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Incest confession of women(2017-10)

Relationship with father

yuna himekawa[32657]
Last year, he said, "Where is your house?" Whenever he came, he would call him home. Surrounded by garden plants, it is normal to love with my father in the room during the daytime on holidays, and there is a double bed for that purpose, and the bed is exposed to the sunlight through the trees, so it is natural to love each other from daytime. It was. It's been about five years since my mother died, and my relationship with my father was triggered by a word my mother said to me while I was in the hospital. <Take Care of My Dad> ... Open your body to your father, become a woman, know the joy, and burn into a relationship that you can't tell. I am 24 years old and my father is 52 years old. After breakfast  that day, I finished the laundry, and after my father dried the laundry on the second floor, I took a shower with me, wrapped only a bath towel and entered the back room, became loved, and my father straddled my father's face and shook the dick. Licking and sucking, licking at 69, cowgirl, sitting, lying down from behind, this feels and loves endlessly with the missionary position. The bust is 2nd place higher than before, probably because my father often sucks and rubs it.  It seems that he came when he was in love with each other, but neither I nor my father noticed, and I was absorbed in love with each other.  A few days later, "I went to your house ... with my dad ..." I was surprised and never thought he was watching me, "Nobody I don't say, I'm surprised, I thought you weren't. " I've parted from him ever since, but I have no idea of ​​leaving him to a man other than my father.

Rape Aunt

The other day, in Buchikon me thick Big Penis in vagina of unreasonable aunt next to the aunt, doing Once, the Ah

Mother raising her voice with pleasure

About a week ago, in the middle of the night, my 18-year-old son came into my sleeping room and said something. I just fell asleep and didn't know what my son said, but I felt something extraordinary from my son's appearance and said, "No! It's no good at all" and turned over with a futon. However, my son got into the futon. Hugging me from behind "Lick my mother's pussy because it's okay once. You can do it with me. It's okay. You only have to do it once. Please. I want to do it with my mother and I'm going to die I crawl my hands from the top of my pajamas pants to my crotch while arranging obscene words. I shook my son's hand and tried to get out of bed, saying, "No, no, no," but it only made him more excited. My son was naked and had his genitals erected. When I saw it, I suddenly lost the energy to resist, and I felt like I was going to let my son do what he wanted. I took off my underwear, saying, "I'm sorry for my mother. I can't stand it anymore." I was immediately stripped naked, lying on my back and wide open my crotch. The embarrassment had already passed, and without feeling any anger, I just cried sadly, but that was only a moment. As soon as my son started licking my genitals while snorting, I realized that a tremendous amount of pleasure rushed in and my love juice gradually leaked against my will. The son makes an obscene noise and sucks the vagina, sharpens the tip of the tongue and goes through the vagina.I felt so good that I didn't know what it was. The next intense pleasure struck when my son inserted it. When I thought I was being raped by my son, I felt a dying pleasure, and every time a thick, hard, hot meat stick was pushed, I made a voice. My son was exhausted in a short amount of time, but I spilled my love juice so much that the sheets were full, and greedily sandwiched my son's waist with both feet. My son said, "I'm glad my mother. I felt so good that I was about to die. Thank you." I had just tasted the sensation of death, but I was struck by the intense sensation again and made a voice. After all, I went crazy until dawn that night, and it wasn't until morning that I fell asleep. The house is not a single-mother family, but my husband tends to travel, so usually I and my son are the only ones. In such an environment, it cannot be done all at once. In the week since then, we've already done it three times. I don't love my son, and I know he doesn't think of me more than my mother, but I just thought he would lick my genitals and ejaculate in my vagina and throat. The love juice overflows and it can't be helped.

Brother and sister incest

I am before the 60th birthday, but I will tell you the secret that I kept in my heart. Because there is another self who blames himself somewhere in his heart. I can't help but blame myself for seeing my husband retired and rushing for less than half his salary. I have an older brother. Since I was a kid, I lived in a poor house without asking for what I wanted. My brother always came to help me when I was being bullied. Since I was a kid, I took a bath with my brother and slept on one futon. I was poor, so of course my parents worked together and spent time with my brother when I got home from school . My brother was the first doctor to play. Naturally, the virgin was also dedicated to her brother. I was pregnant. Of course I had an abortion. My dad told me to go out after being beaten, but my brother went out as soon as I got a job, and although I was halfway through, I decided to live with my parents. I was wondering if the relationship between brother and sister could be any brother or sister. I think it's still common. Even after my brother got married, my relationship with him continued, and I was witnessed by my sister-in-law and divorced. My brother has lived alone since then, but his relationship with me has been going on. Of course, it has been going on since I got married. It's before the 60th birthday, so I go to my brother's apartment about once a month, though not as much as before.As I get older, my dick doesn't get too hard, but when I put it in my mouth and caress it with my tongue, it gets harder and harder. It feels good to trace the back of the glans. My brother also gently strokes my pubic area with gray hair, stimulates the anus, and sucks up the clitoris with his mouth. I forget everything and make a voice. I know it's bad. I don't put much of my income into my home. My husband takes care of all my children. The fixed amount is given to my brother every month. It's been over 20 years now . At this age, I wonder what the future of humanity will be like. I can't think of living under the same roof as my husband. I don't hate it, I like my brother. If possible, I wonder how happy I would be if I could take care of my brother's child. A long time ago, I went out late at night because I wanted to see my brother almost every day. I had a feeling of alienation at home, but I was suspected of having an affair, so I disguised myself as having a relationship with the man I work for and insisting that it was not a special relationship with that person. I tried not to notice my relationship with my brother. I think my mother was aware of that. He said, "Don't worry about it." I thought I was aware of my brother in the wording of that word. My mother passed away last year, and my father is in the nursing home. I meet my brother about once a month, hold my brother's dick in my arms, and say that it's only for me, he says, "That's why I would have lived in a dizzying manner."I think it doesn't matter if your mouth is sucked, your boobs are sucked, your pussy is licked, and finally you are stabbed from behind with a cock that can not be completely hardened. I don't think my husband and wife have been so long anymore . Since I'm a one-time person, am I wrong because I want to live honestly with myself? My husband wouldn't say anything if I offered to divorce. My husband doesn't need me either. To be honest, I can't help thinking so. It is also true that there is another self who blames himself.

