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Incest confession of women(2009-10)

Side Dishes

yuna himekawa[24109]
Recently, I talked Kaoru Aya The photo that was taken to my brother an enema. If you show it to others
Raretakunakere The photo was take my little brother an enema, I was told I could become a side dish for masturbation is ordered to leave his brother. Introduction
brother take off my clothes and took me to the bathroom, "Give me the same thing This photo," said The photo showing a shower and I have an enema. I do that in public
did not move a thing to shudder to a brother in front of yet. Then my brother is pushing me "soon," he said.
held a shower I was younger, was forced by all fours. My brother, "Hey, I exposed her anal called". I did not mind went blank
anymore. From this point I really do not remember.
thing I remember is said to keep on putting up such leaks. I saw my brother
out of hot water from my ass, "Do you really" to be laughed at. It is said that showed I did not want
pee. my eyes go away
Shigoku his little boy while his brother that "I'm also a brother of her Hey woman," it was said. I licked my brother
was last ejaculation mouth.
And all of them his brother was shot in the movie. Recently, I came to
Nopannobura university. This is my brother

My sinful

I am a 42 year old divorced Aichi. One son and lives while working in City Hall.
handicapped son, who is the birth defects. What a sad human instinct
18 years old and their son, to make the erection of the penis
I'll have a bath and wash when I wash lower body, I Mukumuku bigger.
larger than the average person and it is some 20 cm.
three people before I got married, then married her husband only, men only know of four, four people are worthy of far more than that.
I do not have sex for four years to divorce, it will get wet in the groin and in his son's erect penis of a sad woman.
day, after I wash the penis has its erection, gently moving the hand while holding Shigoi
I lend. Then, soon, he was issued a moan, exhaled a large amount of semen.
I went back to our amazement, my son is the first time in my life experience, seemed astonished.
the same time, it was a pleasure for the first time in my life.
And every day, it now urges.
own hands because I can not be challenged.
Unlike healthy subjects, raising overprotected I have no unreasonable.
every day now I'll hand out to Shigoi. I
while ironing, masturbation now touching her vagina with one hand.
And one day, become irresistible, my son's penis in his mouth. It was
son said, but your barking U Whoops, let Hotobashira in very large amounts of semen into my mouth.
the next day, it became routine.
My son is a disability only in the matchless Tsutomu Kiyoshi every day, every day, to urge, to force one day Kakasazu fellatio, always spits out a large amount of semen. I
, every day, just let me suck your cock throbbing 浮Ki上Gara vessels can no longer stand it.
finally, one day, to get naked, astride on his son's cock in my pussy Ategai that much 沈Memashita sat.
Cali came in while pushing the huge wet pussy was drenched.
body 孤閨 blooming for a long time I had stood trembling so thrilled with pleasure.
Finally, I had a mother incest forbidden. My son did not throw a surprise. in that hip shake
me crazy, he was moaning big in my womb, poured and poured, Hotobashirimashita hot semen.
spasm twitched and reached the uterus by uterine orgasm, feeling it, too

3P mother and daughter

My boyfriend over the weekend, stayed at home is what happened.
he 縛Ritai I said I came to my room,
truly at home but said he would not want to, I was so bound me by force, Aimashita devour him irresistibly to become more female pig.
(that have no voice was blocked) but I know Later, I saw my mother.
and he was Kizui mother. Married once before, so, sleep in the same room,
Iuu him for fear that the other room (next to my mother) decided to get in bed.
From here, get to write my mother. Hi, the mother of Mari.
(age 47 years B95W66H93) I was at the door I saw a little rise in the second floor of the room I hear the sound of the ball funny,
from exploiting his daughter are bound daughter that was a place. I started six years I lived in a two ball and,
has brought mother and daughter wanted to speak anything but. However, we saw other words, I know, not Mari.
And reflected in my eyes was his big dick. I went back to the room and look ashamed.
After a while, you have to go to bed when you talk to him, went to his room to sleep I thought.
問I詰Memashita everything. SM When did you have to, ie what you love,
at that time, he is attacked. But desperate resistance, he, "What Can I seen such a ball shape," he said.
I think when I was sad and I have sex. Two hours I was committed. Where he was preparing breakfast in the morning and,
he came from behind with a holding. And was also fucked.
there now seems to be broken and crushed in despair when I was coming home again
me away, crying, "Mari, I'm sorry I'm sorry," he said.蹲Tsu Marimo was nothing but broke down. He
such times, in other words, "take off your clothes come here," he said not to be believed. Other words, I was reluctant,
Once you've forced him undress, tied a rope saw the body. (Yesterday it was still)
we are mother and daughter had only just cried, even my body started to tie his ball as well. The energy can be eliminated without
to resist anymore, you two are committed, I first experienced the SM. He
various 居座Ri Hazama Sono three days, let us be beaten. What he liked, mostly lesbian us. We
force is put into each other's private parts at both ends of the radish is tailored made little boy licking each other's pubic area and let us
real ding-dong in his ass hole Meanwhile Mari , spent three days in air like crazy. He
, mother and daughter before we go, even now our sex that was not sworn,
at that time that his relationship with 絶Chimashita to move quickly sex was not forgotten,
now there are two people comforting the body ball properly. Mari switches the display.
My mother and I, my mother in M ​​S for sex almost every day to help. Guttsu
have to escalate in the adult toy store in hue.
I love my mother will love her. They now get along
want sex.


I am a 46 year old housewife. However fat girl age children from birth to marriage was thin and her husband at home is called fat. My husband hates to go out with me on, when heavy buying has been a request for his son. The other day after buying IH heater, two people went home with my son. And put on my heavy and spicy, who embraced an example Kaka said okay son, mother, and my body and hands 触Re合Imashita son every time. When newlywed, so every day Toshii Ugh, there is little a few years ago my husband and I love sex. I feel a sadness to see those trying to walk a couple good neighborhood relations.
Recently, my son felt a gentle man. What is 涼秋 again, I thought that was sexual woman? .


My brother was able to marry children. Now that I proposed to my boyfriend, have not made the past two brother and I have absolutely mouth. During the summer the two
I fucked my brother was six years older. When I could speak to the parents why I committed, I think they asked the older brother,
looking into his brother's behavior and his brother diary room H Chek and books and videos , because they were writing a diary and relations with women.
until I was writing my love for my brother. My brother notes that "Raretai hug brother! Want to be a mess!" To see where it says,
absent at work during the day when my parents came to a sudden hug, which 押Shi倒Sa .... I have really resisted,
body has been touched 捲Ra clothes, and the resistance at about impossible to come in hand in the pants, just my brother ....
is being kissed gently caress all over after my brother, I forgive all,
as I love my brother, my brother that she can become my second year high school Until,
Tsudzukimashita relationship a secret, just between the two.


I sleep with it since I was a baby slept on a futon together until recently.
eyes and wake one morning and suddenly realized that something is hard to get in touch with me.
intuitive, "Ah, my brother penis." I thought so.
few times I had these things before, but I thought it really this time.
erect penis is like hot, but often you have been in the comics, I was feeling just as hard.
usually after I get a guy who is hot, but I thought,
hands were moist brother think about how cold and wet. Tooru Kiyoshi
have not already done so and I think probably sweat.
brother moved from side to side so as to put my hand rubbing the penis.
Among them, ran to the bathroom and went in today and 起Kiagaru Gabatsu suddenly.
now back from the toilet has been roll up the hem on my pajamas.
(I'm wearing pajamas when sleeping is just not put a bra.)
Moso Whoops I roll up my brother too, I twisted myself tickled about.
Then my brother to just release the hand move. It was repeated several times, has finally touched the hand of my brother to my heart.
of the opposite sex can be touched to the heart is the first time for me.
feel myself to touch anything, do nothing and soft just because I was,
ticklish, but this time of course I had, I felt surprisingly pleasant.
(What is it feels good to be touched people's heart that is ...) to be carefree and I think.
touched so tickled every time, you've twisted yourself, or worse for your body to just budge.
brother acts, such as it's not a rub, just touch your finger was just the nipple.
gone too succumbed to curiosity, I've had my heart, allow me to mess with my brother. How soon is satisfied
brother, touching stopped.
about, What will happen to my brother give him a penis to be tampering, I sometimes think that you've un and sister. What the mind
嗜虐. I think I feel like I want to let.
, again, and with his brother, push it Todomemashita reason. I also thought the stupid thing.
a few times a month to masturbation, sexual desire was going to let a divergence of thought or his frustration.
be triggered by being touched my heart now, my brother and I now sleep separately. (Originally a separate room)
sad to think that now I can not sleep with my brother anymore, too bad there is something more.
As an aside, my brother the other day I was flipping through a comic flip bought jeans, I went to draw a penis inserted in his groin in a man w
shy character in the movie sex scene and kissing scene escape the habit, and his brother have to do this and I think a fool Naa.

Mischief's brother

I have touched the body to his brother every night. The article is touched upon in the first six, then eight years almost every day.
come dressed like his brother a piece of trunk room and I slept a bit.
to about three medium and I had been playing with a dick and has spread down to take off,
from the heart to grow into the high school or have been tampered with the nipples on 捲Ra Shidaka now massage the breast. My brother
I did not realize that seemed to think I'm going to sleep soundly, every night is painful is halfway honest.
end, but I want them to and siblings, until I want to handshake ...
sleepless night is always ... My brother came early 家出Tai.


I am 34 years old. Remarried in June of this year my husband and edge there.
18-year-old son's mother became suddenly.
strong sense of family rather than the opposite sex, but it seems to him except our bedroom. It
thing yesterday with the state to put in the washing machine I tried to wash my underwear, so different
(the day I have always hidden in a washing machine and shirts I was on a version of) was investigated was about her son's sperm filled embarrassing part. My son and I always
Raretaku early recognized as a family to take a bath together.
today, I boldly asked. Then suddenly came Dakitsui not exceed
I go over a line

Sexual relations with husband

The 52 year old grandmother was submitted before the rape trial. Since my experience
rape. We have been masturbating every twist sexual pleasure 呼Bi覚Masa forgotten. Since that day there was nobody

Orimashita masturbating with a living room. Put your finger
pussy and anal. Ikiri立Ta let me come close to cock naked son to have. I said, "not look bad. please go away"
" Why stay at home on "
" Today is closed "
Am I at the age of jet came. and I need to kiss the 抱Ki着Ka
is to marry.'s tongue go missing from the body came into force in my mouth. I let my tongue feeling entwined. Since the fire there to 附I
masturbation. to stop the other girl feel bad for longer. The husband must also pushed down to my pussy is very big. Until they are addressed to cock back slowly You can put up. "This is the first of what is now Kii Hiroshi"
"I'll come up with a good mom sucking"
the less I have 20 men to the Department of experience. This is the first big guy for so .
push comes to insert the uterus. but I can understand it. 無Irashiku too loose instead. Kururashii it with smoke. I have reached its culmination
times while increasing
moan. bridegroom and are exhausted to the piston comes harder and harder.
or how long it stayed in an embrace. in a blink of time I did was hug
is needed about an hour already. I have reached its culmination
many times I have
husband on the verge of fainting when I needed
culminated in me. I felt the heat of the uterus is blowing 仕舞Imashita tide reached its peak and put away.
daughter but I feel bad
織Rimasu to 為Tsu husband could not leave.

