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Incest confession of women(2005-10)

Ordinary housewife

yuna himekawa[1061]
37 is an ordinary housewife. Ninth grade son recently went to school there Takayuki tripartite meeting. I had dinner at a nearby family restaurant with a mother and you return the same class Saeki. Saeki's has met before, and that of his sons, and said that shopping was a relationship. Mother and son get along before. I thought, it was shocking to hear from her lips that day.
Saeki's how mothers are trying to incest. Son of women's magazines such as Onani well - there are stories that would give his mother's body, and Saeki's, when I cleaned my son's room, sex in the novel that the mother and son It came out in large quantities. Some, such as the video horrifying to hear the title just like saying a mother cum. Remarkable is likely Saeki's underwear came out with his son's sperm. I was not listening to "cheek" What are you talking about I have to Takayuki family restaurant next door during the day, yet we return to this. I tried to stand and seats with Takayuki, "waited a moment, mother," I was put off to the Department and noble. "I want to be my mother," the word is ridiculous Deta Takayuki mouth. I can not worry about around "Are you saying that you understand your own"? I cried out with. Surprised at the size of my own voice, calm and a little "Takayuki, it would not bring such things to such a crazy person," he said soothingly. Would have stood up and pulled out of Takayuki. I thought we stood, from which there is no consciousness.
I woke up to the odd feeling, knowing well the situation that they placed their left headache and languor, I know when to get up first. I'm tied to the bed had been naked limbs Saeki's house. "'s Big tree, I'm sorry," I've seen seems to be talking to Saeki's Pardon from below. "Why is this happening to me," Gamute so raise your voice into your mouth - are attached to said I group. Takayuki is the safe, Takayuki? Was ashamed of my face buried and where his head's foot wake.
At the time I learned of this situation is finally his.
I was there with both hands spread lick my mother is a real son Takayuki. "No - Stop Takayuki" try to make him stop but not said aloud, and finally without any slightest sign of Earn is not hear the words issued from the mouth of his son.
"I'm wet vagina of the mother," such nonsense, How could I have never been that wet in his mother real son.
Just when I thought so, I felt full of things from the womb.
"You must not feel, You must not feel" wanted a way to somehow Takayuki 思Itodoma a desperate stand in the head repeatedly telling myself. Nokezotsu instinctively ran away with the body and pleasure in extending to the chest nipple pinching Takayuki hand, it became more like you want to continue. Saeki's son's mother is a stranger to her son that she is a real licking cunny, I started to feel strange being surrounded. Seriage I would like to blame Takayuki mouth movement is winning back behind her. Takayuki I thought that would do? What that bitch Hashitanaku Omotta?
"Takayuki's like that, I'm not a real mom. Nympho not think my mother's sake," but screaming in mind, body and another was heard to say that.
Gamute mouth - Takayuki 違Inaku a voice was heard in bad taste had not been posted to the group, was also relief at least.
Already in the body fluid melting love was overflowing leave.
I thought I was released from the hell away from heaven like the woman behind Takayuki finally, it was a real hell from it.
Since then at least two children who was married to measure basal body temperature every morning they wanted. Takayuki But after "day" and not meeting the ten years I have it very difficult to master.
Yes, today is the day, Sun is the most fertile period of the previous.
Takayuki crotch rose, but your erect penis.
"U along, kidding. Takayuki, it's a mom.'m A real mother," drew the blood drain from my body.
"Says Saeki,'ll Help me. I hope, somehow, Takayuki" Saeki's looking at with despair. Have jumped into my eye was her son's already intersecting.
"I hope, and Takayuki 思Itodomatsu. At least, at least Condo - wearing the system" I came in I finally Takayuki ignoring my feelings like that. Takayuki issued an insert with a happy voice. Takayuki face is clouded with tears in sight. The happy face, again and again, "Mom, I feel good," and can sue. Whenever he heard the voice, the son Janakattara mother. It's sad.
"Oh - Tsu, Mom. Out"
"Why? Why? Tsu No" I Iremashita your legs are bound to escape from Takayuki. Yes. I tried to escape.
Because of that, but rather welcome lift to waist deep, Takayuki womb, the cervix is expanded Hikitsura stomach, the little boy is stuck there. Takayuki is clung to me. Was poured into the uterus and hot semen. Etc. Damn, case report contains dozens of times poisonous Innovation. I can not move away stuck in the fear, I got all caught Takayuki sperm. Since then, Takayuki is to ejaculate inside of me many times, I got mad would - I finally asked, Takayuki.
Then again, my children, pregnant and feared that, Takayuki. After that, the body away and repeatedly with confidence because there was a period Takayuki, I was everytime I will ejaculate in.
The fire is burning in my body, horny pregnant sperm Takayuki real son.

Lighting & related to:

Yukari, Akari's nice to meet you.
I also, have a desire to mother incest mother, 22-year-old college student.
What do you think your son's puberty were both for you?
I, junior in high school, a mother for the first time, held a wicked feeling. , My mother is slim type greatly ○ Andou Kazu is a beautiful mature woman walking netlist annoying ass shaking big Breasts in good shape and width are not.
Was conscious for the first time was when I looked from the sliding door between the bedroom of his parents.
"Oh, no, no, now, dear, Oh, Oh" 善Gari mother had to raise our voices loud and fairly, using your fingers splashing sound whistled for holding back on mom's back What they felt was right to push in the back of Dad that was to frown heavily 仰Ke反Tsu in touch if you touch my back. Away match mom's eyes and my eyes have seen the face of their mother, to my surprise has returned to his room. And did not sleep all night with excitement.
I have to live under one roof at the same time her son reached puberty and her mother reached a time in most Iroppoi mature woman.
Already changed my mother's eyes.
But since the mother has become very gentle to me,
Time and miss each other in the house, even now, waist and chest, and my hips,
What a purpose, I keep rubbing that goes to touch.
Now, even mother, as well as your ass, than the time of my adolescence,
Plump to feel the weight, feel like even bigger breasts, so soft elastic valley covered with snow on when looking forward, the temptation for me.
What a good looking mother in the eye like this?
Me, it's good to dream but let 善Gara graces mom let me in agony.
If you are running your finger in mom's dick

Re: [1058] For example our related

>> Lighting to:
>> If the one-off life, his son every day until you faint,
>> I want to embrace you at any time.
> Many times I was unconscious and I related our son every day for example.
Since I now work hard with big cock but I grew a little hair around the cock finally grew bigger majority. 12 inches if you measure it was a while ago. Kiku Hiroshi let you know when you or a little. Please know of our talk related syncope.

Yukari our example

> Lighting to:
> If the one-off life, his son every day until you faint,
> I want to embrace you at any time.
What is the best I love my son Chinpoko filled with life, most of which is said only once in love with you as Yukari.
There are other women to marry when her son several years earlier I also believe that a silly girl like her son and still be fun 充Tasa.

That the father

Something to sleep.
One floor down, to drink tea when the refrigerator was happily sucking things my mother is my father angry.
Came to my father asking my body to go shopping when you're alone in the evening By the way my mother.
I declined from poor health.
But my father wants my body because of poor physical condition of the mother.
I've been miserable, or mother wants to think something is just the father's sexual slavery.
[Hey, princes, and I'm the man the Omeko accumulated foul language I can not forgive my father] said.
But my father, my father lost along ecchi tongue.
Came into the body of my father and as always we are taking off the black panties and imperceptibly.
I can not forgive myself and move back to the law of nature, like Pavlov Once in the body of my father.
Around smelling breath on my face
SEX was done by dogs, like the first time back.
Reached a peak between ever.
SEX and the father does not end by itself.
In the vicinity of my ass cold
Has turned out, my father painted anal lotion on my butt near SEX tried.
I did not know my father had apparent reason demands.
Her first anal SEX.
呆気Nakatta but ended up.
Ran to the bathroom, my father came from both the sperm dripping ass hole and sat down to a seat of the secret.
Violently ejected from the filth of my ass hole was feeling constipated at the same time.
Tissue to wipe back room, waiting for the return of my father in the lower body full monty.
I gave a wet wipe gently with a tissue of the father was angry with the filth.
The mother came home from shopping for a bit.
Behaved as if nothing had happened.

To feel sluggish, and sleepy, feeling constipated.
Period is still coming as well.
I talked to a friend "is different'm pregnant?" They said.
The father-in-law give birth in the blood are not connected?
No way. To think anymore.
For now let your mind calm.

Re: [1053] [1049] like a son

If one-off's life to light, his son every day until you faint,
I want to embrace you at any time.

I love my brother

If mom or dad to come home tomorrow.
This past week, I thought that I miss,
The brother and I, I thought that was disappeared.

Brother became very happy to talk about my things since then.
Even though I did not have talked so much to me so far.
Employers was a funny story, the story dumped her, my old tale
I'm just so relieved to talk.
Me "sister" is seen as the first and still think.
But not to cry so lonely, so hurt me
Very, very gentle with me. Will you love.

I turned down sex with my brother.
Perhaps "the bad thing," I think it is conscious.
But I think that everybody.
I already "real brother love" I've set foot in forbidden love he says.
I know a Ikenaikoto.
... But still.
踏Mi入Reta feet without stopping, and standing still is not sad.

Willing to do? May be a sudden attack.
Just to have a relationship with my brother once.
Keep a diary that feel like I'm growing increasingly, older brother "Are you studying?" Brought me hot chocolate and put.
I was ashamed of his past is growing increasingly.

I turned down sex with the brother is "no bravery" and not from the "kindness" is realized.
I have a better relationship with the gentle, I think we're good for me for me.

