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Incest confession of women(2005-09)

Wonderful mother

> Attacked my child, I was. Now say you work and the rest lie in bad physical condition is much shock at home.
> I found this site and the sites they find something is not how you will experience the same way.
> 19 year old kids, I am 48 years old.
The remainder have not been told, the child's mother and I are almost the same kind of experience. The day to 13-year-old boy and I, a woman even when her son comes in so there was a physiological challenge. We also enjoy putting in the red blood of a cock. My mother is a mother bear will stay out to other women.

Five showed aligned Betcho

yuna himekawa[980]
Is that when I entered high school. Attended high school in a neighboring town was riding a bicycle five Satoru Yuu morning. Betcho story of the men and women in the neighboring town high school every day. Your ○ ○ example in the story wet the Betcho really different from the time of our children do and I scratched Senzuri even eight times a day × × you or were Betcho out and lady, the story of Betcho from studying everyday was looking forward to it. So we said to show Betcho aligned all of our boys Tei Sono boy was not talking about Betcho good head of the same high school, one of our friends and have a talk that was in favor of immediate Betcho showed side by side with him in front of five people they know nothing of him waiting to go home without his popularity at the middle of the road. First, I was surprised he was looking Betcho us since man has Chinpoko after all, "he ー what, I'm like a different shape of Betcho of every person," an interest to 云Tsu and I was watching it, because they have bigger balls Why do not you touch him, "You are getting bigger," pulled out a Chinpoko rubbing semen has grown to five people to hold him and 云Tsu I did it out.


Mother, because of his mind to stay until then, holding a watering your mother!

To son.

Only son

Ken-chan, you're also watching videos incest mother and mother's skirt, sweater, I'm naughty and I know that.
If it is good at holding my mom really quickly.
Even mothers who are the other two, ot na.
My mother, I love to do.


For now I have a relationship with my father 20 years ago to another; Now is the time of the 6th grade. Astride on the knee while his father is inspired. . With the tip of the tongue and licked my chest and that part of it is touched. I still know little, not even aloud what I do, so I was left clinging to his hand movements. Such a relationship with his father, graduated from the school, the first time after marriage her husband had continued in secret. Rarely seeing his father become even deeper life with her husband away from home but went missing.
Adult chat joined out of curiosity the other day. While there I met the A's and advanced conversation, I had to tell the relation between father and Innovation filtered baggage I've ever kept silent. The thing that people say, but you know I was going on. . . I do not want to date someone from a chat 無性Ni father. While they may remember that when he was touched in an embrace. So is the night life with her husband. That consciousness is the feeling to have my father. I would not do anything sorry.
A reunited once again went to chat with friends. Much aware that talking to my father at that time, he gave us the answer to meet again Why, because he was not about the closure was that.
I went home for an excuse to put the phone still feel nervous and anxious to get back to it and what kind of relationship with my father that much. When his father told the feelings go out shopping alone together was my mother. My father understood me immediately, and after a long kiss when my father brought me put my finger was kicked in the chest skin is so happy. That'll be right back until the end because my mother knew, it was a shame that I can not not go.
Seems to be devoted and would go back to such a relationship once.
To go out with my father yesterday. Luring and keeping company with car shopping. . . That feeling did not seem to be at my father and I also thought it strained. Choose a location to pull over the unpopular 抱Kitsukimashita father. When making another stop sucking chest 付Ka roll up on a trainer while they kiss. Put your finger was coming in hand also in the skirt. I can not stand I was licking my father Mawashita. Also found that grow in the mouth. After taking off the shorts are still accepted. Situation was very excited to have embraced him. . . The last was issued on the stomach. Licked my childhood was the same as that time.
I would also invited.

Betcho the first time with my brother

This is my brother around the age of 10 on the two is where I write the truth from incest "Betcho all live," the story said: Betcho Chinpoko with big ears and was from a child but, to me it really did not know Betcho I do not, "How about you Betcho" The young couple who did not know the neighborhood well, so I asked my brother and his brother "I Betcho What do you do with people "and the young couple heard the" I'm going to show us that "by becoming naked in bed together on 云Tsu home and raise" Betcho'm Doing "and His wife is also sitting in a loud voice into Betcho 動Kashimashitara wife to his brother five times larger Chinpoko "All right. I do," two people move the middle-aged gentleman sitting and moaning, "Oh good "The white 流Re出Mashita Betcho lot of his wife from the Chinpoko Betcho to unplug and 云Tsu.
"I'm Betcho Betcho things out in this white" for his brother and 云Tsu "What you get is white while the Chinpoko" 聞Kimashitara brother is, "Have you put it in Senzuri" and said and brother, so I was a young couple in front of people Betcho. Then I may be a bit put out with Chinpoko Betcho's bigger brother told me that Betcho 小父.

Re: [958] Munching better, You still get excited.

> My native village to hide the genitals of both men and women in the village really is not funny. What saith panties and more exposed to hide So I 履Kimasen pussy too. To sit down and spread his legs rather than sit even when there is visible to customers Betcho Iimashi and hearth with her pussy Betcho. And seldom still bare the shame of being seen by something even sisters and brothers of course. Lunch, etc. My brother is also married pussy in front of us, "it pleasant," and so we 云Tsu. Betcho seen to be pleasant to have to think of the embarrassment to be seen are the best so I Betcho.
> Thinking of running recently put my pussy feel the burning fire was seen and someone puts it out the pussy to the train at the train passed under a railway bridge too long possible. Underneath the railway bridge is the most common way short of Hachiko. Waiting for the person you feel like that if you saw her.

Masayo's. Is not it downright enviable village customs.
But she is also intrigued by watching the Betcho, nothing besides more hip shaking, I will feel many times.
How to get to suck Betcho's Masayo example is what should I do?


A son in high school to like stockings, a video room and there were several women wearing stockings photo album.
Most of the clothes still have those, too, is not much hot stuff, like my son is called Pansutofechi.
Women wearing stockings around the house because of this if you like or do they usually entertained so many eyes?
But the fetish may be transferred, I love the clean hands of a man in hand fetish.
I prefer that my fingers are long and slender.
Boys will be helped because it Pansutofechi, has spent pretending to know.
Skirt style but I have confidence in no armor with ourselves I think that choosing a little shorter.
My son is such a common thing that I knew my leg.
That day I had a meal after wearing only stockings Katazu shiny little short skirt.
Later I heard my son seems to be the most lust Sutokkinggu glossy.
Curious felt much pain in my leg stuck in sight of her son.
"No way, I what are you looking at a while"
"No, not really"
"Hmm, I like You I'm stocking tea hue?"
"I know, do things in the tea room hue"
"I did not want the mother's legs?"
"... U do, pretty legs and Mother"
My son replied in a low voice.
"I'm glad, I get to say I'm pretty tea hue"
"I do not I look more service with you."
I sat down I gave my son to see his son sitting next to the couch, watching my son did not do so because of shame.
My son 乗Semashita leg on the thigh.
My son has a delicate sense of touch about what you touch my feet to touch.
Maybe because I felt it was very easy to write you both my husband and I were all things Mai came away feeling in the hands of his son.
This is what I do and felt like a leg from the thigh shade of her son.
"Will not do anymore, just look ne"
What was earlier said his son was in the mouth from the top of the toe of my stocking.
The experience of being caressed the top of the stocking first time, become out of control and I felt my body to say.
"No!'m Almost over"
My son heard me.
"No! No!"
My son kept intact.
"No! No!"
Another thought came to feel good anyhow.
If only I forgive my son anyway and I just love stockings legs.
The son of the right finger, left finger licking Makurimashita.
I felt I knew so their toes for the first time.
I was beginning to leak away moan, feeling that was completely aware of your son as well.
"I give voice Yarashii Mother"
"I hear voices that no father and mother's day and night"
I have had my masturbation.
Known soup and did not want my son far.
I put a hand on my son that my pants like that.
"It's useless!"
"What are you talking too late"
My son suddenly caress my clit, I became more completely defenseless.
"Feels good! Feels good! That put"
I cried myself to put the son.
"I also like Mother"
When he had said was very embarrassing.
"I'm wrong Crap!"
It is too late.
My son had clothes remained, came down halfway into my stocking.
I sowed away quickly reached.
"Another mother of a went eh?"
I was the first time reached so quickly.
Despite the other son, I reached very deeply.
We do not yet reached his son, and sat Furihajimemashita.
"Ah! And"
"Now we, too,"
I have two people at the end.
"HOW WAS? Satisfied?"
"It felt the best"
Seeing that things suck while her son had recovered "from the back to turn"
And I came in from behind.
What about the day was five times the ball well, I think it was the best times ever.
Then the young body is not my husband at night any day in the morning I asked.
And I answered.
My husband went to bed later sought from my son's room.
It is very shameful story, I will not do crazy week.
Sex is a very good friend has a son can.


Their children being attacked, but it is. Now say you work and the rest lie in bad physical condition is much shock at home.
I found this site and the sites they find something is not how you will experience the same way.
Children 19 years old, I'm 48 years old.


My native village to hide the genitals of both men and women in the village really is not funny. What saith panties and more exposed to hide So I 履Kimasen pussy too. To sit down and spread his legs rather than sit even when there is visible to customers Betcho Iimashi and hearth with her pussy Betcho. And seldom still bare the shame of being seen by something even sisters and brothers of course. Lunch, etc. My brother is also married pussy in front of us, "it pleasant," and so we 云Tsu. Betcho seen to be pleasant to have to think of the embarrassment to be seen are the best so I Betcho.
The running made up my mind recently put the pussy on fire and burning someone to feel we were out the pussy to the train when the train passed under a railway bridge too long not. Underneath the railway bridge is the most common way short of Hachiko. Waiting for the person you feel like that if you saw her.

Mess and felt Betcho

I would say I was born female genitalia Betcho.
Betcho was showing his good neighbors since childhood, had become a man feel good to show Betcho adults comfortably and greed Betcho fiddle since the age of 10.