I'm a woman

I'm waiting for my father in one piece high leg panties. I knew a man at fourteen.
other real father, how tired I take a shower in the cleanest clubs had a dream that I fell asleep on the couch like sex in the living room. I thought I was
dream. Pain in the lower body woke run. Was real. I had been the father's penis stuck 有Rou
we'll be missing it forces the body wall of flesh rubbing on dick before getting his father when the voice repeated year in and out rhythmically shallow and deep is found. I want to mention the Mott 衝Ka
numbness initially refuses to be thrust to the center of my head every time. I went to comfortably spread. Submission to say I was more
next thing you know it. I was raised fresh 衝Ki 深深To speed could only withstand a desperate grab a sofa. stop the movement of warm
expired father's waist and thrust up season. Are moving their cock twitched in my father. Go 抜Ke出Mashita
made a hard penis soft. I stop trembling knock. The feeling was not getting masturbation.
mind at ease when I found the warmth transmitted from the body of his father embracing sorry I hate not apologize.
I am determined to consist of body and soul of a woman twenty years old. I love you dad. Love

My relationship with my sister

During middle school, I put a one night crawling 5
older sister at first, but I was going to a little mischief, gradually becoming
利Kanaku a halt to the naked pussy licking I wake up in the middle sister, has been forcibly committed you hold
resistance inserted in the rubber, I do not have the raw moments into
course, "Stop! Why? why such a thing you? "
I cried and asked me," I'm from the 犯Shitai shorty! "shouted a slight
misplaced anger and crying It was a word that is now silent I thought so last
get out and forced to cum watching curiously frustrated about my sister's crying face
"no shit? Damedamedame ~! I put in! No Aa ~ !! "
注Gi込Mimashita pressing down to every last drop in violent sister

My brother

Only because I 居Nakatta home during the day before school holidays this transfer had been naked masturbation.
always gives a sense of security out nobody was large enough to put out the voice so bold. I am a little kinky
mode and will gradually Mari Takashi and feel ashamed to pose with legs spread on purpose Kiku Hiroshi
"My high school girls hentai. to see my nasty pussy. to put my cock in pussy "I was addicted to masturbation while saying a line or embarrassing. Suddenly
"Sis ..." I saw how my brother opened the door of the room with that voice I hastily turned around.
I said before we left the room while my brother's naked body in a state without shrugged hides himself in the vicinity.
, the brother looked at me while grinning and not move, "Come on now because I was up 隠Sanaku telling you to see from you.
more Let me see." has been said . I desperately appealed to the younger brother of the room anyway 追I出Sou upset with embarrassment.
brother started taking photographs and movies to remove the phone memory so I laughed. I "I stopped. In take no. I 言I付Keru mother.
Out to'll soon" and I was screaming. My brother, "I hope you 言I付Keru 言I付Kere. Sukara rose to everyone I was with my sister thing," I was told.
I really fear for my brother rose to everyone rubbing his brother's words, "I beg you now things are definitely tell anyone," asked the brother.
brother, "Show me now you do not want the roses more.
do not you see me out of the room," so I have to say not want to leave the room quickly rose
now reluctantly follow in his brother and want to say.
"OK ... I promise to keep the show continued," I said and started masturbating her pussy and tits to hide as much as possible.
brother, "Hey, I was just the right dress more bold. Do not stop sucking" The photo was taken a while and anger.
"The photo is a little ... I stop. because the streets were told," said his brother is "Shut up. do it quickly. Sukara of roses and do not hurry."
and threatened me The masturbation was forced to pose in front of embarrassing brother also be unable to refuse to be taken The photo with his brother.
"Sis, I'm just not looking like he said there was placed?'ll do fine as saying. do it more seriously," he did away,
I do not want my brother to finish soon masturbating with a line saying really embarrassing as it is referred to. means where the breast has been massaged
tampering pussy spread legs and my brother and I'm supposed to meet a peak that distracted me.
brother and I were the peak of the afterglow surrendered to his brother away feeling touched by it though. What thicker than a finger in my pussy then ...
"Eh, what? No way ..." he feels his brother's brother had put a cock in my pussy and they get naked lower body.
"... It was a little brother to stop us ... useless ..." talking cock with his brother out of my pussy 突Kidashi
my boobs are kissed and made me feel younger brother away I was gone without permission to accept the body can not reject it or even being rubbed.
brother eventually fired over my belly. Do you think his brother is freed at last from a nightmare situation is now
"Sister, I felt good mess. I also ask," she said went out of the room.

You have the proper

~ ~ I then devoted to Muka. Elementary
2 ~ 3 years I was around.
have already forgotten what I did was,
aiming for when parents are absent, along with kotatsu into our brother,
make my pussy touched There was a time when becoming a habit. in a small space Kotatsu
red light, shadows of light, the sight of her brother.
myself, there is a feeling that somehow the bad things,
(but clearly H! and did not like the wet and I did not know is)
remember that interesting. By the way my brother
Were you at that time about 6 grade school?
subsequent developments did not. Now I wished I got
become so anything I can to see each other naked w


yuna himekawa[24030]
The Golden Week this year, there was a golf competition partner company of her son. My son likes the competition prizes 差Shi出Shimashita souvenirs will come back to me. I said, "Can I somehow empty," It reminds me of my son, "a prize for women," replied I was saying, curious, and opened the first largest parcel "to love you" in the envelop? Skin floral long dress decorated with glossy scarlet see-through lingerie adult ‥ hit a belly to show through the slit to the waist into sexy. ? Design erotic furry bulb plus the sheer embroidery designs ‥ transparent red shorts. I was on two points. I was surprised that his son had been opened or even know what was blushing. My poor son is the image of instant "Thank you, it's wearing tonight," and was originated. In standing before regret that night, I wear out on the bath. The shorts can be transparent, transparent dress circle view from the nipple to underhair. I was watching television with his son wore pajamas and went into the living room from above. "Thank her success, embarrassed mother of this" back showed off the coat buttons wore pajamas to say that. Son, "I'm beautiful mother," who is happy to say, my son has about hugging from behind and then finished off his pajama pants. His son cock erection has already been 押Shi倒Sa intact, I was attacked. 8-year-old divorced when my son, it was 19 years old fucked real son has been struggling to grow. After the divorce, her son is desperate to grow a man who is invited, there was no intercourse. From the relationship with his son made something strange, however, the first time ashamed as a mother, but now is the voice said I hugged my son gasped aloud.

My father and I

I slept in a room with 4 people and since I was a child my mother and brother is Mana. The first was when I felt
5th grade.
came into my heart and pants in his hand, was 撫Ze. Maybe, Father of the sleepy asleep, but was left alone for a while and.
become plugged so that the tip of a finger in my father, I would like to depression 寝返Re away, his father in bed with my crotch Sashikon hands great power I draw, I was told to keep quiet in the harsh words in his ear.
and I was afraid of his father, is said I'll buy anything if it will be silent, but was pretending to sleep quietly.
the first day of the foot as far down the pants on me from 撫Ze hand on the chest and underwear Pasha was 撫Ze fingers many times.
date has passed and what day to go out and stay at home with my mother and father, my father told me to be naked, spread a blanket was laid. the kiss was 撫Ze
through the body, vagina licked too, was told to lick the little boy his father's mouth was plugged. There can be comfortably while
been touched many times before that night, he wanted to be as usual. But I put my father
little boy Man Kono me a terrible force.
raised a cry of pain of pain.言I聞Kasa
my father as being patient, waiting for it to finish it open crotch significantly.
have softened the pain for a while, we came to feel that feeling to say anything. Mana
good father would, they felt, or feels good, I'm doing the same thing his mother, a woman from everyone I want to grow a lot from now on I'll tell you, the child may Mana If, after all I'll do anything to 可愛Garu.
was the spring of fifth grade was poured into my father's sperm.

I have tea with us

First been brought down on the bed suddenly Ittara room called to do tea stay Yesterday I been kissed
in these pants, hands are gradually ... the mouth of the mass forced the cock will do tea have in your Then ... I tea stay your coming into the pussy of the Mass Yanakattakedooniichanno cock up ...
初Meteji is boring because my brother in the room (>_<) crude Chin H yesterday and got the video find.
's brother was watching the video in a room directly from the home of her brother told me later. Did you come back
found that Then suddenly my brother. Suddenly, without even a kiss during an excuse for being 押Shi倒Sa
bed. The following are Kuchukuchu the pussy got going. After that
got going five times before ejaculation older brother came to insert the penis brother. It was not very
suddenly Shiawase

Spoiled little brother

I am a naughty little brother in the hands Yai spoiled than I have a kindergarten nurse at a local nursery. My brother and I
away because I'm 10 years old or younger are about to indulge in such away to me closely,
抱Ki着I been cute about it is going to get my face buried in his chest at random That's a brother to act more and more spoiled I ll give you a pat on the head when the 17 is my brother 27. I
I lived away from home to marry, and parents have to go home and there are things you want to talk from my brother not to carry the day,
home and only brother, was passed through a room of his brother. When he got to my room "What?" My brother and asked, "Yeah," so to say 喋Razu,
the eyes of my brother saying that somehow I felt the eyes on my chest. My mind's eyes while his brother and brother to brother talk 聞Ki出Sou started talking in a low voice. In summary
heard, I liked when I was living with the "I was thinking much the style of beautiful older sister Mika" has been confessed. My brother has
chest massages from the top of my clothes do not stand 抱Ki着Ki story and finish. I rubbed my chest and I was made to the poor and his brother is a little surprised. I
brother had been rubbed over the clothes while "to see breasts sister Mika," I say it is
"I just rub? I'll not do more than that" and捲Tsu to remove the bra clothes to say, my heart gave a live show.
brother "It's pretty big," Dari Rub hands and say, turning dough to you, "Sister Mika cute pink nipples"
Iki licked like a baby in the draw with tongue and that day I honestly do not feel that he feels just finished my chest.
thing I want to write this post from my mind to sort out.


The final defense line in time? Author: Maki Posted: 2009/09/09 (Wed) 23:08 No.22746

six months before, a dangerous relationship with his son is still not final defense line
beyond not.
son, "put it, to put out into the body of the mother 思Ikkiri"
when she said "it just because it's a bad parent-child" I had said. You were seriously
still pretty hard on the brink of their intertwined.
are going to end on 69 under in the mouth. Oral
like son. I also love to be
generously, apply about 30 minutes to 1 hour.
legs wide open, with a mouth full of tongue stretched out and continue licking.
fingers open, and watching patiently, and Dali folds across the lips. My favorite
pubic hair, stroking the palm, "Do not touch the mother," I called. It seems I also like licking
tickles I will be something very sensual. As a mother
also keep in mind I urge the hesitant soon.
son impatiently waits for us to deprive us forget.


From the time of the child is still small, the endless fight for my husband and I married,
husband was beating her son well. Kick-the-cat when I've been hitting it well
. I'll never grow

not been properly raised in the sense that.
for not studying well this has become a middle school son, no way to listen
Tatte Kitsuku honestly say, my husband is just violence. I was
what of that level or even go to high school,
thanks to the evening high school was told to go to any part-time teachers will now go
but looks like a strange mix with your friends just do not even work I've barely

getting worse and we get along well with my husband while i doing this right.
I divorced when my son last year two.
in feeling to go out please just do not want anything from.
I also ended up in a small apartment house, two of my child and I thought Wow
over again, like your job to make ends meet while
night but nobody, from that point , is rapidly changing how I say

gotten so angry just now, looks like I
raise your hand comes out.
been showered boos on every count, I am also unable to do anymore.
I'm such a condition lasted several months.
Besides, when I wake up some more changes.
That is where I've seen that happen in the nude bathhouse.
At that time, we come hidden grabbed my hand and bath towel to cover
you gave me. The eye color is completely different again. Kurenaku
to let go even telling you to stop, as it took the kitchen out of order
, been pushed down, I've played with my body at all costs.
never stop me as I waved my son solve much.
and anger because I know that bother your hands too much to resist
I stopped. So finally, I've been to the end. After only a little resistance when inserted
just been punched in the face.

