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Incest with daughter(2017-05)

College student and housemates and lesbian

yuna himekawa[6981]
To go from a local high school to college on the outskirts of Tokyo, now live with housemates in an apartment that has been introduced in the school.
She was one year senior that is already live.
Next door of the room a honeymoon who have moved recently, had called the two breadwinners. It was a good sportsman type of husband and petite lovely wife physique.
When every night consists of 11 o'clock hear voices and is that in suffering of his wife, after a while, \"Right on, has been transmitted voice and intense vibration shouting and Right on.
Among them senior is hugged me to come next for me, breast because to crawl the tongue to the touch while being nape I'll tell you that when you Kobamo so touched the genital area from the top of the pajamas entangled the legs to my feet and the body is hot flashes have become a strange feeling \"good Grasp the hand of whispered and \"from the sum Tze senior pressed against the senior of the genital area was a little wet, not wearing underwear.
Senior had overflowing joy juice is why the place sensitive while putting the hand is referred to as a \"Hasumi be so wet and\" in the underwear and has become to them I am also a strange feeling.
Told to take off the ones that are coming to the senior, embraced become naked along with the seniors, because seniors had stuck the groin to each other moves the waist, genital become rubbing unbearable feelings I also j min I Hate to each other and the as win a sensitive place and that Tsu each other rubbed by moving the hips be the best feeling I have seniors and whisper as \"another useless\" is whispered as \"trying to go together\" hug kiss It was.

Embraced by my father-in-law

I'm a 19-year-old college student. When I was in high school, I was raped by a classmate and talked with my teacher and father-in-law (my mother remarried), and I was completely taken out. Because of this, I started taking entrance exams at universities in Tokyo instead of Sendai, and my father-in-law, who runs the company, often went to Kanto and rented a 2DK condominium. My mother also came to buy furniture and other daily necessities, and my father-in-law provided me with rent and pocket money. Every time I went to Tokyo once or twice a month, I was invited to eat and was given enough pocket money. " Don't be too spoiled when you talk about your father-in-law when your mother calls you," he was angry.About a year later, as usual, my father-in-law went to Tokyo and had dinner at Reston on the top floor of a hotel in Tokyo. In the taxi, my father-in-law was taken to my room saying "I'm a child without a ministry" when I got drunk and staggered even after returning, and I took off my sweater and skirt and said "Is it painful?" Since the brassiere was removed, I said "Dad, embarrassed" and hugged my father-in-law's neck. When I was trying to grab it, I felt weird, and when I said that my dad had a weird feeling, he said, "I haven't experienced Yumi already," and asked, "Is my body burning?" When I answer "sometimes", I say "I should have stopped getting drunk", so I don't want to leave my father-in-law, so when I ask "Hold me as it is", "Yumi, I'm not a friend of Yumi, so I'm doing this I'm also a man, so I don't know because I want Yumi's body. "I'm not good with my dad," he said, "I can't help it, I'm persistent." When I say, "I've seen my dad blame my mom many times," he kisses me while saying, "I'm gonna blame my mom." When I dared to put my hand in my father's crotch, it became stiff, and I rubbed it and whispered, "My dad is big." "Yumi's ex-boyfriend wasn't so big since he was impatient. I answered.When I was touched underneath, I knew that my underwear was touching, and I went into the bathroom with "Let's overflow so much and go to the shower", pour hot water on my body, rub the shabon on my body, and stand up with my father-in-law. When I was washing, my father-in-law also rubbed my chest and washed each other, wrapped a bath towel around my body and sat down side by side when I went to bed, I grabbed my father-in-law and moved my hand, "It's really big When I say "I want to look scary," he says, "Yumi's mother was blamed for this and always cried," so she said, "Yumi also knows," I'm being made a father and groaning and crying. When I say "what I was doing," my father-in-law said, "I want to know a man as soon as I'm snooping on that, and Yumi has a gloomy character." "I'm okay, heal my dad." When I said, "While it's being done," my father-in-law said, "Well, let's heal Yumi a lot tonight." I crawl my tongue all over my body, so I feel like I'm tickling and overflowing with soup. Then my tongue was crawled from my thigh to my inner thigh, and my clitoris was licked and sucked with my tongue, and I felt lightly bitten by my mouth and felt daunting. I put my father-in-law's strong penis in my mouth and boiled it so that I could move my face and handle it, and I handled the root with my hands, which made it big and painful and I tried to chew it lightly with my teeth. I caressed each other over a long period of time, and during that time I was forced to climb up several times, and my father-in-law was put in and blamed while changing my position from time to time, and I was disappointed several times. , My father-in-law was exhausted in my mouth, so I was finally released.The next morning, when I woke up and buried my face in my father-in-law's chest, my father-in-law stroked his back and asked, "How was it yesterday, how satisfied are you?" Watsui said, "My father is amazing, I thought I would die. When I answered "That", my father-in-law heard "How many times I died", so when I said "I'm glad" when I said "I'm glad", my father-in-law said "I'm glad". My father-in-law was caressed while saying, "I wonder if the lingering sound of yesterday was revived." It is said that it is pushed up from below straddling the body of my father-in-law, and I started to lie down and was inserted from behind and caressed my chest and penis while being blamed for a long time and it was done again and again I did.

