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Incest confession of women(2005-03)

I get two people gave birth to a child of his son

yuna himekawa[450]
As a matter of course and 22-year-old son, has sexual intercourse every night. The eight years from now when my son was 14, I gave birth to two children of my son during this time. Take care both of them on the child enters elementary school this year. Mother and child at home with her husband but has been separated for more than 10 years. I go back home had made her husband out of her. Although I was tempted to 面当Te son with the intention of her husband, now in Nomerikon away my son more, a day without my son and I will not be able to spend. My son lets me 悦Ba fifth or sixth Kuni Tsuyoshi unusually hot night. I was stronger libido, sleep the penis while playing with his son and son sleep tired. Ai drink each other's urine in the morning with my son, arise directly from sexual intercourse with. Ask genital licking her son return home from college. And just to fuck, from cooking a meal to cleanse the licking each other's genitals. While eating, my son Moteasobi genitals while watching TV or playing with your cock and my sons. The warm up and just fuck. We will often anal sex. After lying to our children in the world, and an enema in the bathroom, and an enema of urine in the toilet. In front of my son, to defecate on all fours, and can often be embarrassing as-fuck, incest others such a wonderful mother did not do not believe that. Strong that I feel helpless, it is wasteful.


A few years ago hit dramas "Hissatsu! People work."
Version only comes once in ya shamisen, there is a scene with the body's relationship with his mother.
However, the fact that the shamisen shop mothers real parents want to "work" but in a setting that 殺Meta human child, his mother had played a role in children Tyuuzyou Kiyoshi Yamada Isuzu.
Hey, it really was beautiful.
More light I have many reasons there is incest, Ikimaseu ALL
And monkeys, the father and then they will be inbred,
The mother and the human evidence.
SF Tsutsui Yasutaka's novel, is the failure of the spacecraft to land on the planet, women gave birth to a child hero they are pregnant, the child his son for many generations in artificial hibernation offspring, grandchildren, grandchild Stupid guy, and that Although children's children and descendants to leave "man" who is a hero in 1000 but has been 生Marezu God and the planet, so "earth", respectively. It may.

Suffer from too much "accepted" Is not it a wonderful world that is open once more? ALL

Re: [230] have to cousin relationship

If my cousin, I even incest nothing. (^ ^ ♪
That is the law degree three, it should have married parents and siblings if I have not allowed more than four degrees of consanguinity.
Since its five degree cousin (my parents, grandparents, siblings of parents, five degree cousin)
Dekirujan openly married.
And if a true kinship in marriage of parents probably do not have siblings. Well, Japanese law marriage to relieve the parent-child relationship between the adoption even without the ties of blood, but it is not.

I love my brother

My first person is my brother. I mean, you just let things not to my brother and do not think even try. Now I am a senior in high school, my brother is a sophomore. Brother and summer since seventh grade it is the first time I'm with H.
I was at school I got taught various H and brother to get home but I'm pretending I know nothing of Koto. Blow or Not to mention fucking day, and I will be safe to cum, I got the anal Ijikura. However, the ear is not at all, and I love you brother, I think that I would continue this relationship in the future.

My brother

I have a brother five years older. I will be sophomore in high school this year. Since my brother coming back home, they rarely even go to college outside the county recently and did not see much. I liked it because I really want them to see my brother well taken care of from a young age, went to see this spring break. I was my brother who lives in an apartment with two friends and I arrived, "Dano'll meet you. You hoo, T. ~ s tea, do strange things to tell my sister ~ virtually." And such ~ I hate that I had to say ... I was thinking. During the day you go out shopping for two spring break, so my brother. At night I was drinking with friends three people in the apartment of his brother, has become a dirty joke about the drunk friend just as I 酔Ezu brother. A friend of them, "only much more gorgeous lend her Yumi night ~? Laugh," the elder brother are in trouble they say like "I will do and say what ~. Today Mon Hana that is sleeping with my brother ~, Yumi." said to me. Always slept together, but I thought it was a joke, or pull my arm and my brother is drunk and decides to sleep at 2:00, "I sleep ~." And said together entered the bed. Tobacco Odor smell alcohol, so it hard to sleep like a pillow to hug me, "Brother ~ Stop it." It was impossible to say I was leaving. So I wanted to put up with sleep. While in bed is not nothing I've entered the dress from the hands of his brother a while back. Is found to have a bra and Hazusou. "Taking Yaba asleep." 振Ri払Ou hands when trying to think, my brother rode on. Has been touch and lick the nipple and remove your finger to flip through the clothes bra surprised soon. The next room in a low voice so that friends can "take the sleepy! I wake up properly!" Is said "to Shitotsu quietly." It was me just say stop. Not resist because they are being ridden on his arms and pressed. Came into the hands of them in the pants. I was naked and immediately below are also taking off. While touching the clitoris "because not that hard." I have been told why or given up. I think the thing that really knew then but not anymore. I started licking them there. Has taken off over there immediately covered by hand 恥Zukashikutsu. Also came into the finger. I hand man is brother is pretty good. I quite often wet feelings. Then have inserted. I have to voice out and getting better but I definitely feel a bit hurt quite large. The show was embarrassed, but my brother naked, I want to again.


We can no longer stand it any more confident every day look hot 15 year old son. The first is do you? Certainly knew that staring is dressed to expose the thigh, the chest was opened and clothes dubious. These days, I got hot again and I think from the bottom of the body is seen as an object of sexual desire that my child is gradually cleaning up that was designed to confirm the action had gone to escalate 見Se付Keru Let me help the causes and rags hanging right behind me and tells them to stay. Before eye is not even one centimeter of the son I got to race my T legs and swung Oohiraki as skimming the buttocks wearing a nose back. I feel it should be unnatural for my son maybe my actions. Outrage that the attacks has been reached very shy and quiet child, so excited that I was not out. Understand how the bloodshot eyes bulge in the groin and also appearance breath become rough. Mushaburitsui with her pussy mom came in my mind ~ ~ animal want to attack every day and are sent screaming and anguish. I must have hit it will not get this. Masturbation is not in it anymore

Celebrity I most circumstances ...

You You just feel classy ...
Such attitude usually show ...
And ... ... ... /? id = 3

I'm bored with celebrity men ☆ ☆ Castor

You You just feel classy ...
Such attitude usually show ...
And ... ... ... /? id = 3


I am 35 years old. I'm still single. I am forced to be a sex partner to his father since the age of 20. My father is 50 years old. In and out of the hospital because my mother in poor health. Fuck me from behind her apron and my father came back to finish preparing a meal to go home. After my dinner partner it makes the father naked. My father is eating soup man, I will put a side dish for rice.攻Memasu back from washing the dishes while I finished it naked. Remove the straw and sucks Chasing put this in my ass hole. After the bath it is. I washed the body of my father, my father my whole body wash. I would greatly add to the father's cock. At that time my father has continued to suck my Man Kono. Back in the bathroom, missionary position, go to bed and after high trajectory. Both of my father in the nude at that time went with my dirty underwear, excited by the smell that smell, I 抱Kimasu. My father licked while rubbing my body, "I hope the woman will not do this, not tea." He says. Imperceptibly away while I was feeling under the act of his father, "Daddy, come up to more." Would say. Cum in my pussy will always take the father's sperm in messing with man juice.
My father always asked me, I'll even during the period without regard to me. My clitoris, thank you grew bigger.
Between his father and I have animals other than men to have sex even when the father is so violent. Clothes had come were broken, the hands and feet bound, their hands will be washed are placed in the womb. It seems mad. The enema was made to such time, the hips thrust a finger, and bin, eggplant, cucumber, and will end in the end anal. This is driving me crazy.

Summer Memories

This bulletin board, could not lie ~ I have sex sex with my brother but I also feel strange but I was interested to read the mind in thinking this.
It was also the first sex experience.
When we visited it a week to his brother, going to go to university in Tokyo and visited Tokyo Disneyland vacation.
Why do you have sex with my brother came home from the day we may have had a fate might think so.
My brother in second grade I was tied to the funny looking in the saw several times was show me doing sex all the scrutiny the bedroom of her parents from showing interesting things being awakened late at night from her brother during the fifth grade There were times that I wonder peeps thinking seemed to be comfortably attached to the body or they are a strange thing.
I still feel naughty brother and I are hiding Demashita playing with to get naked and tied me dressed like I'm the mother has still not knowing what to say.
Are you brother and the time was the fourth grade I knew things naughty, but instead was no longer refusing And I hate I was said to want to try on like before sometimes brother I feel touched to know hiding his dick in imitation of masturbation, I was like a dick tampering.
In junior high school as a sophomore before and sometimes masturbation alone except for my parents, but really more like I was not masturbating, pretending to have sex do not know and vice president for student were also put to dick masturbation cucumber and Frankfurt.
Went to his brother in Tokyo is my favorite masturbation Even in high school and find videos horny is watching his brother accidentally while alone go out with something that his brother, bound as was my parents I was then put his hands in masturbation skirt without knowing I was watching and thinking I'm looking for a person because of his brother also.
Take off your clothes start to come back in the bedroom my brother Itarashiku during masturbation, but I'm on when I heard that sex with his brother, a small bottle I drank was left near the first left finger I want none of that was seen in the figure, could I install to put nude obscene,
So I came back in one hour and left the room once.
That night, I was told it strange thing to nag and to imitate their parents and I stayed to look into getting it to talk about but I thought, I do not want it known to prefer masturbation not attached to any reason I am not interested in what is said about going to interesting, because there is not going to the hotel we were able to have my parents many times I was there that I forgot to pretend I say good.
Outward from the morning reluctantly, but secretly went into the hotel room number 203 of the said place called Alpha Inn Higashiazabu went with my brother after my brother was feeling excited.
The room has a glass wall ropes, chairs, etc. There was a strange strange room to reshape the form of a horse and rides.
I dressed it had gone came into the mode naughty little look at the room I came to say I try to like the old days you use it like what my brother when I look around the room in mind interest I was gone I were to tell me or leave.
Both hands on the chair has changed is fixed to the spread is fixed to the ankle and legs are in Yoshi Tadasu fixed in wide belt to work at the belly and body, I sat in front of his brother I'm wide open device was fixed to the closing leg, lift your butt at a higher pedestal, is looking like a dick stick legs wide open, but I was really embarrassed with Yoshi Tadasu skirt underwear been, but I already told my brother stop embarrassing was really excited to face has changed.
Been informed that since I saw my brother masturbating at the time, I was a kid I did not even want to think of every day and feel good and I wish masturbation was to be bound by 悦N myself naked As for being told not to see through me like a naughty naughty on, and is said by him to become more pleasant for others, I've had is really a shame Yoshi Tadasu resigned to 逃Ge出Senai I will say so.
It was from a similarly turned away from the chair once Morai naked, in the end is played with fingers and toys her brother's dick has been inside my brother is covered with overhanging.
Bound by a rope and then leave the hotel at the bottom hole Yaresaretarinadoshite toys ride on horse-shaped vehicle is close to the evening.
3 days till I came home every day to sex.
The memories of my summer vacation. I want to become a holiday to go to Tokyo again.

