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Incest confession of women(2017-08)

I have committed to my father.

yuna himekawa[31696]
I am OL of the 20-year-old. It has been etched in his father at the age of 19, but the drunk have, but I do not remember clearly much the contents of the time the first time, of the father in the bathroom when the mind has returned the pavilion is me It had entered and shot in the pussy. It is to try to overtake the Iya' Iya', but the arm does not move budge have traveling around the body.
There in memory is to fight with the boyfriend, drinking in the tavern at the friend and a woman to each other of the same company, drunk though, without remember also was back home, I stayed divorced the father when the mother is young since there is a father and two people living.
I returned that day, vomiting or was of but I remember a moment, after which is at all stores without, father when I noticed is contains the father of dick has been kissed my mouth, returned to us in feeling, to not be able to at all refused to pull out, until the father is satisfied, is etched, the rest is, me clean wash the body, out of the bathroom, in a stark-naked dazed and living room sofa when sitting in, my father came by, also touched the first time, I at that time, because another head was clear, I hate, I why, said, How can, sleep in a downward not answer anything Casale, and lifted buttocks, pushed from the back, because I boyfriend and the sex was doing to go, to father the feel revived and got agony out voice, and would finally say Ikuiku, father suddenly unplug dick, Push in, a lot out in the mouth, gone are to drink,
because the next day is the match face was embarrassed, out to silently work, stopped to a woman friend home to not go back to 3 schedule home I got, but I went to work Te, without my place to come also visit a boyfriend friend, the way without to go home, when the match father and face, but my father apologize reservoir tears to the eyes. Becomes poor, good yo, to thing that done anymore, I have got to say that because I'm bad was drunk,
from that day, was about one week does not have anything.


And we have a relationship nephew was a four-year university at that time (the son of the brother of the husband).
I am 31 years old, nephew was 23 years old.
Since then, but I thought that there is no sorry for my husband, I than 10 years older than
Unlike my husband, I went devoted to violent sex with young nephew.
I to inexperienced nephew had felt the pleasure also to the Tehodoki sex.
Of the children who are three persons, the daughter of the bottom is the nephew of the children definitely.
Soon she was pregnant to do with his nephew.
Now I 62-year-old, nephew is 54 years old. The other day I finished an anniversary of the master.
Already there is also a fact that children also Standing alone, the house was left intact,
from about six months ago, has been living in the nephew of the apartment.
Nephew got married in the 30s, but it is single since divorced in about two years.
There is also hope of nephew, I am alive as the \"wife\" of nephew now.
Of course, nephew is me now also asked for my body.
We obtained the pleasure in sex with loved ones even if the 60-something
did not Some think that so happy.

Son to jealousy

I the relationship between housewife you, but the 17-year-old son of the 42-year-old
will be in nearly a year.
Now is my husband I have come back from the appointed destination in the Obon holiday,
it is I'm problems.
Son is like a bad mood in the state in which jealous of his father.
My husband something to or grab my chest, when you are in the toilet
something when you are taking a bath is pushing to forcibly
been suddenly push the thing that Ikirita' stripped the underwear,
was \"my father many times ? I many times went you! \"
I'm angry with.
Because I care about is not care,
\"I do not gone but there was one time!
I who goes gonna when you with you,\"
but we are in such subsided anger and say,
my husband is in the appointed destination Back when it from
because not come back until the end of the year,
so say to clean the hair of the lower When the husband comes back I will,
\"I good!\"
I was allowed to promise that,
I'm a little uneasy feeling.
I also how to progressively son of H in recent years because
the body is the squid is also really felt many times in response
... because happy always
have to feel this earlier somehow scary.

The I had to have the relationship with his son.

I am a single mother of a 38-year-old unmarried.
There are boys now high school two years, two years ago,
becomes increasingly strange atmosphere, it has at last been tied to last year.
I, the boyfriend of the child's father, several times with sex, pregnant, but I wanted to get married, the boyfriend has a poor On'naguse, me also to stay even a woman any person other than,
play because such as those to have sex with anyone in like a sense, goodbye, give birth to children in the home, out of the family home from a child is placed in a nursery school, I was brought up their children in the apartment living.
Until before I about half a year, and without that experience to go, by the sex with the son, to experience the go, sex does not also think that so pleasant, sex with a boyfriend in only memories painful did.

