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Incest confession of women(2010-02)


Do not you dare bad, I stopped to say, the end 仕舞Imashita open crotch. Last exploiting young cock deep in pussy and nephew, my semen is poured into the dark womb is 51 years of Arafa. 51 years old I still do much, if 遣Re Or maybe because some physiological, there is worry and say, I started it was a woman of flesh and blood can not refuse from the middle, so 仕舞Imashita become passive will no longer do anything, I'll know where you are now women, what's good seeing you and how Yuke nephew? Here you will find, because it seems like there are a lot of feedback from women, I thank you 出来Tara also good advice.

Common relationship with father

yuna himekawa[26791]
The father now that I am related to since the end of January.
a situation or thought that the inevitable trend. I am 32 years old
husband is 30 years old. Two parents and two people in life who have been living separately. 55 years old father.
husband and father are similar in height to build like they were fighters Gasshiri It is not high.
father is a very energetic atmosphere since the age of 55 are still well aware of her mother gave it half bad 女癖 In fact, I have heard from her husband
.揉Meta never once, Kaganaku money flows, also doing well. My husband and I
children married three years ago still has not. SEX
husband is quite strong, the marriage was holding me almost every day. If there must also meet before marriage. I originally liked
do not know much, but now I get used to the pace of her husband's body.
transferred abroad from the new year now that my husband this year. It seems to the launch of the office in about one to two years.
become so short that the bachelor had to work to become a permanent, too.
so I think I usually have sex now and feel the loneliness of the body had passed a week after her husband left Japan.
first hand the growing natural genital somehow reminded her husband in bed at night, "Huh? Why doing this?" and I was puzzled
, masturbation for a while as the daily now the. That does not sleep well.
father came from the time that dinner invitation. Where I met like cooking after work. The food and drink
went happily talking so good natured way. The system also has been talking about sex and get a little drunk.
father but also because he was such a good story, but I'm usually looking at about a father and husband and feel like
"father's day so you can" or "opponent cheating What a naughty "little imagination or Lightning.
"You could stand the lonely nights he is gone?" will say something and father-jokingly.
"Now? It is normal. It is the same as wives to the subject." "It is sad that what you mean?"
"Junko's face when i saw you feed a little redness is present , how you doing that even when these faces? I imagine I'll "
" I will comfort you sad and alone, I think Junko's "" Because every day that he Dattaro? I'm guilty "
fun to talk to my father's was a lucky guess, I got while listening to comeback too carelessly.
or leave, his lips were suddenly being blocked 抱Kisukume stood up in that.
not about resistance in a long time man I was surprised I did not even 疼Kimashita genitals are touched.
was taken to a love hotel and leave the store. Very natural feeling for some reason, went about.
enter the room, "says your father, not of kind. Yamemashou" The only resistance to the tongue and mouth
closing his lips on my lips now came into my mouth. I embraced my waist with his arms firmly.
involving the tongue like a snake living in my tongue in his mouth, licking the back of the gums, gently 嬲Rimasu every corner of the mouth.
'll become a hot zone out all over in my head. His hand was also included in the air could pass the underwear.
moment his fingers touched the genitals, the mouth and release a little saliva spilling startled "Ah!" and I cry. So that I brush stroke
to trace the folds of his fingers in my genitals, the lips gently licking my ear to catch the
"Junko's vagina, you're wet ... I'm hot and I want it You want PacPac "
" You should not do this to them to please not say that oh useless "
" he Chinese woman and I'm doing a lot this time because're a 好Kimono. I just never put up with Junko. "
押Shi倒Shimashita in bed, holding him to me. He was so thin skin peeling off my clothes by hand while deftly caressing
lips and say get rid of it well. I could pass the gas was naked.
my genitals with his finger, rubbing the clitoris or inserted into, sometimes 嬲Ri continue.
Kuchukuchu and whistled to the genitals. Meanwhile he continued to whisper something in my ear licking
obscene but it was just foreplay 逝Ki longer, the leaves die on the verge of his fingers. And now followed around the breast fondling genitals
has with his sucking mouth. His tongue caressed the thighs and buttocks getting too 嬲Ri every corner of his mouth, genitalia, and also leaves
you do 逝Ki again.
process was repeated several times. I calculate a mutual agreement. Clitoris and genital burns as hot as 疼Kimasu swollen.
have tears in the painful writhing. "Your father's hope," "Huh? What happened?"
"Please forgive me in another 焦Rasanai" "Tell me what you want to, and I'll say the same thing again "
嬲Ri genitals and saying, you can suck the breast.
"· · · please let someone depart. please let someone depart the Junko" I could not bear to say this.
he has in no time inserting the penis. I cried, Nokezorimashita. He does not move directly from
Kiku Hiroshi once pierced. I tried to move his hips, gripping her waist tightly
frustrated that his strong arm, "Please, poke poke!" I appeal to the screaming was. He has now put
end Kiku Hiroshi penis hard. While the pierced, I was crying continuously. I will try to
with his hands and feet and was moving back myself.逝Kimashita and shouting.
I heard he pulled out his penis and his obscene, liquid spilled from my genitals. He still does not ejaculate.
whispered sweetly stroking my body I'm supposed to be sensitive to him. "Junko before the 抱Kitakatta. I always liked."
Holding his penis while I nodded to his slimy body fluids. Showing their penis and licked his face.
"while he is not, in my Be a Woman," called him, and nodded while putting the tasty penis. His penis was
seems rugged as I do not have extremely long and thick pine trees as well as body 逞Shiku it feels violent.
regain my strength and guidance of his penis and he became all fours, and he grabbed my ass, it has been inserted.
hit each other while sitting him pant like a beast, I would collapse to hand could not support my upper body I
he came strong and my ass poke shouted the weeping 逝Kimashita. He has a hot ejaculation and pull back from me. I was in the shower
洗I流Shimashita two people to carefully dispose of the penis after licking the fluid covered. From that day he
now come to my house once a week.

My brother tried to

I'm still single at age 24
recently had my brother take off my underwear under 4 years old I was drunk and sleeping. Were asleep drunk, so the first I thought it was a dream, I was touched with a finger licking dick clitoris my brother does not wash. Realized "Yamete!" I went to, the body reacts dick they had already been soaked. Was sucking his brother, that the next thing you know I can not shove my brother was drunk and feeling the momentum Amarino
brother and put your stuff has come to my deep on me. That masturbating with my underwear, but before I knew, might be glad that you have somewhere I loved my brother but for adolescent boys. I sometimes put
sometimes put in a washing machine look like dirty underwear on purpose flashy.
maybe my brother wanted to be somewhere in this moment you enter the vagina
me what my brother wet
"Ahhh ~" the voice and feel I sought out my lips
brother, a strong hand was massaged on the blouse from my chest. The more I drink the saliva dick brother becomes entangled with a wet tongue, according to the movement of the hip was younger
"I love my sister," it is said, "I also like" Is my answer < br> I had hoped and knew each other.
"Sis, I'll, I Iki!" and
"While not! only in the no!" I said, my brother was poured into a hot sperm in my uterus without mercy I got my dick sperm
brother passed away I got hot with his brother cramps Hikuhiku
"Sis, I'm sorry" like I say brother, gag wanted a kiss from

3 ax secret brother

Takayuki Rabuho went to his brother.
family restaurant since leaving after the meal, my dick is starting to get wet. I take a shower and
naked, looking at the shorts took off, was surprisingly sticky soiled myself.
carefully wash the slimy dick in the shower, and calling his brother bath towel body wrap Takayuki.
been removed brother-in-law's bath towel, my body has been found.
lips, neck, full of hot stuff coming from the vagina to the will of the brother-in-law's kiss under the ears, we see that dick wet from being washed.
hatingThe sucked and grabbed the breast nipple, and impatient, she'll moan in the procedures.

The smell of my son

I'll create it became full.
'll be back later.

My son's growth

I have lived her 52-year-old seriously, we have contact with serious about everything,
only wish I had watched grow from a son so my husband passed away, his son The stuff that the midnight cry was suffering from the night of December 3,
the first two days I followed three days I truly think that was a bad dream, nightmare I heard the voice of a woman other than the annoying voice of his son go through the door of the room as his son and worried and,
I tried to open the door and look into a little worried after all, my son The dark room to the computer screen ...
on the desk of the room is dark son Monaku reflected image is blurred're having sex with women young men violently 中年Rashiki,
the sofa in front of the desk under wear one piece t-shirt in the left hand grasping the base of the genital erect with your right hand son naked
son has Shigoi to fit the piston violent video so as to pinch the glans While wiggle eyes vacant
'ー Utsu Uh U' has issued a pained voice, and I thought 'My son is struggling with his sexual brush Yamaguchi I have it in '
and I would go without hesitation by his son suffer for what, and hugging the body of her son surprised' It's OK to say anything, what a pity, it's painful ,
mouth rather impersonal erect two three things in an instant, and the tongue licking your cheek while you are calling a lame son's genitals and said,
my son desperately serious sexual I got to brush Yamaguchi.
I'm not my desire or curiosity for not thinking in the brain to cope with son's genitals because it'll eliminate a serious aversion to the body of his son
just plain human female animal The act of forming the DNA of a mysterious instinct that is built on, and I realize that, because I have never even taught my husband
whom I did not go down well son to delight serious or tongue sucking and licking and sucking in a rhythmic motion that is now
leading to ejaculation are satisfactory, but somehow you're holding a little son after ejaculation I understand my son is off to the genitals through the palm-mouth moment
'Well, can I put into the mouth of the mother's OK to fill out, move quickly and violently as genital suck hope to say so ejaculation taste the best hope in a voice
then began to squeeze his son blow job seriously 'ー'll get' was released into the mouth of my young body at the same time we said Nokezora, < br> I was feeling a serious taste in your mouth full of happiness

With joy. . .

Recently, computer classroom teacher (Teacher Community Center account) and made friends, with no cloud nine 年甲斐 mind.
throbbing heart and was a housewife but no relation, was so happy Komimashita writing. Between
busy in the morning, and return preparation.

I was with my son

My son is a big penis larger fine is 23 years old back. And I now only two sons and divorced. Every night to have sex with her son and. My son has something like a couple. It took a year to say also in the pussy or call me last night and you is not it? Will be sad to hear that. I lasted 15 years from now when my son is now 50 years old, so, too. To divorce her husband may have seen it. This is because I fell into an affair with his son.

32 fear of my son

Post thank a lot.
[sure], so I'll fill up with fresh.
would burn later.

Children's son

Children bore her son in January, healthy and energetic girl. Son and not much time to write down Nde I brush my son called various things came to sex education since the Tooru Kiyoshi or drying,
want children and dear to his son at some point overlap the body away and carried out at last Mashita. Love my husband but my husband is the son 居Masu once I was done in an office one day without sex even
"want children" and after a moment of silence to reveal, "but I also wanted a" non-and word was returned,
I brought my son to stick to masturbation and sex in order to date pregnancy to ensure that risk and I rejoiced in tears.
day from morning to evening spent connected but came back once after his son left home my husband went to work,
I was pregnant with spectacular results. I'm very happy now with a baby son!

My discourse incest

"I'm back"
"big sister there. ... Just right now I'm getting their H. and Toshio. Everyone, I wish to call on you to let us do a big fan of my sister ...?"
"Oh yeah ... "
" What is it, my sister, I'm not doing not much? great pains to hide in clothes from waste tea with good body I like. Morawanakya more people to see ... "
" male Ah Chan in other 苛Menai ... "
I Shiraishi Yumi, just a normal girl in a school year, only one, except that the slaves of the small six year Hutoshi Takeshi's brother .... Hutoshi Takeshi
seen since we lost in the loneliness without a boyfriend from about masturbation, exposing my naked brother's thumb, the practical jokes that continue to be embarrassing as well as unspeakable mouth It is.
relationship with the real meat of siblings, for people with a normal sense, it might have sounded indescribably hideous.
In fact, my own brother when it was forced for the first time fiercely resisted.
But, before that my brother played with devilish this many times, it became even incest 断Chi切Renaku Motoru this relationship at me unawares.
And I blame Motegi despite fear of reason, and went to the bitch turned into such an outrageous look forward to training his younger brother.
"No way, I like it I do not oppose. My sister, my slave You're smart but ... ... ... ..."
Hutoshi Takeshi has firmly embraced my body, my nipples 揉Mihogushi disgusting hand over uniforms Masu.
"No, I'll not touch ..."
"Heh, I was shivering and cute .... my sister but I do Gusshori pants. I guess it got to the accident?
or feel too much pussy Pour soup Maybe heaven? She is a person who liked anyway, I do not need much force "
" Oh ... say ... at least it'll 苛Menai me anymore ... "
word jumble real brother is fun, I will not be folded firstborn, just ask for forgiveness in the face burst into tears.
"bullying a lady if I, I was getting excited me. knelt there, I suck my penis. Well I, my sister"
"Where to?"
"long-winded me. my master say that if slavery is slavery, I honestly ask mon. "
" ... ... ... ... ... "
I, philosophically, and kneel before his brother, down the pants zipper,
猛Ri立Tta cock pull out of the briefs, while merrily love cheek, lips and tongue use, and I was gently caressing.
"Yes, the tone, by a good lady, lick lick streak back towards the more ..."
I'm still inspired by his brother, his hands clutching a choo-choo erect peduncle he vigorously ironing and sewing together of the back between the tip of the glans from the urethral orifice,
回Shimashita belly licking tongue and lick saliva to coat.
"Yeah Yeah, good girl. Well then, let it eat chestnut example of elaborate package ..."
Hutoshi Takeshi while being patted his head, I have a thing for my brother in earnest Mushaburitsuki finally serve indecent fellatio Utsurimashita to. At the tip of the glans
突Ttsuka throat stuffy enough, even without regard jaw ache and your cock Blow has a real brother,
his thrall really something become such a masochistic mood, the dick will Junjun achy.
"U ... .. the Utsu your sister, Uutsu're out!"
"It's OK to give me an out ... awww ... I'll Hutoshi Takeshi hot cum in my sister all the drinking ..." <br > At that time, the pulse is felt with the dilation Bikunbikubikutsu section stood me in the mouth of my brother, and fluid was poured into the relentlessly hot Nebatsu. While I was coughing and
Gehogeho to suffocation, we are trying to dry throat and swallow Gokuggokutsu rang the bitter milky liquid filled mouth spread.
it for me, and unbearably humiliating, there can not say anything and the moment of bliss.
"Well, my sister. sideshow" dog "I'll have to do it? ready out of the garden, as I always do. we, I'm visiting from the second floor ..." < br> "that had her male ..."
"Good day. I'm expecting from ..."
Hutoshi Takeshi wear trousers and quickly, without time to get my mouth, and hastily raised to the second floor I.
After all, I am my brother's thumb had been overpowered.
"Cuz Yuwa Chi Pyitsu Pyi Yumi!!"
and out into the garden, you hear those cheers from Yuuta Satoru second floor balcony.
My boys in front of this curious "dogs" and want to imitate what must not stop trembling with embarrassment.
"What is it, my sister? Do not be naked as usual soon."
Mojimoji as I stood hesitating, the 下Shimasu Hutoshi Takeshi order without mercy.
"I mean, passers-by might have seen'll know Well ... not in the garden of your thought? know ... my sister's embarrassing ..."
"I can not. all our sister I know too well the transformation of the flasher, I Kamatoto beatings too late now. Why do not you even seen more passers-by ...
多Kerya galleries, sister of the drenched Omeko I soaked up by saying ... and more Guzuguzu it'll go down to everyone,
going to be a party to do the fucking blue in the garden, we still do well but ... "
" Uhihitsu My cock is already Gingin, ready at any time is OK "
" Uhehehetsu ... "
" to everyone Ah, so much fun to bullying me? "
moist eyes while I was in tears, Take off the blazer, the tie will unwind. Later

