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Incest confession of women(2014-10)


Do not stop raising act of Sockpuppet?

That of a son

After three years my husband has died, I was fucked I became 50 years old single son of 36-year-old. Three months and passed for now, fellowship with son has an everyday affair. It can not be said to people, mother and child sex are son was taught'll have everyone this site, I learned for the first time. You would like to confess if you are reading here.

My incest discourse

To help are close relatives sex forced to help are close relatives sex forced to help are close relatives sex forced
to help are close relatives sex forced to help are close relatives sex extortion

Older brother

Husband after the death, I had to supporting encouragement me that lament the brother of the real. Six months before, overnight visited in Kyoto in cinerary, it was an unforgettable event.
Is finished ejaculation \"Kyoko, I'm sorry, Ma'm stabbed\" brother apologize to with the hand and, like me again to reprove and I a was good, was a night to remain in commemoration and memory.
Once in contact only, brother good you about does not compare to my husband. Now that became widow, was I have issues with I do not need to withhold. Then, there is a phone call from my brother and to cleanse enters body in the bath, we are waiting.

I also ... a nephew and H

 Well I have gotten me also to look the [here] of the site.
Last month of consecutive holidays, nephew went out Terra is drive by car to the operation, to Yokohama to use the Aqua line!
I am nephew and children also Naku~tsu a punishment 1 that like cute children for me.
But on the return of this day, nephew for me, was staying on behalf of boyfriend.  After eating dinner in Yokohama hotel, and received a confession from a person of his nephew, no matter how you take anything I gonna of your aunt, but was accomplishment gently eventually, it led to one and nephew take the hotel room.

Do you like horny wife?

H a wife woman who had to know once this kind of stimulus is also an opportunity to get to know and is either? H a wife like ... in you can not escape from its pleasures. You'll see? Please contact us if you are looking for a stranger wife of M slaves. On the other hand, does not change the fact that not escape even temporarily the queen also obscene delusion in M male recruitment. No such thing as meeting with M guy in real life .... S Female M men also ride to the consultation. ○九○六三一二六一四八

I've been naughty brother

yuna himekawa[18699]
I am 19 years old college student. There is a brother just turned 12 years old to me. On the day that do not have this before parents, saying Hey, I'm about to enter the bath together for the first time in a long time, I have gone and entered the place where his brother is on. I wonder about 5 years.
Brother sister brother probably'm ashamed to serving? What're shy. But I thought it just a'm a tired of seen Tekkiri because I used my brother hide before, dick is'm standing Tara ..... Ototo~tsu whopping After doing Doke the hand of his brother quickly.
I was surprised for a moment painting. 'Cause I thought it' Cause I'm excited as an adult man to see me naked.
Oh, it's happened. Rich, it. Did you got up to see my sister naked?
I was Tatamikake brother ashamed but his brother was made ​​Let's jump out from the bath shame but I was raised hugged Caught from behind.
I'm sorry. Rich. Kidding.
In No bashfulness. But I've been your Nechanbikkuri. Yutaka Nante had become such around anymore.
Even give hug from behind, my sister, away. Get out anymore.
I would hold the cock brother brother because even try to escape it. My brother is now packed moment.
The network, then this is your sleeping properly. I was raised hugged wait to say so.
I do not that embarrassing. So. Ne.
Show, the sis. Hey, sis's also naked. I was raised against the tits jerk and say so.
It is likely to become a long time it is not put together well. Also, I will write this continued.

Relationship with father

Raised to father a virgin in celebration of 20 years old, tied the father to select the day of ovulation that day, we love one day with my father most that day. And work hard to Chichigako making, one week position becomes sex galore and father, and I have the brilliant pregnancy. When you go to bed every day junior high school sophomore, sleep also bath and I also it together, and let them breathe in like a red Chang daily tits, his son will let them diverge in the back welcomed in me also son. We are asked to put in my father also still in good spirits. To accept the uterus the semen of two people, the skin does not lose even youthful freshness. How will the beauty is to absorb the semen of two people I thought, it would became a stimulus massaged and then sucked his son every day breast, size also becomes large cup bra is made ​​to B cup from A cup is like there. I will love one go to the hotel secretly the father. I'm going to teach the truth someday the son. I think not get laid down probably today. Voice to be heard or to father Yes, you should not if you're not careful.