I lost my reason

I am a 42 year old ordinary housewife. It was a matchmaking marriage with my husband. It is natural that the owner of a long-distance truck driver, once he goes out for work, travels from Hokkaido to the Sea of ​​Japan, from Kanazawa to Nagoya, and does not return for more than a week. While my husband was away, something that shouldn't have happened. My son has a natural disability and is now forced to live with us at home after leaving a special class. I'm 17 years old this year, but my disability isn't that much, it's a little intelligently inferior to the average person. Anyway, my son was also a sensitive age, and when he went out, he borrowed some suspicious videos or accidentally found them in a convenience store bag, but he kept a magazine that was almost naked by a woman. .. I'm a man for that, so I don't say anything, and I don't talk to my husband at all. But when I see the reality of Tish being thrown like a mountain in a trash can when I have no son, I wonder if he can get married in the future? It seems pitiful. At one point, my husband was away from work in the Kansai area for five days. Around the end of the night, my son quietly came to my room and asked such a sudden question, "What kind of body do mothers and women have?" I wasn't surprised at all. I think it's because I always kept in mind that I would treat my son with such an idea. "Why did you suddenly think about that?" "Because even if you look at various books and videos, you can't understand the actual structure of your body just by looking at it. And you can't see it in the video because of the pattern."So while standing beside my bed, I looked down and said. "Well, from being punished by touching the law and to show or all of the video. So I was not gonna are devised so as to see" "Do so, Well's bad you" , "is when a high-chan also be seen all day come from " " Hey Mom, my wonder if me listen to ask? " " What? I ask? " " ..... " " What happened? I say anything, " I also son of course as a mother When I think of a fact that is cute, let alone a little sensuously different from ordinary young people, I want to do what I can. That was an honest idea. "I don't know a woman ..." "So I know that when I grow up a little more . " "I want to know now. I really want to know." As soon as I said that, my son was in my heart. I left my body to touch. Speaking of 17 years old, the body is already an adult. Involuntarily I fell back because of the weight. "Stop fooling around." "I'm not fooling around. I only have a mother, and I don't think I can get married with this kind of body." " I'm sure I'll find a good partner. " It's okay to take a break ... I want a mother now. " " Taka-chan, parents and children can't do that. I understand. " I never got angry without thinking. I was born with a disability at the root.I think there was such pity as a parent. But my son didn't try to break off on me, and on the contrary, he lowered his hand and started putting it in my skirt. What should i do? To be honest, I was worried. Even though it is such an adolescent age, there is no one to solve it, and ordinary women may not be able to go out with them in the future. If my husband didn't know ... For a moment, such a devil's whisper shook my mind. "Okay. If Taka-chan wants to do that, it's okay, but that's definitely the secret of only two people, and don't just get pregnant. If you can promise that, you can leave your mother free." "Yeah, I promise." "Let's take a bath together? And let's clean up." My son answered my suggestion with a big smile, and a few minutes later he took a bath together. And what I saw there ... When I first saw my son's, I couldn't hide my surprise for a moment. Is it really that thick and long? I didn't want to compare it with my husband, but I had no experience with other men, so I naturally thought of my husband. It was so angry that it pierced the heavens in front of me, and I could see that it was pulsing clearly, and I could easily see that it was about 20 cm in size by eye measurement. "Mom, what are you staring at?" "Oh! Yeah, I'm not sure." "Okay, I'm surprised because I'm so good." "Yeah, yeah. But honestly, Taka-chan is really a woman. Do you have any experience with other people? ""I'm sure it's not there. There's no woman who listens to me like this, and I can't even get close to myself," I understood as my son said. "Then it's really my mother's first time?" "Yeah, because my favorite is my mother." The son said, waiting for me to come out, turn around on his back, and put his big hands on his breasts from behind. I started to massage it slowly. In proportion to that, the big thing hit the buttock and it was just about to be inserted. Eventually my son turned me forward. And when I took my hand, it led me to my own, and this time I reached from the front to my crotch and gently touched my genitals. "Here?" "What ?" "What a man wants most" "Well, that's right. " "I definitely want it. Can you say it once? I'm sure I've seen it in the video. I really want to taste what it feels like. " " I see ... " I put my son's in his mouth. I had lost all my shame in the bathroom. I came here with the intention of answering my son's desires ... My son instinctively said, "Wow!" I slowly moved it up and down and licked it with my tongue, but my son was just fascinated and couldn't go, and in the end I was so tired that my mouth was ridiculous. "Hey, okay? Mom's tired . " " Okay, I'll put it in here.""A place like this?" "Yeah, I feel so much and I want to put it in my mother as it is. It's my first experience." Before the words ended, I was slowly knocked down on my back and my son's hand I spread my legs. I just brought my face closer, spread that part of my hand, and started caressing with my tongue. I was so good that I was skeptical about the exquisite tongue usage (Is this child really the first time to have sex?). In particular, the caress of the clitoris was so relentless that I came, and when I gradually put my tongue into my vagina, I stopped at the top, bottom, left, and right and manipulated it freely to make me faint in agony. "I 'll be patient ... my mother will come." "Yeah, can I play with you?" "Put in ... fill the inside quickly." It was my true intention. I knew that my love juice was overflowing because I was messed up so much, and when I came here, I wanted a feeling of fullness in my vagina at the end. Once my son left me, he slowly overlapped again, and at the same time it was pushed into me. The feeling of competence was very indescribable, and I felt that all the flesh walls were pushed open, and the reaction and resistance firmly wrapped around my son's. "Mother ... amazing. It feels great ... this is a woman." "Is it pleasant? It's good. Is n't it good to be a mother? " "It's great. It feels so good that the mouth is incomparable. do I " " sit still to have. " " Why? " " good because ... "I told my son that, and when he felt he had stopped moving, I took the plunge into my lower abdomen. "Oh! What's this feeling? What did your mother do?" " Did you understand ?" "Yeah, it's amazing ... My mother's inside was swaying and I felt comfortable. it! " I had been told from my husband. That of you is very moving. Especially when I move it consciously, I don't think most of them will have it. I remembered that and tried it with my son. As the master said, when he tasted the movement, he turned into an ecstatic look that he was dying, and began to move his hips violently, and then it was completed in less than thirty seconds. "Mom, thank you," "finished did?" "Yeah, really to the Ika' feelings, such feelings can say is Nante was in this world. The other'm for with their own hands has become silly." "Well Ya' burrs quite hidden Did you masturbate? " " Yeah, I did it ten times a day. " " If I'm okay with my mother, I 'll have fun only when I'm not with my dad for a while. " " Is my mother okay with me? " Yes, I'm glad." He was a son, not a son. I was completely a man, and while I was terrified at what I did, I wanted to dispel my anxieties in the future (this is fine, because it's for my son, because he's pitiful ... ) That's right, I was just defending myself. Let's not think about the future! That is my honest feeling now.

