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Incest confession of women(2006-10)

And cousin

At the elementary school (age 10) was a cousin to the game of doctors and nurses. Was a cousin of three.
I always play but I got, and I was to have been touched or seen taking off his pants.
When the patient's cousin is coming out in pants and my penis was being moved from the top hand you hold is said to have been touched by hand grip.
Pants to just be naked cousin is trying to play fighting is said to rubbing my belly is pressed down, I was out.
No further advance was to be touched or to be naked whenever you play, I was sent out and I was still little that I understand that, but I liked the cousin.
Or oral sex or indeed was the most erotic experience I had there.

Older brother

Last night with my brother and H.
Because parents do not trip, back to eating dinner,
Night went to see six to seven trucks were stopped.
Looking at the side suddenly, H seat was defeated.
Hung up and I have a brother hand on his shoulder, leaned for a kiss. After being touched and sucked a dick for my brother milk,
And feel better. Once been in the car.
Many times to get home until morning.
The three of my older brother, Sai 20.
Put them to the future, you will write.

Dangerous Pie Day

yuna himekawa[3136]
"You're like a mother to the real thing, you'll go to hell."
"This is even where in hell with you Mom, I'll fall."
My son is so Usobui come you slip into my bed tonight.
Remove the button while the heavy breathing in my pajamas, and me naked,
What to wear off my 気Zewashiku, foreplay too hurriedly came through my body immediately.
"Wait, I'm not forced to put in the wet yet."
Even the mighty chest press kept saying that my son, my son does not seem to hear though, the jerk in me, it comes with a big push.
My vagina is creaking a little while, things went into my son's mouth,
I finally swallowed up the base.
"I went all the way"
"XXX something on her anymore because I'm great.
The 傷Tsuitara dick mother to do? "
In fact, the first time, it is unable to accept what his son really is too large, I did some things around in pain they cry instinctively.
"I'm doing every night, right right now. I move?"
"Wait, this remains little more augh!"
I have some time yet, but I wanted to experience the feel of things in the vagina thoroughly son, my son and listen to my words, soon began to shake their hips.
Then combine parts immediately came to hear a splashing sound and embarrassing.
"Please, I put this before the big day are dangerous ik,
You should not cum in you! "
While I was Yusabura son, hid under the pillow in advance,
Took out a condom.
But my son and I hold down both arms, as if you do not want extra things I say, come and block the lips with a kiss.
My son is still for you to tease you, Sex not afford to enjoy. Once inserted, but only after going up at once and ran until ejaculation.
At this rate I will as always dangerous, I might been issued in.
I was suppressed in the hand, as if to keep the pride of the last still was firmly clutching a package of condoms.
"Ah, ah, I might cum bad mother!"
Son to exercise every day in football, the only strength is strong, even without such techniques, only the harshness, I would simply pushed up the heights.
Only rough, but the son of a Sex technique whatsoever,
Why do they feel so far, there is no way surprising myself.
If anything ever said, I am more loving, gentle Sex feels otherwise, I thought. In fact, to date, similar to brute force my son
Sex was also a man, just was not painful at all pleasant.
If you want me of those years, the real thing as sexual pleasure still may know. So now, things may become a tool of her son, is desperate for joy.
"Hey, can I cum now? Mom, I'll ik ik ahead!"
Now, that my body numb, is that pleasure as a woman, what a joy as a mother, I have gotten more indistinguishable. Either way, it may be a thing of the same. I dote on children, as well as a joy as a mother, because it's also a pleasure as a woman. Here's where my son before, the whole time ....

Imperceptibly, from a package of condoms in my hand was spilled.
"I pull out? Dick mom, I'm somewhat amazing tight, like you say I want you to pull out."
Still fertile time to say, the woman's body may be different from the usual.
Also attracting the afterglow of orgasm time passes, the body was likely started running away towards a second orgasm soon also.
'm Not, by far my son's penis a calm Agenaku tea with a condom.
I am perplexed by the intensity of the reaction of my body had become Yakki to calm the excitement.
見透Kashita to that kind of inside my heart, my son's body has become sensitive to Itta just came up with the torture and Guigui.
"Wait, so hurry!"
My son has just obtained his pleasure always impatient, and believe me Tomoshimasen thing as me. To be treated rudely by so doing, however, the pleasure of my body they are growing back. The son of a secret pleasure for me, maybe were aware of.
"Then, pull out with condoms?"
Now her son is pushed to the brink of orgasm before me, I say such a thing.
Of course, it is clear Nankanai really going to pull out. The evidence, while also saying that, since I sat my son kept things moving without rest.
: "No, not pull out! To be cool like this!"
Even if they knew the it, my body clung tightly to his son, almost as if to 逃Sumai had to rub your back.
"But I'll get more cum?"
"It's no good! To be patient!"
My hands have explored a package of condoms, not found and,
Just scratching the sheets was just in vain.
Such pleasure as the white head and was tightly gripping the sheets tightly involuntarily.

My brother and his brother will take care of the lower body

My family is my family of five brother mother father brother. Actually, my brother and his brother, ... I do it.
The first was the big brother.
That day, Sunday, because my parents and brother had to go to Shimoda ○ jazz, big brother and I was answering. Studying in the morning, but looking at email Tteta masturbation sex 詰Man no, I'll have to think big brother was waiting until the afternoon.
Brother do not like the bath, just after noon, I was in the bath. And one bath towel, without chasing your brother went into Kizuka my room ...

