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Incest confession of women(2012-02)

Peep into my son's actions ...

yuna himekawa[47564]
I am 42 years old and work for an accounting firm. My husband died of cancer three years ago, and my eldest son went out to the city and was in a company dormitory, so I am currently living with my second son in high school. The other night, I got out of the bath and watched TV in the living room, but when I noticed it was past 12 o'clock. My son pulled it up to his room on the second floor a long time ago. When I turned off the lights in the living room and looked at the second floor before entering the bedroom, the light was leaking from my son's room into the hallway, probably because I forgot to close it. When I went to the front of the room to close it, it was about 10 cm open, so when I casually looked inside to close it, my son seems to be sleeping in bed. The room is lit on the ceiling and the room is bright so you can see it well. The area around the face is hidden behind the clothes rack in the foreground and cannot be seen. When you bring your face closer to the door, you can see the whole body below your shoulders. What surprised me very much was that my lower body was bare, with my underwear off. Besides, my right hand is moving violently. If you look closely, you're holding the Ochinchin and moving it up and down. I was palpitated and couldn't leave the place. The last time I saw my son's cock was when I was in 5th place. My son wouldn't dream of me peeking. Dick looks like a good adult. Sometimes my son is fierce, sometimes slowly, resting his hands on the way, and I can hear him doing something, haa ... haa, with a sad voice.Spread your legs wide and sometimes lift your hips up. Black and short hairs appear densely from around the chest to under the abdomen. You can see the black pubic hair that seems to be torn around the cock. I thought that the hair was similar to my husband, but it is already an adult's body. I never knew I was growing up like this ... The glans part of the cock turns red, and it looks shiny as if a clear liquid is coming out from the tip. It's the same as the one I saw in the past. The glans crown also overhangs and is splendid. Blood vessels stand out in the penis, and it feels so grotesque that I can't think of it as my son's. The son holds the base of the penis firmly with his right hand and strokes the glans with another palm. Actually, this is the first time I've seen a man masturbate. I've had a lot of sex with my husband since I got married, but I've never seen him masturbate. Most guys knew that they would masturbate, but when they heard it, the impression was very different. I'm sure young people will laugh at it. But it's true, so it can't be helped. I don't remember how long I was watching, but I don't think it was that long. The movement of the right hand becomes faster than before, and the cock is violently squeezed up and down. The voice that came out of my mouth changed to something imminent. Suddenly my son seemed to shout something. At the same time, the liquid spilled out from the tip of the cock. It also scatters around the chest and abdomen one after another. It's a great amount.It looks like your belly is swaying. The cock that has been separated from the hand remains firm, and the glans that faces upward moves back and forth like a living thing. After a while, my son pulled out a number of sheets of paper from the box of tissue he took with his right hand extended toward his head, and wiped the sperm scattered on his body. The still healthy penis is wiped clean with tissue. For the first time, I realized that I was in a hat. Even though I was a parent and child, I left the place without being noticed by the embarrassment and awkwardness of peeping. Even after returning to my bedroom, I was so shocked to see what I had just seen, and when I went to bed, I was so excited that my eyes were clear and I couldn't sleep. My body feels so hot that I can't help it. After that, I comforted myself. How many years have you really felt like this? After that, I lived peacefully with my son, but when I was alone, I was thinking about what my son thought of such a mother.

The fucked son

I am a widow, but you have a son become Bu 24, but I was committed to this son. son I came back from the company when I watch TV in the living room in only bath towel I the day weaving is out of the bath, but had drunk to come to drink. I have committed my strip bath towels suddenly Te Toko Roniki is of my. I was resisted but eggplant and lost the power of Bu son, but it was now remain. I cried in frustration. I hug my son feel better of them. There is a possibility that will be 45 years old but it is pregnant and without a condom because there is still Siemens. I had forgotten that the pregnancy is not so that you have even once her husband passed away. It will be embarrassed in front of the neighborhood if you pregnant if. I said that it is good also gave birth After talking to son. There was the fear. I was pregnant. It is a child of the son. Mother of son I was pregnant with the seed of my son. In fact, my son and I am not a parent and child. I am a second wife, but real mother died soon son is born. We were told that it is good also bore You know it son. Become husband and wife even if there is no connection of blood even if there is difference of year son is poor. It is embarrassing to say on their own because there is no thing that gave birth to a child, but I am also a virgin like pussy. So my son's me liked me.

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Help me see my son's tent ...?

>> Everyone will write it, so I made a less column, but please write related things such as incest. The San'in region is temporarily closed due to a heavy snow warning due to a cold wave. There was a cable broadcast at 6:30, and I saw it when I went up to inform my son upstairs. Knock on the door and open it to show off your erected pants. I told him about the matter and said, "Go to the urine soon", and when I went down to the 1st floor, my second son got off and went to the bathroom. After that, he came to the digging kotatsu and asked, "Mom doesn't wither, is she sick?" My husband was already out. I was stuck in words and said, "Because you are young, if you handle it, it will wither." I refused because I said "treat me as a mother". Then my friend said, "Akira is a mother, and I want to be a mother too." When you ask "what are you doing", you say "it's a mess". Even so, he refused, "Mom would have walked with a man in the daytime with his arms crossed," and said that he wasn't there. Is it okay? "Actually, I was having an affair. I helped to handle it unavoidably, but in less than a minute I ejaculated Nebai semen with the momentum to break the tissue. Although it is inferior to my husband, I was surprised that it was as hard as steel. "Let me put it in this time, I'll tell my dad," he went up to the 2nd floor. I have to have a relationship with my son. I'm dying for anxiety someday.What would you do?


Father died when the small one is my mother was remarried at the time of the three small. I was not very tame in friendly father, but I have sudden change at the time of the high one.
and I've been attacked me when my mother was out shopping. We were resisted desperately, but it does not come true in the power of man. I was for the first time. My mother came back to when they are on top of my father, then it was hell.
Mother I say I was tempted father. Where I am no longer in the house from that time.
The prowl the streets is not go home, we Korogarikomi the house of a man who was acquainted.
I came up with revenge on those two.
Gather your friends, asking him, asked to violently father, was allowed to rape the mother. Look at the mother has been raped four people to man, my father I have an erection that you will not believe it. Since just right, I had'll break him. Howl of the mother and father of the screaming was a pleasure for me.
Now, I have Arakasegi with soap.

