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Incest with daughter(2017-02)

I think now of idle Pretty elementary school

yuna himekawa[6723]
To the young and mysterious nude in front of me it became glued.
Breast that is tinged with moderately bulge of nudity have dudes body of the gloss of small 5 of Nozomiyui, cute nipple, still to appreciate the young crack there is no pubic hair.
\"Is embarrassing.\"
Nozomiyui is applied hand to the breast, close the thigh, show the feel shy gesture.

Remove the rope, Imashime was Nozomiyui to me behind him, was the state in which the idea.
\"Nozomiyui, I have Ageyo you or ... were charged\"
asked embrace the Nozomiyui became resistance impossible, the suction cup of elementary school girls peculiar smell, rolled on the tongue so as to be sandwiched between the lips and nipples It was.
It was rolled to the left and right of the nipple in order.
\"I feel good? Nipples have become hard. Well, I I'll lick also your beans under.\"
Widen the young crack of hairless, it was rolled in the tip of the tongue a little smell young beans.
\"Huh ... huh Ugh ... Au ...\"
lovely顏was then distorted excitement.
Make a lustful sound, love liquid is pulling the strings from young hole.

Kneeling in front of a small ass Nozomiyui which was to dress the fall her face on the desk, was spread slowly to the left and right.
\"What the ...\"
I that white was confirmed radial wrinkles of the anus of between Yawahada was traced to the index finger as games, play a hole of Yo裂wet and open Kupaa below it.
\"Oh, Oh ...\"
to convulsion the inner thigh, panting Nozomiyui.
I, put insert the index finger to the young hole of Nozomiyui, by pressing with the thumb the Yomame, it was useless picked with the index finger of the young hole.
\"The Au' ...\"
moaned as to convulsions the body Nozomiyui is, was Nokezora the upper body.
\"Oh, Agu, is Uhh ~ ~\"
bound by twisting the body as Itaburu the Mimodaeru Nozomiyui, it does picked the Yomame while in and out of the finger.

The remains suffering are in Nozomiyui of prone to on his stomach on the floor, and I was in Positions such as shove ass, it was held against the young hole of the girls slowly 11-year-old penis pulsing and jumpy. Insertion Mamanarazu, however, Kakaekomi the waist of the bound nonresistance of Nozomu binding in behind him with both hands, I began to insert the his own cock mercilessly into the small young hole.
\"Oh, Oh, stomach, painーーーdoctor! UGG UUーーー...\"
screams of Nozomiyui is sounded in the room.
Yoana tightening the Cock resulted in a tremendous pleasure.
Awareness that is committing the most cute idle girls in the school year, was the bliss of time.
Feeling Yuku to push the Yochitsu is, it must have combined taste the hell to idle Nozomiyui.
\"Nozomiyui ... cute there is no way to'm ... Nozomiyui ...\"
repeated the piston movement to the suffering agony Nozomu binding.
\"Uu', pain Ii ~ ~ ~'m torn over there of Nozomiyui ~ ~!\"
Immoral feeling and desire and pleasure is, was recruited ejaculation feeling and noisy.
Dokkun! Gushing Dopyu Publicis Publicis ~ ~ ~
\"Gua ~ ~ ~\"
I was result in Yochitsu of Nozomiyui.
Nozomiyui that drips the numerous red semen from young hole,
\"Oh ... baby ... can become ...\"
I closed my eyes and murmured so.

One year later ...
\"Tsu Please! Wearing a condom! MY god ... Ah ... Aan ... Anne, oh, oh, oh, oh, ...\"
\"Nozomiyui, you, still small 6 I mean to say, lewd s high ... \"feel in the cock
\" Oh, Oh ... really do it or ... \"us to bride the Nozomiyui
'm\" of course. So, a healthy baby production Nde Kure'! \"
\" Wow! A'.... Aan ... ah ~ ~ ~ \"

Nozomiyui ... I fucked the elementary school ... without knowing that it is his father
wife broke up at an early age Nozomiyui is but to hear that to remarry, it came better yet, if much I have to be committed to such a man.
I, to tell the woman of joy to Nozomi Yui elementary school, suddenly disappeared.
Nozomiyui, became last year twenty years old, but happy or ...