What Should I still had a relationship now?
I doubt ... leaving a big day I finished it alone.

My second wife

There are 20 year old son and my husband now ex-wife. I have a 24 year-old daughter to me. I was taking a bath together with her son. I found the two people who scold and tell your father. Moment and said, two people were pressed down, forcibly, and his son, Barashitara, this thing was said and threatened to reverse.

Re: [1049] like a son

> My son is like a mother to me lust.
> Today, his son living alone (in a university) in the room
> Down on a bare studio unit went from the bus
> I came back dressed in front of her son.
> Irresistible tension of the moment.
It's the same thing to me and Yukari. I feel like a man my son. So irresistible. Become naked in front of his son. I was into the bath with it until recently. Us waiting for me to feel her son soon.


Do mother and I are not really his mother.
Yesterday, I was absent from work.
The high school senior son thing to do, let the school force a break.
Parents and children are doing because there was not objective.
That day I did not want to be irresistible body wanted to free his son.
You notice it was like my son.
Anyway, today I wanted a penis of her son.

But while you may think while we make the opportunity nervous How do lower body is wet.
It turns out that they look to the erect penis of his son.

And the time has finally come.
I sat on the couch, "you do this, Mom and I tried to H?" And hung voice.
My son sat silently next to me.
And kissed. Was a long, long kiss. Maybe five minutes or more went from more entwined with my tongue I did not mean.
He also answered me it has been put into deep.
Shake shake right to left each other's neck, the beast was in the state.

"You do this, I'm sorry," I.
"Mother," he said, endless crazy with a kiss.
While I kiss the back of the skirt so you can see on purpose, or started to undress in front of his provocative clothing will be seen too upper breast.
And I was licking at the tip of my tongue and then his penis.
Things that have swelled the man thought quickly.

Included the big dick hard 思Ikkiri mouth.
And up and down violently Shigokimashita.

He seemed the last straw on the other, fired in my mouth a lot of larger sperm in my mouth round.
All I drank.

And this time he also began to take off.
Not speak each other anything, just the rough voice.
Came into my bushes in his hand.
Come crawling And my dick fingers.
Is it just another swoon on the verge.
Hikichigira was pantyhose.
Was not wearing panties because, this time with me by my dick into his things intact.
His penis was not really hard enough Kiku Hiroshi husband and incomparable! !

Now is indeed persist.
Kitara Rino Amane bed together is limited and I'm drenched.
"Mom, come again," the blushing tell him "Go out into the mother. I do not have the patience." I am excited state, and also wanted to say to that?
He said, "that it should not" Beso condition and half did, I said "okay, from cheating on my father, out, out early, out early" frantic and screamed like.
Moves more quickly to his waist, with the release in me.
I was so happy. Leave his things and started to kiss or longer.

Re: [1050] father

You are a man or a woman or


Now, I'm high 2. I live with two people at the time of his divorce from his father in one.
My father is like a slave, we are forced to have sex every day.
When you go home yesterday, my father, "Take off your uniform, it 着Ro." I was ordered, were forced to become like his father naked apron.
"I'm no!" Tried to go outside to get away from the front door I, holding on at the front door, my father was behind 抱Kitsuka.
"You do not have to apron. I even uniforms. Now all of a bad romance miniskirt uniforms Kaoru Aya saw." I say. I said, "Stop it!" I'd told you, my father, "put Dekihen. Mon Cute and Kaoru Aya," but I say, I've turned the skirt of the uniform at the door.
I lifted one foot wearing high socks, "and sure feet, soft white, Kaoru Aya, and a clean." Saying that I tried to erect the side of the shorts included Komou.
"All right. Is not in uniform. From wearing it," said my father went to the dining room to pull me to abort the action.
Take off your blouse and bra off the uniform jacket and dining, my father, "in Kaoru Aya sexy. 堪Ran high school girls are," she said Wait, I see that my turn to lick from the bottom.
"Let me from facing off over there," say, my father 向Kimashita towards the window.
I wear an apron skirt and hastily took off his shorts, white stockings 着Kemashita passed along with the apron.
My father is like watching that was dressed in a window, just after I wear it, "comes across orientation," I said.
I left my father said, is now facing over there.
White stockings foot climb from the thighs, buttocks ends in the root. I'm sure my father is exposed buttocks.
Sure enough, my father, "Kaoru Aya ass, white, with a nice small form. I want to eat ~" What I say in 甘Ttareta.

Suddenly, hugging his father from behind while licking my neck, put his hands began to massage the breast from the side of the apron. And then, pushing my ass is not hiding his father's apron dick hot stale.
Take up my father and me and my dining room table 寝Kasemashita.
The coldness of the table and came back and handed down from very quiet.
My father is turning until you see my navel apron skirt was put on the table and began licking around the waist and thighs.
"Kaoru Aya's body, I Peroperokyandi. But sweet slick," but I said, I'm licking my body.
My lower body is getting sticky in the saliva of his father.
I am beginning to feel away, "sauce there." You have me thinking aloud.
To sign it, his father suddenly wildly pulling my leg, like riding a table with only the upper body. And grabbed my thigh has been the thrust of my father was intensely hot and hard.
My father is my thighs and holding a, or pull, or push. Treated like a baggage car, my father started violently H.
I was raped while being 滑Rasa around back and forth across the table.
My father was very excited is like, Shimashimashita out within minutes.
"Today, the guests," but I thought this time was on his stomach on the table.
Like before, only the upper table, lower body was shaped like a butt stick out from the table.
My father grabbed me around the small of the back hip, and has been the thrust of Guigui.
Push up too hard because my father comes, "Oh do. Col. Col" I Shimashimashita aloud. My father seemed more and more excited and came to pushing Guigui father hit the back of my ass. Bang bang, a loud bang bang me. . . .
The last thing I felt warm on my back.

The woman began to treat me as a father of two of my summer.
I'm tired of sleeping in club activities Shimashimashita leaving the room light. Pretty hot that day so I was unconsciously take off pajama pants. In addition, pajama jacket buttons are removed, the chest was starting to fall asleep to Hadake still a little swelling. My father came into my room to turn off the lights in my room. And. . . . .

Since then, my father every day violates the

Favorite son

Son, it seems to me the mother lust.
Today, the son of living alone (in a university) is coming home to change clothes in front of the bathroom naked and raised her son went to the room studio unit.
Irresistible tension of the moment.

My son is everything

My son is all I know. All of the sexual life with my husband.
The first noticed was when I was with my husband, who runs late at night. I have received was from back in the canyon just crawling. Kizui son seemed to gaze and looked. Already finished so as to not utter a sound with a dark room and play the fool is the best. My husband is a "bad glue." Dissatisfaction with care.
"Might be seen" and said the day is over.
My husband and talk about SEX since there was a thing of love hotels.
But our secret is not only that. Actually my porn pictures and videos, I have a swapping thing, too.
Son, all of them as I have found.
I found a cassette tape when you clean your room son.
It was recorded a couple of our life. Before buying a video camera recording was one of the things my husband was well. "Iku Iku Ikuu Uuu Uuu oh oh oh ooh I'm a good boy" is such a thing.
I've collected in silence. And you know this tape. You have seen the video too. Husband and wife to have been elsewhere, I have been embraced by her husband swapping Elsewhere

Re: [955] [953] beloved son in hospital

> To give a son to lure Iroppoi dressed.
> Soon, I'll recover.

Love for son

Due to divorce cheating husband eight years ago, and two sons came in pretty hard.
My son is 12 years old this year. Elementary school six years now.
Well done studying straightforward personality is impeccable child.
One day his son
"Mom, there are things I'd like to know," is said,
"What?" So,
"When you move a very pleasant tinkle from a friend yesterday, I heard a really?"
When I heard it, now my head went blank for a moment.
"Eh, eh" and a loss for words, the son continued,
"But I say masturbation. And I have the skin of the penis move, I get a white liquid. You did say the sperm that?"
"See, but yes, why?"
"Chan cut, because I'm doing every day. I know it feels great. Yes, but first had to do with mother."
Chang said the cut was a good friend of my son who is living with the mother and two of his house.
"U along! Tatte mother got to do?"
"Yeah, I said, Chang cut"
"All right. I asked my mother"
Having said that, I asked to call immediately.
"You're right, Keiko. 走Ttara troubled after that with a strange direction I look. I did tell us that one. You can then not worry. I also give him Keiko?"
"But it was something very touching her son's penis so. You embarrassed."
"No, it's okay. I'll do I become a teacher of sex education."
"So I wonder?"
And the end of the phone say things, my son got to go to cram school.
All things considered Hazama Sono
Before 8:00 pm, my son came home.
"Well, you get into a bath together tonight ?"··· said that one.
In my mind all the other appointments are made.
"Yeah, fine. It has been a long time. But why?"
"Yeah? Lunch I was saying, I thought to tell her"
The other is the state of my heart tapir tapir. I'm wondering mother.
"Well, I'll go ahead." I say go to the bathroom.
After the fall is not possible anymore.
Went into the bathroom to take off your clothes to his mind.
"Come, Come out.'m Sex from them now."
Then my son stood up to hide your penis without, came out in front of me.
Son's penis and groin children hardly seem large enough
Skin still firm spends more pubic hair grows even while wearing
But the eyes of a child being poured into my naked, he did not look like anything.
"Then, sitting in this chair"
"Say something embarrassing.'s Seen his mother naked," my son smile and sit down.
Body shampoo body wash do first, to pick up lather
Son penis slowly.
Erection for the more slowly and gently wash and feeling a shock.
"Oh venerable penis never" feeling in mind,
Shigoi that flipping through the skin, "Mom, something weird is under the belly"
Ah, ik soon, I'm going up on the balls firm to the touch and feel.
"Oh something strange, strange" and said
The yellow crazy body charged with the sperm came out.
And all my heart
"I came this? This is it masturbation. Know how?"
"... It hurts a little. Are you all right?"
"All men are doing. I feel more and more will be doing many times. Look, look, where the breasts of the mother. It is this sperm."
I hung penis with hot water and saying, also began Muku Muku erection.
"Jeez, I came to grow again. Try it yourself this time. I'll see my mother."
"Yeah, I'll try" So, I started holding myself Shigoki.
Was not possible to endure in my slippery dick had already seen it.
"Well, masturbation is also a good mother? Try it here watching the mother."
No sooner said than, and was moving the other fingers.
"My son's penis, I comforted myself masturbating while watching it"
I was just so I knew I would cum. That time
"Mom, Serve, Serve"
"Out, to put it all out!"
Wow my face and shouted at his son sperm, semen collected by hand it took a lot of cum face full, but also so out of place now,
Oh to bad mouth eating sperm spontaneously Copyright son
"Mother, mother There'll be ik ~ ~ bad," I forgot to say great screaming in the bathroom.
The other is the white head, I was ready to faint.
Son as if nothing wrong, I quickly went out.
I'm just numb penis rest in front of a fine son.
At that moment imagine Tondemo無I
Want to be caught in that venerable 思Ikkiri son penis
How do I get nailed for this desire
I am not confident.

