergence in me, but the time leaving the hotel had become a 7:00 too, support the son waist wander somehow I had been.
 That night is the son slept with me as a matter of course, but I was me to concentrate on the study firmly today. It is a dependable son. 42-year-old, well, the night of the workings and husband, I am joking of course is said to have become beautiful, and whether they are in love with someone even luster of skin being held woman prime, the son still, but sex young son Unlike, I was turned licked my body carefully.

Beginning with the father-in-law

This is the fifth year have been married, but it was now in helping with the affairs of the real estate agent father husband is managing children can not be still.
My husband also works for the same real estate agent.
I went to the room and also serves as a cleaning and inspection and father-in-law apartment so empty - U~ikuri in properties of one. \"Paddle are we doing to make children Yuko\" to be resting and sitting on ~Tsu to take the picture is all said, \"I take a rest a little would be nice anymore Yuko\" and \"'s father-in-law
Yes\" to have inspected such as refrigerator Toka furniture Full Ie \" I do not want Tsu \"challenge\" Why \",\" My husband does not have sought or because a protein \"such a waste it is still in the beautiful young like\" \"Tara father-in-law's\" Well \"university Yokattara me\" If \"is a\" serious \"The father-in-law has been repeatedly lips Embracing by turning the hand on the shoulder and sat next to me over the key to the front door. I surrender to the father-in-law. It was sucked massaged the breast gently underwear and is made ​​taking off is taken off the uniform. And began licking the pubic area when it is naked. It is melted likely to caress the secret of a long time. I also grabbed Masaguri the genitals of father-in-law. It was a thing worthy far than those of her husband Cali neck is large and you have been black people. It was about chin is likely out and Kum including the mouth. Secret of the I've found joy juice is overflowing. Joy juice is coming overflowing even When Jirasa ... I want you to put early. \"I wet pretty Yuko\", \"I embarrassed father-in-law's\" and \"paddle you want to insert,\" \"thank you Yeah\" \"I see say did you want to put what,\" \"... the father-in-law's\" you can not hear well \" But \"voice came out in spite of the pleasantness of genital you put welcomed cock\" father-in-law's, \"\" The Dick paddle want \"Please put\" Hurry up \"and after a long time\"'ll put Yoshi Yoshi \". \"Is likely to go anymore I father-in-law's\" and \"'ll you may say many times,\" \"I will go again\" it becomes likely to go as soon as the waist Tsukai of father-in-law is well we went easily but waist Tsukai of father-in-law to climb again continued hip swing \"is likely to go I also father-in-law's,\" \"I am king also'm going to go,\" \"Let 's go together\", \"raw Yuko even paddle okay\", \"good Yeah\" the father-in-law becomes harder to \"pass away\", \" I also \"went at the same time two people. \"He'm What are you doing though it is so nice pussy\", \"Can you give me the future father-in-law-like\" \"anytime Yuko even if you like,\" \"thank you\" this is the beginning of the father-in-law and me.

Son is a child of the father-in-law

I was working hard to make children and father-in-law before my husband pass away. To Did you mean, pregnancy was found by the screening in gynecological pregnancy It was found, in one week position after funeral of my husband been done, physiology is not this. Junior high school two years,
\"is a blessed event\" and his son also made ​​tits breathe every day, I am allowed to diverge in me. And I think that for the study, I was welcomed to open the body to son. Holiday would be sought from the morning, spend all day naked or you there.