My body had become sticky saliva anymore brother. Much to do that even do not mind, I was received by the uterus of the semen brother clinging to his brother in the whole body. I was also cowgirl SEX I made ​​up sometimes. Brother was ejaculation immediately intense hip swing. In this way it was Yuki cedar long night. Parents to come back the next day, my brother and I also was SEX in bed all day naked. And a shower, it was SEX in bed as it is to eat breakfast. Brother ejaculate in the vagina back of my many times, I was also received by the uterus the semen of his brother. We were embraced in naked in bed until three o'clock in the afternoon.
Hiding in parents, we asked each other the body afterwards. Brother to the cum in my vagina many times, I was also received by the uterus it. Ova of me to fertilize the sperm brother No way, I did not not even think at that time. I can not say the parent Nante was pregnant with a child of his brother 17 years old. I think it tries to sneak Sanmo, the children of his brother love.

It was not pregnant dad.

You are in the stomach of the child's father now real. I went into the seven weeks already. I was a tavern drinking only girl return of job hunting barely graduated near the college. It was a shop uniform 280 yen snacks pocket money because less. It's happened that night ... will return home late night talk girls also momentum. And I think that bad and raising the dad, I went to open it so as not make a sound the heavy door apartment. But the lights were not drinking at the sofa ... is ... Papa in the living room. Someone is drunk and I'm pretty ... (Papa Tadaimaa) in a small voice, or not it was late Yumiko Looking back at the eyes and Tron! It was the name of my mom died when the third grade elementary school. Huh? 's Mami I'm daddy ... Mami! did you chat para drunk? The ... Papa I pique has not heard it I was led to the marriage with love at first sight to recruit appearance of Mom usual words of Papa today Nante melon two to Mom recruitment figure of obscene words ... I recruit figure of Yumiko Mr. I felt the words disgusting extra because it was well-liked when he Tsu. Then pull strongly my hand suddenly, Dad was laid on the sofa. ...............

The son ...

Thing also I had been fucked by son attending to university Ni will allo.
My age is 45 years old.
But, if accustomed to such a thing even once,
... I'm not closed to the after

Incest family

Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of Nishikawaguchi 2-7-3-703 in the dead of

Woman who had to know the joy

 This is the life 36 years old now, the only two people and one son. Actually, I had a mistress, but gave birth in pregnant, was junior high school enrollment 13-year-old son now. Difficult if there Iloilo it is have them recognized, asked to the way live in two sons and eventually, it has has a life without inconvenience and son, and doting son, and the nipple since I was in elementary school now We are not sucked tits moistened. Breast milk does not come out, but we sucked every day like a baby.  Bathing also together, and sleep or you are sleeping together in a double bed of me, but there also be up late at night studying, son to sleep in the bed of my room also becomes more recently, sleep with me will also be Toka weekend, still graces the <tits>, I had let them suck her tits as much as favorite to include the nipple into the mouth of my son, I contact the skin embraced the son When we were not sucked tits And then I noticed it to have touched roughening of the son becomes hard to thigh of me. When you issue the nipple from the mouth of the son, I kissed and son, but because that was every morning kiss, it is not particularly surprising, but it was not showing naked it together the bath and son, but the dick I without even show in particular, I was usually, but it was the last Saturday night.  Whether such why, I do not know even now, Have undressed shorts son, show open the dick, and I was welcomed to tell me. Without many minutes at first, and I accidentally released into the me, but pushed up the uterus poked and also in good spirits while inserted, it will raise the voice, son challenge also that night again and again, me too and cried indecently, it will seek son, I was challenged in almost overnight. When it becomes one with his son, it had become a woman, not the mother. It was thought incest mother and child and the world of the novel, but I know the joy that is tied with his son.

