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Incest confession of women(2019-03)

The other day ,,

yuna himekawa[33403]
Father-in-law (63 years old), mother-in-law (65 years old), master in long-term business trip (38 years old), 5 people family and the son of the elementary school I (41 years old). The other day, father-in-law become strained back had carried out with the hospital is always me son It was a little spot I'm now because I only with caution to beware, ,, I was not Onani little more over in Mou Dame and I work hard without even ,, feel I father-in-law in the place of was the door remains open When the suddenly popular and is! It is solidified embarrassing even jump over to the other panic go-between! And then father-in-law is I'm seen since I also a there is a grandmother? ? ? You have and hold And cock of seeing cancer? ? ? Huh? It is larger! ! ! ,,, and gone involuntarily eyes came closer is And then father-in-law! Huh? Huh? My feet ,, while I I Coming to out I would be another good more than this happens each other because I from old times have I seen the R-chan as a woman! Because it is secret! ,,, I have got is suddenly turned upside down! It was still one say was waiting for the other Gin Gin or ,,, say not that I have had in my ne because it is active it is was great father-in-law! Not lose still more! (Who ???) said had ,, ,, You went not be taken out of my laundry before the underwear thanks? This week is still even once Fake symbol ,, do not use trying to do it it looks like a high school student who started dating just a real father-in-law ,,

To my beloved son

The other day, my husband I have a son and sex in the gap that has come out on a business trip No, I fucked those who say that had it not perhaps a good son 33-year-old is my 59-year-old but was resisted desperately force It wasn't terrible. My pajamas were roughly stripped off , my legs were opened while lying down, and a big angry meat stick was screwed into my pussy. My son who hadn't used it for decades . is initially did just painful, and the resistance of thoughts come oozing is contrary to淫汁little by little, I have felt that going to change the immorality specific pleasure head becomes white in the first cum , completely forgot us penis of want more per cent - more to the back more, - took advantage of more Oh Oh Oh! I'm so happy ! Yig! Yig! Iku ~~~ I'm dead I 'm dead I 'm dead! Iku ~ ~ ~ In the rage of pleasure for the first time in more than a quarter of a century, I begged for sperm in the uterus many times until the morning, desperately sucked and revived, and my son's cock until I fainted while covering my lower abdomen with semen My husband doesn't come back until the end of April Of course I squeeze my son's sperm every day I don't care why my son took such an action anymore

I felt like my father-in-law

Last fall, the night my husband was on a business trip, my father suddenly came into my bedroom and attacked me. I am 34 years old and my father-in-law is 59 years old. "My wife is so lonely, I'm lonely." I couldn't resist when I heard that. Last summer I did something ridiculous. When I got my daughter in the car and delivered it to the nursery school, I ran over my mother-in-law who had sent me off. I accidentally hit the brake and accelerator against my mother-in-law who was standing behind the car and waving. I called an ambulance in a hurry, but my mother-in-law was caught between the car and the fence, broke one leg, and the other was squeezed. Isn't it unavoidable that my husband has sent it? I have to be careful from now on, my parents will do their best until your mother gets better. Mother-in-law is not your fault. I was happy to forgive me because I was standing there . From then on, it was my daily routine to go to the hospital where my mother-in-law was hospitalized and see her face after work. No way, my father-in-law had such feelings for me, when he came into our couple's bed, he bounced off the comforter and covered me. Still, I poke my hand and try to resist a little. "Yoko-san is good. I have a son I love. I think he was making a good voice last night ." I was relieved when he said this.No way, my father-in-law was listening to our couple's activities, but the night before I had an accident, just after going down the stairs to go to the bathroom, my mother-in-law's annoying thing from my parents' room. I had heard a voice. At that time, both my father-in-law and mother-in-law were still active. I climbed the stairs quietly so that I wouldn't be envious and disturbed. I lost all my strength, and then I left myself to my father-in-law. The good news is that my father-in-law took off what I was wearing, and he himself became naked and covered me. Behind the ears, neck, chest to belly, and laid down, caressed from shoulder to shoulder blade back, buttocks, laid on his back again, licked crotch, carried both legs, father-in-law entered me When I arrived, I desperately put up with biting my finger and making a voice. I was surprised that my mother-in-law was caressed like this, but my father-in-law was so tough and had a technique. When I removed the finger I was biting, my father-in-law approached my face and kissed me and even put my tongue in. I use my tongue to push out my father-in-law's tongue that came into my mouth, but my father-in-law bites my tongue and sucks it, perhaps because I misunderstood that I was entwined. After a while, I moved the hips of the crotch that was connected and challenged my body from above and below. After 10 minutes, no, 20 minutes of hip movement, a kiss storm, and a chest rubbed and a nipple squeezed, this time I was crawl on all fours and my father-in-law's thing came in from behind. I turned my back and grabbed my hand, and when I pulled it back, I couldn't put my hands on the bed and put on my shoulders.Only the butt is raised abnormally high, and I'm excited to see my father-in-law's hands occasionally opening my left and right buttock and even seeing the hole in the butt just above the connection. Perhaps it's been more than an hour since my father-in-law came into me, I changed my position many times and separated and connected, changed my position and connected repeatedly, and returned to the normal position several times. I didn't know what I was doing, and when I said "Dad, forgive me only inside," my father-in-law said, "I understand." After that, I stayed inside me for about 10 minutes and was on my stomach. He gave me semen. After a while, my father-in-law left the room saying, "Thank you, Yoko." My father-in-law was naked for a while, and suddenly I became sad and started crying. It wasn't that my father-in-law violently cried, but that I cried for my sex, which felt Olga dozens of times even in such a situation. The next morning, when I was making breakfast, my father-in-law appeared as usual. "Good morning, Yoko." "Good morning, father-in-law." "Yoko, I'm talking to my guy, but I don't have to go to see him every day. Yoko will be busy at work and at home. It's getting better now, so please show me your face about once a week. ” I was happy to hear that from my father-in-law for the first time since the accident and cried again.