When the summer was when my high school three years. It was when Italy went on a trip my parents had planned for some time. My brother was a businessman two years after graduating from college last year. Only two people will live with my brother, I'm supposed to show all housewives panache. Tsu Tsu endless love together with his brother! I just did not think so euphoric feeling exhilarated. It is a wonderful brother and my friend, is the proud brother of the very enviable. I think we can look handsome from me. Night and departed parents, I was greeted by his wife like panache.
Making dinner, I happily drank beer together to prepare the evening drink. I drink too much and I, spent time away atmosphere hung about, I had to sleep without knowing it. Awake and then shift, I was sleeping next to my brother. They hung there on our bed without knowing a single skin. Sotto I wake up and causing a brother, stood on the toilet.
I returned from the restroom, I was still staring at his brother while sleeping face. There is only envy my friends, is the really attractive features. I tried contacting the cheek to cheek close to Sotto and consciously. I tried to look away now But her brother was sleeping with Suyasuya notice anything. This time it went a good point by bringing in a little stronger. I had my arms wrapped around his neck Then suddenly my brother.
I was surprised, I was away from my brother, my brother is coming to focus increasingly more hug.
"I'm sorry! Brother!"
I thought I had to wake my brother, I tried to wake 突Tsu張Tsu upper body arms. My brother gave me away to focus on anything more to say.
I give up, and I only occasionally Majitsu Damn cheek of his brother in the face.
Then, the smell of my brother can not say downright gradually it has become charmed. Then my brother to accompany her hands on my face, I've seen my brother pressed his lips on my lips suddenly.
"Ugh U"
I tried to let go of his lips desperately, my brother is now increasingly focusing on the tongue has pledged to crack lips. And to be honest I do not like my brother very much time coming, want to play with my brother doing this once, I wish there was a faint. So I just got to stop the resistance. Kojima saw my brother put it into my mouth my tongue, gums and teeth and licking it Around me.
I got quite excited. I did a hard kiss you just love my brother like this, it has become another blow. When I hand in my brother's heart soon, I'll do as I touched my chest. I was thinking. I was downright drunk with comfort rather not say.
"Reiko, feel good?"
When asked "Yes."
I've had to answer this.
"Well, then I'll feel better"
While saying this, his back to me, it has crept into the hands of my brother's abdomen.
"Updates! Tsu Tsu useless brother. There by useless"
I am thinking of his brother holding his hand, had a hip twist.
But the hand of my brother and I was already holding a place in my important today. May also get comfortable with the current Biribiritsu that moment, I was twirling my body the whole body.
"Oh ~ Tsu-up"
I was moaning voice out of my mouth without thinking.
"I would feel good. I'll feel better for more Big Brother"
"Dametsu, by bad!"
She said, it was my resistance weakened gradually. Fingers and his brother were to come touch the most sensitive clitoris, I took longer to become to be magic, could curb Kikimasen.
My brother and I will know more and more boldly, I even had it been left by my brother anymore. My brother broke my knee has slowly inserted into a symbol of my strong man. At last we are beyond the hurdles that I had not incest. Since that day our relationship is our ongoing. Of course, parents also came back, but continues to steal second. We went to the hotel when there is fashion, relationships and go on an overnight trip to deceive parents went. When my college for two years, but it had been known that at last our mother. Second, it was on fire I'm about eyes. If the relationship is temporary 絶Chimashita was bad too. Dangerous Liaisons is still such a thrill that could not break. Now I'm a flight attendant has a certain 航空 Company, each other until marriage, no, quitting may be able to marry.

Re: [953] beloved son in hospital

Son to lure raised dressed Iroppoi.
Soon, I'll recover.

Beloved son in hospital

My son is in college, I just turned 21. The mother, I am 46 years old. Bailout motorcycle accident in his son in school, a hospital for a broken leg. Right thigh, left ankle fracture, a bedridden state for some time now. Hospital admission is basically because it was accompanied by a full general hospital care in a hospital is not needed, I went to the hospital the end of the part-time until we got home my husband in attendance.
The upper body can fire his son, but, of course, because the state can not walk, Sumasemasu excretion on the bed. Small can be prepared in which 尿瓶 bedside, better preparation and cleanup in large, you will surely get help from people. Until then, I'll take care of large chance once was not.

And they found it the other day. When I went to the hospital as always happens to me the first time, the son of nurse finished, I came across a scene that you clean up kicking a lot. From that moment, watching from, I might have become strange.

- I'll touch a little, right? Is cold? OK?

The nurse called out gently while you for my son, I touch the little boy that's my son around while wiping ass wipes. Given the cool, but a nurse had been a matter of course as you work, then I felt a strange jealousy. Still, I was a young nurse about late 20s, so I felt maybe even more.
All treatments end, the state of nurse my son was being taken to leave the hospital and talking manner.
Became the hospital alone with my son, I asked my son.

Yep - after the usual, got the topic right now it looks like? A nurse?

- Yes, my lower back still hurts from 浮Kasenai Well, I'll always ask them to.

Son says nonchalantly. What was I thinking, I heard the words of his son

- When a young nurse to get a nurse like now, there has not become bigger?

I 口走Tsu this. Expression of surprise from my son, my words have 聞Ki返Shi laugh.

- Mom, what's say this is it? Are you kidding from hospital.

Ne nurse - about the same age as you and Mom, but excitement is not touched by the young nurse?
- Even if a person, like when you're at home You can not?

I have already said in the tone a bit like attacking his son. Topic in his room that her son would be a matter of course knew where his mother, watching the trash tissue and washing underwear.
My son was doing since I've been asked to talk back angrily.

- Do not say stupid things like, kidding, things here, things like figure that trick can not.

I think I was out of jealousy out of the ordinary. There was no word said, thinking of his son heard these words.

- I'm right, I'll be unable to get rid out from myself, I'd like to be patient.
- I do not want? Do you want me to contact his mother?

I heard later, I heard the words of my son and I sold this fight is likely retorted with the statement says.

- For us? Gotta, Give me now!

- Okay, Sure, I'll give to.

I heard the words of my son, rise from a chair to answer his son sitting beside the bed, rolled to his son wearing hospital, towels were hidden Mononoke little boy grew up imperceptibly fine, Hisashi Ategaimashita hands for the first time it's his son. Son's face, when I do not see, or what looked like, but you can not imagine, was the son said nothing.
I love them anyway son thought the little boy, rubbed, gently grasping, Jim Johnson and his son are touching and wrapping his hands as well now it has become. Honestly, I felt greater than his master.
Gently with one hand grasping a healthy little boy was big, so that my husband will, one hand moving up and down and say memories are short and cute, and I was touched it was only a gold coin image. Then his son

- I hurt.

He says. When I heard but could not immediately understand the meaning, I am that my husband-to-mouth before the larger Fukumi, to realize that while the hydrate have, without hesitation potatoes greater son Fukumimashita mouth has become a little boy. My son, the voice is not like to put something Uh. While I slept speak out and say that my son Glancing away, leaving Fukunda mouth, moving the face of them, as my husband,
A little boy in the tongue, the gold ball, licking of them, and again repeated the topic in hand I'll act.
Her son was not even in the state university, is the first time? When asked, he answered the first small.

I refrain from anything - I do not need, ー Now, Take your mom everything. I'm out.

So I said to my husband as well, only the tip of the penis Fukumi your mouth, then lick their hands a little early tongue
And I was moving a little hard. Go, go, said his son was at the same time voices.
I have all of the alter ego of the son of a warm, full as much 受Ke止Memashita in my mouth.

Had been around in my mouth twitched as the little boy and beating of her son. I was still in the mouth until reduce Fukunda, how did you worry about that, right? And caring little while ago and gave me a completely different kind tone. I gently away from her son's mouth, and drink in one sitting.
In your mouth when you take my husband there and sometimes even once married, it is my husband was never drink it. However, the alter ego of the son without any discomfort 飲Memashita anything.
I say thanks for caring for his son in the sink to rinse mouth, while wiping beads of gold and give your son's penis with a towel soaked in warm water and squeezed

- From now on I'll give to his mother every day, I also refrain from puppet at all.
- Why not bring it in front of large nurse.

Smile and talk, my son is embarrassed, yeah, just have to answer.

Many times until today and, what caught the mouth alter ego of his son, I care, think times anyone will come to the hospital, when I'll tell you, the door knob [entry for a while, please refrain from down] to the bill.
And many times when I was either.

I give it to - as always.

She said, sitting beside the bed when

- Mother, I can touch the heart of Mother?

I've seen my son said, apologetically. Even then, when you're on top of clothes to give, because the son had been touched around my back and shoulders, but I was hoping maybe sometime in my mind.
Sure, I replied to, sitting beside the bed, was wearing polo shirts rolled up in front of his son, remove the hook of the bra, the breasts, causing her son's face in front of your upper body take this with your eyes closed.

Wrapped in a warm hand touching the breast of his son, tender, saying that his son gave me with both hands touching the breast.
Dance in the palm of his son nipples, I was beginning to be felt than at the master.
Hands away from the breast of his son, tried to open my eyes, then ran electricity to the body.
A son, my left nipple Fukumi mouth, I licked my tongue. I'm warped, but the nature and voice I have left.
You had to hear it, while continuing to caress my son gave me gently massaging the other breast.
I left that position, but I continued to massage your penis with his left hand, I think this time earlier than ever.

Still, my son is still bedridden. The teacher is still talking, for now it seems not to stand.
And their relationship could continue this forever, I do not know. When I returned two fully recovered to a normal life is possible to imagine it will hurt what would happen next, I will accept all of me, his son asked.


In the head, but you know, I have never really experienced H is
Adult in the room watching, was fiddling with boobs flop.
After a while, so you have hot Koh, I was wondering what to do,
Came into the room my brother, the sight of me, H What do I want? I've heard,
Nodded. Then, I'll tell one brother from your nipple licking naked for me to say,
Or touch, or to put your finger or put a few shells to expand the crotch, and pleasant,
I raise your voice. After a while, but your brother Nn, etc. in my shell - I came with.
It was incredible the piston movement and immediately ran out of juice in your shell.
The following is the movement from the back and say anything more pleasant, had to limp.
The shell is really good for me like a brother, then the H's brother and have fun sometimes.
H away I wake up, and men are doing a lot of H.

[947] is continued.

My mother, Tsu Oh, and I said, I stay with my elder sister is made, it should stay aware.
And some in the desk drawer stand with rubber on purpose
Also, in the wallet, H I'll also throw in a membership card of the hotel!


55-year-old housewife (intended), my daughter 26 years old mother of two sons, 24 and 30 years old. My husband passed away 10 years ago. Me then I give up the college cafeteria son family business. I work with, too. This is the basis of life. The second son job out of college, lived in the same house but I travel frequently. Totsui daughter is in the distance. So now three people are living. All were over 10 years ago was not for his son. Is the eldest son of the family who helped me and all the expense. I'm not even going to get married. Is to protect me. My son feels such increases depend on every day, and reliably, even to respect. I had to watch secretly as a man feel like more and more arrogant son since last year. Most aware of his son now is the time for consoles still secretly masturbating. At first it was just the guilt of thinking is now known to fade day by day now at the peak of the son's name. Closed the day before the work is up at such time (when the trip is the second son) was absent at 3:00 in drinking at home. I was pretty drunk.
I woke up in the dark for some sign of chance. If you can finally clear my head and look vaguely like I was getting used to the staring eyes for a while, we know the situation. I had my son masturbating on the side of costs.
When I noticed the situation has exploded in the heart, is the heartbeat is heard about her son wanted. I have a little breathing 立Temashita continue to pretend to be sleeping as it is. I wanted my son is fast asleep and I'm drunk.
I had a feeling of wanting to feel good here, do not give anything to daily dilemmas. Hand movements, has jumped into the vacant eyes and signs of excitement. That I have come very close to my face anymore.
I felt I was the man for his son every day, was giddily excited about the amazing contrast. I would have agonized, rubbing his penis in front of my eyes I'm sure Kii Hiroshi. Was irresistible to love them anyway to love them anyway. At that time he faintly, "Mother" "Mother, I want" is like. I thought it was a lie. But after all those it again. There has to be the pinnacle of excitement, I already missed the first I had thought there momentarily. Gently called my name at the moment of her son. My son was surprised, "Sorry, sorry Mom" is a mistake to. "I do not say anything"
"Sorry, Mom. I could not stand me."
"Hey, you okay with my mom? Say" I'm the only mother ever been "
"I'm not just a mother"
I was thrilled.
"You ~ I'm really good mom?" "Yes."
"You can forgive me you were." "I have this thing at a secret"
"I have a secret, just between the two today," it said.
Shigokimashita it slowly in front of you still be up in arms.
He was honestly excited. I included the ones in my mouth boldly in his hand. My son was ecstatic. It seemed to me that ever say anything like atonement.
"The mother ~ s" "Come, come into," "I really?" "Say nothing"
The two become one. Out in front of the family since then and continues to be a parent and child. But in my mind is a husband and wife together. I promised myself. Always will be. Repentance is not. Is there a world only in the mind with as little disruption to anyone. I think a great life. During the course alone there are more than satisfied couples. Kizuita husband and I are absolutely no such complaints can not say I could not. One flesh and that is known to feel that before you say this thing. Incest mother and child is a crime in the world. But one mother and child are met, come together perfectly, I think this is the truth. Their relationship will continue in the future will continue to keep a secret until his death. I swear.


yuna himekawa[948]
Called 28-year-old Mayu. Hello.