Me and dad

I hated my dad. I tried to do H things to my mom in front of me, tried to touch my body, told me H things , I was really the worst lewd and perverted parent. I always wear a T-back, probably because I have a homosexual feeling . It is also a small and very H T-back with a mark called TM. I'm trying to show me just a T-back, maybe I'm a flasher. I also go to the gym, and I also wear T-backs there . Isn't it embarrassing to be seen by other people when changing clothes? I have burned the body in the gym and tanning salon arm, and black were trained body but it'm a little cool, is the clear mark of the T back in the ass. I don't really understand the translation anymore. But I try to do something H to my mom, but she seems to be kind and close. However, during this time, he was betraying it . I happened to see it when my mom got out of the bath, but she had pierced nipples. When I was surprised and asked, "What's that?", The mother said, "I got it at the store at the order of my father." And to be happy as "probably cute" and I really smile at the H face. I am sorry that such a mother, "you I was angry and I'll complain to my father," but, mom is out referred to as the "I'm glad, try a little touch" directly below. I seemed to be confused, but when I was looking at my mom's nipple piercings, I naturally reached for my mom's nipples.I touched it. The moment my finger touched my nipple, I was sighing from my mother 's mouth. When I heard the sigh, my reason flew away and I kept touching my mother's nipples. My mom also seemed to be sensitive to her nipple piercings, and I was already euphoric , forgetting that I was touching her nipples and my daughter was touching me. I also when the mother becomes jealous hear the "mother of feels good", "still her mother feeling say the Chiii, with more touch", in turn, take my hand going to take me to my room is. Then I stood in front of the appearance, stood me behind me and brought my hand to my nipple while saying "touch from behind" and said, "You can play with it more nasty and pull the piercings." completely odiousness forget that say the mother had been transformed into a not a woman. Then I looked back and said, "Kiss me," so I also put my lips on my mother's lips. At that time, I was also influenced by my mother's nasty appearance and became a nasty woman. I kissed her while touching her nipple piercings , and my hand extended over her. When I touched my clitoris while standing and looking at her odious appearance in the mirror , she was soaked over there. When I played with my clitoris, my mom seemed to be unable to stand anymore, so she turned around and hugged me and fell into bed.And this time he kissed me and said, "I'll make Nao-chan feel good," and took off my clothes and kissed my nipples . I was also kissed by my nipple and made a nasty voice. When my mom stripped me naked and licked it with my mom's tongue, I was so sick. And it is you each other in the form of 69 with two people each other lick so that over there the doctor was crazy, I have gone to two people together. Then mom is returned to us, "still-chan I'm sorry, I'm sorry," but we have apologized and, I Urayama is "Mom correct, Dad I'm in love with that of the mother I'm Anna transformation, I also want to try to pierce to say na ", or I have to kiss mom was. And I said "See you again". However, the mother said, "If you want to pierce, you can ask your father, he will be happy." At that time, I thought that I couldn't ask such a metamorphosis father to do such a thing, but I was tired of such a thing after that , so today is around here. I will write again.

From the meeting

When you married, my daughter was a low grade in elementary school!
Similar to the daughter-in-law, rather than beautiful, cute system
to bodied become people, was familiar like a ready-to-true parent and child.
But the bath is not that it has entered together, come sunk well to bet that I'm sleeping. It's also become a junior high school student, I did not even change made to the high school.
At the time of the junior high school two years, virginity loss!
As much after a month, I heard from my daughter.
Nde child who will talk without hiding anything, embarrassment Toka kind of thing, was first to me talk than daughter-in-law.
Since that time, I also feel that way contact for the daughter has changed.
I came to see as a woman from her daughter.
In the summer of that year, while watching the TV in the couple's bedroom, when the daughter-in-law also was also sleeping daughter, had been a prank.
Daughter of panties that had been sleeping in Ronti is in plain view, just looking not enough things, finally served with a finger on the crotch portion, gingerly
turned over the panties. There are. . . .