In the future, what to do for

I 29 years old, came back to the home in the divorce with my husband three years ago. Cause in just one year marriage was a female relation of husband. I had to lay on the married woman to the child There are married woman had been dating from before to marry me. In my home I brother had a mother died father and brother live in close-up the marriage. Such I also become the relationship of father and incest as referred to in the world does not leak to the exception, I have a relationship with his brother is now.

Sumie's plump MILF

Sumie's What you healthy. Grandpa is also healthy. Poor condition of the personal computer, which had been rest for a while. Since the climate is also getting better, you'll be intersect violently and son. Report please.

First 3P experience

Married is a 29-year-old part housewife of the third year. It is the event when asked in greeting after a long time in the home of her husband in the last year of Obon. Husband on account of work (long-distance driver of ○○ transportation), I only had to take care such as housework and mother-in-law to visit three days before coming husband. After only a feast relatives of the first day, rape to me that drunk? Wakan? Cheating? ..., none applies likely it happened. Even after more than six months, vivid memory that has been committed like crazy is not away from the head. Also it has been asked to come to the home from the other party (younger brother of the husband), (high school students of the relatives of the husband) in this year's Obon. \"Because I like my mother, I carried out Once the\" husband who does not know anything says. If, although I know it is sure to be the ... same thing if you go. There is little guilty feelings, we are still suffering.

Virginity loss experience

Nice to meet you. I am a 42 year old mother. I've crossed the line with my son who goes on to college this weekend. I'm on my way home after parting from my son. My son asked me to come to the entrance ceremony next month, and I'm worried about whether to change my schedule and attend the entrance ceremony. Crossing the last line with my son was ready, but it was a series of surprises for the first time.