Mistakes only once ...

Ah, now the feeling in and out of Cali in the vagina be left far, horny lust does not stop. I was embraced by the real son it \"I only once\", is I is not likely requires' s \"only once\". Husband's wrong. Because it does not me hugging me more than six months. Oh, still I like being in a son.

I have can and son

During this time Saturday, because the husband in the wake and funeral of the relatives of the husband did not go at work, and I went with two people I 39-year-old son 17 years old.
After the wake, should you get to stop the relatives of the house, our mother and child to come than expected relatives from all over is I was supposed to stay at the hotel. And we not take only double the hotel room in the fact that Saturday ... to sleep in the same bed with his son.
Take a bath with two people, but wearing a hotel in pajamas I was lying in bed, to say that no matter how my son is worrisome and sleeping in the same bed, did not sleep very much.
Son to there, and \"I mother, I mourning was very Iroppoka'.\", Has been making fun.
If I do not become seriously, saying, \"What I are you talking mature.\", Remember the old days, I began to tickle the son of the body.
Son had also escaped the first what tickles, but I have them over a tickle in my body.
And noticing was not splash the quilt, overhanging to me.
And staring at the face of his son, his son if Tsumure the eyes I've been kissed embrace me.
No way, and becomes a thing to the son of a real ,, and I'll put a tongue in son's mouth, son also come to put your tongue in my mouth.
Then, you come rub the chest put \"Mom, I'm good.\" Hand in my pajamas to say.
And son of the penis, which corresponds to my waist and stomach had become hard.
Although I was allowed to use while freedom of the son, I do not try to Susumo to its earlier, slowing only if choking and put me in the chest from pajamas.
When asked \"Yu-kun (son), your first time.\", Son nodded.
\"Because I'll be the mom you were.\" He said, lay the son to bed, was raised by example sucking the penis If you naked.
What a pathetic voice as \"Oh, mom.\".
However, more of the penis have become hard in the same way as my husband, I know at any moment likely to ejaculation.
So I also became a naked, Ategai to my crotch to have a son of the penis spans son of hip, I was raised dropped the waist put into me.
Honestly, at that time I did not have even thought Nante contraception if you are also excited me.
Simply just, son of the penis is in the inside of me, it was it just satisfaction.
However, after a few minutes emits a large amount of semen son in me, I have received while my living.
And to raise the waist pull out the son of the penis, is the son of hip fell semen To dripping water, I thought I was issued the first time raw become at that time.
I was passing a crotch immediately taking a bath, but has become a large son of the penis and again go to bed.
I think that familiar, even that night, what with it from 2 hours position was not connected to the son.
When you wake up in the morning, my son has slept Usu is my next door.
And naked I also unexpected clothe son Isshi.
What I love liquid and the son of semen is a mixture had become a stain per Bettori the sheets.

Brother of a high 3 of husband

I is based on a 32-year-old high school teacher.

My husband worked at a trading company with 31-year-old


Attack from behind widow, stripping the kimono that is worn, attached Cry in the pussy, suck lick, Buchikomu my big Big Penis in the pussy, push up, push up, turn lick the whole body,