"Hey, bro."
"... Are you sure?"
"All right. Instead, I filled up soup."
"... - Yeah."
And my brother entered the room together.

First, the older brother is Shigoi yourself, to increase, which showed how much. The tissue cover, as it went. After doing my own clitoris, or feel, to stimulate the pussy, might it all out. And
"I go"
First, the older brother is attached sucking my clitoris. The finger roll, so I'm going now.

And sex. The older brother is very long, age 16 years. However, AV was defeated as an actor.
"... I put."
"... There there there there Antsu applications, Oh, Anne, Anne."
ー really wanted. But
"It feels great, ☆ pole."
"No more bro, awww Ah I'll Play."
To finish. Demashita full. I did it after that. Fortunately, my parents and my brother stuck in traffic on the impact of the accident, did not return until 11 pm. Until then, the Tanoshimeta, come together in the tub and got down.
Ppokatta drama but this time I want to anal. But, they are her older brother, her first.

Now, I did speak to him?
My brother is 13 years of good football and baseball. Too tall back, of course, there is also Dekairashii. My older brother is a serious but, my brother is Eloy. H has no books or videos. But in masturbation stop, never once experienced, a girl is weak, it was a strange character.

One day, in winter, going out with her older brother, mother of council when not traveling, I try to do with my brother, my brother went to the living room.
My brother, "Dengeki Hime" and "Tekkujaian" after reading books such as adult games, rare "society of a middle school learning" is being seen, I put my heart on my back, my brother Chuck over there opened with a pendant,
"H or not?" And I asked
"I want to." I went and did.

In fact, had not yet familiar with (his story. I do not know whether the fact.). And I do not even towards. Reluctantly, first, to familiarize waited until. I have luck Shigoi, twisted easily. Reluctantly, opening topic raised. Then, a little, but few came out.

"Suddenly I want. · · · H. SEX"
"Yoshi, I thought I Eloi."
First, I gave up masturbation show.
There stimulate or shower, might feel clitoris.
"Tsu Oh, there'll awww"
Array gone out a bit more, but I have become mushy ○ Oman. My brother saw it, no longer endure, ○ devoted to my chin in my hand,
"Toots. To feel mine." I went and did it to me Shigoi.
I felt a very, very furikabutte gotten, and I put out.

"Now, I want to toots. Let sex."
"I have to fill."
I also, with full and no longer can no longer endure.
My brother is smaller than it bro, just entered.
However, the piston movement was good. Feels so good.

"Tsu Oh, nice. Ah Huh, Ah, A, had there."
"No longer do Play."
"There ーーー."
Child ○ It was still good feelings. Also to the anal. And very painful, I was bleeding, because the Lightning was going just the right thickness.
Now, I get to do on a daily basis (every 2 to 3 days actually), but recently, not pregnant, I went and bought all the way "condom" is done in.

My cousin and son incest

I am a 25 OL-year-old. This summer, I have little experience exciting. What could be such things often?
Kakiko to come along to listen to you.

This summer, he returns to the countryside on a tray, they can come back my cousin, the cousin's children (boys and girls) were together.
Children's cousin, while not identical in the three said, was a fine man.
Growth seen for many years and also a pretty cool i type. But, cousin, kid, not that strange. Giving up, just thought it would just get along.

I'm someone to talk to him open up too soon. Impetus to talk, was past midnight and I noticed. I sleep by now, the things I say in terms of their sleep.
I lay down into futon bed next to my mother. After a while, came into my bed next to his costs. (There I caught a lot futon for some reason.)
And surprisingly, my legs 引Ki寄Semashita into my hand.
I have to worry about while sleeping next to his mother, grabbed his things slowly.
I reacted to him.

I am delighted he has something more gentle 撫Demashita. So I moved a little mother, I do instinctively away his things away, then could not touch.

Nothing from it. At that time, if the exchange had contacts with each other parents would think a little wet so close I could meet again.
I also have a decent boyfriend, one day he would also like to be entertained.
What I like, what an unusual

In fact, the condition? !

Kumiko is, in fact here in February, came because of poor health went to the doctor
I also play hymen before undergoing surgery and sterilization, and stayed with my son to sex, so, I have no unreasonable from the doctor, "® is a blessed event," the pregnancy was discovered Tsu! ! For it.
Of course, I feel it is a pity The Fallen Ro, given my age, a man who had sexual intercourse at that time other than the correct conclusion that my son, but it is definitive.

Kumiko is stupid! !