Memories with my brother

I am a 28 year old housewife. It was 10 years ago. I had sex with my older brother two years older in the summer of high school 3 . During the summer vacation, my parents stayed at my father's parents' house in Obon and went home and were away. I got money from my mother and said, "Eat with your brother now" for 30,000 yen. That night was a tropical night and I woke up in the middle of the night and when I was thirsty and went to the kitchen, the light of the bathroom in front was on. I thought I had forgotten to erase my brother, and when I opened the door, I saw something that I shouldn't see . My brother sniffed my dirty underwear and squeezed my cock . I had experience so I understood the meaning of my brother's actions . "What are you doing, brother?" "Asuka, uh!" My brother's sperm flew to my chest. "Asuka, this is ... in other words, that 's it. " "The excuse is good. You're accumulating? I 'm horny before my period, my brother." "It 's not good for my brother and sister ." "The smell of my sister's underwear I tell my mom that I was masturbating by sniffing. " " Asuka, that's ... " I took my brother's hand and went to my room. When I entered the room, my brother hugged me strongly and kissed me, putting my tongue in . At that time, I was aggressive and my brother was not good at it. I took off my pants and grabbed my brother's cock and licked it. I also wanted to lick it, so I became sixty nine and licked each other."Asuka, pussy bichobicho, naughty woman!" "My brother, even though I just put it out, made me erection so much." I felt comfortable and rubbed my pussy on my brother's face. My brother's cock was big and the size I had never experienced. "Oh ~ brother, I can't stand it anymore, so I'll put it in soon ~" I welcomed my brother in the missionary position. "Oh ~ my brother's cock is so big ~ oh ~ hit the back" I hugged my brother and was passed away many times with a violent piston. "Asuka, I'm about to die, Asuka ~" "Brother, you can't go inside, go outside ~ Oh ~ I 'll go again ~ Brother, come, oh ~" My brother makes his face bright red and ejaculates on my chest Did. I licked my brother's dirty cock and cleaned it up. The cock has erected in my mouth. "My brother, let's do it again ~" I felt violently at the woman on top posture, my brother rubbed my chest and was violently blamed from below and my brother's sperm was put out in the back of the pussy. We loved each other until the morning on that day. Everything was put out and sperm was also drunk. Ten years after that, I returned to my parents' house in Obon, stole the eyes of my parents and my brother's wife, and had sex with my brother . I can't be satisfied with my husband, but having sex with my brother made me happy enough .

Love with my father 52 years old

I will send my 4-year-old son to a nursery school and return when my father is 57 years old and gives the employee a pay slip.  After showering, I can see everything underneath with a thin see-through nightie. I love each other on the bed in my room on the second floor. My period ends on Monday and I will take my father's week's worth in the womb. I have my dad shave the hair there every night, and I also buy a hair removal laser that I can do myself, but I ask my dad to use leather to clean it.  My son sees me in the bath every night, and I think it's no wonder that I'm interested in it, but I've decided to accept it at that time. I think my father will be back soon. There is time until 4 pm and I will take the plunge and enjoy it. Also someday·····