I am now my father and brother, lives with his children.
Than the average family, I think relations are good. The problem is there.
My parents for granted brothers us at nudist in the house was raised in the nude, under the policy of parents from a young age, SEX all the things like in one person, and each other show openly While grew bigger.
The father and mother's genitals to serve the truth, had begun before it touches can remember.
Just hold me my parents gently, caressing me because it was,
Had a sense of being loved.
It was hush money, a friend from school was not up to the secret.
Naturally, I call my home I was still a special nuances.
When I was four years in elementary school, his father first put things across,
With the loss of virginity. By the time my brother has it, including my mother,
Had lost their virginity in front of you. I have experienced the first time my brother as well.
The children and I dream of my father that his daughter was in junior high school experience.
After birth, while they rough, but there also be a runaway
The welcoming feeling I sincerely trust that the only family now, I'm now reached.
Earlier this year also gave birth to a daughter. I always had to contraception,
With grim determination, his son (the son of a father) and crossbreed bore.

Of happiness may be said, to put his fate,
I am satisfied. I wanted to ask somebody, I wrote Aya Takeshi.
Believe me, who understands how (will it?), The
I hope you think you think. I could talk to each other and can not write a variety of experiences.


Unfortunately I found myself wishing a holiday, or rain. . .
Thinking, even complaints Detchi Yaimasuyo uu;
It helped, to 朝帰Ri and sleeping elder sister,
Tsu from one! What 遣Rimasu! ?
People in, so I made a habit because good body,,,
Well sort Tsutsutsu, indeed, from today, from going to the Sun Safety,,
Ah, by the way (the elder sister), uniform, OL, and I Freeters?
Mother is a housewife but sometimes I'm out of bytes.
During the work the other day, jam on the same train and elder sister, elder sister and later develop a form of elder sister, staying with me in the ass or 福与 察Su, my thing is, Tsu × 2 bottle and, it is also noticed the elder sister, and 堪Ranaku being held, and the elder sister 引Ki降Roshi at the next station, the station pulling the toilet, 巻Kuri shorts skirt down, and penetrating from the back and elder sister also felt ... In the end, work to rest, and they spent a day at the hotel (can not stop now!).

On my days off, the better both of us, but I like to spend a couple dates, and my mother recently, "two" and Do not you dare change!
As if you see something you love Innovation, and laughing at me,,, Mother, brothers, Do not you dare to stop and it just ,,,--!
But it's too late once, and they tied,,,

I love my brother

I am now a freshman in high school is located in Kyoto.
The events of September 15 this year.
I like to go out to my mother this morning, while pretending to clean the room my mother was looking for my mother Hesokuri.
At that time, I found a wooden box under a chest of drawers.
In my heart, "Yes! ー put out." It was big and thick purple vibe with and I open the lid.
Remote control switch "ON" and you started shaking the tip Kunekune movement.
Saw these things was surprised at first, somehow, and now want to use someone's carelessly.

Only after the mother's room Katazu, have risen wooden box in my room upstairs in a hurry.
Then immediately switch to "ON" and moved to the vibrations.
I still have never even seen the boy chin ○ fallen by just watching the movement has become a strange feeling.

Panties off right away, have put up with this pain went ○ ○ me your vibration.
"Yes. I think we can get ○ ○ 濡Rashitara to us?" I thought, I remember the thing five years older brother,
The clock began to touch the right index finger ○ ○ list.
Then, gradually came to feel, I began to massage the breasts the next left hand.
○ ○ can I have your right to slimy.
And "OFF" states a little bit of vibration, you ○ ○ went into this.
I was hurt on the way out slowly with the vibration.
Parts list or stumble ○ ○ rotor disk, I feel the vibration Iboibo.

Have come to understand gradually spread legs, imperceptibly, a remote control switch on the left "O
N "then,
Slowly began to move.

And pleasant, even though not out, was going to tea at the voice.
Oh Koh ○ ○ Bichobicho I became, become too Bichobicho bed sheets, with a cooler was probably because,
My body was Botoboto sweat.

Shift, to hatch their original wooden box Iremashita in the vibration of the mother wiped away with tissue.

And soon as I left the door open into the hallway to wear panties with null and feet.
I immediately Fuki取Ttara soles by hand, the stickiness was white.

The room was empty, so a little brother and I went to see.
Then my brother while sleeping in bed while I was masturbating with your right hand holding the lantern ○ ○.

I thought the foot.
The hallway was a little while ago with the seminal brother? Perhaps watching my masturbation.
However, the wage ○ ○ brother is as big as your mother was there was no vibration,
I first saw it actually was surprised.

I dropped my mother on the corridor had a vibration.

Hurriedly got up and opened the door stops movement of the right to hear the sound of a big brother.
"Reika! I was looking at!" Like a brother said I was surprised at.
I said "Yeah!" And nodded.
All of a sudden, "Reika, and you look at masturbation" was brought into the room as soon as my brother said.
Knocked down on the bed and "Reika! I love you." I was told.
I pat "thing my brother liked before." Lightning said.

Brother said, "I wanted to be mine for a long time to Reika ..." he said, rolling my clothes raised.
Then I was braless nipples "Reika, I really grew up! I have big breasts!" She said and began to lick.

After I turned my nipples Konekuri carefully, including the mouth and started sucking.
This also has been hot earlier masturbation ○ ○ While you have been tongue licking nipples.

But when his topic was not such a pleasure to taste.
And my brother is over there to bring the hand of me, "I'm this really wet your Reika ○ ○!"
Saying, this whole next ○ ○ began rubbing your fingers.
I feel good getting "Ah!" I aloud.
Big brother fingering well, getting more from this overflowing love juice ○ ○ It became thigh, expressed as.

Brother fingers entangled in my love juice, this time clock began to rub my thumb ○ ○ squirrels.
I was more than just masturbation when was attacked by great pleasure.
"It's Reika is a great amount, I'll wipe clean your tongue with my brother," brother's face, saying, you have my ○ ○ approaching this.
"Oh, look at my brother," he said.
○ ○ close your face but I can, smell the smell, "it smells like sour cheese."
"It's really beautiful Reika in red!" While saying this, tongues began to lick my brother.
The first patient was still gritty feel sick.
However, it is becoming increasingly feel, you feel was a moment on a pee.
Imperceptibly, I was touching your chin ○ ○ brother.
○ ○ chin was slippery even your brother.
"Go lick your chin ○ ○ brother, Leica!" I said, I began to lick the chin The Kino Hiroshi ○ ○ brother.
The smell was a strange smell sweat a lot.
But I gave a tongue to lick while moving slowly.
Kuni Ara will suddenly began breathing on her brother.
Shitarashiku brother was really excited, "can not stand," he said.

And, brother, "Reika, can I put? Us from properly put out," he said, came into my chin while your big brother ○ ○.
Piston has been slow gentle brother.
I really felt anymore. Longer then my brother was loved like crazy.
What about ringing sound in the room and then come out drenched and put your chin ○ ○ Brother, I'm awesome.
Gently with my brother in the middle ear, "How is it, Leica, or feel good?" I've heard,
I said, "Reika! Pleasant, big brother," I answer this.

The older brother heard his words, suddenly became fast piston.
And the next moment brother "Reika, go, Ugh," I said to ejaculate inside of me.

Older brother had for a while as it got on my daze.

With a little juice and blood in semen and I love you because you're my brother as he pulled out of your brother ○ ○ including wage,
And from there flowed ○ ○ drop your pink and I flowed with transmitted through the thigh,
垂Remashita on the sheets.

Then, the night is becoming older brother came to my room and enjoy sex with me.


Today, my son got to be tied! , Exactly three months, but still with the care of, I repeat the etch ®!
My son is getting better grades in school, as I said, "Ageman" in like!

The Dokidokimmono Haraharatsu &!

Our neighbors to the wife is a thing that I was pregnant this year, on the contrary, some people can be jealous, the relationship is young and have a boyfriend or even a good intuition, saying in a playful way come, be there for his wife, but she is at such a thrilling thing> Tsu No way, partner and son, so say, Tsu, but I deceived you laughing?

Love for son

A child's 46 years old than me this year is on the three, A Child's son K I hope you had a three year university.
A child's right but I went to a package tour in Beijing and Shanghai last week,
Son of K seems to go along with the training.
The contents of the phone by that time, "Did you make a mistake with my son"
I say.
We understand you are taken two people to rent to engage in one is a thing of the package tour cheap, K I heard it was that go together, so off you, the room of course is a room.
First night hotel in Beijing that it can be the room with the family.
The make-up and out of the bath K's from the back you tuck A Child
"Mom, me, I would like to not have your mother," It seems the likes 押Shi倒Shita bed.
A child's ability, but you are strongly resisted K, is blind to the towel, it seems shameful to part had been forced to lick legs spread wide.
A child's been gone As I slowly licked felt, had said that I found spilling joy juice.
K You are a hard erect cock Ategai A child's vagina, "has been inserted"
It is said.
I came away dripping wet in the groin While listening to this area,
I let my right hand slipped into the panties obsession.
A child's K as well as during the trip told me of how sexual with you, every day after returning home, they said they are crazy if they have time to do.
While I was comforted to hear yourself crazy, I've seen it on my son.
Had put his hand inside the panties to give the skirt rolled up in a semi-crouching position also can not excuse what, when hung up over the phone
"Mom!" I've hugged my son likes high school.
While the right hand 淫液 paint paint, and let the smell of the genitals.
My son was standing naked to the waist cock.
I entrusted my son to not be at the mercy of the resist.
A day that we too are now mothers incest as a child's place, and that affairs can not stand sitting on the intensity of her son.
My son is my genitals 舐Memasu return home from school. And I'm going to just insert. In two out of the vagina, mouth, out at once. Paragraph 3 times to do, come and lick my genitals for a while.
This two-week thing we do is like a mad dog or cat.