Father daughter sex treatment

Something to sleep.
One floor down, to drink tea when the refrigerator was happily sucking things that my father angry mother.
Came to my father asking my body to go shopping when you're alone in the evening By the way my mother.
I declined from poor health.
But my father wants my body because of poor physical condition of the mother.
I've been miserable, or mother wants to think something is just the father's sexual slavery.
[Hey, princes, and I'm the man the Omeko accumulated foul language I can not forgive my father] said.
But my father, my father lost along ecchi tongue.
Came into the body of my father and as always we are taking off the black panties and imperceptibly.
I can not forgive myself and move back to the law of nature, like Pavlov Once in the body of my father.
Around smelling breath on my face
SEX was done by dogs, like the first time back.
Reached a peak between ever.
SEX and the father does not end by itself.
In the vicinity of my ass cold
Has turned out, my father painted anal lotion on my butt near SEX tried.
I did not know my father had apparent reason demands.
Her first anal SEX.
呆気Nakatta but ended up.
Ran to the bathroom, my father came from both the sperm dripping ass hole and sat down to a seat of the secret.
Violently ejected from the filth of my ass hole was feeling constipated at the same time.
Tissue to wipe back room, waiting for the return of my father in the lower body full monty.
I gave a wet wipe gently with a tissue of the father was angry with the filth.
The mother came home from shopping for a bit.
Behaved as if nothing had happened.

To feel sluggish, and sleepy, feeling constipated.
15 day period is still coming as well.
I talked to a friend "is different'm pregnant?" They said.
The father-in-law give birth in the blood are not connected?
No way. To think anymore.
For now let your mind calm.

Brother and incest

The first post ☆ Hello.
I have a brother. Even though the former is in the same school senior, it was blood brother to the father remarried mother and brother of the lead Temasen.
The fact is that I've been yearning to live with my brother before.
So when I heard my mother remarried but still there were mixed feelings, to tell the truth "♪ lucky" I was feeling v

I have a longer introduction, is the first experience at a high. (Brother of 3 high)
And that it was studying alone in the room before the test, I entered the room my brother!
And suddenly been embraced from behind. It's always so much if it was still "in the middle of the exam!" And say "I Yarouyo Then tell me it is better" is said. . .

In a word I guess that is about (laughs)
Is princesses huggy were 押Shi倒Sa was taken immediately to bed. And parents are two people were also out. . . (I was expecting so little)

D first kiss. At first I was just Karameru tongue gently, gradually becoming Iyarashiku ...
I just got that feeling. Tongue gradually down to the neck, the neck is filled kiss "is awww" I aloud.

The elder brother said "Do not be so patient. The better voice out," he said .... After that, I felt that I still be made. The taking off clothes and was slowly rubbed up and down the breast.
Is finally bite the nipples, the more embarrassing myself ... "Huh ... Oh ... Ah ... Ah fill with" I was crazy and Iyarashii aloud. The longer the time there was hot. The least funny.

The right hand continued to massage the breasts brother right, left nipple bite continues to be, and to the lower left hand ....
I had a little bit surprised to resist, in my ear, "It's okay ..." was and whispered.
You can 滑Ri込N brother's fingers slowly over there. The liquid mush love was in abundance. That time still "not there ... awww ... Ah ... ah ..." I aloud.

Gradually been getting from entering into force of it continues to.
Then sit 沈Memashita little brother. And in his ear, "喬子, I love you" and said it was "too ..." So, I've entered the last brother.
Perhaps because it was so painful was not wet. Then, gradually getting faster movement of the little boy .... Lee has a brother and two together. I feel in my mind was blank.

After that, I'm having sex with her brother at a rate of about once a week. Of course, safe day for proper birth control. Now I think I will Feller v

Please listen to my shame.

We seemed to have fitted into debt because I am about three years ago, the debt at the suggestion of his son, has been successfully escaped.
But my son suggested, AV was a thing I can say that now appeared is no choice, it consisted in an appearance with his son. Then the AV has finished shooting, my son asked me to come and, after the shooting, about two and a half months have passed about 41 years old incident that revealed the pregnancy on my body Tsu! ! It was. Naturally, the enemy was not the son 居Masen. At that time, 19 years old son, who now has three children and live in them. My husband, my pregnancy with a divorce later discovered.

My name is Yukie.

Hi, this is the first post. My mother is 46 years old, single. The other day, where to stay in their treatment of my son, I look straight. I would like you how far from the spot, pulled out his son, to Remashi drawn into the room and apologize to her son, you did not let go of me. Also in the neighborhood next door, so there are nagging wife, even if 出Se loudly, the Son and Bareru things will eventually consist 為Ri to say, my son from me that day, (age 21) son of a woman It was. But since I got a job there, nurses say, the work hours are so irregular.

The father and SEX

Remarried in March of this year and wanted to be part mother and your boss.
That is, my father disliked and your boss part.
At first, I was catching my attention for what I asked me to buy anything.
But when she put a citizen, no longer wanted and kindness to me.
After marriage, the nightly, even though I'm studying, the couple separated in single room and sliding doors are eager to have sex with my mother and father.
Been hearing and want to be without a mother and moan.
Amid such conditions, became interested in sex and the body from entering my own study.
As in April and late night voices are heard and enjoy more sex with my mother and father, and masturbating away to nature and get into the panties, too carelessly
Those days every day and wanted more.
One night a week ago, took the pudding from the refrigerator into the kitchen, so go hungry after a masturbation.
At that time, and wanted a couple of the rooms have been hearing the voice of my mother moan in agony no more severe in time.
Aligned with the sliding door opened, out of curiosity, the mother on all fours, grab Iyagatta have sex in the ass while standing behind the father's mother.
Form itself like a dog 毛皮Rashikatta mating.
However, it's that sex scene was the first time I saw her sit down while touching the pubic area imperceptibly.
Faster and more hip movements father eventually stopped moving and deep kiss When I think of my mother.
At that moment our eyes met with my father.
From a dangerous, closed the sliding door.