Feeling after a long time with my son-in-law

It's been three months since I had a relationship with my son-in-law, Koji, and although I know that it will eventually go bankrupt, I can't refuse when invited. My son-in-law, Koji , who lost his 53-year-old husband five years ago and lives near his only daughter, is 35 years old, five years older than his daughter, and is a good young man with a fine physique of nearly 180 cm. My husband and I got along well and were like a real son. .. .. .. .. Three months ago, my daughter traveled to a friend in Tokyo for almost a week with her child, and the mistake was that she was asked to go clean and wash for about a day. Around 10 o'clock on Saturday, when I went to my daughter's couple's condominium and finished cleaning and washing, Koji lay down on a kotatsu, drank canned beer and watched TV. I had coffee to take a break. When I put it in and went into the kotatsu and had a small talk with Mr. Koji, I suddenly saw the clock stopped. I thought it would be inconvenient, so I searched for a battery and put the chair on Koji's head, went up on the chair and changed the battery of the watch. When I got off the chair, Koji looked down and Koji skirted from below. I was looking inside. When I think about it from now on, I regret what I did carelessly. "Ah, did you see it? You can't help but see something like an old woman! " No, when I looked up, I jumped into my eyes, but it was beautiful. The blue panties are sexy. " " It's not embarrassing, forget it. " " But why is your mother so beautiful that your father-in-law died and you can talk to him? " 53, I'm overjoyed if there is such a person."After a light conversation, I took out the laundry from the dryer and folded it, and suddenly I was hugged from behind , "Oh, Koji-san, stop! " " Your mother-in-law's, your mother-in-law's, and not be able to endure, " say that, was Masagura the chest is Dakisukume from behind " Koji-san, Dameyo, Dame " was resistance, the venerable men of the physique When is covered or Busa from behind a small I can not move, of which are Takushiage the blouse, bra also is removed, has been relentlessly caressed the nipple embarrassing story, head and will gradually force is missed in a dopey It felt like it was coming, but at the last reason, "Koji-san, don't do this, please let me go! " And I was issued a loud voice, the moment that has been touched in sensitive areas is put your hand into the skirt, extremely disappointed to see the force I have missing what's Koji has been found that the force is missing head I was kissed with my lips close to my back. At first I resisted Wu, but I was caressing my nipples and dicks, so I was at my mercy, and when I noticed, I also sucked Koji's tongue violently. After about 15 minutes of kissing, nipples, and caressing the dick, Koji-san, who had completely changed from a mother-in-law and son-in-law relationship to a man-woman relationship, said, "Mother-in-law! I laid me down on my face, lifted my thighs up and made me on all fours, and tucked up my skirt. "Beautiful ass-blue panties. .. .. My mother-in-law is bad! I took off my panties while saying to myself, I was at my mercy and raised my legs so that I could take it off unconsciously.When I finished taking off my panties, I firmly held my thighs and made my butt stick out, and I made my tongue crawl on my gray-haired dick, making a nasty fluttering sound on purpose. .. .. .. .. .. I had already pushed my butt up from myself and shook my hips in line with Koji's tongue. Koji's mouth was separated while making a voice saying "Fooh", and the sound of removing the belt, "Gee" While listening to the sound of the zipper down, I was still expecting the next thing to come ... As I expected, I put my hands on my hips and a hard thing came into me, saying "Hey" Immersed in the feeling after a long time, I also used my waist to match the rhythm of Koji's waist. While still connected from behind, my tongue crawls on my nape and says, "It's my mother-in-law's fault! " , I silently make strange voices such as Ah and Wu. After that, while I was in the missionary position and my tongue was entwined, " Mother-in-law, is it okay to put it inside? " I nodded lightly to the question, " Koji-san, I put my head on Koji-san's arm, and I was drowsy for a while after immersing myself in the lingering sound . I left behind and went to the shower. When I was taking a shower, Koji came in and was hugged again. I didn't resist anymore and was willing to accept caress from myself, "Mother-in-law! I muttered, and my head was restrained and I knelt down and put Koji-san's thing in my mouth.While wrapped with both hands is like myself that are hard to move the tongue of another person to go to the parlor in the appearance of still wet from it, the second time of the coupling, this time was mutually felt to each other while shaking the waist will be above me after all , I stayed at my daughter's apartment on that day. Then, I can't refuse the invitation from Mr. Koji, thinking that my daughter shouldn't come back. Is Koji happy with such underwear these days? I'm choosing underwear while thinking that I 'm scared because I feel like I can't stop until it goes bankrupt

Seduce my father

Around the beginning of this summer, I invited my dad to take a walk in the park. I was quite exposed, but I pretended not to care about it normally, but I noticed that my dad was glancing at the traffic light when the car stopped. I knew that my father was naturally looking at the chest because the valley was slightly exposed.  I took a walk in the pine forest and gradually went to the back. There was a person who said , "Dad, take a picture," but since I was in a distant place, I took off my dress and became naked. "Eh !! ..." My dad was upset when he saw my naked body in front of me. T160? B87? In there is also a tension my pride of bust, waist 53 ?, hips Will 90 ?, thinly treated hair dick was visible, while his father was holding the camera, "while the father, a person does not come to ask, " " there .... it is likely " I take some pose, one foot in a pose that opened the pose also take the dick that was subjected to a tree, had to show everything to my father.  Naturally, on the way back, I entered the hotel and burned up in love with my father, and this summer I burned up with my father day and night.  I came back, and my body, which was 30 years old, was well-proportioned, and my father made me suck and rub it like a baby, and I also sucked my dick well and caught it in my womb.