I love my dad

I love my father as much as Yumi of 31420. I used to take a bath together until the fifth grade, but my mother told me that I shouldn't take it anymore , and my father was disappointed but gave up. The first man decided to be his father. About two years after graduating from university and getting a job at a company in the metropolitan area, my father called me. I'm going there on a business trip, but since the meeting time is early, I'm thinking of going the day before, but he asked me to stay in Hua Ren's room . I said, "Welcome, any number of days , I'm glad, I want to see you soon." On that day, I left the company early in the morning, bought my father's favorite sashimi and alcohol, went home, and cleaned the room. I did and did the laundry, but the time passed so late that I sometimes looked at the clock, wandered around, and always before I went to bed, but on this day I finished the shower and calmed down. It wasn't time. The intercom rang after 7 o'clock, and I hurriedly released it and went to the front door to fly . I jumped up from me, hugged for about a minute , "What's wrong with Hua Ren, are you crying?" I'm crying with joy. "Because I've been waiting for a long time, it's hard to come. " I 'm lonely and lonely" I got up, talked a little about my mother and younger brother, and took a bath "Dad, should I wash my back?" "That's right.I wonder if I'll have Hua Ren wash it for the first time in a long time. "I washed my father's big back with shorts and a shirt as close as I could touch my chest ." I was embarrassed, "I just took a shower, I'm preparing rice, I have a bath towel," and my father came out in his pajamas. "Oh, that was a good bath, that's Hana. Lotus has seen my dad naked, I've grown up, I want to see Hua Ren, I'm sly, let's go to the room, Hua Ren, I want you to see it soon, but I'm embarrassed and silent It was. I gently put my hand around my waist and push it. When I walked slowly and opened the bedroom door, I said, "Wow, it smells good, it smells like lotus, I'm excited, show me." I took off my shirt and started working on my shorts, but soon I was told that I hadn't taken it off, "I saw all of my dad, so this time it's Hua Ren 's turn ." .. I made up my mind, I was about to take off my underwear with my shorts, "Huaren, you're beautiful, you're in love with me, it's wonderful , Hua Ren takes off from your bra or panties. I took it from my bra and took my shorts in front of my father without any hesitation. "No, I'm embarrassed, I'm the only one, as I was seen until the fifth grade . Dad is also naked. ”He took off his pajamas and put on his pants, oh.I'm surprised, it's different from the bath, my dad's that is big, upwards, and when I'm surprised, "Huaren is bad, Huaren that my dad knows , my chest was still, and my bottom was still It didn't grow, and there was just a vertical streak in the plump place, and that's how stunning it is, and my dad gets so excited that I've never seen it . " My mouth was closed, my tongue entwined my tongue, I licked everything in my mouth, my dad's big thing hit my navel, and there seemed to be a nude one. For the first time , I had a male-female relationship with a fellow university student who had a little drink to celebrate adulthood and was excited and dependable as a man . My heart, which I thought my father was the first person, broke. But it was a wonderful night with my dad . I am so grateful to my father that a man makes me so crazy, delighted , and even gives me a cry of joy . Oh yeah, when I was cleaning my dad with my mouth after finishing in me, it changed again and he also moved his hips and put it in my mouth , for the first time It was an experience.

Son and Masturbation

42 is a housewife of years old. Son of 18-year-old There are.
My husband and has one degree of sex in two days, but always my husband
ends with ejaculation in 5 minutes position.
I now have been left behind, every day of frustration
to masturbation when you take a bath has become a habit
One day, 3 o'clock around, I was masturbating in the bath.
Comfortably made, I have put out involuntarily loud voice.
At that time, Pattodoa a son to open came in naked.
View When the penis was erect much become bursting
grip the erect penis while his son stood, treatment and had
son, to watch mom, a 5-minute position to saying
was ejaculation.
I also imperceptibly their local and was rubbed with a finger
so as to show it also son
time will soon also I was trying to Mukaeyo cum,
pay my hand son in silence, me rubbing the crack It was.
It celebrated its climax in less immediate excitement.

Father doting sister and I

I 21 years old, sister of Mao is 23 years old.
This is a story from the previous from about 10 years now.
At that time my father is 40 years old, my mother was an ordinary family who are anywhere in the 38-year-old, until the mother's death is.
My father you are connecting to love very much the mother, the hand also to where to go.
Night, even two people Toko watching TV in the living room is are you looking at holding hands each other asked the body.
When you go to the toilet happening from casual that the middle of the night, there was also heard a panting voice of the mother and close to the go of the parents of the room.
There was also that I do not hear I think two people in mind children are in love.
However, it was different to the mother was also thought to be very loved father.
One day suddenly, there was a phone call from the police.
And my mother was a forced double suicide.
And location is a love hotel, the other party was the ex-boyfriend of the mother.
From me and my sister is the story of a person's relatives at the time of the funeral can not see the figure of the mother, the hand of the mother of the hand and the ex-boyfriend is not connected by a red cord, to say that it was his underwear both of whom was.
And seems it was after love each other two people, semen has been detected in ex-boyfriend from the body of the mother, the mother is so was pregnant.
And in table suicide note and divorce mother wrote paper and Chichiate
is there was a paper of marriage report that contains the mother and the name of the ex-boyfriend.
The suicide note father and of apology and the stomach to me and Aneate children is so was written with the ex-boyfriend children.
My father was only but also just head down the funeral seemed very shocked.