Time Shampoo

yuna himekawa[1043]
My son is taking a bath together every day.
Foot soak in a bathtub when you have raised because I am, I realize that I will look into her crotch.
My son is 13 years old.

Since it was a shameful day and I wonder where I have seen while washing his body.
While the mix of moderate water wash tub that I finished the body,
She has watched the Back of me.
I wonder where that look?
I do my best to shake my son.
That kid is a boy there has been little hairs.
So I look for courage did not adapt.

My son is a sweet child that always wash my back.
Even bigger is that girl over there, so I'm do not care to give.
Then soaked in a bathtub together, and so across a strange silence, too embarrassed, but there Osaetai by hand when I am going out of your bathtub.

Agari from the bathtub, I closed my eyes while in the second shampoo,
I grabbed my son coming up from the bathtub while the grown there.

She jumped up from the bathtub, to see what was really eye boobs.
The shed went with something warm shampoo today. .
The boy wonder where you are calling me.
You do not have to give me if they try to mom in front of me.
Why not put me in silence.

Be bold talk I think next time.
Alone in the bathroom.
After talking, two people are a little scary to think what would happen.


Memories of my brother, my "diary memories" to "brother and events" will be written now while imagining the scene that was written and re-read.
The previous post, is to return to the house of my grandfather from Wakayama.
At that time, because my room had no air conditioner in the room yet, I was able to study every day and continues to be hot and humid night.
When I was about to do an end in about one week after the summer vacation, I was studying English at night, I suddenly noticed that there is no dictionary, is headed in the next room to borrow his brother.
And the instant you try to knock his hand, I got to hear a voice like his brother moaning.
I have a hunch, and realized that his brother masturbation.
But I myself, or how to quell sexual desire is still a man, I will somehow knew that in a conversation with friends at school.
Standing rather close, but come on the scene and masturbation Why did my brother thought I never.
I was motivated by curiosity increased rapidly, so quietly opened the door unnoticed.
Went into his eye sitting on the bed and sit cross-legged like his brother.
And that is the bed shaking and Kishikishi wiggle.
My brother was definitely convinced that you are masturbating.
If you observe well, but my brother smells like a white handkerchief in his left hand, right hand is captured in my eye sight is rubbed up and down in the crotch with dick.
See a white handkerchief and come back well from the house of my grandfather, it was dumped into the trash because it was dirty panties.
I got disenchanted with it like I have a brother who is studying hard exam.
But I swallowed my saliva, and waited for the next expansion.
Suddenly, the older brother 寝転Gatta upwards.
I came Cock brother jumped in front of my eyes just then.
(All, amazing! And grandfather's cock before, unlike his brother looked round Kiku Hiroshi), it was my honest impression.
Is that big thick cock was pulsing in the crotch of his brother.
My brother was the key to the smell of his back with his left hand in my panties, rubbing his cock with your right hand, I was leaking from the mouth is sometimes stifled groan.
(兄Chantara you, you rub your cock so desperate ...)
Few minutes after, "Well ... Ugh U" is fast becoming the hand movements of her brother said.
My panties on the left is placed on the bed, as I was beginning to rub cock passions just.
And the last moment to see my own brother stared at the movement.
"Uu, Kuuu ... Ha!" And said, exhausted from the endless cock brother they eventually Hotobashirimashita white liquid.
I flew through the air with great force the liquid and remember clearly even now burned in the eyes fell on the sheets on the bed soon.
My brother slept on the bed while the heavy breathing.
I do not shut the door slowly.
(Okay, I'm a man like that ...) the first time I noticed that you are excited, too.
I am a little mischief causing heart, throbbing with the beat knock after suppressed.
"Brother, I'm open. I borrow a little English dictionary ..."
In the room, I made a sound like flies.
"Hey, what are you doing.'ll Go. Brother?"
"Hey, wait a minute! Do not open!" The way I'm embarrassed by mighty brother said.
I opened the door but I do not care.
There was only hiding the lower half brother in bed.
"Hey, I told you open up!" It was like the elder brother got angry.
"Do what, do not borrow enough dictionary!" I said carefully 吹Ki出Sanai.
My brother angrily, "is a dictionary on the desk. Take it as soon as you find in!" Told me.
Enjoy my brother's reaction, I had to leave the room pick up a dictionary.
I smelled a hint of something dark at the time.
Perhaps that is the smell of the liquid.
"Hey, brother. 匂Wanai something?"
"A, I 匂Wanai anything!" His brother said in a bright red face.
"I funny. And I do smell something ... whatever. Well, I owe it Kukara brother," I left the room saying.
Three days later, inside the lips seem fine and flesh of my cock brother, did not dreamed up.


Thank you for your many emails.
Let's talk about it and worry.
Because you can not do anything,
Become serious, but not in, I pleaded guilty but what I have to go.

My father and brother.

More like go back, my brother and filled body, with his brother cock every night, room only separated single father is like bran was heard, things of him 囃like being told that the request of his father, was to show my crotch.
Without a word to reject, I take off your underwear, to say spanned the face of his father's father, my father's face is just above the crouched.
Such a thing, so we dragged without seeking father sucking cock father's going to continue to to fit in the crotch cock father's obsession, wearing a cock of his father during the day, cock his brother at night filled to hell yet, the body is not stopped 悦Bu.

And his father and brother.

I tell anyone, but it will not stay silent,
Found here. Talk, talking to myself.
Partial paralysis to his father last fall, and was the brother and his wife looked after me, up-to-separated brother and his wife in early June that, things look after the bride's father was a big deal Will.
I have only to look after the place, but close to two years for a divorce too, so it will survive to live economically, decided to move quickly to bring his son.
We got to help occasionally, daily care is very much more than expected, for selfish to say whatever was thought that the bite was serious Tsukuzu how a bride.
The past week, facing a weekend, my brother tomorrow Uno Hanayo help me with peace of mind rest, drink a nightcap drink a drop of come from moving on the floor I got tired drunk around a long time and was soon asleep fall asleep and sleep more if the state can become a normal side.
I awoke to something as Masa Akira is the first match in front of his brother and there, and I will be fast asleep, take off your underwear brother, broke into and between the legs, too noisy without any resistance, incorporated thrust into his brother had been informed of the adultery Mino Kiwa forgotten, silenced by the waist, come 突Ki抜I violent movement, born just shaking stimulation, even in the pathetic thing is that no resistance , was let go and you just press the body of his brother.
The thrust comfortably, missing the ability to resist and we get broken down during intense stimulation, went to were filled with younger cock.


3 months went into obstetrics and gynecology checkup today, I am now, I'm troubled by a lot.
Are you worried and say why I went to a screening of her three months to walk to Aya in the rain in the afternoon and Gynecology.
Aya-chan was relieved I did not have anything unusual.
But I have gone so much these days to feel the tiredness in the body, I decided to consult a teacher to say impossible.
Surprisingly, the results, there was abnormal to me.
It is "pregnant" was the character of the two.
By the way, I thought that was a delayed menstruation, pregnancy and surely did not think.
"Congratulations. It is now five weeks. At the head doctor said this.
Crosses my mind through six events of that night.
About the danger that day, and my husband has had a decent rubber
"Your child is sure to Masashi Miyuki" I started to mind.
Are visibly being yelled to my husband in San Francisco, but said such a thing.
The calm, the report to his master.
Those who read my post I will do? I give birth? Do you or 墮? Which? What?
By the way, you and Masashi Miyuki is a son-in-law of blood is not connected.
Still, you can not say Masayuki.
After the baby is made, but were not able to hear soon, and as soon as possible so I did not even


Father in hospital after a nurse mother to the hospital, came back home alone at night to have an evening drink.
Bidding stopped at coming from behind and get ready for dinner, I touched my body.
Touching dirty hands.
Study in the upstairs room, the father can not forget the touch of the hand.
Can not concentrate on study.
Imperceptibly, my hands are touching the secret part.
They come to my room on tiptoe to the treatment that the father Onatsu skirt and panties off, show her.
My room filled with sweaty smell of alcohol and my father.
The secret of my wet nipple stand by the tongue licking my father turned up.
The father's hands are washing their nipples ecchi.
Eventually I make wiggle.
Chablis began looking to start things from the briefs and my father angry.
The angry father of a rigid hard and a shot was part of my secret drenched wet.
Father is slowly moving back.
Ramo Retsu slowly moving my hips.
Faster movement of the waist and the sound intensifies over time.
Father end up in a rigid state.
Feel the warm liquid into my stomach.
Fall on my father's body.
Travel with me the warmth of the body of my father.
To little sleep lying next to my father on his back.
I'm Eru sucking mouth and deep black thing without doing a father's chest.
Turn tongue lick beautiful mixture of liquid spilled out of the secret love of my semen came out of my father angry.
Then, the secret part of my practical jokes and things grow and angry Muk Muk's no good.
During which my mother was hospitalized, but every night.