Daughter and premium Friday

Let me poems post the other people, I had me also to confess
you can. I remarried brought the daughter of stepchildren wife in the 22-year-old early marriage,
I am the but was the first marriage with her relationship of 20-year-old, my wife
and was five years older than widow than my daughter but one person, deceased husband
is so was 16 years older.
 Part-time job is in unawares full-time in her company, the daughter also
becomes even 4 years of age Natsuki to me, she has to pick up her daughter to nursery school
now go, had become to the presence of rare and father.
 I am currently 36 years old, my wife passed away to daughter and two people living in five years ago
to grow in the feminine body is 15-year-old will be, two years ago, 13-year-old virgin
put pick to open the body of, tied with daughter I had been.
 Is there is no connection of blood daughter, but the troubled Once you've pregnant if
I was even finished pipe cut in. Daughter of the body you accept the I
probably was developed by rubbed suck me tits further feminine
emergence, the form is good nipples direction over and kick ass, hips neck hair is thin
but is not shaved, dark is not not is thin and beautiful pussy.
 Friday employees left the company before three o'clock, daughter prior to the Yes and prepared
spread a blanket on top of the president's office of carpet, there and lay a towel
in her daughter become a naked take off without hesitation, a fierce love one to me it
was me. Sucking licking pressing a pussy in my mouth, 69 in
connection suck, from behind, daughter agony pant in a cute voice
, \"the father ... more ... pussy feels good\"
push-up in the prone position, the push-up strongly the uterus in normal position
\"good ... father also feels good I'm pussy\"
\"and more strongly ... Oh the pleasant\"
also challenged again and again to anyone to not be disturbed daughter, intense love one to
raise the obscene voice, Karinimo is parent and child but exhausted that without
love it they've fallen to the day-to-day.
\"Dad I was comfortable, sucking boobs more\"
daughter is immersed in the afterglow, it was burned in the Office of the President.
 Daughter now is studying in his room, but in a sexual pleasure as a teenager
you have got to wake up.

Daughter peek

2 daughter in did seem to masturbation return to us by looking through the life of the couple their own room.
If so I say I do not want my wife is seen entering softly in the room of the daughter in masturbation was hidden in a blanket and found me in the middle just naked.
\"How and, Yaro embarrassing if seen\"
\"gonna have to say embarrassing when the mother can also be seen in you.\"
\"dare to even show it to Dad\"
to say that I worshiped the nude figure of stripping daughter a blanket.
Pubic hair was not shaved picking up the pink nipples Tsun to clean breast.
\"Now, do we dare\"
because remains facing down when I stick to the nipple rub the breast
leaked as a \"case\", I am also've asked the lips clung to me and to stimulate the escalating touch to crack and chestnut It was.
I put a finger into the vagina hole that was already wet sucked strongly tongue in the rain of fierce kiss.
\"This want of father, put, ask,\"
It was penis that has been put in a little while ago my wife was Buchikomi in the daughter since the erection cheerfully.

Incest discourse

Is it strange I father to full erection looking at the naked change of clothes at the time and a bath in the junior high school students of the daughter? 30s is the second half of his father. Although daughter are you taking a morning shower before going to school in the morning because there is no time, I will continue to enter the bathroom become a stark-naked in cold blood be in the, such as shaving in the bathroom .
But when Dari take off your clothes do not fit my direct line of sight since the rear of the chest is also under is also a whole full view because it is natural, but reflected in the mirror.
Because it was taking a bath together to a small 6, daughter does not Maybe not so much consciousness, in becoming from around 2 stature also mature, meets the eye through the mirror, the shape larger than wife good chest, waist constricted Toka tight ass of the line, such as the under-hair growth all-you-can, is exciting visual much drink saliva for me has become Endoku is a young woman from the marriage.
Of course, my son will be healthy. Crotch enough can also clearly see from the top of the sleepwear pants will bulge. Anyhow fit is no longer tired, and you can often comfort a son from morning by ran to the toilet while hiding so that it is not noticed by the daughter.
After release, perhaps to but I think is squid Yaba What I, you or have is I start the shaving aimed at deliberately timing the daughter comes Okidashi in recent years.
Is it still funny I like this me? Daughter you think you and surely despise When you look into the inside of my heart?