The father began to gradually change was when I was one month from it.
Father and mother from childhood, from entering the bath had become commonplace in my and the sister 4 people.
Before my mother died, my sister had said has become a 13-year-old as \"entering and another dad No.\".
My father is said that thing to my mother I had come in to forcibly take a bath that contains the \"Why, do. Not that good because parents and children that do,\" saying three people.
But, I was like to get to wash the body in such a father.
Sister to the father that the mother is depressed died had entered with three people not say disgusting to take a bath together.
My father has had me wash up every nook and corner of the body of my sister and I, we went changed little by little from that time.
The is good to us to wash the body to stand my sister and I, but I come stroking embrace Asked body in two of the body-ridden after the soap was over.
Like father and older sister is about to leave loath has shed tears, but my sister and I be made to leave, but is his father it was followed by every night.

Stick is to embrace the nephew

It is a housewife of 46 years old. My husband half of Shigotogara month is a business trip. Son also has self-supporting. Nephew of 19-year-old has come close to the company housing in a transfer this year. Since eating out, such as we sometimes come to a meal called to the house. Nephew also If I be you because alcohol is like to drink with two people at the dinner \"was able her\" not paying no attention I think that it is a joke \"Actually like people like a Aunt\", will be kissing tired embrace suddenly directly below. Leave it to drunkenness and \"of are saying joke. Stop by,\" \"I like Aunt to really\" without having to bother bad been confessed to his nephew younger than the son \"Really, thank you. But I only kiss\" we have combined lips. That day gave me back it just while receiving a violent kiss of young nephew.

You may go to the meal there is a phone call from his nephew in 2-3 days! Was answered with \"I'll good\" because say. Though I thought the only meal the beginning, nephew was drinking in because what has been brought to the souvenir beer saying, \"Well a little bit,\" two people. When you have as much as 30 minutes, \"Aunt, like\" Nante has been holding me from behind spoiled nephew. \"Dameyo. It kind because relatives that you are.\" I was trying to Tashinameyo to say that, but the nephew is let me look back from behind, we have to match the lips. Not something kiss for more than another five years with the master. I wonder if the good be something young child and kiss! I also I have combined lips in response to the kiss of nephew while I think. It is good at kissing habit quite young. Tongue also been entwined. Both hands are massaged the tits. My long kiss was also excited. \"Show me Aunt tits\" nephew I remove the dexterity to bra rolled up my shirt. Another embarrassing. The breasts that have been hanging is bare. Nephew has been with sucking nipples. I was also asked embrace the nephew would feel. An attempt was made to Nugaso the panty down to \"Aunt want\" my skirt. A nephew, \"because I'll be the Yuji Aunt\" is to stand in front of me, and. Remove the pants Remove the chuck Remove the belt of trousers, it had already pants raised. I would it even. Remove, has been facing up is amazing erect dick. Was covered with lips involuntarily hold it. And hard and gushing have so young. Large thick Unlike my husband. Once you have five minutes or sucking licking and \"would come out Aunt\", I have to out who does not let the mouth, full semen was blowout in my mouth and face. It is amazing the amount. It was the smell, such as the young male chestnut. \"I'm sorry, because pleasant your mouth aunt, got came out\" has been raised to wipe the \"Hehehe, great amount full gone out\" nephew cock of After wiping his face. But it's a still remain large. But \"Today Now you put away,\" it was to go home to say.