Useless husband

I married my husband of six older 30 years old. Two people living with father-in-law for a long time, it was a single character for some reason also earn even though good. And think they'll cherish me serious, was married, I think that this time around it. Father-in-law also still active, bright, and I was glad to get married. Mother-in-law has died in an accident three years ago. Business trip there are many masters, there is also the day of the father-in-law and two in the evening, it had Magirawase care in the evening drink something opponents of the father-in-law. But you also March, etch a poor to master, insert nice and quick if you than 10 minutes to enter the futon, if it inevitably ends with one person,
 the father-in-law the next day of the day such that stress is now accumulate Become a way to socialize your sake, I even tipsy, and had been raised in the story puerile.
My husband on a business trip as well that day, while drinking beer two people, and when I got to hear the complaint of husband, father-in-law pants also pants also take off what, and I have become naked. There is also because you had drunk me, You must be kidding! If I Say What, you tired hug from behind to father-in-law, has been held the Ochinpo on my hands. After trying Hanaso hands while I do not think it should, it is hard, it's thick. Since a long time, we will hold as it is.
Blocked the lips to father-in-law, I had entwined tongue while holding the erection. It is the naked then again, tongue of father-in-law is, to the nipple torture, pussy sopping also had been poison, Pichapicha anymore then. You have rubbed slowly, the place on the back of the chestnut-chan also put fingers in the pussy. I'm good.
Raise me voice, before it is put, and I have gone once.
Father-in-law has been sticking out hard Ochinpo in front of my face. I would suck as soon as Ttara me anymore. When you Fuera while grasping the chance, father-in-law is very glad.
, And intolerantly, to say please put anymore, I had put the hard Ochinpo positive top finally. I was would say that also hug father-in-law.
We are asked to embrace the father-in-law every day from it.

Diversion brother in high school

Married at 19, is Demodori Manami of divorce at 25.
There is a younger brother of the high one.
I'm in the room Iribita~tsu brother when I feel something is not clear recently. It is interesting to seemed anxious and pretty are dizzy clothes understand the line of the body, and out and restless, even if you study, since come to look Chira them. Even without my mini skirt, it looks as though the excitement even Toka Toka spats shorts. You are looking at your ass in jeans or Yu Te, and you can look at the line of the waist in long skirt, I feel the hot line of sight to the crotch that does not even hidden from view. It is interesting that has become the lascivious completely still in cute habit. Make sure to wince and put a hand on the shoulder from behind you are towards the desk, and push gently the chest to the back of the head while sliding down the hand to the chest. It has glorified and try to continue the study, but laughing pencil is shoud proceed at all. \"Anne Ha ~, N ~ playing Himadayo.\" In the ear. Shoulder spitting spirit of the first \"Anne-Ha\" is the point. The guy will stiff perfectly. (Laughs) whole body, also co-source and Asia. So, you can lean on it to hook the ass on the edge of the desk, or lean it against the crotch on the corner, you do not Well then, while you typed the turn over slowly from time to time lying in bed, in the voice of Shidokenai feel, But the content will not butt unallowable simple conversation. When I pick up in his room with the feeling \"I Well,. Seen, vinegar-and O-\" a, then sure, sound pulling out the tissue Bosch, and Bosch, again and again I hear from the next room . The Omoshiroku~tsu also a're standing listened it. Not stop. Of course, more and more now, little by little, and Lee Lee co-, I'm going I'll be. Exciting. (Laughs)

Fractures ....


There is not slimy when I wake up in the middle of the night and taking a nap in wearing no underwear in a bath, the smell of semen
was when you see it sniffed, I do not have only son in the house, but it is small 5 What still


My husband has died suddenly, I became two people living and true son of 18. The child that I gave birth at the age of 20. You done a daily help to worry about his mother son can. It is a worry just friends is of little shy. So stay up late at night with a study of college entrance examination every day, it was a daily routine of'll grasp the midnight snack around 10:00.
 It will want to see the face for some reason, in a dressing gown, and went to the room of the son at around 8:00 in the bath that day. It does not knock as usual. When you enter the room and I think I tried to surprised to open the way,
thick, my son did not hold the Ochinpo in lower body naked in bed!
The got stuck and facing behind son even noticed,
but it approaches the son, \"I'm sorry, because boy, I'm so\" to say so I also re-take care, while Yari rub back and see the hand of son and, it is to have the underwear that I have put in the washing machine a little while ago. \"Shin-kun, was the so, can I be a mom,\" my son has been hug by turned around to say so it is nice to be at the same time that surprised. I was raised Embracing the \"gonna say\" gently.
When you lay on the bed again son, I was deflated small Ochinpo son. You've run out of vigor in amazement sorry. . I was raised by rubbing the grip Ochinpo slowly. And I taught a kiss to match the lips to cute son. The cute, it can not be put also the tongue, it is! only with Sucking hard. The Ttara this child anymore, I not be helped.
The twine from the tongue of his son and pledged the tongue, if you raised squeezes the Ochinpo, hehehe, it came happened. Become bigger and bigger, greater Ochinpo of this child of amazing. It 's bigger than my imagination. Surprised to become thick enough finger does not rotate.
Cali neck'm not picking, juice is me at the red.
I was also undress shirt son. Have been ironed cock mom in the nude anymore. I was raised licking nipples also. Are you aloud \"Mother, feels\" like a girl.
But like the other limit. \"Oh, no good\" is. I accidentally fired. It is a great amount. It depends a lot also on my hands. It is good I smell young extract. The raised from wipe clean with Tesshu, I also had to take off all your clothes. Because the pussy I have been wet anymore. I lay on the bed, it was them with the pussy son now. I had licked by saying \"Give me licking pussy mom\" ​​on all fours, since it is not a try only near the eyes. Your soup was full of much more embarrassing. My son has me licking to stick crazy.

Sister dont

Parents have died suddenly in an accident six months ago, I became two people and younger brother. I OL, brother college students. Insurance of parents down, there is also a house.
I was surprised I is going to cause a brother one morning. If you are sleeping in only trunks, array, we have morning wood. I'm big. I also broke up with him, because he masturbates every day, it is pounding. It does not occur even over the voice, I thought a little bit, if you have to play around to put your finger from the window of the trunks, and has jumped. Ochinpo. Oh long time, I was holding. The hot and hard. The odious Cali towards. If you want to be able to put mouth to drink saliva involuntarily, I quickly ejaculated vigorously. I was raised by wiping with Teisshu in a hurry.
I'm going to wake even the next day. It is made ​​to erection in the trunks one after all. No amazing! Without hesitation the other, by issuing the Ochinpo from the window, I would suck in the mouth today. And suck, and bite sweet the Kito licking the pole, if you give to Fuera put in mouth slowly, we have a little longer today, but I took in the mouth were also I have received a dark extract.
When you come back the evening, it is called the room of his brother, Fuerachio this morning also began to once again, I beg. I is was happening.
Lower the pants and trousers, his brother is showing in me to an erection. With a little if you give to the gripper Ochinpo brother, and I want to see me naked. It was them with a pussy to his brother to take off all your clothes reluctantly. Another fact you are wet, grip the tits, I had to ask him to go lick the pussy of his brother. I was also of course SEX. Both of them is stripped naked in the house from that time.