Glad born a woman

Incest is so much good he did not believe mothers.
I will feel in my body my blood-related son.
淫液 and my urine, taking us through the intestinal fluid secretion, and after the enema. And I will come together and my cock inside her son's sturdy Sosori立Tta, who is in the back of the vagina and semen pouring hot Tagiri only.
I will feel like they play me through my son.
How full of 淫液 been reluctant at the thought that his son pregnant with a child. And women are born to privilege can be as dazzling and son incest mother bore me.
You can do anything with my son sometimes thought to be an act of abnormality.
Or masturbation she is seen wearing embarrassing bowel movements Getting them to an enema in the bathroom, you can put up to the house wearing a plug Getting them to an enema of urine in the toilet of the park, his mouth a cock my son, my throat The direct and ask them to urinate.
The three who gave birth to a child last summer, take care everyone
Growing up healthy.
My son is 17 years old 33 years old. My son gave birth to a child being raped in high school when my father, I was not sure at all that time and it is incestuous. Had a grudge against his father.
But what 争Enai blood, my body had a blood abnormality in bi horny father. Until high school, continued sexual 爛Reta every evening with his father while his father grudge.
Upon graduating high school out of the house, but my brother went out to Tokyo to rely,
Worried about my son could have been irresistible to leave the house.
Look after me, but my grandmother was, I brought my son to beg my brother in Tokyo.
At that time I was so erotic Nomerikon to the brother and brother and sister were there as Mutsumi hard every night.
When we were in 6th grade son is independent, since I continue to mother and son incest. Birth to a son, the son of his father, the son of his brother birth to her daughter, son and son (boy) is the mother of three children born, and now it is burning off hard every night as mistress of her son. When a call from my brother, what do
That are asked and always say when you are going to do.
"What I'm not so incest mother and child.'m Great!" And.

As her father is alive

I'll be 26 this year. My father is 52. With my parents divorce when the fifth grade that I was now living with his father, the woman's father has violated his father now and then, since I was a girl, Kimashi to live as a woman's father or.
My father thought that the roots still make a man out of the house, my mother, my 攻Memasu.
I love that in me is certainly very abnormal, and when the period of menstruation and drink until my urine. He also likes that in the anus, but before you can help me with hot water enema, cleansing enema and then relentlessly. Rinse until the water put to the intestinal fluid and swell your stomach Pokkori. It is harder because it can take about an hour, sipping us with the intestinal fluid directly into the mouth of my anus.
I turned away So kinky, likes to drink the semen of the father, the drink was served by hand into the vagina. I like getting out of the back of the throat.
Pregnant five times, which bore two children.

3 nudist

Embarrassment in the morning in anticipation of her son and say things spring break "good?" It said
Saying the truth than the first day (when the husband and 3P) in the Son and SEX What I feel will also feel a strange way, you say there is no one sober
SEX 1 alone into normal position just to kiss for the content of the heart and hardness ~ Hiroshi Saki or two minutes I'm watching it is impossible to face is the snug ...
Teach? Body ... so I'm still moyamoya technique but it is not the problem of course would you feel
Should I try the son as much as possible to each other Sai in this masks may not have to think only about the handling of tools?
What is better anyway?

Nudist 2

yuna himekawa[435]
I'm a really great youth
My son signed a one month relationship with his son long ago passed the menstrual period is 24 hours a day whenever you like and once daily on days other than the father and I give to you (for you ask?) is not in the mood ever went to a nudist hot springs for joining starting to have a relationship with myself but it seems like enough right now (just a little only) was irresistible in the Spoiler'm not worried about whether people feel their Rru bigger person and I really care and really a little bigger penis
The evening banquet is also known never been congenial people, "Yoshiko her breasts bigger?" I have a husband or "So what's not even made it my boyfriend was sexy?" People say to -
Women can climax strip party (but not by much over) is a bigger penis in front of my reluctant male strip I started a few cases is "committed to being like my son when I was your wife Well I have ?"··· Sir It was never a person" to lick "Mari Hazime two sets I The wife and I saw that Sir Sir live in the mouth of the first couple of SEX until the next time it is no I might look?
SEX in the back room if you think about nudists have also asked them to themselves and I've heard of many people flasher?
When I was young and it is true that his son had also seen the pleasure I was impressed by the sense of relief because there was confidence in the body and later his master SEX "with other men and SEX I do not want? "I mean SEX question is said in" I want to feel you want to see Teru Tokoro Yes, "I'm really reluctant to say I'm like I want to be more of a husband and son and three people are interested
It is swapping nudist Ja無Ku

His promise to

I am 41 years old. Five years ago, due to discord really forgive her husband for divorce. He was still in high school, and very hard times together, I think even now.
One herself, the case would be good to say, I'm not I'm going to struggle hard to come somehow.
And stored in a small alimony from her husband until he was placed in a good college. But he began to boarding house, went away from me, I thought I was a person lonely become crisp.
From friends, or talk marriage, but that acquaintance who was introduced to me they did not mean it.
That summer, he brought his girlfriend, I came back home. If true, you should not place Agenaku glad I do not know why, I was jealous of him. It is adult body, although the boy's innocence, like my husband came divided, in terms of I was also pleased that, somewhere, was jealous.
Part-time work also quit some point, if still at home, he noticed what where and how to come back home and popped, and invited me to my one-night trips to hot springs.
I was wide-eyed with surprise, lost the invitation of his aggressive, 組Mimashita schedule.
That day in the car going by train
"I broke up with her," said.
"You see, it was lonely"
"Universities, I think quitting"
"Do not!"
"From another decision"
Until we get hot, I was turned blue.
Arrived at the spa person to breathe, we decided to take a bath.
Around behind me, "Now, I'll always be together but" he.
I was nodding in silence. With joy, tears Potori had fallen.
He took it gently take off my clothes.
"I'm embarrassed"
He is ignored. Put your hand inside her skirt, pantyhose gently get rid of me. Dress, skirt and bra and panties until he is rid of me. Embarrassed, he could not see straight.
An outdoor bath room, Tsukarimashita together. Talked to many of the past, it did soften me.
Wrap behind me, embraced me in my ear, he
"I Kida Ayako Konomi" Well, whisper me.

That night, I was in his arms, not to mention. . .
Thick young things, 貫Kimashita the inside of me. Finally, since even petting him, I reached the climax, I had gotten aloud.
Three times that night, was penetrated by him.

He and I discuss many things, I sold the house. And in cities quite distant, I started a new life together.
"Ayako", "Yoshiyuki's" and are calling each other.
I'm his common-law wife. I just saw he really really loves me to. I really love him as a nice guy, one in bed, and live.
His work is also going well, I started to part.
Those around me, all gifts from him. Lipstick, perfume, Manyukia, Pierce. For him, and opened a hole in the ear. Panties bra can be, all things from him. Of the past, all dumped. At the time of my period, napkins and tampons, elected with him to buy me. Now, when the period is important we ask them to insert in his hand.
My underwear, he will always wash. For if he can do anything now.
Recently, during a date at a department store to buy my panties, and I say you go to the toilet, he said he would see it oh my place to rub. I want to say that he bear was let me go back to my room.
To the room, I had to stand still, let me go yet. Hold me on the couch, fingers entwined fit.
"A bit like trying to put"
It rattled and shook up the lower body, enters into force 絡Meta finger.
"'re Spoiled already leaking"
"No more?"
"Oh No"
Invite me, he let us headed to the bathroom.
Put your hand inside her skirt, lowered me gently to the knee pantyhose and panties.
He Shagamikomi in front of me, I saw a place to pee. I heard, I was embarrassed, because you love him, willing able pee.
That day I had my hair shaved where precious from him. Like a kid again, there's a completely naked, got to love his mouth and tongue carefully.
Recently, in talking with him, or make a child, has become a topic he says. Up to now, and contraception, was to go out and sure to fulfill his wish to give, if I wanted to give birth and I am his child.
The appointment is next week, and made the day easier. I told him that pleased me.
I made my decision.宿Shitai his children want pregnancy, birth and grow. I think it is nowadays.

- Husband and

I am 43 years old. Tsutomu Tsutomu department. Single. I'm having an affair with 10 years ago, and former husband split. One day, if I took a day off at home, the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Broke open the front door and there was my husband. "What do you want." So, "I'm from there for." And came into force. Suddenly Hold me, Kiss me, touch the clitoris and began to massage milk. I touched her breasts and naked by force and I hate, Namemashita. "I hope the smell of a woman after all." And the next moment, I can not take the move as I was tied to my ankles and arms were in the living room with a towel. Then he hands massage the breast, I eat pussy licked my mouth. I "" Stop saying while gradually began to agony. "I came out of juice, love you, the man juice. It has become hard and your breasts are." I "is! Is!" Adding aloud, Kimashi been ashamed of myself becoming horny or. Finally, "to come. Come to me," I said. He said, "Do not want to do what a credit card, like the old days." He said, looked at my face.
If I hesitated, and release the body, rest your hands "and what should you." He said. Came into my mouth the next moment his thing. "Mouth to say something like this it'd be neat," and forced fellatio. I said "Okay. Please put your penis Man Kono me." Whether he said, that came into my place his. "Gyunyugyunyu. Mess." Began to hear the sound of things there and I really his. I said "more and more to come," put out his voice. He became more and more intense movement of the piston, I feel it has reached its climax. However the man was in my office love juice in his white liquid. I'm a Man Kono Namemashita me something of him since he Feller. Normal position until around 6 am the next day and then open leg, back, he tried to have sex with all kinds of high trajectory. Of course, there is also anal. This relationship with him is continued thereafter at a rate of once a week I thought it over. While I was being watched when he has to work even when no bread.