My incest discourse

yuna himekawa[31479]
I'm 28 years old and have a single girlfriend (announcement) 178/65 Masao Kusakari or Hiroshi Abe ... Opponent 22 years old Single boyfriend 154/43 Photograph refusal It seems to be a small animal system and a young feeling. My boyfriend living together is a chef at the age of 39. I came home late and my life didn't suit me. Free time & frustration. It's been a while since I started talking about erotic stories, and three days later I'll talk about drinking. I was worried that the exchange of sha-mail was refused, but I decided to have an interview if it was within the edible range. I promised to drink only for the first time because the hotel was reluctant to meet on the same day. While saying "OK", this is the purpose of spear. Determined to attack with the air on the spot. I've heard requests for clothes, and I think it's good. 10 minutes to wait at the meeting place with excitement on the day. Kita━━━━━━ ヽ (・ ∀ ・) ノ ━━━━━━ !! This is similar to the rumored hiro ?? Hair and skin are beautiful, and the voice is cute, so go to a private bar. She takes off her jacket at the store. In winter, this moment is the turning point of judgment. Estimated D-cup breasts ━━━━━━ (゜ ∀ ゜) ━━━━━━ !! The position of the chest is quite high → Judged as beautiful breasts without permission → Inner heart (; ´Д) Clavicle from huh It's perfect, and I'm dying for a breast & amp; clavicle fetish. At this point, the end of drinking only disappears from the head. Wait, my son, the treat after a long time is right in front of me !! (`・ ω ・ ´) Start drinking while toasting. Her boyfriend's complaints are repeated. It's a little withered. Delusion inwardly while giving a moderate amount of reciprocity. Desire filter starts working ... "Yeah ~ it's hard ~" (Beautiful nail art ~ Handjob Bonne) "Well, what do you mean?" (Oh? It's a glass empty. ) "Ah, I don't understand it" (Sake is gradually coming around ??) It's about 2 hours like this. She stands in the bathroom → 1 minute later she goes to the bathroom too. Encountered by chance in the aisle in front of the toilet.The moment I thought it was an opportunity, I hugged her and hugged me. ━━━━ (゜ ∀ ゜) ━━━━ !!! Oh? What ?? I was a little dismayed by the unexpected development. However, she turns her hands around her back to grab her. "Ah ~ I'm really relieved ~" and sticks his forehead. Wow, I thought it was cute, and my son woke up from a long sleep !! Wow, Ikan Ikan, today's pants are two 680 yen trunks. The rubber is also loose. When I get up, I draw a beautiful arch under my pants. Yeah, calm down, calm down and scream in my heart → My son violently resists. "... I'm hitting my stomach yo ..." Oh, did you get caught? Is that so. It's not cool ... Laughing while looking down and cheating kiss → Success. Moe to sigh when you let go of your mouth. I returned to my seat as it was, but I didn't sit down and left the store with my luggage and went to a love hotel. Even when I entered the room, I kept getting it from my arm and getting sticky. Hmmm, I like skinship more than sex. I also welcome you to enjoy pseudo-romance. Stroking or hugging your hair. Flirt on the sofa while watching TV. He seems to like kissing and asks again and again. Eventually, the tongue battle began, and each other became moe. When I take off my clothes, I see pretty beautiful breasts. Sucking while saying huh. Slip between the legs while rubbing the tits. She feels good with her breasts !! She panting with a cute voice that seems to feel her breasts. I like it ~ That voice is good !! I wonder what's going on underneath ~? The light blue pants were soaked. (; ´Д) Caress with the entire palm → Trace with your finger from the top of the pants. She panting while twisting herself. Grasp the waist firmly and continue caressing."Ah, no, no ... uhhhhhhh"? The movement stopped ... Is it okay? It feels good ?? "..." No reply. It's just like a dead woman ... It's the first time I've passed away from the top of my pants. I'm very happy. Take a break for a while and take a bath together. Blow changing offense and defense in the bath. Far from being a blow job, this child is licking all over her body ... It's tickling but it feels really good !! The mouth blow job is gone in just a few minutes. Little ... impatient son. She drinks up with an erotic look. However, my son does not wither for some reason. Oh yeah, it's been a while since I've had a new property. It revives with a cleaning fellatio and stands back in the bathroom. However, I can't poke it because of a slight height difference. I gave up and rematched in bed after taking a bath. When cunnilingus, it hangs down to the butt. "It's easy to get wet. It's naughty ~", a solid word attack. orz "I'm sorry, turn off the electricity ~" Kunekune The appearance of twisting herself is good again !! My son is also gingin. It's getting painful, so I smashed the pine needles and stabbed in → back. It is too wet and the coefficient of friction is close to zero. I'm sorry. But she feels it. He passed away in a few minutes and was sick. → Turned over on his back and entered at missionary posture. I feel like I'm committing a non-resisting girl. "Kiss and kiss," she said. While thrusting at the missionary position, rub the breasts and make a deep kiss → die at the same time → two shells. If I fall asleep and wake up, it's 3 o'clock in the middle of the night. I can't go home YO !! I can't help but sleep again and get up early in the morning → Muramura disease onset → Attack → (゜ Д ゜) Uma Yabai I can't make it in time for the company yo ... The two of us called the company for sick leave. Chief Sumaso. After that, I rented a car and went to Fuji-Q to see what went wrong. A shabby suit and a stubble beard.Stupid bare. .. .. (* ´∀ `) ノ It was a weekday, but the eyes of the junior high school students on the excursion (?) Hurt. Play until the evening and send to the nearest station to dissolve. The best encounter in a married woman off-pied. I will meet again if the time is right.

Son and mother I

Son is a college student, I am a housewife (43 years old).
Husband in the spring of this year, in the absence of current in the bachelor, he lives in a son and two people.
But, a few days after leaving a house husband at the bachelor, is Kudoka from his son,
the beginning but was surprised the next day, also in the same Kudoka is finally Persuasion of I also son
, I had fallen.
But, college student son was a virgin. For this reason, my mother is a virgin son
was raised robbing.
My husband is up to 16 days from 11 days, you come back to the house.
The alibi work ,,, and son have sex with her husband in the meantime
son of the students, and was a prime want to do with me every day, I also son and
I want to do every day.