21-year-old daughter

Early 17 years started to live together as stepchildren of the wife
of began to consciousness as the woman is around the time she became a college student.
Cherished raised hand and strict management so as not attached to the Dokozo of man
has been brought up like a princess, but to hear that finished high school classmate and first sexual experience, was disguised as a calm but angry.

Unexpected could have been a thing is closer to jealousy than say. It did not might be a mood taken his woman than say.

After college, forgive tavern bytes she came to cover their living expenses. It is possible to daughter.

Many fleas meetings with byte fellow, was I who began to doubt the existence of the man since I came to a sleepover in Asagaeri or a friend's house.

The premonition got hit. It was of've store manager and dextrose. Two days or too terrible is life too not come back, was persistently call to daughter, not come back even after the 3:00 am There is also a drunken momentum.

I wonder'm a man! !
Which is drunk with such that there is no byte fellow!
Lie Tsukunja it! Kaware someone When was!
Man identified himself that it is ... the manager leaving

would'm going out with you daughter! Would together every night! !
Ie dating does not have! !
What Why together at this time If you wanted? I would have finished store?
Stammer manager

's right was staying in two nights manager's house began dating after all that was allowed to confess to superseded by the daughter. While the parent is referred to as a friend of the house.
Do not come back already Bti slice! Come on luggage up!
all right! Going to get it!

I'm the thing to wear a daughter in the house throughout the suitcase, it was arranged in the front door packed noticeable ones.

I was going was angry to lie about not come back staying somewhere due to circumstances in the man of the house to act, but is of it was jealousy.

Stop continued in around here because the longer or

Talk with my daughter

There are various things that are good with this I gently hugged my daughter and put my lips together My daughter's tongue broke my mouth and gradually sucked each other violently My daughter wore a bra and panties with a sexy red neglige I wasn't I slowly laid my daughter's body on the duvet My right hand grabbed and rubbed my daughter's breasts from above Negrije The feeling after a long time slipped through my body It was a feeling I forgot both Bring massage while feeling the feel of the breast by hand also of voice sigh daughter also inspired a man of instinct is still in its infancy, but my lower body of the son had an erection in just Hachikiren Ategau sometimes gently, sometimes strongly nipples When I felt the feeling of my daughter's whole body with my hands, I took off my Negrije. The light in the room was on, so I suspected my daughter's nakedness . hair lying even if the nipple bulge of the breast was beautiful daughter was entranced facial expression [Daddy clothes take off] [Oh really do I wish good] [not regret want to be a woman of dad] daughter up and down I'm wearing Trainer and daughter who took off her underwear [Daddy's big! ] I [My body is so beautiful, I won't give it to anyone anymore]I have the body of the daughter my overlies cover to leave the body to kiss to the whole body of the daughter there when the hand is going to blame the breast and your 〇 Nko open the legs of the daughter was already full of honey that approaching open and still beautiful pinch color in the center of my moisture in honey two fingers will go deep without any resistance gently stir and more daughter was agony issued a voice and taste the honey that was attached to the finger I I stuck to my daughter's girlfriend, but I got cunnilingus [As an aside, now my daughter's girlfriend is pie bread, I'm also pie bread] I rub my tongue deeply and rub it red Which of the bloody clitoris also gently and sometimes strongly rolls and sucks with the tongue ? I don't know if the time has passed I just kept blaming my daughter The raw female body was unusually excited for the first time in a long time and she took her face away from her in her words [Daddy wants a daddy's cock that feels good] When my daughter gets up, she puts me in her mouth The sound of a blow job excites me again abnormally I [○○! Dick hole! Do it with your tongue] My daughter puts her tongue in the hole as she was told [Oh! 〇〇! Daddy seems to be in trouble! ] I wanted to put it in [○○! I want to put it in my dad]Daughter [○○ also wants to put in daddy's cock. Daddy makes me feel really good! ] My daughter asked me to put her in the missionary position, so I opened her legs wide and applied it to her and slowly sank. When she was completely buried, she put her body in close contact. I take it warmly and deeply. First, I put it in and out slowly. My daughter's daughter tightens occasionally with the feeling of entwining me. What was a famous instrument that was not in my wife's time ? Like degree? Things or does not know will not be away from the daughter now become great is your 〇 Nko daughter in such happiness that has led to one issued a naughty jargon to each other even if there in parent and child I was intoxicated by the sex of one man and a woman, and each other earnestly moved in and out of my daughter's genitals, and my daughter was disturbed by the joy that she accepted and the pleasure that was transmitted to her whole body from her genitals The honey overflowed and the place of the connected genitals was in a flood state I was about to go [○○! That's right with milk] Daughter [Daddy! Put it out on XX! Daddy's milk! Put it in this! ] My daughter screamed like a scream at that time and I wasn't thinking about getting pregnant [ I heard from her that she has a very unlikely chance of getting pregnant later] Ejaculation is approaching [○○! It will come out! ] My daughter clings to me even more strongly[Daddy! It ’s cool! ] I am the daughter of your 〇 Nko deep to have discharged the milk came struck pleasure of many times and without ejaculation did not move for a while is yearning to the lingering both of whom also after the end of two people Rough breathing continued And when I looked at the clock, the date had passed. It was a fulfilling sex that I can not remember. After all , I fought another round by the morning . It's been half a year since then. I still work with my daughter, so I mainly have a lot of sex before my work holidays. I have nothing to do on work days , so I sometimes stayed at the hotel instead of going home on work days. There is also that or the time is relatively normal etch I am a little bit because the maniac enjoys Innovation beloved daughter hundred I would like I will bother you if you have can also recent report