Son of a junior high school student

yuna himekawa[47379]
I 39 years old now. It is two men living son and junior high school students. Son and I became a physical relationship, that it began to take a bath with his son for the first time in several years there was a chance inception.
Son became a junior high school student, ... that was not a son of a young age already. · · · ·, I was erection Takedakeshiku to see the body of me naked.
But, my son becomes a Shun, as was also a bad thing at that time,
my person is or comfort so as not to worry, there was nothing more than that.
That ... I think between superimposing the number of times that a bath ..., together, that parent-child boundaries between the son and I and I became gradually lower it. One day in summer, I ... that I was accepted into the body a son at last.
And to take a bath together as usual, ..., I was invited to the movement of the finger of his son when you are committed wash the body of each other, when it began to wash the fingers of his son as tracing the over there of me, · I was issued a Umekigoe of woman.
· Was the trigger it. Movement of the hand of the son went to caress changed, the movement of my ... that was turned into a woman of Mey. ..., I ... that I suck those of his son not breathe tongue my son.
That ... in my mouth, semen dark son has been released immediately. Son per breath, I went up from the bath with two men in the meantime.
And ... directed to leave the bedroom ..., naked. That ... I had to lick ... son over there I was not wet enough already overflowing. ... Until I reached the top of the first time.
... Which led ..., when I welcome a son of man. ... Which led with their own hands I became firmly son but as put up at the entrance of my earlier.
And I ... became a nasty mother sex with son. · From it. I, ... you gave the ass hole son. before the son is watching, ... that we show to the Golden Showers.
before the son is watching, ... that we show up to defecation. ... You took out only曝everything that as a woman, to be secret as a human being. It ... does not have a hair over there my.
... Which has been shaved bald. The ... instead. · That the armpit of my process is not allowed. I have ... is to prevent Musube a relationship with another man never


One evening, when I went to the room of the son with a fruit, I, were I have seen the son who was masturbating with rough breath on the bed.
It probably could not himself surprised, to hide immediately. To me, gone seen the erect penis of his, I was speechless and left \"A\".
Better of me, if Kimazuku~tsu somehow, after saying, \"A~tsugomen'ne. Mind .... Been shoud prevail\" and, naturally, I was caressing and holding the erect penis of his son.
At that time, did not have a sexual arousal to me. Like I'll wipe with a bath towel the body of a bath, just had was such a sense of normal. Son is not the subject of sex for me. This is true.
However, since then, to leave to find my son, now'll help masturbation. I now'll also mouth naturally.
When you cum in fellatio son, and I think that also, and hear my son cry me \"It feels good mother\", and I'll be, I have continued this practice.
When I help him masturbating on a daily basis, my mother also take off! It is said that, I was ashamed and wet, but it was raised to gripper things son take off all your clothes. It is said to his son, and show you over there to the next, it becomes as to the 69, and son, it had become in relation to sex up gradually.
If you have sex, son'm screaming to be \"~Tsu I feel good ... Ochinpo Mother\" as a girl. I feel the love enough to shudder.
When you have sex, I feel that it's one's own life the other son. When it comes to evening in now, and take a bath together, you eat naked then, it & # 32 363 two people; You look at the TV wants. I will go to bed if there playful two people up to 10 o'clock.


Is 68 years old. Night first death anniversary of her husband has been completed, it sought to son Singles under 40 years old, I quickly was before Iei husband.

Incest discourse of my

I am, than my husband, age is I close towards the children of the husband. So,
often, not care even a change of clothes in the children I have in the subject of interest, what is your look into the bathroom I'm a natural question Nante naughty. Return is always slow, and
there is also a business trip once in a while my husband. You just keep running is always mischief Nante when no master. To come in charge of the upper body getting undressed second son is to Hagaijime me,
the eldest son is responsible for the lower body to come undressed all from the skirt. The evening you have a husband, have been recording my voice at the time of sex, I have been told when no master.
I it is not a hate is scary ... But I have a relationship with the whole family. It is the story of all true

And son ...

I was doing sex with son. This I had committed a son from me. was not only bath towels I have out of the bath when my son is watching TV, but my son was a one Ding pants, but will on the son Become want to do to the sudden big dick because I saw from the side I was doing. My son was 23 years old, but I am 45 years old. Son was he said there for the first time sex. I am also for the first time. It and did say to his son. It was scolded to say whether such a Son and I say that it is silent in the father. It is worried that it might pregnant after. You might be divorced husband of child son if could.

Incest discourse of my

We started to walk a life as a woman is being held in son from last week. Gone past 5 years have divorced, it has become strong and son also becomes larger body in the first year of high school.
It was thought that to superimpose the old in the same way as ordinary home parents leave this.
It was noticed for the first time that we have a son masturbation while calling my name in the middle of the night of Saturday last month.
You can say I'm like mom, I was saying it is! Want to embrace. And I fell asleep I thought it's a mistake at that time.
And I had to lick the petals of a woman his son touching my body and when it is noticed. I'm was taking a system son is like licking easily open the leg in the dreamy.
I have gone in search of his son as a woman completely when it is noticed. When and Shun-chan, I
have gone coalesce unawares and entered by dividing their bodies between the also my naked son. Reaction of the body at this time I had gotten accepted the son feel as embraced for the first time.
Sperm son is gone issued in all of my body, the eyes have gone awake whether the situation any.
But my son I called for the first time mom I become system for the second time at this time. I, too I had become somehow.
And I had been embraced by such couple think like you gone deeper kiss and hugging each other and called Shun-chan.
Penis son I had stuck to my body every day until destination. I really appreciate.

The fucked son

It is a housewife of 46 years old, but I was committed to his son. Husband is the time of answering it. It is piercing the crack with a large Timbo from behind me to come to enter later when I was in the bath. I tried to escape, but it did not escape. But I asked and not disconnect the son who had pleasant without disconnecting the better while you are doing is good. I did about the pussy hurt it becomes awfully that it if were fucked anyway. It was said to have silently to her husband. And then I said to do every day so I told my son become a woman of me. It is not a parent-child true to say that son. And I've been brought up as a child gave birth from my small time. Son I knew it. This child I got came from distant relatives. Son's violence against me from knowing it. It is important to the piss and pussy shave the hair of pussy to say that violence. Please tell me what to do.