The same nice people and ideal father

Brother, when I was Kazuyuki birthday, at that time I was seventeen years old.
Father and mother, if you are talking about, such as \"Kazuyuki is Toka want to do anything in the future, not like she is not\", \"YuYoshi is, I if I do that, favorite type is coming from kana\" to me immediately \" I absolutely, I have good people like Papa, such the people mon is Nante married unless appeared \"mother anywhere in the\" Papa is so good, I do not know \"
me\" first, would be always bright, then who it friendly also,'s a mom and dad always good friends, well so much your face, 's not kana \"Papa\" Hey face handsome would be nice best \"everyone lol.
If there is such a thing, I have a job, let me be your job a very rewarding, very pleasant workplace. And very nice, so dad position, is No daddy or more, the occasion of the \"social-Colloquium\" in the annual event, in the story of the President, that work, that of your family, that was impressed with such confidence that , or, I want you to let such that there was really happy, there was a such a story. I, wondering, but I was not worried, look up to, \"I very father was raised their hands to take the plunge, the ideal person, so if you get married, I want to marry someone like my father, that - I'm more of an ideal than is come \"president\" that sounds wonderful, congratulations, I will think whether because Osako's also friendly, here, for more information I would not say, of which I want to hear all means \"such a thing is there is, I was three months too, from human affairs, I'm a statistics article in the work that I am in charge, there was a request of the Hoshi to deliver to the hotel that the conference. \"Since a little more time consuming but bad, please wait in room\" and passes the material to the president because I was told, the room went to, but three were Irasshai back in about ten minutes, \"I have kept you waiting in it was bad put away, by the way, I I'm talking about that had previously Osako-san said, is a story that ideal person appeared. actually I also, long time ago, talking to, such as not married is not the person, such as a mother the time is there, I'm reminded by the story of Osako-san, I also, but I do what to say, I was a wonderful mother, to our children also were tender, father also often very relationship Te, but I'm such a home in the lovely bride was not wanted. my wife does not mean to say that bad, my wife is a good wife, you would say, my ideal of the people, it is, Osako YuYoshi is Mr., I am myself surprised But is such old, What I want you to let a dream of youth, yes, I think I heard was Irassha' the ideal person of Osako's, would be good to ask let the other \"in another pounding, of their own beating has overwrought place that sounds, it seems there is between very long, not remember well, but clearly \"that ... that I am I, yes I would like to talk, I know that the President's in the way very familiar , but, because it is a nice wife has come, is happy just to think \"
 on the sofa, very, very nice kiss, and your meal while watching the beautiful night view, I think that it will not last a lifetime.
Currently, it is a very nice father-in-law's.

Forcibly to my father-in-law

In the morning, my husband went to work, my daughter went to school, fluttered and cleaned up, and finally I was able to drink tea after 9 o'clock. Around that time, my father-in-law who was away came. "Mikiko-san, make some tea," and sat down next to me. When I turned to the side to make tea, I was called "Mikiko" and was hugged and grabbed my chest. I said "No, my dad" and paid my hand, but my father-in-law doesn't care, I put my hand under the T-shirt and lifted up my bra to grab my boobs. I didn't quit even if I said "Please stop." On the contrary, both nipples were picked from behind and groped. I had to masturbate with my husband only once a month. It's a part that I feel very much, and when my father-in-law tampered with my nipples, I felt naughty and my pussy ached. When I turned around and said, "Dad, please stop it," my father-in-law blocked my lips. It's no good anymore. At last, I pressed my lips against my father-in-law and sucked each other and gave up my tongue. After kissing for a while, my father-in-law took off my shirt, took off my bra, took down the skirt chuck, took it down with my panties, and was stripped naked. And my father-in-law takes off his shirt and stands in front of me. "Take it off," nodded a little, took off the belt from my father-in-law's pants, lowered his pants, turned to the side, and lowered his pants. My father-in-law pressed his hips against my face. The cock and pubic hair that haven't erected yet are on my face. "Mikiko, suck me" I put a small cock in my mouth without refusing. At first it looked like a small wiener, but as soon as I licked it with my tongue and sucked it, it grew bigger and bigger, and finally I got an erection that couldn't fit in my mouth.After licking it for a while, my father-in-law picked me up naked and rubbed my boobs. When I felt my nipple sucked and hugged my father-in-law's head and made a pant voice, my father-in-law's hand touched the pussy. It's been a long time, so I was embarrassed to get wet. "Mikiko No, I'm wet while saying no." No, when I shook my head, my father-in-law spread my legs and crouched in my crotch. The pussy was spread with the finger and the clitoris was licked. While licking the chestnut, put one finger inside and move it. My husband has never done this. It was my first pleasure. "Dad, no, I'm about to die." "Let's die because it's okay." I passed away in less than five minutes. If I couldn't move and enjoyed the afterglow, my father-in-law put on an arm pillow and hugged me. I was already putting my lips together without any resistance. My father-in-law took my hand and grabbed my cock. It remained erected. The lingering sound after his death was soothing that he was held in his father's chest for a while. "Mikiko, can I put it in?" I can't reply. I'm cheating. My father-in-law got up, opened my body, put a hard cock on the pussy and pushed in while prying open the entrance with the tip. The larger glans of my husband went inside and rubbed the vaginal wall and went all the way in. "Oh, dad feels good. It's been a long time. It's amazing!" But dad worked hard for about 20 minutes and they passed away together. My father-in-law says that when I was hugging each other as it was and the cock was still in it, I was panting by saying something very disgusting. I closed my "embarrassing" father-in-law's lips. My father-in-law lay away. I sat next to my father-in-law, took off the condom and wiped the small cock with a towel.It seems that my father-in-law was peeking at my masturbation when I was drinking tea while hugging each other naked with Softer for a while. Then my father-in-law's cock that I was holding became fine again. I turned my face down in my father's crotch and held it while playing with the ball. My father-in-law picks my nipples and stimulates me. After a while, my father-in-law sits down on the carpet. "Mikiko, just ride on me." Yeah? I thought, but when I opened my crotch and put it on my father-in-law's sitting and hugging positively, the cock stuck in the pussy as it was. It's called face-to-face sitting. It makes me feel shy when everyone hugs their faces and makes a pussy. I immediately put my lips together. If my father-in-law does not move, he stays still with it fitted. It will bully you by playing with your boobs, touching your clitoris, and even touching the hole in your ass. I couldn't stand it at last, so I pushed my dad down and became a woman on top posture and shook my hips.