Last night, I have the middle school class reunion mother, left home to make dinner for my father and my minutes.
I left the house in my heart "is committed to the father," I thought.
I was hitting it.
I went to the bathroom after eating dinner control.
Genitalia in the bathroom to wash carefully controlled than usual.
Us out of the bathroom, I was drying my hair while watching TV in the kitchen and wanted to come back home and my father.
"Princes, and have seen this before. What are you interested in sex. Na Ino Makoto to smell her panties, but always check your" Iyagatta father is saying this.
Soon after, the guilty and wanted to hug me from behind me.
Remain committed nearly resisting.
When my father was put first things really hurt.
What was too much masturbation, but is losing virginity bleeding did not.
The second is pleasant and was a pleasure and licked my father body body becomes the third time.
The mother came home late at night, escaped the Barezu.

Once my father was taken away the body and go into the bath while the mother, the mother is not aimed at the time enjoyed sex with my father.
I'm starting to think that things did not know that sex feels good.
Especially in my father always exhausted.
My first "You're not're made from a baby.'m With condoms," but refused to say "Do not worry. 出来Hin children so easily. If not, odds are you can from high school and still less to worry about and "they said.
Best left to the father from the good feeling I can put my father and warm sperm into the uterus.
After having sex with my father, Iki have the mouth of the secret of my father, sucks but let's say slurping semen mixed with the liquid I love coming out of the secret, inside of my mouth the liquid cast
Always kept such a thing.
Today leave early to go home so bad condition of the stomach.
I want to come back on soon knew that I entered it in the master key to the room opened the door quietly took the key, heard the voice of the mother.
"Move back from the bad My baby more slowly," he said. Because I was afraid to look into the room my father yelled, loving to his room without a noise upstairs.
It seems that the father and mother are still having sex at a lower floor room writing this post.
Voice is loud moan in agony on my mother's father.
To hear the voice, coming little by little wet secret part of me.
Panties now, but I do not wear dirty not worry
Came to the bedroom to have sex with my father slept in the mother 見計Ratsu days.
I sent out a voice sound natural, and my father's hand covered my mouth and covered, but I want to hear your ideas as to pinch the mouth with a towel, the mother last Sun "and find him soon" I also noticed that the mother would be so vaguely said suddenly.
After the sex of the parents will soon go to my mother shopping.
Then, you come over here from now on to my father's room.
After the post again as I thought, after the mother went shopping, came to the room my father had sex.
But nasty first, things go Chablis Bettori liquid and attached to jut love my mother willy-nilly things angry father is over briefs.
Move away to be put back carelessly turned things feel good father, and becomes a good father, welcome to the peak time soon, then it falls.'s Father hit the warm semen womb.
The father left the room, "I wonder until when" they think.
"It is today rejecting" I always think that, they'll have to see things become a father.
Without a father has already become the body can not survive.
Body would react without permission.
Oh, my mother began to hear the voice of agony on the first floor of Mata下 now.
Untiringly have sex with my father.
My turn next.
No, but late today

While they sleep.

I am 20 years old I, and my brother under the age of six.

From about last month, I sleep late, it has a lot Nasty secretly sneak into the room. First, when I noticed the
Since it was only underwear catch it was pretending to look Minu.
But recently I have gradually escalated.
That was about masturbation with my underwear, and rub your cock face sleeping I came to for them to rub the tip of the penis is in the juice was slippery on the lips.
I pretended to be asleep because it was the first away to make it obvious things are not happening now, even if such a thing, continue to pretend to sleep.
Perhaps because of that act became increasingly bold, Dari licking breast massage,
Off your panties, masturbation and sexual intercourse while looking at my
Now that may dash into sperm vagina dark muddy.

At this rate, the day will come one day my brother would have been violated.
But I myself have been enjoying it a bit.

My discourse incest

I (48), son (20) turned out to be about six months ago did. My son was a member of the University of wrestling from four months ago had become like a sudden retreat, even in such a business trip my husband, I now work away from home. I was impatient,
My son came out of the room one day, "come here, please," called me into the room. Has been pushing for something in my mouth and choked to go to the room we closed. Then you remember that, next thing you know I was naked in bed with his son, his hands were anchored to the bed, was a gag. To look for in a dim son, my son was engrossed in turn lick me there naked. Shake shake the hips and solve my surprise, instead of finger screwing wildly Kaki回Shimashita tongue agrin.
Body and mind to resist the desperate climb to the contrary is gradually pleasure, far gone, my son keeps blowing the tide toward a sneak attack 尚Mo. I felt I was cut in Shimaitai shame to die like this. Then my son Ategai things to me, but I have little resistance, 178cm
In front of my son is like a lump of muscle, 153cm so my power is enclosed on the helpless, was inserted with ease. I felt an intense lethargy. It had fallen into the forbidden world helpless and without any sons. I do not worry son 事無Ku, fired vigorously in my womb as a matter of course without contraception. My son crashed into the left can not think of anything left to adjust the breath started to work again. This time I feel even afford to move, like you see my reaction from the side and front to solve the ropes were holding hands, or sitting in 貫Kimashita me back. Hip movement and I was desperate too tough first son, my son was sucking mouth to mouth off his towel was outfitted like a wave coming into force back stimulation. My son's stamina before the end appallingly three times without disconnecting once leave the interval 受Ke止Memashita semen in my uterus from early afternoon to dusk son four times.強Ka someone depart to the end I also
We promise that was much more involved. Said that the withdrawal will stop my son doing so well. My son is now a school and then stop working. While my son at the bottom line,
"Please little boy even tomorrow," but ask from you is indeed such pride and told her as a mother, does not, had no real intention of her husband in his youth, such as the rough beast of a son SEX is the true men and women in wet enough to feel just asked SEX. I love you until my son is going as a man, not his son 手放Shitaku SEX