And that his brother

From when I was a child, or scared after seeing the show, and was sleeping in the same bed with his brother without telling their parents.
first course was a scary person.
entered middle school, I think it was in a little time. 5th grade was supposed to be the difference between the two brother.
At one point, a return to the book, and his brother enter the room suddenly, there was a touch younger brother naked lower body.
"What are you doing"
"feel good?"
to have been so interested in watching that, I came to grow there is Mukumukutsu Mashita.
"Wow I then grow"
a kid so, or very little hair grows, so big, it should be, I looked at them very large. My brother was quiet
skirt and show my thighs to 捲Tsu, I continued saying haa haa.
becoming increasingly weird feeling, I touched the top of the pants from there. Slide
pants and a little, and I was showing.
Then, like a jelly semen came out from where I Dokutsu brother over there.
"Wow. it felt?"
At that time, Yukimashita far out of the room.
that night, to 寝付Kenaku enough, it was so like my brother.
to break even I will knock on the door, came into my brother.
"Can I sleep with?"
"· · · Sure."
and came inside the bed.
sleeping sideways and came to hitting the lower body ass brother.
was already large.
"to see more big sister"
"I'm not a secret. I never"
I sleep winding took off and underwear.
is off my brother were both naked.
in light of the stand showing the genitals to each other and matched on the futon.
brother Then I became 堪Ranaku came to hug.
tried to guess a little boy put in there, and we put inside.
I ejaculate in the entrance of them.
And that was that night.

My brother has ...

I am a 17 year old high 3. Some are not the boyfriend virgins
I'm still a man's mind recently?
is a 15-year-old brother Hayato ...

high at about 175cm tall and karate I think its good athlete, even in the face of the hobby is snowboarding?
she was always there, even from my sister (s cool guy?) Sometimes I think I can ...

I think I usually get along pretty good one: some better than she went shopping with me?
karaoke and go, and even talked to my brother the night ...

certainly Janakattara I Kokurimasu?

I think the most terrible and it is the size of the vagina?
I'm not the biggest I broke even in the past?
Kiku Hiroshi degree unlikely that addition glans , I'm black?

~ I want to eat?


Three years ago her husband died at age 39 married 10 years, living alone is now 22 years old and Masaya had two previous marriage of her husband. I'm sorry to
late husband, continues a relationship with Masaya immediately after the first death anniversary. Masaya
eyes away match was just going to look into a lonely masturbation, refuse to accept without Kita Masaya into the room,
inheritance left her husband in turn, the thickness Katsu Takeshi • The hardness is in the gun poked around more than two pieces of meat Masaya, two years after her husband fell, yea, back to the female heart's content 狂Imashita agony.
I was immersed in the afterglow, the Masaya
"had been her mother's love.'s mother not inspire anyone anymore"
have to whisper.
"Come on Masaya. we got a family"
while back, the body is the nectar of joy, Flooding continues. Again exploiting the
Masaya, finally,
"Masaya, Itsu like"
I have gone and shouting.

Secret Diary of a brother

Lightning found his brother's secret diary. There was one written or a picture of me looking like I want to touch my big breasts. I want to touch the saw is interesting here Ittara fluttering alongside his brother to himself, I'm still bigger in the chest before the last minute? I found the pants a bit bigger, so he got 固Ma. I want to be a little naughty.

My son grew up

Now I really want to post also,
my 42-year-old who runs a beauty salon in Tokyo, Aichi ×.
son has got a reason to develop into a home and leaving my parents. Swimming Club has been active in another as a sophomore in high school, his son.
that was 10 years ago, so I let go of your hand I do not think my son is with her mother.
best matches like brother and sister relationship and say good years left.
from home but I work and residence is located in the Tokyo office of one and half hours by train.
son went to high school, but usually over an hour from home I'm close.
now come to stay now and then his son recently.
angry with me hanging around in your underwear and do around that.
I felt happy as a woman seems to me to be aware of something. I know some people are treated with a sneak in the room at night.
struck my son anymore. About
"Want some help?"
"is not about stupid?"
son but not too soon to say.
"I'll yo touched a little strained?"
really hard to the touch and invite "..." from the top of the jersey. Besides, what young people are Dekkai good nutrition!
son was victim to rub on the nipple from the breast without a bra pajamas
Lightning aloud me.
pulled out what his son, grabbed directly.
really long and hard. And wrapped in palm
"Yaba! Serve!"
I was whisked off me. I had already
I want someone to feel my son.
lying on his back in silence, she watched her son's fingers crawl around.
are taking off every pajama bottoms underwear, the legs were held.
infiltrated deep into the finger can wriggle violently.
I feel more tears enough to fall apart. Was it my son
limit. I started holding their own ironing. I have included the opening
unwind hands of her son.
penis hole and tickle the tongue, and throat at once. deep throat
vigorous sperm 若者Rashiku
"Pyu, Pyu ~ ~"
I've jumped into.
glad I swallowed all the bitterness I felt very fresh.
then swallowed, and continues to lick his penis has been getting bigger again. I
a stony hardness in Kachinkachin. Was more at hand for his son in the face. Cum spilling from the mouth.
"video looks like!"
son said happily.
came from behind to hug her son washed his face with a rather challenging.
"Let's go to bed"
was picked up and taken to say.
tongue and son begin with there tits navel caressed my Depukisu Masu Hashi intense. At best there was already feeling great flood.
son rode on me or can no longer endure.
came into my vagina to aim accurately with both hands.
"Oh Oh I"
I shuddered be enchanted with the body, just like themselves. Why the tears from the eyes
stimulates uterine betting big on my error.
penis son still can not put back only partially reached.
"ah ah ah"
Ino Hutoshi penis pounding my son gets tired and has been attacked farther pleasure in mind. I was unable
have it anymore I've installed it while drooling. How many times
pierces the morning. I devour the tongue clings to my son, I reached over and felt some pain while hard penis.
the border that day my son has often come to stay.
Of course, I'm welcome to. My son is not considered life without the other.

Brother and two secret

Husband's sister, brother and Takayuki is a continuation of. Masturbation was seen after
my friends that I suck Takayuki example, gave him to drink out of. There is
from this thing, now we meet together from time to time, the body now has a relationship. I have a boyfriend but
from your brother's having an affair is becoming estranged, I think time has come to break Idzure soon.
the night before the day we meet, you will receive e-mail from his promise.
I saw it and select wear underwear, take a bath.
even masturbation was normal before going to bed, from Redikomi imperceptibly, but was supposed to Takayuki's thinking. Sun has rounded up

meet soon to work, hurry to the meeting place with your brother.
"I always fast"
Takayuki's sat next to me was drinking a cup of coffee.
a cup of coffee, a meal in the family restaurant, walking the streets of love hotels put out.
since leaving the family restaurant, but I imagine the things away in the future, have felt a dick getting wet.
spreads across the slippery dick Every Step. I
and pedestrian traffic is low, my shoulders 寄Semashita holding your brother's.
"I have to say?"
"dinner with friends, I go to karaoke"

On entering the hotel room with a deep kiss too 脱Gazu Court .
I chose my underwear to show your brother's, and not ashamed, I just went to the shower.

also write more.


yuna himekawa[26604]
I'm in two. A man in his cousin (R) comes to stay because the neighborhood sometimes. I sleep with a normal
Adjust the position. When the elementary school bathroom was so with it, other time "together for the first time into 久Shi
?" And "rather Hairo!" Because he entered together.
Before dinner because it was, but her mother was a kitchen. Excited to show you've had your body
to each other, I touch your breasts and Ota challenging there. R is becoming very well
Mashita. "Big boobs!" Because he "D I have &#12316;" come in and say so
Mashita mon. R I touched up too much larger than when the primary school.
only room they Ittara pants, and took off, touching each other Aimashita us. R, if I touch your penis
"Oh,'m'm" saying, immediately issued a white
Yattanode suddenly surprised. . I'll call my mother because rice, then it is only
. Come back around 9:00 telling me to say ー perfunctory homework back, waiting night and went directly
. Always enough to touch the heart and a playful kitten in bed
I was, at that time, because I also expect I will Guhadakaninattesawarikkoni The
. D I also Dakiatsu to kiss. "I put?" I say "Yes"
to say I hurt mecha R bars came in for the last minute. Of course I
, remove it reaches out and got it out in a nearby trash. 3
to turn, but tired and fell asleep, I also woke up. After so many times, I feel like I have
to come Tanbi "What shall we" "Yes," then I will.

And two sons

Toshiya was freshman in high school, eighth grade is Shun. We lived in three of me. DV husband and broke five years ago due.
of sex with his sons now is enrolled in middle school just to Shun. You went home drunk.
realized was in me trying to get dressed and took two people Toshiya Hayao. I decided to get dressed let just close your eyes I was so happy.
"Maybe I remove bra"
"Mom, I wonder I'm always sleeping off"
two people were not consulted, I removed my bra.
(Yeah, I seen the breast) was a bit embarrassing I continued to pretend to sleep.

two bra removed, as had been staring at my chest, between the silence continued endlessly. I kept watch while lying in supine left breast seen.
"Let's do a little touch"
Ai Hashi two people talk in whispers, finger 俊也Rashiki soon,
has a light touch on my breasts. And pretends that I have been pressing the other breast even Hayao. Have been touched in the palm of one finger. And has touched the nipple. I touched the nipples, I continue to pretend not to notice rather weird, I hit a little roll over. Two hands from the breast as 離Shimashita surprised.

"early, try changing. happens to be angry mom"
two gave up the prank, causing the upper body, my arms gave us pajamas passed.
lower body is wearing the pants I wore pantyhose leave.

next night, after meals, said that made me thank dressed. Shun even to be Toshiya blushed, and seemed in a hurry.
"What happened?"
was kindly asked me to answer.
"What bra, right 脱Gaseru difficult"
Pretty nodded silently.
"Is not seen mom's breast after a long time. How did"
two were silent. I voluntarily took off the clothes.
to Shun and Toshiya, we gave back to the kid sucked the nipple. Both left and right nipple sucked while,
(手Hodoki to give him anyway, I wonder wonder tie or relationship to be despised like Kaz's house)
worried after all, I wore a dress made just sucked the nipple.

Mother like

I have 15 year old son (real) is alone. My husband is not home away from home for two years.
just come back twice a year in the summer and New Year. I want to masturbate in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness still strong sexual desire.
it to choose from 1pm to 3pm at the actual time that will always go to school.
But that day, at night, and have Onani also want to be in my room taking a bath, I was really scrutiny. I am unable
excuses, waiting for just head down the door close.
But what actually came to me, "I'd rather Onani mom" and holding my shoulders, "I saw a woman Onani first, and still her mother," and bathrobe I was taking off his hand hung. But the real
and had become a man again. I do the embarrassing thing to do was not going to know. But I have become real at the mercy of the body to react any way. There
also be seen masturbating irresistible. I was watching a long time but was made to spread my legs on the bed actually Mesmerize.
of which, when placed touched your finger away from my mouth and another moan out, may be thought to fall into hell again. I also got to touch caress
put her hand into the trunks of fruit. Lick me the real me, and I chew on. Parents and children
and at last finally become no longer male and female relationships and matched each other fiercely determined. Then, as a foreplay to the border that day, were forced to Onani in front of his son,
days was required to spend no bread. I am not a mother I have become no real sex slave.
today, will run in a few minutes later. What should a mother like this?