I fell in love with my daughter

I had a secret and had been worried about confessing to someone, but I found this bulletin board and decided. I am a 35-year-old office worker who has been separated from my wife for the second year. I live with my 14-year-old daughter Yuka, who lives with me. Until then, there is one so-called saffle female college student who is dating or has a physical relationship. I sleep at home several times a month when I have no daughter. Last month, I got an aphrodisiac from a bad friend, mixed it with coffee in a cup to enjoy with Saffle, and chilled it in the refrigerator. My daughter didn't stay at her mother's parents' house for a few days, so Saffle was planning to stay at my house. Near the promised time, my throat was dry, so I tried drinking coffee with aphrodisiac first. It will take some time to work. I heard the front door open, so I was thrilled to pick him up. When I go out, I see my daughter Yuka. "Hey, what happened?" "I'm boring, so I'm back ..." After that, my daughter went inside and went straight to the bath I was just preparing. In the meantime, I called Saffle and apologized many times and canceled my appointment. When Yuka came out of the bath, I took a bath while the water was warm. While soaking in the bathtub, I was a little disappointed that my promise had become a pity. Then, I was getting sick and my head was dull.Immediately after soaking in the bathtub, I regretted that the aphrodisiac might not fit my body, but I remembered another one being chilled in the refrigerator. When I went to the kitchen without wiping my body in a hurry to get rid of it, it was too late and an empty cup was on the table. (I wonder if it's okay ...) I'm feeling even more sick and sick. Although I was fluttering, I went to the living room with just one towel wrapped around my waist and gently looked into Yuka. My daughter was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, but apparently the situation was strange and she looked down as if she was taking a nap. "Yuka, are you okay? Isn't it feeling sick?" I ran up and hugged my daughter. It had a very nice scent of shampoo. I knew in my head that I wouldn't have time to worry about such things, but the feel of the soft body I hugged and the shape of my chest peeking through the wide open T-shirt ... Striped on the lower body of my underwear only. Shorts, etc ... I couldn't help but be worried about the appearance of one of my familiar daughter's T-shirts after taking a bath. I was so screaming that my heart was about to pop out, and my lower body, which I hid with a towel, had an erection before I knew it. On the upper side, while repeating words that care about Yuka's body, I was only concerned about the bulge of my chest and the line of my body. When I didn't think about those things, I felt very sick, and when I thought about the unpleasant things, I felt uplifted and very refreshed. "Do you feel sick? ..."While saying that, I started rubbing Yuka's chest from the top of my shirt. I didn't wear a bra, so I could clearly see the size of the chest and the shape of the nipple. With the elastic and cute breasts peculiar to this age, the nipples turned upwards and I was very excited by the tingling sensation. (What am I doing ...) Though I thought so in my heart, I couldn't control my impulsivity and I escalated more and more. "..." Yuka silently turned her face red and remained down no matter what she asked. I became more and more dull and felt like I was in a dream. I can only remember fragmentarily from this area, but I took off Yuka's clothes one by one. I think I was probably licking Yuka's body for a long time like a crazy dog. "Huhhhhh ..." Yuka was out of breath as if she had run at full power. He shook his body, but didn't refuse it. Especially, I think I had been tasting the crotch for quite a long time. There were no grotesque villas or dark spots over Yuka, and it had a beautiful shape that made me want to suck. While burying her face deeply in Yuka's crotch, she stretches her tongue deep into the overflowing honey ... I clearly remember the appearance of my daughter. While sitting on the couch, Yuka curled up to hug my head, licking my crotch, pinching my head between my legs.The next memorable scene was that Yuka was already waving over me ... I can't remember when I changed my posture or when I inserted it. However, I had only a faint memory of a rough sigh that had been heard in my ears all the time. The reason why my consciousness became clear was because I was tired, or because the aphrodisiac had run out over time ... Anyway, it was midnight ... "Hmm ... ha ha ha ..." I dreamed I was comfortably watching my daughter hold her cock all the way to the root and desperately shaking her hips. The figure was a woman who moved her hips unpleasantly to squeeze sperm from a cock that she swallowed deeply with her instinct. On closer inspection, Yuka's vagina was overflowing with a dense white liquid, and the joint was filled with a large amount of white foam. From the tingling sensation of the cock, I knew that it was after ejaculating several times in my daughter's vagina. Even so, the semen of the last remaining residue of my cock was on the verge of squirting in Yuka who was tightened tightly. "Haaaaaa ... mmm ..." Yuka's movements have become even more intense . My body was shining with a lot of sweat. While making my body bikunbikun, I pulled my arm and hugged me when I tried to bend my body and collapse. Bikun Bikun ... Yuka was trembling even after hugging her. We were hugging together. "!?"After that, my lips were forcibly overlapped. I moved my tongue to imitate it when I entwined it. Yuka smiled for the first time while kissing. At that moment, the hot things that I had put up with came up. I hugged Yuka strongly, pushed the cock all the way to the root, and let it bite into her back. Piku ... I pressed the cock so that Yuka's vagina was tightly clenched. I also put a lot of effort into my lower abdomen and screwed it into Yuka's womb so as to inspire the tingling cock. I felt the tip of the cock was hot as if it was on fire. Then, at the next moment, the semen of the remaining dregs was released as if it was pushed out, and the depth of Yuka was filled with hot semen. I stared at Yuka who kept kissing. The moment I felt the hot liquid poured, I rounded my eyes, but immediately hugged me with all my strength and entwined my tongue. It was a momentary event, but while releasing a small amount of semen, they collided with each other's emotions, and everything changed from this moment ... The exhausted cock quickly came off, and a large amount of white liquid came out of Yuka. It overflowed with muddy. We took a shower silently, slept in our room, and went to school and work the next morning without any special conversation, awkward to each other. At work, I was worried and depressed about what kind of face I should meet my daughter when I got home. Eventually, the company left early and decided to sort out his feelings. To be honest, it was because of the medicine, but it is a fact that I embraced Yuka as a woman.Except for her daughter and age, she looks, has a personality ... she is the ideal woman. It's definitely more cute than the idols in that area, and it seems that she really loved her daughter rather than her body. You may be called ill. If you don't face it properly ... When you get home in the evening, the lights are on. My daughter has already returned. Yuka in her uniform rushed to the front door before she could decide what to say to her. "I 'm sorry ..." I didn't expect it, but Yuka rushed over and suddenly jumped on her lips. To be honest, my body has hardened. I didn't anticipate this development at all, and Yuka, who is still in her uniform, happily closes her eyes and inserts her tongue awkwardly. I reached for my daughter's back and hugged her. Yuka who hugged me also put a lot of effort into it. Gradually, my heart gets warmer ... Speaking of which, I can feel the feeling of the two chests even with my clothes ... I feel unpleasant with the dimples on the thin waist line. I can see my stuff getting harder with excitement under my mukumuku and suit pants. I've been full of anxiety until now, but it's about to explode. As usual, Yuka's kiss continued, but I couldn't stand it and put my hand that was rubbing my ass into Yuka's skirt and dropped my pants all the way down to my knees. I took down only the zipper, and with the cock sticking out of the bing, I picked up one leg of Yuka and tried to screw it in. Yuka didn't let go of her hugging hands. Since it was systematically difficult, I took off my pants on one leg, pushed it down, and inserted it as it was.Yuka was already full of honey. Even in the narrow vagina, we were able to move with each other's juice. Under my body, her lean, lean little ass is moving like a kunekune and annoying as if to taste a screwed cock. "Ah ... huh ... huh ..." I wonder if Yuka was also moved, and unlike the day before, her voice was leaking out. As it is now, the sex with Yuka at this time was the best. Regardless of the aphrodisiac, in the usual uniform ... I couldn't stand the cock tightened in less than 5 minutes. "Yuka ... Already ..." "I want daddy's sperm ... I really want it ..." "But that's ..." "Is it good yesterday and not today?" "Please, today Only ... " I entwined my legs to cling under me and released semen to be squeezed from Yuka who kept shaking her hips desperately. There was almost no amount in the barrage from the previous day. "Did you really come out?" "Yeah ..." "I'm happy ..." From that day on, Yuka and Yuka had a bedroom together. Since then, he has lived like a newlywed. If you are a parent and child, you will not be suspicious of anything, no matter where you go. I know it will be criticized. You may be told that you are ill, but I love my daughter.