My father went down the stairs now.
While semen flows from the mush secret of my father, that you want 叩 the keyboard on the desk computer.

The mother is discharged from the hospital tomorrow.


My father and I have to go out without a little bad but the body is born at the age of 25 living in Tokyo now, my mother passed away also, because it is two people living with the father, the father care My father did not rely on endless gentle and gave me me go out and buy clothes and cosmetics for well distract the loneliness of one, who will also look to the Father but fashionable Imase From I did was forward the data coming back is always the father.
Kau on the net recently and is now able to buy underwear on the Internet now and Father's Day holidays are almost prefer my father decided to watch the computer screen to select items together, garter I like the way the body stocking and black and color preference and body stockings stockings is something like a thin Zentai,,

Obedient brother

The ー I will work with Tokyo Deriheru somewhere in the top 23 at the age of three brothers. I'm living in an apartment in anticipation of this - help parents kick. Here will be a high school from this year's youngest brother, now living from home so much together.

My brother is also strange to say that my sister, I can kick this - a handsome style. Previously, I've seen in the dressing room a little larger array I!
However, I speak with the girl shy personality well.
彼女Rashiki? Child is unable to do what I want is a kiss too??

I have a boyfriend once. To the customers, "makes me much in the Yarra?" Will be heard, refusing to smile politely.
I'm prepared to deal new child had been forced Yarra angry people refuse to blunt person.
I have a lot of stress collects customers.
Conversely, in some people they really tech, you may still come home and really feel anguish away.

One day, yours into the room without knocking the house was quiet, so when my brother came home drunk and could not stand while holding something greatly Sosori While we'll just masturbation brother. Another was stunned, as my drunken anguish they gave something to be cool throating big brother.
Then, with tears his brother, "Thank you sister" Dattarashiku so moving, and it is just cute and I got my brother to be standing in a virgin and Blow.

Then my brother heard me say anything, even to the Rim, I will serve my tongue and fingers a few times until I ik.
Heta was the first but now I like to play for education.
Now I'm hooked on anal. I ordered my brother to bring that in putting the anal in life.

When I returned home tired, you can ask them to massage the body from getting to wash my hair with his brother.
May the best man than her boyfriend (laughs)

What is the best choice you nurture your little brother!

Brother, I always

The room had come to visit my brother Miku. I was always like reading comics, but they have a sex cartoons brother, Miku is a curiosity, "I want!" I went on. Then my brother showed me. That sounds, in the comics that a man having sex with a woman, the older brother to Kaeshitara embarrassed, "I want to?" Has been heard of. Miku had not told me to remember the feel of friends in high school was Bakkari. Ah cool brother too!
"Yes," came to my brother pushing up Unazuitara. Both of them in pajamas, Miku has been tossed from the top of the chestnut pajamas, got so little out loud. He told me many times beautiful brother. Feel at first hand has touched, peeled chestnut Miku came in the pants in the hands of her brother. Second, I was in the voice. Ah turn me I can not put my tongue to lick it. Gutchobutchonaomanko licking going crazy, the first coming in from one finger gently into me, but I wanted to. It looks like I finally entered all. The brother did not you put your penis. I'm terrible. When the rice Yaritakattara also see that I got chopsticks down on purpose.
Come to play three days elapse, but my brother was eating with chopsticks and then to drop the height. Now, the race brought the underwear. Deta's willing to put on your Miku. But now is my brother came in to take off. A felt ~ ~. Is slimy brother. Bichabicha the vagina. I know the vagina will tighten up the queue, I was going to tighten my brother give him? ! Now, the big brother to bully pretending to like being fucked. Has a brother who'll try once

What you mean by family

I'm on the four sisters. The reason is incompatible with the father. His family has a 17 year old brother is the father of the previous marriage. We are a brother and a good relationship, you try too hard feeling. Come to play in our apartment even try too hard to say is good, I always come to depend on the person targeted.
This can not happen to get in touch with my sister and I hug the body comes to calm.
The other day my sister and I opened the wardrobe in our room and they go back to the apartment with his brother to eat out, I have to figure out underwear and clothes.
Moreover, it is not with the lower body is nothing to the arrays were exposed erection.
While my sister surprised me, "What are you doing!" And raised a loud voice.
Here 向Kimashita shorts while holding hands with my brother surprised.
So while it's not know when I hit my sister my brother 悟Ttarashiku Hirate.
My brother became in an instant, blushing, and finally my sister off 殴Rimashita.
My sister does not work at all or fell in a swoon.
My brother kicked my sister lying on the head again, this time came towards me.
I tried to open the door to escape the Itarazu, was taken away and pulled the room caught.
Then my brother take over, I finally got a faint beat me in the face several times.
I noticed a sharp pain in his groin area. It would seem fine and my brother inside. I was lying on the floor while being unable to move his limbs but was some time to escape.
My brother came from behind to forcibly enter the depression I choked down my legs and riding on the shoulders of his brother.
Nde I am a woman too scared scared Tamarimase. Would naturally full of body fluid would have been inserted. At that time, my brother shouts, "You're my sister s lewd tears. I'm wet like me" and.
Yara Yara unbearable shame I feel scared.
My brother was released in the way I went to my sister. My sister dressed like sitting back and legs and tied my hands and the difference was tied at the knee.
The groin area and my sister were placed in the cell.
My sister is blocked by some duct tape placed in the mouth, "Uuu" was done, and,


yuna himekawa[1032]
My son comes back before taking a bath, without turning a white bra dare to prepare for the Y-shirts and short skirts a little. (I did and never pants) while waiting for "and today his son finally lead to SEX or" excited by the thought I have.
20, 30 minutes and then "Oh I'm home" is back with his son. My son was looking around the breasts and buttocks and shimmering. Admirably succeeded. (Though most embarrassing in my life ...)
I said, "You hot, welcome back. 浴Bitara in the shower before" and said "Yes" and went to the bathroom down the baggage to say.
I went to the dressing room after checking in a bath of sound. Navy blue dressing room on purpose, because in fact have left T-back bra. T-back bra I was not there.
My son came out of the bath, eat a light meal and after looking around my boobs and butt "sleepy," he said, I went to my room. I was thinking the same thing as yesterday 行Kanakattara room where her son, underwear, dressing room was the original location (dark blue T-back bra), her son went to the room just came.
Inside the room my son looked at me surprised face. It is very embarrassing. I dare not "T had to do with just her mother's pants?" I've heard. I had no reply from the trunks to put out cock silently son. Meanwhile, my son had to say something but did not know dick in crazy. The first was probably because of the tension as much as her husband, grew bigger and give you a blow job more than doubled. "Do not make Ittara freely ... Because my dad said not to," he said (the advice of people who e-mail ...) continued sucking. Maybe five minutes and my son, "Mom'm sorry," put out a lot in the mouth and said suddenly. But I was happy with the cock of his son's last wish, I drink the sperm for the first time. (I was not even my husband)
Immediately returned to the original size I was just put in the mouth. "Next I turn my mother." Put his dick across my son put on the likes rubber. This is really big. I think it was around break put a long time. And I felt that was bigger in me. "It is beautiful, Mother," his son told me this. Soon after, my son suddenly started to move violently as it is to be had ... I did not know Rika Nobu years was the best of times SEX.
I am a little worried, but what happens next

Is it doing this?

The family of three and grandmother and brother in my house. Brother and grandma are in different rooms. Only that day, sent out saying the health of her relatives have come to stay. The narrow room to sleep in my room now. That day may also come with a boyfriend at night.
Time past midnight, her health has come to 入Ri込Mimashita next to me in bed. After a while, my ear "Let?" He said. I was surprised, "What?" And retort with, "Of course, I'm sex." He said. Ken-chan said, let something that touched only the lower body erect and I also just take off my lower body suddenly. "My aunt, I beg you because he trapped." He said. Then, the cell phone camera was. "This is disgusting and I'm saying?" Has been threatened. I reluctantly had been forced into his mouth was sucking hard example. After a while I lay on Noshikakarimashita. "Ken-chan, now I quit!" 入Ri込Mimashita is spread in feet. I do not finish early in the morning. "He says, has been inserted to ascertain the degree of wettability. "Ugh!" I leaked a voice. Ken Chan, shaking his hips, "what sex with him and heaven?" The question. To ejaculate in 30 minutes.

Excuse me our Yumiko

Have to worry about our Orimashita Yumiko has contact with her husband back again soon, 話Shimashitara to my son, my sex continuously from morning until midnight three days this weekend completely exhausted I had to write our energy has disappeared too, so I Yumiko.
On Sunday 9 Shimashitara wife show sex in the morning with his wife, son and intense sex show mothers Orimashita 呉Remashita promise is "13 years of age and I think a good cock" Now the heart is full of happy and ashamed to them to say I Remashi.帰Ri際 wife said, "lend me your son," I am also attached to the back Hama is said "Come at any time," I never 云Tsu.