I think since I was a small explosion of anger.
the husband had divorced, you will be directed to me is all the rage. So full of feeling sorry
say, now that the other is still making
at the mercy of another body for his son every day, has been inserted. It is okay mood
son and I are honest.
But when forced to or too embarrassed, and hesitant to show it
be beaten, and now does not even hesitate to show it.
has been gradually escalating or because of that.
to give that to the mother? You mean to me ...
work at night, are among the daytime. My son is also a day that so many of
, the time it last for hours like that. It is every day.
gone that way become more physical and I would like that day continues today i do not hate
I also like that I wonder what causes us to expect
... now they got. Cute but not always, but for my son ...
poorly, and had not raised this way because it's my fault I guess
continue like this until you are tired. But I'm not without fear

My discourse incest

I went to school there is a tripartite meeting Takayuki ninth grade son the other day.
and nearby family restaurant to eat at mothers with Sato in the same class you are in or
its return. Sato's
have met before, talking and shopping and that it was a relationship
that I wanted to get along from the mother before, shocking her mouth that day I was told
facts. Sato's mother is a whopping
to incest. son of women's magazines such as
Onani well - stories that would give the mother saw the body there is
, Sato, when I cleaned my son's room, mother and son
The story came out that a lot of sex.
while, it's just horrifying to say the title and heard the mother cum video
to such. Remarkable is likely
underwear came up with Sato's son's sperm.
they listen to me, in return for our family restaurant during the day suddenly, T. What next
And I have to have a talk. Takayuki seats and tried to stand and
however, the "waited a little, mother," I was put off for National and noble.
"I want to be my mother" so outrageous the word from the mouth of Deta The
Takayuki. I do not care
things around, "Do you understand my saying that?"
out loud and I have.
surprise yourself with the size of your voice, calm and a little "Takayuki, tea
I feel so useless, such a thing to crazy people," he said soothingly.
was meant by the hand stood up and Takayuki.
I should have stood, from which there is no consciousness.
I woke up to the odd sense, they placed their left
headache and fatigue were the first that we know the situation well when you get up knowing that The
I am the hands and feet were bound to the bed is in Sato's house naked.
"'s big tree, I'm sorry" seems to be talking to Sato's Pardon
I've seen from the ground up.
"Why is this happening to me," Gamute into your mouth so raise your voice - could go out
group are attached.
"Takayuki is safe, Takayuki is?"
was ashamed of my face buried and where his head's foot wake. This time I turned
I finally knew my situation.
I was there with both hands spread lick my mother is a real son Takayuki.
"Well, Takayuki Stop."
try to make him stop but not said aloud, without any iota
and stop signs, at last, hear no word from the mouth of my son is developed.
"I'm wet vagina of the mother."
such nonsense, I will never have such a thing is wet mother son, real or
Just when I thought so, I felt full of things from the womb.
"You must not feel Do not be like"
Takayuki 思Itodoma a desperate stand somehow in the head repeatedly telling myself how to
the pleasure to run through the body involuntarily Nokezotsu pinch the nipple and extending the hand of the breast have
Takayuki, it became even more so I want to continue.
real son, she is licking her behind, from Sato's mother found its form
strangers are, I started to feel strange being surrounded.
tinted move back, so they blame the mouth Seriage Takayuki
woman is yin. Takayuki
thought I would do that? What he
Omotta Hashitanaku nympho?
"Takayuki's like that, I'm not a real mom. nympho
not think my mother's sake."
while shouting in mind, body and another to say they listen to Mashita.
Gamute mouth - the voice was heard, Takayuki disgraceful
group had not had affixed to the salvation of even the least 違Inaku.
dissolve inside the body could leave already full of love juice.
I thought was released from the hell away from heaven like the woman behind Takayuki finally
however, the hell of it was true then.
children from the time they married at least two people measure the basal body temperature every morning they wanted
However, Takayuki birth to the "day" and not meeting the owner after ten years I
Yes, today is the day, Sun is the most fertile period of the previous. Takayuki
crotch rose, but your erect penis.
"along U, kidding. Takayuki, it's a mom.'m a real mother."
caught the blood drain from my body.
"Sato, Did not you'll help me. I hope, somehow, Takayuki."
with Sato's desperation to see.
have jumped into my eye was her son's already intersecting.
"I hope, and Takayuki 思Itodomatsu. at least, at least Condo - wearing the system."
I came in I finally Takayuki ignoring my feelings like that. Takayuki
issued an insert with a happy voice. Takayuki
sight face is clouded with tears.
a happy face, repeatedly, "It feels good mother."'ll appealed.
every time you hear the voice, Janakattara mother. It's sad.
"Tsu Oh, Mom. out"
"Why? Why?'ll useless."
I Iremashita your legs are bound to escape from Takayuki.
Yes, I tried to escape.
However, because of that, pick up deep into the womb rather Takayuki
lift the hips, stretches the cervix is ​​Hikitsura stomach, the little boy clung there is
. Takayuki
is clung to me.
was poured into the uterus and hot semen. Damn
etc., CASE contains dozens of times poisonous Innovation.
I can not move away in fear stuck, stop by all the sperm I had
Takayuki Me. Since then, Takayuki
is to ejaculate inside of me many times, I would - Gone Takayuki finally asked it had
then repeatedly away with peace of mind and body because there was a period Takayuki, inside of me every time I had let
again and I pregnant with the child's fears, Takayuki. Nasty
fire is burning in my body pregnant sperm Takayuki real son.

Bachelor 7

The thread Rakkisebun.

still Temasen son back. In
in a [sure]

My discourse incest

My husband has been restructured a year ago, reclusive state since then. Households that public officials are supporting me
relationship of men and women now in 11th grade son about six months ago.
Was very, very natural and snow. Mihakaratsu the first time
so fast asleep in the house to my husband I do not know I was a sex
However, recently the next room watching TV my husband has become increasingly bold and the
sex. Makes me more excited thrill. son became more and more boldly
, intentionally loud,
"Mom, my baggage ○ soon after, you lick me" to say and so on. Masu Hashi
excitement and husband to think of what I'm going.
Among them, the head of his master's in front of 抱Ki合Itaku.


Three years after losing his mate.
I lived a lonely person. I will be living above her unemployed husband and wife have been living there suddenly together.
is that last week. Since I've peeked into masturbation husband would have to live with the chance to imagine just that masturbation husband raped. Shigoi
husband had a huge penis reflexed.
Oh, no big dick to taste many years. The husband put a spit
glans, Shigokimasu disgusting.
Oh, never obscene. I found that we
蕩Ke to Gushogusho has some merit. I haunting eyes burned Kikuno Hiroshi son erect penis. During daytime job
'm a son of Just You And Me. I have always masturbating naked in the next room. Give notice. ~ 犯Shitee me. Please, Buchikon
my pussy big your penis. I want, I want that penis. Ah ~ funny

His father being fucked ...

"Misora! Come here, you are right 朝帰Ri yesterday? Where I go?"
"Come on where to go to another"
"You're the guy with that? What about"
"I'm with"
"and the other guy do Alright"
"Alright? you talking about the sex thing?"
"You have to it?"
"We did Sex. mon I like my Ken. Come on "
father's self-cheeks Then suddenly I pushed down. And I'm staring at my father, "What the eyes do have complaints?"
Father holding my face in his hands, tongue penetration of teeth Kuishibatsu tried to forcibly put his tongue to kiss The prevented.
is devoted to taking off underwear left hand while rubbing the vagina is then grabs the breast, is moving into direct finger vagina "You Misora ​​pleasant Iti Yoshi? than that guy" and.
"Stop! Stop it Dad!"
fingers, but his father had stirred up all the way into more and more. Have come to understand wet them in my vagina, I was tempted.
"Dad, it's possible that even with my daughter?"
"·········"< br> "Sure, whatever. You want to do Dad? into to "
貫Kimashita body erect my father's enormous rod. After my father gave to my father and what a blow job because it was sucking the semen lick my vagina. Ken and I have not seen another
. I've been with my father every night until I strained.
more inspiring father. Ken's sperm that I drank but not my father's sperm is drinking every night. The hate is not at all
. I gives me pleasure to lick clit father. Now it has also
Anal. Anal licking each other even now my father and I are fine.
I'm a dad thing. I have become like my father. 15-year-old from Winter.

H father

Last night Dad, is that when I went to the neighborhood association meeting. The back of Dad's
to know what time I sleep my mother. My final exam is over
high school, I was watching a TV show singing peacefully. A night at around 10:00
Ri, somewhere even colder into kotatsu, there was near his mother's coat
watching TV while I continued on the back cape. Dad finally came back
seems. From the front door, "Naoko! Naoko!" And mom is calling. His voice is circulated
articulation, seems to be pretty drunk.
open the door behind me suddenly came into a stumbling Dad. I have 知Ran振Ri
was watching TV. Then dad suddenly hug my back
while pouring alcohol breath "Naoko! Did not you'll pussy for us!
After a while I will not!" She said, from behind my boobs I Shidzuka
try to force 思Ikkiri in one hand, I held you in my pussy.
I surprised "by what I live for!" and the father pay rise
Mashita Mononoke. Dad upsetting to leave out the back, and I was looking up wide-eyed just
. "Tomorrow, from telling your mother!" He said, I went to my room
this morning, face down his father's breakfast, that there is no appetite 如何Nimo, to bite the sand
ate every grain of rice. Mother says: "I wish both
enough to drink so much hangover" is an angry dad.
and dad looking at that now sorry for something. But how
was drunk and, although my daughter to, and still a virgin pussy for you I grabbed it, too
. My father still forgive sex. May I say I'm troubled by what my mother

Son and

yuna himekawa[23956]
From bachelor to husband, now my son play truant from school. Although strict attention
first, gradually became so rebellious now dreadful violence. You called me a mother is all tone of command.
talk to her husband, was useless to be given a superfluous note.
son, "I told on him because," yelling, saying I thrust it down.
sat astride his son around my waist was prone. I did not collect painful.
my son, "I'm sorry to tell tales," and was told her 10 times. My son is "punishment" and said flip skirt,
started beating my ass. Running at my son could not sit still.
"I tapped into your tie when you too small," said he. After that, I did not care for his son.
two months, noted for his son when her husband came home. Son angry husband's attitude of defiance, Son 殴Rimashita.
husband went back the next day. I was angry towards her husband. I was tied behind my back and was killed.
"I even get fucking father," she said, was taking off my skirt and panties.
"I saw and knew the crotch for you, a guy my father would be a shame." she said,
ordered me to open the crotch to the leg were closed. There was no situation that can be denied. In addition to her husband's groin showed
is the first time. My son was watching for some time, I started getting approached dick fuck.
be touched was a long time.
I thought my son was scary squid. I was exhausted, my son suddenly has been inserted.
surely did not think to far. I fucked my son every day at this time. And before her husband was away from home about once a month. The larger the
child care for children that recently there was no abandon. But the day my son was Garimasu.
strength and a son fucked by a young, her husband is bad, I would feel. I surprised myself that every day this year. Now my son can
Saborazu schools, 振Ruimasen violence, I am acting in the attitude of her husband. state
longer alone with my sons, husband and wife is attacked, rather than illusion of parents to have sex every day too.
be afraid to think when my husband noticed.

Proud mother

Currently, a single mother, who lives in one and two. The 51-year-old mother from
the size ( in,
his mid-twenties.

mother, because there are still physiological, says that while not extend, unable patience last night anyway, 仕舞Imashita out. Today
last night, the judges also use the pregnancy test, maybe impossible? Using the rubber tonight, I will keep my mother 遣Ra? ? ?