Brother and two

I Michiko. The continuation of his brother. They burned in the car, now, I decided to head home. My brother's naked lower body upper body was wearing a shirt. I'm naked. While driving a car, my brother, "sister, I licked my cock." And said. I am, I made a cock blowjob naked brother left. When I got home, I unlocked the house naked from the car down, welcomed his brother. The canyon has been there and now suddenly my brother. Blow the thing I was younger.
In the living room, in the bathroom, the toilet and the bedroom of the couple and the children's room, where we do all kinds of loving, the 上Ri詰Me. Yuguchuninarimashita in my vagina and his love juice Deguchi my love juice. 4 days until the family comes back this way, we were in love with. My brother, "come again" went to kiss me back saying.

And one brother

I am 50 years old. Worker. Family husband is a 22-year-old daughter and 23 year-old son. Although I commute by bus to the nearest station from home, often working overtime when I got to come pick you up liquid.
About three weeks ago, the children abroad now travel alone and my husband about four days. That day is now getting back late in overtime. Forms will go home by taxi and I thought the station, it was from my brother. Take off my brother who lives in Yamanashi, I found that close to my house. And brother came to pick you up after a while. I stopped the car to empty his brother drove the car for a while. I said, "What happened" suddenly turns to his brother, and I held a little brother. I was surprised to "Stop" but went with my brother on my left breast with your right hand to kiss my lips, "there" began touching. "Lady, I said nothing to me is the body entrusted me. That was like from a kid sister." Is said, and his brother before I was a powerless power. Is taking off his coat and shirt, was also taken off her bra. My brother has caressed my upper body around to pretend to Musa. Back, face, ears, mouth, nose, shoulders, arms, stomach, breast and then. I found that a woman could burn. Then my brother to my naked lower body, thigh, leg and caressed while, my vagina, Kuchitorisu stimulated by hand. I was thinking, "No, stop it," I said. Then my brother looking at me Man Kono "You have a lot of juice Noman sister springs. And for a while how was your husband," whispered in my ear.
I'm sure there's the "same Yukujuku" I was beginning to get wet. I have a brother inside. I accepted there was something in his thick noises while going Kiku Hiroshi School. I could not think of anything in the white beach and the other, the most tender spot when it came to shake his hips to meet my brother too hip shake, "Oh we oh" Transatlantic Sessions series and then in the car The first is over land.

And brother-in-law

I'm Keiko. 40. Housewife. I can state that has evaporated husband about a year. The family has two boys who are 5 and 2 small small. There was no relationship between man the past two years. The breakthrough came in that I made about six months from now is the relationship between brother and brother that her husband was evaporated. Introduction to riding in consultation Kuretari worried about me and my children, they can ask the child to us. Brother's house just take the car with the brother now increasingly aware of each other. Surrendered to build a good brother and two naked people, now I can get back to her delight. The brother-in-law, Yaman this to massage my breasts Dari, and then licked. Candle wax dripping on you also make it licked clean up paint on my body and margarine and honey. I said "vagina" will be reached every lick ecstasy. I have to use a mirror on the ceiling and have a relationship when love hotel "Man Kono Keiko look better. Are often left to know. I'm beautiful." Likes me. Brother-in-law 10 times in a one-time meeting with me lets squid. These days is completely blank in the head and anal are already looking for me Furachio. But I want it to table in the soup in my vagina white fluid received from any brother, my brother that heart becomes clever enough to face me in the shower often matchless energy. When I began dating, but now about once a month was a love hotel or his house or I also use the daytime hours, park toilets, private rooms manga cafe, riverbank, everywhere such as in having sex mountain grove I.


Wife age 42 her husband (me) a couple We are a family of three 15 year old son 36 years old in the village and the nudist beach by accident on my honeymoon (?) Club nudist overseas as well in Japan, was impressed by openness of the things that the naked go I'm participating in the family spa is not nothing I write here if I like it just a normal state even at home for all things are naked of course Bathing
In order to warm the body is cold and the snow outside as his son but it was a day of heavy snow last month, taking a bath (at home together for the first time) into two people, "Mom I'll wash the body" I have also seen large penis in front and I will look back and also be washed Morai son is said to wash, but, in front of such a First it was "What?" It leads to the silence I asked stupid
My son, "I got to wash my mother feels," is said "boy you do not now how I'm always this time of the year's" I'll wash it and wash your body saying give middle, son "'re out" thing with the edge in the first penis! sperm out of his amazing vigor and think about
Even though I was not a translation but shed Kedashi Shikoshiko son back? ? Come out? ?
I know what hands should I say something good to give out sperm Oh why I'm still feeling Shikoshiko uncut penis growth penis son! I'm hard
A son, "sorry" to my son came into the bathtub and Mari Aya "my penis change? See me?" Is said, "Well I'm fine with no changes may be seen, but" wake up and say For to me - I grow a penis, "I'm sorry I got really seen just really feel" ... I feel things are looking really cute in my son said The maternal instinct, "Do you want me to see you doing masturbation?" Of course my son away on the spot in the bathtub finger and say I'm feeling for her son masturbation start It seems to me to be dizzy by moving the eyes to see and son sit on the edge of the bathtub as soon as ejaculation Show them your legs to give me a little dick
Talk to things ejaculation first attempt to take a bath or snow while drinking with my husband that night, "I quit or naked in the house" and to consult with "the boy I'm good apart with it normally it You'll feel it Yoshiko even seen? "is said to agree? ?
I put my son in the nude eating warm wet room master son I'm bigger? ? The first such
Nudist because I was talking about? Maybe because my husband is drunk, "Do not worry I'm feeling the same so I can be seen as ejaculation mothers naked mother because I did ○ ○" talk to his son, "mother too?" Husband "of the mother's perspective From there I'll show Agero "... just a little edge, but showed no showing that translation
Nudist club when drunk, I'm wet I can see many times but I'm sure my son
"Do not give to see" little feet Kio Hiraku husband again, "Is that better?" In front of her son and husband from behind very quickly lifted hear dick and my butt (and my husband's penis?) and hiding in the hands "and see all the hand Doke ○ ○" · · · Dokasa give a hand is exposed, "I'll look down to "open the eyes closed and Ito Makoto stride in the living room," You're getting wet "... and because it was unable to close your eyes and not feel cut off a finger waving" good anymore You "He opened my eyes Ito Makoto
What my husband sees a smile! And Kiku Hiroshi 払Inoke not been ridden in on my husband and I came to complain to get my husband to pay Mononoke "○ ○ watch, "as it is also limited swing does not feel lunches and infiltration (?) was pulled down from behind his son to stop his son was raising voices in full view even if my husband comes to fellatio in front of his son in the back of the penis and ejaculation in mouth
Blow'm energetic penis in front of my husband and I exhausted (the second time after a long time?) People licking dick and I'm still Blow easier to recover his son - I'm licking ass licking raising a son? (I'm fourth from the back ?)····
Of course the day away, we were feeling really go hoarse
Other days after that period or write

As a result of excited posts.

The second spring posts.
Sex has become the evil that I wrote to my brother here (because I have spring break), "Maybe we're not just pretty much," she said to me to read some "more embarrassing Fountain Do not you want to confess? "I said he would.
Bad feeling had hit the next day, when sending to make lunch for my brother and breakfast as always, "Today I'll make the material of post" My brother has been ordered to strip naked suddenly I Did restraints are fixed firmly in the hands and feet with a chair leg open armrests.
The same morning before work for the first time I had something that was being tormented with vibrator before, seen it fool anymore 広Getara feet wet in something like but I was expecting in the.
What about things that I come back and let it be like this comes to mind but found too soon is drawn to anti-wetting feet bath towel.
"It'll come back to dress like the quiet brother," to be unsatisfactory 受Ke取Ttarashiku I told you before M was also electric anal screwed stopper is fixed on a cord and let Saizubaibu When there is a translation that is not in his senses, but the night was not so hectic with resistance.
Well, I know I can switch to a wasted effort, "strength" was the sound of doors being shut chewing eye mask and ball gag before I changed to the moan.
The shake was filed with the gag is removed at around 13, my brother will go back to see how I was stunned and drooling while peeing.
"If that'll make you more pleasant enough to pass out," What S unusual about the following preparations were being temporarily released from being like words, a close relative as a hard head makes sense to go around it well SM .
Chestnut has been added after the accused Pinropoketto shorts with holes are not the same as before but I'm in full to come out with a string beads Saizubaibu L, was replaced with three new batteries too polite up.
Eye mask, but I just gave up another in the ball gag was not the same constraints, putting the headphones from the screen is placed in front of the TV instead of the "rape video" is clearly visible on the angle.
I may be simplistic, but the pleasure of the lower body 耐Ere after 90 minutes when the patient returned to work the body is going crazy with my brother heard the gasp turned away even if you close your eyes and go home depends on repeat It is also my physical condition I can not truly become horny until I pass out faint spasm repeatedly until my brother came home at around 8 絶E絶E breath.
In my mind even if the open pierced through the pleasure collapses into the body of his brother in a few seconds to shake my hips to above the lick out peeled over there for my brother and want real 無性Ni to become unable to think only about things of sex, Do not hold back just because it got out there, but I tightened my brother, I fell asleep without dinner are transported without any power that moves the bed all day I was finally revived my brother made me.
Slept in the nude at night to pour plenty of sperm brother got burned three holes each other.
I was playing 16 days left of torture "for the holidays I'll think of another more" like a fun person told me the word scary.

PS: I'm writing habitual incest couples where only contraceptives are better I sound, I'm just pregnant incest is tragic, especially if I drown in pleasures 開Ki直Tsu like us.
Based on the pleasures of hell without even the pregnant thing.