Son ... If you notice

Am I leading to deep sleep and sleep once, it does not wake up gently'm Ya and Cho.
Sometimes 5 done in 4:00 early morning once or twice a week, my husband is out to work workings of the master. I went to bed and go home to AM2 o'clock there is a drinking party with the woman friends Friday evening.
And I spread the legs on his back and become naked, \"I'm sorry, and if you want to,\" said while sleepy and is said to be \"'ll do pussy\" and caused forced my husband to four o'clock. We see that ejaculate in \"will come out mom, I put out\" the face of one son has appeared to open the ... eyes feel
..... up then as was groped her pussy. It was 8:00 too by being Apologize \"I'm sorry, and if you can not put up with it when I saw the figure of mom, I'm sorry\" and When I'm in a dazed for a while, \"Yada, what are you doing, Dameyo\" To why, looking at the clock suddenly. \"Dad,\" \"will work\" and \"I wonder are mom anything, I can not believe they did not notice, I'm sorry\" mom apologize \"What penis of his son to understand it and I was Hairru, sex in the pussy The'm \"I mean\", and I did not know it had been, do not regret Ryo-chan \"It 's not\", I'm pleasant so \"Good Well\", but I'm I not the first time No way \"It's the first time\" It is so \", I'll say that if you want to, I, Mom\" Na's Ya it feels like this was committed Ja this, \"I'm sorry\" \"It's not apologize\" So, do not want to properly and if you want to do something \"good\", it's may be still Let are you saying, \"What, it remains on\" mon I feel good I mean \", wanna have in this state,\" \"I'm glad you're sweet\", but Mom wanna to from the beginning \"and ended up enjoying until noon and son leave this. \"\"

Three people brother and husband

It is a couple that I am 49 years old, 60-year-old husband, away of the year.
There is a brother of 55-year-old to master. It is still single.
Brother came to play last night.
Become tipsy everyone was drinking conversation H also jumped, my husband, or even enter a bath Well, it was decided so to enter the three order.
Brother has entered earlier. Then my husband while grinning,
Hey, Why do not you doing it flowing back of his brother, and tried to Waraitobaso to say I hate, and, like that I am. It went out to say and take my
hand, and I think my brother would also be lonely living alone Naa, and a happy and there is also such a thing once in a
while, in the dressing room to say Well, and, Well, and, I ask . The towel to say
I'm embarrassed, and
I thought it was disgusting, but good drink also help, Well, and, going to the service,
Yoshio-san, and, I'm going to flow back and opened the door of the bath to take off
and back, it was washed from neck bubbling taking. It had blushed a little sorry your sister, and, thank you to him. It is now
be placed on the shoulder of his left hand, my breasts are like Nazeru the back of Mr. Yoshio Every move in the form of washing with the right hand.
Okay crotch of his visible disgusting from the top, it is the slide into erection while you look to see.
Face was hot flashes and I think I also amazing, and, big. Take my hand, laughing, he was not held to the penis riverside bristles Turn
before you say, I say again to wash up around back, arms, and
Voice did not even appear to be taken aback I am.
He rub so the Mozomozo to remain Atega~tsu penis to my hand.
Then blue vein stood to his penis, it got bigger until the bursting. And around behind me
while I say is, I'll sink to your sister
now, he was sit me.
Began to wash while saying \"It is beautiful Chubs white and sister.\"
We are moving penis increased his every time you rub your back so that crawling around my back.
And began to wash the breasts from the side of me now.
Shaken and Purunpurun with his hands, face seemed to twitch with embarrassment.
But head as Tron, the body also has been itching and by pleasant somehow.
I've found an important part of my loose, fluid being a little blurred.
His hands seemed Why is turning so as to crawl the various places of I'm a board-even when such.
And I began stroking with a finger crack finally.
I had been allowed to react with the body to bend backward as involuntarily.
Pleasure also greatly different atmosphere crotch husband, his fingers penetrates deep into my while producing a sound nasty and Pichapicha, started stroking the part that you are clip at the back, and watts electricity to run the head anymore and Ru pleasure wrapped the whole body, Okina voice ended up out involuntarily.
I was expecting him of the move to the next action anymore.
he ended up out of the bath nice and quick with a smack on my neck.
I will now talk about later.
I'm at the height of excitement

With being forced to brother.