Asked the father-in-law

I am a housewife of 28 years old. My husband is being appointed abroad alone.
He died two years ago, father-in-law of his wife (the mother-in-law) I the personal belongings of the care of the father-in-law who live in the neighborhood asked my husband had been every day.
And it has a washing dishes in the kitchen I have been hugged from behind the father-in-law. Father-in-law was I thought I Naa's a nice person at 53 years old.
I father-in-law has been embraced become poor.
Father-in-law is Horny penis than my husband was also a splendid than his master.
It has been squid many times in the caress of the father-in-law.
I was watching a father-in-law as a man. Should embrace someday,
chest or carried out by wearing a mini skirt from such a thought the appearance Resona clothes
might have been invited from me or go come.
So I was happy when the hug was.
Is the kiss had been entwined tongue from me.
I had loved the father-in-law. Father-in-law also told me that it is the same feeling
will likely go the father-in-law I am with back Nishigami hip entwined legs of the father-in-law
I have said that I want you to put in the sperm of your father-in-law's.
Father-in-law gave me a violent ejaculation in my womb.

Seikatsu of the father-in-law

I am a housewife of 30 years old. My husband is a company member of the 35-year-old.
I do not have children. My husband has many business trip, also to come back occasionally early
is no one year the night of life to say that tired. I am still active.
Go shopping, it is well wrecked. For when you are now
I am which is likely to go. I will throb every day.
My friend is so are the Saffle with less.
Satomi also said to Make Saffle, something scary and
you do not have the courage to take one step.
I was masturbating on the couch the other day. Beginning from the top of the panties
I was not touched, but took off becomes comfortable panties
came out full of love juice from directly touching and dick.
The Nasty delusion inflation was to stimulate the chestnut.
Father-in-law opened the referred to as Satomi ... eyes stood.
\"Do you have from your father-in-law's What time?\"
\"It does not answer I called Te's Satomi front door is open is a funny voice
- I showed me from the beginning because I heard\"
I ended up seen masturbating in the father-in-law It was.
Father-in-law is'm muscular and have trained the body from a young age at 55 years old.
\"What if? Does not the son Nante be in Satomi myself\"
\"I want to me but does not have another year ... and that person.
What I'm your father-in-law's I do ...\"
I chest of father-in-law I have cried. Father-in-law hugged softly
told me rub your back.
\"Satomi me a good was I'm the parent-child of by-law partner
my friends husband and'll have nothing people guy you are married and sex in a less\"
\"your father-in-law's ... Please hugging me ... can not I put up with the other N \"
\" I'm good Satomi - \"
father-in-law tongue from me have put a tongue in my mouth been the kiss
I have entwined. Father-in-law to the naked undress so as to strip off my clothes
I have been. Father-in-law systemic fuck with your left hand to fill the face to my chest
I will pant voice uncontrollably when agitated put two fingers touch the dick
I have put out. \"~ I because I do not put up with Satomi's\"
father-in-law gave me lick my dick. Chestnut also licked
been out the tongue in the vagina I have I have been squid.
I was totally surprised and Nugasu the pants and the pants of the father-in-law.
Length in the thickness of the milk bottle position is located 20 centimeters.
My husband is not only the thumb position. Even people that were dating before marriage
could not stomach such a big man.
I was sniffing the man of the smell and the grip Hozuri.
We can not go in my mouth.
I wonder enter into my like this big? Only by imagination
will come wet.
Glans is in normal position is moving slowly hip devoted to the vaginal opening
it was came in Merimeri and vagina. Progressively it was a little painful
came accustomed. Glans will hit on the way back.
I will be attached comfortably father-in-law Nishigami.
If the law does not go such a thing in the example parents even knew in the head
body will seek the father-in-law.
Father-in-law changing the cowgirl - back-seat position - normal position and Positions are bullying me
was me. The last is to say that I want you to put in the sperm of the father-in-law from me
I would. 1 years of man of warmth, intense applied to the uterus
ejaculation did not accumulate.