only daughter

4 this year? I'm the father of my only daughter who will be 25 years old. My daughter will be 25 this year. The life of two parents and daughters will be a little over 20 years. We parents and daughters have been and will be (probably me). Will continue (until he dies first) Incest First! At first I was with my mother just before I was promoted to the second year of junior high school. My father died before going to junior high school in an accident at a steel company. It's been a little over a year since I became a single mother and I couldn't go to school because of influenza. After a few days of curing , my mother wiped my body and came to the room with hot water in a bucket. After a certain amount of wiping, my mother took off my pants. (I think it wouldn't have happened to my mother) (I have to clean it up here too) Contrary to my embarrassment, my mother started wiping her cock (Mother took care of her after her father died) I started working as a woman) I think my mother didn't have any strange feelings at that time. It was like treating a patient, but I'm honest! I got an erection just to the brim (Oh! Well!) My mother stopped wiping and stared at the erected cock (○○ is already becoming an adult, it's a little covered, but it's okay ) (Mom ...) I was fascinated by how comfortable it was. When I saw that expression, my mother (it feels good) certainly felt more than rubbing masturbation.Then my mother put me in my mouth. It was the beginning of incest. It didn't take long to get to sex. Such a mother-daughter (forbidden in the world) relationship continued until my mother passed away. My mother died when I was 19, and I got married and had a daughter, but after only about 6 years, my daughter started to live on a tripod with my daughter and gradually grew up to be a woman. My feelings were changing as I changed, and somehow I was beginning to feel a woman in my daughter, one day when my daughter was in the 4th grade of elementary school, I took a bath together as usual When I was there, I asked my daughter (how long will I take a bath with my dad) (I hope my dad wanted to go in) I also (Is it okay for OO to be in junior high school? ) My daughter nodded I was happy inside (Dad will wash my body today) My daughter's body at that time was in the growing season so that it would stick out from around the nipple. The waist area is also rounded. After washing all the way, I put my hand on my daughter's breast over my back. My daughter doesn't say anything. I can't feel it even if my nipple is crunchy. I also put my hand on a straight crack and trace it. Still, my daughter doesn't say anything, I don't even pretend to run away, I put my hand in the crack and see it stimulates the very shallow part I felt my daughter's change and (there! It feels good) I told her that she was spoiled. Later, she said that she was watching the back video I had at that time when I was alone and that she had already experienced masturbation. I felt a little guilty and my daughter When I apologized to, my daughter said something other than (I love you because I'm a dad ) (Is it really good? Is it really good? Is it okay for my dad to kiss a lot of 〇〇's body?) (Yeah)After all, at that time I went from the bath to the bedroom and caressed my daughter's body for the first time Sex is still a story ahead I showed it to my daughter because she said she wanted to see the milk coming out of her dad's cock Almost every day I enjoyed my daughter's body I had a strong desire to have sex, but I only caressed each other until my daughter robbed her virginity during the 5th grade summer vacation I went to stay at the villa in Izu for a week . On the day I arrived, I took a rest early without doing anything. After breakfast in the morning, it's finally time for the two of us to go to the hot springs. The daughter at that time went up the stairs to the woman. The swelling of the breast was more developed than when I was in the 4th grade, and the caress was getting wet, but the caress is still hairless (there is no physiology yet) and I am a little maniac so my daughter I tied my breasts to SM tailoring, and I'm wearing the sailor clothes I bought at Donkey for this day I don't even wear panties I've recorded countless photos and videos on this day as well I left the state at that time before I got horny I sought my lips violently in the bed I restrained and fixed my daughter's limbs Even if I was deprived of my limbs, my daughter's expression was strange My legs are wide open and my daughter's beautiful cracks are spilling love juice. When I opened my sailor clothes and tied them up and caressed my sensual breasts, my daughter writhes and I started to make voices . But my voice and breathing are stimulating enough for me. When I caress my daughter's body a lot, my daughter (I want my dad's cock, please put my dad's cock in 〇〇,I pleaded (I've already put it in) (○○! You're a really good girl! But where? I don't know if I don't tell my dad (Hmm ...) Oma * ko!) (I can meet you! Do your best because it's your first time) My daughter nods I put a penis in the center of the crack and rub it up and down again and again and press the devil's head against the hole that my daughter accepts Kito enters. When I hug my daughter's waist area, I poke it slowly. I repeat putting it in and out several times (I'm going). Let's call it a narrow space. A) For a moment my daughter uttered a penis pierced deep into my daughter's crevice, but I didn't move (I'm glad I entered) Tears spilled from my daughter's eyes (I'm glad) for a while (Dad is okay, you can move) I feel saved by my daughter's words, I shake my hips and pierce my daughter's womb (Ah) That voice of my daughter many times I ejaculated deeply when I heard that My daughter, Oma, who accepted me after the thing was over, had a proof of that, it was a story in my first experience. Now my daughter is 25 years old. I'm enjoying sex with my daughter I'm a shaved girl I'm in the middle of contraceptive treatment I'm doing a lot of maniac things Just recently my daughter has changed I want a child with me by 30 I'll tell you with a straight face

Daughter of Fazakon

Yesterday, was mild etch to daughter and after a long time. Tits it became larger. White love juice When the spread pussy was full out to Nugashi pants. It had been out good voice licked vagina. It came to be a good face. \"Oh Papa\" and said with a writhing was your sadness likely to face. It's not taken because Madamanko small. But Thank you drink all for bitter.