Now I may not be the usual state of mind.
Sorry ... sorry ... Now, after the death of the body, such as the relationship between son and Forbidden Acts hardly real, is the place I have.
One son and six years, but a mediocre 経Mashita single mothers, I felt something in reward money to school to pass the exam sons birthday yesterday, I asked him one wish. Honestly, I was surprised .... I asked to experience sex with me.
Surely, the place 誤魔化Shimashita joke that I laughed.
However, it was this morning ....
After breakfast, I heard the words again, last night's shocking is his son from behind 抱Kitsuka. Son's eyes were serious.
Perhaps because I saw that face, I can not 口走Tsu mind.
"I once .... Can you promise? Right? ..."
Seeing the face of his son, remember the answer .... Why? I do not know ....
My son is up on the second floor room, I was in the bathroom. Reduce the throbbing beat as if in the shower was a person spells.
"Just once ... just once ..."
Sprinkle bathrobes, Yukimashita raised to the room just waiting for my son.
Increases the heartbeat, but I understand clearly that the trembling.
In front of the door of the room, but I 竦Mi standing foot. I opened the door half unconsciously. Door door ... sorry ... forbidden.
Closed curtains of the room, I felt gloomy. Son on the bed was covered with a quilt body. I took the robe, entered the bed. Was on his back with his eyes closed. I felt that might faint.
The interim pleasure seemed time stopped, started touching her breasts nipples Shaburimashita my son starts moving. Sometimes you have Tsukatsu teeth, and ran a momentary pain, I was part of the first woman hot tingle.
Hot body of his son was looking at me as wildly.
And it seems the time has finally forbidden. ... My legs have spread.
And ... I accept all. Deep in me.
Like a deep vaginal opening of uterus Kojiake was more deeply felt as the incoming.
The next moment, I felt deep in the abdomen with a lukewarm feeling the voice of her son.
I understand that the body will force dumb. Later, however, is still to be had only to accept them all. Just ....
The one-time commitment, what's it really is. I would think the beginning. However semen is flowing from between her legs still my son.
Why do such a thing now, is suddenly inserted his son since his son became addicted to the studied parameters. Looking at erotic books that nobody thought happened
I've been itching to wet a weird feeling lower body, feel my hands go to bring the pubic region, pubic shiny wet look pants off 立膝 Kio Hiraku about crotch. I'll feel a hand come soon. I still continue to feel the difference and always somewhere to put your finger in 堪Razu.
Noboritsume been so helpless, had fainted away alone and I often still feel that out time and again with her husband rather than be placed in the genital Komu Kio Hiraku hold your finger on fingers of both hands at last. Someone is on the cover 被Satsu first thing I know. Intercrural sex skirt has been stripped. Put your body between the legs naked waist pants off my son too, soon came suddenly into a pretty impressive cock. And carrying the escape, had been conquered by his son and looking away carelessly at first felt like a body that has become evil in the struggle 其.
Now being that is put into his son energetic than her husband, giving body to his son if they have free time while careful to avoid things pregnant, and now began to be put in however the genitals and naked in cold blood .
The child had a call from two weeks or so before.
Since then in my head is swirling constantly word incest.


Again, mother and sexual activity, I can not quit!
In three days, so I understand clearly, we will live in one of my mother.
I assume, you.


Hi everyone, apparently the son of the house, but she could like, I still like the older.
Younger person with no interest in, and that person is three days, I'm away ®'s out! Back, in comfort, too,

What now?

[I'm] incest corner?
I think various things may be written separately, in line with what I wanted to put the spirit of the corner I think I ~.
Then [lesbian] or so different animals or

Returning from a vendor by name, I think disparagement whether by name.

Much trouble, just below the janitor [Chat] I'm from the corner made us, reply to a specific person in here I wonder JAA ~ useless ····(¯ ¯; ) mmm

I have put a face to many places, this place is ugly enough to look at it there.


Parents and children. I like it a lot 有Rimasu Teru Tokoro.
Teru Kato face similar, or I look more like the behavior or thinking I look more like.
SEX of course also in regard to the similarity
Incest is still a normal relationship would not.
(SEX · · it good or what is normal and what normal De無I but I think each person)
If you feel excited to read what was posted here interested in this site, but it is built into your DNA will not do so.
I have a part in the SEX fetish everyone. Inherited from their parents feelings DNA. The parts have the same fetish as perhaps one of the parents.
I enjoy the deeper pleasure that part from an exact match.
SEX leaving such things to him would be a difficult experience. Not be a stranger to death, much less parent-child relationship is impossible because of


But we began to exchange sex intense every day with my son since seen his son just going to masturbation, yesterday came to escalate more and more are now there and drink put his mouth to the genitals of urine each other was. My son is licking the genitals 好Kirashiku left dirty, wipe says I want to say the toilet. Yesterday, without even to wash their genitals while still dirty sex the night before and waited for the return of her son remain polluted even go to the bathroom on purpose. Really nice?
He said, no lie, to lick faster and has buried her face into his groin as you push me to say. Oh wait, I'm going to go to the bathroom, and say, I'll drink now on his back, said. My son's face to sandwich squatting with little urine into the mouth of his son to Ategatsu genitals. At first I was little, my son I will not be able to control urination abandon me to drink of them ringing the throat. Is asked to urinate into his mouth to the genitals of a son I return, rather than less difficult to drink, was irresistible feeling good while I was taking my tongue caressed the genitals. My son is still three times the ejaculation, the semen gushing from the vagina sucking soup gave me my drink in the oral tradition. Tonight me to ejaculate in the mouth with plenty of me to put a finger to caress the anus. Sex is the way things are going well I can. A is going to have anal sex but the child's place. Not to worry about pregnancy, you'll feel good than in the vagina, so I said, I think I want to be able soon. I no longer look like the son I have not even a day.

Peach etc.

All care about you to affirm Tomoko is not, nor care to be denial.

But I think you honestly entered this board.

Such remarks make a fool answered honestly forgive things.

Tomoko Please luck.

Re: [915] Tomoko Hall

> Lady is paradise for this post (below confession incest) It is not like a normal person with common sense should post to the personality.

What I normally have incest?

> The lady, as relatives, Have you thought about the things children have a future? ?

If you can not such a good idea, consider such a thing.

> Posts like what you want to justify incest quit!

It is such a board.

> The lady, my son and I proudly SEX estimates that post, just look stupid and foolish person does not fall to the ground.

I wish we see freely. Is the same with other people. It is doing together.

> Some people are looking to browse the Internet, is to forget that there is a high school student in the small.

Should I do? If you say those things, think the measures.

> May contribute to such in a post 有Rimasen stupid.

What are you watching what the people like this board?

> Tomoko Hall, because I hope that everyone

There is no such thing.
I think you should have gone more like a cowardly person who Bukkake saint in you.

> The things you wish you wanted to disappear from the site to post here, lady.

消Erubeki you.

Tomoko Sure to disappear.

Either I hope.

Here ..., but it is incest bulletin boards?
Is that something like that, Do not be written?
Let's not personal attack.

I 導Kitai.

We submitted our views several times.
It is deplorable embarrassing story, and his desire, but we continue to struggle back to the reason.
The messenger of hell like you're right, but without proper guidance will, at least I can do the ignorant, everyone 借Ritaku your wisdom, thank you.
These posts are rude I think,
Thank you.


Today, during the holidays I went to visit grandpa's house early in the morning today at all 会Enakatta

洗Imashi each other with bare hands and whisk well to each other and Ikko body wash into the hot bath together trying to make out a lot to say but I could not see from the sad to say I can not meet grandpa Grandpa gave the topic at that time or they've happening mouth instinctively

I really do not think the minute I feel it a little gooey, so as soon Yodare is amazing and the grandfather had been licked and stuck sticky spoil spoiled and naked all the time were both out of the bath Forgive me for the Cha

Lightning is the evening come back and reminds me a call soon came in the afternoon I came back

Tomoko Hall

> I'm everywhere in the hell, I love my son from it, I think deserved.

Lady is a paradise for this post (below confession incest) It is not like a normal person with common sense should post to the personality.
For the lady, I noticed a very annoying thing that some people have some people looking forward to reading the posts?

The world is a world where incest is considered taboo.
Tomoko Hall, and son relationship with the lady (?), Not blood ties with the family, without a doubt will be incest, right? ?
However, the contents of the site just to post here, I feel like no posts.
The other way, like a lady pointed out, the site posted here for personal 有Rimasen talk. Other places are for personal talk.
Site to another location and the image can two-shot.
So, what is proving to people like the lady 語Ri合Ttara.
In order to not fall in love with you post the contents page of an important one, you go to a page is lost.

The contents of the post lady, a parent's sexual desire but not feel stupid worst.
Immediate family, the ties of blood than other people are thick. The lady, as relatives, Have you thought about the things children have a future? ?
Post what you like to justify incest want to quit!
The lady, my son and I proudly SEX estimates that post, just look stupid and foolish person does not fall to the ground.

Lady fans and proving humans? Just stupid people with no intelligence. Foolish man to reply on line lady is aware of it.
Some people are looking to browse the Internet, this can not forget that there is a small middle and high school.

The incestuous relationship with his family and the image I am also proud that it is possible never 有Rimasen people.
Also, may contribute to such in a post 有Rimasen stupid.

Tomoko Hall, and I hope you are.
The things you wish you wanted to disappear from the site to post here, lady.
Tomoko Hall? Messenger from hell


yuna himekawa[913]
Had to today. , And Mom had to have sex with her son.
I have with my son tonight.
My husband is not on a business trip abroad.
Entered the bath with her son remained worried.
My son went to the bathroom I was playing around in a daze for a little boy full of bubbles.
I wash with hot water over the little boy, for example 回Shimashita lick mouth suck a little boy Pinpin pink.
I still ejaculate with the little boy in the mouth twitched.
I have to drink the semen, Jim Johnson has been re-erection.
Go directly to the living room, I opened her legs, pushing your fingers to be exposed to the vagina vagina, showed his son.
My son has just sunk lower back pressed against the glans swelled pink vagina.
Orthography is pretty stiff in his hips, and tighten the vagina involuntarily, I have just intravaginal ejaculation.
Hayameyou what I think today, can not stop.
As much as you do not use contraception, but my stomach is now dwells in children three months.
Of course, children are made between the sons.
墮 to go into obstetrics day after tomorrow.

Re: [904] to: Satoshi

Tomoko old woman to have sex with your mouth Hazime Yuu

Brother and

Summer, along with his brother went to sea for example, when I stayed at a pension,
Initially, my friends were going on my brother's four aims of course, friends of my brother, my brother, the aim of my friends,
The day before, excited to sleep together with his brother, until the morning, was serving up the story (his brother is still 童貞Rashiku been saying many times and I'm gonna do), I naturally , the intention was to decide tomorrow,
However, it also two in the morning Dotakyan
My brother and I both, quite a shock for some time, was distracted, after a while, I think it helped,
From my little brother (from a book put even a couple, go) and invited ,·····
Anyway, go to the sea, swimming 思Ikkiri, played, my brother and I both so you can brag to friends later, loudly baked skin,
And that night my brother and two people, much drinking, drunk in full
Anyway, a friend and I both Complaining brother was there to comfort each other
Then, after a while, I heard a strange voice,
The voice, coming from the next pension, that is the voice of man and woman ,···· gradually become too loud, it
Consisted of a red face I expected,
I rushed to my brother (go for a walk) and invited,
Indeed, just the voice I was stuck in my head,
While walking, Kizukimashita around is full of couples,
And you guys kiss, or they embrace, and some have SEX until the couple was also ,·······
Hey, lady, this is embarrassing, because my brother says, I (Well), he said,
(The rooms, however, hard to return it) and my brother and said that,
Whether pretending to be a couple, (and I say brother), it may be good,
And I said, we were turning their hands to shoulder his brother
In this state, we walked to the sea for a while,
Suddenly my brother a kiss, so come to (Stop) said,
A couple swing, not the opposite of weird, is said
Now we have to put the tongue ,······
Truly, angry

[905] to the Department's.

