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Incest confession of women(2010-03)

10 years ago with my brother

yuna himekawa[27528]
10 years ago but has only once that relationship with my brother. admission to local universities
is that when I was living in the apartment. My brother came to visit during the summer holidays. I
sophomore year, my brother was a high 3. The original relationship was better siblings, has also brought me happy is an airplane,
beatings little sister took him to the tavern. I actually drink quite weak, it becomes a cup of beer to wander.
his brother's drinking is the first time I feel sick right away. Back to the apartment, you have heartburn While I cared for my brother,
underwear now. To take off your shirt and pants pained his brother, and proud of what the dick.
"What I, at a time like"
"I mean, my sister, and dressed like that ... ..."
was light blue panties and bra, and my brother is not immune stimulation 強Kattarashii .
At that time, I actually was a virgin, beatings sister, "I get excited by this, I sloppy" dick flick with your fingers to imitate.
My brother had a shy smile for a while, suddenly, "Sister, I love you" has been pushing this. "Sister, Sister, can not bear" comes to dick and rubbing.
"Oh," Stop resisting it, hear. "Sister, I love you" is a kiss, the taking off the panties, but try to insert all at once does not work.
In time, I gave up resistance. A man's penis first, dazed and my head, but one I do finally make the first experience,
do not put too many times after all. My brother gave me lick my dick. But I was nervous,
almost never feel. They have no experience could only have a spin.
gradually wake drunk, but I realized the significance of things, but had no room, both of Hikkomi.
last ejaculation brother by my thighs rubbing a dick, I finally settled. Just You and my brother
This remained the only strange awkwardness, now married to the child is two.
clumsy that is a hard act also recalls fondly.

My mother and son

My mother was hospitalized with a diary I found my mother to look after while.
I finally calmed down, I will write. I came to visit after a long time

Kazuya. It is also cute
grandchildren grow up.
scratcher is such a surprise has been exposed to my body,
going to wake even the translation, even going through 知Ran振Ri,
sum in your hands you are wondering I have inside my underwear.
I've been touched, the body will not move solidified gone. Kazu
hands, gone into the body,
absolutely Kazu,
I also like old, you numbers, right? I would not shake such
to 努Menaku would have to be a woman,
is taking off underwear.
's true, Kazu.

is open legs, my body would be exposed,
濡Renaku to the body to be 濡Renaku,
to 濡Renaku prepared for longer,
you came in by force of great
"Kazu okay?"
I wonder if I said it, gone and his eyes met Kazu, cheat away hugging Mashita.濡Renaku

up early, I feel a little sore Kazu
hard, amazing,
come to feel good,
wonder if you are willing to give the number,
so , amazing, yes,
woman got to wonder,
Kazu move violently, and I was still okay
, amazing, is amazing, you sum.

likely came comfortably I become a woman,
your number, I'll feel good, great, and really really, I pleasant.
got used to feel like a woman.
seem to wet your body,
you feel Japanese men.

60 years old mother, 15 year old son.

But you Touto

It is five years younger brother,
the other day when I came back I got drunk, (I'll get a familiar story)
also be there during the bad (just broke up with boyfriend It was a)
but I can not stop talking like a lie, (his parents were away, it never comes!)
the accumulation of Sugi Teru exam before studying, and then steal my underwear Because I,
saw me sprawled on the bed drunk, how would I do this? I can remember was drunk enough to
got when my brother came in to resist expected (maybe not very far?)
look desperate, no We just hooked me,
is fast and I feel high,
agony as the boyfriend had,
only came to the safe day (scary I accidentally overlap) < br> I guess it was a blink, I had a brother out,
indifference to me, drunk and asleep,
居Tara in the wave as seen asleep in a dream,
brother As a revival, I was also coming in,
It was so exciting're feeling.

no big deal from my memories,
morning after ignoring his brother,
intact, what I ended Monaku.

If you like to be my brother

I am currently 21 years old. Relationship continues to be real brother and eight years.
both parents busy with work, was not home most of the daytime you can spend together with my brother and I often
the environment was such a difference between brother and three good friends are from childhood. But as brother and sister as well
, when I first felt the opposite sex was his brother.
second grade when suddenly my brother was playing with him, "Daddy look, I get through."
said to me, lowered my pants.
feel ashamed, but, whether it is doing now? It is also a mix of curiosity, I was stuck but
be. My brother
face near my groin is still staring. "Daddy look, open your legs a little
me." I called the left leg extended.
conscious man was a moment in my first.
brother, "It is useless to anyone not say." likes pants recovered.
have seen several times in the groin then to his brother, but more than that, the past few years, I
enrolled in junior high.
brother had been in high school, becoming quite strongly, yet the school was 人気者. Iron
the girls, remember that there were often invited. At that time I was aware
from the opposite sex with my brother, my brother was secretly yearning in my heart somewhere. Maybe
Am I wrong? And I also worry a lot. Not even a close friend confided a secret virtual
is not. Speaking of me, an ordinary girl with no particular merit. after all he thought he was
unilateral unfulfilled love.
that one day, while taking a bath when I felt it a sign of someone through the glass.
I was convinced that his brother, and intuitive. I was pretending to be unaware,
brother eventually went off the place. But my mind was more complex. What had to love my brother through the glass or
did not help the mood. I think it was - think
several times since then. And sometimes, out of my basket
undressing I noticed that the underwear is missing. Could my brother's underwear? My heart 高鳴Rimashita
. 've Know that you are using masturbation brother and my underwear or
it. I'd be really embarrassing to write, my brother Dari smell of my panties, and then Yabuttarishita
was wrapped around the penis Shigoi.
was very shocking sight. Masturbation is seen is not even a man, surely
Oca I never would have guessed it from me it is size.
But even though it comes from desire For example, it pleased me that I feel
and brother masturbation can imagine the scene I was indulging in masturbation.
such that one night, while out of the bath and dry your hair, came into my room I suddenly
or older brother.抱Kisukume was from behind, "Miwa, did not you just know that for me? Zutsu
I've ever put up with, can not stand it any more." Kiss has to say so.
Nearby strong force holding them, my lips like crazy Musaborimashita. I responded to it in silence
had been at the mercy of his brother. "From you is small, I liked without
Innovation." Tears came out to hear his words. It is a complex mix of feelings
many tears.
brother take off my pajamas, 吸I寄Semashita nipples. Funny tickling sensation, such as packing
rare, I think there's wet and she was embarrassed about. Out into my panties moving his fingers at his brother
came, heard a noise from Kuchukuchu ashamed. My brother and eventually take it panty
impatiently, and has buried his face in my crotch. My brother felt the hot breath of the lips, tongue
brother, and rotates embarrassing part of my crawl. Mixed with tickling sensation, and pleasure masturbation
has never got attacked. Feeling really good.
very rigid prick stuck with my brother, and explore entrance into feeling that Kimashi Gugutsu or
. "Itatsu!" I have frantically Koraemashita pain, pain in your voice really leaking away
Masu. My brother, "I'm sorry, but I wanted it so Miwa. I'm happy." He said, will accelerate the movement gradually came
. I "I'm so happy, brother. Brother."
And was thinking aloud. Eventually
brother, "Oh Oh Oh." 弾Kemashita in me and cried. Even though the Shisa Nakade, no hate at all Well
. Rather was happy. Was filled with men linked to the joy of love. My brother
me gently wiped my body, "I am, I still love you best." Mashita
tell him. Even if I lie, I was so happy. Good to think seriously
brother was the first opponent. 1996
then, without even making love to each other, and I followed my brother. This also allowed Toganaku
never even fell into hell, and I will follow his brother. And always will be

Relationship with father

The single women. ,,,, I am a 42 year old single woman. disease died in the days of kindergarten
Mother, Imashi alone together for the lives of father and daughter with me or
of having a relationship with my father is around the summer of 6th grade.
hot summer night unable to sleep well, work hard in between his thighs and moan father lying next to his father woke
together in his hand. as well as painful feelings
will be holding something back and forth violently backward and lower body naked
in bed to go to strip off the front of my father's worried and I'm looking to raise our voices Voice is just
and women were aloud while more surprised to see my face around a white liquid was the best part
writhes like that, so It was toward the release of my sperm.
moment 果Temashita saying my name to see my face. My father
grown man I was surprised and put out a white one with the Chinchin
taught us no good, I usually speak out and put it in the mother's genital or to
Kuremashi. More
told that they want to, but other women can not even someone from my father would have been taken
in my father's people will now think my father is a cock

of my genitals I'll say we put in out. My father is such a thing
cock my father was sleeping every night and can not be said for not being able to
place and person devoted to the genitals, on every night with my father
or so and I hope your finger back and forth for even just moving your head back and forth nothing besides the mouth are said
Sure, every night, so you hold it comfortably in the hand When hardened
was raised to give the head moving back and forth until you get nothing besides a white liquid in the mouth.
just got to junior high school at the time when you're raised for example by opening its mouth because it's unfair I know my father
pleasant when I touch you touch the genitals and breasts and my At that time I knew that
to gasp aloud funny, What did you say you are from 知Rimashi
or feel.
feel good when he sleeps I also understand that to get naked even 貰I Father, I arrive at anything
now sleep together in the nude.
line with the place of my genitals begin to take his hand and holding a cock hard
father came
now be well to remind me to comfortably touch or. I also feel good when
now be on your body to twist and moan saying
or feel.
myself when I felt I was forgetting to hold up and running, the father said I do not remember what
to my father I did not say is "nice, thanks! , put, they are full
up while pressing legs shaking with more open and embrace my father would avoid
and crotch had gotten too excited about my father's father male genitalia know my cock is

of press has been going in, but I want to rush back to back and was waiting to sit Guigui and pushing
So I went.
悦Bu like a penis with genital accepted but also feel the pain without feeling any resistance
It was killing my father lying on his back legs up high
got up on his father astride like a woman who knows the pleasure of sex, move back slowly, sometimes vigorously moving
aloud body twisted in agony while, to enjoy the pleasure rising slowly rising into pleasure
regrets the end but also 上Ri詰Me, Takashi Kinoe time and again they