I would like to ask all of my worries.
The owner of our home away from home (50 years) and I (age 45) and son (age 20) is a family of three families. Where is the seemingly ordinary family, in fact more than a year ago, my son and I have been involved men and women.
The first opportunity, he moved to Tokyo to accompany her son's college entrance examination was to stay at the hotel.
That day trial is over, all that we had also made tests on his son to dinner at the nearby restaurant beer and wine I drank.
Back to the hotel took a shower, were all talking in bed watching TV, or 平生 each other too much to drink because drinking alcohol, loose your mind is also affected by the love scene was watching TV just somehow became suspicious atmosphere. I hugged my son has suddenly become in the meantime.
I Shimashi the utmost resistance to not only wearing a bathrobe piece, not a man to enemy forces. After taking off the panties, the son was at will.
(But hindsight, the more resistance it did, I think)
The difference between her husband and young son is released once the all unabated for four times in my release until midnight, and it does not possess contraceptives was out of everything.
The next day, I arrived at another way home almost in silence. Along the way, in the train, "Let's once and again," his son told me my son nodded.
Since he was a son of middle school, that my underwear masturbation knew.
And released in the semen panties always washing machine has been carefully wipe,
Clearly marks remained.
A mother and her brother masturbation underwear for children. Such talk is to have read something but often women's weeklies, because I might be unavoidable age, did not suffer too seriously. I am interested to have a mother but my body did not even think svndumpfilter.
Then my son never asked for the body was at ease.
受Kari son to the local first-choice public university in the end, was a private university in Tokyo 行Kimase.
And now home to attend the university. However, this led to a resurgence of the problem.
Worse in overlap, and while the husband transferred his son to go to college, away from home to Fukuoka.
Again, the relationship began, after the Golden Week holidays, my husband had just returned to Fukuoka.
Suddenly came into the bedroom with my son at night, like at a Tokyo hotel, is now 揉Mi合I again, the power of the man eventually win out those warped Shimaimashi plugged hard and son or. That night, after all, forget about the number of times a night, opened the morning was pierced by the body.
Not be a good husband, her son from that night are now coming up to me every night.
When young and, unlike the past few years because my husband rather than be asked less frequently (about once every two months), SEX I was also losing interest in, and each night of his young son are forced Gradually your body will react to that attitude 現Shimasen what, I went to look forward to the obsession of my son to come to the bedroom.
Before going to bed, it is about catching a little rouge, and light makeup as well, and changes in their bodies, "Do not leave this" internal struggle that was continued.
However, it is not only my son and family, while continuing the relationship between men and women at night, like old gradually during the day, I also went to parents and a normal conversation.
However, since the child is accustomed Shikunari used, even during the day and kiss looming, now come to touch my body, and gradually escalated, now meet in daylight in the house soon.
Coming this far is already better than a couple. It is a sad woman animal. Penetrates through and bursting in a 気張Tta young son, but I thought the body should not react to own, away wet crotch of a young girl like that. Change color as the carpet in the living room would love juice leaking.
Later date and the start of classes, holidays and looming in the morning comes.
Morning, and have cleaned the kitchen and I have my arms around from behind her son got up late in his pajamas, hanging over the apron Although, D-cup boobs massage begins.
I was also the first time and shook hands, but recently such resistance is also longer, now hold my son is devastated.
My son, like a big ass and loves my panties, Kiri Hitoshi, after touching the breasts from behind the skirts always turn over, you will push your face Guigui from my big butt on the panty.
I was thigh tightly 寄Semasu embarrassment to both would be full of love juice from the pubic area and then Jude.
My son put a finger from the side of the panty crotch, while touching the pubic area wet with love juice,
"I'm feeling easy mom, I'm lewd"
And 囁Kimasu.
I have such a weak word Itaburi, you will get wet more and more.
Recently, I want my son to see through such a habit, you will continually accused of shameful words.
In the meantime, from the standpoint of parents and children since last fall, SEX For many this will be ordered in various ways from his son, went to the position is reversed.
When that is, the baggage was delivered by courier one day. Cecil had been the sender of the mail order underwear. While I thought I did not order, and I opened, I was in too colorful panties of five costs.
Invisibility those black lace, fabric straps no bigger than the previous panties sorry about, like others have never even bought a bright red T or back it, so my age is disproportionate H
Just something. The local supermarket and so was just embarrassed to buy that stuff.
I asked my son got home, my son Monorashiku Internet mail order by the thought, I say it to me 穿Ke.
It also, at night, I called the day 穿Ke during the day in bed instead.逆Raezu son's request, the boulder is now reluctantly 年甲斐 no underwear. Then sometimes, the mail was delivered in a similar underwear, and now in my chest of drawers, panties are filled with our H of the system.
They also can not not go underwear drying on the veranda in front of the neighborhood, always room to dry, I do not care to notice a friend in the neighborhood housewives.
But I'll be back about once every husband in February, it still needs to be careful, as it was contained in cardboard boxes, we put the storeroom.
Has recently been escalating demand for sons, early spring is - think H and shopping outings we 穿Ka panties system (I bring my son of course), but recently has also become hot and really outside, and to wear less clothing The Mashita, no bread was finally let go last Sunday.
Pantyhose stockings are not, in old-style separate left and right, stop at Gataberuto. Websites covering the legs so I have nothing.
When I stopped at a large supermarket nearby, walked into one of the cinema complex in the supermarket so I watch a movie my son, the son of a bread that is good I have no hand in the skirts throughout the movie Put was my Masagutsu the pubic area, but what I was nervous in the beginning of cinema to the environment, I feel at the same time ease into rolling, just the hands of his son, many times suffering climb I.
感Jitarashiku son really has suddenly looking back at the same time close the door to the house.捲Ra clothed in a skirt at the front door was no longer plugged into the hard things about my son.
The key to the front door was closed but, the abnormal situation of mother and son meet in the hall, even my son, I have not had much experience with the excitement before.
In the past, indeed, when you came back my husband had me to hold back my son, but recently even though my husband, or been kissed by location visible from the master, and came into their hands in a skirt When the zipper down, 気張Tta out what causes a blowjob. I simply make a person compelled to be noticed by his master and is excited to now.
Bareru and my husband, so families would collapse. Even when my husband was back in early July of last week, there were things like this.
I was standing in front of the sink preparing dinner. My husband was watching television in the living room sofa on the other side of the dining table.
The kitchen has become my home-person, my husband ordered from the waist down to see my works.
My son came down from the second floor, opened the fridge, while pretending to drink tea, I had my dress skirts 捲Tsu suddenly. Lower the panties and stroked her ass is Around. In the thought that I noticed my husband, and he glanced towards his master, his master turned his back on us parents, looking at the golf broadcast.
My son got carried away, zipper pants down, what was taken out hard enough already,
Take my hand and held it to try to. Although I was a little rejected, because those forces weaken his son, his son held the dilation reluctantly brought his hand up and down slightly 握Ta as usual.
And whisper "Oh, forgive this" So, finally went away from me.
After his son went, while lifting the panties still in her skirt down, my eyes are clouded with tears myself.
I became a slave of another son completely. Tighten the perversion of mind Master your mind,
The moment that his son be penetrated by dilatation of the solid from the ecstasy of indescribably sweet pleasure will not likely be away. It is very sinful woman.


When the back story for the first time. Whoops I had felt Cho M Tsu is not aware of myself nervous with anticipation, I was excited to pee. I was embarrassed, I'm glad ー him happy. (I do not like pissing play)

Somebody help me

yuna himekawa[424]
It was a shock and post events too.
Yesterday I have a relationship on the brother and five.
And I'm in a cowardly manner, such as rape in half.
Brother and I do not get along so well.
If I'm always quarreling, I know you do not get along or even talk much.
But last night I brother easy.
I came out to meet me back late in bytes, rice and tea put me Yu.
Something strange and friendly, I wonder what? And I thought I was.
By then it was I aware of.
I found that finally woke up, I'd apparently been sleeping pill or drink.
After dinner, I went to my room as usual, then do not remember.
Then when you woke up, I accept my brother I was.
Is naked, yet we are brother and sister Even though I was becoming one.
The hip shaking a brother, "because this is a dream. Okay" I feel like he said there was.
I have no idea I was so shocked voice.
A brother, "the dream" to believe the word, you feel like sleeping again.
Perhaps because of the sleeping pills do not work smart.
Morning, I woke up I knew it was not a dream.
The bra had to shift, I was attached to the chest hickey.
Paint was panties.
I smell Kagimashita Omowazu part that paint.
As expected, was the smell of semen.
I soiled my brother is my body.
I already hate.
Forgive the cowardly brother has done this.
A brother and sister, but why, SEX I do I have to do.
What parents say it is better that?

Slave Father

Currently, every day is father to H.
Last night, hidden away underwear father and rises from the bath towel, a dressing room but did not put an apron.
Can not be helped because I wore an apron.
Not wearing underwear, so of course, is also exposed vagina ass Raretara also seen from behind.
Started up the stairs to go upstairs and I have no father, his father suddenly appeared behind the kitchen, came from behind to hug.
Is pressing on the stairs, and after licking the body, and is in the middle of the stairs on all fours, with H from behind twice.
My father seemed pretty excited, but once I back out now, the second is quite long.
Yet 履Kou and shoes at the door as Shagandara go to school, we were suddenly hugging his father, was raped while in uniform at the door.
While wearing shorts on, lifting my leg wearing high socks, thrust up from the bottom, pushing came Guigui.
Father and truly out in the uniform issue is considered bad, I want out of the discharge.