I have loved long before the brother of 8 years younger.
It was a brother and sister get along very good.
Pictures of my day in summer vacation, when were alone, not have my brother and I went to the room of his brother, there are a few books under the bed of his brother suddenly, if you and I'll clean it because it was collapsed There came out two. One thing at the chest became up as those taken in while you do not know. I was gonna Toitsume What does it take something like this to show your photos not have it, brother when come back. Then, it suddenly hug, I do not help that my sister is in the mood.
I tried to talk, but to shape it was not pushed down to fell dramatically in vigorously. And to become a strange feeling when I look at sis.
Brother and sister. DO YOU HEAR ME
But what should I do I? Are you no choice but to have a Monmon at the thought Mamaonechan this much?
I went on to convince and that it still does not go, but I also like his brother. I do not mean strange,
but becoming poor, we give hug.
Dont you is! Will like sis.
Make her. I was raised to tight to say so. Unreasonable. My brother told me to look me in the eye. Well just kiss. Once you settle down kiss? 's Fine? Only kiss. I was raised to kiss my brother. How will about 1 minute brother also been focusing on? I have continued to obstruct my lips. Promise. Well, from Onechaniku. My brother gave me convinced, but was asked to kiss when it is just the two of us also yesterday. I became more OK with. What I wonder if I get to come? I think Nante.

Incest discourse of my

When viewed from my woman, probably absolute man Ome? ! Statement'm a're practically but
a woman of ... other do you think so?
Or, are you do not mind people of the real woman because this does stop over Toko? ?


Son came back from school. \"Can I take a bath?\" And went on discarded undress in front of me suddenly Hitoshi The rainy season yesterday, so was steamy. I make sure that the hair is growing in the crotch of Hitoshi clearly. I also went into the remains of the ... \"...\" silence a little while ago, and just had masturbation. I say \"Oh Mom ...\" tone instruction \"Come over here it'll get washed Jin ...\". Had to suck mouth crotch of Hitoshi at the moment while frightened Hitoshi As angry, and facing forward. \"Mom ...\" and \"Let pools from good\" (... Chuupachuupa licking ...) ... Oh mom ... press-girl ... like ... something out ... cormorant \" · receive the sperm of Hitoshi hot full Take out as it is good because \"\" \"mouth ...\" cormorant \", ...... to taste

Every day that you love and son

By playing a virgin in high school entrance ceremony before the son, over there has become like a child hair also finished my hair loss. You make a promise to raise me Once the summer vacation, I was accepted to open the body to his son at the hotel with his son August 3 a week ago. \"And from then melted licking good, come in the mother\" was sucking brash son, I also would raise the voice with violently sucking on the bottom. My son was attached to suck dick and engrossed. \"It delicious ○○○○ mom\" ​​I would panting Nokezori, I was prompted to insert the son but Ikazu, I let pressed over there roughness of a son well, I was inserted, wet You got off, but there is still pain, I had clung to his son. It felt pushed up violently, back up is had also received push-up son There is also a pain, it was like I was fainting will feel like numb and hot in the back of me. And I felt my son had yet been inserted into the inside of me and before I knew it. The Ai Sucking son also depending when entangled tongue out to determine the mouth of the son, I asked my son, I was challenged to as long as physical fitness. Sai was finished, with the feeling that came off the power from the body, I was me wash the body in the bathroom is to lift up my son. Roughening of the son and my dick I had dirt in bleeding, but my son I was me gently wash my dick. That of the son I had gripper mouth I wash gently, and to rinse clean. My son was surprised, but I was Replenish, how would blame it did his as long as physical strength, it did not become a hardness of when it has been inserted in me.  I feel my son will have to remain still in my dick. Pain was eased, but my body seems somehow was Hen~tsu.