He was in agony and cry of joy.
body sweat The more eyeballs as they become white as the spray water on the suspended suffered Ge
to middle school and has caused
attracted to the body throughout the body and hip movements seem
nose as far away each time will often cause seizures, such as taking out the rhythm continued into convulsions like
turned off as soon as the movement between the sweet agony aloud from going missing The
dishevel in how to ensure no interruption of his hands and voice as intense movement of the hip by moving your finger
not want to tear off at a rate well 泊Maranu eyes clench clit , one hand rubbing began violently grabbed

the chest, swinging upside the head, turned white Re無I
mouth closed, but continued physical agony aloud without any drool flowing down a vertical 止Medo I think little by little hands quivering and Takao
was inserted like a penis with legs sprawled 突Tsu張Ru,
instrument of like flying through the sky
如何Nimo support just like body to contract and become an instant
seems exhausted.
then pressed like a circle and sat down slowly become like a sleepwalker
the pleasure almost an hour while the interval of I was wondering said.
such a pleasure to once a month someone other than the father is away and the body feels unthinkable.
became obsessed with pleasure.
a father when they can no longer possible to miss things the day in bed and things like male genitalia
I was in agony in bed beside my father got one fitted.
Depending father I remember my father in years gone except the pleasure of the best middle school students can not think women are sex

to take care of his father while the father's 65 years old still continues today.
lost count impossible to come by often enough to be inserted with the solid year to come Masu decreased 3,5 times a month
enjoying sex.
I to pee, so the body can not tolerate the insertion of the genitals always feel when

except at the entrance of the genitals of the same thickness in the ankle and vibes are always custom-made variable

minutes until I'm with the band attached to the penis rotates while extending between the depths of the contracting of our customers come in time
storefront in a skirt that hid a wide range of self-employed do not feel like a kick
to enjoy
agony, to sit with your butt into the hole with a vibe there is also the chair
another round into the thickness of the genital Vibe out of order because I have to look forward to coming thick and finished
sex and abstinence and relatives had been told, timing is done early, too father-daughter relationship
ordinary people further out in the wanton guilt or excitement of feeling pleasure
not regret it I know I feel do not feel joy. <br > 悦Bashii continued without a break is the result of decades Eta pleasure in knowing that the relationship between father and daughter from
and I think
well into his father's death a father who we seek only to feel the pleasure to thank my father left me left me
which I will raise my genitals go in even when his father disappears. <br > close to a pillar of the genitals while increasing the voice of joy, feeling the agony of pleasure through the body vortex
I think I seriously want to die while being inserted into the vibe.
I finally I hope they want to die while showing the appearance of a woman who wants only the pleasure
are thankful for good health can continue for decades and still looking for pleasure.
little girl incest pleasure in life is to know the time will send the best of the best kept in

Do mothers

I am a 46 year old woman.
bulletin board to post such a good year for I was ashamed to see people who have posted similar experiences as yourself would have relieved myself .
husband passed away and in a few years my son was born, my son six years ago helped grow one woman and her son had been working seriously for a job at a nearby factory.決Marazu now stay at home job I should do next is also restructuring two years ago, so I'm proud of my son. I showered with insults gradually going to change the character of gentle loving son, now hit objects.
son, and did not do all things Aru日 of having a relationship with me by force I slipped into bed and asleep. I was fiercely resisted
to force the young man is torn off the buttons slightly enemy
clothes stripped bra breast
Shabu still remains the nearly-naked 押Etsuke which,
was forced into the penis remains firm understanding of the translation of his son. It was a secret part of the pain in my hips and move her son, however full of joy juice from the back of my secret pleasure of them as I
woman about 20 years . After her husband's death, not at my best man to grow the relationship my son, my body sometimes when 持Te余Shita, and was about comforting myself secretly
. When being inserted into his son, feeling as they passed away a few times I'm embarrassed penis son away overlapped my husband, now himself holding up the pant voice while clinging to his son wet the wet part secret was. The woman suffered from a disgusting and pathetic even to myself Namare guilt suddenly come round twice, once with 3
the request of his son away, and now my son waiting for a request There was myself. Ever since my son was calm and rough, and decided that even before the job is another plant requirements
son was decreased remarkably since then, once I learned the pleasure of the woman is not forgotten previously was only a few times a year to
now Onani almost on a daily basis, when looking at the delusions
to post, has become his habit of comfort . That we should not have a relationship with me or my son I have the solution, but they are waiting for my son asked me
when my son comes, to accept and act all shy
(in front of her son masturbation, fellatio, vibe) to the.

Son and daughter relationship a secret

Such a site that posts these days.
let me write this experience is now available here six months before me.
is my daughter and husband. This is also incest, right now.
42 years old, and my husband that my daughter is 30 years old 22 years old. My husband and I divorced 10 years ago. My house is straight in
during divorce negotiations, and two daughters lived in.
daughter married a year ago, and this house with him. It is the form of her husband.

is half a year before September. After the girls went out in the morning of Wednesday, started the laundry.
into vessels that can take sheets and laundry room wash girls, naughty spots were revealed about the sheets. A severe
from last night Oh, I was remembering the sound of the couple and their daughter. Jatsu
to spots where the smell and somehow, what are you doing right, laughs with me
放Ri込Mimashita washing instruments.
laundry and start moving the instrument, but its sound, stains, and smell are reminded at once has become a hot body. Unbeknownst to the groin
hands ... It's not every day, sometimes masturbation is done. I just started
remain intact. T-tampering in the chest on the left hand and knead
shirt lifted a finger from the side of there pants and shorts down with rub.
Then I saw someone standing outside the room, I stuck a Gikutsu.
was her husband.繕Ou tried to hurry going nowhere ....
"wake us from suppliers that, I've been called to pick up from the front door"
has repeatedly hugged me tight lip when he came up.
I thought that was not because I was about Copyright in masturbation, it was not anti-Rau.
found that hard and erect penis in his pants while being embraced.
my hand and led them in his hand. "I also wanted it's your mother"
and separated from [husband or your boyfriend? "" Just five years ago, but one ... "... I do not have to answer honestly.
came in shorts in his hands. "Wow, you're wet ... and did I bother?"
Has lowered the shorts were forced backwards.
"I do not need foreplay, right now I want" He let my genitals Asoba at the entrance of the penis and slowly came into
"Oh, wow ..." He 突Ki上Gemashita to sit down with my vagina that slowly bend your knees slightly.
hand to my waist with one hand fixing the nipple gently in a strong 捏Nemashita shirt.
"go to your mother's room," he whispered in my ear and and went to go step by step but I am bound to. It can only be odious
this. Like electricity running through my head every step from the vagina
he entered the room the bed with my upper body posture as it has been more intense penis nailed. I greet the peak there
"Wow! wow! go! will! Ah ~ ~ spoiled" but raised his voice went rubbed. He is by far the penis
, took off his clothes. I was still racked by half-naked, he sat on the bed and nulla-nulla
licking penis remains erect lights still huge, suck Emashita. The penis was inside me before. He
urge to lift my shoulder and I went back across to sink his penis.
I get my fill of genital penis however violent it is indecent to groan, and is about to collapse after it sustained him
Nokezori Kiku Hiroshi. He knocked him to sit on the bed spring and intact,
突Ki上Gemashita my penis. Because it's too big to move down, I moved to cling to his waist.
I caught enough to be feeling the pain from the mouth of the uterus is clinging to his mouth while being sucked, should have a voice raised a cry
逝Kimashita. Spark to light red in the back of the eye, it seems in my mind went blank. Surprisingly he did not ejaculate
still, his back to leave me stunned, I 責Me立Temashita posture.
nipple biting him suck my breasts, Stirring up after the devastation in my penis, and I head to the height
"Ah! Wow! will also go, go!" voice and To take him, "Oh Mom, do!" aloud to my stomach
through face to pull the penis, semen fired. He has to get dressed
to go back to the company because I was still feel regret, went out to have a formula you wake supplies.

then pretty hard to make time but is continuing a relationship with him.
about once a week at a pace, at home, so I quit the dangerous, it is often intolerable.
amazing he is, but I also have enough is to not fall off the pace and apparently her daughter.