1st anniversary of my beloved wife

I lost my beloved wife seven years ago. Mayuko, my only daughter, had an affair, but she developed a uterine illness and became unable to get pregnant. Mayuko was 23 years old. At that time, my wife, who was being hospitalized, lost hope of living and suddenly deteriorated, and died at the age of 46. Since then, I have lived with Mayuko.  After my wife's memorial service, Mayuko and I became a father and daughter, but a man and a woman.  Until a few months before my wife died, I was married with my wife five or six times a week. It may seem like a good year, but when my wife is nearly 40 years old, my child is separated from my parents, and my sexual life at night, which was a couple of times a week, has increased, and my daughter has club activities such as holidays. If I was absent, I would be there from daytime. My wife is a woman I fell in love with, so even in my 40s, she was an important love wife for me, and I loved her and asked her again and again. My wife was happy to respond to my request every time.  Since our house is not large, we had a sexual life that was concerned about our daughter, but when she graduated from high school, my wife told her about the sexual life of the couple, so I entered a junior college. Immediately after that, he said, "Dad, I think my loved ones are nice, but I don't think they are unpleasant, so don't worry, just hold your mom." He even said that he wanted to see our activities, and had held his wife in front of his daughter several times. I think it's an unusual family even now.  Six years after holding Mayuko for the first time, our father and daughter continued to associate. Mayuko is now thirty, but she has never given birth, so she keeps her beautiful body.Even though I am 55 years old, I hold Mayuko almost every day. I don't have a sense of immorality now. I feel the joy of releasing my semen into the vagina of the most beloved woman in the world. Mayuko also seems to be pleased with the feeling of being embraced by me and filling her uterus with my semen every time.  If I die someday, Mayuko will be lonely for the rest of her life and will die quietly alone.  We, who have the ultimate parent-child sexual intercourse in which the father pours love into the womb of the real daughter, with the kiss that entangles the tongue that the real father and daughter exchange, are individuals that should be eliminated as living things that cannot leave genes in the world.  It was six years ago ...  I heard that after my wife's memorial service, I got drunk and hugged my daughter Mayuko and pushed her down, calling her wife's name and falling asleep. At a later date, from Mayuko, "Dad, I spicy likely gone mom. I do let your partner? Instead," I have said to. I said, "No way, I can't do that with my real daughter , " but Mayuko said, "I can't get married , but sex isn't forbidden. It has a genetic negative effect on my child. you only just have been repelling from. I do not longer pregnant, I want to feel free embraced by the people who like you were. " and he said. It made sense, but when a favorite person caught me and asked, "I fell in love with him because he looked like my dad." My daughter is a man's beloved. My name is lover. How can you keep your reason when your beloved daughter says this?"My dad also loves Mayuko. She's a very important woman. Half of her is made up of her beloved mother." On  this day, I took a bath with Mayuko for the first time in fifteen years. When my 24-year-old daughter washed my penis, I suddenly got an erection. "I'm glad. My dad responded to me. He saw me as a woman." I got out of the bath first and put my hands on the altar. "I 'm sorry for my mother. I'm going to hold Mayuko." I turned down my wife's photo. I decided to hold it in Mayuko's room. I was reluctant to hold my daughter in our couple's bedroom.  I saw Mayuko's pubic area for the first time. The labia were slightly browned, suggesting a history of sexual intercourse with a former fiancé. I kissed the ostium of the vagina and gently licked it with my tongue. After that, I let the tongue crawl on the bud. "Huh." Mayuko screamed. My wife also liked this. Mother and daughter are similar.  This time Mayuko kissed and sucked on my penis. I think he was a former fiancé. I was very good at it. "Dad, bigger than him ... Dad, it's about time ..." "Are you sure you want to be Dad ?" "I want you to be Dad ..." I inserted it raw into Mayuko. I felt very tight probably because I was not a multiparous woman. "Oh, oh, dad, I'm good at it." I diligently controlled the movement while checking Mayuko's reaction. When I was young, I embraced a woman violently, but after I got married, I began to think about how to make my beloved wife happy, and first of all I tried to make my wife die.Now my partner is my daughter, but the things are the same. Mayuko's vagina tightens my penis. I enjoyed Mayuko's body while choosing a place where Mayuko was pleased as much as possible, and also rubbed Mayuko's buds at the base of her penis. "Ahhh, dad!" Mayuko died clinging to me. I also pulled the trigger that I had endured and sowed the seeds into Mayuko. The first father-daughter fellowship was accompanied by a sense of immorality that poured the closest DNA into the body of the closest relative. "Mom ... I'm sorry ..." Mayuko muttered and shed tears.  We are selected individuals who cannot leave the crystals of love even if they love each other. So, we have been recording our sexual intercourse several times a year since four years ago when we confirmed each other's love. There are now eight edited DVDs, such as scenes where you normally love each other at home and scenes where you love each other at a ryokan at your travel destination. What Mayuko told me that I played it from time to time and that angle was comfortable at that time will be applied to practice. And finally, when I see the scene where my semen poured into Mayuko's vagina flows out, Mayuko holds her crotch and asks me for sexual intercourse.  We prefer Japanese-style inns when traveling. I will write my real name in the lodging book, so I am interested in what kind of relationship it is. The reason is that the next morning, it leaves clear traces of sexual intercourse on the bedding and scrap cages. How does the person who sees it infer our relationship?  I have stopped smoking and refraining from drinking alcohol except on weekends, and I am trying to maintain my energy by not neglecting to improve my physical strength. I held Mayuko last night, and I plan to hold it tonight as well.We have sexual intercourse naturally incorporated into our lives along with meals and baths. Our sexual intercourse has a 20 minute foreplay before insertion. For about 10 minutes after inserting it, I hold my lips on top of each other without moving too much. Pleasure wraps around the whole body, so Mayuko naturally leads me to a place where I feel comfortable. All I have to do is make an effort to let Mayuko die. Looking at Mayuko when she passed away, I pour my love into Mayuko's vagina.  I don't know how long I can hold Mayuko, but I will love Mayuko for a long time.