During hospitalization of her husband

I am a housewife of 55 years old.
Life was saved somehow three months ex-husband is an emergency hospital suffered a cerebral infarction, but it is now currently rehabilitation failure rest. I became, \"I wonder if you try to ask Well\" and prone son of two-year college,
so say, \"or I'll rub If you're stiff shoulder tired mom\" ​​when are not picked a shoulder you can turn the neck and go home tired nursed I started rubbing shoulders spans. We have been rubbed up the thigh and began rubbing such as calf and back \"Do you also peach mom legs\" of the foot, \"I wonder if you try to ask Well\" to have Utoutoshi comfortably. Then, it has been put into the secret part of my fingertips from the hem of the panties suddenly. I would divulge voice as \"up ~\" is not likely in the electricity as ran and ripped moment that was put in, but was an event of sudden. It had become the woman from his mother would be leaked to the \"A-emissions\" Once again Kakimawasa the middle at your fingertips son. It was wet enough to be seen on your own. I thought you and I want you to put the meat stick son because even good anymore. \"Paddle feels mom if\" \"I'll feel good so yeah,\" \"The paddle try to put cock my Well\" son \"I want Yeah\" has me put from behind by undressed panty lifting my ass. moment that hard cock enters did not feel good the unbearable. I was shouting \"A feeling Ii~tsu ~ ~\" is not likely to Mekurumekuru pleasure and poked by connecting the one hand. I was exhausted at the same time \"Iku~tsu ~\" movement \"It seems to go the other mom I\" son of \"Let's go together I'm going to go\" is more violent. \"Angry I wanted to be this mom from me before\" is in the son of breath rough each other \"not angry No. I I\", \"the future is also good even hugging mom Well,\" \"The idea we parent and child but\" you have also in the \"parent-child would be no law that should not \"I think it 's not a problem of or\" law, but \"I was gone anymore but\" to \"I am I gonna bad\" all \",\" mom'm not bad \"you have such a conversation cock of the other son had recovered and healthy. I was also reacts Unlike words to come move the hips again. I was looking for each other as newlyweds also that of the couple is now to become a prisoner of his son in this \"bad already ~\" I went three times that you did not feel the husband poked longer because after issuing once. They do not use contraceptives because I have of course menopause.

We lost

It is a housewife of 54 years old. When you are drinking and son to become thirty-year-old one month ago, my son you say \"Mom I love,\" said suddenly. Mom and meet you and I love the rich, and I want you become a mother of only me, and I want you to break up with Dad and hear I said that want to live with two people and mom'm different, what Dad and to you say. I also take a son, what would you take with either of the son and husband, but did not know if you wanted the answer what a sudden too. Son went well to drive with two people when I was a student in friendly child. So I was happy feelings of the son. We were now touching the boobs hugged me from behind me that cooking, such as when there are no master then. I also have come to expect it half while saying'm useless in the mouth. We were invited from a week ago my son, of going to the spa when a business trip my husband. I think that it was Okkei innocently and you were before there is such a thing, but my son will suffer and think if you understand me has Okkei the relationship of the body to issue the Okkei this time. I think I have the option to be nestled in the son if there is no law of the world, but you would be wondering to think things then.


yuna himekawa[16229]
There is a son of a high school student in the housewife of 38 I.
I have been brought up since I was severely son is small husband so people Yu thing in the home and something that woman do. There was also hit on the head of his son sometimes you can wait for hours until eat things hate the time of the
meal without or bought him to say my son want a candy at the supermarket. It was not afford to throw away all carefully son when this horny naked woman is resting from the room of the son came out anything books son goes to junior high school students. And, my son began to have an interest in my body from that time. It has touched the buttocks and chest on purpose to say that it is about something in my clothes semen or comes to my underwear it was the extent that my underwear is lost or come to looking through the bathroom but we are escalating gradually at first was, but I was a strict attention to his son each time. And I have to me that my son is not allowed at the time of the junior high school three years. Son was the daytime you are not the master in the school holidays that day. Son has suddenly hug me. I was careful as usual \"I quit a little, I'll away,\" but, son of the day did not try to Hanaso. And my son was peeling off the bra forcibly undressed my clothes while becoming the horsemen by pushing on the floor me says \"Do not have a good body.\" I resisted desperately screamed \"Yametee, and E help someone,\" but there was no reason to win the brute strength of a big son pretty than me. And my son has been touching the buttocks and crotch of my underwear undressed tear force the stockings that was wearing me. And tears naturally have spilled from my eyes in embarrassment that touch the naked obscene hand movements in real son and frustration that can not resist the brute strength of the son is made ​​taking off clothes forcibly son. And has touched my chest and says \"I wish have boobs big\" while grinning son without trying to quit to say \"Moo~u, I'll quit\" with me while crying. Son seemed to enjoy seeing me reluctant to cry. And son issued a semen while touching me naked. Fortunately my son did not have sneaked but tears did not stop in the sense of humiliation that has touched the body is made ​​taking off clothes forced to real son that day. And I talked to my husband that came home this thing. My husband went to the next room that has a son says, \"I keep in mind.\" Then I doubt the ear to hear what my husband and son are talking and whispering from the next room. Son and husband were talking about my body \"have big breasts\" \"bottom is soft,\" he said. I cried also, I heard it. It was found that at a later date, but it seems to have seduced so my husband hit me son. I thought also divorced my husband, but the divorce was Fumitodomari by apologize by the prostrate my husband, but lived in three of the sons and husband while frightened to fear you do not know when my son or will attack even now You. I can see as an object of sexual a mother, I want you to stop because it does not only fear is that it does not or feel is touch the body to son to son did to me.