First experience of son

55-year-old mother is Daisuke is a 15-year-old son my husband has passed away five years ago more than 15 years from the birth of Daisuke I was a long silence happened Daisuke the bath appearance of, it also will look at the naked, there reason of the gear began to creak from does not have a what erection, the size of the hanging penis seemed not unusual invariably turn a blind eye in the bedroom, then imagine as to dilatation of the cock of Daisuke and would, every night masturbation to indulge plight of course the last 15 years, never was even once, such as masturbation of you had to wake up female in the mother, even day-to-day, which was worrying endlessly as a going crazy when I was put up any more has now been followed also borrowed the power of the liquor in the evening drink that finally usually are not, for I went to the bathroom that contains the Daisuke and go in clothed unexpected appearance Isshi facial expression was Pokan to the intrusion of the unexpected of the mother and returned to us the crotch This was Daisuke, but erection has already begun, fine meat stick of Cali neck seemed glanced sit in forced chair the shy Daisuke, forcibly was raised wash your body with from behind the bubble and explore the crotch of Daisuke in hand, found, Daisuke big cock has to engorgement warped to just do touch the belly of adds to the little squeezing further the hardness can be aware of is going to get used my pussy every time squeezing underneath I can not take it anymore, around in front of the remains sitting Daisuke, toward the back, took advantage of the hand to the bathtub, has drawn the huge cock to slowly waist is 15 years to say whatWhile wade through the Merimeri and meat folds of the mother, and reached all the way into the interior of the vagina and I had to raise the Force like cry too much of the pleasure the moment you arrived in and strikes, Daisuke got End I in the sense that a large number of molecular species is also peppered Dokundokun and many times in the womb, the mother also said would have been in but had been mother and Daisuke also often as it is absentminded, also has been revived gradually Daisuke cock I I was shaking the hips like crazy was in and out of the meat stick as much as possible long stroke without also two round-trip I will simply say and Daisuke will get the ends in about four round-trip son bout after covet of semen, was relocated to the bedroom and I also cum many times were too sensitive, fainted several times, blowing the tide, and incontinence, but still asked do not immediately earlier this year about is the story more than , Our mother and child are drowning in much sex as long as some of the time

It comes in front of the physiological

It is a 30-divorced of. Of 2-year-old children will have one person. There is a home from the apartment living in the place of about 10 minutes, you will want to go to there and made in front of the physiology. A cousin of the high school students who are in the home the first time I have sex is about six months ago. First I was a H story as teasing the middle, but I got his for the first time soon as'll tell from the better of me. Recently, you have more of me in the reverse is in search of that child. While I was preparing lunch in the kitchen without nobody to home today, that child came back in one person there. When he got to the house, stand in the kitchen you will be pressed against the crotch from behind on my ass. \"My sister, you want to ...\" in docile is to that child straight, I was also growing at a stretch at that word. \"Because skin is? Aunt comes back, and quickly.\" \"Yeah,\" hastily that child also beat the pants, and give it a contraceptive device that was removed from the wallet. I also put a hand in a long skirt, was down underwear. \"Oh, wait a minute.\" That child, a sudden increase roll up my skirt to the waist, you have to fill the face to the crack of ass. So as to spread the \"no good, clean although not wash\" ass crack has been pledged tongue. Because taught the position of the clitoris, tongue will hit exactly.\"... N'n' ...\" I have projects to divert the waist to expand the legs. It will made it easier licked. Tongue is penetration to the vaginal opening. \"Soon!\" Already came at once things just Hachikiren of high school students in plenty of wet dick. Glans was hit immediately at the cervix. You spread throughout the waist numb such pleasure is deflecting. And the sound of Kuchukuchu from over there, the waist of that child will be the sound of hit me in the ass. Before long, that child has changed in the movement, such as pressing the hips slowly, \"my sister, this is good that? ... feels good?\" Is what \"Yeah, yeah, ... A'... back is ...\" became quite good. Without knowing where six months ago to put, though he was raised put in a cowgirl. Now more of the I no longer let go of the things of that child. So, it is hard, long cock .... \"Ha, Ha, I anymore ... no good, then go ahead.\" I Noboritsume at once while convulsions the waist to the rapidly surging waves. Shortly later that child also seems to have ejaculation. I also became so can wait to go. When the notice, it has a rough breath become naked only the lower body to each other.  \"I'm home. Sana, is coming?\" The front door of a hurry to the voice of the mother raised the ankle of underwear, was made a skirt. That child was also dive suffer from the pants to his room.


The potash of my son's cock went in and out of the vagina, the sensation still remained, and it was itchy and uneven. I can't be satisfied with masturbation anymore.