Mother and child incest

I am a 44 year old housewife. My husband is 47 years old and works at a restaurant of a chain store that is expanding nationwide. And I have a son who has just become a high school student since April of this year. My husband seems to be in charge of planning new store openings in rural areas, and he travels frequently for overnight stays, so he only stays at home 5 to 6 days a month. So one day my son stole the masturbation I learned to suppress the burning of my body. Although I was a virgin, my son who started to be interested in sex pleaded that it was okay to do it once, and finally I opened my body to my son in the bed sleeping with my husband. That was the beginning of mother-child incest, which was supposed to end in one go. My son pleaded for me and I had incest with my mother and child, but even if my husband came back from a business trip, I was tired, but if I did not ask for me, I would invite my son. I did. That night, when my husband went on a business trip again, he invited his son to the bedroom, held his penis in his throat, and drank a large amount of hot semen that was shot in his mouth while pulsing. Unlike my husband, I can count on my son who ejaculates once and then erections sooner, and when I see him sucking on my breasts like when I was a baby a long time ago, I love him and I don't want to let go of it anymore. I came to think. Where did my son remember, he sucked the love juice that overflowed from my genitals with a noise, stretched his tongue long and licked it while screwing his tongue into the vagina, so I also made a pant voice without knowing it. I twisted my body with my son's caress and got acme. And I wanted something harder in the back, reaching out and holding the erected penis,He shouted, "Oh, already ..., this is already ..., please put it all the way in to your mother as soon as possible !!" My son opened my legs and screwed a hot penis into my vagina. Unlike my husband's penis, which has no core even if it erects, when I rubbed my vaginal folds and invaded, I felt so comfortable that I almost got acme. I don't remember much after that. I was ashamed to say that I got acme many times with my son's penis, and when I noticed, my son also clung to me and ejaculated in my vagina as it was. After that, when I was hugging my son on the bed, my son's penis got well again, so this time I taught him back and had him poke violently from behind, and I got acme again and again. It can't be sex with my husband, but when I was stabbed from the back with my son's hard penis, it hit the uterus so much that the stimulus was transmitted to the brain and it seemed to be strange. And when my son made a third ejaculation in the vagina and pulled out the penis, my body cramped and blew the tide. My son was a little surprised, but the woman taught me that this would happen if it felt good. The bed I was sleeping with my husband was soaked, but this sense of immorality ignited my pleasure again. Now, when my husband is not on a business trip, I incest my mother and child every night and immerse myself in pleasure.I and my son know that it is really a good relationship, but my son's technique is improving every day, so I'm away. I can't. If my son had a girlfriend and wouldn't deal with me, I'd definitely say goodbye by all means.

I have become a father-in-law

That was last Thursday, my father-in-law is working on telework, so I went to work that day for the first time in a while. As soon as I came back, "I'm tired of the company after a long time, Mr. Teru is bad, but I wonder if he will rub my shoulders." I'm also suffering from stiff shoulders, so "It was hard, I'll do it soon, so please hang it on the sofa." Then, "Oh, it's easier, thank you, let's do it to Teru-san, look, sit down and sit down." Suddenly my right ear was breathed and I was shocked, and my tongue licked the back of my ear and my earlobe, my tongue pointed and I poke in my ear, I'm not good at it. , You can see that there is moisturizing in the shorts. My father-in-law's hands slipped from my shoulders into my shirt and my chest was wrapped in both hands. "My father-in-law is no good, no, please stop." He gave me. It was different, I picked up my shirt and camisole and pulled it out of my head at once, and the hook of my bra was also taken off. Sit on my right side, suck on my right nipple and roll with my tongue. My father-in-law's hand was about to enter from the inside of the knee, desperately closing the knee and pinching the hand and resisting. The mouth that released the nipple goes up, the mouth is closed, the tongue invades through a small gap, the tongue that was curled in the back is caught, entangled, sucked painfully, forcibly in the mouth of my father-in-law It's the first time for me to have such a fierce kiss with my tongue suckedTangle sucking. I was so enthusiastic about kissing that my legs were sloppy, and in the meantime, my father-in-law's hand quickly centered on me, "That's no good ... I'm embarrassed." I lifted my hips a little. "Mr. Teru, I'm wearing such cute panties. Oh, it smells good, it's Mr. Teru's smell." You can see that "Mr. Teru, it's wet and shining." The crotch of the shorts is shining with my juice, I'm licking it, I'm embarrassed and covered my face with both hands "Because Teru-san's hair is thin, you can see everything, it's beautiful, it's amazing how big your bean is." I wanted you to touch the clitoris quickly. It was done, a fierce kiss like sex, interlocking with the clitoris from this time, Omata was shaking "My father-in-law, please, please lick it, I want it soon"

My dad loved me and my sister, changed my dad, and incested my dad, me, and my sister ...

yuna himekawa[32479]
Since the number of places where I can post again has decreased, I launched a new thread. About 10 years ago, my mother died suddenly in my heart with my ex-boyfriend, who was supposed to be a fun family. Moreover, the ex-boyfriend's child was living in my mother's stomach. My father robbed my sister's 14-year-old virginity because of it, and my sister responded. I also dedicated my father's virginity on my 14th birthday, and after that, the three fathers and daughters took a bath together and slept on the same futon, and the relationship deepened further. However, when my sister knew that he was able to do it, my father was furious, and I was fond of shaving all the hair in my sister's crotch and trying to keep my body rope from going out of the house. My sister at that time went to high school and was notified by the school and became known to the world, so the three of us moved to the current house, which no one knows, even though it is said to be abused. Now, the three of us are living happily while working in the fields. My sister still receives the love of my father, and sometimes I create a place where I, my sister, and my father can love each other, one by one. However, recently, I have had a relationship with my uncle, aunt, and son next door, and sometimes I go to stay next door. Therefore, the title was also "Father Doting Me and My Sister, Revised, Correlation Diagram of Father, Me and Sister". We would like to ask everyone to write their opinions and experiences.                   Shizuka