Son is the husband

and I've felt the man to son six months ago, was strong and growing. I did not know the man other than my husband, I had went down to pleasure lust son. Forbidden door opens, and to the deep relationship .... And forget the mother-to-child sex that should not be there, my husband, imperceptibly, to conjugal life with a love of the son secretly, we are also satisfied with the mind and body.

Feelings of Medicine

I was ordered son in yakuza, are Misome people big brother of the son, and your white opponent son. Sieved violence to son and refuse disgusting, yakuza was useless. It's is nestled in the person of big brother was a tattoo on his back and afraid, and ashamed But When I embraced it I had felt. Person to have been ripped off the woman, sex'm good. Well, pleasant would be gone many times, sex of the woman that I'm sad.
Supposed to be once, is caused to your opponent three times and has been forced to the familiar \"you have a good Ommeko\" a woman of me. To the person of big brother, his wife of 50 years, No. 2's 42-year-old beauty, her college students of 19-year-old is away at the age of five older encased cough and I woman of entertainment for is.
But there is a phone call from my son, it is sometimes with people referred to as friends of big brother's, but you opponent. When I return from the apartment of big brother's, son, us Tsu Rowa gently me in a good mood. Son is cute, I get laid


It is a play of adult

I don't understand the feelings of a man

I am a 16 year old school girl who goes to a high school in Tokyo. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old, and I have a family of four, a father, an older brother in college, and a younger brother in the first year of junior high school. My dad has been tough since I was little, but lately I haven't talked to him because I'm late to go home, and my brother always looks great at home because of my eldest son, so I do n't like it so much, and my brother is quiet. I was on good terms with my brother because he listened to everything I said and was kind. Since I became a high school student, I started to change trains and go to school, and I started seeing molesters almost every day. I didn't talk to my family because I didn't want to know that I was being molested because my family was all men, but I met the molester on the train on the way home from club activities about a month ago. I did. At first I touched my buttocks from behind, but when another man touched my chest and thighs from the front and noticed, I was surrounded by about 5 men and touched my body. I didn't know what to do if I resisted, so I was scared and had no choice but to put up with it, but on that day I was scared and hurried home, but after a while my brother, a college student, also came home. Then brother towards me "to or met a pervert in the train?" I have heard that.I didn't want my family to know that I was molested, so " I don't see any molesters, because even if I'm molested, I'll catch them and go out to the police." I got stronger and cheated appropriately and lied. I tried to change the topic. Then my brother said, "I lied, I was in a molester today, I saw everything." I never thought that my brother was watching the molester , so I was surprised and there was no word to return. When I was there, my brother touched my chest, saying, " I think I'll meet a molester because my boobs are big ." When I said, "Hey, quit," my brother turned over my skirt, saying, "I can't say anything even if I'm molested , but let me touch it." I was afraid of my brother's actions and ran to the bathroom, but on that day when I was taking a bath, my brother came to peep and touched my ass. And the next day, my brother touched my body saying "Where was the molester touched me?" And "Don't have a good body." After my brother saw me being molested on the train, he started to look at me with an unpleasant look, and now I only touch my body and come to look into the bathroom . If my brother attacks me, my strength is not enough for my brother's strength, so I'm very scared.As the days of anxiety continued, I eagerly consulted with my younger brother in junior high school. Then my brother said, "If you attack, I 'll help you so you do n't have to worry so much." I was relieved and very happy with my brother's kind words, "Thank you, tell me if you have something you want, I'll buy you anything," I told my brother, but recently I opened my brother's room. As I was cleaning, my underwear came out from under the futon of my brother's bed. I didn't know why my underwear was in my brother's room