Mother-to-child incest reserve army

Had written to Sachiko's threads, it launched a new. For now, I copy and paste a comment at that time. I am also incest reserve forces to become a 52-year-old. I also or me going out to shopping He used to take me to drive from my son to become a 29-year-old to take a license, sometimes was reluctant envy from your neighborhood wife have a son's one difference. I was also held the hand when I went to see the same as in romance movie exactly Sachiko. Men and women in the intensely embrace scene returned squeezing the son of the hand from me. That was clasped a hand to men I have pounding seems to have become a lover in a few years. It has been the forced kiss in the car of return. Initially refused by have them force also of missing son tongue of those is I have entwined nature and tongue and come by dividing the lips. Seems not body in a dozen years of the kiss has become hot. Or it would have been how many minutes. It was confessed from the son and finally finish the kiss. It was silent with Futari until you reach the home. The day since now be asked to kiss from son on a daily basis, now unawares respond with nature. Was upset to myself that gets wet and is a kiss, but it was not so aggressively entangled the tongue from the direction of me. Because the thing that my son was hard, or hit the stomach while kiss, my son has been to realize that seeking SEX with me. Was that of One day. In the middle of entwined vigorously tongue, When the son of the body I thought it was stiff for a moment, was shaking and trembling and I think I gave a high voice like a girl.Has been floating around is that smell of men after a while. Son went to panic in the washroom bent over away from me. To smell that smell in what years were chasing dizzy and son so that the switch has entered. Just son opened the door was the place you are going Arao take off your pants. I said because pants'll wash my son to take a shower. Son but was puzzled what to do for the pants, I was passing the pants and apologize to the apologetic and hold out a hand. Weight was heavily was not telling the youth. When we spread the pants as white it was angrily had adhered to the Bettori. Had Sosorita' to still crotch thing of son to gave so much. I was bold of the day that the switch has entered. Son go into the bathroom to chase, it was to crawl a finger to solve if you ○ Nchin waving of the shy son. Hot and you have hard ... is now since the time of the so rugged and ... junior high school students shows the presence as a man of himself rather than vestiges of that time. That it is trembling and scared by simply crawl gently finger seemed downright cute. Thick blood vessel has run the most comprehensive hard stem. We sat on the tub edge I wanted to better look. Those of the son great looking ... up close was compelling. When viewed from an oblique lateral it was found that is quite warped. Such the was was I your ○ Nchin? & # 12436; Tsu! It was the next moment. There, Kasan'! Son was trembling body and cry less. The pants that came with trying to Arao reflexively was put on your ○ Nchin. Ejaculation in the feeling that Jukujuku began. White liquid that has not been received by the pants went accumulated as drool puddle on the floor to pull the thread.Then but a few days spent the day-to-day passing too conscious of each other, had been returned to the lovers to each other seeking a kiss as in after one week earlier.

Son of frustration

I, son gave birth in the 17-year-old, cute likely to be a poor son 27-year-old bereaved been frustration in the daughter-in-law to leave a child son of my body not be found in people remarried opponent've asked. Son when I was a Lying and granddaughter 3-year-old has been forcibly push the Chinpoko not Have heard to say that please stop because we have Nugashi my panties and standing the Chinpoko in the pussy. I also might have'm frustrated, I have forgiven the body without even much resistance. Son next to the granddaughter are you whispering and feels good mother embraced me. I also If you have clung to his son killed and press the voice comfortably I have issued the sperm in the pussy. Physiology was also peace of mind because it was close in a safe date. Woman in the transfer destination of my husband, because I knew that there might be who took the body to his son began to drink have got a pill to go to obstetrics and gynecology in the next day. Physiological even when I was a Lying and granddaughter end son, but I to say Hora. Son of the futon and my futon, it is Kukke. Son from the back Once you take off your panties are a reminder been put Chinpoko in the pussy hug me has been to move the hips back and forth. Son mother feels good while massaging my breasts, had continued to whisper and feels good. I also voice while holding the mouth by hand becomes pleasant, I have out. Among the pussy, ... Picho built a nasty sound, Picho, Picho son is likely out mother feels goodI ... Aaa ~ ~ I feel good, I feel good I okay to put in, because they were the contraception -out in the out-Wuwuu ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ichau-Aa Aaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pussy from ask them wiped with tissue, I have slept while its. Son every other day is coming to put the Chinpoko in the pussy has become comfortably I also respond to it.