3 will be higher this year I have to make a man go away when the mother of six small, my father ended up divorced mother, now living together with my father.
The woman began to treat me as a father of two is the time in me.
Sun night I was coming back in my father, usually up to no makeup and hairstyle, was imitated by an adult.
In addition, the young mother was wearing clothes we put my mother wore old wearing pantyhose was doing a very short Bodikonsutsu.
While enjoying a mirror copy of that dress, H if H alone and to feel, and I was asleep in the living room without your knowledge.
The skirt is curled like a bad little 寝相 were exposed pantyhose ass.
Moreover, under the pantyhose was wearing a T-back. The mother left behind, too.
My father came back to work will be canceled and saw me and started rubbing my legs and buttocks.
My father seemed to Pansutofechi.
I woke up in surprise. "Dad, what are you doing" and angry, while gently caressing fingers pantyhose legs, "because I cute girl feet," he said.
That's when I thought I may have seen the subject of my father, "leg, from massage to tired," he said.
While still under the caress of his father, was taking a nap in peace.
My father came in a little alcohol began to enjoy my pantyhose comes just.
I have around erogenous 帯Rashiku Sura Tofuku stubbed toe, a finger gently pinch and pull my father as a part of the pantyhose, "sauce" and thinking aloud, I felt the face becomes red.
Extraordinary and I'm in charge go up to the thigh of his father but is missing a finger, and went on and on foot began to open the vagina itching.
Father's fingers over the still blue T Sentashimu pantyhose panties began rubbing the back vertical portion of the pianos I think I saw my father through.
I go there and indeed "dangerous" thinking, "Dad, I quit again," and tried to 打Chi切Rou father away fairly excited, I on fire.
Then take your hands around the thigh, chest rub, come to impose on my father's dick, I put down the things that my father became harder erections.
I forgot my father is my daughter, the daughter of No extra hard, pressed against the wall to the side facing me, to break the pantyhose, I enjoyed the ass.
"Yumi ass, fluffy, smooth. I remember the days when baby Yumi" Sawarimasu likes. Lower zipper on the part of the body - clothes, I will be sensible to my chest, rubbing the chest while still small, body licking Mawashimashita.
"It seems soft texture like Yumi," he said.
Belly button until you see a skirt, was rolled on. T-back straps are taking off the bread, tore up the pantyhose, I pressed hard on the things that my father, standing in from the back, was thrust. The thrust moment, "I want." Omowazu and I issued a voice to the father ignores it 突Tsu込Mimashita Guigui.
I'm weak in the weak hollow voice, "No, no sauce Iyan stop, no," but his voice out, I want my father was excited to return. Whilst there were two bodies in a rickety yet delicate, my father grabbed my hips do not care, more and more 突Tsu込Mimashita Guigui.
I heard from my butt more intense sound bang bang.
That night, about the times I do not remember until the morning, continued to be committed anyway.
Since then, the father is like a daily routine, H has.
"Every day, Yumi H thinking how I try, I can not wait to come back," I said my father is.


Been decided on the relocation of my husband I was happy his son and daughter now live in three.
My son relationship and the progress since then.
I finally accepted the penis.
How should I say, penis pleasure to accept their child raised in the uterus is completely different with my husband.
I'm a thrill. Get the pleasure of course.
Condo contraception - I'm using the system, I think I use to 受Ketaku ejaculation pill directly into the uterus.
Well of course I'm drinking semen.
Hold voice ever son, now I've finished just in time because I had to blow job I embrace, I'm going to cram school activities while daughter.
When returning late from a young girl to ejaculate a lot out about five times.
I like to relate to almost every day, I'd be afraid to burn body but myself.

Children of older brother

Yayoi is now a 1 in 13 year old.
In fact, though it is secret, that the Yayoi baby's belly.
Not got a pregnancy (T_T)
A brother opponent took the virginity of March!
Yayoi and I, brother and other men who previously did not get pregnant from that.
Yayoi You know, back in middle school because the Big 86 hot solutions is low, but like the invisible bust.
I was forcibly committed to a sudden my brother came in the room I was masturbation.
Every now and then brother and H was.
Retata of sperm gushing out with a lot of birth control without a womb brother from the beginning of March.
I Yayoi, had not had a period ever born.
So, I was relieved.
Chokuchoku left feeling even worse fever since the mid-summer vacation in August.
Pee out too soon can result in what is eaten close to as constipation, sluggish body every day.
That the Yayoi, the older brother came to my room every day to put into action without contraception.
Pokotsu came out of the abdomen and be around mid-September.
Really stand out from the boys got to wear gym clothes for physical education was ridiculed in time!
Friend "You fat Yayoi-chan" Asetta been told.
At that time, "I spend eating," said there was.
Have become very sensitive nipples from getting too dark autumn.
Maybe "pregnant" to doubt however that time and finally turned in his best friend Kaoru Miyako was consulted.
We suggest you buy at the pharmacy is a shame Then test agent.
The result was positive, Gan (T_T)
The courage to have an abortion without money, every day while i was too confused.
Because those painful rubbing nipples bras breasts also been put in the house since it was a little bra state.
It was a proud Yayoi original C-shaped cup, best of all, I got a feeling D-dripping cup.
Have become increasingly large belly and chest to be in November.
Physical education class when dressing, dressing up was nervous while I can not see nipples and dark, like rumors were getting in between the men
Around the end of November, and somehow saved the cost of abortion dating.
Because honestly Ittara pregnant prostitute 13 year old uncle of the other, and caress my nipples turn black and the belly of March grew at like I was so excited.
Pocket money and gave me a cup.
Soon, like the teacher was already past seven months I went to the hospital during this time [abortion is good because I have been told was prohibited by law].
····( T_T)
Rest of the semester came to talk to three teachers.
Mom and Dad of course is a blast! ····( T_T)
"Get out to be too embarrassed to face the world!" Yelled at me for this.
After all, Kaoru Miyako came to live in an apartment.
Born again in a state tomorrow.
The stomach has a lot bigger and Me.

Brother and

I am now 16 years old. But I'm not a virgin anymore. Yesterday, Lightning sex with my brother.
Hang brother is also very cool to see from my sister, not even about me, but another brother complex, boasting cool brother. Kire was too great for her, of course, I had a boyfriend just fine, with emotion that I did not love until now. But, I just broke up with my boyfriend, I've broken up with her brother, Navigation.
Knew it, I'm drunk as uncommon in the room with his brother Toki Navigation. Unexpected is behind 抱Kitsuka if I was putting away from beer cans littered the floor or something. "A ~ Gisa" "Hi ~ I drunk it," normal thing because he always had quite playful wrestling or something. Still carrying on the bed, I suddenly came to speak normally sit tired at the end. "I Nagisa" "I ~?" "Kaori I (she) broke and" turned his face to say that much. Oh, and I'm depressed. It had been dating for almost three years. I lift up my head Yoshio Yoshi, so it was an old nickname, "Daddy can" call me if I comfort, something in a muffled voice, "I suck" Hey. Coto I do not even say that, so dozens of times "at least" I repeated.
I really started worrying about what happened, I was 押Shi倒Sa imperceptibly.
"Because I, I thought I SAY E to embrace real sister? So, I'm three years broke up with girlfriend? Is abnormal. Sucks"
Teru Kano lovely goodie bags to Wakan saying, Damn Pani up a little. To good or do not understand why. Hang her brother, a gentle kiss.
To'll become slightly deeper, not being able to breathe. I thought there was no resistance. Navigation old brother is now my fingers caressing the head of my dick stirring sound with Yutteyarashii Yamaguchi. I was a virgin, but my finger masturbation Tteta as little pain ... and I first ibis felt far beyond such at all.
In going crazy. Beer and Peace (tobacco) and even smell nice. Forget about something that even my brother, my brother wanted to Navigation. Navigation is a little brother and I are different from the tall, and I found it much too big for me.
It wanted irresistible. But not yet got to lick, she urged.
I was surprised but then I Hang My brother, come slowly and I happily inserted. It felt great.
"Hey Coastal ... ... ... ... ... I Okki brother ..." "... the Beach is a narrow E Eii Amazing ..." "... moving?"
Violently slammed to the waist, hips shaking Tta yoga too. I was happy. Gave us in full. At that moment, I went blank.
After finishing, I 醒Mashi eyes, there was next to the letter. [I] was wrong it says.
I'm away from my brother and Navigation. I also was avoided. But I want my brother and Navigation. I want to wet a lot.
Keep in mind a lot. So I think it'll let the shite Toki no parents now.

Distorted sex life with my brother.

Temporary residence in an apartment I was living with her brother left her parents at age 5 on the university entrance examination, the examination the following year while attending prep school in the size of the room to fail as it is now my brother has passed the a third year student.
I was attacked by my brother came home drunk and went to prep school starting soon, waiting for it to finish looking at the ceiling without any big brother would serve to force the body to reject Touzen I struggled.
I asked, why was I wore pajamas to 破Keta, translated it to something I said in the consent Tatte desperation because there is no broken heart, and I admire him for protecting his brother from childhood there I.
But I was not embarrassed about living in the gloomy half-moon, "committed to the real brother," I feel the time came to masturbate while thinking of his brother over there creating something immoral stimulation, scrutiny were the whole story to him.
I had to cling on as it is exposed in the lower body when you feel something burst our eyes met and he had to pleasure to devour like a beast in my bed while I got excited about each other calling each other names , wake up in the nude from life has changed 180 degrees.
In the room of extravagant living and if there is time to embrace sex as newlyweds, his brother and sister look good to me you get one step out of the prep company.
"Incest" was like a catalyst in my head but leaving it was always in heat, both of you.
Parents to enroll in college I was told well you live apart, we still continue to live with his brother lived with me an excuse to lighten the allowance.
For parents 思Ttarashiku better to watch you from my brother in the watchdog has a daughter who, Moraeta easily recognized from the allowance even less.
Living life from the parent-approved sex married life simple distorted spur from MS asking me the act of imitation, when my brother and a lover is also the subject of more and more unusual like a slave to his brother I went to change the lives enhanced.
Will be larger and you slip into bed licking my brother came home tired from work now and my avid and more tempted to shake your ass on all fours like a female dog.
Too strong, but my brother had sex with the biggest experience in the past three men, while ik me once and now my brother and restraints on the net vibes could afford a little sex would cum several times I gathered in more than 10.
Teru Hashi returned home on holiday together, something totally unaware 遊Bi歩I also involved parents were both in action and are home to another.
Birth control pill just started drinking from the fear of pregnancy at that time period is severely delayed in D is in perfect condition.
Today I write with great travel, so I came across the site brother.

Re: [407] fans Hatsue k

Will be posted since May. Is the third time.

After a long time to see this page, so we visited us that the person who cares about the corner of my thoughts, I was surprised.
Thus, it still birth, decided to report.
Last time used to paste without yet, but it protrudes statement.

June 30, I gave birth to his baby. Was a girl. More rapidly than I expected more than a week. Sono Tame 2500g born small and I've had a healthy baby.
Determined to give birth, I think I'm so happy for you.
Verily, verily, I sincerely want to thank God enough.

His 16-year-old, but that was his father, still can not seem to realize.
The peace of mind seemed to be a baby but I was also safe, had better tell me to be worried about him.