Everywhere in the hell I am, I love my son from it, I think deserved.

Brother-in-law and Yatchitta

> Sex and the brother-in-law had to allow her sister with the other day. The first was the sudden deep kiss and passive, because the embarrassment was immersed in it and tasting pleasure to devour each other's dick. When I came into the anal pleasure cock brother Bing stood at goose bumps standing body language was comfortably able representation. My sister heard the comments at that time is coming and asking for anal sex husband has no trouble when my husband cut. Want to keep up with the experience reminded her sister and brother at the pleasure of anal sex, please tell someone you have a good idea.


Thank you for letting me a lot of comments posted recently. ... I think if I will be away from her relationship with Daisuke Daisuke yet. When my husband is not no time to seek the cool comes at me, my husband is not supported - at the weekend work in unstable rest from morning service industry
While touching the thigh and sat next to me sat on the couch watching TV, "now want to do again!", "Daisuke said that nothing, I said only once", "can not stand good, keep it a secret from you, "pushing me ska face and say - look in the default" No! Asking around here in my room !",," hate you. "And so I Daisuke walks into a room to room while Daisuke is a scalar pulled my hand - from the top of the underwear has been licking his face buried in default, while touching my head Daisuke "secret protect it, "" Yeah I keep, "Daisuke exhausted but excited to get into the underwear massage the breast into her hand into my blouse and backwards and saying ska - and take off your underwear on the default Rim has been, I would Tsukidasu ass legs spread on the desk with his hand impatiently, Daisuke has put a finger in the vagina while licking around the anal, "lick my mother," and penis in the mouth to mouth and hand slowly up and down in front of his face stood in front of my penis bigger say Mashi Haki a lot of sperm come out hot and slightly trembling Also, I have to Daisuke Daisuke sperm before getting in bed and drank while moving sperm taste in the mouth will entangle each other to come and kiss my feet spread, "and when Dad The two had sex "..." ~ Eh, I'm three days into the penis like "..." Dad's here, "said one finger, and the two eventually burst the 5th looking vagina, aiming the entrance to the uterus and moving objects into the back to back "No! No!" I finally got the penis into the vagina Daisuke leaking urine involuntarily and soon greet the climax I arrived at soon fell asleep hugging a lot of sperm into the uterus aim

Re: [904] to: Satoshi

Tomoko You do not just sexual I use for my son's son, not for you if you think it should stop the relationship Ahoka son, my son Well it is something she can not. I, too, her son, a man not even say TsukuRepos! I go to hell

To: Satoshi

It just is impossible -;
I'm using my PC, so my son is a thing of the address is not possible to teach.
You feel, but I am happy, so just please forgive me.

Incidentally ※, so her son, too ^ ^.


I am a 34 year old housewife, continues the relationship between son and 7th grade now.
That is just a day in about a year ago now. If your son in the bathtub like usual, I always wash the body and noticed her son's eyes seemed different from shimmering in the bathtub. But until now I was watching my usual D-cup breasts, as it was understood that the conscious sense of strange, "and I'm supposed to be this girl puberty. Secretly mother's heart I watch "I thought he was.
Then, "Come over here and I'll wash your body" and to call out, "Okay, from washing himself," I turned to reply and turned away, forced to pull out of the bathtub in your hands, son perfectly erect penis was pointing upwards. Temasen skin is still not fully 剥Ke magnitude think about the children and was great.
I am a witness to it while keeping the excitement began to wash his back seat to his son sit on a chair. Meanwhile my son was hiding in his hands round the back penis. After washing your back, "Now I have to be washed before" and to call out "All right" is answered, I began to wash their hands stretched out from behind the chest anyway. Found that the reaction of his son's chest pressed against his back on purpose at that time, I found that moving the hand was holding the penis slightly.
"I feel I'm masturbating to my chest," thought out the reason at the moment, said his son grabbed his hand before turning to his son.
"It'll feel good for a mom, putting aside your hands"
Then the frozen moment, but my son, I removed the hand from the penis, something seemed resigned. From the tip they are already out a little clear liquid was also 剥Ke skin. I reached out to the penis, and I'll handle slowly and gently, his son has become a harsh breath.
"What? Feel good little boy?" And visits, and "I really feel my hands Yes," replied.
"Well, I'll give you more feel," he said, gave time for the Blow. Or by stimulating the urethra and Chirochiro tongue licking my son that while entangling the whole saliva, "O Mama you'll get out," shouted.
After that moment my son pulled out his penis from his mouth full of young semen 絞Ri出Shimashita directly at my face. Cheeks flew through the nose from a large number of hot cum great momentum. That amount was a child and think about the greatness.
I look for his son while being 射Sa licked the remaining cum again approached the front of the penis. I watched my son while I shudder comfortably. Licking the semen collected by hand and attached to the face, the whirlpool of pleasure 酔Ishiremashita.

"I want to feel it more?" And asked "Yes," do it.
"Well, I go to bed," went to bed together naked and say. What I'm betting on her genital opening of the crotch, licking my son gave me. Although they were used for our tongue 辿 course, did not matter because it was already wet pussy. As she got to lick a few minutes, my son's penis was so erect again, "Put your dick in mom pussy," and invited.
My son and I said I do not know where you put in, put me across 跨Ga on my penis. Running up and down and sitting on top, my son was desperately piston from the bottom and a natural instinct or Colt.
I love my son to sex Oshiku it desperately, desperately have to kiss and kiss my son. I felt so mad at each other endlessly entwined but your tongue.
And my son to release semen in me the second time that day was over.
Since then, bath time licking my pussy and my son's chest, and I give in return is to squeeze out the semen at Blow and Tit. I rushed to the place at full speed and come home from school every day to say in about a sex thing, there is Shimo Megumi each other more than anyone else and I have my son.

Since the workaholic husband, I realize I do not think our relationship forever.

Re: [875] board increase for border

Management person, always cheers for hard work. We always look forward to a peek here.
Now, the idea of a new board, only one.
Means "Free Talk Board comments," I ask everyone to add more.
Recent changes layers of the user, irrespective of incest chat is a situation that is rampant allegations of gibberish to pick up a multi-post.
The tire of it to convince 埒 against them here, things can become too rough board that much.
I want to guide the board so those people.
If destination is acceptable, do not try to go from here who still support the idea that as a violation of the Terms of Service.
Kaka Why not? I'd appreciate your consideration.

Re: [898] [896] Untitled

You pick a person in mind than ー face


I can not even talk Chatorumu spare time I'm sorry if it good?

Re: [896] Untitled

> I have a feeling Kurasa to 受Ketome Tomoko, has never met Tomoko started but not loving.

Somehow I've never seen him love itself faces no


Takashi's, I was excited, full of hard - I have my son here just physically, like a conversation with!
Beyond simply feeling well for cotton, will receive good night ☆ ^ ^!


Kurasa to have my feelings 受Ketome Tomoko, has never met Tomoko started but not loving.


Takashi's, I do good answer?
It is embarrassing at this age, receiving a confession, but because unexpected, I'm glad ^ ^! Thank you.


Tomoko San Sekushii think women really think your good at. Will you please me Tomoko mistress (with great thought)

My little body,

Recently, my son's mother, is said Yumiko Tsu little fat, ugly and I thinking, after a long life with a husband and 持Ttara with a lie and put you on how to cheat.


Son, ® a similar opinion was, but his son goes out at work, because earlier in the evening before leaving, I came Mail
Somehow, I want to see his wife waiting for her husband (mature ^ ^!)

※ Takashi's not like I was 38 years old ~ Tsu, who's interested in my whereabouts, but if someone is happy.

Re: [890] Untitled

You'd better not worry too much Tomoko. Cheer up!


[887] toward 為Satsu I write in!
I said, "Tomoko" Deha無Ku is Tomoko, please do not rude.
Insultingly, 有Rimasu ® is about, I moderate to good! There has been a misunderstanding or someone is regrettable that know.
So, what a funny lady abused? What is a savage, do you 七変化? Beyond the nerve is thick enough there is!


Sleeping with clenched, come Monday I got back from a trip to the Izu mom and dad yesterday.
I put the body was waiting to come home to study my brother from work.
I was coming home with a phone call from my brother now then.
Prepare dinner, and came back ready to shower.
"Hey, is dinner? Shower?"
"Emi, speak to the shower together!"
"Yeah .... naughty brother"
As soon as I have had to kiss up naked together Shikkoshi prolapse.
"Emi, I love you"
"Brother, do I."
While embracing the ear, saying, nipple, had become over 69 styles of tiles and the shower room before I knew it Morai licking dick.
Fukumimashita the mouth of a man penis the first time.
"Emi, they're surprisingly good!"
I went into my mouth and the moment my brother.
"All, please do not drink"
Gave been told to drink.
My brother has a light bite on my dick clitoris lick continued without stopping.
Chai and almost instinctively say "Quick, to discourage the large"
I did not know dick about myself Brute man stir.
My brother has been quick to thrust me backwards.
"Emi, I feel good"
"Me too"
I keeps me going in like two people shouting in the house next door to hear.
After dinner in the nude with a shower and came out two.
When I watch TV "Today, I sleep with you!"
Said my brother gave me a nod.
Why only three hours drinking beer together?
Grab the penis of sleeping with her brother to sleep in bed and become sleepy


Tomoko is 38 years old San myself this year. Shame I became interested in reading Kakiko Tomoko's 起Tanai this site is should be the woman in her 50s dick

Re: [885] Untitled

Tomoko and I want someone is 38 years old


Slow response, I'm sorry!
Takashi's is that many of you? Year-old son and close or do you, do you like my brother?