Father son

I am 43 years old the day his son is related to the shallow children

belly son son and proof of love

Kenji's ninth grade

39-year-old with a nurse at a Tokyo metropolitan hospital is an ×.
to live in apartments and two three-year junior Kenji son.
a thing a year ago. One day in summer, came home at lunch time from the hospital where they work. I was a computer room and go to Kenji.
"Welcome back. Today is wearing white. You're the first time in a while."
"just you wait just get ready because"
Imashi to head to the kitchen to prepare lunch and saying or. After eating together after a while Kenji call and ask because it seems to say something Kenji,
penis and my friend confessed in embarrassment and wrong.
Try to see my mother say You're a nurse, and lowered his pants and trousers. Then 剥Keta Kina Hiroshi penis skin appeared.
gently to the touch, suddenly increasing the hardness, the penis has seen a lot of business instinct, Kiku was very good. I was 20 centimeters
put in pink with a large error. I

"Great! big fine you"
"I'm great friends so they are wearing leather. from a friend is like a ghost I'd be told"
it said.
"I do not have such a thing. it's okay not to worry about"
it was time to return to the hospital and the clock chimes to ring and she says, and left the house hurriedly get dressed.
throughout the work, though the head of the penis is full of her son. I was hot wet pussy. Look to see it again.
could not stand it can stay there for even want to touch. Do not leave home with a white dress after work. I think you hide it
embarrassment if I look after a nurse wearing a white robe. When my son was home watching TV.
"I'll watch it again as a nurse properly"
下Roshimashita likes and trousers and pants.
"Kii Hiroshi course! No matter what you put out there feels good"
I was thinking I unconsciously rubbing his penis. Kenji

"leaking pee I feel good"
"I have that masturbation?"
When asked
"not" It was with
"Leave it to mom"
fingers involuntarily entered into force saying. Large amounts of semen 飛Bi散Rimashita 目掛Ke then my face.
"Sorry. I leak"
I say, I
"as an adult witness"
penis shrivelling be completely wiped the face with a tissue not. Penis in the mouth I impatiently thinking. Kenji

"But I feel dirty"
"Now look out loud"
issued while the mouth and . The semen of five years divorced.
really thick and tasty.
will grow rapidly and directly to the mouth. Now 下Roshimashita son sat on a big cock pussy Ategai shook off penis in white panties on 捲Kuri thinking.
"feels good!"
was shouting. Say whether there was a place so pleasant things. After a while, Kenji
I say, let out in as it is. It is
Abise a lot of semen in my uterus vigorously. I love my son because
. I was full of feeling I want to accept everything. Sakai
house in Need day lives of the couple as well. Every day makes me happy that I hung in the morning and evening.
I'm wearing a costume and naughty underwear and looking out the joy that Kenji and more exciting.
But do not forget my favorite of his is white.
is now full of joy juice irritates me refers to the treatment of her son well.
gone completely blank in the head and hung by the back of the uterus Yusabura
"Ah ~ ~ I!!"
are shouting. My other son
can not live without.

14 year old son

I am 37 years old. The 14 year old son. Has a relationship with his son just before.
come home from school yesterday, his son Jun-kun, I'll touch the little boy to take off the uniform in the room while Jun-kun.
during take off uniform pants are already getting bigger, I'll give a little boy in the mouth of Jun-kun as it is.
and give you a little boy while rubbing gently licking the tip in the mouth, Jun-kun is "Mommy, your dick feels good," issued a white liquid in my mouth trolley likes.
and I'll get you clean up your fresh out licking dick gently, slowly taking off her skirt underwear 捲Kuri, Jun-kun 跨Rimashita sitting on a chair. Jun-kun
little boy is getting bigger and I went back to sink slowly grabbed the little boy. Jun
kun is "Mom, I feel sexual intercourse ~" I can cling to say. I'll continue to shake the hips of a falcon-kun too.
and now we gave out in me. I really have little enough it is just glad the Falcons will still go kun. Today is the day of
School, will give in this place until I let my little boy you tomorrow, Falcon-kun again.

My discourse incest

Ninth grade son and husband are away from home (Department) is three people live.
recently went to the School Department has a tripartite meeting. I had dinner at a nearby family restaurant with a mother and you return the Suzuki in the same class.
then, I hang out with Jane's house that lives in the neighborhood. Suzuki's
has met before, and that of his sons, and said that shopping was a relationship. Mother and son get along before. I thought,
It was shocking to hear from her lips that day. Suzuki's mother is a whopping
to incest. Son of women's magazines such as Onani well - there are stories that would give the mother saw the body,
Jane is when I was cleaning my son's room, mother and son have sex It is a story that came out a lot.
Some, such as the video horrifying to hear the title just like saying a mother cum. Remarkable is
it came up with Jane's underwear with a son's sperm. I have heard the story, What I have said that the next Ichiro yet to return from the day we suddenly. I tried to stand
seats with Ichiro and
"waited a moment, Mom" ​​
I was put off to the Department and one.
"I want to be my mother"
is ridiculous words from the mouth of the Department of Deta. I can not worry about around
"Are you saying that I know her!"
Out loud and I. Surprised at the size of my own voice, calm and a little
"Ichiro, I would not bring such things to such a crazy person"
said soothingly. Were supposed to return the hand and Ichiro. I thought we stood, from which there is no consciousness.
I woke up to the odd feeling, knowing well the situation that they placed their left headache and languor, when you get up first and I found
. I am the hands and feet were tied to the bed in the bedroom naked party.
"Mr. Tanaka, I'm sorry"
I've seen seems to be talking to Suzuki's Pardon from below.
"Why is this happening to me"
Gamute so raise your voice into your mouth - are attached to said I group.
Ichiro, Ichiro is safe? Was ashamed of my face buried and where his head's foot wake. This time I turned
I finally knew my situation.
I was there with both hands spread lick my mother, Ichiro is a real son.
"No - Stop I."
try to make him stop but not said aloud, and at last no speck stop sign is not hear the words issued from the mouth of my son .
"I'm wet vagina of the mother"
such nonsense, How could I have never been that wet in his mother real son.
Just when I thought so, I felt full of things from the womb.
"You must not feel Do not be like"
thought about how to make a desperate stand 思Itodoma Ichiro somehow telling myself repeatedly in the head
. Nokezotsu instinctively ran away with the body and pleasure in extending to the breast nipple pinching the hands of Ichiro, I became more like you want to continue.
seen my son's mother that his Suzuki to the stranger while her pussy licked real son, I started to feel strange being surrounded. I would like
Seriage blame on her pussy lips move Ichiro back to win. Ichiro
thought I would do that? What that bitch Hashitanaku Omotta?
"Ichiro's like that, I'm not a real mom. nympho not think my mother's sake"
while shouting in mind, body and another was heard to say that.
Gamute mouth - 違Inaku was asked to voice a disgraceful Department had not affixed the group was also relief at least.
love juice dissolves in the body already was a full leave. I thought
was released from the hell away from heaven like Ichiro finally behind her, it was a real hell from it.
children from the time the marriage was at least two people measure the basal body temperature every morning they wanted. But after the Department
"The Sun"
I passed it very difficult to master and not meeting the decades.
Yes, today is the day, Sun is the most fertile period of the previous. Ichiro
crotch rose, but your erect penis.
"along U, kidding. Ichiro, it's a mom.'m a real mother"
drew the blood drain from my body.
"Suzuki,'ll Help me. I hope, somehow I."
to try a desperate party. Have jumped into my eye was her son's already intersecting.
"I hope to 思Itodomatsu Department. at least, at least Condo - wearing a program!"
It came at last in Division I ignored my feelings like that. Department issued an insert with a happy voice. Ichiro has
face clouded with tears in sight. The happy face, eager
"Mom, I feel good"
come complaining. Whenever he heard the voice, the son Janakattara mother. It's sad.
"Oh - Tsu, Mom. out"
"Why? Why?'ll spoiled"
I Iremashita your legs are bound to get away from Ichiro. Yes. I tried to escape.
Because of that, but rather welcomed Ichiro womb deep hips lifted, the cervix is ​​expanded Hikitsura stomach, the little boy is stuck there. Ichiro
, clung to me. Was poured into the uterus and hot semen. Damn
etc., also contains a case report and again at Innovation poison. I can not move away in fear hardens, it has received all the sperm of Ichiro. Since then, Koichiro
ejaculate inside of me is many times, I would - I want to go mad I finally Ichiro.
again and I pregnant with the child's fears, Ichiro.
after that body away repeatedly at ease because Ichiro had a period, I was everytime I will ejaculate in. Nasty
fire is burning in my body pregnant with sperm from a real son Goro. It is likely that the loss of virginity by
Suzuki's 7th grade when his son, according to the confession.
then go and play with my son in my son's Suzuki Suzuki's three people and was 2 SEX was.


Asako is a man of the rumor. Posted from are boldly funny somehow ended up in the air but I was happy to return the address and Nobuko's Misa's.
you misunderstood what I was there just so unfamiliar, but here I can not abandon joy 吐Kidasu around the mouth
I can not give up. Do you wet the dick mother secretly child behavior, please let me stay here a little paranoid
to children and to enjoy SEX

Get spoiled son

Recently, I was spoiled son to come. Maybe I was nervous ahead of the exam I'm supposed to. That day was preparing dinner in front of the sink.
son has Matowaritsui. Body in close contact with or been worn cheeks Preface. "What today's dinner?" My son has suddenly embraced the West.
me, my heart is large 高鳴Tsu Why? I touched the tip of the knife a little finger to cover. Red blood has soaked.
"Are you OK?" have asked anxiously.
suddenly grabbed my finger included the mouth. His mouth was crowded until about the second joint. Karamitsuku I felt sticky tongue.
I have Dokimaki Shinano, "Oh, It's okay," he said.
son, 離Shimashita my fingers. My son was in close contact today looked like hugs from behind. I felt I had a strange feeling of pressure around the hips.
it, what are they noticed right away. The desire for a son to me? Silence followed such nonsense. Suddenly I felt a man. Magical felt the red face.
son, "do not do homework," and returned to my room. That night, I think a lot of things my son.
浮Kabimashita embarrassing obscene book that I had been hiding under the bed in the room of her son. That, SM was the magazine. Me embarrassing photos that they had just tied up naked women.
was a humiliating thing for a woman. But his face was full of joy I felt.
"son, how you want that way," I had to replace my obsession scene photos.打消Sou
tried to imagine. But I could not stop myself. My son changed the face of the man. I
, while calling the name of his son, was to touch your nipple Bajama. Sweet stimulus spread to the entire breast.
At that time, was knocked on the door. Door opened.
"What happened?"
son was silent. Bajama pants in front of his son, had ballooned significantly.
"I can not sleep," said the son, like murmur. My son was looking around my chest as stake.
I instinctively hid my heart in hand.
"I want you mother"
big body trembled with the shock.
"Okay, Mom" ​​
I did not serve much of a voice thing.

The smell of my son 3

We felt like they just kind of achy body will last.
feel like become very sensitive. Wakatake
stuck in my head, and his son were hard Sosori立Tsu.
seems to slow my husband tonight. And soon I'll be back
son. I will write it later
no time.


Write the first time. Without doing this, this site is not to find
I am a 47-year-old housewife. The eighth child aged man with two 年女
school last Friday, the day a real brother, came to the house. A routine basis,
not bother coming to work. As usual, you put the coffee in the living room to talk if
. Suddenly my brother, came to hug me because I cry
, hurry away, my brother, my body is so large that the state can move
. When I hung my brother talked
You Tose calm, weak cry hand. Not even my brother saw this, if you try to run away from his brother and suddenly
and is kissing the hand of his brother
touching my chest and lower body, it is thought dangerous to my vagina when
fingers came in, running through the body electric shock or rather never before. I say and are joined by his brother without resistance. My brother is younger wife. The family Kaho gone well, my brother took away the stress in the ED. I want to try to see
in early I also did not like that they are receiving
away somehow.
Sick of hearing the story because I thought a good year.
brother, I was pleased with erection of a long time. If you like me,
will accept it up? My husband and 3 years,
Temasen to. Relatives may not care that this year!

Son drank semen

My son is a strong sexual desire, masturbation using panties to me like every night.
last night, Why do not you look into the room quietly opened the door and passed through the room when his son, right in the middle of masturbation,
was rubbing his penis wrapped in just my panties.
look into the situation that for a while, I noticed that my dick is wet. Even after I became even they can not anymore,
it has opened the door into the room. My son did not hide the surprise, I saw something close to his son Ikiri立Tta Do not worry son,
included the mouth suddenly kneeling in front of his son. Shaburimashita I feel so crazy about her son's penis to become too sticky it just my dick.
that moment, is the son of discharging semen into my mouth hard to ejaculate.
son looked up at while I am ringing the throat to drink their semen.

Valentine gifts for mothers

yuna himekawa[26316]
I look into this corner about six months ago.
way! But I thought, I guess I was there and. I envy you for. I am 45 years old, 19-year-old son is a college student. [sure]
the other "body Valentine gift for his son," There never. The lingerie naked pajamas ~ 透Keta to what was said.
I was bigger and I feel drinking alcohol with imitation. The sheer braless in pajamas.脱Gemasen panties were indeed. flicker and was intercepted
son. In the summer, it sometimes felt that someone was found, but last night was like staring eyes. The eyes were hastily averted our eyes met and was apparently an erection.
Once out of the room, and back off the panties, my son is a state of great erection. I have dark pubic hair because it clearly shows through. If the two side by side over the sofa, his hand on my shoulder 回Shimashita hesitantly son.
were left on their hands while the shoulder has been growing slowly in his hands. And strongly suppressed, and a strong coach I realize that I have no resistance. Erectile
so has greatly inflated pajamas. Put your hand through a gap in pajamas touched directly.
while lifting weights and make sure the bottom, embraced, has received a face. Sought to respond to the lips, again as expected after deployment.
hands stretched down his son. I feel like I enjoy my short hairs Masaguri. Further extend the fingers. It was a pleasure as the current runs at that time.
there's more I'm embarrassingly wet. Moved to the bed.