Feeding after a long 16 years ago, reminds us fondly when he gave.
And frequent feeding, and even lack of sleep thanks to the sultry night, every day is a challenge. Full of joy every day.

But not only has no pleasure.
We are pleased to husband and daughter was born, there are guilty.
You should see her husband, this child I would grandchildren will have no earthly idea.
And I will continue, I must go and lie that the child continue her husband.
At the same time that this child is the real father, "he" can not grow it is also only as a sister. It is a little sad.
Actually, as a child was between him and my love, I want to go to grow.
Even if I am I think?
But the future of this child and, love him and also for her husband, it will not divulge those things that absolutely have to.

It may do little to confess that we ever settle down again.
For now, reports of birth, we have.
The confession since January.
He really helped me improve my.
Even when I was a hot summer's condition worse, for us to take care of my daughter on my behalf.
Now it is only reliable to take care of her too well. I think you have the mind is a little on my own. Entrusted to him or to peace.
And last Friday, after a long period of stability since the pregnancy, I had to taste the sweet nectar of his moments. It was worrisome that the short time since my daughter was feeling fresh each other.

I see this page from time to time. Because it was that we care about you for some more, and that should be written first experience with him, I felt a kind of sense of responsibility. So for everything, about the first experience with him, I tried to summarize, I can not.
His first experience with that memorable, if true, but I will remember for a lifetime as a Left.

For me he is too mentally and physically, he will fill a nice gentle man. I could safely give birth to a baby, his words are expressed I feel so happy.
I am now, a woman he really, really, I spend a happy day.
Now it was his mother I think that is a long Shimaitai erased.

He conceived a baby until I was his mother. He is also the first experience, so
Will be accepted him as my mother. But it's another to forget.
Writing that first experience with him is to feel like the fact they had to leave my mother, I can not really. The person who cares about us is really sorry. And my relationship with him, not only between men and women only, I want to be aware of the future.

Previously, I read an article in the magazine incest, incest as the cause of mother and child to fall, that there was often masturbate son saw his mother.
It is a bit different, as I write that I had a similar situation.
And forget about the other.
Instead, that if you change her mind again now, and that life with his love,
I want to write in a diary going. So please forgive me.

Also, Keiko was 身Gomora baby brother, I will soon.
I think many have the pain might be too young an age, but please do your best.
Posted in June after kaori's, what your plans around one. I support you as one of a similar situation.

Contributed by two months. The first branch.
I wrote a diary that you want to be with him in a previous post, I've settled Naka Naka to put together a sentence and wondering about emergency.
For now, parenting is the daughter of a busy day. The simple repetition.
Also good for helping me to my husband. Helped me really well, I appreciate that.
"Husband" is, of course, my daughter made me 産Ma, dear husband.
I love my husband more than anyone, my husband loves the world, as my husband who loves me and my wife.

Recently, I made a ring together. Now, I'm addicted to the ring finger of the new ring. My husband is usually a ring so we can not Ikimasen have carefully gone. Ask only if you love one another with. My husband stands in the ring,
And "1999.11.17" is engraved date. The date decided in consultation with her husband. Day her husband told her pregnancy.

Ring that made more than "a couple" for the mind.
Real couples that are determined only by what I do not think the family register.
Men and women really love each other, seeking mutual pleasure to each other each other's bodies, in the first couple I would say no. Now with our previous life must have been really love sex, I truly believe that much.

Last night, I had a heavy night after a long trip because it was father and husband.
The caress of her husband, I like really embarrassed, I cry no hail. Among the mind and "let me cry more obscene!" I wanted to. Before her daughter was pregnant (at that time to forget is that the other was the son) to her husband, there is a feeling that to give Of A sexual pleasure Nomerikon together somewhere completely skin Uiu and not in their cold there. Now, there is only one jump in the ocean and go their own pleasure,
Is blind to himself. But it is a pleasure to recognize the real couple to me.
After violently made love, caress my body will gently calm the husband (father-in-law is that they did not then!) Feeling, the mood in age will be returned to the same age as her husband it.

And now, I doubt has arisen in me.

Now I'm the husband me to birth control. Will care about my body really well.
I'm glad it is in it,
Now that the couple could no pressing desire has become a fact.

"In my body to catch the direct outpouring of her husband."

We are a husband and wife love each other. Through her husband can feel the outpouring of violent films is even possible to contraception. I think I look like my husband to catch it first-hand the hot liquid.
Of course, you could end up pregnant. It may be that you must absolutely avoid. But he's my husband, I'm his wife. That married couples make love without contraception, there should be nothing unusual. Is to accept what her husband as a wife directly. And consequently also change what happens to my body, I do not care to even think that.

Since her pregnancy, my body has become more than just a husband now. His father,
What I 照Rekusakatta pregnancy at this age, not even to touch the body.
Pregnancy to him, so I think my father must talk honestly with all of her husband. His resolution is going to be.
Given that the future husband and daughter, husband and wife, but that it should continue to live life to birth control, and I think my husband can not directly accept ever again
It is very lonely. Are you wondering 打Chi明Kerubeki my feelings to her husband.

I decided to write this to spit out the feeling there is also confusion.

Re: [416] next door is fueled heavy breathing

Yumiko, Hello.
The feeling is good, or one-time and saying, how do sex?
Takuya you'll be pleased.

Next door is fueled heavy breathing

I am 43 years old. Husband passed away in a car accident three years ago.
I have trouble making a living with no money left by her husband's life insurance and compensation, but have lived in mutual support and the son, Takuya.
House and lives in Tokyo, I began to go on to university last year Sono Takuya.
Lonely lonely drift apart and the other son and three weeks later I visited the boarding house to the impatient.
And have a cleaning and laundry while I went to school, Takuya, and excited to come to mind. Come back and waited for dinner, cold beer to prepare steak. I remember when I was waiting for the return of her husband's honeymoon time for me.
"I'm back! Ne I came Mom!"
Had jumped for joy as hearing the voice of Takuya energy.
Drink beer, drink beer with dinner the first taste of momentum can talk with my son was very delicious.
Sharing a bed at night as you laid a pair of small rooms were also on talking only Tsuzu into bed. Heard a noise next door room door open at such time. You can hear the voices of young women over the wall.
"Ne I thin walls. You're the voice of the neighbor 筒抜Ke. Her desk, a woman living next door are?"
"No, I'm a man. You've got to play a girl I'm sure."
"You should envy her desk?'s Girlfriend was already"
"I do not, so mon"
"Ee - tree! Experience yet is it?"
"Why ask such a thing! I go to bed now, I turn off electricity."
Look a little offended to see that I was happy to realize I was still a virgin mother son intuition.
Truncated the conversation for a while, still Netsukemasen.
It is such a case. I have been omitted Kihajimeta muffled voice was quiet girl from next door. Now I understand what the voice or voices. You also found out Takuya.
(Oh oh Utsuutsu oof!)
鳴Ri出Shimashita and heart pounding hot and face. Hear the heavy breathing, but that alone is hard, a few feet away is something that I still hear my son breathing stuffed.
(Hey, I like you Ahhh ~ I'm good!)
The heavy breathing will be gradually, can be heard clearly. I've already been 判Ranaku what to do.
It is at such time. I've seen me hug Takuya. I pressed against his crotch and take my hand. Takuya cock became hard again Bing, it was washed immediately broke out. I rub my hands more than once.
(Oh Oh Oh Okay. ~ - I better upgrade upgrade)
Takuya I thought so hard I got up, took off his underwear Takuya. Done slowly by hand to Shigoi cock erection immediately obvious really. Bikunbikun 脈打Chi cock in hand and will be entered in force on the fingertip feel quite upset that I touched with my swing for years, "Mom, ® ® hurts a little sore"
[Sorry, sorry her desk Ne "
I suck Emashita hesitate to say it. Your mouth is more than a soft hand, I think Takuya is delighted to hurt.
Bing cock became increasingly Takuya your mouth. I calmed down a little from its mouth for example. Mawashimasu netlist and lick. Rerorero in tongues and lick the glans, and Takuya 震Wasemasu inhale until her voice drenched with roots.
"Mama, Mama Mama you'll get Moude"
"You need to put your mouth out I'm her mom's desk"
"Uz Uz Aaatsu mama I'm leaving"
The eruption of liquid in your mouth and ejaculation lub-dub.吸I取Rimashita I like to squeeze the last drop is Yogaru Takuya.
Muddy and full of cum began to get dark with Tesh.
"I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry ivy tea in your mouth out."
"It's OK, I'm glad it is good that even her mom desk"
"Mom, Mom now I feel I'll. Mom Is not that good!"
Takuya and say we've incorporated it into the panty Shinobi my fingertips. I'm wet and there's just Bettori from now. Strongly resisted shy Takuya is known to them.
Rather it becomes a trigger, I held on to force 脱Gashita panties Takuya my lower body. I have been better, too. If 脱Gasou and kind and would unnecessarily embarrassed.
Takuya has licked you, you can still stretch. I can touch you, you have my man's tongue is three years.
I was already 逆Raimasen. Although there is not 逆Raemasen feel ripped. Lick up the Villa Villa attaches chestnut sucking.
Licking is also kind to people. But it never good, now I 上Ri詰Memashita. You can not take it anymore. Bing is more or reach for the cock and Takuya.
"Well enough, with her cane table"
Takuya 乗Kkatsu comes to me in a hurry. And put your body between his thighs, cock 突Ki立Temasu Bing blindly.
"Now I wait for slow, slow You know that getting into here."
This cunt and rubbed with you, you slimy wet exhausted several of the glans Takuya came in feeling Meri込N Innovation Zubuzubu say.
"Mom I'm kind I went !····"
Takuya began fiercely disconnect. The use of elaborate Guigui come back fit and Kina Hiroshi yet. The leak comes drenched sounds indecent.震Etsuzu sexual intercourse with the other digits twitched.
"Oh I like you hoes Iku Iku Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I like you so I do stet Aaa Aaaa ah Uuu ... ... Yau Yau Itchi Itchi ~! "
Komu and fitted waist and waving a Kiku Hiroshi Gugutsu Takuya is strikingly, the Meko 噴Ki上Geta Dokudokudokutsu Too.
Raised to tighten the vagina to cock Takuya and Bikunbikun 胴震I.
It was just a mistake once, become memories of my life.