Although I'm 20 years old and gave birth to a son, his son was inside Hazime Tokino.
At that time I was 32 years old. After getting married, but now I'm still called age 7-8 years, my husband and sex is no longer so. And my husband can stay home without a lot of work, it was really off on weekdays. I was to think that the sex obsession.
It is that time. Midsummer morning, my son was sleeping only a T-shirt and pants. When I saw that I had not seen so. T I had a penis protruding from a shirt pants to curl. I doubted myself for a moment. It was definitely the glans.
I'm afraid I have tried to give a small bikini briefs and I think also not going to put a little agitated. I'm big hearted, not a penis pants. I was looking at it for a while I noticed that there have been wet. What's a man thing was the first time in years.
I can not control oneself. Oroshimashita pants quietly. Hair, I do not fly yet, but it was much bigger than my husband yet, despite being the junior high school. I'm with this girl Ttara Morning Wood. Anyway great Kii Hiroshi. I found later that there is also 18cm. It is about 5cm thick-thickness. I only know my husband, I was stuck, after a while, "I want this big penis," I thought.
My son is going to do good and make a big potash decide prepared. My mouth was too big. But after a long time I feel excited more and more. I wanted to shift his chin. I am no longer holds the penis was excitement. When my son woke up a little Blow. The state did not understand why. Situation is understood and finally part, you will jump. "What are you doing" I'm sorry. Mom got excited because I have Hamide penis big penis is too big and middle school students still naive. I was upset.
I thought I was going to riot once again. Things left off before my son wears. Only the upper body for now. "Hey, I'll tell my mother," so proud of going bust Momimashita F cup. He was still the 32, I was not so much Otoroe. Turn your eyes looked at his son get his son back. "It's OK to pushing" And so the son 押Shi倒Shimashita me at once. I started to rub my breasts and in a daze. And then we breathe. "Oh, man's been a long time," I thought he was. I gave you will be so. It is about time the 10 minutes. "Hey, can I put penis" has been the threshold. Of course, I'm OK. Haitsu men have in the body after a long time. Amazing. I felt the difference and my husband. Was particularly satisfying for me is a huge Cali. If I'm not dying I thought of this in Kakimawasa Hi. Not long ago my son was still a virgin. Did not last long.
I am clean and I was licking cum covered penis. And then grew bigger. "It's great you're doing," she said "because I accumulate," said I almost embarrassing. I'm sure a lot Dasa Well, it was a little worried today, let me reassure him that day would be fine. My feeling is however frustrated early in the course just got to before, You can do it again. But I did not even hear from a Bing. My son asked me once again I do not have to. "Not natural." He also has overhanging cover. Why youth? Suddenly and without ceremony to Ireyou before. I gave him to put me. Mon amazing. Now had more than five minutes. Raretara blame so irresistible in this splendid. Lightning Shoujiki me cum. Every day my son has been asking me ever since. Now my son wants to love someone so I had brewed over there every day I seem to fly the spider web. I feel joy that a woman like me and want me. Of course, even in bed. When my husband travels Masu Hashi bed together without fail.
Although it is usually quiet in the baby-faced son, is now very active in bed. And I'm stronger sex. Most are three-time volley. What is amazing youth. Sex every day is still here though. Intersect is where so much in bed first thing in the morning with my son earlier today Nde husband travels. Today, in a safe day my body is Haitsu Nde something out of her son. I had plenty of soup. Two years since then. My son has also increased the fur fly penis manhood all together. Maybe because the color black has become the daily fellowship with me. I love the big son of a favorite son is said to boast of my big breasts.

Longstanding desire

Mishima does not matter all that stuff is either way you help me somehow sexless wife in nursing today? Care, even if the propensity surprised if you 接Shimasu any kind.

A brother, that the anal

> Brother sister story is likely to get excited and thrilled to meet her sister heard unusual things in my body during sex, anal sex 好Murashiku. Imagine the sight, that the brother gets fucked in the ass from Anaruonani heard the story - I'm hooked. I'm tempted to come from 為Tai like my brother who somehow, please tell me if there is a good idea.


I want to have sex with his 50-something MILF (San Tomoko) from 50-something woman with no experience

To: Hiroshi Takashi's!

Everyone had been a while.

During this summer, to 悪Kutsu physical condition, and was absent for a while, the content, ♪ ® lets me look I was firmly

In particular, I said, "man" to talk or even say 有Tsu, or ~ Tsu, not even in the period since the age of 56, but man I want
The 36-year-old son and still, life has continued in summer you'd expect, like my son Daunrashiku pace (Tsu laugh!)

Hiroshi Takashi's friends, that pollen from the complaint does not come around, but please for your support.
From next week, going to the gym and train my body, ♪ Ne competitive like sex with son


I have a brother two years older. Cool very proud of my brother. I recently got to do with my brother.
That day my brother and I did the first time, both parents at home on the road but I did not have tea with me Too.
Such a day, while watching TV in the living room, the older brother, came to me suddenly, and I kissed.
"Hey, what are you doing?"
"Before, but I wanted to know?" I said.
"~ You're not. I'm our brothers and sisters?"
"Come on brothers and sisters also. Me, and I want to do with you."
Too, because my brother and I want to say,
"If there is going to say my brother, thank you." And I was OK.
The elder brother began to take off my clothes, underwear, became only we could say. If I'm shy,
"Yu, do not be shy. From the beautiful." She said, remove the bra, I began to lick my chest Pechapecha.
"... Sauce"
"More, I'll clean up."
And steadily going down from the chest down, take off all at the end, I began to lick there.
"Hey, there ~ You're not."
"OK. From a more pleasant"
I'm licking this. But soon the elder brother very well,
"Col Oh, brother, I feel good ~, likely Icha"
And I said,
"When the handshake, I'm being spoiled and not together," he said, to stop licking, put out to that big brother, "Give me a lick," I put in front of my face and lick me I gave.
Licking. Chupachupa.
"Hey, feel good?"
"You'll be good. I'm the best." Wanted me to say it.
"Oh, I'll put. Of you out there."
I'm going to put me. Put in there the moment,
"Oh Oh I, I ~ big brother."
And the hard, together at last
"Oh sauce, she'll cum ~."
I went with two people.

Then, in uniform, or H, and in the field (of course, in the absence of the public eye) or get toilet department (of course, in a private room) and I do it.
Among them, I talk in the restroom of a department store did. But please bear with me longer. (Also, when writing because it is prolonged, the more I wrote at once, You do not have to be concerned about the next time everyone (laughs))

On that day, I was going shopping with my brother. And slowly but brother, "Hey, Yu. In the bathroom H, I do it?" I say to my ear. But it was a department store, "Someone came, who would not potatoes!" I like. But the elder brother, "If the fourth floor bathroom, I few people coming," I said. Indeed, department store, the shop floor, not four, so children play is a tiny place, I rarely people coming. But I hesitated, "I am afraid not. Useless because I can back," I said. Then, "Then the parent is doing to incest, you'll give away to your friends?" I said. Nde It just do not want to, I decided to do reluctantly. Entered the women's restroom stall (Western). Brother, the kiss I was waiting for me in feeling, neck, chest, stomach and started licking that day because it was skirts, rolled from the top of the pants, I traced a finger over there and grinded ー.
"Sauce" and thinking, I have to just move. Since then, there has tampered with your fingers, to feel,
"That's my brother, as soon as received. I want to feel good together."
Rather, the older brother to me and out, I sat on the toilet. Additionally, cross me (what do expressions like this?) I,
"I'm Hoshino wanted with you, I 入Rero yourself?" I said. I was embarrassed, I wanted, I put on myself. Then, from the bottom or thrust violently, but slowly and with breast licking, anymore, it felt really, huge voice instinctively turned away,
"So out loud, What if someone comes?" I said.
Meanwhile, hard to come with me, and I cum together.

Thank you for listening to long stories. I still feel good doing it.


Annie called, he is too gross.

Person to manage (in terms of increased border bulletin board)

> E-mail here
> OK even less of the board so thank you.

More lately, I wish I had a notice like this, there are some things we have.
Since that time the expansion, but I think 差Shi上Geyou Orimashita mail to that effect,
Changed my mind.

NO. [876] What is Miki's janitor?
The email address "" has become.
What do we cope with this?

> Also OK since you have less of the plate is proclaimed, the janitor I should have a look at this board often.
If, Miki's manager if there is generally NO. [876] are believed to be deleted.
I cautioned or are seeking appropriate corrections.
It would not have done it, "manager = Miki's" It's a good translation and received.
Miki's writing, but also receive and rely on provocation with what I think so do you want?

> ○ ○ = ○ ○ ○ = ○ ○ to:
> We look happy, so I play one of your

I know I had it less like this.
When first saw this, it is working great but just slander.
Taken to further reading, however, I found that this slander is just not.
I looked at, I reported comes better known by different names or handles more than one control at least seven people.
Irassharanai think that the person in question with care, you just think that a clear rationale.
Many readers have a sense of discomfort about it. Many people that I like bestiality, rather than think.

I have to do daily programming has also written novels the past ten years.
Other sites (BBS) has also posted many times, and is also a lot of friends.
In it, I see many people who also was taken there by leaving less of slander.
There was so harassed by myself, feeling very well that 解Rimasu.

From the general ordinary and the ordinary people, especially women receive less of the slander is not help.
This is because they expose before the public in very embarrassing part is because my.
That incest, too, in the world is what is generally taboo.
Time like this, many people are posting, or disrupted or disturbed.
(So that all people are not necessarily)

Those women who are posted to this board, but I is not seen as anything other minor slur.
"Doin Do not worry," I feel like.
Even if it is contrary to the provisions for example.
If the authors are generally less of women who slander if what they are for so calm?
Honest question I had first felt it.

While further reading, and noticed that there is a common feature in several authors.
(What is 申Shimasen here, but it is a defining feature)
I'm not speaking of only one man can do with such calm.
Thinking nothing of the slur was directed to his address in speaking of selfish behavior can,
It is only janitor.

If you are like the selfish behavior of common contributors if it is what I'm about psychotic narcissist.
But let me say clearly, people do not behave like this kind of contempt is very uncomfortable.
The contents of the address submitted to this board during this month, is taken seriously to 頂Kitai.

> Posted by author name several from the same host will be removed by the same person.

Not even from the same host, but clearly if you found out the same person, Hashi Sono feel credible story, many readers feel uncomfortable.

Just So You Know And incidentally, notes that are listed at the top of this board You'd better have more clarity.

> Writing this board are fictions.
> Thank you in the form of their writing fiction as well.
> Over-write the facts about corrections
> Confession Board experience is closer to the simulated experience

Pinto is the abstract and one more coming.
"Thank you in the form of fiction," What is it mean?
What's the lie that Ppoku rather write?
Then "confession board" and say it.
Then write "over-the facts" is what you think of writing a factual writing too much like what?
Most of the articles posted so far, at least "over-write the facts like," I think it is.
Read for anyone who would lie like article, it does not get excited.

Real-world experience that I do not believe all the articles. Most will not work.
In the example it is true there is not even "truth" if it is drawn, people are impressed to learn.
However, if it was a persona of one who established the post.
Multiple Nickname (Persona) and found out that when used properly, and it was felt credible, 憶Emasu great discomfort.

I am sorry indeed become Aya Osa, thank you a clear answer from them about the management person.