Mother Chinkokea

Put your chin to sit down and the edge of the tub to wash your mother's crotch related body standing on one knee while taking a bath in three days
small chestnut patch cracks and open from between the dark red pubic hair when I was observing I was having trouble with my mother Barre away to see the erection of the fiercely
"I'm Nasty!" and scolded. My mother momentarily startled look and stare at my penis is said to stand up to evacuate.
縮Maranai to be extra excited Jitto gaze. I'm moving back and forth "Please shrinking!" The mother and 念Jita
"Bakatsu!" Was rebuked by the movement of the hip is said to suspect.
never to have a physical relationship with my mother in one of these days I dream this.

Incest father's home

It is not that happened to my father and sister (in high school) is experience.
week ago, I had a cold and went home to leave early in the third period since the end of the school raised the heat considerably.
tried to enter his room at the second floor of the house unlocked, I heard a strange sound from the room next to my sister.
thought the house was so empty, (Could it be a thief ...) and a little scared, Nozokimashita in the room opened the door cautiously.被Satsu
to cover on my father Then my sister, I was waving back and forth.
naked sister was suffering from turning back the hands of his father. I remember that my father had a white ass in front of me awfully.
they were both devoted to sex, and seemed totally unaware that I came back. I am a virgin
, and of course the first time that I encountered the sex scenes, I got it for the real father and sister that,
can not tell whether a reality or a dream at this mess shock They would continue to look at something like panting.
only time I do not know how much my father "Uh, Oh Oh, I get, I get" back to square one likes more intense, rough exhale my sister, after the two stopped moving.
I went into my room and concealed back to our feet suddenly were holding their breath.
comes to mind is a scene I had with my father and sister having sex close their eyes, had desperately tried to shake off it.
father and sister the next day and night of that day was as usual. What are
when two people from having sex. I know a mother of this. Why do you have sex now. Did my father raped my sister. What's next ... my father being attacked.
Tomarimasen shudder with fear at the thought that.

Proud son

My son is also a school of choice
got into the prestigious National University. Junior high school when his father died
, "I'll become a good mom to help me soon"
proud of my son and tell me.
, but also because I grew up spoiled mama's boy Nao Akira. No emotion is more
. After his father died
, the study was mentally unstable at home
Hide Yutaka underwear hiding in my room, and peeked into the bathroom.
once refused to take three years of high school when taking a bath together
is my son ask, and I was washing the body. My hands are bigger things away is that my son let me then
was the beginning of it all. At that time raised the topic in hand
've finished, since the exam before the request is escalated to allow your body finally got
. It is also the spiritual
the brighter high school
son was calm and uneventful. Instead of us cherish my father died
. Now that I became quite good enough to
squid many times.
Until now, let me put in so that whenever I give my son when the son and svnversion
underwear. Sun
差Shi出Shimashita risk for anal too.
sometimes days when sought safety from me.
reward to take his son to college success course I did. Request
son seems to want me in the field.
little resistance there, so I promise to be a son or female

Even without this

After lining up the body and the father asked me. My father said he
sober no less. I always just nod my story. I also usually
to say to the lewd jokes and talk cheerfully and enters alcohol'm a very quiet father.
morning after sex with dad for the first time just to look down at my eyes did not.
there a conflict of some sort. So I say I'm from. "From my father I made a bath preparation, which contained"
father "What shall we do," After a while my father was in a daze staring at the ceiling in the bedroom without evening drink from the bath to rise .
father went to the bath to be in me, "Dad? What are you thinking? things your mother?"
"I do not do anything and"
father saw a solitary I'm having her do something that will.
"they just shut an eye dad"
頬張Rimashita my cock down his father's nightwear and underwear father opened. The first time I tried
Deep throat swallow glans 悦Bu to see the face.
cock in throat irritation and nausea I felt a very painful, "Dad ... I'm doing this is the first"
father and I was trembling body. Experience in my throat fellatio there was shocking experience for me. My father was shaking
expression of pleasure. I Niatari Iirashi it sometimes throat glans penis. And my father
emitted fine for my throat at last. I drank a little while his throat tighten.
day I wanted to have sex with my father was my father Deshimasen was exhausted.
"I'll feel even Michi"
"I do not have to force my father"
But my father gave me lots of licking vagina licking my clit. I was surprised tongue kissed put heavy ass hole as well.
felt more honest sex. Anal want to be. I feel it is shameful.

Son and SEX

Every day is a struggle every day, will be made during post but I thought I felt a little Rakuni not borrow this place is
Daisuke had an affair with the son of its previous three months It was a very ordinary home front
· · Miscellaneous casually adult's desk drawer to clean up the room when the high school exam this year was Daisuke
magazine, "I helped a boy from "The women's underwear in the back and see how he feels, that while it
underwear have gone to see, but remember - food was Wow, what takes Daisuke
I took off the place confusion.
sat on the bed in the bedroom, "I do not know crimes like theft of other people increases the need for underwear Daisuke
who like this" I'm back Daisuke Mashi Haki evening we try to talk directly with Daisuke Also, "Daisuke, I need to talk to Cho
Innovation", Dainingute - facing a bull, "actually have to clean the room came out
but Ru and women's underwear, what do you mean ? "Daisuke is still facing down his face Damatta
· · finally opened his mouth," Women are interested in "
to be held in various discussions with Daisuke and then two people - a subject .... If a stolen underwear
2. 3 I tell no one. I promise to be held later date this condition has
once, but always Daisuke appeared to send out the kitchen as my husband, "but I'm
today appointed day", "I know! Do not go to my room," I was wondering true <br > what's good? One who sat on the couch, "I do not know I still make it, but" the devil
bustle feeling induced Wareru - to undress shower system - and soak up the "I do not know." < br> sitting in front of their faces to the bedroom mirror and ask yourself, seeing the body "and just today my son would not
!" I was determined, Daisuke wearing a white gown to the room, "Daisuke, I entered the door" towards me and
Daisuke Daisuke entered the room in his underwear in a dimly lit room and opened the
"Daisuke, It just seems really promising, "" Yes, I know ", and my lips turn a blind eye
Daisuke first came to the inside lip of the tongue was only to repeat soon Mashita, as I say each other's saliva exchange
held out his tongue, and hands prior to touching your butt Daisuke was light, and to the genitals from the underwear
I could not stand, lay down in bed, and Daisuke is in his hands to remove the bra has
while rubbing his face buried, I had a hand in underwear pretending to not feel
about coming into me, "Hmm," I voice out, "Mom Wet," "Women of'm getting wet
to greet the man," "dick showing mom," I slowly take off your underwear in his hands and feeling
Daisuke closed legs and feet to lift Ri stretched between the legs into thighs look
The local first to smell a gesture, the finger licking tongues put his mouth on this one
soon, I feel sure that came into being and two The pair unwittingly Daisuke to
Sixty Nine positions up and down gently touching the penis
Daisuke see firsthand or varnish, but I feel slightly trembling explode at any moment, "his mother put
"· · I saw the face of Daisuke Daisuke nodded and spread legs to hover over Mashi Haki
or hug, I led the penis with your left hand while his right hand touching the back of Daisuke" coming in slowly "
,," soft and warm inside the mother, "Daisuke is intense pressure over time to cock back into the womb soon
feeling of something hot while Sako soon arose from the bed staring eyes Kiss Ai
for sperm began to flow from the vagina and wants to transmit to the thigh, I have to pee Sasha
an emphasis on lower body found I was on hand to take the sperm, which suddenly from behind Daisuke
抱Kitsuka in hand I'm wildly flow of sperm into the vagina, "Daisuke! You Enough", "Only today! please! < br> ", I would finger into the vagina and the peeling of the knee on the floor and look to the lower body to rummage in
white foam with fresh and hand out to the Ru The idea is to then drops dripping on the floor or I was held until the evening

25 fear of my son

Please let me write after a long time. one that separates
25 in this thread.
just a little, try to write.

Bachelor 6

It seems less so than the earlier limited,
[sure] I'll launch.

And grandchildren

Husband and wife living with her son three years ago, eight years, then widowed at age 53 that I somehow had symptoms of depression. I was invited to the meeting
ballroom dancing once a week when the introduction of such people in the neighborhood.
acquaintance with men and it is triggered by Yaru Irashi wife. He was a kind
66 years old.
back started when I was always sent me to my house, asked him positively from a physical relationship.
stopped the car in a place near my home town on the way to go home, was the first time I hug and kiss Nde, So sorry I went.
me while I covered his body while killing the car seat embraced to meet demand from each other but neither was the skirt panties down, or going to continue to him to accept the insertion of was.

I've seen of that grandchild.
17 year-old grandson home from work when the part is watching the details of the action was in the car.
was too vulnerable to each other. But there
especially my carelessness. It was quite
grandchildren attend school zone.

出Kaketamashita in the day between a couple people at the wedding of his son's company.
suddenly grandchildren "I saw you doing something crazy old lady"
this good do not worry because even tell anyone.
"What have you seen?" "I do in the car" "What did you see" "and yes, that there are" "What what? "···.
grandson while his face a little uptight, "I will be somewhere to have sex with men" and the embarrassment that the whole body and lose color words, but fiercely beating heart 感Jimashi the impact of the or.
"to keep secret from Grandma and me alone but" You Kana had a laugh with this. Not only that
from my family that I also had other thoughts for a few hours later that while most care.

I've seen the milk to make the 撫Zeru from behind my back-scratcher was the housework.
you do not do that.
I was trying to escape from his place and screwed.
been chasing grandchildren need to overlap two people, Komimashita fall in place.
was already an adult.
It was an adult who knows anything.
while continuing to refuse, I'm somewhere in this, and maybe it can be seen that cancel out.
I said from the "want to have sex"
Then it gently. Because I
to what can this promise be kept secret if it can be before, but good to be so bad! And clearly said in the tone.

now from me naked. While buried her face gesture
spoiled as a child is still breast. But never penis is not thick, there have been long and hard with my palm.
I put a good old lady over there. You
I want sex.
to insert my penis in her pussy and a grandson, and I was then.
but ended the day on my tummy as it is.

from it every day, continued relationships with grandchildren.


"My mother is heart broken," says, I'm sorry.
I decided to open the page. I

stout 52 year old son (late 20s) body, I 溜Marimasen. The late ※, a husband and bereavement.

It's grandson

I came back to take a 15 year old divorced daughter, 38 grandchildren.
I was with my husband at age 62 and then was widowed 12 years ago, followed by the confused days may finally be settled every day Just when living alone was home while we work and in 決Marazu, where My daughter finally started a part-time work.
work out in the evening the restaurant late at night back at work now and many things to take care of my grandson's diet.

was happening in those days that followed.
寝付Ka not watch TV because scary Mogurikon been in bed in my bedroom.
still feel suspicious of anything with that in my bed and sleep together'm still a child. What
only about an hour and then woke up to feel as if my breasts 撫Ze scratcher. Maybe
still miss my mother.
spoiled boy to hear.
boy I had experience of experience was not brought up two daughters.
that time and that it be good or OK. The lower body of the stomach toward
their hands.
too sudden, as it would be unable to utter a word without knowing anything of what I do?撫Ze
scratcher is over there has it my precious.
scratcher for a few seconds while I do still doubt whether I continued 撫Ze the genital area. I would have to somehow
place, the grandson noticed at last, "do not do that because" I put his voice. but it was 止Mimasen
that time has been inserted into the finger in the vagina.
in my hands when you pay back the grandchild was under, I had to touch dick warped Kikuno Hiroshi grandchildren. The board is just coincidence coincided
grandson brought forcibly held as Ru strong force that held the little boy in my hands.
It was just hard to be assertive man.
right. Grandma and I know I'll be out, so I tried to rub several times so as to wrap the penis in hand to remember when my husband gave.
grandson was also tongue licking my breasts. grandchildren
fingers while still being felt around the genital area 撫Ze intensely for years, was supposed to look like a blur so that something Jiwatsu wet.
've had the joy of her being reminded that time forgot.
I wanted a penis in my hand grandchildren.
"I put so well"
"entered, so there'll"
"Sure Haa"
grandchildren While back end is inserted into really hard, but were waving in the voice call on the name of a grandchild, too intense.
was poured into warm feeling in my life from breathing hard dick with her grandchildren.
that night went back to the room without saying anything to each other.