Sibling incest

I married at age 34.
husband and married five years ago. But sex is more than four years already.
husband too busy working on passing from the job I have been married for
finance-related stress has become even ED. But work is also promoted in the early enthusiasm. A bland or
originally from all gone and I thought every day was
traditionally been very hard as a wife. When I met my brother
such a long time.
brother and I graduated from college at age 23 earlier this month they far away. Originally
away and so are more than 10
to be her excuse is not the one by one brother and sister are between males and females
between men, but they can get a better relationship between women Masu.
The fact that I live relatively close, but I met earlier this month to pass on behalf of the celebration.
meet my brother and I come to think about two years, had become more cool. The
not that much even then, I have felt like Darvish. I also like a playboy.
met in a tavern like brother and stylish. I like talking about things
about sex and drunk Proceed.
been riding my brother, "lie ~! a night to do but roll up next to my sister if I were a chick"
"~ What I'm saying is, and I, despite being the nursery," "It is our time, I, too fucking Saffle "
and stop talking rowdy jokes and his brother. What kind of sex or
, the difference of the female genitalia ... or less four years (before that Itta not remember) I will lie
Speaking of talk was not only stimulated.
becoming more and more far from speaking to his brother, shochu (probably) after a drunk Guitto no longer fully conscious.

memories return, I was also embraced by the naked brother naked.
love hotel location is on the bed. "What?" Liquid from spilling over there and I feel I'm thinking ...
"Yeah, yeah!" Came into my tongue overlapping lips of his brother thinks.
"This is my brother! do! this" head in the corner, but I wanted to 疼I
hot body is the tongue and genitals Nabura whistled to mess with my brother, especially fingers splashing sound There is a general numbing mouth feel that I have become
mercy. My brother is released
lips "sister chicks, wow, you disgusting. We just had it ..." ...
That means that Oh, I got to thinking, my fingers As the folds of the genitals 絡Meru
嬲Rimasu out into several fingers while. Women
拒Meru I do not think in this state. I became like
be enchanted with the whole body, numbness, whistled from the genitals to 零Remasu liquid.
have a penis sticking out in front of my brother. I do not hesitate to 頬張Rimashita largest penis ever seen it.
it tightly to conquer the mouth, to crown my 蕩Kashimashita. Shitateru
your brother sounded dirty it up with "Ah Ah ~ ~ I like tying ー" 歓Bimasu with heavy voice.
had just suck for a while, getting 堪Ranaku
"put" this. My brother on all fours and make you groan while I
retrospectively so as to support the knee making a belly, and I came in blending in the genitals.
great! Walloping! Voice as it begins to think, my brother was getting a lift back to poke ...
sick I think I my brother and sister after mating in the form of a beast that time
The hips move to meet my brother I had to raise our voices together. Copyright
feel there is now, "Oh Wow! go! go! That put a friend!" and was shouting. My brother and strikes
to accelerate the movement of the waist, with such a melting hot semen erupted inside of me. If we had falls.
brother was still dazed on his back to me and torment my heart ...
intact and tongue, and in me at least twice after that for

I understand that there two weeks ago, mature woman (me) felt the taste of my brother once called me three days, I embrace.
body have to do sex every day (his story) It is said that.

Sister-in-law has gone mad

I'm 18 years old sister-in-law of the age of 26

ronin decision from abroad to claim his brother's head came to Mon 3
underwear or going to close the chest
my face up! They often say

sister-in-law is a question for women is what I want and in frustration? I'm a virgin


yuna himekawa[27437]
I am a 29 year old housewife. Children (age 3) and my husband, my husband's father to it (62 years) is living in four. I travel to Kyushu and the promise of six months from February of this year my husband have been living with the father under one roof.
mother was six months ago, passed away on sick father is hanging in the home every day and then retired.
husband have been married for four years once a month I'll be back, honestly, less than once a month SEX thing in the day was spent in frustration. A mid-March, at night, when the father of bathing, while the father went to the dressing room notice the underwear, ran from the bathroom and coming out of Ralph, what I see, that the father Womaji . I panicked
"I'm sorry"
bolted to the dressing room with. But, that the father, but that weight is not hard, that long. It haunted my head turned away that night, I consoled myself by imagining that erection.
outrageous behavior the next day.
short skirts, lingerie see through blouses. Had stayed in the house dressed like that. 4 day shoot a father feels in the body every day, finally rape? I have been.
"Kazuko, I'll do you wrong"
Shaburitsui came on to roll up tits pink bra blouse Tearing off pushing the sofa saying. I see a practice swing on purpose to resist
"Your father's a, what do you do, please stop, nasty, please let go"
flap for foot.
"Sorry, please Well, just ask at 1"
stepfather and has bowed. I had to
resistance while, gave up a time for him to resist 見計Ratsu.
father gave me take the time to thoroughly disgusting caresses every inch of my naked body with.
toes, even the soles of the feet. SEX and the open-hearted husband is totally different form. And

"Now ask me that"
issued before the father's penis and face. Speechless for myself.想Enai 62 years old, as I thought I was fat significantly. They were about to move up and down the throat and mouth barely able to contain.
"Kazuko, Good, I sweet, such a thing to you, it seems a dream to get"
Imashida willingly.
"your father's, I thank you can not stand"
I and reminds you.
"I see, I see"
saying, my legs spread wide and came dick sunk.
"The, you, I great, great, Oh Oh Aa sauce"
Until now, single men and four times, including the master with the SEX, and so who is the first big dick.
早Kunai piston is indeed, one arrives at the back of the uterus once I tasted the pleasure without ever tasted, my father was before I knew it was my breasts fainted unawares ejaculating sperm were a lot of cleavage.
was dirty like the amount of liquid love peeing on the couch, and I also. Bolero has started with the father from that day. In cold blood during the day but still small children to SEX.
ejaculation is small indeed once a week, every time I just installed my father's cock.
in the house, but depends on the day, or dressed only in fishnet stockings with garters and a black bra nightie 透Keta has been touching the father will always be dressed.
now also has a father living Nikoniko Mari Osamu too frustrating for me.
know is only a husband, and enjoying a kind of filial piety 割Ri切Tsu too.


Last summer, the son of two, was attacked at night.

her husband would be busy with games or overtime.
five years already? Not the other.
(What excuses?)

fancy underwear fancy nightgown, her husband prefer,
aware that it was stimulated from the son sleeping or at the hands of his son was in the underwear.

awake, but had to stop
son, so I had gotten in the excitement,
away spread legs
('re wet)
fingers touching her son there to respond, and I felt instinctively,
I see my son.

moment, his eyes met my son and I closed my eyes away in a hurry,
I do not have it What I have got to forgive me.

into the body so that his son jumped in,
away the pleasure to see the joy they cried out involuntarily,
observed to his son with,
"Oh there"
the pleasure of sex gone wrong. The first time my son looked

away immediately jumped out ejaculation,
pleasure and excitement and even scattered
ejaculation long considered nothing It was not,
beautifully pregnant.

the second time, taught contraception, also teaches how to use,
still delayed menstruation, pregnancy at the time knew, I was slow.

but now things down,
is suddenly asking for my husband and son relationship and then immediately after,
from the master contraception,
Still, I decided to give birth.

Relationship with father

Would allow me to write a sex life with my father a while ago. My name is Yoshiharu
. I received let me make a new thread
because it had gone past the log stream is free during the previous writing.
dirty look and I think your writing and 綴Ritai think my confession.

In-law relationship

My brother-in-law (husband's sister's husband) I love to have a physical relationship with
逢Tsu hotel and drinking when not at home when I travel with my husband he
body and soul to give testimony, and his wife and another woman showed up to three bowel movements a week I do not want to have sex the sperm is not a short meeting with a brother Blow pretending to go to a convenience store or I want to make sex feel 湧Kanai give me a bad feeling
drink but my husband is there, not less

And brother / / /?

I have sex with my brother last weekend when the absent parent's / / /

that day told me that night, so come back till the next day go out to the parents in the afternoon There were brother and two / / /

because I came home from work the evening and my brother, "I'm back till tomorrow to go out like my parents," I and say "Oh I see," I ate dinner together after a long time to make dinner for my brother and I do that was made up and I say something I say dinner / / / < br>
then two people were chatting in the living room and my brother / / /

the meantime, I will be a sports underwear sitting on the couch with my brother on purpose to look Mashita / / /

分Rimashita I care about is the shimmering sight of my brother's dick then / / /

brother and I'm still pretending to be unaware I suddenly change what is said, "What about the change, but there Miyu boyfriend?" I've heard it is "I'm not a boyfriend," I said then, laughing, "that men like my brother Naa I'm happy if my boyfriend, "I said, embarrassed, while older brother" thank you "to come say" good to go for a while next Miyu? "I say that we have" I'm " brother sat next to me and say / / /

knees I put the body of my brother pretending to take brother from beside the phone for a while I went to pick up the phone to make / / /

my thighs pressed against the chest when the older brother on purpose, "Oh, I'm sorry my brother got hit my heart," say the brother and I have suddenly embraced / / /

mind but I'm happy "What brother?" I asked "I really like girls like her brother Miyu" I've said / / /

embarrassment, too, "I love men like my brother thank you" and my brother has to say kiss my neck / / / <br >
embarrassed but I was thinking, "Atsutsu" You left me a voice / / /

brother Then I'm overlapping lips that we have to kiss my lips brother and his tongue came twine / / /

came into my clothes in the hands of my brother and I eventually entwined tongues turned away according to my brother I feel increasingly I began to massage the breast could not stop panting voice while holding on with my brother to feel good / / /

brother then massaging my chest while removing my clothes off your bra and brother are suffering pleasant place to be embarrassed again come to lick my nipples on Ategae Chinchin just take my hand and took off my pants "feel for me?" I've heard I said, "Yes," said her brother's pants 脱Gashimashita s / / /

cock of the other brother was really comfortably and give it to me Shikoshiko they really stiff / / /