Even talk to someone

I seem to get to his son and incest.
42 years divorced, my son is 17 years old.
There are not any other thing that came to his father spent many without disabilities have made a sweetheart to me six months ago. How freaking son since then, I have finally evolved to the brink of incest last night. To convince his son to soothe the sudden change completely eliminated last night so confident in the opposite to me gave me something in the mouth a break ,,,,.
It seems to cross the line.

Mother incest

Families facing the adolescent boy, sounds like a great everywhere.
I like the place, especially single mothers are still more.
In fact, my house was too much.
I say I will be heard imperceptibly, causing trouble outside.
Out the past, but I think it was just a good boy sigh honest,
There are even sometimes I drown in tears, even now as if it had seen in a bad dream. Well, now that might be in a really bad dream that has now made it back to life is very calm and peaceful. The official story, too, but it 一皮剥Ke there is a hidden passion for life is full of mush.

Adolescent boys, Sex in my head is full of things. I do not care about other things, I say things the mother does not have going to listen.
Then his son for interesting, I wonder what you can do.
Fortunately, I am a woman. As a mother might be incompetent, but I had confidence in their sexual attractiveness. It is not so much beauty and rather feminine appearance, sexual gaud in bed if that would manipulate men, I was able to hear men say things in much .
Then my son also, not immune to sexual son but still should do the same thing, saying things will happen if I exercise my sexual attraction, and as clear as day was. Even the older men experienced sexual attraction to resist I cut it. Naturally,
So far I have come to hide her son in front of their sex appeal. It is also not being able to play someone as a mother to tell your son, if I can tell someone a thing as a woman, you think there is any difference there? Man I wanted to drop by you, I came to get one last one. Son, was only one person in the man.

We like it was my son was small, now sleep on a futon in one again. Little more like it was my son, and entrusted to suck my breasts spoiled son. The difference is that breast milk from another time suck my nipples and tongue son thing come out from different places of my body was full of fluid would come out incessantly.
Son, even from the milk coming out my nipples, I will not fret on it. The fractious give a voice like his son was the last straw when it reaches his desire. The past and heard the voice, but was shocked speechless by what to do with 判Razu, anymore.
I heard the voice of the Son, is my joy in anything. Because it is an irrepressible desire for my son's body, because it proves nothing of. I was pleasant to the ear from hearing the voice of my son many times,
In anticipation of the erection the first time in his son's body at last.
Since then, on behalf of his son, it will give a voice like I fret more than once. In my body as if something seems to have switched. Pressing the switch of the penis and his son and son stand at the moment I would replaced. Son in the chest and strong, but I look like a baby 甘Emasu. The switch,
Because deep in my body too, not thick and long penis my son, I can not push it.

Later I asked, my son is Hikitai interest for my purpose and I resisted, and seemed to cause problems outside. 100% of my attention to things made of monopoly behavior problems also subsided and somewhere south of her son. But it is now it also produces new problems. To refuse a relationship with my son, my son is now struggling violently than before. Desire to take his son to continue at this rate, or it is unable to tell your son Kikaseru.
But do not worry, soon ended in needless anxiety. I'm better,
I became obsessed with the relationship with his son. Now the contrary,
Or are some things about her son refused to me. Another son,
Thick and long penis without using them, you can now pressing the switch on the back of my body. Imperceptibly to his son as an adult, I always like a child spoiled.

Embraced by his son

yuna himekawa[3055]
Estranged husband and is much longer. My husband is a bedfellow Orimashita often.起Kizu terribly jealous of your mind, I was with my son and I spent two happy divorced Dano bothered too late.
The son had been held on the 17-year-old at the time of holidays in May.
And to look around in a skirt before entering high school.
I was getting into my approach to hiding the clothes in a bath.
Well, I feel better about sex like others probably abnormally.
But there are many annoying things, and to make other men did not think.
Once 跳Ne除Ke perhaps I strongly think it ended.
But gradually I enjoy, I feel I was happy.
While watching my son, have gradually escalate the action.
Another important place to close, I was getting finger crawling.
More when we will consciously do things.
Would have a fit about and shudder to imagine what is being raped by her son. What you say and sensual charm to beat the fear and terror.
Along with the couch watching TV when there could be a chest rub shoulders embraced.
You can turn to massage your inner thigh and the skirt.
I always end with the legs to prevent them from entering the closed,
Grasp the fingers of her son is led to think ahead.
My son has been rubbed on the surprised silence soon.
I was closing my eyes wide open legs.
I feel more than I had imagined.
My son down from the sofa, we will be entering the vagina with the fingers open wide legs and take off your skirt rolled Pantei raised.
I could not resist the voice I was held back leaks hand shading his face.
Already gone wrong.
Okiagari, let pinched clitoris Ategai the other hand my son. As the electricity ran "Oh Aha!" I greatly aloud.
I finally reached up and violently tortured to Nokezotsu Bagina.
I am prone to finger Mononoke dumb son had endured a wave of sensuality. Lee has been away two or more fingers and eventually his son, and I was also under his son twice in the mouth.
More than 10 such actions, "Let's try to put?"
When I nod and inviting.
Penis and put on a condom bursting,
Relentlessly hip thrust has already Kakae.
My son and to the fact that the intersection from the stimulus
I was unconscious and in my mind went blank.