Is a college student. I have been through from the house of Aunt. Aunt is a nurse at the sister of his father. Uncle I work at home.
When the night shift, aunt drank Futarideosakewo.
I'm glad, \"I do not Mote, a skinny, with ugly,\" \"I'm not such a thing, such a cute daughter\" is also know as flattering uncle is ask Nante \"not yet boyfriend\". There were twice boyfriend until now, but I have divided it and allow the body for some reason.
 Uncle so praise me still, I was leaning against the uncle Become a red face pitch of liquor also drunk up.
Lips of Uncle overlays on my lips Assuming that, we have put a tongue gently. Due to that I was also drunk, to answer it, open the lips boldly, I quickly entwined tongue. A long time, I ended up losing to kiss the good uncle.
You have grabbed the boobs by opening \"you're so cute, ear\" button. The coming pinching the nipple. I will feel anymore. Lips while together. It is a very good gently Unlike boyfriend until now. Hand of Uncle goes into the pajama pants. It has been touched directly by hand enters into the Pantei directly. It's embarrassing. Your soup is full already.
Uncle will undress the Pantei and pants. Below is now bang bang grinded. I'll be rubbed with a finger nail and and inner thigh, and knee cap. I am thrilled amazing. To come touch around the chestnut, you have to touch the side of the pussy. \"I touch the pussy soon\" We Become want to say. But embarrassing, it can not be said. Instead your juice comes overflowing.
Uncle rises, I take off the pants. In front of me, is cock erect! ! . Is greater than what you've ever seen to Thick. I am directed to it. \"See it suck for the hand\" Squeeze involuntarily, I was gripper. I taught that the boyfriend was dating the \"I know, where did remember\" before is placed in the mouth, but can not be well.
When you lay undressed my uncle has put a cock in the pussy. It 's say I'm flexed position to raise towards the head both feet. Is the first time. I have I have ascended immediately cock Buttoi Uncle ,, pierce deep into my pussy. Uncle us hugging gently spasms until I fall.
\"Ears, Uncle I'll tell variety. Secretly to Aunt\" \"Yes,\" I nodded at the cute voice. Because the pussy I was good very.
I opened your feet on the M-shaped and made ​​on his back \"see it show to Uncle pussy ear open ear, a leg,\" while good \"is embarrassing, Nante pussy\" Soh.
Uncle, turn licking tongue with gripper lips chestnut-chan.
Finger rub to put a little in the middle finger, the entrance of her pussy. Left hand us knead the nipple. Oh, it is great pleasure. Voice has come out. For us in and out slowly and entrance in the pussy with two fingers further. What would be, this pleasure. Hip had to move on its own. Man juice is soaked again.
Juice of transparency has been cloudy.
 There, cock uncle has rubbed against the crack of my soaked pussy. Very good feeling happens to be hitting the ass hole. Rod back and forth is a chestnut-chan and
crevices, I am making a sound Pichapicha. And uncle gave me put. Feels good. I'm thick. I came to the back. I think you know everyone, when the SEX, pussy leak in the gap between the cock, sounds to me Puchuu. I ended up pushing Guitto the waist to Uncle involuntarily because it very embarrassing. I would be gone at last.


Enter from the entrance without making a noise and head to Hideki's room. I usually listen to CDs, but it was quiet that day. Is it a nap? While thinking about it, I opened the door at once and said "Wow!". Everything I saw at that moment was astonishing and somehow panicked. Hideki lying on the bed. No trousers or pants are worn and the lower body is exposed. And the genitals that stand up nicely. This is just a masturbation act, an act that should be natural because it is a young boy. However, what he has in his left hand is undoubtedly my panties. The next moment, Hideki sneaked into the towelette. A few seconds of silence, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" My beloved child in front of me is in favor of me. And I'm suffering from being seen by me who doesn't want to see the embarrassing place most. Anyway, all I thought was " I have to do something about it", that's all. I lay down and hugged him gently as if I was snuggling up next to Hideki wrapped in a towelette. "I'm sorry Hide-kun, I'm sorry that I came in without knocking." "..." "Hide-kun, listen, masturbation is not embarrassing." "...・ " " If you were around Hide-kun, you would have a lot of energy, so everyone should do it. "" ... "I have to somehow relax my feelings. But rather than masturbating, it would have been awkward to find out that my favor for me and what made me a "side dish". Hideki doesn't move even if he doesn't say anything."I was kind to my mom, I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm happy." "I'm a little jealous if I masturbate thinking of another woman." I went into the towelette with me as it was . I did. It's still embarrassing to show my face. I'm still down. I became very dear and hugged strongly. Then I buried my face around my chest and left my body. "Mom also masturbates." "I know." Finally, the words came back. But why do you know? Did you take a peek? Well? "Mom always masturbates while thinking about Hide-kun." This was left to me. Until then, I had never thought about my real son as a sexual object. But by saying that, I felt like I could share my feelings. "Really?" "Really. Because I love Hide-kun. Mom and Hide-kun were thinking about it together." "I'm happy!" Finally, they looked at me. This time, on the contrary, I felt embarrassed, but I pretended that I wasn't moving, and said, "Then, let's show you mom's masturbation." I honestly thought what to do. "Yeah, I want to see! I want to see!", I can't finish this later. If this happens, become! Various thoughts ran around in an instant, but it was almost like a shit. I boldly took off my summer suit and pantyhose and said, "Look carefully," and started masturbating a little more boldly than usual. I was dressed only in bra and shorts, but I didn't take off any more. Stimulate the chest and genitals from the top of the underwear, sometimes on the back, sometimes on the depression. ..I felt like I was an AV actress and indulged in pleasure. I was surprised, but I felt this was amazing. It ’s more than usual. The mind and body have a mysterious relationship. It may be that the pleasure is doubled by the mixture of various thoughts that are seen by my favorite Hideki, who are embarrassed but pleased. And above all, the act of being in close contact with the body of a young man, the body of a cute son but full of energy, and the body of a man with a towering lower body, was more exciting than I had imagined. I went right away. "Wow! Mom! But I'm going crazy." Yes, there is no reason for a teenage man to be normal when he suddenly sees such an act. "Then my mom will help Hide-kun's masturbation this time." He said, holding his son's penis and stimulating it. Then Hideki was out of breath and clung to me. Great power. But the appearance was adorable and adorable. I put Hideki's thing in my mouth and caressed it with my tongue. It's the first time for me to have such a loving blowjob. The happiness of being able to caress the penis of my favorite son, who I love the most in the world. Is this hard to find? I'm sure it was really good, Hideki ran out in my mouth in no time. At that moment, Hideki's pant voice, which makes me scream, is cute and irresistible. Even so, a lot of semen is released vigorously. I drank it with Gokkun. Did they lie down for about 30 minutes after that? It's amazing that you're young, and it looks like you're getting bigger again. "Mom, I want to see mom's body too." Hideki seems to be getting a little bold.Slowly straddle Hideki and raise her upper body to a sitting position. After shaving my cheeks, I took off my T-shirt. Skin that has become soaked by sweat. A young scent with a scent. "I want! I want Hideki soon! I want to be pierced by a young man's strong cock!" A dense kiss that forcibly suppresses the libido that pumps up. "This is a kiss when I have sex. When a woman wants it, she invites me like this." The tongue is entwined and the breath is disturbed. .. .. Even that alone made me very wet. The first time I get so wet. After all sex with a loved one is the best. Now I love Hideki! All mind and body! "I love you, Hide-kun. I love you." "I also love mom, I love you!" Hideki kissed my chest violently. "Oh ~" I suddenly heard a voice and my body reacted with Bikun. Hideki's lips are from the nape of the neck to the earlobe. I feel it with my whole body, so I'll just go. I stopped and whispered in Hideki's ear. I'm confident in my bust. The shape of the F cup is excellent for the age. Moreover, it has fair skin. From here, Hideki seemed to be broken again, and he snorted, pushed my body down, and greeted me. I already felt it so much that I was disappointed. Take Hideki's hand and press it against your chest and start rubbing. .. .. I have already exceeded my patience. I suddenly took off my shorts myself and this time I was pushing Hideki down. Straddling over Hideki, I grabbed a young meat stick that stood up and grabbed it with my hands. .. .. Oh, Hideki is inside me. From there, my head is white or red. A woman's instinct moves my body.She shakes her hips violently and leans her upper body, clinging to Hideki's body and whispering around her collarbone. Hideki and I are soaked by the sweat and saliva filled with the odor of the two, my tide and love juice. I was devouring Hideki with my whole body. I don't know for myself, but it's easy to make a voice from the beginning, and I'm sure I was making a pant voice like a beast. Pleasure! A shock runs all over the body. From the flower core to the top of the head, toes, to the whole body. .. Hideki's meat stick, which I love the most in the world, is inside me! And the body of a man, a man, a young man who was dying for it is now mine! My eyes turned white, I couldn't see anything, and I culminated with the feeling of being thrown into a weightless space.