Married woman who lost her husband

In the afternoon of summer, which I hadn't even thought about, my sister-in-law's massage made a man stand up. It was decided to cross the line with my unexpected sister-in-law. It was the afternoon of the summer of 43 years old. I went to the grave of my wife's parents' house and drove to the grave of my sister-in-law's husband while the hot summer sun was shining. My sister-in-law's husband died of cancer a few years ago, and her sister-in-law lives alone and is still a 45-year-old woman. The house is a single-family house built in the mountains, 100 meters away from the neighboring house, and in a quiet environment where no one will hurt. My wife had lunch and went shopping. In a large country house, I was alone with my sister-in-law, and I was lying in the living room of 6 tatami mats, but my back hurts, and I just say, "... I have a backache ...". Then my sister-in-law who was nearby said, "Let's rub it ...". Even though I was my sister-in-law, I was confused about being touched by a single woman, but when I said, "Yes ... I'm sorry, please massage me a little ..." Put on a yukata ... and lie face down there ... " When I was prone as I was told, my sister-in-law's hands rubbed her shoulders, back, hips, hips, and thighs, and the comfortable time passed. Eventually, my sister-in-law said, "Lie down with your right side up ...", so when I turned around as I was told, my sister-in-law was rubbing my right arm, right hip, and right leg, but mainly Was rubbing around his thighs. Sometimes my sister-in-law's hand touches the base of her thigh. I don't know if my sister-in-law was consciously touching it, but I felt comfortable and strange. The body gradually changes on its back. Though I was embarrassed by the comfort, I finally lay on my back. When the base of the thigh was rubbed, the man instinctively began to get angry, and the more he was conscious of holding it down, the more it stood up. Finally, the yukata hiding the meat stick swelled like a tent. My sister-in-law kept rubbing with an unknown face.It was embarrassing for my sister-in-law to know that she was angry. Still, my sister-in-law casually touches the base near the angry stick. (Ah, I don't care ... I want you to touch it ...) I felt like that and passed through the embarrassment. Finally, I took the courage to say, "Hey ..., rub the middle ...". Then my sister-in-law said, "Well, that's no good ... that's the place ...", but while casually touching the angry stick, "I'm sorry for my sister's husband to do this ..." I said, "It's okay ... if you keep silent ...". I wonder if the woman's instinct wins, my sister-in-law gently spread my yukata and picked it from the top of my pants. He picked it up through his pants for a while, but eventually he put his hand on the rubber of his pants and took out the tension. The angry stick was as hard as steel, bronze and towering like madness. I wasn't ashamed anymore. My sister-in-law must have seen a man's angry stick for the first time since her husband died. My sister-in-law gazed at the towering angry stick with her moist eyes and handled the angry stick up and down with a soft hand. I rolled up my sister-in-law's skirt sitting next to me and stroked her hips and thighs, but I put up with the intense stimulus that my sister-in-law handled and I was about to ejaculate. It has finally reached the limit of patience. I took the courage to say, "Hey, let me put it in ..." and my sister-in-law said, "No ... that's ... I can't put it in ... I just touch it ... It's bad for my sister ..." As I said, my cheeks were dyed crimson and my eyes were deeply moisturized.I rolled up my sister-in-law's skirt and put my hand on the rubber of my shorts and tried to shift it. Then my sister-in-law says, "I'll treat it as it is, so you can put it out ...". I wanted to be wrapped in the warmth of my sister-in-law. "No ... let me put it in ..." and my sister-in-law said, "You're in trouble ...". When I still tried to shift my sister-in-law's shorts, my sister-in-law said, "... wait ... I'll do it myself ..." The naked lower body of a 45-year-old mature woman appeared there. Although the lines of the limbs were slightly broken, the woman's color was still sufficient. He had a plump buttocks and thighs that were plump and plump than his wife. The woman's hill was covered with darker black pubic hair than her wife. As expected, there was only an older woman, and my sister-in-law straddled me lying on her back. My sister-in-law was completely exposed in front of me. By straddling, the closed shame cracked a little, and a female bud was visible above. My wife's buds are hidden in the folds of the flesh and it's hard to see, but maybe my sister-in-law's is big, it jumped out like broad beans and turned pink. The surrounding area was completely moistened with love juice, shining brightly, and ready to accept angry sticks at any time. My sister-in-law grabbed an angry stick. When the tip was rubbed against the broad beans, I was struck by the pleasure of jumping up, but I couldn't stand it. My sister-in-law just got on top and sucked in the male mass. My wife's place was narrow and it was cramped to enter, but my sister-in-law's place was loose and slippery. I entered smoothly. I wondered if it was so different depending on the woman.My sister-in-law became a horseman and started to move. , The face is covered with sweat and rhythms up and down while disturbing the hair. My left hand was rubbing my sister-in-law's buds, and my right finger was rubbing my breasts. And I pushed it up from below. Every time I push it up, my face is distorted painfully. Eventually, he stretched out like a Nio and showed the appearance of screaming. When the woman culminated, I wondered if she would be so violently disturbed, her hair swayed, her face sweaty, and her face changed. It was a form that my wife had never shown. Seeing the appearance of the raging woman, I was devoted to this woman and felt the satisfaction of conquering this woman. I was also impressed that the terrific appearance of the woman's face was transformed into a humble woman's face that wouldn't make you imagine this nasty, by putting on makeup and beautifully adjusting the face when things were over. The excitement of witnessing the amazing appearance of my sister-in-law quickly ended me. Eventually my sister-in-law also fell on my chest. The sister-in-law soon got out of my body, lay on her back, naked and in a big letter, with her shame exposed, and fainted with a big sigh, and did not move for a while. I was. Perhaps my sister-in-law thought that she had a man for the first time after her husband died. I thought it was so disturbed. Seeing the shameless nakedness, I conquered the woman and felt the bliss of a man who was satisfied with everything. My wife returned in the evening. The two welcomed their wife's return as if nothing had happened.I stayed at my sister-in-law's house that night, and when I lay down on the bed that my sister-in-law laid down, my wife rarely snuggled up to me. The soft skin of the woman who snuggled up shook the man's heart again. I pierced the meat folds of my naked wife in a brand new futon of another house. The wife was not disturbed like her sister-in-law and accepted the man modestly and gracefully. My wife was tighter than my sister-in-law. I couldn't stand the strong narrowing down, and I ended up with a few rhythms, but I endured Jit until my wife's writhing subsided.