Broken hearts go

Now I may not be the usual state of mind.
regret ... regret ... Now, after the death of the body, such as the relationship between son and Forbidden Acts hardly real, has the Tta
is the place.
six years and one son, but a mediocre 経Mashita single mothers, sons birthday passed high school exam yesterday and I
reward money for something, and I asked him one wish. Honestly, I was surprised .... It asked me
sexual experience.
surely, the place 誤魔化Shimashita joke that I laughed.
However, it was this morning ....
After breakfast, I heard the words again, last night's shocking is his son from behind 抱Kitsuka. My son was seriously
eyes. Perhaps
has seen such an expression, I can not 口走Tsu mind.
"I once .... can you promise? do? ..."
seeing the face of his son, remember the answer .... Why? I do not know ....
son up on the second floor room, I was in the bathroom. In the shower as if
reduce throbbing heartbeat, people were chanting a spell.
"once ... only once ..."
sprinkle bathrobes, Yukimashita raised to the room just waiting for my son.
heightened heartbeat, but I understand clearly that the trembling.
in front of the door of the room, but I 竦Mi standing foot. I
doors open half unconsciously. Door door ... sorry ... forbidden.
closed curtains of the room, I felt gloomy. The comforter on the bed to his son was wearing body
. I took the robe, entered the bed.
Eye on his back was closed. I felt that might faint.
the interim pleasure seemed time stopped, started touching my breasts started to move the nipple Shaburimashita
son. Sometimes you have Tsukatsu teeth, and ran a momentary pain, women are part of
I began to warm tingle. hot body
son was looking at me as wildly.
And it seems the time has finally forbidden. ... My legs have spread.
and all ... I accept. Deep in me.
Kojiake deep vaginal opening of uterus as if that were coming into deeper sense.
next moment, I felt deep in the abdomen with the voice of my son feel lukewarm. I understand we have a dumb
power of the body. Later, however, that the left, I did not have to accept everything
. Just ....
the promise of one-time, what's it really is. I would however want to start to flow
son sperm from between her legs now.


yuna himekawa[23709]
My son is the only man I love being a mother.
why that happens, what I unresolved.
However, because of that, the family collapsed.
began to love me son, I was in junior high school days.
I obviously felt that seen as sexual objects. I also had a prank
during sleep.
Naturally, scolded, lose interest in things I could not.
my son to sex drive, even my husband noticed.
Since then, I feel my family went crazy.
relationship of husband and son, and almost the worst condition, and no longer talk.
husband is to treat abnormal son who could only tell you to do something to me. I also
, but I can not say you do?
son said the other women see many times.
But I did not have my son listen to me at all.
In fact, sometimes trying to get kiss me.
son became scared.
But I could not walk away from such things.
And now that the husband is the son goes out.
I asked my husband wants it to stop.
However, it began to anger her husband against me.
was the son and I began to doubt the relationship.
I have pleaded innocent, suspicion seems to be 晴Renakatta.
also mentally embattled son, I said he would commit suicide.
and try to take away my son, I was cold, his son said.
And so I appeal to die anymore.
day, he got lost Maimashita husband left the house.
My son and I were not involved, believed to Moraezu. Our family thought
Honestly, I want to feel too out there, too.
However, we put my son out, is the inability.
example, even though their unusual for me to change my son is not important. The only living son and two

International transfer

Been transferred overseas for two years my husband, I did not lose the loneliness of sleeping alone gradually. 1
force passage by the time the moon will be no masturbation is not without, at first once a week, months after the 3
twice a week. With each masturbating, with the husband's flesh and blood, but it is impossible too slowly and gradually they had just become aware
want. But anything I care about how much the man not know
allow the body to be.
to say, or a physical ache that had been coming every few days hit me up at night, only 33 still
that masturbation quell the age I was becoming impossible. I began to whisper
"You do not stand with just masturbation?"
"But this is not the husband abroad as soup together."
"Well, can stand on one and a half years later?"
" ······"< br> "I can not put it like?"
"······"< br> "I only have like to fool around!"
"It is disgusting. of love I definitely do not hate sex. "
" If I love? "
" Yes. "
" Well, your loved ones? "
" Then I decided to master No! "
" Only my husband? "
" Of course I also Daisuke! "
" I'm determined. "
" Eh? "
" Sex without love is hate. But , a hunger for flesh and blood cock .······
Maybe I'll not only Daisuke? "
" Daisuke is it my child! "
" What about it? "<br > "I'm not in the child sex!"
"Why not a?"
"You parents too!"
"Why were not the parents?"
"It · "
" Sex without love is hate. But a hunger for flesh and blood cock
.······ others try to answer if you have to say? "
" · · · ···"< br> "You know that there is no answer as the other?"
"······"< br> "Daisuke dare to seduce, if the stop 嫌Gattara Daisuke You must be 済Mu. "
" It is bad to you. I can go abroad one year 2. "
" I'm not bad. things have not even cheating. "
" Daisuke and I have only until you return. "
this day I was completely taken away my self-control another.
realized I was standing in front of Daisuke room in his pajamas.
break even as soon as you knock on the door was left slightly "really nice?" feeling that can immediately
"You need this!" was changed.
opened the door softly, electricity remains Daisuke answered already laying in bed to disappear.
"I'm sorry. I was asleep already?"
"Nope. I went to bed right now."
"Yeah . like when I was little memories about various things to 眠Renakutsu Daisuke.
Daisuke's got a long time getting alongside 寝Taku. ... useless? "
" · · · Nope. I do not have that. "
" good. "
lying on the bed, her hair gently Nadeage right hand side and then turn left toward the bottom of the neck immediately Daisuke < br> was.
"Daisuke I'm too grown. Do you remember when the little? So I've been sleeping well."
"I do not remember much."
"Yeah. Another sophomore Satoru Naka it's really it. "
Now he says we were interrupted by Daisuke right leg between the legs.
"Mom. Do not stick so much."
"That's OK.'m for a long time.'s mother or hate it?"
"· · · No. I do not think so. "
" love? "
" Yes. "
" I love you too mom Daisuke. "
Daisuke lightly kissed.
"me, I'll sleep."
Daisuke is coyly turned their back on me.
"No, I ~. Teru Yono embarrassed, but what a mother."
I bust my back and hold tight to Daisuke had adhered to the back of Daisuke.
"I turned to here."
"······"< br> "Ah! it! Daisuke Is it?"
"What chance? What is it?"
"Did you grow?"
"you ding-dong. You did I grow!"
"I do not think so!"
"~ Can it be real?" <br > As mentioned in the lower abdomen and then turn right at the waist Daisuke was still soft.
"I'm sorry. I apologize to my mother misunderstood. I apologize."
"It's OK."
"But I'm glad I misunderstood. If the mother's responsibility because if I grow取Ranaku
tea I thought I should become. "
" What responsibility? "
" I'll be back to the original. Now, to turn this way. 寝Masho. "< br> Daisuke is 向Ki直Rimashita towards me.
"night in the mother's breast."
"It's helped my mother at any age is lovely, Daisuke."
"Mom ··."< br> "I?"
"What's wrong?"
"Blame it on Mom."
"Perhaps Daisuke. "
" Yes. "
This time, my hand hit the little boy quickly hardened Daisuke touch in the lower abdomen.
"I'm sorry. it's mother to blame."
"But Daisuke is a good mother?"
"Yeah. a good mother ··."< br> "All right. I must not lie."
Daisuke is your dick than I thought was good. compared with around one
indeed was a small proprietor, the hardness was not inferior. It came time to slow
Daisuke room, sometimes in school tomorrow, my honey pot 潤Tsu
well enough before the ceremony because it was decided to be inserted without.
"Hold on just a little."
take back to the bedroom saying that condoms.
to kiss little boy pajamas Daisuke take off with a condom attached. Daisuke
breast massages and have to take off my pajamas.
"from late today, still letting his mother."
Daisuke lying on his back, I went to the honey pot led to straddling his cock from above.
came into my honey pot in the head of the cock and Daisuke Nurutsu. Daisuke
cock and hips to sink as it is I comfortably wrapped in my honey pot.
"Yes. I feel warm."
I have the feel of flesh and blood cock, felt the waist while moving slowly.
"Mother! uu tea out!"
Daisuke was the beginning of this incest.
that day, I arrived at the following promise to sleep.
one must be a secret only me and two of Daisuke.
one, when sex should be as mother says.
one, Dad return from overseas trip, you can restore a person.
to satisfy my cock Daisuke, but is still likely to take, the Most Ikita I think

If you ask my father

The 23-year-old husband and I divorced in a personality clash broke, now I live alone with my father to return home. No
children. The divorce was a mutually agreed upon. My father was angry. Look for life because of someone who has a long way in the future. The word a little relieved.
I've been pretty busy day spent in the personal care of his father. Cooking, laundry, general cleaning ... is doing the housework.
"Michi, I'm Dad helped us. Thank you"
unexpected and father are thrilled to shout "I'm glad it made me happy but I can not do much," deep down I was wondering or.
two days later, his father and going out to have an evening drink after dinner, my father, "dare to wear this Yoshitomo" he said.
was high-toned clothes and a nice view of the handle. It was a surprise for him.
"Thanks, Dad, happy," The balance and rhythm grounder to hug his father said that, I ride on my father's body.
"Michi, I'm serious, I think fat lately?" looked at each other in such words, "Ha ha," laughed.
time, distance and my lips lips lips together of father I was conscious to tell you what a coincidence in the number of centimeters.
father, "No ~ I'm sorry, sorry. I wish uncle" was very much embarrassed.
away from my father and me, I'm thinking, "Daddy, daddy like" I've said.
father saw my face, "Michi ..." hold me tight lips sought. The tender kiss. In response to tangle your tongue makes my father tongue, too.
My father took me into the bedroom, "Yoshitomo? Are you sure?" confirmed this. I was prepared for.
- husband and father there was tenderness differences. It made me feel my whole body snake tongue.
is to love me from head to toe. Chest, waist, and gently kissed me thighs and genitals.
genital caressing me important things to deal with over time.
more time licking the clitoris, including the mouth, for example 69 to suck father's cock, too.
I used to catch the tongue in the mouth and sucking 思Ikkiri father's spirit, move the hand grip what my father. But my father is no ejaculation
"Michi? and I'm really good?" he said, it has been thrust into a meat stick.
father was afraid of pregnancy. "Dad? Today do not worry because safe day to"
受Ke止Memashita behind his father's spirit Then womb. Itta is the first time.
first learned the wonders of sex.
example father and daughter do not even regret. I will ask my father if you do not deny. Some parents like it

I look

My husband is supposed to stay at home this morning I came back from a business trip with an ordinary housewife
insurance agent and son embracing in the nude to ask my husband and son went to the room and gone crazy Mashita
while they sleep. There was a man love each other and immediately left the house to avoid looking at a glance
Kizuka not understand what I do I do now. Grasp the penis while her husband is a son
Yakitsui seen her yet lying so comfortably. Why, why, its something I'm good
between men. I do not understand what I do now. Please someone good advice. Thank you.