I have been etched and father-in-law. It is 58 years old. Father-in-law will go from always take care of, such as the morning meal and cleaning because it lives alone mother-in-law died this year at the next house. And went into the room to try to clean go to the house of the father-in-law as usual one day. Was in the futon father-in-law yet.
When you hit the turn over, Oh, your cock had jumped out from between the pants. Morning Wood, I have an erection. Gills of the gooseneck is not stretched, it's burly. I would be fascinated by it gasped involuntarily. It had done masturbation my husband not come back a month in long-term business trip. When I saw the cock of the father-in-law, I would hold while watching the sleeping face. When held strongly excited, father-in-law has had awake. It was missing force sucked the lips are embraced in the father-in-law. Been naked immediately, has been extended crotch big is on his back. And has been tinkering with a finger pussy. Is kneaded clitoris, tickled ass hole, man juice came overflowing anymore. Father-in-law saw it, I us to cunnilingus it with a mouth on her pussy. The licking is not a ratio of the master. I'm great.
Tongue licked the chestnut, by sandwiching lightly lips, it will continue Sucking. Your right hand and out slowly with two index finger and middle finger over the back from the entrance of her pussy. The G-spot my, at the entrance of the hole in the bottom of the chestnut-chan, why is father-in-law knows there!
And the left hand is messing around and rub so the nipple. This will feel also. I am gone it's just when rubbed only ahead in software than is rubbed strongly. It is three places Trombone anymore.
I have I have gone twice there. If you have limp, and has put the father-in-law tongue is overlaid Matakuchibiru. I also returns suck tongue I love to kiss, father-in-law was not held a cock to me. It has become harder than again a little while ago. I got up, I quickly suck The gripper without hesitation. \"Can not take it anymore dad. Are you sure you want to put.\" Father-in-law, is listening to what, where and with what is had. And it is not me and put \"pussy odious, of Mayumi lewd, Dad, please fit the Buttoi cock is stiff\" and not say so. Got to put \"Please Wear a nasty nympho pussy Mayumi, in the lewd, the Buttoi cock dad\" and doing so please. It is not an up Zubutto back soon. Once, back from the entrance to not put me in there so it back to the entrance immediately slowly. When asked to put that she asks, there is no memory of then. If you noticed, father-in-law has been lying to me, I was holding the breast. Cock stiff father-in-law has been stuck in her pussy. Moreover, it is likely to go.


I am going out in secret and in the 36-year-old nephew. Do you have people like the same?

Died ... husband

I am a widow of 41 years old. You do not have any children. There is a debt. And you will is such as living expenses and mortgage, but have to pay. We were striving to part, but I heard from Tsu's friend to become a gold and can not also be time for it just. It will be a gold wind speed shop is a sex shop, but I can not do with naked even at this year I earn naked but had a reply and if for gold. TettobaYai of I can be at home. Anytime you take the customer and if the house. I will be at 10,000 yen an hour because it is 41 years old. Came in the beginning it was people were people of about 60 years old. This person has to use even one hour to between waist makes on me. I think pussy is Harisakeru it so long and thick and a big dick. blood had come out to look after the customer got home. It is not a joke. Please tell me what should be the sugar.

Husband died ...

I became a widow died in her husband. It is one that is the case there anywhere but going to eat some money. It must work for somewhere to earn and must be subject to gold, daily living expenses and loan of the house is the trouble of headache. To earn the amount of money in living expenses and loan, it does not become a gold unless working for a sex shop. It's become naked to become 36-year-old has now ashamed but can not help to say so also. There is a test interview To serve. This is the interview of the manager of the store here. I was having sex with the store manager, but I will say the manager and do one more times. It was decided to wait until then, but says store manager and become a woman of my second time. And I said to pay gold specially. Do you thing that man Nante Yu so. It is also a woman of my manager also be accustomed to gold.