Father-daughter senryu

Stop dad
if Sugire is time
to put dad

And the eldest daughter and the second daughter and mother-in-law

Eldest daughter. Asuka small 5. Thanks that have been developed over a long time, was finally last month can be said to be \"okay to Papa and sex.\" 1 year so me accept all other than to put my cock in young vagina. Many times so as to die many times, than the fear of sex, I think that I wonder libido has been surpasses.

 My wife is not at all suspicious of our relationship. Saturday Night, wife adapted to deny said Somehow also the fellowship of the weekly seems to have sex with me do not like. From birth to Kotomi (small 3) of the second daughter, until it reduces gradually sex that was on a daily basis, in the now weekly. Sex itself should love. Until you get married, many times every day asking me cock, because it was a nympho spree and greedy sex. It has become to about two times a month now. Flight number is not increasing this place, leave housework is also left to the mother-in-law. Bathing is the eldest daughter also second daughter also is I've put in. I feel that can and apparently a pilot. There are junior wife who advises implicitly. She is also what FA, but in my the same circle of college junior, is the women who have embraced several times.

 Since I've been terrible and girls and the sex of the circle, not so much shock even if the cheating wife. Rather, I do not Looking Back home are grateful to her. My libido of the subject is exclusively girl. He has been holding a young girl to our Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union in Eastern Europe countries. There is also that you have a girl and the sex of the 8-year-old in the smallest child. At that time has sex with his mother that does not even 30 years old. The girl's vagina that I third one it was still stiff.