I get what the first time become an aphrodisiac, I think to enjoy along with the college student Saffle me, now chilled in the refrigerator from making a cup try to drink mix in cafe au lait was.  I have a daughter in a dormitory and go to a high school in a dormitory, so my house is in the same prefecture , but I usually live alone.  I'd child of Saffle was waiting to come to the house, the throat is was dry mower aphrodisiac-filled cafe au lait and chugging before me, I waited while pounding was.  When going out because it is ringing a little bit to the door, it came what is a come back this week was Yoko's daughter should have. "That ... could you stay out today?" I asked my daughter a little impatiently, "Yeah ... I wanted to go home a little ..." " Oh, then I can relax." When Yoko went to the kitchen, she hurriedly contacted Saffle and canceled today 's schedule. (Or, unavoidable huh ...) only had to prepare for this day with great pains a little abstinence, Hisashi while I regret I thought trying to to take care of the time of the daughter of pretend.  While Yoko was taking a bath, she was making a simple meal. A little to the wind to come to the kitchen proton Lu rise, was doing Gosogoso the refrigerator in the back.  For a moment, I remembered the aphrodisiac cafe au lait hidden in the refrigerator, and my daughter'sLooking back, it was too late ... I had been drunk. "Ah ... Yoko ... you 're that ..." "Oh, that's okay. About a glass. See, I'll pour it again ..." I wondered if I'd be okay with my heart, and had a meal. After making it, I took a bath .  When I took a bath, I started to feel sick and my head became dull . (... gone was ... a little while ago of the aphrodisiac is be that did not fit to the body)  I while dizzy, daughter to go to see how up from the bath in worry and that, sure enough, Yoko also I was tired on the sofa.  "Yoko, are you okay ..." When I hugged my daughter and brought her face closer, I could smell the nice scent of shampoo after the bath . Yoko leaned against us without power. "..." From the shirt with a wide open chest, the valley that grew fluffy was exposed ... In such a situation, my daughter's chest was worrisome and my heart suddenly throbbed . .. Besides, my dick was stiff to respond to it ... "Is this area painful?" My hands unknowingly rubbed my daughter's breasts ... (What are you doing? But I ...) Though I thought so in my heart , my heart pounding didn't stop and I escalated more and more.Went ... "this month Kana ..." I shifted on the bra is raised tucked the shirt, which with Sucking cute nipple but was turned Job et al., The chest of the daughter. "Hahhhhh ..." My daughter just left her body as she was suffocating ... The excitement culminated around here, and I remember only the detailed depictions being choppy. ... I probably slowly the Pichi of the body of time over teen daughter taste in the tongue I think that it was. Is feeling bad until a little while ago gone, Doki of the extent likely to jump out heart instead was wrapped in Doki feeling and pleasure. Daughter is imperceptibly shifting the pants, Xie like crazy cock that Sosorita' ... that was about the first time in a long time become as it is 69 posture of, I think that the daughter of the pussy was fluent in the tongue you. Disgusting grew up I wonder contains the things of the other man in the pussy ... I while tasting licking the pussy of daughter in the tip of the tongue, the sight of her daughter visible from the crotch ... that had been packed small lips I felt very sweet to see her desperately opening and sucking on her cock like crazy . The cute boobs were quivering ... I made a noise like sucking up a bite of sperm, and every time the cock was included in my daughter's mouth , the pleasure rushed in.・ ・At that time, I felt like I didn't want to give this girl to another man ... and then again ... my head was dull ... I remember on the sofa. It was the appearance of Yoko dancing naked on me sitting on the couch . I only then pierces cock sitting, daughter swallow it all, taste was moving violently hips as will I. My cock pierced to the root swelled like never before, and I was wrapped in pleasure that I had never tasted . I couldn't even tell when the pleasure was over or how many times it was over ... I noticed that it was already midnight, and when I was exhausted and tired, I shrank from my hugging daughter. cock white liquid from after When you exit the slippery mud has been overflowing with mud. If you look closely, probably because Yoko was violently violently, semen overflowing from the vagina is lower abdomen of each other had scattered a lot to the part. I exhausted my daughter while hugging her and slept as it was.

Divorced woman daughter

yuna himekawa[6909]
Is a 68-year-old man who lost his wife. Wife after the death, but was hard at living alone, whether good things to say good luck, came back divorced daughter of 40-year-old.
My daughter is me doing any housework is a great help.
And now me and my daughter finally until the processing of the night of sexual desire.
Opportunity is my night, daughter the place you are masturbating while looking at the computer adult video while drinking sake seen.
Daughter, \"Dad, I have'll then\" came into the room I've been clinging to say.
But was puzzled by truly surprised, to have been drunk to drink, that time have daughter also equivalent drunk, I was standing Sucking in addition to the mouth of the things of my crotch become naked.
My reason was blown off to see the plump body of 40-year-old daughter.
Me and my daughter had each other devour become a man and a woman.
2 years lost his wife, and his wife had been hospitalized with illness from before his death, sex was embracing the body from the five years of the woman interrupted.
Daughter also is a place where I heard later, that it was a nearly 10 years less in discord and her husband.
The two people from the night look like sleep in the same futon, daughter is of us both doing all the role of the wife day and night.

And daughter

I gently hugged my daughter and put her lips together. My daughter's tongue broke my mouth and sucked into each other gradually and violently . My daughter was a red sexy neglige and wore no bra or panties. I slowly And laid my daughter's body on the duvet My right hand grabbed and rubbed my daughter's breast from above Negrije The feeling after a long time slipped through my body It was a feeling I forgot I felt the feeling of the breast with both hands while Bring massaging the voice of the daughter sigh also just begun yet inspire a man of instinct, but my lower body of the son had an erection only in Hachikiren daughter was in agony daughter and Ategau sometimes gently, sometimes strongly nipples When I felt the whole body of my daughter, I took off my Negrije. The lights in the room were on, so I suspected my daughter's nakedness. The beautifully planted hair of my daughter, even if I lie down. The bulging nipples were beautiful. With a fascinating look, my daughter [Daddy also took off her clothes] [Oh, that's really good] Daughter [I don't regret wanting to be a daddy's woman] I took off my upper and lower trainers and underwear Daughter [Daddy's big! ] I [The body of 〇〇 is very beautiful, I will not give it to anyone anymore] I cover my daughter's body as if I leave my body, kiss my daughter's whole body, blame my breast and hand to my daughter When I went there, it was already full of honey. When I opened my daughter's legs and approached the center, it was still moisturized with honey in a beautiful pinch color. My two fingers went deep without any resistance. When I gently stirred it. The daughter uttered a voice and writhesWhen I tasted the honey on my finger, I stuck to my daughter's clitoris, but I got cunnilingus [I 'm a digression later, but now my daughter's clitoris is pie bread I am also pie bread] I rub my tongue deeply and rub it. The red-blooded clitoris is also gently and sometimes strongly rolled with my tongue and sucked. I don't know if the time has passed I just kept blaming my daughter The raw woman's body was unusually excited for the first time in a long time and she took her face away from her in the words of her daughter [Daddy wants a daddy's cock] When my daughter gets up, she puts me in her mouth. The sound of a blow job makes me abnormally excited again. I [○○! Dick hole! Do it with your tongue] My daughter puts her tongue in the hole as she was told [Oh! 〇〇! Daddy seems to be in trouble! ] I wanted to put it in [○○! I want to put it in my dad] Daughter [I want to put my dad's cock in my dad too, so make me feel really good! ] My daughter asked me to put her in the missionary position, so I opened my daughter's legs wide and applied it to her and slowly sank. I take it warmly and deeply. First, I put it in and out slowly. My daughter's daughter tightens occasionally with the feeling of entwining me. What was a famous instrument that was not in my wife's time? Like degree? I don't know if it's a thing, but my daughter's girlfriend is wonderful and I can't be separated from her now. Even if I'm a parent and child because of the happiness that is connected to one another I was intoxicated with the sex of a man and a womanEach other earnestly puts in and out of my daughter's girlfriend, and the joy that my daughter accepted and the pleasure that is transmitted to the whole body from the girlfriend are disturbed and the honey overflows and the place of the connected genitals is It was a flood and I was about to go [○○! That's right with milk] Daughter [Daddy! Put it out on XX! Daddy's milk! Put it in this! ] My daughter screamed like a scream at that time and I wasn't thinking about getting pregnant [ I heard from her that she has a very unlikely chance of getting pregnant later] Ejaculation is approaching [○○! It will come out! ] My daughter clings to me even more strongly [Daddy! It ’s cool! ] I spit out milk deep inside my daughter's daughter The pleasures of ejaculation struck many times Even after it was over, both of them did not move longing for the afterglow Rough breathing continued And when I looked at the clock, the date had passed. It was a fulfilling sex that I can not remember. After all , I fought another round by the morning. Half a year has passed since then. I still work with my daughter, so mainly etch has a lot of sex before work holidays.I have nothing to do on work days, so I sometimes stayed at the hotel instead of going home on work days. At that time, it's a relatively normal etch. I'm a little maniac, so I'm enjoying my beloved daughter 〇〇, and I'd like to bother you if I can report on the latest situation.