Megumi Okay, Where Did you say -?
♪ Please come to listen to my story

Oyadji's 1026

Corks are also remembered. Hey Yaritakutsu daughter in high school.
In the end I could not. What, I'm shy.

I have a problem.

Things in junior high school girl recently, and I have seen a woman.
At last I have the cheek to do with knowing her dirty underwear on the bath. I spotted that part Shigoi pushing his penis comes off like the other hoop. Far 10 years old, but I had to open crotch in cold blood (not vagina-shaped pretty small, but) there is no way to care about what was growing fine, no matter how sexual intercourse so recently. Recently would have really thought I'll teach you the chance 在Re man Bruno man to be seen elsewhere.

The Nezu 断Riki (continued)

I caress the child's legs to stand on the table has lasted a long time. It seems like my leg was compelling.
I think that he had about ten minutes. Then the front door, "Well they do nothing" that could come back and Yumiko.
"Oh, do not take off yet. I was waiting for" I took out the vibes from the likes of the bag. It is a familiar vibe I is not it?
"Did I borrow from the son of a wince. I'm going to seduce my son I did this to borrow from my mother promised, I did say I brought back from. Auntie Ganbatsu to say ne I did. "
While showing a son picked up the vibe. "I quickly get rid of pants.'s What I've been looking forward to using it," "he said. "Oh, I wanted my face I'm Teru Yono is wince, I wanted to wish the favorite toys from people like this lady before, I suddenly felt like much like to kill I "
I was taking off his pants and was with vibrator on Yumiko. It is like settle an old score.
They might have hated that I ridicule abuses, "Ha ha ha this is not fun, I can feel You will wince, ha ha ha ha"
I was forced to the doom and gloom is two people after that the full monty.
Even when naked for lunch, and above all the bitterness in the oral tradition was fed rice. "This minute's all the daytime I'm biting Offer" and.
Has been opened, and finally the evening, Yumiko's responsibility is likely to continue further still. I also want to play with said he exposed his son was still freaky with classmates say.
Also everyone in the family H Please be careful when you earnestly look like to fall prey to me.

The Nezu 断Riki

I got involved with my 18 year old son 43 years old, became a serious thing because of it. I've put his hands inside her skirt came up to the porch in the wake of the legs peek from my skirt to look at my son when he was just down the laundry drying on the porch. But was a deep kiss and caress the thighs. "Stop it! In this place" on the fly and 突Ki放Shi is over. I was seen by Yumiko Yamazaki's wife lives in the back of it, however. From here it is out of the room's upstairs and I see that Yamazaki was quite exposed to the backlight.
Yamasaki's son saw the scene of the play and I found out I lied to my son has a question.
"Do not you like, ask his mother for sex partners. You go crazy if such a beautiful mother, I have told my mother. Do you want me to be me?" Yes, I 持Chikaketa. I've been saying about the relationship between induced me sick to an elderly woman still young. Yumiko and I have a famous officer in the town slob had to fight all the time. So I think it was that there was hatred, rather than happy. I've known Yumiko it.
I called the other day. "Wife, I guess and this was seen in his son's playing on the vibes you. Received from a come out now because many want to ask about it" and I have been puzzled, "Right now, as it is good From "was taken to pulling his hand.
It was from hell and being guided by the living room. "What did you say to your son that you H. I had thought that a woman officer from the town hard." I was supposed to say anything in my head is empty. "It's OK, I'll have to shut up. I have little hope," and so I cut out the "do anything. It will do everything thank you for this privately," It leads to prostrate and Mashita.
"In I fact, You have a boy in middle school. I have trouble noticing colors recently his son. You hot 走Ttara crime. I had to nanny you looking out the window between, there is nothing I was drying laundry you if you want to do. I'm was looking up around the thigh and the squat is you, looks you in O気Ni入Rirashii son's legs you ~ that. So my son to that leg a little I do want to lend to. "strange that I ask a favor. "I had promised my son anymore.'m Wearing in the next Sunday, so I came to wear short skirts of course possible"
So I went today. Was seated on a sofa across the living room today guided by the son was sitting. After a while Yumiko are now alone with the son to go out and have something to do. My legs were seen for a while. Legs and said, watching.
"I really do thank you for coming. And in such a short skirt. I think they're saying I do not know but also what your weaknesses are held every mother, right?" I nodded silently. "So ~ Tsu. I stood on the table first.
I have risen a little shaky on the table. I was a little upsetting if it moves. Imagine the child has had to prime my legs touched by hand. I had to not be left to the Sukoshimo not move. When the calf touching the thigh of both formate was hugged and had a child or whatever you want to lick the back of your knees turn.


I continue to be involved in secret 70 year old man.
Since I graduated from high school, this year will be another three years.
Grandma died early, I've been sympathetic to the lonely old man.
When I went to my house Grandpa, away to the poor really want to see that old man masturbating in front of the TV, I went home that day before being noticed.
They are still in the mood for some days, but it is only about a week and went.
My grandfather long ago, so I never knew I had seen, was the usual chatter.
I've been talking to the men and women like you come to hear him speak from my middle.
So now I, her grandfather was and whether the offense did not ask questions.
Her grandmother passed away and unable to say, I said no.
"The lonely?" And asked "Hey are you lonely," and said with a bitter smile.
Alas becoming more and more reluctant to think that Grandpa "to hug grandpa" came into the legs crossed Deta bewildered old man said to ignore this.
I still talk to and held by the princess, like a happy little Deta like grandpa used to be.
've Come to think somewhat cute, I got in my face and suck suck.
"I Stop Stop," she said they really happy with the move away moment I stopped thinking to Chuutsu mouth, I was looking to say anything.

I will take the hands of the bad old man, I had touched my heart to take them in hand clothes.
Indeed removed immediately let go, "What are you doing" I cried in astonishment, "Because I love my grandpa too.'s Really like" If you put your hand inside my dress and likes "Mari is a grandfather like you do?" Unazuitara Kokuri and that we have heard "bad girl is a Mari. Hana Mari is a bad girl," I rub up on me for saying massage the breast.

Whenever a petting Achikochi "Ann Ah ~ grandfather, uncle tea they'll do Oh Oh ~" I'm terribly excited and panting to this. "Cute cute" I'm excited with me.
Vagina or even boot up properly and still active in the union even more than once a day.
I went to the house, welcomed us with open arms on a chair or bed in the living room without fail.
捲Ra clothes either directly, you will come into my heart graces in the face.
The first greeting says it is continuing to greet Grandpa nearly 30 minutes.

Got beaten

I am a second year junior high school.
Today, suddenly my dad came back confused from the Lightning H club.
込Ndara are looking 抱Kitsuka suddenly from behind a refrigerator in the kitchen fridge drink milk.
Has touched the vagina of shorts from the club is taking off from the back of Shotobantsu.
Then I was taking off the shorts, their hands went into the fridge while I dressed from head H, could not escape.
Then came whizzing dick and lick your father. Then, I was feeling.
"I sweat a little in Shoppai. I have been wet. I felt." The father said to me.
From a little embarrassed, "No, no I quit, no," I had resistance.
But, I got excited to make extra "cute ~ ~. 堪Nnai" while I say,
Dick is spread fingers, came into the tongue. Second, I was feeling crazy.
His dad, "I'm pretty in pink.'m The pussy twitched. I'm feeling," Because I say.
Then after a while, I came in feeling the dick Gunyu father. . .
But pain, barely able to support the work by hand so hard that my father falling down.
付Kanaku feet under pressure from a long moments went up the loose hips, while the Lightning out of his father.
I was glad I secretly liked her dad, "god awful!" Furious with me and pretend.

But dad dick. . . Long in diameter.
I remember pretending I was watching ー Teji angry dad is getting pushed down again. .
Now came in while I slept.
Once all the way, gym clothes and bras to 捲Ra was intact.
Dari'm licking and massaging my chest, I found more and more of you in the stomach and the large penis of his father. Felt from the first.
Were forced to extend all the way around the state who clamshell legs head, I was thrust from near the top Guigui. .
After a while, stopped moving, I Nyucha pulling out the penis, on the view I put out my stomach, "犯Shitakatta you from before. You are walking around the house wearing uniforms or gym clothes I'm standing just saw. "
Came to say, somewhat cute and I had tea.
"You know, I love my father. I'll let your father when you want sex. Now, what I will wear uniforms?"
I said, I grew bigger and the small penis of the father.
"Yeah, ask. A good summer," he said from me father, wearing the uniform of the summer clothes out from the closet.
"Give me a mini skirt with high 生Mita. Socks in passing," said the father s.
The skirt was shortened by folding the waist, from something I do not have any loose,
Then I did not loose socks.
Then, they rolled up with a skirt around the navel can be seen immediately
Were forced to the floor on all fours, much more in-depth came from behind. . H dog dressed like doing. .
Thinking, "Oh I" Did you voice out why.
His dad, "I feel good," but I say,
Gungun Zunzun poke coming.
"Anan amazing dad," I say honestly I never.
Then, once every 1 H is taking off the uniform, wearing uniforms and re-finished,
After all, did it again three times in uniform.
Uniform, I got to get my sticky juice from the juice of the father.

Are you my mother returned home tomorrow. What is a hit tomorrow.