Mistake with father-in-law

I'm a 29-year-old housewife. My husband has been married for five years at the age of 35, but has been assigned to a rural area for three years. I got married and entered my husband's parents' house and my mother-in-law passed away, so I was asked to take care of my father-in-law and my husband was assigned alone. My father-in-law turned 60 and retired and stayed at home every day. One day, when I finished cleaning up the supper and took a bath, my father-in-law came in. "What's wrong with your father-in-law? Please wait because I'll be out." "I have a pain in my shoulder recently and I want you to wash my back. Sometimes it's okay?" " Tell me in advance, I'm suddenly surprised." I had no choice but to wash my father-in-law's body. My father-in-law is glancing at my body. "I'll ask Reiko-san too." "Eh, that's a little ..." Hesitating, my father-in-law turned his body toward me. I turned my penis in front of me. My father-in-law's penis is shiny black, and it is more than twice as long and thick as my husband. When I was washing with my eyes closed , I said, "Open Reiko's eyes," and grabbed my hand and grabbed my penis . When I opened my eyes, the penis that had been hanging down was erected. "To what your father-in-law (s), please stop! It is useless," "I've been horny I watched Reiko's body, a little bit or not me squeezed by hand because I in? Do not, be nice?" Father-in-law Hugged me. "No. Stop your father-in-law."I was caressed by my father-in-law and touched my dick. "Why isn't Reiko wet?" " No, I'm not wet!" Actually, I saw my father-in-law's fine penis with my husband for 3 years, and I had an unpleasant imagination. I got wet. "My father-in-law, here ..." I just said. "Okay, I'll go up first," he said. I wrapped a bath towel around my body and went to my father-in-law's room. "Can I enter my father-in-law?" "Enter Oreiko." My father-in-law squeezed himself and had an erection. I put my lips on my father-in-law. I was embraced by my father-in-law saying I'm sorry for you in my head . "It's beautiful, Reiko." "It's embarrassing, please turn off the lights ..." "If you turn it off, you won't be able to see Reiko's body ." "My father-in-law, I haven't been there for three years, please be kind ..." "Okay, Reiko," he kissed me and entwined me with my father-in-law's tongue . I have been passed away many times by the caress of my father-in-law. "I wanted to hold Reiko. That's fine," I nodded. "Although in-law, a man and a woman I also wanted to be embraced by my father-in-law." I licked my father-in-law's penis in my mouth. It gets bigger and bigger in my mouth. My father-in-law also licked my pussy and was bitten by chestnutsI rubbed my pussy on my father-in-law's face. "My father-in-law, I can't stand it anymore, oh ~ please put it in ..." It was put in the missionary position and inserted slowly. The glans hit my womb and I felt like electricity was running all over my body. I asked my father-in-law for a man and was informed of the joy of a woman. The piston of my father-in-law became faster and a large amount of sperm was poured deep into the pussy . He kissed me while overlapping with my father-in-law and stroked my head. My father-in-law was unequaled and ejaculated twice after that. One of them was put out in my mouth and swallowed sperm. I was embraced by my father-in-law and fell asleep.

My incest discourse

It was quite a while ago, but I will talk about H with a nurse I met. I left the contents like S on the bulletin board, and I felt that I saw the reaction and waited patiently, but it seemed that there was access a few days later. After that, when I teach my phone of living alone in the exchange, there is a phone and I proceed to telephone SEX. Some women called me when I wanted to repeat such a thing several times. One of them is Keiko (a nurse in a rural hospital). Did you do telephone SEX 4-5 times? One day he said he wanted to go to Tokyo because he could take consecutive holidays. Of course, it doesn't cost me any money, so I invited him to go ahead and do it. I prepared a business hotel for the day and started as soon as I arrived at the hotel and left my luggage. Keiko is already in M ​​mode when she says, "Did you come all the way from the countryside? Dirty !!" "I'm sorry," I held my head down and slammed it into my mouth. It seems that he felt while saying, "Do you feel the smell of sweat?" While holding down his head and thrusting the erected dick into the back of his throat. When I poke from the back and ask, "Isn't it a bad woman to have a boyfriend? Is this so good?", He says "Ahn, don't say that. Mr. F is good." The appearance is fat under the bottom, but there is only pocha and the boobs are big and the ass is also a big butt. While hitting the ass, let me say, "Please report to him properly! I'm a nasty dobbs woman who came to see me from the countryside because I wanted this cock. Forgive me for not feeling it with his cock!" I poke it.Suck while politely taking time from toes to anal and say "Are you doing this to your boyfriend?" "I'm not" "Is it a helpless nympho pussy woman?" "I don't like it! I'm not such a woman!" I made him say "Please take a picture of the place where you are pussy!" And took a lot of pictures showing the joint part up and the whole body and face. At the end, as I had been teaching since the time of telephone sex, I made her shout "Omankoiku, Omankoiku, Omankoiku" three times in a loud voice and sprinkled a lot of semen on her face. Naturally, before the finish, I made fun of saying, "Please meet again and have a pussy. Keiko is a slave of Mr. F's pussy. She is a woman who feels nothing but Mr. F's cock. Please call me anytime." It's easy to drop a rural woman who tends to think that a man in Tokyo looks good. If you're a frustrated and busy nurse ... Then I called this sow nurse several times and made it a sex toy. Every time I'm satisfied with my sadistic play, you can pay for the hotel and the date. It was a pussy woman. I'm wondering if I can catch a cute sow with a married woman Love Laboon. I wouldn't say if it was a little more cute, but I can't say luxury.