He was tied with his father.

Consecutive holidays before, but it is one person burnt sake woman, night parted he and misunderstanding is large after all of the opinion, I think that it had come a little drunk, but I was not taking a break from being male customers to it, was what my father, I have a good leave complaining to the father,
\"another good ... Mari because it was found found was ..., go home will\"
shop of the payment is so was my father.
 My father seems to have been able to still drink without a car, but it does not have my memory from the middle.

 When the morning th wake, the father is sleeping next to me, I is not nothing in the nude, his father was also naked, but I was surprised not somehow in love with the father
was found was, had apparently drunk let me take off my father
so had gotten asking, my father also become a man seems to have embraced me. And I had been back to the sober is, violently before breakfast asked the father
I had each other demand. So we have a contraceptive, but you do not have to worry about pregnancy, father and love one, flare up in violent incest sex time forget, when that occurred was not past the 10 am. Become violent sex spree with my father during the holidays, the day-to-day from now on is going to be a father and incest sex life.

UNI ◯ LO Hurray

I now wear less clothing of women stand out in the recent heat.
Very useful item is bra top to be immediately etch.
Immediately raw milk if Nugasere I can use as outer.
Handy since it is desorbed in a short period of time if not wearing a one-piece type if panties.
Kaiatae nothing to wear to my daughters (medium 2 and small 5).
Will vigorously and more excitement can immediately fucking and stripped the girls not choose the time and place to steal the eyes of his wife and parents, daughters Petit SM Ya to say that little is unsatisfactory by the etch in bed or inserted alternately my rare bar in lesbian with a twin rotor, we have grown up in a good daughter who feel the joy and the like to the abnormal stimulation that Hojira a cute Ass in my little finger.
It is in the midst GW.
After my home was also spent the first half in the home of his wife, yesterday certain amusement park. Accommodation is in enjoy daughters and thrilling rest hidden in his wife and Yoshichika-brother-in-law, etc. in a hot spring inn.
Even early in the morning this morning his wife daughters during deep sleep is enjoyed in the open-air bath and a lookout alternately.
Dad will do my best because I bet daughters how many times can the before returning home scheduled for tomorrow night.

Seeded daughter this year.

Daughter with the children came back from 30 days last month.
I 63-year-old, daughter 30-year-old, children are still 2 years old.
Husband is that it not come at work, we embrace every night daughter and laid down a child.
Daughter died wife at the time of the 20-year-old daughter from the time of the 3 death anniversary of the 22-year-old has done a wife instead.
Forever because it is a small fisherman town was also issued to the daughter-in-law at the time of the 26-year-old can not Nante keep anchored the daughter.
Husband will be transferred to an two years ago in the company employee, that time is when you go out of here in an even pregnant daughter was holding a pregnant woman.
\"Otochan, Bon and the New Year, GW is always from coming home.\"
Daughter has kept its promise of this year.
Actually I wanted to lay my children, but one day was transfer it is absolutely said to his daughter and the children of the husband.
\"Wisdom, Do not because the second person is absolutely my children.\"
\"I know. So this year back home because I have. Dad, ,, just is not also holding lunch Night\"
\"to say that even lunch ,,\"
\"probably not seen anyone if you get off the coast by boat. children since keep lying or playing in the ship's bottom.\"
issued a boat after a long time with her daughter yesterday saying so.
While going out to sea, sucking my penis you are taking the helm, and arrive off the coast daughter is to hold out the ass to me immediately became a naked just below.
Daughter of the buttocks under the bright sun was shining white.
\"Dad quickly, trying to make children while the children are sleeping.\"
The cold wind was plug in the comfortably cock to have an ass daughter.
Is healthy my cock if Kaware place to have embraced a daughter at night.
Safely, as my will children be able to daughter.
This PC also is what my daughter bought me to see the grandchildren.
However, pussy daughter when the grandchildren are sleeping is the Dasa obscene reflects, I am writing trout while I usually see it.

First experience interest, if there

Physiology, severe and not go to school mom to me now to drink and have got the medicine is Ika brought me to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Its, it was good now can go to school thanks.

Such I am, Daddy, I have seen the back video you have.
Dad, mom when you're going out at work, Dad did the cleaning is said to be raised to clean the room because sloppy there is no.