With my wife's daughter

I'm a 47 year old husband. It has been six years since I married my wife (currently 40 years old) who was raising two daughters in Batuichi. My daughters were 18 and 16 years old, and when I first met them, their childhood disappeared and they became completely beautiful. Although I am a child-in-law, I understand that it is not good to have such feelings because I am a child, but my older daughter wants to reach out if she is a man with a well-shaped chest, tight waist, and tight hips. I became a body that I think. However, for my older daughter who broke up with her real father at a young age, I seemed to be different from a normal father and asked for skinship every time. The height of youth and the skinship of my daughter at the entrance to maturity as a woman were more than enough to upset my bloodless feelings. On that day, my wife went on a two-night, three-day trip to Kyoto on a fellowship trip at her place of employment. When I returned from work, my older daughter and younger daughter were waiting for me to prepare food. The food of the young girls is delicious, but I felt it was a little heavy for me, who was close to 50, but considering the girls who worked hard, I couldn't leave it and ate it desperately. Even when I went to the floor, my stomach was so tight that I couldn't sleep, so I went downstairs to take gastrointestinal medicine. Suddenly, the door of my daughter's room was slightly open and the light was leaking. It was when I came to the front of the room thinking that I had fallen asleep with the lights on and I thought I would turn it off. I heard a damp sound with a sigh of lustrous gasping. Yes, my daughter was masturbating. When I lost the temptation and looked inside, my daughter lay down on the bed and was naked and groping her chest and crotch.Occasionally I sucked my fingers and got wet, groped my nipples, and groped my crotch. My crotch, which was watching it, was hard and big, which is a matter of fact for my father. It was when I realized my beast and was about to leave. An amazing line was released from her daughter's mouth. "Dad, dad, lick me more. Please, do more. Let's feel good together." Yes, my daughter's onapet was me. At that moment my reason disappeared and my instinct as a male dominated my body. I opened the door of my daughter's room. The surprised daughter hurriedly tried to hang a futon, but I rushed to her and hugged her and kissed her neck. My daughter was surprised to say "Dad ?!" and tried to resist for a moment, but when I crawl my finger in my daughter's crotch and insert my finger into the already wet granulation tissue and touch the sensitive granulation tissue, my body loses power. I came to leave myself to me. I laid my weak daughter on the bed, kissed her, inserted her tongue through the gap between her open lips, exchanged saliva by entwining each other's tongue, and buds on the tip of her chest that had a hardness different from that of her wife. When I put it in my mouth and kissed it up, down, left and right with my tongue and kissed the buds of my crotch with my fingertips, a pant voice with a clearer feeling than when I was playing alone leaked out from my daughter's mouth. Furthermore, when I buried my face in the crotch that became completely wet and glossy and caressed the cracks and buds with my tongue, my daughter seemed to tremble and greet Acme. My cock was so big that it became harder than ever and I wanted a daughter. However, I asked my daughter with the last reason. "My dad has become unbearable, but if you say no, I will."The next moment, the line from my daughter's mouth was, "Dad, please, hold me more. Make me a woman." The last reason in me disappeared with that word. I thrust a stunning gem into my daughter's crevice. I felt resistance to the vaginal passage when I pushed it halfway. My daughter was a virgin. Surprised by her distressed expression, I tried to retreat, but she clung to me. "Dad, please make me a woman. I want my dad to be the first person." When I heard that, I asked if I would regret it again, but my daughter couldn't feel regret and took the plunge. I proceeded. I showed an expression of agony for a moment, but when I finished penetrating safely, I clung to me with tears and kissed me. Thus I and my daughter changed from father and daughter to men and women. Twice that day, the next day my daughter visited my bedroom there until morning, and three times from daytime before my wife returned. On the third day, my daughter seemed to feel pleasure, and she swelled and tightened it while raising a voice of pleasure. Since that time, I and my older daughter have a relationship, stealing the eyes of my wife and younger daughter. On my days off, when I leave the house separately and meet at a station on the way, I take a taxi from the station to a hotel in the suburbs and hit each other as much as I can without worrying about the surroundings. My daughter insists that I want to bathe in my semen directly, so I made a vasectomy to avoid only the worst consequences. Also, just in case, I have my daughter take after-pills after the fact. The above is the monologue of the devilish father.My daughter is getting more and more sexy as a woman. My wife said that she had a boyfriend, but I said, "It's too early! I won't forgive you!" And covered her face with a newspaper and took an unfaithful attitude, so my wife looked stunned. I will cut off the story. I don't seem to realize that I'm hiding my desire to teach what's next underneath what's hidden in the newspaper.

It is a bad father who had committed a daughter of elementary school five years ...