Shikoshiko'm with my brother has just put his hands inside my panties licked my nipples / / /

I have already played with the nipple The sound Kuchukuchu vagina sex with me and my brother is away tampering wet clitoris embarrassing position / / /

Anan my dick while the older brother Shikoshiko a while as a brother Motare掛Karu my brother and I to the ear so as to overlap with the cover to me than it possible to endure "good putting?" I've heard "Yeah" has been inside me slowly cock of my brother and say / / /

I also have mixed feelings because he disappeared for a gentle kiss me and then immediately put the moment I have mixed feelings now / / /

then I gently moved me in my older brother has been hard to poke too excited that my brother out with full voice while holding on brother sex / / /

too much I cum while being caught not stand the feeling of brother / / /

brother even after several minutes the "yo Miyu locked in," she said to me on my stomach sperm me out a lot / / /

later that day for making out in the bath or taking a bath together, I was up all night sex with my brother / / / When absent parents

has now promised to have sex with my brother / / /


11 years in sex with my husband anymore, I very miserable end.
to discourage've also put a penis in the middle barely standing,
I was desperately trying to stand on its mouth for example, are suddenly put on the tongue thickens.甘Ttaruku
put out your hand to drink, "sleeping" and shout. Since then disappeared.
three years ago, passed the active son to university in Tokyo, 1R rented an apartment downtown.
interim way to go home shopping with my son, I met a friend of college days by accident. attributed to earlier
only son, was in subway Talked back nearly two hours to urinate in a coffee shop 無性Ni
I Moyooshi.
station lavatory thought I'd wait until the apartment is dirty, so smelly,
finally started leaking in the elevator, holding the legs to pedal,
bathroom and shut the door駆Ke込Mimashita to.
bathroom, but I was impatient to take a shower I put my son
sitting down and wet panties in front of her son.
sounded surprised even me to sound much, but it out at length.
that moment, relieved breath Tsukimashita shut an eye on 出Seta happiness.
side when I saw the thing to remember about my son is finally consciousness,
I was curled in to the engorgement of the penis and Gingin son!
last saw her son's penis was the fall of fifth grade. At that time I was hanging
wearing a lovely smooth skin from the groin,
groin son entered college in the hairy,
man's penis itself to 剥Ke Sosori立Tta 逞Shiku skin. Moreover, much larger than my husband!
look away when subjected to the rising panic, the hand touching the shoulder of his son,
next moment, I was suddenly embraced.
are pressed hard penis grinding against his son not wearing panties belly
"What are you doing her speak!"
"Mom!" I cry and is pressed against the wall, I would pick up the little is,
want to hit the crack tip of the penis, and in Gugugutsu Meri込N.
"&#12316; Damee Tsu!" If you are trying to solve his son waved and shouted to the back
I swallowed his cock in reverse weight son.
moment swallowed cock deep in my pussy son had forgotten the things that woman,
"Ugh!" and moaning, I feel that going through the power of the body and why Suutsu Mashita.
feel cold on the back wall of the bathroom units,
breathing hard and feeling the ear, and his son,
struggle to hold back from a groin kick to thrust raged fierce,
reverse came with his son holding the neck.
"Ugh!" son of a short moan, jerk and thrust into the waist!
"Ah! Dametsu!"
But the feeling spread to the back of the vagina feel lukewarm,
I like to hold back a scream of orgasm surge, with Imashi more tightly hugging her son or.
feel there is no son should have withered over the penis out,
was stabbed while 逞Shiku Hikuhiku me cramps yet.

Family Love

Now I live alone when I was in my parents, brother and father were very naughty. Could you
to believe, because only drawn to talk to friends, never talked to anyone confession. Maybe

lasted about 5 years since it began in the second.
was with my brother at first.
by feeling like an extension of masturbation, I'll tell you now feel good about each other. Stoneware can see

masturbation help with masturbation Cunnilingus Blow

Sixty Nine
but I made progress in this order, the sex of the family, what I mean "love is love and not," I have a.
example, but drink the sperm of her boyfriend, brother, if you're drinking, it was in my house ...

not having a mother, father to come home from work, and my brother I'm alone ... It is strange that there is nothing better.
of course, but it was the secret father, that seems 感Dzuka imperceptibly. When I was a high one

, I just called my father, asked me in the car.
"and ○ ○ Does the birth control doing fine," I. I thought it
yelled, s normal because unexpected surprise.
I'm not trying to tell me that I was forced, then did not say anything.

I think my father understood.
that even token of love in our family sex.

were tricked into going to a woman who had married my father, taken when the only money that I gave my body to comfort, love of father and daughter when the skin I could feel.

sex confessions, not at all sorry.

Husband and daughter

Recently, my daughter (age 24) I have a relationship with husband.
I (age 44) and husband (48 years), sex with more than five years. I admit I ended up as a woman
, it looks like I can go out drinking with friends at a very young man
always be called out from then. Although it is
excuse seems a little desperate, I still not bad.

by means of a daughter to attend the reunion last Saturday welcomed a grandson of child care and a voice mail Saturday from noon
wife went to her apartment.
her husband (age 35) has been working since noon and night so as not paying attention to my daughter I was told
happen, and I would like to have more communication before I have no chance to get it
tan. A little cute
I mean it, I felt things were put out of dabble.

daughter as soon as I arrived and went out hurriedly. I think it was around 10:30 in the morning. at 12, so pick
grandson green tea while watching television, it had to kill time.
then have to sweat in his speech to the sleepy look of her husband.
"sorry mom" like me, tried to talk to 立Chi去Rou bland, my eyes were glued
the heart of her husband's sweat pants.
person, but I felt a slight pull back but what feelings I have not noticed.
朝立 in waking? ? The center of the sweat pants are slightly shaped to the surface, I imagine that
indecent lust for excitement as much as being unwittingly arouse mischievous mind. for him to bear
立Chi去Rou "These days, what about shops?" and so on, who runs a restaurant in the conversation was cut
indifferent to him. He also
"Oh ~ recession in recent years" and such has been sitting on the couch began to speak face-to-face. While
continue to talk, he said, "Nde work standing up, swollen legs," because I said things like,
I said, "I'll give a foot massage with - "I felt very light and I say, from one moment to leave.
"Well, what are" good "thank you sorry JAA"
took! And honestly I thought.
"JAA, wherein the foot," led to his legs and over my thighs.
At that point, and his erection subsided but also touched, fingers on the back of my hand movements Iyarashii foot snake dared let
. There was also
mischievous mind, I'll a delusion and lost in sweat pants to bulge into wanton
further than it stimulates points in the soles of the feet, smooth skin woman to give the feel of the skin, smooth and sticky fingers crawled
encompassing let his feet, like I'm 揉Mihogushimashita Kii Hiroshi Shigoi like penis.
"Mom, is good," "I was really feel good," gradually "Aa-down" like a little moan
've also included. Toi
to crawl your fingers will let me blow softly, firmly press your finger into the jar quickly, "Uuu"
or try to say I like him I'll be under the control of I feel.
and my eyes were going and the heart of his sweat pants.
come up gradually end jeans, I went to enjoy his erection.
"Oh, so feel good?" "I'm supposed to be tough over there"
face and blow his face, and how changes to Odoodo suddenly aware that he dare As his erection
staring, licking chops with a small opening gloss painted lips.
and Keyed 上目使I him in the eye as implied consent.

Embraced by his son

The truth still posted

put away her husband eventually divorced from insomnia made in the aftermath of rape and divorce with her husband, now that we have settled down a bit and post.居Masu
now live together with my son than a far off place really lived before.
仕舞Imashita gender relations and signed a few days with his son emigrated.
1LDK sleeping in bed together, so semi-double.
come to my arms a pillow and sleeping son, I would think Hippatai been kissed before.
and asked for the body since then, put away at any resistance impossible made a bad experience they remember that better 悍, made up of state 仕舞Imasu tuna.
gently hug my son a kiss, "to protect my mother from my mother I'm fine," I come to say no 年甲斐 put away crying with joy, but this time the kiss from my son was. The pant voice is caressing your body is involuntarily taking off clothes to his son, and his face toward the side put away out of shame, my son, "Look at me Mom," my son's face was pierced while.
When someone's face while his son, I can not forget the experience strange things that 悍 better. Comes made sense to see that I'm being raped by a man face. Gasp aloud in the arms of his son's face while watching my face
仕舞Imashita son saying. Positions
embraced many times my son's face is visible from swerved, confusing place in my son, my son has finally been put out Ikasa many times in my five times. Fortunately
pregnancy did not, however things while you let the momentum 注Seta
regretted later.
pregnant at this age is a little scary
. If you want me and my son

to rubber, rubber buying
say the next day, to have sex with her son every day since it came with.居Tara made no stay away from her son recently, because of which put an end to pigeon-pregnant

are a little worried.

Take the plunge?