With my son as a partner

yuna himekawa[33227]
My husband is a transfer family. It moves every two years. I have been working in rural areas for the past few years. It's been about 20 years since I graduated. Drinking parties like alumni associations are increasing. I used to go out when my son was out of hand. You did it in a TV drama, an alumni-related affair. If the person you longed for divorced and became single, there would be no woman who couldn't beat it. I should have just crushed. At his invitation, we met alone and went to bed. It was my first affair. In a word, she is good at sex. Unlike her husband's selfish sex, sex that makes a woman happy. Of course I was worried. Guilt of betraying her husband. What if you know? Even so, I will go if invited. When I heard about my friend's affair and heard it like someone else, I was like a lie. You have to be known. If you absolutely don't know ,. I told myself that, and as I met many times, the sense of crisis was paralyzed. I was feeling a little better. "Mom will be late, so eat alone ." I prepared my son's dinner and went out with excitement. I was a strict mother to my son. But it was also a reflection of myself . I regret many times if I should study a little more. Especially when it was small, it was so high that I couldn't help it."I for you." "Probably my vanity?" Was that even there or that became a quarrel with his son was. However, although I couldn't go to the university of my choice, he is a son who passed a fairly famous private university . It was one night. When I met him and came home, my son was in the living room. "What are you doing!" "What?" "I saw it." I realized everything in an instant. Every time I met him, I changed the place I met and the hotel I entered. The son, who was suspicious, turned on me and said he checked until he entered the hotel. I was told the name of the shop or hotel I entered and I can't return the words. "Say something!" "It's over. Everything!" It was hell for just a few days. Son When my husband came back told her husband, all Owa ,, I thought so that. I'm already mentally driven and angry. And the day before my husband came back. "What do you want to do?" ",,, I do to," "I kept secret. The one I Ri ,,," was a terrible proposal. Tell your husband everything and either get punished or accept your son . However, it seems that the son did not intend to talk to his husband from the beginning. I felt like I should have been able to play with my body for a while. I slept on the carpet and covered my face with my hands. "Is this ...?" Strip off my underwear and slap it as you likeI was a son. "No, stop ..." "Do you feel good?" "..." I can't help myself anymore. "If you do, let me do it!" "I don't know." I took off everything and put it on my son's lap. .. As was told "something like this ,, here" son, click with your thumb and index finger middle finger was raised collision so as to sandwich the Ritorisu and vagina. "No, I'm going!" "No, no, no, no, no, no!" I clung to my son's neck. "I'm blowing!" And accepted my son's. It's about the same size. But I felt bigger than him . "Tell me when you're sick! Don't put it inside!" He was the son who put it on his stomach properly. Then when I met him, I didn't feel much more fun than before. He was slamming at his place of employment. At first I sympathized with the Do's hard but, if compared to the husband, such as experience and unreasonable relocation, stupid things like good anyhow Ri. And "I do not longer meet. You have suspected, the I do not want to trouble." So told was lost is Ru and contact. My husband, who works silently, felt like a man and I loved him again. My son was far more worried about what he did that night than I was. Even though it was extremely expensive, I was ashamed to have threatened my mother.I treated my son cheerfully. "I can't help thinking about it, right?" "No, sometimes I want to do it again ..." He says he doesn't like that. "I'm bad! You shouldn't worry!" Forget everything and have sex! So Hisage I was proposed. "Because I broke up with him. Take responsibility." We love each other with our sons. Son be to try is a strange video started to say or "master." My body Rundesu. "Don't do it today! Leave it!" I'm in trouble if I'm reluctant, and I control my son's desires .