Unless it is improved more than one site is definitely going to be laughingstock of the world.
The taste of the door can not stand it.



yuna himekawa[876]
Every day is a struggle every day, let me be what I posted I feel a little Rakuni this opportunity to borrow, and Daisuke's relationship with the son of the previous three months ago is just a normal family Datsu adult magazine's desk drawer and casually when Daisuke was cleaning the room or even take high school this year, "because I helped a boy," and women's underwear in the back and he feels , during which I remember having gone to see the underwear - food was Wow, I never take the place took off Daisuke embarrassed. Sitting on the bed in the bedroom, "I do not know the criminal theft of underwear like this while others Daisuke heightened desire," I came home that evening trying to talk to Daisuke Daisuke direct thought, "Daisuke, hey I need to talk ", Dainingute - opposite the table," but women's underwear has come out and have actually cleaned the room, what do you mean? "Daisuke is still facing down his face Damatta - and finally opened his mouth, "are interested in women" as a condition to be held in various discussions with Daisuke together afterwards. 2 steals underwear. I tell no one 3. we promise it will be held at a later date the date of this condition once and appeared to have the kitchen send out Daisuke husband as usual "I'm today appointed day", "I know ! Do not go to my room, "I was wondering, what's really good? One who sat on the couch, "I do not know I still make it, but" are invited to feel the devil in the bustle - to undress shower system - and soak up the "I do not know." And asking myself Sitting in front of their face to the bedroom mirror, seeing the body "as I think my son!" I was determined, and into the room wearing a gown of white Daisuke "Daisuke, I get "To my way Daisuke Daisuke entered the room in his underwear in a dimly lit room and opened the door," Daisuke, I just today, I promise, "" Yes, I know " , first to my lips and the lips turn a blind eye and Daisuke came in was only in the tongue eventually overlap, mutual exchange of saliva out his tongue as I say,,, Daisuke had to hand before touching the buttocks lightly, from the top of my underwear to the genitals can not stand, lay down in bed, buried her face Daisuke rubbed with both hands while you remove the bra have I come into Ito Hatsu underwear in hand had to pretend not to feel, "Hmm," I voice out, "Mom Wet" "It's wet women to greet men," "dick showing mom," I feel Daisuke and closed off the underwear and legs slowly lifting her hands between my legs into the thigh face first into the local gesture to spread your feet smell, this one put a finger licking his mouth with the tongue eventually came into being and to make sure the feel of the two Daisuke dick ... I see what Tomaji Sixty Nine positions up and down to gently touch the penis Daisuke subconsciously feel it is about to explode trembling slightly, "Mom put" ... I Daisuke Daisuke's face and nod your feet spread has been embraced so hunched over, I led the penis with your left hand while touching the right hand back Daisuke, "came in slowly," " soft and warm inside the mother, "Daisuke is to get out of bed and eventually transmitted to the thighs and eyes staring into the uterus Kiss Ai is hot stuff back together and feeling of pressure over time to eventually hard cock began to flow from the vagina for sperm, the sperm Even though I was caught by hand to focus on the lower body to pee squatting, hands wildly in the sperm in the vagina I 抱Kitsuka to flow from the back suddenly, Daisuke is, "Daisuke! You Enough", "Only today! please!", I would finger into the vagina and the peeling of the knee on the floor and look to the lower body to rummage in I was dripping on the floor of the ideas and then drops to fresh white foam hand that held out until evening and was

Wall frame for increased

Thank you for posting on a regular basis paradise.
This time server also increases the circuit 100M Shimashi frame so the frame only further increase of one another, increasing the board thought so new
We are looking for title and plates.
If Japanese law to touch, even geeky title means so please consider OK.
E-mail here
Even less so the board is OK thank you.

I am your father's

I am also experienced with your father.
Recalling that the body becomes hot with your father.
I was told the owner was actively against sex.
I think that is a stimulation of sex with my husband.

Good morning.

Still, the evening wind from his nephew Yotchan in Yokohama, 届Kimashi mail to a temporary, two people using email] feel Lovers!
Only, the body directly with each other, ♪, one thing I have not touched

And is the story of Yotchan, sister and father to steal second, the sex thing seems to be continuing, and also H and I 遣Ritai!

To tell the truth, too, has not forgotten the young body.

Re: [867] [866] In addition to all the different boards / Thank You's Annie!

Aniken's Gujjobu! ! !
Thank you very much ado, thank you! !
The spirit of you, really my head down.

I say nothing of the difference everyone a plate of you, "written with a different idea of this board"
For the reader thinks I'm bitterly offended many
And reflect, and to find their tastes for your board, please leave us, yes.

Re: [869] everyone has

> This is the Yokohama Yumie (--;), everyone is like that multiplied by the trouble in Oita, I'm sorry.
> Another "Tom" story, so I will, Ne please forgive me, thank you.
> From mid Zyuusou ※ ~ ~ Yumie of loneliness and rising

I am lonely.
I hope the story of his nephew's son.
"Tom" and somewhere in that of Chan


I am a 32 years old housewife.
My husband is 30 歳Nari younger two children who live in a small 1.2,
Anywhere there is an ordinary happy family.
But since that day I had changed it.
To say exactly the same appearance is,
I had the germ was sleeping horny deep in my heart.

It was an event when her husband returned to the Obon holiday home this year.
My husband's family in a small town about an hour's drive,
My home village is situated on five minutes away from our house,
Each year, had become the usual practice of going home to stay with his master.
His family ended up in a house my husband's brother, who lived with two parents,
To come to play we are also very excited to be her mother father.

My home town is a small town, the municipal pool is open year
The mother can now go swimming with my family there.
Father is a person who is weak to go out, now I stay at home alone.
However, the two decided to remain in the mild summer and a cold father myself.
Thinking about it, was the beginning of deep sleep I've raised it.

Have a rest because I slept almost an hour away and the room next to the TV
Wow had a little time to wake up and suddenly at 12.
"Father to eat," I thought, I raised the body feel heavy towards the kitchen.
Father along the way, there is a mother's bedroom, so the door was ajar,
I casually looked into the insides.
I then got surprised at the sight.
But the father was sleeping in one piece underwear,
From the clothing, that the father is, I just went to 弾Ken Sosori立Tsu.
Its size is big enough and my husband is not incomparable.
The hat beam like mushrooms, I just have a warped 刺San and stomach.
The father is 55 years old, I felt, that the husband 逞Shiku more.
I see my husband is a non-erect arrays were first
I felt things I look at the sight of hot.
My body began to glow obsession could barely stand.
I forget the TV room, preparing meals will return,
But try hard to forget that there was now
I would remember my father, that the more you try to forget.
I noticed that I had not started masturbating.
I was much masturbation is not no Kishi Yoshimi,
Somehow I feel I can not be reduced much.
I became addicted to masturbation and forget about here somewhere.
Then the "Catan" is the father stood and turned around and it made a sound.
"What." Thoughts and prepare your underwear, I saw a father feeling ashamed.
"Do you like sex so much." Stepfather is coming closer to me.
I was momentarily "Excuse our father." Is the wrong,
The father, "You understand I'm not a kid," she said,
Ikiri立Tta something out of it in front of my father.
"It's okay, do not be ashamed, feel free to see."
I said "please stop our father." I said,
With my hands, I held it was warped stand arrays.
So large, that the father, and very much think the age of 50 middle,
Hard, I'd like a big energy.
[Once in a great inside of me like this. I thought the moment],
It was hot as backflow of blood through the body.
I noticed that I was, that the father had a Heerachio.
When exhaling from your mouth next thing the father,
Sixty Nine has been overhanging the posture of your father in there.
"Oh, this bride pussy."
S father is a bigger spread my thighs and tell them I was impressed.
Noisily obscene, father tongue turns crawling.
Thought it was not supposed to feel, and I'd desperately Koraeyou pleasure.
So, gently caress was long.
I caress the skillful that the father was getting better but I do now.
Entanglement raising bestial groan,
I finally decided and ready to fall too far I fall.
"I want our father! Please put, that the father!"
"Well, yes, I had wanted."
", Yes. I can not stand it any more, please put. Put our father!"
I cried so I got asked from me.
Protruding from his waist, and I've accepted your father's penis.
Ella's father Kikuno Hiroshi stretched penis, comes into her pussy while pushing.
He said Oh, this feeling, after a long absence, the penis enters her pussy.
Nice, big, cock your father like a spear]
"Our father, and more much much stronger." I had a lot.
"Well, yes, shazam, I do, take more crazy, shazam, shazam.
Father, I started violently thrust up from below.
I have never attacked by the pleasure experienced both the husband.
And in that moment, "Damn it." Shimata is going along with the father to attach.
Recovered quickly, that the father knowing that decline, the two men during the three hours,
Love one time and again, is stained with pleasure.
SEX Since then the father can not be forgotten,
By stealth is enjoying fellowship with the father.

Everyone is

The Yokohama Yumie (--;), everyone is like that multiplied by the trouble in Oita, I'm sorry.

Another "Tom" story, so I will, Ne please forgive me, thank you.

※ Zyuusou mid-rising and sadness ~ ~ From the Yumie


Also, born in 10 days. Is the Kakiko apricot. Now I'm expecting about ten days later.
Today, I went to the hospital to celebrate the birth of her daughter. It was just because my daughter was Mitakunai face, and called me son's birth, I went in today dare 云Tsu message to Nikki and wanted to come by all means. Boy was cute. But I stayed with her mother surprised everyone know in the same room. I was here, here and so we visited a hospital to another hospital is just the first way. Went home quickly.
Visits to the hospital, I can say with the oldest mothers, many buddies are very important to us. From the previous birth, it is affairs with an assortment Nikki while listening to young people has changed too much and to be prepared after more than 20 years, my husband's wife gave birth quasi grinning silently after half a century on view.
And I look at her husband believe that bear her son, I will also feel like sorry now, since it give birth a child of her husband, it's good now say to myself, every day waiting for the day.
Also, I will report. ,,

Re: [866] person decision

> Bestiality, Lolita and other sites can be exposed, not the world

I think there is a Lolita, dealing with bestiality sites (BBS) in Japan, I have.
This site is quite large. Free to write, I often go to see.
To say, but hope for such post is too tempting.

> Static IP you will be saved.

May separately. That not a bad thing because there is no intention nor hidden.
The janitor has served mail.

"Kitchen lecture" What is that thing he proclaimed himself?
If you are proclaimed at me, It is very narrow-minded ideas.
If you believe that the right course is going to post more, should avoid writing meaningless.



Finally with this.
Bestiality, Lolita and other sites can be exposed,
Not the world that is impossible in Russia.
I saved a static IP.
Because I post more ahead right course, lecture is over the kitchen.

Re: [864] to the Old Man

> Then, why do not I delete
> In the admin approves that?
> Otherwise it should be removed.

Grandpa and I always always be removed.
What is the manager Takao?
If not, please do not irresponsible remarks.

[Admin approves it to be removed, otherwise it should be removed] and, if you can tell, and that's writing the guise of a civilian administrator, and no 思Enaku I (laughs).
But surely you will not like it. To think at least there is no such assumption.

This site per day, 11,000 more than 8 to have access to 10 million.
This number is probably the only board I think our total number of accesses to the site, rather than I Still quite a few.
And this site has a lot of boards are installed into categories. And scrutinize all of this is pretty hard physically.
Manager (publisher) is not so there's no time.

Therefore, people think that management must be approved by the deletion is clearly wrong.
I mentioned that I wrote, "contrary to the provisions, which many readers uncomfortable," it says.
Become ever-less look, you understood it?
Writing a good think about what is to be deleted, I'd have been received and you have abandoned their responsibilities. To put it the other way around like that makes the logic of Takao.
If that is your name that reflects the age-old man, and such remarks are hardly good common sense people think.

Sada Tadashi] or [present for what it is, please think well.
[Grandfather] from the Takao a pseudonym, I will suggest that those who gain experience and a decent life.
If so who, the importance of protecting the rule believe that you surely know.