Incest revenge

Hello, my boyfriend for three years from now, "Goodbye," It was when the rain came back with a cold is said.

My parents, aunt and uncle are the parents not true. My uncle gave birth to my mother originally (aunt) brought me as her son was left behind me the other woman was driving under the aunt was dating at the time of their engagement.
Back home soaking wet, but I did not have a practice room of the house his uncle (my uncle, so I'm attending a college of music accessories and music related to work)駆Ke込Mimashita to.

After a while, so I came to the practice room uncle, the uncle left the room and go to the practice room door I put the key
My uncle was on the spot 押Shi倒Sa.
"No, no!" Is yelled, cried too much out of the room is soundproof voice not leak.
"You are, but I compensate with me!"
My uncle told me while you hold.
"You mother, shame on me were written, but you're forced 償E aunt useless to me as a woman with you!" (My aunt and therefore can not have a bad heart too much sex)
My uncle, tore off my clothes.

My uncle, Dari 噛Mimashita nipple rub my chest.
"Painful" to cry, and will allow me to come put your finger still a virgin vagina also is ignoring the pain unbearable, but "I never lie, you are a virgin! With that woman Yet "
I have to push in the array is not wet enough and I had my hard.

"No pain, stop pain,"
I have not cried in vain cry.

My uncle is only once that day did not allow me to have continued for three days to overrun the good things I have not inspected the hospital about three days in hospital my aunt.
My uncle is the uncle continues to be riddled with still the way to forgive the violation 不満Rashiku I cry I can not squid.
My aunt, uncle and I have almost no relationship to the house to pretend I know looking Minu.

To you

Variously, with the excuse.

A recent weekend, two nights and three days in the nearby prefectures, the son went to the onsen.
Was traveling with dad after a long time to really pre-season because it was still autumn, 過Semashita slowly.
Bathing in the outdoor bath, and Sons and Lovers in the mood there, my son turned backward in the lee of a rock, from the back to insert in the outdoor bath, a development Tsu! !
The visitors' book of the inn, the place was so filled with a couple from me, I would have thought a couple of years away as the inn is reversed? !

PS) for my stay at the gas 立Te込N work, I'm sorry to be late for your apologies

More Kumiko,

Tadashi Tadashi and his brother

I Imanaka 3. Hazama Kono, ☆ tea was first done
The other is his brother-in-law.

My mother, biological father divorced when I was five years old, last autumn, remarried.
The new father to son they were two years older to me. When was the first to hit it off, I had lot riding on the consultation.

Brother and occasionally, H and I to be talking.
In such While speaking to the other day, something is always first air Nagare No, I said, "My brother, Kei, I, I can not stand anymore." Ittara me, OK to me My brother gave me to do so with the rubber.
(I'm everything, I write to have sex. Please forgive me!)

But this is everything, I can only if there are no parents these days just do Temasen with my boyfriend.
The oysters will 近Ji Aasu ★ ☆

Son and memorial service back in the car ........

Once again I put that I deleted it immediately tried to post.
Wataku milestone is closer now to 50 years old. Grandma is already disengaged at the side of the industry mistress of part-time work or watching TV lately, do not draw the head of Watakushi relationship with his son to have carelessly vague and coffee time The body will 火照Tsu.

Negotiations without a lot of what the night with her husband in a number of very old, my husband is a very unsatisfactory and even though not the son and mate and mate could not stand a chance in a while my son and feeling special Put your finger on the wet part of the day had to be held in the body while remembering his son's cheerful Watakushi situation should lead to our processing of body piercing to masturbate.

I could not forget a very strange sensation to feel that intersects the first time while her son and driven by remorse and guilt felt guilty that her husband was an act of treachery against her husband and slurping by stealth is supposed to happen to his son violently mating.
But my son was the first time, of course, also one of the future Watakushi I thought I never again have to stop thinking and even family breakdown 兼Nenai unfortunately going to be facing.
However, the woman "of" what to say in, and I think the body of his son in reverse so I think if you want to be that way just'm more the desire to mate with her son Shimaimashi to 高鳴Tsu body and mind It is.

Driving a car went the son of two people on whose behalf the state because it was not really going to go to the convenience when her husband's death anniversary memorial service in early autumn last year I was a relative by writing longer.