Sex with my brother

Hello. Called 21-year-old Mali.
Real brother to live with that I have sex last Sun.
My brother is not married with children older than 6 years.
Second child is pregnant sister-in-law, but
I think my sister close to my brother's real bad when such an important ...
Too poor to think, if I had.
Has been blamed Ikasa dick fingers while standing in my room,
Then the family is "going shopping" I went to the hotel by car guise.
I want my brother had accumulated in the corresponding intense.
Since then, the hotel is called straight after work several times.
Why is not guilt or another.


Finally going to confess to a relationship with Daisuke today. I regret I should have done such a thing with hindsight, now six months ago, when I was cleaning the room for Daisuke entered, I immediately turn the women's underwear and casual bed he knew that things were missing from the previous Kizui, slumped in shock that came out well except my underwear and I looked for others to steal, do not have Daisuke Do not tell me before I decided to do a little talking to and what I thought Daisuke was really the end of direct views of my mind. "I came out into the room when this thing today, what are you going to say !"···" women are interested in before, not being able to endure" a lot together and discuss this later I decided to tie the relationship under certain conditions.
1.2 steals underwear. 3 one-time relationship. One week later than I promised to tell no one, just one day and say things. Promised morning, wash the dishes that my husband sent out to the company, "Mom, I'm appointed day" and Daisuke has been approached, "I know, please go to your room "I was still wondering, what's really good shower - decided to look myself in the mirror in the bedroom taking a" I can not turn back, and I just do not think my son! "White Daisuke Haori gown to the room with his underwear, "I get Daisuke," kissing and embracing Daisuke suddenly opened the door naked, saying coming in each other's tongue in my mouth I make exchange of saliva and the tongue intertwined with Daisuke turn a blind eye to the bed lying on top of the pubic underwear hand smoke or chew the nipple and rubbed both hands wildly however remove a bra one finger into the vagina underwear have been taken arms, head and body is upright and Daisuke instinctively touched and inspired by the book and the two came into being, "Mom, I'm wet , I'm amazing amount, "I also found, not utter a sound system so that the fluid flow anal love - and about the chestnut had licked a tree clutching" Ugh,,, " out voice, "I put my mom?"
I nodded to the signal spread legs, put pressure on the uterus feel hot sperm in ejaculate as soon push up the uterus and out into the bitter depths of the penis into the vagina slowly
Daisuke kiss each other - while still staring into "I just like today," "Yeah, I know, not give you trouble, instead I want to have the time", "Yeah, Sure that Hayo Kono secret! "I sat up from the vagina and increase the sperm will come out and said that a lot of bigger penis while Daisuke is still Karamitsui fluid and sperm into the mouth instinctively love and taste or smell of penis poured "舐Metai my mom," "Sure," I do not have to face Daisuke flowed to the genital sperm, and Daisuke is in the mouth of the vagina The semen tongue kiss each other to suck out the mouth of the collected sperm, sperm drink while entangling "Daisuke, I'll tell you," Massa said testicles while blowjob - di, into the prostate anal finger stimulation, and, unless forgive 愛Shi合Imashita time

Re: [403] with his brother

Naoko Take her advice.
Please e-mail.

Re: [408] of the handicapped

Today, I came back from rehab, too. About four and a half years ago about myself, I was lying on a brain hemorrhage at age 36, but at home now, this body is also made, met in the hospital's other patients older let's sex 貰I care helpers, even me, from what you can do to determine sex, but several times, and her belly the other day, a new life again, but next time,


yuna himekawa[411]
The discretion to remove dirt, I was now a daily routine of what my father suck.
I do not have too many questions, I thought that all those things.
My father instilled in me is like a natural.
As others have to say that not a secret.
My mother knew but did not say anything about it.
My father took my virginity before I greet the first period when the four small
Blood and semen of puberty, that the hairless dripping from there, pushing forces you to look at my hands, housed photos.
I did not know the mercy not only cry.
After that, my father used a body almost daily.
I still did not get wet when the act is something of a father to lick Shaburimashita hurt myself at all.
I was also taught that masturbation, rubbing Copyright learned that there's still hairless.
Goes up at school, my father makes me feel good to you lot.
Sagaru and even with that painful or is bound by a rope.
There is also often sprinkled with a friend of his father's actions.
When such a situation, taking pictures for sure and take video.
They will feel guilt therefore was not very cute.
6 period is coming when the small, his father, while the other is out now can not ejaculate in the ass. He said, will now be anal fucked.
My mother knew that all was indifference.
To have a younger brother knew my father and abnormal behavior of my brother.
I entered high school, junior high school when my brother, my brother has a bath and look into the interest on my body, now look into the act with his father,
The mother and brother as having a relationship I was so careful not forgive strictly.
I am 25 years old and now has a company work from home.
Relationship with his father, they still continued, it was no ordinary love. Or rather longer.
When he turned 20, my body is decorated with an obscene tattoo instruction of his father, a genital piercing to. This time again, I was resigned to feeling.
I was full of slaves treated as a hobby of his father.
But that is what you want, too.
My father is the love of my process as a tool.
I used to love like a toy rather than paternal care.
Like myself, to question the revolt against this family, might also consider leaving home, my body anymore, it is unusual because it no longer satisfied, the other gave up.
My father was like this I want to brag to others is often rented to others.
But even now suffering not consider separately.
Conversely now enjoy.
Giving up a normal marriage.
My father seems to feel I have not let go,
I think that helped because they can cause this metamorphosis of his father's blood to me.

While shame,

頂Ki many things I read your post, grandchildren, in the background looks like came close ties, the idea came together.

Have you started to struggle with people like, you know it hurts.


Is painful

I think that my mom came from a lot of masturbation, gotten his son's feelings.
I think my mom really wonderful woman.

Of the disabled

My son is now 15 years old this year.
From low vision was born to a middle school is deposited around the orphanage, I went with a group of people living in similar circumstances.
My husband and son entered the school, but when the divorce was found amblyopia, the child support I got from the point that I helped us.
On one occasion, there was a call from the dorm leader of the facility, its contents but I was astonished
It was understandable, so if you want around.
Naka Naka endless because it went to the bathroom that my son back, 駆Ketsuketara care nurses in the companion report, while it is hard in the bathroom with my genitals, I was playing with it. I received a call that, but I blush to thinking, in order to better parent-child discussion, as was decided three days furlough.
Head in the day went to the car, outside of taking lunch at a restaurant by the hand of his son
It is not a good time with family for a long time.
I, however, facilities for the conduct of his son caused enough, it is also unable tell the news, I decided to talk anyway i go back home. Once you've reached the last supper, and my courage is the thing that touched. My son did not answer silent. And finally opened his mouth to the heavy minutes, and are in the bathroom to masturbate every day, even more painful than my erection, I make an impassioned plea painful and inevitable.
I confess plainly still facing down, so when my son wanted to feel, what to say maternal instinct, her 引Ki寄Semashita toward his son's hand and take instant.
It was like my son was surprised face, and nodded to admonish us to be silent just as I say, when I saw it as a mother I was ready.
It will not do this, and shame as exposing more trouble for everyone in the facility at all, sorry for the people around than my son. But opponents of his son and my temporary Then
The more informed the future for a woman thing or not? Think so.
Masturbate than repeating indefinitely, it may awaken a new awareness to know the real woman's body because of puberty. I do hope to have embraced the discipline 繋Gare behavior in men as it is more in the future.
I asked my son. I teach you a happy mother of a man,
Are you sure? This.
My son did not know that translation is the first moment of his son 当Teta hands on my breast,
Seems to have understood its meaning.
For locking up, and boil the bath, I went into the bathroom with her son by the hand. Placed in the nude with my son, my son sat in front of more later, too. My son put a face to ensure that the intensity is low vision looks into my breast.
Reach out and touch it gently, yet small genitals poked the heavens quickly.
Ge rough breathing began gradually, but now since I stretched my hand to the groin, once I went into the bathtub to stop it first, and said raising and body wash. Like it was reluctantly agreed, and as a complete body and hair wash over a few minutes, my son hugged me from behind and can not stand 口走Tsu, 押Shi倒Shimashi slowly over the tile just grabbed my breasts or.
I was not at the mercy of his son, even when they are sucked into the vagina and Sutsu extended hand from the breast to the groin, was let free. Term follow up on the back, I lift up the hips and tummy while the son is kept on licking tongues minutes wearing anything with a face.
I think from the vagina was washed again full of liquid. My son continued to water it noisily splashing sound and, in turn, moved to request and want to speak yours.
My son's genitals so far as per which, I continued sucking and licking at my best to serve my own feelings. Or from her youth and exhaled a large amount of semen in the mouth Tatazu even one minute, while still 屹立 without atrophy,
Now on the overlap with my son lying on the mat, much has been pushed into the vagina wet obvious. Filled taste sensation shook the first time in years.
This would be known only by those women.
My son first heard a woman's body was crazy. And feel good while hitting hard thrust, lift the hips to put my hands under the hips, and repeat the strong hitting into the uterus intact, is all spit his desire in me to shout soon groaning .
Then wash the body with one another, from relentless libido son did not know back to the room to stay. Tailored with morning near the end, there were only about that day was absent from the part. But to quote my son and I settled into the spiritual body of the woman knew that, unlike this time so far back in the facility got me confident to say you can save yourself.
In fact more than a line 覆Rimasen forbidden. But I have no regrets,
When her son went to pick up once a month allowing a sleepover, I may just stay in the hotel.
Of the disabled is a serious problem, and seems to have something healthy people do not understand. Social debate is good or bad over the fact that this man, apart from what you can do, I want to. Now I think it is honest.
If you read this, what do you think?

Re: [389] [388] have a relationship with his son

>> Now my belly is facing a steady nine months.
>> My birth date is early July.
> I do not know even if I think I do? ? .

This post is a story I had been to another forum, a few years ago.
Will someone I've reproduced it here.
But as it is cool by me.
Also I wanted to read this story in fact, Will you post more?