yuna himekawa[6674]
I am a civil servant of 36-year-old.
Daughter will stay one person to divorce last month and his wife.
To sleep in together also bath and daughter also is scary and also cute daughter 11-year-old is sleeping with me to sleep alone.
I daughter was woke up have beer fell asleep without entering even a bath in the blame drank a little more than usual in the evening drink is late at night is sleep vertical was another peacefully and the sleeper's breathing.
The day was also completely different taste with his wife just a lick to view and sweet vagina lick little to see the daughter of pants down looking at the vagina and the cute slippery vagina while to understand and that Mushoni cock dont itching .
So stop the finger to it is sufficient it is to try to put in slowly vagina, but it does not go because there is no wet medium and the hole is small people.
And spit into the finger also licking put firmly little forced acceleration even if Nasri to the vagina push and jerk, I have entered until the root of the finger.
Then happening while crying and hurts hurts daughter, so say while crying and I have a sore dad Ochancho, to say that I no longer hurt and sleeping only a little,
in much patience I say and to more than 10 patience while patting your head, because he said if Ya When asked whether still hurts a little sore lost and,
the finger slowly piston I tried to Naraso the vagina I cry I are you what I would not want my daughter dad.
But a bad I processing of their libido, the daughter ignored cry, because the 30 minutes allowed to endure did not want the pain face of the daughter in little by little piston have put finger I think I go cock that it is this, remove finger on it with saliva to cock in vagina and an open gaping, went on to wonder smoothly back and is pushed slowly, daughter not move in the same way as I get used to like before therefore immediately say that I father also hurts ,
without and then the same face of the daughter also wants pain when the piston is so,
I'm no longer hurt but running something in I asked if was pleasant,
got them at last fired in the back of the vagina of daughter pull cock on and came out semen of blood mingled, wipe it clean, I'm sorry I dad and I'm a bad father. I said I have slept not seen face.
The next morning my daughter ... like has entered over there something dad
'm fine so say, and I get used immediately night, was let go to school soothing to say.
I will not stay this bad father?

I love the Father

To tell the truth, I'd have become adopted daughter, does not have children
decided to produce a child of the father (adoptive father) from yourself from becoming adopted daughter
hardened, discussion with parents (adoptive parents), the birth of the 20-year-old day father to the body to
open the course on burning to a virgin love one fierce in the hotel
rising, burning with intense sex every other day until the determination of the pregnancy,
but I also woke up to the pleasure of the body.

 Pregnancy, dystocia in now to cesarean section, the contraceptive treatment to the Sai
had finished. Son has become the sixth grade now 12 years old this year.
Of course, the bath went together, my give and also sex education in the body
the bed and also co, boobs are not smoked every day, a finger over there
teaching me put, making it possible to gradually inserted into the I .
Because it does not pregnant I'll received on the uterus.

My son asked smoked even breast milk to the father around the time of the infant, a holiday in the mother
entrusts a son, there is also the love in the father and the hotel, my son
, but there was also the love the father is also time to go to school,
my father open the body for his son without having, we love each other.
The father to son and Yes to say that farewell before marriage.
Hair of the dick is, due to have continued to much hair loss
does not grow, once a month even now going to hair loss, the son
from the tell, us licking and sucking with well.
Study also do my best, it is said to have focus from the teacher
we have. That the education in my body is doing well
I think.

Daughter of the appearance of the remains was born

Daughter became circa drifts charm
of birth remains of figure I want to remembered
was overpowered in the instinct of the man I
put a small camera in the dressing room

are in my memory
in the bath together daughter of the body and of the time that had entered
the body of a daughter who is in the screen
that gap
gave me a sufficient stimulus to forget the reason of as a father

chest was Petanko is now bouncing Purupuru in time to move the body
spread on both sides of the one right course
mons pubis was smooth like a fairy
firmly keep the sex hair
is dark red petals are glimpses of

3 years
daughter remained stopped the growth in my memory
not seen for a while completely grown within
still inviting enough appetite even while leaving a bluish

bare of the real daughter had been changed to take the diaper
derail the reason his father
was changed to male with a prime
in the groin I became firmly along with the right hand
was going to get the heart and soul pleasure

soon I reached the apex of pleasure
never obtained not by the sex with the wife
brains the impact feeling such that the pure white through
tissue was Atega' paper in not completely caught
vigorously jumping body fluids of enough to spill on the floor

this feeling as though younger
remembered that there are tasted previously somewhere speaking of
20-year-old telephone dating club. . .
Women's junior and senior high school students and normally meet with the at the time killing time
normally enjoyed the sex of the ad hoc

meeting in uniform on the way home from school
as it is also Tsurekon the hotel
generous era was nothing of you blame
the blue sex of heart's content teen remember to enjoy revived

Come to think of it
that time eating mess daughter us do I had a father also
Yomoya daughter does not even contraception
Nante had combined man and the skin of the place as long as the
must have not even think

my daughter also to
such day must come sometime
before that if
his own hand me the rough male instinct in
want poured the father of DNA to daughter
to the camera

forbidden fruit still remains the blue of the