Married to father

Since I was little, I said that I would be my dad's wife, and on the day of the coming- of- age ceremony , I had my dad see everything and became my wife. I heard from a friend that it hurts at that time, but I was told that if I put up with it a little, it would be better, so I asked him to be kind to me, and I was surprised at how big a man was. When I saw something, I was afraid to touch it or put it in my mouth.

Young sperm

It is the housewife of the 50s. Rather than a full-time housewife, she has been working for about three days a week. Son of college students will have two people. Second son has been living alone, eldest son is at home. It made before about another year, but the opportunity is, was my friend's story. A friend of mine is also O what a housewife of the 50s, but recently, had been told the story by with could boyfriend of 25-year-old. The other day, she is recording a young life with him in voice recorder, me let me. She was suffering aloud, such as a different person. She seems unbearably want to brag to me. And, I appearance of life as well and finely This will be explained to me. Among them, I heard they had to irresistibly excitement was the story of ejaculation. The husband, unlike the momentum of ejaculation at all, it heard applied to the back. At the same, the amount also really, is so overflowing with the drop from there. My husband and is not only about once in 2-3 months, yet my husband would go ahead, I'm not satisfied at all. It does not have most Nante momentum of sperm, it does not have much amount. Even now, when you clean the son of the room, but tissue in the wastebasket there was a lot of, especially, did not become a naughty mood. However, from listening to her story, the son of the waste basket of tissue that has become no ginger in the mood. Unawares, every day, after the son went out, to see to expand the tissue of the wastebasket it has become to look forward to.Although we are almost dry, there is also the day of wet a little, had a look at the tissue of the wastebasket every day, while pounding. Only smelled a nasty smell, we have to N Asokoga personnel. Unawares, while sniffing the son of the tissue of smell, to masturbation son of bed it has become daily routine.


My wife's brother and wife and my wife's mother-in-law, who is 85 years old, came to my daughter's wedding from Tohoku. I was at a loss until the morning when I returned the day after the ceremony, but I took the plunge and asked my brother-in-law, "I don't know when my mother-in-law will come here, so why don't you take a break here for about a week? I will send it with you. " OK came out and that night I was embraced by my mother-in-law for the first time in more than 30 years. My wife has known the relationship between me and my mother-in-law since I was in my twenties. My mother-in-law's body was really weak, but since she was a young mother-in-law, she was crazy about her and hugged her. Speaking of "mother-in-law," he called me "good." I also remembered the kissing method I used to teach. I sucked on the completely shriveled tits. When I took off the drawer, I remembered how my mother-in-law sat up a little, as it used to be. No matter how much I licked my mother-in-law's pussy, it didn't get wet and it seemed impossible to put my fingers in it, so I went to the couple's bedroom to get lotion and my wife asked me, "Are you okay?" The wife seems to think that it is also a filial piety that her real mother associates with her husband. For 20 years after the husband died, my lonely mother-in-law was reunited with her 30-year-old son-in-law, and continued to call my name, and I was so moved that I ejaculated in my mother-in-law's womb. I did. It seems that my mother-in-law also felt it, but I didn't feel it. I brought a wet towel and wiped my mother-in-law's pussy. When I was illuminating it with a light, my semen came out and I was deeply moved. I applied the tissue and did not wear the drawers, but I put them together in front of my sleepwear and slept together. When I woke up the next morning, I tasted my mother-in-law's pussy while worrying about the time to go to work. My mother-in-law went out to the front door to work and said, "Welcome, come back early," with wrinkles on her cheeks dyed in cherry blossoms. Even when I'm old, I'm sure my son-in-law is crushing me. My favorite mother-in-law is also cute. See you soon.