1.5 hours in on the highway, from down the public roads with a total cost any more to 行Kimashi ran way more than three hours on the way home the evening after meals and drinks end events Buddhist street usual Great bailout rain showers in the mountains like the middle of the wiper in the rain to stop to wait 致Shimashita vacant lot now so I 間Niawanai road side street.

Watakushi the Potsuri words without Ge no remains had been lying to defeat the passenger seat of your own, come put your head like collapses on top of the knee Watakushi slowly my son when he was exchanged and Potsuri while, anyway Watakushi I go home to break the word is also a safety 有Rimasu, We'll reply with the good.

I've opened up momentarily surprised why Shimashi light skin around the thigh, coming in from the open area at the foot of my son mourning kimono with a hand while "~ Do not make it so ...... ....." and went a few seconds of time has passed if no signs of stopping soon dullsville I said.
Then my son, "his mother began to be rubbed ........" I have been pledged breast grabbed his hand quickly from the chest and said.

Things like tapping immediately hand, let alone flaw made even drive away, and there was no situation that went outside the rain also, a little over Our relationship with people of relatives in the seat dinner Buddhist The liquor was smeared on a drink, and even incest sites mother met by chance, especially around the internet got to be able to see my favorite word processor or e-mail and the occasional computer somehow learned in previous 手習I that had been enough to masturbate also gone up impatiently 火照Tsu While body image to read or watch the act of incest With this in interest, the mother and son incest mother instantly I dont think the feeling of being split they've traced the already slippery wet hands after inserting the lower body handed his son fell into a lather on the head anymore Yogirimashi that despite the image of the mating gradually beginning to swing back "to put it in your mother ...... ......... .... please ...." Imashi gone with the word originated or.

That because of the lower body after mourning kimono Kuretata to enter a big firm in their positions Narimashi supercargo bare a son on the lower body turn over and fry hem, so that mourning was not wearing underwear It is really hard and great things to talk about all the hearts of his son 尽Kusemasen 思I出Shimashi even more now because it was ecstasy, her husband ran electricity through the body felt as though never enough We do not forget that the future never obtained more pleasure in the odd goose bumps like Taka.

Son "Mom !........." Dokutsu semen into the vagina first Watakushi steadfast posture quickly stops at the moment while a voice! Dokutsu! The release was forcefully made me to tired cock Pic breaks put something like this.
Twice they lost my head all the time may be coming home in the rain during the one hour, three times I have mated vigorously.
When inserting the second son is also Watakushi I feel violently several times gone in quick succession to be 出来Mashi welcome climax.

Me become a sprinkling rain, cold juice and moisten the throat in a while to dry the clothes again and disordered Watakushi kitchen with service area of highway 入Rimashi and went on his way home after a short break Upon our.

Orimashi son came to cross the mind more than he can count to 過Gi去Rimashi is already almost a year since then, with his first .. feeling anyone can rest assured that her husband is a state but not to anything at all ........ absolutely no say and can not separate the act of his son and nothing is in that respect and whether an eye on her husband's fault because something has become blind fairly will use the gas.

Watakushi old man is another area, parents are "child ○ ○" This has been named the favorite name Watakushi "Saya" I was allowed to write me by name.
And someday, my son and after that, I think that 頂Kitai and let the couple says 書Kemashitara.
Mature Women because of this drivel, really sorry.

Everywhere, at all times ...

I used it I was having an affair with a cousin or kun.
Kun you are married children. But, kun me that you liked from my childhood was like that feeling began to grow increasingly looking to meet me.

Kun I met you after a while, I went to play in various places. And when he was two people sitting on a park bench.
What should you kiss [Hey? ]
Having said that, until kun has to kiss me. Come around my chest or hand them kun, I started touching over clothes. And this time it took to remove the button, so I said, "Iyatsu" to resist, saying you stopped there and kun.

Since then, kun will now meet every time I touch your body.
Sitting on a bench in a dark park at night, devour your chest lifted up my clothes
連Re込N hug from behind into the bush, we hold to the tree behind me in the woods nobody come to touching the genital area Hands down the zipper in the pants to panties to caress breasts It is inserted through each time I was doing it.

After that, you can flip the skirt was caught from behind on the roof of the apartment he lived in, I was without regard to sex or just sex in the back seat of the car.
Kun you are to see you soon in favor of having sex with me even a little. Catch a cold or kun, and a glimpse or go home at lunchtime I kun, kun will not immediately embraced me and forced sex take off my clothes.
No time to say,
[You know? They only need to make me into saying I'm going to put Innovation].
Even when holding the anaerobic kun will do, kun or, see the Do not be heartless like that, I was wrong I] said, I thought it reassured me a kiss to say like, the last sex will.

Kun and you do not, I have not seen it already. Kun or so maybe I better off if I have sex with, and do whatever But even in this place, I hate

My brother

I have a brother on one. Only two people out when parents recently that my brother, "Yukari, I'm fun to play something," so Gottsu, "What to play?" I asked, "H things that Is there? "so I hear," Oh, no I "Yuttara said," I gotta, yo I'll become naked and tell you something "so Gottsu ー, bra and panties reluctantly took off his shirt and skirt becomes only a "well off it," the Gottsu, "gotta, you can take off big brother" to me slowly, they both were naked.