and wondered if it was my brother's work. I didn't think my brother would steal my underwear, so I thought it was something wrong and he came home, so I asked him. "I was coming out from under the futon is my underwear do not know why" and when I hear brother "I do not know, why arbitrarily'm cleaning my room" have to say that the brother angry I did. I apologized "I'm sorry", but I felt like I was cut off by my younger brother, and I had to apologize to my younger brother without being convinced , but that triggered me to not listen to my brother for a while. was I, but before about a week now once and for all brother and two people in the house I have lunch I will try to make peace with his brotherI made curry rice that my brother liked and ate at home with my brother. And the meal was over without much talk, and when I was washing the dishes I had finished eating, my younger brother touched my ass, saying, " You've grown big ." Suddenly I was surprised and my legs trembled and I couldn't say anything while standing still. Then my brother noticed that I was trembling and he turned over my skirt. I screamed "Care, naughty" and hurriedly hid in the room. From that point on, when I thought that my brother and brother were looking at me as a sexual object, my brother and brother became scared, and I didn't know what to do, so I consulted with my friend, but he said, "I'm too worried, blood. family that led the 'm not necessarily viewed as a sexual object, because the always annoying , but had to say that I'm just teasing brother " is I do not how scared his brother and brother. Or, as my friends say, my brother and brother are just making fun of me because they see me as a sexual object because I'm too worried and bloody . Do men see their sisters and sisters as sexual objects? Please let me know.

Is the father-in-law

Mother-in-law has passed away three years ago, father-in-law is 72 years old but are stay live to leave with retirement, has spent time hobby. At the age of 19 who was the hostess, I was pregnant before the dyed look to my husband it was a regular customer at the acquaintance of the manager, you are living together. It's got to be married to, but a woman of three people matching ..... at that time my husband, is not coming back to the birth widow, it was living with father-in-law. Also ask you and I want you to come home because children are in the husband, to have a cost of living in the young child, after giving birth, was not at all conjugal life. The Futakotome, \"father is trying to do there,\" said my husband does not me to the other party.
Heart or ... probably inclined to father-in-law who was in contact with me gently in such me. Father-in-law too? Probably have been close to seeing through my mind like that. One night, When I increase the breast milk to the children, asked the body is kissed father-in-law, there is also a loneliness, we could allow the body to have crossed the line. Similarly husband, father-in-law is also a 893 when I was young, Are You There are carvings of dragon on the back. father-in-law told me, the joy that her husband did not tell me. Seeking secretly its joy, we continue piled up body and father-in-law.
Father-in-law is the husband itself, go to your room if wanted, lust will start any time now. Woman prime 24-year-old, father-in-law who is strong your sex I am. \"Give me the father-in-law\" I feel like that has been from the beginning very much for my husband.

And son

4 years ago, is the son of slaves cock son and I from the time of in 1.
Son has passed to private middle school of the University deviation value is high Good luck, but that after six months, from the fall, my son is now coming into the bath time slow my daily. I also did not care at all petite son, but his son came into the Yubune, once whispered something from behind, becomes very pleasant somehow, memorized, will be faint and its after a while. Several days later. I was sucking the Achinpo became firmly song son If noticing. You can not comfortably be noticed, to quit.
Sucking a berry with your cock son in the bath every day, and now lick up ass hole, and sleep also arranges a futon and son, and now suck your cock son even when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep from it directly below.
To sleep soundly at night. It is because of you wake up in the morning.
It became fascinated cunt and my son, licked it sticking out the ass in the bathroom. I love Ai-ijiri licked my riding on the bed.
But it was no longer me so much it feels like she was able to school recently.
Please bullying my pussy or anyone.