I am 35 years old, 42 year old son, 13-year-old husband, my family, I'm weird! I mean, when you always have sex, my son, I show people having sex, and my husband? The first was irresistible in no husband but is also Masashi, interested in sex, should be, than do not know what you are doing in the shadow of you, is not better to learn to see sex of us, but a while, sex is an outlet for her husband had only electricity is still attached to my son that I'm looking into Omeko devour my penis was irresistible for shame. Onani I started watching the first time we have sex about 3 times. Oh penis while you are watching her son hard in the adjacent Onani in me or not,
Her husband and their son's penis clean and strong and far beyond, thinking, I took his penis Nigirimashita Takeshi Akira hand. During my husband's penis, in the hands of the sprung ...... WTF I fired my cum son cock my son, my son flew in the penis of her husband's sperm and my husband, I do not want to do Oh, you too? I'll come as soon as it changes Oh, my son is on 乗Rikakari has thrust the penis, which had run out of positions without Omeko should see my son for the first time, hold that cock husband the crevices of my son came in Ategai, right I am pleased to have her husband and son, why the tears came out, something that I dont even know anyone that even with my son So I was forced to go beyond it, Plug it forced her husband, tears will not stop to think that, Nakimashita aloud. I put my son without the son Ito Shigeru did a bad thing, but Sono Tokio, Mom is happy I'm out in tears, if it moves more intensely, I'm happy to give more, and you many times from the young You can Kizukanakatta but until then, I have a husband, son condoms, are doing it raw. First, even though her husband a condom properly attached, say you understand why I was getting filled with sperm inside me. And I just love the liquid be incredibly, had a lot of that flow out of Omeko.
Her husband, not you put a condom, Masashi? I just attached your Masashi without, and once Nothing really where I thought,
Yaro once perfunctory Do not tell me you found Yeah, but how do take you, Masashi and I'm inside of you, put the book two fingers and I put a finger on you, try and do Tsumamidasu hand Masashi is small, reach, my husband took the hand of Masashi, something or, as prize, came into the hands of Masashi painful, to do more gently, you'll find is slow in coming or I did not even unbearably. There'll take, when you pull, the pain and irresistible, I'm in my wrist in the hand of the Journal of the body causing a positive surprise for? Took the condom because, I was getting a hand come out, You should not hold, and finally exiting slowly pull out, then came out together with the condom.
On that day, so stopped. Masashi has returned to my room and I was hated me hurriedly.
Her husband, then I'll live're made of.
Today was a day or dangerous?
Yes, you do 出来Tara?
Why do not you say so what about the children say in a journal to subdue such a positive Watashi, you do not make more than I slept with Masashi yet? What I'm talking about now?
Honma, or my child, will not you do not know how unpleasant it Masashi child?
I do not know what to say to you?
I'll 出来Tara down?
That night I arrived at sleep and to say, her husband, when I went to the company in future, Masashi me yesterday are sorry, more gently, just because we love to hug, yesterday, fell under the arms octopus and also, the refuse from the course I can take off panties, welcomed.
Raw, I feel very worried about pregnancy that I thought, by far, said the soon to pull the condom, Masashi they were pouring a second species.
I had to do it again Omotsu I become.
On that day, schools are closed this morning was much hugging.
I do not know about the many times I poured in, I, I was going every time.
So, and he loved his son and felt the love that I love them anyway without even thinking about it, regardless, I love the voice of a spoiled son in my chest!
I love you, I make no life is, I'll give you whatever you desire?
Takeshi Akira The thing I love my mother, when he looked at Mom and Dad is doing, I, I sometimes think I killed my father Shimaitai jealous!
But when your mother Omeko led me to my father's cock, I was a little gratitude.
Now, the three of us would like to?
I think it's because he'll change Well I do not know my father?
Mom is still good?
My Daddy shall oppose it, Dad, I mean the child has never subdue 出来Tara Masashi?
Us believe my children birth to Masashi?
It's not!
If you believe in me and told me intensely happy to say, my children and my children despite the many times, and Masashi 果Temashita, even good kids down Masashi Mother?
I of course, my mother, my child birth?
I do not know what my father and three children but not which one?
(I'm already at that time, the kids wanted to Masashi 生Mitai.)
That night, I told my husband and I 生Mitai Masashi children.
My husband, this time period is finished, I'm, you will not have sex before pregnancy, the longer you wait until it is today because 出来Tara, Masashi go to sleep in the room.
I was resting one day a string of sex physiology now Masashi daily from the room that day, every day engaged in sex, body and soul was full.
Physiology is not only there once, not three months period.
Today, I went into obstetrics, congratulations.
It is four months pregnant. Then I went back to the endless hair, but I've heard, Masashi Imechen back home,
I hugged the body and bad of the matter came to the hospital today? Really, could anything like the cancer of stomach? No (be beyond Amaeta Why?)
I was going to take a little teasing.
About a fist?
Mother die?
Have your child in my belly to gently kiss!
4 months is it too much easier to have sex and abortion,
There may be from morning sickness, I put up with me?
Joy from the day her husband, son, you become a true love of my husband anymore. Soon, my dear child to be born

In a patronizing way, and I'm sorry a lot.

Last night the owner of the recently Yumiko ♪ is life husband and wife at a pace of one week
The father of the baby and things like that without "W Bareru" Netsu from? Of course, my son (Dad) also with knowledge of UU ♪

Wife and neighbor, to be replaced along the address of the phone, a network of secret contacts between women! ?
Son who has recently used to like the sex in the morning with me, is to get to school around the head cleaner than before the end results actually ☆

Time and again ※, but I'm sorry, I'm alone in this, I're playing three two dexterous because there are up to that place, the only thing [flatly! Please let me] be denied.
Also, because my son and I am allowed to write so far as, I ask you my best regards.

☆ here, you would any place in fiction? To be added Toshi恵, please show the part of men with a big heart ^ ^!


Father is a 20-year-old university student. Tokyo to attend college, and now has to live alone in the apartment.
I talked to my mother to go to university in Tokyo, my mother was terribly worried about the opposite.
Still, over the objection, I chose to go to university in Tokyo is to cut the relationship with their father.
It was during that summer of two. The relationship started about a week since I returned home for the mother's maternal grandmother ancestral rites.
That night, I thought to wear my clothes up from the bath, there was no towel underwear pajamas why I've prepared. I helped, I've put on an apron 着Kemashita think washing machine wash. Is it safe to hide, so I thought my heart too, so dress apron.
Raretara breast from the side would look to see. Of course, watching from behind Raretara ass is exposed.
Take a bath before I already think it is OK because my father was sleeping in a drink, started climbing the stairs to his room in a hurry on the second floor. I climbed the stairs when I was three or four stages. Father of a sudden, have clung to the waist from behind down the stairs.
And my father in my butt cheek and started licking ass.
I was surprised, "what I live.'m Telling my mom and Yamen." And cried.
Nevertheless, my father raised my right leg started annotating parts of tongue will crawl up my legs spread.
"No, I. And I quit. I'll have even been intermittent," I tried to run away as to resist,
Because of the narrow stairs, your heart's been Shimashimashita father. Inside my body was on the stairs at an angle on his stomach, his father began to lick. Little eagle's chest to grasp but I was still in the body lap.
"Tomoko's body, and soft like a sure, soft, and sweet. .. The I," I say.
And when I was licking my neck, I'm thinking, "I no. Oh there sauce" I aloud,
Shimashimashita first felt. My father, "Tomoko. Kitayan out what your dick juice" I say.
And let my toes dick tongue could suck out while whizzing sound.
My father is trying to finish first, but I think that, I started running wild.
At the staircase, which will be on all fours, were put behind.
I'd like not enter enough, my father has been forced to push the hardened material.
Corruption in the vagina, so much pain I think, "Oh. Ouch," I said, crying.
But my father did not quit. Attracted to the waist while my father grabbed my ass my hips,
My father has hit back. Pan, who has heard from the sound of my butt hard bread called.
My father was very excited is like, once I put my back right away.
But my father is still hard dick, or come into immediately. The 2 H th is quite long.
Father shoulder carrying his father's legs and lift my dress to see a handstand, I've pressed my father's hardened to impose things from above.
The night continued to be committed until the morning in the kitchen and bath.
Later, my father invited me to drive or go shopping, my mother kept me committed to understand.

Oh, and the clothes and bath towels are lost on that day was the work of his father. Furthermore, in order to guard me,
Got it, pretending to be drunk on beer.


Another piece to the regulars is something I rut.
It is interesting that there is more exciting work of the first posts.
Please do not forget the basics best.

Hashitanaku about,

>] [Toshi恵's now opened the here, there's mad because you have been a scene?
> Support me, you received ^ ^!
Customer Yumiko, I only taught her about the strength of the people are so wrong Orimashita male and female. Yumiko sama. I'll write more.

How's that?

Toshi恵's [now], I opened the here, there's mad because you have been a scene?
I cheer, I arrived ^ ^!

Re: [1007] [1005] [1000] comments

> Toshi恵 to:
>> A child is close to opposite sex, it is that my mother and father and some 切Tsu掛Ke
> It sounds like you really a man. Such "切Tsu掛Ke" is a relative underwear
> Sending you a little peculiar that adolescent males to be masturbation.
> The woman is not considered such a thing as natural Nde 切Tsu掛Ke idea that the relatives
> Can not. I appeared to be a strong man you are.
> Including myself, and most people would not mind the realistic about it but I think fiction.
yuuuki I'll have a convenient word to freedom 考Emashi what you do baby. Received your own thinking.