At first, D with a kiss licking boobs, and now come to the chestnut fingers, so that tampering with the muzzles "Oh Oh Aaaa, ー Iiiii they" got to thinking aloud. "Hey Yukari, I Na impressionable. I'm gonna screw you're already wet," I was in this until I entered your finger imperceptibly. When you are putting out a few books, and embarrassed by the sound Brute man stir.

"Let me lick even me" ー Gottsu, brother is moistened little boy in my mouth, and then can spread licking vagina and click I have put up the hole in the buttocks and vagina fingers . I 気持Chiyokutsu "Oh Oh Aaaa, Iiii ー they" Innovation I cried. Jim Johnson has a bigger brother. "Yukari, Can I put" I ー Yu I, "Yeah!" Says, "Yukari, Na spread your feet" so ー Yu I, we were overhanging the I tea have in your 広Getara feet, and I tea have in your vagina I The little boy came. "Hey, yo sore" and ー Yu said, "I soon get used to the" Well, that action right now has been up and down like a piston.
I 気持Chi良Kutsu "Oh Ah Aaa, Iiii ー not, they immediately ーーー" Yuttara you also brother "Oh U, I feel, I'm gonna get" from ー Yu said, "I put in teaー No ", but I cried, I dread to think what Among these until I moved my little boy in your big brother, until I got us out in this white mass on my solution.

Then, this time a "stomach and" I Gottsu ー, reaches her belly had ran into the vagina from the back of my little boy. Every time the piston tapir tapir, was disgusting and sound Brute man stir, but I feel good "Oh Oh Aaaa, Iiii ー they" Innovation and I cried.

Brother is "Yukari, let into the butt" so ー Yu said, "Thats and like that," I told you, my brother and damp hole in the buttocks in saliva, came the thrust force to winkle or.
Merimeri, Gyaide, I'm hurt enough to faint.
Brother also "Oh U, unreal, e feeling!" Well, now the hole had to ejaculate in the buttocks.

H ー ー brother and super fun to, I guess the parents are not fast pulses.

Tadashi Tadashi brother masturbation

My mother was married six years ago now I was 19 years old.
Just think about the Workshop materials have passed the college, I have heard my father's previous marriage Yuji of law.
"Hey ~ What is masturbation? ..."
Yuji is still small, systematic 6 is still small, I was feeling cute type.
I asked suddenly, become startled,
"I do not know," I did my best to answer.
Since that day, the mood of things Yuji, can not be helped.
It eventually "see Yuji masturbation," says Innovation went to change the impulse.

Son libido treatment

I've just helped my son in junior high school masturbation.
Contributions by the feeling of penitence.
Masturbating in shorts that you are my son I knew since I was two years ago. Just carried away in my shorts in a washing machine from my son at night, he seems to have returned after a washing machine for the sum. Semen was with his son inside his groin Bettori dough always pick up my shorts in a washing machine that I am. I thought that you have to care for his son, because it was no secret to Orimashita also broken family relationships adolescent son. My husband's family has a husband in a misery that was in the house alone one night and my son and I to go back to home. I finished washing off the master bath was saying. Now that I have something to do with the sound pattern in the way of dressing room at that time, I saw my friend who opened the door and the sound of the bathroom unconscious. There Dzundeimashita accursed son to look surprised and my dirty shorts 持Chi去Rou. Did you come out of taking a new shampoo and I momentarily thought I saw my son shaking head down to your shorts while holding my hand? Now shut the bathroom door and told his son. A few minutes later my son returned to his room 行Kimashitaru put the shampoo out of the door Toku Toyo placed here. I'm in my shorts and washing machine to peek out of the bath was not. It seems that maybe I found. I knew that my son wanted to drink a beer can quickly change into my son went to the room thing and I do not dare. Shigoi while it was covered in little boy shorts sitting in a chair in my son's son opened the door without knocking momentum partly because of alcohol.
I took up my shorts to stop yelling at her son as and strong tone. My son is nothing but look surprised, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I was looking up. I told my son to apologize again and I think I can continue to feel sorry for her son returned to apologize to me startled us. What 問Itadashimashita and masturbating with a son and why my shorts. I loved my son and his mother replied in a low voice. I also really love them anyway son, arms, gently want to pity her son. I felt something inside me break through in holding a son. I have gone through his lips lips let go of his son was carrying a son. My son is like the first surprise, crawl to his son's mouth and tongue, my son had an eye hugged me and TRON. I have a little boy I accompanied my son and I'll caress your dick right into a deep kiss while his son was so hard to stick to the underbelly of his son's watch. My son and I whisper softly in my ear without telling anyone his son away from the lips silently nodded. My little boy's face Kemashita 近Zu bent over his son himself. As for the smell of acrid ammonia Punto then. I gently moved around the face for example including a little boy suck son unconcerned. Son immediately, keep my mouth 果Temashita my head there will Innovation. My mouth is now filled with large amounts of semen son. I squeeze the last drop and look up at the little boy looked up from his son away quietly, there was a tender-eyed son there. I nodded and drank the semen of her son suddenly one small son. My son poured semen in my spit so many times thicker. I went out of the room and I go to bed so my son is not nothing anymore. Full details of this is my confession.