My discourse incest

When did what, my son began holding an interest in my body, my husband away from home came
gradually change their behavior even in the bold thing.
sudden appearance and I do not even ask for the bathroom, saying the meaning of my shed behind his back by ignoring other
way around, identify and put the soap, things to do in the bedroom < br> to say that the incoming and continued to look at the figure still eyeing the Ri
my nightie. In retrospect it was a stepping stone to all actions that day,
I am so convinced.
clean up after dinner, I went back up from the bath to the dining room. My son was crazy
from martial arts on television, I say goodnight to the bedroom faces is Tta
. Then an hour lying on the bed like drama but I kept watching
issued a face in the room when her son knocked it over. I have
wine in hand, I asked to see where 訝Shige,
to drink together once in a while, and I want to hear stories like that she made. The desire that his son needed
, I was interested to hear is his son.
a little red wine is sweet, drank about three drinks in quick succession, I was seized with intense drowsiness
Mashita. Tell it to my son, but saw at a later date or ask to talk to, but only consciousness fades
Sleep entrust himself to remain longer. When I realized
suddenly surprised with the fact that your body is going to change anything, I
a cause that is causing the upper body. Then, the nightgown, but was disturbed to
particular, felt uncomfortable with that part very much, take off your underwear in a hurry
I tried. There is still a little dirty underwear, and semen, but obviously my genitals remained
. No surprise in anything other than the other, the fact that his son was full of tears while I
and trembling ever stop and knock on the
. I spend just shut up and worried, but it is still ignoring me not to come out
is decided to interrogate the son of the morning waiting to happen.
son showed up on time was the same attitude as always. I heard that last night
venture. And frankly admitted it then and I intersect, can be seen as continuing
of me is all the way, my underwear and masturbating, secretly video
a bed in his sleeping mode take to have sex with me in my room so scattered confessed
semen sprayed several times a day is boiling
image. To some extent because I imagined I was surprised as there were no violent
however, the target of a mother of a boy, you think it might be natural.
thought so. Fit for adolescents face every day, it looks as the no eye
course I hail, the body of a woman holding an interest in place Once sixteen of the opposite sex in your improvement instruments
The genitals of an urge 納Metai will find it helped. I felt resentment for the way I
just like the rape itself.
revealing anger and pursued the matter, my son burst into tears on reducing the number of units or as soon as you
. Explain the reason of things plainly, and make the same mistake twice promised by liquid nitrogen freezing,
I entrusted my son to accept the body.
a bath together, and told his son to see every inch of her body. I do get breast
, watching his son's eyes surveyed the genitals, even in the Gila about
I was excited. Son and obsession towards the genital skin of phimosis, the more striking from the front belly to rise
sled was made to blur the clear liquid. I slowly
it, including the mouth, after a lot of seizures and stutter a few times up and down the expired
semen is inserted directly next to no drop off my genitals as
and the son. But I will have a moment, my tongue fully genital licking in the first
say, it's also important to make preparations to teach women to accept.
son nodded in silence, staring at my crotch was lying on the mat, legs spread
clitoris with your fingers extended Press. When including the mouth, which I was trembling and Brugge
long time to feel the sweet pleasure of the son pressed over the head is thinking
. Flop in the tongue and gently lick once, or in the genitals with both hands astride
put my tongue in your fingers to rub the walls of the vagina to the uterus fiddle son can not settle for a few minutes
and complained, exhausted and wet enough to know that I also said to overlap like
just quietly. Larger body slowly piled up son I have a hesitation pushed
your stuff in my genitals to please, and less sweet oof
aloud whisper in my ear and my hips I started moving slowly rhythmic, long and thick
thing to understand is the son of the push to force the womb on my own nature
forget that my own pleasure, I was getting pleasure as a woman.
is pushed deeper things of a man like a woman, immersed in the fullness of time, is attacked by an indescribable joy
. So, rape is sometimes the body want it but I hate
. Want to be fucked into Raretai genital licking. Absolutely no desire to do the will of the woman as a human being still
not say that.
while one with his son, 過Girimashita suddenly my mind such a thing.
breath that his son will vary among the increasingly rough. Insert a few minutes time soon
underwent hip movement more faster, and make a voice and be oof the last time and again in my semen
also expired.
from the fact that there, and I am convinced my son and I love it, my husband has signed a secret treaty with his son
to come to light. My husband once every two months
will return Friday night, only you can finish asking me the type
, I am not satisfied. To the work location
husband to come home Sunday night so, I just want my son and I was waiting for the beast and I
Masu accordingly. The fact is good or bad, that ethics is never more 抱Kanai
is The Daily

Dad and I

I think maybe everyone can not believe I'm daddy and H.
Sunday lunch out because they are part Mom's alone with dad.
Dad while I start off your clothes with a smile coming to my room.
first time I did not want to shame really. But, it's allowed because I love Daddy.
Dad hit a happy face on the cheek while my small boobs.
beard is hitting a little sore.
come 吸Itsu Yukuchutokawaii mouth and whistled while the mouth, including the nipple.
"You're in mine all the time" while I stroked his head, this time in front of my face pressed to the penis out.
put on the tongue to remove the penis from the groin of the furry daddy. Blow
oyster from the way dad taught me many times already.
bag while tracing a finger, gently at first be soggy. The move came at a large penis with sufficient vigor.
"good, good. You're a good daddy" and gratified.
and can not fit into the mouth large enough dick, dad will come down to reach out towards me sleep on the couch.
clitoris and stimulate pointy, or trace the Wareme. I'll wet his pants as soon as it weaker. Soup came out
licking daddy licking. Pretty cute like a cat.
getting better and feeling more and more, you'll put your dick begging from me. Papa will come little by little into
while always kissing. Dad
contained nothing but think about the half of it great.
is hard to place your hand on hips, head turned white, "An,, Iyatsu, A, Un, Aan!"'re in a loud voice involuntarily. Last
'm huggy Copyright together while dad is determined.

My discourse incest

I have a relationship with 16-year-old son.
can be tolerated, but would not own, can not be suppressed desire
, 見計Rai son to the room at night between my husband's business trip.
home incest was common before I knew.
those with these desires, I was prepared for the squad and not just me.
son was masturbating with my underwear and was hiding Dzurashi before.
happy. From knowing about it, I'm for hope.
I can make a son someday. But Naka Naka chance Oto Dzurenakute from
I finally went to bed to get naked into a sleeping son. My son just woke
, seems to be quite surprised to not insert my son no time
lips and kissed him. All seemed to realize it.
was a long, long kiss.
never talked to my son, just one word, "Let me love Mommy," by itself. Unadzukimashita
son without a word.
I was naked with his son.
son's penis in 10 years. Sosori立Tta son penis larger.
Tsukimashita feverishly devour.
to ejaculate in my mouth vigorously soon.
Memorable first son ejaculation, longer felt.
delicious. Sperm of her son. All drank.
greed that came with my son with me afterwards.
me to lick my body.
my genitals in particular. I'm supposed to soaking
and at last become one with my son.
in my big fat hard cock son.
now in my head went blank.
in me and my son, the second ejaculation, watching my eyes,
and kiss me in hot splashes.
husband and I do not know is that my son,
son's real father, a husband is not. I know exactly
father, my son is born but definitely committed to their son
joy, if you understand how to read this sentence Kudasaru
believe the model.

Bachelor 5

Become full, so is also a part 懲Rizu 5.
a [sure] I'll write down the details.
far less to the person who is, please read inside. ○ ●
off so it does not even say in 中Tsu.

My discourse incest

My husband died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 62. I am currently 52 years old at that time. A single 28 year old son was
. The son and the husband died about a year ago, had become a male and female relationships.
'll Come over was simple. One night my husband was away, I was watching TV together. Then I became intense bed scenes
映Rimashita. Born in an atmosphere somewhat awkward to watch it was
. And that silence as Yaburou
, two people got together to compromise voice. I've met
the eyes of each other. At that time I already have a hunch that runs
Mashita. And were also inspired by the bedroom scene, the man felt he had
. My son seems to have become the same feeling.
I was a woman in front of me. I heard later on, so I felt at the time her son
. I noticed that he was being held. In front of the television. Certainly I've been invited
Masu son. And I've had accordingly. Just feeling at the time. "I thing!"
Thought it was a slow time. And this was going to turn back now.
the hot breath of his son was being poured into my body. I thought it was irreversible
Mashita. But my son was different. He was subsequently confessed. If you love me even after
There were many different end, I accepted the love of her son.
One of the reasons that convinced me, I think he probably had sex with. Tatanu
first day on the third day in relation to do so, cross the Orimashita him again. After my husband went
, a couple in our bedroom, the room falls. It was said
between assays. Coming soon stormed the room and pressed against me on the bed, took a quick
sure I take off.
"Must Not such a thing should not happen Yamete"
but said that resistance was useless thing. After all, I have no reason someone can match him again
. Became a full-fledged fellowship. My husband had more independence and
. I no longer had this woman, again a full-fledged sex with a woman he took
was tempered. I had forgotten the pleasure 包Mi込Mimashita body.
legs spread sloppily, he would take the piston.
bear had killed a desperate voice, dull and finally fighting back, with a moan I
turning his arm and body.
day I have with him the first time. Was held on the bed he was naked I was the first day
. From that day on I became her son. My husband is not known definitely paid close attention to the different
action is stopped in the house. My son like to meet outside.
at least once a week I could not be satisfied. In the love hotel to meet Tuesday and Friday night affair
repeated. My son is working overtime, but I say why schools with a culture.
only two hours, I became his woman. Kano was nothing to forgive all.
Out during a fellowship. Since there are no worries of pregnancy. Sex is also experienced. Just when my husband's sudden death was such a
night of the funeral, told me that word still mourn will never forget.
would allow someone depart husband still has a secret, I had regrets. I do
"you will be rewarded to see the things that really love each other and Yoshiko Noboru I think it will ease even
Dad. and leave it to you to say we received Yoshiko Noboru It. "
things that my son has a total floor before the altar may be insane, so we love Could I or
farewell evening was your husband and two sons with me.
愛Shi合Imashita overnight.
"you gave me with confidence so happy I'm happy to see"
and wet pussy with abandon, with a moan to my husband at the altar of vacant eyes < br> was shouting in my heart.

I envy my daughter

I've seen me. Son and daughter and righteousness

the age of 54 my husband 50 years 24 years 28 year old daughter

righteous son went to town on an errand for my daughter who lives , and I stayed at her place.

night, in a small voice from the next room
"I'll stay next to his mother"
"I mean, because I can not stand"
"Because no! endure this day Shiro! "
" I'm bigger I'll sleep here anymore Mama "

I was raised listening to the conversation of two people. kucha

began to sound, to know when is the foreplay. I have a sliding door open a little
覗Kimashita noiselessly.

just appeared in front of her son's penis is justified, eyes for an instant doubted.

is big. I'm a long time. Both hands holding my daughter, I go out the glans. I'm feeling
barely grasp the thickness. The girls

, replacing the posture, and under the caress her
at least 30 minutes without

righteous son, hid her face into a pillow was like, hear the voice now.

The cowgirl becomes, Yukkuri daughter went to sit down. His big thing all
from entering again, and was moving my daughter back in the kneeling position.

he "was 出Shitaku soon!'re wet and Anal become all fours!"
all fours and daughter as he says, contains all his big dick in anal went.
move in a circular pattern around the waist, and he seemed to her climax.
"Here we go! I'll give you! oof!" and said he seems to have ejaculation. He left in the anal
, next fall, about 10 minutes in the body of her daughter to me, my daughter is awake, remove the penis from anal, ass to me for , Blow had to clean his penis.
daughter anal open, spilling his sperm was scooped up by hand licking. SEX

about two hours while I was watching his comfort.

next day, his daughters As always, there for I am in the morning and back home that day.