Brother and brother's

My friend was raped by her brother and brother.
since the room I call my brother is now forced to sex. Sex, Sex, and friends called 3P4P, Masturbation, SM and fake,
the mood of his brother at the time, sex change. I am addicted to sex
brother and that, except my brother is coming up so I think I need.
sex with the boyfriend is not satisfactory and I wanted to call my brother, just imagine having sex with my brother, come wet.
brother does not have time to put out when the mouth is oral sex, lick my brother's cock hard, I'll put in the drinking in my mouth.
back muscles from the glans, rods, anal licking, anal tongue placed, then I'll feel good. Love to see her brother who are willing to face aloud. Anal
when the finger into the anal anal brother painted plenty of lotion, then soft, put the vibe, makes it easier to enter,
standing back, put me anal . Feels, will not give up the pleasure of shaking the body. Even normally
sex, the last out in Anal. 3P rods are alternately licking his brother and friends, or Handjob,
to bite clitoris licking intensive one person who is a breast-intensive, I feel good to me to take the top of the cowgirl's brother,
to come into my ass brother, who at the end or 3, 4P but one person at a Job, Job is not just my brother遣Ra is not. SM-like, when his brother was bound,
vibes or is attacked, beaten with whips, bites, or arms, the clitoris and nipples, a pair of scissors attached laundry, hit the vibe is there, and pain The coziness,
Kuri Hama I go, I feel happy to be bullied his brother. Remains tied, cowgirl, missionary position, pine needles break down, back out to my brother to do anal and anal.
You put a rubber contraceptive act does not like my brother liked anal sex, anal treatment for my brother's place. Still, I was unable to stop it is to have sex with his brother,
called like a puppy, his brother flew to the former, knees, drooling and a pole while his brother chew on.

Everyone, Wow 2

I thank you for your feedback and encouragement to many less.
yet, sorry been a while Shimashi while.
not thought deeply, but still worried.
But if you think carefully, because of the problems and I have a desire to me. Without the 悩Mimasen
desires and expectations.

Friday night last week, came down from the living room upstairs with his son was watching TV.
I have often watched TV in my room, and what's going on? I thought. Recently
is very concerned about that side of her son.
to feel and look solid, are you staring at pretending to be unaware of that. I need the courage
also sit across the table in front of his son, while watching TV with my son I casually glanced
and, strangely also have a bulge in front of pajama pants I understand.
I have seen my son, now Are you an odd feeling prying eyes at me or my son.
was sitting about 10 minutes, standing up seats Kashiku 羞 somewhat reluctantly, I went into the bath.
because I have a long soak in a bathtub, a bath before leaving I thought I would go back to my room.

But when I glanced out the living state of the bath to 30 minutes, was still his son.
very nervous. After
after bath, pajamas, so wear a gown over the still cold.
If you go back to living in their pajamas gowns 羽織Ranai,
son is wondering what the reaction to the thought seriously.

One-piece pajamas with button front, the more I understand I think the silhouette of the body.
son back to the room, the bedroom on the second floor to the Agari locking up I noticed a full-length mirror to see again.
familiar pajama fabric moist skin after bath, were floating in the shape of the breast. I also pointed nipples
clearly felt.
my chest, pretending to be unaware that his son was looking through the eyes piercing. I
, son 窺Imashita crotch while pretending to be casual times.
sound in the living room TV has only had ten minutes of my son and I both silently.

that masturbation might imagine the sight of my son, and I think impatiently,
for masturbation too.
思I浮Kabemashita the bulge of his groin.
so long now, not seeing, that the men.
son, in any form, any color, body and mind to imagine what you smell what

comments, and suggestions have you, feel want to experience again tilted. This
few days to feel the mysterious wonderful time with my son, my son might have been expected and I think maybe
write again.
and Itadaketara pleased to write many opinions would be helpful.

31 fear of my son

That you continue to voice many more people, sometimes even as write such a thread on 30-bit I decided to continue anyway. Or How long far. I do not know it.

Son anus

It is more than half a month before it. I

a 42-year-old housewife, who finished two lunches and a husband working on holidays, and to clean up the kitchen, with binding arms behind back behind the middle school son, mother I love it, so let me say I want to put in, and protested what are you talking about fool.

pants and panties down her son is still too unwilling to be unable to apply it in the ass from behind the penis was erect, it's been pressed against the penis.

genitals had become so slurping penis vagina and anus son made a mistake, plugged into your ass anyway, but endured the pain of being rejected by the waist, fastened in such a The mother bore me a great compliment. My son has never been anal
seems unaware. There are no words I hate Yara Yara

Siblings Love

My daughter of five siblings, says Miki. Three years is the height of the age of 18.
brother, 25 year-old Mamoru Ken, sister, 23 year-old Yoko, brother Hutoshi Yutaka 15 years old, younger sister and a family of five 14-year-old Manami.
parents died in an accident three years ago ...
brother and sister, but then, for three of our students still got to earn your living expenses and tuition fees on behalf of parents.
since becoming a high school I thought I was from my sister but to supplement the cost of living too bytes "It'll do things there are not that person you get to work from her home Miki, < br> I will work hard for money from me and my brother, Miki-chan, I hope it's home "is said, as I have a desire to calm her sister were unable unfussy refuse it, I will in general household especially now.
dual-income parents on behalf of the original, cooking washing, cleaning and so in turn my sister was doing, and did not become bitter.
came together to try and five siblings input anyway.
One day, my brother suddenly, "Hey, Hey Min weekend, I went in one night and two day trips to hot springs all! ♪" said issued. We
"Where there is such money?" and stick with my brother all at once, "okay! leave it! Actually ..." and win the lottery to say about four hundred thousand yen Simply Numbers I have to say things.
"which I'm sure we're working hard for the mother and father in heaven, I think ... did a small present," said my brother.
Yeah I really thought. And
weekend, and will indeed stay five minutes, so it is very high it is unable to stay, an extremely normal, hot and yet to find my brother gave me a firm place. The inn
can say Once you have unlimited time on pre-booked family bath has had a very good hotel.
about two hours in the car with my brother, I was escorted to the room to finish the check arrived at a house and immediately had reservations.
This place is surrounded by greenery and calm, but through the early course of time, not something in the neighborhood convenience store, I felt like even the illusion of just slow here. There was a place for such
be freed from the hustle and bustle of everyday positive adults seeking healing.
from such a place, brother and sister in junior high so that there is a little thing insufficient could look something 詰Marana.
honest, but I thought a little boring, I think today is good or not to wash dishes to clean, a bit happy about today because I felt that I was wondering whether it is just trying to relax or.
room is a room of the original four, but this time it stayed in the room so we had a special five.
wide terrace room of about six tatami room and the bathroom has a bath between two tatami mats on the net pretty wide and eight? Veranda? There. Feel somewhat nostalgic smell of tatami,
Back in the days my parents were still alive, it reminded us all to stay somewhere for summer vacation houses.
in time for dinner because there was still about three hours, I decided to take the water. Then my brother
"everybody! I have actually booked a family bath! no time limit in the charter, I can slow!" like saying we all go in saying that. I
"Well Well ~ I really acth password!" and 拒否Ru and "hopeless! get along with everyone today, Dad, I'm grateful to my mother get along?" and the brother of her parents now I will say I go into force.
will enter the towel wrapped around at all to say go, the family went to the bathroom or want to charter with Zorozoro Whatever.
bill of entry "in use" hung on the knob to multiply the key. The dressing room has one brother and younger brother of course ... I was confused and went to the bathroom naked and quick. Start off slowly and sister
I went to go into the bathroom and towels 巻Kazu just as innocently naked.
still thought that your child still tea.
my sister and I quickly folded the remaining siblings messy clothes off, put into each basket, my sister started to get naked. My sister's naked
place in a long time I think that more and more in than when I watched the white, white skin was dazzling.
sister and began to undress, so just head to the bathroom, "Hey, my sister and towels?" and say "Huh? because it need not take a bath towel ... ♪ I'm siblings with it" and ,
just say I went into. My brother and sister also
... so much embarrassment and had entered the bathroom wrapped in a towel.
said "What Miki! towel with something," his brother said it was coming and the already soaked in hot water "because I embarrassed because ..." and the straight answer to 見Renaku embarrassed face <br >, into the water My sister, like 浸Karimashita next to his brother's shoulder softly approach.
It was like that scene with the couple taking a bath lovers like you.
moment I saw the scene, "eh?" I felt what a terrible and painful breasts.
tub like bath tub is wide at the round rock took the form of a stone often lined with open air bath is No. 3 meters in diameter, ~ 5 adults light soaking at the same time that the size of about 6 There.
water colorless and transparent, so transparent that would clearly see through the body in hot water.
over every detail so that the reflection of light in a shaking water is still visible is the only salvation.
and stood in a while, "it soon ... ♪ Miki 浸Kare also a towel to remove" was prompted by my brother.
"Eh ~ ..." and a bit resistant, "I'm embarrassed about! Tetajan into the rest quickly with disastrous!" so come and say, "I mean, it 話Shijan childhood!" and The counter
"Hutoshi Yutaka! Aimi! the Well do it!" and a moment to look at each other brother and sister and pointing at me, like popping out from the water toward me and nodded vigorously Kokun come "as soon as you enter Miki Nee!"
stripped towel and my brother, "Look! soon!" being grabbed by the arm and pulled her sister and, like falling into the water ... <br > I gave up the hot water 浸Karimashita obediently naked. Cute brother and sister are trapped on either side ...
in this intimate event, to be a never did I dream such big news. Also write

The affair

My 40-year-old homemaker last autumn, I have an affair with your college student part. My husband was not too busy working most of the house.
son in high school when I was a mother could Sagaru. And not thinking, I continued to loose relationships. Gradually, I felt fall.
I became scared of me. Spring break has been. Was at that time. Now feel the eyes of her son.
was looking at my face intently.
I've Gikurito. "What's that I got something on my face?
Like a strange child," I asked. "These days there, then?" "Somehow I feel different," I was told. I desperately 装Imashita calm.
"Somehow, it was beautiful," he said and Potsuri.
I laughed, "to say such a thing, I'll come out anything," was said. I had mixed feelings as happy as troubled.
the border that day has changed my son's eyes slowly. At the end of sticky holiday had turned into a leering look.
I've confused. And guilt and fear of the things that my son did not know the feeling.
can not even talk with a husband was only pretending to not notice. Son to go to school vacation is over, relieved. Now feel the eyes of his son at the same time. Dasa has been breaking up from college
. I thought it was high time, too. However, looking to break up emergency became terribly lonely.
But they had also run out of ways to contact us. I had become increasingly irritated. Confused myself. You were such a thing previously
, I did something like this without all the time. I quit my part too, I felt strongly about it even more. I attended a fitness club or Giwarasouto
But I felt the extra body ache. Continued comfort myself every day.
I immediately got it back to life Bring the look of my son before, but was embarrassed to make it different.
in mind, many times, "Please, do not look at," shouted. Turned off comes to mind of a desperate obsession. One day was. My son is coming to have a washing up in the kitchen.
I also was not obsessed with the delusion. Son came from behind to hug the next moment. So we were pushing hard and strenuously objects. massage the breast as soon as
have. I said, "is a stupid thing, stop. I'm angry," it said in a husky voice and the last thing on. The body, with joy, I felt his hand vigorously seeking
"Mom, because her nasty, I've got," she said fiercely Masagutsu was. "Stop," "I'll tell my dad," she said, was sensitive to the body.
in my head had become messy. The feeling at the mercy of forces lean and his son from entering. "It is a" sensitive "it obscene, Yamaguchi Yoguchodayo"
"I'm so Tongatsu nipples," I was told. I'm not his mother. "Over there, please," I got invited to the bedroom. 've Said before,
shyness became hot in the body. "I invite my son to bed, but her odious," but he did and was taken to the bedroom. The tongue has been sucked into the mouth. I had to seek Karame
tongue too hard. I have seen are all naked. Trembling with shame, It was a pleasure 受Keiremashita caresses your body like Tsukinukeru most embarrassing of places.
I, I cry shame exposed the shameful state. Over time, become one with my son. The reason I say that my son was blown away by was disgusting female.
I have never for things I had to do.

By son

I'm worried that the 21-year-old son is a 48-year-old housewife. I say let the pussy out when my son was actually her husband. Took me into his room by force is not the answer to that, stuck in my Wareme larger Timbo my husband off your panties. I have issued a much better feeling acme voice. My son is doing four times five times without disconnecting. I apologize to her husband. When I do that Yarimasu husband and graces, at 4 months you are satisfied with 5.

By son

I am a 47 year old housewife's, is worried about his son's 23 years old. It is committed by force a husband when I was away. It was when her husband travels. It commits from my husband decided to be absent. Because it will hurt and broken people to insert a larger Timbo too. I have our three children, two are girls. Seen her in trouble at some point.