A very bad experience

I am 47 years old. Twelve years ago, on the morning of May, my nephew, who was in the third year of high school at the time, called me, "I have a consultation, so come to pick me up at the station." What would it be like to talk to me one day at school? Thinking, I drove to the station. I got him in the car from the station and headed home. When I asked him in the car, "Did you get scolded by your father?", He said, "That's not true. I'll talk about it later." About his home He sat in the living room and began to smoke with a cheeky feeling. He handed him the ashtray that was in the kitchen, saying, "I'm still a high school student, but it's no good." "I still have laundry, so I'm resting there. Don't hesitate to lie down," I said. He approached me, "Let's lie down together," hugging from behind and grabbing the left and right breasts painfully. I said "No!" And bent my body into a dogleg and tried to escape from him, but he hugged me with even more force. I can feel his own feeling that is already full in my ass. This time I stood in front of me and tried to kiss my nape, but escaped from his lips saying, "Don't leave a mark!" Giving up on the kiss, he tucked up my shirt, revealing my left breast from the bra and crazy about it sticking to my nipples. "It's soft boobs." "○○ was drinking ..." I said. After regaining his composure, he tried to leave, saying, "I've always liked you ..." "No, my uncle scolds me."But he won't let go of my breasts. Such a bird continued for several minutes. Roughly, I continued to be stimulated by the most sensitive nipples, and I felt like a woman. Then he gently reached into his crotch and touched himself, which was tightly packed . , I squeezed and squeezed himself twice lightly with my fingertips to confirm. The woman's heart is on fire. "I've made it so hard ... I see, come over here," he said to the guest room. With only the mattress, undressed and lying down, he turned his back on me naked and took the skin out of the casket. When I asked, "What happened to that? Did you buy it yourself?" He turned around and replied, "Yeah." I was relieved in a sense that he was thinking about contraception. After putting on the skin, he turned to me and said, "Is this okay?" "Yeah. It's okay." The moment I saw it, I was surprised at his own strength. It was pulsing upwards so that it would stick to my stomach. He sat on my legs, lying on his back with his left and right knees closed, with my legs wide open. He put his hips close to my crotch and tried to break into myself with his hand, but only about the fifth time he discovered that part and piled up on me . But he himself didn't reach deep into me, so I said, "Come higher." He moves his hips by saying "Yeah." I welcomed him deep into me as he moved . "Can I move?" He said. "Yeah. Good."He started to move his hips. His movements were monotonous and I didn't caress my favorite breasts, so I wasn't very good at it, but I was able to feel enough orgasm by moving my hips according to his movements . .. Eventually his movements became faster, and when I sensed his orgasm, I opened my legs wide and hugged him, and at the same time he popped in me many times . "Is it okay?" He said. "Yeah, it was lovely," I said. After this, he said, "I really wanted to go to a love hotel from the beginning. So let's go to a love hotel. Let's take a bath together and have sex again." But I said, "It's hard if someone sees you there." And I sent him back to the station. I spent less than an hour with him that day. From that day on, he had a relationship with him only after he got married. Until then, he refused many times, saying, "I'm my first woman, so I just want to hold him again." However, it is also true that he was jealous of his wife because he got married. So I may have accepted his invitation. I still have a relationship with him.

Younger brother is husband part 2

I was interrupted by the preparation of my dear brother's dinner. That's why I slept with my cute little brother all the time. Compared to me when I was 6th grade, who grew up to be the 12th among my classmates, my 3rd grade brother was the smallest in my class and spent most of the week on the same futon without any resistance. But it was around that time that my brother's behavior began to change little by little. At that time, I had already passed the first tide, and although the days may have shifted a little, I had my period every month and had grown to a larger breast than my fine aunt. Before menstruation, the breasts were stretched and the tip of the nipple was sensitive, just like now that she has become a woman. At the beginning of the tide, I received various lectures from my aunt, so I was able to accept my period without any worries. The problem was my younger brother ... When I was a toddler, I slept while touching my deceased mother's chest every day, and my deceased father often said that he couldn't live without his mom because he was an alien. I was there. When I think about it, I feel sorry for my younger brother who lost his mom. From the beginning of my first tide, I hear "onee-chan" in a small voice to check if I slept. At first I didn't know what it was, so I replied several times. "What? Shin-chan" "Nothing." I slept after giving a reply that seemed to be off the mark. One day I pretended to be asleep and watched ... I heard the same thing and then didn't reply . It looks like I'm staring at my face . After a while, my younger brother started to touch my chest.Just before my period, when my nipples were touched by a sensitive area, I made a whisper for a moment. My younger brother was surprised because he didn't know what happened for a moment ... Oh, he's a cute younger brother ... I'm sorry Makoto-chan, I was surprised because it hurt a little here. Oh, I'm sorry, my sister ... My younger brother who apologized gently led his cute and still small hand to his chest and hugged him. I've always missed mom's tits, because if you're happy with your sister's tits, you can touch them. After that, the day I sneaked into the futon was always more than touching my chest. I noticed from the middle, but when I was a younger brother, I put one hand in my crotch. Was that the beginning of masturbation? My younger brother, who started to grow up gradually for several years, didn't come into my futon so much because it was too small for two people to sleep. But before I go to bed, I lightly touch my chest. By the time I became a junior high school student and the summer vacation was over, I was bigger than I was a high school student. Even so, I will never forget the touch before going to bed like a ritual ... By this time, my hug was gone. But from that time on, I felt a smell I had never known before when my younger brother returned to the room for a long time. But I knew it. One day my younger brother, who didn't realize I was back, was lying on my bed below and squeezing his penis while pressing something on his face to the left. What I saw from the slightly open sliding door was the appearance of my younger brother with panties.I was supposed to wash my panties after I got home, so it's dirty, but ... I was thrilled and gently left the place and went out once. I don't remember where and how I walked at that time, but my aunt on the way back from the part called out to me as I was walking with a daze on the way. You might have thought that the situation was a little strange, but is it a sensitive time? However, my aunt returned with me while talking unilaterally in the same conversation as usual. When I got home, my younger brother greeted me with my sister and aunt as usual. I'm sorry my aunt ... I didn't wash it in a hurry this morning so I'll do it now. I wasn't wealthy, but there was a dryer here, so I did a lot of laundry at night. As usual my panties and bra were at the bottom as I could. My younger brother had returned as before. Speaking of different things ... something is arriving ... and ... that smell Oh, I knew that this was the sperm that the boys were talking about. I found out the cause of the smell that my younger brother often used his sister's underwear to do this kind of thing. It was so sudden that I couldn't see my brother over there, but what was it? Suddenly my younger brother seemed to love me again. I will report again next time.