I widow ...

I am a widow to become 32 years old, but there is no talk of remarriage. It's to live does not have stored the only pension of her husband. It does not become not to work, but there is no billet easily. You told me to become a gold if Tsutomere in sex shop where I asked some people. It is embarrassing, but it was an interview that it was decided to serve, but I do pussy sleeping in bed become naked. I was surprised at this. Opponent is the manager of the store. pussy of Kimi seems rose is cramped to say that is the good. Would blame must not have children. The slower tonight, but I'll do it again. It will be that you like because we do not have children I store manager and and to once again test rather than once. It becomes 20,000 yen to do it once in the production of special room. The manager is so me put the customer as much as possible. I think those who worked from the beginning without marriage and I wish if such a thing.

Incest discourse of my

To elementary school students

It is a son in trouble

There is a son of two to me. It is be stupid parents, but wonder cute type I mean what handsome fine.
Toka or worse seen as a man to Tamar, is the mother dont. When I turned around and called his son a \"mother\" the other day, I was surprised! I am seeing here son is allowed to the penis erection. As if to show off though. Is not suit to face Well? I have something respectable. My son will have to say that \"I can not study antsy, and mom somehow\" What. Not ... also is said to me somehow. Kana true \"mother of Sho You went to me, so mom also I have\" I When admonishing \"sort of thing is something that you are on your own and not 's to ask your mother,\" said? ? I might could do it if that parent-child Well. Settlement to come saying, \"'s, it can not study\" I When treat \"You know, that story is true, then is. Not spear at. Among're doing that home over there is wrong,\" he said. Huh, it's a child in trouble. And say, \"Mom,? I hope Apart from adults with no morals even can study, because I want to become an adult with a moral head with a little bad,\" said ... there are no words that son returns. C'mon son to me \".'ll Help ... Masturbation Well\" in an undertone. Myself to answer me \". You know, it 's not masturbation at that point if you help me with masturbation\" is I'm embarrassed. Study, which also go into adulthood beyond the time like you \"Everyone, be treated yourself, remember the patience also is good I am because mom Well, but I think also Attitude to women, When you add Well this and. \"'ll be Don argument. Son back to the room of his crestfallen as \"... ... I'm sorry I was found.\" It's son in trouble really. But I wonder had something respectable. Once you imagine yourself to be embraced by his son, and also imagine a son that squeezes Ano penis riverside bristles, I had to masturbation intolerantly before her husband comes back.

I would be love to son

I would be tied to the son from the autumn of last year is the housewife of one 37 year old punishment. Although it is every day of humiliation and voyage now, but I'm such mon I like invited. Tachinaoreru ... Maybe if I even a good person to someone outside, I wonder Kashii shame as a mother not Kobame son to come sunk into my bed in the evening is Yara mortifying


I think that it was drunk on sake. Father-in-law told me over the kind words, \"Do not always bad, and not let the lonely I not have my son\" Nante but When I answer \"because there are Dad But. No such thing as lonely\" etc., take off from a hot \" or say \"\" Yes \", me too,\" father-in-law took off the shirt and the top and pajamas, I on a single shirt off your jacket. While said to be hot Furthermore, father-in-law I was I took off pants and trousers also what. Well, you can not have it \"I overdo it your Dad,\" \"I do but hot. Misuzu also by once you take off\" even. Father-in-law we are drinking wine in the nude. I will trouble unfocused eyes. But I want to see. \"Momoka me incidentally\" is prompting a refill of wine, I poured a glass of wine and sit on the side of the father-in-law. Ochinpo of father-in-law is are you erection. \"It is a splendid very. Making it big.\" \"Momoka, how about it, cock I\" and \"late touch\" father-in-law is taking my hand, it has been held in it. I was holding the Ochinpo of father-in-law that is made ​​to erection in the nude. And are embraced, is the kiss, we hug the chest of father-in-law is no reason anymore. While being held the Ochinpo, a long kiss, it's got the answer to it is put a tongue. I am also a full monty is made ​​taking off pajamas to father-in-law. I am embarrassed at the thick little 156cm, but had only wet kiss over there anymore. Father-in-law is good. Slowly massaged my boobs, makes picking the soft gently from behind the nipple of both. This is I'm weak. You thrilled it only when it is soft. Pussy is also wet course. Nape of the neck also love me in the lips from behind. Still, still Desuyo! And pussy, it does not seem to touch the chestnut-chan. I tantalize. It suffers from behind Sofua, you can sit on top of the Ochinpo of father-in-law, it's gonna tickle both knees, with turned toward my father-in-law, I would hold the Ochinpo and clinging. The \"What's wrong\" father-in-law has been playing with tits by innocent. I would say in a small voice, \"Please touch the pussy's father-in-law's\" The intolerantly finally. And then with his back to me, Desuyo open legs, father-in-law is, I've been licking chestnut-chan. It while messing around with a finger entrance. It is soaked embarrassing, your soup is full. Never SEX is Nante go with poor \"father-in-law's, I do not know anymore, would gone\" is my husband. I was enjoying the afterglow for a while being held in the arms of the father-in-law. It seems no longer able to father-in-law put up When you have a little, we have put a thick finally Ochinpo. It's amazing anymore. Cali is thick, from the entrance, so come back to put slowly, I seem to get gone again by itself. Wow the father-in-law. Because Unplug slowly to the entrance and also nudge in while you are put to the back, it comes back up as it is. Irresistible. I was raised a loud voice. Pussy has got to feel in the womb anymore. I am full of your juice even went blank. I also ended up gone. In the arms of the father-in-law, I like fell asleep in the nude until morning.

Son of disability

Housewife of 35 years old I am. And I have an etch in the car and my son. There is a fault in the head a little, on the way back we went to see the sea with his son, the son was not what feelings, but I stopped the car in the windbreak, I have Yoshifumi you sleep in the back seat, said hand and mother in the mini skirt, and tear in pantyhose brute force, to the mouth bars Yoshifumi, is referred to as the okay Yoshifumi mom, I will be large and lick the Chupachupa been taken off the shorts, I lead Yoshifumi mom It said that says because, it says because covering is Yoshifumi condom, I come Yoshifumi okay to sleep sheet, spread the legs when placed over the bar of Yoshifumi, Yoshifumi and over the top of my body, I stick and I've played says Yoshifumi deep inside entering the bar over there, a force on the waist, If you accept the bar to raise the voice and Aa ~ do, in less than 10 minutes, and I go mother early Yoshifumi over there have.