Sex alone

Just the two of you having sex with a son of Kazuya's 16 years since her husband and married eight months ago, it was the first time. Incest mother's husband, who
marriage, the mother of my husband's mother [now] with Yasuko, the couple we have lived under one roof on Kazuya's son on it four Masu.
married her husband when, of course, that incest mother who they know each other, why it got married. I am a first marriage. Kazuya
son and the result of incestuous siblings and my real brother, a child born at the time of my ninth grade. I made a happy marriage is the best husband and me, of course my husband and I'm happy to say up to me.
in the house, but to have sex every day, so four people orgy, or mother and son, and me,
intertwined that it is common for four people . From her mother and her husband yesterday, I went to the country's death anniversary memorial service of my husband's father seven, only son remained at home with me.
to sit down and have sex in eight months alone, with its splendor, and I was Meri込N each other. Of course,
orgy or four people, but six of the best orgy wife and brother to join his brother is also still continue, even in a mother and son alone,
Also, There has been indescribable freshness. Their husbands to come back, or is doing sex 捲Kuru estimates alone with his son.

Bench> www brother

Hey, I like doing Yabaku 25-year-old? ? ?

once, ♪ I'm doing a sub shop at sales at department stores being told

Did not you try drinking party secretaries and department stores also shop drinking got done pounding
and I,,
junior perverted boyfriend relationship advice and many senior colleagues once in a while,
I'm lost, she did play some advice. . . . (Sweat

Do you think it dangerously Issu (><)< br>
to imagine a marriage with another Ishi Hana though it is quite
That, when it comes down to it you (sweat < br>
see when you go out to play with one person always thinking...
Because confront tee time when I was working with other people that
Charmed, Mendoi...
in fig Nyan thought of enabling the full use and less time hunting annoying
were going to play the pass Nyan fig...

boyfriend also made two I fig I have the day together at the shop managed to shift further
impossible !!!!!< br> Did not you guys want to ditch the water for days and 5,,
(another meeting but I do not want a translation, they do not all work)
I'm too impatience about the habit of a man,, its, not bad guys ーーーー now !!!!< br>
in Arasa realized ... Hyiiii !!!!!< br>
'm amazed!

recent years, from wedding invitations and high school classmate was supposed to be professional and married the shy
or that, has been able to pick up properly,,,
of course, did I say it from the outside they really ー "Congratulations to" Hey.
of them, say, email or, I'm going to try and say I regret wedding

Nyan fig
Charmed I also think, "Hey, you with anything yet ー" and said Nyan fig

, and I'm doing now I want everyone imperceptibly..
, and I think Charmed think of the person...

go home also, there is a convenient fig Nyan think www
Charmed by its brother, Takashi Hazime www
now serving way, and without her boy masturbation www

peek of the bath, Panchutobura'll steal your washing machine,
U Chi People's misdeeds from the toilet hoes www
arrays have to be angry, but I'm Mom to a few quiet Sun
act immediately resumed. like the one I never learn..

in 定Metara go on mission objectives!> ♪ stupid strategy is quite simple

traveling mom and dad, but that idiot in the bathー contrivance I had tea and cho
while pretending to take a bath www
wrong idiot when I'm doing in the bathroom, ♪ I'm in the habit of electrical erase
course Drink a glass of whiskey Nozomimashita dad because I am ashamed www
"Hey chan," saying that idiot in front and hold
"In addition, if You do not know and do not put electrical'm in! ! What were you doing way to turn off electricity? "I
" and have not anything, A Baba Teke up on it early, "and noted
" I hag, for whom I'm saying , Takashi! "
" Babaa you are right sister! "and noted
" stole your sister's Babaa Panchu I doubt anyone? Nde, I'm supposed to see naked Babaa Okkiku that someone is? ? "I
" Hey, I broke-tee "to the red in the face with a Heppiri腰 plus more!!!
" Charmed subjected "to say I snatched a towel and a plus pitch www
Mashita's first thing was big.. I say, I get it wrong is that? both,,,

addition of short or missing power, and sit-bending Mashita..
paced Darn it here www
"In addition, Yaro I'll pull out my sister?" When I hear the answer
eyes I was told nothing..
gingerly, a large explosion in less than a minute and try to grab the rubbing sore!!
's face and eyes plus ecstasy www
"sex kids, but damn do it?" strong and I asked
"Sister, I adult Yeah dude," I just say quietly..
But Allais is restarted www
"Sister, there is also the first time saw boobs Wow I.. "www
herself with grim determination and why is the final stage of the operation..
" Look, I'm going to bed and pull out once Darn it "
noted on his back as an adult ..
"your mouth shut an eye, the eye gets lost motivation to see you!" and I rubbing

still obedient to follow plus a bit, put a little lubricant instead of the usual body soap,
finally looked up straddling Ategatsu..
noticed the accident, "I for all, my sister," a plus..
"You, shut up!"
only this time, Compliant with really www
, suddenly dropped back..
"I escaped what my sister, I 痛Tee!" noted
opened his eyes and said in the situation notice "Well, I do it or sibling Chata, I fig you sure ass?" and noted
"Let me do it and I tan do it by hand from Mendoi it today and never tell anyone I "I pretend to be strong and continue to pretend to say
Stop this idiot's head height!
" Sister, I'm sore and warm.. But I, I Do it for the first time that my sister "
" Ya Dji , quit? "I
saying anything, not even without addition..
Among them, something the switch (or instinct,,) a hand containing
yo hips without permission monkey hips violently drawing state...
(here, the truth is painful, but death ,,,)< br> in the breath, "Sister, I'm sorry," I disliked being with lion (><)< br> "You, Bukkake to catch a child could" say "Really, I'm sorry" and
In addition, the first signs of a plus, but try to remove,,,
dangerous to the instant I thought, now shed over the shower.
www I managed to jump into the tub, www

Barezu graduated, but I've made a monkey mass-yo (><)< br > Let me come close to that idiot Yara mom and dad to come back..
truth is I do not want to hurt at about 2 (><)< br> But the feeling and experience several lichen It is said because I
Ganbarimashita ー www

♪ months and finally found 1

Darn it is not needed or noted untie Do Because the future is a challenge
♪, ♪ ​​I'll never forgive my pride and my brother doing transformation

I'm a woman

Common sense and public decency, the future of the immorality of her husband and son. What we now 致 away by various desires conflict there.
first time, it was suddenly without any warning. Her husband is away from home, it was a normal child until that morning.
in mind I've found someone interested in my body thought he was specific about what was temporarily realized. Forgotten was the hidden desire that my mother still deep in his eyes.
that you clean yourself out of the tub when I opened a door at the same time. I've put a lot more than there allocated grabbed from behind me holding my heart with great force.
front of the neighborhood, and can only scold myself 屈Meta resistance of breath does not go even speak loudly. The floor was Neji伏Se is attacked from the force of that I was seriously fast.
"Mom ... Mom ... I love my mother. I can not take it anymore"
face son grabbed my wrists already buried in the groin, you will stimulate both the tongue and lips .
"No, no ... I ..."
canyon was away from my son married life is intolerable stimulus, and only the last word about the resistance Dasenai've felt the word It is tan.
"... there there there -"
Tomarimasen ringing even suppress the throat. I exposed her to the end of the rolling body. Shocked and stunned finish.
I had been hitting me in Coto finished strong piston into my son in a very absentminded.
"Mom ... I am so happy I'm happy ..."
kiss my son has been happily caressing your body really. The smile was the most lovely smile of childhood days.
"Mom ... Mom ... I'm glad it feels good ..."
son will be returned with the words and actions convey the joy Sono Manaka. In the first ejaculation was 飲込N become too hard to respond to it.
response to My son lets me of bachelor days. I feel that there is full of sympathy with gentle compassion. I am not a housewife because her husband is a whole memories of the past,
son began to feel an important relationship between man and woman husband and I have forgotten. Suffered from conflicts around the hardest time was when I was alone. It will sink and come to a bad idea after another.
reasons is found to meet my son's feelings, but in that time period 戻Remashita single. Inflate the chest and if you try to please, I got to be nervous about what 悦Ba try.
"Wow ... that sex"
is married since I was picky underwear for men. Unbearably cute son is not shy to me that I am delighted to see. Once you want to
cute son of a man is actively Sex.
"gone still not bring it. Take patience ..."
I enjoy serving in the mouth to mouth words like I was passive.
"Mom ... I would not move so 逝Ki"
same is inserted into the piston. Is preoccupied by the complaints of vomiting to give the man his son also responded well in the above.
son relationship I enter the second year next month. I wrote is still relevant and I would have continued to celebrate.
who kindly read till the end. Thank you. Well, good.

My discourse incest

yuna himekawa[26213]
Disgusting son patted the thigh has been turning. I can not even scold her son thing, 振Ri払Imashita hands in desperation.
and Orosou has been to the pajama pants. I desperately 押Saemashita pajamas. But taking off for being.
second son, was his eyes were glistening with lust. "Forgive, do not look at, terrible" I'm crying now.
Even though my children, my son was like a scary man coral, rise up suddenly, suddenly let the lower body is exposed. I am, I was covering the face with both hands. I was a kid, was naked and very different.
all been part of the woman I'm stimulated man.
I've decided. To stop this runaway
only son I have been before the first lap of his son.
"If you absolutely can not stand, give your mouth topic"
"Do not make any more" My son is happy
"I promise" and nodded.
I grabbed my son things.
pulsing was large. I'm so big I could feel my lower body gets hot, the ones included the opening of her son.
I felt that myself become messy. Whenever I feel my son's reaction, I thought more Yorokobashitai. Osotsu have a strange sense of euphoria. I caught my son suddenly sat
"I'm already come out," I am today is that his mouth again.飲Mihoshitai
is something I have thought my son.
I was feverishly Drink.
son has been asking for 後Shi pine.
I felt had been completely dominated.
next day, my son demanded.
"I can not concentrate on study," his son was in the room 連Rekoma hand grabs. Suddenly became naked lower body. "I can not study early and suck me." "Instead, I'm going to study properly"
I'm thinking to do, and I was included in the mouth.
"smoke more strongly, I use the tongue"
I'll like this are now filled with shame.
I felt the joy brought to feel it and despite my son's reaction. Not only the mind and body feel the heat.
"I lick the ball well," said Katatsu such a terrible thought. But did 逆Raemasen.
"It feels good, you will be nervous to sit, you dirty mother"
me, shame though, I have been feeling that Motage Raretai more bullying. I continued to caress becomes hard.
son, suddenly pulled back.
"What happened?"
son, I thought Sagutta under the bed was holding handcuffs. I've instinctively recoil.
"No, it does not come"
I said hoarsely. My son has been raised to twist my wrist.
"painful" I gave a scream. I was handcuffed behind him. My son is in front of the "word would have something" was a sharp gaze.
"Do not you? right the service was available?" "I will serve" I could feel his lips are moving by itself
. I have my female parts react violently. Top was what my son pressed his lips
son had had a hip shake my head violently. I was released the mouth, when I was relieved. Blouse has stretched the hand of her son. "No, no,"
I was almost run out of willpower to resist. I was taking off the blouse and skirt before we could say. Hand back around his son was taken off the hook of the bra. I also found a naked
son a hard time, did not do anything.
son has a chest with both hands and rub like crazy. So I had to think Suware nipples coming on his face. I had let out a sweet voice.
licking, sweet hair has been through. I was desperate to wiggle bears watching, "but a mother, I feel I'm"
"disgusting, I'm standing nipple" has been suddenly crushed her breasts roughly. "Ouch" I gave a scream.
Finally, the shorts have been stretching the hand of her son. I pulled down the argument.
have my fingers Masagutsu embarrassing place of her son.
"I'm wet"
"I'm very sensitive," I shook my head. My son has legs spread wide close to the face. It had been part of the woman licking.
splashing sound is sounded, was relentless. I'm going crazy now. Lower body is hot now Setsunaku. I give a sweet voice I feel crazy.
I've concept. "Just like handcuffs from your wish to remove" My son in silence, turning his hand to my back, stomach brought by the state. Hikiage was ass.
It was really embarrassing Yoshi Tadasu. Shame on the body became hot temper. Kuikomi hand ass son was at once consistent bran. Has been working hard.
"shazam, I cry" was slapped on the bottom. I gave a scream. Has been attacked not say downright pleasure. Had a voice like an animal let out. My son is under my ear,
"Maiko is a woman like Hazime Yasushi. The filthy bitch," whispered.
I told my son as instruction.
other was to not knowing. Press Remarks
been a wave of pleasure.
I got going.

Brother and secret

My sister's husband, three months have passed to his brother to have a relationship with Takayuki.
three months ago, I have already seen the place Takayuki's embarrassing. On this day, a baby born supplies, was told to go out and buy everyone in the afternoon, I heard a couple come to my sister even noon and I Redikomi favorite masturbation while reading in bed was started.
pajama pants and shorts off, was addicted to masturbation and lift the hips high. From when I was standing, Itta later, they opened the door a little bit first thing I know, I had seen the place where my friends with Takayuki masturbation.
already very shy, and I have been puzzled,
"Daddy will try to be always like this? doing this when I close the door it should be fine"
I has turned red, was just nothing but 俯Ku.
"Because I saw Daddy and this naughty look, you see, and so got"
pants 突Ki付Ke said in front of my bulging crotch.
"for not tell Lily, are the tell anyone, let alone secret"
Takayuki my brother is always like a gentle cool.
"secret, just between the two," these words, I wanted to beat her sister. I looked up
's brother, is doing work on Takayuki's trouser belt, 脱Gi捨Temashita quickly.
"Could not you do a mouth, I do not like Yuri"
my brother's turn lick things, including the mouth.
"look Daddy, I'm good"
said Takayuki's hair to my crush.
I was glad, and I was smoking something crazy rubbing the base of his right hand.
"coming soon by"
I was going to drink out of a brother's.
"Uhh," comes filled with gushing and trapped in the mouth thing. I would like
spill slowly, little by little 飲Mi下Shi, and I was still sucking the rest.
"Thank you, I drink me"
"Lily do not you'll never"
I began my relationship with my brother from Takayuki this time. This suite

would like to post again.