Brother husband

To talk now
it is the story ... I Mako (a pseudonym) 33-year-old brother ... Shinji (a pseudonym) 30 years old.
Us siblings you lose in a traffic accident aligned parents early was taken over in a couple of brother father.
You will remember that it was around the illumination of Christmas began to be decorated just.
No children to uncle couple, we have carefully nurtured enough to seem a child more real until it moved to Tokyo independent we are aligned. I was Natsuki too soon (small one at the time) brother was a crybaby. It was not a wealthy much, but narrow park living is also was not hate. Rooms smallish 4.5 tatami mats between 6 ... our kitchen ... dining room ... uncle couple. Uncle couple bought me a new bunk bed. Brother was the stage under I above, the younger brother of Ya lonely in the shop slept soundly until morning dives my futon. It was there unbearably cute cute from my sister. I will continue next time.

I got my sister pregnant

A 10-year-old sister (38 years old) divorced. He seems to have complained to his parents every time he returned to his parents' house because he was infertile (as I learned later, he just thought he couldn't have children ) . Therefore, I heard that the couple seemed to be jerky. Speaking of which, I am currently living apart from my wife, and I am planning to officially divorce my youngest child by next year when he graduates from college. Meanwhile, I received an email from my sister for the first time in a while. Maybe it was hard to say on the phone, it was an email. Brother, Long time no see (^^) You know, Yu I divorce Surundaa even Dad and for a while I have the secret to Mom I phone give me when you're good at a convenient time tomorrow Well ... was a short e-mail. I didn't really like my husband, who was the same age as me, and my nervous personality didn't seem to suit me at all, and I can only remember exchanging words. I felt relieved in my heart. The next day, although I was small, I was running a company, so it was easy for me to have free time, so I had an early lunch at a Chinese restaurant in my neighborhood and called my sister. Perhaps I was waiting, it felt like it came out before it sounded again. The contents of the phone call were as follows. I've already filed a divorce report and want to leave this apartment as soon as possible. I want you to stay in my brother's apartment for a while.Luggage or disposal, ... even in today because are entrusts to lend container Ha? today? I have accepted the voice of my sister. Half a year ago, my lover, who was younger than my sister, was almost soaked in it, so I guess I refused it, but suddenly I said that I would make a match in the middle of my life, and after half a year without communication , I will give up on her. This event came to my mind. Later that night my sister pushed my bell a little earlier than the time I told her on the phone. The younger sister I saw for the first time in a long time had a chubby system that seemed to be healthy rather than being sick. Did you get a little fat after a long time? I'm not so fat, isn't my brother hungry? What was your body shape when you were a student champion? While saying, I imitated my lower abdomen. I didn't know how to teach karate to such a younger sister. As soon as I entered the living room, I took a shower because I sweated, and took out my underwear and pajamas, which seemed to change clothes, from my suitcase and headed for the bathroom. She's a sullen sister, singing a humming song and singing in the bathroom. There's an older brother and a woman ... The younger sister who came out said ... What kind of person is she using such expensive shampoo? Oh forgot ... I was fluttering and didn't clean up the bathroom! I was surprised at my sister who stood in front of me saying that I broke up half a year ago. What a thin pajamas ... you can even see the nipplesYou can clearly see that even the shorts are black ... My sister when I was teaching karate shouldn't have had such a big chest, but she was a little rounded, but her body was completely a woman's body. Did he notice that my eyes were on my sister's chest? She said with mischievous eyes. I've grown big since I got married ... I've been teasing me with a laugh, though I haven't been touched by anyone for years. That was the beginning of the problem. Originally I and my sister, who love alcohol, drank alcohol for the first time in a while. As I get drunk, my eyes go to my sister's chest ... I haven't touched the woman for half a year, but I'm looking at my sister's chest and stiffening the lower