Lightning boldness you come back ~! My grandpa
seventeen it's a lot of pictures and children's life's dream
@ ark shell fuck I please bear with me a little Asako
do you say "Red Clam," I will represent you all know but I was!
good husband "and I want that ark shell drool dripping cock leering," I say, that sounds nasty to say something from my
rather than being excited and told her Mashita
old man seventy, I really ~ you more! I do not know
Absolutely not have that kind of language will 戴Kitaku
Oh ~ ~ Asako ark shell and eat the old man to live somehow seventeen. It is a strong student but the slime was still raining today
little from late afternoon, I've only capture at a time like me but I was supposed to care about clothes ~ "Hi ~ I Did not the putting ~ "I say," Ah! "she said hastily put me
, Today is a reward, you're Gyuu ear from front to hold me ~ ~ The "Thank you as always! I help my mother now," and I was a little tongue into the ear canal
I wonder if I have this effect, as the Mako, though I have little confidence


yuna himekawa[27329]
48 years old. I live alone with my husband died. Brother from the country (50 years) came to stay Yukimashita. Night, We talked of brother and sister from an early age after a long drink. They both drank quite a lot 酔Pparaimashita. My brother soon "have a problem with my wife refused to have sex in poor health" to the story that "the frustration Ayako over there who's husband passed away or not," I've heard. I also drunken "That I have. And no other party but this year," the brother said "Well, then I do with it," has clung to say. Truly amazed, "says what" my brother refused to let go and hug, Masaguri my chest, my lips have been smoking. "It's what I do, I'm a brother and sister who" desperately tried to escape, releasing my brother, one by one to 脱Gase wearing what I was finally naked. They become even imperceptibly brother naked, sucking my nipples, put your finger came there. Kojima has put his penis in my mouth and Sosoritatta. It was hot and pulsing with Tagitsu. I did move the face blowjob sucking it fresh thinking. My fingers caressing my brother is there and urged them to keep in mind what her brother feels wet. When I came into my brother have the voice is out of myself. After that did not remember much of sensual enjoyment. Nokezotsu reached its culmination with a few times, now finally understand the translation. When I realized my brother was naked in the next morning. I have become more and again last night.

And brother?

I had tea and then put away her brother's cock cum masturbation with a masturbation obsession with her brother away to see that I'm on my brother masturbating in panties before writing / / /

Lightning because he was at last sex with my brother and my parents last weekend / / /

stet each other in rolling quite excited about my brother too The

the most sex, and also promised to your brother and parents when there are not any / / /


Something Akkenakatta.
father to watch TV, I was told to try to somehow H, "Yeah, I" hear me out.
brought to bed in my room my dad pulled out a surprise. They both take off your clothes
body was carefully licking.
fine, mon, I suppose I feel good.
all classes, and said it.
and was a good person.
father, said to have been timely. I felt the lick of
, still sore crotch.
gone a long, blood came out.
This naughty I first thought.
Dad, I wonder if I was in a hurry.付Kenakatta
and rubber. It was however
futon filled with blood.
mom was trying to organize it'll be back tomorrow.
from tomorrow, if I speak.
Can you get along with my father.
now, but dick hurts, told me to do as many times feel all naughty. I ask him to father a
tomorrow. I hope I did not


Little left

Parent-child relationship with Kota and more fruits of his son two years ago, no longer care if the act of cheating on her husband. His son graduated from college this year and now I work far away from this April. After the relationship with his son and only think, my son every day and love the surge of loneliness.

The smell of my son

Good morning.
now finally and physiology.
third day today. Relieved. Once relieved
with confidence, I come here again.

☆ Me too

Ne I had this site. Actually my son, and I got to H ♪
of which I and my husband over the years without sex. My husband and my son was born on 17 at the time of marriage Deki long-term relationship,
over there, so I'll Layer of cheating with another woman in, ♪ I'm dating a man for hunting but I also
The selfish man he met about half a year ago, I've just put a guy with one end quickly.
dating from what I just found it was a handsome, I was getting annoyed about them I thought, I'm broke.
son came back drunk at that time in H Yake酒 Lightning
I also know my son and her husband met a man I have met you too. H laughs with her son and he seems to be complaining if I
son drunk broke my opponent, I say that because it was mon 噴Ka tide her habit of cheeky kid say! 've Got to say,
try then? I've touched it on top of vagina underwear suddenly being told. It would feel good if I
gradually from half-jokingly said there tickles me too drunk, I was soaked imperceptibly, then was at the mercy of her son.
I eventually got to the last minute, that guy is like what my husband 上手Katta fine. Lightning laughs remembering her husband's young son and little
several times but then I H, and is recently being taken to her feeling a little jealous. I wonder if I can Chaimasu Let my son stealing from her. it is a bit scary
addicted son or husband and son * H seems to be doing is not noticed yet lol

What disgusting adult

I will talk to her mother in high school is two years. 45 years old mother and father have been estranged for three years. Pussy so I did not do you think. Now his mother is drinking. The so-called kitchen drinking. Drinking in the daytime. Was drunk and just the other day I came home from school. And the night is inserted into the vagina with a vibrator when you sleep. I do not know it, but I also know that I have seen sleeping together.
say do you want to put even me. It feels good to say. I came out to show you my pussy is
explain it to expand and a stride here. What a crazy mother. It is good that happens once you die.

Brother and

I escaped the violent husband last spring, returned to the country. There will also be absent children by paying money to her husband for divorce
end of last year. I borrowed my brother's 36 years old single sister thought the money at that time. New Year's Day this year, was invited by his brother, went to the car hatsumode. Way back, I got into a major traffic jam in heavy snow trapped in the car, from the childhood reminiscences of two people, she is not, and I asked people what "people like her sister," I have no treatment I "I just kind of" He said "everything" he said, I just stuck with my brother too serious response.
brother and I hail from somewhere or stay at the slower "down" to answer, and cut the steering wheel and find the hotel sign. Love hotel, the two men looked at that moment I was surprised and entered into the cold. The door has also opened the door and inside, there is a bed and two seater Sofua, Sofua my brother decided to sleep on the bed.
after taking a bath, two people were watching TV in a while. My son went to bed too soon to tell me to lie Sofua sleepy I sleep.寝Tsuka not even after one hour, and saw his brother's here, and beckoned to her sister. It was disgusting and refused, and went backwards into the bed is said to many times.
was ready for this to not withhold the hand of his brother, all accepted. My brother was very happy with this man was, at first I had mixed feelings. Long devotion to sex gradually happy about the happy faces of my brother and I were in love with his brother until the morning. Next day the weather will be better
went home around noon. My mother was worried about the snow my heart was safely say from a hotel. My brother and I wake it is absorbed in the act of stealing the eyes of the couple as good parents.
the other day, my father went to work, has seen the mother went shopping, my brother would intersect in a room upstairs. Passed around about 10 minutes to open the front door, I Kiyomi, shouting loudly to answer the mother forgot to bring my wallet and went hurriedly jumped down the stairs. Thank you for saying my mother went out to pass a purse.
next day, my mother called, I guess you have been asked not to tempt Satoru. I have a shirt on the cape, it was seen lower down on the mother's underwear did not go down the stairs when wearing only a skirt.



to marry her daughter is troubled. Three years ago, I was invited by a friend six months, my husband was working part-time in the day without telling health. At that time, was visiting her happiness as a customer my clientele, I married his daughter. When brought into the house just because people like my daughter was, I thought that her fortune Etsu saw my face, a moment, and seemed surprised, smiles and immediately 微笑Mimashi or.
I feel there is also an embarrassment did not speak much. Good fortune of her husband liked the story and allowed to marry. The Department 重Ne合Tta her body with me many times, heavy, feel to the wedding.
grandson was born six months after the marriage to unintended pregnancy, came to my home to play with the grandchildren may well conjugal relations. Son and daughter 薄Ragi secrets, is now also true joke. My husband is away on New Year's Day the company took the grandchildren visited her husband said that my daughter went to stay in the reunion. Grandchildren sleep away immediately and drank soju together brought her husband. Flowers bloomed in secret reminiscences about two people get drunk.
Suddenly, I pushed down her husband, came up. Stop her fortune, her husband and even soothing arms while I will not leave you no good. "I want Omeko Akemi-chan," continued calling out to my old professional name, I also accepted the resignation.
phone from her husband two days after noon, I was called to come out. I have it the other day and told his father threatened to refuse things in between, went to the coffee shop meeting. While
dim purple carpet, two large tables, there was a pink Sofua so as to surround it. Seat and inspired her to marry, the man brought coffee. Ask for what shortly to marry a girl, middle-aged men from the back, two women came out of the same age as me. My daughter and husband is to introduce you to my mother-in-law, left the place. Yanai
pretty girl or her mother saying that middle-aged men, looking down from above and my body feels obscene received.
middle-aged men, the rise of a word I'll get you to leave the second floor, rising to the second floor when I started, I would start to run into the entrance Megake instant dislike to escape the spot, Where were The husband grabbed her wrists or was taken back.
that question of what a husband and angry daughter, a middle-aged men, "Journal of fortune, and what they say to your mother," while her husband 殴Ritsukemashita in a fist and say.慄Ki her husband have endured the pain of violence and terror, my body is stuck. Pushed upward to the second floor as two inspired young people, go to the right front 室Rashiku shower, I heard two voices from inside the woman's naked body illuminated large glass door. I sat down on the spot, but worried about the future I just imagined I was listening to Patei orgy when I was working in health.
I'm fine, mom's voice came over the man who was gentle and scattered violence Sift shouted earlier. There is a dragon tattoo on his back with a naked man, and been watching are so beautiful, it is said to enter her mother with a shower I resolutely prepared. While narrow, the body 触Re合Imashita two men entered.
the next room while the bus is covered with a towel that said middle-aged men, there is laid 蒲団. The first asked the woman, head bowed with shame, "Yes" answer is, "Boss, I'm 初Mono" he said, knew the things that middle-aged man a gangster boss. Name, age was asked, "Tomiko, 42" and say that, sorry came in late and said the kids. Ken and Kyoko is the boss, said he do to cherish the Akemi Kai, was taken to have stood behind the screen to pull my hand. The boss is
grounder to bed and lay down a towel off. I sit around, stripping the towel was covered from top Kabusari passionate kiss. Extruded into the front of my cock, licking I gave. 2 to 3 minutes to have pacifiers, to feel your mouth and say "go -" has been originated and ejaculation. My throat that were brought Tesshupepa likes you okay. My boss sucks milk, has been re-erect cock that the Omeko tampering. I was wet and sticky, has been inserted when the boss was a great flood. I moved back to fit the piston. Tomiko it cute, full of cum in the face of what I want to open your eyes and said, took jumping. From the other side of the screen that I've wiped Tesh heard sobbing. As soon as I want to say Tomiko, next to the screen for the boss. The top pair in the women "sauce, poke awww ... more intensely" and who cross the other is in the tasting was 69. "Ah Fu Tsu ーー Uu Ugh please please," "No, go window" for the various excited by the new scene is the moment the woman poured a large amount of semen. Around two hours passed, and I enjoyed the boss asked, and the two bowed to thank you boss. Kyoko and Akemi, and when asked to do, boy I was laughing and saying I'll look at each other was awesome. After
had sex with six or talking to the times. Others knew sex companions, two women are housewives, young child at the age of 21 and 19 years, is working under a boss with a financial business. Women 返Sezu debt, I have a young child sex partners. From the boss, her husband 返Sezu debts, was introduced to me to hear mature ladies, you understand the first thing today. After two months, three times, the boss called, joined the orgy Patei similar. Intersects with the boss after the third time, and even young 交Warimashita. The sex without condoms, and was worried about disease and pregnancy, and sure enough, I pregnant. From the boss, the debt is Yuki Shino 棒引Ki C'mon in, the Sato Satoru, then put in touch. Six months have passed since I still remember the young Sex intersects the end.