Things I couldn't tell anyone

Wake up to my sex mother divorced the man who brought it was soon as it comes in as to the sleeping up to the house still time of the four-grade middle of the night had been awake in the gasp of the mother voice and a shadow overlapping I don't even know the meaning of my voice ... "Ah ~ I feel like I'm gone" The room next to my small apartment A couple of meters away from my mother's shadow I'm staring at what happened next to me pretending to be a child was only ... then of the mother when the witness voice and at that time is sound overlapping wet did not know it was heard in the ears of the sound and naked you hear Kuchakucha a man moving a mother I am of the arms and hands to the face I kept looking through the gap, my heartbeat became faster and I felt even heat, but until my body became quiet without knowing the meaning of the change in my body or what the sex was ... It became quiet and the light in the room was my mother's body many times I was also watching, but the man's body was the body of my father that I saw when I was young ... The man's body was a hardened genital that jumped into my eyes I became like a gold tie and time stopped it is also the mother of submerging the face in the mouth I was not falling asleep for a while, which has received a shock feeling bad ... scary ... itchy ... restless feelings ... with such a man also no longer come unawaresA new man will take over many of my mother's male relationships I also knew the meaning of sex in the middle of the fifth grade and got used to my mother's voice a little I grew up in such a family environment I was in the winter of the fifth grade When I woke up when I noticed something that touched my lower body and moved while sleeping in the kotatsu, my mother's man's hand was already in my skirt I was surprised but silent one need only ... withstand not just be to move the body in just embarrassed to hand back and forth touching the thigh or stroking my ass sideways and is moved toward the front when the finger tracing the ass crack is several times Trace the crack in the same way. The movement of the fingers coming and going stopped several times, it stopped being lightly pressed, and it was repeatedly pressed and traced. I pretended to be sleeping. and painful also felt the sweat breath ... to still sleeping pretend had continued to stroke or push finger was when I touched my sensitive parts do not move the body pick and legs will move for a moment I also hand of man I was afraid that I was pretending to be asleep, and I was even more nervous and frightened. Still, when I continued to pretend to be asleep, when a man's hand touched my butt A finger inside from the inner part of my sideways underwear ... I touched the crack directlyCracks and holes in the butt I was slowly touching the entrance to the vagina and the clitoris It was a daunting time I don't know how many minutes it actually took, but the long horrifying time was over for the second time I moved my fingers It was a time that showed a reaction after that did not come to touch and move legs

Son's cock

I am 45 years old and my son is 17 years old. It's still starting three months ago, but I found it when I was cleaning it, I found out that my son was worried that his cock was phimosis, and a magazine cutout had fallen near the bed. .. I implicitly talked to my son in the morning. Then my son, shyly, said "Yeah" and went to school. It's been a year since I parted from my husband, and I've never seen a male cock since then. Then, a few days later, on Saturday daytime, my son, who returned from club activities, was taking a shower. I called out through the bathroom door to talk about the other day. My son came up from the bathroom and showed me. I immediately removed the cock. I say "if washed properly really I - but why not not have to worry about", "a No! So I wonder if so good" since tried to Jaco pants referred to as, give a look at the "mother Yoka? "say when" mom, seen that? " is referred to as" I a little! ", and the cock lowering the grip skin, " mom, I "dangerous " No hurt? " " Uh-uh! " this time my Inside, I felt that I loved phimosis cock. If I was still up and down, I found that my son's cock was getting a little bigger. "Mom, it's dangerous!" "See, it's coming off properly!""Yeah, is it okay?" "Yeah, no problem." "I'm glad!" "Don't worry," but if I didn't stop moving my hands, it would grow bigger and the skin would be almost peeled off. It may not be big at all. It was hard and throbbing. After a few minutes, he said, "Mom, I'll be out!" I thought I was doing something wrong, but I just said nothing. While saying, "Mom, I'll come out!", I put out a lot under my feet. I didn't say anything, washed my hands in the washbasin, and when I left the bathroom, I said, "I'd like to take a shower again. From that day on, I sometimes want my son to do it again. now say, it has been raised to not care at the house. I is of Hitorimi, but you enjoy excitement, reason by saying that it is the son has maintained. Although subsequent night masturbation you enjoy, I don't feel like interacting with my son , but since then my masturbation enthusiast has ignited. I don't know if it's just my son, but when he grows up from the skinned cock I love the feeling that the tip comes out, and I can't help but smell a little before taking a bath. The husband who broke up was not a masturbation, but his son's cock was bigger. I think , but after all it is a parent and child .I'm a bad mother, but is there a woman like me who likes phimosis?