Allah I have seen the back video while I think that seems to hate I hate it, \"dad.
To此of the corner and are you? Turn off the channel I also vague, I was thinking really lecher Tara Papa'.
From my head to have been disillusioned Arehodo dad, that of the back video is, every day to spend every day not forgotten

just because mom, went out in three days and two nights at the Alumni Association, went into Dad and bath It was.
I am also embarrassed, it was entered in the bath hide the chest with a towel.
Bath towel Once raised to wash the back of Daddy, fell Papa body to a six-year elementary raw herself and Do not's an adult.

Long cock and thick If you also wash me and said, also has wash before ago, it was hanging.
Huntingtin If I wash is said to Wash here also beautiful to expand the crotch it is, has been standing.

\"My friend, came because the time after the此is, you write if available.\"

With my father

I was recommended by a certain person, so I would like to write the experience for the first time. I'm sorry if there is a part that is hard to read. I am 25 years old now. I work as an esthetician. I usually spend my time normally, but at the moment, I still vividly remember the experience like a flashback ... I feel like I'm writhing. It was such a shocking experience with my father. I experienced the high 2 summer vacation. The first weekend of August, when my mother left home to go on a trip with a friend. At home, my mother was strict, and on the contrary, I was relatively close to my father, so my father was on holiday because it was a weekend, so I said, "Would you like to go somewhere together?" And the weekend we met. In the morning, my father and I sent my mother to the front door, and after that, I was doing what I liked in my room. I was reading a manga on the sofa. However, the heat of summer is sweltering. Moreover, there is one fan in the room. Eventually, it was no longer a manga, and I took off the denim I was wearing as usual, took off my bra, dressed as a no bra, a T-shirt and underwear pants, and lay down on the floor. My room was a Japanese-style room and the floor was tatami mats, so it was cool and cold, and with no bra, I felt a sense of openness ... Whenever it was hot, I was sick of it. (It's quite strange when I think about it now.) I was hit by a fan for a while, but it was growing in the morning of summer vacation. In a happy, dozing air without club activities (it was a swimming club). All I can hear is the voice of a cicada and the sound of an electric fan ... There is no reason not to be sleepy. I just fell asleep.Next ... When the sensation returned vaguely, it was very hot. Above all, it feels strange to the lower body. ... I thought it was a dream, but at first I didn't know what was happening. My dad covered me ... over there ... I put the tip of my dad over there and moved it quietly. The figure of my father, who supports his body with both arms and shakes every time a vibration comes, emerges in a vaguely out-of-focus field of vision. From the feel of the tatami mats on my back, I knew that I was naked. And kuchu ... a nasty sound of water. A quiet sigh leaked by my father, "Huh ... huh ...". And quiet vibration and dull pleasure. The full scent of my father and me. As soon as I grasped the situation, my vague consciousness awakened rapidly as if I was pushed back from my dream to reality, and at the next moment I shouted "Dad! ... Hey! Stop!" I pressed it against my father's chest with all my strength, pinched my father's body with my feet, and resisted trying to separate it. "... Mia, I'm sorry," my dad said, hugging me with a strong force to push in all that resistance. "Hey ... what are you going to do !?" An unbelievable father's confession, "I couldn't stop ... I've always wanted to do this," to me, who made unnecessary resistance under my father's body. And the next moment when I muttered "I'm sorry" . A lot of shocks to my body ... I found out that my father buried the whole thing, not just the tip. "Uh ... awesome ..." moans. I also instinctively said, "No ... big ...".At that time I had a guy who was dating and I had experience, but obviously my dad was bigger, and when I resisted fluttering, I tightened it ... to my dad ... and just to give me pleasure. It has become. My dad said, "Ku ... Mia ..." every time he did, even though he wasn't moving yet, and his sad voice, which I had never heard before, told me, "Nothing can be done anymore ... I gave a feeling of despair. For a while, that condition continued, and when I was stunned by the heat and various thoughts and lost the will to resist, my father muttered again, "I'm sorry ..." ... While hugging me, I began to move it quietly. Every time I was moved quietly and slowly, my father, who got used to me while I was still, gave me a great pleasure ... I couldn't help but say "Hmm ... Hmm ...". Meanwhile, my dad mutters my name, "Mia ... Mia ...". I was hugged tightly so that I couldn't escape to my dad's very hot body ... sweat and the heat and pleasure of my dad's body seemed to melt ... I was getting better and better. When I thought about it, mysteriously, a pleasant sensation struck, and I suddenly let out a voice saying, "Hmm ... As if to signal it, my father was accelerating his movements. I couldn't suppress my voice because of the pleasure that seemed to make me crazy, and my hips moved abruptly even though I wasn't aware of it. Every time my father whispers "Mia ... Mia ..." in his ear, he licks his neck from my ear. The movement makes me even more pleasant. The feeling that I am a father, the pleasure, and the nasty squeaky sound of the body ... Pleasure ... Hot ... Pleasant ... I could only think of that act.Eventually, I was full of pleasure ... I was about to go. I couldn't stop jumping, and every time I was struck by my dad, I let out a voice saying, "Ah ... I shouted, "Dad!" And said ... My head turned white, and my body was cramping when I jumped ... When I was attacked by such pleasure, my father said, "Mia ... No So much ... if I tighten it ... it's no good !! " ... inside me ... I spit out hot things. While thinking "What !?", a wave of pleasure came to the heat and openness, and I was shocked again ... I didn't have any romantic feelings with my dad, but after that, the two of us had sex and various things that I had never had as a boyfriend until the evening of the day after my mother returned. It was. I think I was doing something wrong. Fortunately, I wasn't pregnant. On that day, after seeing the face of my mother who came back, I was struck by terrible guilt and began to avoid my father. After that, my dad told me to invite him, and I was sadly seen, but I keep refusing, saying, "I'll tell my mom again." ... But on such a day, I always remember that day with my father and masturbate ... I had sex with my boyfriend while thinking of my father. Even now, when I have sex with him, I sometimes think of my father. I think it's distorted, but there's nothing I can do about it. I thought that writing this time would make me feel better.