First let me post.
thing last month, but an anniversary of when my father died. Mother's brother's child
(cousin), 43 years old. (I'm 48 years old.) Will come to me.
even when asked to attend the funeral. Aunt and uncle's cousin has died
. Only child, married.
an anniversary is a cousin came alone. The expected return on the day was coming
cousin, but my mother goes to stay persistent and liquor
飲Mashita force it, it will stay.
I live 20 minutes away by car from home.
Care by a cousin decided to stay because,
husband and children back home, and now my mother and my three cousins. Mother liquor and drank until late
cousin. Sleeping away my mother and two cousins.
midnight to clean up and see the time. Another cousin, so to say this time because the country is living in Tokyo, I was surprised to say well it's time now to go for a drink. A cousin,
Shidashita work to bring it to the computer from the car ahead, and said it had entered into the bath. The bath home,
Hairemasu so you are always a hot spring. After a while, suddenly came into a cousin
. I was surprised to get away with being grabbed by the arm
, a deep kiss to be drawn
I always liked to have drunk to resist.
once you grow up, and said that I wanted to embrace,
hey, get away happy. Entered the bath with a promise to do nothing further. Male cousins ​​say. Compared with my husband away, so my body grows, I'll wash your body and going, and cousins ​​are turning their backs started to wash my vagina
fingers, missing power I left my cousin. 25 years have passed since
I married, my husband and other people help you. (Which is obvious), my husband put a man ever experienced,
inserting a long time because it was a three and a fairly nervous, too tight like I was
, to take time , the first
was licking vagina. I was holding the head of his cousin away. For example
suck away something in your mouth from my cousin. I gained a lot of drinking sperm
it out in your mouth.
then 回Shimashita one in my bed.
morning was like every mother did nothing.
eating breakfast together, and he sent me home.
in a car, I was holding hands with each other. The front door of the house,
kissed goodbye to the memories.

It is embarrassing

Sorry, please let me write a second post. I'm getting my son
Shameless is increasing from time to return to live like a man apart.
New Year holiday period has been swollen to let you play the nasty in the car and the first experience was just two days.
"I'm like everyone"
after shopping for a car to drive his son to leave. Car parked in the corner of my son's middle school grand old days are now passed on to me to hesitate 言Ikurume skillfully.
and another is at the oral.
"Do not suck my mother too"
I have also advised my son smoked a cigarette let me in Cu Chi.
"something to tell you pat her head feels"
a trifle like my age I do not smoke while 高Mara just let your mind.
Ge's voice, while the ends were rolled cigarettes extinguish body floated face drawn. And the next
ass hole.
licked, the toy is being tampered with, severe pain after having first been drunk with pleasure. The following expectations are inflated
uneasy feeling something.

My discourse incest

Until now, was embraced by the real son.
relationship about a month ago.
Today 受Ke止Memashita him in at last. In the first received.
had refused until now but I'm feeling in the body of his ejaculation was not too happy over this ....
change back again. I always forget
not regret what has resulted.
I'm happy. I was baffled
who has one and I worry, I'm so happy ... is transmitted.

The older brother

I'm looking for my panties masturbation brother through the cracks of the door of the room when I passed my brother accidentally last Sun / / /

that night washing machine brother arrived I was full of sperm in panties look older brother used to have during masturbation / / /

Kii Hiroshi Chinchin really little when I saw my brother just jerking逝Ki tea was rolled away to the masturbation fantasies while I cock back room of her brother away wet / / /

from so you can see it sitting in front of my brother panties on purpose, looking for my brother's reaction and cleavage, as can be seen in / / /

I believe in sex as it is better to have no resistance to the older brother 押Shi倒Sa I / / /

My son was raped by

I am 43 years old, 18-year-old son is a high 3.
husband (age 49) are away from home since last December in Kyushu, daughter (age 20) living alone to go to university in Kyoto.
son did most of the time so the two.
male version of my son here a few months ago, "violates the mother" that wrote the declaration. At that time
in comments "delusional" or "stupid virgin" or written to, did not actually run.
recently, it is not executed. I learned my son here too.
That was the last Friday of the month. My son is over already
exam, I thought that I put a break.
that night I was drinking with my friends. Drank until past midnight in front of friends and long time heating up about the same age. When you 上Garou
from the door when he got home, fell and gone pretty loudly to us cared
son flew in response to sound. Since I work boots
脱Genakatta I'd better not you fall badly, it was still fall.
I just went to bed in a crowded room fell while being cared for his son.
time for a while how much 分Rimasen, I woke up feeling in your body is different.
has been rubbed the chest sucked by the mouth. Was half-naked state. I was riding on was the son of.
know the situation now, "Stop! What are you doing? You Mom!" and let go of resistance to twist your body to get away with
", you know! about once, but I'm pretty much doing all of this." was pressed down or saying. are also under 脱Gase
to have your fingers into the rough there. It hurts a little.
Rarena by force, so I ran away, tried to talk calmly.
"Hey, Shin Chan, the parents are not these things. I say incest, should not know the first thing," said, or softened. But
"Why I'm no good. You're a good man and a woman, do you hate about me?" to cease. leg is held in great force
While trying to escape thinking about and felt there is pressed against the penis.
"No! Absolutely not! Do not!" and. But my son has put so screwed Panis.
we did not get wet, or rather like a stick Muriyari really screwed. Once inside
resistance is no longer my son. I'm not feeling it. I mean you give up a sense of hopelessness. My son was still putting
押Sae込Nda a while, then slowly began to move.
feel much pain lasted a little while to come out working just wet, a little smoother now.
I felt so much, I think self-defense capability is not to damage the body. have become increasingly comfortable with
are really rubbed her pussy through the same repetitive movements well.抽挿
son comes to the penis in a strong repetitive. I said "Do not! No!" Again and
themselves refuse'm feeling was gone. When it realized that it had to be seen with his son.
分Ri ejaculation is approaching fast becoming a movement of his son, "Do not! While no! out, out the door!" but 引Ki離Sou shouting and son at the moment was ejaculation. In me.
racked Imashitara I also caught up in despair, my son started to move again.
penis while he was still erect, while it was entered. I have a feeling
still got the body entrusted with another dopey, front begins lobbing his penis with a strong sense of
I'm trying to do more quickly come to feel There was no.
was moving along well with my son back. As I keep pussy and found I'm supposed to tighten the motion. However the sound quality is
odious part adhesive bond. Already, I can not.
feeling of penis bulge in him, I hugged him in the limbs, "Oh, hoes go!" I went at the same time.
leaves the body after ejaculation in my exhausted feeling that he Furishiboru Byubbyu
felt like spilling a drop of fluid from my pussy.
"This is it I'll end it for now." he nodded and said, went in the room.
I cried 悲Shikutsu. That night there was just nothing. Just You And Me is at home but
. There was no should end.
night after two days, he came to my room. "I do not get loud. Stop it, will not do!"
He said, "No way to put out. I do let my son was arrested." 押Shi倒Shimashita me saying.
"Okay. So really this is the last time I" held a son to me and said without answering anything.
daughter to come back from a full day of this month, many will come back every year-end meeting of the husband.
nothing while I think that since April, and anxiety.
rather he is afraid that my own.
By the way, he is a virgin is not so, in the third mother was saying.