part ... My sister should have noticed I'm pretending I don't know, and I'm having a conversation like nothing ... I was awkward and headed to the bathroom to take a shower to get drunk. Enter the bathroom ... oh! I forgot this too ... Love lotion. My sister should be watching ... the door opened where I thought it was a little embarrassing ... eh? There was a naked sister who didn't wear anything. What's wrong? I'm just looking at my brother's breasts ... I'll touch you ... I suddenly jumped because my reason was drunk. Onii-chan, are you on with this lotion? As soon as my sister said, I took the lotion cap roughly and put it out with a buzzing noise in my right hand and smeared it on my sister's chest and crevices. My sister was surprised at the penis that was all pink in my head.Did you get excited about how big your brother is? The lotioned penis seems to pop at any moment. I put my hand in the bathtub and inserted it into the pussy from behind my sister at once. Speaking out of my throat, my sister shook her hips as if she had convulsions. Vaginal pressure for the first time in half a year ... My sister's vagina was ... it was the first time I was so tight ... Yu ... I'm out! It's good, it's good ... It's okay to put it inside, so die inside! As soon as I say it, I put a large amount of sperm in my sister's pussy. My sister said to me when I suddenly returned to myself and became embarrassed. Thank you for your brother ... It was nice for the first time in a long time ... Get out more ... I got caught up in my sister's words that were mischievous again, and I heard my sister's dying loud voice many times until morning. After a long time, I also put it out in my sister three times in bed. A few days later my sister got a job at my company and started to spend every day with her. One day my sister, who was piled up every other day, told me that she was pregnant if she used the test drug because she had no period. Yes, infertility was my sister's misunderstanding. He seemed to think that it was his fault that he couldn't have children. I felt a strange sense of superiority when I learned that it was because I didn't have the offspring of that disliked ex-husband. Well, we are waiting for the birth of a child, thinking that we have to think about the future .

Man and woman, even mother and child

yuna himekawa[18396]
When I think in many places, my confession is, and be read to many people, something is very Kashii shame.
It is a continuation of this before, but until recently, the son who was taking a bath together in one person, and it is! Have that feels good, I was very excited, I Kashii shame, but the
hair also grows still son While imagine no penis, I quickly was one. Since that day, I will now monitor the behavior of his son.
Of course, it is so that it is not noticed. Son, seemed to pace was much once every two days to small so much what.
It is to say that coming home from school, to go to the bathroom, and when confined to the room immediately after that, and have. I twist the knob of the door and take the plunge,
but I will Yes over the key indeed. Son was angry noticed the sound, with the red face and (seems to have excited) and white knock.
Of course, penis there is only about three centimeters has become hard. to say that \"What happened, it? want to pee,\" said I, grew hand over there son.
Son drew herself surprised but said \"Come on, let's go to the bathroom together\", and you should then be not escape behind your back the one hand,
we turn stroked the penis. Without a thick part of the whiff of earlier, though, unfinished penis is like a pencil chubby little still. The spear was in his hand a little,
I was sure happened this time. Very small, it is like a pachinko ball. Then, suddenly twitching started to move, it is gone.
I was surprised a little even in such a small penis, and to the movement of ejaculation, but, sperm did not come out as expected. Peel down, son, was shaking the whole body at that time.
If you look at the face, it had Kamikoroshi voice and clenched teeth. Its face, seem very cute, hand, I have to say that \"not'm Toilets,? Either tries to get in the bath,\" said while touching the penis.
Little, penis is, had become soft and because after, but when are Momimomi, has become hard little by little.
I thought to try and H son leave this (it is not possible to insert course) I was denied to his son what. Son, I had holed up in the room.
It is a very If I had to master this thing. Opened the key, I was persuaded gently. I will confess at the next opportunity also, it is at that time.