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To a son who has a fiancé

I felt that my husband had a woman. However, I pretended not to see it, hoping for the peace of my family. The good news is that my husband's actions just escalate. That's why I finally decided to separate. It was miserable and irresistible, but when I think of my unfaithful master, I feel rather refreshed. However, living alone as a middle-aged woman is still lonely and irresistible. It was none other than my only son who deeply sympathized with me and helped me both physically and mentally. My son is 25 years old and already has a fiancée, but my mother's stupidity made me sick of my son, and he jumped into his chest, saying, "Mom, I'm lonely." My son gently hugged such a helpless mother and said, "If I'm okay, I'll love you." I sobbed, screamed for my son's lips, and pleaded, "Hold your mom! Make me messed up!" When my son's hands hung on his panties, I couldn't help but cover my face with both hands. And I'm not wearing a single thread. "Mom!" My son moaned, pressed his lips against my bare pubic area and began to lick it all over. It was the first time since I was newlywed that I was caressed in such a place. That's why I got angry at once and screamed as soon as possible."This is the hole where I was born," said his son, who was also lustful and relentlessly licked and sucked his hairy pubic area. Frustrated, horny honey of an older woman drips from the back of the crotch crevice. The son continued to suck the dripping while making an obscene noise. I was so happy that I was just talking about my desires. "Please, cock, put it in! Hurry up!" "Mom!" The son made a crying voice and pushed up a great erection. Then, use your hips like crazy and go to the climax at once. The moment he reached "Mom!", The son called again and sprinkled a large amount of semen into the hole he was born in. What on earth did I come up with? However, it was indescribable that I forgot about myself and loved each other with my real son who hurt my Onaka, and I was just happy. From that day on, I have hoped to live. My son is my child and at the same time my beloved mistress. "Mom, I've become very beautiful these days." When my son praises me, I feel like a girl. But in fact, I take my son's youthful extract in my womb and I'm sure it's rejuvenating. The skin has become shiny. When you are embraced by your son and pierced deeply with a much better cock than your husband's, you can forget everything and immerse yourself in the flesh-to-flesh fellowship and drown.I wonder how many times it was, when he licked his son's cock for the first time, he was incredibly excited and slammed his erection. "What's wrong? I feel this way. You should have her lick it too?" He hid his son's hostility to his fiancée and asked him jokingly. "No, that guy!" I was a stupid mother, and I was secretly delighted by the words. Then, with intense emotions, he pushed his son down to the spot, straddled from above, and led a fascinating erection into my nasty hole ...

I'm not

It's not about me. When I was in elementary school, when I went to stay at a relative's house, I saw my cousin and sister at that house having sex. My cousin was two years older than me and should have been in elementary school when I witnessed it. My cousin may have been a junior high school student or a high school student at the time. I was sleeping together in my cousin's room, but on that day I suddenly woke up and noticed my cousin walking beside me and leaving the room. Is it a toilet? I thought, but I didn't come back easily. I went to the bathroom on the first floor, but mysteriously returned to the second floor because the lights weren't on, but at that moment I felt like I could hear my cousin's voice from the back of the corridor where my cousin's room was. That's right. The sliding door in my cousin's room was a little open, and the light was leaking through the gap, so I took a peek inside. My cousin was in the room. And for some reason I was naked. My cousin was taking off only his lower body and had his cousin crouching before licking his grown-up cock. I thought it was (dirty), but I realized that my cousin was willing to put it in her mouth. I was laughing while licking with my tongue. Similarly, my cousin had her cousin lick the crack. I knew that it felt good, so when I saw my cousin being done, my hands naturally went there. My cousin was licked and shook her body. I hadn't masturbated yet, so I was surprised to think that my cousin had fainted.After a while, my cousin opened her eyes and laughed, so I was relieved to think that it was okay, but again my cousin grabbed the cock and talked to her cousin while moving, and then lay down on her back in bed. My cousin gradually approached my cousin, sitting upright between her cousin's legs lying on her back, and moving Ochinchin along the crevice. I started to mess with my crotch again, thinking (it looks good), but the moment my cousin seemed to grab the Ochinchin moving in the crotch and dig it into the dent, my cousin was in front of me. I was moving it to stick out. I heard my cousin's voice saying, "Ah!" And I saw it when my cousin started to move his hips back and forth and fell forward to hug his cousin. I saw my cousin Ochinchin going in and out of my cousin's crevice. My cousins ​​and sisters were kissing each other. I was kissing and putting Ochinchin in and out of the crack. I was completely awake, so I patted my clitoris with my finger and searched for the place where the cock would enter, and found that place. I realized that my cousin was feeling better when my cousin went up. While calling "It feels good! It feels good!" , He bounced up and down and moved his hips. Eventually, my cousin's movement suddenly became busy, and I shook my body like when I was licking a crack, and after that my cousin also moved suddenly and then pushed up my cousin from below.After a while, the cousin, who separated from her cousin, covered her crotch with her hand, wiped something she received with her palm with a tissue, and laughed. I thought I was a kid (it was over). I secretly returned to my cousin's room and sneaked into the futon. Until my cousin returned, I continued to masturbate, which I had refrained from doing outside my room. I put my finger in the hole where the mucus came out. My cousin seemed to care about me for a while after returning to the room for almost an hour, but soon fell asleep in the futon. The next day, I noticed when I took a bath with my cousin. To my cousin who is washing her crotch strangely in the shower. And that night, late at night, my cousin left the room. I thought (I went to do naughty things with my cousin), and on that day I masturbated while looking into the act. In the morning, my cousin came to the room when I opened my eyes because I was messing around with something, and I had my cousin lick my cock. "Miho, are you still sleeping?" "Yeah. I think it's okay if it's about an hour left," and took out his cousin. Like last night, I was having sex in my cousin's room. When I went to stay for another holiday of the same year, my cousin wasn't there because it was a school event or a club activity, but my cousin was out of the room at midnight. I left the room thinking (why?), But the room of my cousin, who should have been empty, was lit. My cousin was naked and lying on her back in bed, and her uncle (father of her cousin) was on top of her, kissing her cousin and putting Ochinchin in and out of the crack.