10 years ago but has only once that relationship with my brother. admission to local universities
is that when I was living in the apartment. My brother came to visit during the summer holidays. I
sophomore year, my brother was a high 3. The original relationship was better siblings, has also brought me happy is an airplane,
beatings little sister took him to the tavern. I actually drink quite weak, it becomes a cup of beer to wander.
his brother's drinking is the first time I feel sick right away. Back to the apartment, you have heartburn While I cared for my brother,
underwear now. To take off your shirt and pants pained his brother, and proud of what the dick.
"What I, at a time like"
"I mean, my sister, and dressed like that ... ..."
was light blue panties and bra, and my brother is not immune stimulation 強Kattarashii .
At that time, I actually was a virgin, beatings sister, "I get excited by this, I sloppy" dick flick with your fingers to imitate.
My brother had a shy smile for a while, suddenly, "Sister, I love you" has been pushing this. "Sister, Sister, can not bear" comes to dick and rubbing.
"Oh," Stop resisting it, hear. "Sister, I love you" is a kiss, the taking off the panties, but try to insert all at once does not work.
In time, I gave up resistance. A man's penis first, dazed and my head, but one I do finally make the first experience,
do not put too many times after all. My brother gave me lick my dick. But I was nervous, almost never feel. They have no experience could only have a spin.
gradually wake drunk, but I realized the significance of things, but had no room, both of Hikkomi. Finally, the younger brother by the ejaculation thigh rubbed my dick, I finally settled. Just You and my brother
This remained the only strange awkwardness, now married to the child is two.
clumsy that is a hard act also recalls fondly.

33 fear of my son

I write you up.
not have to be a little mind writing recently. I wonder if something
enough, I thought it

Should I write, I, today, I suddenly came along.
I do not expect much. ^ ^ I write something to

What should I do?

I have a brother in high school under one 居Masu 5
room in my underwear has recently brought

or attaches to imagine what I'm troubled

Father's genitals

yuna himekawa[27008]
My real father passed away in a car accident when my second grade. I loved my father. There is not much I have fond memories of my father. I would also
to me and take me to many places I'm sure myself, I do not remember much. I've spent time
susceptible hungry for affection while his father, the mother suddenly "I want to remarry," told the story that was, I readily acknowledge that.
want my mother to be happy and pleased that the law is also there to call my father who also appears to me though. My mother remarried partner has died somewhat similar to his father, who had kindly. not so high and what is 170cm tall
place. During the first meeting I have had the impression that a very fat, and hear
security meeting at the company I have worked, and it is also a black belt in judo. Speaking of which, there was a story that I heard from my mother my father died black belt in judo.
But compared with the biological father is deceased and the album in my memory, the feeling of a father is much taller.
stepfather is fun, is also caring, gentle also have contact with my biological child like at times severe.
selfish and I said of course I like a father to abandon spoiled, and the rebel. During my obsession, I was no longer an image of father. The story of my high school two years early. I
I went to a private girls' school, was excited to talk about sex with their time fairly between friends. One day, when it is raised in the story of a man's genitals. I had not yet experienced
was hard to understand the content. That should be it, I had never seen a man's genitals before.
even during the family dinner, even while taking a bath, even while studying, I had my head had been haunted that I have been. And I have made a bad decision.
It is the only man close to me, is to consult with his father. However, the courage to talk like that I was not. But the desire to know is just absolutely boil.
all doors closed to me I do not know why it suddenly came opportunity. It became the hospital's maternal aunt, and when I went home my mother home for a week.
working shifts, so my father, my father came home from school and leave the television on in the living room, full-length was sleeping in his trunks in the running. so I went to the room
Tatenai the footsteps back into the living room and change into a gown again. My father was sleeping as usual exciting snoring. (Hopelessly)
likely to explode while holding the pulse, I sat in bed next to his father. Stomach has been exposed, they Hadake father is running. Father
they covered the abdomen from the chest so bushy hair, followed it up in the trunks. Innovation cautiously touched my stomach while my father to breathe.
"Dad, you'll get a cold and stomach sleeping out," My father was not the question of what happens, snoring and even without stopping, and even on your belly breathing
s father has bewitched my hands up and down. While reducing I go, I went to the crotch of his father shifted his hand a little bit.
touched in the crotch over what trunks are not feeling well. (Strange, I had heard a firm to the touch)
I made up my mind I tried to remove the buttons that hold the joint of the trunks. Slowly open your eyes to match, there are lots of pubic hair was angry. I put a finger cautiously.
and felt something soft to touch what my fingertips. (... I'm it) slowly over time, I drew his forefinger and thumb in itself. (!)
Born male genitalia for the first time I tried. I did not look like a curious unthinkable. While holding the heart beats fast, I observed to move slowly to devour.
and is at that time. My father stopped snoring as usual but I did it and went rapidly changing the shape of the genitals of his father. genital
softer so it has become more like the hard core from the center. I was surprised I involuntarily let go, my father's genitals facing upward and began slowly but steadily.
his genitals seemed almost alive. I think if it was tens of seconds to hours. I turned to my father's genitals completely over. I gingerly touched the genitals.
instant it touches, so reflexively moved my fingers away from your genitals. It was fun to move, I tried many times to touch.
find themselves suddenly noticed that the clear liquid out from your father's genitals. (... Dad, how's Morashita pee?) To the amount that is too low.
I tried to touch the drop. Pee and different, very beautiful transparent colors. Touching moments, you feel you have been handed down from the finger paint in Innovation.
and releasing the genitals, I was pulling the strings of sticky. Even at sniffing odorless odor. (... What is this?) I tried to lick your fingers boldly.
the salty taste in their mouths a little spread, but not unpleasant by any means. Feel like gushing clear liquid, and the index finger and thumb on my fun, I tried to touch the genitals
Nurunu the fingers of his father's file. From your father's genitals touch comes out at a time full of clear liquid. was the only
index finger and thumb touch, spread throughout the slimy hand some point, I was playing around with the palm of his father genitals. (!) I was surprised.
When I think of my father's snoring stopped a moment, like a wooden leg strut extending from the trunk, I Hotobashitta white liquid from the genitals of his father.
I did not think this would not have to be, not sure what to do, was unable to be hands off the genitals of his father.
I seem to fall at any moment is a white liquid dripping on the floor and look good, however. I got to lick the genitals of his father a white liquid came out boldly. The father returned to the genitalia
original soft again. After I licked clean, push to restore among the trunks, put the button on the joint, back to the room quietly.

Kina Hiroshi also

I am a 48 year old housewife, and please tell me by my son. My son is actually going to school at home in injury intelligence. The body will be higher than average in looks and I do not think people with disabilities. It is 15 years old handsome well, trouble is that energy on time is strong demand is coming not care. But when the father is not. Went to seek work. To play tricks on my child anywhere else and I are going to let. But it feels good. During the day and demanded that yesterday, they did not accept it in silence him. I get lots of his sperm and rubber are used. I'll do with the rubber cover because he is afraid of pregnancy. Rubber overlay and is useful to know how they 出野 how much semen. The poor son.

Sex with son

Last month, the festival Two-Day Bus Tour plum festival "plum" is happening in. It was supposed to go with my husband, my husband has unhappy at work the day before departure, suddenly, I decided to go on behalf of my son now. plum blossoms
about seven minutes, in a large park was really beautiful spring flowers and fragrance to the intense smell of plum cute.
passed through the room at the hotel with his wife applied for the past is partly a book tour two seater sofas, beds and it was only one double bed. At the edge of a double bed that night with my son, will be sleeping soon going to fall. Naka Naka 寝Tsuka not only excited about what I think sleeping next to her son.
Suddenly, my son a hug from behind "and watching my mother wanted to kiss was irresistible," he said, soon attracted my hesitation, kiss. "Ah ..." the enthusiasm Hiki込Ma young son, the first time deep kiss .... Being relegated to kiss his hand back to my son, my son, I feel, "What lips my mom to smell nice and tasty.'ll Want to kiss you again." I said hand to underwear, "Sorry, remove those, I do not know ...." I whisper coyly son was slow, I took my bra.
son is excited, "my mom ... I see, the first woman ..." (Ah ... but shame, I helped.) I closed my eyes toward the face side.
son, and soon asked to take a look around the petals sigh, looked into. Noshikakari son with me while I cry and beautiful mother, soon to match the lower body, hips pressed jerk. The son of a hardened man of incredibly ー pierced my heart in the valley.
continued strong power end including youth. Saying that the continuous movement of heavy! ! "Ah ah, wow ... strong! ... Oh Oh, Oh Oh ...'ll Iitsu too terrible ...."
逝Kimashita many times I have too terrible of. Semen and sperm flowing copiously. Had the pleasure of flying as a memory.