Do good in revenge

It may be was arranged marriage on the recommendation of the boss of the company, but the opponent was subordinate to the previous me, is the son of the person who became officers currently. After marriage with her ​​husband, it is a translation that became the father-in-law.
In fact, the father-in-law, he was the illicit relationship between director age from manager. was liquidated terms when he became an officer, but I did not completely give up. An attempt was made ​​to make him stop somehow also commensurate with her ​​husband, talk is of settled him, but I managed to get married partly because her husband also liked me, it was the intermediary of the president and his wife.
After marriage, we revived the Naka from me as a matter of course. The so-what attitude the first child from can, father-in-law that was also intimidated, now received my body aggressively at first. At least, it would be a child of the father-in-law for me but it would be a child of the husband, but it is the same pedigree basis. After all, two children were able to get married, but since the relationship to continue with two people, blood type also is the same or a child of either, I do not know that it is not even in the inspection of the DNA. Children, are also similar to her husband as was the child of the father-in-law, apparently will not be noticed first.
You have table sorry to her husband, but this is also a kind of revenge against the father-in-law that has forsaken me.

My memories, embarrassing

19 years old, was a life of two family members, when I'm dry the laundry, son, so were watching a DVD in the living room, what I seen was a widow of 39 years old, son in those days my body, came hot when you see I was watching a screen that has a sex Once in the living room while applying and voice of yl, under the pants of her son had been inflated, and to see such a thing Now I've mad what son, and've got to if you turn off the TV in Yu~tsu and Desist, and heard of had shouted that it's looking to allusions to me, and want to mom sex Maybe that we have, it's got to be Yu~tsu I'll want to. Son is that we have Yu~tsu that it'll good to have sex when it is good in me, when we want to quickly and was invited to try to enter the bath quickly, me sex, and go to the bedroom to wash the body quickly to his son when we want to \"embarrassing me,\" two people were the instructions of've Yu~tsu, and I went into the bedroom naked wash the body I also soon, and please enter into the futon and take off what you are wearing quickly to son I feel good son came licking tits at Once inside the futon, and came to lick the inside of crevices After pointing fingers and please lick here son, and crotch while tuck feels Ah, the head of the son When you call out to be gonna good to put into know and Yuku open, feels good Oh, juices, comes out overflow from the back of the crack, son, Chinpoko son son that we have across the top It was becoming want Gillet to see, and I was surprised because it was long and thick and hard and if you touch, the son is trying to put the Chinpoko in the crevices, and from tardy. I have across the top of the son Oshide press down on the son, Chinpoko is I came into deep crevices After dropping the hips pressed into the crack the Chinpoko, I feel good sex after a long time, the stiffness of the son you feel very After shaking the waist riding on top of, you feel, I'll feels really, are you aloud son voice A~ua~u, oh, oh, and the votes would come up, and I feel good I feel good mom, and above the son When you put on that we've overhung nephew, \"sex, the experience like the first time\" there is no ginger in heavy It was raised spread your way of sex, son waving the waist while being kissed, A pleasant Ah, A , while aloud cormorant, cormorants, and Wu while aloud son and voice votes will come out also feels good, and feels good, sperm was coming into the crack, you've put out in the mom, okay Now I've heard that for such, it was raised though through'm all right because it is safe date, Soshitara son because it try to remove, it was lying and embraced his son by Yu~tsu and not remove bad, not me when you are done in this state Since becoming hard Chinpoko son erection After resting and lying down while kissing complete combustion son, across the top of the son I hold the leadership prefecture, by discouraging the hand on the chest of his son It feels good feels ho-hum to come push-up while rotating son tuck my ass if you clung to the body of feels son in the crack feels ho-hum of rotating the hips are sound and pin Chopi Chopi Cho is in the pleasant crack waist is likely missing

The Ino feeling

Sex with son, one year has elapsed. Son has been fucked a 21-year-old college student, summer vacation last year. Naturally, I resisted desperately, but I was committed. Two days later, I was forced again after my husband was attendance. Was resistance at that time, but I would have been inserted.
Son's approach violently flesh ripe my cock is near multiples of the master of violent caress son, and caress, relentless. Imperceptibly, mind and body I am lead to joy. Once we have sex with son a week even now.
I am a stupid mother. As a woman, I would be drowning in sex with son. [Aaa, and information about more and more Aaa, it 's good § Oh, gonna be really] I it was horny so, my flesh is said would have been flowering by son No way, I am the mother I thought it was the one woman before.