I understand why he chose to do her good. Never
not handsome, rather ugly and I had decided
in a serious and good-natured personality seemed to be a decisive factor

I forgot her back to her,
writing this before I ordered by mail for LL-sized vibes. Oh ~ ~ I envy my daughter

Son and SEX

yuna himekawa[23626]
My son is now 15 years old this summer.
from low vision was born to a middle school is deposited around the orphanage, I went
similar group of people and life circumstances.
husband and son entered the school, but when the divorce was found partially sighted,
child support I got from the point that I helped us.
one occasion, there was a call from a dorm leader of the facility, its contents I was shocked I,
was around, so if you want understandable. Naka Naka
endless because it went back to the toilet son of a fellow teacher reported
駆Ketsuketara nursing care, and while it is hard in the bathroom with his genitals, a U
Itaso tinkering. I received a call that, but I blush to thinking, well
for parents to have discussions about furlough was decided three days. Head
day went by car, outside of taking lunch at a restaurant by the hand of his son,
is not a good time with the family a long time.
I, however, facilities for the conduct of his son caused enough, I can tell the news
not come out, I decided to talk anyway i go back home. Once you've
and welcome dinner the night Oh, my courage is the thing that touched. My son still did not answer
silent. Finally opened his mouth and heavy a few minutes, then
toilets on a daily basis to masturbate, and even more painful than my erection, I helped to make an impassioned plea painful and
. I confess plainly
Still facing down, so when my son wanted a feeling, this ability to say what
motherhood, 引Ki寄Semashi hand toward his son to take instant or.
-faced son was like surprised, to keep silent as you said I just nodded
to enact, and when I saw it as a mother I was ready.
it will not do this, and shame as exposing more trouble for everyone in the facility
Anyway, sorry for the people around than my son. But opponents of his son and my temporary Then,
better informed in the future for something that is not there any girls? Think so.
masturbate than repeating indefinitely, a real female body know why adolescents might be awakened to realize
new thing. As a man in a facility that will be embraced
I hope to do with it 繋Gare behavioral restraint.
I asked my son. I teach you a happy mother of a man,
Are you sure? This. My son did not know
translation is so early, breast 当Teta moment I hand my son,
seems to have understood its meaning.
to locking up, and boil the bath, I head to the bathroom
Mashita son by the hand. Placed in the nude with my son, my son continued 座Rimashi before or after I
. My son put a face to ensure that the intensity is low vision looks into my breast. Reach out and touch it
gently, yet small genitals of the sky quickly poked
Kiku. Ge
rough start breathing gradually grew, but now my hand from my crotch, my lord went into a bathtub
stop it first, and said raising and body wash
it. Like it was reluctantly agreed, as a complete body and brain washed over
few minutes and son hugged me from behind and can not stand 口走Tsu, its me by grabbing the left breast
押Shi倒Shimashita slowly over the tile.
I have had mercy on my son, hands outstretched to the vagina and crotch Sutsu
breast sucked in even when they were let free. The word according to
sit on, I lift up the hips and tummy while the Son many minutes put a face with the tongue kept licking
it as well. vaginal
think I am no longer full of fluid that was washed. Noises and splashing sound of water it will continue
son, and now I want to request yours
mouth moved. I
per genitals so far as any son, my best to serve my own feelings
I continued licking and sucking on immediately. Or from the youth, one in accursed than a minute but the mouth
expired without a lot of semen, as it is in a state of atrophy without 屹立,
me now son lying on the mat and are overlying, vagina immediately obvious in the wet was pushed
Innovation. Filled taste sensation shook the first time in years. This will only know what
son first heard a woman's body was crazy.
Nice to push up while hitting hard, lift the hips to put my hands under the waist, hitting the uterus intact
strong and repeated insertion of his desire in me to shout soon groaning I spit out all
then wash your body with each other, from the relentless libido son back to the room will remain
did not know that. Is tailored with morning near the end, that day was only part
were absent degree. But the son knew that fall into the spiritual body of the woman with the quote and I arrived
words, unlike this time so far back in the facility Sze got himself confident that job
me to say.
facts beyond a line anymore 覆Rimasen forbidden. But I have no regrets,
went to pick up her son at a sleepover once a month for permission, just
may also be staying in a hotel.
of the disabled is a serious problem, they want to have something healthy people do not understand
Masu. Good or bad society debate is over the fact that human beings apart from
made it, I want to Ru. Now I think it is honest.

My brother

I was raped by her brother seven years ago. I was shocked really. Now, some children are married,
to his brother at the time, sex had never thought I Want forced to be raped. Considering now, my brother seems to be the control of appetite was a lump.
I was shocked, rather than be committed, is that sexual desire had an older brother to me.
time, it was and I was dating the man also knew his brother well. Nevertheless, it was committed to his brother.
excuse my brother, and man I was dating was that sex that is unbearable. But I have a boyfriend and that even sex is not it.
virgin, is stolen by his brother. Chagrin at the same time, was also sick. Some days are tempered I wear something to eat.
that is fucked, no matter how hard you do for women, a man who seems to not understand.
many days to come in committed to be a nightmare, I would vomit every time. Shock, was crying every day.
older brother, I have sexual desires, that he had seen those eyes and I was shocked.
From my experience, the immediate family is what you have is to have no sexual desire.
If your brother's relationship Sematta want to satisfy your own feelings, which produces only result would be a tragedy.
and be unhappy with each other I think. Your brother is no exaggeration to say committed by you.
your feelings are just young girls, who are yearning to feel my brother, you just like to think that love is an illusion due to arbitrary interpretation.
your brother would feel is important. But the selfishness of a rape your brother over what it do?
any relationship with the relatives, the end result is sad. Now, even if the content is signed by your feelings,
will only end in tragedy. This, if you came to read, please let me finish please leave the feeling.
to satisfy your self, please 狂Wasenai one man's life.

Virgin 3

Vessels, abnormally excited that I just been watching old people naked in front of us, I'll have to scrounge from his embrace.

Reality Modorenai

The Ikuyo.
I realized the thread was full.
a little more about the relationship I wanted to quit and launch again the truth. It is a private
, last week I was in the hospital a few days away to the hospital sick.
signed about two months
relationship with his son every day as possible to accept his son had drowned in pleasure drunk, too.
might have been impossible without knowing for the physically and mentally well.
result was talking to my son, s have a relationship that led to it only on weekends and Wednesday.
other days you can not know, the usual parent-child relationship as before. about 2 hours until midnight
son so after a few hours talking,
but there is no convincing relationship has gone dozens of times,
Well, I mean that a break on weekends Please.
After all, these three days, I've been piled up in my son no matter. I myself fell
feelings, but it was negative thinking, what's really why they feel so accepted and still feel good son. Not
also in relation to the son Yasushi Ken there anyway,
we'll be continuing our relationship with my son without overdoing it. In addition

SEX with my son

I would like everyone to hear about my concerns. Our family is a family of three parents and children, a single husband (50 years old), myself (45 years old), and my only son (20 years old) . At first glance, it's a normal family, but in fact, my son and I have been in a male-female relationship for over a year. The first opportunity was at the hotel where I stayed in Tokyo with my son's college entrance exam. The exam was over and the exam was good that day, so my son drank beer and I drank wine for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel . I went back to the hotel, took a shower, and talked while watching TV in bed, but probably because Hirao drank alcohol that I didn't drink much, I felt relaxed and was influenced by the love scene of the TV I was just watching . Somehow it became a suspicious atmosphere. There are son in the meantime has been clinging to me Nari Ki. I resisted as much as I could, but I only wear one yukata, and I can't beat the power of a man. Bread from being taken off the tee, has been left of the son of mind. (But when I think about it now, I think I could have resisted more.) Unlike my husband , my young son did not decline at all with one release and released it into me four times until midnight , contraceptive I didn't have any, so it was all vaginal cum shot. The next day, we went home almost silently. On the way, I told my son on the Shinkansen, " Let's get rid of this, " and he nodded.I knew my son had been masturbating in my underwear since he was in middle school. I was always releasing semen into the panties in the washing machine, and I wiped it off carefully, but the marks remained clearly. The child masturbates in the underwear of his mother or siblings. Is such a story, well read any woman weekly magazine something to sometimes I do, I think may be unavoidable because it around, could not stomach troubled to less seriously was. However, I never thought that I was interested in my mother's body. After that, my son didn't ask me for my body, so I was relieved. After all, my son accepted his first choice at a local public university and did not go to a private university in Tokyo. Then, I decided to go to university from home. However, this led to a resurgence of the problem . To make matters worse, my husband was transferred to Fukuoka as soon as my son entered university, and I was transferred to Fukuoka alone . The relationship began again shortly after Golden Week ended and my husband returned to Fukuoka . Came into the son suddenly bedroom in the middle of the night, like a time of Tokyo hotel, such to scuffle again there was ¥, eventually does not win the force of a man, is plugged in what was warped by the son of the firm want I was there. After all, that night, I was pierced through my body and opened in the morning so much that I forgot the number of times all night. The good news is that I don't have a husband, and from that night my son came to me every night. Unlike when I was young, my husband hasn't asked me very often for the last few years (every two months).I was losing interest in SEX, but as my young son pressed me every night, my body gradually began to react, and I didn't show my attitude, but I'm looking forward to my son coming to my bedroom someday. I started to do it. Before I went to bed, I only pulled a little rouge, but I started to wear light makeup, and my physical changes and my mental conflict that I shouldn't stay like this continued. However, my son and I only he is not at home, even while continuing to men and women relationship is night, during the day gradually long ago saw went to the stomach, normally also adapted or to the parent-child conversation. However, Nari as accustomed accustomed children from that time, or looming kissing even during the day, touch my body now come I, gradually escalate, intersect Among the soon daytime bright house now. At this point, it's almost like a married couple. A woman is a sad animal. When my young son was pierced by something that seemed to burst, his body reacted without permission, even though he thought he shouldn't, and he got his crotch wet like a young daughter . Much living room carpet is discolored, island leaking love juice you have. The days when classes start late and holidays are approaching from the morning. Morning, and I was like cleaning up in the kitchen, while late occurred son of pajamas behind me or turn the hand from, although is hanging from the top of the apron, will begin to massage the breasts of D cup .. At first, I used to shake my hand, but lately I don't have that kind of resistance, and I'm overwhelmed by my son.I was left to be overrun. Son, was like like my big ass and panty, bout, after touching the breasts always turning the skirt from behind, with a press Guigui the face to my big ass from the top of the panties will come only. I'm embarrassed to pull my thighs tight, but then the joy juice overflows from the shame . My son puts his finger from the side of the crotch of the panties, touches the shame part wet with love juice, and whispers , "Mom is easy to feel, it's lewd . " I'm vulnerable to those words and get wet more and more. Recently, my son was like managed to see through my kind of habit, KOR blame in the embarrassing words and partition be. In the meantime, from the standpoint of parents and children from around the autumn of last year, many things breath in terms SEX made many this is the instruction from the operator, a position that went reversed. At that time, one day the package was delivered by Takkyubin. The sender Seshi of underwear mail order had become Lumpur. While I think to remember is not ordered, and try to open, what takes color it had also entered panties five are in. Black invisibility lace, front cloth is a string panty that is only about the size , a bright red T-back that I have never bought, H that is very disproportionate to my age It's all about things. Such as in the very neighborhood of super, if stuff that does not buy embarrassed was borrowed.When I asked my son who came home, he seemed to have ordered it online, and he told me to wear it. It's also worn during the daytime, not in bed at night. The son of the request reverse et al now wear pictorial, there is no Toshigai reluctantly underwear. Then from time to time also, under a similar adhesive is delivered by mail, is now in my chest of drawers, it is filled with these H system of panties. These underwear can't be hung on the balcony in front of the neighborhood, so I always hang them indoors so that my neighbor 's housewives don't notice. My husband will come back about once in February, but it is necessary to note also, that when Dan housed in a ball, we have placed in the storeroom. Recently, my son's request has escalated, and in early spring I used to go out and shop with such H-type panties (of course my son is also accompanied), but recently it has become extremely hot outside, so I have become lighter. However, I was finally forced to go out with no panties last Sunday. The stockings are not pantyhose, but old-style left and right stockings, which are fastened with a garter belt. So I have nothing to cover my crotch. When I stopped by a large supermarket in the neighborhood, my son wanted to watch a movie, so I went to one of the cinema multiplexes in the supermarket, but my son was happy that I was wearing no underwear, and he was in his skirt throughout the movie. I was sneaking around my shame, I was nervous at first in the environment inside the movie theaterAlthough I was, gradually you get used to rolling up feeling at the same time, only son of the hand, asthma symptoms Noboritsume many times we would Ide. My son seemed to feel great, and as soon as he returned home and closed the door, he suddenly asked for it. I was rolled up my skirt while wearing clothes at the entrance , and my son's hardest thing was inserted. Although the front door was locked, the unusual situation of my mother and son meeting at the front door made me and my son more excited than I had ever experienced. In the past, as expected, my son also refrained when my husband was returning, but recently, even if my husband is there, I have been kissing in a place that my husband can not see and putting my hands in the skirt. At times, I take down the zipper, put out something that is enthusiastic, and let me give a blowjob. Reluctantly easy simply it is to the opponent, but Mai has been pounding and of being noticed by the master. If you are exposed to your husband, your family will really collapse. Just when my husband was back in early July last week , this happened. I was standing in front of the sink and preparing dinner. My husband Li on the other side of the dining table was watching TV sitting on the Bing of the sofa. My house is a face-to-face kitchen, and my husband cannot see my lower body . My son, who came down from the second floor, opened the fridge and suddenly rolled up my one-piece skirt while pretending to drink oolong tea . Then lower the panties a little and stroke the buttTurn it. I think of being noticed by the husband, and do the eye towards the master, master Our parents turned their backs to the child, you have a look at the golf relay. My son gets on his feet, unzips his pants, takes out what's already hard enough , takes my hand and tries to hold it. I am a little bit rejected, but the son is such weaken the force because it is casting, grip the son of engorgement reluctantly, as always the hand grip just a little bit up and down Sasema was. Then, when I whispered, "Forgive me," I finally left me. After my son went, I lifted my panties down in my skirt, and my eyes became cloudy with tears . I'm completely a slave to my son. The immorality of his husband tightens his heart, but it seems unlikely that he will be separated from the indescribable sweet pleasure ecstasy of the moment when his son's firm anger pierces him. A really sinful woman.