I love you

I feel very substantial.
like all great fun to be in love like that. But first
guiding tried. I thought that was reason I
respectability? The whole act has disappeared
good mate is one of two people have the intention.
are loved.
son a man a man. I
a mother or woman. let your body rhythm
Ge rough breathing,
distorting the face of pleasure,
and climax. I love my son and I

In memory

Until now, was embraced by the real son. Relationship from a month ago.
Today 受Ke止Memashita him in at last. In the first received. Had refused until now but I'm feeling in the body of his ejaculation,
no on this ... I was happy. Change back again. I forget things all the time. What has resulted not regret it. I am happy

Of processor

For every woman I did not think of only about processor. I hope that
気持Chi良Kere, I hope only good, it was like that.
out of her mouth, and drink, and bukkake on her face and put her in one of the lucky, I was doing to change his own way was the elder sister.
few days ago I want to be sex, but I was looking for a woman, 釣Renaku, however, my cock was itching to want to have sex
, elder sister I wish I could , and want sex, I went to play elder sister's room.
in the middle of talking, do you worry about kissing, and not to resist, entangled as it came to the tongue, I do me elder sister in the mouth, and lick me,
said the elder sister I feel good to me before I have you! And so saying, I'm touching her pussy and tits and elder sister about Sorry,
me to lick your cock, said elder sister, the next moment, the slap to the elder sister, and I have stunned elder sister said, "I do not think you want sex,
should I even have their own good? were like that, I do not have sex with regular people are doing to the pay 貰I!" the elder sister The elder sister said I attacked.
while gently biting her nipples tits licking, licking the hand is done using the tongue touching the clitoris.仰Ke反Ri, I watched the elder sister calls out,
feel like I want to conquer the elder sister and was licking her pussy like crazy. Stir a finger, watching the elder sister raise a voice. Elder sister began to jerk grabbed my penis.
to Job, Blow me to when I found pleasant to say the first time. I felt I got something to tell missing my elder sister to satisfy myself to satisfy a woman.
Inside the elder sister in a normal position, if wet enough, there is a cock encompassing warmth, I was quickly put out the belly of elder sister.
pleasant, and many times want to do, and reaching for the elder sister pussy, cum was elder sister many times.
my cock was larger in response to the voice of the elder sister, elder sister went out into intently.
posture, pine needles break down, back to tangle with the cowgirl, and crazy sex position change. I'm thinking
changes in sex with elder sister, from now to please a woman sex.
change the way the world changes, my processor is not as a woman, become so pleasant to each other, we have sex. Of course, both the elder sister have sex.
sex with my elder sister, so I changed to the service.

Tsu No way!

I was surprised really. Activity has come into play in marriage nephew is in the beginning but, like know, and I have a hard time cheating after extra Once, I hung from the voice. After talking to many people even stayed after and I think people are really similar to me earlier, even my nephew, after all, they know I'm well aware of his nephew, after the dissolution We have 仕舞Imashita incest snow to the meeting place.

The heart can become hot

I have since I was bigger than the third grade in elementary school who he had noticed that
elementary school juniors or seniors, the good things going longer in proportion to the public bath
, always the center of attention.
seems reluctant, but his was a very conscious. I have a chance to observe things
son proudly.
thought it was a strange taste. Pubic hair still in his white
not, might have been something to stimulate the bottom of my heart.
three people were sleeping in with her husband, of course, notice the sign when my husband and I went to bed
, or try to rely on a hand gently on her son sleeping ones, < br> and gently rub your better half still did not show a face
inside such a house is empty when it was her husband a long business trip.
As always, make sure that it happens a few times and shake gently
had touched the pajama top. Demou 15cm
normal times. The thickness is what my husband was still no match for that ~
and slowly stroking, moaning like I'll be in great pain and
moment, hard and Found, edge!
would slow to let go of my hand, and the pulse depression Kiku Hiroshi
Some feel lukewarm
pants and a towel to take off his pants and hastily 拭Kou <br > This is a sign of increased again. I could not stop the desire of his
mouth and gently apply to him who is inexperienced
still playing games I have never in my husband to use tongue.
course, it was time to take it again because Shasuru
· · ·
beyond clear distinction has not yet, go to the end yours anyway just thought
in the breast can become hot. Sorry, Ma-chan ♪

Mother like

I have 15 year old son (real) is alone. My husband is not home away from home for two years.
just come back twice a year in the summer and New Year. I want to masturbate in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness still strong sexual desire.
it to choose from 1pm to 3pm at the actual time that will always go to school.
But that day, at night, and have a Onani in her room and also want the bath, I was really scrutiny. I am unable
excuses, waiting for just head down the door close. But what actually came to me, "I'd rather Onani mom" and my shoulders holding
"I saw a woman Onani first, and still her mother," and bathrobe I was taking off his hand hung. But the real and had become a man again. I would of
embarrassing thing to do was going to know. But I have become real at the mercy of the body to react any way. There
also be seen masturbating irresistible. I was watching a long time but was made to spread my legs on the bed actually Mesmerize. Of which, when placed fingers touched,
away from my mouth and another moan out, I thought that may be already fallen into hell. I caress the touch I put in the hands of a real boxer.
me to lick the real me, and I chew on. Parents and children will be finally and finally the relationship between men and women no longer suited to each other fiercely determined.
Then, as a foreplay to the border that day, were forced to Onani in front of my son every day was required to spend no bread. I am not a mother I have become no real sex slave.
today, will run in a few minutes later. What should a mother like this?

Two sons in

Husband and two out in the bachelor (age 14) son.
just before, and my son to clean the room or to a distinct smell that,
and I've been a recent interest I have thought is a little embarrassed.
up from her son a bath as usual, only a bath towel wrapped around his waist, came into the operating
revision. The sight was quite old, about a year now, so I was dressed properly
adjective, "It is cold early. I'll catch a cold," she said, a little nervous
it now.
"too hot and" My son started watching TV while making an excuse. Leaning my son was supposed
ordinary night in the back that fold laundry Me.
I forgot what it was drama, and sex scenes, but rather concentrated
scene continued. Feeling awkward silence followed each other for a while.
"Now that, I woman, you by yourself?" He suddenly heard a terrible thing they've
. Although surprised, I thought about those wondering,
"Sometimes you do not?" I replied, a bit blurred.
"How do you?" asks the son.
"Do not make or touch? lot. I do not know." you say,
"What are you doing mom?" I ask for more,
"What are you talking about . I'm not your mother. "answered, in order to divert a little direction,
" ○ ○ What about? "I asked jokingly Innovation. Then,
"I'll." Honest answer was returned. There was silence for a while, I wanted to hear and Innovation
"· · · you doing every day?" "Yeah. Before going to bed"
never believe that some expansion , Lightning upset.
"and a bedtime, I naturally go hand dick.
school but can grow to a"
embarrassed to have heard of something, son 見Remase I did. But you can talk to my son to have sex
after another.
"I just wish that man down Goshigoshi. You have a lot I'm a girl?"
"I'll do not know"
"I would hate to masturbation boy?" <br > "I do not think so. You can Tame Sugi too much?"
"Mom how to masturbation?"
much so persistent, "That's it!" I see the way she said her son and,
sight of the impact was there.
son while I was talking about myself, that the Squeeze.
"What are you doing? bad"
seem a little sweet voice was still. Son,
"can not stop now. Look Mom" ​​
son began ironing while standing in front of my eyes, after all, an array Chaimashi over my shoulder or
"You're not anymore."
said in a tone that is if you insist, as it was also stimulated by
, "Mom, I'm sorry" I and say, grabs his head suddenly, the little boy was put into the mouth
resisted at first, to force his son fulfilled, so now Feller helped
of tea. While slightly thicker than the little boy surprised my husband, or
Imashi'll enjoy a little. Finally,
"I'll not do it anymore"
words do not seem to have much effect

My mother-in-law is stupid

My husband, daughter (son) and three people are living.
I feel more righteous son shoot from time to time recently, but rather come immediately sent a reply e-mail without telling her. What was favorable to me that there is content too. While it is stealing from the mail comes my daughter's eyes. But I'm still a woman, her husband and steal things, but on email but can not deny, my son got into cars waiting to righteousness and righteousness my son after work, another reason for my daughter To make a love hotel, but as it is formed by the rest, because it soon reach menopause age, I also want to taste the happiness of a woman one last time, what mistake?


Sister of the liquid was occasionally ejaculate often rubbed his chin a child's penis and the downy Sawatsu good clean fresh start to turn down the pants of a senior sister breathing time of annual primary school Satoru Naka to the child through pregnancy and the Chin are very worried Settsukusu but was not it good?

My discourse incest

The woman that my husband, I was vaguely felt.
But hopes of a peaceful home, I've tried to pretend not to notice.
that is good in it, my husband acts just escalate.
So I am, I finally decided on separation.
was miserable and irresistible, and I think of faithless husband, our mood was rather refreshing.
However, that woman living alone in the middle age, I still miss
may not be it.
with such great compassion for me, helping me to be over both physically and spiritually, as well
grave was my only son.
that my son is already fiancee or mother's foolishness,
away carelessly spoiled son, at last, "Mom, how lonely, the dying" on his chest and flew
I in the city.
such a hopeless mother, tenderly embraced her son, "I'm glad they
me, I'll love you," said to me.
I sobbed, her lips seeking his son severely, "your mother, holding! media to Chakucha
!" to appeal to.
the hands of his son, when taken in panties, I was not to his face in his hands 覆Wazu
did not. And I will figure starkers.
"Mom!" He said to groan, his lips pressed against
my exposed genitals and began licking the everywhere. Caressed by the mouth of such a place or
, since it was a honeymoon period.
So me riled suddenly gone up, settlement would - raise your voice already.
"This is where this hole, I'm born to be my hole," and also lust to Shikitsu
son, licking hairy twat relentlessly to me to suck you.
of frustration from the groin around the back of the cleft Mature Women horny honey, sticky texture, sticky texture. The son continued to trickle
sucking noises while Buchubuchu and indecent.
too much pleasure, even Hashitanaku was just a desire to speak.
"Please, Chin Chin, turn! soon"
"Mom!" My son, give a tearful voice, has been thrust
Araarashiku a great erection. Then, using the back like a maniac, to a climax at once.
"Mom!" moment is reached, I also called my son, my life in this world will have been
holes had dumped a large amount of semen.
me, what did you mean how has it 仕出Kashi.
But Onaka and hurt my own son, loving 烈Shiku octopus and forget that we
, so if no, just single-mindedly, I was happy.
From that day, hope life has been infested.
son, while my child is, is the mistress of my beloved.
"Mom, these days, it was very beautiful," and get compliments
son, like a little girl would coyly.
But, in fact, I will take in his son's youthful womb to extract, to ensure young
it does not return. To have shiny skin.
embraced his son, or penis in good consistent with much much more deeply than when
husband, indulging in meat and meat fellowship forget everything, I could drown.
arrays are many times when I wonder, gave the first lick penis
son when he was incredibly excited, Bikun an erection, let 返Ra 反Re Bikun forcefully.
"What is it? got this feeling. Could I also ask her to lick
Yo?" concealed hostility to his son's fiancée, and jokingly asked, his breathing rough eye; yet, a word.
"No way, guys like that!" At the word, and my mother is stupid, I was secretly overjoyed.
and the dictates of intense emotions, pushing his son in place, from the Trans-
Ri, a lovely erection, it brought into my wanton hole.

Was raped by his nephew

I am a teacher at age 35. Well just my bad timing, I'd excuse
· · ·'m still single. I
from around the youngest of five is that while I'd do often.
oldest sister is 48 years old, the child is a person with two adults. We write down the child (age 23) and is. He has
in employment for persons in the metropolitan area. Would like to eat and then met several times.
relationship would be bad since it is from December.
drunk in pubs at two. It is not the first time.
me, the weaker the night I have not sleepy in the middle. "Shin-chan, I return from my sleepy"
far as to say that you stood up in my mind. Then when you wake
eyes, I was not lying on the bed naked in front of him (above) was at. Just had to Kyoton
分Ranaku to the situation, the lower abdomen just a bit strange, I mean there
was playing with my fingers in his. "I came to the hotel is now a sleepy aunt because" Hey.
"Hey, hey what are you doing? Stop it," the voice so it does not enter into force.
're too good at his fingers touch me there, to feel, once and for all refuse.
to have a shoulder to the back of my neck from his left arm, right hand come to play around there.
move back and forth like kneading gently caress across her lips with two fingers secret, so as to dive with another finger shallow groove along the crack
movement, and the occasional deep dive. Rub the clitoris and part of the palm.
I said, "No, no," but was immersed in the pleasure and mutter. He
my ear, "Here's my aunt, I've been a naughty tone" "I'm filled with liquid," and sometimes
囁Kimasu while licking his ears.
"Oh, Oh Oh, good!" Cha voice out I was patient. "I No, of this. To stop"
"Aunt, I stop? Even though this nasty sexual intercourse"
me to say anything further. I have deep inside 徐Ni his fingers. "Ah! No, there!"
His long finger in my vagina, slowly at first gradually, 動Ki回Rimashita. It ran
body from the vagina to pleasure all at once {Oh Oh! Damn if! "I have gone aloud.
thinking I cried Lightning. I felt like a long time from either the guilt someone depart from the nephew, I do not know.
[aunt, Did you cry? I'm sorry, "he gently kissed the fingers are still intact. I was still fascinated with
his arms gently, getting my mouth 嬲Tsu his tongue began to caress the breast.
partly to the genital caress until now, has just gently touched the breast, making it easier to feel the hard nipples. He
again, "my aunt, it was like before," I'm "such a nice body, the first" while whispering sweet or
弄Bimashita like my body is a whole different creature hands and mouth . I've already
"and who" forget to Teru Kano, leaving himself the pleasure of the caress.
seems like open inside the lips also Seri出Su there, you will see a wet etch in a solution.
erogenous zones are played with the body, the pleasure of turning the body from which the body is too hot.
"Give me come," leaked out about the mouth. I ran into
mercy he has an erection.
a ride to make me sit on his hips, shaking me around with me scooping out hard like crazy. I wonder
I was screaming for a long time how much 逝Kimashita limbs tangled with him. Many times.
sleep until late that night I did not get as it is.

said when he met several times after that. When he
local university, the host part, and also has relationships with a host body that sometimes,
be confident in handling women, sex that night but really wanted to introducing agent to sleep with is.
even heard of it, that my body is unable to refuse him.