Life with son

Son is divorced, and came back to stop some companies working in Tokyo. It is thought that ,, chest hurts I have parted with her ​​husband violence and Liquor. Mamanarazu also looking for work in the countryside, which had been confined to the room otherwise. I was invited to a hot spring trip I like.
Meal is over, I went into the bath. Futon is Yes side by side when you come back, my son was lying on the futon already. Oh, I asked and slept again, it was a son and nodded \"Well\". To the futon next to, I had also continued to idle talk. Then, it's came to the futon and I suddenly think, son whether said, \"good mother\". Out of the futon half the body, yukata is turned up to at that time surprised, pants I was sticking out. When you respond to \"I'll say, say it because it is now, but because I did not accustomed to that person like, I gonna happy\" and said, \"Mom, I'm sorry various\" I from my son, and has been clinging to the mother.
Did you mean \"\" It has become bigger it is touching the thigh of me \"and\" divorce before, and \"there was no after a while, it is kiss, tongue rampage in the mouth, a parent-child relationship is Yuki faded directly below. I rubbed the chest to his son, also long been caressed to bottom from the nape of the neck, hand to cock son insidiously. When it comes to looking to broaden the foot naturally naked shorts are also taken off, \"Iyayo would be parent-child, Dameyo\", as the son of the beast, I was committed to me.
\",, To go ,, pass away\" while calling the name of the son, \"Mother, may I\" son uterus at the moment of \"the ,, in coming, in, issue\" son while beat, it was out in me at while feeling the heat, I also I have said. \"Thank you mother's, and I was really good\" to, \"I'm good, I wonder what years\" while immersed in the afterglow. I slept hugging naked as that night. The next morning, eyes shark loud Nakai-san, I was hiding in the face futon ashamed. Return, said, \"I was good Mother\" Place your hand on the thigh of my passenger seat son, I also hand to crotch \"I also I was good\" son. From the next day, sex life with his son began. Said to his son, naked wearing no underwear, in bed, now is very happy in the house.

Family silly

It is Mika housewives in their 30s. I thought a few years ago, being fucked by people of the town that married, and falls to the point where you fall in this, and I came back the beginning of the year towards the home.
But, people in the town dug out the whereabouts of my day-to-day several times a week, you can be left in raw × skyline and ○ Hiroshi a nearby park, or gang-raped has continued now.
My Saturday evening at the end of May, being fucked by seven as usual, dick also in the stomach also in the intestine was also returned with his semen full of, had been washed away, \"traces\" in the bathroom .
And I've seen my brother finally, the site. \"Sis, this is the poorly\" I brother was Tsumeyori, but the place was somehow prevarication. But, I was sweet.
People in town, I got to talk everything brother. And I was ... Ototogai in front of me that next weekend, and put on the car as usual, was taken to the gangbang site.
It was resisted desperately, but it was useless. On top of the dick brother is naked, was laid ... pressed the limbs, ... brother had been very excited by force.
In the eyes see something prey, brother gave me wash the bathroom of my parents, me became mushy in semen as usual ... again and again been thrust up from the bottom.
Day there is no gangbang ... from the day of the night, my brother's got to come in Shinobun always. ○ ...
I also not Kobame brother rubber also with no, with excitement that unlike the people of the town and her husband, brother of school students was felt abnormally. One day she feels good voice must've been great too, I quickly found my father when you have sexual intercourse with his brother.
Moment ... Father you wanted to get angry Remove the array, being fucked by people of the town on the weekend and whether the heaven whether the hell from ... it to my mouth, 3P ·· of his brother and father on weekdays every day is the storm of sex.
It will also sought when the physiology course. People of the town, seems to bet what I conceive of who the child. ... The children of the father and brother of the real in this state