Cousin in middle school

Come back from club and was in front of the house with his cousin and the cousin that the festival offerings. Cousin went back there for just because. Let him drink the juice from the fridge to take home on his cousin.
"boobs'm great. And Burata ° cup" was going to be impertinent. The exercises were under the shirt of the uniform skirt.
I said, "quite 子Domojan" 抱Kimashita saying.挟Marimashita my face because the milk is short. Toward the side to face averted, "the smell of lemon." Antiperspirant scent. .
"I have no hair on the side.'m still a kid. is the same with my sister." "In personal appearance, I'm due to blood." convinced to say no, "to lie about," says because, "You are growing," and asked,
"I'm an adult." would insist. So it will show each other and took the pants together. Depression and grew even had a penis injury. they look into the same Tsuto
, "But your sister's hair Sukunai Yo. I was just longitudinal muscle. DV is a woman, I'm more hairy." in line with her wispy Wareme only. . .
"~ Did it stand? Oh and do not watch ~" I put a hand to say.
"me too" stretched out my hand in the crotch and saying, laid the body to another. Extending Wareme my fingers so I rubbed abandon wearing spit clitoris,
I went immediately. Even quit, abandon your fingers so that the clitoris, to frustrating, because the script does not let me close with one as close to the foot,
will be going again. Imperceptibly into that has been lying still. 2 people still went according to the movement.
even after, to remove my bra, and about water and licking dick.
and experience in adult women, and told me so.
Now, with his cousin and the cousin relationship is reversed. Sometimes, 2 H crowd to meet.


Find this site with my son so much so that SEX was surprised.
one of them in fact I'll post the experience.
My husband is a son of a family of three.
has been in contact with my son like a friend from childhood, my son, "mother called out, I had tea," is called.
also grows, and the two often go shopping, or go to the movies. Son's grow up anywhere else,
good mother and do not want to be heard together Kita Ayumi, my son is such a thing will not be happy with a date. I feel really friends. When a son
high, sometimes with a broken hand in a motorcycle accident.
also been discharged from hospital, while the hands move and was in bed.
One day, I said, "not something that is not live?" It reminds me of my son,
"I had tea, I'm, I'm out of the accumulated ~ put out their own" and jokes Mashita. My son is 言Ttarashii
of a joke, a tent was bigger and suddenly he's there.
I said, "I'm not bigger" and laughed. My son, "Oh, yeah, I'll go down for a while and Oitara alone." Were laughing and saying.
However, a much higher age when boys are unequaled. Even masturbating every day, with enough time. Masturbation can not even state
使Ezu arms. Were true every day, but that time has put out it out.
think so, so cute son somehow, or have to think pretty.
I told my son "will'm trapped. Want me to put my mother?" he said.
son, "Do not do that embarrassing," he said. But I said, "Whatever, you'll be" started to take off his pants and his son.
son "Stop ~! embarrassing ~!" but resisted, saying can not use both hands for After all, the pants 脱Gaseru was easy.
And there came out, and the little boy says his son was already Kiku Hiroshi ill.
"is greater than his master. I wonder if anyone like!"
pat, I went slowly rubbed the little boy holding his son. What a pleasant
son, I had committed himself to gradually stop the resistance. the tip of your penis
son has put out juice. I did a tongue to lick at the juice stand. My son was Nokezotsu. And I did it to
Hoo張Ri fellatio big dick son's mouth. My son, "I had her stet. I like Lee," issued in full in the mouth saying.
son is embarrassed, "Oh it felt ~" "I had tea, thank you"
was saying. Then five hours Guratatta
Pm3: around 00, when I folded clothes in the room of his son and the son of a dry wash, son, "I had tea, just thank you.
, but I'll come and stand or ~ "I saw said, was bigger still. 1
you unequaled high indeed! My husband is completely different and resilient.
and son "from counting, Yannoomanko show over there," it said. I was a little Thump
Innovation. , And so I thought of 思Washita can not be helped because I'm me, "Dad will never realize it is not," promised to,
now naked in front of her son.
sharp eye on his son, my vagina feels slightly come away, little by little have been wet.利Kimasen a halt with two
this would happen.
and I feel like it, go down again with your son's penis. I say
舐Metai the son of my vagina, my son on the face of spans, with a style I did pee. My son has to lick Berobero
below. My vagina had been long enough 潤Tsu.
astride on his son, and you hold the penis, vagina Ategai own mouth, and slowly went back down.
enters your son's penis. I went further excite their guilt.
I sit, move violently, tighten the little boy was his son.
my son, "I stet" because without the little boy once said to his mouth in a hurry and did Shigoi up by hand. My son also release large quantities of sperm. SEX
several times and then make a date for the.
because I can not live in other provinces son went to college.
these things, they have not yet .. feeling my husband, son and a secret, just between the two. ,,

More like a boyfriend

But what was the first pressure. One a day now, twice to play relationship. My son is 17 but seems hard to bear. It is intolerable to the thrilling pleasure coming from the cracks, too.
to lead, how to go to another world feel. Even when I do endlessly.
from becoming the fourth year now, I'm familiar relationship. I'm the son of the invisible clitoris sucking son

Your brother-in-law's

Sister wife stayed home. When out of the bathroom at night with the sister Koe. Then, I was flirting with your sister and brother-in-law's.
H and I could hear words, there seems to touch each other.覗Itara gently from the balcony, my sister was taking off pantyhose and shorts from around the knee.
found growing in the back of the skirt of your brother's sister's hand.立Chi去Rou
I was, I was staring eyes and ears nailed to.
Then, remove the belt of your pants brother's sister,
I was down the zipper.
me, I have seen. That is, that the bigger your brother's.
sister also include it in your mouth. . . Even though I'm heart
Baku Baku, I became 離Senaku eyes. also found that there
my heat at the same time.
I have to say I skirts over there in my hands something to be motivated.
I've been there with them I stroked according to foul breath breathing rhythm and move your mouth sister sister. I was gradually getting
feel, what my own brother's mind the illusion
in the mouth. . . Iki
thinking I want with brother, while watching the actions of two people touching
there were intently.
I had such a long time. Your brother's
the "stet it," I just heard a voice that I had a cum. together with your brother's
I think that was probably squid,
my mouth they become full of 生唾, when it realized that it is a start, gulp and swallow the saliva Sono Naka I was.
生唾 me this was the same feeling as semen. I got out of
masturbation is the first time is guilty shame What with mixed feelings.
My sister and I all fours Tsukidashita ass. I started with the way my sister is there Mie whole. . . Even though I'm very shy
thought the same thing. When I went to put your brother's over there is moving around my twitching, I instinctively Germany. When I went shopping the next day
sister, your brother's came, I saw it and then imperceptibly panties yesterday I was taking off.
Suwaremashita over there. Excuse mouth was, we put a tongue in my mouth. I drank my juice.
I was put in there as it is going. I say again and again.

His father by force

Committed by force, I'm his father.
length skirt is too short or returning late Shiro or black hair, dark makeup that Zaittaranaindayo agriculture. And then I got started quarreling
"You probably do not have a man? What about?"
"I have! You better not funny!"
"I already did?"
"It is what"
"You have to array speaking of things that men and women?"
"This will do for you? We did nothing to mochi" <br > "What! What was not related!"
I punched cockhorse pushed down my cheeks my father. I was my father glared
"You feel I've finished yet? Let me down!"
said "this guy is stupid girl"
I kissed likes
"What O I escaped "
tongue of my father forcibly sucks, I took the clothes are wearing strip massage the abdomen of feeding my own saliva.
"wants to grow up and hair before Itchou! I'll do this!"
has put his mouth to suck in the lower abdomen. I let my father resisted the flap had been licking the feet grip the waist.
I came out from vagina nasty liquid that burst inside of me something.
"What are you feeling, too?"
was silent. Ategai a father and my penis into the mouth of the 69 positions "Give me suction Toshi Yuka!"
Had reluctantly sucked into the mouth.
to 20 minutes, I finally had to say.
"Les Lee Te father"
"I hope to put a Toshi Yuka?"
I had nodded.
"Try to put yourself in my father's things holding Toshi Yuka"
I was attracted back to the pits Ategai father grabbed a strong tension distention,
"Dad! come in! into Toshi Yuka! "
father piston repeatedly violently, striking the back," Toshi Yuka me tight! "
Ikimu with an emphasis on my ass" Oh Oh shut it good Toshi Yuka! "
Itte while I had my father put the semen.
Father has sent me a kiss 絡Meta satisfy the tongue.

Four bachelor

Good morning.

Also, I have over it.
in the second half of Part 3 but the battle was like criticism. The
, but I thought you already quit. Aeta
either told everyone anymore, your opinion becomes Ro No Audio stop, I will. In less does.