Your friend's sleepover with my brother

yuna himekawa[1011]
Saturday's day, father and mother in the wedding I went to two travel alone. Therefore, my brother and I are at home (small one) and just, to do housework and all I had.
Even though hard enough taking care of his brother that day, my brother brought two friends, said he is meeting with the lodge.
My brother's coming from the day they were at dinner all the way to play with. I reluctantly made a dinner for four. (However, because three is too many first grade will have to make good)

Then it gave me a bath, "and a bath together!" And said that "I entered the first" because it was said, reluctantly, decided to go ahead.
Undress me, the moment you enter the bathroom, "put together ~!" Friend and brother came in Innovation brother. I reflexively rolled towels to the body. And jumped into the bathtub. Brothers to me, so I wanted to wash the body, and I was washing. Indeed, three of the wash is tired. "Well, everyone, I'll wash the body of my sister." Said the brothers. But I declined. At that moment, I have taken three towels, I was naked state. I have reluctantly decided to give my brother let us wash the body. Brothers, I was rubbing my body instead perpetuity. When the victim to rub my chest hurts, but it is now thinking aloud, put up with.
My heart, J in the cup, Panpannihatteitanodesu.
I Semakatta Finally, we have entered into a bathtub together. The brothers were staring at my chest and saw floating in the bathtub. Then a friend of my brother, "Why is my sister's breasts so big?" Has been heard. I said, "and become adults, and girls grow'm all" I've answered and appropriate.
I came out of the bathtub, I was fascinated with all my heart too, and I was touched them. Dari normal mon, lifting, touching the nipples, or even buried her face was. I really hurt for endure. When dressed, the bra was also fascinated me, changed my clothes to be ignored.

Later, the children are asleep now I brushed my teeth, I returned early the next morning. Surprisingly fun, instead of the mother was able to Omoimashita.


Bo and I had a summer day
Kenji's cousin came to visit but turned in August.
Kenji is more noise from the dressing room I was taking a bath when I have my 14 year old from 3 Tatsu Noshi
At that time, took off my pants were gone and raised from the bath so I did not care.
The criminal was somehow unknown.
I look into the room where the two stayed healthy the way back to my room.
Kenji had masturbated while sniffing the smell of my pants down to knees wore trousers and pants.
Kenji dick was getting hard.
"Kenji Tsu Here! You that my pants!"
Kenji being called out suddenly turned to surprise.
"I'm sorry Cum"
"I'm happy in the pants smell of my sister?"
"Yes, Ugh"
Kenzi Shika was home with me because "I'll show you something better, then?"
"What nuts?"
I wore a braless chest showed a T-shirt rolled up, "Oh Aaatsu"
Mexico and Mexico began to do the Kenji hands and dick.
"I'll tell you that my sister"
I'll Chupajjuppo Churururutsu including hardened dick in your mouth before Kenji Kenji Shagamikomi "Oh my sister Aaatsu"
"What ?····"
"Aaatsu're out there"
Kenji and sperm have been flying into my mouth at once.

To [friends] Toshi恵!

Since I believe you 居Masu, ☆ Please do not lose more, I'll be waiting for you.

I'm talking to myself

This morning it is about in the chilly 此方. O早U御座Imasu, ♪ is Yumiko
Yesterday, for taking the time to 私如Ki 頂Ki, I'm sorry. This morning on your way, do you anything else?

This morning came a ride to the station master. When I got home, my son has already happened there for me to embrace and kiss me in the morning greeting.
After eating a simple breakfast, watching my belly, my skirt 捲Kuri later, also to take off panties to caress, and ® is the Mom and Dad!
After that, clean out once and for being sent to the station to go to school by car, train station, ☆ and caresses
One person, all top and get home after a long time I felt × masturbate snake made two fingers wet dick.

Re: [1005] [1000] comments

Toshi恵 to:
> A child is close to opposite sex, it is what you really become a mother and father for some 切Tsu掛Ke looks like a man. Such "切Tsu掛Ke" would be sending out a little peculiar that adolescent males in underwear masturbation to be a relative.
The woman was not considered such a thing as natural Nde 切Tsu掛Ke relatives can not be thinking. I appeared to be a strong man you are.
Including myself, and most people would not mind the realistic about it but I think fiction.


Eight years to the incestuous brother and father.
Between husband and no kids, my uncle knew it was the same blood type and her husband now live out. I am 27 years old, my uncle is 47 years old, adult sex stickiness taste I would always experience the euphoria of relentless sex but wanted to break up his uncle.
Techniques of his uncle, his uncle becomes impossible to leave whenever I'm enjoying the SM drowned recently as interested in the game.
甚 kept shaking until I drown in tears crying, and started to cry myself to 忌Me, the end will let me suck example.
I would have gone in your mouth to taste it in my orgasm together as before.
Then appointed her husband to Hong Kong six months ago, we will stay at home and feel like a week.
Meanwhile do not even go shopping, will cry a tall order to say, I saw tears in the toy and masturbation swing 甚 is repeated.
Even though nearly 50 years old Tsutomu Tadashi is peerless, while staying will ask again and again and again.
Learned from the SM is bombarded by people like animals, there are 30-something bachelor in the neighborhood I knew I would be sometimes in a faint, but the thing stood talking in the car sometimes, do you envy it , put the passenger seat of the car eventually to grilled flogging me, stripping the lower body, slowly and deliberately on the streets near the apartment of the man in the position as exposed, lower body down to the seats will be for example suck the vibe in two holes run. Face with a towel that I was riding the car is hidden in the mine, that I would clear the potatoes.

But every time you take such a disciplined Sadly, I was wet, convulsions dark red with an abnormally swollen local congestion, it becomes a different creature.
Is to be broken in a relationship with his uncle in age recently? I fear to think.
I think I should be disowned of his uncle and for having an affair with a young man of the year now and would like to confess my body, every day young man was being sent away so I guess they I was in communion with his uncle, a transformation of the pleasure I feel about beating around the rough waves of pleasure and pain Nota M is a woman.

Re: [1000] comments

> Hi, I read a little.
> I guess almost all fiction after all. It is interesting, but I do.
> And the number of people who had never committed murder that happens between an actual degree
> I think much the same. Although evidence is not. And cousins, but
> Sister brother masturbating show fits, Blow brother and sister, said that the canyon is committed
> I have heard from the lips of those person directly. It is scary world.
Sex Is not the beginning of most relatives. Opposite sex are close to a child, I shall have some 切Tsu掛Ke father and mother and to the fact that it is more fiction 稀Nariki.

The beginning of my incest

Becomes friends with the wife are due in year over with me in the neighborhood are friendly, and consultation with many, but our relationship can be, because as I have genital still end up with talk of and I was among the first to speak the least, until the end 呉Remashita talking about sex with his father-in-law relationship with his wife. Wife and I have heard that interested too I said, "Today let one have to look at hidden you, so I come home my father-in-law probably" As his wife from it I do not hate the original is said and we continue to talk of going, so I came Orimashita father's wife, watching the afternoon hiding in the next room. Can I continue to write our Yumiko.

Hello everyone ^ ^.

This morning I arrived at the house and escorted to the station after his son finished, there is a call from his wife the next time I'm available to us right now, I would still talk of Tsu thing the other day that the other day actually , our son, even coming out of a nearby love hotels, the witness appeared to be the house wife in a few minutes.
Is the same age as my wife, my son's freshman year, while talking with his son a lot, actually under the house, looking quite honestly speaking, there is a lesson in the same house -?
Even my son's classmates, and mother, I'm in love with the children there and made his brother, yes I heard from his son. So it is better ® I also listened a lot Toshi恵's!
It is also important bond between the mother, in addition to local people, Tsu come maybe?


Hi, I read a little.
I guess almost all fiction after all. It is interesting, but I do.
I think much the same number of people who had never committed murder that happens between a real degree. Although evidence is not. And cousins, but
Suits show masturbation brother sister, brother and sister Blow, talk of a canyon may be committed directly from the lips of those I heard his back. It is scary world.

Beloved son in hospital

Previously posted, 46-year-old mother began to give life to his son in the hospital, housewife.
My son still, Mashi Tei continued life on the bed between us, not even 言Imashi body was tied to, but I'll give you our life continues. And say what I desire and a little son,
Has been increasing to ask me. That's what I wish my son well 躊躇I無Ku is raised accordingly.
For some reason, God is our husband and wife, only son, we could you please get us to confer. Nonetheless,
Until this year will be his son, a doting, and no feelings will have been raised.在Ri coming and I think it was a normal family. But now, I love my son that poured more than ever before is true.

The other day that I have little errands, like going to the part instead of the usual clothes, went out in couture mode, the back, my son went to the place as usual. If you think, from my son in the hospital, dressed like this, I went around in couture is what my son was not the first time.

- Mother, did something happen today? Unusual for clothes, I makeup is also different.
- Jeez, me to me! Today, I left something for Dad, I've been going to deliver to the Company the afternoon.

My son and I usually notice me different. My husband is with a great difference. I became excited.

- You're beautiful, but we will come to visit mom and the same class in junior high school, but Mom is more beautiful.

My son is a straight face and told me to me. I am happy, happy and went around my son looked at me causing the upper body in bed, and sat on the bed, Embrace me, my son, while to stroke his head superimposed my face on the cheek of her son What time will the first time, a 頬擦Ri, saying thank you, my son had remained embraced.

- Mom, can I kiss?

I heard a small voice of her son. I face away from her son, a small nod, like asking for my son like his son to meet requests and closed his eyes. First feel was the lips of her son. Chu, and for us.
Opened my eyes, and there is a moderate son floating face down while a shy smile.

- A first? Kisses.
- Yeah, I'm the first.
First time mom - I like happy, somehow, you are so poor that I feel.
- Poor? Why, I'm happy. Mom can kiss.