Then you need to quote the full reply, but not just four lines.
What are the objections to any part of me is very unclear.
Is sufficient to cite only the parts needed.
If you want to argue any more, thank you via email.
(This version because there is an atmosphere of 損Netaku)


Re: [861] [858] [846] memories of summer

>> Please Yoo Mi's hear a story. Can also talk about his nephew Tom! I absolutely think that everyone was waiting for, please by all means come to Kakiko ~
>'s Tomorrow, Seems like you have not yet understood.
> Here is a confession of incest board. Tom will talk about bestiality.
> For the umpteenth time, "the purpose of the post is different," the claim that there was, I think you know well.
> The majority of visitors come here should have been brought up to read the confession of incest.
> I have something even bestiality 憶Emasu excitement never hate, but if you go to another site to read something like that.
> The original purpose and can now seek something different, it is unreasonable to request.
>> [757 ]····· From: Tomorrow
>> Please keep in mind that others do not.
> [Is] that of others, he proclaimed that if you're just a slander article, even if it is fine to continue not worry, I say too much otherwise lacked manners.
> Here is how any particular individual boards. Like others (the majority of visitors), please mind that.
> Even if a lot of people feel uncomfortable, and you are satisfied and happy, only you do it?
> If you are allowed to write about Tom, completely unrelated to the writing of incest would be allowed to do anything. It is not only the viewer is also very annoying for our site.
> Home on the bulletin board at the entrance again [Please read the notes of the board. Please take a look at].
> Then the following article,
>> [842] Untitled Posted: Sun Posts by managerial agency: 2005/08/30 (Tue) 13:05
> This article also recommends that you be placed throughout the paper again.
> And sometimes,'s friends ○ ○ = ○ ○ ○, but seeing such a defamatory article, which I just think it is not slander. To those who contributed in this manner, there is a reasonable basis.
> I think so and say why, because I believe so myself.
> You just think that a clear rationale. At least it is not even one or two.
> If you have a mind to learn, see the notes please read the board again. It is recommended that] read enough to be placed.
> [Multiple posts by author name from the same host will be removed by the same person. ]
> It is the provision that.
> Whether or not conflict with this provision, please think well.
> [If there is a contravention of the provision on the above, please contact Paradise posted a time slot. ]
> If you continue in the future as if the same situation, I will submit to the Site Administrator underlying documentary evidence.
> Aniken
Why then, does the manager have approved what would not be removed?
Otherwise it should be removed.


Brother and SEX, there enters the room full of Brucella magazine last brother, and I was surprised because there was a cardboard peek under the bed, had entered the school seems to be a bathing suit or gym shorts I bought by mail order I thought it might have a child doing this in 3 Yet still, Am I doing that to a person or masturbation are wearing gym shorts I have experience in high school? Imagine Innovation Lightning,, ー odiousness,,, but my brother and I and although the body of interest, and I got to come back to pursue a younger brother, but did you also expect to get Bulma What's wrong with Kore? Did I say,, it was burning hotly yo I'm waiting to face what I said, H told me things in cold blood, masturbation are you wearing this? What I must H, the younger brother to 開Ki直Tsu After a while, Let me see yo gotta wear swimsuits 姉Ki,, I, in my mind I said what are you talking about me like I was waiting for me, many times I would not say I'll be wearing, no, I say, from the high leg swimsuit look in the mirror at my school dressed in another room, and it was a little big but the size L,, this swimsuit H My brother went to the room while I'm thinking Whoops, amid my 頭N SEX it was full of things, the younger brother approached me, but then my body will Douri impressed me Sugoi have been yo, yo, but I'm not to say strange things, and has touched my heart want tacit consent,, Lightning, so I say if I feel I feel good,, but really I have become comfortably, once likened the nipple from the top of the swimsuit, and I say I kick nasty, I'm coming to pack climbing bit by bit,, rut go there Oh Oh, is fully opening, brother, Bing 思Ikkiri the short state, I was thinking I'm holding, I'm really big firm,, in the habit of the three guys are hung from her boyfriend, Omowazu Ichatte to'll put my swimsuit aside from Lightning Zuburi exploiting, and Ikki was a pleasure, nothing like a sore head and was beaten, I'll stop a moment and said to my brother, I want to hear from the excited state,, I was attacked by a ferocious kick, and I had a faint white head I was, I still poke Zunzun Ito 返Ttara in our cheek, and what is what 解Ranaku Ugh ー'll feel crazy anymore, and I and another two hours to free Tatteta eyes slowly fainting again and again I like being let in,, this was a first time SEX, but my brother Teru Kano 解Nnai Teru Kano tea in bed next to faint, as Bing was still there, it was my intention to leave after all but, like a fetish to bloomers Since then, the remains of my school uniform and I SEX, and I think I should have, it feels Aremasen another stop


Everyone, ♪ Hi I Yumie
Today I have a rest, what the typhoon? Tom and I spend at home after a long time slowly.

Well, my sister and nephew Yotchan, Yara how incestuous advances mother, my sister's body has stayed the topic in a new life like?
However, the brother is not here because I like being noticed, quietly, in anticipation seems Fallen The Ro, also suitable for making the reason for early next month,
I use the broth, then filtered fallen in Yokohama, but seems to be an overnight stay in my room, I 参Rimashita Tsu> <;

But ※, in which one sister, ♪ be able to lend it

Re: [858] to tomorrow's

> Please Yoo Mi's hear a story. Can also talk about his nephew Tom! I absolutely think that everyone was waiting for, please by all means come to Kakiko ~

Tomorrow's, you still do not seem to understand that.
Here is a confession of incest board. Tom will talk about bestiality.
For the umpteenth time, "the purpose of the post is different," the claim that there was, I think you know well.
Most visitors come here should have been brought up to read the confession of incest.
What will I bestiality 憶Emasu the excitement, the hate is not never go to another site if you read something like that.
The original purpose and can now seek something different, it is unreasonable to request.

> [757 ]····· From: Tomorrow
> Please keep in mind that others do not.

[Is] that of others, he proclaimed that if you're just a slander article, even if it is fine to continue Do not worry, I say too much otherwise lacked manners.
If this is the board of any particular individual. Like others (the majority of visitors), please mind that.
Even if a lot of people feel uncomfortable, and you are satisfied and happy, only you do it?
Tom you are allowed to write about writing unrelated to incest would be allowed to do anything. It is not only the viewer is also very annoying for our site.

Bulletin board above the entrance to the top again [Please read the notes of the board. Please take a look at].
Then the article below,

> [842] Untitled Posted: Sun Posts by managerial agency: 2005/08/30 (Tue) 13:05

This article also recommends that you be placed throughout the paper again.

And sometimes,'s friends ○ ○ = ○ ○ ○, but seeing such a defamatory article, which I just think it is not slander. To those who contributed in this manner, there is a reasonable basis.
I think so and say why, because I believe so myself.
There just seems so clear grounds. At least it is not even one or two.
If you have a mind to learn, see the notes please read the board again. It is recommended that] read enough to be placed.

[Multiple posts by author name from the same host will be removed by the same person. ]
Provision that I have.
Whether or not conflict with this provision, please think well.

[If there is a contravention of the provision on the above, please contact Paradise posted a time slot. ]

As you continue in the future if the same situation, I will submit to the site administrator underlying documentary evidence.


Re: [859] Untitled

> Look here recently put out a lonely ~ Tomoko

I'm a very Tomoko must play a more various. (Lol


Tomoko look here recently put out a lonely ~

Re: [846] memories of summer

Please Yoo Mi's hear a story. Can also talk about his nephew Tom! I absolutely think that everyone was waiting for, please by all means come to Kakiko ~

This is continued (^^;)

Since then, a while passed, the mother has not come is no period thing is so 繰Rubeki> His mother would be anxious? But away from my brother and sex are apparently still is, and
Have been rounded in the washing machine with stained sheets and shorts are easy to understand parents.
But, the most straightforward manner in which his brother, after a few days, when mom's not, and Mom still has to ask whether the sex
Nod, mischievous topic that I and my mom, and both were, and how 遣Ritai, hear?
Think a little brother and sister are answered, but to say such a thing to my sister, while still facing down, and then angry, to shut up, I am my brother dirty child likes it, and the 犯Shitai me, and listen more, yet silent nod, 被Sari covering my body, my skirt 捲Kuri, come put your hand in the shorts, too uniform , but resistance is, of course, is only ostensibly, Shitakutsu truth is I have sex, after finishing tonight, the invitation to Mom, Mom's bedroom, 3P for a first experience.

※ Now, the three people, at any time, sex has begun, even to me mom, because there are physiological, and obstetrics and gynecology mom has got a prescription for a pill, uniform I also use a rubber!

Re: [855] Untitled

I was allowed readers happy to meet you. Happiness is being held to communicate the big brother. It seems China is full of ritual pleasure I can not forget about your brother? It is a pleasure I want to ask any more. What's the current state of the body then? We look forward to posting next time.


What's weird is that I do? , Is nestled in one year has passed my brother.
My brother is still licking me gently crack my tanning. "Each time my body will react,
I would want something brother.
Sometimes I sleep with all night. We are like a real couple.

No1 mom and brother sex

yuna himekawa[854]
From this spring, Dad was a year away from home to China, but the house is empty, the tray the other day, I came back, and you finish the rest went back to living alone.

Then came a change in the relationship to see Mom and my brother the other day, when I looked back home earlier than scheduled in the morning I go out, Mamarashiki brother from the room, come hear a new voice or gloss , and gently peek inside, and there was just going to have sex on the bed naked mom and brother!

I have not left the house without being noticed anticipation, after dinner, and stay in the room, came into the room, mom's day thing today, and dad to shut up, it is said, When asked what time I have a, the response from the mother and May, from the forthcoming hearing of which one was from my brother after all, a father in the eye and listen to me strange to say anything, Of course, birth control and I would say that to my brother and dad and my blood type is the same, but I say the same thing and dad (and say in a loud voice), and unintended pregnancy When asked again, and Mom just nodded instinctively, and I'll know I was 投Ge遣Ri answer!

Followed ※


Yuki I posted the other day, my sister's husband (Mr. Naoyuki)
SEX but he is a completely different sensitivity of pleasure.
What would he immediately installed.
Absolutely can not forget SEX with N..
To envy my sister, and I think you're being held daily, but not satisfactory to him in SEX.
I like this, what should I do?

Son and daughter

Recently, her husband and finally I have SEX.
Historically, that he was staring at my body was noticed.
Recently, there has been a house for his daughter.
My daughter will be away from home on business, asked him to stay at home.
Sumu things to do and daughter from meeting friends to say, I will be going home first.
When I came home, unaware that he came back I was masturbating in my underwear all costs.
I was puzzled what to do about it, can not say something, I figure it's staring him.
Look at me as a woman that he was aware of it than before, as recently became aware of him as a man, too.
Often found in the vagina to get wet Jiwarito Ikiri立Tta looking at his penis.
He is oblivious to me and continue ironing.
Dick was going to hand to me naturally.
In the meantime, I wanted a penis he has become unbearably wanted.
The next moment, I had become a lone female. I walked up to him.
He looked apologetically at me with eyes like a frightened momentarily stunned by the.
I shout, "Never, I secretly" started to suck his penis and saying.
A hard, hot. My husband has no
I kept sucking like crazy.
Then did he become impatient, pushing me to take clothes and picking 脱Gaseru, hard, has suddenly put the hot stuff.
Already, Yamaguchi Yoguchoninatteitanode entered smoothly.
Moment I entered, I have the pleasure abysmal "Ah ~ ~ I have" got out and loudly.
He and I are feverishly devoted to SEX with.
I told him things I Iki, I speak of penis Kuwaemashita immediately.
A lot has been overflowing in his semen in my mouth.
While I was covered in semen around the mouth, and I was to clean his penis in his mouth.

From Tomoko, to everyone!

Everyone, Thank you.

For this lady, ♪ ® 頂Ki I was happy to support
From my son, so I was told everyone please send a word of thanks and send you here.

The past few days, night and morning, but spent consisted easy, and yet the body is sprinkled with still seems × Ne 2 pick hot night!


Tomoko than yesterday or without Kashiko Fern