Take this before

Please hear my daughter is a 中三!
The relationship between brother and I continue today from a hot summer night last year's event!
He told me in the eyes of the breast as usual went to his brother's room one piece tank top with my brother hot night with heavy Nationals always interested in my body!
I want to see breasts in touch brother ...
On a tank top on showcasing what they Ishi Makoto brother!
Once again this time rubbed the breasts can remain motionless in bed is suddenly pressed down again 押Shi倒Sa did not say I was a good gesture to touch you my brother ~ H older brother away I want to say about'm good has also become the first place so that now every night since that night my brother and I have said so to take more and feel better now gradually getting used to pain was hurt Naramasen Another is between two people linked by strong ties that I tell him I speak my brother got married too seriously want to get married after graduating from the school to ask me now

Father. . .

SEX father for the first time was about three and small.
The first was a dick licked I just can not know what that is. I was pushing a lot from my cum very pleasant.
3 Insert a small dick is too small, but could not.

Following such a relationship, then celebrated at the fifth and last.
Dad and I got to one.
Used a little painful at first but gradually became immediately feel.
Then I was like every night begging.

Becomes 1, when his father began menstruation, sometimes
Does physiology [you had been? ]
He was in listening to her mother.
(I thought my mom a little suspicious)

Always overlap, so the day off school to go father happens to be a day to night with SEX.
Lick my father carefully, inserted something larger.


The eighteen college student.
I lived in Osaka, and began to pass the university in Tokyo alone.
But the girls are alone against the dangerous and parents now live in an apartment with a brother who worked in Tokyo two years ago.
Traditionally, it's not good terms, so my brother was actually quite anxious.
From time to meet members of society and a student, I can go play with friends, study or busy,
Every day Tsudzukimashita Awasenai look at all living in the same apartment.
At one point, for there is a brother, I have my underwear for some reason my brother went to the room.
家捜Shi the room and try to think of suspicious brother, my childhood pictures and pictures have a bath, they are stored in photo albums and a swimsuit for the creeps.
My brother came back to that moment. I got angry at me like the devil to 家捜Shi.
While shivering with fear of the threatening attitude, the rider was hit by a brother, was stripped of all clothes before I knew it.
Resistance is also crying for, what his brother more and more exciting it is tossed about so can bruise your chest and knees are being inserted, I was a virgin was raped in the worst way.
I run away scared, go home I only have a student here.
My brother will continue to act gradually escalated.
I live out in the natural, AV requirements are as well.
Being blindfolded and tied to your legs with your hands for example, to staple my brother what to photograph the appearance is pleased 居Masen anyone.
I'm scared
Write to say whether anyone here.

My brother

The first posting.
My brother is down one 居Masu still a student. In fact, every night my brother, It has been days or been tampered or licked a vagina, what can I do to Panikutsu myself. To hide my breath came into my room last night my brother, from the top of the panties, getting its Whoops Whoops its caressing the clitoris,,,
I have always pretended to be afraid to sleep. But there is always Yoguchoninatteshimatte Yamaguchi. And my brother put a finger from the side of the panties, Dari pinching the clitoris, licking exposed to flick flick, though he desperately waving to the sleeping room, the dirty sound of Hibii you my man juice. Put your finger when it is indeed, the resistance was pretending to be rolled over.
Cause I'm still a virgin. My brother does the masturbation and playing with disastrous sexual intercourse all the time. Shut up and go out of the room.
After my brother left the room, I earnestly Yamaguchi Iki Yoguchonoomankowo always tinkering yourself. I have not yet common Moshita SEX, what happens if I will continue doing this.
Also tonight I would also be tampered with his brother.

Re: [395] son

Each other, I think we had better find another suitable partner would ~. Yes.

Re: [397] my son

A son, try to make her say?
Then you become frustrated if he is, my boyfriend might want anybody else?

Re: [359] The coming period is five months

> I tell anyone, listen.
> I have to fine you if I H this year seems like a shotgun baby
> In the coming period is five months already, but it is H that I was until recently
> I feel bad and useless tests and study.
> Has always made time for sports and not run out a little too heavy for my stomach.
> Milk was large, but classmates are not happy
> Oh I like fat
> At least a little more weight than anything else.
> I'm your brother in the coming period is Puridashi Shiran
> H that the talk got to get Kurenaku
> My mother just end up saying the truth as I say I Yasetara
> You're being scolded. Also put on the jeans I bought shocks awaited
> Bath and some field trips, but soon everyone will try Do not put
Then ↑ What is it?


The 35-year-old housewife.
I have a relationship with 16-year-old son yesterday.
It is allowed, but would not own, can not be suppressed desires 見計Rai son to the room at night between my husband travels.
This website had a good look before I knew.
Those with such a desire, I thought I was prepared for the squad not just me.
My son was masturbating with my underwear and was hiding Dzurashi before.
I was happy. From knowing about it, I'm for hope.
I commit to one day be my son. But chances Dzurenakute Oto Naka Naka went into the bed to get naked in bed from my son at last.
My son is awake now, seems to be quite surprised, and kissed him on the lips not insert my son no time. All seemed to realize it.
Was a long, long kiss.
I told my son that is just one word, "Let me love Mommy," by itself.
Unadzukimashita son in silence.
I've stripped my son.
My son's penis in 10 years. Sosori立Tta son penis larger.
Tsukimashita feverishly devour.
To ejaculate in my mouth vigorously soon. Son of the first anniversary of ejaculation, longer felt.
It was good. Sperm of her son. All drank.
Greed that came with my son with me afterwards.
Lick me in my body.
Especially my genitals.
I'm supposed to soaking,
And at last become one with my son.
My son is in the thick of a big hard cock.
Now in my mind went blank.
And in me, my son, the second ejaculation, watching my eyes,
And kiss me in hot splashes.
I was happy.
I do not know is that the husband and son,
The real father of her son, a husband is not.
I know exactly father, was happy his son committed himself definitely born child, but if you believe you understand how the model Kudasaru read this sentence.

My son

I am 46 years old, my husband and son are a family of three. My son grew up spoiled only child at age 17. Consult anything ever talk to me anything. Been happening at night when my son, "Mom, I was out" has been saying. I have no idea what that means Tsukanakatta no idea, I found that was a wet dream. Let me change my underwear if that immediately seemed to sleep just to say never mind go to sleep. Then for about a week, however, was when I was on a business trip my husband just opened the house, come into my bed at night and my son, "Mom, I'm out," I've said. As I said quietly to sleep, unlike the usual kind of look like be up in arms, and a little strange, but I thought, I came suddenly on a roll, "Mom, put want "I say. "Do not say stupid things!" The louder I Shikarimashita tight, the opposite reaction and it has my pants and suddenly Nugasou. This is a desperate resistance. It just will not. But Kanawazu force eventually would Shimashimashita supposed to finally accept his son.
And then every day thing, but not care even if my husband has not been found, you will Sematsu violently. From those that may yet come back from high school days.
Continues to be the son of a real relationship like this, and somehow have the feeling that even my absolutely will not sleep at night. And as always birth control that is not at all mind would put inside. What do you want to talk to you Itadakitaku riding the means, I present a brush with shame 忍N. Please advise thank you.

Re: [395] son

I will excuse me.

Grandchildren as well, rather than interest, may be interested in, what comes looking for a relationship?
Please give us your feedback 宜Shikattara.


When I think that some people like me like, now I want to hear.
My husband died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 62. I am currently 52 years old at that time. My son was 28 years old single. The son and the husband died about a year ago, had become a male and female relationships. The catalyst was simple. One night my husband was away, I was watching TV together.映Rimashita fairly intense bed scenes at that time. The atmosphere was born somewhat awkward to watch it.
And that silence as Yaburou, two people got together to compromise voice.
I've met the eyes of each other. I already have a hunch that time was running like that. And were also inspired by the bedroom scene, the man felt he had
. My son seems to have become the same feeling.
I was a woman in front of me. I heard later on, so I felt at the time her son. I noticed that he was being held. In front of the television. I had invited my son for sure. And I've had accordingly. Just feeling at the time. "The thing is!"
I thought it was a slow time. And this was going to turn back now.
The son's hot breath was being poured into my body. I thought it was irreversible. But my son was different. He was subsequently confessed. Then there are also many love me after all that, I accepted the love of her son.
One of the reasons that convinced me, I think he probably had sex with. On the third day of the first relationship Tatanu day, cross the Orimashita him again. After my husband went out in our room a couple falls bedroom.
It was said between the assays. Coming soon stormed the room and pressed against me on the bed, took me to take off quickly.
"You Must Not such a thing should not happen Yamete"
But said that resistance was useless thing. After all, I have no reason someone can match him again. Became a full-fledged fellowship.
My husband and was more independence. I no longer had this woman was taking her back into the tempered real sex with him. I had forgotten the pleasure 包Mi込Mimashita body.
Slovenly legs spread, he would take the piston.
The bear had killed a desperate voice, dull and finally fighting back, my arm and turning his body with a moan.
I have a day with him the first time. Was held on the bed he was naked I was the first day. From that day on I became her son. My husband has paid close attention to the person absolutely not known.
Action is stopped in the house. My son like to meet outside.
At least once a week I could not be satisfied. Repeated affair of love hotels to meet Tuesday and Friday nights. My son is working overtime, but I say why schools with a culture.
Only two hours, I became a woman of him. Kano was nothing to forgive all. Fellowship is cum. Since there are no worries of pregnancy. Sex is also experienced. Just when sudden death was such a master.
Night of the funeral, told me that word still mourn will never forget.
Would allow someone depart husband still has a secret, I had regrets.
Taishi in for me,
"I show you will be rewarded with Yoshiko Noboru really in love with me, I think Dad will be at ease. I leave it to you we received your Yoshiko Noboru likes."
I have a son, a total floor before the altar may be insane, there was a thing that we love.
The evening was a farewell to your sons and my husband.
愛Shi合Imashita overnight.
"You worry me to see I'm so happy happy."
Abandon and wet pussy, my heart was screaming at my husband moan with vacant eyes at the altar.

I'm troubled.

I am 65 years old, three grandchildren, and I wonder if 15 years old, 13 years old, is 10 years old and 居Rimasu, at the outset of the fight brother last summer, I like to live in a 13-year-old grandson in my room , I like to sleep together in bed and put my grandson since he was cold, as signs of my body touching the grandchildren, and they knew that the end containing back-scratcher in underwear Mashita.
Three sisters grew up in, I've raised three daughters, the boys know it at all.
You have a sexual interest, like how to deal with, how good or Sasetara stop, please tell us your opinions.

Thank you.