My son now has a relationship with the age of twenty three years now.
become two single mothers from the age of my son has really grown by hand.
the graces and sweetness of the parent, taking a bath together become a high school student, I have continued to inspire his son's. I was not aware of ... and to Sowasowa, smiling eyes that no Retsu Tei'll come.
One day my son to touch the body comes to relentless, I was cut from.
"... Hey, want to mother?"
lips instead of the answer I was robbed.
later, the body entrusted his son to lead a strong but amateurish.
devour my body to look seriously infatuated, is taking off when the underwear licking parentheses, were you feel like a current running down my spine. I felt not very good
to extend a hand in the crotch of his son had hung around the pulsing into a bursting separated from her husband.
off your jeans and briefs, Shaburimashita too hard. What is a sensitive
son was pulled back with enough force to suck.
approaching near his son's face, pleading eyes turned to something.
things like a sense of guilt and corruption were 在Rimasen. Son lying on his back, hips 下Roshimashita from me. wholly filled up with roots
has attacked violent thrust up from below.
became normal position, and roughly son get nailed in the crotch of my penis, my 果Temashita in no time. You could Tarimasen
love my son to breathe Oshiku 被Sari cover me. My son is now twenty
. And college students, after the byte is coming straight back. I was greeted by a piece panties
pick my son.
so glad my son's hair to be treated. Also because I want to maintain 欠Kashimasen
beautiful figure. The moment the front door [] You can get a kiss, the moment get to play with her pussy irresistible as it is. Anal virgin
also dedicated. Speaking of pee to see spread pussy in front of you.
of this would not have to be raised to, but I should not.
So, then I want you to keep all of this ...
because my son ...

Serving brother

Sister, "Hey, I'm out"
sister "Good while it lasts ... ... ..."
sister "the way the skirt"
sister "for a while because you will not be coming back"
sister "Us ... brother, Huh Huh "
sister" from the top of the pants, fingers ... ... "
sister," Oh, we ... wet, you'll Ann, you'll poop "
sister" brother room I masturbate in the ... ... "
sister," but no good ... ... "
sister" will not stop the finger at "
sister," Oh no, there had tea in the voice ... "
sister," Iー, there Phew, Huh, looks more and more I'll wet your panties "
sister" feels good ... ... "
sister" to the end ... ... "
sister" Huh Huh ... not soon, the older brother ... ... "
sister" jama pants "
sister" Cho Cho Ube all too ... ... "
sister," Ah! great, very sensitive "
sister" Huh, Huh, Iki so soon. "
sister, "there there there, a bit ... ..."
sister "cushion comes out biting voice ... ..."
sister "Ikutsu!" Bikubbikutsu
sister "Huh, huh, I got more dirt floor or "
sister" 拭Kanakya, even from entering the body force "
sister" heave-ho Huh ... "
sister" in the tissues ... ... "
sister," Yeah, I like this "
sister, "I'll throw garbage in my room"
sister a "tired"
sister "sleep in my room"
sister, "Hey, is not come back good "
sister," found it was quite hard ... ... "
sister" ... but it might be good? "
sister" Aa Fu, limp body "
sister" sleepy or adjectival ... ... ... "
sister," Good night "Susu
brother" Oh I'm home "
brother" is no answer, do you sleep? "
brother," Oh sister, I get "<br > brother, a "sleeping"
brother "Well, then I sleep, I keep quiet"
brother "and having nothing to do, but I read comics as"
... ...
sister " Huh? ー Huh, I slept well "
sister" when six or more, Teru Naka brother back? "
sister," Thank you, my brother has it easy "
brother" brother like that, right mon "
sister, "I think of them much more intimate"
brother "so huh?"
sister "Yes"
sister: "Ah, welcome back brother ー"
My brother, "Oh, if it happened, I'm home"
brother "and slept soundly"
sister, "Yeah, tired"
brother "or something happen?"
sister "No, all right "
brother" If you have a Roman: Come talk tough "
sister," It's already 6:00, I eat rice "
brother" Oh, yeah "
sister," If there Tamere dishes I just do, I just finished "
brother" king "
sister" s brother is a dish prepared to provide "
brother" All right "
sister," you "
brother "will"
sister, "Thank you everyone"
brother "Thank you everyone"
sister, "You know ... ..."
brother, "What?"
sister "brother; I like her that? "
brother" is is not no "
sister" really? "
brother" I'll live without moisture, you're about when saying her sister "< br> sister, "I see"
brother "I'm a sudden?"
sister "No, never mind. I just asked"
brother "and even cooks Kutta, is the bathroom?" < br> sister, "Hey, keep it into your"
brother "Oh know"
sister "to be cleaned from the"
brother "Thanks"
sister "Yes" < br> sister, "Oh Phew"
sister "are you trying to do her brother did not, thank God"
sister "yet, I can not take you up on it"
sister "Not really dish?"
sister, "Yeah, The End"
sister "A tired ー Huh"
sister "brother or a bath yet"
sister "... ... I get into with"
sister "Teens I hope that I can not also become "
sister" get into ... ... "
sister," Hey, are you thinking what I am "
sister" No, no, I do not like that "<br > Sister "Oh sigh ... ..."
sister, "but I have little interest in"
sister "and asked you to show me?"
sister "No, No, no"
sister "anymore ah , a strange delusion useless! "
sister" Better yet, I entered a naked Let ... ... "
sister," You're not, just like that 変態Jan "
sister" is despised brother 're "
sister" I'd like to try my brother's body "
sister," I have not seen it change from childhood Tokino Shika "
sister" anymore, maybe because the room was the day my brother ? "
sister," Oh, I'm calm "
brother" did what? "
sister"! "
brother" and will no mischief? "
sister" Since when? "
brother" and this went up today "
sister" not to have not only borrowed the dictionary "
brother," I returned properly Oke "
brother" sister?'ll face is red "
sister, "Really? surprised I do not think the"
brother "sister, peeled here"
sister "?"
brother, "Let's see?" along
sister! " "

What is the woman I

My husband is 41 years old is the same. Was with the school. Pregnant with a pussy back in his house I went to high school. The unintended pregnancy and marriage. The children are now three. Just a girl. On the child is 20 years old. It is currently in mediation arbitration are going to have to divorce my husband last year. Because this is about my husband having an affair. Going to get married in the first place was like no. My pussy is too big to say it. I was born until the children become frustrated with the terrible pussy.

Ask my brother

I hug you and me and my parents when my older brother recently Dekake.
be forced, but until now I did, but I feel I want a kind. My brother has also
Tomadoimasu as brother and sister like that.


I went home for something to do there.
that nobody in the house. I found a lot of room
I have a room you go to my brother and I used my brother. I think that is why the younger brother married to each other,
accursed we are touching the penis rather than his brother.
what? What do you mean? Why are there
brother? So why are you so much for that? I thought. It is also great I
did not know that the big girl?
while I was staring. Well.
I now have my husband away from home alone. So I do not yet married so long Tatte
SEX are not satisfied, the state.
much bigger than his master. I have never been
Kina Hiroshi so long. Oh this is like a long
. But
brother. It was even the target of far it is not. I want to be like that if it
. So if I want to feel good about
be alone.
temporary frustration? Did you let me be fired?
forbidden act? Disgusting. Its dirty and had both odious and not pure seduction. I have never

resistance to him?
ejaculation brother to him, but the chance is gone.
any better than this when I can go smoothly with the impossible.

1,2 minutes at the end of the conflict, the battle ended in victory for the devil and the angel of devil in me. Takashi

What are you doing? You.
your sister! My brother can not explain away the situation

Are you doing this alone to have a wife? seems not to snip

fighting with his wife for a while. It's also not
away from home but it's really your brother.

not be too cool and my sister could not have seen some good Raretara so in such a situation to come back home.

grabbed from behind his brother's penis while saying this.
my sister, I've got to do a little. I'm piled up

confront comfort among those frustrated huh?
not it a little. I'll touch
and feel part of a gently kissed his neck while his brother's brother.
I mean it. I have included the
brother penis mouth.
brother say so.
does not try to reject me. Is not it better over here than
hand. But


married too. Fonts are decent men I know. But so long

in and there are more

A young man like

My husband is 70 years old 49 years old. So in one sex, not endless twice. I'm begging my son to do so. The feeling is indescribable and my penis into a pussy son raised warp. Yarimasu every day. Now last night drenched in semen. My son tells me Yukutsuto getting pussy. I do many times with both feet aligned with the open leg. Never forget that taste.


Good evening! I come back, and pulled the cock felt like suddenly I'm supposed to do 逝Ki say I did somehow
Anonymous @'s the same idea is what I
I feel like I start feeling like
but that it is also because I have a feeling themselves odious to Hiroshi Asako ~ Asako
evidence from any underwear with life's dream not (crying)
what I did I was shocked by the abuses seen?
But I will only have two awkward family thought it was so bad that even disagreeable to Hiroshi for
"The Good Mother ~ ~ I?" and the little joke I heard was. Hiroshi has "apologized so right! Come on now!" I turned away facing me. I wonder why it seems
ANO were around.
just really wanted, I felt it could have been more appropriate advice when I was like what the father. But I Megemasen
! I'm excited to give the lady in beige underwear
I feel like that trash in my eye is from there that the ANO Hiroshi. Is there really interested to know whether women
vaguely interested in the Mako!
middle school wearing a jersey from yesterday Hiroshi
bite the dick and ass, especially around the eyes cut into Chile of course a terrible pitch that ass feel like standing in the kitchen like a nearly-naked I feel, I might be seen rather than rape, because I have not put underwear ~

Wife Care

I have relationships with men other than my first husband.
that person is the father-in-law. The promise was asked only once been asked reluctantly, was poured inside the sperm very pleasant, and I think I'll also let.


Lucky that my panties have weird stains lately.
as suspicious brother. Maybe in Shimo Teru
masturbation do you? But no evidence

Maybe I do?