My son was a little exasperated tone like, I smile, thank you for your reply, in turn, asked my son from his lips to kiss, leaving lips while repeated . Then my arms around my son back, embrace me, strong, have a kiss. I opened his mouth and a little nature into the mouth of the son SOWAKA let my tongue.
Like to answer it, my son opened his mouth slightly, sticking out his tongue, lips superimposed in touch about, and son,
Tongue touch my obsession, I asked each other were both violently. My husband was a deep kiss and not many years. Not only that I feel like I was exhausted. Release the face, full lips are gone about his son wore my Rouge. While I give to wipe the lips with a wet tissue,
Let me show you and I as usual, his son said so.

I give it to - as always.
- Mom, let me undress.
- What? What?
- Today, the dress, undress me no good to me?

My son has said that looking at my blouse is coming. The first time my son touched her breasts, caressing nipples and say what was it, and since that day I had my son did not act Hashi Sono come looking for from me, okay to but also about such and not wonder if once was good experience, I thought.

- Sure! Just a little.

As I always refrain from entering into the bill over the door knob, just remove the two buttons on his sleeves and sat on the bed. Hodokimashita the rope attached to the neck of a blouse decorated son. I felt in my heart like never ever ever felt. Feels like the first night and tied my husband had forgotten it already was feeling fresh and strong.
The top button was removed, and the second. Son to the button at the bottom and I'll put a blouse under her skirt had entered my chest while watching, remove all finished. My son took the hand of both shoulders, I was taking off the blouse back, without arms, placed his son on the bed 脱Gashita blouse.
In front of my son there was only half white bra and slip. I was embarrassed and was not permitted to open your eyes in my heart. Slip son has touched the left breast over the bra.
Gently touched, and massaging me. Then, my son has both shoulders touch of a finger, was dropped from side to side-slip shoulder straps.

- You look, Mom, I'm clean.

上Zutta little son could hear, I opened my eyes. My son is looking at the breast.

- To love you, I'll want to make. .

I think it was 上Zutta voice. Take my son's hands, and I was done with a hand on each shoulder bra straps.
Shoulder straps were lowered one by one. While the shoulder straps without their own hands, his son said.

- Remove.

My son turned away, I had to remove the bra hook. The sensation of the breast showed his son the first time in a state of mind was not. Turning his back while his son was my son returned the body to better hide the unconscious both breasts with both hands.押Shi下Gemashita hands down slowly and I was hiding my son breast with both hands.
Shame, no, I feel in my head about that feeling was even a white state.
But this year, sagging breasts are not. Say they compare to peers and the hot springs, still in their own
I think with pretty breasts and nipples, so too is the classmate said. But what if my son felt.
Honestly, I do not know it. Face has been deposited in my heart son. Caress the head of his son, both breasts felt happy. Son on the face, mouth Fukumi right nipple, touching the left breast with your right hand and began massaging me.
I was filled with incredible emotion, hands per bed, Deshimai warped feel about themselves, continued to stand out so desperately to become a voice. My son has continued to act for a while, I'm ashamed that story is, first,
Shimashimashita reached only by love of the breast.
This is also something of a son, magazines, and on the internet would be a decent knowledge of had.

- Mother of the kind? Felt?

Away it is, 肩口 entrust himself to his son, told me my son hugged me gently.

- Yeah, I'm kind of feeling went, I did until now. .

SEX and the husband had been reached, but sometimes, like a deep, strong, and it also breast, just the act of love to feel the nipple was reached was not the first time.

- Now, I'll like to be her. .

I always like a little boy, my son No, this day and I was feeling happy to have reached their own oppression. While touching the breasts of my son sometimes, but to kiss me back, stronger than usual for us to ejaculate. Alter ego, his son caught in the mouth, be happy, I felt my whole body my son dearly and intolerable.

Yumiko to our

Hi Yumiko person, peace mind and really look forward to a baby son and lady and write matches, yesterday seemed to be happy and like her husband 身篭Tta Shimashitara children traveling with her husband.抱Ki合Emasu so at ease with his son. Today is my son and enjoy the best of 抱Ki合Eru 帰Rimashitara heartily, but go to school. I like a woman is sinful. But the pleasure of my son and I win.

Hello ♪

Toshi恵's returned from the road. Tsu is Yumiko immediately! !
What should I tell the night from Saturday? Tsu something that was put out in the area know there is like?
Saturday night, my husband the next day ahead of a hotel close to golf the day before, my son asked me why not meet each other ®'s forget about time!
When, accepted 分Karezu slept well, next thing you know, in his embracing of birth as it is ^ ^!
Sunday, the son of bytes in the afternoon, go out there during the evening, my husband, before returning to pick up the housework, prepare to meet your husband to turn off the smell of my son.
This morning my husband after work, once even disconnect from raising his son and sent to the station by car.

Otherwise unable to

The 43-year-old mother as a shameful thing, I was tied to the son of 18.
I do not think anyone one day, AV had to learn while masturbating video
While watching the video into the vibe of excitement over trousers and pants off,
Where he was a fun person, and what are you suddenly came into the room son
I came to the side, and hurriedly tried to stop her pussy is while it is Vibe, who showed his lower body still have not put anything Sarake出Shita. The excuse does not pass where he was put on underwear without seeing change,
My son would I was that funny, Mom is asked to please not tell anyone it is said I know, is also said that the husband was hesitant been told I'll keep silent if you show me pussy scared
When asked who they really silent, nodded down so determined to mind,
I understand you really saying, is said to listen reluctantly to say 寝転Be,
Lie down and have been ordered to spread the legs open crotch. Vibes looking to stay alive as her pussy is said, are increasingly feeling good bites out 其Re took the pussy torture, had been left by her son at last.
I thought I was responding to what will become of my son anymore. The bear had been by degrees Noboritsume Ikasa likely to be more than the feeling, and had been joined together to make a voice Ikasa unable to put aa.其Re came from riding on the overlap like to take my son underwear came suddenly into pussy cock.
Because you are entering Ikasa Sururito once would be great to be put.
What was good in the longer wanted to become a normal woman once placed.
Life is better than tension Arrow Vibe, and forget that crazy son,
That day had been three times Ikasa. Pussy covered in cum from the hole is flowing muddy white liquid dripping. My son came to mind,
The cock is licked into the mouth fresh out now. Kiku Hiroshi found out the first time in its thick. Rub hands with his son has gone to lick in the mouth Uutsu saying. But we went back to my room cleaned or satisfied cock my son was a shame to have a serious thing to think and be alone.
Because I do not want to say, it also might give a good feeling about the body opening ride,
Head went flying off. I thought from the 其Re only once,
My son asked to see the approaching time will come. Useless and held out his son has been put into the body but I still called the catapult.
Good thing my son recently skirt like a lesser order, said a boulder out of your pants
Reluctantly comply. Now his son to become even more sought every body.
I love you enough to get into if they are going 馴Rasa Ikitaku too.
Wet pussy against naturally required to see my son, Is not time to remember the face of his son masturbating as usual alone.


Last night, my husband was absent for, the couple's bedroom, and still love my son, along with Yo be here in.
I calmly, because I woke up, of course, my son is sleeping beside a breathing fresh.
Thinking of my body and caress each other in, to join Knight on top, I welcome the recent ejaculation ^ ^!
Toshi恵 last night's [also] in my case, I have similar experiences, ☆ one another while seeking mutual
Rape is, in so it did not, but nearby, similarly, put away his son and brother made up, too many people who come to the obstetrics and gynecology, I saw 衝Kimasu.
In particular, Tsu something! Yes Interpreters who, like after obstetrics evening to avoid publicity, but it is a rumor?

Yumiko to our

I found out that pregnancy is a recently Yumiko. Sex with 13 year old son and husband are not traveling with her husband to two months that the children were having sex every night because my son is ok. It was the day her husband was safe before we travel. But her husband and son to have sex is not never dreamed 13 years old. Another change is going to her husband soon or born like that. My son would love cock of a small but still very dear. Or write to each other our 合Imashou Yumiko. I feel relieved for example by writing something here


Toshi恵's also, do you -;
What is the Toshi恵's one, I knew from the 身篭Tta?
In my case, until now, but my husband and son, I get deceived already, because my husband and son have the same blood type.
My son is 17 years old, 1.2 times a week my husband, life is so, I helped us.
And son, especially during the summer months almost every day because it was in the evening, taking a shower once and erase the traces of his son's life is cleaning at night.


Recently, the filtered back to the child fallen sister, several days have passed.
If I say, away with the students made bytes, like every night with young people aged 19-year-old woman and a 36 H ^ ^ ♪ Tsu

Now ※, everyone will ask, incestuous, up around any of intimacy among themselves to be?
But in the world is, among younger cousin marriage, and from there it admits to occasionally wondering>

For example Yumiko

> Is already too late -; made, three months have passed.
> I also appear to body, subject to his pregnant mother is in your neighborhood!
It is hard to do when another three months, Yumiko. Because it is still awaited baby. Good luck with your birth, please. I publicly, but many children born mother incest. It produces the child of his son, too cute.

[982] The Toshi恵 to:> <;

Is already too late -; made, three months have passed.
I also figure to appear to be under his pregnant mother in the neighborhood!

Yumiko like

> Today, my son got to be tied! , Exactly three months, but still with the care of, I repeat the etch ®!
> My son is getting better grades in school, as I said, "Ageman" in like!
Son sex with cute is the best I think. I'll have it in her genitals in the original no matter how cute son.
Please enjoy it a lot and the son is cute too, Yumiko feel like genital pleasure to be a certain age. But it is a pregnancy with care.