Domestic breeding

I am the daughter-in-law, but tapir in order of fertility by sex every night got a wildcat

Help to see the tent of the son

yuna himekawa[47151]
Sanin is extraordinary school closures heavy snow warning is out for the cold weather.
There is a cable broadcast to 6:30, and I have seen when it rose to inform the son of the second floor.
When I opened to knock the door, I show off the pants erect.
It reportedly requirements, and down to the 1F is referred to as a \"go to piss soon\", I went to the bathroom and got down in two son also attached.
Come to kotatsu digging Then, I was asked \"I do not withered mom, wonder if sick,\" he said.
My husband was away and go out already. I clogged words, I said with the \"I since young, I'll playable if Shigoke,\" he said. Was declined so say, \"I have treated mom\". Then you say \"Ming I'm a mom, I also want to mom\" ​​with your friends. This is called \"'m chooch\" When we hear the phrase \"are you anything.\" It 'was saying saw Ming I mean \", if what you'll get to come to the witness?, To say to the father to say\" I would have walked with man, crossed arms in the daytime mom \", and I'll not stay still and refuse It had an affair actually? \"No good. Was the help that without squeezing way, but in the momentum to break the tissue in less than one minute, we have a gummy semen ejaculation. It is inferior than my husband, but I was surprised to hard as steel. And went up to the 2F \"I me me put this time, not equal to'll say to dad,\" he said. I do not must have a relationship with my son anymore. It does not collect and anxiety and someday someday. What is it you were you.


To Masaki in the bed, it will do some club and into the room? Time okay?
And let me know, if you turn the towel while called pajamas give me because I want to wash, Masaki has been wearing shorts and my bra.
Did you fall asleep under in this outfit? When we hear, and
son to answer \"are comfortably somehow, ... I settle down\" and while likely shy.
And while saying ... I very much if I made ​​a habit of this, it is sitting on the bed, I reached for the crotch of the son is made ​​to the erection shorts.
While out the annoying voice like sigh, Masaki has embraced me. Cock of the son is greater from rubber waist shorts were not protrude more than half. It would be refreshing before going to the club? Masaki in silence to hear, and it has been caressing my chest and let submerge your hands into the T-shirt. While chewy and hold the brawny cock that protrudes from the shorts, I increased the kiss take away the lips of his son while saying a child ... no award. Saliva my dripping to the mouth of the son kiss entangle the tongue of each other, such as mixing the brim, due that I have made ​​above, Masaki had swallowed the ring the throat it many times. And I'm very pleased ... Masaki and I'll have this you can lick the nipple by shifting the cup of the bra wearing of Masaki, or smoke, or chew sweet. It is said to son as \"Serve ...\" limit has come of them, I have, including the mouth and the cock of Masaki by shifting the body. Cock of son that warped hard, while making a nasty sound, it was sucking in addition. In your head, while imagine yourself of indecent mother that would welcome this energetic cock, it was hard Blow. Masaki was me out into my mouth the semen dark lot much can not breathe. It's time to meet the interest of his son this time it settles with ejaculation once. I was naked clothes underwear also it is taken off in the hands of Masaki, opened the legs greatly lying on his back on top of the bed. As close to the face crotch of my closeness breath much take, son you have to crouch between the legs of me, you study the body of the woman in the lips and tongue and fingers. I or to any perception and licking in any wind? How to put the finger, is how to move Toka. Masaki gave me quite remember the caress of my favorite ardent for study. Always, I'm continue to lick the chestnut to go while out and put a finger, but last night, Although I asked, return of her husband, so did not give response as soon Unfortunately, Vibe specially today and hugging each other while being at the sight to use the, I will become useless in the Vibe to be moved by hand of Masaki, it squeezes the cock of Masaki, and I have been issued in the face last. After done, in the face of still muddy, was I have licked the face dirty with semen to ... Masaki it is kiss in semen. The whispered with it \"... you want to have sex\" in the ear while being kissed, my you are chided and ... was a funny while pounding, because sex is still early. Even though ... I'm feel you while grasping the cock of son that manipulating the vibe ... it is still in the mood of people dying I have wanted, you have sex with Masaki

Cherished son Makoto

My husband has died suddenly, I became two people living and true son of 16. The child that I gave birth at the age of 20. You done a daily help to worry about his mother son can. It is a worry just friends is of little shy. So stay up late at night to study well, it was a daily routine of'll grasp the midnight snack around 10:00.
 It will want to see the face for some reason, in a dressing gown, and went to the room of the son at around 8:00 in the bath that day. It does not knock as usual. When you enter the room and I think I tried to surprised to open the way,
thick, my son did not hold the Ochinpo in lower body naked in bed!
The got stuck and facing behind son even noticed,
but it approaches the son, \"I'm sorry, because boy, I'm so\" to say so I also re-take care, while Yari rub back and see the hand of son and, it is to have the underwear that I have put in the washing machine a little while ago. \"Shin-kun, was the so, can I be a mom,\" my son has been hug by turned around to say so it is nice to be at the same time that surprised. I was raised Embracing the \"gonna say\" gently.
When you lay on the bed again son, I was deflated small Ochinpo son. You've run out of vigor in amazement sorry. . I was raised by rubbing the grip Ochinpo slowly. And I taught a kiss to match the lips to cute son. The cute, it can not be put also the tongue, it is! only with Sucking hard. The Ttara this child anymore, I not be helped.
The twine from the tongue of his son and pledged the tongue, if you raised squeezes the Ochinpo, hehehe, it came happened. Become bigger and bigger, greater Ochinpo of this child of amazing. It 's bigger than my imagination. Surprised to become thick enough finger does not rotate.
Cali neck'm not picking, juice is me at the red.
I was also undress shirt son. Have been ironed cock mom in the nude anymore. I was raised licking nipples also. Are you aloud \"Mother, feels\" like a girl.
But like the other limit. \"Oh, no good\" is. I accidentally fired. It is a great amount. It depends a lot also on my hands. It is good I smell young extract. The raised from wipe clean with Tesshu, I also had to take off all your clothes. Because the pussy I have been wet anymore. I lay on the bed, it was them with the pussy son now. I had licked by saying \"Give me licking pussy mom\" ​​on all fours, since it is not a try only near the eyes. Your soup was full of much more embarrassing. My son has me licking to stick crazy.
Ochinpo has happened also alle,. It was taught that you down son, and licking each other in 69.
And you can not take it anymore. Take the above with down son, I was raised to put me Gunyuu by rubbed pussy and hold the Ochinpo. It feels good to be going inside the vagina I large, it is of thick. I was raised to kiss Leave the. Makes sucking tongue now. Turn 3, I would be sleeping and hugging each other naked with two people that day.