The Misa

yuna himekawa[26005]
Shimashitara home now, so I fill up the address to copy the address
last I wrote, and launched new. Below is a copy
. Asako's
, what was I watching? (Laughs) Actually that time was used to.
My son came home before 5pm. But I was a little early to get ready for dinner on Saturday, so get ready almost finished kitchen
time I have to hug and kiss my son. Teru Kano
a joke, coming from over there on the touch as I was thinking pants and waist
erect penis was pressed against him.
"will not do, in such a place," "Mom, I want to just"
leave no choice because he was embraced, go to the living room couch was 押Shi倒Sa. It is obscene to Hashitanaku
because he embraced him many times during the night and this morning I think
was still very sensitive in the body. My mouth was that he really wanted was Iemasen
my pants while I take off his pants, took off the underwear.
into between my legs so as to weigh him, came in a little rough inside of me.
me, because it was already wet, I was doing a little Zurasou stance, came in smoothly. changes in the first place
SEX mean that (it will still have clothes on) I was excited and he would have typed in the penis vigorously
had grabbed desperately at his shoulders in such a place seems like I am being fucked, of course.
to ejaculate in me He forcefully, to Nokezotsu 逝Kimashita too.
Later, during dinner and then clean up, embarrassing each other (laughs) and I was not even talking
two endless.
mouth opened and then the "enter or bath?" was that my words.
there'll be a little excitement in the bath.
become dirty like to come over there and carefully caressing my chest while i wash his body and demanded
lips. And "I wanted to before," we get tired at the edge of my bathtub with a state
me forward. "What? What's this?" Has stuck with his penis from behind I thought.
has been inserted into the ready position before and I am.
was the first of this lewd. Masu Sugi shameful I stood in the bath.
"Stop a moment," stop it soon, getting hammered by his penis from behind, but excited
exciting, because it seems he could not even 逝Ki unstable posture . I went into the bedroom to the bath.
he lifted me up into the bedroom, so as to embrace me as it lay.
to continue stimulating intercourse, it was also the night before, last night I became 開Ki直Tsu filthy body.
according to him aloud, was also licking his penis in me after ejaculation. Embraced by his
late, even one in the morning 回Shimashita.出張Tsu

to my husband, usually in February I have four.
like drowning myself, "Do not make these things with my mother she'll forever"
son and I said, "when talking to the girl looks like a mom and these things no longer nervous, "I said
. I feel that little was not such a good cause-related.
the way, he went to the club this morning.

H is the son of

I am a 50 year old housewife. I worried about my son's 23 years old. Please tell my son that I do not even work Who is Taro. I do not have sex with nothing. I want to do and pussy hurt too time consuming to have sex with me. Mom's pussy when looked into doing it the other day and said let's see what's going on.

Two sons smell

Good morning. My husband also has embraced
was Sex. Iki crazy
partly because I had to dust and dust of the body. My husband and I have been told
amazing recently.
this morning my husband and son are still sleeping, and will report further details when we do not know what happened to come.


When the husband does not travel from the legs I was holding the son Mojimoji,
"What's wrong?" She said,
son "a little weird, I got my cock is so "
and things will look.
And I was curled a fine thing for longer than my husband.
in my head, but I was wondering how I try,
"I'm not sick like this is another" I told my son
"The Jaanai sick? But Toshi from your friend's mom got sick again Tatte
Did not "
me" You say to the mom got re-eh "s going on what I thought,
son," my mouth The licking and now, I'll fix the hole in the crotch and put "
hot and my body," Usotsu "I thought, Is that incest is not 思Itsu and one
that Toshi What your mom, I thought that person looking demure.
people say but apparently independent, thinking such a thing, to imagine many

Mai, but I was worried about scratches and not attached to the feelings of his son,
son The "Mother! happened. O you again soon ~ me too!"
"Mama do not like my things?"
"Digi can not lick the dirty penis?"
I no longer separated from the minutes, momentarily
"I do not thing I'll do, I'll fix it all right mama," said the
me that I have Anai
子供Ji his birth I can and I'll
on the spot, and I was licking at the mouth something larger than her husband.
been rocking back and forth to keep my head And my son,
"mama mama pee is the penis"
mouth full of my sperm came out , and drank Gokun.
son "drank pee on me?" from
I told you, "It's not pee now," said his son saw,
still remain Bing , like a penis does not depress 回Ji A 1,
"It's a secret only the two Hayo Kono mama and papa says I'll not bring it," I took the bed
reminds us, son to take off all our clothes,
I take off all at 69, I was a dick to his son Jubojubo,
son, "How wonderful place to pee but I'm Mom's slimy," say I've

"I mean, there are some merit. If you also feel high holes I put a penis
son "You say your mom can get you in the re-Toshi - put it earlier, "I say
" I'm going to help put the wet before, "said his son and let me lick.
I also feel good and Don Don, son Imashi to face rubbing her pussy or
And I will early on, "I put penis" will give you put
likes. Kata
to please no more Daddy's Funyachin, so I
I said, "Let me look into pussy dick," I told my son
"I Haitsu mom says I'm" and waist getting up and down,
I now turned down
"also based on larger cock to me I feel a lot of things back
I If I say.
son, "I feel good penis. Mama mama," she said hitting me waving
coming back, and I feel I really
"'re melting mama pussy Ah ~ ... "As soon as I said, thrusting hard to come
son away and come out in me, only a little worried accept
Shimaimashi Well, whatever my son to think or.
However, even in 5th grade son, I feel well made, great.
And now dad to come home, this time to the son.

Everyone is incredible

Recently discovered a site called Megumi Yoshi here. The 41-year-old housewife.
a half years before a husband was away from home but I never thought I incest taboo is now becoming aware of the change from living together with my son.
in the absence of everyday life will seem much, but my husband, we were still overlapping sexual dissatisfaction after some time. I thought of my son
does not target, and entering into his room clean, but the smell of a man with means. Resolving complaints is only
masturbation, but not without a desire to feel like cheating, but does not. No second line and
立Chi振舞 son, put out recently and mind, I knew at that site here.
everyone, it really is amazing. Somehow it seems really exciting to act as a taboo. Besides, I faded a little aversion to incest than previously thought? - That I. I feel this exciting
hopes and fears with a military or reserve? I think somewhere in there too.


Hi, Satomi is called. The mother of three children 45 years old now.
I recently had a net decrease in the number of sex with her husband somehow, you will read your experiences 辿Ri arrived here, we have written I'll try to post too.
typos or omissions are hard to read where s Please note that charges are nonrefundable.

I lost my parents early in the accident, one person is five years younger brother, Takuya Speaking of relatives.
parents died a few years now to take care of my mother's family relatives in the same city. I have cold hands and feet since I was little my mother went to the hospital sometimes severely. According to my doctor, unbalanced diet, that it was because like many things that I hate. Especially in winter is the hardest to remember.
In that way, when sleep was beginning to get warm is determined to put his brother in bed with limbs all the time.
That is, remember I was 15 years old winter.
because I get the legs warmed up as usual entangled, put your feet beginning with his brother in bed, his body temperature started to feel my legs entwined brother's feet. breathing the fresh
brother was sleeping so soundly. I also put my brother began to touch the body readily. Perhaps the day
the cold was severe, severe cold than usual, with his brother's body in bed and it was his first 潜Ri込Ma
(Oh warm)
feel like I will be relieved, and I began when I was barely sleeping. It initiated a body here for my brother rolled over. I had put his hands under the waist at back off a little, I had accidentally touched the crotch of his brother.
I had an erection.
(s erection!)
surprise, I pulled out my thinking.
high school I was supposed to be honest, then there is also knowledge about the opposite sex and may even curiosity had maybe more than others. I also have no relationship with
man is still my brother's crotch gingerly reached out with curiosity.
brother was in elementary school is definitely an erection. I tried
is lightly over the penis of a brother pajamas.
(even in elementary school I have an erection)
reality that I was beginning to think a little excited.
brother was sleeping with a breathing fresh unchanged. I am relieved it is again asked the body orientation and body to his brother, and now I have to gently hold an egg lightly.
(hard ~!)
excited that such a hard erect penis small brother of the body compared with classmates.
as knowledge, but, still clearly remember the surprise on the hardness of the unimaginable.
did not change the appearance of his brother. I became increasingly bold
, tried squeezing a little time. When seized feel lighter or harder than the bigger imagination, and the hardness 感Jitaku more clearly, I tried to hold firmly to enclose the entire palm and little finger.
time, like I was a senior.
(senior in high school that is a big hard erection more to do?)
I had to imagine thinking without permission of the senior penis size of his brother in hardness.
I've been excited, with one hand while holding the penis of a brother, let slip a hand inside the top of his pants with one hand.
is embarrassing, but I remember masturbation in school six years since it was supposed to be several times a week.
by themselves when it is so I did not get wet, as it was commonly called the first "wet wet" was.
put a finger is the first time I put no finger.
(feels ~)
but the next room there are also voices 出Semasen sleeping grandmother. Or maybe always was felt that the double secret of his brother touching penis masturbation while yet.
I've been increasingly excited, "the penis to feel more sensation," And he, his brother Komase slip into pajamas hand, I tried to hold the penis from the top of the briefs. Hardness as well as over sized blanket sleeper over time, turns out to form were clear.
touch live, I want to hold!
did not stop anymore. I was putting a hand in briefs that one.
but gave me a hard time allowing the invasion of my hand stronger rubber briefs and pajamas difference.
(again ~)
frustrated with my body more and more excited by the opposite fingers were quite wet. The situation would forget the excitement. In brief imperceptibly, but over there, I've been starting to rub the penis up and down.
(Oh ~ ~ feels)
was drunk at the time their only excitement. There are over
In brief, I began a rhythmic penis suddenly in the hands of my brother. My palms are
penis and has a different heat, I felt warm and wet.
(ejaculation? Did we ejaculate??)
I'm surprised my brother left the body while it is reversed quickly retracted limbs. For the first time that his brother

"Hmm I had!"
aloud at the next moment like a sleep, and rise back up the toilet seemed to be dashed.
I confirmed it and I tried to get the nose closer to the smell.
indescribable as the chestnut flower, Rino Kaoru was the first time I smelled it semen. Continued

Father's toys

Raped by her father when the thing without being touched, suddenly, pajama pants and panties are lowered, not wet,
been forced into place, but sex was silent now, licking that we were beaten with a toy spree (laughs)
lot of toys there, every time I use all the toys, I'm going to spend three hours with sex, she'll end up exhausted. Can not Stop
sex with his father might still familiar with the toy. At first
and Ma can guess the rotor and the clitoris, but they were close enough to feel right leg gone, his father bought, I was bed bound hardened Thanks, < br> I was able to endure much.
change the pussy juice was overflowing from a significant amount, I was supposed to blow up. There're many of the rotor, put the vibe there Raretara,
to feel good about the break down pussy, squirting a moment they pulled out. Still, it allowed his father
Kurenaku, or being attacked at the same time put Ma and Vibe, and licked a rotor that contains, or is walking into her pussy and anal vibes put,
intact was made to lick cock father and I are going to hand the horny father.
where to film like that being bullied by his father's friends, or watching sex, do whatever you want. father and father's friends
3P is being attacked by two people vibes, and usually some time in a different pleasure, I could not stop.
one by one, I have sex, they both finally became Anal began rising in my ass, but some things I had hemorrhoids,
anal too I could not stop having sex.

Anxiety 30 son

You can now post my last 30. If you ever write us
Thank you.
here and until I did not expect. or a longer time to finalize now

, how I tried to write a little better?

and now we have less fresh. Some of you, so you go out
all along and even unilateral
end and I think that I would 考E物. I think nowadays

応Enakya if you're also a little cheering people.

I wish I can now change. If you're dating
Itadai two years in particular. Thank
long-term relationship.


I am a 45 year old housewife. Even though my husband seven years ago has died in a traffic accident and a housewife, a widow now
. One son is a 6th grader.
grades belong to the school is excellent football. The type of cute boys.
son, who sleeps in a bed upstairs in my room all the time. One day, I was
breakfast, "I ~ rice" is not getting off so I called the unit to see how it went so far
shop. I do not answer, so I called again in front of the room,
entered into. What, is still sleeping Teru Kano Today is Sunday, I thought I pull it when you try to return
been entered into before the eyes of the brief is on a tear for his son.
I Shimaimashi a mound of carefully watching his son's turn back the hen
or Tomato. It is very large. 6th grade children and cute I think this is about the size
was a fine.
not related to me a man for seven years, Sugi Hama briefs raised a strong stimulus
. I instinctively look into my stomach because there was a gap between people. But in those dark
did not see anything.
I tried a little bit down the bottom unable to put up with briefs. Breathe a little down and erect big penis is
child came out from the top of the briefs. I
son still sleeping. I was holding his chest while the excitement, the son of the 6th grade I
still closely watching the penis.剥Ketai to the tip a little, a little hair grows
Mashita. I touched on by hand over the quilt that hung just a little
left the room with excitement. Masturbation with a penis Ukabe think that every day since my son is
. The mother should.