My son and daughter ...

I have a 37-year-old son, a 17-year-old second-year high school son, and a 15-year-old third-year middle school daughter. My son is a high school student, but he wakes up faster than a normal high school student. In my life, I sometimes see obscene things with high school girls . I never dreamed that I was doing something obscene. It's been many years ago, but I didn't notice it at all and saw it on Saturday three days ago. I was at work, but I was told to go to the hospital because of my severe menstrual cramps and headaches, so I left early for the first time, went to the hospital, and returned to my apartment before noon. Since there is no one in the living room, my sons are still sleeping because it's Saturday, so I thought I'd make lunch, so I went to wake up and opened my daughter's room for the first time, but my daughter wasn't there, so it was strange. I thought it was, but at that time, I didn't think of him as a son, and when I touched the knob in my son's room, I heard a gasping voice like that time, and my daughter's voice. With surprise and shock, I couldn't open the door, went back to the living room, had lunch alone, my sons thought I wasn't there, and an hour later, my daughter was wearing a panty. My son came to the living room with a big chest, and both of them were surprised that I was there, I couldn't keep silent, you guys, weird from when When I heard that I was doing things, my daughter told me all the time since I was made an older brother about two years ago, so I told my son that my brother and sister are close relatives , so sex is useless, that's about it. When I said that, I was told why it wasn't good, and I couldn't talk about it because I could have a strange child when I got pregnant, or because I didn't have a child. I scolded my daughter to stop, but she told me not to make her an older brother.There were many posting sites on the Internet asking if there was such an environment. I posted it on this site where I could talk about it by posting. When I pushed my son's room in and cleaned it up on Sunday, I was surprised to see some of my lost shorts. What do you do with your mother's shorts? I've been working for the last two days, and I'm worried about it in my head.

With my favorite brother

yuna himekawa[32345]
My brother brought her back and was flirting in his room, and suddenly I noticed that my chest was tightened and I was jealous. I loved it when I was little. At that time, I even thought that my virginity was my brother. I decided to make that wish come true, and after she returned, I went to my brother's room and confessed, "I loved my brother since I was little, I loved him so I want you to take my virginity." "You ... I'm glad. But the virgin should be dedicated to the person who likes it. " " There is no one who likes it other than the older brother. " " That doesn't mean that the older brother can hold Etsuko. " " But ~ " I had no choice but to exercise and hurriedly became naked and hugged my brother and put my lips together. And I brought my brother's hand to my proud breast and let him touch it. And when I took off my brother's clothes and tried to grab the penis and put it in my mouth, it smelled like her and I thought that I had no choice but to erase it. It became hard and big in my mouth and I caught it deep in my throat. I thought I wasn't good at my first blowjob, but I licked it hard. Perhaps because of that, "I understand, let's go to bed. " When I slept on the bed, my brother slept upside down and licked my dick. I was so happy, I was so happy that I shed tears. And finally, my brother came in, and I was deeply moved by the joy rather than the pain. A few minutes later, when my brother was having trouble answering " I'm about to die ", he left me and rubbed his penis on his stomach saying " I'm going out". I was scared to think that there was such a big one in it"Oh, I want you to put it in your mouth, " he rubbed it with his mouth and said, "I'm gonna die." The fishy and warm semen filled my mouth and seemed to spill, so I swallowed it. "It's the first time I swallowed it." "She won't swallow it." "Oh, I'll spit it out." "I think I can swallow it if I love it." "Maybe, Etsuko , I 'll accept your love." "Wow ~ When I hugged him, he kissed me and the act of love began again. happy