The entangled \"Mother, ....
Loves,\" \"... I also.\"
The tongue, feeling increases rapidly, fiery hot ... the body.
Kiss also intensified gradually, the act also escalated gradually, was intense as usual ....
Sideburns, Mushaburitsuku the chest ... wildly.
Hand is extended to the crotch of my soon, I started messing around with women themselves. I met you only say that there is a female experience of several people, you know how to handle a woman in its own way ... son. And started to feel the joy that can be determined strange As you become familiar, comfortable rather recently, aggressive behavior was also hated, had gotten forgive the body eventually ... first. There was a feeling of support in addition to it today. I love you .... You know it 's not allowed to absolutely love maternal and child Nante (relationship), but I would not woman not happy it is said so in a lie while staring at each other .... It is feeling and my body was also accelerated. \"I want ... fast.\" I thought so for the first time. Always is inserted before you think so, pushed up violently by lust son .... Man himself of great son rampage in me hard, get carried away on a wave of desire I also beside myself. But this time ..., tongue son had Itabu~tsu my chest came down to the bottom gradually. Face of the son was buried in the crotch of my first \"Yada, what are you doing ...?\" \"....\" .... \"Embarrassing hate! ...\", \"....\" I refused to put a force on the legs. But tongue embryo to sensitive part of me, ..., go missing ... force gradually. Open the legs finally, tongue son was attacked women my own for the first time .... Intense pleasure ran through until the toes of the feet from the tip of the hair enough to faint .... Embarrassment to accelerate it further .... In the head becomes white, are you going anyway? I ... .... 2-3 times in a recent, I was supposed to like go. While there is also a change in the feelings of my son because ejaculate twice, and three times with SEX once each time, than the content in a number of times .... It licked the tongue, finger be put, I bought ass ... Seriously. \"Can not take it anymore!\" His voice was heard in the distance .... The next moment, kick ass! Current of Nanman bolt went through the whole body ... I. Gatun and also I thought \"No ..., and .... Pass away\" so! I .... If you notice, it was still connected yet. I have I have said in the first SEX for the first time. But it will start pushing up me son that you can ejaculation three times twice every time, ... and also remain healthy .... \"... Hate, and .... Destroyed\" and the feeling \"....'ll Still want to\" body had reacted ... contrary. Was moving naturally as if the son seek further body that went ... once.

Would you like to write honestly my experience.

I will be 50 years old now. Told me and I there is this site was on Nagy daughter. Her mother is Filipino. I called the Musuki. It will be 20 years since I came to Japan. Nagy is the daughter of Musuki, but it is also a niece. Nagy mother is sister of Musuki. I am a representative of a trading company there. I was in the Philippines in '18. And has aroused the girl to a lot of politicians in the Nakasone regime. Some politicians, was said to \"Do not bring a woman over the age of 10\" to me. There was a Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State killed and angry girl but was reluctant to Blow Tio, beat the child. I received a 200 million yen thanks to that. Now, my denomination is Islam. Up to four people of that, Motel wife has believed until incoming. There are 18 people my wife. Indonesian and Filipino is five. There are 8 people in Japanese is often best. I was married in Tokyo all. What I hugging the youngest is 6 years old Japanese. Mother of the child is 30 years old, is the wife of my third. She is the job of the six-year-old Natalie and role that leads to the genitals of the mother my dick, after ejaculation, it is of Nikki lick the semen flowing out now. I am a manager once. Do I Mokare. I will be very happy girl is born parent of this land. Because I sell expensive as SEX slaves. There are more than 30 people girls from 0 to 12 years also in my shop. Child with a talent you can see at a glance. It was chosen such a girl to my wife, I will put in a building that is called next to the home as a \"parade ground\". I will do what SEX training. 0-year-olds only fellatio, but I will teach the physiology of man a girl of 3 years of age or older. Anyway, I am lead to early ejaculation for even one minute. This is the goal. Underwear is worn prohibited. Naked is basically uniform, but you have to wear a top and bottom of the jersey so cold now. It is thought such as the age of Blow, I be taken off immediately, but it's okay with it. Everyone, my grades go up is also clerk, part-san, Mr. Al Baita, if you me happy. Mother and daughter are greeted If you go home. Rivalry or strong mother, daughter will sleep in my BED always. Penis is in the vagina of the daughter of course. Morning, there are also things that are sucking daughter is gripper dick and I notice. I maintain the hardness of the cock with effort, you somehow ejaculation. Daughter drinking gulp with a satisfied look, I sucked out. Nante this funny family relationship, I would not interested in you.

First experience

It is a full-time housewife of 32 years old. Are playing at home and facing a retirement age, to Takafumi's 62-year-old sister passed away, I had been having sex I embraced. On the day of the birthday of the child was a cold day, there is me bring home toys, when I was drinking and taking out the tea is placed in a home, Takafumi's called Eri-chan, the shoulder of my I entertain have been embraced, it has been fully and kiss Takafumi-san, I am in a state of being embraced by Mr. Takafumi hot hand gets into the knit dress, and touching the dick from the top of the pantyhose, body on top of the rug in the living room, and is made taking off pantyhose every underwear and get laid, tongue dick When spread has ankle with a jerk, I Takafumi and Aa ~ okay was the state that was missing the overall force, and Eri and voice-san, licking dick still called Eri-chan, is comfortably you've never Depart also my husband, to Gushogusho, and from there in the hope chest Takafumi's dick I, Takafumi's found you should have, and Nugasu the dress from shoulder on both sides, and remove the hook of the bra, and licking tongue as rolling, nipples while rubbing tits on both sides, my husband known only becomes comfortable, useless Takafumi other When you bring up the condom from inside the closet, Takafumi's, Takafumi said before the children get up and from the closet soon ask Mr., and what may be etched and I Eri-chan, because soon ask, and covered with a condom early It is time Mr. took off his pants, what was seen in the pants over to the bar you have erection, it is greater than the husband, and from covered with a condom off your pants, on top of my body, I called Eri-chan waist with a jerk, I've accepted it aloud and ah ah ~ do is referred to as the Eri If you accept, the Takafumi's spread legs.

I wonder I wonder if the real lie

The hug from behind me in the kitchen son of two is to go home, it was not able to move is said in my ear, \"I was saying mom, Kazuo-kun as being a mom.\"
I thought it would be sexual activity. I do not think there is a mother and child, such as incest, but really, do you have actually taken place. Heart I move to I thought that you are Written here and delusion.