Until now, was embraced by the real son. Relationship from a month ago.
Today 受Ke止Memashita him in at last. In the first received. Ever had but I refused,
you feel in the body of his ejaculation was not too happy over this ....
change back again. I forget things all the time.
not regret what has resulted. I'm happy.

Virgin brother

Brother and I got to talking in the H.
I called "The Screw" was playing outside with friends as a man in a boyfriend at the time I was 18 years old
his brother at age 17.
first I did so at the age of 15 H, was more experienced
brother was still a virgin. Our room was just a mat 6 in each of interrupting
in bran, and somehow did not 筒抜Ke sounds and voices.
was unable to make out in my book shelf and wardrobe H
now at something when they're on the bath and are only a few peeps
bran brother always open was.
once before, but after a while I started looking and complained

H and I also try to see the day when they're in, and open 2cm wheat bran I was always first in
anxious, H and a tear comes to mind if you lose all
one by one.
not delete or electricity during the day, so when I'm doing something all the time are seen as part
I think that even the coupling part
unbearably disgusting behavior of his brother thinks that < br> Once again, my brother went to the room late at night complaining of the day.
"Hey, brother! You today as I look into"
"I'm sick to fool around with"
brother saw the TV was still silent.
"You while I was looking for masturbation? ... pervert!"
"You're crazy you do too noisy!"
"I never look through transformation of things"
"Why are you such a thing? because virgin?"
"Shut up, it was not relation"
"Well then I う &#12316; or abandoned Ciao dense virgin?" < br> We usually do not like cats and dogs not as it seemed a pity
another little brother doing while looking at virgin masturbation. Both virgin
some things that were so far Besides H and brother
course, "What? huh?" I was surprised
"H You're not things that, I'll get my virginity "
"····· or really good?"
"Sure, I'll run you kinky action virgin forever because I looked"
take off my pajamas underwear now.
now my brother his pajamas off and Trunks.
cock down her brother and half-standing in my trunks I was wearing half
glans skin too.
to see what my brother's cock
since elementary school and my brother touched my heart, and I was greatly Sori返Tsu
Mukumuku twitched and curled up and all of the skin.
I grabbed it, but Shigoki
"Yes," and did so comfortably.
"topic in the mouth I want?" "Yeah, with" I was
and makes you feel like an older brother like brother. When I
Blow, my brother in the face comfortably
has been watching the Blow. When our eyes really was ashamed.
to bed and lie down on my naked, legs wide open my brother
are closely watching the vagina. Open and fingers, and look for my brother because it was cleared
came to live with everyday, I felt ashamed and weird.
my body reacts well, but they
"Wow'm more slippery," I was never impressed by his brother. My brother licking

Yaranimankowo was supposed to be insect Bechobecho
around the mouth, but his brother was trying to put a dick in me quite well
entered without, squeeze your fingers into me and I was led to
brother waving back, in less than a minute to 1
ejaculation gushing into the mine.
Kio Hiraku crotch on my bed, filled with the semen coming from her
brother also had a tissue to wipe keep watching. I Kashikunari
"do? virgin graduates are feeling?"
"I? ... Oh, kickass"
"From now on it is then I'm not looking anymore"
"What? and it is another story and I does not matter whether I

I threw the tissue and then a few days ·
bytes brother because he was, I was still hurting a few times to borrow money.
but told me to pay back from summer vacation to the byte after all 返Senaku

to me when my brother about 16,000 yen of the total money
From Enough has been said let me once again.
brother and I were in front of the H and I thought it was a mistake &#12316;
"good hands? You do if you do by hand," I said. Then my brother

"&#12316; example is if you only get it twice"
Reluctantly, I am OK after taking a bath in the room with my brother at 11
I decided to go now.
brother entered the room, my brother in one
trunks lying on the bed I was watching TV. I approached
remote control turned off the TV. I would sit on the bed
, touched the top of the trunks.
to grow quickly erect tick.
trunks down so my brother, I've grasped it
Handjob still sat on the bed. Reach out to me
brother, T-shirts from the chest to massage Dari
with pants or touch the top of this Karaman. I noticed that
brother my wet Man Kono
"Hey, want to put in?"
"stupid, I quickly got cum"
said that I get expedited movement.
brother says: "How so fast," I told me I
, move your hands without ejaculation Okamai
Pyudopyuto etc. on my stomach with his brother.
and give you wipe the semen on the tissue in my stomach
"Well, next time, once a rest," he said. The remaining one was suddenly

to about 2 o'clock in the morning before I was awakened to my brother was sleeping.
the reason I've been excited by something suddenly blur while I sleep

"O little I can for now &#12316; &#12316; Kanben" I will say it
take my hand and pulled the crotch while I jet
sleeping (asleep), I was just moving the hand. Then my brother brought
dick on my face.
was senile and sleep, so I wanted to finish quickly
Kuwaemashita just a cock. My brother left his lips
is lying on the bed, now I'm on. I'll let you cum fast and
have roots with your fingers while gripping the glans, the hand moved up and down.
his mouth in the mouth behind the streak while stimulating the glans to the base of the tongue and mouth
included, and make your head violently up and down a lot
brother in my mouth
debt to his brother for ejaculation is now written off and the rest of this
brother was not involved in anything, or rather refused

By son

I am a mother of three. Is a 21 year old son is intelligent brain a little late. The second son this year I'm going to cram 18 years of age to go to college. The third is a 15 year old girl. I go to her husband is away from home in Nagoya, home not only about four or five years time. You hear that your son. He said that the intelligence behind the body is healthy and decent man Purimo. I am committed to getting him into me and then I was taking a bath one day the child. The house I was a girl and a third son, I had no one to 気Ga付Kazu. Fortunately, I did not know was feeling bad if Barack. Pussy is the eldest son did for the first time, every day from it. Someday will be known to everyone. Troubled. It is my fault. I became so angry that he comes to looking angry now I should have. But Timbo was his salvation was my big energy.

By son

My son is 41 years old 21 years old. My husband is 41 years old like me, not much back and tray in the New Year, so go away from home in Oita. Son to be good that it approaches sex with me.拒Mimasen sex with her son from that lonely, too. Aunt came to stay when we went the other day I came in close to my son, I was sleeping in the room together. The aunt was asleep, so I did it silently panties off. Acme voice issued a good feeling. Now that my aunt asked me this shame. Fumi her aunt last night that happened the next morning? It was a nightmare. I said, I will like you better get the fire from the cheek to say. And had sex while the person is coming my fault. A Oh, no 恥Zukashiitara whoa.


I have heard that you wanted to be a 46 year old son is 21. It continued on a daily basis since I am committed now to H. I will consult her husband so embarrassed. What may want to proceed. My husband knows this. But her husband 10 times a month, but since then has found that when the first son did not have to be in the mess it is Rite Waka pussy cum son. Siemens still has it, is afraid of pregnancy. Blood child of her husband says that if you are pregnant if my husband and son are different. Chigattara son if my son says it is, then I will be home shambles. Please lend a good wisdom.

New Year's nightmare

I'm going to be close to the age of sixty already.
still remember the New Year approaches.
where I grew up was a tiny mountain village.
office work for my father, my mother was as small as the amount of plowing the fields in the mountain cat.
life is never easy, but there sure to pour our utmost love both of the parents were
mother was small and skinny black color.
time and even had to help the field to the subject. It was a hard worker in the village
reputation. Under
My sister is two years difference just went up to kindergarten.
our family of four were poor but happy life.
late father's bonus was the greatest joy for a family of four.
on Sunday went out riding on the bus to town.
you spend New Year with my family. My sister and I
in comic books and bought me a jumper to wear underwear and New Year. My father bought a liquor
, my mother bought oranges and fish and meat to go on the market.
Eat out once a year the whole family. smiling ear to ear while
the whole family ate a hearty barbecue.
next day, with a rice cake with neighbors to 寄Ri合Tsu morning, prepare for the New Year
the New Year's Eve, my father went up to the shrine at the top of the mountain village, including its role
he was staying.
not coming back, saying he had opened the year around noon.

New Year's Eve that year, comes to stay at home as a precaution two people have been my father's brother had returned home
my mother was cooking the right conditions for the new year late.
opponent seems to have a drink with his uncle in paragraph two. Sometimes the laughter was heard
to the room upstairs sleeping. Tsurareru
laughter as the boil and friends play the lottery tomorrow, New Year's sim with
while, before I knew it was fall asleep.

midnight, I suddenly awoke to the sound of something. It was dark and quiet around
the sound of something hitting the bottom or in the living room. I sleep
eyes, listened quietly going down the stairs by one step.
drinking in the room we could see the light of the electric light man yet.
and listen carefully, hear the whispering voices in a quarrel with their mother and uncle have
"jokes from late drink enough of it please please stop sleeping
"big brother big sister is back 飲Meyo more tomorrow, but Kon Kayano
drink once in a while they'll remove the chasm "
the door and peeked through the gaps and the right, who saw his mother and uncle in the dim light <br > or.
uncle on the mother to the binding arms behind back, another man was forced to drink my mother was trying to 飲Masou the
mother had little serious resistance.
fleeing mother, uncle who is so spread out over two staggered
sealed mother to move. Mother's hands were on his back
, pressed down dressed to the cheers of an uncle or
another man is suddenly put his hand up the skirt of her kimono crazy mother.
"Sis, I'll get up kids too loudly and you'll make a noise
mother stopped moving.
uncle on my mother Kabusatta broke out over the hem of her kimono.
"Mm I want," I heard a muffled groan of the mother.
invisible from the back of the man that moves up and down between the legs of a white mother. I heard the man breathing
Ino Ara breath and her mother.
stopped moaning and move back exceptionally Kina Hiroshi uncle. My mother did not
, motionless as if dead.
broke into his mother's legs spread while another guy right away.
shaking hips slowly up and down, lips to lips of my mother repeated. Solve
kimono belt resisting mother was naked.
his mother's naked for the first time I had not dyed pink heart.
mother's breathing became rough.
man holding hands of my mother's shoulders. Daddy Long legs tangled
mother, hear a word or two words and issued a harsh breath.
larger waist and movement of heavy breathing at the same time his uncle. I heard cries and moans
mother's uncle.
stopped the movement of the waist of his uncle.
saw a body convulsed with Hikuhiku petite mother.

dawned. waiting for the New Year came
I went down to the floor had to buy a new jumper to wear with my sister. New Year's food
there was packed with places lined up. My mother was the mother of
uncle was in good spirits were also smiling. I got a lottery from Uncle
came back from my father's wife.

event saw last night, I thought surely my dreams.

Son and pleasure

Stole her husband's eyes, has signed an erotic and embarrassing her son every night. Throat cock swallow his son,
vibrator is inserted into the vagina, for example to suck cock dripping with love juice while her son. Oh, too late. If, not KUU.
this happen recently is that. I was masturbating in the living room in frustration, but returned a sign of life for us in, I have seen the whole story to his son.
I was watching television in the living room sex video. I forgot I started masturbating myself with too much force of
, I was struck violently in the genitals by his son had come to know and be crazy. My son has been inserted so as to hover over me.
when pierced vagina hot cock, I even thought I could die.

Son long, the taste of a man

My son, I was gratified to observe my watches naked starkers. From front to back.
dark pubic hair protruding from his son's penis is as big as raging, a bow to hit the sky.
son lay on the bed with me, and lick the hand torch body massage the breast once, looking into every corner of the body. Face buried in my crotch, and I suck splashing sound. stretching far into the tongue insertion
and turn relentlessly lick. The pubic hair and cheek, sandwiched between the lips lightly.
Sometimes, it expanded to a finger, and looking into.
while licking my armpit, pubic 弄Bi the body repeatedly by hand and put your fingers in advance.
"I put my mother," and say that big hit to the vaginal opening to the penis, pushing of the hole was blocked for a long time, and invaded Merimeri.
pleasure that swept over the whole body numb. I wonder for years greeted the man. My husband passed away, it has been eight years now.
son is big and detailed, it has been a very long time poke and pull. I forgot herself with pleasure, and leaking out loud.
son suddenly moving faster. So hard to lower body strikes.
"Ugh" and admiration for the movement stopped. Pikutsu hugging me tight, twitch reflexively, further pressed against the lower body.
with a mouth to my ears, "Mom, I put the semen. extremely pleasant." He still remains firm Kii Masaru be terminated without disconnecting.
After a while, slowly started to exercise again. What say what a sex drive. Energy is amazing. I'm more likely
蕩Ke. Also, I can enjoy the wonderful sensation again and again.

By son

Please listen to my son's age is 23. I was 46 years old now, my son has left home to live alone. Why do I say so 呼Bitsukemashita his son, says it will be a good time from my mom pussy, it was unable to say a sad face. Timbo crack stuck out and my panties off your Kina Hiroshi. I'm no longer at the mercy of his escape and fled to be surprised by the sudden. Acme aloud I hug his neck and a feeling of doing good. I lost him. Pussy is the place to go to my son sometimes not forget that at the time. I went yesterday with buying rubber. What is the woman I'll still afraid of my pregnancy.

The smell of my son

Wait first.
recently found this forum, the views will read.
while being overwhelmed by your story, and they've excited myself.
Up to now, but my son was cleaning the room do not worry about anything these days, you care about in the trash. occasionally throw in a tissue
, would be nervous to have a strong smell. If the odor smelled
pick up a tissue that becomes unbearable feelings.
previously that I did not like this, As I heard about you, thinking that no good will.
Sorry for boring stories.