Is ashamed.

It is a housewife to become 50s soon. There is no relationship between the body and one year with her ​​husband. One son living away to Bon last year was homecoming, but I did not come here to go to the home of their own and there is no coral between a bride. Night away, while you are talking about is drank a little beer with two people after a long time, her husband question to be \"are you get along with the sum-san\" is provocation son to etch story drunk around going out to sea fishing with friends The Ihanashi it is! \"not a while and daughter-in-law\" in pregnancy and childbirth and trout, I also I had Say What \"I'm not even a year and I\" half joke. Son is called \"or vacant house\", my son has been embraced as a \"parent-child tonight jar\" clinging to me immediately if there is also good.
Son is a man. Mind was driving me crazy anymore when it came to me, I would covet the pleasure it aloud. It is I did not even imagine until now Nantes and son, but to match the body and the child that I gave birth is either a good thing so much, it is embarrassing, but I thought it was. We appreciate that this opportunity to visit, I have sent a fun night of only two people. Read the posts everyone, I wrote to the courage shame.

Incest discourse of my

I have a relationship with the mother of the late 50s, it has become to love as a woman to deceive father. And I think that dear mother is to sob while embraced me, we are immersed in sex stealing the eyes of the family. Be mutually determined by the betting from Hiruhinaka it to suit the rest and mother is also often.
I have sex in love hotel for the first time the other day. , I feel that I was shivering with tension and a sense of curiosity is the experience of the first time you mother. I do not know that the mother is detailed, but it seems there is dissatisfaction and resignation to the conjugal life of the father, it was seen that the disgruntled as a woman in the verses of the story. The mother is not having to worry about anyone, emits a voice rising good big in love hotel. The mutually devour the genitals of each other in six nine, we had a lot of body shape and the back thrust from a positive significant. The last was inserted from behind in the bathroom. It is the mother of Ji or between sixty, but was told recently, the father \"I become beautiful\", father who does not know anything is the ability to weather.

You do not know can only master

I am a housewife of 40 years old. Family is the father of the husband and son of a college student and my husband. And father-in-law, you have a physical relationship and son three years ago from a decade ago. It is a day-to-day to have sex with father-in-law in the evening home late reliably with son, husband or claim in when nobody else in the morning. Son you know the relationship between father-in-law. It seems to have been peep from a young age. It seems to have become interested in me in its influence. It seems to be sneak peek affair of the night still. Do not know anything only my husband. What would I think if you know and like his wife? .

And son

I said \"eye son of college students see me weird\" when you are drinking coffee at a coffee shop and Keiko of friends, and \"gonna stare at the eye with such yo lick\". I have replied that it is \"gonna have been seen as a woman in son's beautiful because\" it can not be said also to have come a line and son already.
Sunday was passed about the one month, way back, which was run ask them to put my son, I nearly ran the car of Keiko in Ichinomiya Inter nearby. When I say \"I car Keiko now\", my son was chase by a U-turn. Is called son is'm riding someone, I wonder who, I I went to the \"love hotel\" Sure enough when I talk to I'm interested. Turn off the handle son amused, it was confirmed two people to come down in the parking lot in the back. Was observed when a junior high school student, it was a son of Keiko certainly. My son laugh \"with Jean Keiko and us do, too,\" he said.
The next day, I left home a son and husband, I have to call Keiko. To say that and I nearly ran in yesterday cars to Keiko, is referred to as the \"where\", Keiko did not realize at all because I had been asked to put on the car of his son. If you try to speak to Keiko while eating lunch, and [tell me where from Keiko, we meet with the Ichinomiya Inter and asked many times. \"Yuji to\" Keiko told me honestly. I also \"I also me,\" has confessed to Keiko half crying.